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Has Malekith Got Different Masks With Different Expressions? edition

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Breaking news: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/02/06/cartography-in-the-old-worldgw-homepage-post-1fw-homepage-post-1/

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>Has Malekith Got Different Masks With Different Expressions?
In total war he does.

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>trade talks between dark elves nobles
>Malekith wants them to cooperate to redirect forces to attack Ulthuan one more time
>wears happy mask
>talks are starting to go sour
>nobles start shittalking each other
>he has to leave for a few minutes
>comes back with a angry mask

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Keep the steets clean, hound

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>The angry mask is made out of the skin of his last opponent

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>noble makes an excellently performed and cruel joke
>it's some genuine funny dark humor
>Malekith sighs
>leaves the room for a couple of minutes
>comes back with a laughing mask

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How do the Dawi feel about Malekith, he was a close friend of the first High King, but then he was also behind the War of Vengeance. Do they know he was behind it?

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How do baby skaven look like?

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Should have this added to the Mega within the week.

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Anyone know where i could get a hold of Triumph and Treachery as a PDF? Can't find it on the MEGA and ebay is no joy either. Thanks.

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So this guy is my only caster for my greenskin army. I hope now that he has an ok paintjob, he will perform well on the battlefield

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I take it Drivethrurpg was agreeable?

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Was making replies in the old thread not realizing there was a new one. Too lazy to repost.


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Rats. Attached to one of the teats covering a female’s entire body. Trying to not be squished by her movements, or eaten by his siblings/caretakers.

Which lends credence to the idea Brood Mothers aren’t that way naturally. They’d have looked the same as males, since there’s Seers on site to identify them.

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Anyone backing the Kickstarter for Fimir?

Would they be good Unit filler for a Daemons player who doesn’t like Warriors? I’m on the fence about it.

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well, a few things
1. The Queen wasn't doing a very good job at protecting the nation or the people
2. Asuryan never asked for Aenaerion to be king. The Elves made him king at the time because that seemed the most logical thing.
3. The Pheonix King continued to be a thing only because the remaining nobles all wanted a shot at it due to the nature of Elven pride

Absolutely agree the Elves would've been better off if they just had a supreme authority queen with a King Consort, ala the Wood Elves. Of course, Ariel herself proves that not even a divinely mandated queen is always good, seeing how she fucked everything up that one time.

The whole War of the Beard started because the Dwarves didn't understand the difference between Dark Elves and High Elves and the High Elves were too proud to explain. Since then it's like as not impossible they don't understand what Dark Elves are and that Malekith PROBABLY had something to do with the War of the Beard. That doesn't excuse any of their grudges with the High Elves, it just heaps more Grudges on Malekith. And though no one realizes it, Malekith breaking his oath to Snorri literally caused him to come back to life to seek revenge.

Which is uh. just kinda forgotten and glossed over in end times, end times was shit as we all know

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Link please?

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Go find and post some Warhammer Fantasy fan art. Cringe or awesome, does not matter.

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Okay coomer.

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Neytiri butt.

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Might as well ask since the thread’s got nothing better going on.

TK skeletons- should I even bother with them outside of archer blobs? I know they’re good tarpits in 8e but you need 60 minimum and independently of the fact 8e is shit. Do they have any value in 6e?

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This is now canon

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> average_reiklander.png

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Can we get a drawfag on it?

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Timeless classics getting a brand new paintjob

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There's a lotta talk about Order Gods destroying Chaos Gods but what about Chaos Gods actually repenting and turning good? Especially with Gods like Malal and Necoho who aren't exactly evil (or as evil as many others) it doesn't seem impossible. Could Khorne stop being a raging retard of war? Or are Chaos Gods slaves to their own natures and too attached to turn good?

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> Could the god literally formed from the emotion of mindless anger stop being mindlessly angry?


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What could possibly turn them? Besides even if you remove the malice they are still destructive by their very nature

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Reminds me of that line about the Ruinous Powers being neither good nor evil but basically idiot children with a singleminded nature they can never grow from

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Presumably other gods but AFAIK the gods on both sides hate each other and would never try diplomacy anyway. Even Shallya hates Nurgle with a passion and vice versa.

The only way out of this holy war is when one or the other is destroyed.

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>Presumably other gods
Weve had priests of gods fall to chaos, but have we ever had a chaos champion be blessed/turn to some other god?

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I seem to recall at least one Chaos lord that repented but the good gods aren't big on forgiveness for actively helping Chaos. Shallya or Ranald would be the best bets. Sigmar, Ulric, and Taal may forgive but presumably you'd have to earn it in death.

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I headcanon that Arcuck turns to Malal post SOC and sorta-redeems himself. Would've been legit to see him and KF team up.

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Possibly if they got put into one of those flames of Zuvassin that removes chaos taint.

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Are there no gifts availible to mortals in Hordes of Chaos 6th ed.?
As someone used to 8th ed. that seems like it would remove much of the flavour from chaos characters.

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>I seem to recall at least one Chaos lord that repented
I dont think Mortkin so much "repented" and more "decided hes done here with this shit"

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What are the odds of cubicle 7 pulling their heads out of their ass and releasing source books for things like skaven, greenskins, and other human realms instead of just reprinting adventure modules I could convert to 4e in 30 minutes?

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Skaven have already been confirmed, as have other human realms (as for which ones it's currently unknown, just that it won't be Cathay or Araby).

Just give it time, friend.

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We can see the snek in the background dude, and you might as well have used the brown variant. It's sexier.

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Smeggies out.

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Poison archer blobs, tomb guard, chariots and some big constructs was the meta iirc. Don't quote me on that it's been years since I even saw a TK army irl.

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I want fantasy sneks.

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Medusas and Khuresh.

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>a rare unit stuck to a chariot in one army and an army that doesn't exist that likely looks like this
Not the most egregious of headcanons I guess.

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Rat Catchers Guild said Bretonnia is at least 3 years out because apparently we're getting nothing but Empire shit and genericized supplements like bestiaries for the first few years.

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Same Witch Elf mini.

Besides, we had medusa in WFB.

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>a rare unit stuck to a chariot
Use them off the chariot then.

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You know, I really should have figured out where I'm gonna keep all that brown elf goodness before going whole hog on them.

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>Bretonnia is at least 3 years out

Well, at least there is a long term plan. Wait, that's the discord with the tranny right? Are they official or just close to Cubicle 7?

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>that's the discord with the tranny
Yes, this is unfortunately the nature of the platform
>Are they official or just close to Cubicle 7?
I'm willing to say it's official, considering all of the devs post there on a regular basis and you can go message Pádraig with suggestions directly and he'll respond.

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Not warhammer, please go.

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It'd be fun to resurrect the Chaos Snakemen. I reckon the Rackham Ophidians are pretty much perfect for the job.

There's the Frostgrave Snakemen too, but they have legs.

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>the discord with the tranny

>> No.70960811

These threads are gonna be fun when the deliver.

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A snake with bunny teeth. You are what you eat I guess.

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I think this is official art but it's stil one of my favorite pieces.

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What's with the brochure?

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My what a post that Grastorp!

>> No.70960904

>one post from the single anon who bought them
>nobody else really cares

It's that or a closed mouth. You're kinda constrained by the mould.

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A jolly mix of WebP fuckery, sleep dperivation, mistaking one window for another and stuff.

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You go. Medusa are perfectly reasonable things in a game of fantasy battles.

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>nobody else really cares

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One of these days I’ll figure out how to add more shelves to a Detolf without costing as much as another Detolf.

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He should get a mask belt.

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Fair enough. It would be nice if they communicated things more directly though. I hate using discord other than for personal servers with friends. The Ratter's weapon table was good enough to get me to at least get past the initial annoyance.

Also fair enough.

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If we assume at all non-40k, Tolkien, and Blood Bowl minis that aren’t for a different intellectual property either exist, existed, or will exist in the future of the Warhammer Fantasy universe, what’s the most fun one?

I gotta say that Stigwort Facebracket, Halfling Battle Barmaid is a top contender.

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It's not so much "decided hes done here with this shit" as him fulfilling his vendetta and thus the point of his life, which, factored in with him actually managing to get the patronage of the Chaos Gods without succumbing to them, made him decide that he was done with existance and so choose to end it on his own terms with a giant fuck you to his divine supporters.

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What role does a barmaid have in battle and how swole is she that she can just lug a barrel of beer around?

>> No.70961640

Battlefield refreshment and a morale boost for the troops. They're halflings, they don't really get warfare.

>> No.70961657

Will the Old World bring us Chaos Dorfs?

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File: 50 KB, 746x550, BBBE9CEC-FDD5-4107-ABE7-666CC6DC8A4B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Horseman. A very very unlucky Beastman.

>> No.70961684

You ever been in combat or just done a lot of physical activity? You get thirsty really quickly.

>> No.70961686

Halflings weaponize food, so probably the pressure of the keg sprays booze that can be lit with arrows or torches. Also, lead tankards in the groin. Also, morale boosting.

Maybe she fulfills the role of a Standard Bearer or Musician.

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That's a D&D one. It's from the Fiend Folio.

Beat me to it.

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Kitsune Shinto Priestess.

It had to be said.

>> No.70961750

GW did make a Crabman. But they don’t have a pic of it on that site.

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Did Mortkin ever get fleshed out before 8e? He's got an interesting angle but holy shit if doesn't almost rival Retcon Archaon in chaoswanky mary sueing. I'd like him if he appeared before the ET era and was written more sensibly.

>> No.70961862


I hope so. Right now FW has at least one AoS model they could cross sell.

>> No.70961863

> average_swedish_man.sculpt

>> No.70962003

Well the thing is that a lot of GW's ranges were brought into Warhammer Fantasy especially in the early days. Many of the Orc's Drift miniatures used to be LoTR for instance, Eternal Champion minis became the basis for elves (and many were sold as elf infantry and cavalry for years), etc.

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Does he even have different emotions to express or does he just scowl all the time underneath?

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File: 589 KB, 2048x1489, 6E3167B5-7A0C-4E04-AA55-3997EABFA317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Skaven infiltrate the secret Law Rat Beastmen empire

>> No.70962135

>different masks with different expressions
>not a fully articulated master crafted mask that employs pulls and levers to convert the micro-moviments of his ears into a range of emotion
Tell me he at least has a hydratation pack inside that thing

>> No.70962155

>rival Retcon Archaon in chaoswanky mary sueing
The fuck are you on about?

>> No.70962179

Mortkin in 8e is a massive mary sue.

>> No.70962354

Whose the artist? Is it you?
Asking for possible commission

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So both elven factions have large numbers of Females as warriors of some kind.

Would it be unlikely for any other race to? I know the dwarves and bretonnia don't as standard practice for obvious reasons (barring exceptions like Repanse and Courossone 'Sherperdesses').

How about the Empire? Stirland used to be the home of a warrior Amazon tribe. Norsca exiled their Valkyries to Lustria too.

>> No.70962442

>both elven factions

>> No.70962443

>shows up
>kills some empire scrub
I fail to see the issue

>> No.70962444

>Race is dwindling
>Regularly allow females to fight
Why do the elves do this? Even the Dwarfs are aware of how dumb that is.

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>Race is dwindling
must suck being Asur

>> No.70962480

How big are black arks? I've read they're fortress sized, but fortresses vary quite considerably from not that much bigger than a normal warship to basically a city.

>> No.70962491
File: 861 KB, 1186x1462, Warhammer-Fantasy-фэндомы-asur-High-Elves-1457718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It was indeed always dumb. Special characters: absolutely fine. Some minor special units like witches or sistrs: fine. But regular soldiers? Doesn't make sense.
It's only a thing because it was somewhat of a fantasy trope and female elf warriors became a cliche. The fun part is that pretty much any race has female warriors in many settings.

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File: 108 KB, 344x313, your tears are delicious.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The sour grapes of inferior cultures will never cease to please me.

>> No.70962526

>How big are black arks?
It varies, some are basically cities while others are just a castle+the mountain its on.

>> No.70962585

Kislev canonically. The Empire, no.
They mock each other for it.
Sylvania is a possible exception, there is no lore against any Vampires indicating prohibited gender roles and Von Carsteins are totally into doing shit the Sylvanian way.

Warriors always had female Warriors. They were literally among the first ever Chaos Warrior models, pre-slotta.

Dwarfs only have 1/10 of their population as female, which was only GW trying to explain why they weren’t making female minis of certain races. But females aren’t prohibited from fighting, we have female Slayers, adventurers, and a wandering warrior priestess of Gazul. They just are ‘t expected to.

As many as the plot demands.

Not really. High Elf Militias are very clearly based on the IDF.

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File: 635 KB, 858x1351, 63366125_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 1.85 MB, 2480x3508, 79007125_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.70962653

>As many as the plot demands.
>using meta facts to try and argue anything
Thats like saying chaos will never suffer any real losses because GW has a boner for them.

>> No.70962654

>High Elf Militias are very clearly based on the IDF.

Meh I'd say they're more like the citizen militias of ancient Greece.

>> No.70962661

>But females aren’t prohibited from fighting, we have female Slayers, adventurers, and a wandering warrior priestess of Gazul. They just are ‘t expected to.
I mean, they probably are prohibited. Unless it's a desperate last stand.
They're just too valuable to lose in battle. And it's not like Dwarfs are a race that are particularly respectful of novel life choices.

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File: 2.09 MB, 1668x2720, 20200212_150034.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What're you working on?

>> No.70962679

His saga is fucking flat and is only noteworthy because of the moral story at the end of being your own man and not a bitch to the Divine.

>> No.70962699

Nothing because I need to prime but I live on an island where it never stops raining.

>> No.70962712

I should really bite the bullet and paint the last crewman of my Hellcannon so that I can finally be the official owner of a complete army but instead I've started tinkering with a unit of Chosen.

>> No.70962718

>His saga is fucking flat
Yea? Hes a warhammer character, they exist to fight and die and nothing else for 99% of them. Mortkin just happened to be very good at both (although then again he never actually fought anyone important).

>> No.70962803

>able to beat giants in hand to hand combat
>nobody special but the chaos gods love him
>wrecks the empire and fights armies on his own
>gets stabbed with a magic sword but he literally chooses not to die so he just kills the count anyway
>this is apparently a power chaos warriors have now and they just never use it because durrdy durr chaos is pretending to lose
>betrays the chaos gods who just let him go because durrdy durr chaos doesn't care about losing
He's not as bad as ET Archaon, but he still encapsulates everything wrong with the ET's rendition of Chaos and Chaos characters.

>> No.70962842


As you'd expect from a nation founded by a woman whose sobriquet was 'the Slaughterer.'

>> No.70962848

He marks the point when Chaos completely stopped being a scary bad guy and became a bunch of unstoppable naruto villains written by an angsty 13 year old goth.

>> No.70962852

>Able to beat giants in hand to hand combat
He is a Chaos Lord

>Nobody special
He is a Chaos Lord

>Wrecks the empire and fights armies on his own
He is a Chaos Lord hopped up on lots of favor

>gets stabbed with a magic sword but chooses not to die
Once again, he is a chaos lord.

Mortkin is not representative of random chaos warriors any more than Valten is representative of a state trooper or empire knight #2345664

>betrays the chaos gods who just let him go because durrdy durr chaos doesn't care about losing
Did you forget the part where he then dies right after once they take all their shit back the moment he stops following the plan?

>> No.70962906

>He is a Chaos Lord
A Chaos Lord might be able to kill a giant with some finesse and cunning. Mortkin just beats them up bare-fisted and wins, when in reality they'd grab him and rip him apart. Storm of Chaos Archaon was a Chaos lord, the strongest one ever, and when he fought a Bloodtnirster (roughly as powerful as a giant in terms of raw physical strength) he got his ass utterly kicked and almost died, then the daemon in his crown came out, possessed him, and he managed to strangle the Bloodthirster with its whip. Mortkin would've just suplexed it, said "Nothin personnel", then stomped on its head.
>He is a Chaos Lord
Chaos Lord #248392.
>hopped up on lots of favor
So were each Everchosen, who didn't show off bullshit powers that read like a 5 y/o playing with action figures and making up abilities when his buddy's action figure beats up his.
>"i have laser eyes"
>"yeah well i have a laser shield"
>"but i have a magic sword"
>"yeah but i can just ignore it lol"
>"that's stupid"

>Mortkin is not representative of random chaos warriors any more than Valten is representative of a state trooper or empire knight #2345664
If all the other late 8e chaoswank didn't happen I'd believe you, but he's one part of a feces puzzle.
>Did you forget the part where he then dies right after once they take all their shit back the moment he stops following the plan?
The fact they don't send minions to kill him or act in any surprised way when he betrays them is again indicative of them not caring if they lose because durr durr chaos is da whole multivurse now.

>> No.70962927

Being a Slayer is a novel life choice.

Dwarfs as a race put a lot of illogical things ahead of the pragmatic view. Like fighting a civil war over a forgotten Grudge while the Karak falls to an otherwise trifling force of Night Goblins, or pretty much everything about Ungrim.

Dwarf culture is based on the ways of the Ancestor Gods, and while Valaya wasn’t a warrior like Grimnir she was far more active in dangerous places than Grungni was.

Its the only way to resolve the Elf lore.

>> No.70962936

have sex incel

>> No.70962955

No, that was two editions prior. Technically they already were since 3e, but only in their army books. Everyone else feared Daemons, not the vikings.

>> No.70962982

> The fact they don't send minions to kill him or act in any surprised way when he betrays them is again indicative of them not caring if they lose because durr durr chaos is da whole multivurse now.
You mean in the minute between him renouncing them and getting stabbed to death by nameless Empire State Trooper redshirts?

>> No.70962994

If you're referring to Hordes of Chaos it's the only armybook I know of that says straight up "This is the perspective of the warriors of Chaos." It's why there's stuff in there that doesn't show up elsewhere. Its canonicity, like any armybook really, is dubious. Every armybook is written from its faction's POV but HoC is I think the only one that outright says that.

Chaos didn't go nothin personnel tier until late 8th, honestly starting with Daemons of Chaos where Genital Warts Ward decided a massive daemon invasion never before mentioned happened at some point of the Empire and they would've won but Chaos got bored and left.

>> No.70963010

>roughly as powerful as a giant in terms of raw physical strength
A bloodthirster is many, many times more powerful than a giant

Giants are the sorts of think Orc warbosses and Ogre tyrants go around beating up for funsies, they are NOWHERE near the level of greater demons or even dragons or whatever

>chaos lord number whatever
Yea, but still a chaos lord, by definition an exceptional individual of above average power

And he just so happened to have his murder-boner go erect at the time the chaos gods were looking for some schmuck to lead their invasion

>So were each everchosen
Everchosen take some serious bad dudes to kill, Sigmar, magnus and the like, not some random kislevites or some elector counts son

>The fact they don't send minions to kill him
What minion could they send that would get the job done in the seconds between him renouncing his power and getting murdered by angry greatswords? Did you want them to summon a host of demons to do that job instead for some reaon? They removed his power and left him to die.

>act in any way surprised
Considering they had a whole plan that didnt involve him doing that shit and instantly demoted him when he did it suggests they were not in fact ambivalent to the act.

>> No.70963011

Good point. But even still the Runefang should've killed him.

>> No.70963013
File: 22 KB, 500x450, 9ECDCCB2-0D7B-4718-A632-3B7324360B4D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that the orogonal Skaven minis had names.
Reminder that Thrott was one of them, not indicated to be any more special than the rest.
Reminder that means that we have names and minis for OC stories.

Reminder that pic related is named Eevyl.

>> No.70963025

>Its the only way to resolve the Elf lore.
In the same way boiling down every other part of the lore to "GW wants to sell toys so shut up" is "the only way to resolve it"

>> No.70963032

Bith Realm Of Chaos are from the Chaos perspective too.

>> No.70963046
File: 16 KB, 434x103, rusure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A bloodthirster is many, many times more powerful than a giant

>> No.70963047

He didnt wield a runefang, he had some magical ice sword the tzarina gave him

His dad had a runefang, but his dad was away doing other things and showed up as part of the empire relief force (where the two runefangs were useful for dealing with the !skullcrushers)

>> No.70963063

You do realise that by that measuring stick a chaos lord will very much pulp a giant right? (as well as most other things that arent a necrosphinx or a vampire lord)

>> No.70963070

Dealt him a debilitating wound for sure.

Unless they gave it a specific explanation like the wound forming a cyst that bursts a few days later with a dead Nurgling then heals or something. Give even more credit to the idea he was only succeeding via direct Chaos God work, and make the refusal of them all the more badass.

>> No.70963084

He was pretty much invincible due to the gorthor-esque shield of favor, took cannons to the face and everything.

>> No.70963095

>this amount of asshurt that a Chaos character is allowed to be something more than a braindead snivelling mess or mutated flesh that chokes on its own saliva
wew did Archaon personally rape your boipucci or what's going on here? Why the irrational hate at the backstory of some plastic spiky evil dude.

>> No.70963096

>A bloodthirster is many, many times more powerful than a giant
Not physically. A Bloodthirster's power comes from its magic. Physically speaking, it's on par with a Giant. The point about SoC Archaon's trial was beating a Bloodthirster mano y mano with nothing special going on, but he lost. Apparently the Chaos gods didn't particularly care since he passed the other trials.
>Yea, but still a chaos lord, by definition an exceptional individual of above average power
Yeah, but not at all unbeatable or superhuman.
>Everchosen take some serious bad dudes to kill, Sigmar, magnus and the like, not some random kislevites or some elector counts son
Right, and Mortkin wasn't an Everchosen. Yet somehow he proved stronger than them, until ET Archaon. We could speculate that if Magnus or Karl fought him then yeah, he probably wouldn't just ignore the wound, but even still, getting impaled by a magical and possibly blessed sword should've done something to him. Instead he just ignores it because he can. It doesn't make sense.
>Considering they had a whole plan that didnt involve him doing that shit and instantly demoted him when he did it suggests they were not in fact ambivalent to the act.
That's fair.

>> No.70963100

Not really.

Telling High Elves and Wood Elves the entire race of Elf is doomed doesn’t do anything but give Warriors players bigger boners.

Plus its spelled out quite a bit elsewhere that Dark Elf philosophy is heavily based on self-delusion or kicking hard questions down the road plus Morathi can’t do anything but remind a Chaos Champion that rants about how doomed her race is that she’ll always be closer to Slaanesh than a human ever will.

>> No.70963125
File: 43 KB, 643x152, rushure.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Now I know tabletop stats aren't always indicative of lore, but still. And consider Mortkin wasn't using a sword, he was fistfighting them.

>> No.70963183

>A Bloodthirster's power comes from its magic.
Anon. What wizard level do you think a bloodthirster is?

>Unbeatable or superhuman
Anon basic bitch chaos warriors are "superhuman" (as are elves for that matter, basic humans arent very impressive), chaos lords arent unbeatable, but theyre among the most dangerous things in the world and Mortkin was apparently rather exceptional even for their number.

>He proved stronger than them
We have nothing to suggest that, Mortkin never fought anyone important

>Getting impaled should have done something to him
Mortkin was made ungodly tanky by the gods, its why he could also get shot by the towns artillery and be fine. And then the moment he renounced his gifts that protection was entirely stripped from him and Olegs guards could cut him down.

>> No.70963189

I will say that yeah, the Count's son didn't have a Runefang and wasn't like a warrior priest or someone with equal blessings to fight Mortkin, but even still, they could've handled it way better and not made it seem like Mortkin pulled a "nothin personnel, kiddo" and just ignored getting stabbed by a magic blade.
Because Archaon after his retcon is a big fat joke and the pet suckboy of GW's intern writers. People didn't like his buildup in Storm of Chaos so they retconned him to make it even worse, than ET went full retard with him further still. He's an insult to the fanbase and I'm never not gonna be butthurt about it. It's not even that Chaos can't be competent, it's that Mortkin comes out of nowhere, has absolutely no struggles (nor does ET Archaon) and is super powerful for no reason and laughs at anything that could kill him.

Sigmar earned his place, Mortkin and ETchaon are literal who's and evil stus.

>> No.70963220

Haven't read it in awhile but didn't the count get blessed by a Warpriest and still Mortkin just shrugged it off? That's where I'd call bullshit. Grailknights can survive cannon hits because of their gods, Valten can survive getting shot by a hellcannon because of his gods, and Mortkin can survive getting stabbed by a comparative mook because of his gods, but even still to just write that he ignores being stabbed by a magic blade is kinda dumb, and plain stupid if the blade was holy-blessed (though I don't remember if it was).

>> No.70963237

>theyre among the most dangerous things in the world
If a grail knight fucks up and gets outplayed he dies. The same should apply to Mortkin and would if he wasn't le badass chaos dood covered in plot armor.

>> No.70963279

>It doesn't make sense.
Have you considered that this is, in fact, the modus operandi of chaos? Imagine wanting chaos to make sense, baka are you slow upstairs or what?

>> No.70963291
File: 7 KB, 215x250, 1566788439695.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From what I can tell the problem with Mortkin and other late-8E named Chaos units is not so much what's wrong with themselves, but what they represent, that being the surge of chaos-wanking bullshit that accompanied late 8th and End Times. When your faction is getting jerked non-stop at everyone else's expense and no one else is allowed to be competent, then yeah, it gets annoying, especially now that we know it was GW's plan from the start of 8th to cancel the game.

>> No.70963298

>they could've handled it way better and not made it seem like Mortkin pulled a "nothin personnel, kiddo" and just ignored getting stabbed by a magic blade.
His ridiculous protection was established before that fact anon, he had his whole Achilles thing going for him

>come out of nowhere
A character that only shows up for a single (relatively minor) story comes out of nowhere, who could have thought.

>Has no struggles
Once again, he appears for a single story. This is like complaining that Gorbad Ironclaw/Gorthor/whatever other villain didnt lose until the end of his story

>> No.70963308
File: 742 KB, 756x736, 1581477140969.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>chaos can just do whatever it wants with no limits and no rules

>> No.70963335

Ward pulls the same shit in DoC 8e where daemons invade the Empire and almost destroy it but leave because Chaos gets bored. This is just for one brief mention, it's never mentioned before or since, but it doesn't make it any less dumb. It's pure factionwank.

>> No.70963355

All I remember about the sword was that it was from the queen of kislev as a gift.

But even then, a warpriest isnt all that, its not like it was the grand theogenist or the ar-ulric or whatever

>The same should apply to Mortkin
You mean the same guy who died to literal unnamed redshirts? When he had his super-buffs he was nigh invincible, when he gave them up he got killed.

>> No.70963364
File: 61 KB, 564x820, link 2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70963387

>It's pure factionwank.
Thats basically most random faction stories

But there is one major difference between that story and Mortkins. Mortkins invasion didnt lose because chaos got bored, it wasnt the ruinous powers acting complacent or ambivalent to victory (not were they on the verge of destroying the empire), it was because the mortal puppet the gods chose defied them

>> No.70963393

You seem completely unable to understand the underlying themes of a story even as simple as the background blurb of a Warhammer character (ie those deluded by the dark gods may think themselves invincible but are reduced to dust the moment they try to abandon their masters). This is an actual unironic symptom of aspergers syndrome and you should get checked. Do you also criticise folk tales that go like "the dragon killed the entire kingdom's gentry until our plucky peasant hero arrived" or something similar as "unrealistic dragonwank, the dragon was just invincible by author fiat"?

>> No.70963431
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>> No.70963437

>ie those deluded by the dark gods may think themselves invincible but are reduced to dust the moment they try to abandon their masters
Apparently you also missed the point

Mortkin knew full well what he was giving up, he was counting on it. He wanted to die. If its a tale of hubris then the failing is with the gods themselves for thinking too highly of the hold they have on their puppets.

>> No.70963468
File: 73 KB, 702x1024, XHBa71T.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you don't like it because you're too autistic to understand it!!!
Do you like Rick and Morty?

>> No.70963505

Well yeah, a lone warpriest wouldn't mean it's an instawin, but still, if the sword/guy was blessed even by a low-ranking priest that's still divine power, and that coupled with the sword's magic should at least greatly wound Mortkin considering it was a deep stab, all the way through IIRC. But yeah it doesn't look like any blessings were ever involved, so yeah, it makes sense Mortkin's unholy energy wasn't getting countered. Even still Mortkin's kind of a sue. Beating up Giants and cockily shrugging off wounds from enchanted artifacts like they're nothing isn't really excusable except for the highest levels of characters, like Valten surviving getting stabbed by Archaon and Archaon not apparently having his shoulder broken by Ghal Maraz.

>> No.70963508

>Sigmar earned his place, Mortkin and ETchaon are literal who's and evil stus.
What did Magnus the Pious do to "earn his place"?

>> No.70963516
File: 20 KB, 300x250, lWJNjx1FXL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70963573

>enchanted artifacts
Its a magic sword made of ice, its not the widowmaker or a runefang (nevermind that even runefang wounds have been survived)

>Thats still divine power
But how much? Mortkin wasnt a ghoul or some lesser demon or whatever, a vampire wont just combust because he gets stabbed by some shank a priest happened to bless and I see no reason why this should be any different here (especially since Mortkin was pretty nutty)

>> No.70963591
File: 44 KB, 409x600, F0C80F1E-9DB5-4305-A13C-A55A0593BBDD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Showed himself to be a man of fine culture in regard to Best Girl.
Not in the best way, but at least we know his tastes were patrician.

>> No.70963605
File: 328 KB, 1440x1628, heroscall.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He was willing to sacrifice himself and burn alive in a scorching fire and Ulric rewarded him for it, just like when Karl Franz killed a huge Orc Warlord because he put himself in harm's way and was willing to sacrifice himself, and at the end made a genuine prayer for help from Sigmar which got answered with a vengeance.

But this does show the difference between Order and Chaos gods and their basic moralities. Chaos will bless you for doing very little, they want you to exalt wickedness, and they will ditch you in a heartbeat if things don't go their way. Order requires a great act to be blessed, they reward humility and sacrifice, and they won't give up on you even when times are dark. See Volkmar staying strong in his captivity by Be'lakor, and then Be'lakor's own fate the moment he displeased his gods.

Maybe Mortkin's story isn't so bad after all. It fits thematically. He doesn't need to do anything to get favor, because he's of zero value to his dark gods, and realizes the same applies to everyone. They still could've tweaked it to make him less of a uber-badass giant-wrestler, but it's hardly the worst Chaoswank of 8ed onward. It gets way worse and in comparison Mortkin is a nice story.

>> No.70963606

Can Superman outrun the Flash?

>> No.70963613

Mortkin also had sublime taste in mounts, so I guess his place is earned enough

>> No.70963642
File: 47 KB, 445x557, Capturedfsd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"It was your gods who failed you. My god is always with me."

>> No.70963657

>a vampire wont just combust because he gets stabbed by some shank a priest happened to bless
Actually yeah, they kinda can, lesser ones anyway. Touching a holy symbol burns the hell out of a vampire.

>> No.70963660

>He was willing to sacrifice himself and burn alive in a scorching fire and Ulric rewarded him for it
Aenarion should fucking sue.

>he doesent need to do anything
Its not even just that, at the time/just before chaos was having a !throne of chaos thing going to see whos going to be the next big chosen general, Mortkin didnt even fucking participate and got chosen to lead regardless

No, but superman can fly much faster than he can run anyways.

>> No.70963673

I’m tempted to throw some censor bars on that Etheross pic of Archaon’s horse.

>> No.70963676

>lesser ones anyway
So not a vampire lord, the vampire equivalent to a chaos lord

>> No.70963682

my dad could beat up your dad

>Aenarion should fucking sue
Aenarion survived though

>at the time/just before chaos was having a !throne of chaos thing
This was pretty retarded, not gonna lie, but it's 8th edition so what're you gonna do.

>> No.70963700

The what

>> No.70963745

>This was pretty retarded
Why? Seems pretty on track for chaos to have a big fight over who gets to get credit for the next big fight ("the one thats defo going to win this time we promise")

>Aenarion survived though
And did Magnus not?

>> No.70963749
File: 20 KB, 600x279, 2AF71E8F-486B-46B6-821D-D18AFABF2852.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Porn artist.
Did one of Archaon’s horse. As a female.

They specialize in horses, dragons, and kobolds.

Google it. Or look on e621.

>> No.70963765

what have you done

A bunch of random-ass Chaos invasions into the Empire. Even if they failed stuff like Tamurkhan feels like chaoswank. They should be saving their strength to invade under an Everchosen, that's the whole point.

>And did Magnus not?
Yes? What's your point?

>> No.70963838
File: 73 KB, 562x600, 1547642645431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm glad even when we shitpost about character/faction dicksizes we do it with civility and get along. I love you /wfg/. Don't connect to Club Penguin tomorrow.

>> No.70963853

>What's your point?
That aenarion should fucking sue Magnus.

>A bunch of random ass chaos invasions are chaos wank
No? Chaos isnt "everchosen: the faction", the whole point is that the everchosen is a figure that can manage to unite the herd of cats that is chaos into a cohesive enough force and get all the gods blessings

Theres no countdown or plan for them, they show up when they show u.

>Acting in a logical, reserved and orderly manner
The fucking gods cant stop self sabotaging due to their various autisms, what hope do their followers have? Theyre only slightly better than Greenskins and skaven in terms of shooting themselves in the foot

>> No.70963880


>> No.70963885


>> No.70964007

Its not Dorghur, its a generic Chaos Champion horse.

>> No.70964050

>Theres no countdown or plan for them, they show up when they show u.
That's why they keep getting wiped out every few centuries and can't act as a threat until they recover and have to build up strength to have another go.

>> No.70964053

If Archaon said this yall would be screeching about muh mary soo to no tomorrow

>> No.70964114

Though they are Elves female so even if they stay at home they will probably not make any baby.

>> No.70964154

>Tamurkhan the bumbling chaos incursion that ends absolutely pathetically with Chaos dispatched away by some imperial cannons is "chaoswank"
I swear to God I'm not even exaggerating when I say this generals perception of what Chaos should be is 5 raving lunatics in the Great Forest with the combined strength of 2 state troopers, it's insane how bootyblasted everyone here is.

>> No.70964194

>wiped out
Clearly not since they keep happening.

The issue with chaos (much like with Greenskins) is rarely numbers, its leadership

They have forces to spare, what they dont have is someone capable of stopping that force imploding due to the combined IQ of it being somewhere in the double digits on a good day.

>> No.70964215

One of them is a pious and humble guy who wanted to save his nation, the other is a psychotic despoiler who wants a group of insane, evil gods to win and enslave everyone's souls. Believe it or not, people like to root for the former.

>> No.70964226

>Morathi can’t do anything but remind a Chaos Champion that rants about how doomed her race is that she’ll always be closer to Slaanesh than a human ever will.
Because thats what will cut him more, do you think some chaos barbarian cares about Naggaroths infrastructure or economy? The fact remains that the dark elves have repeatedly been stated to be stronger than ever, both explicitly and in their continued expansion over their history

>> No.70964228

>not liking et's unstoppable all-powerful chaoswank

>> No.70964241

Literally no-one has mentioned ET, what was mentioned however was Throne of Chaos, where chaos self sabotaged itself to no end and then got stomped

>> No.70964248

The Northlands don't have an infinite number of vikings to send down. Gods can only do so much. It's the price to pay for their lair being in a super inhospitable landscape. Plus Norsca has plenty of independent, non-Chaos worshipers who cause trouble for them too. Getting the numbers together and someone competent enough to lead them takes time.

>> No.70964259

>Believe it or not, people like to root for the former.
Neat, they can root for whoever they want

That has no bearing on who is and is not a marie sue

>> No.70964264

Throne of Chaos is proto-ET, it's late 8E. And in it Tamurkhan gets a giant horde together out of nowhere then beats everyone up until he gets cocky in a pointless invasion that shouldn't have happened to begin with.

>> No.70964289

It may also have to do with the fact Magnus is way more likeable than Archaon, even before the retcon.

JarJar didn't really do much le fune robots did in Star Wars, but between an extremely obnoxious creator and extremely unlikeable presentation people despise him.

Archaon is JarJar.

>> No.70964292

>The Northlands don't have an infinite number of vikings to send down
Sure, but theres always enough chaos warbands kicking about to go raid somewhere or another and also have a constant war with each other while theyre at it

Im not saying their numbers dont diminish for a time, im saying that its like claiming orcs are ended as a threat because whatever big waagh was happening for the moment ended

>> No.70964313

>And in it Tamurkhan gets a giant horde together out of nowhere then beats everyone up until he gets cocky in a pointless invasion that shouldn't have happened to begin with.
And theres nothing wrong with that

Chaos does its usual thing and fails for the obvious reason of "chaos is stupid", claiming that its somehow chaos wank is retarded

>> No.70964315

I like 6ed/7ed Chaos, it makes for a great threat. 8ed is just comedic and ET is flat out overpowered mary sueing on a factional level. I like Chaos but I don't like the writers shitting on every single other faction and removing any weaknesses and flaws Chaos had.

>> No.70964331

>unstoppable chaoswank
What's a "normal" chaos story then. Please enlighten me, keeper of the one true canon

>> No.70964350

>any weaknesses and flaws Chaos had.
Thats interesting you say that, because so far the cases mentioned (Mortkin, Tamurkan) had chaos lose entirely (or in large part) because of their various flaws, with both invasions accomplishing very little all things considered

>> No.70964356

>you can write 13yo chunni lines all you want as long as it's for MY FACTION and MY FACTION ONLY

>> No.70964370

"There was a chaos lord but then the empire general 1v1'd him because he had faith in sigmar and the day was saved. The end."

>> No.70964417

Once again, neat but irrelevant

Archaon could be as insufferable as he wanted to be and it wouldnt change whether he is or is not a sue

>> No.70964449

I think the reason anons get so upset is because chaos is established as the big evil threat, and having the big evil threat win just isnt as satisfying because its the "expected" outcome (or rather the outcome presented as likely by the story in making the threat big and threatening).

Having the villain monologue about how great he is and then WIN is a really hard sell that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

So its not just anons being whiny faivoritist bitches complaining that their faction isnt the only one that gets to win, its also pretty basic narrative structure (its the other thing too but just not entirely).

>> No.70964472

Very engaging, we're sure to get some kids invested in this faction for sure with this one, 10/10.

>> No.70964476

Both who come out of nowhere stronger than anyone before them. Just because they lose doesn't mean it's not shit writing.

The Storm of Chaos or the Great War.

>t-there's no difference between magnus and archaon!!!!!

"There was an empire general but then the chaos lord 1v1'd him and won and evil won because good is dumb."

>> No.70964539

Bruh Tamurkhan accomplished literally nothing. He beat up a bunch of Chaostards, some shreks, and some piss-weak border cucks before being outwitted by the biggest whore in the Old World and killed effortlessly after being tricked into possessing the wrong person.

His army pissed themselves and fled in terror and were hunted down and killed.

>> No.70964540

>SoC or the great war
Both of which follow the exact same structure "big unstoppable chaos lord shows up, gets built up, sieges some random city, loses"

>both came out of nowhere strong
Like half of all named characters, or do you want there to be a big long backstory explaining how lord Mortkin got where he is and why hes good at killing shit?

>> No.70964547

By the end of ET Chaos got several books' worth of nothing but wanking and going on and on about how omnipotent it was. Even if it's not canon here the memory of that sticks with a lot of people. It's refreshing to go back when heroes could be badasses too.

>> No.70964565

>stronger than anyone before them
Hardly, they were no Morkar

>> No.70964595

I understand this, I however also consider it as something irrelevant to actual reasoned discussion

Its refreshing to not have a fscton wanked, it's also refreshing to not always have the heroes win, neither one matters beyond the base emotions one feels

>> No.70964724

I see your point, but I also can't see how you don't see there's a difference between Magnus and Archaon.

>> No.70964750

There's more going on in them. Magnus and Karl face difficulties mounting defenses. Archaon and Asavar face issues mounting their offensive. Both of them have a long series of setbacks. Tamurkhan feels less like that. He just walks into Wissenland with a fuckoff huge armies, makes the Border Princes, Chaos Dwarfs, and Ogres his bitches with no real buildup or explanation, and only dies at the very end. It's way less believable and well-written compared to the others.

>> No.70964766

Archaon did even worse than Asavar Kul. Asavar Kul permanently ruined Praag, sacked Erengrad, and caused so much danger that it was still recovering when Katarin's dad became the Tzar.

Archaon sacked Erengrad, but it was rebuilt and functional again in less than a year(!). He tore down some random towns and never even saw the inside of Middenheim's walls. The Empire ain't in great shape in the Storm timeline but they lost precisely none of their major industrial centers, none of their major food distribution, and only saw serious damage in Middenland, Ostland, and Hochland.

The best part of all was Crom marching into Sylvania and killing both himself and his entire army while inflicting no damage on Manny whatsoever.

>> No.70964774

That ain't me

They're obviously different in many ways and likewise the line would have a different meaning coming from the other, but that doesn't make it unacceptable

It's not just the good guys who get to be cool

>> No.70964798

Chaos Dwarfs jewed Tamurkhan and abandoned him as soon as it was convenient. They got valuable test data on new guns and he got dead.

>> No.70964814

>a story confined to one campaign book is less impactful than a fight GW hyped up over an entire edition with BRB and AB lore, WD articles and finally a global campaign
Yeah no shit Sherlock. Do you need every new piece of lore GW does to be trailed through years of slow build-up to be considered satisfactory by your standards?

>> No.70964831

That doesn't make it chaos wank as much as badly written/simplistic

But then again that's how most invasion stories in warhammer go, from gorbad to gorthor to malekith to mortkin and tamurkan

>> No.70964921

Can you imagine the asshurt if chaos got to be even half as effective as dark elves in their invasions? You get this level of bitching because a big invasion almost took out a single major city, imagine if the empire got almost entirely overrun and was literally one battle away from death, the tears would be enough to raise the sea level

>> No.70964941

Can you imagine the asshurt if empire got to be even half as effective as chaos in their invasions? You get this level of bitching because a big invasion couldn't take out a single major city, imagine if norsca got almost entirely overrun and was literally one battle away from death, the tears would be enough to raise the sea level

>> No.70964972

>major city

>> No.70965255
File: 106 KB, 750x626, 216549C7-E673-4035-96E5-0AC4D9C53046.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a Daemon player, I want your stupid mortal dogs who’s lives and deaths have literally no meaning to actually show that.

Instead your viking faggots are the main characters of the setting.

I want a campaign that is Daemons wiping out Norsca.

>> No.70965272

She gives that comeback later.

All she can do is glare at him when he says it, because its true.

Dark Elves are a dying race that refuses to see itself as such.

>> No.70965298

Repanse is Best Bretonnian.

>> No.70965326

My only problem with Tamurkhan is it just gets in the way.
If it happened fifty or a hundred years in the 'past', that would be fine, but having it in 2510 means that for most of the 'usual' setting, the south of the Empire is still recovering from a massive Nurgle invasion. Which makes it hard to do certain things. Like 'Oh, you've got a Wissenland army based in Pfeildorf? It's gone, sorry about that'.
This was the problem with the Storm of Chaos too. A post-war setting filled with burned towns, desperate refugees and rogue remnants of the invading army is fun, but maybe it shouldn't be the standard setting, especially if you've invested a lot of effort into detailing the world when it's not like that.

>> No.70965367

I mean ok, I play Bretonnians, Ogres and Orcs&Goblins. Don't know what kind of gotcha you think you're doing here. I'm just tired of /wfg/s eternal autistic groodge towards Chaos.

>> No.70965408
File: 312 KB, 1600x517, Army 1 .jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Could I ask a favour please, and you can ignore it if you want to, but could you post miniatures while discussing, or at least try to? That way we can have dicussion and pics with inspiration and such going on.

>> No.70965758
File: 1.39 MB, 3675x3365, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He should get some animatronic headset that moves.

>> No.70965777

It's also extremely weird that the story skips over how Tamurkhan even gets into the Empire. Like, you have to go quite a ways to get to Nuln. Where's the Imperial army? The Nurgle horde just walks in and no one notices.

>> No.70965841

How old is this art?

>> No.70965898

Looks like it's before the first major update to the Dark Eldar.

>> No.70965952
File: 94 KB, 1024x744, e0f944a5f031ef52009814d80def4f82e04e4de8v2_hq.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's the Visarch for Gathering Storrm II.
So probably some years.

>> No.70965983
File: 20 KB, 228x346, 51BNGzX8KzL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So who's actually writing these, Dan Abnett or Mike Lee?

>> No.70966030


>> No.70966111

Good, fuck elves. Let them wipe themselves out in petty war over who is the rightful firedaddy.

>> No.70966115

??? That was in 2014 and the image shows a visarch which came out in 2016.

>> No.70966131

why the FUCK would this make me laugh out loud

>> No.70966137

Sorry man, haven't painted up anything Fantasy related in ages.

>> No.70966161
File: 181 KB, 777x650, 1516911847806.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966174
File: 2.83 MB, 2910x2060, Warhammer-Fantasy-фэндомы-Skaven-Clanrat-5039595.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood for the Snek God!

>> No.70966212
File: 107 KB, 2444x1000, 1534688952643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966278

Where any more ever made? I know there is a skaven one too.

>> No.70966314

That's fine. Any pics of tables or models or such will do.

>> No.70966322
File: 62 KB, 1024x1003, sudenburg_state_trooper_by_imperator_zor_dcfq8i0-fullview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966351

do you think those demons are going wtf as she truly kills them or do they not realize that they are fucked.

>> No.70966357
File: 241 KB, 1024x768, 7106199521_3461440a0c_b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966469
File: 60 KB, 300x435, hippogryph knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966470

It's not our fault GW turned Chaos into the author's pet and killed the game. But then again it's not the faction's fault either.

>> No.70966519

if you get turned into a mutant ageist your will is there any reason or even a way not to fall to worship of the dark gods or is it all just hopeless and you must give in and i do not mean a way to turn back to normal i mean is there a way for a mutant to live a good and honest life without giving in to evil and becoming the thing that he hates.

>> No.70966537
File: 36 KB, 1124x522, 1528550950219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966572
File: 56 KB, 1625x503, 1528674695320.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966619
File: 1.07 MB, 1810x2617, orks btfo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966655

what do you think they had to pay the giant to get him to work the canon and protect the city because it has to be more than food and beer to keep him happy and helpful.

>> No.70966708

all beastmen are unlucky they are all freaks and losers.

>> No.70966842
File: 124 KB, 2382x1000, 1529295987054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70966848

i would ask where the TK infantry one is but i don't want dem bones turned into boring ass animu people

>> No.70966940

It depends on the depiction, but mutants aren't necessarily evil. An example might be Ludwig von Wittgenstein from Death on the Reik.
A good rule of thumb would be that your soul can't be damned unless by your own action, but events may occur that will tend to tip you in that direction.

So a mutation might change you mentally - make you more aggressive, give you horrible visions or a craving for human flesh - which might push you to the worship of dark gods, but it can't force you to do so.
It's worth pointing out that a strong personality is not necessarily protective against the lure of chaos. A religious zealot with a strong disgust of and hatred for chaos can have that powerful emotion used against them.

>> No.70967052
File: 1.14 MB, 4000x2250, 0bd83e038bc0bcb72ec0c59b2c201b58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.70967253


> Every armybook is written from its faction's POV

It's amazing how widespread this has become with nothing to back it up, simply so people don't have to accept things they don't like.

>> No.70967382

Why do rats always look like they're having the time of their lives?

>> No.70967499


There were supposed to be three more books after Tamurkhan, that is why it opens with the story of the Great Kurgan and his four sons. Can't remember if this was to advance the setting or end it.

>> No.70967517

They offered him the chance to load a giant fucking cannon and as he is heterosexual he agreed

>> No.70967595

It's generally the only explanation that makes sense a lot of the time.

The only army book I can ever recall that wasn't at least partially written from its faction's pov at all, was the 3rd edition Necron codex in 40k.
If you can even count that.

>> No.70968033
File: 53 KB, 500x515, 1373786230644.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If a troll is decapitated, and the body left unmolested afterwards, will the body eventually regrow a new head? If so, what's the best way to permanently put down a troll?

>> No.70968059

Eat it.

>> No.70968067

Fuck off Grom.

>> No.70968811

Far as I'm aware, fire. Or maybe if you bludgeon it enough - bury it under rubble, say - all the individual cells are dead and there's nothing left to regenerate from.

>> No.70968866


>> No.70969019

They're a dying race that is apparently stronger and wealthier than ever before

>> No.70969051

You chose to play the endless horde of npcs anon, this is nobody's fault but yours.

>> No.70969058

>if you're swole and rich you're not in risk of your lineage dying out just because you're the last member of your house and also are gelded so you can't procreate

>> No.70969077

If you have more kids than your parents your house is not dying out, yea.

>> No.70969115

Those kids are killing each other, dying in suicidal raids on Ulthuan, or just dying from their raids on people who can muster a shieldwall fast enough.
The extra numbers the druchii seem to have only lightly offset their massively increased fatality rate and given how the dying race comment hurt Morathi enough to give her pause even she knows that it's still a net loss for her race.

>> No.70969133

>those kids are dying
So? More can be made (and are made)

The dark elves have a society that on top of waging constant conflict upon others murders its own, and their population is still going up and up

>> No.70969188

>their population is still going up and up
No it isn't.

>> No.70969198

Yes it is, it's why their armies are larger than ever

>> No.70969307

Its a lore contradiction.

They sacrifice babies, have insane attrition, pull stupid shit nonstop, and the High Elves steal their surviving offspring.

They either figured out cloning or have just been clipping Norscan ears into points.

>> No.70969325

Is that from some novel? Fuck that shit if it is. Army books suggest that dark elves are slowly increasing their numbers. And they could probably do that even more if they avoided Ulthuan and focused on establishing their own realms, but then, plot would be a lot different.

Praise Khaine and Hekarti (or Atharti) and not ASSuryan and Berreninsha, ok.

>> No.70969346

>its a lore contradiction
No it isn't, because unlike the high elves the dark elves have a lot of sex, and lots of sex leads to more babies

While the high elves are busy making poetry or philosophising about things their evil kin are making babies to throw at a brick wall because eventually enough dead babies will bring that wall down god dammit

>> No.70969399

You think higher mortality and lower living standards means lower fertility? Because that's not true, just compare some African nation to Japan.

As for a lot of your other points, I would say we don't have clear cut knowledge of how widespread all of that is.
>sacrifice babies
And some of those end up as witch elves or assassins. Plus, we don't know how often it's done and with how many babies.
>insane attrition
Is it? Sure, Naggaroth wilderness is dangerous, but on the other hand, it also shields you from the enemies.
>non stop
I doubt it. Elves life for a long time and their plotting can drag out for hundreds of years, leaving time to rebuild in between.
>steal offspring
And dark elves do the same to asur. Plus, we don't know how often it's done. I seriously doubt it's done often, just because most settlements in Naggaroth are hard to reach. It never really made much sense to me for this reason.

Basically, we don't know population statistics so all we can do is guess. I maintain that their fertility rates are high enough to offset mortality rates. Or at least it's just about evens out.

>> No.70969527

I think he means the constant raiding and kin slaying and shit

>> No.70969561

>I seriously doubt it's done often, just because most settlements in Naggaroth are hard to reach.

Not him, but you know there is an entire fucking High Elf kingdom there right?

>> No.70969572

There is? Also not the guy you're replying to. You're not thinking of Nagarythe, right?

>> No.70969573

Arnheim is a lot further down than that

>> No.70969574

>constant raiding
a) Is it constant?
b) It's mostly done against targets that can't fight back, with hit and run tactics. Which means that losses are negligible, most of the time at least.
>kin slaying
Again, do we know how often it's done? If we assume that it's done a lot, then yeah, it's a bad writing and a problem, but if not then it's not such a big problem. Especially if hardcore death nights are mostly contained to Har Geneth and most other cities generally have milder versions of that, maybe more focused on slave sacrifices. That's why they should have given different druchii cities a bit more attention. I mean, Karond Kar should probably focus on different festivals and rites more than Har Ganeth, for example.
Are you talking about that colony in southern Naggaroth? Because that one is still far away. I'm assuming you are not talking about Naggarythe, because that's on Ulthuan, not Naggaroth.

>> No.70969604

It’s a dicks spit away from Klar Karond.

>> No.70969614

So I'm wondering how much the warhammer total war games match up to the tabletop etc desu

>> No.70969631

Should I just accept that 6th ed. isn't that focused on armylisting (atleast when it comes to HoC) and try to make the best of it?

>> No.70969710

I was talking about their big fuck off colony. I used kingdom erroneously. But if you want to add to it, there is also in fact an elven kingdom dedicated to committing war crimes against the dark elves. I’m sure they would go out of their way to kidnap dark elf children.

>> No.70969731

Maybe they would. But it's less likely they would run into children, that's what I was saying.
Anyway, GW never put much thought into things like that.

>> No.70969949

Warhammer Chronicles 2004

>> No.70970016

Does any of you time wizards know of any way to get chaos ogres or other old-ish, squatted models?

>> No.70970037

I know she's got a whole life thing going on, right? Purifies corruption and all that.

What the hell would happen if she went to Sylvania? Would the entire place turn into fertile fields and all the undead collapse into fertilizer?

>> No.70970056

Check ebay.

>> No.70970074

Nagarythe stays in nagarythe, the sum of successful asur action against the dark elves is that one raid eltharion led

The raiding is pretty fucking constant since its one of naggaroths main "industries"

>do we know how often it's done
Going based off the malus books? It's pretty common among the nobles at least, and even the lower classes are pretty fucking violent

Its not skaven tier, but it's still a pretty common thing

>> No.70970087

>Nagarythe stays in nagarythe
>Why yes, I am a retard, how did you know?

Someone tell the shadow warriors they have to go home. Stop wanking over dark elves for five seconds and listen to yourself man.

>> No.70970099

>malus books
This is why I don't like Malus books. They just reinforce bad and girmderpy writing most of the time (not too generalise too much). Army books leave room for interpretation and more sensible approach to this. Sure, they talk about backstabbing, but not HOW MUCH it's done, that remains somewhat nebulous.
As if shadow warriors could realistically do much to large population centres of the druchii. If anything they should stay in Nagarythe to fight off shade infestation that started to roam around there.

>> No.70970140

Maybe each time there's a surplus Malekith pisses it away in another great invasion of Ulthuan that kills so many druchii it over takes their recovery and puts them in a deficit yet again.

>> No.70970167

He builds it back again. Anyway, this touches even another problem - meta plot armor of good factions that stop ''progression'' of the setting. At this point setting falls apart imo and we can see it for what it truly is - just some collection of fluff stories to sell miniatures. That is my take on WHFB setting, at least.

>> No.70970188

Sure, they lose actual numbers, but each time they come back bigger and better
The point is that they have a positive growth rate, rather than a negative one

>> No.70970209

>the shados warriors
Are mostly in nagarythe in the same way the shades are mostly in naggaroth, not to mention that even if the whole of them was over in !Canada they would lack the power to impact the druchii population to any sort of significant degree

>> No.70970226

The backstabbing would only be an issue it the dark elves had number issues, something they dont have

As it stands it just leads to a situation where the less murderous get supplanted by the more murderous, perfectly fine for a society designed to serve as Malekiths personal army

>> No.70970283

>the empire losing
You're right, the wails of "chaos wank" would be loud enough to raise the dead

>> No.70970290

I think they should have also reduced druchii abilities to invade Ulthuan as well. It probably would make sense that neither side can mount large enough naval invasion because that would just make both sides wipe each other out. If anything, I just wanted more lore of dark elves slaughtering humans and terrorising coasts and maybe establishing colonies in the east.
True, but it's still a bit too grimderpy for my taste. Malekith aligned druchii should be more pragmatical than that, generally. Har Ganeth ones should be more psycho murderous and backstabbing should be more of a Ghrond and Hag Graef thing. But I don't want to generalise this either. I think it best to just not write every druchii the same way, regardless from where they came and what class they represent. That leaves room for love stories like Cassandra and Dorian, for one. Or friendship among druchii. They are elves, after all, they should not be as one dimensional as some other ''evil'' factions.

>> No.70970332

Cheers, mate!

>> No.70970362

But the thing is, they're NOT all any given way, theres just tendencies and social norms (like the backstabbing) some druchii are just psychopaths, some are actual religious maniacs, some just kill to get ahead

It's their way of being meritocratic, its not necessarily the smartest way but it is a way

>reduce the a ability to launch naval invasions
Because they do them every fortnight right? Malekith launching an invasion is equivalent to the everchosen showing up, it's rare and apocalyptic when it happens

Invading ulthuan is hard, so the druchii cant just do it whenever, likewise invading naggarroth is suicidal, so the asur dont do it

>> No.70970422
File: 205 KB, 712x1029, Map-Albion-5-Color.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>If anything, I just wanted more lore of dark elves slaughtering humans and terrorising coasts and maybe establishing colonies in the east.
Would've been interesting to have seen what would've come off the Dark Elf colony on Albion. They beached two Black Arks and built a city there at that campaigns end.

>> No.70970451

Didn't the Pepe's genocide the place and turn it into a copy of Lustria?
I'm pretty sure they just got wiped out.

>> No.70970469

Only around the Forge of the Old Ones iirc.

>> No.70970545
File: 734 KB, 2048x1152, 1581590967801-1446513357.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For Ulric, Middenland and the Graf Todbringer !

>> No.70970575

>what's the best way to permanently put down a troll?

Burn it to a cinder!

>> No.70970620

Increase numbers because their males don't use females

>> No.70970631

>males don't use females
What are you on about, you twit?

>> No.70970722

Elves don't fuck.

>> No.70970729

They do tho. Especially dark elves. Anethra Hellbane is a good mommy.

>> No.70970745

They don't, especially high elves.

>> No.70970746

High Elves definitely fuck anon, you're thinking of Craftworld Eldar

>> No.70970757

Well you are wrong. Every dreadlady on average pops out 2.5 kids to keep replacement levels up.

>> No.70970779

>They are elves, after all, they should not be as one dimensional as some other ''evil'' factions.
Literal, actual racism. Why should only delves be allowed to have deep and meaningful characters and relationships and not for example goblins or ogres?

>> No.70970796

Well, I did want to add that even those races should have some subtlety. I think it's a bit harder with greenskins, due to have outlandish they are, some concepts wouldn't fit. But still, there is some room for that, perhaps.

>> No.70970798

Because unlike goblins and ogres elves have an IQ above the single digits

>> No.70970810

Ogres arent dumb they just hungry

>> No.70970869

>still peddling long debunked IQ studies done by biased Hoeth pricks on snotlings and gnoblars to characterise all greenskins as "dumb"

>> No.70970872

Who are harcapped by the amount of spirit stones they got.

>> No.70971007

>what's the best way to permanently put down a troll?
Cheese grater

>> No.70971035

do bretonnian warhorses benefit from lance formation?

>> No.70971185


Respect for going back and improving.

>> No.70971211

Riders yes, horse no. Sadly no rolling cascade of hoofs clashing with faces.

>> No.70971353

Why the fuck would you use those and not the new daughters of khaine models?

>> No.70971526

I thought that at least in 8th edition they could as they weren't really considered supporting attacks

>> No.70971586

Man, that was an interesting campaign

>> No.70972101

>we have nothing to suggest that, Mortkin fought anyone important

He fought valkia the bloody to a standstill

>> No.70972287
File: 518 KB, 348x579, giant.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably takes a ton to feed a giant - can't imagine a mercenary/feral giant is ever far from starvation. Especially adding the complication of their near-universal alcoholism. So the promise of consistent rations, high walls around you, no ogre tribesmen coming to fuck you as part of a manhood ceremony... that's a swell deal for a giant.

>> No.70972583


>> No.70972969

When was this?

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