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Is SMT_Anon working on Duel Terminal part 3?

Also question how hard would it be just too chill in Duel Terminal part 1 and 2?

I just need to destroy the Worm and prevent the secret project for 1? And kill the Gishki leader before she can become possessed for 2?

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I tried.

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How dangerous is Innistrad if you have jumped Overlord beforehand? How powerful are the mayor threats like Avacyn, the beings in the Helvault, or vampires as old as Sorin?

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Fuck card game kiddie shit
post builds using the most based jump there is

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How powerful a demon can we expect to affect with the Lying with Demons perk? How bad an idea is it to use Lying with Demons to assemble an army of Lords of the Pit?

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I'm having trouble picking an Authority for Oasis of Fantasy. I've got two figured out, Language and Wisdom, but I can't decide on a third. I'm planning to be a wise raven god, so maybe an authority of birds? I dunno, any suggestions are welcome.

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Been away for a while, any progress on the Kara no Kyoukai remake? Wips, pastebins etc?

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Depends on your overlord build but Avacyn in particular is still going to be a major threat to you in most cases. Now the normal every day mobs may not be so bad but the big baddies are really big. Also fuck the helvault, get nahiri out of that shit asap. I mean she will go on a rampage and destroy innistrad but that is just to fuck over sorin.

Also watch out for sorin, his rotspeak is pretty damn good.

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>to chill in Duel Terminal part 1 and 2?
I’m gonna be honest with you chief, a very tough time if you don’t intend to hole up when major events happen.
Speaking of events, here’s the summary for all 3 parts of Duel Terminal if you’re intrigued/interested.

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Sorin is a huge outlier on account of being a former old walker (now new walker post-mending), but Avacyn is pretty strong as well, especially with that indestructible thing she's got going on. Your best bet dealing with her would be sealing or just, you know, not doing the sort of thing that would get her to come down on you. As for everything else I'd imagine a lvl 100 overlord build would probably be overkill.

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Cunning. Also recommend the two animal perks from SNW (100cp god perk) and EoA (Beast of the Soul), they have some neat powers and boost magic relating to the animal chosen. Perfect when you’re going as a god of a particular animal.

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Just as a little tidbit. D/D/D is an abbreviation for the archetype.

The full name is Different Dimension Daemon Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok.

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Secrets, Knowledge.

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What did you do in the Slime isekai?

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I found one even more outrageous. Does an AI generate this shit? Just try to read its name outloud.

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Demons are, by their nature, powerful creatures. You aren't going to find one worth associating with that can't at least wreck a small city, so presumably it should scale pretty far up. The bigger issue is that, like pic related, a fair amount carry hefty drawbacks as an additional cost. Though the Black magic school perk and lying with demons should mitigate it to some degree.
The better question is, what are you going to offer all of them?

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Inspiration, Archiving, Corvus (raven constellation, saw another Anon use Taurus as an authority)

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Thanks for the suggestions! That helps a lot, especially the tidbit about perks in other fate jumps, appreciate it.

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I bought a few skills, namely Neoteny, Great Sage, Childcare, Automatic Attacks, and Mana Regeneration. I combined them all into a single sapient skill, whose personality is rather motherly.

Then I spent the jump being an adorable child, adventuring with their "imaginary" mother. I ended up getting a house in Rinmaru's town, although I almost never went there

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Reminder that Black is evil, no matter what Mark Rosewater says.

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Neoteny? Whats that?

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How much leeway does a Digimon have in terms of physical appearance?
Could a Digimon with human traits (Shakamon, Angewomon, Lucemon...) look like a different person as long as they still had the same non-human traits, like the wings for example?

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>even more outrageous
Not really. That one's actually decent and makes complete sense.

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From my point of view white and green are evil!

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Why not just summon them as Mana constructs so you don't have to pay them and can just dismiss them?

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Reminder that Glitter Boys wear the most chad suits of power armor.

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If they have a different appearance then they're a different digimon.

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Because Wizards can't decide if that's how Summoning works or not.

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The skill isn't canon, but the jump just lets you make skills of power comparable to the canon ones, and since complete immunity to fire is apparently a basic skill, neoteny is perfectly fine

>> No.70946561

Because that's dubious canon and it's also more interesting to run it the other way.

>> No.70946564

Was a slime, got Gluttonous King and Ciel.
Companioned a certain Dragonoid.
Went around collecting all the shiny ores and plants I could.

>> No.70946566

We have a RIFTS jump?

>> No.70946576

>Also watch out for sorin, his rotspeak is pretty damn good.
What do you mean?

>> No.70946581

I mean it IS the color of stealing pies at least.

>> No.70946588

Black isn't evil, it just acknowledges that everything's a spook, and acts accordingly.
Debatably the mana constructs would carry the same costs. Demons are dicks like that.

>> No.70946589

I'm not quite sure but I would assume sacrificing everyone we conquer to them would pay that debt.

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What's your Ravnica to-do list?
>Hang out with Orzhov
>Use Guildhall to jump straight to Pontiff rank
>Use angelic affinity from Walking with Angels to make allies out of Orzhov angels
>Also hit on them, see how that goes
>Lord's Wisdom and Soul of Sacrifice to make Syndicate assets under my control extremely profitable and actually non-shitty, making the Syndicate in my territory actually popular
>Use that to build up influence in Syndicate hierarchy
>try and get allies in other guilds
>Break Teysa Karlov out of prison
>Use allies in other guilds, in Orzhov hierarchy and angels I've hit on to coup Obzedat

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How the hell are you supposed to jump MtG if there's no canon answer to how things work?

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How did you even combined them? Great Sage combined skills by using Deviant, which Rimuru had previously acquired from eating Shizu via Predator.

>> No.70946615

So a Lucemon couldn't be redheaded without being a different Digimon, for example?

>> No.70946622

Isekai Quartet jump when?

>> No.70946635

DDD, archetype
>"D/D/D" stands for Different Dimension Daemon. Taste the power of demon kings that have conquered different dimensions- ripped from the wiki
Wave, element
King, reference to archetype
This Wave King is a title
Caesar, monster name
The Oblivion and Ragnarok parts are attached since it is a stronger version of the original Wave King Caesar

>> No.70946637

when you make it

>> No.70946639

Do we have a Ravnica jump being finished?

>> No.70946653

Don't forget to steal those dragon eggs that one anon mentioned a while back that the simic were using to make a plague.

>> No.70946656

Don't know. What other isekai jumps you guys want?

>> No.70946661

If you have Vampiric Body in Innistrad but you didn't choose the Vampire origin, do you still need to drink blood?

>> No.70946666


>> No.70946676

Not that I know of, but we've got Iconics. The Guildhall land you can buy gives you a high position in a Ravnica guild, and basically lets you re-found it in jumps where you import it. As such I figure Ravnica's a good "home base" for the Iconics jump.

>> No.70946681

I'm having too much fun with this. Didn't we have a bunch of MtG cards of some Jumpers from back in the stone ages?

>> No.70946682

You can already get in it from all the involved series except for Overlord.

>> No.70946687

I love trashy isekai.

>> No.70946692

Planning to kill everyone (not sorry for sounding edgy, but with the drawbacks I took, its only inevitable)

>> No.70946703

Dude, Great Sage was able to use Rimuru's skills from the start, long before he got Deviant.

The jump lets you just combine all your purchased skills together too

>> No.70946707

And the others from the second season.

>> No.70946712

So, just how crazy can you get with this?
Post builds and fiendish combos, please.

>> No.70946715

Aaah. Fair enough.
I've got other plans for Iconics, but honestly out of all the guilds in Ravnica, the Golgari Swarm looks by far the most interesting.

Although on the other hand. Simic Combine sciences with Glistening Oil experiments.

>> No.70946726

You know what? Good question. Probably but then again it doesnt tell you about any weaknesses so maybe you are a special vampire with all the positives but no negatives?

>> No.70946739

Why would anyone bother with that? Just throw it on as a toggle for the relevant jumps. It’s not worth it’s own jump and we probably won’t see it outside of a cheap reddit/sb powergrab.

>> No.70946756

Monster Rancher? I don't rememeber if we had something for that

>> No.70946770

Cautious Hero

>> No.70946776

>Although on the other hand. Simic Combine sciences with Glistening Oil experiments.
That is the most DO NOT plan I have heard in a long, long time.

>> No.70946790

They'd be a RedLucemon or something then. Digimon is weird like that.

>> No.70946796

What's your favorite Ravnica Guild? Did you choose any of the Guildhalls in your Iconics build?

>> No.70946804

It depends how loosely you think animal is defined

>> No.70946805

I don't know, why should spinoffs and crossovers get their own jumps instead of throwing some low effort toggle in?

>> No.70946813

Reincarnated as a Fridge, or Reincarnated as a Sword.

Preferably the fridge one

>> No.70946820

Maybe we aren't actually a vampire, just vampire-like? You could potentially have that perk while being an angel or a werewolf, after all.

>> No.70946823

Crossbreed labs
28 yo female
Crossbreed (gorgon, dragon, crab, kraken)
Gimme five free
Clever Combo 700
Super duper death ray 500
Hammer jammer

Jumpercracy (Abyssal Labs) 0 Unlocking the secrets of the universe via fish parts.

Everyone knows that in order to understand the secrets of the universe you need to be partially amphibious. Yes I made a knockoff simic guild except slightly more good natured.

Im still not sure what the hell I really look like.

>> No.70946832

Dragon egg isekai.

>> No.70946838

That is Lucemon with a lot of fire element exp

Dawn and Dusk's evolution system still haunts me to this day

>> No.70946841


Crossbreed Labs [Free]
Age: 20
Crossbreed - Multi-headed Hydra-Kitten-Lobster-Baloth [Free]
Brainiac [50]
Denimwalk [200]
Squirrellink [600]
Do-it-yourself Jumper [100]
Accessories to Murder [100]
Gimme Five [Free]
Clever Combo [300]
Un-cube [100]
Gnomeball Machine [200]
Oaken Power Suit [Free]
Recruit - Gleemax [50]
Recruit - Red-Hot Hottie [50]
Mutant Pet - Dogsnail [50]
When Worlds Collide [+0]
Crow Storm [+200]
I'm Rubber, You're Glue [+200]
Mandatory Friendship Shackles [+400]

It seems I have become an earl.
Particularly, an earl of squirrel.

I've also become a brain attached to a monster.
Part hydra, cat, baloth, even dreaded lobster.

Even still, I wear my denim pants quite well.
Indeed, they are rather swell.

Yet oddity and woe is me today,
while I've treated my flesh like clay...

Now I find that my legs are shackled,
and with evil crows I'm saddled.

But even with such misfortunate upon me I have not lost yet,
for I am defended by squirrel in power suit and gnome with bayonet.

Great friends I've also made amongst the elemental,
and the most certainly mental.

Last but never least my dogsnail is a good boy indeed,
a perfect example of a great crossbreed.

>> No.70946847

Kuma Kuma Bear

>> No.70946851

of course a redditor would make a joke splat into a powerwanking jump

>> No.70946858

If you want to mess around with demons I highly suggest that you pick up the arcanist origin (especially the boosted capstone) from Devil May Cry. If you can subjugate the demon (shouldn't be hard if you're summoning them and are properly prepared for it) then you can force them to obey you forever and there's jack shit they can do about it.

>> No.70946861

Not them, but I think you missed their point with that first bit. Sure Great Sage could his skills, but it could only combine them together to create new ones after getting Degenerate/Deviant.
Though I didn't realise the jump let you combine purchased skills. This is interesting information.

>> No.70946863

rent free

>> No.70946865

Golgari and Golgari.
They are really easy to provide for, all they want is mushrooms, trash, and bodies.

>> No.70946883

See this guy? He is the best thief in the world and he's a mercenary, just hire him to steal All the artifacts you want, maybe even the Golden ruler while you are at it. Now you can bottle up any troublesome realities and have access to infinite mana.

>> No.70946888

Good anon
I enjoyed the sword one.

>> No.70946890

Iirc in real life neoteny is something about how primates are strong than people because of something to do with their muscles, and how if you don't have it you end up being stupid strong? I dunno, I'm too lazy to use google, which means I've got something in common with you I guess.

>> No.70946907

Milim is pretty top tier. Shame about what will happen to her if she ever has kids though, considering what happened to her dad.

>> No.70946915

12 kingdoms

>> No.70946924

>What's your favorite Ravnica Guild?
The Izzet are my favorite, though I like Simic magic better. Personally I'd probably just be a Simic with an Izzet approach to biomancy.

>Did you choose any of the Guildhalls in your Iconics build?
I initially had the Simic one, but upon reflection I swapped it out for the City of Brass.

Mostly because Rabian magic and ancient planeswalker knowledge is cooler. I'm only sad none of Taysir's knowledge would be there, considering the One-made-of-Five never did get through that plane-warding spell.

>> No.70946932

If you do the Kamigawa jump you can pick up the summoning perk (which is even better when capstone boosted) which explicitly lays out that you can summon stuff as mana constructs, so if you're worried about it just go there first.

>> No.70946946

Don't know what the context is but an itemworlded Rule Breaker tends to help

>> No.70946947

I feel like seriously trying to game a joke setting is just going to backfire horribly at a comedically appropriate moment.

>> No.70946962

what got added in the second season?

>> No.70946965

That probably was the idea of the perk but it does say you have an immortal vampires body and the ability to learn the powers of elder vampires in time.

>> No.70946967

Nonsense! My genius plan is perfect! I'll show you all!

>> No.70946968

>Use angelic affinity from Walking with Angels to make allies out of Orzhov angels
>Also hit on them, see how that goes

An important question. Kilanon, does the Walking with Angels perk make it easier to seduce and lewd the angels?

Its likely that you were turned so I would say probably. In the same way that if you take the Lycanthropy perk you have to take the mandatory drawback. Jump maker probably just forgot to add that. You can always bullshit and say that you're enhanced with angel blood or some other strong being instead of vampire blood though to get out of it.

>> No.70946973

Drifters & Isekai Transporter

>> No.70946981

You cant use latin translations for japanese cartoons anon.

>> No.70946987

If you've got perks that let you find anything then in theory you can find the Mox Lotus, which gives infinite amounts of mana of any color you want and also prevents mana burn.

>> No.70946995

I haven't read the jump, but is that not the point?
How could that not be the point?

>> No.70947000

>You can always bullshit and say that you're enhanced with angel blood or some other strong being instead of vampire blood though to get out of it.
Enhancing people with angel blood is how the vampire bloodlines initially got started tho.

>> No.70947006

Imagine squirrels that are also slivers that are also this guy

>> No.70947019

Combo that with the summoning specialty from Overlord the series, so that when you summon them they're forced to obey and then just command them to accept being subjugated permanently, so they're double fucked.

>> No.70947031

>How could that not be the point?
Because it’s reddit, and it’s for powerwank.

>> No.70947042

I don't think Deviant can actually combine skills? All I can find on the wiki is that it and Great Sage evolved into Raphael.

Two skills combining into a greater skill was established at the very beginning though, when Cold and Heat resistance combined into temperature resistance.

Well, in the LN at least. The WN had him get Electricity resistance, and the Manga only gave him predator and Great Sage

That's... That's not even the slightest bit close to what Neoteny is. Neoteny is when a living being's physical development is delayed or slowed.

>> No.70947047

Shield Hero, but he only showed for like an episode and basically did nothing.
The show is still basically Konosuba + Ainz and Tanya.

>> No.70947062

The problem is that she has the infinite mana reactor that one perk is based on, and canonically so did her dad. Rather than her being born with her own version of it though what happened is that the dad's passed on to her, which fucked him up super hard and eventually lead to his death. Basically while the infinite mana reactor is inheritable that's kind of the problem, because the parent loses it and it fucks them up super hard when it leaves. Might be able to get around it with that one thot-perk from Land of Shadows though, that lets you just make children without needing to actually become pregnant first.

>> No.70947074

Is Fairy Tail worth watching?

>> No.70947087

the BFM is kind of weak honestly, there's a ton of effects that could just instantly BTFO it.

>> No.70947093

It's fun, so yeah.

>> No.70947101

Inb4 reddit/sb jump for it that offers max tier overlord stats or endgame shield hero potential for cheap in a mostly safe world.

>> No.70947108

I wonder if there can be a more based jump

>> No.70947112

It's decent enough for a shonen series that's particularly all-in on the power of friendship stuff, and it's got plenty of fan service too.

>> No.70947126

>That is the most DO NOT plan I have heard in a long, long time.
Awwwww come on now.
What's the worst that could happen.

>> No.70947131

Great Sage uses Deviant to combine a bunch of skills. Its during the cave scene, before the Ogres show up.

>> No.70947133

I like how a single darksteel myr can no sell that fucker.

You are aware that the only Shield Hero jump around is a reddit jump, right?

It's actually rather annoying, purposefully giving you a gimped version of the legendary weapons and not letting you be a Filolial

>> No.70947137

There was a bit in the LN(?) and manga where Great Sage uses Deviant to start combining skills and getting a whole bunch of them made, IIRC.

>> No.70947141

>everyone that goes to the setting is obviously going to want to get the most powerful thing so that thing should be made cheap or even free for everyone so that way they can spend their CP on other stuff so there can be variation in builds

>> No.70947146

Giant slime monsters made of glistening oil that are strong enough to bitchslap a kaiju sized demon named Rakdos before using any of its abilities.

>> No.70947162


>> No.70947165

>You are aware that the only Shield Hero jump around is a reddit jump, right?
And? Can you honestly tell me that the chances of them doing what I said for an Isekai Quartet jump is low?

>> No.70947180

Found it. Chapter 12.

>> No.70947182

Ah. I was mostly asleep when I read that arc, and it's been awhile.

Thanks for the information anons

>> No.70947200

Okay so I saw you talking about SB/Reddit jump and Overlord/Shield Hero, so I assumed you were complaining about the idea that they were going to make their own OP version of the jump

Totally missed the bit where you were talking about Isekai Quartet.

>> No.70947207

we get it

>> No.70947215

Speaking of shield hero what was your weapon if you chose one? Why?

And if you didnt go hero why not?

>> No.70947225

Golem hero.

>> No.70947229

Gun Hero. I was the strongest of all, because I was Man With (legendary) Gun.

>> No.70947243

The same could be said of anything that relies on power levels and not hacks or conceptual abilities but it is almost the peak power level of MTG monsters

>> No.70947244

Sword hero! Meshed with my existing sword which was nice BUT more importantly since there were now two Sword heroes it meant I could immediately accuse everyone in the kingdom of heresy messing up the sacred ritual, and cause my own violently destructive schism . That was fun.

>> No.70947247

I've seen that question asked every day for the last week.

I was the Kigurumi hero, because I wanted comfy animal pajamas

>> No.70947251

Anon keeps saying Beastmen is based because you reproduce through rape
but I don't see it.

>> No.70947256

Not him but I was the Aircraft Hero.

Because flying a pelican around to move the sheild bro and his team to where they are needed is useful, getting various fighter ships is fun and useful (especially after finding out the weapons can become accessories), and because I find zoom and boom tactics to be really effective.

>> No.70947262

>The same could be said of anything that relies on power levels and not hacks or conceptual abilities but it is almost the peak power level of MTG monsters
It really isn't. It's a powerful beatstick that can be no sold by literally any token generator

>> No.70947263

Joke's on you, anon. The Overlord jump already offers you become the top dog of the setting without going into drawbacks. And the drawbacks are almost all rather easy.

>> No.70947264

Duel Savior Justice, or Aselia The Eternal.

>> No.70947266

Has it been? I only saw some shield hero talk a few das ago.

>> No.70947279

Overlord is a SB jump that invaded our drive.

>> No.70947283

Kuma Hero.

>> No.70947284

We have a WIP of it.

>> No.70947293

Wrong again.

>> No.70947296

What is a kuma?

>> No.70947313

Elephantine Purple Dildo Hero
Once a Saint, always a Saint.

>> No.70947324

There’s a difference between overlord making you stronger than most but still threatened by the dragons and a basic bitch isekai world giving you multidimensional god slaying potential with no threats.

>> No.70947328

Yay, fellow Kigurumi wearer.

>> No.70947332

When Great Sage combines into Raphael, it does so by combining with Deviant. Then it gains Deviants sub-abilities, one of them was the one that allowed to combine skills. Then starts min/maxing stuff.
Uriel was gained by combining the analyzed Endless Prison with the abilities obtained via Food Chain via Raphael.
It was made for here even before the SB drive was a thing, tho

>> No.70947349

Brellin migrated to SB which makes it a SB jump.

>> No.70947351

Have you read that isekai about the guy who gives skills to everyone he fucks? It's really trashy
>Threatened by dragons
Surely you jest

>> No.70947371

>Have you read that isekai about the guy who gives skills to everyone he fucks? It's really trashy
Which one? I've read several with that theme.
Not Ricrod obviously.

>> No.70947377

T'is a bear.
Honestly I've only just thought of it (been trying to think of a good jump to get one though), but now I'm certain that that is what I want to do when I visit Shield Hero.

>> No.70947389

Just call it a fucking onesie or pajamas or something. Let me guess, you write fanfics with random ass japanese all over the place?

>> No.70947405

Anon that sounds amazing though.

>> No.70947408


>> No.70947421

Blue Core, though it's too early for a good jump of it to be made.

>> No.70947425

I mean you could already accurately accuse them of at the very least a massive political blunder and that they fucked shit up because it was supposed to be 1 hero per major country, not one country hoarding all the heroes. Even the Queen (once she gets back) fucking tears the king a new one for being such a massive fucking idiot.

>> No.70947448

I went Shield Hero for all that sweet, sweet Demi-human lovin.

>> No.70947451

>What's your Ravnica to-do list?
>biomance up a few seemingly innocuous creatures
>figure out how Simic Combine was performing their grafts
>get research data and design plans for Experiment Kraaj
>master some other more destructive spells of theirs like Voidslime and Rapid Hybridization
>parley with the Izzet League for data on their weirds
>commit further affronts to nature/physics
Normal jumper stuff, pretty much...

>What's your favorite Ravnica Guild?
Simic Combine. Izzet's technically closer to the sort of thing I'd have interest in, but Simic tends to be more fun from a mechanical perspective.
>Did you choose any of the Guildhalls in your Iconics build?
Also Simic, if just for the access to their knowledge and resources.

>> No.70947456

he also left SB after it became a cliffc echo chamber

>> No.70947463

I know, I gotta twist the knife as hard as I can you know.

>> No.70947468

So its just softcore porn?

>> No.70947476

Anon, that's nowhere near softcore porn.

>> No.70947482

Isekai Taneuma
The story is really weird and badly written, also got dropped by the author

>> No.70947502

>Surely you jest
deep darkness dragon lord canonically took out a player that had a world item on them, and in the 'what if' thing the author did where platinum dragon lord showed up in person to fight shalltear instead of sending that remote control armor she got BTFO in a single alpha strike. And elder coffin dragon lord can instantly kill anyone that doesn't have a world item on them or a perk that prevents their soul from being destroyed. The lesser 'dragon lords' like that one white dragon that was squatting in the dwarves old capital city are scrub tier nobodies compared to true dragon lords.

>> No.70947506

>Have you read that isekai about the guy who gives skills to everyone he fucks? It's really trashy
But, but it doesn't sound like my jam.

>Not Ricrod obviously.
Shut up Ricrod.

>> No.70947507

Sword, so I can be discount Rance.

>> No.70947508

Not him but he is correct. The show is nothing but fetishy shit it got to the point where the artist apologized for it being just fetishy stuff.

>> No.70947511

No but it sure as hell runs away with the ‘sex sells’ idea. Waifubait every couple minutes of every episode.

>> No.70947515

I really like the Orzhov, personally. Black/White is just a cool combo imo, and I'm a sucker for Baroque pseudo-Catholicism and big titty goth angel gfs.

Also Kilanon the question in >>70946968 regarding seducing angels is of supreme importance

This actually makes me think--any anons want to help me come up with ideas for all the things that can go wrong with my "coup the Obzedat" plan? I like throwing wrenches in my own plans, makes things more fun. I figure:
>Dimir finds out about coup plan, decides to use it as blackmail
>Turns out pretty much all the pontiffs are open to couping the Obzedat, and have active plans to do so--but they all want to be in charge, and a lot of them are really nasty--possibly even nastier than the Obzedat itself
>Making my Orzhov territory really profitable and happy actually rubs the hierarchy the wrong way--makes them look bad

>> No.70947528

Fair enough

>> No.70947536

I sincerely doubt the author apologized for anything, much less the series being waifu bait.

>> No.70947538

Bro are you just gonna bitch or are you gonna help me put on this Kigurumi? I have a spare if you want one.

>> No.70947540

Is that made of jizz?
A semoon, if you will?

>> No.70947547

Nah, you got that (slightly) wrong. Someone else was making the plague to try and hatch the eggs. The simic just took the eggs to do their usual monster-making afterwards.

>> No.70947554

>Some anon makes a Drifters jump
>Combine it with the Petals of Reincarnation jump
>In the modern world things go as normal. Some kid cuts his neck with a Rinne branch and becomes a demiservant expy
>But the proccess of the reincarnation kills the original personality of the user, leaving behind a mix of the original users body and the reincarnated person's personality like in canon
>The Rinne branches hijack the isekai process Murasaki and that other girl had going so instead of sending historical figures, which were reincarnated, to fantasy land they keep sending the suicidal teenagers that used the Rinne branches in the first place
>Hitler's prohumanity campaign in fantasy land never happens and neither does Jesus' superpowered League of Evil
>The only purpose of fusing the jumps is trolling Murasaki and the other girl and getting their reactions on a camera

Sadly, there is a big flaw with this plan. Nobunaga doesn't get to have a big titty secretary girl

>> No.70947555

Gun hero, I then fused all the guns I got from different setting including fallout into the sucker, as it turns out not many things can stand up to a big boy that can shoot scatter mini nukes.

>> No.70947556

Isn't mana in MtG really nasty shit that mindfucks you into being a sterotype just for living in a place with a dominant mana color, even if you never even use it for magic?

>> No.70947558

The webm isn't softcore porn. You might find some hardcore fundamentalists who'd claim otherwise, but nowhere else would that webm be classified as softcore porn.

>> No.70947567

DDDL's magic had a great effect on living things. Maru said that he would be useless against undead or golems.
>She got BTFO
The what if was in the WN and also not canon. It was a joke reply in the comments.

>> No.70947577

>Hiro Mashima

>> No.70947593

Also the ECDL can only pull that attack twice in a hundred years or so. Not really that threatening when he used it to fight goddamn level 80 and 90 summons from Super-Tier magic, because they were killing him.
If you were to use the Cherub spell twice against him, he would waste them to not get holy nuke'd.

>> No.70947610

Nah, each color just draws in a different type of person because they are all good for certain things and some people find them easier to use than others. You can be a totally good and chill person using black and a total shithead using white. It is however generally a good idea to be multicolored because you dont fall into the stereotypes so easy.

>> No.70947622

The biggest flaw is that literally nobody with a functioning brain would prefer the rinne retards over the canon drifters and ends.

>> No.70947623


>> No.70947624

Not really. It has a lot of fanservice but also some decent comedy and shonen fights.
I wouldn't call it the greatest thing ever and it wasted a lot of potential, but it was pretty enjoyable imo.

>> No.70947636

It happened like 4 years ago due to some episode where ezra was tied up and bengsmacked around, it was basically just an episode of nothing but low tier bdsm.

>> No.70947655

No. The LACK of colors of mana warps people, but that takes generations at least to set it and only happens in planes that have been artificially imbalanced (like Serra's Realm or the Shards of Alara).

Just having one color dominant is fine. Having absolutely none of the other (or even just lacking one of them) can fuck people over.

And this isn't a personal thing. Just being a red mage or living in the mountains isn't going to warp you, unless the entire plane doesn't have any Blue mana for example.

>> No.70947659

I basically went for the Rimuru build and route, including the replacement drawback, except I started with Beelzebub, Uriel and Raphel (plus Ciel) and as a Demon Lord. Which was pretty weird to explain to everyone around about how a True Demon Lord just simply appeared one day in a cave.

I still made friends with Veldora and freed him rather quickly, around the time of the Ifrit incident instead of a year later.

Which in turn made things a lot more complicated for everyone as I had to pull him back from fighting in the first conflicts and thus saving the entire area from total annihilation. It also helped to prevent the first invasion but instead made Ruminas more determined to end us until we could settle for an agreement.

I also managed to convince Shizu to not give up on life after gulping her when she goes berserk, and gave her the Veldora treatment. Except when Ciel rebuilt her using the data from Veldora, she ended up as a dragonoid somehow, and I named her. Which caused a lot of problems with the other dragonoid at first. She had the potential of evolving into a True Dragon by the end, but ended up without doing so.

And after that it was mostly the same. Except I had Ciel power-gaming me from the start and preemptively dealing with treats so I could max the comfy days.

Shield hero, because I already had a spear that I imported in other jumps I wanted to use both shield and spear. Also, you know, for taking the trash panda without having to worry about the MC.

>> No.70947667

>He's still doing exactly that and more to this day
You're full of shit.

>> No.70947673

And I agree with you on prefering Drifters, but I just had that stupid idea the idea when you mentioned the series

>> No.70947686

The other way around. If you're a stereotype, it's easier to use that type of magic.

>> No.70947687

Just because someone says sorry doesnt mean they have any intention of changing.

>> No.70947694

There's at least two of those, so i doubt it. Also a manga filler.
FT is neither shy or subtle with its fanservice but somehow manages to never quite cross the line.

>> No.70947705

Basically the latest Eden's Zero chapters.

>> No.70947772

Scarf Hero since a red scarf is a symbol of justice

Pretty much the accesory hero. Different scarfs act by providing passives or stat upgrades but it can't be used as a weapon on it's own so fighting is done with other weapons or martial arts

>> No.70947776

>I also managed to convince Shizu to not give up on life after gulping her when she goes berserk, and gave her the Veldora treatment.
That always bugged me, so it is nice to see that she got another chance to live. What did you do about Chloe?

>Except I had Ciel power-gaming me from the start and preemptively dealing with treats so I could max the comfy days.
Yeah, I imagine it was quite comfy. I bet Yuuki couldn't avoid her detection and just got destroyed near the start.

You did summon best boy Diablo, right?

>> No.70947784

>Honestly I've only just thought of it (been trying to think of a good jump to get one though), but now I'm certain that that is what I want to do when I visit Shield Hero.
You can probably get it as you Signature Item in PS238. The thing's less powerful and about as versatile as the 800cp example.

You can also emulate most of it's powers in Soon I Will Be Invincible, according to some anon awhile back

>> No.70947787

Or you could be mono blue and channel big dick energy.

>> No.70947789

So how does MTG magic stack against other magic settings we have? Like against fate which is the better go to? Or vs an isekai like Kumo? Or hero bbs?

>> No.70947801

Animal Pajamas has more letters than Kigurumi. I'm really not the type to use the two word description when the one word one conveys what I want and occasionally pisses people off

>> No.70947803

MtG magic is freeform reality warping and shits all over Fate.

>> No.70947815

It doesn't stack up at all, which makes this recent faggotry make no fucking sense.
Fate/ magic is better in every way to MtG shit.

>> No.70947821

should I recognize the character?

>> No.70947824

Fate magic just isn't very interesting, deal with it.

>> No.70947829

Nah, that's just bullshit that gets shoehorned into Planeswalker self insert stories

>> No.70947838

It's better than your card game garbage, child.

>> No.70947848

MtG magic can do anything*. Ascension to godhood, create entire new planes, threaten the space-time continuum across the multiverse...
*terms and conditions apply

>> No.70947852

Depends on the person, but MtG stuff tends to cap out at destroying multiple armies.

It's artifice though, that shit's bullshit. There's a random ass enchanted chime that outright ended most of the life on a plane

>> No.70947861

It depends on your style as well as how much mana you can throw around. In general low tier can do some cool stuff like summon a pixie or hypnotise someone or possibly even do crazy stuff with illusions. High tier has the ability to literally erase entire cities or summon creatures of massive size and power.

>> No.70947863

Not really familiar with PS238 desu, and I don't tend to jump settings I'm not familiar with (since I always feel like that would like rather large gaps in character development and such). Same for SIWBI. Thanks though.

>> No.70947873

>he says, rolling gacha again

>> No.70947880

He also used it on Ainz, because it was a breath weapon he could sweep around. The only reason ainz didn't die then and there is because he had a world item on him.

>> No.70947882

Maybe, how much porn do you read?

>> No.70947941

like... moderate amount, but mostly weeb stuff

>> No.70947944

PS238 is a comic series. Basically, public elementary school for superpowered children.

It's not that dangerous so long as you don't hang out with Tyler Murdock. The whole thing's online, if you want to read it https://ps238.nodwick.com/

>> No.70947956

read that for a moment as Tyler Murdercock

>> No.70947986

You could just, you know, send the minions before to probe him. Basically two strong summons will force him to use the breath.

>> No.70947988

MtG magic has no real upper limit beyond how much mana you can handle, how good you are at weaving it, and how much mana you have available. So the answer is... it entirely depends on your jumper.
And remember: FUCKING STUDY YOUR GODDAMN MAGIC. Don't be like the average Planeswalker.

>> No.70948000

How does the average Planeswalker compare to the average jumper?

>> No.70948025

Acts the similar but is a complete scrub who gets into trouble they can't power their way out of. Because the average Planeswalker is too dumb to apply themselves and expects to coast on whatever they pick up.

>> No.70948026

The average planeswalker lives until they fuck up and get their ass kicked by someone who actually trained.

The average jumper tends to avoid combat entirely

>> No.70948027

Wow, I'm surprised this is still being updated.

>> No.70948037

I actually thought it was dead for years, because I didn't know he changed websites.

But yeah, the thing's still going, amazingly

>> No.70948045

>The average jumper tends to avoid combat entirely
You're getting your memes mixed up.

>> No.70948054


>> No.70948055

Oh, sorry, I didn't know I was supposed to be using that stupid meme average jumper, instead of the actual average jumper

>> No.70948122

>That always bugged me, so it is nice to see that she got another chance to live
Yeah, she felt mostly an excuse to gift Rimuru his appearance and some skills that become relevant later own, like Cloning and Deviant. Which was kind sad. And I guess than to free Hinata from O MY MIND CONTROL in the WN.

>What did you do about Chloe?
Since I basically took Rimuru's full position with Manas:Ciel and the drawback, I just mostly followed canon with her, since taking the summoned kids to Ramiris is the best way to initially make friends with her, along with having the best connection with Chloe for when her angry future-ghost-skill comes.

I'm pretty sure he isn't that evil in the LN, which is the route I took. A lot of less confusing things happening in that route.

Of course. Although it took a while to find a suitable sacrifice to get him, since my first big attempt got me the Yellow progenitor, being a True Demon Lord makes with a lot of power-levels makes demons want to contract with you a lot apparently.

>> No.70948124

Hat Hero.

Next question.

>> No.70948148

>Next question.
How many gallons can it hold?

>> No.70948149

Helmets are obviously hats, they are even called hard-hats

>> No.70948165

>How many gallons can it hold?
Enough. Next!

>> No.70948225

The whole DF Jump is dumb. No perks for the more interesting powers, too limited origins, some good items missing, arbitrary limitations, changelings get an option to repeat the Choice, and so on and so forth.

>> No.70948251

What is it missing?

>> No.70948255

..... US angel corp?

>> No.70948272

1) High-end powers like Will-working, Living Leyline, Senior-Council level abilities like shapeshifting, automaton creation, mass warding, large-scale elementalism and so on.
2) Perks for non-humans. Scions like Kincaid, Eijenhar, Tara the wolf-were, people like Bigfoot or that Skinchanger guy Dresden hires. All the good guys in the series we can't be with the basic jump.
3) Perks for monsters. Warlocks, Hags, Red Court, wildfae, ghouls, maybe Black Court, ghosts and spirits. All the bad guys in the series we can't be with the basic jump.
4) Mantles and related powers from minor players like the Maenad, to the Archive, to faerie lords like the Erlking/Puck, to Kemmler, to gods like Odin or Hades. Because it's awesome, that's why.
5) More item variety. Potions kits, runestones, shield crystals, automata/golems, gadgets like the Polka Lord's, better magic armors, places of power, domains, and the Blackstaff. I want my Blackstaff!
6) More companions. Ghoul minions, pixie minions, dubiously loyal necromancer allies, Senior Council Mentors, Faerie Godmothers/Ladies, Genius Loci, and so on.
7) Scenarios that aren't the Apocalypse.
8) Other starting times than the fixed March 20 2004.
9) Other drawbacks than the mandatory ones and those based on Harry himself.

>> No.70948275

There are changelings in Dwarf Fortress?

>> No.70948277

Since there has been improvement in the yugioh jump I have decided to add it to my chain.

Jump # 28 Yu gi oh
Starting Location: Domino City
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Origin: Enthusiast (200)
Deck: Starter Deck
Signature Card: Divine Card – Drill warrior (0)
Starter Deck Extras: Deck Support (0)
Hair: Normal (50)
*Talent by Proxy (0)
*Heart of the Cards (300, Discount)
*Duel Disk (0)
*Extra Duel Disk (0)
*Attire (0)
*Tag Force (500)
*Flaunting your greed (+50)

*Akitsu, Matsu, Arcueid, Tamamo, Edmond Dantes, Mash, Father, Codsworth
Origin: Enthusiast
Deck: Starter Deck
Signature Card: Divine Card - ???
Starter Deck Extras: Deck Support
Hair: Crazy
*Talent by Proxy
*Heart of the Cards
*Blend in
*Duel Disk
*Extra Duel Disk

I haven't decided what happens yet but I am very tempted to have everyone choose the Kaiba starter deck just to see Kaiba's reaction when everyone has a blue eyes white dragon. I wonder how triggered we can make him.

>> No.70948291

Oh, you're talking about Dresden Files. I was trying to figure out when the hell Dragonfable god changelings

>> No.70948296

Bingonyes, someone dumped a bunch of these non guro and even non lewd versions recently. I really like the art style.

>> No.70948297

Eh, the Dwarf Fortress jump predates a lot of interesting content updates, so I'll cut it some slack.

>> No.70948309

I don't remember there being anything about a choice in Digimon Frontier?

>> No.70948313

>No no no the other DF.

>> No.70948325


>> No.70948343

Nah, it's spelt Danny Phantom with a ph, not an f.

>> No.70948344

Dark Fortress?

>> No.70948347

Hey, I liked that manga. Funabori was cute and Takao was best gril.

>> No.70948365

I thought he was talking about Dwarf Fortress.

>> No.70948368

Why didn't anyone tell me there's a spanish Reddit jumpchain community?

>> No.70948382

No hablos español. Sorry.

>> No.70948383

Because no one cares.

>> No.70948388

Cause nobody here cares about dirty mexicans.

>> No.70948395

>Living Leyline
>level abilities like shapeshifting, automaton creation, mass warding, large-scale elementalism and so on.
Anon, you can already learn to do any of those and you can reach Senior Council level with just the perks in the jump if you train. Or, well, you might have to make some deals with magical entities or whatever because Jim said all of the Senior Council has something up their sleeve akin to Ebenezar's Blackstaff and Harry's Winter Knight mantle. But then you can also buy something like that by dipping into the Changeling, Outsider, or Vampire trees as a Wizard. Or taking a Denarius if you feel ultra dumb. Hell, even just buying both practitioner capstone's would make you a big deal if you applied them correctly. Faerie-level knowledge of Ways and Soulfire are both good if you use them for more than making fire hotter like Harry does.

>> No.70948398

Okay so he can be talking about
>DYN Freaks
>Digimon Frontier
>Dresden Files
>Dwarf Fortress
>Danny Phantom spelled phonetically
There any other DF abbreviations on the drive?

>> No.70948408

Dounded in the Futt.

>> No.70948415

You should have noticed when someone posted the spanish RWBY jump, also no one cares.

>> No.70948422

How difficult would it be to waifu pic related?

>> No.70948426

WW2 Jump

>USA (-100)
>Age (Rolled 5+16 = 21)
>Airborne (-100)
>>Your Platoon:
Platoon is all female with the exception of me, I remain as myself. Explanation at the bottom.
Platoon Sgt, Intelligence Officer, and main Medic are imported companions to have a trusted command staff (medic is ideally someone from another jump with healing powers). Worse case, though, this might be my first jump after warehouse, so they'd be "normal" female soldiers.
>>Platoon Upgrades
>Die Hards (-100)
>Runners (Free)
>Assault Training (-200)
>Airborne (Free)
>Double Combat Load (-200)
>Academy Trained (-200)
>Unshakeable (-300)
>Medical Aid (-200)
>Intelligence Officer (-200)
>Green Platoon (+100)
>Hated by the War Department (+200)
>Target of the Fuhrer (+300)

So early on during WW2, someone in washington had the bright idea to allow females into the military on a trial basis, part of the whole PR thing of having an all japaneese-american or african-american unit, but obviously they weren't very serious about it. Most existing commanders in the military were either indifferent to the idea or against it. So, they thought that if they made the unit part of an experimental part of the Army that was probably going to get cut anyways, it wouldn't matter much.
Hence the 101st Airborne company V, or Victory Company (another washington PR thing). Despite it being a company, only enough women volunteered to have it at platoon strength. And since it's segregated, it's not like there's personnel from other departments you can pull to fill in for attrition. So ~40 women with a male commander, because they did the same thing with having a white dude lead the all japanese-american unit in italy, are thrown together. I, having pissed off a lot of people for being pretty no-nonsense high honors graduate at west point (Academy Trained),

>> No.70948432

Valeria-NuBee for Jump President 2020. Remember to cast your vote.

>> No.70948434

Compleat her first

>> No.70948439

...get shafted to lead this unit in an attempt to derail what would have been a promising rise through the ranks. They will have mostly succeed, since for the duration of the war I'll never rise higher than company commander from both sabotage from within the army and no one else the Army at large would want to replace me with.
Early on in the war, mainly during the first deployments into North Africa, the platoon WILL fuck up a lot. This is going to be because they're green, under a lot of pressure to perform, and actively being sabotaged (Hated By the War Department). They'll learn from this (scrounging via Double Combat Load), their bravado (Unshakeable and Die Hards) and excellent medical staff (Medical Aid) keeping them alive through the initial setbacks and shortages. Having an intelligence Officer will be super important, as more quality information will make it easier to apply my Academy Training and avoid stumbling into situations where my men will be killed.
Probably by the end of the Italian campaign, word of our successes and new earned company nickname (Valkyries) will draw the attention of someone high up in the Axis Powers (Target of the Fuhrer), and it'll be about Normandy onward where we'll face direct, targeted opposition to my unit.
Absolute worse case, if someone is mortally wounded and I can't casevac them in time, I have a few pods in my werehouse I can stuff 'em in to keep them alive until the next jump.

>> No.70948458

At the end of the war, I'm going to continue jumping. Ideally with this platoon at my back, but I'll give them all the choice if they want to go home to their families or come with me on what might be an infinite adventure.
I think having Academy Trained will be indispensable in any future build, as being able to plan on both a tactical level and strategic is super important.
Dies Hards and Unshakeable is also very important for keeping future companions alive and together during more difficult jumps. Assault Training will probably help in settings with more Melee focus.

>> No.70948484


>> No.70948486

Probably pretty hard. But aside from being a former angel, and being compleated by 4 out of 5 praetors we know nothing about her.

>> No.70948487

You should get Avacyn instead. Assuming you can.

>> No.70948488

Too bad WC was a dick and hasn't been on in like 3 years.

>> No.70948498


>> No.70948532

As an afterthought, I just want to say I absolutely loathe the Battle Fatigue choice.
I'd consider it if it just affected me, but I would NEVER make the choice to willingly give someone else PTSD, even if it does get removed at the end of the jump. Because if I hadn't told them sometime during the jump, I'd have to explain myself at the very end of it. There'd be a lot of choices that I might have a hard time justifying to my platoon, but that I willingly chose that for them, I don't think I could even convince myself was worth it.

>> No.70948560

How many sparks did bolas need to shove up his ass before he got his old walker powers back?

>> No.70948570

Pls tell me about her

>> No.70948588


>> No.70948596

How does one into MTG lore? I cannot purchase $8000 worth of cards to read flavor text. Are there books? A TV show? Webnovel? Doujins? How learn?

>> No.70948601

I'm an anarchist

>> No.70948607

Shitpost on /tg/, just like with Warhammer

>> No.70948616

There are books, yes. There's also a rather annoying to navigate wiki, and several card sites with all the card flavour text.

There's also a fair few programs for actually playing the game. My preferred one is Forge, although it doesn't have multiplayer

>> No.70948620

The lore doesn't matter because Wizards can't be assed to give a shit about it anyway. Read the wiki and then just make stuff up.

>> No.70948629

Everyone knows that Valeria and NuBee are hardcore Bonapartists

>> No.70948639

>Takao was best gril
Tama-chan, Funabori, and Roka best.

>> No.70948647

Holy fucking KEK.


>> No.70948680

We have a Dustforce jump? Sweet

>> No.70948701

>seducing angels
Yes it makes it easier.

>> No.70948704

Hey, Dungeon Fantasy is a perfectly fine jump. Even if it does offer a 50cp advantage really cheap

>> No.70948711

Where do you think you're going to next?

>> No.70948712

None of you people are funny.

>> No.70948728

You're the one that used an extremely common abbreviation and expected everyone to know what you were talking about

>> No.70948734

What was that old adage about jokes on /jc/?

>> No.70948735

Who cares about that? The good part of the Dengeki Fighting jump is that you can companion a second Selvaria together with the Valkyrie Chronicles one

>> No.70948741

It was a legitimate question

>> No.70948743

You're not a namefag. Your posts are literally worth less than nothing.

>> No.70948747


Theres a single player mtg game? Link pls

>> No.70948758

You asked a question about a jump with two letters

>> No.70948759

I bought that very same mouse pad. It just came in today.

>> No.70948768

Eh, if all you are doing is pointless complaining, don't be surprised when people take the mickey out of you for using a common abbreviation.

>> No.70948773

Thanks, I try not to

>> No.70948784

>don't be surprised when people take the mickey out of you
Bong slang is to fucking weird.

>> No.70948792

>i was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.70948799

There's a few unofficial MtG games out there, actually. Anyways, Link.

The game doesn't auto-update btw, so you'll have to check back a week or two after new cards are released. You'll also need to download the card art in the options menu once you have the thing up and running

>> No.70948831

Not him, but thanks. How difficult would you say the card game is?

>> No.70948848

Wait so what kind of person has an alignment with all 5 colors?

>> No.70948859

I think they are funny tho.

>> No.70948861

Behold the library.


>> No.70948863

I honestly can't tell you. I've been playing it for fifteen years, so my metric of how hard it is is rather skewed.

... It is significantly easier when you have access to almost 20k cards though

>> No.70948872

You lost me, how does that apply to the reply chain? I wasn't pretending to be a retard but pedantic

>> No.70948880

All five colours tend to be on things like planar avatars

>> No.70948896

A very balanced one. The only 5-color planeswalker I can think of is Taysir, and he's 5-color because he's actually the fused form of 5 differently-colored Taysir clones (Rabiah is weird, yo).

>> No.70948911

Thanks for the pic, Rance

>> No.70948939

Thanks anon!

Thanks to you as well

>> No.70948971

That's a bit of a bummer. I was worried it might be up there with Yugioh and the Pendulum junk.

>> No.70948993

What are some settings with alien, unsettling environments?

>> No.70949015

Find a more relaxing CYOA, then Valkyria Chronicles or Fallout. My platoon deserves some R&R after WW2 hell, but I'm not sure a retrofuture apocalypse or a FantasyWW2 would be better next.

You're exactly right. Bullying is EXACTLY how you get lurkers to post more! Thanks anon for the kind words.

>> No.70949123

No one wants you to post more. Stop wasting thread space and fuck off.

>> No.70949144

keep posting

>> No.70949162 [DELETED] 

Why are there no good MtG fanarts? Or even decent long ones?

>> No.70949175

>No one wants you to post more. Stop wasting thread space and fuck off.

>> No.70949185

Why are there no good MtG fanfics? Or even decent long ones?

>> No.70949194

Strange pic choice for an MtG ask.

>> No.70949202

It's not as popular amongst weebs
And there aren't too many waifus work making long fanart comics
And its overall an old series with too many characters, half of whom never get any art, that mostly has appeal via its card game over its actual stories and lore

>> No.70949228

I will always love The Gamer for introducing me to what has become my fav super power but Solo Leveling is everything the gamer should've been and I still hope it someday becomes.

>> No.70949249

How hard do you think it would be to recruit the Oniwaban in Rurouni Kenshin? I'd rather they come to work under me and not die as they did in canon.

>> No.70949294

>No one wants you to post more. Stop wasting thread space and fuck off.

>> No.70949312

Next time I feel inspired, sure.
There's not a WW1 jump, is there?

>> No.70949327

Really? When I read Solo Levelling (at least the webcomic, I don't know about the LN or whatever the original is) before, all I could think was that it didn't have anymore direction behind it than "Be like The Gamer".

>> No.70949331

Heart of Iron/ Victoria might count.

>> No.70949335

I understand what you mean.

>I still hope it someday becomes.
I'm pretty sure that ship has long since sailed.

>> No.70949363

How many sparks did bolas need to shove up his ass before he got his old walker powers back?

>> No.70949365

It changes from that later on into "Be the fucking embodiement of death and create an army of the dead from your enemies, twice"

>> No.70949385

How many sparks did YJ need to shove up his ass before he got the idea that removing Drain No would be an improvement?

>> No.70949406


>> No.70949427

t. sb

>> No.70949488

Hey, I legit thought you were banging on about Dwarf Fortress because that's the only thing I've seen called DF and it's been ages since I played so I wouldn't be surprised if Toady added changelings in. I suggest you try being more specific.

>> No.70949493

I'm having a difficult time finding the Victoria one. HoI3 was posted a few threads ago, but I'm not sure which subsection victoria is hidden in.
It might be TOO grand strategy as I prefer the grunt level stuff a-la Band of Brothers or Generation Kill (Now THAT a jump idea), but I still want to see what I'm looking at.

>> No.70949500

Because there are no good fanfics.

>> No.70949509

They're both in the same Series folder IIRC.

>> No.70949515

It's in the Series folder under "Paradox Grand Strategy".

>> No.70949521

Thanks lads.

>> No.70949539

What would happen if Lucifer Morningstar from DC comics and Lucifer from SMT meet? Would they absolutely hate each other for doing what they done in their series?

>> No.70949564

Look I liked the show but morningstar was a really annoying person and an all around shitter. Smt one at least seems to give you what you need to survive.

>> No.70949578

I think last thread someone mentioned that Netflix was picking up an animated series for it.

>> No.70949593

There’s comic floating around somewhere where Morningstar suggests SMTcifer create his own multiverse separate from all the others somewhere like he did, and SMTcifer thinks it’s a great idea.

Pretty spot on, that comic.

>> No.70949613

That said it depends on whether SMT 4A Lucifer is just a weird aberration or if all Lucifers, all along, were unconsciously slaves of YHVH’s greater system. In that case, Morningstar would likely feel obliged to either rescue his counterpart or to put him out of his misery. 50/50 really, he’s known to have a soft spot for people being given shit from higher powers but it’s a very hands-off, ruthless soft spot.

>> No.70949667

But SMT Lucifer entire purpose is to be a thorn in God’s side and to always oppose him, not to give up and run away. Plus, his God is actively malicious and will screw with SMT Lucifer if he did that.

>> No.70949699

It’s not as though he bangs his head against God all the time like a wall, nor does he have to do exactly what Morningstar did. He spends Nocturne trying to make the Demifiend come around to his side, surely an entire multiverse opens up new possibilities.

>> No.70949729

Away down South in the land of traitors,
Rattlesnakes and alligators,
Right away, come away, right away, come away.
Where cotton's king and men are chattels,
Union boys will win the battles,
Right away, come away, right away, come away.

>> No.70949755


Reminder that the best jumpmakers are those that offer conceptual things.

>> No.70949756

Any RWBY who doesn't vote for my favored political candidate gets their panty privileges revoked.

>> No.70949765

I like Marching Through Georgia better.

>> No.70949772

>no Great Leap Forward drawback
>no constant threat of pandemic drawback

>> No.70949783

Are there any modern jumps that have cultists and monsters to take care of with wonderful bullets? I want to get my RE4 on.

>> No.70949786


>> No.70949789

Which Georgia?

>> No.70949795

Nice, redditors have started following Val's leadership.

>> No.70949810

So we have a aria scarlet ammo jump?

>> No.70949813

Regular lots or lots lots?

Was that plan ever going to actually work, or was it just 'meh, good enough'?

>> No.70949826


>> No.70949838

Where can I acquire conceptual shitposting powers?

>> No.70949842

Not that I know of.

>> No.70949843

Someone suggest a jump that is lower tier in power and has magic as a relatively common thing please?

>> No.70949846

Just hire them before Kanryu does and you should be fine. They're looking for someone - ANYONE - to serve, and if they were willing to settle for some wannabe drug kingpin it shouldn't be hard to present yourself as a better option. The only problem might be the timeline, I'm not sure when exactly the RuroKen jump starts.

>> No.70949853

Magic the Gathering Iconics.

>> No.70949861

The Elder Scrolls is you are a scrub.

>> No.70949865

Hero bbs.
Actually since hero bbs continues to work in jjumps later does that mean we can use dimension hopping powers to go visit sage or freeter any time after that jump?

>> No.70949869


>> No.70949871

Spirited Away and Spice & Wolf

>> No.70949880

Somehow that doesnt look low tier from your picture oh great booty collector.

>> No.70949886

Harry Potter

>> No.70949909

Its totally low-tier bro.

>> No.70949913

>Regular lots or lots lots?
Lots enough that his plan was to basically draw in every single planeswalker he could.

>Was that plan ever going to actually work, or was it just 'meh, good enough'?
It would probably get close at least? Not sure if it would fully work, he never really got that far.

>> No.70949929

That's a pretty good fit, thanks.

>> No.70949931


>> No.70949932

I'm almost tempted to let him do it just to see if it works.And then to stockpile the spark giving item to do it to myself.

>> No.70949934

I am conflicted Jumpchain. Should I do the sci-fi jumps first and bring Starcraft too Magic the Gathering and Duel Monsters.

Or should I do fantasy first and weave magics in Eclipse Phase and Mass Effect

>> No.70949937

Extra based

>> No.70949947

Remember to kill the losechesters asap and as often as possible.

Magic in Mass Effect. Watch butthurt scientists complain about thats not how Eezo works.

>> No.70949957

Do a mix of both,hit one scifi or fantasy then rotate

>> No.70949969

Would Eclipse Phase transhuman tech give the reapers pause at its implications?

>> No.70949991

No, the reapers do much worse.

>> No.70949998

>Remember to kill the losechesters asap and as often as possible.
Chuck will just bring them back.

>> No.70949999

Gungrave's close, I'd say.

>> No.70950012

That’s why I said “and as often as possible”.

>> No.70950043

So kill chuck.
And kill chucks sister.
And kill satan.

All you need is a way to kill gods and there are plenty of those around the chain.

>> No.70950073

What if a person (possibly a god) went to that jump with the ability to recycle and reincarnate souls, would that make more ghosts?

Also if we already have that perk from uq holder that makes the lost dead and unhappy ghosts want to join you and add to your power is supernatural just like the best place to be?

>> No.70950074

>Remember to kill the losechesters asap and as often as possible.
whomst and why

>> No.70950082

What's the tiddy game like here?

>> No.70950083

This shit is dumb and needs to stop

>> No.70950090

whatst ist?

>> No.70950137

>So kill chuck.
Congrats. At best you've doomed humanity, at worst you've doomed that multiverse.

>> No.70950152

Do fantasy first and dab on the fedora faggots in the Federation.

>> No.70950156

You forgot about El Hermano.

>> No.70950157

Main girl is cuckqueen and best girls are a bunch of dead men.

Outside that, its a very solid tiddy collection.

>> No.70950159

Whomst'd'nt be enjoying a good butchery of the English language?

>> No.70950168

>Main girl is cuckqueen

>best girls are a bunch of dead men.
... explain.

>> No.70950193

Reminder this creature is the source of Lyles pain.

>> No.70950195

Chuck dies anyway and he is literally a villain in supernatural.

>> No.70950208

Is it that Noele person?

>> No.70950213

What would be better for reincarnating random people, a godly domain for life, death, or for souls in particular?

>> No.70950215

>Chuck dies anyway and he is literally a villain in supernatural.
The how and what follows is what's important. The fact remains that if you just off him and walk away, you've definitely doomed humanity and you may have doomed that multiverse.

>> No.70950229

I mean they are all going to become ghosts anyway. Hell the final boss ks probably going to be a collective being made of all the ghosts merged into one mega ghost from hueco mundo.

>> No.70950264

Souls probably. Or life. Or time, rewind that shit.

>> No.70950266

Looks like Valeria already got ahold of it.

>> No.70950276

>Soul-eating jump goes to Supernatural
How many ghosts can you eat before you get fat?

>> No.70950292

An angel ate all the souls in Purgatory, approx 7 billion, and it killed him within a week or so.

>> No.70950293

Hey so Mystical Armament says
>The second option would be like that of the Chain Veil or a weapon like those wielded by the Gods of Theros such as the Bident of Thessa, artifacts with potent effects that enhance magic.
So if you chose something equivalent to the Chain Veil, would it have similar drawbacks? Or alternatively, if not, would it be weaker than the Veil?

>> No.70950295

I systemtically erased all knowledge of the Outer God Ultimate Skills. Then to be on the safe side, I started kitbashing together the powers that created this reality, alloying them into the Power of Order under the resonances of a Miracle Machine, to erase the very information that comprised this reality's version of the Outer Gods.

No, I don't care the Outer Gods are literally just some random powers. They're there, they're gone, Rimuru's just gonna have to live without his Ultimate Skill.

Drawbacks: Half-Jumper Half-Squirrel, When Worlds Collide, Crow Storm, I'm Rubber, You're Glue (1500)

Donkey, Drop-In, age 24

Incoming! (Free)
Recruit: Mary O'Kill, Phoebe (1400)
Denimwalk (1300)
Super-Duper Death Ray (1100)
Squirrellink (800)
Spell Suck (400)
Hatomancy (0)
Ashnod's Coupon (Free)

I tried to understand what made this plane tick, and went slightly hat-crazy. After trying to build an ideal hat for each guild because ??? balance ??? PROFIT and coming out of a fae mood, I found out that Aqua's tower of winged hats actually made her a lightning rod for this world's wisdom. So I turned some of the hats into dimensionally folded squirrel houses too, and fired the secrets of that plane into my avatar-brain.

Which exploded into squirrels.

I chose no weapon and wasn't a "hero" because I already have a perfectly good Benefactor and don't owe this one entertainment.

...actually I was looking this up and, isn't the sadist goddess not canon in the LN? Don't remember what the jump says about continuity.


Satan can be jobbed out with British-brand pokeballs, witch spells and being pushed through doors. He's not that big of a problem in the grand scheme of things. You just have to worry about the grumpy old Empty yelling at you to keep the noise down.

You are legitimately in more danger of exploding long before you look visibly fat.

>> No.70950297

I'd say souls. Kinda difficult to reincarnate people if you can't mess with the most important part.

>> No.70950307

Novem (pic related) constantly sets up Lyle (the MC) with other girls, some of them in... complicated situations. Despite the fact that Lyle eyes are pretty much set on her alone for like half of the story.

>... explain.
Lyle has a gem holding a copy of the previous seven heads of his house (hence the name of the series). They are very funny, and way more helpful in general than some of Lyle's harem members.

I thought we were talking in american, not bong.

Make Chuck a girl

>> No.70950311

I'm pretty sure Cas exploded because he got cosmic heartburn from eating eldritch goop, not because he ate too many souls, right?

>> No.70950315 [SPOILER] 

>"Their they're, anon. There just a bit read two have red things to deeply."

>> No.70950332


>> No.70950346

You kind of have to be borderline retarded to use item imports instead of just getting it and using an item merging option. It's a lot easier and more productive to take apart just a version of something that exists in setting, so you can learn how it works and make MORE of them, than to screw with something that's been imported through dozens of jumps. And if you don't want to learn how to make more of them, that's doubly retarded. Like, you can just make a copy and work on that or add it to your signature equipment.

>> No.70950356

This is true, however:

1. Limbo is mostly monsters. As far as we know, monsters do NOT have the 100 sun soul-thing that humans and ghosts have going on, it's specifically the human soul that's ridiculous but useless to the humans for some reason.

2. In S11 when they fought La Hermana de Chuck, their final plan to kill her was to implant a little more than a 100,000 souls inside of Dean which Rowena turned into a spirit bomb which would've killed him if he used it. Basically a kamehame allahu ackbar. It was going to blow up anyway if Chuck didn't disarm it later that episode, so the point still stands that consuming less than the sum total souls in even ONE of Supernatural's universes will kaboom you long before you look fat. Because Dean did not look fat with the bomb inside him.

>> No.70950360

It was both. The mouthsneks ate their way out of him and ultimately exploded him, sure, but the souls are why he looked like he had radiation poisoning and why he was wasting away.

>> No.70950367

Whatever nerd, but why the planeswalker christmas cake?

>> No.70950369

Nice, it sounds like you got this all mapped out.
Feel free to make a reduplicate jump. You have my personal endorsement.

>> No.70950377


>> No.70950383

>ONE of Supernatural's universes
... Supernatural is a multiverse now?

>> No.70950389

People should learn to recognize crossposting.

>> No.70950392 [SPOILER] 

Hey Battler. I got bored and made this after I made this >>70946214. Enjoy?

>> No.70950394

I want to make a Waifu Art that turns victims into loyal, doting waifus.

>> No.70950404

The main characters and causes of apocalypses two through six, nine, and twelve through fourteen.

>> No.70950405

Bolas wouldn't allcaps a word, faggot.

>> No.70950407

Teach your sons not to crosspost and that won't be a problem.

>> No.70950412

Oh yes.

>> No.70950417

>So if you chose something equivalent to the Chain Veil, would it have similar drawbacks? Or alternatively, if not, would it be weaker than the Veil?
The Chain Veil will not try to possess you but it likely will still be draining to use. You will be able to call upon the Onakke Spirits to protect you as well. That being said if you aren't versed in Black Magic or Necromancy like Liliana is one use could drop you unconscious. You still need to be powerful to use it.

(also in the same vein the Blackblade you can get isn't enchanted by Bolas to be useless against him meaning it is totally possible too pull a switcharoo on Nicol Bolas and make him think the version he enchanted is coming towards him rather than the one that is very lethal to him)

>> No.70950418

>Teach your sons not to crosspost

>> No.70950421 [SPOILER] 

This better? I made two, both with different flavor text. Because the meme was too tempting.

>> No.70950422

Ok but like that is an absurdly low number for killing a godly being.

Also now I wonder what is going to happen when I go there specifically carryong perks that allow me to absorb souls, the dark souls kind and the classic kind of souls.

>> No.70950424

As someone who actually played the game up until a few sets ago, the syntax on these bugs me...

>> No.70950425

Rolled 6 (1d20)


>> No.70950426

The chad way to do things is to import your entire Gate of Babylon into a single item.

>> No.70950430

What do you think of this Chinkshit jump >>70949755

>> No.70950434

Could you please answer this for me?

Also, was that ever going to work?

>> No.70950440

Another Anon asked, but I find myself curious too. Does the Arcane Encyclopedia update when you learn more magic, or does it only have the MtG magic you buy from the jump?

The description for the book makes me think it was penned by our own Jumper who either failed the chain and screwed around in the past, or just our future self helping us out with a time loop.

>> No.70950443

Low test.

>> No.70950445

Yeah, it's honestly pretty bad. I haven't used the card creator before so I just went with whatever made the text fit on the card. I'm not very good at this and just threw these together for a larf. Can you show me some examples of better ways to handle wordy cards?

>> No.70950446

is this a crosspost?

>> No.70950450

Sorry Anon, you rolled a 6 and failed your test. You should've studied more.

>> No.70950451

Sorry, but you got caught cheating. Test failed, go to detention.

>> No.70950462

I dig this guys robes.

I was thinking the exact same thing anon.

>> No.70950464

Okay thanks.
>That being said if you aren't versed in Black Magic or Necromancy like Liliana is one use could drop you unconscious. You still need to be powerful to use it.
Oh I meant more like a similar magic-boosting artifact, not an exact replica of the Veil.
>(also in the same vein the Blackblade you can get isn't enchanted by Bolas to be useless against him meaning it is totally possible too pull a switcharoo on Nicol Bolas and make him think the version he enchanted is coming towards him rather than the one that is very lethal to him)
That's actually hilarious. I don't even want the Blackblade, but now I'm tempted to buy it just for this.

>> No.70950465

Oh, oh, do mine.

Well, Charm and Brainwashing are actual Arts in canon, so I guess this can pass.

>> No.70950469

None of the sites people crosspost from would allow someone to say "retarded".

>> No.70950470

Here you go, Satan.

>> No.70950471



Wait until you find out alternate universes are different from alternate TIMELINES which Heaven can easily operate back before it started fraying at the seams, but struggles to finish the basic bitch ritual to go other UNIVERSES which the Winchesters accomplished with help from some archangel grace and Jack's Gohan powers.


Even randomass chinese macguffins can screw with the timeline holy shit

Chuck himself said it would do it, anon. He said, and I quote, because it was the equivalent of "10,000 suns set to supernova" it should be able to KILL his OLDER STRONGER SISTER

Some people have asked that in the past. The consensus, as far as I can determine based the r i c h l o r e of this show is: If you have anything that can draw power from souls in any way more efficient than these idiots can, you balloon into some sort of monster soul cascade thing because your powers were written more smartly than Chuck just going, everything should be blobs of varying color or idjits with ultrasun souls that can never use them unless they're generate dinto ghosts!

>> No.70950474

Fallout 1. Buncha guns, cultists, mutants, and monsters.

>> No.70950482

Speaking of Artifacts, I have a question. Could I forfeit a discount for a higher tier to instead discount more than one of a lower tier item? Like instead of discounting a 400 CP and a 600 CP, could I discount two 400 CP perks?

>> No.70950484

Didn't someone already make yours.

>> No.70950489

Don't Worry Anon. I'll Make Sure To Spell My Words Properly This Time. Okay?

>> No.70950500

Do me! do me!

>> No.70950505

Psst That's not Red.

>> No.70950510


Something that might be more useful>>70950470

>> No.70950511

What is this, a Planeswalker for ants?

>> No.70950516

Fuck off.

>> No.70950521

>I dig this guys robes.
They are pretty great, but I find myself preferring Sarkhon's robes more than them.

>I was thinking the exact same thing anon.
I'm glad to know I am not alone in this. I want to grab the book for this reason alone, as I can't help but think how cool it is.

>> No.70950527

>I misread Red as Rance
Fucking kill me

>> No.70950533

Sorry, did the wrong one.

>> No.70950540

Why did you have to remind me of all those worse then usual fanfics?

>> No.70950546

>Jack's Gohan powers.
Jobbing? Or ruining tomboys?

>> No.70950549

Why do you even have an ant version in the first place?

>> No.70950550

I don't know man, Sarkhan's robes look like a pain in the ass to put on or take off.

>> No.70950558


>> No.70950562

During the War of the spark it is described that after Bolas harvested hundreds of Sparks he was more or less invincible. (he basically got to a point where only power of his own magnitude or the Elderspell could hurt him). Which seems to imply he is back to Oldwalker levels (though maybe not in the same way, definitely in power level I would hazard to guess)

Keeping in mind there were thousands of Planeswalkers if not tens of thousands on Ravnica and he only harvested a few hundred there is an extremely good case to be made that his plan could make him more powerful than anything so far in the story. That being said the Elderspell was from before the Mending so the change in the nature of the Planeswalker Sparks may have altered the spell so it didn't give him complete omnipotence.

He lost so we don't know in any concrete sense

>> No.70950568

is bancho really red green

>> No.70950570

It is a mysteryEven to me

>> No.70950571

Dude doesnt take off his robes. He just turns into a dragon when he wants to do things naked.

>> No.70950572

because thats just how things are people their really cranky when it comes to theyre grammar so i make sure to get there theirs right

>> No.70950573

Is there a name for when you only read the first letter of a word and your perception of it just goes fuck? It's happened when I try replying to Annette too.

Anyways, did you post yours a little while back? I'm just showing off a bunch I made earlier.

>> No.70950584

That's what magic is for dude. That way you can feel superior to all the non-magic folk by putting everything on at once compared to them who feel incredible when they can put on pants in one go.

>> No.70950598

Yes, those are the colors of Rebellion,Chaos and growth And Instinct

>> No.70950601

Hey man I tossed an empty water bottle into the trash from across the room today on the first try. I'll be riding that high all week.

>> No.70950608

Probably more of a red/green/black.

>> No.70950611

It's fine.

>> No.70950613

>Which seems to imply he is back to Oldwalker levels (though maybe not in the same way, definitely in power level I would hazard to guess)
I thought Bolas was back to basically Oldwalker levels after eating the Conflux on Alara? Maybe not his own Oldwalker levels, but at least comparable to general pre-Mending power levels.

>> No.70950617

One more after this.
I'll make yours later, pasta friend.

>> No.70950620

Maybe even going the other way around to red black blue because of the pursuit of perfection and evolution

>> No.70950630

Is there an explanation for how the hell Jaya is still alive? Or why Venser didn't age?

>> No.70950631

And done. Thank you for joining the Bootleg Card Hour.

>> No.70950633

Yes, but also having lots of raw power the story keeps JACKing off to which is supposed to be the strongest ever since God Almighty that never gets used because of a cavalcade of anticlimatic fuckups as the new villains push him around until he gets his shit together.

I like both!

>> No.70950647

Why is Val undefeated?

>> No.70950651

Wait I just realized something. Sarkhan is like the inverse of D&D silver dragons. They're Humanaboos, he's a Dragonaboo?

>> No.70950660

>Yes, but also having lots of raw power the story keeps JACKing off to which is supposed to be the strongest ever since God Almighty that never gets used because of a cavalcade of anticlimatic fuckups as the new villains push him around until he gets his shit together.
Yeah, that sounds about right.

>> No.70950665

>Is there an explanation for how the hell Jaya is still alive?
Because the mending was only 60 years ago, so her surviving as an old woman is perfectly possible.

>Or why Venser didn't age?
No clue on this one tho.

>> No.70950666

Jump Victim Girls and find out.

>> No.70950671

That is literally his entire gig. He wants to be a dragon so damn bad. Dud can travel the multiverse at will but all he wants is to be a dragon.

>> No.70950673

Is Heavens Blue? I always assumed he was Red, with the propensity for lunar destruction and that time he redeemed an Eldrazi with the Power of Love.

>> No.70950675

because Valeria's fanboys would throw a shitstorm at A) card game shit involving Val, and B) the implication that Valeria can be beaten by anybody

That and getting her involved in these kinds of thread-based shenanigans just never ends well.

>> No.70950680

And the combination is the "guild" of dumb barbarism. Very fitting.

>> No.70950684

>Bolas not forcing Heavens on a treadmill

>> No.70950702

All my Jumpers post-Decade have been some shade of Blue with a focus on time shenanigans and crafting, I just don't post them with as much regularity as I used to. Decade and my more shonen-y Jumpers probably would've been Red.

>> No.70950703

The gruul clans? That sounds about right for terra.

>> No.70950712

>That and getting her involved in these kinds of thread-based shenanigans just never ends well.
Wow, dick.
The fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.70950717

>Because the mending was only 60 years ago, so her surviving as an old woman is perfectly possible
Wow what the hell. I was sure it was at least like ~120 years.
So when did Liliana make her deal to regain youth?

>> No.70950735

He may have been back to Oldwalker levels or he could have merely gained a large power boost like Liliana and her contracts but magnitudes larger. Hard to say.

>No clue on this one tho.
Maybe affected by time rifts?

>> No.70950742

>Valeria's Defeat
>Exile Target creature or Planeswalker. If it was a Valeria Planeswalker, search your opponent's hand, dead, graveyard, and field for all cards named "Ancestral Recall", "Black Lotus", "Timetwister", or "Timewalk" or with the word "Mox" in their name exile them all.

>> No.70950744

>Because the mending was only 60 years ago

Wait what? Wasnt nahiri imprisoned for like thousands of years in the hellvault?

>> No.70950752

Hey not this anon but >>70950440

>> No.70950754

Look, Val, we remember what happened last time.

>> No.70950768

Can you answer >>70950482 please? Also where I said perks at the end, I meant items.

>> No.70950775


>> No.70950776

>Wow what the hell. I was sure it was at least like ~120 years.
Nope. The whole nuwalker storyline basically starts 50 years after the mending.

>So when did Liliana make her deal to regain youth?
Never made clear. She already made the deal 56 years after the mending, but that's the first time she shows up as far as I know.

>Maybe affected by time rifts?
Oh, that would make sense.

Yes? She was imprisoned as an Oldwalker.

>> No.70950781

Too many 'destroy target creature or planeswalker'. You've also got counter spell, exile, and dealing damage.

>> No.70950787

The Clans are more sympathetic than Tera, TBQFH senpai.
They're a bunch of violent barbarian shits, but they had a duty to perform on Ravnica. They've just been shafted and shat on by literally every other Guild on that fucking plane for daring to try and perform their duties of protecting the wild, to the point where they flat-out lost both their Guild- and their citizenship status.

Tera, on the other hand, is just a dick.

>> No.70950790

Post writefagging for that time you seduced an eldrazi. I want to see this.

>> No.70950814

...not all that familiar with MtG, is it THAT hard to be a dragon as a NuWalker? I was under the impression that while only Oldwalkers had the whole "you are an energy field with a person-shape" thing, that if you're a planeswalker and you invest into green and stuff you can shapeshift/skirt the edges of what green can normally do. There's an amnesiac guy with a magic dog that can planeswalk with him for no particular reason, for example.

So is it hard for a guy to be a dragon, or does he want to be a dragon on a spiritual level too or something?

>> No.70950820

Not him, but there was like dozens or hundreds of jumps worth of writefagging that went into that.

>> No.70950830

>So is it hard for a guy to be a dragon, or does he want to be a dragon on a spiritual level too or something?
The latter, I think? He can already just transform into a dragon whenever he wants.

>> No.70950833

>not all that familiar with MtG, is it THAT hard to be a dragon as a NuWalker
No. He's already a dragon. He's been a dragon for years.

>> No.70950834

Can I get one for Zeldanon aka blade?

>> No.70950847

Look he wants to be a dragon so much that instead of just becoming a dragon which he can do, he often shapeshifts just his hands into dragon heads to make them breath fire for him. The dude is obsessed with dragons.

>> No.70950851

He's basically a dragon-furry / dragon-otherkin, except instead of demanding other people calling him a dragon while he dresses in cheap costumes? He hunted down a way to legitimate transform into his obsession.

>> No.70950855

>gained a large power boost like Liliana and her contracts but magnitudes larger.
Speaking of, is there any reason I shouldn't sell my soul to a bunch of different demons for power and whatever else I want, but set the collection date to a time after the jump ends?

>> No.70950865

>Does the Arcane Encyclopedia update when you learn more magic, or does it only have the MtG magic you buy from the jump?
I am going to say it updates as you learn more magic of the type written in the book since it seems more appropriate for the price. (by which I mean the Arcane Encyclopedia focuses on the magic you bought in the jump but it will update to keep pace with your learning)

I will include some more flavor text in the update to make the ruling more evident.
>Could I forfeit a discount for a higher tier to instead discount more than one of a lower tier item?
Hmm... going to say yes, mainly to make items more appealing to contend with perks.

>> No.70950872

Oh right, and he also doesn't engage in the weird sex things like normal furries do.
He just wanted to be a dragon and did the thing.

>> No.70950875

>Hmm... going to say yes, mainly to make items more appealing to contend with perks.
Thanks sempai

>> No.70950888

>I am going to say it updates as you learn more magic of the type written in the book since it seems more appropriate for the price. (by which I mean the Arcane Encyclopedia focuses on the magic you bought in the jump but it will update to keep pace with your learning)

Sounds awesome. Now I finally know why I picked up time powers and chronomancy even when I never use them usually.

>> No.70950891

I think he is in love with an autistic monk that hates dragons isn't he?

>> No.70950899

>Speaking of, is there any reason I shouldn't sell my soul to a bunch of different demons for power and whatever else I want, but set the collection date to a time after the jump ends?
See notes. The rest is up to your narrative decision.

>> No.70950910


>> No.70950920

Oh. Hmm. If you make a deal with them that you fulfill/completely pay off before the jump ends, do you still lose whatever you gained?

>> No.70950935

>Okay so I did the thing

>> No.70950940

How would worm react to the simurgh getting her ass kicked by an actual angel?

>> No.70950950

who's worm

>> No.70950953

If you go in as a foreigner in the dc films jump does that basically make you enchantress and her husbando?

Would it be worth it to be both a extradimensional being and an olympion?

>> No.70950955


>> No.70950956

How would worm react to the simurgh getting her ass fucked by a degenerate jumper?

>> No.70950959

Are the caged sun's from Phyrexia multicolored, or is the 'choose a color' line on the card proper just them not wanting to make five cards, one for each color?

>> No.70950965

Worm would say "It's Valeria and YJ's problem now, leave me out of this"

He means the waifu buddha

>> No.70950968

How would worm react to the simurgh getting her ass eaton out by a Ricrod?

>> No.70950972

It's a planet. It sucks.

The setting, not the jumpmaker.

>> No.70950978

>Can you show me some examples of better ways to handle wordy cards?
Simply put, you just shrink the text size if it lets you.

For that one, the text itself should be worded something like:
>Destroy up to X target nonland permanents your opponents control.
>Exile target creature or planeswalker. If that permanent was a Battler or Spiral Anon planeswalker, your opponent discards X cards from his or her hand.

It's important that those two are on separate lines since the break lets them be used separately from one another. That means that if one would somehow fail to proc the other can still potentially do its job so long as the whole spell wasn't countered.
Since it's more a joke card than anything, the actual balance can be forgiven, but this would actually be pretty op even compared to some of the actually useful un-set cards.

>> No.70950985

The latter. Mirrodin/Phyrexia's suns are mono-colored blobs of mana.

>> No.70950990

Worm would say "At least it's not my people being waifued this time"

Foreigners kind of step on Enchantress and her brother not that it necessarily disproves the husbando thing, ancient deities and all especially if you took the SNW capstone for them. Enchantress needs to fire a big beam of light into the sky for several hours just to bring down civilisation.

Yeah probably. Had this discussion a few threads ago, Olympians were probably mega buff.

Worm would say "L-lewd!"

>> No.70951009

The planet is called Earth Bet

>> No.70951011

>Worm would say "At least it's not my people being waifued this time"
It seems like a pump and dump to me

>> No.70951029

Thanks for that, dude.

Thanks for the answer. Bit sad it has to be like that, but understandable. Oh well, having constantly updated notes on Chronomancy and Healing alone would be worth it.

>> No.70951040

Can be hard to tell with Jumpers sometimes

>> No.70951043

Planet Bob.

>> No.70951065

>supernaturals souls are all mega supernovas in tiny packages

I think I know how to extend the age of fire in Dark souls into eternity now. Just need like 4 of those fuckers.

>> No.70951077

Okay, here's the alternative NuBee card.

>> No.70951088

I understood that reference!

>> No.70951119

How would Worm react to a genuinely kind person who's also strong enough to make a difference?

>> No.70951131

Depends if you think Wildbow is still writing

>> No.70951132

The people of bob would not believe you.

>> No.70951181

Hmm. Should I buy one of each to basically double my mana production, or should I go all in with white to get super angels?

>> No.70951205

Worm would give you a hug.

>> No.70951243

Not anon, but I got bored and thought it would be funny. I was also hoping to use that one image where Rance wakes up from the dream, but couldn't find it.

>> No.70951247

Much in the same way they react to Legend, I suppose.

>> No.70951254

Fucking BRUTAL.

>> No.70951267

>Alone and unloved.
Ok, that one hurt me.

>> No.70951334

Why water?

>> No.70951400

Would Worm be better or worse if Chuck took over writing from Wildbow?

>> No.70951418

How many legendary angels are there in Mtg, and how many of them should I waifu?

>> No.70951463

If anybody tells you Elesh Norn is a good waifu, they're lying and full of shit. She's a religious zealot who hates everything with so much as a vague patch of skin.

>> No.70951468

Good thing that’s not elesh norn?

>> No.70951483

You can do it anon! Change the world!

>> No.70951490

Thanks for this.

>> No.70951498

Don't lie to me.

>> No.70951503

how come there's no worm anon's defeat

>> No.70951507

Did I dream it up, or was there really someone named Brother_Anon who claimed I Shall Seal The Heavens?

>> No.70951508

Nah I was just meaning in general.
Now. Sheoldred. That's the real Phyrexian waifu time.

>> No.70951519

It would just read "Target Worm Planeswalker is a waifu".

>> No.70951524

It's not hard to search the archive for a username, anon.

>> No.70951525

You can't deny it forever anon! I'm sending good vibes your way! Your happiness is inevitable!

Because my people are invincible.

>> No.70951527

No, you're right. They just haven't been on in a long time.

>> No.70951543

ok waifu

>> No.70951546

Serious answer: Because everyone has forgotten Worm's Jumper under all the waifu/worm memes just like nobody knows what Val's Jumper even does these days because she jumps privately with NuBee.

>> No.70951556

How is she any good?

>> No.70951571

Don't worry. You're likely to have failed anyway.

>> No.70951594


>> No.70951606

Ow. My heart.

>> No.70951614

I don't know whether to be happy that I didn't imagine it all, or to be sad that they have yet to appear in some time. Thanks for the answer.

>> No.70951649

You good bruh?

>> No.70951670

The first few arcs of the anime are good, up to around the Laxus Arc/Fairy Festival. The first season's soundtrack is the best and generally the main reason to watch the show over reading the manga early on. After that the quality I feel goes down a lot until the Final Season stuff, where it gets a big art upgrade and the pacing is better.

As far as I remember, the Magic Games arc is badly paced and animated, so you're better off reading the manga for most of that. Avoiding the stupid filler too.

The movies are generally pretty good though, same with OVAs. The second movie is where the Erza clip everyone loves comes from

>> No.70951684


>> No.70951703

>That and getting her involved in these kinds of thread-based shenanigans just never ends well.

Wow, Val. That sounds like a fucking insult.
Why do you tolerate this treatment?

>> No.70951745

Real feels out tonight, huh?

>> No.70951750

Yawn. Even these "you're deeply isolated and alone and desperately trying to feel less sad about your life" are themselves just an attempt to feel less sad about the poster's life. It's fucking turtles all the way down.

>> No.70951753


>> No.70951758

What does your jumper do when they get the feels?

>> No.70951799

>Said anon, recoiling from the emptiness in his own room and life by projecting his isolation on others

>> No.70951807

>projecting his isolation on others
I'm not the one posting muh depression pics on a hongonknese tapestry board.

>> No.70951818

Hey Val, got a question about that Combat/Magical Skill thing the new supplement will have. Will that be something that certain classes start off with ranks in already, like the other stats? Like Sabers getting an B in Combat Ability and a D or E in Magical Ability, or Casters getting the opposite, for example.

>> No.70951819

How difficult would it be to waifu serra from mtg? I don't think there's a jump of the appropriate time period.

>> No.70951830

Less projection and more just the assumption that anyone who goes out of their way to be mean to other people has to have something going wrong in their life. If they had a rich, full live of their own, they'd have better things to do with their time.

>> No.70951836

Damn you "victim girls.pdf" spammer. This would be the perfect place to post said jump and you used it up already. Again.

>> No.70951846

>If they had a rich, full live of their own, they'd have better things to do with their time.
I'm not going to give up my pleb-tier hobbies just because I'm happy

>> No.70951851

No, classes are no longer getting free stat ranks. Classes don't have costs anymore but they only give discounts and E ranks in Class skills, no more preset stats.

Not quite sure how to handle CS/MS just yet, whether I want them discountable or not, what their cost will be, etc just because they're much stronger than the other stats.

>> No.70951854

Post a Victim Girls build then in response.

>> No.70951860

>The second movie is where the Erza clip everyone loves comes from

>> No.70951879

The key is staying just the right amount of drunk so you're walking the line between sober loneliness and drunken sobbing. If you can do that, nothing hurts and you don't care about the despair that surrounds you.

>> No.70951881

I don't want to look like I'm copying and both of the decent possible builds have already been posted.

>> No.70951894

Prison School > Victim Girls

>> No.70951919

Porky's even Porkies 3>Victim Girls
What do you want included in the jump?

>> No.70951946

Anon, it has been decades since I've seen a Porky's movie. Hell, I don't know when the last time I even thought about one was.

>> No.70951953

>No, classes are no longer getting free stat ranks.
Oh dear. Welp, that's going to take a bit of rearranging and price management to deal with. At least Classes are free now so that's a bit of CP to make up for the loss. As for CS/MS...maybe they're about twice the price? And Casters get a discount on MS to make up for the fact that the magic build is by default the weakest, since Saber, Lancer, and Archer all have natural resistance to magic. So in exchange for having the disadvantage in direct battle, you can make up for it with skill and prep, which seems fitting for the spirit of Casters as a whole.

>> No.70951962

American Pie jump when?

>> No.70951966



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