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Built me a piranha. My tau are a mercenary force, so they're a little mean and grungy.

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Will they ever bring back that model?

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why'd they have to ruin the plasma pistol and bolt pistol

they didn't do anything wrong, why must they suffer

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Convert more

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What are you working on /40kg/?

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Why would a salvaging servitor have a grav weapon?

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Greenstuff an extra finger on each hand.

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Grav weapons basically compress heavy or dense objects, right? If so, then yeah, to clear out rubble and stuff.

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More flatten, as they create an area of high gravity. Thus heavier targets suffer more from it than light targets. Have to say that a plasma, melta or lascutter would be a more thematic weapons for such a unit.

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They can either make something lighter or heavier depending on the setting. Main issue is that they are rare weapons that the admech don't like to use but we've basically abandoned any pretext of weapons like grav and plasma being rare at this point.

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Gonna reconvert this abandoned chaos tau project into mercenary renegade tau.

The Orlocks will be guevesa breachers, I'll give em some tau guns and I'll give the tau some human shotguns, plus some fun accessories to grimdark em up, and generally un-demon them.

But don't bite off more than you can chew.

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fuck converting

>> No.70933727

How do I make a casual list that won't have people question my sanity

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Guevesa that aren't born in the Empire have to lop off a pinky to prove their loyalty to the zaibats-- I mean, Greater Good.

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Post pics of factions that nobody collects

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For me, it's volkite.

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desu I've always loved their lore but never been that interested in their models. The wings are kinda tacky.

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Heard you liked the Old Ones
Why don't you tell me to my face huh?

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Best loadout for a Tallarn sentinel?

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Can someone explain why they look the exact fucking same

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Why wouldn't they?

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How did you convert the thighs?

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GW's retarded and puts entries in their store for identical units because multiple armies can use them. Look at the Fallen on the CSM page - they're clearly the Dark Angels troops box photoshopped to be black and red.

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Because they're too damn expensive.

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Still deciding on whether to do classic ochre tau or my own OC donnut steel purple tau. Purples easier to do but I already have most of my army done (shitty) in ochre

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Volkite is pure sex.

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Why them over Plasma/Autocannons?

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For a chaos army, when picking troops choices... Would you take cultists with autoguns? I like the idea of normal dudes, but even 30 with CCW seems like it would get brushed aside.

How would you take basic chaos units? Back in the day I ran dual plasmagun, 10 man units in rhinos. Now it seems like either 5 man with reaperchaincannons or 10man with dual lascannons is the way to go, though. Seems like the 'get up and shoot' is better done by so many other units... Man I'm old.

Also, what the fuck should I name a chaos warband light on demon stuff, heavy on red corsairs style stuff? The army fluff is the warlord is picking up the lost and broken after conflicts, hence the cultists and normal marines. Think old red corsairs style. dull teal, silver and black colors.

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Because its the same unit?

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What do you guys think the chances are of another loyalist primarch coming back?

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Any plot leaks for the Greater Good yet? Seems like we know everything in the book except what happens to everyone...

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I wish they would. Give us a couple more Primarchs on both sides. Angron and Fulgrim are two I think most people want to see, and a few loyalists to mess with Guilliman's hold on the Imperium would be nice.

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More Deathwatch models please. Tacticool Marines from all walks of life is compelling lore wise, and looks wise.
Also, is there a reason Deathwatch were released/given updated models shortly before Primaris were introduced? Primaris Deathwatch look so fucking bland compared to the old marines its insane.

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What's with that tiny ninja in the corner?

>> No.70933965

Fuck off faggot.

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>Primaris Deathwatch look so fucking bland compared to the old marines its insane
Seems about normal.

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Who's the most likely loyalist to return? I'd guess the Lion, but people have been saying that for years

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Honestly marines are pretty decent being 11ppm right now so you could go with minimum sized squads and give each unit a plasma gun and the champion a combi plasma, makes them decent in cover and versatile overall. If you are wanting to use cultists I've personally found them to work best with autoguns and screening out deepstrike units or holding objectives.

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Plasma is best on Cadian ones because of re-rolling 1s and Autocannon does a good amount of damage but I feel like a Sentinel that doesn't suffer penalties to moving and shooting works great with Lascannons. Makes it a threat you can't ignore and they are able to constantly get angles.

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Lion and Corax are alive (though the Lion might need someone to wake him), the Khan might be drag racing in the webway.

Dorn is -probably- dead but who knows? Maybe Perturabo has him captive. And Vulkan is probably dead thanks to the Beast.

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high since primarchs are really popular

>> No.70933995

To be fair thats because the least amount of work would need to be done to bring him back from a fluff standpoint if I remember right.

>> No.70933998

Regular Deathwatch have a full kit, the Primaris barely have an upgrade sprue. It's not really a fair comparison at this pint.

>> No.70934003

Green stuff. Fill in the back of the leg plate so it becomes flushed with the front. Also fill in the joints like where the thigh meets the pelvis and behind the knee. Then lightly sand it with fine grit sandpaper.

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>how do you kill a perpetual?

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Why do deathwatch with all their pouches and shit look way better than primaris? Is it just because the pouches are all concentrated on the chest instead of little details all over the place?

>> No.70934029

You make him channel the energy of a WAAAAAGH lead by seven Primeorks.

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I think Khan or Vulkan is coming back first, if only to highlight usually ignored chapters. Having them come out last wouldn't get the same levels of hype if they were the first guy.

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Blue Blood Angels + Space Wolves / Custodes (Team Maristodes)
T'au + Sisters (Team Nunmech)

1500 point Tactical cascade, 750 points per player.

>Turn 1
Tau Riptide, commander, and sisters delete a squad of BA primaris and some space wolf primaris.
Ghostkeel moves up and kills all but 1 BA scout.
BA return fire, killing all of Tau's pathfinders and the ghostkheel's stealth drones.
Space wolf / custodes return fire and kill some sisters.

Team Nunmech score some objectives
Team Maristodes scores 1st blood

Turn 2
Ghostkeel moves completely within Maristodes deployment, penitent engines get right up to space wolves line. Shooting phase Nunmech deletes more primaris, charge phase penitent engines charge and delete a squad of wolves, Celestine deletes more infantry.
Maristodes fight back killing the engines and celestine (1st death) on their turn.

Both sides pick up objectives

Game goes back and forth and ends on Turn 4 because LGS was closing.

Final result
Nunmech: 9
Maristodes: 9


it was fun, if the game had continued Nunmech might have tabled Maristodes since we completely ignored the riptide

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The Lion or Russ would work best both storyline wise and sales wise, since they both have their own armies.

Lore wise it'd be cool, because while G and the Lion are similar, they're also pretty hostile towards one another, and the Lion is just as imperious as Guilliman, though they have different motivations. Russ on the other hand is way less likely to mess with Guilliman, and the two of them respect one another, but there's a 90% chance Russ is coming back as a werewolf, which could cause guilliman some pretty big problems.

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>Why do deathwatch with all their pouches and shit look way better than primaris?
Despite being tacticool marines they still have stuff like iron halos and the their pauldrons that remind you they still have that imperial aesthetic.

>> No.70934065

You're on drugs since they have pouches around the back of the torso as well. And the Primaris pouches attach the same way the classic Marine kit's pouches do.

>> No.70934084

Khan could give some friction in the Imperium which could add to the drama.

Primaris also have Iron Halos and the same pauldrons. Are people high today or something?

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I just realised how retarded the use of vehicles in 40k games is based on how tiny the maps are.

A correctly scaled Dust 2 would be 2m long. Or, in burger units, 6’6”. Dust_2 would be too big for use in standard 40k maps and I’m sure we can all agree that it’s realistically a tiny physical area. Not even twice as big as a football field (115x105m). It’s honestly stupid to have these massive battles happen on areas the size of a football field.

40k should have been in 15mm or just left vehicles to Epic.

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Let's look at them side by side and see if we can see the differences.

>> No.70934097

did you even read the beast arises series?
He literally pulled a "my planet needs me" and jumps out of a thunderhawk and is not seen again.
They could have had him save Slaughter but that they missed that golden opportunity.

>> No.70934109

Why are they an elite choice?

>> No.70934118

My Primaris Brick

>> No.70934124

Put the Reiver next to a Scout if you want a fair comparison, otherwise use an DW Intercessor as a comparison to the -special character- model you're acting is like a generic character in terms of extra detail.

>> No.70934125

As a non-marine player i don't really see a big difference.

>> No.70934134

Fulgurite, possibly

>> No.70934141

Slaughter dying as the last true Fist works better for the drama.

And honestly I've half forgotten that series at this point. The TTS memes are probably not helping that.

>> No.70934148

>-special character- model
Anon that is a basic deathwatch sergeant.

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>> No.70934160

Legit or a recast?

>> No.70934176

The tacticool details don't overpower the base marine/boltgun. A deathwatch veteran remains very much in the silhouette of a "marine", while the vanguard infiltrators work very fucking hard to crowd out all the important shapes and details.

If they'd used the intercessor body as a baseline, the infiltrators might look less weird. The lack of stompy boots combined with the weirdly small pauldron just doesn't work very well.

>> No.70934185

The comparison is between deathwatch and primaris any deathwatch model can work for this.

>> No.70934197

No, that's Watch Captain Artemis. The basic sergeant is this guy holding a sword.

>> No.70934198

I fucking hate that they rushed out the Primaris Deathwatch. Work on them and give them as much uniqueness as the old marines did.

>> No.70934208

True, it was pretty good watching my store's Fist playing freak out about it.

But yeah TTS has definitely not helped the lore community.

>> No.70934217

Leman Russ laughs at you. Haha!

>> No.70934219

Using a model that is basically a Primaris Melee Scout as a comparison to a Tactical Marine with a fancy shoulder pad isn't a true comparison though. Much less when someone uses a named character as a comparison.

I'm all for letting people trot out their weekly wank material about how great old models are but at least be honest in your comparisons.

>> No.70934227

I'd be curious to see what they look like with the godawful longboltgun abortion swapped out for a deathwatch/infiltrator bolter. Not curious enough to buy the kits and make the conversion, but I have a feeling it'd make them look less shit.

>> No.70934238

As someone who likes the Fists (I also like Krieg, so I'm going all in on the autism) I like the idea that they were completely wiped out and then reforged from their successors. It's like the bullshit the Blood Angels have pulled several times, only with a great last stand and not losing 90% of the chapter in a Space Hulk.

>> No.70934248

>Using a model that is basically a Primaris Melee Scout
Infiltrators are full marines and a troop choice comparing it to deathwatch is fully fair.

>> No.70934264

Do want

>> No.70934265

Visually it's based more on the Marine Scout than the Tactical Marine. The only thing it shares with Tacticals is the same armour save.

>> No.70934272

What is being compared is old tacticool marines vs new tacticool marines and why one works and the other doesn't.

>> No.70934277

You guys realize that Primaris aren't supposed to be unique or inspired right? GW knows theres a market for Legionnaire styled warriors with simple armor and weapons thats why they made the whole line and thats also why they never intended for it to replace Firstborn.

Firstborn = Passion projects, lovingly detailed and full of flavor

Primaris = Straight forward assembly, minimal personality, utilitarian in mind

>> No.70934283

I want to physically verbally anally hurt you :DDDDDDD

>> No.70934297

What is looks more like doesn't really matter, the anon asked why deathwatch with all their pouches look better than the primaris with the pouches this is what was being compared.

>> No.70934312

>GW knows theres a market for Legionnaire styled warriors with simple armor and weapons
So what were these for then?

>> No.70934320

>out of guys to paint
>bunch of guys needing to be primed
>weather is still gonna suck balls for a few months
feels bad man

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>> No.70934335

Neat. I'm doing a slow grow army: 500 points list right now is aiming at 2 10 man cultist squads, 2 5 man CSM squads, warpsmith and executioner (budget heros), and i'm toying with a chosen squad of all plasmacombi's... But my full 1500+ army I'm thinking i'd like a detatchment of cultists by themselves. Just love normal dudes.

Do 10 man CSM squads have any place in the game? Im not looking to win tournaments, just not hand my ass over for funsies to my opponent with stupid choices.

>> No.70934338

>They never intended for it to replace Firstborn
Okay anon.

>> No.70934340

You don't have an indoor priming setup?

>> No.70934348

Where the fuck were the Ultramarines during the start of the Heresy? I'm on book 6 I think and they have been mentioned maybe 2 or 3 times.

>> No.70934352

i wouldn't be whining if i did

>> No.70934361

>only one outta 5 got the update

>> No.70934371

Coral, Lion and Russ are all still alive so hedge your bets on one of them.

>> No.70934373

Sounds like it's time to make on anon.

Empire building.

>> No.70934383

>Where the fuck were the Ultramarines during the start of the Heresy?
Horus told them to wait at home so they sat out all of it.

>> No.70934386

What does an average Deathwatch list contain? Is it relatively low in troops/models?

>> No.70934399

what's even the point of veterans when intercessors are 2W, get SIA and have better bolt weaponry?

>> No.70934414

the eternal question
slugga boyz or shoota boyz

>> No.70934419

non-bolt weaponry

>> No.70934425

They're still pretty simple in the grand scheme of things and only visually different enough to actually distinguish themselves from other primaris units

Your point is? Almost all the major characters are still Firstborn and they clearly arent changing that any time soon

>> No.70934446

campaigning on the far end of the galaxy, per the warmaster's orders

He eventually threw the word bearers at them to keep them occupied and away from earth. The fact that they only really had to wade through lorgar's retards is one of the main reasons why they ended the heresy largely untouched. until the BL hacks decided to spend 50,000 books on ultranamek doing literally nothing

>> No.70934458

damn bro

>> No.70934480

rate this shit I made not long ago and why did goodwyn go for a smaller chest armor in favor of higher waist? why make such a weakspot?

>> No.70934504

well holy shit here's a smaller size

>> No.70934506

It's obvious that Primaris will soon replace the old type, because GW wants you to buy your old guys again. It's all business oriented to make people spend as much as possible, and Primaris is the method to do it.

>> No.70934509

What is this trying to convey. Its messy and shite

>> No.70934519

It's generally a lower count but they have ways to make them last longer (3+ invuls and t5 primaris)

Smash Captains
Librarian, if you're taking a FW dread or Executioner

2-4 squads of frag teams (usually 3 vets with X + stormshield, 2 frag cannons and a vanguard vet with dual pistols)

2-4 squads of Intercessors (5-8 Assault bolters and an Aggressor and/or Inceptor)

0-3 Dreadnoughts (Missile Launcher+Lascannon Venerables are the usual)

0-2 Executioners

>> No.70934520

Phobos is really yucky, intercessors have grown on me and gravis are the equivalent of the based ugly bastard from my erotic magazines.

>> No.70934555

>The great thinker Orkimedes once postulated that "thinkin’ iz for gitz, but everyone'z a git, so's ya might as well think like some other gitz"
a wise ork

>> No.70934572


It looks cool I guess.

>> No.70934590


You say that like it's evil.

>> No.70934591

Someone told me that the Tau win, but I can't confirm that.

>> No.70934605

I hate the CP/stratagem system
I want to use a bunch of elites and vehicles, not shitty cultists

>> No.70934613

If that was the plan they wouldn't bother spending a fortune reboxing and redistributing Firstborn. GW knows they can have their cake and eat it too, its not like WHFB because even 2+ years after Primaris came out Firstborn are still selling just fine

And your pic doesn't actually mean anything, Dark Angel's welcomed their primaris with open arms only to send them on suicide missions as soon as possible

>> No.70934616

primaris marines, like 8th edition, are gay and bad.

>> No.70934617

fuck you

>> No.70934628

>salvaging servitor
That's Tor Garadon

>> No.70934630

then don't use cultists and don't use cp
the choice is yours

>> No.70934631

Then play necrons

>> No.70934638

So they're just like you anon. They must be your favorite then!

>> No.70934639

You can't win without stratagems

>> No.70934643

every edition has been gay, that's why we play it.

>> No.70934650

Play Red Corsairs. You can get extra CP from running Chaos Marines.

>> No.70934666

winning isn't everything anon

>> No.70934672


>> No.70934681

But I don't want to play Red Corsairs.

>> No.70934684

That's what losers say

>> No.70934688

How did the Huron manage to get at minimum 100,000 Space Marines?

>> No.70934696

It's not fun to get tabled turn 2
You got a real argument beyond ad hominem?

>> No.70934699

it's still a choice

>> No.70934708

By welcoming any and all renegades for fun and profit

>> No.70934710

Strategems are crutches for bad list building. Stop being shit

>> No.70934713

at least I don't have to use shitty cultists

>> No.70934718


>> No.70934720

>use cultists and have no fun at all
>use CSM, lose, and still have no fun at all
what a fun choice

>> No.70934732

Don't forget he did it in just a few centuries. Took Abaddon a thousand years to do the same.

>> No.70934733


>> No.70934736


>> No.70934737

How could a good list possibly contain CSM, an objectively bad unit?

>> No.70934738

Play count as and quit being a little bitch.

He absorbed renegade chapters, gained chaos marines from the legions and knows a thing or two about growing a large number of Marines.

>> No.70934740

if you only have fun winning this might not be the hobby for you

>> No.70934746

A shit load of Chapters joined the Astral Claws in the war. Practically an entire founding, excepting of course the Minotaurs.

However, that should only, at most, give them a strength of 10 or 20,000. I think that lore is old, from before we knew the general sizes of each legion.

>> No.70934748

He had practice with the Astral Claws too.

>> No.70934753

>Play count as
Then I lose the stuff that makes my faction unique.
Again, losing turn 2 is never fun. The ideal match is a close win/loss that happens at turn 5 or later.

>> No.70934763

To be fair that servitor is a personal retinue to a Techpriest Explorator.

>> No.70934769

The Scavenged

Melee Cultists aren't really worth it. Autoguns at least let them take potshots while holding objectives and screening out deep strikers.

Optimal CSM is probably just naked. Maybe a combi-bolter on the Aspiring Champion. Anything that sneezes on them will kill them, so no point buying an expensive gun.

>> No.70934777

He is now, they found him already on the fortress just standing around.

>> No.70934782

How do you want your Orkimedes model?
Barely a single scrap of green to be seen under all the metal?
Or a Mek who isn't going overboard with the snazz and is just absolutely fucking huge?

>> No.70934783

then find players who aren't running optimized lists

>> No.70934784

Painted some Spooks.

>> No.70934789

Might just be hear-say, like how people over inflate their troop numbers both in dramas and real history.

>> No.70934801

Deathwatch were such a retarded idea for a faction. "They're like Space Marines, but take everything that makes Space Marines unique and amp it up. But don't amp it up too much, we need to do Custodes too."

>> No.70934802

why wouldn't you want to run 120 cultist?

>> No.70934804

I haven't played a game yet because I'm not happy with how army composition works. I don't even know what other people at the shop play.
I'm stuck between not wanting to be shit and wanting to use the units that I like and not using the units that I don't like.

>> No.70934807

You can't have everything anon.

>> No.70934810

>Wildboyz - Though the majority of Orks will never venture far from their tribe, there are those strange few who are driven to explore, compelled to do so even in preference to fighting.
>Such pioneers will seek out the deepest jungles or most arid deserts, where most creatures would struggle to survive at all.
i want to make an army of exploring orks now

>> No.70934816

>Do 10 man CSM squads have any place in the game?
Not really. Makes them vulnerable to morale, and they don't really do enough to be worth spending single-target buffs like spells or stratagems on them. If you want to meme with big marines squads, go all the way to 20 and try to catch people with the Red Corsairs Spikey Tide strat.

>> No.70934820

So you're hypothetically stressing yourself out about maybe scenarios? Anon just go play and see how things feel.

>> No.70934823

how do you know you're gonna get tabled turn 2 if you've never played a game yet
if you go there and say you're a beginner, they'll either be an asshole who tables you turn 2 (in which case you've learned they're an asshole and never play them again) or they'll give you a fun game

>> No.70934826

I'm looking at older codices and they had what I wanted. I'm certain that I would have fun in editions other than 8th. I don't like how everyone can take everything.

>> No.70934830

So you're telling me you haven't even played a game and you're bitching this much? Christ.

>> No.70934833


>> No.70934838

looking good mate

>> No.70934841

Hammers of Emperor

>> No.70934843

Pretty common for people here to endlessly bitch yet never play.

>> No.70934846

>how do you know you're gonna get tabled turn 2 if you've never played a game yet
Because I read what other people say about the game and certain units

>> No.70934857

Those are some nice spooks, anon.

>> No.70934858

I don't think anyone here actually plays. It's the only way everyone could have such bugfuck retarded ideas about how the game actually works.

>> No.70934874


>White dude
>Snow base

You just liked the colors huh?

>> No.70934875

8th doesn't let everyone have everything they want. They basically let one faction per book get everything, everyone else has to make do.

>> No.70934882

Hint hint: not everyone irl plays optimized lists and if your skill at the game is any decent then you'll win with "mediocre/bad" units (or lose even with the strongest and safest list if you're bad). Literally just play with whatever you have and get the feel of the game and slowly work from your current list into whatever works for you instead of relying on netlists and hear-say from random faggots online.

>> No.70934884

I'm getting that impression too. Then there are the people that talk so much about playing but still have retarded ideas and I can't tell anymore. Who plays, who lies, who watches bat reps and pretends that's their game knowledge, who knows the math and assumes that all units exist in a vacuum.

>> No.70934886

Huron's a natural leader and strategist. Dude's also got a pretty open policy for who can join his merry band of murderers and thieves. It's no surprise that other renegade chapters would throw their lot in with him and get safety in numbers, especially when he's got a proven track record of success.

Huron is the leader of CSM we should have gotten over Abaddon.

>> No.70934892

why would you believe anything on here
why don't you believe me when i say that everything will be alright

>> No.70934893

Nice, but aren't Celestial Lions like all black?

>> No.70934903

No I mean like how in the 3.5 codex there were restrictions on what legions could take how many of certain units.

>> No.70934904

8E is tricky, because you can take practically anything you want, but there's exactly one way to take a given army in order to not be shit. SM are the exception.

7E in contrast had one way to start a given army, but you could then go in any direction you wanted and at least be decent.

>> No.70934910

To be fair: you can play AND have retarded ideas. Remember pic related?

>> No.70934915

>I read what other people say about the game
Nobody here actually plays the game and and an LGS isn't filled with the best of the best players. Sometimes you could be fighting against little Timmy and his THICC paint ultramarines who can't actually finish a game because his mom picks him up early

>> No.70934916

Huron is a badass, but he needs a cooler paint scheme for his warband.

>> No.70934918

I've seen the vulnerable to morale" comment a few times. Is it because a small unit just gets wiped instead of needing to test for morale? And would a single 20 man mob be worth taking in a red corsairs detatchment just for the 'run in, get gibbed, come back" strategem? My gut says no.

The scavenged was the best I could come up with too, but sounds cheesy to me. I like the idea of the Phoenix company as a name, but the color scheme is blue primary... Worth noting this group is supposed to be more like "what if marines gathered, red corsairs style, but became a mercenary/PMC blob instead of demon worshipping loonies?" Kinda like, y'know, like early american idealism. Give me your poor, your hungry, your huddled masses. I will give them food, guns, and a purpose.
The reforged? The collected? The broken phoenix?

>> No.70934924

True true.

>> No.70934926

The only legion restriction in 8th is that World Eaters and Emperor's Children can't take certain units.

>> No.70934928

Oh. The codex that everyone jumped into Iron Warriors for and no one really played anything else competitively thus proving my point that GW only makes one good subfaction choice per book.

>> No.70934940

>if your skill at the game is any decent then you'll win with "mediocre/bad" units
Only true if everyone else is A, not playing Space Marines, and B, makes fluffball lists (even then, there's a pretty decent chance that a fluffball IG or Tau list will stomp your dick off). As soon as anyone brings an even somewhat decent list, they're going to crush you if you don't optimize back. If someone's playing nuMarines, you might as well throw in the towel unless you're going to go full try-hard.

>> No.70934945

SM are the exception because they have TWO ways to take an army that isn't shit: Raven Guard and Iron Hands.

And Iron Hands are still better.

>> No.70934953

To be fair they had those restrictions on Death Guard and Thousand Sons and then just stripped out the stuff they couldn't take when they updated them into their own books.

>> No.70934956

they're just rhodies and suthies

>> No.70934960

My point is that I would prefer if I just didn't get the choice to use cultists outside of Alpha Legion

>> No.70934964

SMs are in pretty good position to do whatever they want due to how their doctrines work and the million chapter bonuses and other extras they got. Thankfully they still die as easy, but you know.

>> No.70934985

Based thighs poster

>> No.70934993

Which would be fucking retarded. Especially since using Cultists is a common tactic for Word Bearers and Iron Warriors.

>> No.70935002

What went wrong?

>> No.70935005

> I'm not happy with how army composition works.


>> No.70935007

I just want there to be a significant difference between legions outside of str*tagems

>> No.70935010

It's called Legion Traits and leaning into what those do best.

You know, instead of needing a fucking hand holding on how to play a fluffy army.

>> No.70935013


Classic Rhodesian names like Ekene Dubaku.

>> No.70935018

Same thing with paint; the internet scares you into thinking you'll be judged by the best painters in the world and then you're in a game with peanut butter maulerfiend

>> No.70935020

Welcome to 40kg: opinions on game balance from people who don't, and probably never will, play.

>> No.70935024

Now that the dust has settled was it really that bad?

>> No.70935026

>just basecoat and wash the faces bro

>> No.70935031

I was referring to anon's company of space boers, not saying that about the entire space nignog chapter

>> No.70935035

Basically, yeah. A smaller unit is more likely to just get wiped. A bigger unit can be almost wiped and then run from morale. The way guns are locked into firing at a single unit also means there are occasions were a gun will massively overkill a 5 man unit but would be adequate-killiness for a bigger unit. Think like a Leman Russ Punisher shooting 40 S5 shots, or a Thunderfire Cannon that spikes the number of shots.

More smaller units also means more slots filled in detachments which means more CP.

As to the Red Corsairs thing, not really. Even more vulnerable to morale, and it's not like killing 20 T4 3+ bodies is particularly hard. Their offensive output isn't even that impressive.

>> No.70935039

Honestly I'd be shocked if an adult person brought that out in a game with me and would even offer to repaint it for them because looking at it offends me.
God I am such a retard.

>> No.70935041

>not using helmets

>> No.70935043

that's a very chaotic color design

>> No.70935053

>SM literally one of the toughest armies in the game
>hehe, at least they still die easily
Confirmed for non-player.

>> No.70935058

Wtf is that Eldar shooting? Why is the marine just ignoring her?

>> No.70935060

Legion traits are fucking meaningless and forgettable. Only renegades have good traits, but renegades each only have one special warlord trait, relic, and stratagem each, as opposed to the legions, who have a page of each.

>> No.70935063


>> No.70935070

>have some of the coolest helmets in the game
>uses bare heads so can complain more
why must it be this way

>> No.70935071

It's been fun watching 8E crash and burn so hard that people realize that 7E was actually pretty great. Literally the only improvements that 8E has left are the removal of templates and vehicle facings.

>> No.70935073

8th edition and primaris marines are so gay & bad that it makes the designers quit instantly so they shelved the project until 40k becomes good again.

>> No.70935080

I already explained that I don't like how every legion can take anything in any amount

>> No.70935083

>7E was actually pretty great
Yeah, no.
I encourage everyone to try playing 7E so that it can stay dead and buried for the shit edition that it was.

>> No.70935087

Prepping to repaint my rearmed crisis suits to fight alongside my FSE in painted unison.

>> No.70935088

That doesn't change the fact that they're intended to give you a guide post of what to lean into to play the fluffy army.

>> No.70935097

>the removal of templates and vehicle facings.
I think that removing those was a bad decision. I don't like that my vindicator can somehow fire at any angle.

>> No.70935101

>8th edition and primaris marines are so gay & bad that it makes the designers die instantly

>> No.70935110

Um juuuudge, anon is cheating. His vindicator is .'1 off from firing angle and it's unfair!

>> No.70935111

There's not really a niche for them mechanically. They're basically Imperial Guard with BS3+ and Sv 4+.

>> No.70935112

I wanna kiss these thighs
What are these bad boys gonna count as? GK Paladins?

>> No.70935113

Sadly this was the only shot I saved from the thread. Some anon with fingerpaint thousand sons was getting bullied for this and his rubrics in the general a few weeks ago because he kept insisting that it "just basecoated" and "highlighting the gold was hard"

>> No.70935114

Horus Heresy is extremely good though

>> No.70935115

That's because you're a bitch who can't play fluffy armies without being told how to play fluffy armies. Your lone brain cell must get cold at night.

>> No.70935119

How exactly do they do that? What the fuck is Profane Zeal leading you into? Picking a better army?

>> No.70935126

>Marines vs Marines is really good

>> No.70935127

If everything was on square bases it'd been fine but that went away years ago.

>> No.70935129

Currently the only massive problem is SM 2.0 throwing the entire meta out of whack. Outside of that having regular rule errata's is nice and non-SM match ups being relatively healthy.

>> No.70935131

Hold on a sec, I'll post a low effort reply once I get done shunting all your Lascannon hits off of my unkillable Leviathan Dreadnought onto a nearby squad of infantry on the other side of a wall with Cogitated Martyrdom.

>> No.70935134

Why the fuck do you care what other people take? What the fuck does it matter to you?

Can you think of an actual reason why every legion can't field anything, you fucking worthless secondary?

>> No.70935137

You're not supposed to ejaculate on the bases m8

>> No.70935140

Just do not play against those people
Do not play tournaments

>> No.70935148

What they intended and what they gave us are very fucking different things, anon.

>> No.70935151

I like squares for fantasy because it keeps a nice unit cohesion with how the units are positioned and intended to be fileded, but neither AoS nor 40k are really built around it outside of maybe Tau as every unit is more of an individual.

>> No.70935153

That was because it kept what was ruining 7E out of it, other than that it still it still had to deal with a cumbersome rule framework.
The second HH gets good 8E rules i'm pulling all my armies out of storage.

>> No.70935156

Because if I couldn't take cultists then I wouldn't be constantly told to swap my CSM for cultists. Duh.
Whenever I make a fluffy list I am told that it's shit and that I should redo it.

>> No.70935158

Yeah exactly they got rid of all the gayest shit and kept the one thing they can balance.

>> No.70935159

If everything was on square bases it'd been fine but that went away years ago.

I'd guess they intended Word Bearers to go horde.

But yeah, to a better army.

>> No.70935161

So your problem with 8th is just Iron Hands?

>> No.70935165

Templates and vehicle facings were just too much trouble to adjudicate in a game where shit is constantly being nudged and moved and bumped and everything is being eyeballed by two dudes standing three feet away and on opposite sides of a table. In a hundred years when everything is VR tables and a computer can just draw lines through VRspace to show you where the facings are, sure. Right now? Fuck no.

>> No.70935167

Why do you care if some faggot on 4chan calls your list "shit"?
Find out what kind of local you have, stop caring about opinion of people who don't even play.

>> No.70935173

Well then stop asking competitive players for feedback on your fluff lists, or just give up on the idea of playing fluffy if what you want is to win most of your games.

>> No.70935175

Because if I paint up an entire army and then it's gutter trash I'm going to be quite steamed

>> No.70935177

>Because if I couldn't take cultists then I wouldn't be constantly told to swap my CSM for cultists. Duh.

So don't take cultists, you fucking piss coloured cum buble.

>> No.70935178

>everyone hating on marines
why not just play against someone that isn't using marines

>> No.70935182

I'm sure your mother thinks the same about you.

>> No.70935184

Then don't play 40k at all, just fuck off. If you can't love /yourdudes/ for being /yourdudes/ then this game is not for you.

>> No.70935187

Then I'm going to lose every time due to CP starvation
I don't want to win every game, I want a solid 50/50 of winning.

>> No.70935188

Can thousand sons plus renegades and heretics pull off a decent gunline?

>> No.70935196

The amount of randomness they added to things like shot quantity is abhorrent game design.

>> No.70935199

The problem is that almost everyone and their mother has some marines, and since they're good everyone pulled them out of storage.

>> No.70935200

>Why not play against something other than most popular army bar none
I mean there's only one Marine player in my local who always loved Raptors, so I don't care, but you know how silly this sounds? Marines alone make up for over 50% of GW sales.

>> No.70935201

The character targeting rules have caused issues since day one. Those Assassin spam meme armies were cancer, and even today people get salty from units in melee blocking off characters on the other side of the board.

Unhittable Eldar (and other Fliers) blocking off movement is gay as fuck, and even with the FAQ change to let you move through them it's a massive pain in the ass having a handful of football sized ovals blocking you off.

SM2.0 just made things too unbearable for the competitive scene to pretend things were alright. Unkillable Riptides, various gunline alpha striking you off the table, etc have been unfun scourges in casual circles for ages.

>> No.70935214

For starters stop asking the fucking INTERNET for help on what to play. Look at your local meta, then look at your fucking codex and then figure it out on your own or ask people you play with for ideas.

You know, actually go outside and talk to real fucking people instead of being a bitch on the internet.

>> No.70935219

Renegades and Heretics are not going to be in the game for much longer.
I am trying to, but everything gets in the way of making them my dudes. The rules make using CSM unviable. The LGS doesn't allow forgeworld units (all of the ones that I like are going to get squatted soon anyway). The HQs that I like got softsquatted via Legends.

>> No.70935220

Renegades and Heretics are the worst army in the game. They don't even have a codex, just an incredibly dated and shitty index from when the edition first hit.

No, just give me a minute, I need to resolve another round of shooting at those CHE with -2 to hit. I'll get some 6's eventually.

>> No.70935221

nigga, DON'T wash the faces, it goes into the recesses and makes lines show up and shit.

>> No.70935222

I'll be honest, it's probably my autism but the better an army is the less I want to play that army and the more I like to play counter-meta to that army so I can spike them into the dirt when they least expect it.

>> No.70935231

Now that Russes are 137 points it's not bad. Basilisks aren't bad either. Not great though. You're probably better off adding CSM shooting stuff instead.

>> No.70935233

A crying shame really as I loved the old models and the idea was really cool.

>> No.70935235

>Forgeworld being banned
lmao what shithole lgs or gw store you attend?

>> No.70935236

I understand you. When GSC first got their 8th codex, I immediately lost interest in them. Then when Vigilus dropped, I immediately gained interest in the Scourged.

>> No.70935237

compared to to snap shots and scatter dice memes i don't really mind the random shot numbers, it also got rid of the 2" spaceing autism.
it's also nice being able to pick Warlord traits and Psychic powers rather than hoping you roll good.

>> No.70935240

I thought you hot glue models to the base before priming to make them luckier and improve dice rolls....?

>> No.70935243

Supposedly they are too unbalanced. I am going to ask about scrapping that ban when the GW books drop. That is, of course, if they don't massacre all of the units I liked.

>> No.70935245

Yeah i get that it was nice having my sallies in the sun for a few weeks, but i pretty quickly went back to chaos.

>> No.70935251

What store is it, anon.
What country and/or state you in?

>> No.70935252


>> No.70935253

Anything to make my necrons more competitive?

Dynasty Choice
. Dynasty: Sautekh

+ HQ +

Cryptek [5 PL, 95pts]: Chronometron, Staff of Light

Overlord [6 PL, 100pts]: Artefact: Sempiternal Weave, Resurrection Orb, Voidscythe
. Warlord: Warlord Trait (Sautekh): Hyperlogical Strategist

+ Troops +

Immortals [8 PL, 150pts]: 10x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

Immortals [8 PL, 150pts]: 10x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

Immortals [8 PL, 150pts]: 10x Immortal, Tesla Carbine

+ Elites +

Lychguard [16 PL, 260pts]: Hyperphase Sword and Dispersion Shield, 10x Lychguard

+ Heavy Support +

Doomsday Ark [10 PL, 160pts]

Doomsday Ark [10 PL, 160pts]

+ Flyer +

Doom Scythe [11 PL, 150pts]

++ Outrider Detachment +1CP (Necrons) [40 PL, 623pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Dynasty Choice
. Dynasty: Sautekh

+ HQ +

Cryptek [5 PL, 85pts]: Canoptek Cloak, Staff of Light

+ Elites +

Triarch Praetorians [8 PL, 100pts]: Rod of Covenant, 5x Triarch Praetorian

+ Fast Attack +

Canoptek Wraiths [9 PL, 138pts]
. 3x Canoptek Wraith (Whip Coils): 3x Whip Coils

Destroyers [9 PL, 150pts]
. 3x Destroyer: 3x Gauss Cannon

Destroyers [9 PL, 150pts]
. 3x Destroyer: 3x Gauss Cannon

++ Total: [122 PL, 3CP, 1,998pts] ++

>> No.70935254

>Then I'm going to lose every time due to CP starvation

You don't even know what the fuck you are talking about, you cock juggling thunder-cunt

You clearly just don't understand the game. You take Cultists because it takes a couple of turns to chew through them. It doesn't have shit to do with CP. CSM barely have any strategems worth stacking CP for.

>> No.70935261

Snap Shots and scatter dice are 1000% times better than rolling d6 shots on your Leman Russ.
You got me on the warlord traits and psychic powers though, I wish they would drop the randomness from that asap.

>> No.70935263

Oh shit, what area?

>> No.70935264

That was the basic idea, 4 point 40 per squad guardsmen and psychic support from thousand sons, plus stick a brazier on an elite to give your basilisks reroll on damage

>> No.70935265

Back in 5th I was hammering Death Company and Draigowing armies into the dirt with melta spamming Sisters of Battle. When you have more than double the model count and lots of S8 weapons FnP and durability didn't matter as much.

These days work prevents me from playing regularly so I haven't had a chance to really get games in, but cracking Marine armies again sounds like fun.

>> No.70935268

>It doesn't have shit to do with CP.
But I can't easily do 3 battalions with CSM troops.
I will not dox myself or the store I play at.

>> No.70935272


>> No.70935274

This, servitor hordes should be cheap fodder to represent a manufactorum under attack using the workforce out of desperation.

>> No.70935280

>. You take Cultists because it takes a couple of turns to chew through them.
Lolwut. Cultists die to a stiff breeze.

> CSM barely have any strategems worth stacking CP for.
Prior to SM2.0 we had the best strats in the game. Even now, Endless Cacophany and VotLW are crazy strong.

>> No.70935288

>> No.70935289

Why do they even cost so much, not counting the obvious weapon costs.

>> No.70935291

Tons of Black Legion marines joined him after realizing Abbadon is an incompetent jobber

>> No.70935295

>plus stick a brazier on an elite to give your basilisks reroll on damage
You might want to check the new FAQ.

>> No.70935301

>But I can't easily do 3 battalions with CSM troops

By troops you mean Cultists, or Marines?

>> No.70935314

"CSM troops" means CSM as troops. As in, the unit called "Chaos Space Marines".
I am beginning to understand why GW calls the faction "Heretic Astartes" now.

>> No.70935328

Heeey, are you calling me a retard?
I'll have you know people often comment about how smart I am!

>> No.70935342

You can easily do 3 battalions with marines, you fucking camel spit sucker.

Are you trying to take squads of 20 or something?

>> No.70935348

Honestly dealing with characters in 7e was a lot more cancer when you had the 2+ look out sir, but dealing with character is defiantly an army by army basis.
>Eldar and Space marine having easy access to character targeting weapons
>Chaos marine and Daemons only having short range psychic powers

If you are getting shot off the board t1 i defiantly want to see what type of board you are playing on, and the "unkillable" riptide still has counter play.
SM2.0 now just does almost what every other codex does but better, especially the unkillable dreadnought strat.

>> No.70935352

And ironically this is less retarded than the Tau one that vents right into the cockpit.

>> No.70935357

But then I can't take the bigger stuff
CSM are expensive
>squads of 20

>> No.70935366

Well if I ever do a sneaky Marine chapter I'm definitely giving them some stealth banners.

>> No.70935370

Are you kidding me just as I had an idea for an army. Guess I'm glad I didn't start building it.

>> No.70935380

To be fair, most things are less retarded than the Tau are.

>> No.70935383

>If you are getting shot off the board t1 i defiantly want to see what type of board you are playing on
Nigger, GW literally doesn't sell LoS blocking terrain, and very, very few shops have enough to block more than one or two characters or maybe a small vehicle.

>> No.70935384

Take them in squads of 5 you barrel of monkey spunk.

There. All your problems have been solved. Now fuck off.

>> No.70935393

If you really thought that wasn't going to get FAQ'd, you're a moron. Literally every other buffing relic/spell/trait in RotD cared about Cult affiliation.

>> No.70935396

You can buy some cheap ass trees for model railroads that block LoS pretty well when set up in clump.

>> No.70935402

>Take them in squads of 5 you barrel of monkey spunk.
I already have a squad of 10 modeled with only one aspiring champion.

>> No.70935405

Second try at painting a model, last time I dry brushed the whole thing and my layers were way too thick. Is this still to thick? Tried diluting it but it's struggling to get opaque after a few layers in the center. Using balthazar gold.

>> No.70935406

No, they really don't. Nobody has dense enough forests to fully block LoS (because if they did, it'd be impossible to put models in them and it would take up a massive area).

>> No.70935412

Are the chaos books the only ones left that still limit the army trait to infantry, characters, bikers, and dreadnoughts?

>> No.70935417

It's abit thicc, but you can work with this to give it proper worn texture and then add some post-shading.

>> No.70935418

I mean, my main army is custodes and they can give buffs to other imperium infantry. Or the new bullgryn stratagem that hits all imperium infantry.

>> No.70935419

Yes. Also, cultists do not receive a trait and are exempt from some stratagems.

>> No.70935425

I think AdMech might be limited.

>> No.70935438

Not my problem fucko. It's your own fault you fucked up your overpriced and underpowered squad.

You have your solution. Either take it or shove all 10 models in your ass and jump out a four storey window.

Your choice.

>> No.70935439

I think part of it is having the can too close while priming. Going to try another spot where I primed better see how it turns out.

>> No.70935441

So you were a moron. You thought literally every other rule they gave Thousand Sons limited itself to only affecting other <Cult> units, except the Brazier, which would actually affect everything.

>> No.70935451

You're not using the right kind of tree then anon. You want model pine trees. You can get them with plastic bases too. My old FLGS had basically a bin full of them.

That or just talk to your opponent about the terrain and make agreements on what will and won't block LoS before you deploy.

>> No.70935460

>what are bastions and containers
Hell even the new stuff blocks plenty of LOS.
you must be living in some poverty stricken dung hole if you store barely has any terrain, even in the land of price gouging Straya our store have plenty of terrain.

>> No.70935461

But you're intended to build them in squads of 10.

>> No.70935468

>other armies have an option or two that effect other factions
>somehow going off precedence is illogical
Okay pal

>> No.70935472

I thought I was autistic, but compared to you anon I look pretty fucking normal.

>> No.70935474

Will literally never get a dense enough screen to actually block LoS without making an unplayable mess. Especially not with that gap at the bottom.

>just house rule it
And you lose the argument. You're no longer playing Warhammer 40,000.

>> No.70935481

I'm just trying to come up with excuses so that I don't have to rip apart my CSM for the third time

>> No.70935485





>> No.70935499

Okay, I'm done talking about this.
I'm using 5 chaos spawn, is that bad?

>> No.70935502

>You're no longer playing Warhammer 40,000.

Dog that's the only fucking way to play 40k. That's the way it's always been. Nobody plays the vanilla game without adding in some spicy homebrew. It's impossible to play 40k vanilla. It's too boring.

>> No.70935510

I always felt like hit modifiers on roids, especially stopping the ability to directly target with templates. I would defiantly prefer 2d3 shots to be more prevalent, but at least with guard you have the cadian and catachan ways of getting more reliable d6 shots on your tanks.

>> No.70935512

That gap is less than an inch tall and if it's got a plastic. They don't have to block 100% of LoS, but scattering clumps around like you would ruins (say, 5 clumps arranged in an X with one in the middle) does a fair job breaking up the board.

>> No.70935522

>Snapshots were

>> No.70935529

Yes. They suck.

>> No.70935531

There is literally a podcast with one of the dev team members saying that players have full right to modify the base game for the sake of making the game more fun to play. As long as you're not doing it to screw over your opponent unfairly it's fully in the spirit of fair play and good sportsmanship too.

>> No.70935532

>They don't have to block 100% of LoS
That's literally the only way to block LoS.

Does anyone here actually play 40k or is it just shitposters pretending?

>> No.70935542

But they seem very powerful. And they would be fun to model.
What about a defiler? Is that good?

>> No.70935549

if it's got a plastic base that gap is non-existant*

Apparently trying to explain the concept of terrain to idiots on the internet is making my go cross-eyed again.

I meant they don't have to create an impenetrable wall no one can see through from anywhere on the board. Just lay them out in lines and that'll do most of the work.

>> No.70935554

>just trust me bro, someone technically employed by GW at one point made a remark on some podcast this one time
Get absoutely fucked. If your argument for why 8E is totally fine is to admit is sucks ass and to start changing shit yourself, you've conceded the only point I cared about.

>> No.70935556

Hell you can see some "official" tournaments with modified rules too.

>> No.70935560

Some anons like myself are just new, I just bought my first model today.

>> No.70935566


Official GW podcast.

>> No.70935572

It's fine. It isn't great and it isn't terrible. Expensive though.

>> No.70935574

Like the entirety of ITC.

It used to be in the main rulebook as well.

>> No.70935589

What if I told you that I'm running it with the autocannon and twin heavy flamer

>> No.70935591

>he didn't magnetize
What the fuck are you doing mate?

>> No.70935611

Once again, it is just alright. Probably get shot off the board by turn 2.

>> No.70935617

By what? I read the phrase "shot off the board by turn 2" a lot but no one ever explains what it means.

>> No.70935623

This is the unfortunate conclusion to most things if you just bring 1 of them.

>> No.70935624

Literally what it sounds like. People will focus fire on it so hard that it'll be amazing to live to the end of turn 2.

>> No.70935628

Nobody actually said that though

>> No.70935632

This. Basically this problem is why a lot of lists are full of redundant spam.

>> No.70935635

It means that people will destroy your model or models quickly. Some things will always take more fire than others. A single Defiler is not hard to kill and is likely to be targeted first knowing that it has dangerous weapons and hits hard in melee.

>> No.70935638

So why would I bring anything big? I hate 8th. I don't fucking want to use cultists FUCK FUCK FUCK

>> No.70935647

Reminder: you can't lose at the game if you never play, and the bonus reward is that you can endlessly bitch on 4chan about your armies' balance vs others without actually playing.

>> No.70935661

This is why TLOS is trash.

>> No.70935667


>> No.70935669

It means that by the end of Turn 2, your opponent will have killed it. It is incredibly likely.

>> No.70935673

Yes they did. There was a guy here a couple of days ago insisting the SoB heads are fine if you just basecoat and wash.

>> No.70935686


>> No.70935688

>I hate 8th

How do you know if you've never played? How do you know you don't love 8th?

You have no frame of reference to hate anything about the game, because you've never played.

>> No.70935690

I know, but what fucking guns can kill a massive daemon engine that quickly? What kind of units should I get if I want actually strong monsters/vehicles?

>> No.70935692

Bringing big things is not the issue, the problem is bringing 1 big thing. If your only big heavy hitting unit is 1 defiler then your opponent knows right away what to shoot.

>> No.70935695

parroting what he hears from others is all he has now

>> No.70935696


>> No.70935700

Because I read older codices and rules and they seem much more appealing and well-made. 8th seems like it was designed to be as free and loose as possible and I don't like it. I operate best under restrictions.

>> No.70935703

TLOS is for powergamers

>> No.70935704

You don't bring 1 big thing, you bring 2 or 3.

Seriously, why the fuck are you so hung up on spamming cultists or not spamming cultists?

My recommendation is figure out what you want to bring the most. Figure out what tricks you want in your army to run on in order to win games and put them into your army firsts (be they stand alone units or power pairs) then fill in the rest of your points with things you need to cover the things the engine of your army can't do.

Every line of sight based mechanic is going to have issues. TLoS is the easiest one for new players to pick up though as they don't have to deal with stuff like assigned model volumes and the like.

>> No.70935707

There's a phrase called "target saturation". It means you bring a lot of threats so that your opponent doesn't have a clear idea of what needs to die first. Doing this means that he has no good target to kill that can cripple your army. Redundancy is a good way to do target saturation, multiple units that fill a threatening role are good too. For instance, if you have Mortarion and a Knight Dispoiler, both are hard hitting units that need to die, but he has to make the decision of which model to focus fire which leaves the other to do lots of work.

I don't know why you keep focusing on Cultists, you don't need to bring them. Just don't bring 1 of anything big and scary, instead bring 3 or bring a variety of scary units that need to die.


>> No.70935718

It's an okay table top paint job if you're in a hurry, but I'd pick out the cheekbones, nose, browline and chin with some highlights.

And maybe paint the eyes.

>> No.70935723

Well he was clearly fucking retarded. You need to work to make cute girl faces, no matter how bad/good the sculpt is

>> No.70935727

Monsters aren't strong. The only large models that have any real staying power are Knights, and they still have a tendency to get shot off the board very quickly.

Now just shut the fuck up and take Cultist blobs you sniveling sack of shit.

>> No.70935728

and yet you never played the game so have no way on actually knowing

>> No.70935729

Most people want more options not less. Face it, you're the minority group no one will pander to. If you want restrictions make your own.

>> No.70935731

Alright side 2. The thickness seems about right but the coverage isn't very good.

>> No.70935737

Because your not creative? Use fucking CSM if you want. Unless everyone you play is playing competitively and you don't build your whole army out of basic troop CSM you should be able to build something playable.

>> No.70935743

This. Female faces require more effort to make look good than makes due to the softer features and generally softer contrast.

It's why GW's female faces tend to look bad, they're painted exactly like male faces.

>> No.70935746

It's not free and loose. You're psyching yourself out with incorrect assumptions. Take your favorite units, bring at least 2 of your favorite things and just have fun. Most people are terrible and most people bring whatever they have.

>> No.70935754

The fact that you don't understand why something like a defiler would be a high priority target demonstrates a complete lack of context for these rules.

How can you say you prefer the older rules if you don't even know why the old rules sucked, and also why the new rules suck?

>> No.70935757

If coverage isn't good just give it a second coat (and keep it thin).

>> No.70935759

>Seriously, why the fuck are you so hung up on spamming cultists or not spamming cultists?
Because I look at things methodically and every time I come to the conclusion that more cheap units always trumps fewer expensive units. It's a mathematical fact.
>My recommendation is figure out what you want to bring the most.
I want to use obliterators, daemon engines, and chaos spawn. The problem is that defilers are extremely large and take a long time to build and paint.
Nay, creativity flourishes under restriction.

>> No.70935764

True, but that's fine. Just do some shading and weathering after detailing and panel lining; and it'll look fine.

>> No.70935771

The hobby is not a rush anon, just run your army as is and slowly add defilers to it as you build them.

>> No.70935775

I need more SoB thighs
Especially on my face

>> No.70935787

I feel that I will lose interest by painting multiple of the exact same thing.

>> No.70935791

>Nay, creativity flourishes under restriction.

Then why are you complaing about this one specific army build when everybody is giving you alternatives?

You don't seem very creative to me. If you were, you wouldn't need us telling you how to play your fucking army, you Autistic wastoid.

>> No.70935795

This hobby is a marathon, not a sprint. Start with a small force and gradually add more to it, don't go all in on a 2k list and expect to be good at the game tomorrow.

Also play some damn games before you spend all your time bitching online about cultists.

>> No.70935797

Then this isn't the hobby for you.

Trains are probably more your style.

>> No.70935798

Why the Astra Militarum is so weak, I could beat them all with my nailgun!

>> No.70935803

As an Imperial Fists player I take offense to that fuckwit being put in the same category as myself. He's gone full Perturabo. You never go full Perturabo.

>> No.70935804

It can be helpful to first do a layer or two of brown and then to the gold over that. Gold often has very weak pigment.

>> No.70935805

So don't paint and model them in exact same way every time and space it out with other models in between?

>> No.70935810

Infinite height virtual LOS is superior.

>> No.70935812

He said it was Alph so a recast

>> No.70935814


No it's just that you can't really customize a defiler. Obliterators and Spawn are extremely easy to customize. All of the parts on a defiler are too large. You can't replace the claws. You can't replace the guns (I tried using dreadnought and helbrute weapons, they're too small).

>> No.70935816

Right. Plan is to run a layer of gehenna gold over top, so with that done hopefully it'll look a bit less tarnished.
That is the second coat.

>> No.70935823

So if there is something with infinite height how does indirect fire go over it?

>> No.70935831

Sounds like a convertlet excuse.

>> No.70935837

Okay. You aren't proposing any way to make it work.

>> No.70935841

Learn to kitbash. Or get creative with your units. Valrak did a whole Last Wall Fists army so each unit is themed around a different Fist successor for example. You can make a warband based on different legions or renegade chapters fighting together for example.

>> No.70935844

I play DG. Almost all my strategems are shit. I only use the reroll strategem and the auto-blow up vehicle one.

>> No.70935861

>Learn to kitbash
Tried that.

>> No.70935862

Don't forget Vets

>> No.70935865

Plasticard and shut the fuck up.

If someone can make a stompa out of a Mister Potato Head, plasticard and some cardboard you can at least be a bit more creative with your Defilers.

>> No.70935866

When are we getting a pdf for the greater good pa?

>> No.70935873

what sisters of battle units havent been released yet? the seraphim?

i think thats it?

>> No.70935876

You have a strat that lets an entire unit chuck grenades. And one that defends against shooting.

Keep trying fuck nugget. It's not a skill you master overnight.

When the book comes out on Saturday presumably.

>> No.70935877

are you fucking retarded, it comes out next weekend.

>> No.70935886

>collecting sisters
Lol faggot

>> No.70935894

I can't find plasticard anywhere. I looked at craft stores all across multiple counties. Not sure how that would make a dreadnought lascannon magically big enough to fit on a defiler anyway.
>Keep trying fuck nugget. It's not a skill you master overnight.
What do you mean? You just stick the bits on and glue them. Maybe cut them a bit. But you can't fit anything on anything.

>> No.70935899

Cloud of Flies is good
Veterans is good
Blight Bombardment is good
I like the healing one for Typhus and I like the exploding once per game one
I also like the blasphemous engines one for PBCs.

>> No.70935902

>collecting an army of women
Checks out. Clearly space marines are the most hetero option.

>> No.70935906

Perty is more creative than anon come on now. He figured out how to get Angron back to into the heresy

>> No.70935911

Could order some on amazon by searching for pla plates and plasti cards.

>> No.70935912

Google. Two fucking seconds. https://www.amazon.com/Litko-Game-Accessories-Plasticard-Variety/dp/B00MR5EIN6

>> No.70935913

You can literally buy plasticard on amazon

>> No.70935915

I don't use credit cards. Ever.

>> No.70935920

Yeah, but they're both whiny manchildren.

Buy an Amazon giftcard (you can get one using cash) and then use that to make your order stupid.

>> No.70935921

You can go to the store and buy amazon giftcards

>> No.70935926

I didn't know that those existed

>> No.70935936

i just like the idea of religious fanatics

>> No.70935937

That's because you're probably fucking 10.

>> No.70935947


>> No.70935952

you do know that you can use credit cards without using the credit right

>> No.70935955

So you're just sheltered and don't know your ass from your elbow then.

>> No.70935961

why does tartaros look so puny in this one? angle and lack of waist unlike the TS one?

>> No.70935967

I used it on poxwalkers for some lols, but I don't run Blightlord Termies anymore.

The nade chucking one is for memes with the Biologus thinger.
Cloud of Flies is pretty decent come to think of it, next time I'll probably use it on a pox blob capping an objective to prevent it from being targeted by mortar.

>> No.70935972

Or just get a prepaid visa

>> No.70935973

Pretty much.

>> No.70935982

You don't have to go nuts with meme builds, but never discount the basic utility of the ability to mass throw grenades.

>> No.70935985

I don't use them by principle. Nothing can sway my opinion on them. I also do not gamble or rent things. Those are my 3 money convictions.
I don't look around at stores. I go directly to what I need and purchase it.

>> No.70935995

This is too autistic for me, I am out.

>> No.70936000

>I don't look around at stores. I go directly to what I need and purchase it.

Because you have Autism.

>> No.70936005

Okay. I consider it efficiency.

>> No.70936017

your principle is shit then. you should have good principles that are applicable to the real world.

>> No.70936018

>I don't use them by principle. Nothing can sway my opinion on them. I also do not gamble or rent things. Those are my 3 money convictions.
If you have a debit card with a credit card symbol (like VISA) you can use it to make online purchases without owning a credit card.

>I don't look around at stores. I go directly to what I need and purchase it.
So you're saying you're extremely antisocial and prone to self isolation and yet you want to play a game that requires social interaction and being in public. Good fucking luck.

>> No.70936022

Spoken like a true iron warrior.
dumb autist

>> No.70936036

>So you're saying you're extremely antisocial and prone to self isolation
No, if I enter a store looking for a product that I do not know the whereabouts of, I immediately ask an employee where it is. I need not dawdle.

>> No.70936037

>not being able to stand the generals autism

>> No.70936041

>refuses to carry a card

>> No.70936052

I don't understand how wasting time is supposed to be a good thing.
Do not conflate convenience with efficiency. They often clash.

>> No.70936053

Hold on, how are you going to make large purchases or get married without a proper credit score? You know no one will approve you for a house loan.

>> No.70936055

What should i take for a fluffy Iron Hands army?
Got a 2000pt game coming up against a friend and we agreed to use thematic lists.

>> No.70936062

>Interceptors can move 24" with Edict Imperator

>> No.70936071

I already own a house. I am morally against the concept of taking out loans anyway. If I don't have the money for something, I do not purchase it.
I think that credit cards/scores are the second-greatest scam ever invented, after bottled water.
We are digressing from the point of this thread.

>> No.70936074

Obliterators and a Disco Lord

>> No.70936079

Dreanoughts, tanks and a lot of dudes with metal wanking hands.

>> No.70936084

>bringing iron hands to a friendly

>> No.70936089

>I need not dawdle.
What kind of faggot talks like this?

>> No.70936090

>never have to waste time going to the bank to get money

I'd say that's pretty efficient on it's own

>> No.70936097

Not to mention direct deposit is faster than dealing with checks.

>> No.70936100

I like to speak in non-standard ways.
I don't use banks.

>> No.70936104

How about nothing but tacticals in rhinos?
I kinda like the idea of a space marine armored column.

>> No.70936107

>I like to deliberately alienate myself from people the moment I speak

>> No.70936114

You're the least efficient person obsessed with efficiency who doesn't want to play an efficient army.

>> No.70936115

How should they buff orks?

>> No.70936116

>already own a house
I think i know who really owns that house

>> No.70936121

Fuck off you pedophile you were ranting about this shit in discord too

>> No.70936124

He probably wears a fedora and owns a katana too.

>> No.70936135

It’s possible that this autistic cunt inherited it. The trauma of his parents dying at a young age could explain his faggotry and inability to live in society

>> No.70936140

I'm only in two discord servers so you have me confused with someone else
I am already alienated by thinking differently, so why not embrace it?

>> No.70936152

This is some next level autism, assuming it isn't just trolling by this point.

>> No.70936154

Fuck off you were the cunt trying to groom kids that logged in

>> No.70936160

Yeah, but Batman doesn't play Warhammer.

>> No.70936170

Okay. It probably is. Then what?
No. I have no interest in sex whatsoever.

>> No.70936199

if some one is screen capping this peak autism can you put me in it.

>> No.70936208

>No. I have no interest in sex whatsoever
I don’t think you’re at risk of that champ.

>> No.70936215

I just got here.
The fuck is going on?

>> No.70936216


>> No.70936225

Someone let Perturabo use the internet.

>> No.70936231

I decided to see what would happen if I kept replying to people for once instead of closing the thread at the first sign of someone mocking me

>> No.70936232

if you're getting any sort of texture from priming, you're priming too close
you should be around a foot away when spraying, preferably more

>> No.70936233

Some autist, who doesn't even play, complaining about 40k rules and armies balance while spiraling down further and further into his own autism.

>> No.70936248

Ah, so the usual?

>> No.70936249

Why is it my fault and not the people who are probing me for this information? If someone says "I don't use credit cards", just accept that instead of trying to convince them otherwise or asking them why.

>> No.70936256

>i DecIdeD tO SEe wHAt WouLD hAPpen if i KEpT RePLyinG to PEoPle fOR onCe inSTeaD of CLosinG tHe tHReaD At thE FIrsT SIgn oF sOmeONe mocKIng mE

>> No.70936257


>> No.70936263

The fact that I keep replying "Okay." to being called autistic should key you in on something.

>> No.70936266

The fact that you reply at all says a lot.

>> No.70936269

Distance should vary based on humidity and temperature. You'll have to prime closer on a hot, dry day than on a cooler wet day.

>> No.70936270

People aren’t mocking you because you’re the elephant man. People are mocking you because you’re making terrible, weird decisions that are literally making your social quality of life worse.

This is your fault. You can fix it.

>> No.70936271

It's rude to leave someone hanging.

>> No.70936279

Because you're the idiot who claimed it was impossible for you to get plastic card for conversions and got debunked by multiple people in a matter of seconds.

There's being autistic, then they're being a lazy fuck who makes excuses and pretends that you're somehow superior for being a lazy fuck.

>> No.70936281

Tell that to everyone making Mississippi Wind Chimes

>> No.70936288

I don't want to fix it. I look at other people and I do not envy them. I like being a pragmatic, objective autist with no social skills. It's best to focus on your strengths and mitigate your weaknesses.

>> No.70936299

You're not mitigating your weaknesses, but rather accentuating them.

>> No.70936301


>> No.70936312

You just said you want to mitigate your weaknesses. That’s means fixing them to some degree.
Trust me champ. You’re not as objective as you think you are.

>> No.70936316

That may have flown in the past, but this is 8th edition 40k now. Your kind isn't welcome in the hobby anymore. Now fuck off

>> No.70936317

I don't understand the implication.

>> No.70936327


>> No.70936328

I may have chosen the wrong word. I mean to avoid situations that involve my weakness as much as possible.
>You’re not as objective as you think you are.
I know and I do not like it. This is a source of turmoil.

>> No.70936329


>> No.70936337

Your choices are only making your weaknesses and shortcomings more prominent and noticeable. That makes them more exposed and vulnerable, not less.

>> No.70936338

I don't get the reference.

>> No.70936346

>I don't get the reference.
Because of the implication

>> No.70936351

Does anyone recognize this heavy bolter? I got it in a bucket of RT/2nd edition era orks and space marines

>> No.70936352

But "socially healthy" decisions seem to be rationally bad ones. I cannot see how breaking my economic principals will quantifiably benefit me in any way.

>> No.70936359

Yes, it looks like a heavy bolter to me

>> No.70936366

Out of curiosity, what is your profession?

>> No.70936375

It's been pointed out there are ways to work around your restrictions without breaking them but you're unaware of them due to your supposed "efficient" shopping habits which have actually made your ability to procure needed resources less efficient.

>> No.70936376

I bag groceries

>> No.70936383

Primarch of the IV Legion

>> No.70936386

Oh nice. We have an autism translator. Thankyou for your services. The tendies will be mailed to you shortly.

>> No.70936387

Graphic artistry. The other reply is a troll. I'm able to put up a "normal" front when doing business. I don't know how.

>> No.70936395

I'd rather play with some austist and other interesting people so we can talk about doujin tags or autism rather than playing with John and his girlfriend Sarah just to listen to how X movie was amazing.

Perturabo can stay, you guys can fuck off.

>> No.70936398

the fuck is with you retards replying to a fucking retard? or this is some seriously autistic samefagging. what is this autistic bread.

>> No.70936403

How the fuck do you get paid if you don't deal with a bank, do you force all of your clients to mail you cash?

>> No.70936411


>> No.70936412

I don't know why but reading this made me so happy that I started openly weeping. I haven't cried in years. This really means a lot to me. I need to go.

>> No.70936413


>> No.70936421

What's the best way to equip a skitarii ranger alpha?

>> No.70936424

>> No.70936429

Galvanic Rifle

>> No.70936437

So you live in Ohio, you don't play 40k, and you're complaining that your local doesn't let you use FW. What's the local's name?

>> No.70936446

>shipment taking 2 months compared to usual 1
>enters beijin airport
>corona happens
>chinese new year happens
>tracking number expires
it just keeps getting worse doesn't it?

>> No.70936452

you're not going into melee with him so why would you take anything aside from the vanilla rifle?
unless you are really asking "what is the best way to equip my skitarii ranger alpha so he looks rad as fuck" then the answer is arc pistol and taser goad

>> No.70936461

serves you right for giving money to gommie dog eaters

>> No.70936463

Was the coronavirus a plot by GW to stop recasters?

>> No.70936469

>surfing the waacwagon before the book is even out
fucking disgust is all I feel

>> No.70936471

did 8th increase or decrease the amount of autism? it's becoming more and more mainstream after all.

>> No.70936472

Also, plasma calivers or that huge rifle on the stand?

>> No.70936480

rangers with the bigass gun (the transauranic arquebus)
vanguard want calivers
arc rifles if you want to be cheeky

>> No.70936484

Thx anon.
sprues only have one fuckhuge rifle though...

>> No.70936488

Probably decreased since the game is getting more normal people into it.

>> No.70936495

I wish my store never allowed FW, everyone seems to be using titans and tanks that soot out of their bunghole including the owner, it's not fucking fun.

>> No.70936496

Looks like a old IG heavy bolter.

>> No.70936498

such is the curse of playing skitarii

>> No.70936509


>> No.70936511

You can also use the Radium Jezzails off Dragoons to make them.
But as it goes for building Rangers/Vanguard, when you build a unit of Rangers, you only build 9 and you make one a Plasma Vanguard, when building Vanguard you do the same but make one a TArq Ranger

>> No.70936515

He held recruiting drives. Cookie/bake sales, that sorta shit.

>> No.70936522

You can always try looking through this site though I can't find anything that looks like the HB you posted

>> No.70936551

welcome to gw business practices

>> No.70936566

Looks like an Ork Heavy Bolter on some kind of weapon platform.

>> No.70936568

>getting more normal people into it
>when it's more expensive, tedious and time consuming than ever
You wish.

>> No.70936582

Use five-cyborg units of Rangers with two Transuranic Arquebus. Sit them in your deployment zone with good lines of sight, preferable in cover and/or in an elevated position. Give them an Omnispex. I use two as standard, some people use three or four, this will make any characters in the opponent army cower behind LoS blocking terrain and you can use them to plink wounds off light vehicles or tough units.

Use the Plasma Calivers on Vanguard units, they're the same range as Radium Carbines so they synergize well, just get within 18" dakka range with the enemy unit whose day you wish to ruin and hose them with both the Radium and Plasma.

Vanguard are your objective securers so you want them with assault weapons so they can be mobile and still brass up enemy targets of opportunity as they rush in. Rangers are your overwatch unit, they're going to be more static during the game, giving them the Transuranics means they can still be a threat whilst screening your expensive units from melee or blocking enemy deep-strikers from your deployment area.

>> No.70936585

The start collecting boxes have made the entry point cheaper, and the game is showing signs of growth again.

>> No.70936587

I love that the fist said no exactly like Dorn

>> No.70936595

>Captain Titus Canonically becomes a Primaris Marine
>Yet he was mentioned that he "Died" in Veil of Darkness
Really confuse which state he is in

>> No.70936609

He died, but he got better. Thanks to the RUBICON

>> No.70936623

Apparently it was intentional
Why would you want to know?

>> No.70936643

he looks like a cardboard box marine

>> No.70936652

a SEXY cardboard box marine

>> No.70936654

>>I need not dawdle.
Damn right. A man walks in, gets what he wants, and leaves. Otherwise you get latched on to by a red shirted tick who won't leave me the fuck alone.
>this is why I browse online now, fuckos

>> No.70936662

>40k canon
>Being consistent
pick one

>> No.70936680

>kid has his shit sorted and his life on track
F-fedora wearing loser. B-bet he pees his pants.

>He probably has a girlfriend who loves him for who he is and holds his hands
Eat shit, autismos.
Fuck banks and credit cards too.

>> No.70936682

I mean considering that the warp literally causes time paradoxes as a prank, it's possible he's both died and lived thanks to there accidentally being two of him.

That or he's so badass no one could muster the balls to tell him he died years ago, and then he came back to life when he became a Primaris.

>> No.70936689

I am honestly curious what kind of local doesn't allow FW in 2020, just sounds like a place that's bad for business in general. It sounds ridiculous and I am having my doubts.

>> No.70936701


>> No.70936706

Their reasoning was twofold:
>book clutter (which I doubt is valid, since they stock PA books and marine supplements)
>unbalanced units
They're fine with you using the actual models, though. Just not the rules.

>> No.70936707

Fuck off Forrix.

>> No.70936713

FW has two extremes and everyone always freaks out about the stuff that's too good, but no one remembers they also have shit like the Loader Servitor.

>> No.70936719

Or the Renegade Commander, who is unable to command.

>> No.70936726

Or the Arvis Lighter which used to only be able to snap fire because it's gun is jury rigged onto a civilian landing craft.

>> No.70936727


>> No.70936729

>book clutter (which I doubt is valid, since they stock PA books and marine supplements)
Saying default 40k is already too bloated (which it is) is not an excuse to add more bloat.

>> No.70936732


>> No.70936733



>> No.70936736

Honestly FW has more units that are either shit or mediocre than they do shit that's outright broken.

>> No.70936790

True. Shame the unplayable stuff tends to look the coolest.

>> No.70936979

Whey repaint when you can just say they defected?

>> No.70937179


>> No.70937335

Any use of the arc rifles? I was thinking of giving my rangers a few incase enemies get a little close for comfort

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