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Did he quit?

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He died

>> No.70920716

passed away last night jerking himself off while he had a bag on his head

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I like Tzaangors

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You’ll get it soon enough.

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fuck thats hot

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Why didn't the Custodes take a semen sample from the Emperor before he shrivelled up and use it to impregnate some women?

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This was an inside job by GW so they can release the 40k version of the AoS app

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Emps had plenty of normally created children.

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And the Inquisition killed them all, lmao

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Why didn't you save her /40kg/?

>> No.70920762

I did yesterday!

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For real?

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looking good mate

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Right, I live near canterbury so im gonna ask if this shit is legit

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But I'm at work.

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I'm going to get a Sentinel, how hard are they to magnetize?

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Is there an actual lore explanation for the ridiculous ice claws on Space Wolves dreadnoughts?

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Yeah space wolves have tons of ice weaponry

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How the fuck does that work?

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Wish I was at home painting minis :(

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Not in the slightest, the weapons are on a peg so you dont even need to magnetize

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Some archeotech bullshit

>> No.70920850

What're you talking about? The guy was playing DayZ yesterday.

>> No.70920860

He really is lost to us.

>> No.70920869

The cold never bothered them anyway

>> No.70920900

I'm working on it anon, pin-washing and highlighting a taurox prime is a huge pain in the ass tho

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>play a lesser faction for years, ignored by GW
>suddenly it gets crazy buffs and WAACfags swap to the new hotness
>you get accused of bandwagoning despite sticking to said faction for years
Does anyone know this feel

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Do people play 1000pts? Is it worth buying into this game if I only play AoS currently?

>> No.70920915

No because I gate keep, ask them what initiative a unit was or how many points they were.

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>Do people play 1000pts?
Yes, just slowly increase as you get more models painted.

>Is it worth buying into this game if I only play AoS currently?
40K is much more shooting focused but if you like the models, buy them anyway.

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>Does anyone know this feel
Probably but I don't know anyone that doesn't have 6+ armies desu.
Anyone 3 years into the hobby will inevitably have at least 4 armies unless it's an highschooler with no money.

>> No.70920925

it's gonna be a area be area thing man, if you're already in the hobby just ask the guys that play 40k.

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I'm glad Argent Shroud didnt become the waacfag sisters army because i have been playing them for years

Different point levels are prevelant in different communities
1000 is perfectly viable and you will be able to find games

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Don't let those parasites in

>> No.70920940

Most people will play you at any point total they can muster an army for, you could always play daemons so if you dont like 40k you can use them in AoS

>> No.70920947

What's the fluff explanation of this thing anyway?

>> No.70920951

>Do people play 1000 pts?
LGS usually have people play between 1000 to 2000, sometimes less, so yes.

>Is it worth buying into this game
No, it'll be a great burden on your finances and time. If you actually care about making nice models you'll spend months assembling an army only to want more and to repaint ones you didnt so hot in.

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There are a couple of armies that will hard shut down GKs so I don't think they'll be as big a deal as is currently being made out.

>> No.70920958

Which one is closest to how /yourdudes/ operate?

>> No.70920961

If people are playing to win i don't think they care about gatekeeping

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how is that even remotely 40k related

>> No.70920983

I don't know, I saw someone else use this as a /yourdudes/ prompt once and it worked

>> No.70920988

Mossad basically just joesph joestaring the enemy the whole time.

Oh yeah sure you cornered our ancient but look on the roof 9 eliminators.

>> No.70920990

m8 my neighbour's shed blew over in the wind last night and it's snowing a little bit now. I know we all have our own problems, but please keep yours in perspective and show some respect.

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>Buying plastic recasts

>> No.70920999 [DELETED] 

Question for white men: why do you even bother? Your women find you repulsive and are leaving you in droves for Asian and black men. You’re being replaced at work by Asian men who are smarter than you and Latinos who work harder than you. Your sports are dominated by blacks who are stronger than you. Increasingly your jobs are being owned by Chinese corporations. Name one single thing whites are dominated by a minority at and I’ll concede but it legit just looks like you guys are the weakest and most feeble race right now. Maybe it was always like that. The sun itself kills you ffs

Your race has like maybe 1 or 2 max generations left before you’re entirely bred out of existence for not being able to attract mates.

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Find a middle man who lives in a country without the ban

>> No.70921003

No Sisters army is the WAACfag army, feels good but also a little sad man.

Either of the ones where things are on fire.

>> No.70921006

my mate lost his car yesterday which also had a case of his warhammer in it. shit sucks but right now I hate my problem

>> No.70921008

The discord says otherwise.

>> No.70921018

Steam profile literally says he was playing DayZ on Feb 9.

>> No.70921019

what century are you living in?

>> No.70921022

They'll go back to r/competitive40k and bitch about how they played perfectly and got tabled

>> No.70921025

Some chinamen do plastic knights, so it's possible
All resin is plastic anyway

>> No.70921026

Green Berets

>> No.70921029

is this the new way to play alpha legion?

>> No.70921030

Post proofs

>> No.70921031

I found the guy who painted those on Twitter, mans a genius

>> No.70921035

oh I thought you were implying that tallarn were available in plastic (officially)

>> No.70921038

A counterpoint to you, faggot. If white men are being replaced as you say at all work institutions, it would not be possible that all wealthy, successful alpha male chads are white men. IN fact, I too, am a white man, my penis is fresh with the pussy juice of a beautiful black girl (18) from the hills. In short, you’re retarded and probably don’t even have 40k minis.

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Resin = plastic, moron.
If you pick up any kit (1/35 scale for example), it's most often resin, but self described as plastic

>> No.70921042

No, we can only hope

>> No.70921050

Sort of

I was painting up Lias Issodon and then 3hrs later the LVO top 12 had 3 lists with him in it

>> No.70921064

did something super specific happen to you anon?

>> No.70921067

see my other comment. that also makes it redundant if not for the implication that I read it as, moron.

>> No.70921074

I'm positive one of the third party manufacturers does notTallarns.

>> No.70921075

gotta link, it's probably one of the coolest mini's i ever seen

>> No.70921098

The +1 strength and damage to all psi weapons tide is amazing for GK

I had a single Purgation Squad with 4x Psycannons take out 2 Ridgerunners, 5 Acolytes and a Patriarch

Shits borderline op with the S8 and 2 damage

>> No.70921099

my friends play in GW. I can get away with some bashing/swaps and convincing recasts but not straight up third party models

>> No.70921117

Yeah I tabled someones guilliman deathball nqck when that was good and saw the post an hour later

>> No.70921119

post games, ignore bait
Had my final matches of an escalation campaign with some narrative elements using some of the Urban Conquest rules yesterday
First match was a win vs Death Guard, but only on victory points and only just barely. If it had gone a little longer I am pretty sure I would have struggled, the Blightlords had pretty much uncontested control of one corner of the board.
Pictured is my Morkanaut on its maiden voyage; first turn the DG Land Riader took 17 wounds off it. Then I charged it into combat and it lost its last wound to a Poxwalker and didn't even blow up in the process.

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this is /tg/ not /ptg/, your'e on the wrong board.
leave now and i wont report this to your supervisor.

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He posted them ages ago id need to go digging

>> No.70921136

What did they post?

>> No.70921137

Ive never actually played a game so

>> No.70921141

What were you playing?

>> No.70921146

Jelly of some of that terrain, but paint it.

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I've been playing 1250 for quite some time now; perfect size for me and my friends. Considering each half year points across the board are dropped I might see us play 1k soon using the same minis as we currently are.


>> No.70921159

I make just under $100,000AUD a year and I've been playing Necrons exclusively for like 6 years.

>> No.70921165

>Some guy tabled my guilliman
>I thought you guys said he was good

>> No.70921180

Imperial soup with FW astartes stuff

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>> No.70921194

>oop models
Those two are just about mutually exclusive.

>> No.70921200

>FW astartes stuff
it's ok OP you can say you tabled you autistic kid with a leviathan

>> No.70921212

Foreign Legion but less friendly

>> No.70921213

Is the demons of tzeentch start collecting any good?

>> No.70921215

I used one of the not canon astartes Baneblades actually

>> No.70921216

no sorry anon

>> No.70921225

Only if you're wanting to play monotzeentch daemons because you dig them, or if you want them for AoS.

>> No.70921230

Any one else really want eldar exodites

>> No.70921234


>> No.70921246

I'm cash rich and time poor, I only have two main armies and some random allies. At a certain level of employment/ once you get a family you start to lose all that free time despite being able to buy any models you want

>> No.70921249

Yes, not me, but I'm aware other people do want them.

>> No.70921258

You get a lot of useful units like flamer and exalted flamers, plus you can make 5 Screamers if you don't make the chariot.

>> No.70921275

what do you mean non-cannon baneblades?
the fellblade and it's variants are very much cannon

>> No.70921296

Second match was a loss vs Eldar; I felt like I started off strong on this one but as it went on a mix of the Wraithknight sinking a lot of damage and some deep striking Guardians gunning down my objective holders meant they won with a fairly solid margin on objectives.
The DG and Eldar player still have to have their last match but we've been using the campaign points from Urban Conquest and the DG have won pretty comfortably there; they were pretty dominant in the early rounds when the points were small and have held onto the Imperial Palace and a couple of other locations that really raked in the points for them

Was a pretty fun campaign all in all though; we're going to start up another one in a month or so, I'll have to decide between my newish Word Bearers or my old Dark Eldar next time.

>> No.70921305

Show me a canon use of a fellblade

>> No.70921310

No i just want a full range of plastics and updated rules for phoenix lords.

>> No.70921320

I am really digging how those Eldar are painted, only wish he'd do a colored clear coat on those windows (like clear yellow or clear blue for example, smoke for tinting could be nice too).

>> No.70921333

I'm the guy from the last thread who wants to expand his Blackstone Fortress guys somewhat. I like the idea Tzeentchian daemons puppeteering Obsidius Mallax and the rest of the servants of the abyss. Do daemons have to be run monogod? or is undivided a thing?

I don't mind the idea of having them being AoS compatible either.

Do I want more screamers instead of a chariot?

>> No.70921342

IIRC you need to run mono-god if you want your faction bonuses.

>> No.70921354

the chariot is pretty meh in both variants, it'd be better just to have the Exalted flamer on foot and use the disc for the herald.

>> No.70921380


I wish Tzeentch was more friendly.

His demons look pretty friendly here, like curious birds.

>> No.70921382

Which faction are you talking about?

>> No.70921425

>Do daemons have to be run monogod? or is undivided a thing?
No, you get bonuses for having monogod detachments but the tzeentch one sucks anyway.
I play mono tzeentch myself and certainly won't tell you not to go for them, but they're not super competitive by any measure. Flamers are pretty solid when supported though, and Screamers hit harder than people expect, but all your stuff is pretty fragile. You also don't have the psychic dominance you might think Tzeentch would aside from the Lord of Change/Kairos.
Pretty much all the tzeentch daemon stuff is good there right now, but you do have the one issue that you really want blue/brimstones in your pocket to use the pinks properly there.

>> No.70921438

Makes sense. I'm not as big on any of the other daemonic gods anyway.

So the disc doesn't get wasted in this way then? Can I reasonably turn the two manta things pulling it into individual flying manta things?

I don't care too much about competitive. I've already got a competitive miniature game in my life.
Are the blues shit in 40k? I think they are really cool.

>> No.70921441

yeah, the Eldar player really did a good job painting his dudes, the campaign was a good motivator for everyone to finish off their stuff

>> No.70921444

It falls into the all heresy era vehicles with them being few and far between and revered chapter relics, like sicarans, leviathans and deredeo dreadnoghts.

IA Vol2 2e states that most of them are in stasis locked arsenals on page 103, you can find it in the mega.

Here's one that was in use druring m38

>> No.70921466

>Are the blues shit in 40k? I think they are really cool.
they're just kind of redundant, you'd run pinks if you wanted better stats and the brimstones if you want battalion filler and screens. In AoS the splittling is part of the Pinks cost so if you're not taking them its a big waste, but if you're playing 40k only don't worry about it.

>> No.70921471


Anon you can't be serious

>> No.70921494

The only thing you miss from the chariot kit to build full screamers is their tails, but you get extra tails in actual screamer sprues.

The main use for blues is splitting strats, but that's a pretty limited use.

>> No.70921515

>uses FW models
>not their lore

Oh so you're here to farm replies

>> No.70921521

And additional flying bases, you will need two more for the two ex-chariots screamers

>> No.70921546

>>Does anyone know this feel
>Probably but I don't know anyone that doesn't have 6+ armies desu.
>Anyone 3 years into the hobby will inevitably have at least 4 armies unless it's an highschooler with no money.
Nah, that's crazy numbers.

>> No.70921565


>> No.70921589

Best units Orks have against piles of marines and their awful to deal with 3+ save? How do you survive when they are rerolling everything and not missing their shots or melee attacks?

>> No.70921593

I am, anon, just one more model to go.

>> No.70921614

I’ve got some extra flying bases, and guess I could always greenstuff the tails. How many screamers in a unit? I know these SC kits don’t always contain full unit sizes.

You get Brimstones with the blues right? I get what you mean, but at the moment more filler for less cost is good for me.

>> No.70921615

>Best units Orks have against piles of marines and their awful to deal with 3+ save?
Not quite the same but Scrapjets have been doing some good work for me against Death Guard, each one puts out a decent amount of S8 -AP2 shots plus a bunch of extra S5 shots on top

>> No.70921624

>You get Brimstones with the blues right?
yeah a box gets you 10 blues and 10 brimstones

>> No.70921644

So what's the difference between building a resin model and a plastic model? I have a demon prince of nurgle to build.

>> No.70921649

Damn he really go to LGS looking like that? Cool.

>> No.70921650

Can you mix Manlet Marine bits and Primaris bits?

I want to use Alpha Legion headhunter chest and head pieces with Primaris Infiltrator arms and legs, but not sure if that's gonna end up fucked up.

>> No.70921659

How accurate is this?

>> No.70921667

You have to use super glue rather than plastic glue.
i also recommend having some green stuff handy if a piece just isn't staying in properly.

>> No.70921686

Extremely accurate after all I made it

>> No.70921692

Use breathing protection, work in a well ventilated room or outside, don't let your models get too hot or they'll distort more than plastic, give them a soapy wash before painting, (wait for it to dry after before painting)

>> No.70921732

I started with WB, go to DW, and then IF... So 0 acurate for me.

>> No.70921750


Why do they sell this with no warnings?

>> No.70921764

This is mainly for working with FW resin, GW resin you don't have to worry about release agents and that type of stuff.

>> No.70921778

because all you need is a particle mask for cured resin and the guy's just paranoid

>> No.70921780

Tell me about your victories

>> No.70921782


So I should be okay then? It's GW to my knowledge.

>> No.70921789

they don't, forgeworld miniatures come with warnings in their instructions

>> No.70921794

yeah, you shouldn't have any troubles with.
Superglue has a smaller window to maneuver pieces when putting them together compared to plastic glue, so keep that in mind.

>> No.70921799

I was able to zoom around the map and get almost all of my maelstrom objectives with my Disc World list.

>> No.70921809

This is from ages ago, maybe a little after the Daemon Codex came out; my big bird went on a tear and nuked a whole bunch of unpainted SoBs with Infernal Gate and Smites.

>> No.70921814

Share your list bro

>> No.70921816

1 dude left alive on my side, the enemy lost just 1 squad, an obliterator and some random marines. Won with objectives.
The previous one was very similar, with even the exact same dude left alive.

>> No.70921825

How often do you guys buy models of armies that you're not collecting, just for the model's sake?

>> No.70921828

Wiped Flesh Tearers while testing new cult rules. Brazier is pretty good. Cult of magic is bonkers.

>> No.70921835

>paying GW full price for shit
Disgusting. I'm not spending $500 on a knight.

>> No.70921837

Did you give that model a little award commemorating it.

>> No.70921845

>Cult of Magic
Do you give one DP +2 cast, and the other +1 MW damage on casts?
Thinking of running a supreme command detatchment to soup with DG. They chill out behind the tanky tanks while smiting people to death.

>> No.70921848

I gave him a name

>> No.70921849

>dice in a plastic bag
>faggy GW cards
2/10 would not play against

>> No.70921854

Bruh you can get a full 2k knight army for $380 burgers

>> No.70921858

>playing games

ha hah ahahah ahahahahahah ahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

>> No.70921860

Yeah, sometimes its nice to have a change of pace

>> No.70921864

Wait, even less. $350.
An Apoc box and a Renegade box.

>> No.70921875

Almost tabled a DA player with my DG list. No FW junk, just OG DG dudes and daemons.

>> No.70921880

I want the new television show to be good. Helsreach was great - for a one-man YouTube production. Angels of Death seems like that level of production value being marketed as a full-scale television/streaming service program. The trailers look awful, with excess amounts of darkness bro g used to cover the shoddy special effects. I'm not saying I need a Michael Bay level of OTT CGI action, but I'm apprehensive that my beloved GW's first real foray into television is going to be a massive flop and deter people from playing Warhammer.

>> No.70921885

So how does an american order a specific chibi figure? I just want the sister, and the female inquisitor if released.

>> No.70921894


They're in blind bags. Ebay?

>> No.70921896

I sometimes buy models to make a kill team I guess.

>> No.70921900

How do you play Maelstorm without cards? It's a complete clusterfuck.

Also - what is wrong with a plastic bag for his dice?

>> No.70921906

It's much more of a meme List than competitive but it's a lot of fun

### Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) ###
#### HQ ####
* **Ahriman on Disc of Tzeentch**

* **Daemon Prince of Tzeentch**

Malefic talon, Wings
* **Sorcerer [LEGENDS]**

Force sword, Inferno Bolt Pistol, Jump Pack

#### Troops ####
* **Chaos Cultists**
* **9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun**
* **Cultist Champion**

* **Chaos Cultists**
* **9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun**
* **Cultist Champion**

* **Tzaangors**
* **Twistbray**
Tzaangor blades
* **19x Tzaangor w/ Tzaangor Blades**

#### Elites ####
* **Tzaangor Shaman**

* **Tzaangor Shaman**

#### Fast Attack ####
* **Tzaangor Enlightened**
Aviarch, Divining spears, 8x Enlightened

* **Tzaangor Enlightened**
Aviarch, 8x Enlightened, Fatecaster greatbows

* **Tzaangor Enlightened**
Aviarch, 8x Enlightened, Fatecaster greatbows

#### Heavy Support ####
* **Mutalith Vortex Beast**

#### Flyer ####
* **Heldrake**

### Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos - Daemons) ###

* **Chaos Allegiance**

#### HQ ####
* **Lord of Change**
* **The Changeling**

#### Troops ####
* **Horrors**
10x Pair of Brimstone Horrors

* **Horrors**
10x Pair of Brimstone Horrors

* **Horrors**
10x Pair of Brimstone Horrors

### Total: [121 PL, 2,000pts] ###

>> No.70921908

just write my objectives down or remember them like a non retarded person

>> No.70921913

Dude your bait is showing

>> No.70921916

Which model/units need the update the most?

>> No.70921917

I tested purely a warlord trait+relic. Planning to give 2+ a spin this week.

This extra MW reeeally makes a difference.

>> No.70921920

I am serious.

>> No.70921923

>$120au for 4 plastic men
>$80au for 1 slightly larger plastic man
no thanks

>> No.70921924

Sisters Repentia

>> No.70921926


>> No.70921930

oh dear

>> No.70921945


>> No.70921950

khorne berzerkers

>> No.70921953

I buy GW from malaysia and FW recasts. its the only sane option here

>> No.70921954

I'm so sorry

>> No.70921958

>the absolute mad lad
Do you survive purely off your sense of superiority?

>> No.70921962

is there any way to make them useful?

>> No.70921971


>> No.70921972

Khorne Berserkers, though IG basic troops probably deserve a modern kit some day soon

>> No.70921977

1000pt game, my Guard vs his Space Wolves. Lost 33 Guardsmen, 3 Bullgryn. Eliminated Bjorn, psyker Warlord, 6 Wulfen, 14 Blood Claws (Pask did this in a single shoot phase with GA Punisher, sponsons, and the front gun), and all but one in a squad of Infiltrators. He ceded with a unit of Intercessors and the lone Infiltrator left.

>> No.70921982

Everything that still isn't plastic

>> No.70921985

Reminder that in order to have 'gaydar', you need to be gay yourself.

>> No.70921990

Don't usually post in 40kg, where's the chorus of redshirts that spring up when somebody bitches about antipodean GW prices in other threads?

>> No.70921992

Starting an Ad Mech army, what do I do from here?

I bought the Apocalypse box for 107 thanks to deals/gift cards. I have a Belisarius Cawl, and I'm getting 2 boxes of Sicarian Ruststalkers from a local hobby guy for a great deal.

What else do I need to look into? I'm starting this mostly because I'm stoked about the recent reveals.

>> No.70921997

Two start collecting boxes.

>> No.70922001

Anyone? Is it just the legs that are a different scale?

>> No.70922004

Aren't those varanguard dudes huge as fuck?

>> No.70922010

I may be gay, but at least i'm not a faggot.

>> No.70922022

Any guesses on what Knights will get in the Psychic Awakening? I think we can rule out new models and psyker pilots (although I could see it as an upgrade for Chaos Knights). Each House has it's rules and a relic already.

So I would guess some new stratagems and a few new relics and warlord traits for each house?

>> No.70922024

A lot more bitter grogs in /40kg/ who have sunk thousands of £££ into the hobby, watching prices creep higher and higher with each "reboxing" or change of sprue and so feel perfectly entitled to shout down some delusional newfag who tries to claim GW's pricing model for their products is in anyway customer-friendly.

>> No.70922028

To use radar do I have to be yellow tzeench?

>> No.70922032

I like it. Looks really dynamic

>> No.70922038

I would, but then I'll just be mocked by /tg/ for being a shit painter, so why bother?

>> No.70922039

The entire scale has gone up.
A lot of people tried to base their true scale marine off the new primaris legs and bodies and the old marine arms were a bit too small

>> No.70922042

Are they just deliberately holding shit back now so they can release it as DLC like shitty (but now normal holy fuck, you enablers) video game developers? Fucking GW. Man alive.

>> No.70922046

flying knight

>> No.70922048

They are Chaos lords on mounts. So yeah.

>> No.70922055

Dude there are people in poor countries who are dying of starvation and thirst. I know we all have our own problems, but please keep yours in perspective and show some respect.

>> No.70922056

doubt they're bigger than 58 28mm models each
sounds pretty based
You blokes talk about stuff like BFG and Epic much?

>> No.70922060

The chaos dudes are $100 on GW's site and the Landsknechts army deal is $190 on Warlord's site.
I get your point, but still.

>> No.70922074

1000 points is a good level to play at. Punch anyone who uses special characters or lords of war in the face for faggotry. Punch anyone that uses a list from the Internet.

750 is also pretty cool to play with.

>> No.70922079


>> No.70922088

More Houses, strategems, warlord traits and relics for both Loyalist and Chaos would be my guess.
Chaos Knights had an ok book so Engine War would be just gravy.

>> No.70922093

Working on it. It's only my second guy.

>> No.70922094

Cheers, the changeling gives a bit of defensive power but you have to play around the ranges of your opponent for the disc's to survive.
>It's a good thing we have warp time

>> No.70922096

>The chaos dudes are $100 on GW's site

>> No.70922100

Clearly Warlord hates the colonies less than GW does.

>> No.70922103

no. at the start of a game, if somebody suggests the cards i just be like "c'mon man, we don't need those do we? easy e ouch to remember". usually the opponent agreeas as they don't want to seem inferior, and then proceeds to get tilted throughout the game as they have to constantly flip through the core rulebook looking up their objective that they forgot. it's a discipline bro, something I'm sure you lack.

>> No.70922107

But have those people's bins blown over? I think not.

>> No.70922108

Primaris Jetbikes when?

Why is Cawl being such a bitch, who the fuck needs a tank or APC that floats? Bikes. Bikes need to fly.

>> No.70922112

paint could use a little bit more water before you apply it. otherwise nice basecoating anon! keep at it.

>> No.70922116


>> No.70922125

Back in 4th or 5th e, my Ork Warboss killed around 700 points of Eldar in a single game with lucky invulnerable saves keeping him alive. Kills, failed morale rolls and caught up to butcher the survivors. It was glorious. I think in total, he got around

-Skorched 6 better rangers in one shot
-Melee'd a squad of Warp spiders
-Melee'd a squad of Dire avengers
-Melee'd the last wound off a Wraithlord
-Melee'd a farseer

>> No.70922136

I want to see if there's anything for Freeblades

>> No.70922139

One of my garden rubbish bags has gone. Just gone. I've given up hope of ever finding it now, all I can do is try to accept the loss and rebuild my life as best I can without it.

If there's one silver lining, I think this disaster has been a uniting force for England, no family hasn't lost something, you hear stories of blown over plant pots, recycling bins being blown into the road...from people of all walks of life. After the divisiveness of Brexit, I feel this has brought us together as a nation.

Apart from those fucking Norf cunts of course, mocking our pain.

>> No.70922140

does anyone have sons of selenar pdf?

>> No.70922144

I can commend you on that skill of fucking with your opponent, but that's still pretty gay.
Btw how do you play around with the CA2019 maelstrom format?

>> No.70922147

Yeah, don't be retarded.

>> No.70922151

>Renegade box.
Imagine if GW didn't release boxes like that in limited numbers

>> No.70922183

Okay, so I can get six chaos knights for the price of a Landsknecht army. Woo Hoo.

>> No.70922192

Hi Josh

>> No.70922194

yeah but they aren't white so who gives a fuck

>> No.70922195

Back when templates were a thing I tabled a mechanized IG army and lost nothing but 12 eldar guardians due to him fucking up pretty much every scatter roll he had.

>> No.70922197

Blood Raven?

>> No.70922225

do you think we will see an Age of Sigmar style reboot for 40K in the near future? Also, can any WHFB/AoS bros tell me what the purpose of the reboot was? How did GW justify collapsing their whole universe and starting again?

>> No.70922229

I occasionally talk about epic in /awg/. This place is a fucking dumpster fire.

>> No.70922253

It went so poorly that they are rebooting WHFB

>> No.70922255

Have you played Titanicus?

>> No.70922263

AoS is the second best selling TT game though.

>> No.70922264

It is hardcover only at the moment. Won't appear until the epub is released.

>> No.70922275

Those six chaos knights would definitely fuck up the landskechts though.

>> No.70922278

it went so well that they can afford to reboot WHFB, which wasn't giving them any profits

>> No.70922279

Dropping plasma Scion squads T1

>> No.70922282

>Kalice Arkady, a human auxiliary within the T'au Empire, is assigned to investigate a series of suspicious accidents – but unexpected enemies lurk in the shadows.

>Few are the humans who can claim to be trusted members of the T'au Empire. Among their number is Kalice Arkady, a former Astra Militarum officer whose conversion to the Greater Good has been total and successful. Alas, there are others among the gue'vesa – the human auxiliaries who fight alongside their t'au allies – who see their alien saviours as oppressors and would stand against them. Assigned to investigate a series of accidents that may be human sabotage against the t'au, Arkady is drawn into a mystery that will reveal new enemies lurking in the shadows…

A Gue'vesa story. Anyone interested?

>> No.70922285

To those who remember a time before the HH was more than a few paragraphs of background fluff; Who actually wanted this?

>> No.70922286

Nobody was buying shits for WHFB anymore so they decided to reboot it so people will have to buy new shits

>> No.70922299

>stories about traitor guardsmen
Yes, it is important to know your enemy. To hate him and know for what crimes he is hated.

>> No.70922305

>Who actually wanted this?
autists mostly
I get why GW did it though, its an easy cash cow with low quality required

>> No.70922307

I hope its Tau Aux vs Inquisitorial Agents

>> No.70922317


>> No.70922330

I understand that the series is massive, but this chart does not make any sense to me.

>> No.70922338

huh, lexicanum doesn't even have a page on this

>> No.70922339

I am autistic and did not want it. If it did happen it would have been better to not let Black Library writers touch it. The only thing they should touch is uranium. The pseudo history books from FW were better and would have fit.

>> No.70922342

really validates my decision not to read any of that dogshit
cool, I'll post there some more

>> No.70922343

It is the entire Horus Heresy series in chronological order.

>> No.70922346

It's a short story that can out a few hours ago.

>> No.70922350

/40kg/ has been fairly tame lately.

>> No.70922351

Excluding the FW source books, which are uniformally high-quality in terms of fluff if not crunch, about five or six of those novels are actually worth reading.

>> No.70922354

I'm currently doing 2 drops of thinner to 1 drop of paint. I feel like any more and it becomes a wash! I'll try it out though, thank you.

Yeah. I got the First Strike box, so I figured I would practice/learn to paint on the marines, and I like the Blood Ravens. I'll paint the Skitarii box when I'm not hot garbage.

>> No.70922359

1k point game my orks vs waacfag friend's ultramarines. We did secure and control at an FLGS. From memory, he bought two lieutenants, a captain, some intercessors, some hellblasters, a dreadnought, and some inceptors. This was versus my wartrike, zap gun big mek, 30 gretchin, trukk, battlewagon, morkanaut, and megatrakk scrapjet. He basically spent the whole game camped in his deployment zone, rerolling almost all his 1s on hits and wounds. He started off by immediately targeting my battlewagon (which made me pissed because I had spent the weekend painting it and was looking forward to seeing it in action) luckily it managed to tank 13 wounds so I actually got a chance to use it. My first turn I made short work of his dreadnought with my scrapjet and morkanaut, netting me first blood and the VP I needed to win. The rest of the game was pretty much me playing against a brick wall until late in the game when he realised he hadn't moved all game, so he still hadn't taken my control point, so he deepstriked his inceptors and then took forever on his last turn as I just needed to get some gretchin on my objective to win, as the game needed to end prematurely due to store closing for lunch. Manager made sure I got at least my movement and shooting phase, so I managed to win with a single point lead.

>> No.70922361

what the fuck? did GW advertise it at all?

>> No.70922364

I’m too much of a poor for it. I really want to, but the part of me that’s saving to buy a nice apartment can’t justify spending $110 for two tiny Warhound robots.

I’d rather try Aeronautica Imperialis. Mostly because it’s harder for me to 3D print tiny aircraft than Titans.

>> No.70922378

Junith Eruita taking a look at the latest polls on Order popularity. She is so anguished by the results that Celestine is summoned, Ephrael Stern returns, and Katherine's skeleton reanimates. All three of them think they have been summoned for the Final Battle, but when seeing that their Order has fallen to #3, realise that it is even more serious than that.

>> No.70922383

Yes. Honestly this is the kind of PoV story I've wanted for a long time.

>> No.70922391

is any of this shit worth reading?

>> No.70922392

Tranny posters did their best to stire up controversy but the novelty wore off pretty quickly.

>> No.70922396

What are #1 and #2? Valorous Heart and Bloody Rose?

Should've had better rules, OML! The only thing you're good for is plasma suicide tricks!

>> No.70922400


>> No.70922405

Yeah fellow Aus flag here looking at that $180 warlord, was just hoping to justify not getting a new car instead of hobby.

>> No.70922407


Wouldn't I be able to just get two boxes of the rangers? How many Tech-Priests do I need for my army? 1 comes in the Apocalypse box.

>> No.70922410


>> No.70922413

Working on this big lad. Gonna be a full fledged Stompa one day.

It’s probably about 20% done. Body and legs are framed out but everything still needs all its detail and bits work.

Head case can come off of internal frame and front hatch opens to hollow inside, I’ll detail all internals as well.

Just wanted to post these now for a progress update.

If ya don’t like it yer a GROT

>> No.70922415

>> No.70922416


>> No.70922417

You want dunecrawlers too so the SC! box is your best deal.

>> No.70922425

New Sisters box + some extra repentia vs deldar
I managed to win on VP but got tabled.
Held as many objectives as i could with the seraphim and rammed the repentia right into my opponents arse.
Really enjoy the new rules but every single miracle dice i roll is a 3

>> No.70922430

>> No.70922435

I read the first one. Not really worth it, if you can find audio books then it is nice as background noise

>> No.70922438

>> No.70922451

There are some real gems in there, but most of my friends mainly just read there favourite legions books and the stuff directly connected to them.

>> No.70922452

Some gubbins

>> No.70922456

What the other anon said, dunecrawlers are our bread and butter.

There are like 5 charts of the chronological order of the books and all of them are different.

>> No.70922459

My FLGS actually has a warlord for 50% off. Even at $90 it seems absurd for a single model.

>> No.70922463

>that dread sarcophagus

>> No.70922464

Feedback / comments lads?

>> No.70922466

Every Monday the BL site releases a digital short story. It's called digital Monday. It's been a thing for years now.

>> No.70922475


Things I'm reading are saying you'd usually want 3 dunecrawlers, is that correct?

It actually looks like I'd have a decent list with two Start Collecting boxes, Belisarius, and the Apocalypse box.

>> No.70922484

2 or 3 is a solid base.

>> No.70922489

Why is the orbital bombardment so shit? 3 CP for an extremely situational attack which has a significant chance to do nothing is fucking horrendous

>> No.70922490

Final game of an Urban Conquest narrative campaign I've ran with a buddy of mine. Started it before the marines 2.0 codex came out, so I got reamed in the first half, but managed to win in the end through the combination of taking the right campaign assets and getting my stuff buffed.
Pictured are veteran intercessors taking the last wounds off a chaos knight.

>> No.70922493

i'm thinking more rivets

>> No.70922499

Repentia are so brutal if you get them into combat now.

>> No.70922501

The apoc box is all the bots right?
They are expensive but an absolute powerhouse.
I'd say two dunecrawlers but 3 is good too.
They are not that hard to magnetize and i suggest you do it.
I usually pack one with the neutron laser and the other with an icarus array for squad removal.

>> No.70922509

>Who actually wanted this?

I'm still fucking livid that they've turned primarchs into weird ogre creatures rather than normal (if supremely capable) space marine commanders

>> No.70922513

I actually love it. I wish everyone scratchbuilt their stompas.

>> No.70922520

>complaining about space marines
fuck you, they need a nerf.

>> No.70922527


The apoc box is iirc 6 bots, 1 tech priest, and 2 cybersmiths whatever those are.

>> No.70922535

fuck no

collected visions is fine

>> No.70922537

I play Grey Knights who happen to share this horrendous stratagem with them, though

>> No.70922545


wait, 3 cybernetica datasmiths.

>> No.70922550

every single stratagem like that is shit, we went over this a few days ago

>> No.70922552

What Black Library should I read then? I've read none of it.

>> No.70922564

The Ciaphas Cain stuff is fun, if repetitive after a little while

>> No.70922566

Been playing RG and Raptors since 5th edition. Though I dont spam centurions. I have plans to do Black Guard too but with aggressors, still good but not centurions. I refuse to buy them, they're so ugly.

>> No.70922567

Cybers are the lads that allow you to change the mode that the bots are in. they have a powerfist and a pistol and nothing else.
They are mostly useless, as you roll a dice turn 1 to see if you can change the mode and it changes next turn. Or you pay 1cp and change it instantly which is far better if you are using punchbots so they can get use the better shields for overwatch and then fight twice.
Get some Kataphrons, they pair well with Kastelans and can improve each others BS with a stratagem

>> No.70922570

You've already read everything worth reading then.

>> No.70922571

You have a bit of a point
>But that's how we get these

>> No.70922579

Watchers on the throne

>> No.70922594

there are a handful of alright novels

The enforcer series is fun. 15 hours is also nice.

>> No.70922595

I had fun reading Caphias Cain, but it is repetitive. Read one and then look for something else
Consider them like a dumb tv show you put on the background

>> No.70922598

That’s the plan, here’s what I’m going for, made this too

>> No.70922601

What a great quote.

>> No.70922607

Thanks man, I’m loving the building. Can’t wait to start adding details and bits

>> No.70922610


Wouldn't my army be very stationary? What should I do for trying to screen/cover my army while my Bots pewpew?

Would that be hopefully what comes out when the new mounted units release eventually?

>> No.70922617

Tonight on Imperium Top Gear.

>Hammond tries out a Gue'vesa Spec Crysis suit
>May and a Techpriest argue over toasters
>and I drive a new BANDBLADE, around or test track.

>> No.70922622

You use skitarii as a screen.

>> No.70922629

>What Black Library should I read then? I've read none of it.

Ones I really liked:
>Blades of Damocles

I've only read two Horus Heresy books but Konrad Curze: The Night Haunter was pretty good.

>> No.70922631



>> No.70922636 [DELETED] 

Not pictured: the high-ranking tech-priest standing out of frame with a powered baseball bat and several gallons of sacred oils and repair agents in case the Baneblade is scratched.

>> No.70922642


>> No.70922645


I wouldn't be surprised at all if it turned out May played 40k

>> No.70922650

I usually have vanguard, Electro-priests and sicarians running around the field, so it doesnt feel that static.
Also punchbots.

>> No.70922653

>Imperium Stig

>> No.70922661

Tame Racing Servitor or White Scar?

>> No.70922662


Are punchbots decent? I thought Bots were just for meme tier levels of shots.

>> No.70922667

My Recommended List
>Imperial Guardsmen
Death Korps of Krieg Novels By Steven Lyons
Dead Men Walking
Down Amongst the Dead Men
>Guardsmen Lifespan for most Enlisted Men
15 Fifteen Hours
>Baneblade tank and Variants

>Space Marines
Death Watch Omnibus
Devastation of Baal

Priest of Mars omnibus
Enjoy Dark Age Tech and how bullshit it was

Watchers of the Throne: Emperor's Legion

>> No.70922673

Trying to think of some entertaining painting results to get my friend more interested in painting. He plays dark eldar. Is hydrodipping a thin layer or is it like a sheet of krylon primer?

>> No.70922683

fucking what

>> No.70922692

Are you looking for pulp fiction (heh, heh) or "high-quality" literature?

If the earlier, pretty much pick the topic/race/event you want to read about, and then google black library books on it. Some personal favourites of mine are

-First three Ciaphas Cain books
-The Adepta Sororitas duology
-Imperial Glory, which is basically Catch-22 but with the Guard
-Execution Hour
-Mathias Thulmann trilogy
-Brunner the bounty hunter trilogy
-The first six Gotrek and Felix books
-Kal Jerico: Blood Royal

Honestly, the only book I just didn't like at all was Wine of Dreams.

If the latter, don't read Black Library because it's not what you're looking for, but also don't necessarily bash it because it's not up to your standards.

>> No.70922718

Punchbots give you 6 S10 -3AP 3 damage shots each and can fairly safely walk into enemy fire with the shield protocol.
You can force them to explode for 1cp if it does fall in melee.
Pretty good for gutting vehicles in my experience

>> No.70922720

I meant attacks

>> No.70922733

Yeah, thanks to Space Marines, you dolt. Its the reason you have Smegma in the first place.

>> No.70922743

>>Guardsmen Lifespan for most Enlisted Men
>15 Fifteen Hours

Skip this one otherwise you'll turn into a memer who thinks every guardsmen dies in 15 hours.

>> No.70922746

i thought i had smegma so I could eat it for an afternoon snack?

>> No.70922749


Well shit, that is pretty nice. Since I'll have 6 bots, should I maybe use a 2/4 split of punch to shots?

>> No.70922752

Even if you like the fluff and lore, this series is just a waste of time, cause it takes away the mythology of the setting, what little mystery there was had to be obnoxiously explained.

Like: How was Horus lured to worship Chaos in the first place? We didn't know, but it must have been something dark and impressive...
Meanwhile in Horus Heresy:
>Horus is pretty much an idiot who falls for the dumbest trick in a book.
It's a running theme of those books, like all the characters that we were told were super skilled, intelligent, exemplar strategic genius each, turns out to be really angry impulsive spastic that has to be explained the basic tactics by his subordinates (No joke! Horus is schooled by some rando marines why they should bomb the LZ from orbit before they land to pin the enemy) obviously Horus doesn't listen, the casualties are needlessly higher... alas! he get's shit done, cause he got really angry, and by Anime logic, when you get angry, everything works out. It's pretty much Dragon Balls in space and with power armors.

>> No.70922767

>Skip this one otherwise you'll turn into a memer
it's a really good book with an unfortunately memeable title that retards latch onto

sorta like dead men walking but 15 hours is the better book

>> No.70922775

Any GK stuff worth reading?

>> No.70922779

There's a new starter set coming out for it next month which is really nicely priced, You get all the dice, rulebooks, and other shit along with 2 reaver, 2 warhounds and 2 acastus knights.

>> No.70922801

I think its depends on what you are facing but yeah that's a good split.
It's easy as hell to magnetize them anyway.
Using all the stratagems can be CP heavy but you can make a battalion for 165 points and 17 models and use the HQs to repair the bots

>> No.70922812

Hyperion novel is ok ADB's tolerated novels

>> No.70922834

DEVGRU with shades of Spetsnaz

>> No.70922836

You dip an object into a lipid like layer on top of a solution and it sticks to the surface. Its how people make 100 dollar bill guns amd the like

>> No.70922852

Yeah. I did Iron Hands at the start of 8th. Pretty funny to watch everyone who said “good luck faggot lol” now jerk themselves off over their 3 Thunderfire Cannon/Chaplain Dread/Eliminators army.

>> No.70922856

>Dude there are people in poor countries who are dying of starvation and thirst.
You know I've heard that bullshit line for 30 years now. Fucking darkies need to sort their shit out and stop asking for hand outs. Fuck off.

>> No.70922859

>> No.70922860

i like them? you guys are really fucking prissy and angry lol

>> No.70922863

Vympel Group

>> No.70922864


>> No.70922872

Plus all those Pakis you're now full of.

>> No.70922875

I more meant the USA but okay.

>> No.70922877


>> No.70922883

Heads, packss and pauldrons work.

>> No.70922886

SBS but a hovercraft instead

>> No.70922894

We’re two years into it.

>> No.70922896

>evil sunz
SBS for sure

>> No.70922901

>USA doesn’t have darkies.

>> No.70922907


How does the math work to make it 18 shots?

Wouldn't it be 24? Blaster x2 at Heavy 6 for a total of 12 and then double shots to 24.

>> No.70922908


>> No.70922918

they each have 3 guns

>> No.70922919

You get 3 blasters that fire 3 shots, 9
Then double for the protocol, 18

>> No.70922925

Use skynet to create a story about the leader of your dudes.

>> No.70922933


>> No.70922942

Say what you want about the writing in the HH, the audiobooks are great. Vulkan Lives was so much fun with the Salamander voices and Kurze's hissing.

>> No.70922951

The Binary Succession is honestly really good and I can tell the author likes Godzilla from how he's able to describe Titans.

>> No.70922958

It will not work on DE, it will be like string cheese. I've seen my GF do it with plant pots. Minis will be a mess.

>> No.70922972

needs work
>Bal Mornus is a Chaos Lord of the Word Bearers Legion and the successor to Sanguinius. He is one of the few known members of the Emperor's Children, along with Sanguinius and Nurgle.
His Legion is associated with death and madness as is their nature, though they are also rightly feared for their tendency to manipulate and then dominate the souls of others.
He has a preeminent place in the Great Crusade alongside Torgal of the Blood Drinkers. This latter was the first of the Iron Warriors to actually enter the Eye of Terror and fight the Forces of Chaos, as well as the first major Chaos Lord to travel on foot beyond the borders of Terra.

>> No.70922973


Okay, now it makes sense.

>> No.70922990

I just remember one where the guy read Angron's dialogue like he was voicing a cackling witch

>> No.70923001

>is a Word Bear lord
>but works for Nurgle and is an EC member
Yeah, this is talk to transformer's work alright.

>> No.70923034

>Tame Racing Servitor or White Scar?
Come on, he/it was dressed all in white and only cared about going really, really fast. Is there even a question?

>> No.70923042

legion-switching happened somewhat infrequently in older fluff

Pete haines' old iron warriors lord was from the thousand sons originally, as an example. I think he was marked as nurgle for a time in 2e too.

>> No.70923052

How do you go from the 1K Sons to the Iron Warriors? Did he get gang pressed into it and slowly rose up the ranks? Hmm, that could actually be a good story.

>> No.70923087


Last victory was my UM vs tau, i killed almost nothing the entire game and lost so much every turn but my infantry proved resilient enough to win because of objectives. God i hate tau.

>> No.70923136

I haven't played since 4th ed. What happened to Grey Knights, are they still the staunch, points-heavy powerhouses they used to be? Do they have good psychic shit?
It seems like custodes took their place and made them redundant, is that accurate?

>> No.70923142

I honestly can't remember, but he goes over it briefly in one of the white dwarf mags leading up to the 3.5 chaos release. Also mentioned something about how his army used to have a lot of khorne and nurgle in it (thanks to buying the army mostly off of andy chambers) but it performed so terribly he went all in on undecided for his new army.

best armies always have some kind of story to them, I find

>> No.70923151

Did a little bit of writefaggin for fun. It’s still ongoing, but I could really use some more pair of eyes to read through it and give me constructive criticism, and as a side note English isn’t my first language.


>> No.70923156

They were an absolute shitshow that could not win a game till a new book came out the other week and now they are THE HAMMER again

>> No.70923165

>memer who thinks every guardsmen dies in 15 hours.
I don't get how this grew up around that novel. And it is a shame, it is a great novel and really captures life in the Guard so well, with the dark humour 40k is best for. It doesn't deserve this memery besmirching its name.

There being some average life-expectancy for Guardsmen isn't the point of the novel at all. The Guardsmen in the novel don't bother learning 'Newfish's name after he crash lands into their warzone before the 15 hour mark because they say that most new frontliners who die, die within their first fifteen hours. If you make it beyond that, you're probably smart/lucky enough to survive long-term so they'll bother to learn your name.

There is no claim the book that 15 hours is the average life expectancy for that theatre, it clearly isn't, the trench Newfish finds himself in is full of veterans who've been there since day one, if the average life expectancy was 15 hours, there'd be barely anyone in the trench with more than 48 hours experience! Nor does it make the even more preposterous claim that there is some Imperium-wide average life expectancy for a Guardsman of 15 hours. Hell, if you get deployed against some shit like a 'Nid hive fleet it is probably a lot less whilst if you're deployed against Humans like Gaunt's Ghosts are, much, much more.

>> No.70923168

I could do a story about a 1K Son being gang pressed into the IWs and eventually becoming the boss of the warband.
>logo is the IW symbol wearing the Son headdress

>> No.70923173


>> No.70923197

>Warmaster Macragge

>> No.70923210

Unless you play against IF or IW who just take your tide of shadows away by existing
Then they're retards on life support again

>> No.70923225

>Death Korps of Krieg Novels By Steven Lyons
'Left for Dead' is really good too if you like those. It is about a Korpsman who gets left behind in a warzone and tries his hand at living as a civilian. Wacky hijinks and comic misunderstandings ensue!

Only joking, it is bleak as fuck and he still ends up fighting chaos cultists, just with his bare hands instead of a lasgun

>> No.70923247

Techpriest LO55 is on a mission to collect remnants of a human colony that was lost during the dark age of technology. He is accused of being a Heretek by other Forgeworlds but all he wants to do is seek out the remnant of mankind. When he reaches the space station where the survivors reside, he finds that the crew has succumbed to a mutagenic process that turns them into space zombies! The only hope is to make contact with the last surviving crewmember and persuade them to open up to him.

Techpriest has to lean how to empathize with a baseline human while dealing with poxwalkers

>> No.70923250


WAAAAAAAAAGH! confirmed. The Real Orktober iza coming!

>> No.70923252

Dropping Scion Melta Squads with AP -5 within more than 5" on T1 once their psychic awakening shit is released.

>> No.70923256

>Varran Thorne is a Chaplain of the Grey Knights. He, along with his co-conspirators, were charged with an attack on Grey Knight Fortress Pithing Gorge. He leads the Grey Knights' assault on the Emperor's throne room and offers a brief silence.
...I guess I play traitor GKs now?

>> No.70923264

Was a bit disappointed by this. Wasn't really a Krieg story at all, it is all from the perspective of a factory worker trapped inside a huge manufactorum after Chaos cultists occupy it and keep them working as slaves while the Death Korps are on hostage rescue duty surrounding it.

Well written, good story, but the Korps is barely in it.

>> No.70923272

>the Death Korps are on hostage rescue duty

>> No.70923274

>IF ignore cover, get their super doctrine T1, Heavy weapons do +1 damage vs vehicles, bolt weapons exploding hit on 6
>Oh yeah and they can just spend 2 CP to make any captain a chapter master that rerolls all hits
Why is this allowed

>> No.70923288

Wat, can someone make sense if this?

>> No.70923301

Orks are getting two new models gaz and that small boi

Space wolves are getting a separate release for the primaris battle leader

>> No.70923307


>> No.70923309

Barley is one of the most lethal cereal munitions.

>> No.70923314

Generated the rest of the story:
Varran Thorne is a Chaplain of the Grey Knights. He, along with his co-conspirators, were charged with an attack on Grey Knight Fortress Pithing Gorge. He leads the Grey Knights' assault on the Emperor's throne room and offers a brief silence. He then confronts the Emperor and tells him that he and the Emperor are lost. He then kills him using his silver claws, and proclaims his claim to the throne. He is seen telling his time had come. His activities were first noted by the Inquisition.

Thorne was then the head of the Grey Knights' battlefield fleet. During the final engagement, Thorne was surrounded by "mysterious figures," many of whom were Grey Knights, none of which were Thanatos.

This is some Shadow the Hedgehog shit, I love it

>> No.70923315

I think your jpg had a stroke, boss

>> No.70923317

Flax was barley hit by enemy fire, which means they were shooting grain at him and they were indeed hitting.

>> No.70923336

Thankfully Guard-issue flak armor is proof against most forms of grain and small seeds.

>> No.70923337

>Drop your weapons! Drop your weapons! THE HANDS ARE FOR BUTTOCKS!
my fucking sides

>> No.70923358

He hit his head and or Slaanesh is taking over.

>> No.70923374

Can a Stand be a building?

>> No.70923388

>*trench experiencing freak warp-phenomena*

>> No.70923396

Actually, yes.

>> No.70923416

Good lord Aggressors are such an involved kit, so many parts and moldlines

>> No.70923436


>> No.70923439

But so damn cute.

>> No.70923450


>> No.70923463


>> No.70923487

>tfw building Dark Angels and the Mechanicus OST just ended
Thanks for this anon, now I have fuel to finish up

>> No.70923502

finished Gabe and generated a story to boot

Gabriel Angelos, chapter master of the Blood Ravens finds a cape while

That cape and what appears to be an ornament may seem to link (obviously) to the Blood Ravens, but there's actually a second. "

>> No.70923503

>be me
>want to start a Krieg army, but 70% of the range is discontinued by FW
>finally find a chinacaster
>most chinese will be dead in a year or two
Feels real bad.

>> No.70923509

Hardly spoke to folks around him, didn't have too much to say
No one dared to ask his business, no one dared to make a slip
The stranger there among them had a big iron on his hip
Big iron on his hip…

>> No.70923515

Reminder that ADB doesnt understand chaos but thinks he does

>> No.70923551

Shame they didn't get a character version.

Having bio- vs mech- gunslinger stand-offs in the middle of games would have been great.

>> No.70923558

is dat some brand new content

>> No.70923566

>enemy Terran guardsmen
I like this part of the Imperium

>> No.70923569

>the virgin shoot behind
>the chad swordstroke

>> No.70923579

If the cav sell well, I imagine we'll get a Character of one. Actually, I'm surprised we haven't gotten a Skitarii character already.

>> No.70923581

Saga of the Beast story is Up

>> No.70923584

Damn right it is, and my first podt of it got quads

>> No.70923608

Is it a FSE Coldstar *teleports behind u* using the shitton of buffs they get in PA5 to evaporate some Marines?

>> No.70923622

I did actually just finish the bloat drone I was working on. I think it may be the most moist model I've painted. I'm rather pleased with the lens, also.

>> No.70923626

This took a turn

>> No.70923650

So good they slapped it onto the back of the Munitorum Field Manual this year for CA19

>> No.70923696

>> No.70923755

Are tank commanders any good against marines/iron hands, monguard feels so hopeless against them, talking 1000pts

>> No.70923756


New Thread

>> No.70923810

Don't have underlings use "my lord" more than once in a sentence, and preferably only once in a conversation, unless you're -really- drilling it home that they are their superior. It can also be used as a point of objection like "B-but my lord, that plan is impossible!"

Also, you deliver the Emperor's Mercy when executing someone, but it's only called that when done on loyalists or those who are deemed redeemed on the moment of death.

Remember that your audience won't care if English is your first language or not, all they care for is whether your text is grammatically correct. At a quick reading, there were only a few minor mistakes and awkward turns of phrase, but in general I didn't have a problem reading it.

>> No.70923870


Lootas, Flash Gitz, Mek Gunz, probably nobs with big choppas or meganobs.

Reg boys seem to get chewed through.

>> No.70924175

Interestingly semi-older lore (some BL novel) had it that Custodes were made from genetic samples of the Emperor.
I suppose they could take dna from his current form if samples he had in storage ran out.

>> No.70924189

There'll be more natural light tomorrow now. I'm doing good head way on my units, truth be told and should be mostly done with everything this week.

>> No.70924204

You could stat them out in the Rogue Trader era and have them on the table. Unsure which book they were in though.
Could have even been a Realm of Chaos one.

>> No.70924339

My Shield-Captain on Dawneagle 1v1 slew Shadowsun once.
That was a nice time; Vertus Praetors mowing down on-foot Tau infantry as my Wardens used their axes to chop down some Suit I have no idea what it was.
I won the game too.

>> No.70924374

Give Custodes more than bolters on their polearms that aren't resin already.

>> No.70924498

Not that anon, though my personal issue with BL is it has taken itself too seriously, when pulpy fiction to sell miniatures should be somewhat more self-aware of it's origins.
It also tends to lack the genuine awe and comfy reading feel of a classic Elric, Conan or Lovecraft pulp story.
Thing with BL is it's pulp fiction that wants to be higher artistic serious literature and fails to entertain fully as either for that.

>> No.70924542

HH could have worked as a trilogy of three (3 for emphasis on this) novels that covered everything. First one detailing the fall of Horus and why, the second one the main conflict and war, the finale having the Seige of Terra and ending with the Emperor interred in the Golden Throne.
Don't have them try to overly seriousness it or make it realistic, tell the events as if they were some legendary event of demigods and men that may have happened in the Imperium's prehistory and that would have been amazing.

>> No.70925072

I mostly play Tyranids, who only had a brief moment of being good this edition, so no. I got into GSC for fluff reasons when they came out in 7e, but since they were a brand new army, I hadn’t been playing them for years.

>> No.70925213


>> No.70925354

they are all on order produced books, the only reason to touch any GW book is if you got a hardon for a specific chapter/regiment/sept/craftworld etc

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