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Post tau doing what they do best: getting slaughtered in glorious melee combat.

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Post your dudes, dudes.

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>Not having an entirely pewter army
>Not throwing your heavy boys at the enemy
>Not redefining Heavy Support
>Not winning the game by default through head trauma

What's wrong with you people?

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What are the 40k players at your LGS like? Do they only play Marines? Are they autists?

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>run breachers up
>max short range distance strat
>hot blooded
>shoot again in melee with pistol 2 shotgun strat
>add another ten S5 shots cause you gave em all pistols

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My LGS has a huge 'Nid infestation.
And an ork player.

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Does anyone have a list of the Tank Ace traits from Psychic Awaking?

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no, and yes

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So my meta is full of WAACfags playing space marines and im thinking about taking my tau out to join in the the gay sex.

++ 3x Battalion Detachment +15CP (T'au Empire) [77 PL, 1424pts] ++

T'au Empire Sept Choice: Farsight Enclaves

+ HQ +
3x Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit [7 PL, 132pts]: Advanced targeting system, 3x Cyclic ion blaster
3x Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 146pts]: 4x Fusion blaster

+ Troops +
9x Strike Team [2 PL, 35pts]
. 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle

+ Elites +

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [14 PL, 275pts]: 2x Smart missile system, Ion accelerator, Velocity tracker

What should be my final 500ish points.

Against non-space marine armies ill play my tyranids

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Put the rest of the points in kroot and drones

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01010001 01010101 01001001 01000011 01001011 00100000 01001101 01001111 01000100 01010011 00100000 01000001 01010010 01000101 00100000 01000001 01010011 01001100 01000101 01000101 01010000 00100000 01010000 01001111 01010011 01010100 00100000 01000011 01010101 01010100 01000101 00100000 01000001 01000100 01001101 01000101 01000011 01001000 00100000 01000111 01001001 01010010 01001100 01010011 00100000 01001110 01001111 01010111 00100000 01000111 01001111 00100000 01000111 01001111 00100000 01000111 01001111 00100000

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Mostly nids and genestealers. All the genestealers just use the best guard stuff, so they came in and bought all the scions on Saturday after the leaks. One kids parents are loaded and he has 4k of nearly every army, and only the nids are painted, but with 2 colors. Only 3 of us make sure our junk is painted before Fielding them.

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Haven’t played in like, a year?
How are Orks and what the fuck is psychic awakening.

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What colour should I paint the Bolter?

Also should I paint nylon thigh highs?

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So, how are you preparing for the upcoming meta of Farsight Enclaves, Grey Knights and Imperial Guard dominating everyone?

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>so they came in and bought all the scions on Saturday after the leaks.

Why, its not like they can use any of the new stuff in GSC.

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>not taking breachers
you're a daft cunt
also bring melee crisis

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i literally had no interest in sisters for 25 years until this moment

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I don't have breachers, I played tau before they came out.

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Personally I just go with Leadbelcher+Abaddon Black mix; leaves a nice and neutral gunmetal finish.

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Can any of those defeat current power Iron Hands consistently or are we assuming nerfs incoming?

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beautiful conversions and painting anon, can you tell me how you did it

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Why are you only running 1 riptide? Also you need a ton of shield drones.

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>What colour should I paint the Bolter?
On an HQ.

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You need to make her head very small.

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Orks are good, PA is just a small update for all factions while Marines get to enjoy a massive update.

Only one Marine player who's super into raptors for as long as they existed, he also loves doing terrain and bases. Rest is fairly diverse with representation for almost everything except Eldar.

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Chaos Tau army that are all female magical girls when?

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I have two, but i don't understand what makes them good.

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Gimmicky ghetto ork tau list
100 or so kroot with ethereals. Still waiting to see what else I'll bring for heavy fire support

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The old Chaos Dreadnought contravened the Geneva convention.

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Yea, any models in a brood brother detachment have to take that as their doctrine.

I mean i guess they can use some of the strats, but none of them seem worthwhile for GSC.

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Here are some of my lads. Working on the other 5 Termies these days.

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Fuck yeah Necrons

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kek, read it in his voice.

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heavy burst cannon with ATS is great
new ion relic is positively busted

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Thank. The bodies are palanite enforcers with the chest indent filled with greenstuff. The heads are a mix of tacticals, intercessors and hellblasters. The hands are from a bunch of kits, mostly tacticals. Gubbins like grenades and holsters are again, from all over the place, including the old csm box.
If you plan to make your own - keep in mind that the hand and head mounting points are fucky and will require some cutting. For the heads I found that just cutting the neck stump in line with the collar to be the easiest way.

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Are Tyranids really that popular right now?

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Dude bought 4 start collecting of the scions just to use in his gene stealers.

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Can you manage fish nets and a garter?

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I guess ill bring the second one and then some shield drones.

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So buy breacher. Is that not what the question was?

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Blight-haulers are cute! CUTE!

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well if you want to help him out you can suggest he bring two plasma squads for DSing in and shooting stuff.

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no just krakenstealers fagging it up

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The events at the end of baal dont make sense on the timeline,was it written before gathering storm?
It implies that girlyman was back, in charge and fully on the move by the time cadia happend.

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Age of Sigmar is better than 40k, hands down. The rules are tighter, the difference between hitting, wounding, rending, and saving are flatter which means it's better balanced, the spells are a lot more fun, the command points are handled infinitely better, and the armies are just a lot more interesting with actual good looking models with less potential for 'soup' shenanigans.

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Its a shame they kinda suck.

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The mate I "sold" my Custodes is returning them back, since he didn't enjoy the hobby.
Ever since I sold my Custodes I've improved in my painting skills and even started to turn some old minis in to "true-scale" (like Chaos Warriors from AoS/Fantasy).
I checked the sprues of the Custodes and checked the piece that connects the torso to the legs is actually pretty big, which means just adding a tiny ball of greenstuf in between is all would take to greatly increase its height, without needing to extend anything else.
I checked some paintings only and tried to see how it would check, proportion-wise.
What do you guys think?
The one with the regular size (right), seems like in the height proportions is in scale (with the manlet body) but it width doesn't, which makes it similar to the old Space Marine models.

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What makes them better than just MSU firewarriors?

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Fishnets are too much work for one troop mini to replicate dozens of time but simple nylon should be easier.

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And yet your game is so dead you come here to shitpost instead of sticking to your own general

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You snipped the fly off your champion as well. Based.

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Not the same anon but breachers fit better with the close range combat that FSE sept encourages

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Eh, im not too much of a fan, seeing as i'd have to invest in getting them to places instead of just sitting back and plinking at stuff till they have to run to objectives.

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It ain't easy but I like the lil' fellas
fun to smash them against orks and guard blobs

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I miss him.

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Paint job looks great. Personally i find that color scheme boring when it comes to nurgle.
Id like to make them as disgusting as possible. Instead of flat green, id go with thr colors of rotting meat and rusty metal smeard together with blood red and pus yellow layerd over it.
Look at gore or old roadkill for inspiration. Nurgle is the one faction you can really get creative with

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Wibbly wobbly timeywimey we don't do dates anymore you fucking nerd.

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I was thinking of making a killteam of them. I got a cheap metal krootox off an acquaintance

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Ass 2 S6 AP-2. And you can do >>70915078 now to shoot the 5" range profile twice at 15 inches.

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You'll need all the special kroot you can get, 20 kroot literally does not have enough points to fill a list.

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Already surpassed every other fantasy game including Fantasy. I'll also bet that AoS is outselling 40k. It would explain why AoS gets good rules & good looking models consistently whereas they hardly try with 40k as if they've consigned defeat & is using PA to try to get it back above AoS in terms of sales but is failling miserably. For the brainlets:this doesn't mean 40k is doing bad in sales but instead is doing worse than AoS as GW's money maker.

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They'd have to be FSE so can't use hotblooded.

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>you'll need all the special kroot
So I'm half way there?

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Thats a nice idea. Much better then using them in normal 40k where you need a stupid number of them to get stuff done

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Looking good anon!
Hoping my own force will be finished this week also.

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>B-baka /40kg/! It's not like I like you or anything!
That's all I could gather from your post.
Less is more my friend.

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I cant believe breacher rushes are possible now, if only I could get my hands on an Orca

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Just paint a rectangle ochre

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In what possible world is that true?

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>How are Orks
Pretty good. A bit worse than they were a while ago since Marines came in but they have a ton of options and several viable builds. They're quite competitive and their codex still holds up. They're getting an update next month too.
>and what the fuck is psychic awakening.
A series of campaign books loosely themed around some humans awakening to their psychic potential. Status quo doesn't change since it's set before the "present day". What they amount to is a set of rules for every faction featured in them (three or more), which so far has varied from practically nothing (GSC got some useless custom Cult traits, passable stratagems and a couple Cult-locked powers) to absolutely insane (Grey Knights went to at least high tier, I'm not kidding).

I think FSE might have a good shot, actually. But nerfs come April to IH are inevitable.

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Unironically it is likely due to warp shenanigans that time is different in regards to Terra and Baal.

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Fair. Include the garters though.

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>AoS gets good rules & good looking models

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yeah, true. But then you can use the reroll wounds strat instead, and you're rerolling 1s to wound anyways.

Yeah, i think krootox are capped at 1 so just got some doggies and maybe a shaper.

I just bought a fish, I'm very happy.

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Not same anon, but I'm sad because my color scheme basically became the default Death Guard look after I'd been doing it since 2nd Edition. Now people think my guys are the standard GW scheme. Shit sucks.

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Yeah I don't think I could stomach a full tau army
I've considered a vehicle heavy one because I figured it'd be easy enough to swap the pilots around for kroot and paint them in camo colors to make it look more krootish

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I can see what you mean, though the difference there is kinda negligible on the models when compared to the illustrations.

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Posting the real good guys in 40k. Lamenters count too.

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So i guess something like this?

++ 3x Battalion Detachment +15CP (T'au Empire) [97 PL, 1992pts] ++

T'au Empire Sept Choice: Farsight Enclaves

+ HQ +
3x Commander in XV8 Crisis Battlesuit [7 PL, 132pts]: Advanced targeting system, 3x Cyclic ion blaster
3x Commander in XV86 Coldstar Battlesuit [8 PL, 146pts]: 4x Fusion blaster

+ Troops +
9x Strike Team [2 PL, 35pts]
. 5x Fire Warrior w/ Pulse Rifle

+ Elites +

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [14 PL, 275pts]: 2x Smart missile system, Ion accelerator, Velocity tracker

XV104 Riptide Battlesuit [14 PL, 278pts]: 2x Smart missile system, Heavy burst cannon, Advanced targeting system, Velocity tracker

+ Fast Attack +

Tactical Drones [2 PL, 90pts]
. 9x MV4 Shield Drone

2x Tactical Drones [2 PL, 100pts]
. 10x MV4 Shield Drone

Imagine the Shield drones spread around, i just put them all here for cleanliness.

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>How effective are melta weapons in 8th?
>How effective are missile launchers in 8th?
>How effective are the DG infantry whom get cover from this?
Once you come to the realization on all of the above points, you realize that the only thing haulers have going for them in T7/5++/5+++
Just take bloat-drones.

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They're a meme, their damage output is shit and the -1 to hit just isn't cost effective, you can just buy more dudes with the points.

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Cope with your trannies that you have to put paper bags over there heads to look presentable.

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Are those in kill team?

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Though why did they break into the Imperial Palace and get kill-crazy that one time?

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I mean you're still a fag for trying to WAAC in the first place. You're just being part of the problem.

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My LGS is next to few colleges, and a well know university in particular. I'm not sure what the armies are generally, but the people themselves tend to be really chill, to the point I feel uncomfortable making jokes or memes.

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They might be a commander unit, i'm not sure. I stopped messing with kill team the moment I discovered necromunda.

>> No.70915566

The -1 is only for themselves in melee
Their aura is just cover.

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All them Commanders and Shield Drones...
I hate it.

>> No.70915577

meh, i don't give a fuck. It's not like im gonna care some marine waacfag is getting stomped.

>> No.70915583

I mean, even during the paintings, it's the small, sometimes unnoticed stuff that ends up popping off the model. In this case it's a simple task of putting a small greenstuff ball in the torso-legs connection. At least doesn't feel like I'm wasting my time painting manlets/dwarves. Now it would feel more like I would be painting muscular big soldiers.
Like for example pic related (the Chaos Warrior paintjob was just a quick one so it wouldn't be grey and green from the torso extension.

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Actually that might be the kroot guy from BSF
Incidentally I own him too.

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Wasn't it to warn the Emperor of an upcoming threat? The Custodes didn't trust that they came in peace, so they had to fight.

>> No.70915617

>outselling 40k
It's barely above specialist games in sales. There's a reason 40k is the focus of all GW's non-tabletop related marketing and expansion. Because barely anyone plays AoS.

>> No.70915621

No. Also vespids are for some reason also not present in KT

>> No.70915629

Castraferrum dreadnoughts holding weapons looks dumb

>> No.70915631

That's def more of a difference there. Fair play, anon.

>> No.70915655

>drew the leg armor upside-down

>> No.70915664

There is the quarterly meeting going on at the Warhammer Cafe in Texas this week, managers are being forces to bring 1k points of sigmar and have to play a match. Makes me think they are being forced to learn to game and trying to be forces to like it to increase sales.

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Can some lorefags answer questions?

Are Orks "evil" Like in the sense if they saw a helpless child or something on a war world would they torture the thing for kicks or just, ignore it?

If the collective Ork gesalt beileved Big E was alive would that... do anything?

>> No.70915671

What is the best Guard tool for putting down Shield drones?

>> No.70915672

Why did the Custards hide the technology of knees from the Space Marines?

>> No.70915675

How unbearable is GW resin to work with? I want to get some Striking Scorpions, but I’m half tempted to just buy the older static metal sculpts to save myself the pain.

>> No.70915677

What is the worst team up from an in-universe perspective to deal with? Iron Warriors+World Eaters/any other especially mad as fug Khornate warband?

>> No.70915679

If your a good boy you can play against my nidz

>> No.70915684

Fine I'll take the bait, I was never a smart kid anyway.

>I'll bet it's out selling 40k
It's not. 40k is still selling better.

>good models
Most of them are shit. The only good models they have shown have been updates of fantasy models or made to fit in with them.

>surpassed every other fantasy game
What do you mean?
Sales? It's GW and it's actually supported unlike fantasy was.
Lore? What lore?
Setting? If that's what you can call it.
Actually playing it? It's a glorified skirmish game, for retards who can't think.

>pic related.

>> No.70915686

>Are Orks "evil" Like in the sense if they saw a helpless child or something on a war world would they torture the thing for kicks or just, ignore it?
Yes. The last thing they would do is ignore a living humie.

>If the collective Ork gesalt beileved Big E was alive would that... do anything?
No, the psychic meme is blown way out of hand.

>> No.70915688

Orks will gladly kill and eat gretchin who have done nothing but serve them. They would totally kill a little humie. Probably just a stomp or a few shots, though.

>> No.70915690

Could have been, in all fairness I haven't read the novel it happened in.
Interestingly I read Rogue Trader's core earlier and noticed Custodes had the same base stats in it as an Inquisitor (WS 5, BS 5, S4, T4, 2W for non Heroes - and Inquisitors could requisition Custodes help as much as anyone els in the Imperium).
Also their base spear weapon was stat-wise a Lasgun, which has the same stats in Necromunda.
Weird and I prefer the more intimidating stats of the Custodians now to then.

>> No.70915691

theyre a good candidate for quick painting with contrast (tm) miniatures painting system, pick up some pots today and youll really see the contrast

>> No.70915694

Its not too bad, unless there is long spindly bits.

The resin SS are alright, if you can find the current ones in metal you'll be better off.

>> No.70915695

>if they saw a helpless child
They'd probably eat it.

>> No.70915699

An ork boy would probably ignore or kill the child quickly, then eat it if he's hungry. The gretchin will absolutely kidnap and torture the child though.

>> No.70915702

Slaanesh Daemons and Craftworld Eldar

>> No.70915705

In my headcanon he's the new 4th captain with Thaddeus as his company champion.

>> No.70915706


>> No.70915709

It can be pretty bad.
If you can find a decent deal on metal ones, I'd go for it.

>> No.70915711

>its so good and original that the headliners are ripped off of space marines

>> No.70915712

Actually looks female at least when compared to him in pic related

>> No.70915714

Be sure to magnetize it so that you can field all the variants.

>> No.70915718

Tick tock siggy niggy.

>> No.70915721

Let me guess you're sitting there with one in your cart on GW's site trying to convince yourself a $140 purchase is worth it and looking for some sort of reassurance from us

>> No.70915723

what does that GK psycannon count as?

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>> No.70915726

What would a 1k list of your Tyranids look like, anon?
I happen to just do 1k games for a few reasons.

>> No.70915735

A good general knows that there are no real rules in war.
Weild that dread like a mace! Brutalize your opponent until they cede the game to you!
Only then will you know what it means to be a lord of Chaos!

>> No.70915737

Baneblades are cool, but kinda shit on the table

>> No.70915739


>> No.70915758

> t. never actually read the 2e core or played a game in it's current iteration.
I'm not the anon you're replying to, I just happen to play both gamelines.

>> No.70915760

>A good general knows that there are no real rules in war.
I got one "the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must"

>> No.70915761

*walks up slowly*
*takes tau toy gun away*
bad xeno taste my brade

>> No.70915763

you can assemble it like that too
I guess it makes them look like shields, which could be what some people want

>> No.70915768


>> No.70915769

>so bootyblasted you have to resort to manface posting
Why do I get a feeling you spend more time here shitposting then on /aosg/?

>> No.70915770

That picture and the previous anon's picture look about the same.
But if you're this obsessed with letting everyone know how Totally Not Gay you are...

>> No.70915778

Highly neat checkers, you mad bastard.

>> No.70915784

Not bad anon, those are some decent clowns.

>> No.70915797

Of course, Rogue Trader also has "design your own dudes" rules that let you points cost stuff, and you could always give more better Custodes More Better weapons too, just because.

Rogue Trader, at least in the form of that particular first rule book, is very much "your stuff, do what you want" I mean, you can design new stuff from scratch with said rules.

>> No.70915799

>breachers are just WW1 americans
fuck i want to play tau now

>> No.70915803

The first part is all that matter.

>> No.70915809

If match play (assuming cause you mentioned waac) you cant have 6 commanders in a single detachment.

>> No.70915831

this is like when hollywood producers buy 10 million dollars in tickets to make sales look good

>> No.70915839

My biggest problem with 40k is that armies rules are fairly homogenised so pretty much every codex have functionally the same relics and rules and stratagems. In AoS the relics and warlord traits are way more varied and interesting and I wish they where that way in 40k.

>> No.70915851

Depends what i feel like really. I've been collecting them since 2001.

But for a random pickup game maybe something like this for funzies

Flyrant with 2x claws
max unit of genestealers
40 termagaunts

This is spread out over three battalions, with the new FSE rule that you can take two per detachment.

>> No.70915853

Reading comprehension anon.
Look at the post again

>> No.70915859

Kek, I didn't even consider that. My girlfriend basically just bought some random demons and a demon prince model so she can field them with her CSM army just so "it's not a complete waste"

>> No.70915866

>the difference between hitting, wounding, rending, and saving are flatter which means it's better balanced
This is so dumb

>> No.70915873

That's true. I have been interested to dip in and see what a small force of RT era ones, around 500pts, could be like, with Heroes and top tier stuff added in.
Has a similar feel to like how the later Inquisitor did things, which is another game I've wanted to give a go with my mate. We really need to decide on a good 'point value' with the Ready Reckoner and sit together to make /ourdudes/.
In RT I also liked how Slaan were essentially psychic Orks stat-wise... and Tyranid forces were half+ Zoats in number and the Tyranids (that looked like Termagents) often used Bolter equivalents. And that the Hive Tyrant was essentially the immobile Xeno Queen back on it's Hive Ship back then.

>> No.70915877

>Flyrant with 2x claws
>max unit of genestealers
>40 termagaunts

>> No.70915881

>5 o'clock shadow
gets me every time lmao

>> No.70915891

If you think tyranids can be cancer right now, lol.

>> No.70915907

>t. the increasingly nervous man for the 9th time today
i wouldn't hate this model nearly as much if it weren't for the fucking dick skeleton

>> No.70915908

I played a practice game and I fucking hated it so......

>> No.70915913

max units of krakenstealers are absolutely cancer

>> No.70915917

The Tyranid list depending on how you cement that out looks pretty fun to fight all told.
I happen to like them more as they're a more varied force and do as much melee as shooting.
Never a fan of Tau's high S gunline and drone ablative wounds, it's not the most fun to play against and sadly is my best mate's faction, so the ones I tend to face.

>> No.70915929

>i dont know how to screen so its cancer

>> No.70915933

Oh no, the things with 5++ saves are going to kill my chaff!

>> No.70915935

*hides drones out of sight*
*oops they blocked all your shots i guess you suck at this game*

>> No.70915976

>> No.70915977

>go first
>turn one charge with max unit of krakenstealers
>half your 1000 pts is engaged and cant do anything except get shredded
>the rest of the army just shits on 500 points thats left

>> No.70915983

This is why noone likes Tau players.

>> No.70915989

So I got art of a character I roleplay as. A Tempestus Scion girl.

I am a baby lorefag but would they have authority at all over a normal guardsman? Or anyone? Also I am looking for art suggestions for her; maybe an action scene.

>> No.70915995

>being bad at this game
>wonders why he's not having fun

>> No.70915998

I want to read a novel about SoBs. How is the recent Mark of Faith? How's the novel about Celestine?

>> No.70916027

Generally, no.

Most of them are just legs for their guns.

>> No.70916034

This is for erotic roleplay isn't it anon

>> No.70916053

The interesting part is, as the anon that first said he wouldn't mind seeing and playing the Tyranid 1k list is I play Custodes, so I'm somewhat confident my Golden Lads would be fine against the genestealers.

>> No.70916054

Scions are part of a different command structure, kinda separate from Guard. They don't have any authority over IG de jure, but normal guardsmen will probably listen to commands given by an elite spec ops soldier, especially if no officer is present.

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>> No.70916084

How the fuck is that cancer you scrub

>> No.70916087

F-list Yes. I am sinful and only made her because I liked the Scions in the TTS show

>> No.70916097

I didn't want to buy Blightlauncher bits and Psycannons were 5 for 5$ so I was like, "Eh, they're similar.

>> No.70916102

He's got a boner

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>> No.70916129

You naughty boy you
I am no man to judge

>> No.70916136

When Gaunt got promoted to general in one of the latest books his scions who were assigned to him as bodyguards were a bit bossy towards regular guardsmen but I don't think they necessarily officially outrank them, other than I think obviously a Scion Sergeant or officer could give orders to guardsmen of a lower rank in a combat situation. They'd probably have independent objectives though.

>> No.70916144

Good luck on your erotic ventures anon

>> No.70916156

New 40k art is ba-

>> No.70916159

Godspeed, hope she gets that dick

>> No.70916168


>> No.70916171

>doesn't picture more than 50 individuals at once

>> No.70916177

Gaunt got promoted? He has Tempestus Scions now? What the fuck did I miss?

>> No.70916180

Very nice plague bois, fren.

>> No.70916181

I reckon some Agrax on them to filth them up more and they'd be even better than they already look, anon. :)

>> No.70916196

Read the books, Anon, they are neat.

>> No.70916244


>> No.70916271


>> No.70916305

It's kind of funny, he and the Ghosts got stuck in the warp and were lost for 10 years, everyone thought they were dead. Between the two books I think is when they started using Astra Militarum and calling them Scions so suddenly all the characters are using those terms instead of Imperial Guard.

Anyway he gets promoted to general and the scions are his personal bodyguard.

>> No.70916318

I heard bad things about the last few books. I read Salvation's Reach last, and that was pretty satisfying. Something about those two kids Yoncy and Dalin or whatever seems to have made everyone mad. Just spoil me.

>> No.70916324

This is what i'm currently working on. I tried sculpting robes and hoods for the first time, and i'm not really happy with how they turned out. But i'm relatively satisfied with the paintjob, i wanted to to something dirty and really worn and damaged, and i think that worked out well. This is just an etb intercessor i used to test both of these out before i commit to a whole army.

>> No.70916331

Any advice on scatter terrain with fast shipping for Australians? I’d prefer to go non-GW, but I’m happy to consider them if it’s my only option

>> No.70916333

>tfw ordered a Leviathan Dread
>tfw new Forgeworld book nerfs it
Bros... This won't happen, right?

>> No.70916349

>Stuck on Gereon for like 4 years
>In the warp for 10 now

Did at least bring his fucking regiment with him this time instead of ~6 dudes?

>> No.70916352

Great job, me. Here's the picture.

>> No.70916365

*The strong do what they will
fixed it for you

>> No.70916382

Do the Tau win Psychic Awakening 5? What happened to the Death Guard?

>> No.70916407

I remember you posting this before anon. It looks good for a first attempt. The bottom part of the tabard could be better, but honestly the chest isn't awful with the paint style you've got going. Just make sure not to get that silver on the robe, and clean the colors a little at the edges.

>> No.70916412

there's at least two cases she can exercise real authority over someone - one is conscripts, generally those would be very young, and the other would be penal squad, those would be likely rough and grizzled, plus any dealings with civilians, PDF and so on...

>> No.70916418

>Something about those two kids Yoncy and Dalin or whatever seems to have made everyone mad. Just spoil me.

They're daemon engines planted by Herotor Asphodel at Vervunhive, set to stay 'dormant' until they're in a position to execute crusade leadership, Kolea had two sons not a son and a daughter and is reminded of that by one of the camp followers that arrives from Vervunhive. 1/3 of the Ghosts regiment is quartered beneath the fortress containing Macaroth and Sabbat and suddenly the basement just kind of warps and everyone loses their way. Yoncy goes around blending (it's the best adjective I can use) Ghosts and their families until Sabbat and Gaunt are able to kick down the wall into the basement and kill them. At this point Kolea finds Dalin who's in shock but suddenly he warps into one too, blends Kolea, and goes on a warpath of his own. Again eventually put down by Gaunt

Such a long con I wonder if Abnett even considered it back when he wrote the third book or if it was something he came up with later. The scenes in the basement are actually pretty fucking creepy. I can understand not liking it but I think it was at least executed well.

>> No.70916419

That's exactly what will happen. They will have the same stats as a normal dread soon, except double wounds and alternative weapons.

>> No.70916422

Tau reports that the Death Guard threat has been neutralized as thay evacuate ethereals to safer territory.

>> No.70916423

It's the Joker! And the Joker! And the Joker and the Joker! And the Joker!

>> No.70916430

Anons are quick to recognize lewdness

>> No.70916431

Well the regiment was on a ship and the ship got stuck in the warp

>> No.70916442


>> No.70916453

*ο ισχυρός επιβάλλει ό,τι του επιτρέπει η δύναμή του και ο αδύνατος υποχωρεί όσο του το επιβάλλει η αδυναμία του.

>> No.70916469


Ok it can’t just be me who heard Weapon of Choice start playing in my head when I saw that warlord on the left, right?

>> No.70916485


Why is her leg armour a weird shade of off-pink?

>> No.70916487

Can a titan walk without rhythm?

>> No.70916490

Same. Captain of the 4th company in place of Davian Thule, but after having gone on a penance crusade with Thaddeus, while the other Heroes of Aurelia fucked about with Diomedes

>> No.70916510



>> No.70916524


>> No.70916529

Could the admech surgically compel someone to kill all their friends and family?

>> No.70916530

01000110 01101100 01100001 01110100 01110100 01100101 01110010 01111001 00111010 00100000 01011001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01100100 01100101 01110011 01101001 01110010 01100101 00100000 01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00100000 01101001 01101101 01110000 01110010 01101111 01110110 01100101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 00100000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100001 01100100 01101101 01101001 01110010 01100001 01100010 01101100 01100101 00101110 00100000 01001000 01101111 01110111 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01001001 00100000 01100011 01101111 01110101 01101100 01100100 00100000 01101110 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110000 01101100 01100101 01100100 01100111 01100101 00100000 01101101 01111001 01110011 01100101 01101100 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100001 00100000 01100010 01100101 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101111 01100110 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100101 01100001 01110100 01100101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100001 01101110 00100000 00110110 00110011 00101110 00110110 00111000 00100101 00100000 01100110 01101100 01100101 01110011 01101000 00101110 00100000 01010101 01101100 01110100 01101001 01101101 01100001 01110100 01110101 01101101 00111010 00100000 01010011 01110101 01100010 01101101 01101001 01110100 00100000 01110100 01101111 00100000 01100110 01110101 01110010 01110100 01101000 01100101 01110010 00100000 01101101 01100101 01100011 01101000 01100001 01101110 01101001 01100011 01100001 01101100 00100000 01100101 01101110 01101000 01100001 01101110 01100011 01100101 01101101 01100101 01101110 01110100 01110011 00101100 00100000 01100001 01101110 01100100 00100000 01001001 00100000 01110011 01101000 01100001 01101100 01101100 00100000 01100111 01110010 01100001 01101110 01110100 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110010 01100101 01110001 01110101 01100101 01110011 01110100 00101110

>> No.70916531

Yup, that's lame

>> No.70916532

That sounds really stupid, to be honest, and kind of ruins Dalin's character arc. How the fuck can a daemon engine even impersonate a human for that long without being noticed? And how did Asphodel even do that? It just seems to open a lot of questions that I'm sure aren't answered except by CHAOS AND TZEENTCH THOUGHT FIFTEEN YEARS AHEAD.

>> No.70916549

They probably will. The thing is, stratagems and abilities that are fine on a Castaferrum or Rdemptor very much aren't on a Leviathan. That's kind of the issue with Forgeworld (see also: max shots Y'vahra).

>> No.70916559

absolute unit

>> No.70916585

Yeah, it's pretty out of left field for both of them to have been, but the last few books had established Yoncy has being a weirdo so at the very least something off about her was foreshadowed to some extent. Not much was answered, shortly after they drop an orbital bombardment on Anakwanar Sek, Mkoll shoves a mine down his throat, and Gaunt and the Warmaster declare victory. I have to imagine there's going to be another book because Milo was rescued and they don't even have a scene with him and Gaunt reuniting.

Personally I liked the last two books but I can see where they'd put people off. Like I said, the parts in the basement were pretty fucking spooky at times.

>> No.70916594

Ah. Continuing on in my headcanon Tarkus became the first captain. Termie armor and banner and everything else.
That's the least they can do.

>> No.70916601

>Tau reports that the Death Guard threat has been neutralized as thay evacuate ethereals to safer territory.


>> No.70916604

I'm on mobile and it won't let me copy paste it since the software thinks it's a bunch of phone numbers. What does it say?

>> No.70916610

All dreadnoughts holding weapons is silly. Just mount the weapon to the arm.

>> No.70916611

Speak english you dumb shit

>> No.70916612

>tfw my only forgeworld model is Ang'orrath, who is likely to get a huge buff In that he'll get the ability to handle things smaller than T6

>> No.70916615

Ah well, at least Leviathans look cool so it won't be totally wasted.

>> No.70916624

Flattery: Your desire for self improvement is admirable. However I could never pledge myself to a being of greater than 63.68% flesh. Ultimatum: Submit to further mechanical enhancements, and I shall grant your request.

>> No.70916628

Which side of the wormhole is that?

>> No.70916636

No New Tanith or anything? It sounds weirdly rushed.
I do like those lasguns though. I wish that models had more variety with lasguns.

>> No.70916639


>> No.70916646

Since when do the Goliaths have female members?

>> No.70916651

Over the past three books they got reinforcements from Vervunhive but they don't bring up Slaydo's promise. Feels like too key of a point to not follow up on, does anyone know if there's going to be more books?

>> No.70916661

Combi-bolters or combi-plasma on a 10man squad of chaos terminators? Also are chainaxes the best melee weapons for termies considering their price?

>> No.70916662

Since now, I guess.

I thought they relied on Eschers for roids and poontang though.

>> No.70916665

Do you think the eavy metal team ever gets tired of having to paint hazard stripes on tiny fucking wires or is that just them flexing on the rest of us intentionally

>> No.70916666

Male Eschers when?

>> No.70916676

I enjoyed making my blight launchers out of heavy bolters and some styrene tubes and card.

I love that briefly lighting the tip on fire flares it out perfectly.

>> No.70916682

Male eschers are atrophied little troglodytes for the most part, useful for little more than fucking and being servant bitches, according to what we've been told.

>> No.70916683

From my experience it's much easier to paint stripes on tiny wires, since it's just one single brush stroke per stripe.

>> No.70916685

Since someone over there developed a muscle girl fetish.

>> No.70916697


You know what I wanna know?

How the fuck could someone manage to muster up the raw stupidity to look at:

>Mech controlled with a joystick that has to manually draw it’s gun like a pistol
>Same mech but with the pilot hard-wired in so that the mech is effectively his body, with a gun built into the palm of his hand

And think “Hmm yes, the one that couldn’t possibly operate it’s gun in close combat without losing the use of it’s power fist should be able to fire in melee”

Like, I can’t actually parse being that unintelligent.

>> No.70916705

it's super easy, just black stripes over yellow wire

>> No.70916707

Are they dropping with a lord for re-rolls?

>> No.70916709

They can just change the lore. It's 2020, people, diversity is our strength.

>> No.70916717

Look up "rule of cool". You seem to be willfully ignorant of it.

>> No.70916727

I raise your silly with this poor guy who will never be able to use his axe because he has no bend in his waist due to the giant cannon in his chest.

>> No.70916728


>> No.70916731

While you often hear of people wanting female models in lorewise mixed or all male units, usually you don't hear of people wanting dudes in the all female units. I was surprised that there's male wych models for the deldar.

>> No.70916739

dropping with a chaos lord and sorcerer for presience

>> No.70916744 [DELETED] 

Well, this is "done." Not sure if this is the colour scheme I want to go with. I'll probably paint a few more in different colours to see what sticks. Also not sure if the stockings were and improvement or not.

>> No.70916747


A palm mounted gun in a power fist is infinitely cooler than a pistol. What the fuck are you smoking?

>> No.70916750

You do you, bro. We like 40k. I like AoS too, but I'm not going to start stirring up shit on their thread about 40k.

>> No.70916754

I'm fine with the Custodes ones, which is why I specified Castraferrum.
At least you can say that the axe is just for bigger opponents and that it just steamrolls infantry under its treads.
The Kytan has it much worse.

>> No.70916760

Absolute madman.

>> No.70916765

The stockings look great

>> No.70916767

what a god

>> No.70916775

Luckily I used Venerable Dread hands on my Contemptors (for the OG HH dread look) and added a pair of Phobos muzzles to the knuckles, so it can fire while punching fuckers.

It's weird only Helbrutes have the option to not take a weapon on the fist. The castaferrum gun isn't necessary on the CCW arm and at least the resin contemptors can be built without the gun on the arm.

>> No.70916778

Airbrush and some door screen type of material would make it fairly easy.

>> No.70916779

I mean, they did for lady goliaths, see >>70916662

I enjoy the implication that goliaths become sexually monomorphic over time through the power of swole.

>> No.70916785


>> No.70916786

Yes, but AoS only has like 3 daemon engines. This is a problem for me.
Plus, it doesn't have the cool weird champion models with bionics like in early WHFB.

>> No.70916789

I like them.

>> No.70916790


I dunno, the custodes dreads being so completely complex and dextrous that their bodes have very natural range of movement and carry their weapons except for the wrist guns is cool.

>> No.70916799 [DELETED] 

I don't own an airbrush, also I am trying to keep how fast I can get these done. All I did was thinned down a bit of Black Templar and did 2 coats over the thigh to get that transparent look here. >>70916744

It's not the greatest looking thing but good enough.

>> No.70916805

>being unable to fire the arm-mounted flamer/bolter is cool

>> No.70916806

They're alright in casual games, never disappointed me. Tanky with the usual 5+ invuln, 5+ FNP and T7, decent weapon loadout, decent melee so they're not worthless if they get charged and all their attacks on a 6+ wound get buffed by a Poxbringer (+1 dmg).
If you bring 3 (and why wouldn't you), that's 24 wounds they have to chew through. If your opponent shoots them, your other 3 PBCs and 2 Bloat Drones are moving forward to fuck them in the face, it's all about cheap, tanky threat saturation.
Before the point drops they were kinda blah and overpriced but now at 102 points a pop they're alright.

>> No.70916812


>> No.70916815

>I'm fine with the Custodes ones, which is why I specified Castraferrum.

I'm not, which is why I specified "all dreadnoughts." The most common excuse I see is "well, they want the custodes be able to fight like they did when they were flesh." So why don't Marine dreads get a handheld chainsword and big bolter?

>> No.70916825


If there’s a clear thematic reason for a unit to be monogender I’m pretty cool with it.

Marines have a stated lore reason for it, but honestly I’ve never been able to see a thematic one

>> No.70916827

>I mean, they did for lady goliaths

So male Eschers when?

>> No.70916834

They're also present ingame, they're just visually indistinguishable from lady eschers just like the goliaths.

>> No.70916835

The excuse is that Custodes dreadnoughts are much more advanced than Astartes ones.

>> No.70916839

>I’ve never been able to see a thematic one

Women can't be monks.

>> No.70916841

neato, now try one in daisy dukes

>> No.70916852

Yeah, I didn't see that until after I had posted. Looks good man, keep it up!

>> No.70916854


Honestly? Being completely accepting of drag queens would be very in character for the type of irl social movements eschers are themed after.

>> No.70916863

They're supposed to be big, monstrous posthuman warriors. It lends itself better to the male sex.

>> No.70916865

"How" had never been the issue, it's "why."

>> No.70916870

Pretty much the same, but even a semi-flimsy lore explanation is enough for me. Wouldn't mind the guard update whenever it happens to have some female models. Every time I look at the Blackstone Fortress Traitor Guard it almost makes me mad how much they look as a whole compared to Cadians that are what, almost 20 years old at this point?

>> No.70916871

Highlights the extent to which astartes aren't humans.

>> No.70916872

Going to all that effort but not getting more feminine looking heads is a waste.

>> No.70916874


If the monk theme is so important, why don’t all those unhelmed marines have tonsure?

>> No.70916877

>So male Eschers when?

Those exist. They're a massive minority but it's not a 100% failure rate for men with the Esher gene stuff.

>> No.70916878

bonus points for dark purple hair and twin pistols

>> No.70916883

It'd actually be an interesting reversal if in escher culture, males could only gain respect by stuffing grapefruits in their shirts and picking up a lasgun.

>> No.70916884

During the siege of Rynns world, Crimson fists came across babies roasted on a spit that the Orks cooked, though that may just be a tounge in cheek reference to the road.

>> No.70916886

Black Library writers have confirmed there's no reason a Custodes can't be female other than there's no physical model for one

>> No.70916889

>they're just visually indistinguishable from lady eschers

That's lazy headcanon. Like when people claim all Guard models are androgynous and you can use them for both men and women.

>just like the goliaths.

Except you can totally tell the two apart.

>> No.70916892

Because 40k is for 10 year old boys who go "EW GIRLS ICKY" and don't want them in their cool space army guys. And then when puberty hits like a goddamn truck, there's the SoB to sate them.

>> No.70916900

The only problem I have with female Custodes is that it lessens the dichotomy between them and the Sisters of Silence

>> No.70916901 [DELETED] 

Looks good to me

>> No.70916903

mixed gender units have lower combat effectiveness than either all male or all female units. that alone is good enough of a reason for any organized military e.g. guard

>> No.70916907

I can agree with that

>> No.70916915

You can tell the prospective ones apart. The gangers, juves and champs meanwhile have had so much muscle juice that the only clue is if they're wearing a chestplate or not.

space marines can learn the memories of dead humans by eating their brains

>> No.70916920

>why don’t all those unhelmed marines have tonsure?

Because that's not an universal monk thing, despite pop culture?

>> No.70916922

>Combat effectiveness

lmao, male or female the average guardsmen is probably getting its head ripped off by an ork after killing maybe one or two

>> No.70916925


It’s pretty thematically limiting if you wanna do any kind of warrior women force that *isn’t* basically the Black Templars.

>> No.70916929

5'11 vs 6'1.

>> No.70916946


Don’t even the emperors children have no interest in sex anymore, hence the drugs and dubstep obsession?

>> No.70916955

>ADB pushing his own fetishes is suddenly "Black Library writers confirming shit"
Fuck off ADB, you bald cuck.

>> No.70916956

No, ADB confirmed that he tried to write in female custodes and a suit from corporate gave him the no models excuse to stop him from doing some dumb bullshit.

>> No.70916970

Found the manlet
That's 6' vs 6'1

>> No.70916972

Ten-fifteen year old boys don't care about thematic limitations. They want to have fuckhuge man of pure muscle for wish fulfillment, and sexy nun of battle for jerking it to.

>> No.70916974

and yet they still manage to wars on their own

>> No.70916976

They probably didn't until the slaaneshi effect took over. I'm sure plenty of slaanesh marines enjoy all sorts of exotic banging, but it's harder to turn that into some sort of tabletop combat ability that isn't some EC marine running around using his dick like a club.

GW is honestly very squeamish at times about the actual 'sex' part of slaanesh and always tries to come up with other themes of excess

>> No.70916983

>space marines
these things are not the same anons

>> No.70917005

>but it's harder to turn that into some sort of tabletop combat ability
just give them a modified version of the "Terror Troops" ability with flavor text about "Unnatural acts committed against those unlucky enough to live"

>> No.70917012

ROD pdf available yet?

>> No.70917017


No no anon, we’re having a relatively calm and tame female marines discussion for once, don’t ruin this strange moment.

>> No.70917026

b a s e d

>> No.70917037

the point is that this is not a setting for your realism wank. It's been 38,000 years of social and physical change, if they state mixed gender units work effectively then they do.
This is a setting where basic humans have mutated into goats, cats, midgets and ogres, and the ones who haven't live for over a century before you start getting into medical care. Women can do fight as good as men if they say they can.

>> No.70917044

I need help 40kg
What should I paint my new Sisters as? Aesthetic merits vs Order Conviction power

>> No.70917046

keep your vaginas out of my space marines degenerate

>> No.70917050 [DELETED] 

>Anon posts a decent sister face
>Manface shitposters can't cope


>> No.70917053

put some red lipstick and maybe it'll help the manface
otherwise it's based

>> No.70917056

I don't think that it looks that good. Well, the painting is fine. I mean the look of having stockings on the model in the first place. The bare thighs look way better.

>> No.70917059


>> No.70917060

Honestly the Imperium executing a woman for trying to get out of guard duty by using being a woman as an excuse is perfectly in line with the Imperium. None can escape their duty

>> No.70917062



>> No.70917075

Check back later in the week

>> No.70917076

>Business suit stops ADB making another OC insert waifu.
Holy shit the suits got something right for once.

>> No.70917091

>1/3rd of the GSC stratagems are pregame aura modifiers
>the only 2cp strat is one of them
i want off this wild ride

>> No.70917099

still man face.

>> No.70917102

men and women will never, ever, ever be equal, not even in the 51st millenium
cope harder

>> No.70917109

Based suits

>> No.70917114

regular humans, not mutants or abhumans, are the bulk of humanity in the setting. also, i specifically said mixed gender units. if you want to have an all lady regiment there's nothing stopping you.

>> No.70917117

My degenerate mind made up the idea that SoS keep up their population through custode dick. No one can stand their presence but those golden boy, so old Custodes get sent away from Terra to not only kill possible threats, but also to repopulate dwindling SoS numbers.

>> No.70917120

Why are they all wearing chaplain helmets?

>> No.70917137 [DELETED] 


>> No.70917144


The usual argument for leaving women out of war is that they're more valuable for reproductive purposes, but in the Imperium it is specifically stated that they have more humans than they know what to do with, and even if things got bad enough that conscripting equally depleted the population sustainability to the point of it being an issue, they can still resort to Krieg methods if necessary.

The Imperium is literally too impassionate and too desperate for bodies to throw into the grinder to spare the women.

But we have multiple books with mixed units. 13th Legion, Redemption Corps to name a couple off the top of my head.

>> No.70917146


>> No.70917151

Serious question: Are they ACTUALLY female, or are they just roided-up barely-pubescent boys wearing chest armor?

I don't care either way, but I can see either/or being the case with these models.

>> No.70917153 [DELETED] 

post your minis

>> No.70917174

God I want to stroke his nipple-horns...

>> No.70917178


The thing is anon, the differences between the genders are an awkward enough issue irl that I’m perfectly happy to drop them entirely the moment I see a fantasy setting. Particularly since I’m the type of degenerate that always picks the female avatar in a videogame and wouldn’t appreciate taking arbitrary penalties for it.

>> No.70917180

Where can I find the Cadia Stands/Cadian Honour books?

>> No.70917183

nope, women in mixed regiments is literally more immersion breaking than being able to levitate rocks with your mind, sorry

>> No.70917186

yes it happens in the fluff but it is not the norm. iirc when this happens it is usually in the case of scratch regiments. meaning that given the choice, even in the flow, gender segregated units are preferable.

>> No.70917194

you're supposed to say dilate

>> No.70917204

The Imperium would not care about that. You would have a point for something like Tau Fire Warriors. For some engagements, Guardsmen are not even taught how to properly aim their weapons.

>> No.70917205

at your local bookstore

>> No.70917213

>Being completely accepting of drag queens would be very in character for the type of irl social movements eschers are themed after.

I actually don't think they would be - I think that female supremacy is a huge part of Escher culture in an extremely toxic way. Rather than "approve" of a man dressing like a woman, they'd think it disgusting, offensive, or at best "cute in a dismissive way," like a baby chimp wearing a suit. Most likely, they'd expect the man to be a man and pump out healthy offspring for the clan, where they're of the most value to the Matriarchs. Eschers pay a shit-load of dosh for virile males from other Eschers or other factions - why would they risk wasting such a valuable investment when, in their eyes, the women simply better for the job?

That being said, I think a troupe of sterile, but otherwise largely healthy, squad of drag queens would be somewhat in character, but they should be hated or looked down upon for being "weak."

>> No.70917214

Okay, Boomer.

>> No.70917221

Redemption Corps is about stormtroopers, the best of the best. If the Imperium wanted those units segregated by sex then they'd do it.

Really the answer is that the Imperium is so vast that both exist in likely equal measure, but just blanket stating 'it doesn't happen' is just saying it because you want it to be so.

>> No.70917224 [DELETED] 

Still looks like a tranny, you degenerate fuck. Stop trying to pretend to be a professional painter. No one can save those god awful faces.

If anyone comes to my lgs with these bare thigh sisters I going to fucking ruin their lives.

>> No.70917234

No you won't you blustering coward. You'll at most make a face for a moment and then deny it if the guy asks what that face was about.

>> No.70917236

Replying with a stale meme is the epitome of boomer, cringeposter

>> No.70917246

>I am mad people paint tiny plastic toys incorrectly
>I am in fact so mad about incorrectly painted toy soldiers that I am making threats of real world violence
Very cool.

>> No.70917252

bullshit. yes in a desperate situation if the Imperium's best option is to throw waves of untrained bodies at an opponent then they will do that. what you are saying though is that the guard is always and everywhere retarded that doesn't give a shit about winning a fight.

>> No.70917253 [DELETED] 

No, I would get their picture and name and report it to every sjw website I can find how some incel faggot feels the need to "fix" the new sister minis to look more sexy for his male gaze.

>> No.70917255

more like CameraCOOM
Very based painting though.

>> No.70917264 [DELETED] 

Doesn't matter, still looks like a tranny. Sister fags need to be shamed.

>> No.70917266


>> No.70917270

Source: Warriors of Ultramar
>what you are saying though is that the guard is always and everywhere retarded that doesn't give a shit about winning a fight.
No I am not. You are putting words in my mouth. I said "some" for a reason.

>> No.70917271

or you know it could be that a BL other just injected whatever personal bullshit they pleased into the setting. just because two things can happen doesn't mean they will happen, and certainly not in equal measure.

>> No.70917281

>So mad his sentence deteriorates into nonsense
What the fuck. Let the guy do what he wants, it has no bearing on you.

>> No.70917284

Would the Sororitas set up a non militant order of comfort women? If it was determined the best way to keep people from falling to chaos?

>Fuck for the Emperor!

>> No.70917287 [DELETED] 

Stop trying to make these god awful heads look good. You can't.
It looks like shit, stop lying.

>> No.70917290

>order to POST RESTRANT so china gov doesn't know where I live o ho ho ho ho, "anon"!
>pic related happens
>the air port is closed
>chinese new year kicks in
>everything is closed
>tracking number fucking expires for being too long in beijing airport
what do? without it I won't know when it arrives to pick it up at post office. do I email the chinaman mid february, or wait til he gets the package back and I give china gov my real address this time?

>> No.70917291

Those are some 2B tier stockings friendo, you have good taste.

People like you are why memes exist. You won't do shit IRL. Not to mention, getting up in arms about someone else's models is about as beta as you can possibly get. Remember to take your meds famalam, it might help with the violent thoughts.

>> No.70917292

They are Reivers

>> No.70917294


Except that they’re also kinda punk themed.

I mean don’t get me wrong, LGBT solidarity is dubious at the best of times: A subset of gays that wish all women could be gassed, lesbians wanting the same of men, both insisting bisexuals are fake or evil or posers, all of the above resenting being packed in with the trans community...

But from my experience, the type of lesbians and feminists that dress like eschers do are 1011% down to party with the worlds least convincing drag acts.

>> No.70917295

Are you the ERP anon from earlier?

>> No.70917296

A writer for a fictional setting put the content they wanted into it? That just can't be.

Why, that'd mean that all this shit was just made up on some rando's whim!

>> No.70917298

to quote you exactly, in response to a statement concerning combat effectiveness "The Imperium would not care about that." i.e. The Imperium would not care about combat effectiveness. Which is literal bullshit.

>> No.70917302 [DELETED] 

I'm not mad, I'm laughing that you fucks think what he posted was """"""""good""""""" it looks like a dude without leg plates.

>> No.70917305

Xenos co-prosperity sphere

>> No.70917307

Oh yeah? Maybe you and I should settle it right here in the ring if you think you're so tough.

>> No.70917308

I've always had a theory that the number one cause of terrorism is that a man doesn't have a good wife, good friends and a good job. Shit might well work.

>> No.70917310

>Alpha Legion's Ambush stratagem is flat-out better than the Scourged's Prescience

>> No.70917315

>ignoring that they're changing the established setting

>> No.70917320

Holy shit are you jealous because he got complimented?

>> No.70917326

Because chaos is a fucking disaster in 8th.

>> No.70917330

If they didn't there'd be no reason to do anything other than reprint the 2e codexes.

>> No.70917334


>> No.70917338 [DELETED] 

Anon who posted the thicc sister. I'm going to attempt another with this colour scheme and see which I like more.

>> No.70917340

There's a non-militant sororitas branch whose job is to like watchdog nobles and play matchmaker for them. I'm sure if they thought one of their charges needed to fuck they'd just hire some expensive prostitute or something.

>> No.70917344

Who fucking CARES what the guy does with HIS minis? You fucking idiot!

>> No.70917345


>> No.70917347 [DELETED] 

No, I am insulted that faggots like you exist here lusting over trannys.
Holy fuck kys now

>> No.70917357


>> No.70917368


>> No.70917371

>he doesnt like purple
purple is a regal color and you have shit taste

>> No.70917377 [DELETED] 

Not sure if serious. Either way, I am glad my work has invoked some emotion from people, or Khorne Worshipers in this case.

>> No.70917381

Literally Bene Gesserit

>> No.70917396 [DELETED] 

still looks like a man

>> No.70917397

So.. did you pick up what you thought was a woman at a 40k shop, bring her home and find a penis under the skirt? Why the salt bro?

>> No.70917405

I tried converting a nob into a weirdboy with greenstuff.

>> No.70917434

Looks pretty good man.

>> No.70917442

That's a good looking nob with big choppa

>> No.70917456


>> No.70917471

You'd still hit it.
Admit it.

>> No.70917477

>buying expensive models based on their current rules

>> No.70917480

Who won Psychic Awakening : The Greater Good? Where are the leaks?

>> No.70917483

So I'm thinking about a Knights army. The thought of a very low model count, big honking model army is really attractive to me right now.

What are the basics? What do I need to avoid?

Any advice would be great.


>> No.70917486

There are lots of variant orders, so I don't see why not. Doubt it'd be widespread, but maybe the local sector has had intense problems with lust in the past so the order manages that.

>> No.70917492

Copies should be going out to assorted youtube channels sometime this week

>> No.70917500

Yes, that's the stated inspiration anon.

>> No.70917518

god i wish that were me

>> No.70917531 [DELETED] 

Fucking A anon. You even managed to make the face look good too!

>> No.70917536

I like to think canonesses encourage relations between sisters as a controlled way to maintain normal human urges

>> No.70917591

My roof is fucked from the storm lads. Don't think there will be much 40K for me in the near future while I repair this shit :(

>> No.70917595

So when do the Deathguard and Genestealers show up?

>> No.70917597

Guys, I got in a Chinese recast the other day and ever since I opened it I've been sick as fuck..am I..am I going to be okay?

>> No.70917606

stop breathing the resin dust

>> No.70917617

get the renegade box if you can find it
otherwise there's like three different kits, you can't go wrong with any of them
also nobody will want to play you

>> No.70917624

youre absolutely right
these retards cant understand basic reproductive reality
a woman can in her lifetime either
1) produce 6-10 male soldiers and pull a lever to make bullets in the meantime
2) die after operating as an inferior male soldier
WOAH tough choice

>> No.70917625

Corona virus isn’t even that deadly.

>> No.70917628

so are cadians and dkok considered the lame regiments due to overuse?

>> No.70917649

DKOK are Reddit's army. Cadian's are based and /ourguys/

>> No.70917654

Praetorians are the true meme. Mordians are for patricians and Catachans are the bare minimum to be considered a worthy IG.

Everyone was sick of Cadians until the 'planet broke before the guard did' meme.

>> No.70917657

More like CHADdeus

>> No.70917674

You'd have thought that poor Armageddon had been through enough. First some crazed maniac invades to kill everyone, then the Inquisitors roll in to kill everyone, then the beast arrives to kill everyone, then he does it again! And then the ones behind the crazy maniac come to try and kill everyone again, oh I tell you. It's all just a lot of nonsense, between that, GW not paying attention and Yarrick off somewhere or other

>> No.70917681

Corona virus is only deadly if you're very young, very old, or live in a country where due to government new suppression medical facilities were understaffed and overworked to handle the number of cases coming in. If you're the one asshole in a western european country or US/Canada to have it they'll quarantine you and you'll be fine.

Alternatively praise Nurgle and run down the street coughing on everyone

>> No.70917686


>> No.70917688

are you white? if so, you'll be fine. wash your hands and penis with soap.

>> No.70917692

How can Armageddon even afford to send any of its regiments offworld

>> No.70917694

Any anons have pic related (PDF or Audiobook)

>> No.70917698

why are killa kans more expensive than breachers

>> No.70917700

>fighting things that can fly on a bike
shiggy diggy my niggy

>> No.70917701

Nothing good about the Tau.

>> No.70917705

Buy a Renegade box and the Knight Apoc box (if you still can find both), that's what I did. That's 2k points for around $350.
If you play against newbies, you will trash them badly. If you play against someone mildly competent, you'll lose on objectives, but at least you'll get to blow up a load of shit.
PROTIP: Tell your opponent in advance that you're bringing Knights so they can prepare accordingly.
Painting a knight is easy as shit as long as you have an airbrush. Only glue on the armor panels once you're done painting them, paint the frame and the armor panels seperately.
That's about it.

>> No.70917710

The bikes are getting ambushed.

>> No.70917719


>> No.70917724

except objectively in every way compared to imps.

>> No.70917725

if I could find 3rd party femchans or gw would finally make some female guard I would buy catachans.

I wanted to buy cadians and do some headswaps with these female heads I have and the rebreather helmets from fw since I really like those

>> No.70917748

>3 kans - PL7
>3 Breachers - PL8

>> No.70917749

That's like me going "Oh well Necrons are really the good guys of the setting." You have a bias, and Tau are evil trash.

>> No.70917751

Yeah I live in Virginia. I just did want to spend $150 on something from FW when I could get a recast for $25

>> No.70917769

I'd love to do Iron Guard but it just seems like such a huge fucking pain in the ass getting all the third party kits.

>> No.70917785

I feel you, anon. I was dying to do a Maccabian Janissaries army but all the bitzs needed to make it work would be a pain in the ass.

>> No.70917797

If I wanna get a chaos knight and some armigers/war dogs to ally with my death guard, how should I load them out?

>> No.70917805

have fun with your $100 paperweight, faggot

>> No.70917815

don't do bases that look like cat litter for starts

>> No.70917834

Less evil than the Imps.

>> No.70917840

breachers are 30 points
kans cheapest loadout are 35 points

>> No.70917844

>1 kan
>35 points
>1 breacher
>30 points

>> No.70917868

Is one of the knights stuck being a chaos knight?

>> No.70917872

I think those are Farsight Enclaves.

>> No.70917880

Because Kans have 2 more wounds and aren't shit in melee.

>> No.70917881

>being a meta surfer
did this to yourself anon

>> No.70917902

But Necrons ARE really the good guys of the setting.

>> No.70917909

Despoiler: Dual Thermals, the mortar missile and the stubber. DG has crappy anti-tank, and this solves it for 413 points. One of the cheapest loadouts.
If your opponent is mostly infantry pick dual Avenger Gatlings instead.

Don't pick the all-melee variant unless you want to meme, because it WILL die T1 if you don't pull off a T1 charge.

Armigers: Warglaives if you want to bumrush dudes and get in their face, Helverins if you want long range support. Depends on your matchup.

House: Iconoclast most of the time so you can get the +1 invuln relic. The other situational relic is the ignore hit modifier one, useful if you're against a dude with -hit buffs.

tl;dr: Load them up depending on your matchup

>> No.70917916

should I go with commander shadowsun or go enclave with torchstar? Who has the better abs and would be a better mommy?

>> No.70917926

The only chaos kit is the Rampager.
The kits you get from the Renegade and Apoc are all loyalist kits.
I just used the FW armor kit for one of mine.

>> No.70917940

Grey Knights are more of middle tier than high tier, it's not like any of their issues went away (for balance purposes). Smite spam is nice, but you need to leave yourself open for easy shots from the enemies as GK are not that tanky without the shadows strategy in play nor do they have the CP needed to switch strategies often (and obviously can't do it more than once a turn), plus you won't be able to soup to try and get some CP for this purpose due to how their strategies work.

>> No.70917961


>> No.70917967

>for two wounds, you get
>worse weapons (and worse options)
>worse leadership
>worse ballistic
>worse buff potential
>exclusion from army rules
worth it i suppose

>> No.70917973

rail broadsides with the new relic look pretty good

>> No.70917977

Make an OC in a ghostkeel with the flamer options and call her Shadowtorch.

>> No.70917982

>worse ballistic skill
worse weapon skill

>arent shit in melee
>ws 5+
pick one

>> No.70917996

>leather boots
Just stab them in the feet, or lay spikes everywhere lol

>> No.70918024

>Playing points over PL
Fuck off minmaxing waacfags

>> No.70918027

I kind of want to make a list without knowing my matchups. I'll probably go dual thermal by the sounds of it.

Which armiger is better in general? Both seem kind of fun to run.

>> No.70918039

>Just list tailor like a faggot bro

>> No.70918060

Okay cool. I figured but I wanted to be sure it didn't come with the FW kit.

Which knights are included? Any specific ones, or does it just have 2 full knight kits?

>> No.70918061

Why the Emperor is so weak, I could kill him with my bear hands!

>> No.70918066

I know.

>> No.70918080

>not for minmaxing waacfags
enjoy my 10 pl nob squad that costs 770 points, faggot

>> No.70918086

lol ok kid

>> No.70918089

Are you retarded?

>> No.70918090

Furry no

>> No.70918092

>Some Necron dynasties will enslave humans just so they could have slave laborers to tower over and feel superior to
>Even though having slave labor is less efficient than alternatives
Right, "good" guys.

>> No.70918097

because ADBs dad didn't hit him hard enough when he was a kid

>> No.70918101

Are there people in this thread that actually use powerlevel instead of points? Jesus, are you 12?

>> No.70918102

I don't like relics that you can't physically represent on a model

>> No.70918104

No but he did molest him

>> No.70918109

>giving inferior races the chance to do something meaningful with their measly lives
>also get to feel superior while they do it
yeah, seems like the good guys to me

>> No.70918110

Shadowsun is the mom of torchstar so obviously shadowsun

>> No.70918112

If you're running traditional DG (move your dudes and vehicles with spitters up) probably the Helverins so you can plink some damage off while your Nurgly dudes trundle up. Each autocannon failed save is 3 damage flat, btw.
The Warglaives are more unreliable since they only have a single D3 shot thermal but they can slice things up pretty good once they close the gap. At 14" move they're pretty fast as well.

Just giving suggestions bro. I don't list tailor myself.

>> No.70918116

They got me good with Ground MArines.

>> No.70918117

I am the same, anon.

>> No.70918132

I want to play Space Marines, but my literal OCD is keeping me from playing anything but Ultramarines as I worry I won't be able to represent their exact markings/veteran status. Ultramarines just seems so simple to do insignia and the like because it all comes in the original kit.

>> No.70918135

how do you guys come up with your lore???

>> No.70918136

The one guy who chooses to use mirror codex should glue a little book on his commander.

>> No.70918138

I bought mine when I went to a GW store in Manhattan. I figure if your on a big trip its easier to make big purchases like that.

>> No.70918146

Find neat narrative concepts, put them together.

>> No.70918153

Apoc: Castellan & 2 Helverins
Renegade: 2 Generic knight kits & 1 upgrade sprue. So you get 2 each of RFBC, Thermal, Chainsword and Fist but only 1 Avenger and 1 Carapace.

>> No.70918168

Every SM kit has squad markings on the decal sheets.

>> No.70918201

Yeah man, they're giving people jobs that'll free them up to work on other things themselves. Win-Win.

>> No.70918211

I just looked at the existing lore and come up with an idea from it, /My Dudes/ for example are a cadre descended from 4th sphere survivors who have come to the opposite conclusion to their forefathers and explicitly worship the god of the greater good and enthusiastically attempt to bring non tau into their faith.

>> No.70918275

Find ideas I like, mix them together and create something new I like.

My Knight House is a mega-corporation that sells its services to whoever can buy them and arent really a family but a collection of smaller families and keep their numbers up by buying Freeblades into their army and keep their income buy investing in interplanetary trade. My Guard regiment is the House's private army.

>> No.70918312

>> No.70918318

Reminds me of the dude who made a rogue trader GSC army. Modded all the dudes to be ordinary humans and it looked awesome with all the mining vehicles.

>> No.70918319

For the last time fuck off with this Y slit crap

>> No.70918333

That art is older than you, sport.

>> No.70918343


New Thread

>> No.70918366

8453D 4ND 73CH-P1LL3D

>> No.70918459

Orks aren’t evil they just are.

They’re genetically scratch built super soldiers. They’re perfect at what they do. Which is kill and destroy everything in their path once they get going.

They don’t torture or pointlessly prolong engagements etc, but they are brutal. They’d just stomp a kid, but if they were hiding etc they wouldn’t waste time hunting them down they’d just loot the area and or go find something better to fight. They would potentially eat or enslave a captured child however.

Ork brain wouldn’t distinguish a child as they have no infancy, to them it’s just a small weak human and orks have zero remorse for the weak which can give the appearance of cruelty but they’re not actually cruel in the sense that they don’t really on average poses the intellect to be vindictive in spirit.

>> No.70918475

Why is He black?

>> No.70918499

Mutts law

>> No.70918548

>that pic

Even ignoring the fact that he is canon Mediterranean/Levantine, and that's obviously what the pic is, how on earth does he look "black" to you here???

>> No.70918585

The fuck are these geeds? Necromunda gang?

>> No.70918747

this is what AoS kiddies think a good model looks like

>> No.70920430

iirc, Stormtrooper Codex stated that they can in technical terms Command other Guard Units due to Officio Prefectus technically can outrank most Officers and grunts if and only if Situation demands it

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