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first for the omnissiah

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>Riding a horse not a dog
Fucking disgusting

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Paint toooo THICC

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true love will overcome heresy

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Actually that's metal texture.

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You are being silly.

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this is duncan

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What are you working on /40kg/?

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Hell yeah brother

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Building some scourges and wyches, gonna try and get the squads done tonight.

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Suddenly not useless.

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gathering up excess weapons bits for my obliterators, wondering if adding some xenos guns would look too weird

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That's a damn great idea.

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Where are his helmet lenses?

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i need the template pic for space marine colour scheming plz tia

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what do i get out of it

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I physically want to hurt you.

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not him but I promise not to release the fan girls trapped in my basement

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Context ?

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good enough

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Nah dude, that's thick as shit. Also those bases are disgusting.

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Its yellow so its acceptable

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Making some “Vietnam” themed guardsmen that tone back the 80s-action Rambo shit of Catachans.

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Looks great! Did you just smooth out all the buckles/plates and the clothy parts behind the knees?

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nothing I just cleaned up my thousand sons backlog

I guess I could pull out a valkyrie from mothball and paint it but I'm scare to commit to such an xbox hueg model

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the warm feeling that comes from helping a bro in need

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thanks mang
eat a dick

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Yes, I applied green stuff to make it smooth with the front plate then used a bit of fine grit sandpaper to smooth it out once cured.

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There are people who actually believe this.

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Oh that's sexy. Custom model or is it some sort of 3rd party model you can buy somewhere?

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don't remember so your gonna have to look around for it yourself reverse image search is a good start

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Check out Mad Robots Danamians Anon, might save you some work, flak jackets and helmets galore that would be perfect for what you're doing.

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Yeet my dick faggot

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I want em

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Looks like the torso and arms of a Sydonian Dragoon attached to the lower body of an Empire Master-Engineer mounted on a mechanical horse from WHFB,

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People keep recommending isopropyl alcohol for stripping but it's so damn expensive in Australia. I've tried metho and other cheap spirits but nothing works as well. Is expensive strip jobs just a fact of life?

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Just Kasrkin with grav-chutes.

Bring back Elysians.

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I just use dettol

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>isopropyl alcohol
>it's so damn expensive in Australia
Did the abbos drink it all?

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Mad robot miniatures are making a kit for them. Coming out later this year.

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Awesome thank you anon

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You forgot the Greater Good hair clip, the heart pupils and the single fang. Also, she needs a hand in frame so she can make a peace sign!

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Id rather have Valhallan over elysians

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How is rubbing alcohol expensive? What the fuck.

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t'au don't have pointy teeth

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Her face looks pretty different from her art doesn't she?

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yep, the cheeks were a little filled in, and the frown was lessened by sort of digging up the brow

the mouth and the rest can be fixed with paint though

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more like shadowspayed

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They also don't have human eyes and noses, but the will of Ka'waei must be done.

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She looks fat

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whats your favorite chaos god?

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I'm well familiar with all the 3rd party companies. This is a little side project being done on the cheap with my existing bits that I'm also using to learn how to sculpt a bit.

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A GSC Hybrid Metamorph with two Metamorph Talons costs 9 points. With the application of a psychic power and a 1 CP stratagem, it can have 7 attacks (8 for the squad leader).

Is this the closest to Point = Attack parity in the game?

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Unironically Malal

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Nurgle because I am a lazy piece of shit who sits around doing nothing, letting life fall apart and pass by me while I get high off of temporary happiness of internet addiction and overpriced plastic soldiers.

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The Emperor.

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I wonder if the setting would be more interesting if there was a more firm counterpart to the Chaos Gods, but the Emperor constantly being at the verge of death is a bit of a lynchpin in 40k.

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This proves that the main reason the Chaos Gods don't have more worshippers in the galaxy is mainly due to poor Public Relations. They should switch from whoever they're with at the moment to a company that help them project a more positive public image.

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Pic Related
What if

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not canon

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Also i'm still working on this gunslinging Breacher. Probably going to color her up in viorla colors. I don't know about the armory drone behind her y.

Awesome. Can't wait to see it finished!

I'm thinking of doing the same actually. Maybe even sanding her jaw down a bit

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Isn't that the Canada national anthem?

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try Simple Green or LA's Totally Awesome, Google says there available over there

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>Y slit
>No bulge
Do not want

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When I started playing 40k, a lynchpin of the setting was we didn't even know for sure that the Emperor didn't die 10,000 years prior, that the Astronomicon wasn't just being kept lit by feeding 1,000 psykers a day into the Golden Throne and that Imperial "miracles" weren't just sporadic warp-phenomena caused by intense localized belief. He might have been alive, watching over His empire, protecting his species and guarding against Chaos like his worshippers believed, or the entire Imperium and Imperial Cult could be built on a lie, worshipping a powerful but ultimately mortal man who died thousands of years ago.

I liked it better like that, when you could argue either way, it was left up to you whether you thought he was still alive or not. The more GW reveal, the more mystery is stripped from the setting and that was always its strong point imo.

t. Grognard

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Combined price: $115

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This is unequivocallly based. I wish I had more friends like you. Maybe we could hang out and build Primaris together, haha.

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I started probably close to you and while I do miss a lot of that mystery I do appreciate the opportunity for a richer universe, but the direction they've taken it in has been so bad I've found myself liking the old lore better.

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it should be the easy to build version

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I liked the illuminate plot with the star child and the sensei, It makes a lot of sense that some humans would try to revive the emperor.

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When is someone going to sculpt and paint the midriff in skintone too?

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See that's what's so great, him not being canon only makes his fluff more fitting.

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thoughts on my kitbash?


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You got 28 heretek cults,
pulling up in black, ford raptor trucks.
Heldrakes are landin'.
Ram ranch is under siege.
Under lockdown.
Heretek cultists gonna fuck ram ranch cowboy butts.

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New bioform identified: The Tickler

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The fossil record of early hominids and the genetic similarities we share with myriad other species on the planet would suggest otherwise.

Unless the entire biosphere was manufactured from the ground up to develop Homo sapiens sapiens.

Which, given the time frame, would be the most laughably ineffective recruiting method for a major interstellar war I think anyone could come up with. We're not even that good as soldiers, we're survival machines not war machines. Any interstellar-capable species could genetically engineering some ravenous, hyper intelligent warrior-beast and shit them out by the billions if they needed soldiers and didn't want to fight personally.

Hell, even that would be a ridiculous solution because machinery > biology when it comes to warfare. Just 3D print yourself a trillion spider-bots who can 360noscope any enemy within 1km whilst scuttling along at 20kph without breaking stride, using the vast resources most solar system's asteroid belts contain. They'll outclass the warrior-beasts, you don't need to feed them and you can just switch them off and store them between wars.

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Seriously, jam it up your arse.

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Big black mechadendrites

Fuckin-a-fuckin-a-fuckin those boys

Deep deep deep

Deep deep deep

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paint it green and purple

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Wow that is a fucking old meme.

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that's slaanesh, excesses... nurgle is different than that, no desires included even the desire to exempt yourself from chores...

Nurgle is a grandfather to those inflicted... children are your new parents, that are his children.... that give you a choice, become his or be fodder.... you get resurrected endlessly though, he is very zealous of keeping what's his

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>we didn't even know for sure that the Emperor didn't die 10,000 years prior,
Nah, THAT we've always known. He was put in the Golden Throne to be kept alive. Whether he's been alive or dead during that period? Yeah, that wasn't established in the early canon.

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Slaanesh has abit of the other three Chaos Gods, slothery is hardly dibs on Slaanesh only.

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>you get resurrected endlessly though
or you get turned into a musical instrument

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Dude there is an entire section of his relm that's dedicated to gluttony, Slaanesh has dibs on gluttony.

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does he paint his dudes, or is he grey tide?

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First part yes, second part no.

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How about you jam something up my ass instead ;)

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>arguing with criticism

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You're supposed to file that down

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But going back, writing about chasing the high, I suppose it would make more sense with Slaanesh.
I do try to keep myself presentable and stay away from becoming fat, used to be 120 pounds but down to 104 now consistently. Should go back on diet and lose more, still got a beer belly.
Time for self improvement I guess.

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The Fantasoi, having been laughed out of AoS threads too many times for his fragile ego to bear, tests his luck in the grim darkness of the 40th millennium .

>> No.70902249

>He was put in the Golden Throne to be kept alive.
Yeah, we didn't know that he didn't flatline twenty minutes later though and everyone in power just decided it was best to keep that to themselves and just carry on as though the Emperor was A-OK, nothing to worry about, keep calm and carry on, nothing to see here etc.

Now we know for certain he IS still alive, still cognizant, because Bobby G is back and has had a personal conversation with him, describing exactly how the Emperor is and what he is like.

No mystery, no unknown, just some BL-tier story writing and a huge chunk of the setting's mystique stripped away in return.

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Toaster Status: denied.

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>this high school level straw man

>> No.70902259

>I do try to keep myself presentable and stay away from becoming fat, used to be 120 pounds but down to 104 now consistently. Should go back on diet and lose more, still got a beer belly.
Anon that's woman weight, and you say you're still pudgy. How much of a manlet are you to be 104 and still plump?

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Finishing up “The Eight”. Probably the only way I’ll be able to play Farsight for fun now lol

>> No.70902262

are there any bits suppliers that can do something like these heads?
i figure just a head swap on necrons would work
i just don't really necron heads

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>Time for self improvement I guess.
remember to worship the right god for that

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Farsight Enclaves now has a relic to deny a psychic power. As far as I am concerned, Tau Empire was the only army in the game that could literally never score this objective.

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uwu papa si.
Amo vendere il mio corpo ai soldati di caos.
I loro grandi, spessi, palpitante cazzi sono deliosi..

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Not today you piece of shit.

>> No.70902292

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Not so fast

>> No.70902295

You could use Tau breachers heads. They should be cheap since no one builds them.

>> No.70902296

Any spoilers for PA Greater good lore section?

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So I'm getting back into 40k after a long break. I have pic related rulebook, and just got my new 8th ed codex and psychic awakening book for rules. What other books do I need? I checked battlescribe and some of the command points and unit points are different. Do I need every chapter approved or something? How does this work?

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>tfw you'll never be smothered by a thicc hispanic mommy of battle.

>> No.70902320

hm, that's kind of close
thank you anon

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the shit painter cries out in pain as he strikes you

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Latest CA (2019) has updated point value, yeah, but if you have PC version of battlescribe then you don't need it. The mobile version, last I checked, hasn't been up to date with some armies.

>> No.70902332

You only need the latest CA for up to date points.

>> No.70902335

>imperium puts overwhelming odds against tau
>tau win via plot armor
>also cults do something minor

>> No.70902338

The extra booklet provided with CA2019 has the current points values for everything if you want a hard copy. You can also find it in the OP Mega.

>> No.70902343

I love this

have you considered a different sept than Vior'la?

>> No.70902355

Thanks, so besides updates points, are there any major rule changes or erratas I need to read from there or other erratas to the BRB? Just at a glance battlescribe is showing "emergency dispensation" (bonus relics -CP?) and different CP points for detachments than my rulebook.

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>been obsessed with the chaos and magic side of 40k
>know almost nothing about the sci fi half
The fantasy part of 40k is better written than most fantasy setting, a little confused why the marketing is usually focused on the sci fi half instead.

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I thought his scheme was orange and blue, not white and red.

>> No.70902361

Is this actually true?
I know it's literally called "The Greater Good" but I was hoping for balance between the factions. Is it really just Tau shitting on everyone?

>> No.70902369

Yeah there's a whole load of FAQ's and erratas on the community site.

>> No.70902371

I don't remember all of the sept colour schemes by heart, but the Deep Navy Blue + Light Orange is certainly better than white+red

>> No.70902373

you're right

>> No.70902374


When was this? In the old fluff from inquisition wars (1990) the main character talks directly to the emperor confirming all the fluff about the emperor.

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>> No.70902379

There are. But they're all available for free at warhammer community.

>> No.70902388

Maybe, but I wanted to go with a sept known for being hot heads

This is the viorla sept colors. Blue and orange is sacea

>> No.70902396

Keep in mind that due to the difference in scale between the Imperium and Tau Empire, the Imperium deploying "overwhelming force" from the perspective of the Tau, on the Imperial end probably involves Segmentum Command redeploying 0.05% of available military forces to that theatre or something.

>> No.70902410

look for the errata for your army and the most recent one for the game in general those shout have what you need

>> No.70902412


The emperor is confirmed to be still alive in the old fluff. Look at inquisition wars for an example which has the Emperor in it and was released around 30 years ago now.

>> No.70902413

>inquisition wars (1990)
As someone you played in 2nd ed., Inquisition Wars was considered bullshit that no one paid any attention to. The Novels were largely ignored until well into 3rd ed. What mattered was what each Codex and White Dwarf said. Novels were not given the deference they often get in a post Horus Heresy era.

>> No.70902422

>Novels were not given the deference they often get in a post Horus Heresy era.
I wish we still had this policy. Frankly 99% of what BL puts out is shite.

>> No.70902430

would it really be all that surprising

>> No.70902431

good bits ordering sites in the us?
obviously i could google, but i'm curious which ones worked out for you guys

>> No.70902435

Ah hell. I know gw changed the box art colors, but I honestly didn't know the white and red was suppose to be viorla. Yeah, I'm not a fan.

>> No.70902437

Honestly ebay is the best.

>> No.70902446

>> No.70902451

I sometimes use hoardobits, but they mostly sell packs of bits instead of individual ones

>> No.70902455

ty anons

>> No.70902457

Last lazy question, what is the difference between "the big FAQ 2" and "warhammer september update 2019" are they both relevant?

>> No.70902468

IIRC main colors are irrelevant. All that officially determines the Sept are the colors of the Sept markings.

>> No.70902470

I completely get you. I got into 40k in 3rd Ed and I enjoyed that the history of the Imperium was highly unreliable. I always personally liked the idea that perhaps the IoM had gotten massive foundational chunks wrong. Head canon was that Emperor-era was more like a traditional military sci-fi setting. Space marines were a military force that didn't have any of the heraldry nonsense, and the aesthetic of the universe was like a cross between Star Trek and a Dorsai novel.

Over the millenia the universe had gone from a recognizable and logical place to the outlandish mess of 40k. Space Marine chapter aesthetics are like the US Army degenerating in an apocalypse and people starting to take unit patches and logos seriously; US Army Cav units painting all their armor yellow and wearing horse themed helmets and shit. I liked the idea that Terminator suits in use were literally nuclear hazmat suits that had been modified and worshipped, not the current lore that they were a modified hazmat design and had been in clear eyed use in 30k. I liked the idea that "machine spirits" were really just rudimentary AI in certain tech that the IoM was too cargo cult tech barbarian to identify, which made it kind of like a delicious joke that the IoM would destroy AI stuff on-sight when they identified it.

I kind of pictured the lionization to be like how the US view the Founding Fathers. In only 200 years we've stopped viewing them as people and turned them into deity like figures. In another 200 years people will talk about how George Washington was 20 feet tall and had laser eyes.

NuLore (post HH) pays lip service to the idea the 30k was a saner place and 40k has turned crazy, but eh, 30k was a nutty, and very biblical case so I don't get that contrasting vision I used to get and love.

>> No.70902496

I'm doing some writing, wanted to pick /40kg/'s brain;

Do you reckon Krieg soldiers would be fairly tall, like optimized eugenic super-soldiers, designed for maximum strength, speed, stamina etc or would they be more average height/small to enable them to fight in tunnels, cramped trenches, urban environments better and require fewer calories to survive, optimized for endurance and resilience?

>> No.70902505

What vidya let's me play as a Necron (aside from DoW)?

>> No.70902507

I didn't say that, but it seems your conscious is getting the best of you. You know those bases look bad, and you know that paint is thick, and you know it is within your power to fix it. These aren't painting flaws where you are locked out because of skill, these are painting flaws solved by application of effort and patience.

I wish you no ill will, merely that you understand that posting models online opens you up to critique and that often you can learn something. It helps to see the good intentions of level headed critical input. You absolute cock guzzling turbo faggot.

>> No.70902510

small and weak from a lack or proper diet and sleep

>> No.70902517

they're portrayed as little runts who are malnourished

>> No.70902521

Big FAQs are where they make proposed systemwide changes. These rules changes to this point were finalized and reprinted in the matched play section of CA2019. The Big FAQ also summarized some codex errata made for balance reasons, but those changes are also found in each individual army FAQ.

>> No.70902525

Both? The biggest get put into the storm battalions and the average one's into regular battalions.

>> No.70902529

just read them both it only takes 5 minutes

>> No.70902531

Ah true true

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>> No.70902537

Yeah, I started in 3e too as Tau, plznobully, I liked Kroot and that was the impression I got from the general rulebook fluff and stuff.

I like your canon better than the HH series which is literally just 40k with a higher power level, no real change in the setting, Imperium is still essentially the Imperium, just aetheistic.

>> No.70902538

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

>> No.70902545

Wow, from pic related they sound better off than average grunts today. Just the feeling I get anyway. I mean shit, they get laser guns, self-regulating equipment, combat stims, and an entrenching tool? God damn. America watch out.

>> No.70902555

you act all tough until the orbital defense batteries rape the shit out of you and you come crying back to us because the guard is the only ones that actually take and hold the planets themselves

>> No.70902562

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War

>> No.70902563


GW has never had a policy on fluff canon levels and many people today still don't consider BL books canon.

Besides the old rulebook never says the Emperor may be secretly dead. As it mentions that psykers are sacrificed to him daily to keep him alive. That fluff didn't start from inquisition wars.

>> No.70902573

I like Tau a lot. I remember somebody once pointing out that in any other space opera the Tau would be the humans: The new species in the galaxy who is out exploring and dealing with massive ancient races. They are advancing quickly compared to the established powers and despite a lack of material power seem gifted at diplomacy and pulling together collations.

I actually don't like Tau society itself to have any GrimDark side. I want them to be the genuine Good Guys- BUT only to show that being a good guy in 40k gets you kicked in the dick at every turn. I want them to do some kind of Star Trek negotiation or "we need to communication with the alien to learn more" stuff, and then have it instantly turn to shit and get their asses kicked until they resort to violence. They serve to prove you can't be nice in 40k.

>> No.70902576

Thank you based Imperial Navy, somehow the least retarded of the Imperium's military branches

>> No.70902579

In 'Left for Dead' the wounded Krieger who gets left behind on a planet puts his entire civilian work-crew to shame physically, to the point where they hate him for making them look lazy by comparison, he reacts faster than PDF troops when a Cultist bursts into their barrack area and kill him with a single blow to the neck before anyone even knows what is happening.

And when he decides trying to have a civilian life was a mistake, he gets the highest marks his new CO has ever seen in the selection trials for the new Imperial Guard regiment the planet is raising.

Kriegers aren't malnourished weaklings, Krieg exists to churn out top-quality soldiery, they're not shipping starving asthmatics to the Munitorum.

>> No.70902592


>> No.70902593

You're both fools, both rely on tech which needs to be maintained, you'd all be fighting with sticks and stones if it wasn't for AdMech.

>> No.70902607

What did DAoT titans look like?

>> No.70902614

To be clear I'm a different poster and I have no dog in this emperor is alive or dead thing. My understanding as well was that was technically "alive." I'm just extremely loathe to see people citing Inquisition War as any sort of authority whatsoever considering how batshit and divorced from even the 40k of its time that shit is.

>> No.70902616

The Guard represent the elite of humanity's regular soldiers. The ones with shite equipment and poor training are the Planetary Defence Forces and even that varies.

Krieg exists purely to supply soldiers and they supply fucking good ones. The Departmento Munitorum has a vested interest in making sure they're well-equipped.

Same reason the Quartermasters roam the battlefield retrieving that high-quality equipment when the troopers issued it can no longer make effective use of it.

>> No.70902618

Ironically this made me think of starfleet at first, as they are portrayed as very good-guy-like but are rotten when you dig into it. Tau really feel the same way, they have good intentions but break down upon inspection.

>> No.70902619

Revenants and Phantoms

>> No.70902626

and we are the ones who have to clean up your mess whenever you spill spaghetti over some necron tomb world

>> No.70902632

>returning to civilian life
what the fuck

>> No.70902635 [SPOILER] 

like this

>> No.70902645

>somehow the least retarded of the Imperium's military branches
Well, they have to be. Imagine if our planet's countries were each tiny Islands and Imagine how unimaginably important naval superiority would be. That's pretty much how Japan lost, a combination of air/naval superiority because on the ground they could go hold their own and even go toe to toe against American attacks

>> No.70902652

God I want to fuck a techpriestess

>> No.70902665

The Japanese were awful on the ground too Anon, their navy was actually the more competent part were it not for the twin disastrous fuckups (wtf is recon?) at coral and midway

>> No.70902668

Well, on one hand you could dress up your girlfriend in spare computer parts and then have sex with her.

Or you could have sex with a toaster. Which, interestingly, is an actual thing.

>> No.70902681

I'm sure I read somewhere that the official DAoT designation for a Titan was something like "Mobile Anti-Orbital Weapon Platform" so they were basically designed almost like mobile SAM systems where they're meant to shoot down ships from low-orbit whilst being able to move to avoid return fire from other vessels.

Then the Mechanicum dug them up and went "OH WOW, WE CAN MAKE THIS STOMP ON SHIT", strapped weapons to it and used it like a giant tank. Presumably because they didn't find whatever ridiculously powerful DAoT anti-orbital weapon system the Titan was designed to carry originally.

Can't give you a source, might be one of the Eisenhorn books but it is just something in general I remember reading. Almost certain it was BL rather than rulebook so make of its place in canon what you will.

>> No.70902685

the japanese lost because they had no resources and were hoping for america to just give up before they started mass producing war machines. There was massive in fighting within the top ranks of their military which lead to the terrible decision to not focus on aircraft.

The japanese had so many problems going into that war.

>> No.70902692

except each of these "tiny islands" that are actually important have anti ship defenses that rape the shit out of enemy fleets if they get close so they have to rely on the infantry to actually take anything

>> No.70902697

If a weapon is Heavy 2D3, is there any reason to not treat it as a Heavy D6? Is there any difference, besides maybe keeping the overall value low?

>> No.70902711

1D6 average 3.5
2D3 average 4

>> No.70902713

Yes, different distribution and higher average value (4 rather than 3.5). 2d3 is unequivocally better.

>> No.70902716

lower minimum shots higher average shots while having the same cap

>> No.70902729

as is in contemporary naval warfare, a planet on its own is not going to successfully resist a navy or its efforts to conquer a world. orbital defenses are overwhelmed, planet-based weapons are destroyed by bombers and/or kill-teams or just outright shot, and if they play the long game a hungry world can just be starved via blockade. a planet's defences only serve to stall or hinder an enemy fleet while the world waits for relief from their own

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>> No.70902736

>don't talk to me or my sons ever again

>> No.70902749

not them but this is historical discussion that has relevance to the main topic not modern political bullshit

>> No.70902755

What the fuck does any of that have to do with /pol/.

>> No.70902758

They behave quite differently.

>> No.70902760

this, even if such a retarded post held weight the redirect should be to /his/, not /pol/

>> No.70902776

Is it true that games are won and lost in the deployment phase?

>> No.70902779

Yeah, I'd love to take a whack at the 40k setting. There's a lot of fluff collapsing in on itself because it's being propped up with non-load bearing canon. Goddamn I want to fix the Necron lore so fucking bad.

Which is why I treat all my 40k projects as existing in their own little pocket universe that doesn't give a fuck what BL prints.

>> No.70902785

He gets caught in a collapsing building, sustains a head wound, gets left behind under a pile of rubble and wakes up to find his regiment has already left the planet for another warzone.

So he takes the ID off a dead civilian and joins the reconstruction labour crews because he's curious about what civilian life is like, what makes their lives worth more than the people of Krieg's. He doesn't like it despite making sort-of-friends with a little girl so when she dies in a cultist attack he enlists with the Imperial Guard regiment the planet is raising, having decided his Krieg conditioning was right all along.

>Jarvan hadn’t witnessed the tithing ceremony before. He strode along the endless ranks of young men, pausing to question some. He asked their names and how they felt about being chosen to fight for the Emperor, to which all but one professed to being suitably honoured. That one gave his name as Arvo. The name, along with his pale, dull-eyed face, almost sparked a flicker of recognition in Jarvan. ‘Begging your pardon, sergeant,’ said the new recruit, ‘but I was chosen to fight a long time ago.’ Jarvan checked Arvo’s name on his data-slate. ‘So I see. The last draft overlooked you, so this time you volunteered for service. You achieved the highest scores of your intake in your selection tests – the best scores I have ever seen, in fact.’ ‘I know my life’s purpose now,’ said Arvo. Jarvan raised an eyebrow. ‘Pray tell?’ ‘I was bred to fight and to die for Him.’ ‘An admirable attitude.’ ‘I shall face the Emperor’s enemies, therefore, without fear or doubt. I shall exchange this life He has granted me for the greatest possible advantage to Him. If I can only advance His cause in the slightest, then I shall consider my brief existence worthwhile. I shall do my duty – for what else is there, after all?’ ‘What indeed?’ Jarvan smiled approvingly.

>> No.70902797

black library isn't really canon anyways

>> No.70902800

They can be, but when people say that they're mostly just complaining about the state of the game as a whole.

>> No.70902810

You're an ugly fat fuck who should lose weight. How's that for criticism?

Point being, if someone posts: "Hey, how's my paint job"? Then yes, go nuts. If someone's just posted their game - fuck off. Arseholes.

>> No.70902811

They are with certain armies like Harlequins that rely on a super aggressive T1 alpha strike.

>> No.70902822

Yes, when I deploy three brigades and 360 guardsmen onto the table.

>> No.70902824

>You're an ugly fat fuck who should lose weight.
If I lost weight I would officially be anorexic
>Point being, if someone posts: "Hey, how's my paint job"? Then yes, go nuts.
Says who?
>If someone's just posted their game - fuck off. Arseholes.
Perhaps this site is not for you.

>> No.70902825

The world's top scientists have not yet developed the technology to measure how thin your skin is.

>> No.70902829

Truly, the faction saving the game from WAACfaggotry.

>> No.70902840

This isn't a safe space, people will say whatever they want about your posts.

>> No.70902845

>Now we know for certain he IS still alive, still cognizant, because Bobby G is back and has had a personal conversation with him, describing exactly how the Emperor is and what he is like
Oh for fucks sake!

>> No.70902858

>every few months randomly slip into hobby mode and start the long process of tinkering with a list before buying some kits
>gw releases some book that makes the exact thing i was toying around with into the WAACshit
God damn it this is like four times in a row I’m fucking sick of getting WAAC sniped by GW just make balanced and interesting shit so I don’t have to feel like a FotM fag buying this shit REEEEE

>> No.70902866

seems kind of out of character for a krieger though to try and pretend what civilian life is though

>> No.70902871

Not that far from the truth. You fucks have such unbelievably high standards of what painted miniatures should look like, I'd almost believe most of you are a pack of overweight, socially awkward autists who couldn't hold a real life conversation if your life depended on it.

>> No.70902888

Yeah, no shit, fuck-stickle. I am a novice painter but there's no camaraderie here. Fucking pisses me right off.

>> No.70902892

christ mate don't you think you're overreacting? people shit on my paintjobs all the time but even I recognize that it's just 4chan being 4chan

>> No.70902898

Whens he getting a new model?

>> No.70902900

Would still play against this guy!

>> No.70902902

why the fuck would there be camaraderie on an anonymous image board.

>> No.70902907

Aren’t they supposed to screen you trannies for violent thoughts before they put you on hormones?

>> No.70902909

>want to do something different with my admech
>look to see the prices on the specialist units
>mfw it costs $240 to $360+ to get a full unit of electropriests/dragoons

>> No.70902910

You really need to learn humility - not just for painting, but for life. If you blow up in response to negative feedback then you're gonna be fucked in all fields. Disconnect your emotions and look at the objective reasons why you're receiving those replies, and work to remedy them.

>> No.70902912

Hopefully never.

>> No.70902915

Ah, but is his body alive? Or his body a dead vessel and his Soul is what is contained in the Throne. So, he's alive, but not. That's the mystery I miss.

>> No.70902921

>> No.70902925

Found the shit painter

>> No.70902940

I will offer an alternate view. Late 1941 was the last time at which the IJN could plausibly have carrier superiority and they knew it. The Essex class was being ordered in mid-1940. It was either war now, or ceding the Pacific to the US later. Shokaku and Zuikaku were commissioned a month or two before Pearl Harbor.

>> No.70902945

>I am a novice painter

So maybe instead of spewing liquid shit in all directions you sit down and take the advice so that you become a better painter. If you're a novice and all you get is uncritical praise you stay a novice.

If you want your dick sucked for a bad paintjob go to reddit.

>> No.70902951

>This image
Man, Space Wolves have really fallen on some hard times after HH... haven't they?

>> No.70902964

Ah man, somebody should tell this guy he needs to thin his paints and work on his highlights.

>> No.70902966

Yeah, the Tau are a better faction when they're mostly looking like the "good guys" on the surface. They aren't xenophobic and superstitious and most of Humanity would be lucky to live on a Tau world.

But then you realize that that's got a cost in being a dictatorship and caste system where there's little personal freedom. That the Greater Good has its own dark side in that it's very ends-justify-means.
Like, a planet doesn't have the option of no joining the empire. If you reject the diplomatic overtures, they're going to invade - not just leave you alone.

>> No.70902972

Where can I get this as a model in 28mm? I want to run it as a Thunderwolf

>> No.70902984

>socially awkward
at least I can paint minis unlike you you fucking retard

>> No.70902985

Dummy thicc

>> No.70902993

Anyone ever go to the open paint thing at GW? Do you bring your own paint water or?

>> No.70903007

which one even is anon here
the DKOKs aren't that bad except for the messy pouches and dreadful "base", that's just resin being resin

if he's the armageddon though then that one's thicc as fucc.

>> No.70903011

No need to bring paint water, you have peach juice for refreshment

>> No.70903014

It doesn't matter how good their naval/air/land forces are when they simply don't have the resources to maintain it.
Not only that America was an industrial powerhouse with massive amounts of resources of all kinds. The only thing they didn't have was rubber, until america just made a better synthetic rubber so they didn't have to trade for it with the japanese.
Yamamoto even confirmed this saying he could win basically guarantee japan the seas for 6 months, after that america and the british empire would crush them. He had naval training in america and knew they couldn't win the war.

>> No.70903018


>> No.70903019

What's the meme with "X players are based/cringed/autistic/waac" ?

Do you poor wageslaves only play a single army ?
Is having a SINGLE army the norm in the land of the free ?

>> No.70903026

>Only has NPC armies

>> No.70903027

Only the finest!

>> No.70903030

With or without predrilled assholes?

>> No.70903034

quality > quantity

>> No.70903036

One thing I do like about playing Guard is the variety of lists you can build. Normally I go with fluffy ones because I'm just more into doing a My Dudes narrative than the competitive side of things.

But if someone is being a prick it is nice to have the [OK, NOW NOBODY IS HAVING ANY FUN] nuclear option of just flooding the table with Guardsmen, inflict 20+ minute movement phases on them and a loss to objectives because they're literally buried under piles of troopers with OBSEC.

>> No.70903039

>GW is dying you guys!!!1!

>> No.70903048

whoever claimed that? they're doing better than ever

>> No.70903053

Do you consider your unpainted chaos black primed 3k points of space marines "quality" ? how does that work ?

If you've been playing for more than 2 years you're bound to have 30k+ points of 6+ armies anyway.

>> No.70903065

Yes, but you only have so many options when it's fourth and long and you need the touchdown.

Japan wanted regional hegemony. The US also wanted regional hegemony. There can be only one. And late 1941 was the best opportunity they had for the Hail Mary pass.

>> No.70903066

HH fags

>> No.70903071

newfag detected

>> No.70903074

It is vaguely implied it might be due to his head injury. He himself considers it a sign that he is in someway defective or corrupted and states he should have immediately made himself known to the Imperial authorities and made every effort to rejoin his regiment.

He's less trying to build a civilian life for himself (he doesn't even know what that would look like) as going on a fact-finding mission to discover how the Imperium's civilians live. He discovers it is shitty but that it is all there is and that his role and the role of all Guardsmen is to form a bulwark behind which those shitty, tiny islands of "all there is" can shelter behind.

>> No.70903077

well they're delusional. maybe FW is dying, maybe GW is straying further from their roots, but GW itself is enjoying quite the boom right now

>> No.70903079

Aren't they actually one of the best performing British companies (although many well known British companies aren't owned by the British anymore)?

>> No.70903087

*teleports into your bridge*

a single teleport strike can decide an entire game of BFG. Five bulldog boys knocking out a ship crewed by tens of thousands.

>> No.70903091

To be fair, their biggest competitors in the space - Battlefront and Privateer have both engaged in self-inflicted leg amputation

>> No.70903105

FW isnt even dying they're just incompident and unprofessional

>> No.70903107

*boards u*

>> No.70903123

FW are literally a small understaffed group that GW throws all their smalltime projects at, they don't even have enough people to focus on one game.

>> No.70903128

*torpedoes you*
*then melta torpedoes you after you use your repair order*

>> No.70903136

Debating whether I want repaint my Kabalites in this scheme

>> No.70903146

Yeah, for their size.

>> No.70903150


>> No.70903158

How can you torpedo anything when your gunnery crews are all ded?

>> No.70903167

>except each of these "tiny islands" that are actually important have anti ship defenses that rape the shit out of enemy fleets if they get close so they have to rely on the infantry to actually take anything
And pray how are these infantry even going to get there without naval superiority to clear the way?

>> No.70903169

who the fuck actually uses torps as IN in BFGA2 lol, your primary weapon is your hull

>> No.70903171

mortals - tzeentch
marines - slaanesh
daemons - khorne
daemon engines - nurgle

>> No.70903175

on the plus side, bone looks fucking awesome

on the minus side, you will slit your wrists to the bone trying to repaint them all in a light/white tone

>> No.70903182

Tzeentch, philosophically and morally
and aesthetically

>> No.70903186

Based webm, based player, digits confirm

>> No.70903203

>12" inches
>12 inches inches

>> No.70903207

you can't afford 360 guardsmen in 3 brigades without breaking the rule of 3

>> No.70903214


>> No.70903216

Yet they break molds all the time and suck at writing rules

>> No.70903228

fat fuck nurgle

hes not a scheming comically evil guy, not a rage obsessed motherfucker and hes not a sex god. hes happy, hes joyful and he wants everyone to be part of his family. he wants to infect you with plagues as a celebration of life, to have bacteria and insects coursing through your body as a representation of all the little lives that exist. he likes gardening too which is super sweet

>> No.70903231

Isn't that for tournaments?

>> No.70903236

Tzeentch philosophically, Slaanesh aesthetically

>> No.70903237

a planet is much bigger than an island so there are many places where troops can land without being massacred but any true strongpoint would be impenetrable from orbit due to the nature of it's defenses
I will admit that when it comes to ensuring landing areas and holding supply lines the navy is extremely important however the ground forces are the only ones that can take the planet itself and hold it

>> No.70903242

also when I say slaanesh marines I mean like >>70902241 stuff with the body modification, drugs, and torture and less the wacky hair metal noise marines

>> No.70903244

So, don't play until your models are perfect? Finite time for everything. Finite funds for this hobby. People get better, but that usually takes a whole army's worth of painting. They weren't even my minis, I'm just mad as hell that I'm not as good as you guys.

>> No.70903272

>impenetrable from orbit

*laughs in Exterminatus*

Ground pounders are only really for situations where you can't just quarantine and blockade them out and have critical infrastructure which doesn't take kindly to orbital bombardments and is needed immediately.

>> No.70903284

Mmmm, both of those sentences made me uncomfortable.

>> No.70903298

If anything

>> No.70903307

Bare legs are nice and all but when is someone going to try the really nice stuff?

>> No.70903308

Imagine being so retarded that you blow up your objective every time you run into trouble
also you have to realize this is a planet we are talking about here if it can produce food then you are going to need to wait them out for decades to centuries while your forces are needed elsewhere in the endless warzone that is the imperium

>> No.70903310

Okay, the first one is a bit weird, but no weirder than boning a furry.

The second one however... That sounds incredibly painful and something only slaanesh would do. Seriously, don't stick your fleshy mechadendrite into a toaster and turn it on.

>> No.70903318

>however the ground forces are the only ones that can take the planet itself and hold it
Well, of course even Star Wars and Star Trek needs the average soldier to hold planets or invade them but the real fighting is in space, wars are fought and won in space

>> No.70903328

How do you fix Necrons? Give the soulless abominations their soul back? But they're trapped in a shell, unable to fight against their masters will? We kind of have that with Servitors and Wraithguard.
Necrons are a tricky one to write for. Throw me some of your ideas Anon?

>> No.70903333

Heretics and xenos can be dealt with at your leisure from on top of the gravity well.

>> No.70903339

>I shall do my duty – for what else is there, after all?’ 'Big giant Tau Tiddies?’ Jarvan smiled approvingly.

>> No.70903343

Obviously painting nylons is too much work for anything but characters.

>> No.70903350

and wars are also about taking and holding territory the navy cannot do that due to existence of anti-orbital weaponry and the extreme vulnerability of ships when bombarding a location
good luck when they shoot you out of the sky like the sitting duck you are

>> No.70903351

>at least I can paint minis unlike you you fucking retard
And that's why I hate you.

>> No.70903356


>> No.70903361

I usually order at the bar but I'll sneak in flask of paint water in my coat.

>> No.70903370

>anti-orbital weaponry
You're giving them too much credit, they are merely there to delay the invading fleet until your own fleet arrives

>> No.70903372

Tfw see GW prices.

>> No.70903379

Krieger would have executed him on the spot.

>> No.70903402

>Battlefront and Privateer have both engaged in shitting the bed, then putting THAT bed into another bed which they had previously shat in
Ftfy. Holy Mother of God what a colossal fuck up of epic proportions that was. The rage was so apocalyptic you could have made diamonds with it.

>> No.70903410

There is nothing wrong with GW prices, this is a niche hobby and poor people don't belong

>> No.70903419

It's roughly as expensive as video games as a hobby

>> No.70903426

What happened? I thought at least Privateer was doing ok?

>> No.70903428

Look, I know the Angels of Death are unstoppable killing machines bug I would have liked a g least one to have died so it would show the Chaos guys fighting that it wasn't totally hopeless. Seriously, after the Multilaser burst failed to stop him, I'd have Noped the fuck out of there.

>> No.70903435

well that really depends on the planet, I was operating under the assumption that we were talking about a world actually capable of fighting rather than some minor backwater world which in that case begs the question of why the navy is standing around such an unimportant location when there are 100 other warzones that need assistance at any one time

>> No.70903441

12 inch inches. It's metric. You wouldn't understand.

>> No.70903442

>video games
>costing anything

>> No.70903446

yeah, if I did it I'd probably just pull the trigger and buy new plastic but I've already got some painted... maybe I'll just use it to make up a new Archon or something

>> No.70903455

Rule of 3 doesn't apply to troop choices

>> No.70903459

*If you were to buy video games

My apologies, chad

>> No.70903470

I'm not talking about a backwater planet nor an important and strategically vital planet just somewhere in the middle, also the navy doesn't and shouldn't just sit around a planet but patrol neighbouring space and the planet itslef unless it's using it's orbital platforms to repair and resupply

>> No.70903479

bros, I have a question about resin models. Are they hard to assemble, I only ever worked with plastic stuff. Going to have to switch to resin, because goverment fuckers in my country want to put a 3% tax on everything plastic .

>> No.70903482

>poor people don't belong

>> No.70903503

Imagine having DSP-tier finances unironically

>> No.70903522

I still kick myself for not buying stock when it was £20 lower a few months ago.

>> No.70903524

well the thing is not everyone lives in the US or UK and earns a 1000$ a month. In some countries the avarge is lower then half of that. Am not saying the models should be cheap, but why does someone living in Poland or Slovakia, have to pay the same price as someone earing a UK wage it is not fair, specially as our financial situation is linked to the fact that UK and US sold us for 50 years to communists.

>> No.70903526

New edition just fucked everything that came before, so much was invalidated and so a lot of people "lost money". The fixes were sporadic and didn't do much to help. Plus rollout was flawed.
Game just wasn't as fun. Most players I knew couldn't fathom out why the particular changes were made.

Not huge things, but people just got really, really angry about it. Same as Fantasy really (remember the guy setting fire to his dark elves?) but Privateer and Battlefront didn't have their own 40K to fall back on.

>> No.70903530

What happened to Battlefront? It seemed like for a while Flames was everywhere and Team Yankee was well received then it wasn't.

>> No.70903534

As a Guard player, I frequently fire autocannons and multilasers are MEQs with no effect. They're not anti-MEQ weapons.

And that is with tabletop rules for the Astartes, fluff Astartes are a very different beast from the crunch S4, T4, Sv 3+ Astartes.

>> No.70903535

Bobby g is hardly the first person to chat with the emp. See jaq draco, alicia dominica, >>70902435
White and red is not viorla.

Red markings is.

White is for fighting in places that are white.

Same as tau Sept is white markings and the brown is just for fighting in places that are brown.

Neither tau or guard have fixed faction color schemes, they'll be whatever color is appropriate to the environment.

>> No.70903542

>The PC I pirate with was free
Go clean your room before dinner, Anon.

>> No.70903549

I live in Australia. Unironically fuck you.

>> No.70903550

a middle of the road planet is nothing to sniff at even if it's purpose is to hold off a fleet/army till the proper army arrives since said reinforcements could take up to a decade to arrive

>> No.70903555

How poor are you that you think USD 1K per month is a lot?

>> No.70903558


>> No.70903561

>hurrr I'm a faggot who lives in America jnr
Your own fault

>> No.70903567

I am not poor the avarge salary in my country is 437$. I earn 530$ plus a bonus at the end of a year which is around 150$. I have good salary.

>> No.70903568

>fluff Astartes
But why would anyone fight them then? At all? Discretion is the better part of valour and all that.

>> No.70903574

Because otherwise people in the UK and US will buy their stuff from poland and slovakia for cheap.

>> No.70903575

>the fact that UK and US sold us for 50 years to communists.
Blame USA, Churchill wanted to declare war on the USSR in 1945.

>> No.70903580

You realise that the average salary in the UK is approx USD 3K per month?

>> No.70903583

I'm surprised 40k isn't banned or heavily censored in Australia like the video games

>> No.70903588

>Born in the country to Real Australian parents
>My fault
Sure 56%, whatever you say.

>> No.70903589

Because UK and US make it impossible for us to earn money the same way they did, and unlike the US we don't have gold, oil etc.

>> No.70903590

Chaos god of our time.

>> No.70903595

Yep, this is the downside to being in an open market - prices within that market need to be flat regardless of local incomes.

>> No.70903596

I could try this, but I dont need a battle sister and already paint KDM and Infinity. Could be fun, so maybe after I clear up my backlog a bit more

>Red markings
Gotcha! Honestly forgot a lot of Tau lore since 5e.

>> No.70903602

Because if GW made models cheaper in poorer countries it would open a massive market for reselling. If the price was low enough to make a difference, then even the cost of import tax added on would make it substantially cheaper to just buy from a based polski rather than direct from GW, or even an FLGS.

>> No.70903608

Go unclog my toilet lmao, Mariusz

>> No.70903618

aha, so when we have or had to go to buy stuff in UK/US because jeans or vcrs were cheaper in western europe, then it was okey. But when it could be the reverse it is somehow not okey?

I did not, everyone in my family who worked in constructions in the US in the 80s earned around 1000$ per month, but that had 200$ substracted for bribes for the formans, and to pay for work cloths and tools use.

yeah, and he wanted to start it bye "distrupting" soviet lines of supplies by turning poland, czechoslovakia in to an atomic glass plain.

>> No.70903621

You're right, people in third world countries should be able to buy 40k models cheap. Now I can get those people to order the models I want and ship them to me so I'm also getting them for cheap even though I'd be paying regular price in my own country.

>> No.70903626

>he wanted to start it bye "distrupting" soviet lines of supplies by turning poland, czechoslovakia in to an atomic glass plain.
Look, do you want to Commies gone or not?

>> No.70903630

then move to a country where you can actually make a decent living. As long as you remain in that country and pay your taxes to them and don't run back to the eastern blok to live like a bigshot there's no problem.

>> No.70903632

>the 80s earned around 1000$ per month
Which is around 2500 when adjusted for inflation

>> No.70903633

1k is still fucking one third of that

we were always complaining about the atrocious value of GW boxes, where the fuck did you people crawl out from?

>> No.70903635

You got conquered fair and square by Russia, Stanislaw

>> No.70903640

GW isn't based in eastern Europe, so of course the reverse doesn't make sense.

>> No.70903650

Fack off, we're full

>> No.70903655

then add colour paint to the models, and ban what ever colour the model is to be used in western countries. They do it with cars and other stuff. heck they even do the reverse with western products when they produce food, cleaning stuff etc that has the same name as the western stuff, but has less of the good stuff in it. that is somehow okey, that we not only pay almost the same for an Ariel washing powder, but because it is weaker we have to use 3 times as much, which means that if we want to have stuff clean we pay for it more then people in germany. Lidle stuff in germany already costs less then lidle stuff in central europe.

I have no idea from where does this meme come from. In no country I know do Poles or Slovaks make the majority of cleaning mobs. In germany it is ukrainians, in UK it is somalis, in france it is maroccans etc

>> No.70903676

Poles in UK have stereotype as plumbers (and builders). This is the source of "unclog toilet" meme.

>> No.70903678

>sanding her jaw
terrible idea, it's not the problem at all and it will only maker her look more like her neck is melting into her face

>> No.70903680

Is there anything more insufferable than the Polish victim complex?

>> No.70903685

Free Market baby.

>> No.70903693

yes, the amerilard manbabby victim complex and the amerilard feminist victim complex

>> No.70903697

US black victim complex, when they live in a country that is about 10 times wealthier than any other.

>> No.70903714

At least your country isn't being turned from a first world nation to a third world shithole on purpose by your politicians

>> No.70903715


>> No.70903718

Someone in thread right now is actually Cypher.

>> No.70903723

no one adjusted salaries anywhere, my uncle still lives in canada and his son is getting the same salery he was getting for working illegaly in US. In fact he is getting less money now, because gas went up in price by a lot and bribes are higher.

What do you mean by GW isn't in CENTRAL europe(eastern is russia), there is a GW store in warsaw?

And to makes matters worse, GW wants people to buy models at western price, but when someone starts making models for GW games, they suddenly go all EU copyright policy and send police after you.

nothing fair and square. US and british goverment told us to not fight soviet armies entering poland in 44', because they would "soon" help us and send the polish army fighting in italy and france to Poland. We waited till Russians reached vistula, western goverment promised help"soon", so we started uprising in polish cities that occupied german forces for 90 days. But russian stoped and let the germans kill our people, and send almost 900k in to german work camps. And when polish army wanted to be send to help, british goverment told them that the weapons their own belong to brits, and that is after they took all the gold polish goverment depositeted in UK after the fall of france. And later UK confiscated the money for lost income from state monopolies in Poland, that communists revoked and the use of planes and ammo polish soldiers used to defend the god damn UK.

not to mention the fact that UK and france promised to attack germany in 1939, but never did it, while they let us bleed for 40 days waiting for the counter attack.

>> No.70903729

so true

>> No.70903733

Press F for the Wild Palm National Forest

>> No.70903735

GW manufactures in the UK.

>> No.70903738

why would you need a plumber to unclog a toilet, every child knows how to do that. Plumbers are needed for difficult jobs like laying or exchanging pipes, and mostly because you need to work with gas burners, and if you don't know hwo to you could explode the whole house.

That already happened in 1944.

>> No.70903746

And in freaking china, but their prices aren't china tier.

>> No.70903748

not as wealthy as wakanda

>> No.70903757

They don't do much in china anymore.

>> No.70903759


>> No.70903765

then why are all the resin models coming from China then?

>> No.70903766


>> No.70903772

That's why they don't do much in china anymore

>> No.70903773

These are great!

>> No.70903774

>The most beautiful and fat army in the empire

>> No.70903779


I headcannon her become super powerful and temporarily absorbing the other chaos gods to fight a resurrected emperor and/or ynnead in an all out final battle.

>> No.70903781

??? okey, my english is not good enough to understand this explanation. When most models from GW come from China, then there is no way they aren't producing them there.

>> No.70903786

>They discovered that the planet was surrounded by Aliens and infidels and implemented extensive hygiene measures

>> No.70903789

Most of the models don't come from china, apart from recasts.

>> No.70903791

Pic related

>> No.70903800

so GW is okey with China doing recasts, but when polish or slovaks do it, they send police after them to confiscated the machines and models? great logic from GW.

>> No.70903801


>> No.70903806

They don't want to fuck with the Communists

>> No.70903807

They're not ok with it, they just can't do anything about it.

>> No.70903815

china had money and wouldn't have taken that shit. Of course their not exactly doing well right now for obvious reasons.

>> No.70903828

Bought the Dark Vengeance reprint; Should I convert the Dark Angels half to Fallen or keep them have a backup Imperium army?

I already own Cypher,

>> No.70903838

You can think of it like she gets buffed up on the „pleasure“ of other chaos gods doing their thing. The pleasure of murder, of decay, of trickery, etc.

>> No.70903839

>why would you need a plumber to unclog a toilet, every child knows how to do that.
I am cash rich and time poor, it makes more sense for me to hire someone to fuck about unblocking a massive shit in exchange for pocket change than waste my time doing it myself because my time is more valuable that Mr. Shit-Remover's.

You clearly have a fundamental misconception as to the purpose of money. Its purpose is to pay other people to do shit jobs for you, while you spend your time making even more money. Doing literally every small job yourself is how medieval peasants lived, in the modern economy, you specialize, you aquire experience and then your labour becomes increasingly valuable.

I COULD unblock my own toilet, I COULD fix my own car, I COULD build my own extension but in the time I spent doing that, I could be making more money than it costs to hire someone to do any of those jobs, making that the most cost-efficient course of action.

>> No.70903861

You already know the answer to this one.

>> No.70903865

What was the first true DLC your army becomes better if you buy this book for 40k?

>> No.70903867

it's fine as long as they learn to speak the language and don't send all their earnings back home. I'd rather christian poles and slovaks then more mudslimes, at least eastern euros have at least somewhat compatible values to us. Also their whores are good.
>then add colour paint to the models, and ban what ever colour the model is to be used in western countries
>paint over colour
wowee that's going to make a huge difference isn't it? Especially when most can't even tell the difference between official and recast, a different colour plastic is going to be no difference at all. Especially nowadays with e-commerce it wouldn't even be a case of people buying from eastern europe to sell here, it would be people buying directly from sellers in eastern europe.

>> No.70903877

Based desu, fuck the greedy unsinkable big ass companies they have the hordes of plebs to gobble up everything they shit out

>> No.70903883

How much do you make, richanon?

>> No.70903894

What the fuck does this mean?

>> No.70903897

>I'd rather christian
>also their whores are good

>> No.70903912

>because my time is more valuable that Mr. Shit-Remover's.
I hope they all fuck you over with 5 × normal markup.

>> No.70903916


>> No.70903924

but uncloging a toilet is not a job. it takes like 5 min tops 30, if the someone somehow manged to clog it with a sack of barley or something like that.

Calling and waiting form someone to come takes longer then doing it yourself. And it ain't some titanic strenght task or something that requires in depth knowladge. I get why someone hires a good plumber to lay down pipes in a new house or to renovate an old one. But ublocking a toilet is something a childe could do, you just put in a screw plumber in to the toilet and then just turn in around till it minces the stuff. if the clog is real big you put some chemicals in first. Am not plumber, never did menial work in my life, and I know how to do it, and have the tools at home.

>wowee that's going to make a huge difference isn't it? Especially when most can't even tell the difference between official and recast, a different colour plastic is going to be no difference at all. Especially nowadays with e-commerce it wouldn't even be a case of people buying from eastern europe to sell here, it would be people buying directly from sellers in eastern europe.

well they could buy, but if shops baned it, and I doubt any store no matter what part of the world is okey with people buying stuff else where, they would have no where to play with the models. That is like buying a race car, but because your country has no legal race tracks the car stays in the garage for 20 years till you sell it.

>> No.70903925

>it's fine as long as they learn to speak the language and don't send all their earnings back home. I'd rather christian poles and slovaks then more mudslimes, at least eastern euros have at least somewhat compatible values to us. Also their whores are good.
No. No more immigration of ANYONE to our White nations. Done. Sorted. That'll give us time to sort this shit out.

>> No.70903936

£36,000 a year after tax, I'm not a millionaire. This anon is acting like paying someone to unblock a toilet is something available only to the aristocracy.

>> No.70903937

When wil reddit trannies stop calling Girlyman "Bobby G"?

>> No.70903942

Fuck I would. My uncle told me a story how they were instaling two tables, some drawers and a sink for 4 months(real time to do it, not counting delivery maybe 3 days), and when they were almost done they informed the user the "old" pipes were no good and had to be replaced. He worked and took in salary for almost 10 months, for a work that took maybe 3 days.

>> No.70903957

Yo quick question, why the fuck does greenstuff smell like peanut butter?

>> No.70903958

>But ublocking a toilet is something a childe could do, you just put in a screw plumber in to the toilet and then just turn in around till it minces the stuff. if the clog is real big you put some chemicals in first.
I mean, if anything this proves why Englishmen hire Poles to unclog their toilets, they seem to have an inherent knowledge of how to do it, from childhood apparently, like Ork Mekboyz.

>> No.70903963

I think he is trying to compare the Psychic Awakening books to DLC that you might buy for a video game.

>> No.70903964

My dude, you do not make more than an urban plumber.

>> No.70903983

Your time is really not that much valuable than Mr. Shit-removers then
Depending on where you live not at all

>> No.70903994

Lets check what happens, if you call someone to do it. Aside for psychological fact that if you are a dude calling in, everyone will think your gay or worse, for comming alone the plumber is going to ask for 20$ upfront, won't even look or enter the house before you pay. Now lets assume nothing really bad happens(he is not drunk, not having a look at your nice house to tell his friend how to break in in 2-3 days etc), he will start to work. he will not work if your looking at him, because of "deconcentration", the 5 min work will take him a whole day, and you will going to have to give him beer and a dinner, else he will just walk out and your going to have to do the work yourself. So lets add 20$ for arriving, beer(won't take cheapest) around 3$x6, dinner per person is around 7-8$. So you just blew 1/10th of avarge monthly salary on something that takes 5 min to do.

This maybe makes sense to do if you earn a western corpo money, or your in the mob, or your a politicians/celebrity(although those more or less get covered by western money or mob nowadays). For everyone else, and no one who earns western money is oging to spend it on w40k , it is just stupid thing to do.

>> No.70903998


>> No.70904000

I think he's talking about supplements in general, even the ones from previous editions, instead of PA

>> No.70904017

if you can turn the widnows down in a car, you can also operate a screw plunger. And anyone who has basic cemistry knows how to mix a toilet "mole", because it is the same thing you use to shot anvil in the air before easters as a kid.

>> No.70904023

What stats do you keep track during battles, my fellow spreadsheets bros?

>> No.70904047

Fires when?

>> No.70904054

Based anon posting a Debicki webm

>> No.70904062

Literal horse-face.

>> No.70904068

No one asked for your shit opinion

>> No.70904085

I don't think you know what literal means.

>> No.70904119

It's "equine" anon.

>> No.70904153

Like I need an invitation beyond seeing a face in need of a nose-bag.

>> No.70904157

I'd like to see a chaos planet where the gods are represented as humanoid deities like greco roman mythology.

>> No.70904174

>noooooo women cant have strong jawlines!

>> No.70904175

How effective would they be in 40k assuming 40k lasguns =/= Dune lasguns?

>> No.70904201

Not if they want to be attractive

>> No.70904204

is it even worth it to deepstrike against marines every time I try my units get shredded by overwatch and auspex scans

>> No.70904218

Well we definitely know your opinion is trash then

>> No.70904219

The only way you can beat Marines is to get first turn then shoot them off the table. If you can't get rid of at least 60% of their army in the first shooting phase, you lose.

>> No.70904222

Either deepstrike behind cover/LoS blocking terrain or don't bother.

>> No.70904230

>I like my women with square jaws, hairy arms, deep voices and...
Anon...it is ok, you don't have to hide it anymore, it is 2020.

>> No.70904267

Neither do you have to hide the fact that you want HRT femboys shot full of estrogen since the age of 5

>> No.70904281

or you know...women.

>> No.70904286

I don't even know what that mean but like the other anon said, its ok. You can be attracted to men in current year. You don't need to go through manly looking women anymore

>> No.70904288

Better to like women than tr*nnies unlike you

>> No.70904297

the problem with that is that the main iron hands player in my meta has the luck of the devil himself
well then it suck that if I leave even one models foot stuck out of cover my opponent gets full overwatch anyways

>> No.70904321

Shut the fuck up Erebus, you literally ruined fucking everything.


>> No.70904326

paints one and posts it online with the caption "first time painting!!" for upvoats then never paints another

>> No.70904336




>> No.70904352

What army do you have?

>> No.70904353

i hope a tree falls on your roof and it crushes you to death

>> No.70904356

Went out for my run at 0530 this morning and was having to dodge recycle bins launching themselves out into the street and the wind has only picked up since then.

Inside now though, nice a cozy listening to the wind outside. Why are your minis outside Anon?

>> No.70904374


>> No.70904376

This is why I base all my minis on discs of tungsten.

>> No.70904387

mfw still in bed but can hear and see the trees thrashing around out my window

>> No.70904392

This is obviously God's judgement for Brexit.

Clearly he was a Remainer. Britain will stand as a new Sodom and Gomorrah, swept clean by the Great Storm of 2020.

>> No.70904395

>tfw just got promoted to a new job that pays £36k a year after tax
What should I buy first lads? I'm thinking about getting the entire Forge World back catalog and hiring a bunch of nubile Polish slaves to paint them, but I should still have plenty left over right?

>> No.70904406

So is there any actual source material that shows/describes what the blade of a fusion blade looks like?

>> No.70904409

She's gay so it's allowed.

>> No.70904410


>> No.70904422

>it's a Southernfags have a mild drop of wind and spastically freak out like a hurricane is personally carrying off their family
Absolute fucking drama queens.

>> No.70904427

But no, here's the truth of the situation.

I'm sitting here, lurking this thread as I work on some minis for commission. Impy fists, easy to do. Enjoying the sound of the crazy wind outside, and it's only 11:19.

Supposedly, around 2/3pm in the afternoon shit's going to get real as the storm REALLY fucking hits, and I hope it does because my next door neighbor has this fucking ugly, massive, eyesore pine tree which is a gaudy fucking thing that noone has anything similar for the surrounding houses in the neighborhood.

So i'm hoping it gets blown down, and if it crashes across OUR garden then I can just sue or demand payments for repairs.

>> No.70904446

I heard theres no actual detail on her sexuality

>b-but she starred in that gay movie!
Its called acting anon

>> No.70904451

>it's a northern monkey being upset about southerners again
rent free

>> No.70904452


>> No.70904458

Passive-aggressive sassenach nancy boy. Pleads for the wind to right wrongs in his life but won't even sacrifice to the druids. Cunt.

>> No.70904461

Fuck off Norf, don't belittle our suffering.

>> No.70904468


>> No.70904473

I hope you'll be ok when she comes out.

>> No.70904479

>Last Bout of wind knocked down the wooden fences
>installed some new ones with concrete pillars

>> No.70904486

Cool art, but I'm looking for canon reference material that shows what they actually look like.

>> No.70904488

>5ft 11in vs 6ft

Anyway, isnt that Alicia Vikander on the left?

>> No.70904497

>our suffering

>> No.70904498

That's fanart isn't it?

>> No.70904499

Literally like that, it is a fusion blaster on blowtorch setting.

>> No.70904502

There isnt one, but iirc the description says its essentially the shit of the fusion gun thats contained

As most fusion guns shoot blue, have it be blue blades

>> No.70904506

It's Michelle Rodriguez.

>> No.70904509

go pinch another golf r you bradford darkie

>> No.70904511

That bin cost more than your house you northern monkey, show some respect. It's all scuffed and shit now and the thieving gits at no. 10 could have knicked it if I hadn't braved the elements to reclaim it.

>> No.70904516

okay but why does Debicki have a bat?

>> No.70904530

Beat off all the stallions who mistake her for a mare in heat.

>> No.70904536

"Danger to life warning" issued for the storm.

Wtf is going on lads.

>> No.70904544

there's more than one type of person in the world my guy

>> No.70904545

>mfw just want her cast in a star wars movie as Asajj Ventress

>> No.70904547

>Beat off all the stallions

>> No.70904549

flying debris, falling trees, car/lorry being blown off the road, etc

>> No.70904552

On your phone? Yeah I had that once while I was in Japan an hour before a typhoon hit.
Where do you live?

>> No.70904555

god hath come to reap the sinners

>> No.70904557

>On your phone?
Wait did you get a text message warning or something?

>> No.70904558

EU unleashing their secret weather weapons to punish us for daring to leave. London will be stripped to the bone. Best get ready.

>> No.70904561

>high winds today
>danger to life warning issued
>wind is gonna pick up more
>need to head to GW to pick up 2 razorbacks for a game on tuesday as the GW is closed on mondays/tuesdays

Lads, I dont think im gonna make it

>> No.70904565


>> No.70904568

I've moved my PC under the stairs and stacked all the mattresses in the house on top of it. Brought two Tesco bags-for-life full of snacks and six 2l bottles of Pepsi Max under here with me and set up a box I can use as a workplace to keep painting my GSC.

Whatever happens, I feel prepared.

>> No.70904571

>London will be stripped to the bone
Don't raise my hopes like that.

>> No.70904579

Threads is probably the only movie that genuinely frightened me I've ever watched. Shit is bleak as fuck.

And not just because they shot it in Sheffield.

>> No.70904580

Where's Draigo's name?

>> No.70904582

Where are you based? I haven't gotten shit. Also I didn't think that EWS had yet come into effect.

Can you imagine chilling and your phone goes off telling you to find shelter in 3 mins as nukes are on the way? Fuck that would be spooky.

>> No.70904585

What the fuck is wrong with you both? Apopleptic /brit/ posting is the most retarded shit. Every year about an inch of snow falls south of the border and the BBC starts running constant weather reports on how WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!

It's just a wee storm, calm down.

>> No.70904591


>> No.70904596

We brits enjoy a bit of drama. I thought you scots would blow shit out of proportion far more because of how empty your lives are, but I suppose us brits have more >fun

>> No.70904599

Oh I I'm not in UK, as I said it happened with a Typhoon in Japan a while ago, this is the first I'm hearing about your storm to be honest. Keep safe.

>> No.70904601

I'm not on my phone, i'm on my PC. I'm just listening to LBC Nigel Farage Show, and the news segments in between the talks is keeping me updated.

This. Fucking European Union and their fucking HAARP

>> No.70904608

>It's just a wee storm
Scottish untermensch detected. You are a troll-like folk who naturally live in ramshackle huts and caves cut into cliffsides so of course this sort of weather wouldn't bother you. If you home blows down you just turn the cardboard box back over and climb back inside.

To people who live in civilisation, this is harder to manage. I've literally only got three bars on my phone right now, I don't know if the hurricane is going to bring down all communications when it reaches its peak at 2-3pm.

>> No.70904609

Do I ever want to pick meltas on Blightlords? I can get a whole load of combi-meltas for cheap.

>> No.70904612

>I thought you scots would blow shit out of proportion far more
They do, it's called Scottish Independence.

>> No.70904618

>London will be stripped to the bone.
Well at least some good will come of it then.

>> No.70904625

That movie scared the absolute shit out of me.
>mayor and staff buried under town hall eventually all starve to death before a rescue team can dig them out
>man who lost daughter and son in the blast has to watch irradiated wife slowly die then he dies slowly of cancer while being worked nigh to death on rebuilding efforts
>pregnant woman's husband dies in blast but she meets his friend while they eat raw sheep meat, then she gives birth to a retard
>retard kid is now 13-year-old and shows zero interest when her mum is dead because death is everywhere; she then gets raped and gives birth to a still born mutant

>> No.70904626

Is this the Brexit Storm? Clean the darkies out of the city?
Are the Eldar on our side, is this them helping us with an Eldritch Storm???

>> No.70904633

It's a nice illustration of the difference between British and American mindsets when it comes to nuclear war I think.

>> No.70904635

These winds are hopefully from the birth throes of Slaanesh. Soon the Emperor will reveal himself and we will reach for the stars.

>> No.70904640

Yeah, the yanks did a version, I forget the name but at the end of theirs, plucky farmers have survived and are setting up to rebuild.

Threads is just: ur all fucked

>> No.70904642

Don't get my hopes up anon, we all know we were born too late to explore the earth, born too early to explore the stars.

>> No.70904648

I enjoyed the differences between Threads and The Day After. Both are equally bleak, but Britiain obviously gets it much worse than the US because the US is fucking vast so there's plenty of places that would be relatively unscathed. In the UK we have no such luxury, unless you live in the Lake District.

>> No.70904649

when the wind blows is a nice companion piece to it. Not frightening but definitely very sad and tragic.

>> No.70904655

Isn't that the super depressing one with the old couple?

>> No.70904656

Well we're a much smaller nation. You could saturate us with MIRVs far easier. The USA has huge non-urban areas that'd be inefficient to attempt to cover in nukes so people there would be ok.

I'm not too fussed about a nuclear war because I like about 1km away from one of our largest military bases so that'll definately catch a nuke and I'll essentially be stood right under the fucking thing. Won't be me eating raw sheep and raising three-headed mutants.

>> No.70904667

>Soon the Emperor will reveal himself
Didn't that result in a good-sized chunk of Terra's population getting exterminated by murderous genetic super-soldiers?

>> No.70904683

You could very well live until the next big medical breakthrough which will allow you to live until death is cured.

>> No.70904689

>plucky farmers have survived and are setting up to rebuild
Thatr's barely what happened at the end and shit is just as bleak. The farmer guy is shot by squatters living on his property when said farmer returns from a meeting discussing the reconstruction efforts and the farmers' duty to said effort. That means the wife and the teen girl are left alone and at the mercy of roving gangs (or even the gang squatting on the property). The student guy and the adult daughter is are the dead walking, the boy will never see again and will probably get killed eventually, the professor still can't make contact with anyone outside the hospital. The only hope offered is that Jason Robard's character, the doctor, has a moment of kindness with a squatter living in the ruins of his house. Maybe human decency and kindness will prevail in this new world, but it's not likely.

>> No.70904693

Plant pots just blew over lads, not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep posting.

Look after yourselves /40kg/.

>> No.70904707

the emperor protects anon

>> No.70904708

I can't go outside to undercoat my minis, lads. I think I might just convert to being a greytide.

Sorry /40kg/

>> No.70904712

I work in a military contractor's big site in a large industrial estate very close to an international airport airport. If I am at work when it kicks off I am going to take a direct hit. If that MIRV is scheduled for later, at least the airport will get hit first so I might actually get to see one explode before I die.

>> No.70904732

How can the Dark Angels have the ultimate chads (Deathwing), and also the ultimate betas (Ravenwing) together in the same chapter?

>> No.70904735

the level of delusion

>> No.70904744

>ultimate chads (Deathwing)
That doesn't sound like the tyrannic war veterans to me, son.

>> No.70904745

>thread has gone super quiet
RIP /brits/ I hope wherever the storm carried you is comfy

>> No.70904762

but muh great beasts

>> No.70904763

like mary poppins

>> No.70904766


>> No.70904771

Sluneesh because i want a big titty daemonette gf.

>> No.70904775

Ah !

>> No.70904776

I have one question about psychic awakening

Have tau had riptides nerfed to a 4++ yet?

>> No.70904780

Literally Essex right now.

>> No.70904783

Eye of the storm is always weakest. It's the tail ends which fuck things up.

>> No.70904784

ram ranch is under siege
under lockdown

>> No.70904788


>> No.70904792


Who the fuck just said that?

>> No.70904797

>Dark Angels anything
This is very wrong. They'd be the worst snowflake Marine chapter if Space Wolves didn't exist.

>> No.70904808


>> No.70904822

>dem dubs proving chaos rules

>> No.70904825

We don't know m'lord, but they left this banner behind.

>> No.70904834

Those fuckers...

>> No.70904840

I roll 7 sixes.

>> No.70904841

EGADS! Behold what they have done to our brother! He has been made... female somehow!

>> No.70904845


>> No.70904851

Don't worry sir, I will personally lead the investigation into the insurgents who perpetrated this heinous act.

>> No.70904855

I don't recognise you...

>> No.70904859


>> No.70904866

thats an... interesting... Tattoo you have there m'lord astartes. Would you care to explain it's significance?

>> No.70904875


>> No.70904881


>> No.70904885

What's goin' on over 'ere, Commissar?
Do I need t' get the Plasma Gun?

>> No.70904887


>> No.70904904

>off by one

>> No.70904909

I don't think so private.
But I have my finger on the button, just in case

>> No.70904910

I'm new.
It is representative of the multifaceted strategems laid down in the Codex Astartes by our Lord Guilliman. Each serpent's head working in unit.

>> No.70904925

Excuse me brother, I think we have a collect call. Maybe you should answer it.

>> No.70904928

What is the best Space Marine chapter to play if I want to win and be reasonably competetive, but still have decent lore and not accused of WAACfaggotry?

>> No.70904957

>Implying that call is actually the Inquisition

>> No.70904958

Sadly, there isn't. Raven Guard and Iron Hands are both the best, compeititve SM chapters but they're also massive WAAC. There's no modest in-between, it's just 25 or 100.

>> No.70904968


>> No.70904970

I've played Raven Guard for years, I just deliberately un-optimise my army lists so people don't call me a meta surfer.

>> No.70904972

kek no

>> No.70904977

Imperial Fists

>> No.70904978

40 or so Hellblasters
lots of tanks
few captains
whatever the fuck obscure chapter you can dig up

>> No.70904987

>Imperial Fists
is there a more bland first founding space marine chapter? I'd sooner play traitor scum than play dorncunts

>> No.70904999

Play Crimson Fists

>benefits of IF
>not a cuck who plays IF
>get Pedro Kantor

>> No.70905006

Ultramarines successors, either an official one or /yourdudes/

>> No.70905015

Play Mortifactors. They are based.

>> No.70905018

all space marines are bland, anon, imperial fists just don't lie about it.

>> No.70905042

>I'd sooner play traitor scum than play dorncunts
t. Iron Warrior

>> No.70905055

they are, but I hate not being able to put decals on their shoulders.

>> No.70905111

I hope they lean into the idea of psyker knights more for the chaos knights in the new expansion. Im not gonna pretend its likely and get my hopes up, but a thing of psychic powers just for knights would be radical, and its proven possible by the relic that gives a knight smite and lets him deny. Would be cool.

>> No.70905114



>> No.70905348

According to Dark Mechanicum more human in shape (head on top, etc.) with AI controls.

>> No.70905930


>> No.70906007

>A simple kitbash is tiers above the official kit in quality
I'm not sure GW is even trying anymore.

>> No.70906436

It involves throwing out all of their lore and starting fresh. They look like Terminators so make them terminators. Make the Necrons into robots under the control of ancient DAOT AI that fled. Each AI is housed within some kind of massive mobile shell that supports a super computer within. The full AI is something like capital ship sized. Perhaps some lore that when these highly complex super AIs fled they had lost access to the best DAOT forcing them to take larger forms than had been needed with peak DOAT tech.

There are different AIs out there and each has their own personality, some even corrupted by chaos (chaos androids bruh). The AIs themselves are the highest levels of faction leaders, and they have created stripped down copies which can exist in smaller but still quite large forms (monoliths) which are used to command armies. The basic Necrons have only limited behavior, being programmed very narrowly for specific kinds of combat roles. The field command AI monoliths can remotely directly control Necrons and even have Necrons with specially upgraded computing abilities that allow them to interact as personalities, these are your special characters.

Flawed ones get redesigned as infiltrator style terminators. Perhaps the ones used on the 40k battlefield have their infiltration capabilities so damaged they are no longer useful in that role so get used as melee units. Gives opportunity to have Terminator style metal exoskeleton exposed below flesh.

The Necron goals stay highly mysterious to the IoM, and Necrons still teleport away or disintegrate when captured leaving almost no way to study them. Since there are different leadership AIs they can all have different goals, this can be used to further confuse the IoM who can’t distinguish between different Necrons.

>> No.70906770

Not all combatants are asked for their permission to be attacked.

>> No.70907511

Bro why even spend the money if you won't put in the least amount of effort?

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