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1rd for chaos

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Where is the final version of the "Rule of Three"? I looked in the Big Faq but didn't see it.

One of the Chapter Approved books?

>> No.70892292

Was there a reason Scions were shit on so much when they were first released?

>> No.70892310

Do it bruv, it would be nice to see. Heck run them as Scions to make them more elite and give them badass trucks

>> No.70892318

Muh Kasrkin

But also the choice of color scheme. They look appropriately menacing when painted up Jin Roh panzer cops

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40k bloodbowl NEVER

>> No.70892335

Under matched play

>> No.70892344

Its in the main rulebook. 1k is rule of 2 and 2k is rule of 3

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I have a Guard army you cant get anything off a scion and put it on a normal guard. Shit sucks.

>> No.70892347

What do you guys think? I'd like to get a big ass knight at some point. Too lanky?

>> No.70892351

5 Scions for 30ish USD is more insulting than 5 immortals for 30

>> No.70892372

How about 3 cool guys for over 50 bucks?

>> No.70892378

Fuck that, gimme 40k hockey or better yet a go-cart racer

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Found it. Thanks. Was looking to see if troops were exempt from the restriction.

They aren't.

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Go for it anon.

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I don't like the armor. My problem with the breastplate is hard to describe but I just don't think it looks as good as the Kasrkin layered armor, and they should have protection on their thighs. Helmets look okay, and are sort of a nod to the stormtrooper heads, but gasmasks were cooler. Also, the taurox is retarded.

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The pose looks goofy as fuck and im not a fan of the added junk to the castellan

>> No.70892394

Primaristards deserve to eat shit.

>> No.70892409

These three are beasts though. They murk shit.

>> No.70892419

Tallarn Tank Commanders can

>Reroll 1s to hit
>Fire after shooting through an order
>Fire at full effect with the Vigilus strat after moving full distance
>Get max number of shots through the new Hail of Fire stratagem
>Reroll 1s to wound via Tank Ace or full rerolls with Old Grudges

It may be just one unit but by the Emperor it will get shit done

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What annoys the most is the lack of posing. It's criminal at this point.

>> No.70892427 [DELETED] 

It could look pretty sick, mostly black, with a few patches of the bright colors favored you see in outdoor athletic attire - and of course, bright colored guns

>> No.70892433

looks good

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We're going back to monopose it feels like but the models are getting too dynamic to even properly recast by hand anymore.

>> No.70892459

Mostly black, with some neon splashes like you see with extreme sports gear, and of course the bright colorful guns would look pretty cool

>> No.70892462

It's to prevent 3rd parties products. And it's working, but at what cost. Goddamn armies are looking the same nowadays, unless you're willing to put in a mot more effort than before

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>Bad colour scheme
>Stingy model count
>Chaosy armour trim
>Not Kasirkin
>The Taurox

I think that was it.

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>Imperium factions and 'good' guys get more bloated, stacking OP rules while chaosfags just eat shit
I love playing hard mode

>> No.70892475

> the models are getting too dynamic to even properly recast by hand anymore.

That's the point.

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They went from grimderp operators into grimderp cuirassiers.
They were moved from Munitorum to under the Administratum.
Dumb snow tracked MRAP with submarine doors and hull mounted guns.
Trying to be a whole faction with two kits.

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I never saw the Chaos trim. It's slightly baroque, that's it.

>> No.70892515

>Trying to be a whole faction with two kits.
This is the real reason. Everything else is just whining for whining's sake.

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You just know new Guard sculpts will murder conversion potential, and the canvas for every military force you can imagine is imo part of the appeal of the Guard.

>> No.70892534

They did it a lot on kits released around that time.

>> No.70892556

I for one like the Taurox, especially when converted to wheels

>> No.70892570

>tfw you can't relate to bayonet memes because you play a regiment that doesn't use them

>> No.70892577

uh, did I read your post wrong?

>> No.70892586

I can't wait for the 3/4 ankles and 2/3s of an arm stuck on a part of a gun buttstock.

>> No.70892587

>regiment that doesn't use bayonets
Ah, so you're playing T'au, then

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Why the fuck did they not build the Taurox with wheels? It actually looks fine if you convert it.

>> No.70892632

Why are GW kits like this now anyway?

>> No.70892644

The designer spoke about that back when white dwarf was a 5 page pamphlet. He considered the halftracks """""""""""""""grimdark""""""""""""""

>> No.70892658

Because fuck your 3rd party bits they want all your money and they want your models looking iconic and not unique enough to be advertisements so people buy more of them. Can't sell guard as well if you damn kids are kitbashing them into something that doesn't look like whats on the box.

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Orks and GSC confirmed not grimdark.

>> No.70892672

Chapter House lawsuit

>> No.70892679

I thought the stratagems were a mistake guy was just memeing but frankly when Guard and Tau now have like 50 of them it does feel a bit absurd.

Honestly if it was a genuine halftrack it'd probably even look alright. But a double halftrack is just fucking dumb.

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That really cool kitbash someone did was too hard for Timmy so GW has taken measures to limit them.

>> No.70892761

pretty sure it mainly has to do with GW letting a program slice parts in the most efficient way

>> No.70892770

>GW has completely dropped casting for selling DRM infested completely dynamic 3D prints that brick your machine if you don't use Citadel Finecast Select Resin
>The files also only work on 2-3 brands they work closely with to further prevent piracy.

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Sounds based to me.

>> No.70892803

squish squish

>> No.70892805

someone's been playing too much star sector

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Getting into 40k, fairly new, enjoying it mostly but yesterday I watched some folk play AoS, which has a flat wound roll instead of the strength /toughness system. Seems so much smoother, why doesn't 40k have that?

>> No.70892822

Found out another new thing that kroot got
>Hidden Hunters 1CP at the start of opponents shooting phase one Kroot unit that is already receiving the benefit of cover gets a -1 to hit and an additional +1 to saving throw

So they're slightly better than FWs at camping objectives I guess. Pretty good if you were already bringing kroot but I don't think this will convince anyone to bring them

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>> No.70892832

Who knows? The AoS thing has its own problems but GW has gone through a few different incarnations of strength, toughness, wounding etc. over the years.

>> No.70892845

>So they're slightly better than FWs at camping objectives I guess
That's all they have ever been good for, really.

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>> No.70892853

Why don't Tau fire warriors have bayonets? You would've thought a race that's inherently lacking in a close quarters capacity would use every help they can get ontop of their auxiliaries.

>> No.70892865

Yeah but now they're actually "good" at it. Usually you were better off with more FWs previously

>> No.70892870

but they have pulse pistols

>> No.70892885

Probably messes with the rifles aim assist gyro thingy.

>> No.70892926

Bayonet-drones would be the tau-like solution for this.

In this edition, yeah. In previous editions kroots were the marginally better objective campers with their better mobility for the small cost of lacking offensive output, which was performed by broadsides and riptides anyway. But I'm glad that the space chickens got back some of their former glory.

>> No.70892928

How do we make 40k more family- and women-friendly to increase revenue for GW?

>> No.70892948

more blacks and women

>> No.70892959

GW has quadrupled its profits since 8th and their shares are up something stupid like 700% and they did none of that.

>> No.70892966

Make black sister heads with DSLs

>> No.70892975

More titty daemons, titty Noise Marines, giant vulva-portals spewing out hordes of titty-snake riding daemonettes(tastefully dressed of course) and giant dick cannon Defilers.

>> No.70892981

Ban soiboi leftist manchildren and smelly NEETs with openly racist opinions from the game stores. Make the hobby about the hobby again and not your stupid Millennial opinions.

>> No.70893014

Stay mad clown

>> No.70893025

I prefer the 8e S/T wounding system as it makes a fairly balanced take on how tough or strong an attack is.
AoS' system is quicker, though whilst 40k has many issues, as a Skaven Pestilens anon, the horde meta of AoS in throwing buckets of dice and taking down even the toughest plate armoured bricks with enough rusty shivs and sticks isn't really great.
Does represent swamping the enemy more than 40k speedbumps, though I currently like that a Tau pulserifle wounds a GEQ on a 3+ instead of a 2+ like it did on 3e-7e. It's a small nerf, though I welcome it to make a GEQ just a little less squishy.
And I happen to roll T5 Custodes in saying that so it doesn't affect me currently.

>> No.70893027

>Man I really wanted to come to this space opera game with holocausts every 0.5 seconds that involve expensive models and hundreds of hours of labor to get right to talk about my opinions on black people or how much I hate the President
If the jannies weren't all useless retards with their own political agendas maybe the decorum of this general can reach better than leddit levels for once.

>> No.70893052 [DELETED] 

GW are already trying. Why do you think they brought the MoB back while also giving them paper bags to cover them?

They get the incel money from retards who use not having to use the faces excuse but also the soi boi money who likes women with penises. GW get the money, soiboi's get there representation & incels get slowly indoctrinated to be pro-trans.

>> No.70893059

nothing, they're revenue is mostly from moms buying for sons already
moar tyranids and/or a new animalistic faction

>> No.70893087

Lmao no, their revenue is still held up by 30-60 year old white guys in STEM fields dropping 10-50 thousand on armies over 10 years.

>> No.70893095

>Ban soiboi leftist manchildren and smelly NEETs
>ban smelly neets
This. When I was a kid in the late 90s my mother didn't want me talking to the people in the GW store at our mall because she was afraid that I would repeat their life outcomes. It was a lot of, "anon-kun, do you really want to grow up to be like [fat unemployed nerd] or [unmarried, childless geek]?!"

>> No.70893106

can I prime my models with just base paint?
got a model that is gonna be pain in the ass to paint because pieces are covering eachother, so would have to paint bits separately before glueing them together
thoughts and advice?

>> No.70893114

>30-60 year olds
Surely we all know better than to buy direct from GW by now.

>> No.70893130

Yeah, shame she was right huh

>> No.70893131

>bayonet drones

How about lancer drones?

>> No.70893139

Sure, up until Dave the senior software engineer gets the itch to blow 4 grand on Forgeworld Resin with that bonus he just got.

>> No.70893147

I don't understand this logic, why not just paint your marines black. Why do they have to force this on everyone else instead of just creating their own fucking fluff.

>> No.70893150

She was. I'm old, employed and married with kids now. It's nice, and I really love my family, but sometimes I dream of the neet life.

>> No.70893154

I wish we could have 40k bingo or better yet some kind of table top strategy game.

>> No.70893178

Always wondered who they sold those hunks of cancer to. I'd sort of assumed it was Saudi richkids who wouldn't even bother counting the zeros on their receipt.

>> No.70893210

Every time I see someone who has those massive kits its a white guys in his 30s to 60s in thick glasses. The Titan collectors meetup looks like a BAE convention.

>> No.70893214

theres probably lots of forgeworld sold to engineers who then never build the models because they dont have the time to anymore

>> No.70893224

post custom objective markers

>> No.70893231


>> No.70893244

No, base and primer are both two different things

>> No.70893249

>better yet some kind of table top strategy game.
That would be just stupid. Like how would it even work? Roll dice and calculate movement units like some boardgame nerd?

>> No.70893301

I hear the Tau met the Death Guard.
How'd that go?

>> No.70893307

I’m thinking of making a chem dogs guard army, using the gsc and cadian bits, and then some Orlock bodies with scion arms for the stormtroopers.

I’ve got how I want my guys to look planned out. I’m just wondering what type of playstyle should I do that fits.

Catachans for drug rage, or valhallans for retard with rifle spam?

Don’t really care if it’s effective or not, I’m not a WAACfag, I just want to send some druggies off to loot and steal for the Emps, and I’d like advice on the most fun way to do that.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.70893313

Is this the place I ask for tips on making an Ork army? The names and items and statlines are a little confusing, and even though the idea is to have fun modeling and in casual games, I still can't find what's "good" and what isn't
Any help? Alternatively, if you don't wanna spoon-feed me, any advice on places to look? Or is this really a faction where I could just pick anything that looks cool

>> No.70893345

anybody got a link for the dark imperium audiobooks

>> No.70893353

>just pick anything that looks cool
do this and buy a ton of boyz too

>> No.70893375

niche, autistic hobbies don't appeal to wider audiences no matter what you do to them and you are only going to kill the existing fanbase if you change thm too much.

>> No.70893381

You can't abandon your core audience to chase a phantom audience. Thats why alot of comics, games, and movies are floundering.

>> No.70893387

IIRC the blueberries got fucking rinsed. Commander Shadowsun sent some kind of communication that went something like
>"These aren't like regular humans. Wtf why are they so hard to kill? Oh fuck we're all gonna die aren't we?"

>> No.70893392

>why doesn't 40k have that?
Becasue it's not made for 10yo retards

>> No.70893401

What happened after?

>> No.70893413

Anyone reviewing the GSC part of the greater good on youtube that isn't that nasally faggot alex?

>> No.70893425

Tau overcame the odds and won like real heroes.

>> No.70893435

is painting models hard? or is it mostly tedious? I wanna get into playing the game with an uncle of mine but even he's starting out fresh. I'm just getting into wh 40k and he's been on it for years, but never the tabletop.

also holy fuck these things are expensive.

>> No.70893439

Shadowsun then hopped to more pressing matters to handle some crisis of faith in an imperial planet vs GSC and Imperial cults. So needless to say the flu-boys were sent packing back to home.

>> No.70893452

I was looking in to doing a similar thing until recently, IMO catachan is more fluffy, the whole ultra disciplined theme of the valhallans doesn't really fit well with the drugged up gangers of the SCD.

>> No.70893471

From perusing /40kg/ and absolutely nothing else (let alone actually play any games), I've gleaned the following competitive truths:
>Tau is the most broken army and deserve nothing but nerfs all around
>Chaos is the worst army and GW is deliberately keeping them shit out of pure spite
>IG was never good and anyone who says otherwise is a shitter
>Eldar are OP but that's a fact of life
>Marines are fine, git gud
Anything else to keep in mind?

>> No.70893476

If you don't like the painting play greytide or look for another hobby.
Spending your freetime on something you don't like is retarded

>> No.70893487

>SoB are trannies

>> No.70893492

You avin' a giggle m8?

>> No.70893498

Nah, you're good to go.

>> No.70893502

never said i didn't like it. im hooked on 40k now which is why i'm here now.

>> No.70893510

a few heuristics to remember that always apply:
>boyz before toyz
Ork statlines do not make good use of equipment upgrades, except on characters, so you typically don't want to spend points on elite units. Always ask yourself, "would these points be better spent on another unit of slugga/choppa boyz?"
>you can only hide one unit
Grot shields is the name of the game in keeping one, and only one, non-character unit alive. Other armies use threat saturation as a defensive measure with their shooting units. Orks don't do that.
>combine clans
Orks have no allies, and they gain no benefit for being solely of one clan. Mix and match clans across detachments to match what you need that detachment to do. Don't let slugga boyz be Bad Moons and don't let Lootas be Evil Sunz.
>it's easy to overkill
Orks are so killy in cqc that you don't need every attack and every buff you can get on one unit. Putting all those buffs on one unit is a waste because you're going to wipe whatever you hit anyway.

Orks are in a weird place right now, but not necessarily a bad one. Before the new Space Marine codex it was easier to spam boyz, but now that marines around everywhere and will drown you in bolter shots that ignore your armor playing Green Tide is more challenging (but not necessarily less effective). Regardless of how you play these are things that you will want to have in your army:
1-3 big mek shokk attack guns, 1 using the relic gun from Vigilus
1+ weirdboyz, for Smite and Da Jump
0-1 warboss with the relic klaw
6 troops choices for either a brigade or double battalion, including:
1+ 30 man boyz units, slugga/choppa/mix doesn't matter
1+ 30 man gretchin squad to hide a unit behind
1 big shooting unit of tankbustas, lootas or flash gitz

That's maybe half an army right there, so go fill in the rest using whatever you want.

>> No.70893512

do we get to see the fight?

>> No.70893523

Cost: They were their own mini dex.their kit suffered from bits bloat so it was expensive (they should have had a 10man named kit instead of essentially a command squad. I have liken8 fucking flags and melta guns I dont use.)

Rules were meh beyond native deepstrike. Until recently they cost way too many rpm.

Taurox wasnt well received. I like the MRAP myself. Then it was strictly worse than a valkyrie until this PA book.

>> No.70893528

Do the Orks respect Farsight?

>> No.70893535

Wait till you hear about Marines

>> No.70893541

Nah, GW writers don't even bother coming up with bullshit reasons for Tau to win anymore. They just do

>> No.70893544


>> No.70893552

AoS has a severe lack of granularity thanks to static to wound and overflowing damage. Meaning that AoS weapons merely exist on a scale from "weak" to "strong" with the only variance being on Rend versus saves, whereas in 40k the different stats interact in such a way that three different weapons can be ideal against three different targets and each suboptimal against the other two.

I mean, shit bait.

>> No.70893555


What is this rule of 3 shit? Does it actually mean I can't run more than 3 infantry squads in a guard army? That can't be fucking right.

>> No.70893557

New to 40k and wanted to know if it's a good idea to build an army around a model that look really fucking cool.
Pic related

>> No.70893562

T3 W1 Sv4+ at -1 to hit isn't exactly resilient, but they are 4pts so it's a decent cost to durability ratio.

>> No.70893564

>Then it was strictly worse than a valkyrie until this PA book
It's still worse. You can now pay 1CP pregame with no usage limitations to make a valk -1 to hit in hover mode for the entire game.

>> No.70893566

>The eight are getting updated rules in the Greater Good book
Will they actually be useful finally?

>> No.70893571

You'll either learn to love it or not.

My advice is to get a colored primer thats the majority of your paint scheme, blue for ultras red for bangles, green for dangles, etc etc.

Then get all the base colors for the other colors you plan and just dip them with army painter dip. Just finish with matte varnish and done!

>> No.70893577

Based and centristpilled

>> No.70893579

It does not apply to troops and dedicated transports. Also, vehicle squadrons only count as one unit, so you can still have 9 basilisks or 9 leman russes.

>> No.70893582

Shadowsun retreated from the DG fight because she admitted she would lose and die because she was outnumbered Legion to one. So she stalled them as much as possible to help the homebase on the other side of the rift prepare. Then went off to the PA book.

>> No.70893597


>> No.70893599

can orks even do anything aside from green tide effectively?
anything that isn't boyz or gretchin doesn't seem terrible cheap, and their neat guns don't exactly have large number of shots in addition to having bs 5+

>> No.70893605

You realize that the tau have had only 1 successful build at a time this whole edition right? And the only reason they were in the top spot last edition is because they were being souped with fucking Eldar.

Not to mention that the guy the put in charge of writing their codex is a guardfag who actually despises them and intentionally gimped the fuck out of them then he couldnt even remember half the rules HE WROTE during a hype/preview stream and all this is after he wrote the guard codex which was considered a love letter to the faction and generally praised by all IG folks

>> No.70893616

Thought that was when you drop it into hover, and therefore 1. I only seen reviews explaining it not the rules text.

>> No.70893621

Whos the best gw vendor?

>> No.70893623

your flgs

>> No.70893629

it feels hard until you get a good feel for hobby skills like how thin your paints should be or how to keep brushes clean and pointed. Then it feels tedious, because you know what you should be doing but you won't do it very quickly. After that it becomes fun, because you'll start to complete projects quickly and have a sense of accomplishment.

>> No.70893631

dangles? bangles? i got what you meant up until that point. I'm not sure if I just need more time to read more books or what. the pic helps though so that's saved!

>> No.70893641

Dark Angels = DAngels
Blood Angels = BAngles

>> No.70893642

Thats the only way to build an army anon, this hobby is countless hours of building and painting before you can even think about hitting the table so you have to remember that its a passion project from the start

>> No.70893645

blood angels and dark angels

>> No.70893652

so just like everything else, it just takes time to get use to/master? alright! are starter kits a good way to well, start? Or are they just made to burn new guys?

>> No.70893656

GW. Your lgs doesn't deserve your money

>> No.70893664

dangles=dark angels
bangles=blood angels
they're the green and red space marine factions, respectfully.

>> No.70893682

Better, but still. That's annoying as shit. I run 4 company commanders. Apparently not allowed at some tournaments. How heavily enforced is this rule generally?

>> No.70893687


That's an article geared towards competitive play but it's a pretty good primer on what about Orks works and what doesn't.

>> No.70893690

basically how I started with orks, I just looked through the site and ordered everything I thought looked cool. Most of the time you will just need to buy a few troops to make it viable when you go from open play to battle forged.

>> No.70893691

What’s more expensive $$$ wise?

Orks, IG, or GSC?

Looking to get into the game with one of these

>> No.70893692

>How heavily enforced is this rule generally?


>> No.70893693

>Advanced Countermeasures
>Use this stratagem before the battle. Select one VALKYRIE model from your army. When you declare that model will hover, it does not lose the Hard to Hit ability.
youtube.com/watch?v=kpfLNw4hsDk&t=910 you can read it clearly at 15:10

>> No.70893702


I thought it was all a big meme until I visted a gw store in vegas, they stank and were autisically arguing about something. The gf wanted to leave asap after looking over the fantasy section.

>> No.70893707

Lovely. Take all the troops you want but fuck your ability to give orders.

>> No.70893709

>Starter kits
Its very faction dependent, some of them contain trap units or are generally bad value but the others are considered mandatory because of the value or contents. Which faction were you thinking of specifically?

>> No.70893714

>>The eight are getting updated rules in the Greater Good book
>Will they actually be useful finally?
It's a literal copy paste from CA 2018
No changes

>> No.70893717

I'd say GSC

>> No.70893719

All of the starter kits are very good in terms of savings, but if you don't want to use those units they won't be very helpful. Some have units that are great to start with, but some do not. Ask and someone here will probably be able to tell you if it's a good box to buy.

>> No.70893722

depends on what kind of list you're making
those are all very expensive armies though

>> No.70893724

I was thinking that too. I was wanting an infantry heavy army (mostly because I don’t like painting tanks, but I love converting soldiers) and catachans looked fun for meleeing shit and burning people, something the savlar would appreciate.

With valhallans I was thinking they’d also be an option, not because of discipline, but because a bunch of drugged up junkies so hopped up on murder juice that they don’t notice their buddy getting blasted away by artillery, (or the fact their own arm got yeeted off)

I’m just wanting them to play like a bunch of starving African kids under general buttnaked or some broke ass red army two men one rifle type shit.

Tbh I’m trying to do some orky hijinks with guardsmen, and Chem dogs would be perfect to play like screaming green retards while looking cool doing it.

Is there any doctrines that let you drop arty in melee without giving a shit you’re popping your own guys?

>> No.70893732

GSC $$$
Orkz $$
IG $$

>> No.70893741

ultras are what then?

>> No.70893744

>How heavily enforced is this rule generally?
Very. The company commander thing happens to me too, but it's not so bad when platoon commanders exist and Yarrick can give orders. The rule is overall very good for the game because it reigns in a whole mountain of shit across several codices.

>> No.70893751

Well, your company commanders can issue 2 orders a turn, so that cover 6 infantry platoons.

Plus you'll want to bring tank commanders


>> No.70893752

I dont have a very good "lgs" its 75 miles away and filled with stinky magic the gathering queers.

Ive just been buying from amazon till one retard vendor sent me an ETB redemptor instead of the multipart kit I ordered.

>> No.70893755

What was the emperors plan for the mechanicus?

>> No.70893759

Stop being retarded anon. I'm talking about the lore

>> No.70893769

hey anybody got the links to the dark imperium audio books

>> No.70893771

im still not entirely sure, because again i wasn't sure if they were all just traps meant to burn you or if they were good value. plus I wanted some input from a wh40k general thread which I had hoped would be on tg.

>> No.70893774

As a general rule, the more models you're putting on the table the more expensive it is, but Orks can get outrageously expensive if you're trying to field things like mek gunz en masse

>> No.70893782

GSC by far
Lots of easy to build ork boys floating arrouns second hand stores so they are the cheapest if you go with that

>> No.70893788

When was it established in the lore that Tyranids do the whole "kill-eat-improve species" thing? Was it before or after the Zerg?

Genuine question, I'm not familiar with the early 'Nid lore.

>> No.70893796


How does that work out? I see lists with blobs of 60+ boyz or 90+ guardsman

But for GSC I see like 20 neophytes and a couple 20man blob of acolytes

Keep in mind I’m not trying to play top tables or tournament, just trying to have fun with a 1000pt list with friends.

>> No.70893801

After conquering the galaxy he would give them the ole order 66.

>> No.70893811

Starcraft was heavily based on 40k so I assume Nids did it first.

>> No.70893820

Even then GW has been shitting on them, Tau have been eating dirt in all sectors they've managed to spread to and are getting desperate because of it

>> No.70893823

Alright after flipping a coin for necrons (alternative was DE) I decided to start a necron army. Whats the best route after the SC box for them?

>> No.70893832

>> No.70893835

A 20man acolyte squad costs 160 dollars

90 guardsmens costs 180 dollars

>> No.70893894


Yeah, I'll swap my 4th out for a platoon commander. Just annoying as I'm very infantry heavy. I appreciate the advice, though.

>> No.70893903

If you can find a necron apocalypse box its good value and good units all around

>> No.70893907

Nah, it's a reprint from that one White Dwarf. So a fluff-only thing.

>> No.70893922

good start collecting boxes are
vanguard space marines
thousand sons
astra militarum
primaris space wolves you can these as any generic chapter, I don't know why only the space wolf one is on the GW store

There may be other, but each of those has no more than one unit that you might not want to run.(like the commissar for the guard, but just kitbash him into a company commander with a fancy hat)

>> No.70893931

I’m not counting monopose, that goes for orks and guards. Sure maybe you could go all easy to build but it looks like shit if they’re all easy to build

>> No.70893951

>Just annoying as I'm very infantry heavy
Master of Command warlord trait and the Laurels of Command relic are going to be your best friends.

>> No.70893958

fuck iron warriors and FUCK their legion trait

>> No.70893969

I will bully Shadowsun to tears!

>> No.70893974

The tau SC is pretty good now with the new PA strats

>> No.70893977

>Necrons as your first army

All the power to you. You are going to find it rough though if your goal is to get playing with them asap as Necrons really struggle without some specific builds at the moment.

Not worth chasing the meta though - Necrons will get a 2.0 codes/supplement sooner or later I'm sure and hopefully by then you'll have them all painted and built to exploit it.

>> No.70893982

>> No.70893993

Absolutely. They have some surprisingly good shooting -- the units to keep in mind are Shokk Attack Gun Big Mekz (especially the relic one which has quadruple the output), Lootas, Flash Gitz, Tankbustas, Mek Gunz with Smasha Guns, Shokkjump Dragstas and Megattrak Scrapjets. The thing to keep in mind is that BS5+ is bad, but they all have Dakka Dakka Dakka and if Bad Moonz the combination with reroll 1s makes them as good as BS4+, and even better for the units with better BS. They can also pile on some meaty buffs like shooting twice or rerolling wounds, or else are just insanely cost effective (Smashas). Competitive armies are trending towards only one big unit of Boyz or two and the rest is slot fillers and dedicated shooting. If you wanna get saucy, Evil Sunz Meganobz using Da Jump and easily nailing 9" charges can be a real pain in the ass to deal with.

>> No.70894008

Orks are cute.

>> No.70894020

B-but Obliterator bombs...

>> No.70894021

The stupid is strong in this one

>> No.70894034

What’s the story behind this match?

That pic looks cinematic as fuck.

>> No.70894036

Malanthropes are good anon.

>> No.70894037

Theres only so many poses a standard guardsmen can make that you wont really miss out much.

I have both an IG and GSC army.

The GSC costs alot more in the end, due to the shockingly high cost of the infantry.

>> No.70894043

Buy leadbelcher spray.

>> No.70894047

I love that guard unit. Are they kreigers or Steel Legion?

>> No.70894053

Don't glue in the green glow sticks until your done painting.

>> No.70894059


Ideas to give guardsmen some extra slavic je ne sais qois

>> No.70894065

Where is my new Stern model and rules?

>> No.70894070

hanging out with the squat codex

>> No.70894071

All of these things are wrong.

40kg doesn't play games.

Tau are decent.
Chaos is good, just not as good.
IG are decent.
Eldar maybe were op once upon a time but are probably at their low.
Marines are too strong.

>> No.70894075

>daemon keyword
oh nonononono
anyways where was I
oh, yeah
FUCK your legion trait i need my FUCKING tide of shadows FUCK

>> No.70894083

But if your core audience is shrinking then you gotta make some kind of move.

Look alike audiences are where it's at.

>> No.70894084

>Chaos is good, just not as good.

What is Chaos's best list into Marine? Possessed bomb?

>> No.70894089

good fucking job phone, this photo was positioned normally on my display
FUCK you too

>> No.70894114

Its Kriegers VS Steel Legion actually

The primaris SC is so damn good, I just sell off the wolfie and the upgrade sprues and I make back a good bit of the price

>> No.70894126

A penal battalion of Steel Legion troopers were sent to Krieg to train the newest regiment of Kriegers as live-fire Opfor. Nobody really expected the Steel Legion to perform as well and so both the Steel Legion and Krieg CO gave the OK to raise the Steel Legion battalion to full strength and to give pardons to the survivors of the exercise, as long as they continue their exemplary service. Both the Steel Legion ex-gangers and the Krieg troopers will be deploying together to their next warzone

>> No.70894135

Possessed are probably bottom 5 units in the codex

>> No.70894138

The steel legion is the lone man left?

As much as I like the stahlhelm I like the Krieger helmet better.

>> No.70894143

Its 4chan that fugs the pics, bullet proof way to post upright is to crop the pic even a pixel and it'll be good

>> No.70894165

>if your core audience is shrinking

Its not, its bigger than ever, miniature war games have been popular since the 7th century.

Plus it never works out chasing those phantom audiences, see charlies angles, birds of prey, lady ghostbusters, etc etc etc

>> No.70894174

Are stalkers even worthwhile in a Deathwatch primaris unit? I feel like they dont have as much bite due to lack of doctrines

>> No.70894197

Assault bolters are probably your best choice since you have a lot of AP modifiers that off set their lack of AP while being able to shoot 3 shots at full range or after advancing.

>> No.70894208

now I wonder what will Deathwatch get to compete with doctrines

>> No.70894224

Hopefully squatted like the legion of the damned

>> No.70894230

Oh you play GK. Honestly you should be more worried about Imperial Fists. Or the odd custom Craftworld.

>> No.70894252

>he doesn't know
Possessed bomb is the new Chaos hotness. Kinda floundered at LVO, but top players are still pretty hyped about it.

Problem is that there's a shitton of Marine variants. Maybe triple KLOS will destroy a Raven Guard Centurion spam list but will fold like a wet towel to an Imperial Fists castle, for example.

>> No.70894261

Thats what I've been thinking, I still plan on using normal rifles in my Hellblaster squads but the rest are looking like assault now. Fuck me though because I'll need at least one Aggressor/Inceptor per unit and they're expensive

>> No.70894269

If only we would have listened.

>> No.70894270

>new Chaos hotness
>floundered at LVO
Doesn't sound very impressive then

>> No.70894272

How exactly are Possessed good? Emperor's Children boost stratagem?

>> No.70894275

>The vox was filled with a frenzy – dozens of roaring Astartes, calling out for vengeance, for blood, for fear, and the memory of their primarch. Inside First Claw’s pod, Xarl howled long and loud, a sound of unrestrained glee. Cyrion whispered something Talos couldn’t quite make out, most likely a benediction to the machine-spirits of his weapons. Uzas cried out a string of oaths, promising bloodshed in the name of the Ruinous Powers. He invoked them by name, crying out like a fanatic in ecstatic worship.
Do you think a baseline human could make anything out of all that vox traffic?

>> No.70894306

Thanks! I'll be picking up the vanguard box.

>> No.70894313


>hammerheads still shit
GW really do want tau to be a suit spam army

>> No.70894337

>auxiliaries are still shitty
Yep, at least its crisis suits now only for FSE which means my tau ochre suits are in a weird spot right now

>> No.70894356

Blame Longstrike

>> No.70894373

>bigger than ever
Also even if interest is high it doesn't always mean revenue is increasing. People may be buying less.

And even if revenue is increasing it doesn't mean your margins are good.
Every year it gets more expensive to pay your employees and produce your product.

They gotta grow.

Obviously going into wildly different groups is no good. But they need to get broader appeal if they want to stay alive.

>> No.70894385

But hammerheads are okay.

Ion cannon hammerheads in a duo or trio offer solid fire support, and if you have a hard on for Railgun hammerheads bring Longstrike and 2-3 railgun hammerheads as his posse.


>GW really do want tau to be a suit spam army

Crisis suits are unique to the Tau. Shouldn't come as a surprise. But being real for a moment, Crisis suits, railgun broadsides and ion cannon riptides have been lagging pretty behind due to a number of issues, so them getting a little bit of help is just fine.

>> No.70894393

Well fuck RIP my 3 taurox

Maybe I should just cram as many hotshot volley guns in a storm lord with the mech infantry reg.

>> No.70894420

>Also even if interest is high it doesn't always mean revenue is increasing. People may be buying less.

Have you not read the financial reports for the last couple of years? GW has tripled its profits and have invested in more manufacturing and given 10 million pounds in bonus to their employees, 5 each year for the last couple of years.

>They gotta grow.

Which is why they have invested a lot more effort in selling their IP to games and now trying to sell it in Hollywood and making their own attempt at animations.

>> No.70894424

probably a cryptek and some more troops. I personally think having mostly immortals as your troop choice is a good way to go but warriors work fine so go with whichever you like more.

>> No.70894429

are ork flyers any good?
they look super neat, like early migs
>inb4 12 flyer list

>> No.70894433

Gw has publicly available annual reports.

>> No.70894442

Yeah they're ok.

>> No.70894444

Like everything orks you have to take so many you get sick of the model

>> No.70894471

They're... alright, I guess. They're not powerhouses by any stretch, but they'll serve as a solid distraction.

You take between 2 and 4 of them and buzz around.

>> No.70894481

well now I have an excuse to paint my valkyrie

>> No.70894510

Daemon Engines are uniquely good within chaos. KLOS are better than chaos knights. They are good all rounders. Tough, good in melee, good at shooting. Not many armies can boast that with vehicles.

Specific legions can have some good mechanics. Nightlords can shutdown auras, and guarentee some deepstrike charges.

Alpha legion van really make the possessed bomb happen, picking 1 or two units to be virtually immune to shooting.

The problem is you can't do ALL of these things in one list. You kind of have to pick your gimmick. And then it's a balance of the supporting mechanics within that list vs the core elements.

Chaos is tricky, fickle.

Marines just play for rerolls. Take the best guns, castle up, reroll everything. Easier, better as a generalist list.

>> No.70894523

Thinking of starting custodes. Anyone know a good place to start for the bananas? Thinking of getting Trajann and a custodian guard squad

>> No.70894538


>> No.70894545

8th ed has been a huge success financially and with bringing back players and Age of Sigmar is doing better than Fantasy ever did.

It's why there's a ton of speculation that 8th ed will stick around for longer than usual to avoid alienating those who started in the last year or so.

>> No.70894551

What's the most alpha delta foxtrot whiskey hotel operator Imperial army in 40k assuming no allies?

>Raven Guard Vanguard Marines
>Primaris Deathwatch
>classic Deathwatch
>Scions with flyer support

>> No.70894552

Alpha Legion, -1 to hit.
Dark Apostle -1 to hit
Mark of Nurgle + miasma -1 to hit.

Master of Possession +1 invul

Use free move strat at the beginning.


Have a discolord in front of them, layer all those buffs on him plus clandestine WL trait. Now he is -4 to hit. Pretty much immune to all shooting.

Use conceal, to prevent the posssessed from being targeted unless they are the closest enemy.

>> No.70894564

neato, i like the idea of the blitza bomma and dropping bombs
the grot gunner is hilarious as well
>brb buying three

>> No.70894567

I can't read. Troops are exempt.

And transports, but what madman wants more than 3 of those.

>> No.70894584

>GW institutes a rule that penalties or bonuses can't be more than +1 or -1
What's your reaction?

>> No.70894585

What negative are you talking about?

>> No.70894587

scions for hfy
otherwise deathwatch

>> No.70894591

Yeah that's all I'm saying. Growth is important.

All businesses should have an allocation of their budget to explore growth and other opportunities.

I work for a company that played it mostly safe for 20 years, and our audience is (literally) dying out just due to age.

>> No.70894597

The Necron half of Forgebane works.

>> No.70894608

cautious optimism

>> No.70894609

2 Guard boxes and a Valoris Praetors box, you'll have a battalion made of 2-3 jetbike captains, 3 units of 3 guards and a Vexillus Praetor

>> No.70894611

Alpha Legion should on this list too.

>> No.70894619

Ignorant of marines. To what extent can they ignore penalties to hit? What weaponry does the unit bring to bare?

>> No.70894620


>> No.70894623

I’d go catachans for the roid rage

>> No.70894633

Thanks, looking into that.

>> No.70894638

That invalidates a couple of rules that innately give +2 to hit.

>> No.70894669

>to what extent
They literally ignore negative hit modifiers
>what weaponry
They've got boltguns that ignore cover.
Their guns aren't anything special but its more then enough to gun down possessed without much hassle.

>> No.70894680

I don't know what that is.

No one in my local meta plays DE.

>> No.70894686

So, Alpha Legion Trait is worthless within 12" which is what you are going to be in all the time when you need to charge, Dark Apostles can flub their rolls, same with Sorcerers and the MoP and for all of that you get a mediocre melee unit that crumbles as soon as it's the opponent's turn since they can just walk away and blast you off the table. Might be good for the Disco Lord but in a actual game this isn't good and is a lot of work for very little benefit.

>> No.70894688

That should honestly be redefined as a weapons platform more than it is a transport per se.

>> No.70894689

Okay fine.
>GW institutes a rule that when bonuses/penalties from multiple sources apply the maximum bonus or penalty that can be applied is equal to the largest single bonus/penalty
What's your reaction?

>> No.70894692

>Yeah that's all I'm saying. Growth is important.
>All businesses should have an allocation of their budget to explore growth and other opportunities.

While I agree with the principle, it's easy to spread yourself too thin and alienate your core if you are not careful.

They tried expanding into new games with Lord of the Rings and it failed spectacularly despite all the movies providing free adverts.

>> No.70894700

The Disco Lord would still shut you down though. You're not killing it with bolters anytime soon.

>> No.70894711

*Laughs in venoms*

>> No.70894712

I dunno the shoot full shots strategem works best on an Ion cannon hammerhead if you don't count forgeworld units.

The New hammerhead relic is also a good way if you want to use a railgun.
The build a sept had a two good ways of buffing vehicles with rerolling wounds either by moving slowly or by getting marker lights on target. And there's the missile trait too that will work really well.
Its just if you build a sept then you lose out access to longstrike. So I'm kind of torn as to run longstrike or not.

nothing really standout, but better than nothing.

>> No.70894714

Depends on the chapter the incursors are under really.
I don't think you understand how overbuffed marines are my friend.

>> No.70894741

>it failed spectacularly
>is still going strong long after the movies
What did he mean by this?

>> No.70894752

But there's already a weapon platform variant of it.

>> No.70894761

They can buff the broadside railgun but they can never replace our fallen heroes.

>> No.70894780

Scions. DW are more for that xcom feel, and raven guard are just edgy

>> No.70894782

Possibly a stupid question, sorry in advance, but how much longer do you think 8E will last? I've been eyeing 40k for a while, but I'd hate to buy the rulebook and associated books only to have to replace them in two months

>> No.70894800

just use the quickplay rules

>> No.70894804 [SPOILER] 

If you get into it now you've definitely got a couple years before a new edition launches.

>> No.70894810

I'd say it still has at least a year or so, psychic awakening is giving updates that are kind of like an 8.5 edition, I'd say we still have at least a year until 9th. Also when editions change it's not like they drop all the new codexes at once.

>> No.70894811

People are thinking that 9th ed will be announced at Adeptacon this year. Which I think is a couple of months. Honestly though, I think it will less of a full Edition change and more of a "fixing the core rules because CP and shooting is kinda busted right now".

>> No.70894812

The rules are free in the OP my dude

>> No.70894815

MSU incursors aren't killing a Discolord even with a mine to help and they would get mulched if charged.

>> No.70894824

just get the books off the mega in the OP for now, only buy rulebooks for fluff

>> No.70894829

the post that saved GW

>> No.70894838

>those arms
christ image her legs

>> No.70894845

Call me crazy but I think that 1-2 squads of 3 of these are good now.
>18 T6 3+ wounds, 2+ in cover
>BS2+ turn 1 for 1 cp
>half damage a la Iron Hands for 1 cp
>reroll d3 if catachan or catachan-lite custom
>3x plasma cannon + hunter killer for 151pts
>3x lascannon + hunter killer for 166
You can't make an army out of it, but they deliver reasonable offense while remaining an inefficient target to shoot at. If I ran a mech guard list I'd definitely consider dropping one LR for a squad of 3.

>> No.70894849

I'm sure there's some dumb combination of buffs that would shred the guy
I don't know the supplements of by heart.

>> No.70894862


>> No.70894866

>Honestly though, I think it will less of a full Edition change and more of a "fixing the core rules because CP and shooting is kinda busted right now".

Yeah, I'm fully expecting (and hoping) for a 8.5 ed that provides new global rules like melee Overwatch for falling back but not trying to reinvent the wheel (as 8th ed did a lot of things right imo).

>> No.70894867

How come no one plays dark eldar?

>> No.70894881

You mean sentinels? I like them but I wish the half damage strat worked for recons too. I like them for the extra move a lot more.

>> No.70894884


>> No.70894893

>Pig nose ring
Who ever looked at that shit and thought "yeah that looks good"?
Shit's disgusting.

>> No.70894895


>> No.70894900

GW has no incentive to produce a more balanced edition. Constantly pushing the power curve of the game and literally having you buy more to make your army compete has worked out incredibly well for them.

>> No.70894904




Also the Guardsman took out a surprising amount of models, so that was great. Wulfen are kinda cunts though, huh?

>> No.70894905

(((They))) promoted it in the culture to degrade people

>> No.70894914


>> No.70894924

Congrats, anon. Emperor protects! What was your list like?

>> No.70894925

I see the guard players have woken up

>> No.70894928

Me. Shit's hot.

>> No.70894929

Why do people keep saying stuff about "9th ed", didn't GW explicitly say 8th will be the final "separate" edition and that all future updates will just be built off of 8th?

>> No.70894931

Personally, I will be really surprised if the Guard win against the Tau at all in Greater Good. Their record against blueberries is just sad

>> No.70894936

You say that, but public opinion has been fairly negative, even from pro players (who GW really listen to) are mad about how busted things like Iron Hands are. Things will change.

>> No.70894942

If you don't mind me asking, wouldn't that get me in trouble with my LGS?

>> No.70894964

Why? it's not like theyd know if you bought the PDF or not.

>> No.70894968

That doesn't mean it won't be like a 9th edition. Like how AoS went through Soul Wars and everything changed dramatically.

>> No.70894973

Space Wolves are the weakest form of marines right now anon
You just did the 40k equivalent to kicking a puppy.

>> No.70894978

T'au pathfinders

>> No.70894983

Too busy spamming Marines or Necrons with Doomsday Arks.

>> No.70894986

Not really. Digital editions are readily available so they cannot really tell if a copy is bought or not.

Anyone who says you can't use a digital copy can legitimately be told to fuck off for being a silly cunt.

>> No.70894994

It's not out of the realm of possibility that they changed their minds at GW.

>> No.70895006

They could ask him to show them the official epub if they were being anal about it in a formal event/tourny. The digital version isn't sold as a PDF.

>> No.70895015

Big thing is if you're going to a GW store or just an LGS, if the former then it depends on the employees as some of them can be genuine assholes. If its an LGS they don't give a shit.

>> No.70895034

the epubs are still up in the mega though so if you have to deal with people that far up their own ass you could still show them those.

>> No.70895037

You could've converted it yourself since PDF is superior to Epub.
Again, no one would care.
For me, honestly, the printed version (with errata sticky noted on) is better for in-person gaming since I can navigate it faster.

>> No.70895055

He was answering "how are they good" that is good. Outside of a foot, they are at -1 to hit, ya' know on the way over to the other side? The Apostle is failing only in fucking 6, and Miasma is successful on a 6, below fucking average. Do you realize you are playing a fucking game with dice, and toy soldiers? Jesus fucking christ! The guy just laid out the potential for their survivability.

>mediocre melee unit that crumbles as soon as it's the opponent's turn
Shepherd of True Faith
>Enemy Survival

>> No.70895057

I like piercings but facial ones are the worst
depends on the store I guess
that reminds me of something, does anyone remember if the rules or the index were leaked at the start of 8th? I could've sworn I saw people at my LGS trying out the rules even before they officially came out

>> No.70895062

All good man, this stuff gets missed here a lot.
>And transports, but what madman wants more than 3 of those.
See >>70894711

>> No.70895064

Creed (Warlord)
Pask in a Punisher, plasma sponsons,
60 Guardsmen with Vox
3 Bullgryns (didn't...really do anything other than charge some Wulfen and die)
Leman Battle Tank with plasma
Leman Executioner with plasma sponsons

The Battle Tank didn't really accomplish much because of bad rolls against marine groups, but he was able to hold and deny objectives since we rolled Big Guns Never Tire. The Executioner took out Bjorn, and then took out his Psyker warlord. Pask shredded a 14 or 15 group of Blood Claws, and the Infantry took care of the majority of the Wulfen with Creed actually managing to kill one with a power swore and then dodge the Death Frenzy.

All together, I think it ended up being 999 points.

>> No.70895093

How playable is 40k at 500 points?

>> No.70895099

It can be fun but the game doesn't really get balanced till 1000pts

>> No.70895116

My army is Black Templar, I have about 250 points left in my roster, I have grimaldus, Emporers chump and helbrecht. I also have a smash captain in bike, ironclad dreadnought, close combat terms and a land raider deus vult edition with a technarine on bike.

The rest of my army is crusader squads.

What can I add for some more fluff friendly oomph?

>> No.70895117

At 500, you'll always either be too strong or too weak.

>> No.70895118

Unless there's some shit i'm unaware of, it's 99% better to just get extra platoon commanders than shoving voxes in your squads.

>> No.70895120

Sounds like a fun list, anon.

>> No.70895121

Under 1500 is hard for me to imagine, it's been a lot time though. I bet some armies are okay at low levels but I feel there would be quite the imbalance.
500 points is two detachments for some armies, and barely one for another.

>> No.70895129

It sucks.
Knights dominate at 500 points.

>> No.70895136

What's the equivalent of Scout Marines in BT? Serfs? Pages? Some shit like that? Anyways, some of those.

>> No.70895141

But it would be a good point level to actually learn the rules of the game, so if you're new it might not be too bad!

>> No.70895156

You'd have to be a faggot to bring a knight to a 500 point game, anon. Unless everyone was playing hard, then it's fair game. 500 point games are for newbies.

>> No.70895172

I feel this, I played a 450pt game today with my SoB vs my friends Tau and I basically tabled him, even with not a particularly good list (basically the nov box - arco fags + BSF ministorum characters) I just chewed through his stuff even with the battle sisters and HQs hanging back for most of the game. It's irritating as my friends and I want him to get into it more, but he's going to keep losing hard as long as he refuses to buy more units.

>> No.70895178

Necrons have a surprising niche at 500 points.

>> No.70895181


>> No.70895186

>taking a commissar

>> No.70895187

nah, you bring 3 armigers. I did this at a 1v1v1 500pt game, was pretty fun but I am a massive fag for doing so.

>> No.70895193

Are you using the specialist detachment?
Company vets are an option

>> No.70895194

>Be guard player
>Also be extremely anal about painting and detailing models

Guess I'll be able to play in a few years once all my stuff is painted.

>> No.70895199

helverin or warglaive?

>> No.70895218

I know that feel, anon. I've got a half dozen characters, a leman russ, and a 4 infantry squads painted. In far too much time.

>> No.70895234

Even though the new strat buffs primaris and weirdvane psychers, getting no new psychic power for guard is a bit disappointing.

>> No.70895237

Reminds me of when 8th came out and it was still in the indexes. My buddy and I decided to do a 500 point game to learn rules and whatnot. He brought a fluffy Blood Angels list with Death Company and some assualt marines and I brought two weird boys and as many boys as I could fit.

There was just no way for him to kill everything before the end of the game and it was the no mercy mission.

>> No.70895241

two helverins and a warglaive as I bought a box of each.The Warglaive got wiped pretty quickly and wasn't super effective, but that was partly my fault for bad positioning (also irritating because it was my warlord). If I were to do it again I'd definitely go triple helverin.

>> No.70895259

Commissars are dummy cheap and their nerf was lightened.

>> No.70895261

TFW no sexy 40k with the wives and my bro this weekend. :(

>> No.70895272

They remembered that wyrdvanes exist?
Whats the strat?

>> No.70895277

>sexy 40k
how does that even work? Strip 40k? The winner gets to fuck the other's wife?

>> No.70895285

How do they work now? I know originally it was kill a dude, pass morale.

Then it was kill a dude, reroll morale.

>> No.70895291

Why do most GW guides highlight gold/brass with really bright silver? Looks awful in 90% of cases.

>> No.70895303

>implying either player would be married.

>> No.70895317

+2 to cast for Primaris psyker and can cast an extra power if within 6" of a wyrdvane psyker.

>> No.70895323

>Then it was kill a dude, reroll morale.
Then it was kill a dude, re-roll morale but you didn't have a choice to do so. So if you lost 1 man to morale, the commissar would automatically BLAM a guardsmen, then you could fail the morale test HARDER and lose 3 extra guardsmen plus the BLAM'd one.

Now you have the choice to use it or not.

>> No.70895333

>> No.70895339

I think both get a +2 and can manifest again. So the wyrdvanes get +4 if they have 6 or more, which is only 42 points.

>> No.70895346

Anyone want to suggest ideas for this guy? semi-serious or otherwise?
I've got a handful of them, if anyone wants to look at them

>> No.70895360

Ahhhhh, okay. That original need sounds cuntish.

>> No.70895362

yep its both, my bad

>> No.70895365

My suggestion is kill it with fire.

>> No.70895368


>> No.70895378

Melt him down and put him out of his misery, holy shit.

>> No.70895381

It's a mark of a slave.
Makes it easy to attach chains to and lead them around.

>> No.70895382

As crazy as it sounds the Commissar ability actually kept one of my infantry squads from all running at the cost of 2 out of the 3 survivors, the commissar and his plasmagunner buddy proceeded to charge the Krieg and actually managed to take some out before the Krieg blasted the commissar to bits, but the plasmagunner survived until the end

>> No.70895402

We don't have scouts, just neophytes who are mixed into the crusader squads.

>> No.70895406

I really wish he would go a bit higher with his production values. His voice is extremely boring to listen to on top of watching a very slow powerpoint presentation, if he did a bit of editing it'd at least be visually nice to watch.

>> No.70895414

yeah, I found playing armigers in a 500pt game is almost a microchasm of playing knights, they have a fairly high amount of wounds for their price, and with a 5+ invuln against shooting they can survive a fair amount of shit that can come their way in addition to laughing off most small arms fire. However I think if I were to 1v1 the admech friend I would have lost since his dunecrawler and disintigrator packed a fair amount of punch. We ended up teaming up on the nid friend as he was able to use his bigger units to distract me whilst the troops shredded the admech. The game had a pretty legendary end, the admech friend tokyo drifted the disintegrator into the last unit of genestealers, used the last of his CP to make it explode, killing his last unit, but allowing me to easily deal with the exocrine and mop up the rest of the genestealers.

>> No.70895434

You could easily squeeze 6 wyrdvanes and a primaris into a scions army that was already bringing a bunch of valks. Drop them off along with a few squads of scions and some bulgryn to buff those units with two support powers and two smites that have a reasonable chance of super-smiting. The wyrdvanes will die instantly, but fuck it they were only 42 points.

>> No.70895440


>> No.70895441

Is that a "wow that model looks poorly made" or a "wow that's horrifying" ?

>> No.70895444

>at the cost of 2 out of the 3 survivors
You BLAM'd 2 guardsmen...?
On the same morale test?

>> No.70895458


>> No.70895476

Nah, we play the TTG and the girls have fun. Sometimes there are "bets", the winner gets their way however they please, but in the end we all end up having some sexy time and record some hot ass shit! Rarely get through a whole game though.

Reality, bro.

>> No.70895489

>two smites that have a reasonable chance of super-smiting
I take that back, the weirdvanes cap out at a 10. But at least their smite is basically a guaranteed success.

>> No.70895491

>hey anybody got the links to the dark imperium audio books
>make an account
>the email doesn't need to be valid
>get the torrent

>> No.70895496

Anon, what have you done?

>> No.70895499

I probably got the commissar rule wrong, it was really my first game using a normal one that wasn't Yarrick

I rolled the first morale test and all 3 guardsmen would have ran
Did the execute ability and re-rolled, only 1 ran, leaving 1 guardsmen left

>> No.70895509

I mean... everything that's not a static aura can fail.

But you are going to need that legion trait on turn 1.

Dark Apostle only fails on a 1.

MoP isn't even strictly necessary.

Miasma is, but the odds of it failing are also low.

Really what I'm saying is:
This unit could be (without much effort) a massive blob that can be virtually immune to shooting as it marches up the board (warptime for a quick march)

You're saying this game has variants, and melee units are at a disadvantage.

You're not wrong!

>> No.70895543

Oh, I thought you meant you have the commissar kill 2 guardsmen, AKA you used the summary execution in succession

>> No.70895590

>Also, the taurox is retarded.

>> No.70895596

Is this the closest match to GW's tau light ochre? Really don't like using the pots but ai like the color

>> No.70895616

>Still no Rhino
>Still no Seraphims

>> No.70895618

39 days now and I still haven't gotten my shit from puppetswar

>> No.70895640

Seems a bit too dark, but it could just be me. /wip/ has a link to a color matching chart on DakkaDakka

>> No.70895649

What does the tracking number show?
Not uncommon to have to wait a couple of months from places like that.

>> No.70895651

What kind of Imperial soup list would benefit from having a Scions batallion as allies?

>> No.70895655

Tyranid's 2nd edition codex was out before Starcraft and the Zerg, the Zerg are actually Tyranids with the file numbers scraped off after Starcraft was changed from a 40k licence to it's own thing.
Tyranids got an expansive fluff in '93 iirc and their codex came out in '95. They existed in Rogue Trader, though they came to be what we recognise now in the early '90s 2e.

>> No.70895669

Its actually not too hard to put GW paints into dropper bottles, you can get like 50 empty bottles for like $12 on amazon and a syringe to transfer the paints.

>> No.70895672

it left poland on the 11th but still doesn't have a tracking number from then onward

>> No.70895675

Vallejo has a color match chart, as does DakkaDakka.
I use Vallejo exclusively (except for certain washes) and they match up pretty well.
Remember that the undercoat is important and that paints change slightly between wet and dry.

>> No.70895691

I tried filthy brown (the supposed match) and its much lighter
>left is filthy

>> No.70895692

>Paying for less paint and bottles purposely made to dry out quicker

>> No.70895697


>> No.70895705

Yeah, but you'll also lose paint in the transfer process, and Citadel is overpriced to begin with.

>> No.70895710

>I mean... everything that's not a static aura can fail.
What makes it bad. Everything that's good in Space Marines is a static aura. Which makes this combo inferior to them by a large margin. It's trash.

>> No.70895712

What is with GW and top knots?

>> No.70895713

Mix paints, add a little black. You don't need to just use from-the-bottle colors, anon.

>> No.70895717

It gives Jes Goodwin a raging hard on.

>> No.70895719

Anything that doesn't have readily available plasma.

>> No.70895729

Barely any

>bottles purposely made to dry out quicker
do you know what a dropper bottle is?

>> No.70895736

And that's a good thing BB is stupid. Necrons don't need to be parodied.

>> No.70895741

Custodes maybe? run them as combat serfs or something?

>> No.70895753

>do you know what a dropper bottle is?
I'm referencing citadel pots.

>> No.70895761 [SPOILER] 

>Necrons don't need to be parodied
Yeah, because they're already a joke

>> No.70895766



Solid, maneuverability with some good middleweight shooting.


A sleeper option that has started to wake up in the post-Legends world - its surprisingly punchy shooting has added appeal now that it is the only real mobile KFF field option with biker meks gone.

>Burna-Bommer, Blitza-Bommer

Both of these have the misfortune of being bomber archetype units in the worst edition for bomber units. Pass on them.

>> No.70895773


>> No.70895778

>It gives Jes Goodwin a raging hard on.

>> No.70895785

Three Lemans, if the Punisher is the Leman one... Pretty tank shock scary for 1k points.
Seems a cool list though, wouldn't mind having my Custodes Patrol go against that.

>> No.70895788

gives me one too

>> No.70895789

"Tank Aces - Full Payload. Do not roll to determine the Damage characteristic of weapons that model is equipped with; they have their maximum values."
[Leman Russ Demolisher with multi-meltas and hull lascannon intensifies]

>> No.70895805

I'd say 750 is a better starting level to play, though it is playable, outside of some fringe cases.

>> No.70895811

Jesus christ imagine how long it takes to wash that

>> No.70895823

>[Leman Russ Demolisher with multi-meltas and hull lascannon intensifies]

Its for Artillery.

>> No.70895847

I love the dakkajet for the sheer amount of shoots. It's pretty funny if you can get the freebooterz trait to go of for it.
That's 18 S6 ap-1 shots hitting on 3s, 2s agaisnt units with fly if you use the stratagem. I find it works pretty well against tau since they don't have the -1 to hit but half their army flys

>> No.70895850

Need some advice, anons. I'm painting up a Blood Ravens army, but going 100% primaris with it. As I do, I'm trying to get at least every DoW1+2 character represented by a unit. Have any of you advice for other models to choose, and/or what to pick up next?

Currently, I have:
>Gabriel Angelos: kitbashed, converted from Grey Knights Chapter Master Voldus gifted relic terminator armor
>Indrick Boreale: Lieutenant in Phobos Armor
>Davian Thule: Redemptor Dreadnought
>Force Commander Hairgel: Primaris Lieutenant or Primaris Captain haven't picked him up yet
>Captain Diomedes: Primaris Chaplain
>Martellus: Primaris Repulsor Executioner
>Cyrus: Eliminators
>Avitus: Hellblasters
>Tarkus: Intercessors
>Thaddeus: Reivers haven't picked them up yet
>Jonah Orion: Primaris Librarian

Right now, my collection includes:
>marine half of tooth and claw, minus the space wolf lieutenant(5 intercessors, 3 aggressors, redemptor dread)
>start collecting: Vanguard SM(phobos lt, 3 eliminators, 3 suppressors, 10 infiltrators)
>Primaris Librarian

>> No.70895854

>implying she washes it
Breath deep brother. Take a long whiff

>> No.70895865

*blocks your path*

>> No.70895869

I'm getting into 40k as my first wargame setting. Only done some very superficial reading of fluff and rules. What is generally expected to happen to the soul of a human that dies a natural death in the 40k universe? Might be detailed in fluff, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

>> No.70895874

One local GW staff dude has a Knight force for 1k which is essentially last time I saw one Knight (unsure which and what loadout) and 3x Armigers. Was a Super-Heavy with +6 command points.
In all fairness he uses it as a special 'Boss Fight' list and I never played against it myself, though seems a bit That Guy of them.

>> No.70895880

>No more weapons with ap 2 or above
>Play army that ignores ap-1
why yes, I'll take a stormshield for free on all my slamanders models, thank you

>> No.70895896

joins the warp

>> No.70895909


>> No.70895916

>I don't know marines but I know they are broken so one MSU troop choice can kill your HQ monster no problem

>> No.70895919

Usually just torn apart in the warp.

>> No.70895920 [SPOILER] 

GW done Genestealer Cults dirty.

>Here's a bunch of half-buffs for your shitty infantry shooting
>Have a +1 advance and charge trait (for turn 1 only lol)
>Relics? Hahahaha
>Oh you think those IG buffs are cool since you can field IG stuff too? Uh, no your guys forget any special training like that when they reveal themselves as traitors, too bad
>Well we did a good job giving GSC some fun and powerful new stuff that will hopefully address some of their underutilized units and drive sales
>Yes sir, we didn't overlook anything in the GENESTEALER cult army.

>> No.70895933

Thin your Paints.
Cursed Image.

>> No.70895935

eh, we're still plenty playable, and we have the single best model line in the game.

>> No.70895936

I never once implied it was 1 MSU unit of incursors.
I'm just saying that that stacking negatives to hit is great and all but there are ways around it.

>> No.70895950

Pretty sure that only works on basilisks, wyvers and medusas

>> No.70895954

Seems appropriate for the Genestealers to be on the ceiling

>> No.70895964

How is the weather down there in Australia?

>> No.70895977

>we have the single best model line in the game.
But thats Tau you mechlets.

>> No.70895981


>eh, we're still plenty playable [against not-Marines]

I mean I was more specifically referring to the PA book, nobody with a GSC army has a good reason to buy or even "buy" it. But even then, your statement deserves a disclaimer.

>> No.70895983

Aww, that's too bad. Still, would be pretty great on a Basilisk.

>> No.70895987

>all these FSE buffs
>people will think I hopped on the bandwagon even though I've been playing FSE for years

>> No.70895996

>Cheap table


>> No.70896015


>> No.70896025

At least your dudes are already FSE, mine are all painted orange. Feels like having chaos space marines in a imperial fists army

>> No.70896037

I disagree, it's perfect for background noise. simple and to the point.

>> No.70896038

LRs get
>-1 damage from ranged
>reroll wounds if moved less than half speed
>-1AP on turret weapon
>shoot turret even if you advanced
>2+ save
>additional tank order per turn
manticores, wyverns, hydras, basilisks and deathstrikes get
>max damage rolls
>-2LD on anyone hit
>reroll any of the no. of shots dice
super-heavies get
>benefit from cover until first time moving
>2d6 drop lowest for guard morale within 6"
>regiment trait on super-heavy auxiliary
no tank can have more than one trait, but the same trait can be taken twice on two separate qualifying vehicles

>> No.70896040

Do you have one named after the parrot sketch?

>> No.70896050

Wasnt there two strats that make a unit of Achilles good?

>> No.70896060

Why is power level inflation GWs answer to everything?

>> No.70896066

>putting all the rare equipment on a party member who dies permanently

>> No.70896074

couldn't she just transform into a version of herself with clean hair?

>> No.70896095

because real life reflections off of gold look almost white

>> No.70896099

They'd rather buff everything else and sell more rules than rollback their unoptomized marine supplements for their cash cows.

>> No.70896102

It feels better to have shit units become good than good units become shit
Everyone has shit unts

>> No.70896129

At some point, I want to find a little figurine of a parrot and use it as a familiar

>> No.70896131

I have a Krieg army that I haven't played in a long time.
Is there anything in the new PA book that affects them? They have the Astra Militarum keyword after all.

>> No.70896138

yeah but metallic paints already reflect light, and if you're doing nnm, you would be using white and not a silver anyway.

>> No.70896153

nope, as they're FW they're not included as a part of the regular guard. You're going to have to wait for the new index imperium later this year.

>> No.70896159


Just one, +1 to wound with Heavy Seismic Cannons, Mining Lasers, or Clearance Incinerators - it targets a unit rather than a model, so a squadron of 3 Achilles with Mining Lasers can put out 3D3 S9 Ap-3 Dam D6 shots with +1 to wound. You could add a Jackal Alphus in there to help out so they hit on 3+ (or still 4+ if they moved).

They got another strat and it's another shitty "GW really loves Heavy Stubbers" one, +1 to hit and wound for a unit of Achilles with their Heavy Stubbers.

>> No.70896182

Can anyone tell me why you'd use Heavy Bolters over Autocannons for Guards?
2 pts more and 1 shot less, but you get more range, damage, and St.
I'm asking this if one were to build a "general" army, not super specialized against hordes or anything.

>> No.70896199

Aren't all those buffs making SoBs obsolete even as they're being released?

>> No.70896201

GW doesn't make an appropriately reflective white and definitely don't recommend techniques, they only recommend products.

>> No.70896227

You mean in Heavy Weapon Teams? No reason to use Heavy Bolters, there's better anti-infantry in the form of Mortars or simply more Guardsmen and Autocannons are generic enough that they can deal with most things while not really excelling at anything

>> No.70896263

Pick one.

>> No.70896269

New Stratagems and the ability to use WL traits to make Tank Aces.The only part you can't use are the "make your own doctrine."

>> No.70896279

Looks fucking shit

>> No.70896287

They were ALREADY obsolete at release.
SoB have zero chance to beat marines in their current form. I legitimately do not know how even the most WAAC sister list could beat a casual marine list.

>> No.70896297

On a unit of 6 that seems pretty good. if you know youre going first scout them up and park them. 36 shots hitting on 2+ and wounding no worse than 5+ aint bad. Then toss in the lasers.

>> No.70896328

I feel like faith and fury was meant to have SoB rules but they got cut as the full model line wasn't ready for release back at that time. It's weird when you look into it, they were pushing SoB for coming out late 2019, but then they just did that god awful monopose box and had the proper release in January. It's also weird when you consider the SoB were front and center in faith and fury's build up, being a main part of the animated trailer.

>> No.70896349

Autocannons don't have ap, heavy bolters do. That's the only useful thing really

>> No.70896352

You could try http://moonlightmini.com/Moonlight28s.htm or https://www.etsy.com/listing/708789690/dnd-parrot-28mm-miniature-resin-scatter

I figured they'd be easier to find, since, y'know, pirate campaigns for RPGs and shit, but I guess not.

>> No.70896358

buy and paint your armies because you like their themes and models, not because you want to chase an ever-changing meta

>> No.70896369

they're both AP-1

>> No.70896381

After being semi-into the hobby for 7ish years, I'm finally at a point where I can have time to play, money to spend, and people to play with. I'm a bit lost on what army I want to play. All of them spare Space Marines and Eldar are cool looking to me, namely Tau, Nids, Death Guard, Skitarii, and Crons. Issue is I don't know which of these are a "balanced" army in terms of how well you can build them around different threats + different playstyles. I already have a bit of Tau (1 Commander, 3 XV8's, 40ish FW, an Ethereal, and Stealth Suits), so I was thinking of going on with them, but they kind of only just shoot, and wanted something a bit more "fun" to play. Are Skitarii or Nids any better at being more well rounded?

>> No.70896386

Don't forget that goddamn near every single vehicle we have comes with at least one Heavy Bolter somewhere on it, so you only need to choose to take a Heavy Bolter over something else if you're running infantry-only.

>> No.70896388

I'm starting to think that robes and hoods were not exactly a good choice for a first ever scultping project.

>> No.70896392

Autocannons have AP1 too.

>> No.70896400

Both are AP -1

>> No.70896404

right? I figured it'd be EASY to find at like...toys r us or michael's.

>> No.70896415


How are you fielding a unit of 6?

>> No.70896417

looking good to me anon, will probably look much better once primed.

>> No.70896418

Then I am wrong. That's what I get for saying something about an army's weapons that I haven't played this edition

>> No.70896421

It gets easier as you go, look into getting silicon tipped tools.

>> No.70896424

Doesn't look great, but it's not horrible either, you can still salvage this. I believe in you anon

>> No.70896437

10 crimson fist stalker bolters with a chapter master, some CP, and a couple of 6s would like to have a word with your disco lord

>> No.70896474

I feel like SoB were supposed to come out when the box first released, but something got pushed back for some reason, so they panicked a bit.

>> No.70896546

forgot the HML was d3 shots, thought each was 1 and thereforse 6, got it backwards

>> No.70896643

The time to use heavy bolter is when you’re facing pure horde or when autocannons aren’t available on the unit

>> No.70896705

Shooting at orks for example. S7 and d2 is not gonna make you much good compared to the extra shoot agaisnt T4 1W targets. Range doesn't matter as much either bc they are comming for you
Then again autocannons would actually be good antitank agasint several ork vehicles

>> No.70896755

>need shittons of them as a Guard player always does
>5 for 35$
GW can fuck off

>> No.70896810

Now you need even more of them since they got a lot cheaper :^)

>> No.70896825 [DELETED] 

In your opinion, what's a good starting place with IG for casual fun games? A SC+Guardsy squad and maybe a Sentinel?

>> No.70896850

A kitted out scion squad is usually more points then an infantry squad anyway, therefore less models in the end.
Unless you're running naked scion squads then...why.

>> No.70896883

>Unless you're running naked scion squads then...why.

Read the new PA book.

Naked scions for CP batteries is going to be the new hotness with the 6+ doctrine.

>> No.70896910

>bro just read the book thats not out lmao
How's the future time traveller?

>> No.70896942

Goonhammer is your friend

>> No.70896962

>A kitted out scion squad is usually more points then an infantry squad anyway
No fucking shit, the problem stems from the fact that despite that you will still needs lots of the fuckers

>> No.70896964

I'll assume thats an e-celeb?
Cringe my dude

>> No.70896981

>fuck why do I have to buy 7 boxes of scions instead of 10 boxes of infantry, fuck scions!

>> No.70896989

The whole book is already on youtube and the previews have been out for a week
Come on, this is not a new thing anymore

>> No.70897001

>facebook previews
ULTRA cringe

>> No.70897021

It's literally the best website for 40k competitive news/guides/advice out there at the moment and they get the new books from GW a week in advance.

They've just done a review on PA5 that details most of the usable shit in there.

Feel free to stay in the dark though, mr caveman.

>> No.70897024

>Calling everything cringe
GALAXY cringe

>> No.70897030

looks decent
it will improve with practice

>> No.70897044

Its 180 Dollars US for 30 Immortals. You need to take them in groups of 10 to make them survivable enough in larger points games.

>> No.70897057

>40k ''''''''''''''''''''''''competitive''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
Ultra giga mega turbo edition cringe and knuckles, featuring Dante from the devil may cry series

>> No.70897062

that's racist anon

>> No.70897076

and those 7 boxes of scions cost more than the 10 boxes of infantry, you fucking forget that scions are significantly cheaper, points wise now
why the fuck are you defending GW kikery?

>> No.70897084

Not "Featuring Dante from the Devil may Cringe series" WEAK & Cringe

>> No.70897095

>and those 7 boxes of scions cost more than the 10 boxes of infantry
You sure about that?

>> No.70897140

>245$ is more then 350$
Thats some interesting math you've got there anon.

>> No.70897161


>> No.70897163


>> No.70897183

stop being so fucking poor

>> No.70897187

>Shadow sun is on the cover of the book and gets the new model, its supposed to be all about here on the other side of the startide nexus
>Really its Farsight who wins with all the new really great rules

Puretides best.

>> No.70897209

I see it's still real brainlet hours, as is usual for 40kg

>> No.70897221

Are battlesuit pilots really small? How do they fit in there?

>> No.70897253

>5 points less naked
>"significantly cheaper"

>> No.70897254

Depending on the suit their kinda "float" inside the anatomy of it controlling it or they're in a kind of cramped cockpit that closes in on them.

>> No.70897288

Totally agree! I really wish Farsight got a new plastic kit. Also are Aun'va bodyguards also ethereals or Fire Caste?

They sit inside a comfy cockpit.

>> No.70897321


>> No.70897369


I'm going to assume you meant point per $ and not straight $ amount and you'd be right in terms of naked squads but generally you want special weapons in scion squads so:

Lets see:

Each squad of scions is 5 guys so 35 points+1 plasma gun & 1 melta gun (doing what can be made in the box) at 25 points so a total of 60 pts per squad. So 420 pts (nice). for the fully kitted squad at $245 and results in ~1.71 points per $.

Each squad of guardsmen is 10 guys so 40 points+1 grenade launcher for 3 pts so 43 pts per squad and a total of 430 points for $350 or 1.23 points per $.

>> No.70897500

>to be advertisements so people buy more of them
42 bucks US for 3 models doesn't make me want to buy them.

>> No.70897546

Put fewer models in the box AND increase prices.

>> No.70897566

>soiboi leftist manchildren.......with openly racist opinions

>> No.70897869

strange but true

>> No.70898179

One tournament (even the WAACiest, biggest, most bloodthirsty one out there) isn't enough of a sample, I'd think. Plus, there's degrees between "shit" and "can beat Iron Hands".

They've always been a great receptacle for buffs thanks to having all the keywords, but what pushed them over the top was the Alpha Legion stratagem to become untargetable. The thing is, they have really skewed matchups -- some they crush, some they suck at.

>> No.70898277

Funny, I'm pretty sure post-BoB BA can chop up Boyz by the bucketload.

>> No.70898364

It's mind-boggling to consider how many thousands of dollars (and hours of work) are encapsulated in this one picture.

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