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grav weapons increase from 1 to d3 damage if targeting something with a 3+ or better save characteristic. does this include invuln saves?

>> No.70888178

No, since Invulnerable Saves aren't a characteristic, they're a special rule attributed to the model.

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how do I deal with shield drones? (as guard)

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We're going home boys.

>> No.70888201

Post models lads.

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Shoot them with small-arms before you shoot your lascannons and shit at the suits

You have plenty of means of indirect fire if they're hiding behind terrain

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this guy has his maiden voyage tomorrow

>> No.70888253

it completely fucks with my tallarn boys though since I planned to have 2 demolishers ambush

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describe taste

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Looks great anon, cute card too.

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There's no easy answer. That's why they're strong.

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Just have the drones dead before the demos open fire on the suits.
A guard army shouldn't have trouble deleting a bunch of T4 4+ models before their first turn of shooting is done

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I wish you plentiful fives and sixes.

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Everyone seems to be painting every model on The Triumph of Saint Katherine as Our Martyred Lady.
Why not paint them as the faction they are supposed to represent, so the Argent Shroud in AS colours, the VH in VH and so on?

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I hope whichever goonhammer peeps lurk this board lose every competitive match they play forevermore.

>> No.70888307

I really do hope they actually make some Steel Legion units in plastic for Saga of the Beast.
I don't have my hopes up though.

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>the Farsight Enclave might completely overhaul Tau and make a big dent in the competitive scene.
>a T’au army can have Two (2) Farsight Enclaves Commanders in each Detachment.

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>Instead, save your brain power for Hail of Fire. Spend 2CP when you select a LEMAN RUSS unit to fire; until the end of the phase, when resolving an attack with that model against a VEHICLE unit, do not roll for the number of shots. It automatically fires its maximum value. That’s certainly one way to fix variance. Anyone fancy an AP-3 Hammer of Sunderance which auto-fires its maximum shots? Yes, me too.
lmao so Guard get the Tau thing but better, nice

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really? I am a complete noob just planning, didn't expect the guardsmen to be firing T1. that said I do get my swift advance thing

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>Why not paint them as the faction they are supposed to represent
It's not what's on the box.

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I'm not affiliated with them. I just noticed their summaries of the new book were up. Winters just posted his too if you'd prefer him talking you through it.

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It'd look a bit too busy IMO. Three of the sisters orders have similar color schemes and then the other three are way different. It's not like you can choose which ones to color what either - the relics all go with a specific model.

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Still think I'm gonna do it that way, I dont like the idea of it being all one faction when they are there to represent their individual factions.

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Aren't they people form one order carrying a collection of relics from several of them?

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Tau stuff seems good. Lots of stratagems to buff shooting & interact with marker lights. Relic to give 3 man squad of xv88 min damage 3. Cool stuff like that.

Farsight Enclaves become their own proper faction with more options like strat to give squad of suits 3+, 2 commanders per detachment instead of 1 etc.

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>Reactive Countermeasures can be given to a Battlesuit model with an airbursting fragmentation projector (so Crisis Suits and Crisis Bodyguards) and allows it to treat ranged attacks with AP-1 or AP-2 as AP0, dramatically increasing its survivability in this crazy post-Devastator Doctrine world.
GW just straight up giving marines AP-2 and then forcing everyone else to take shit to ignore AP-2.

> the Amplified Ion Acclerator is an upgrade to a Riptide’s Ion Accelerator with a 72 range, Heavy 6 profile that has improved AP and damage over the standard option, firing at S9, AP-4 and doing 3+D3 damage in Overcharged mode
Please kill me.

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They're not technically Battle Sisters, they're Orders Pronatus. Relic Hunters/Restorers.

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What went wrong?

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GSC got shafted just like the nids, they have like 2-3 good strats with some good psy and thats it RIP

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>ig infantry sergeants can take a boltgun but not a lasgun
What? Why make such a retarded rule?

>> No.70888432

It's definitely Tau > Guard > GSC.

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god bless phil, dat camera angle is perfect

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GW turned their highly successful and beloved SETTING into a NARRATIVE and now all the earlier edition codices where every faction teetered on the bring between victory or defeat has to be scrapped in favour of BL-tier writing and codex-to-codex one-upmaniship when it comes to fluff achievements.

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>Crisis Suits and Skyrays got buffed
Oh fuck yes

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No model, no rules.

>> No.70888456

>implying it will matter when everyone's running triptide hexacommander lists with FE

>> No.70888457

>lesbian anal harlequin/human erotica

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As a sister Player. Do it shoot with everything on 49 points 5-women unit that ignore -2AP.

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Devastator Doctrine was indeed a mistake. GW got burned by army wide -1 to hit, pulled back on that, and now they made the same mistake over again.

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What the fuck are you on about?

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Krieg Watchmasters can take lasguns. I don't understand why regular Guard can't, just seems stupid.

>> No.70888484


I wonder how it would have been if Devastator Doctrine was just 'no penalty for moving and shooting heavy weapons'. Getting you up the board better to use the tactical/assault doctrines later.

>> No.70888489

So Farsight Enclaves are really good now, oh no...

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You asked why you could take a bolt boltgun but not a lasgun, I gave you an answer.

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I was going to give the sergeants bolters anyway but it does seem unusual.

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Having two styles of strong Tau armies rather than just one seems like a win to me. Especially one that looks to be more dynamic. If you're worried about not being a special snowflake fluffbunny anymore then just field the Eight. Presto you're the king of mediocre army, great fluff again.

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Just nuked a 5 man+quadbike atalan jacks squad using psybolt ammo+psi weapon tide

S6 -1 D2 stormbolters is amazing

>> No.70888537

What are some really fast armies/lists I can do? I play death guard and Im sick of movement 5. I want speedy transports and stuff.

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>no model, no rules
How is that an answer, they clearly have a model and bits available to give it a lasgun.

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doctrines are retarded because they dont even make sense from a fluff point of view.

Like whats the justification for it? Space marines can use their skills to... make their bullets sharper? burn their lascannons hotter? bizarre

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Eldar. Either pick one of the three factions or mix them.

>> No.70888558

>bits available
That means converting, which means third parties could make their own, so no rules.

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What exactly is their role in admech society?

>> No.70888587

time to order Farsight

>> No.70888594

Then why is there a unit called Chosen in the CSM codex?

>> No.70888598

About fucking time you bois get some justice. Now we just need to remake the dusted penguin meme but him materializing instead

>> No.70888603

>That means converting, which means third parties could make their own,
The lasguns come in the infantry boxes along with the sergent. What exactly would you be converting and how do third parties come into this? Boltguns on the other hand aren't in the box and still has rules for the sergeant to have one.

>> No.70888604

To praise and honour one of the aspects of the machine god

>> No.70888609

Discount the Harlequin and I wrote some of that to commission once.

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Because they have models.

>> No.70888619

Please post it
The thing I'm referring to is int he OP

>> No.70888620

Its supposed to represent more efficient use of those specific weapons, just like leadership test losses are supposed to represent people tending to the wounded or carrying back vital equipment

>> No.70888628

Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight would like to have a word with you

>> No.70888629

There's no Chosen model with a power fist and meltagun

>> No.70888636

Maybe they could just not have taken away JSJ in the first place rather than continually upgunning everything. Tau commanders now have easy access to rerolls to hit, wound and +minimum damage options. It's gonna be just as obnoxious as marines.

>> No.70888639

It's weird how squad leaders for some units are basically mini-characters, whereas in others they're just dead weight and a points tax.

>> No.70888645

Yeah I miss the option of just arming them like the rest of the squad too, got a dozen lasgun sergeants sitting in a box I haven't been able to use since 4th ed

I'd much rather just have all the models in infantry squads armed the same and not have to pick him out and count him separately. 10 models, 10 lasguns, would be nice to have it that simple, especially when it's a unit you're supposed to spam loads of.

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I'm always disappointed how Seraphim squad leaders can't actually go dual pistols, when dual pistols is kinda the entire deal of the unit.

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>> No.70888660

Just fucking paint your models and play, anon.

>> No.70888669

Living batteries

>> No.70888672

Blame Chapterhouse.

>> No.70888679

Admech and sister are cute.

>> No.70888688

Stop trying to shift the blame from GW being shit.

>> No.70888694

Nigger no this has nothing to do with chapterhouse; these kits have the bits right in the box. Another example is DE Scourges. The Solarite is forced to take either a shardcarbine or a melee + pistol; despite the kit being full of special weapons.
Also, how about "blame GW for being fucking retarded and trying to sue over something that they had no case for"?

>> No.70888701

Because they dont play their games, duh.

>> No.70888708

Explain why my champions can take any weapon combo under the sun then

>> No.70888720

>nasally britbong speech

>> No.70888721

The Chapterhouse case is the reason why GW is so prescriptive with equipment options now.

If they let a Seraphim Superior have two plasma pistols or two inferno pistols and don't make a model for it, but someone else does, suddenly they're not enforcing their IP.

>> No.70888728

Blood angel intercessor sergeants can have up to 7 attacks with a thunder hammer wounding anything t7 on a 2+. Have a chaplain use exhortation of rage and they'll get more attacks when they role 6s to hit.

>> No.70888735

Just stop. GW is not going to send you free models for bravely defending their retardation online.

>> No.70888755

Only the stupidest tard of an ignorant corporate exec thinks small third-parties producing extra bits for their models is in any way a serious threat to their precious eye-pee. If anything, it only helps them sell more models.

And they STILL produce sprues in ways that gives such people an opening to capitalise. See the stinginess of the Chaos Terminator kit's weapon pieces.

>> No.70888765

Hang on, are you talking about chaos marines? Did you not realize I'm refering to imperial guard?

>> No.70888776


>If they let a Seraphim Superior have two plasma pistols or two inferno pistols and don't make a model for it, but someone else does, suddenly they're not enforcing their IP.

So... just make a model for it?

GW also released a unit (last year) who can ALL equip chain axes then gave you 1 chainaxe in the box so your argument is full of shit.

>> No.70888777

They just have to make one model, they don't have to make it easy for you to get ten of them.

>> No.70888783

that does describe GW pretty well

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>> No.70888804

the cadian infantry squad box doesn't even come with a bolter to equip the sergeant with.

>> No.70888809

anon come on, you can do it

>> No.70888816

>trying to sue over something that they had no case for
The lawsuit ending without a flat win/loss means they did have a case for many of their claims. It was significant enough to require the company seriously rejigging how they handle releases and copyrights, but chapterhouse (and by extension the other small companies acting as remora to the larger GW) didn't get off entirely scott free either.

honestly having that mess happen gave both sides nice clear boundaries to operate on, which is nice in its own way compared to the old legal goon squad
also chapterhouse's models/kits were low-tier for third party stuff so them getting fucking nuked isn't a big loss. I'd have been bummed if a sculptor I liked had been hit instead

>> No.70888817

I wish once a year they'd put out another painting of this quality.

>> No.70888862

I really enjoy seeing sororitas cosplay. All the suits are always so elaborate and we'll crafted.

>> No.70888902


>40k Mobile Game
>Holy the Fuck Prim Marine Wank
>Ultramarines and no option to choose other Chapters
>First Hero you get is Prim Librarian
We getting this shit and yet Necromunda has no news whatsoever.

>> No.70888915

Rolled 1 (1d20)

I claim this nat20 for Tau'va! Check it, Imperials!

>> No.70888921

>Necromunda has no news whatsoever.
forgot about that, god dammit

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>> No.70888924

Yes but that qt tech priestess tho

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>> No.70888927

Rolled 20 (1d20)

*muffled laughter*

>> No.70888929

me lad

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>> No.70888953

>tau shoots itself in the foot
>guards laughter forces the tau to retreat in shame

>> No.70888957

By the emperor, tau eternally bfto

>> No.70888958


>> No.70888960

Of the five remaining Necron players. After being forced to wait until last to get your PA book. Will you be shelving your army if they don't get the considerable buffs they require?

I expect them to finally fix Gauss weapons. If we don't get that at the very least, I'm out.

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>> No.70888974

Yes yes, very well done Imperial... However! Do you have a 5, like THIS ONE?

>> No.70888975


good job guardbro, makes my day

>> No.70889000

Don't rules allow various SM models to have weapons like twin-chainswords, etc. that do not necessarily come in the kit and you need to bash kits together?

It's part to do with IP laws and part to do with zealous lawyers. IP laws often dictate that if you do not enforce your IP, you can lose it. Like if you know some party violates your IP, but you don't do anything about it because you figure they're not worth going after, and then someone else violates it and you take them to court, they can point to the previous guy and go "Well, you let them do it."

>> No.70889004

The preview screen clearly shows assault marines, so the 'wank' can't be that bad

>> No.70889009

Anyone up for a friendly 500 point game?

>> No.70889011

Justify THIS BULLSHIT. Gsc get fucking nothing compared to pic related

>> No.70889014

Holy Based

>> No.70889021

fuck this boring trash, at least give us something as good as Chaos Gate


>> No.70889042

>Anyone up for a friendly 500 point game?
You joke, but in my meta that new commander rule is going to be abused every game. The Tau homosuit commanders are still the most broken unit in this game. Limiting them to 1 per detachment wasn't enough.

>> No.70889044

The book is called The Greater Good

>> No.70889049


>> No.70889055

Lol, only spastics collect gsc.

>> No.70889059


>> No.70889063

>Gsc get fucking nothing compared to pic related
Anon. A majority of armies got nothing compared to that.

>> No.70889068

Tau are protagonists of 40k! They are the ones you are supposed to self-insert into.
Not the evil and fascistic space marines or the evil and degenerate humanity.

>> No.70889072

They're excellent. But remember that these are their warlord traits.

>> No.70889081

There are enough lasguns on the cadia infantry box to arm all ten of them.
The boltgun is available on a catachan box, though.

>> No.70889082

GW has been slowly and steadily been making Tau more sinister.

>> No.70889084

>They're excellent. But remember that these are their warlord traits.
Wrong. Pay cp to give them to appropriate units

>> No.70889085

Emperor Blessed Post

>> No.70889089

Are admech still good/ok?

>> No.70889092

You mean Farsight Enclaves

>> No.70889096

>now every new army gets something like "buff one of your units instead of warlord trait"
A-at l-least we are pioneers, right, n-nidbros?

>> No.70889116

And just like that. I've gone back to never playing against Tau again. Good job GW!

>> No.70889119

>had no case for
>thinking law isn’t made up as they go
>do x or it’s open season on your IP
>not a threat to your IP
Holy shit this anon is straight up retarded.

>> No.70889121

Right back at you dumbass. Promising Pupil lets you get a second one. But it's not unlimited use like the Relic Strat is.

>> No.70889125

But Seraphim superiors are equiped with two bolt pistols by default. Al least in the new codex.

>> No.70889126

That basing could use a little something more but it looks great. Your choice for flat barrens but people like a little more than that these days

>> No.70889136

Oh sure but it's worse that it's in the same book. Guard got some nice stuff, but no where near the tau stuff

>> No.70889146

So glad I recently made the jump to aos

>> No.70889156


>> No.70889160

>Gsc get fucking nothing compared to pic related
Aren't GSC already competitive?

>> No.70889168

>So glad I recently made the jump to aos

>> No.70889170

>he doesn't know

>> No.70889171

I think this conclusively, undisputably proves:

Trenches & Mass Assault Doctrines > High Mobility & Combined Arms

>> No.70889173

Why is the Tech Priest Manipulus no longer for sale?

>> No.70889175

When did Kasrkin get squatted? Can't find them anywhere on GW store.

>> No.70889190

Long time ago.

>> No.70889191

>Right back at you dumbass. Promising Pupil lets you get a second one. But it's not unlimited use like the Relic Strat is.
Never claimed it was unlimited. You said that. You can have up to three for three cp. Hopefully, you have finally read that bit that it doesn't need to be given to characters. Downplaying the strength of these new rules makes you the dumbass

>> No.70889193

Oh anon.

>> No.70889195

Thanks doc

>> No.70889200

Ages ago, replaced by Sc*ons.

You can still get em from recasters though.

>> No.70889202

Local store? Sure
Tournament? Nop

>> No.70889203

Did they go when scions were brought it or something?

>> No.70889208

Separate box will most likely release with their book.

>> No.70889215

Yeah, same with inquisition troopers.

>> No.70889219

So 5 markerlights add 1 to hit
And commanders are BS 2+
So commanders just auto hit when shooting targets lit up by markerlights right?

>> No.70889220

battalion 1
company commander 30

primaris psyker 46

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

heavy weapon squad 45

battalion 2
company commander 30

primaris psyker 46

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

infantry squad 43
grenade launcher

heavy weapon squad 45

total 500 points

>> No.70889222

>inquisition troopers.

You mean the normal stormtroopers?

>> No.70889224

>Guard got some nice stuff, but no where near the tau stuff
We all predicted this would happen. LVO 2020 will end up being the only major event that Tau didn't make it to the top ten.

>> No.70889225

Did you see the latest LVO for aos vs 40k gt finalists? Damn son that shit way crazy 7 marines vs 3 tzeentch and a bhnch of other aos armies

>> No.70889230

>You mean the normal stormtroopers?
Not anymore.

>> No.70889237

You still roll as 1s are always failure still IIRC

>> No.70889238

>taufag didn't read the rules

>> No.70889243

You can joke but between the bullshit of Space Marines 2.0 and the imbalance of buffs in the PA books, AoS has fucking somehow become the more balanced game.

GW is dropping the ball hard.

>> No.70889247

Thank you.

>> No.70889256

>So commanders just auto hit when shooting targets lit up by markerlights right?
This has to be a false flag. You still miss on 1s anon. But you are rerolling the ones.

>> No.70889257

I said "remember these are their Warlord traits" and they fucking are. They spend their traits to get them. To use your playbook; I never claimed you couldn't give them to units. You said that.. As it these are what they get for warlord traits. I'm fully fucking aware their given to other units. When was the last time you say a Riptide as a Warlord? The point is that it's easy to look at this page and misconstrue it as a page of Relics when it is not.

>> No.70889271

>AoS has fucking somehow become the more balanced game.
It was beforehand too. They basically gave everyone the bug for playing monofaction and killed soup.

>> No.70889273

Rent free.

>> No.70889275

>7 marines
6. 5 and a soup.

>> No.70889289

>Gee O’Shovah, why does your detachment let you have TWO COMMANDERS?
>Because FUCK ETHEREALS, that’s why!

>> No.70889300

I'm new and dumb

>> No.70889321

The warlord traits and relics of AoS are all way more identical and minor in effect, and so there's less work in balancing
>+2 wounds
>Improve a weapon's rend by 1
>Increase Attacks by 1 if the model charges
Not exactly exciting compared to the upgrades characters can get in 40k

>> No.70889337

Who are good guys of 40k?
Who are the good goys?

>> No.70889349

>I said "remember these are their Warlord traits" and they fucking are. They spend their traits to get them. To use your playbook; I never claimed you couldn't give them to units.
You may have not have said that, but anyone that read your first post is going to think you missed the part about it being able to be given to a non-warlord unit. Otherwise, why would you have put that downplay in there? Whether they are relics or warlord traits doesn't change how powerful they are.

>> No.70889364


>> No.70889371

>AoS has fucking somehow become the more balanced game.
>GW is dropping the ball hard.
Can't argue with that. 8th edition has become so sad. It wasn't meant to be this way. I still don't think it's as bad as the end of 7th edition, though

>> No.70889372

Anyone who read your post is going to think you missed the part about Promised Pupil being once per battle.

>> No.70889373

>Who are good guys of 40k?

>> No.70889377

More like SM characters.

>> No.70889393

>Who are good guys of 40k?
Farsight Enclave
>Who are the good goys?

>> No.70889397

The weird thing is the same people who do this will also jeer at rednecks who cover their trucks in bumper stickers. Might this just be a psychological phenomenon that manifests in different ways?

>> No.70889398

>"Krieg way is to die, not retreat"
>t. commissar whose job is to kill their own men for retreating and who aren't from the same world as the regiments they're assigned to

I'm smelling some bias here.

>> No.70889426 [DELETED] 

>Tried to peel off the Vote Labour sticker after they became the official party of anti-semitism

>> No.70889434

There are no good guy factions. There are some subfactions and individuals who can be considered "good." Although that's largely only in comparison to the "cruel and bloody regimes" of everyone else.
We are anon. We all are.

>> No.70889438

Yeah, it is called 'The Human Condition' and unfortunately it is terminal in 100% of cases.

>> No.70889443

its for the best really

>> No.70889458


>> No.70889461

Lore shows Krieg Commissars are basically superfluous. They are often there to actually PREVENT suicidal charges (Where there is a 0% chance of it actually helping the war effort)

Even with their intense training and indoctrination, they are still unsettled with the willingness of the Kriegers to throw away their lives.

>> No.70889465

The quote actually comes the novel 'Warriors of Ultramar' and is from a Krieg field officer, Lieutenant Konarski of the 933rd, not a Commissar.

>> No.70889469

>a womans place is in the resistance
Is he trying to tell women where their place is? Does he even realize how sexist he's being?

>> No.70889478

I don't mind them updating the setting, but that is something that should be reserved for edition updates.

>> No.70889482

How do I even get these things off? Is there a particular solvent that will get them off my laptop?
Against what?

>> No.70889501

>be tau
>cheese mongering fag lords
>how do we increase the cheese?
>instead of a warlord trait. I can now replace a units already undercosted weapons with even more powerful undercosted weapons!
The absolute state of 40k. This is easily the most entertaining time to be in the hobby.

>> No.70889503

And? You can make one out of the csm box.

>> No.70889507

>Against what?
Dont ask questions

>> No.70889509

>gsc get completely and utterly fucked
>the FSE SECT got more rules than the GSC FACTION
im burning my models

>> No.70889519

>the FSE SECT got more rules than the GSC FACTION
When was the last time 40k wasn't like this?

>> No.70889541

>8th edition tau weapons
Jesus, tau have been mono build since the start and now that they finally have a reasonable toolbox you fags immediately burst into tears

>> No.70889555


Kriegers also shoot them almost as often as Catachans do, either for attempting to order withdrawal contrary to orders from their own commanders, or for not fighting hard enough. Steve Lyon's novels established that the role of the Commissar within the Death Korps is almost more one of a public relations officer than a morale/discipline officer. The Krieg officers are all "up from the ranks" so they don't function very well with the officer class of most Imperial Guard regiments who tend to be drawn from planetary nobility and have certain attitudes towards the enlisted ranks. On top of that, Kriegers universally stink because of the anti-CBRN chemicals their clothing is impregnated with and even the officers, who aren't fresh out of the Vitae Wombs and have *some* life experience, generally freak normal people out with their utter lack of fear, empathy and small-talk.

The Commissars attached to the regiments are useful as go-betweens when Krieg regiments need to interact with other Guard regiments or when Death Korps Marshals are required to attend formal functions with other staff officers, generally to ensure said Marshal doesn't end up executing someone over the dessert course for voicing defeatist comments or find himself challenged to a duel for giving a blunt assessment of another regiment's martial prowess or lack thereof.

Although the latter event I imagine the Munitorum records the official cause of death as 'Suicide'. Still, bad for morale.

>> No.70889563

>[...] You are the best among us, Ezekiel,’ [Chief Librarian] Danatheum interrupted. ‘Though ours is a Chapter that values its secrets, it is a truth universally acknowledged that you are the most powerful psyker to have worn Dark Angels armour since the time of the Lion.’

>> No.70889570

Why are that commisar's legs being Thanos'ed?

>> No.70889578


>> No.70889593

Symbolic of his unwillingness to take even one step back.

Cannot step back if you have no feet comrade.

>> No.70889599

I agree with your sentiment. Although it probably would have helped if they hadn't given a fucking awesome new gun to Riptides specifically.

>> No.70889607

>Tau do something
>40k players REEEEEEEE
Must be because of trannies, guys!

>> No.70889615

Hoping that custodes get SoS as a an option in their PA.
Models are there so why the fuck not. Custodes and SoS should be remade into Talons of the Emperor anyway.

>> No.70889617

>Similar to Psychic Awakening IV – Ritual of the Damned’s Captain Lazarus, there’s no points cost for this new Shadowsun and her drones.

>> No.70889623


Farsight boys, for now

that can be said for anything that ever happened to the rules and lore since 40k becam a thing, the archive proves this.

>> No.70889637

Thats just how your 40kg avarage poster is. Remember when they anounced the childrens book and that anon bet the necrons would be trans or he would shove his minis on his ass, or something in these lines?

>> No.70889641

Orks for fairest and most meritocratic society

>> No.70889649 [DELETED] 

Really? I might take another look at them. Thought the Jews had successfully co-opted the Left.

>> No.70889650

We're gonna get customizable dynasties and one of the choices is gonna be guass auto wounding on 6s in rapid-fire range. That's all gauss is gonna get.

>> No.70889651

>Custodes and SoS should be remade into Talons of the Emperor anyway.

>> No.70889660

Fixing HH.

> magnus remains loyal, but Ahriman and the 1000 sons still fall to chaos. Magnus gets lost in the webway looking for the BL and Ahriman. To redeem himself.
>Alpharius becomes the tzeentch demon primarch with half of alpha legion. Omegon remains loyal with his half. Much confusion and chaos as it is Alpha Legion.

>> No.70889662

>Although it probably would have helped if they hadn't given a fucking awesome new gun to Riptides specifically.
This thing has to be renamed the Cheddar Cannon. I will eat a box of Primaris marines if pic related isn't in every top tau army.

>> No.70889663

Being a 40k player is 80% being butthurt, 5% purchasing overpriced shit, 5% shitposting, 5% reading lore and rules, 3% painting your models, 1% considering suicide and the last 1% playing the game.

>> No.70889674

>> magnus remains loyal

>> No.70889675

Against the outdated system in favor of a newer, more efficient system.

>> No.70889677


He looks good.

>> No.70889684 [DELETED] 

nice image focus there, faggot.

You are not wrong.

can confirm that people were triggered like the very tranny pink haired feminists they complained about.

Jews got left and right wings by the balls.

>> No.70889687

I'm heading to my flgs in a couple hours, heavily considering getting a box of custodian guard if they have it in stock (to eventually fill a battalion)
Will I be happy fellow custodes player? I wanna try them in killteam too

>> No.70889695

For me, 50% Reading Fluff, 2% Reading Rules, 1% Purchasing Overpriced Shit, 10% Purchasing Reasonably Priced Shit from Recaster, 5% Painting Minis, 1% Thinking About How Great Being a NEET Is, 6% Playing Games and 12% Shitposting.

>> No.70889696

that was a pretty concerning thing, and the whole board stopped caring about it when they realized that the books aren't that sanitized at least

>> No.70889699 [DELETED] 


>> No.70889702

Do tau have a lot of ways to get +1 to hit?

>> No.70889704

Elysians and Krieg can

>> No.70889705 [DELETED] 

>nice image focus there, faggot.
It's from a YouTube video you fucking spastic. Would you like me to go and ask them to reshoot it so I can get a clearer image?

>> No.70889709 [DELETED] 

>70 years later your enemies’ descendents call you a fag and produce “evidence.”
Imagine my shock.

>> No.70889717

vae victis

>> No.70889744

Do priests of Slaanesh dye their hair pink and cut off their body parts for fun?

>> No.70889748

Because they're the sensible regiments.

Every other Guard regiment is operating along 19th century lines requiring officers and NCOs to be armed with pistols because they should be commanding their units not actively fighting.

>> No.70889749 [DELETED] 


>> No.70889756

I don't think we get to see much of Slaanesh worshipers that aren't working for marines.

>> No.70889758

No tears, all Deviantart digital paintings now

>> No.70889763

Maybe hair dye but cutting off limbs doesn't make sense for someone who is a perfectionist unless they believed replacing their arms with mechanical ones where more efficient, but then they would lose their sense of touch which seems bad for slaanesh

>> No.70889772

Wasn’t the pistol thing a holdover from when officers were mounted? WW1 was extremely outdated before anyone figured out that accurate sustained fire was a thing.

>> No.70889773

I want Kopinski back.

>> No.70889774

Why the fuck not? I'd love to read a story about a slaanesh cult slowly taking over a hive world or something.

>> No.70889777

Unless you want to invest into FW or recasts, custodes play as space brettonia. Get bikes, bikes and more bikes. And maybe a box of guard.

>> No.70889779

But what about pursuing the feelings of their flesh being cut off? That's EXCESS for you, right here.

>> No.70889785

>This thing has to be renamed the Cheddar Cannon
That is a shit name when you could have called it the amplified cheese curdler. Do us a favour and don't try to rename anything again.

>> No.70889786

Catachan one does

>> No.70889792

Trannies are caused by nurgle, it's a mental illness that's spread like any other disease.

>> No.70889795

>Leman Russ Demolisher Tank Commander firing 12 shots, rerolling 1s to hit

>> No.70889803

iirc, only one, shoot a target with 5 Markerlights on it, which is now easy thanks to a stratagem

>> No.70889808

A single ML hit (Which Tau can now also get via Stratagem) gives re-roll 1s against that target. 5 ML hits gives +1 to hit. A commander's Kauyon also gives full re-rolls for a turn. And Ethereals can provide a re-roll 1s aura. So if you mean ways to avoid overload, yes.

>> No.70889827

isn't chaos already a disease in itself, in a way.

>> No.70889831

Prostate massager?

>> No.70889834

So, the takeaway
Got everything they asked for and more, from upgrades to specific units' guns (anti-Railgunfag from yesterday can get fucked) to reasons to use Auxiliaries to an actually competitive FSE supplement. Good time to be blue.
Custom doctrines look meh but Tank Aces are really good and a bunch of the stratagems are insane. Good haul all around.
Decent little supplement with a bunch of Regiment-specific stuff. Should make full Scion armies workable at worst and a detachment or two downright competitive.
Bit of a wet fart. Some useful buffs here and there, but custom cults suck, powers are locked to the existing cults and most of the stratagems are nice but not really game changing. April FAQ waiting room.

>> No.70889835

>Leman Russ Demolisher Tank Commander firing 12 shots, rerolling 1s to hit
Wait... What? I haven't seen the new book. What is this madness you speak of?

>> No.70889836

Bike but with a battalion too though yeah?
I got a telemon China cast coming next month too

>> No.70889841

Going to go with the new GSC start collecting box as a gateway to getting back into 40k for casual play.

If you could only add one more unit to that box what would you take?

>> No.70889846

Best update for the best faction. Vindication at last.

>> No.70889849

Based guardbro

>> No.70889860

2cp stratagem allows a lenan russ to fire its maximum shots when targeting a vehicle

>> No.70889862

The Seeker Missile tenet? Huh, might have legs. Me, I'm just happy that my beloved HRR 'side is now actually good.

>> No.70889863

Disease is part of it. Chaos is anything that disrupts and breaks down structure and order which is why its four strongest gods represent individual warriors, hedonism, schemers and Typhoid Mary types respectively.

>> No.70889874

>2cp stratagem allows a lenan russ to fire its maximum shots when targeting a vehicle
Holy fuck. This game is so broken right now.

>> No.70889875

Tanks ace that just give you maximum number of shots on random shot weapons

>> No.70889877

I feel that the fallout from the Marine codex will have GW doing damage control and power creep from now until the next edition. Decent idea, horrible execution.

>> No.70889887

Definitely broodcoven for the HQs but you'll need more chaff too.
GSC is the most expensive army in the game dollar wise because all their units are super cheap points wise and they are a horde army

>> No.70889888

>Bike but with a battalion too though yeah?
Not really.
Like even if you get troop custodes you are going to be struggling for CP so you might as well go all in with bikes and forget the troops

>> No.70889889

They used to.

>> No.70889891

I'm happy for you grey fags.

Harlequins with jetbikes and clown cars. Kraken slingshot. Ork Speed Mob. Tau flying battlesuit spam.

>> No.70889897

But they don't have a boltgun in the box?

>> No.70889899

Sure, it's just funny to have that quote under a dude who's not even a native Krieger. Like having something Harker said under a model of Creed.

>> No.70889900

The Exarch model is the best.

>> No.70889913

To the reeducation camps with you.

>> No.70889916

He shouldn't really go *all in*, as he mush have like 2 3-unit squads to sit on objectives.

>> No.70889925

GodDAMN it feels good to be a T'auch'ad.

>> No.70889943

Wonder about the model/unit wording. Like, the first one there, if I had a squad of Crisis with AFPs would it only apply to one of them? The Goonhammer review implied it affected the whole squad.

>> No.70889944

I think there's a HH story kinda like that. In Vengeful Spirit there's a knight house that defects to Horus' side. There's a short story that precedes it about a Slaanesh cult corrupting the house.

>> No.70889960

>Power creep will happen in Warhammer
>WAACfags will eat it up hoping to move up a rank in muh ITC.
>Power creep will continue to happen.

>> No.70889963

The dinosaur stickers on my laptop are for identification purposes.

>> No.70889988

So then all the hobbiests download an older codex and use that. Although it will look bad in the eyes of the general populace which will have negative effect.

>> No.70889989

Considering Tau were punching bags when 8e dropped, they can have some time in the sun.

>> No.70890001

That's 300p of army that are not going to do anything during the game. Unless he is taking the ranged ones form FW.

>> No.70890005

More a holdover from when officers carried swords as a symbol of authority to which a pistol is a better accompaniment that a rifle. Also, even in WW1, when formations were abandoned, the idea was that an officer was a manager rather than a fighter, their armament was just for personal defence.

The idea was that they should be constantly observing their surroundings, commanding their men, despatching messages or motivating stragglers, not firing a rifle. Keep in mind that (at least until both sides gradually began to adopt versions of Willy Rohr's tactics) infantry formations at the time were not expected to really show personal initiative. This was the holdover from battle in formation, under tight, precise command by their officer/s. An infantry battalion, company, platoon was just seen as an extension of the officer commanding it, he was expected to make literally every decision and those decisions would be often directly informed by orders from staff officers. If he was firing a rifle, he wasn't making sure the general's orders were being followed and relaying the situation back to said general and this was heresy to staff officers raised on Clausewitz and Napoleon.

Unironically, it is easier to perform field executions with a pistol. At least one German source from WW1 gives this as a reason.

Towards the end of the war, both sides started to develop more what we'd recognise as modern attitudes towards infantry combat but it was mainly the Germans who developed them the most and since they lost, a lot of those innovations were undervalued, particularly by the victorious British and French. It wasn't until WW2 when infantry intiative was considered acceptable right down to the company level and that is why you get dumb shit like the French Army still relying on telephones for communication like it is 1918 and early-war British officers wielding revolvers against German Panzergrenadiers like they're trying to recreate the Battle of the Somme.

>> No.70890014

>I only play against crippled armies because I'm too much of a pussy to face competitive lists
The absolute state

>> No.70890018

To fix the Heresy we must first burn it down to the ground, and that includes shooting the authors and editors.

>> No.70890021

Which ones do you prefer, looks wise?

>> No.70890024

That's a strong list for 500 pts but hardly OP. Might be fun to give it a go, actually.

>> No.70890025

t. scrub

>> No.70890029

Well, none of the armies in Ritual of the Damned got brought up to the level of marines.

I'm starting to think that power creep has nothing to do with each new release being more powerful (because to many exceptions) but more with which armies have somebody that works at GW that wants them to be good. Eldar have always been top tier with one or two very brief exceptions, and it should be no secret to anybody that Phil Kelly has been writing their rules and absolutely loves Eldar. And before Phil there was another guy that only had an Eldar army, played competitive, and got to write the Eldar codex.

>> No.70890036


>> No.70890039

Yeah they're in a pretty decent spot. Gonna get better come April.

I feel for you.

>> No.70890043

You thought you'd get rid of iontides? Too bad!

>> No.70890055

The riptide + drones list has been cancer from the beginning though. And commander spam was top tier until it got destroyed with the codex. Guess it just took T''''aufags a bit longer to figure out how to play this edition.

>> No.70890062

>that is why you get dumb shit like the French Army still relying on telephones for communication like it is 1918
To be fair, everyone did that during WW2. Radios were expensive and unreliable, compared to conventional telephones lines.

>> No.70890068

Were. Hence the lackluster rules and CA nerfs. But Marines buttfuck them.

Natural 1s always miss. But hitting on 2s rerolling 1s is basically perfect accuracy and there's multiple ways to get that.
>BS3+ Crisis using the 5ML stratagem for essentially perfect accuracy
I'm so happy right now man.

>> No.70890071

Top easy

>> No.70890077

They're going to make primaris marines op so WAACfags buy them all, making them a success in the eyes of GW.

>> No.70890087

tfw primaris will replace basic marines, leaving the only true marines the chaos ones. Feels bad man

>> No.70890098

>Hoping that custodes get SoS as a an option in their PA.
Hopefully not, psychic awakening is barebones enough to not waste the update on shitsters.

>> No.70890099

Am I missing something? These replace Signature Systems. They're relics, not WTs. It's easy to confuse since Tank Aces and Adaptive Physiology replace WTs, but that isn't the case here.

Yeah, AoS does a lot of things well but their options for customization are so damn boring. Gorefather alone is more interesting than any AoS relic.

>> No.70890101

Nice to see at least one person still has standards.

>> No.70890106

Primaris are already a success.

>> No.70890109

If you think fusion colliders or railguns were overpowered and undercosted you don't deserve the privilege of an opinion.

>> No.70890125

Psychic Awakening also has basically nothing to do with psykers so far. SoS getting attention basically makes zero sense at this point though it would not have been that out there if SoS had been in Ritual of the Damned.

>> No.70890147

chaos will eventually get primarised as well

>> No.70890157

It's absolute cheesy goodness. This thing will skullfuck anything without an invuln, between popping Centurions and deleting any tank it looks at funny.

Markerlights, mainly. The rest are unit-specific. But buffing Riptides to high hell is pretty much the only way to play Tau currently, so this book improving that on top of giving them a bunch of other options is gonna be tasty.

>> No.70890173

Bile will introduce his own method, the Bilius Marine. Ten feet tall, and with three hearts, they'll be the equal of any Primaris.

>> No.70890186

>implying Bile and Cawl weren't in on it together from the start

>> No.70890187

Nah, only the French had an all-telephone comms system at the staff level. Hell, some of their commanders didn't even trust that and were sending out couriers to confirm orders during the Battle of France like they were all sharing 6km of trench at Verdun instead of the whole of Eastern France.

British comms weren't much better but they at least used radios as their primary means of communication. The Germans have radio comms down to the company level, most tank platoon commanders had at least a receive kit if not a send/receive kit. That was a big part of why they could run rings around British and French formations.

>> No.70890188

and freeway-on-ramps for arms!

>> No.70890215

>Well, none of the armies in Ritual of the Damned got brought up to the level of marines.
Well, technically Marines got even more retarded with RotD thanks to Masters of the Chapter. The Brohammer immortal Leviathan list hinged on it at least partially. And though they didn't do great at LVO, a lot of top players think very highly of the CSM additions, especially Alpha Legion but also Emperor's Children, Iron Warriors and Night Lords.

Riptide + Drones wasn't a thing until well after the codex dropped. Riptides in Index were shit, they got huge buffs with the codex. Before that it was just Commanders and gun drones. As the meta got more killy, the chaff got cut away till only Commanders, Riptides and Shield Drones remained.

>> No.70890217

>not even inventing a whole new and improved equipment standard for the new tallchad marines
>10,000 years just to catch up in one specific area of Cawl's primaris project

>> No.70890252

What's the most alpha delta foxtrot whiskey hotel operator Imperial army in 40k assuming no allies?

>Raven Guard Vanguard Marines
>Primaris Deathwatch
>classic Deathwatch
>Scions with flyer support

>> No.70890271

I’m the only person I know with a painted army

>> No.70890277


>The renegade Fabius Bile, having studied the Haemonculi’s craft under the Coven of the Thirteen Scars, betrays the trust of his Commorrite mentors. By teaching the secrets he has been entrusted with to the Emperor’s Children in his employ, Bile dilutes the art of the fleshcrafter to an unforgivable degree. The Thirteen Scars have long watched for just such an infraction. Using energy pillars linked to the Ilmaean suns, they animate their living fortress for war – a towering pillar of flesh fashioned from the bodies of those who have defied them in the past. The fortress breaches a long-sealed webway node on Belial IV, and lumbers into the Eldar palace that the Emperor’s Children were using as a base of operations. Bile’s heavily mutated Noise Marine allies turn their sonic weaponry upon the hordes of Covenites that pour out from the Tower of Flesh’s yawning maws, rupturing and splitting countless monstrosities as they sally forth. Their charge hits home nonetheless.

>The violence that erupts from the close-quarters battle is as intense as it is invigorating, Chaos Space Marine and Wrack alike screaming in glee as they are physically torn apart. The Tower of Flesh itself duels with the corrupted god-machines in Bile’s employ, smashing them aside with its flailing appendages. As their minions fight tooth and nail outside the shattered palace, the Primogenitor Bile is paid a visit in his throne by the Coven lords of the Thirteen Scars. After the renegade’s private army of horrors experiences a dozen esoteric types of murder at the hands of the Haemonculi, an understanding is reached. Bile’s augmented Emperor’s Children are granted death by masochistic ecstasy, and the Haemonculi depart after surgically ensuring that the renegade cannot speak of his learnings to any other living creature.

>> No.70890279

>GSC are a bit of a wet fart
bit of an understatement there, they could have literally not printed them in this book and it wouldnt have any effect on the army as a whole

>> No.70890286

I think Bile is more interested in creating an entire new breed of human, rather than just an improved version of the Astartes enhancements.

He wants to create a new race, Humanity 2.0. not just a slightly better super-soldier.

>> No.70890291

>living creature
seems like a loophole

>> No.70890298

Classic Deathwatch IMO

>> No.70890312

>ensuring that the renegade cannot speak of his learnings to any other living creature.
So....he can write them all down and mass-produce copies of the book containing the knowledge...

>> No.70890339

Depends on how they "surgically" ensured it. For all we know it could be anything between hardwiring his brain to shut down if he ever revealed it to another person or implanting an intelligent bomb into his soul and set it to go off if the knowledge ever spread to another person.

>> No.70890347

Going by Dark Eldar standards they'd probably be a bit more invasive, rewiring his brain to prevent him passing on or recording the knowlegde in any way.

>> No.70890349

that's exactly the sort of passive aggressive rules lawyering that Fabius lives for

>> No.70890350

>Aberrants still overcosted
>Neophytes still 55ppm
>Now this
GW has turned on us.

>> No.70890354

why didn't the Coven just remove the knowledge from his brain

>> No.70890372

Has Bile literally succeeded in anything? He's a saturday morning cartoon villain.

>> No.70890375

Sanity is not really a strong point of the Haemonculi...

>> No.70890377

He earned it fair and square by creating a flesh tower for them. He didn't earn the right to share it. Haemonculi are whimsical.

>> No.70890385

What's a good mobile guard list? I dont like the idea of playing a parking lot

>> No.70890386

Ah yes all the hidden FSE fans are gonna crawl from the woodworks to dominate the meta. Happens everytime.

>> No.70890388

>He's a saturday morning cartoon villain.
Yes, but an entertaining one with personality. Compared to Abaddon who is equally unsuccessful but dull as fuck.

>> No.70890398

Their agreement might prevent that, or alternatively permit them to benefit from his research if it stumbles into any fields that is relevant to their interests. Also, it's a super dick move to have a narcissist rendered incapable of bragging.

>> No.70890399

>vehicles still dont get cult creeds
>genestealers and patriarch still dont get cult creeds
they were never on our side

>> No.70890409

Max out infantry and officers to give Move! Move! Move! orders and "URAAAAAAAAAA!" across the board in an unstoppable tide.

>> No.70890418

wyverns (and previously mortars) are your friend

>> No.70890425

I have marine squad but they are shit. They were my first so iv sone and redone them over and over in different ways experimenting and are half coverd in super glue and half in peices.
My death guard came out pretty ok

>> No.70890436

Non-blueberries or non-power armor users of any faith belongs in the NPC shed.

>> No.70890440

>The riptide + drones list has been cancer from the beginning though.
In index riptides were not a thing. They were fairly priced, and therefore, no one took them. Tau were still top tier at that time, but through commander spam.
>And commander spam was top tier until it got destroyed with the codex. Guess it just took T''''aufags a bit longer to figure out how to play this edition.
There was no figuring out how to play Tau. It's been a face roll for them the whole edition (not to mention the last one too). Go back and look at their tournament stats. The worst they have done was in the most recent LVO. They will go back to face rolling with the new rules in PA. They deserve a massive nerf, but it'll never happen. Not in 8th, anyway.

>> No.70890447

He's created life that doesn't get raped sideways by Chaos. Outside of that, he has no grand plans.

>> No.70890463

>I’m the only person I know with a painted army
Unfortunately, with how prevalent tau have been in the meta, this is not an unusual position to find yourself in.

>> No.70890464

You guys keep saying this but most od the main characters and leaders are still marinelets

>> No.70890492

I'm not asking for it to start up again. But what happened to all of the chaos cry babies? Did they all quit after their psychic awakening book? Remember what it was like around here after marines 2.0 was released?

>> No.70890504

Made the transition to AoS.

>> No.70890510

And that's just one tank bro

>> No.70890511

Do you even play the game? Look at every unit in the xeno index and then the tau codex, its been a shitshow of underpowered weapons and overcosted units with commanders/riptides/drones being the only outliers and that is why they are taken

>> No.70890514

Work on your terrain

>> No.70890516

He's one of the few sane guys who's only goal is literally
>I do not want to die

>> No.70890523

Well, GW have decided Farsight Enclaves can have 2x as many commanders as other Tau so I guess we'll see how that changes the meta.

>> No.70890534

I just feel bad for Sisters. You would think getting the SoB codex released in the middle of the power supplement DLC for every faction would mean they'd actually put some work into it. But Sisters are just gonna have to wait for the next Psychic Awakening thing that will actually include them.

>> No.70890535

I'm just playing pure DG, I win when I make my opponent whinge because he can't kill any one of my daemon engines with 1W left because I somehow keep making saves.

>> No.70890537


>> No.70890550

CP as a means of paying for upgrades/weapons has gotten kind of retarded. When it was 1 relic it made sense but now CP upgrade strats for regular squads are everywhere. And they are really not equivalent between factions.

>> No.70890562

DG is probably gonna be in the last book.
So that means we'll get some decent stuff for 2 months before 9th ed releases, r-right?
>In before we get fucked up the ass again

>> No.70890567

>They were fairly priced, and therefore, no one took them
I can't imagine being this asspained. The heavy burst cannon was 8 shots at S6 AP-1 D1 on a 250+ point platform, for fuck's sake.

>> No.70890569

I wouldn't trust anything the Goonhammer site says anymore desu. They've taken the GW preview dollar and are no longer anywhere near as in-depth with the codex. They're also closing out each article with a reason why you should buy [thing].

>> No.70890570

read all the scion shit most of its garbage feels bad meng.

>> No.70890575

I think they're mostly just doing it to be assholes for the sake of being assholes.

>> No.70890578

This, they should just go back to being points upgrades like they used to.

>> No.70890579

Lots of infantry squads with comms, as many company/platoon commanders as you can fit in your list. Give your infantry sergeants power swords and your commanders power fists.

>> No.70890582

look at it this way, the only way for them to fuck anyone in the ass harder than GSC just got fucked, they would have to actively nerf your army in PA
also you have power armor so youll be fine

>> No.70890583

RoTD didnt give masters of the chapter, that was Faith and Fury

>> No.70890584

They moved on to greener pastures. Good riddance, them bitching in every thread how much mean old GW hated them got old quick.

>Made the transition
Only the Slaanesh players.

>> No.70890586

Does chopping out parts of your body and brain and replacing them with wires and gears have any effect on your psychic signature/soul? Are there psykers among the admech, or did they replace all the magic parts of their brains with hard drives containing all ten trillion petabytes of the unabridged Prayer of the Omnissiah?

>> No.70890592

To be fair every big model was undergunned and overpriced at that point but yeah riptides weren't excatly 'fairly priced'.

>> No.70890598

Dude dresses in a human skin tuxedo.

>> No.70890600


>> No.70890618

I'm not sure it should be that way, but it's undeniable that there's a lot more variance in results for the same cost when talking about CP upgrades as opposed to points one. It gets pretty ridiculous, LVO winner had like 8 CP spent on pregame upgrades.

They were pretty upfront that it was mostly garbage for GSC. And they moved to a new model where they give a top-level overview review when something drops (like today) then go in depth with a long article some time later. Look at yesterday's GK article.

>> No.70890619

They're solid. I think Scion detachments are a fine thing to play/include now. Very alpha strike-y but so's the whole game.

>> No.70890621

What's wrong with that?

>> No.70890627

>Do you even play the game?
Ah yes. I also recall this rebuttal when you were all claiming that Necrons were the most powerful army after 8th dropped

>Look at every unit in the xeno index and then the tau codex, its been a shitshow of underpowered weapons and overcosted units with commanders/riptides/drones being the only outliers and that is why they are taken
And Tau were never anything but top tier the whole time. In the index days craftworld and Necrons were the two worst xenos factions. Yet the way you're talking, you would think tau were slumming it while they were on the top tables.

>> No.70890630

You're right, my bad. Well, it's too early to tell, I think. Updated GK and at least some TS builds can still make waves IMO.

>> No.70890636

How many kataphrons is too many?

>> No.70890639

>Well, GW have decided Farsight Enclaves can have 2x as many commanders as other Tau so I guess we'll see how that changes the meta.
I think we all know roughly what that's going to do to the meta.

>> No.70890644

What did kroot get that made them more survivable? All I saw for them was the one stratagem

>> No.70890648

see my vest
made of real primaris chest
feel this sweater there's no better
than scions valkyrie jetter

>> No.70890652

Do big tournaments force you to pre-determinate the pre-game CP upgrades you'll want to use or can you finetune your list match-by-match basis? If the later then I think it serves a good purpose on competitive level, assuming there is enough tools for everyone to go around.

>> No.70890654

Nothing, if you're Buffalo Bill and like to see people rub lotion over themselves.

>> No.70890664

Stuff like Red Butchers or the SoB one that gives +1 Imagifier song is like... OK. I think mostly it's not worth it but there could be some niche lists where you want it. But 1CP for 3+ BS on a team of crisis suits or to massively upgrade a unit's weapon profile is like, well this is a no brainer to buy. It really doesn't work well where points are your supposed balancing factor.

>> No.70890665

Communism is old and it's been tried and failed

>> No.70890670

>max damage manticores
>max shots russes
>5++ bubble tempestor primes
>halve charge distance of unit hit in overwatch
>scion overlapping fields of fire but requires a kill
>valkyrie stays hard to hit in cover mode all game for 1cp pre-game
>+2 to charge out of chimera
>+1 strength hot shot weapons
fuark. juicy

>> No.70890671

>Have to play as traitors to play crisis suits
Thank god marine players don't bother to learn xeno shit

>> No.70890676

>see my vest
>made of real primaris chest
>feel this sweater there's no better
>than scions valkyrie jetter
Okay. That's fucking funny, anon. Someone needs to do the whole song.

>> No.70890679

It's dumb because I actually love the idea of Farsight Enclaves playing lists full of hotshot ace pilots who aggressively attack the enemy but fuck I'm going to hate playing against that so much.

>> No.70890690

Thoughts of kroot and tau in a pike and shot layout?

>> No.70890692

Also he doesn't really care if they have tentacles for faces and mouths for hands.

>> No.70890697

I don't understand the question

>> No.70890700

I like this one better.


>> No.70890702

Drop the Kroot and it sounds like it could be good. The Kroot heroic intervention strat is fluffy and actually pretty decent but lmao you still don't need Kroot.

>> No.70890705

When you go over the agreed point limit.

>> No.70890709

So would a xenobiologist be under more scrutiny and observations for heresy due to their line of work?

>> No.70890710

How easy are they to paint and assemble? They look expensive points wise, but I like the inhuman mechanicus aspect to them

>> No.70890713

>but fuck I'm going to hate playing against that so much.
What's not fun about losing all of your key units on turn one, and then getting tabled on turn 3 while you desperately try to win on objectives. Meanwhile, 80 percent of the Tau ary is still alive, because anything you had that could do any damage never got a shot off.

I don't know, anon. That sounds like loads of fun to me.

>> No.70890714

>still jack shit for kroot beyond one strat
At least vespids are pretty cool now with their strat

>> No.70890719

Im talking as a mono army. I run a 2k army of them.

>> No.70890734

I bet you were a-ok with it when it was other armies doing that shit.

>> No.70890737

There's probably an exceptionally fine line between acceptable study of xeno weaknesses, and heretical fascination with filthy xenos. The kind of line so fine that it takes a trigger happy inquisitor to see it.

>> No.70890764

That is the big problem with it however, you need to do cheese lists to win with Tau. Cant run full fire warrior squads effectivly and they are better with MSU, crisis suits are sort of bad, hammerheads are still fairly bad with the rest of the tau vehicles. Outside of those 3 the rest of them tend not to do so great. The new broadsides probably will do the best however

>> No.70890770

Would a vanguard detachment of fallen with plasma and cypher as hq be a decent option for CSM? Trying to make a semi-competitive fluffy alpha legion and using fallens seems like an alpha legion thing to do

>> No.70890774

If an officer uses take aim on a unit that has a plasma gun that overcharges and a 1 is rolled, does he melt in his own plasma or can he reroll the shot? What about cadian units with plasma guns, does their doctrine allow plasma rerolls without the model dieing?

>> No.70890775

>I bet you were a-ok with it when it was other armies doing that shit.
Well, since this is now the second time in this edition that Tau have been able to do this. I bid you fuck off, tau gaylord.

>> No.70890778

I can't believe they made railguns good again and didn't give my boys back their sick shoulder mounted ones.

>> No.70890779

Biggest problem with Tau is no options for your leader to drive anything but an XV-8, would love to have a commander in a broadside imho. Probably will make a cadre fluff with that as the case

>> No.70890780

Fuck you, T’au were dominant in 6e and 7e, they deserve to be punching bags. Meanwhile, Tyranids have been shit since 5e, were briefly good this edition, and are now down to being mediocre while their GSC allies continue to have their competitiveness ground down.

>> No.70890788

What did they know about the fallen?

>> No.70890802

>Heavy 6 S8 -4 D3 when not supercharged

>> No.70890803

>That is the big problem with it however, you need to do cheese lists to win with Tau
You still have the option to run what you like in a casual setting. The problem is that we still have factions that don't have an option for competition. That's who should have gotten the buffs. Not Tau.

>> No.70890805

The fallen have infiltrated the Tyranid hives, by use of gene stealing.

>> No.70890808

99% of Xenobiologists are probably studying fungus/bacterium/farm animals and not intelligent aliens that could lead to heresy.

>> No.70890820

they are pretty easy to build and magnetize the options

>> No.70890825

>fungus/bacterium/farm animals
My god.

>> No.70890841

I don't mind the T""""""au stuff if this really is prep for 9th. Stuff like minimum damage of 3 on d6 weapons or 3+d3 damage is what you need to make meltas worth taking again.

>> No.70890842

>Fuck you, T’au were dominant in 6e and 7e, they deserve to be punching bags.
He's trolling you, anon. Don't give it any replies. There are a bunch of false flaggers that go around pretending that Tau have been trash for years. They were here during 7th edition when the only armies winning tournaments were Eldar and Tau.

>> No.70890873

>Heavy 6 S8 -4 D3 when not supercharged
It's never going to not be supercharged, and this let's you use nova on the invulnerable save. Meaning you need fewer drones to protect it. Making this unit even more undercosted than it already was.

>> No.70890895 [SPOILER] 


>> No.70890910

Kataphrons? More like Catamites.

>> No.70890925


Tau basically need saviour protocols nerfed and everything else either reduced in points or buffed.

I'd like to see Savior protocols work on a 5+, but drones taken with a unit get +3 to the roll if made to intervene with their own unit. This means a riptide has 2 ablative wounds and can still technically spam others but they aren't even close to as reliable as they currently are. And mass shield drone spam just wont work.

Without the 20 ablative wounds Riptides go way down in strength as simply shooting them becomes a viable strategy.

Then buff a good chunk of the other Tau units (Hammerheads, Crisis, etc.)

>> No.70890936

Is there a place where I can find scans of data cards? I lost one of my Death Guard ones and I want to reprint it.

>> No.70890955

>Necrons used to be an intimidating faction on the board as all their units essentially were anti tank as well as anti infantry and it was a mad dash to kill as many as possible to trigger phase out before they slowly overwhelmed you
>Now they're just some low tier meme faction that uses Tesla infantry and flying vehicles with S10 weapons
I want my horde of turbochad zombie robots just slowly moving forward zapping tanks and dudes again

>> No.70890966

necrons should be getting a wave (and probably a 2.0 codex) soon

>> No.70890973

Me too. I'm hoping 10e puts us back where we belong

>> No.70890990

>any tau nerfs actually happening
I like your attitude, but that simply will not happen. Tau only get buffs. It's been like that for years. If any change was made to saviour protocols, it would become automatic and drones would go down to 5pts.

>> No.70890997

I'd love a conscripts wave strategem for warriors but you can deploy them on your tombworld for invasion beams. Give them a reason to be used again maybe as constantly respawning masses of 20

>> No.70891023

IG, with their already decent codex, get more broken-ass shit
Chaos gets fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked again

>> No.70891026

>I want my horde of turbochad zombie robots just slowly moving forward zapping tanks and dudes again
Necrons are still my main army. I know your pain. 8th edition made them into a complete joke. I doubt we will see any real improvement in PA

>> No.70891052


This is a bit of a fallacy. Just because other armies need bonuses does not mean Tau don't also need/deserve reworks and fixes. And since PA is literally for every army you don't just skip one army randomly.

Basically the fact Tau get an update shouldn't exclude others from getting updates. And others getting updates shouldn't exclude Tau from getting one.

Even Sisters who just came out with a new range of models can use an update. (They have very limited unit options including only 1 choice for troops slot which is problematic). I think the only army that doesn't need an update at the moment is marines whove had recent updates, good rules, and a huge & modern model range.

>> No.70891053

I miss seeing silver tide + three monoliths. I remember being so angry at how powerful it was the first time I saw it on the table, but now I want nothing more than for it to come back.

>> No.70891055

You're functionally just taking a bunch of Chosen with no legion trait.

>> No.70891064

>IG, with their already decent codex, get more broken-ass shit
>Chaos gets fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked again
Holy crap. I was wondering when you guys would show up. Don't ever leave us like that again. You fucking promise me, Chaosfag.

>> No.70891073

Obligatory "IG was never good in 8th lmao" shitpost.

>> No.70891090

>I think the only army that doesn't need an update at the moment is marines whove had recent updates, good rules, and a huge & modern model range.
Can't argue with that. How many troops choices do they get now? Five?

>> No.70891118

Why? THe biologus are not the ones that study xeno technology, they are the ones that dissect them.
No heresy there

>> No.70891121

Too bad it will be the exact opposite, marines will keep on getting the most updates and most new models. Always have, always will.

>> No.70891123

Tacticals hardly count.

>> No.70891130

>tfw you want to make /yourdudes/ but lack the imagination to make something up.
Time to make some primaris marines

>> No.70891141

Just pick a cool chapter, there are tons out there.

>> No.70891147

You can be a lazy cunt and just kitbash some Perry minis with GW stuff

>> No.70891198

>tfw you think you have an amazing backstory for /yourdudes/ but you think it might be autistic.
Time to make some primaris marines

>> No.70891219

>Tacticals hardly count.
Oh yeah. I forgot that mini marines were squatted. Carry on.

>> No.70891222

Anon, that could be /yourdudes/ inspiration right there. They seek inspiration or to inspire by scouring the lost worlds of the Imperium for tomes of ancient history and tales of defiance against a galaxy which harbors only contempt for humanity

>> No.70891227

Based and primarispilled

>> No.70891246

>tfw you think you have an amazing backstory for /yourdudes/ but you think it might be autistic.
So, you're saying that you came up with lore that already fits neatly into the existing lore? Good work, anon. You should be proud of what you have created.

>> No.70891293

just have to suffer through PA... gw will buff necrons after we wait for 6 months THIS time, surely.

>> No.70891314

Oh man, you wouldn't want to go and make the extremely cool activity of painting little magic space soldier guys into a nerdy one by giving the little dudes a backstory.

>> No.70891321

All gauss should improve AP to a flat -3 if its less, and to -4 if it already -3 on an unmodified roll of 6 to wound.

Scarabs get a similar role, but they wound INFANTRY on a 5+ and VEHICLES on a 4+ with mortals on any unmodified 6's like sniper rifles.

>> No.70891366

Gauss either need to melt armor better or deliver autowounds on hits of 6/mortal wounds on 6s or something like that to make it more like an actual disintegration beam

>> No.70891432

>Rubric Marines are the rank and file of the Thousand Sons
>Plague Marines are the rank and file of the Death Guard
>Berzerkers are the rank and file of the World Eaters
>Noise Marines are not the rank and file of the Emperor's Children

>> No.70891454

>just have to suffer through PA... gw will buff necrons after we wait for 6 months THIS time, surely.
I know we keep getting our hopes up, and then the buffs never come, but I honestly think that PA is going to fix Necrons.

>> No.70891470

The Noise marines kinda are as the Emperor's Children are all but extinct

>> No.70891492

I'm hopeful too as all they would need are some strategems to buff them. It would be malicious if they didn't give us something to bring us up after that okayish CA points drops that only really made shit we didn't use in meta cheaper besides HQ drops.

>> No.70891514

EC still get Noise Marines as Troops, or do you mean the fluff?

>> No.70891601

I'm just hoping we get gauss back.

>> No.70891623

This was written by an anarch-primitivist though. Has anarch-primitivism been tried yet?

>> No.70891683

How would you do a "xeno merc" faction?

>> No.70891703

>It would be malicious if they didn't give us something to bring us up after that okayish CA points drops that only really made shit we didn't use in meta cheaper
This CA was terrible for us. It didn't really change our position at all. We moved up at the same rate as everyone else. So we still ended up at the bottom with GK. After some more major events, I think we will probably be sitting at the bottom with the Tyranids, after GK got some nice buffs in their PA book. Feels bad, man.

>> No.70891704


>> No.70891707

Dark Eldar

>> No.70891718

>I'm just hoping we get gauss back.
They better fucking do it. We need to be the anti-vehicle faction again. We can bring balance to the meta.

>> No.70891759

Who other than IH is using vehicles right now?

>> No.70891761


>> No.70891768

Adarki Aeldari or Orks are your best bet, both have been know to be mercs and despite their fucked up nature they'll hold true to their contract. In either case I'd suggest a lot of flyers, transports and fast attack units in their army composition to help emphasize the roaming aspect of mercs

>> No.70891773

>Who other than IH is using vehicles right now?
That's the point.

>> No.70891891

losing gauss and phase out has really sucked the soul out of the old necron identity

>> No.70891909

Yeah, the stone age. It worked, then we made farms.

>> No.70891980

By every mountain man and nomadic tribe across the world. It's a relatively shitty way to live.

>> No.70891998

Bros, I'm going to transition!

>> No.70892003

honestly i think gauss was the big hit, there's virutally no difference between a necron army playing and a marine army playing except the marines are just so much stronger and vastly more reliable

>> No.70892017


>> No.70892059

do elf bikes count? other than that,
IG are probably about to start running more armor and valkyries.
Chaos and Imperial Knights are still getting used even if they're not gatekeeping at tournaments anymore.
some Ad Mech lists are leveraging their new vehicle chassis.

>> No.70892083

Is it possible to have a functional eldar army only with wraithlords, wraithguards, wraithblades and wrainthknight? And maybe a hero or 2 for hq? I really like their wraith models but don't dig other models that much. I'm not talking about high competetive roster here, just somewhat functional for fun narrative play.

>> No.70892097

is there a scan yet of greater good?

>> No.70892117

come back in a week

>> No.70892127

Pretty sure its only goonhammer shit right now. Unfortunately it seems that they're more concerned with shilling rather than saying everything thats in it

>> No.70892142

if you just want someone to list what's in it then check auspex tactics

>> No.70892238

Thinking of making some Zef-style guardsmen

>> No.70892259


>> No.70892549

if you are playing 40k are you on the spectrum don't @ me with 'I'm normal bro I have a wife and kids and 9 to 5 job"

>> No.70892600

I forgot about AdMech actually, they have really solid vehicles.

>> No.70892979

I prefer Sisters of Silence but with swords but I like both . I was thinking of using one as a repentia stand in for my SoB kill team

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