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Do you have a non-sexual magical realm? Like do you have to force airships into every one of your games to a conspicuous degree? Have you ever been called out on it?

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My only magical realm is dungeon crawling.

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I guess my recurring trope would be collecting sacred magical artifacts

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Magical realm, as it is used in gaming circles, means almost exclusively injecting sexual content into games when unwelcome. So I'm pretty sure the answer is a hard No.
Though, female knights do feel like magical realm content if you're enough of a historical accuracy autist.

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Which is why I specified a 'non-sexual' magical realm?

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And I correctly pointed out that you need special kinds of retards for the word magical realm to mean anything but sexual.

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My magical realm is saying outloud "op is a faggot" at the start of every session.

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cool themed knights with weird armor/gimicksm Think shovel knight

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Which is why I specified 'non-sexual' magical realm'?
Do you have some examples you can list?

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Isn't that just recurring themes ?
Why would you even use term "magical realm" ?

On topic:
Weimar Republic is a perfect setting and fantasy versions of it should be used in any game.

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Well, it wouldn't be a magical realm at that point.
But to answer your question: Quasi-Roman Evil Empires

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Weimar was highly magical realm though, what with all the lesbians running around because all the young got slaughtered in the war and the fascination with the erotic.

Here's a challenge - what time periods and places pre-21st century do you think are the most and least "magical realm"?

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If the content is non-sexual, then it is not magical realm.

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Because the idea that its' to an obnoxious and nonsensical degree.

Like I can have a thing for big-boobs. But having one big-boobed wench as an NPC isn't a magical realm. But having every NPC be a big-boobed wench is. Meanwhile- a race-car driver NPC isn't obnoxious, but having every NPC be a race-car driver in every game is.

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Lesbians you say?

Anyway, Greco-Roman classical era. The degeneracy gets exaggerated, but since it's there, why not ramp it up for funsies? Bonus points if you use roman-pseudo-sexuality, where the rules are that whoever's on the bottom is gay.

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>non-sexual magical realm
This is an oxymoron.

Do you perhaps mean, "do you have a thing you put into every game you run because you like it?", to which my answer is "no".

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Swords and magic. Game genre doesn't matter

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Are you asking:
>Do you have fetishes which don't actually involve sex that you sneak into your games


> Do you put certain things into your games because you like them

In which case.... Yes? All of my games are almost exclusively full of things I find cool

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>Well I really like airships
Is it a sexual like? Is it obvious to outsiders that it is sexual? Does it make your players/gm/other players unconfortable? If the answer to any of these is no than it isn’t magical realm. Even “I like lady knight” or “I like transformation magic” might not be magical realm if your group isn’t aware that it is fetishistic “ha your character got turned into a girl that’s hilarious” or are into it “haha wouldn’t it be hilarious if we accidentally insulted this order of ladyknights? And wouldn’t it be hilarious if they made us their slaves and locked us in chastity haha? You know as a joke haha.”

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I can't help including a lesbian villain in every game I run. I derive no pleasure from it, it just always seems to gel well with having female PCs in the group whose players demand boyfriends.

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I'm asking is there something non-sexual that you put in your games that's unusual and obnoxious, but you do it anyway? See>>70880047

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I have access to a demiplane of used cars but I cant let any of my players to know about it.

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I'm a sucker for huge cliche cavalry charges arriving at the last second to save the day

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A non-sexual magical realm isn't a magical realm. A non-sexual magical realm is just a fixation that keeps popping up in your games. And that's exactly what the OP was referring to, he was asking if you have any odd non-sexual fixations that keep popping up in your games.

Communication is cooperative, anons. Failing to hear something isn't an accomplishment.

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I'm waaay too honest and couldn't pass on savings to my customers anymore.

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