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>Home Sweet Home Edition

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OP Pastebin:
You can find the Overlord CYOA and other important links here.

>Brainy and Kath's New Skill Stress-Test!

>Martial Disciplines DLC

>Spiritual Caster DLC

>Last Time on Oberon's Tower

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What is the problem here?

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Are you alright fairy dev?

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> This board is for author-driven collaborative storytelling (i.e., "Quests"). In a quest there is a single author who controls the plot of the story and who drives the creative process
> Single Author

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Why do you faggots keep biting the extremely obvious bait?

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Because we’re as smart as fish

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Silly billys

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Dum dums

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Baka Baka Chagamas

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I woke up, upset with the bait, no smiling at these replies.

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Calamity sounds awesome, and very comfy too with the fairy NPCs.

I cant say I was expecting anything but this.

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You do have cute girls in your Guild, right anon?

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Yes, but not enough. Being hardcore no lifers in Yggdrasil we didn't think to create cute looking girl NPCs until much later in the game. And so we have very few and they are among the weakest in of the base defenders.

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What's the dealio with Caster Disciplines. Is that still a WIP or are we sticking to how spells were handled previously?

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They aren't mutually exclusive really, so either is fine.

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Pancake and Sloth Work Together and Easily Retrieve the Black Chest from Atop the Pillar, and Set It Upon the Floor to Open It. Pancake Is Able to Lift the Heavy Lid With Just a Light Shove.

There is a Crackle of Red Lightning as the Lid Swings Open, but Nothing Happens. Inside the Ornate Chest is a Large Red Gemstone, Masterfully Cut Into a Faceted Sphere. A Least as Big as a Person’s Head, This Deep Red Ruby Seems to Draw the Light from Within the Chest, Causing It To Stand Out Brightly While the Rest of the Chest Looks Pitch Black on the Inside.

This Gem Is Clearly Magical In Some Way.


In the Room Above, Ariel, Bulkana, and Kedalbiri Determine That with The Resistances Granted By Ariel, They Could Pass Through the Toxic Mist Without Much Trouble. Tsuyuhime Lets The Others Know That the Worms in the Walls Don’t Look Like Much, In Terms of Being a Trap Or Some Such.

It Isn’t Clear What The Buttons On Each Wall Do, If Anything.


In the Basement Dungeon, Woshou Knocks Down the Shambling Bones That is Still Attacking Apotheosis. Gryffon Lands a Few Furious Blows Upon the Horror That He Earlier Knocked Aside, and Apotheosis Finally Puts Down the Regenerating Undead He Was Focused On.

Woshou Rains Down a Half Dozen Heavy Punches Upon the Shambling Bones He Knocked Down, and Obliterates It. Gryffon Tracess His Sword In a Powerful Downward Arc, and Cuts Vertically In Half the Undead He Is Fighting!

With All the Greater Shambling Bones Defeated, the Room Is Silent For a Moment. Then the Group On This Floor Once Again Hears the Clinging and Clanking of Heavy Metal Chains from Inside the Huge Metal Box at the End of the Long Room That Makes Up This Dungeon.

The Rest of the Bones on the Floor and the Corpses in the Hanging Cages Remain Still.

There is a Metal Lever on the Wall, Next to the Staircase.

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In that case, Bulkana's going to suggest that they all fly through the mist without messing with any of the buttons. Whatever potential secret or reward is not worth the risk of triggering a teleportation trap, or something else.

While Kedalbiri and Ariel can make it no problem, it might surprise their new companion to learn that Bulkana can do it all the same. Though the thought of showing this random girl his mechanical parts is truly sickening, to the point where he'd feel like throwing up if he had the means to do so, the thought of being turned to stone, or worse, pushes the thought away for the moment.

He carefully assumes a runner's position, making sure that no one's behind him or in his way. It sounds like a match lights within Bulkana's legs, and from the back of his calves a small, but wide fire breaks out and begins to propel him forward. When he enters the toxic mist, he'll put his palms together and point his elbows down. From there, the fire in his legs will switch off, and the ones from his elbows will activate instead, gently hovering him over toward Tsuyuhime with his 69nice in Flight.

If the buttons turn out to be important later, Brainy and him can deal with it then.

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Use both, or whichever you prefer.

Picking up the large stone, Pancake will give it a once over with [Gods Eye] before putting it in his dimensional inventory.

Turning to Sloth he will look up at the giant Treeman and begin

"If you insist it be a gift, then I accept it graciously. I owe you one, and I shall not let the debt stand long."

Looking around the mostly empty chamber, realising the others are long gone.

"Where to now? Up, Down, or shall we continue to look around here?"

He will go in whichever direction Sloth chooses.

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Agreed. I'm leaving the general and not coming back due to the awful and continued bullying I have received for merely being Brainlet. I wish the people in this general well.

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Oops, I didn't look back until you commented. Meant to read "Now im smiling at these replies"

Thanks funnydoppel anon

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Didn't Ariel gave you the same protections as everyone else?

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She did! They're not flying to avoid the gas, but there are pressure plates on the floor, so they have to fly over the hallway to avoid triggering them, whatever they do.

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It is 1:08 and i am too tired from not sleeping much this day so i can't come up in a way to say it in character but i think i should try to push a button because brainy is squishy squid and if button blows up he might get popped to death

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ooc you could wait for Sloth/Pancake Emperor/Griffon/Apotheosis, since they seem like they would just do it, and be able to survive anything bad that pops out

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kudos for handling a split party there, that was well done

Covered in the powdered dust of his enemies, Woshou takes some deep breaths- then coughs up some dust before breathing a little more cautiously.

"Hope they didn't hurt you too bad, bro," I say to Apotheosis. "I mean, they probably didn't, but... actually, never mind. We wrecked them."

I return to the staircase and take a seat next to the wall. "You did good too, running guy. Hey, what was your name again?"

"So, uh, you guys do whatever, I'll take a break here for the moment."


Last I checked, we had a stardust dragon, the lovely panda chef, some incoming twins, and of course the absolute cutest girl- pic related.

Speaking of which, yo Apotheosis, is it ok if I do some writing for the fourth floor? I have some horrifying ideas on what it could be.

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Mottraye and Punnet begin the Garden Kingdom


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“Hmmm. Many people go down but not many go up. Also me no like underground much

Sloth (and Pancake if he’s willing) will go upstairs. Sloth will continue to look for signs of the Marlboro.

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Up it is!

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"Ahaha! I'm impressed, ser Gryffon! I didn't expect you to keep up with Woshou! Good show, everyone!" I walk back down the hallway towards the stairs.

"Now, I'm not sure if you gents are getting the same feeling, but I'm pretty sure there's something a tad nastier than those mish-mashed skeletons in that box over there. I'm going to rest up a bit on the floor above, and then come back down to see about opening that box. If you'd rather go on ahead, I won't begrudge you." I will make my way up the stairs to the pack Elemental that should be on the ground floor, to get a refreshing and energizing beverage. Then I'll head back down here to this dungeon and chill until my Vitality, Stamina, and Mana recharge. Once that's done I'm going to try to bust out whatever is in that metal box. If I need a key or something I'll attack it.

Oh yeah, that's fine. I haven't been doing much on the floors, but I added your description of the Fifth to the Guild Page, along with a preliminary build for Tianmen. Mostly done with the other builds, but translating them over to a character sheet takes a long time, and I'm a procrastinator.

You can never have enough.

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>chill until my Vitality, Stamina, and Mana recharg
mana recharge is so slow! Youre gonna miss the whole dungeon!

>> No.70835697

>mana recharge is so slow!
Yeah about that.
3.0 wasn't built with "resting" mana recharge in mind so there are tons of mana recovery buffs that would be useless if we go by this logic. Adapt 4.0 if you wish.

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I've read this three times and still have no idea what it says

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Basically if you sit down in most MMOs, your regen massively improves. 3.0 doesn't have this and thus there are mana recovery buffs. But if it did exist, those buffs are pretty worthless.

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It's a little more than that, actually.
In overlord canon, there's actually no mana potions at all. Rest is the only way to recover mana quickly, and it still takes a long time, 6 hours of rest to fully refresh.
This is not modeled in 3.0, as such more common mana regen systems have been substituted.

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I'd like to move back to canon mana for 4.0 honestly. It'll give us better contrast between casters and martials.

>> No.70837492

Agreed, but we should also figure out stamina regen for them while we are at it.

Mana could be 10% of max per hour, outside combat. And 0% in combat. Which is slightly less than the 6 hours would be, but allow room for increases that seem commonly available.

Then have stamina be maybe be % based per minute, but much lower? Or maybe a flat amount based off CON?

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Punnet is a cutie

>> No.70837624

Yeah, that's the plan. I like the contrast of mana being powerful but precious, and stamina being near-limitless but less powerful per point.
I still think there's enough evidence for a small mana regen rate in combat.
I'd say 0.2% per minute, or 12% per hour, while actively resting (Sleeping or Meditating). While not resting, in combat or otherwise, mana regen is reduced to 0.02% per minute, or 1.2% per hour. It exists, but not in any substantial capacity.
Stamina regen, as an idea, could just be 60x resting mana regen: 0.2% per second, or 12% per minute, fully recoverable from nothing in less than nine minutes. Not sure if that's too fast or not fast enough.

>> No.70837879

Looks good to me.

>> No.70837897

Let's also whittle this down for practical RP purposes.
"Mana doesn't regen enough to give you anything meaningful in combat until you've experienced a long rest."

>> No.70837970

A long rest will restore it completely, but if you're careful about mana consumption, a short nap or quick meditation can help to top you off.
For reference, if you have 130 mana (a focused but not optimized caster) your rested regen rate is 15.6 per hour, enough to cast a tier 5 spell after half an hour of rest. That might be important.
A highly specialized wizard could take it further. Without looking into ways to speed up regen (which will have to be revisited in light of the new system), a caster with a high mana pool would get more out of a nap. I have 306 mana with gear, so my rested regen rate would be 36.72 per hour, enough to cast a non-specialization Teir 10 spell after only 40 minutes of rest.
That said, we're still talking short rest levels of waiting at least. And this is all based on calculations that might change in 4.0.

>> No.70838181

Given the prevalence of 1/2 cost abilities, that is enough for a focused by not optimised caster to cast a t10 really.

>> No.70838192

I'm just a bit dubious as to the narrative value of that. How about a "quick recovery" mechanism instead? In short, you can attempt to have recovered enough mana in a short period of time by doing a roll. Probably comes back after a little while.

Also thoughts on making 1/2 mana cost and 1/2 stamina cost work like multipliers? So 1/2*1/2 = 1/3, 1/2*1/2*1/2 = 1/4, etc.

This way we don't have runaway multipliers in that regard either.

>> No.70838333

I dont see how a quick recovery fits into the canon, the cyoa, builds, or event events. Regeneration should be fixed not random.

>> No.70838345

>you can attempt to have recovered enough mana
What does this mean? Why would it be an attempt? If you wanted to recover mana you would do as brainy said and remove yourself from combat, vastly increasing how fast it recovers.

>> No.70838565

It's just abstraction. The real reason why you want to know is to pull off one extra spell. So for a narrative system, you just boil it down to that. Better mana regen means a better chance at gaining it back.
You can also make it have no random factor, just if you fulfill a condition you get a spell back. So if you want crunch to your narrative system, just precalculate the "short rest" mana regen. In play if you pull off a short rest (or meditation) then you get the listed mana back. Simple as that.

>> No.70838642

>> 70820330
Psychic DLC take 2


-Psychic can now communicate with and / or detect any number or targets, instead of its previous ability.

-Talismancer has been dialled back to be more in line with the Paladin and Ranger. Now has Weak Spellcasting, and it still has +10/+10 but now has less vitality to compensate sorry Persethenes
-Added the Talisman Shooter, an upgrade to Talismancer. It can spam talismans even harder and upgrades to full casting. Notably Talismancer+Shooter has more CL and less ML than Pally+Inq And Rang+Strider.

-Rejiggered the Medium to just be dead people, and adjusted it’s wording a little. I didn’t end up making a lot of different kinds like >>70820561 suggested, but I was inspired by this chain >>70820588, >> 70820636, >> 70820652, >> 70820664 >> 70820682 to make atleast the Malconvoker. Technically not Spiritual in any way, but it’s related to the medium and I think it’s cool.

-While I didn’t add an easy way for all spirituals to get channelling, I did add the Wilder, who can ‘outburst’ as a sort of mental rage and channels more efficiently when doing so, and the Hex Maniac, who can uniquely channel with debuff spells rather than damage spells. Healer slightly reworded to allow channeling in healing spells when?

-Added the kineticist >>70811320, which is basically an upgrade to both Wu Jens and Elementalists. Still manipulates one thing, but that one thing could be metal, wood, fire, etc.

-Also added an Astrologer that is not a birthday wizard. Has a powerful and spammable divination ability and can give a buff that is both very minor and very long lasting to someone by rading their starsign. Still has the custom spell based on their starsign, but changed to 3/day rather than 1/hour during their birth month.

I was really close to giving Punnet a ye olde vocabulary, but decided it would have been two annoying

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Messed up the link to critique critique from last thread >>70820330

>That end spoiler dyslexia mistake


>> No.70838759

Not sure how I feel about the Talisman Shooter. It's such a direct upgrade class that it doesn't differentiate from the Talismancer, while the Paladin, Ranger, and Bard upgrade classes are more offshoots in various directions. I'd probably feel better if there was a second upgrade class such that not all Talismancers feel the same.
I'd also expect Increased Attack Speed with Talismans to be on the Talisman Shooter due to how focused it is. If there was a Boxer-Wrestler-Monk situation where base classes are differentiating from each other, then that ability makes sense. But right now it doesn't match the broad scope of most base classes. What about Perform Attack Action?

Overall though, I think it's a good step. I'd agree with the call to dial back the Talismancer, and having a higher CL gish option is really welcome as classes with that distribution are quite rare compared to ML-heavy gishes.

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Spiritual DLC Base Class hotfix surprise
>Still incredibly sad I goofed and called it Psychic DLC in previous post

Decided the newest base classes needed to be a bit more well-rounded, so changed up one of their abilities to be a little less focused on a single gimmick.

-Hex Maniac now summons a ghost companion, so it can do something other than debuffs It’s a second summoner class and thus maybe shows my biases; but though I could have gone with status inflicting supernatural options, this was the most truly valid option given the source material

-Wilder can now take a Supernatural attack action to inflict [Stun] and knock down a target, so it can have something to do after blowing all its mana channelling during an outburst.

Might maybe later put the removed classes into other advanced classes for players who want to specialise. Although both removed options would make notably fine options for a custom SAC, so I might leave it at that.

I concur with the sentiment about talisman shooter being closer to talismancer than the other gishies, so I reverted the resistance decreasing ability to the base class and gave the spam abilities to the advanced class.
Different class paths for the weak caster base classes is a neato idea. Perhaps a more martial Champion as an alternative to Inquisitor and… something as an alternative to Strider, I guess? No more writing for me today I think, I’m feeling rather creatively spent Some TCG inspired mechanic of drawing a random talisman with better effects might be cool, but I can’t think of how to make it work right now. More gish expansions are a bit outside mere spiritual dlc, but I guess I included the Malconvoker so maybe I’ll have a think about it. Tomorrow.

>> No.70839304

Personally I've always thought of at least two distinct applications of talismans. The first is the talisman spam you've outlined, basically being a 2hu. The second is suspending talismans in the air, effectively mines and area effects. One could further divide the suspended talismans into aerial ones which are fast to deploy and visible, and surface ones which are suitable for ambushes but require setup.
Deck talismans seems like a fun idea as well and has synergy with Gambler/Ruler of Fate, but too random and it won't be a core part of someone's strategy.
Rest up, you've done a lot of good work already.

>> No.70839523

In line with this, if talisman shooter is the more fighty sort they should reflect that and have an other offshoot be more magical (one that removes ×2 casting for example).

>> No.70839602

That's thread is cringe.

>> No.70839722

I will do that then

>> No.70839937

+1 for this. Have Talisman Shooter be a more marital based class (so no weak-> normal casting, but more physical attack focus) and add another more magical talisman advanced class

>> No.70839951

>marital based class
Martial not marital
Marriage based class when?

>> No.70839963


>> No.70840027

I liked punnet as you made him. He seems super chill, but also vigilant

>> No.70840137

Watching the old man(?) rocket gently through the air reminds her of the other players in her life, each of them unique and standouts in their own little way. She remains on lookout, half assisting each party member through the "maze," half searching for any secret doors. Mechanisms like these often have maintenance hatches, perhaps she could find one?

>> No.70840171

Your post here brings something up that’s important to be reviewed for 4.0.

Why did we ditch Weak casting?
I do understand that as it stands now we just have weak casting under a different appearance, but it seems so inelegant and botched. Maybe we should return to using Weak Casting in 4.0, even if we keep the Lazybones mechanics for it.

>> No.70840354

My complaint is that most level 15 classes suck but none of your classes do so Spirit casters will be just better.
I suppose it won't be a problem if people buff them for 4.0.

>> No.70840392

I still can't forget that one death scene... So many mogekos...

>> No.70840415

Most of the martial ones definitely suck except for Fighter, but the trifecta of Warlock/Sorcerer/Wizard is pretty damn strong. Probably best if 4.0 does a review on the weaker ones.

>> No.70840547

Defender is also pretty neat because of the AoE blocking or Crusader with it's 20% damage buffer

>> No.70840674

I'm working on it. Give me another day or two and I should have something to show for the Martial classes.

>> No.70840834

I got inspired by taking the same class multiple times.
Can a SAC take the same class ability multiple times?

>> No.70840847

Tried it once but I think people said no.

>> No.70841663

>all this talk about a CYOA update
>new classes
>new classes
>new classes

>> No.70841792

Brainy's autismos will bring us to the promised land

>> No.70842855

>spend too much time with CYOA
>source material just makes me angry with Murayama now
Why are cursed to be so close, and yet so far, to the perfect rpg?

>> No.70843093

Because our fate is to create YGGDRASIL so ainz can be isekaied into new world his sasuga points are affecting things retroactively.

>> No.70843194

Is this the power of ultra sasuga? To affect events in the past and be the source of its own sasuganess?

>> No.70843458

Alright lads i need a quick rundown of ainz sama

>> No.70844148

As expected of the Supreme One

>> No.70844213

What would the ultimate healer build look like?

>> No.70844640

Probably divine+arcane caster, specialised in Conjuration. With Domain healing, a custom ability or 2. The first that heals for the max amount when healing, the second that heals say 20% more when healing.

From there id use a SAC ability to modify the boxer trait from 29% damage buffer DoT to make my heals do 20% as HoT (which neatly covers the bonus heal amount).

Apart from that ways to reduce aggro since healers draw aggro like a bonfire draws moths.

If i had to make a custom spell id probably either make a channeling spell tbat single targeted, and healed continuously but allowed me to move. Like the medic from tf2. Or a super tier, that was like his uber. Turning himself and 1 other invulnerable for a few seconds.

>> No.70844921

>Healing climax: You get a raptorous mental status with intensity scaling the more you heal, at its peak unleash a powerful healing AOE

>> No.70845374

For reference

>> No.70846158

Ah man, fuck Ainz. New World War just to get as many people as possible to unite against him. If we end up even being in the same world.

A hilarious enough build idea for post-isekai that I might actually use it.
>tfw too many thirsty yandere npcs in guild ends up being my downfall

>> No.70846872

>divine+arcane caster
why arcane over nature?

>> No.70846900

Now how can we invoke this type of atmosphere in roleplaying game?

>> No.70846925

Because constructs

>> No.70846934

Good thing i don't worry about memery death.

>> No.70847356 [DELETED] 


>None of your base classes suck, making them better than other classes by default

...I guess I'll take that as a complement, then?


>Classes being made before an edition change

Ah, you see, now is the perfect time: if I mess up, the mistake won't hang around very long, because Brainy can just fix it in 4.0!


>Ainz rundown

Pic Related


>Ultimate Healer Build

-SAC 1:
--Everytime you recover HP, if you heal in excess of your maximum hit points, you convert the excess MP to HP

Here's a start- now you've unlocked infinite mana, becoming the magical equivalent of a perpetual motion machine, you just need bad enough heals and maybe a conjuration specialisation or two.

-SAC 2:
--You can do channelling with Healing spells

This basically gives you by default the baddest healing spells possible, even going off base spells.

And now you can channel your whole mana pool into healing spells, then have you mana pool recover through those healing spells to do it again and again. Maybe grab an SAC to do mana battery things and you are good to go.

>> No.70847365

divine already has the best heals. Beyond that you would want to either heal constructs and/or the extra versatilty of arcane. Nature would be good as well if you can fit it, but i imagined diminishing returns.
You could easily do it with nature, i just didnt.

>> No.70847432


>None of your base classes suck, making them better than other classes by default

...I guess I'll take that as a complement, then?


>Classes being made before an edition change

Ah, you see, now is the perfect time: if I mess up, the mistake won't hang around very long, because Brainy can just fix it in 4.0!


>Ainz rundown

Pic Related


>Ultimate Healer Build

-SAC 1:
--Every time you recover HP, if you heal in excess of your maximum hit points, you convert the excess HP to MP

Here's a start- now you've unlocked infinite mana, becoming the magical equivalent of a perpetual motion machine, you just need bad enough heals and maybe a conjuration specialisation or two for an MP discount on the spells you cast, so that you can reliably exceed your HP in heals.

-SAC 2:
--You can do channelling with Healing spells

This basically gives you by default the baddest healing spells possible, even going off base spells.

And now you can channel your whole mana pool into healing spells, then have you mana pool recover through those healing spells to do it again and again. Maybe grab an SAC to do mana battery things, to increase you maximum mana for maximum channelling, and you are good to go

>> No.70847472

>ow you've unlocked infinite mana

>> No.70847767

Yeah i prefer the answer >>70844640, since it addresses a build idea or basis. Mentioning custom spell ideas and a single sac that isnt even complete.

Honeslty reading the reply that only includes sacs and then the sac itself is busted really irks me. Its less an build or character and just a way to press a win button.

>> No.70849143

Seeing as healing doesn't cap at 100 proficiency like other things, I'd assume there are a few damage/healing builds. Hell, I was thinking of a Mediator build with Dark and Light damage, maybe stick them both together for maximum yin yang.

>> No.70851041

>cant go against fate
Say that to my face you limp noodle

>> No.70851521

Hey guys what do you think of my SACs pretty cool right.

Planar Breacher(Req. Planeswalker, Arcane +50) [CL +10/V +3]
Can emit an Aura that grants immunity to Banish and Instant Death
Can summon a unique Outsider NPC (this NPC's level is 80% of Summoner's Total Level) When summonable unique NPC dies, it can only respawn after 168 hours (Summoner Modified)
Can summon a powerful Outsider NPC, once every 72 hours(Windtalker Modified)

Cycle of Life(Req. Beastmaster, +250 Karma) [CL +10/V +3]
Your Summoned NPCs take 50% damage from AoE effects
Can summon a unique Animal NPC (this NPC's level is 80% of Summoner's Total Level) When summonable unique NPC dies, it can only respawn after 168 hours (Summoner Modified)
Can summon a powerful Animal NPC, once every 72 hours(Windtalker Modified)

>> No.70851659


>> No.70853603

Has everyone replied to fairydevs last post?

>> No.70853711

Oh, come to think of it, I haven't.
I'll do so in a minute.

>> No.70854214

Seeing people leave the basement, I'll return to the ground floor as well. I'll stick with Apotheosis, Woshou and Gryffon for now, to ensure that each group has some kind of heavy caster support. And if time and rule systems permit, I will also rest to regain my mana.

>> No.70855039

I think Gryffon hasn't, or maybe that was last round

>> No.70855332

I'm still here
playing Wakfu has been eating all my attention XD

"Gryffon. And you guys aren't half bad either. I never managed to team up so well with people I just met so quickly. It's really Strange I nevr heard of you guys on the YGGDRASIL PvP scene before."

>> No.70856317

> overlord

>> No.70856334

Looking forward to buffed base classes, if that's what you mean. Either way.

>> No.70858279

we need an injection pls

>> No.70859559

total newb here, what does SAC mean?

>> No.70859573

Secret Advanced Class. Basically the secret sauce to everyone's builds.

>> No.70859828

ah so the "I can invent whatever the fuck I want" class for level 100s
that guy must be fun at parties

>> No.70859862

Everyone at 10 gets 2 and is usually a nice spice to give to your build. If they are too retarded you get called out so they are usually fine.

>> No.70860171

How exciting thats so soon

>> No.70861455

We're already in the New World with this ongoing event, and I remember discussion about players being on different sides of the continent. So what should this continent be like? Very similar to the one in Overlord canon? Should we worldbuild together on it? [spoiler[I really like this collaborative narrative deal.[/spoiler]

>> No.70861624

Should we ever!
Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

>> No.70861808

Any ideas? I said earlier on that RAVE is out in the hinterlands, but I was just trying to RP, I hadn't actually given much thought to the literal worldbuilding. Thinking about it now I actually think it'd be cool if on our side of the globe we've got two continents, like a North / South America or Eurasia / Africa kind of divide, where there's still a land bridge.

>> No.70862452

We should try and find a map we can use as the basis or make up a dodgy one.

>> No.70862924

how much geographical we already know in the new world? We could build upon that (Probably is fuckall knowing maruyama)

>> No.70862956

There is a map

>> No.70862998

We know approximately this.
Not much, and we're working on a different continent, so this map is more or less irrelevant.
So, yeah, we know fuckall.

>> No.70863011

Wasn’t there some meme that said that this map is somewhat similar to the Middle East?
Maybe we could do something somewhat similar to another continent m

>> No.70863037

>Middle east
That explains why it is such a shithole.

>> No.70863053

Oicture for reference.

Maybe we could be in the new world equivalent of Western Europe, or the americas?

>> No.70863195

I like that. North americas not a bad idea. We can take half of the us + canada, turn it 90* so the islands / greenland is is the east. And bam! New cool looking continent

>> No.70863373

Well that could work Rip the idea of elysium being not!vatican city

>> No.70863560

Well that can be anywhere. Its not like Constantinople or something that needed specific geography to have existed.

>> No.70863850

Something like this?

>> No.70864238

Banging. I guess the next thing to do is figure out how many nations existed before our arrival. And what they were. Is there a good table generator we might use?

>> No.70864327

I imagined Elysium city could be there where I marked. Otherwise, a location that favorises trade more, bu it's hard to tell without the lay of the land.

>> No.70864421

Wouldn't it just be almost randomly placed since the guild bases seemed just dropped into the new world?

>> No.70864440

Should we include Defunct guilds

>> No.70864468

Forgot pic

Yeah, bit Ainz himself got lucky, he spawned in fertile plains super near to a village, close to the forest and mountains, and right at the center of the map

>> No.70864500

Update: Now with mountains and snow.

I'll try adding forests and other biomes next. I'll leave Players and NPCs for last.
And to be perfectly clear, this is a group thing. If anyone has any suggestions or requests, just throw them my way and I'll do my best to take them into account.

>> No.70864510

>No defunct guild base raid event

>> No.70864534

2 things about that though. 1 ainz is in single player mode. It doesnt matter how good he got it, even if it wasnt by chance. Its hardly fair on others to try and claim areas for good or ill.

Another issue is that an area like you marked is almost certainly going to already have something there. Would you want Elysium to just crush that populace under it? Imo the guild areas should be randomly determined in like-areas (mountain holds in mountain areas, under water in sea, cities in open Areas) and in a manner that disrupts existing infrasture as little as possible.

Which is why we should try and fill out the world first. Then place ourselves in it.

>> No.70864800

Yeah, but then, if we fill out anything, there will be not spout left for us that would be advantageous to us, since we will eb getting anything the New Worlders didn't find profitzbl enough. Plus, how exactly are we going to place "at random" ? we could ned in the middle of the mountains or the sea.

>> No.70864821

Yes please. But are there going to be deserts, too? Maybe down South?

Also, the area by those rivers, between the two mountain peaks, looks like a banging spot for one of the continental powers. Maybe even two- maybe one North by that lone mountain, and one South near where the mountain range ends.

>> No.70864860

>the guild areas should be randomly determined
Agreed, but also
>Laughs in underwater mobile guildhall

>> No.70864878

> But are there going to be deserts, too? Maybe down South?
Yes, in the south-east.
had to rework the mountains, but the biomes will come out shortly

>> No.70864888

When you take away the borders, state and province lines, the center of the (former) great lakes looks like a pretty mystically important spot. Like a vortex in land form.

Not super helpful suggestion, but I'd imagine it'd be a spot of contention. Especially with the running river connecting one of them.

>> No.70864898

Well yes, the placement isnt meant to be profitable for us. The world didnt shape itself then wait patiently for the players to drop in.

Besides, as in the post, places would be randomly assigned within appropriate areas. So no, you wouldn't end up in the sea.

As for how thats pretty easy, when i get in front of my computer i can do up an overlay.

>> No.70864950

It's really not like Ainz got the most advantageous spot imaginable, the New World is just good, period, because it's rather unharvested. I'm sure if he had the choice, he would've wanted to crush the Dwarf Kingdom under Nazarick. It'd also provide a lot more cover than Nazarick's current location.

>we could end in the middle of the mountains or the sea.
Anon said it'd make sense for guilds to be distributed based on where they'd fit best already, water cities in water, open cities in open areas. I agree that we shouldn't have any control over where we spawn, that's pretty much the point of the isekai, you just have to roll with it. In civ games, you can move your settler sure, but your starting city is in a random location. If you could choose where to start, everyone would start with absurdly high resources and natural wonders. We're broken enough as is in the New World.

>> No.70864974

>everyone would start with absurdly high resources and natural wonders.
But no such thing exists. Even Adamantine veins are worthless.

>> No.70864991

Or you just overreacted like all the pirates.

>> No.70865000


>> No.70865159

I was meaning in terms of a civ game, I suppose in this instance high resources would just be a preferential territory, one with no major civilizations around so you can take over the surrounding land. Depending on the race owning the guild, maybe you need a place with close humanoids, or fertile land. In completely randomness, we probably could just spawn in a desert if such a thing exists on our continent.

>> No.70865213

how do we decide this?

>> No.70865235

As i said above, when i get home i can make up and overlay then we can roll. Before that though we should sort out everything else. It should be the last thing done

>> No.70865462


"You haven't heard of me or Bro!?

"I guess I might be recognised by my armour rather than my face... err, sorry, I meant to say I hang out in the back scenes of RAVE's battles and took people by surprise, so I might be less known.

"But you haven't heard of Bro? Seriously? He's one of the flashiest PvPers in all of Ygg!"

I know it's supposed to be the last thing done, but if I might make a request, is there any chance that the area RAVE turns up in is at or near a point of geopolitical contention? It kind of works for hand waving why we were so late to being found, despite Apotheosis and Woshou being really rambunctious and unsubtle in their early interactions. It also works for our conflict ethos.

>> No.70865788

Here we go

>> No.70865940

Just my 2c but tue desert and icy north look out of place. I recommend removing those biomes. If they are wanted/needed they should be seperate to the main area, or much smaller.

>> No.70865951

Nice! How many other civilizations should inhabit this continent already?

>> No.70866074

Oh yeah, add some more biomes and this will be awesome. Nice.

There could be plenty of untapped natural resources that the New Worlders just aren't able to access, even if they're sitting on top of them. Maybe they don't have the tech level to effectively use the resource, maybe there are horrible monsters that make harvesting/mining/whatever nearly impossible in certain areas where the highest quality materials are.

I like this a lot, maybe have it be a "Holy Land" sort of spot, where multiple religions lay claim to the area.

I'm not certain what kind of religion / cultures we should be interacting with, though. I think maybe something like Egyptians and Aztecs? The "official Continent" is more European in its cultures, it'd feel weird to do the same.

We should subject ourselves to the same random placement as the others. I'm sure lady luck will smile on us in regards to being placed in a contentious area. And if not, well, we'll make it a contentious area.

>> No.70866111

Does this look any better to you?

The desert I'm not sure how much I can remove/restructure, and it's already somewhat 'separate" from the main area.

>> No.70866323

Im probably just being an autist. Just seems like a huge desert with little reason to be there

>> No.70866362

The reason for it being there is us having fun anon!
There's also the semi-scientific explanation of it being located mostly between mountains, which helps create low humidity areas, especially if the winds blew from south-west

>> No.70866385

I will solve your autism with these words. This was not a desert until recently (historically speaking)

>> No.70866461

Okay okay. still seems absolutely massive though

>> No.70866509

Only recently, eh? Maybe a massive tidal wave swept in from the east and buried a civilization that once thrived on the coast in the area, and it's only after a few hundred years of salted Earth and sandy winds that desert has spread across such a wide area.

>> No.70866637

How's this for a compromise?

>> No.70866792

Much better i think.

>> No.70866795


The water to the South East could be really cold as well, making a coastal desert to go with the rain shadow from the mountains in the other directions. The mountains might be really, really tall, to, to justify the amount of shadow. I guess it'd be a really cold desert?

It could have a sort of habitable area in the middle- maybe not good enough for a civilisation, but possibly a good place to put some tribal nomads.

>> No.70866855

The desert itself doesn't have to be that cold, as a cold current can prevent rainfall from the south east coast.
Also I think the coast is more of a Savannah than a desert (due to the orange-ish color)

>> No.70866902

I was thinking something like this (Though most things here are just placeholders/rough ideas)

>> No.70867040

My thoughts / prompts

>yellow is unnamed
Wood elfs might go better on the left hand side of the mountains bordering farmsville.
>what keeps the multi race republic from getting stomped for its great location and the natural emnity it would generate being multiracial
I think more monster regions would be good. Even if they are just "orc country" "bad lands" "giants roam here" sort of things.
>The borders where possible should be touching / overlapping, even if the nation doesnt have actual control or rhe ability to control the area.
Desert centaurs is an idea ive never even heard before, bravo for that
>who does the indonesian trade nation trade with and what?

These are just thoughts that might be fun to explore, not critisms of the work just to be clear

>> No.70867044

That Multi-Race Republic is looking like a mighty nice part of the "Domination of the Humanoid World through peaceful means" that Elysium was built for, though I'm more interested in the fact there'll be a lot of different cultures and knowledgeable minds at work there.

>> No.70867088

To add to that, is there a dominating heteromorphic force here? Like the Dragon Lords on the other continent, even if there aren't many of those left.

>> No.70867181

It seems pretty far fetched to have a multiracial harmonic entity already there. While the continents are different it still seems highly unlikely. Besides if its already there it sort of doesnt give Elysium anything to do.

>> No.70867252

>Tiny multi-race republic exists
>This is it. This is the end. What is the point of even having Elysium around now if this enourmous country is already dominating the entire continent and doing such a egalitarian thing out of the good will of their hearts, which is what I think is happening? Busted, over, rewrite the entire map, I'm done.

>> No.70867266

>yellow is unnamed
Couldn't think of a proper name for them
> Wood elfs might go better on the left hand side of the mountains bordering farmsville.
Hmm, interesting idea. Any suggestions for the place where wood elves currently occupy?
> what keeps the multi race republic from getting stomped for its great location and the natural emnity it would generate being multiracial
Maybe that's one of the things that would arise for us players. It could be a very recent nation that's only now being threatened by others.
> I think more monster regions would be good. Even if they are just "orc country" "bad lands" "giants roam here" sort of things.
I agree, I'll try adding some of those in.
>The borders where possible should be touching / overlapping, even if the nation doesnt have actual control or rhe ability to control the area.
In some places that's intentional to leave some space for other things. In others it's just sheer incompetence.
> Desert centaurs is an idea ive never even heard before, bravo for that
Desert/Savannah. But yeah, it seemed fitting considering people in these enviroments are usually nomadic, and I can't really see Centaurs being sedentary.
> who does the indonesian trade nation trade with and what?
who: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
what: Spices (?) I have to research what the real life Indonesian kingdoms traded, but they were exceedingly rich.

> is there a dominating heteromorphic force here?
Not yet, though that can change.

>> No.70867335

I pictured Elysium's goal as peace among everyone (Humanoids, Demihumans, and Heteromorphs), while the republic would be mostly Humanoids with a few of Demi-Humans.

>> No.70867347

Well almost. If the world was doing it organically its almost definitely better than letting people who think they are gods trying to force it on others.

Am i crazy? Do i misunderstand what you mean?

>> No.70867365

More monster regions, I agree.

I agree with this, it seems odd for the New Worlders to be already working on any sort of "all-inclusive" society yet. Maybe have certain races get along, like dwarves and humans, beastmen and birdmen.

>> No.70867419

Yeah monsters getting along with monsters or at least a symbiotic relationship makes sense. Likewise humans / dwarves / elves having relations and diplomacy. Maybe elves on the down low having relationships with more civilised beast nations as well?

>> No.70867636


>> No.70867638

Out of all the races,
Snooty elves?

>> No.70867710

I think we're on the right track, great work anon

>> No.70867863

This is what I was thinking generally, Except instead of the whole map being done, it would be done by area type.

So mountains, for example, would all be gridded up, then roll 2d-whatever, depending on the size of the grids we want to work with.

Then thats where the guild base would be spawned.

>> No.70867880

Goddang it

>> No.70868015

Can we change !Arab Kingdom to plural, I from there, what if we make Yellow Kingdom + Farmville, neighbour allies against the monsters from the north and east. Sort of like a gondor/rohan situation where they are historically allies but don't really deal with each other outside of that. In terms of anthropolgy, they would be near each other, maybe religiously as well? Which is what has stopped the Theocracy from expanding North since they have a shared heritage in culture, even though they are different now.

What about for the Dwarf Kingdoms, while having a large footprint, in "area" they have actually small settlements outside of their big cities. Likewise we could add a third to near the Giants, so they are a Triumvirate of dwarf kings/queens that each rule an independant kingdom, but sort of work together in a council like fashion?

Theocracy we should come up with a religion and doctiriens for, since that will shape what they do and how they have grown.

I agree with anons about the multi-race republic, it seems too advanced for the setting as we know it

Wood Elves being so well isolated should probably be prosperous, unless the Yuan Ti are very hostile / expansionist. Ill have to google waht that race is.

>> No.70868138

> Can we change !Arab Kingdom to plura
Yeah, it’s a good idea.
> Allied human kingdoms
That’s also a nice idea.
> third dwarf kingdom
I’ll work on that
> Work on theocracy
Can we have this theocracy not be 100% evil like every theocracy?
> Yuan-Ti
Mesoamerican inspired snake people. It’s a DnD creature.

>> No.70868320

Theocracy struggle to be anything b ut evil in literature because its a potent mix of power, fanaticism, "divine" mandate.

Its hard to make them be good really.

>> No.70868429

There are some notable deserts like that - see Taklamakan Desert.

>> No.70868450

I had an idea for the Theocracy, instead of the typical christian foundations they are based off, why not use something like buddism instead. Their rulers can still be religious heads, but instead they are those who try to attain enlightenment. They would be a pacifist / isolationists. Maybe they are the closest the world has come to "multiracial" because they care less about the body itself.

>> No.70868468

When Buddhists rule, you get Nepal. They still abuse power and are quite violent and corrupt when they have poor political leadership.

>> No.70868546

Just trying to get away from the typical, evil Theocracy and thought that might be an avenue we could use

>> No.70868692

The motives of power always take precedence in theocracies. Buddhism (or any religion) is just an excuse to impose power relationships like slavery on people - the religion will simply change to accommodate that. You'd need a religion that has inherent moral authority and checks and balances built into it that favor the people. And even then you'll have issues with mutability of religious law/doctrine, like how Islam was progressive back when it was introduced but is horrible now.
We need to go full fantasy with this religion.

>> No.70868745

> is just an excuse to impose power relationships like slavery on people
While yes true, because this is fantasy that doesn't need to be so. Not because we can just make the rules, but because they could be founded in truth and actual goodness. A city that worships a Dragon Lord that provides stable weather and protection, could be just that. He could just be slumbering in a mountain somewhere and his presence keeps most monsters away who dont wont to wake him, and his occassional fire breath snore, works to create a mini-weather effect that ensures periodic rains.

Hell, he might have been sleeping for the last 500 years and no even know a city nearby is worshipping him as their Patron,

>> No.70868891

Sure, you just have to get rid of all of the usual suspects of bad behavior. That means a lot of human nature.

Suspicion, greed, pride, jealousy, these all can destabilize the scenario you propose. For example:
>The city gets suspicious about the nature of the dragon and wakes him up accidentally
>People get greedy and want to profit off of the dragon in ways that benefit them over others
>The city gets too proud and picks a fight it can't win, gets wrecked, dragon wakes up
>Jealousy causes all sorts of in-fighting which usually destroys nations

I think the setting is interesting because it still has human nature embedded into it. There are plenty of evil deeds but also plenty of good deeds in the New World. It's exciting that way and I wouldn't want to force something to be necessarily good or evil. All good things eventually turn evil. All evil things eventually turn good.

>> No.70868952

Alright man, make them evil, sorry for trying.

>> No.70868961

What I mean is, I'd like to make them good right now, but to keep them good is overdoing it.

>> No.70869162

+1 to all this.

>> No.70869987

>All evil things eventually turn good.
Last time i checked almost everyone is a fucking cunt

>> No.70870175

I was thinking the complete opposite lol

>> No.70870187

Yeah I thought the world was full of good people, just that Ainz and Co are going to come in and ruin it.

>> No.70870249

I find funny that guy gets isekaied to a less shitty world and proceeds to shit on it just because ''muh friends'' Fucking sasuga points i swear to god he is going to win everything forever and brutally murder everyone and toss their corpses to get raped by skeletons while Ariel watches he is a cunt like that and we can't do anything about it.

>> No.70870264

This is why I signed up for Elysium.

>> No.70870297

At least in best alternate timeline he gets double isekaid to Isekai Quartet, where he and the guardians are pretty chill for the most part, they even make human friends.

>> No.70870383

To be fair, there are a few more factors at play than "guy gets isekaied to a less shitty world and proceeds to shit on it just because ''muh friends''". There's the whole undead thing, as well as being surrounded by crazy evil villains, and the disconnect from normal people that comes from power.
That's why I've said I think if someone could get to him soon enough after isekai, he could be saved.
But things are shaping up such that all-out war is pretty much inevitable.

>> No.70870545

peace was never an option. someone call peacewalker

>> No.70870762

God that show has some great moments.


>> No.70871549

Looks like Ainz's worse nightmare.

>> No.70871862

I have some ideas for this but its way past my bed time. Ill try and compile them and post tomorrow.

>> No.70872538

Ainz is going to get wrecked when he becomes the primary target during the New World War. The guy is sitting on almost a dozen WCI. And even if we don't have OOC memory of him we should realize pretty fast after learning of him who he is, since their guild was "famous". Since when were you under the impression that only Ainz has Sasuga points?

>> No.70872605

>I'll sacrifice God!
That scene was fucking top tier. Waifu > God

>> No.70872702

Say, summons have preset classes and spells and stuff, right?
What should one expect from each of these? I mean,
Well, I'd get summons with Divine Spellcasting and/or Martial Weapons, simple enough.

Do Faefolk do something special that makes them only summonable by Alraune Queens?
Actually, can't you just summon anything anyways as long as you have spellcasting? What's the point of the Faefolk thing then, just the unique NPC?

>> No.70872954


There were some guidelines back in the day, and at the time faefolk weren't summonable because of omission. Faefolk have now become explicit options for the Alraune and Oni specifically. Personally, I'd think fae in general would be right at home under nature magic. and I'd 100% support people getting away with fae summoning if they had the 'fairy' keyword in their spell disciplines

But yes, RAW, the Alraune Queen mention of Fae is pretty much just for a potential unique Fairy NPC.

As for what they can do... it's up in the air, but beating face and casting spells is a safe bet.

I have been tempted to do a 'summons DLC' in the past to try to codify this stuff, although at that point I'd practically be making a bestiary and that would be a massive undertaking

>> No.70873168

Faefolk were not playable until i asked for fairies so it should be there on the summon list too

>> No.70873703


>> No.70874073

Should we start listing the nations/countries and their main characteristics?

>> No.70874118

This map reminds me of Final Fantasy 9.

>> No.70874419

Sounds like it is about time right? Or is there an intention to fill everything up?

>> No.70874536

I think we can start. That’ll help everything else come on more naturally.
Though there’s still room to change things both in the position of the nations and in the geography of the continent, so if anyone has any sugestions dont be shy.

>> No.70874569

I was thinking of adding volcano, either on the mountain on the middle of the river or on a new island on the south east. Any ideas?

>> No.70874634

The one with the giants? If so we could put the dwarves around the volcano.

>> No.70874658

I meant the one beneath the Birdfolk.

>> No.70874746

Ah. A volcano there might be cool.

>> No.70874833

But now that i think about it aren't volcanos made on places where tectonic plates get fucky? That huge mountainous area where giants are looks like the kind of place a volcano could be right? But my geology is really rusty and i might be completely wrong

>> No.70874898

My extensively limited Knowledge of geography agrees with what you’re saying. But there are other places where volcanos could form through other means, such as fractures in oceanic plates (which would result in volcano islands similar to Hawai).
To be Honest, the amount of tectonic fuckery that would to a terrain as in this map would result in more than just one volcano.

>> No.70874942

This only makes sense as far as tectonic plate theory being accurate for the New World. For all we know, fire mana could be the real culprit.

>> No.70874994

Well, how about a volcano by the giants in the north-east and another one in the south-west (either in the ocean or in the mountains by the yuan ti)?

>> No.70875006

I mean it is a good guess as any. Wasn't mana introduced by players along with tier magics though?

>> No.70875076

Before that there's Wild Magic. God knows what that may imply.

>> No.70875152

>Wild magic
Any idea why it got shafted? So far runes are also incompatible with mana but they still work as intended?

>> No.70875213

I'm not familiar enough with lore to say. If pressed, I'd say it's because Tier Magic cannibalized Wild Magic to a degree.

>> No.70875214

The theory was that WCI fuckery was involved but... Being a wild magic user gives you world protection and wild magic itself is considered world class. It should had not been affected by it in any way.

>> No.70875904

Well, Five Elements Overcoming is the only known WCI to have broken World Protection.
It was due to developer limitations, but still.

>> No.70875984

>It was due to developer limitations
I also call bullshit of that. There is supposed to be only like what? 300 WCIs? and you are telling me that in the 2XXX they can't store the original values of the spells of a couple of people?

>> No.70877905

Agreed, think we should just go left to right?

>> No.70878373

>although at that point I'd practically be making a bestiary and that would be a massive undertaking
Naaaah just give each summonable a keyword/explanation list like...
"Demons can have Divine Casting, but do not have Positive Energy spells by default. They may sometimes have Arcane Casting".
"Possible Keyword list for Demon Casters: ???..."
"Nephilims are demons" I mean, makes sense right.

Also, I think Anthropods should be summonable.

>> No.70878913

Nephilims are nephilims

>> No.70879020

Thanks for the hindsight, any actual arguments?

>> No.70879070

Not him, but your argument consisted of "makes sense right" I don't see why he needs to offer anything more substantial than "no"

>> No.70879309

Go back to screaming at Gryffon for making jokes or something, autist.

>> No.70879408


>> No.70879950

>Arthropods should be summonable
Arthropods should indeed be summonable, I can think of at least 2 canon characters who do so.

>Give each summonable a keyword list
Personally, I'd go with just making a rule, so that other people can do the work for me and make what they want, while I keep the people mad at me to a minimum.

Maybe something like "summons get a racial job and a single class job; give them those abilities, then inflate their CL, ML and vitality until they are at the desired values." Let's you make something unique, but much less unique than a unique summon.

... or maybe something like "A summons gets Y keyword(s), + X keyword(s) per tier of summon spell", Possibly with some restrictions that it needs to share an amount of these keywords with the summoner, plus an amount of CL and ML and Vitality to balance.

>> No.70880004

>summons get a racial job and a single class job;
And a class Archetype seems more fitting.

>> No.70880951

Something like "wall", "beatstick", "blaster", etc?

>> No.70881062

> A summons gets Y keyword(s), + X keyword(s) per tier of summon spell
I like this. Especially since the keywords can fit >>70880951
Maybe something akin to 1 keyword + 0.5/spell level, with less keywords yielding more specialized summons

>> No.70881063

Or knight (i know its a class as well but still), Striker, Healer support. But yeah thats the general idea

>> No.70882131

Is fairy dev ok?

>> No.70882486

Where were u wen fairy Dev die
i was at house eating dorito when website ring
“Fairy Dev is kil”

>> No.70883452

So to start us off, what do we think of:

>Nation Name
Type of State (Kingdom, Empire, Republic, Confederation etc)
>Age of State
Cultural Ethics shamelessly stolen ie: Authoritarian vs Egalitarian, Xenophobic vs Xenophilic, Militarist vs Pacifist, Materialistic vs Spiritual
>Capital Name
Most Notable Traits (say 3 max at this stage, we can fill in more as we go)
>Notable relations (such as if they have existing relations with other states, allies, at war, etc)
Dramatis Personae (should probably go with 3 max again, either in the court such as the ruler, or other notables such as loyal heroes, or living weapons like Fluder or Gazef)

After these we can go into more detail if we need, but this should be enough to make a good outline of each nation.

>> No.70885961

I propose for Yellow.

>Nation: Aronbor
Kingdom, Primogeniture.
>Age: Ancient, like 1000 years in its current state.
Culture: Authoritarian(-), Xenophobic(-), Militaristic, Materialists.
>The idea is they are a military focused culture, who don't like other groups unless they respect them (Green), for some reason. Either because of old ties or perhaps military might.
Capitol: Mas Nion (Mas in their language being something akin to "City" or "Fortress")
>Traits: Standing Army, Extensive stone works, Known as simple or blunt to others nations. "Im met Arons with more sense than you" or "Aronbor prizes its quarries, but their skulls are thicker than any rock they'll ever find"
Relations: Allied with Green for many many years, have good relationship with the nearby Dwarves, but otherwise try to remain distant / neutral with the others. Are prone to reacting violently when they feel threatened.

Still trying to think up some cool characters to be involved there.

>> No.70887837

Aggressive military empire doesn’t fit the «Generic Human Kingdom» trope

>> No.70887889

Did you read what I read? What anon wrote didn't come off as aggressive at all to me. But also, probably more importantly why would we want to stick with "generic" when trying to build an idea of what the places are about?

>> No.70888052

Touché. Maybe aggressive is the wrong thing word, it’s Militaristic and Xenophobic that worries me. But maybe Farmville country fits the trope better.

>> No.70888100

I should have been clearer when I wrote it. I was just using the traits layed out, I tried to use the - as an indicator that it wasnt severe.
But hey the thing is that it was only a prototype or first draft. Just meant to inspire people to make one up for elsewhere or to prompt people to offer improvements or more detail
Yeah I was going for like a roman sort of theme, but one that wasn't expansionist, but rather almost closed borders.

>> No.70888376

Looks cool to me desu. Is their main export dense harem anime protagonists to other worlds?

>> No.70889540


The Tengrii (Empire)
Elective Monarchy
300 Years Old
Militarist, Authoritarian, Xenophilic, Expansionist
Capital: Divajin, Heavens’ Perch
Current Ruler: Aquila Kahn, indirect descendant of the former ruler of the Tengrii Empire, Kipiter Kahn

Brief Notes:

Birdmen mongols, who leveraged flight rather than horses. Fast flying armies and superior bows let them rapidly establish the largest empire in the continent's known history. However, their Kahn, Kipiter, was assassinated mysteriously, causing great unrest; and not long after that, mighty wild magic from an unknown source or perhaps a WCI stripped the ability to fly from a full generation of birdfolk. These two events ended their empire almost as soon as it began. Are responsible for dissemination of technology, letters and ideas across the continent, but didn't quite last long enough to fundamentally change the peoples they ruled over.

Notable relations:
Were an enemy of basically every other nation during recent history- most kingdoms are racist against birdfolk as a consequence, and many strongholds still have upward facing murder holes as a legacy of bird folk raids. The desert kingdoms and beastfolk tribes, however, show them great respect and deference, partly because their nomadic lifestyle makes them easy prey, and partly because the Tengrii brought them helpful technology and ideas; some current beastfolk chieftains are direct descendants of slaves given leadership positions to rule on the Tengrii's behalf. The Thoecracy, who suffered greatly at their hands for resisting their empire, like them least and would see them exterminated. The nearby dark kingdom is presently giving them grief.

For their part, The Tengrii believe themselves superior to everyone that can't fly naturally, although their laws of hospitality mean they aren’t total dicks to strangers- excepting elves, as they are suspected to have cast the wild magic that crippled a generation.

>> No.70889859

I like this, though wouldn’t it fit better in green than in yellow? Both due to the relations with the dwarves, the presence of mountains to drive the stone working and the southern goblins to drive their militaristic nature.

>> No.70890103

So basically switch the two’s places ?

>> No.70890169

Yeah, pretty much. It just feels like, given his description, Aronbor would be a better fit for the green country rather than the yellow one

>> No.70890715

I second this

Considering >>70889859 >>70890169 and relooking at the map, I was think maybe Elysium could lend right at the intersection of the three lakes, right between Farmville kingdom, the Theocracy and the Birdfolk. It could be a great spot for trade, but we also mentioned that spot could be of religious/spiritual significance, putting Elysium in an awkward position if it appears there.

>> No.70890818

but it is supposed to be randoooooom

>> No.70890958

Agreed, I'd feel much more comfortable if we all were just plopped down unceremoniously through the will of RNG.

>> No.70891908

Snake People/Yuan-ti

>Name: Ko'bra
Empire, Emperor as living deity
>Age: ~500 years
Culture: Authoritarian, Xenophobic, Militaristic, Spiritual.
> Capital Name: Maka'vel (Forest-City)
Traits: Forest Dwellers, Highly aggressive, Pretty much Aztecs but snakes.
> Relations: At war with Lizardmen in marshes
Important people: Emperor Kulukan, High Priest of the Sun God ?

>> No.70892545

That's a lot of militarists and xenophobics already.

>> No.70893077


>> No.70893166

Ignore me. Maybe i just want a change of tone.

>> No.70893474

May as well make xenophobic the norm. Besides, it's not like it's a rare thing to come across in the canon continent either.

>> No.70893651

I think militarists are the most interesting ones to start of a setting with, since they dictate most of the ongoing conflicts. Also, it’s kind of hard to have pacifists especially if your neighbors are monsters/aggressive empires m
There was also quite a bit of backlash against the Xenophilic republic, so maybe people are skittish about that?

>> No.70894125

>There was also quite a bit of backlash against the Xenophilic republic, so maybe people are skittish about that?

What backlash ? I'm okay with it.

>> No.70894189

By backlash I mean that many people were opposed to the idea as it either didn’t fit the new world or stepped on elysium’s toes

>> No.70894277

A more neutral approach would be fine but a xenophilic faction would be too much

>> No.70894296

Unless it is properly handled somehow that is. But that might be hard.

>> No.70894321

That’s fair enough. I guess not every civilization has to have every trait defined.
Hell, that might even help solve >>70893651, since a nation doesn’t have to be pacifists not to be militarized

>> No.70894527



Cool, one thing i forgot to add to the template was magic but we can come back to that.

Xenophobic just means there is bias in that country for thier own race. Not that they actively purge or have different laws for other races which would be more fanatical xenophobia. Likewise most factions would almost need to be militaristic, those that arent get eaten by the ones that are. That isnt to say there cant be others but they need the circumstances to survive.

>> No.70894621

>Likewise most factions would almost need to be militaristic, those that aren't get eaten by the ones that are.
Not just the other nations. Remember that this is a world flush with horrifying monsters.

>> No.70894792

I think rather than militaristic/pacifists we should have expansionists /isolationists. As no one can really spare not having an army, but they can use it in different ways

>> No.70894837

Sort of true. But standing armies arent really a thing both historically and in overlord canon. I think the Empire is the only one with a full time army. Thats why adventures are needed to fight monsters in the first place

>> No.70895014

I meant army in the more general sense of being able/prepared to muster a fighting force. But you are right in that not all countries has access to a standing army

>> No.70895418

my mistake!

For Green, what if we go with a Feudal Elective Monarchy.

>Nation Name: Courovon
Type of State: Elective Monarchy
>Age of State: Very very old, but size and shape have changed dramatically over the years.
Cultural Ethics: Egalitarian, Xenophilic, Militarist, Materialistic
>Capital Name: The Capital changes with every election, current capital is Yorns Hold
Most Notable Traits: Prized Horses, Surprisingly democratic, Allotment Army
>Notable relations: Very close with Yellow (Aronbor), Aronbor was many many year ago actually apart of this nation, but split off peacefully. (Maybe as a reward? or vote?) They maintain very close ties, and still have some shared culture / language. Courovon trade wagons go everywhere, and are a welcome sight with few turning them away
Dramatis Personae (should probably go with 3 max again, either in the court such as the ruler, or other notables such as loyal heroes, or living weapons like Fluder or Gazef)

1. Almost everyone in Courvon has ridden a horse in their life-time, and some boast that their children learn how to ride one before they even know how to walk.
2. One of the larger nations, they maintain their borders though an allotment system, as well as good relations with their neighbours. Their southern border has castles, fortresses, and watch towers to spot for Goblin aggression. While they can't do well pursuing the goblins into the forests due to goblin trickery and the loss of their greatest strength (a fast mounted force) likewise, the Goblins can't do much significant harm due to how quickly a force can be rallied against them, and the overwhelming advantage mounted troops have on the plains.
3. By far most most of the land is arable with pastoral land in the south and east. This is fortunate for them, as live stock can be moved when raids are imminent.
4. Up northern and in wide expanses of plains that are too dry for most crops. the people of become the greatest horse-breeders

>> No.70895500

Would you be ok with >>70889859? (Switching the green and the yellow kingdoms,)

>> No.70895553

part 2

The land is lush, but the seasons can be quite harsh, likewise, the relative safety they have been afforded by thier geographic positioning means they spend most of their time plotting and fighting against each other rather than outsiders. This is because their elective system of rulership.

The "Prince" (ruler) is elected from among the great families, and they rule for life - as a king normally would. Upon their death, an election is held to find the replacement. This historically means that the only way to remove a Prince is assassination, and each family vies continually for favor with the others to have them support their claims for the position when the time comes.

The people are tall and fair. They hate to walk anywhere when they could ride. And ones Horse is often a visual identifier of their worth or status. Even women being known to ride mighty war horses rather than smaller daintier breeds.

The Courvon obsession makes horse breeding and horse racing important elements of their culture, and politics. Plots to undermine a rival’s horses are commonplace. Horse Races are one of the greatest events of the year, with the Prince attending the championship at the years end (traditionally).

Ah, I guess. Might need to change Courovon then, since I wrote it with a big open area known for farming. Probably just scrap courovon actually since it doesnt fit in Yellow.

>> No.70895855

> Probably just scrap courovon actually since it doesnt fit in Yellow.
I don't think we need to go that far. Just a few tweaks in the borders and in the local geography and it's good to go!

>> No.70895984

Looking at whats written for Yellow, I don't get why it would fit better in Green? If anything I think they should have their territory expanded to border the Giant Mountains.

Heres my proposed changes to the map, big things are filling out the land masses to the north. As well as I noticed that the Birdmen and Underdark have a shared border, but it makes sense to me that they would actually occupy the same area, just different levels of it. Birdmen don't seem the sort to live in the mountain, likewise the Underdark doesn't need to "come up" to the outside world.

>> No.70896887

Ok, a couple of changes. First, in the geography, I've added a couple of volcanoes and rivers.

>> No.70896926

Secondly, in the pol;itical side I've fleshed out more the borders, both as requested by >>70895984 and fixed some of their errors

>> No.70896949

Forgot to annex pic

>> No.70896974

> Looking at whats written for Yellow, I don't get why it would fit better in Green?
The main reasons would me accessibility to a mountain for their stoneworks, their good relations with dwarves and the fact that Green had more aggressive neighbors than yellow, promoting a more militaristic approach. Though all of this can be solved by expanding them to the mountains in the left

>> No.70897197

Super sick.

Can we make the spare area south of the High Elves or the south of the Tengri / east of the Dwarven Kingdom. as like a beastman coalition kingdom. I guess they would be more like allied-tribes rather than a single kingdom, but from the outside looking in thats what theyd see.

>> No.70898350

On bottom left there is some space where we could put some sort of archipielago too

>> No.70899841

It does seem kinda barren down there

>> No.70901011

Yeah and that links them in with Lizardmen and Tengu as well so there is a core of "monster" races, preventing any 1 from being isolated and overwhelmed.

>> No.70904193


Listing the proposed changes:
>exchanging the positioning between Courovon and Aronbor and shift the borders a bit
>Add a Beastman Coalition somewhere
>Add islands in the south west sea

To this I add, we could make the east part of the Theocracy its own kingdom. This would reinforce that the lake pass is a point of political contention. The Beastman could go there for example, or something else entirely.

Also what’s the deal with the zone south of the Vikings ?

>> No.70904415

I think the first point was already resolved by extending their border to the giant mountains.

The beastmen seem like they could go in 1 of 4 places.

1. The East side of the Theocracy
2. The Blue
3. Right of the Blue, North of !Arab Kingdoms
4. South of Tengrii / Underdark.

Putting them East of the Theocracy would require them having some trump card as to why they manage to survive surrounded by humanoids.

Blue seems safe, but since they are already a colour maybe there is something intended for that area?

South of the Elf kingdom seems safe as well. If we made the Plains just Centaurs, then that gives them a nice border with a different type of beastman coalition.

Conversely, Bridging the Lizardmen - Tengrii gap makes them a triad of independant heteromorph nations that are probably uneasy allies against humanoid aggression (if it comes, maybe they are the aggressors).

Whereever they go we should look into how them being neighbours affects the region.

>> No.70905857

> maybe there is something intended for that area?
Not really, I just thought the Vikings looked too large so I added something to fill that space .

>> No.70908908

we are gonna die

>> No.70909589

Plz do

>> No.70910115

I like the idea of putting something where the east theocracy is. But i also like option 4s placement for the beastmen.

What if we put more goblin/orcs there. Or some other intelligent but aggressive race.

>> No.70911659

Ill never die. Not as long as fairydev is around.

Where on the map is fairydevs black tower

>> No.70911696

spooky forest probably

>> No.70911819

Id planned to have the northwest region as the focus of our adventures/writefagging, with the rest being more adjacent or occasional

>> No.70911920

Ooh do you mind name fagging for a sec, i was thinking of some write faggotry myself and if i end up that way i wanna know who i might encounter.

>> No.70912005

Its Sloth. Though I was talking more on the general sense of the setting as a whole, not just me

>> No.70913237

Am i the only one who wants to see more yugi decks based off the players?

>> No.70913482

It was fun making them, but not many people seemed to express interest, though I guess I was just doing it for fun.

>> No.70913779

Thats it isnt it. The people who enjoyed it did it. Which is why only a few guilds / players got done.

>> No.70914800

The legend never dies.

Northwest spooky woods seems like a good location to me.

So how are we deciding where we the Guilds end up?

>> No.70916042

Is this more or less what you're going for?

I'll start working on upscaling the map since it's current resolution is pretty shit

>> No.70916725

We are gonna roll for it and then fit them to like areas. So mountain forts are randomly rolled for an area in mountains for example.

Up in the thread is a bit of a grid.

Looks great. We just need a bit of an idea for blue and the unclaimed area soutg of elfs.

Actually, what if thats what they are. An "unclaimed region". Wild lands that only within the last 30 years or so became uninhabitable. Maybe some dread lord lived there but is gone or maybe the high elves controlled it but for /mystery/ have abandoned it. And its suddenly become overgrown with forests. Or something else entirely, but either way its a free for all. With the entire area controlled by local war lords, exiles, and anyone who wants to give it a shot to start a new life there.

No idea what to do with blue however

>> No.70917965

Done reworking the geography. Going to sleep now, tomorrow I'll adjust the borders to the new scale

>> No.70918375


I might not have one for player, but here's some RAVE support from one of the NPCS:

>Dutiful maid doing dutiful things, in this case fetching things when called for. Always ready to come to the master’s side when called. This is Priscilla in her alternate elf form.
>Still serving the master, but this time more in the capacity of bodyguard. An upgraded, tougher form of Priscilla.
>Adopting her final Angel blooded form, 'Stardust', Priscilla unleashes her ultimate technique, ‘Thunder Tyrant’s Terrible Tirade’, flattening the battlefield for her master and clearing a path. She also does her best to ensure no other distractions can get between her and her master- after all, Apotheosis needs no one but her.

>> No.70918964

Dopest of Dope

>> No.70920425

So, is there still room in this thread for a pirate?

>> No.70920432

Just for the sake of saying it, I think all the guilds should lands where it creates the most narrative opportunities ; that’s why I’m so insistent of Elysium dropping in the middle of the Lake Pass intersection.

If you guys are insistent about the random, I’ll yield, but still.

>> No.70920483

Ahoy matey! Im doing up a big write so I can't welcome back properly but more to follow after my post.

>> No.70920537

Oh damn, was going to post picture with the changelog. Oh well

I did a dodgy mop up, with some slight differences for people to talk about.

I named everything something as well, but all of its placeholder if you have ideas throw em out.

1. Named Viking area Svensk Norksa, extended it into the mountains and down to the south river as well.

2. Named all the dwarven kingdoms, I was getting sick of typing kingdom so labeled them as holds. The idea came late to name them after the mountain ridges they resided in, Trolskag was meant to mean Troll Hill or Troll infested.

3. Their is overlap between Trolskag Hold and Svensk, this is both due to 1 being underground and the other overground, as well as to show possible border disputes, either current or past. That is to say, the dwarves might consider the whole area "theirs" even if they dont use it.

4. Aronbor and Courovon go until the edge of the map, this isn't to remove the Spooky woods, but rather I was thinking of having 2 overlays, 1 which represents peoples borders and the other that represents what they actually inhabit / control.

5. Renamed Theocracy, It has the same sort of border issue talked about above, except this time with Tengrii, and the lands lost to orcs.

6. Wild Lands, Great Desert, and Marshlands, etc are named as such as this map would be from the perspective of humans with borders. They might recognise human nomads in the desert but not as a soveriegn entitiy.

7. I added "Underdark" to some areas outside of that mountain range, notably up in Svensk, in land lost to Orcs and the Beastmen area. This is to show either underwater passages, or isolated underdark caverns.

Im going for food now. Ask away if you think something is unexplained. Offer replacements for the names or build on the stuff if you think its worth building on.

I see what you mean, but narrative opportunities will always be there, we are creating the world afterall

>> No.70920541


I think >>70916042 is better

>> No.70920576

>Cyoa players eventually get to ainz's section of the new world
>Everyone just has a collective reaction of "what the fuck are you doing!?"

>> No.70920587

I think the border colors should be bolder (in particular, Courovon, The Underdark, The Beastman Coalition, and the unnamed Indonesian-flavored country are hard to keep track of the borders) and the country names could be colored to make it easier to pick them out. I do like that you have overlapping borders to show contested areas (or underground areas in the case of the Underdark) but it does make things a bit of a mess.
I do like how things are shaping up!

>> No.70920646

you should try and be more constructive, anon obviously is trying to help out. Its not really helpful to anyone to comment like that. See >>70920587

Are you >>70917965? I agree with pretty much what Brainy said, in the spirit of group building. Ill offer that the Beastman Coalition should also have a section just above the word beastman, in the Tengrii area. My reasoning is if the Tengrii are expansionist, they would claim areas as theres even if they are inhabited by others, and since its forest they wouldn't be able to fight effectively against beastmen there.

Also depending on the Theocracys policy with Dwarves, maybe edge into the mountains there.

I just noticed, does the High Elves have little colonies on the coast?

>> No.70920649

I think we should combine both maps, especially relating to the east of the Theocracy being instead it’s own thing, like in >>70916042
Otherwise >>70920483 is good.

>> No.70921058

Thanks for the feedback, no im not the original map maker, they are infinitely better skilled than me at making pretty things.

The image was mostly just a suggestion to that anon to express my ideas, since it was a hard thing to describe with only words. Also yes I added 2 little main land colonies for the elves.

What would you put east of theocracy do we think? I was running out of ideas and more orcs seemed very generic, but im not super opposed to it myself.

The reason I had it as that, was imagining they once had like a circle in the center of the map, but lost the mountain part to the Tengrii expansion, and the western part to orcs. So it sort of fits they also lost the east to something else, just no idea what could go there.

>> No.70921071


There's always room on this thread for a pirate!

although with the bounds of the world becoming more codified, there probably is upper limit to the amount of pirates we can bring onThen again, I guess we could just make the continent bigger as more pirates join

>> No.70921112

Pirates can just go off the edge of the map. 1 its water, 2 they be pirates, they do what they want.

>> No.70921186

I was thinking more like the traditional fantasy Human kingdom. The Re:Estize, the Gondor, of this continent. Adventurer central, essentially.

>> No.70921211

Hmm, okay okay, but what makes them different to Aronbor or Couvon? Aronbor in particular sounds like it already meets that sort of requirement, but ill reread it to make sure im not misremembering

>> No.70921576

Aronbor are isolationist xenophobic Romans, they don’t quite fit.
Courovon are horse nuts and are essentially the Rohan. And their farming focus makes them kinda more hearty friendly bumbkins.

A more balanced kind of nation still has its place, I think.

>> No.70921610

fair enough, I saw the xenophobic(-) as being they look down on non-humans, but not like hating on them. Sort of like second class citizens, which sort of fits the Roman thing.

What about then moving the Orcs to that area, and moving humans into where the orcs are now. Looking again at the map its pretty much humans in the north half, and heteromorphs in the south. It would be nice to mix things up abit

>> No.70921664

>Courovon are horse nuts and are essentially the Rohan.
Uh, what? They have a similar horse thing sure, but thats about it. They have houses who vote on a leader not a king, they seem to politic a lot and deal with infighting as their primary issues due to safety, not a warrior breed hardened by constant enemy strife.

Imagine anon going to all that effort of writing up 2 posts of stuff for them to be wrongly summarized as !Rohan because they have horses. They could as easily be summed up as !Dothraki.

>> No.70921685

>Rave has a blue eyes white dragon as waifu

>> No.70921700

Well yes, but he is also not wrong, neither Aronbor nor Courovon fit the idea of generic European kingdom.

>> No.70921712

>There is water? If yes then there is room for pirates
>There is no water at all? Then their boats are able to either fly or move on the ground/sand efficiently
>Therefore there is always room for pirates

>> No.70921755

One thing that would be cool to see is a scale. Idk what sort would be good so I get it if we cant add it. But I think it would be cool

>> No.70921787

I think the Greenskins and potential not!Gondor are good where they are. And it makes sense for Humans to be packed in a single side of the map, if at least for shared cultural background. On another note, this reminds me we need to flesh out the Theocracy.

Dothraki do fit better, sorry for jumping to hasty conclusions, I don’t know much of Game of Thrones.

>> No.70921937

Land and air pirates sound cool.

>> No.70922952

> they are infinitely better skilled than me at making pretty things.
Oh stop it anon

I’ll add all of these changes to the political map mode, once I get out of bed

So to sum Things up , the to do list is adding a nation to the west of the theocracy , adjusting borders and making everything more vividly colored and a scale?

>> No.70923323

>to the west of the theocracy
To the east of the west, actually ? In the west part thay have a more central position, which makes trade easier and facilitates adventurers, but in th east part they also can be friends with the Dwarves and they are closer to the High Elves as well.

>> No.70923339

I meant east, I’m just a big dum dum

>> No.70923341

forgot to namefag

>> No.70923373

Forgot to add, but there’ll be 2 distinct political map modes, one de jure and one de facto, representing the considered territories and the actual occupations respectively

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