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The /btg/ is dead - long live the /btg/!

House Marik edition

Last thread: >>70805542

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inb4 half the thread is baiting and falseflagging

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So, in the Battletech universe, who killed Epstein?

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Checks out.

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Getting up to date on all the lore is taking a long long while. My 40k/Battletech crossover episode will never be finished at this rate

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I know BT is obsessed with Scots, but where is Space Ireland?

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If I recall (I'm new,) stuck with the bat eaters and the russian drunks.

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Donegal, in the Lyran Commonwealth

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How can I make a fluff friendly Snow Raven Triad? What sort of ground forces would they use in 3050? Should I run air support for my mechs to fit their theme more? Do they mostly use fast light and medium mechs or something (in the fluff)?

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>bat eaters
Ozzy Osbourne is a faction now?

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Who of late are infamous world wide for eating bats and getting disaes?

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Combined arms - A Star of Mechs, a Star of Elementals and a Star of Aerospace is their go-to.

Here's a list of their RAT as of Field Manual - Warden Clans. They produce Kit Foxes and Storm Crows, so expect a fair few of those in their forces.

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Uhh...Ozzy Osbourne?

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So the new flashman is a copy of a bad fanart one. How disappointing. And here I thought CGL had competent artists.

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*Shrug* It's better than the utterly retarded original design.

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>*Shrug* It's better than the utterly retarded original design.
I awoke in a ranting mood, so I will apologize if this comes across harsh. When you design a mech like the Flashman, it takes weeks of hard work, time away from your family and friends. It is reviewed, extensively. You get some internal reviewers that cannot resist telling you not just what is incorrect, but things they want added. Often times we swap out visual traits for specific reasons. Every aspect of the mech is scrutinized and critiqued before it goes to production. Having been designing mechs for, well, 35 years this year, I feel comfortable in the universe. Yes, I make some minor mistakes, but what the hell, I have forgotten more BattleMech lore than most people know. We don't get rich on these mechs, we often build them because we too are fans of BattleMechs. If I was doing this for the money, I would have starved to-death years ago. So, when I get a freaking review on a mech and this is the explanation, it successfully pisses me off. First and foremost, this reviewer hides behind a fake name and there is no real chance for me to rebuttal this troll and self-proclaimed expert. Except on /btg/. So strap in. This will likely be up for only a few minutes since I am sure it violates some community rules. I accept my punishment in advance. Dear "Anon", I am glad you made it out of your mother's basement long enough to pick up a package from Amazon.com and that your public education was extensive enough for you to learn to read. For your feeble understanding, I picked that BattleMech because it reflected combat requirements, not that you really care. I know that is not the real issue here. You simply are a contrarian, who raises himself by lowering others. In terms of the the designers needing to be a bit more wise on the looks, let me say, for all BattleMech designers, "F*@k you!" I CREATED a lot of BattleMech designs.

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Am i witnessing a birth of a new copypasta meme?

What a glorious day.

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Blake eleision, a new pasta?

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Yeh-heh-heh-heee, meh potehtoes!

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The copy you're talking about became the Strato Minis "Scorcher". I like it, personally.

Other than having the same starting point, I don't think the new official one is as close to this one as you do.

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In memory of "Mad" Mike Hoare, a real world merc who likely inspired some of the characters of BattleTech, let us talk mercs.

Who are your favourite/least favourite characters, units, and deeds of infamy by BT mercs?

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>Did all that and didn't die.
Jesus Christ what a Mary Sue

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I have an honest hate-boner for the Stealths. All that, and in a bad cause.

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>Brother, let me tell you about the 23rd Republic Light Lancers.

>they were a Rim Worlds Republic Regiment

>They went merc and signed on to House Steiner as the Stealths, and were a bane to Minoru Kurita and Kenyon Marik (specifically in the Bolan theatre, they've got short stories in the rulebooks) during the 1st Succession War, and basically qualified as proof of concept for Kerensky wanting to keep the SLDF away from decent people.

>They were then broken up to form training cadres to improve the Lyran armed services as a whole, with their commander given brigade command of other regiments.

>They were reformed in time for the 2nd Succession War, but after losing half their number against the Kuritans, the Archon disbanded the unit, gave their commander a peerage, and a planet for a fief (renamed "Winfield", after him).

>...Two hundred years later, when Clan Jade Falcon attacked Winfield during REVIVAL and mistook Winflelds Regiment for just another bunch of garrison troops... well, they won. Eventually. They didn't expect the fight they got though, and they sure as hell didn't expect what happened two years later when the survivors raided the planet to free the POWs that they had left behind. They got their own back a little while later on a different planet though, and the few survivors went merc. They hung out in the Chaos March for a while, and then picked up a contract with the Marians and built back to regimental strength. One fight against the Wobbies turned them back into a battalion, and dependent on the Marians (who slapped some pretty stiff recruitment restrictions on them). As of 3145 they're a long-service merc group for the Marians, garrisoning Suetonius.

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You're mixing up the Stealthy Tigers with Winfield's Regiment.

Winfield's was patterned on the Stealths. The Stealthy Tigers was considered the actual continuation of the Stealths' lineage.

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Naw, The Stealty Tigers were a cunningly named boondoggle. They aren't considered in this, just Tamarans doing Duchy of Tamar things (searching for the proper branding and rhetorical tricks to make treasonous shite not stink like treasonous shit, and damn the mockery it makes of honor and history). The institutional continuity goes with the Winfield line.

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ok boomer

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II know the Kelswas are associated with the Tiger, the Kuritans with the Dragon and the Davions with the Fox, but do other noble houses have heraldic animals or associated ones?

>> No.70826965


Well, the Mariks are associated with the eagle obviously.

The Hasek's seem to have a "snake" theme going on, given the logos of the New Syrtis shipyards and some of the Fusiliers - as well as the Morgan Hasek led task force against the clans being called "serpent".

>> No.70827006

Mariks have the eagle, Haseks have the lion (sigil in the Warrior Trilogy and the sigil of the 1st Kathil Uhlans), Calderons have the bull, Centrellas have the clown fish, etc.

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>I, upstanding Lyran Duke that I am with more money and promotion-hungry relations than I know what to do with want more and better mech forces under my personal command than I'm legally allowed to have!
>But what is to be done!?
>I know, I'll make a "mercenary regiment", wink-wink
>But wait, isn't that a transparant ploy that'll get me into trouble?
>I know, I'll call it the "Stealthy Tigers"- that way, people will think first about their local nationalist sentiment, and associate it with a mercenary hero-unit that was loyal to the Commonwealth!
>I'm a genius! Now pass me that strudel!

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Clownfish? Are you memeing?

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I'd say it's the difference between the re-founded GDL being a creation of the Coventry security forces (because they've got the rights to the name), or being started up by Elsa's bastard grandkid.

>> No.70827154

I want to roll up a random mercenary company for shits and giggles, what's the best way to handle that?

>> No.70827172

Sure, fair enough.

>> No.70827176

Hey Mechwarriors, I wonder how usefull c3 shenanigans are on missile-mechs. They are so long ranged, with a min range, that getting to use your artificial short range with Lrms makes only sense if you are on a giant map. And srms are to short range to profit from it. Am I right in that?

>> No.70827224

>that pic
Being a Taurian looks comfy. Exploring new worlds, and - outside of two major incidents (Reunification War and Jihad) - being mostly left alone.

A shame about Xin Sheng and the Urukhai attack ruining everything.

>> No.70827258

Pretty much, also HMG on that hovercraft.

>> No.70827268

Not familiar with clownfish biology?

>> No.70827328

Ah, they can change Sex if needed. Got it. So a joke, understood.

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Taurians are my prefered faction, shame the writer hate them.

>> No.70827466

We're all gonna make it, bros. Get rid of the junta, reunite with the Protectorate, win back the trust of colony worlds (especially Sterope), and look to the future. Also fuck the Cappies and Canopians, the Davions are preferable as neighbors.

>> No.70827624

Stay off of rightful Aurigan clay!

>> No.70827652

Maybe? Aurigans are just a state of Taurians given independence, like the Lothians. I wouldn't say no to their existence, but given the brevity of their independence they might be better off under the Concordat.

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>> No.70827725

Is there a full sphere map in this style yet?

>> No.70827759

Not that I know of, I made a bastard map of the TC by piecing together two pics.

>> No.70827775

How do I into space pirates or pseudo rogue trader in Battletech?

>> No.70827827

Use 3025 mechs in 3150 and pray.

>> No.70827830

>They are so long ranged, with a min range, that getting to use your artificial short range with Lrms makes only sense if you are on a giant map.

You shouldn't be playing most games on a single 16x17 map anyway, and if you're playing on a 2x1 layout a c3 LRM network will work out fine.

The real missiles that benefit the most from a net are MRMs. Pop something like the Catapult -K5 at 13-15 hexes from the main battle line, stand still, and let the missiles fly.

>> No.70827845

What vehicle is that?

>> No.70827935

Suck off shimmys shitty lazy designs some more why don't you.

It won't change the fact it's garbage and that he's a hack.

>> No.70827972

Why are you so angry?

>> No.70828191

Are FedSuns space American larping as Brits pretending they're half French?

>> No.70828257

Nah, they're people from a dozen nations who have lived on those planets for 800-900 years and moved beyond simply "America, British, and/or French"

>> No.70828392

Small dick, probably

>> No.70828442



Remember, she and her consistently shitty life choices are canon now!

>> No.70828550

>circlejerk character born of talking to oneself while drunk
Fits CGL quality

>> No.70828602


To be fair, that was hilarious. Makes me wonder how often it happens.

>> No.70828716

Well I had a Bloodnamed on the side, but when I did some number crunching I realized it would be cheaper to upgrade it to Star Colonel and get the remaining packs I was missing rather than add them on when the pledge manager reopens. Only missing like 3 or 4 boxes out of the whole set this way, and that's still possible to tack on in the future.

I'm "all-in" now, boys.

>> No.70828741

Before? No

Post mechwarrior? Yes they’re Americans who have duchys

>> No.70828745

Elsa legit proved herself in the campaigns though

>> No.70828780


She has amazing luck and a great player.

I may tease NEA but he’s the first guy I’d want on my side in any game.

>> No.70828839


And long past the point she should be living off of rents on the ancestral estate in Lyran Alliance space- nicely supplemented by the investment returns from a lifetime of merc service- she's a paycheck-grasping Stoner cougar of a junior officer.

Plausible as hell, mind you.

>> No.70828841

A few thread ago somebody mentioned CGL removed Urbiepope's canonization in one of the Jihad missions when they reprinted them in Total Chaos. But I just checked my copy and "Ghost Adept Omega Pope" is still there.
Now, the changed the flavor text for most, if not all, of the mission in Total Chaos, and the new version doesn't mention Pope, but the mission rules still say the GM should designate one opfor pilot as the commander, Ghost Adept Omega Pope, and give him higher g/p still.

>> No.70828859

That reminds me. Anyone take a look at the Cincy forum recently?

Elsa / Nicolai Malthus rematch coming soon. Of everyone who the Rangers could run into on Tukkayid, they're running into the same green Bird unit that they fought against on Somerset. Through luck of the dice roller no less.

>> No.70828891

So the Clan starter set and the Command Star are the only ones actually confirmed to ship next month, right? Any word on which Stars are being designed next after the Command?

>> No.70828908


Could be worse. If he hadn't kneeled before the Random Number Gods, the Rangers were no-shit starting their trek to armageddon one jump directly distant from the muster point of the guys that get snekk'd in the Devil's Bath.

>> No.70828913

IIRC it's the box set, and the first two IS and Clan boxes.

>> No.70829016

>command star
>everything is smoke jaguar/nova cat except the main jade falcon heavy

>fire star
>to get warhawk and nova cat you also have to buy cougar which smoke jags wouldn't even have by the time they get wiped out

>heavy battle star
>turkina and ebon jaguar in the same pack

Why do I have to buy jade falcons and smoke jaguars at the same time? Did the Diamond Sharks decide which packs get which mechs?

>> No.70829022


As is, I'm convinced that they'll be jumpship collar neighbors with a bunch of them. If there are weekly card games in the jumpship spin-gravity rec rooms, best make sure they get their winnings paid up before planetfall. On the other hand, if they *owe* money, the 6th Division pretty much dies to a man (consequence of their CO committing the faux-pas of actually asking for mercy for his men from a Steel Viper Khan), so that would work out.

>> No.70829077


>> No.70829091

Interesting. My version of Total Chaos doesn't have him, whereas he was in my copy of Jihad: Final Reckoning. All the scenarios got changed up because they were named after GI Joe characters in J:FR, incidentally.

I wonder if CGL did a revised copy of Total Chaos in PDF only? That might be what I have, since I don't have the paper version.

You're right. That would have been a lot worse. This way its only Elsa who's going to get completely schreked, instead of all the Rangers at once.

>> No.70829102

>cougar which smoke jags wouldn't even have by the time they get wiped out
The TRO entry for Cougar mentions that while first seen used by the Falcons it has appeared in other clan forces, notably the Jags (who first used it on Port Arthur during Bulldog: this is a reference to Mech Commander, which takes place on Port Arthur and featured Cougar as one of the clan light mechs).

>> No.70829142

We have a new Line Dev who doesn't hate fun the way that Herb did. If you do fun or interesting things you can earn your way into canonization the same way.

>anon is probably refering to the fact that they are going to bring back the GDL, but absolutely everyone who had a personal connection to Grayson is dead. Unless he had a bastard child with a particular mercenary who repeatedly saved his life on Sudeten. This would also neatly explain why Lori turned from a loving and caring waifu in the original trilogy into a cold hateful bitch in the last couple of books.

>> No.70829201


She made an appearance as an over-the-hill Stone's Lament junior officer defending Coventry during the Jihad.

>> No.70829205

Isn't the new Line Dev a known snitch? Thought there was something about him the other day monitoring his fellow beemers for NDA violations?

>> No.70829207

My physical copy has Pope mentioned on page 232. It's literally the same sentence but where as the part you posted but where as yours reads "Designae one pilot/trooper as the commander, who..." mine reads "designate one pilot/trooper as the commander, Ghost Adept Omega Pope, who...".

The G.I. JOE themed mission names are also all still there: Blowtorch, Recondo, Monkeywrench, Heavy Metal, Mainframe, Jinx, Snow Job, Wild Weasel, Firefly, Storm Shadow, and Scrap Iron.
Did they change some of those in the pdf?

>> No.70829245

>consequence of their CO committing the faux-pas of actually asking for mercy for his men from a Steel Viper Khan

Talk about a catch-22, though.

>> No.70829265

I'm not sure if it really counts as canonization or not, but last year's official Gencon game had as one of the premade pilots a Grasshopper pilot named Elsa Hartman (i.e the same mech and name as NEA's character).
I wonder if, since they'll include special pilot cards for all the mechs in the kickstarter, make her the Grasshopper one. It's not like there's a lot of famous characters who used that mech anyway.

>> No.70829315


Interesting, didn't know that.

Still seems like the mechs are split by role rather than faction which is kinda annoying for building lore friendly lists. Could always just fit an oddball mech into my list and say it's isorla though.

>> No.70829374

Truly lore friendly lists are going to have salvage, isorla, and traded 'mechs a lot more often than what you see in most player-built forces.

Just paint the 'mechs you want in the colors you want, and don't overthink things.

>> No.70829395

I feel that you people should see this. ExoSquad is and will remain on topic in a BattleTech thread, since their plotline was basically just the Amaris Coup. It reminded me of assuming the proper attitude for playing Word of Blake.


>> No.70829402

That's .. actually pretty cool!

>> No.70829421

The writers don't hate anyone, your faction just doen't have the narrative role in BT that you want it to.

It looks like the 3075 upgrade of te Condor.

They've been that since forever.

>> No.70829440

The blonde guy with the shaved head sides seems as if he is related to ol Malthus.

>> No.70829454

>The writers don't hate anyone, your faction just doen't have the narrative role in BT that you want it to.
You just broke half of /btg/ by saying that.

>> No.70829479

>The writers don't hate anyone

>> No.70829482

That was no shit one of his jobs before he became LD. He was the Catalyst Observer, which meant he did that and heard appeals against the mods. I'll go ahead and let you guess how many appeals were ever successful and why they have such a thriving forum.

>> No.70829499


Flip side though- with a great number of minis comes the responsibility to organize games.

>> No.70829504

fucking holy based

>> No.70829520

Yeah, but furries aren't people.

>> No.70829542

Well, they probably hate individuals, but even the fall of the ELH probaby has less to do with Calbeck specifically than it does "I am so fucking sick and tired of getting sued, and also these guys do nothing for us since we are about to destroy the Star League and then have nothing but silence from the Homeworlds, may as well just off them."

It's something I came to peace with long ago. Any faction that isn't the Suns, Capellans, Falcons or Bears exists only to show how badass the Suns, Capellans, Falcons or Bears are. At best you might get to be the plucky sidekick for a while like the Lyrans did.

>> No.70830110

Dat 80s hand-drawn cartoon animation

Fuck CalArt, seriously

>> No.70830130

>heard appeals against the mods

Wait, that's new to me. What's his beemer handle?

>> No.70830273

So do the Clans still use the areospace phenotype or have they completely switched to the mechwarrior one?

>> No.70830440

Adrian Gideon.

Only the Bears didn't use it, because nothing explicitly said they did and Bears never, ever make anything approaching an error. Even though we have stuff saying ASF-line warriors were weedy and small compared to MechWarriors, like when Bjorn Jorgenssen fought Karl Bourjon.

>> No.70830564

>and Bears never, ever make anything approaching an error.

Their biggest "error" in the current era is that they've been written to be so pacifist that they've reached FWL-during-the-Clan-Invasion levels of irrelevancy.

>> No.70830606

With pleasure. I have two friends I will be getting into the game as well so I wanted to make sure I had enough options for all of us and still have some left over for others.

>> No.70830626

>Adrian Gideon

What an absolute tofu boy.

Nope, don't recall that name coming up in any tales of mod disputes.

>> No.70830637

I for one think it's a completely deliberate move to exploit lore autism for larger pledges. If you want a fully RAT-compliant force that has a significant number of iconic mechs for the clan of your choice, you'll end up with at least a star's worth of chaff that doesn't belong there at all - again, going by strict adherence to RAT. So now that you have that many other clans' mechs, the sunk cost fallacy kicks in...

On the other hand, I think it's a pretty good setup if you don't have an established playgroup and want to have an opfor on hand for playing with friends. By the way, since I definitely fall into that category, anyone have any experience playing BT just like another board game? I feel the basic ruleset is simple enough to explain on the fly and the game has enough elasticity for totally casual games, but I have learned to take my judgment on that sort of thing with a grain of salt since I ruined pen&paper RPGs forever for a few people by introducing them to it via Eclipse Phase.

>> No.70830785

I remember a conversation here saying that a single small laser is so tough that it would easily destroy a 20-21st century tank. Well light buildings have 15 CF. What are they made of that they can take that much punishment?

>> No.70830788


>> No.70830956

is the MoC's non-mech forces any good to make up for their deficiencies?

>> No.70831005

>strict adherence to RAT
Strict adherence to the MUL has 90% of the 'Mechs in the kickstarter available to every Clan faction.

>> No.70831036

I see Quickcell is doing okay.

>> No.70831206

A single 125mm shell can destroy a 21st century MBT. Yet you need a dozen shells to destroy some structures. And those not even 31st century buildings potentially reinforced against stray Mech fire

>> No.70831225

which is weird because the FWL was very relevant, just ignored in a way that bent reality

>> No.70831329

Would it be reasonable for a (well funded) Mercenary unit to field a Stalker STK-3F right around the mid-to-late 3050's/early-to-mid 3060's? I know that by that point a number of Stalker variants had begun production again, but given how common the 3F was supposed to be, it wouldn't be too hard to find one right?

>> No.70831379

The MUL isn't canon, so I don't see what difference that makes.

>> No.70831397


>> No.70831419

The -3F would remain more common and easier to find, so it'd be more than reasonable.

wtf are you on about?

>> No.70831430

Jesus, look at those American fucks destroying a cultural work of art. They're as bad as ISIS.

Not even close. Their armor force is basically nothing but Scorpions, Vedettes, Pikes, and a very few LRM carriers. It should go without saying, but the MOC shouldn't even be a faction. One regiment from the FWL would be more than enough to wipe out their entire armed forces. 9 battalions of Mechs scattered across 30 different planets, with another 18 battalions of armor, isn't enough just numerically. Add on to that the fact that they have the literal worst selection in the game qualitatively as well for both Mechs and armor, and the only reason for their existence is fiat and forced diversity.

>> No.70831460


try to be subtle at least

>> No.70831482

>The MUL isn't canon

>The MUL is official and fully canonical.


>> No.70831503

>forced diversity.
Okay I get everything else you said, but aren't they a faction that's really old too? What's the forced diversity part?

>> No.70831602

Not especially. They're decent enough, but they aren't standouts or anything.

>> No.70831614

Perfectly normal. Probably one merc in twenty or so is going to be driving one of those

>> No.70831638

Literally everything he said is factually incorrect, ignore him. He's a longstanding and extremely autistic troll we have around here. We're pretty sure he's an Australian.

>> No.70831675

>Okay I get everything else you said
You shouldn't. The 9 battalion of 'mechs thing is a meme from an outdated product that has been superseded by more recent sources.

>> No.70831688

The bit about Americans valuing cultural diversity and then blowing up national treasures was right though.

>> No.70831695

Oh hell. Then what's the truth?

>> No.70831841

The canopians have a factually weak as shit aerospace force, and their tank branch is really nothing special, pretty much the same selection of generic tanks that everyone has. They have somewhat better organic AAA than usual owing to producing their own AC-2 fire support tank that is also great at flak. Their infantry are again nothing special, though they do have a lot of them

>> No.70831843

MoC had 8 substandard mech regiments when the game began. They were mostly shit mechs and cobbled-together legacy gear. Their officer bought their ranks, and their average education was something like a middle schoolers.

In simple terms, they were so shit that the Capellan armed forces, fresh from being bum-raped by House Davion in the 4th Succession War, beat the shit out of the Canopians while simultaneously fending off the Defenders of Andurien.

The icing on it was the Capellans sent one regiment to raid Canopus and it effectively shut the MAF down and convinced them to fuck off.

Keep in mind the Capellans in the 3030s were like baby-strength tier. So the Canopians of the 3025 to 3050 era are considered pretty weak and pathetic.

>> No.70831882

Oh, and their conventional aircraft arm is pretty average, and the same for artillery.
One advantage that they *do* have in conventional units is excellent medical support, so their casualty:fatality rate is going to be a lot lower than most others

>> No.70832163

>field one as a Phoenix Hawk IIC y/n?

>> No.70832190

>dat jump infantry at 1:17
This is how I like to imagine my jumpy grunts and not just zipping around with rocket backpacks or however it's handled. Really love to see a competent reboot but no way in hell are we getting Race War in Space any time soon.

>> No.70832211

Why not a Crusader?

>> No.70832234

It's obviously a Crusader

>> No.70832301

That would involve giving Harmony Gold money, so no.

>> No.70832509

Invasion of Shiri kicking into gear. Shit is on fire, yo. Coming to a convoys aid the couple fires that got lit accidentally then ran completely out of control. Convoys taken decent damage and it's a meat grinder in the thick terrain.

>> No.70832582

...fuck I had no idea, guess the Crusader's helmet threw me off. Shame.

So is there any alternative to kitbashing/3d printing my own version? The IWM mini blows.

>> No.70832622

You can bet your ass that someone's getting charged with warcrimes.

>> No.70832676


>> No.70832747

Wait for the kickstarter?

>> No.70832842


I dunno, seems like it could work.

>> No.70832895

Again, do you want to financially support Harmony Gold? Because that would be financially supporting Harmony Gold.

>> No.70832931

Is there a gallery for all the new and current renders for the campaign?

>> No.70832987

I'm actually including its lance in my pledge at the moment. I meant the hawk IIC though, not the Crusader.

Yeah even though CRD is really obvious I think at least the original art for the chadhawk draws heavily from the same source.

If you don't want me to do it that badly, maybe suggest how else I could field this glorious hunk?

>> No.70833033


Cool, just show us your Flashman redesign for comparison.

Or shut the fuck up already.

>> No.70833213

Anyone else having difficulty with increasing their pledge tier as a late pre-orderer? I feel like it would be easier to spend more money, but I haven't had any luck with Catalyst support so far and Kickstarter couldn't help since I ordered through Crowdox and hadn't used their site besides getting linked to Crowdox.

I already paid so it may be too late, but I would think it should still be possible for me to get things switched since it's still a preorder if I'm able to add more upgrades at this time. Cancelling the preorder just cancels my order, but there isn't a refund based on what I read when I clicked the cancel preorder link. Anyone else in the same boat figure out a way to upgrade their tier?

I wish I'd waited a little more to figure out what tier I should get before I ordered.

>> No.70834313

You can always buy from the Poles too.

>> No.70834430

What's considered "average" Inner Sphere tech for mechs in 3075?

Looking for something above average.

>> No.70834524

Mean, Median or Mode? Mean is probably grogtech when you account for the clantech counterbalanced by the absolute fuckton of primitives.

>> No.70834570

I suppose discounting Clantech and primitives

>> No.70834658

Median, discounting clantech and primitives is going to be TROs 3058-67 tier, unless you are the dracs, in which case you are stuck with Panther-10Ks and introtech dragons as your mainstays

>> No.70834682


Speaking of which, when will Strato take its head out of its ass and do terrains, buildings and infantry in their Hardwar 6mm range?

>> No.70835965


3075 is one of the crazy years, anon. It's all over the map in the same unit.

>> No.70836370

Without trying to get into some sort of game wars here. What would be the equivalent battlemechs to the following 40k mechs?
>Knight Errant (8-10m tall, “thermal cannon”, machine guns and power gauntlet/shock lance)
>Warhound Titan (10-11m tall, 2x large plasma cannons, machine guns)
>Reaver Titan (26m tall)

I’m hoping to convert a small Battletech force to be used in Epic 40k. Since both games are 6mm scale it should be easy and the fluff justification can just be that it’s a rogue human faction in some far flung corner.

>> No.70836383

Troll somewhere else.

>> No.70836437

Fuck man. I don’t know how I could’ve made that more genuine. I genuinely want to use some of my old Battletech miniatures in games of Epic40k. How is that trolling?

>> No.70836722

>I genuinely want to use some of my old Battletech miniatures in games of Epic40k.
Treat them as different variants of Knights, but generically - as a sort of "counts as". That's about the level of abstraction that would be appropriate.

>> No.70836756

Any mention of 40K in any other game's general thread is going to be considered trolling, m8e, for any reason. Don't be part of a shit community for a shit game if you don't want to be judged on that community's past behavior. I'm sorry if you really are being genuine, but there's simply too much back history to take anyone proposing what is effectively a "40K vs BT" challenge seriously.

Now, with that said, it's really hard to translate Mechs directly over to 40K equivalents, because Battletech at least PRETENDS to be bound by some manner of scientific reality, while 40K doesn't whatsoever. So there flat-out isn't an equivalent to the Reaver you've listed, because Battlemechs simply don't come that big. The others fall within Battletech's Mech size range, but the weapons/defenses that Mechs use compared to Titans are just utterly different. You'd be better off saying what Mechs you already own, and asking people to roughly stat them for 40K use.

>> No.70836877


I really cant think of a single mech that remotely looks like 40k mechs. I think you would be a lot closer to that aesthetic with Warmachine Jack's, probably Menoth and Khador.

>> No.70836916


You could also scale up to 10mm if you (and your friends) are ready to invest. Adeptus Titanicus + Aeronautica Imperialis + 3rd party 10mm tanks & Infantry should look good, if stupid expensive for a game that is otherwise free.

>> No.70836940

I should have clarified. That’s what I planned on doing. Just using Battletech models with Knight/Warhound Titan statline. Likely using either the Knight Crusade list. I’d still like this to be a usable army without any house-ruling.

That makes sense. Sorry for bringing up whatever autistic nonsense happened in the past.

I can’t really tell you too much about what I’ve currently got, since it’s been so long and they are hidden away somewhere. I can 3D print new stuff though to fill gaps.

It’s not the aesthetic. It’s more of I’m just looking for a suitable proxy. I guess to rephrase it.
Which Battlemechs fill these requirements:
>8-9m tall, one big gun, melee weapon
>10-12m tall, two big guns, point defence machine guns, styled like a Crab/King Crab or a Timber Wolf.
>14-20m tall, massive gun, melee weapon, large missile launcher

>> No.70836997


For the king crab proxy, I've made a cool one (imho) using this from Stratos and swapping in the claws from the H&A Puncher weapons pack.

>> No.70836998

It’ll look so out of place. I mean… we already have new knight minis in that scale, or you can third-party proxies from Onslaught Minis (closer to the OG Epic scale). They fit the universe; battlemechs don’t.

>> No.70837010

10mm’s way too big. Get tanks from Vanguard or Onslaught Minis.

>> No.70837013


This pack.

>> No.70837050

Yeah the way it’s set up, they have to switch you over by hand, and with all the character surveys flying around, they might not get to your request on time. Email CrowdOx, PM CGL through KS (worked for me in 2.5 days), and hope for some luck.

>> No.70837065

>I can 3D print new stuff though to fill gaps.
Then 3D print 40k knights??

>> No.70837099

I’d say that there are absolutely Battlemechs that fit the universe. One of the things I hate about 40k is how large the universe is, but also how limited it is. Why can’t there be a human faction with BT style mechs? Lucius pattern titans already come close to resembling some interpretations of 40k. There’s no reason not to push it further. You’d have never seen this problem in earlier editions. But that’s not the argument for this thread.

I mustn’t of expressed myself clearly. I want this as a crossover type thing. I’m not looking for a way to save money. Also, FDM printing works great for Battlemechs, but terribly for the curves of knights and Mars Pattern Titans

>> No.70837263

I know that it mostly seems that House Forces are given dropships and jumpships as needed, but are there any Regiments that have permanently attached dropships?

Just musing with friends about getting into the game and I'm always a lorefag, so looking for units that travel around a lot and can be fighting different factions without it being too weird. Particularly looking at FWL and FS but possible DC or Periphery.

>> No.70837803

How you feel in your Hata when the DHSs are installed:

>> No.70837869


>> No.70837874


How much of that thing is plastic?

>> No.70837893

Someone should design a mech with giant fins on the back and a fan to help blow off the excess heat like a modern computer cooler. Wait, wouldn't mechs in space be completely unable to remove excess heat? Its a huge issue for modern spacecraft right now. The modern heatpipe design was created specifically to cool down components on space stations. Mechs just allow heat to radiate off naturally right? They shouldnt be able do that in a vacuum

>> No.70837906


>I know that it mostly seems that House Forces are given dropships and jumpships as needed, but are there any Regiments that have permanently attached dropships?

I'm fairly certain organic dropships are the norm, anon. You can go to the handbooks or the novels both and see it.

>> No.70837920

They've built a new Lev and slapped the Dracs and Nova Cats around, so they haven't done nothing nor been pacifistic. The next plotline they will likely have is going all-in for Stone and thrashing the shit out of the Dracs.

40K weaponry and shields grossly outclass that of BT. armouring technology depending on the material may be about on par or essentially magical. Just design stuff to fit the flavour.

>I know that it mostly seems that House Forces are given dropships and jumpships as needed, but are there any Regiments that have permanently attached dropships?
I only have fuzzy memories of this but IIRC it's only the very most elite and/or most mobile ones. So like five units or so per House, tops. I think for the Suns it was the Ceti Hussars?

>> No.70837931

That one King Crab variant with PPCs that appeared right before the collapse of the Star League and disappeared along with Kerensky's exodus was supposed to have rows of fins/spines on its back to dissipate heat.
I've always wondered if that design was a reference to something, because its appearance gets a very detailed description in the variants section of the TRO (where as most mechs just list the differences in armament between variants), despite never having a model and going extinct pretty much immediately after being developed.

>> No.70838041

Don't troll the noob

3060s tech is really everywhere by then

Above average is stuff in TRO 3075

At least 50%

>> No.70838146

Probably just one of those instances of just having some neat fluff in a TRO, something which I feel like has been a bit lacking nowadays, in particular when it comes to nuts and bolts functionality. Pic related seems to be inspired by it, but the weapons load is bit off from the KGC-010.

>> No.70838158

This is some good fucking art.

>> No.70838226

I'd fucking love to see a 'modern' KGC-010 mini. I doubt CGL ever would, though. Would make one hell of a 'final boss' for a campaign or video game.

>> No.70838263

IWM has made models for various odd things, like some of the one-offs and prototypes in XTROS and WoB's wunderwaffe like the Gestalt and Spectral LAMs, so I wouldn't consider it impossible.

>> No.70838289


I think you're right for the Ceti Hussars but I can't see a precise confirmation on that.

For FWL I think at least one Oriente Hussar and one Orloff Grenadier have this set up as of the field manual as they're stationed far away, but it suggests that this is a difficult set up to pull off for some reason.

>> No.70838305


Cool, thanks - can you redpill me on the Ceti Hussars? What makes them cool or special? Any tips for their mechs or colours?

>> No.70838360

They're combined-arms regiments that's modeled on Star League era "light horse" regiments. So a closer than normal integration of mechs and conventional units (other Fedsuns units use combined arms in the RCT concept, but that involves conventional and mech regiments functioning as one force, isntead of the same regiment having both mechs and conventional vehicles), and mostly using lighter, more mobile units.
Their color scheme is dark blue with a varying highlight (most iconic is probably blue with red highlights).

>> No.70838482


Neat, I like the faster kinds of mechs, and the paintscheme does look cool. So a force of them should mix in like tanks? Do the FedSuns have any real outstanding units as far as fast mechs and tanks go across the eras?

>> No.70838535

You could do a full mech force as well, as they don't mix things on a lance (or even necessarily company) level. Though a lance of mechs supported by some tanks or hovercraft would be fluffy.
As for fast mechs, Fire Javelin (the Javelin variant that replaces missiles with medium lasers) is a Fedsuns variant, and one of the better introtech light mechs, and later they also get the wolfhound (probably the best introtech light). Good "cavalry" mechs (usually mediums that move at decent speed and still hit hard) would also fit. Wolverine is one of the more iconic examples.
Not so familiar with post Clan invasion Fedsun mechs, though. I know they get a lot of good designs, but I don't remember which ones fit the "move fast and hit hard" role.

>> No.70838579

They're specifically trained to split the Mech regiment into three combat commands, and defeat the enemy via superior manoeuvre warfare

>> No.70838633

>via superior manoeuvre warfare
lol what BS. when has manoeuvre warfare literally EVER worked? Victory goes to the bigger battalions every time

>> No.70838670

3rd succession war era warfare was largely centered around objective raids, so a mobile force that can get to their target and get out before a bigger and slower enemy force can get there, or is able to draw them out and have another part of their force go complete their objective while the enemy is chasing you is very useful.

That's how the Dracs typically fought the Lyrans. Start burning down the countryside until the defender is forced to leave whatever location they're guarding to stop your warcriming, and then outflank them with your weaker but faster and more skilled units.

>> No.70839080

Wait, when did the GDL come back?

>> No.70839219

I don't think they have yet, but CGL mentioned in one of their Q&As that they were considering bringing them back at some point.

>> No.70839465

>Victory goes to the bigger battalions every time

If by bigger you mean numerical manpower, no, not at all

>> No.70839502

Since the kickstarter is closing soon what faction or factions did you choose for your swag?

I ahve:
>FedCom dice and coin
>Diamond Shark dice adn coin
>Wolverine dice, coin, shirt, patch, and pin
>Hells Horses dice
>Burrock Dice

>> No.70839518

Is this...just in the context of Battletech?

>> No.70839533

Will I still be able to buy lances of mechs after the kickstarter has finished? Or is this a one and only chance type thing?

I would love to buy a bunch but don't have the cash for an all-at-once purchase.

>> No.70839630

>FWL dice, patch, pin and shirt
>Fedcom dice, because the logo is neat and mostly because of Mech Commander
>Falcon coin, because I wanted something Clan-related as well

All except the "hero" set (which only contains reposes/resculpts of the other mechs), and maybe the single pack Urbanmech, should be available on retail eventually. The hero set will be CGL's wbestore exclusive. Not sure what'll happen to the Urbanmech. I was made as a bonus reward for backers and doesn't follow their usual method of selling plastic mechs in lance/star packs or boxed sets.

>> No.70839708

Yeah, but I can't fucking stand metal miniatures m8.

>> No.70840238

What kind of a faggot are you?

>> No.70840368

Well, I tried clipping an Urbie to stick an Arrow on there but it ended up very badly. Probably we both share inexperience and having only tools fit for plastic and basic metal stuff. I will buy a small jewelers saw for that.

>> No.70840421

I got into 40k when I was 10, and never got the hang of the metal miniatures. Paint not sticking, glue not staying on no matter what I used, attempts to modify poses leading to more blood loss than I'd have liked. Generally a very unpleasant experience and honestly, not one I'd ever want to repeat.

>> No.70840424

Metal figures are a pain in the ass to convert. I recall having to saw off heads of metal 40k miniatures because I wanted to do some headswaps (this was back when most metal infantry models were one solid piece of metal).
The paint also chips easily unless you use a lot of varnish on them.

>> No.70840446

>That one King Crab variant with PPCs
There's a king crab hero variant called the Kaiju like that in MWO and MW5. It's actually quite strong in the latter.

>> No.70840467

All of it. Tits don't start at the collarbone.

>> No.70840491

Fucking oath I love my Kaijus. Upgraded the four PPC's to ERPPC's, stripped off all other weapons and loaded it down with DHS and armour.

Heat is rarely a concern, ammo is never a concern, have yet to take internal damage from anything and it headcaps like a sous chef with bucket of crabs and a big pair of scissors.

Still, I'd trade mine for an 010 in an instant. It's the holy grail of Crabs.

>> No.70840521

Totally agree, I am happy with mininrobutts though. Would prefer more stuff along the line of the plastic wolvie. I like it.

>> No.70840532

Full energy loadouts are grand, though I do love the dakka, especially the sounds it makes.

>> No.70840577

Certainly made the upgrade from my usual ride (A CRB-27b Crab) less jarring. All-energy loadouts are baller, especially in warzone missions where (with proper positioning) you can just fight forever.

Though if LB-20X's are in the game I may consider picking up a classic. The idea of a 100-tonne double barrelled shotgun on legs is a little too tempting.

>> No.70840600

Here you go

>> No.70840645

Or this one alternatively

>> No.70840684

In the end I chose legendary mechwarriors pack, two command stars, two heavy striker stars, one fire star, one command lance, one battle lance, one direct fire lance, one heavy lance, one fire lance and one urban lance. Should I leave out one of the wave 2 lances and go for another battle lance instead?

>> No.70841458

Finished up my new Dropship instead of sleeping.

>> No.70841481

Did the red/green lights like aircraft have.

>> No.70841635

Nice work! Purple burd stronk!

>> No.70841637

Based Marik Militia anon. I am working on my WoB Stalker currently. I like the small free Form Detail like numbers and eagles you apply. Did you use an Airbrush on the dropship or a big brush to drybrush the Black "beak"?

>> No.70842183

No. It’s only two good mechs out of four.

>> No.70842325

Newbie here, what pdf(s) do I need if I just want the current full rules (as in not just quick start)?

>> No.70842620

What a cute lance!

>> No.70842651

Battlemech Manual and/or Total War. The latter has core rules for all unit types, while former is mechd only but has some added stuff from other books and is better laid out.
Campaign Ops is also useful for advanced rules and tons of extra rules (most of which you'll probably never use, but if you ever wanted to know if there are rules for picking up Clan elementals and throwing them at enemy mechs, they're there). Other "Ops" books are more situational, but do have some useful things.

>> No.70842653

>the King Crab only has five shots for each autocannon

checkmater, StarLeagueaboos

>> No.70842825

>dat dropship

based and marikpilled

>> No.70842889

>Campaign Ops is also useful for advanced rules and tons of extra rules
That's Tactical Ops.

>> No.70843087

>I'll need more than 5

>> No.70843109

Thanks. I'm basically looking for something that'll tell me how to do a battle of say 4 mechs vs 4 mechs, plus a few scenarios. I might want rules for vehicles/infantry for later if I decide i like the system.

>> No.70843292

>They've built a new Lev and slapped the Dracs and Nova Cats around, so they haven't done nothing nor been pacifistic. The next plotline they will likely have is going all-in for Stone and thrashing the shit out of the Dracs.

Building stuff is irrelevant to the plotline if they don't use it - see the FWL during the Clan Invasion. And the 2nd Combine War ended in 3101. That's more than 50 years of doing nothing, with the most recent sourcebooks hardly talking about them.

I don't envy any Bear fans at the moment. Not getting to see "your" guys shoot stuff and get shot up must be pretty dull.

>> No.70843313

The Zeus-X kind of has that going on, along with any 'Mechs that have a Partial Wing.

>> No.70843350

BattleMech Manual would be best in that case.

>> No.70843359

which pack?

>> No.70843456

>At a young age Orrin was described as coldly competent and deadly as a MechWarrior. He is an engaging man who enjoys old-style stand up comedy routines and watching trivid comedies. While piloting a BattleMech he becomes surly, silent, and can be prone to episodes of rage.

>> No.70843469

BMM has that, except for scenarios (TW has some scenarios, and StratOps and Campaign Ops have some more). There's also a free pdf with some campaign scenarios on CGL's website.

>> No.70843530

Yeah, had a brain fart for some reason and typed Campaign Ops wgen I meant TacOps.

>> No.70843566

Ah, thank you for answering. Will take Note of this.

>> No.70843771


Lol fuck I am retarded.
This pack.

>> No.70843839

Those look perfect for standard crabs, but I'd bulk it up with some plasticard bits if I were you. Good on you though, mate.

Crab example not related

>> No.70844695

Utterly gay characterisation. Is that based on somebody real? God I hope not.

>> No.70844804

This is a good reminder that if you get canonized instead of taking more mechs you're automatically a faggot. If you want canonization you should do it through deeds, not buying your way in.

>> No.70844992


Another, later anon, but whats the deal with the Oriente Hussars and Orloff Grenadiers? What mechs would they use? Also looking for a force kinda like that but I kinda like the FWL a bit more at first glance.

>> No.70845164


Here's the result. A bit tiny if you compare but they arent based yet.

>> No.70845215

Even the Game of Armored Combat box rules have a few scenarios and everything you need for 4v4 mech combat. I think that little rulebook is underrated. It even has construction rules for mechs, as long as they’re using 3025 tech. (The Beginner Box has none of that.)

If you have the GoAC rulebook and get the one in the upcoming Clan Invasion box, you could arguably skip the BattleMech Manual (BMM) and skip straight to Total Warfare.

If you don’t have those rulebooks, I’d get the BMM. You’ll want tanks and infantry eventually, but the BMM with a Marauder on the cover is so much easier to follow than Total Warfare. TW is kind of a mess, imo.

>> No.70845413

I like it. Looks cool.

>> No.70845491

Trolling aside, if you'd said that 10 or 15 years ago, I would have completely agreed with you. But experiences have shown that it doesn't matter what you do, because CGL refuses to canonize anybody based on deeds. Hell, they say they will, and then they go back on that work. Look at the demo team: they were supposed to get canonized to fill out the Bloodname ranks, but then Herb killed that idea because he was against any fan getting canonized for any reason. Look at the shit that Cincy pulled at the Gencon tables. Not a single one of them got a canonization which stuck out of their 10 years of fucking dominating the event. The only way to get canonized is to be a writer yourself, or be a writer's butt buddy, like Rebeckah Crane (Grim Reaper pilot in TRO55, used to be "Wombat" on the OF) trading a BJ to a writer in exchange for a canonization.

It's fucking bullshit and it's wrong. At this point I know that the new dev is supposed to be more into fan canonizations, but that would involve trusting CGL to do the right thing and turn in your canon credit for minis, and miss your chance. If you turn in your credit now, there's no guarantee that your past or future deeds will get you in, whereas if you keep your credit, you're at least guaranteed a spot.

It comes down to whether or not you have faith in CGL to do something good in the future, or whether you'd rather keep your guarantee now. Do YOU have any faith left in CGL? If so, congrats on picking up the beginner box yesterday. Battletech's a fun game, and welcome to the fanbase.

>> No.70845554

Well, as mentioned upthread Pope got canonized in Final Reconing and Total Chaos, but they removed his character from the pdf version of Total Chaos.
Official reason was that they didn't feel it was right to canonize people as the bad guys (Popes character was a Manei Domini adept).

>> No.70845646

That's why I said there wasn't any canonization that stuck. Which means it might as well not exist.

And removing a fucking canonization is outright bullshit. Doubly so since Pope and NEA got their fame by PLAYING the fucking bad guys. They fucking ought to be canonized at WOBbies, but Herb fucked that right up, didn't he?

>> No.70845836

So they want our fanart for a "project."
Are you planning on giving anything to them?

It's interesting they're lowkey offering a job to anyone that has the chops for it.

>> No.70845919

Why though? Seems stupid.

As happier subject: Ultralight Mechs! This baby is a Jade Falcon design. I only found two official ones. This golden age Jade Falcon beauty with two clan er mediums and the Prey Seeker. Sadly the Birdboy wasn't produced until the Foxes started selling them again in the early republic but they were supposedly used in second line units.
Would you consider it acceptable to have some customs this light running around in your games? I just really like the idea, it seems rather usefull in city scenarios or to fend of pirates/dark caste. Also it looks like something the Falcons would throw their Freeborn in, so they get double sympathy points for underdog status.

>> No.70845937

No,because I have treestumps for hands. If they want stickmen, i can deliver though.

>> No.70846021

t. KGC-4AMS.

>> No.70846072

They have the budget for more artists now. More budget than time, probably.

I’m not one, but I know we’ve got people here capable of it.

>> No.70846093

It's all hand brushed. I used a big makeup brush for the drybrushing

>> No.70846121

Nice, stuff like that helps me gather confidence for bigger stuff. Thanks.

>> No.70846137

>Are you planning on giving anything to them?
Even if my fanart met their standards, I don't have time to spare from my real job to get another job doing it - even if it sounds like a "dream job". I am absolutely certain CGL would not pay me enough to leave my current employer and come work for them.

>> No.70846153


I looked up the King Crab datasheet and it's interesting stuff, different than the video game version.

The claws are actually hand actuators, not just blast doors, so the autocannons have to overflow crits into the torso. It has no arm twist but full power physical attacks.

>> No.70846155

This is an in progress pic with the shorter, sturdier landing gear I printed for it

>> No.70846190


You just know one of the canonized mechwarriors is going to be a pink haired tranny mary sue that some weirdo paid out the ass to get, just like what happened in the video game.

Do you think CGL will go along with whatever portrayals the backers give them or will there be quality control somewhere? That's the serious question.

>> No.70846204

PS: I mean, look at this. If this isn't cute I do not know what is.

>> No.70846254

>> No.70846258

There are several others. The Flea has a 15t version.

>> No.70846268


>> No.70846282


>> No.70846283

Drac warfare has only ever centred around a massed charge at the enemy's strongest point. Units that do anything else are rare in the extreme and even they don't make a habit f what you describe. Theodore tried to change this but we know how that turned out.

>Nova Cats and Vega don't count
>Plotline clearly foreshadows a Bear shitstomp of the Dracs
>Best contender for ilClan
>On top of all their past winning
Boo fukin' hoo, anon.

>> No.70846304


>> No.70846320


>> No.70846405

Oh, did not know that. Will take a look. Shall definetly roll up a Mechwarrior in an available rpg system and stick him into that bucket.
>I am a modern-day knight, I swear! Stop laughing!

>> No.70846445

Well they hate Cappies but they hate Lyrans even more. Orloff has a very traditionalist European military culture.

>> No.70846474

Looks good, you used brownish ink to simulate rust I believe? Do you do that on many of your panels? I noticed this on the edges of panels your purple militia as well. Also, the resin and striations in 3d are a bit tough to handle sometimes. Still haven't continued on my Vulcan as I am a bit unhappy with how flimsy some parts were and some elements were wierdly jointed. But thats ok, wo do the best I can I guess.

>> No.70846498

I don't follow their communications. Is this just the post from a week or so back where they wanted sci-fi inspiration pics, or something new?

>> No.70846536

PS: Sadly that flea seems to have been an aborted SLDF project. Unsure what to do with that. Tinkered a bit with the prey Seeker in Meklabs, if you removed some tech and go back to about Jihad and maybe a bit before you can actually put some ok stuff in there. Thank you though.

>> No.70846570

This is a new thing. They want to show Battletech through the perspective of the fans, and hope to collect enough stuff to publish as a book or something. The real objective is to find people that can draw for them to speed things along.

>> No.70846574

And yet a full production run was made. Yeah it didnt last long but it was hardly a one off design.

>> No.70846616

Well, that is an argument. I believe some might have survived in some backwater or periphery area even. Maybe one can change some stuff around though for a more modern variant. After all Comstar started developing their 15t Celerity directly after Tukayyid.

>> No.70846678

What do you think about XL and XXL engines or XL gyros on such small machines? I have to say I have next to no experience in playing with this fancy tech.

>> No.70846723

It's the only way you can get enough tonnage for even lightweight weapons. Just experiment and see what you can build.

>> No.70846842

XL engine is great for lights and fast mediums, since they're not going to be very durable no matter what you try, so the downside of XL engine (loss of any torso destroys the engine) is outweighter by the pros (can make the mech faster and still carry decent amounts of armor and weapons).
I'd normally never use XL gyro, as the tonnage you gain is tiny compared to the massive increase of a chance of getting a gyro crit, but on an ultralight you need to squeeze every last ton you can, so it probably is worth it. You'll likely die from being blown to pieces before a gyro or engine crit anyway.

>> No.70846850

Well, I tried to tinker around a bit and decided to add some armour and not take that small cockpit. It is hard to pilot allready and has no proper arms, so I did not want to aggravate that. I am overcooling, but 4 ER Mediusm with a small cockpit would have brought it to 24/20 and that might be a bit much for stustained fire. So a small pulse laser to increase its use in cities even more beyond its small size and jump jets seemed like a good idea.

>> No.70846863

Thank you, did that.

>> No.70846877

PS: Just noted the more modern flea variants do not have "hard to pilot", so it might be due to residual teething problems from the design and it could be removed without being cheesy.

>> No.70846903

Or just don't play with quirks, or make your own model of mech that has arms instead.

>> No.70846942

Well,having minimal arms allows you to flip them backwards. So that is pretty nice. But thank you for your advice in general. but I try to stay sort of close to sources since I am fairly new. I want to avoid being cheesy accidentally, but also if I changed a mech to much it would not be the same mech. Popular Mechs like the Urbanmech or Centurion are that way due to their design and lore as well. If I had a 120 kmph Urbie it would feel wrong.

>> No.70846969

The specific quirk doesn't mean you have flippable arms, you just can't have Lower Arm or Hand actuators. As for the Urbie, gotta go fast.

>> No.70846995

Yeah, I generally wouldn't add arms to a custom mech that didn't have em, as it's extremely rare for any canon variant to change the arms, aside from sometimes removing actuators for weapons.

A good rule of thumb for a custom variant is that it should be recognizeable for the original design. So a custom Catapult shouldn't have hand and lower arm actuators andmount its heaviest weapons in the arms (usually missiles, but there is also the K-line with PPCs), a Warhammer should have no hands and a big energy weapon in each arm, etc.

>> No.70847053

Oh thank you, did not know that. Also, 54 kmh is a a thing for urbies. At least IICs, right? This looks like a mean sniper with that big ppc and it's capacitator. Sounds like something that could operate quite well only semi supported in forested or city areas and kick some people between the legs.
Thanks, will try to continue along those lines.

>> No.70847080

>cultural work of art
That's an interesting way of saying "tyrant's fuck shack"

It's just a tacky house.

>> No.70847419

Just like the White House.

>> No.70847423

No, the only thing I use brown ink for is the cockpit windows. I put down the brown paint there as a base color for the panel lines and to tint the drybrush layers

>> No.70847440

Yeah that does look weirdly proportioned. Is it resin? The quality looks odd

>> No.70847494

I meant, Do you use inks to ligjten up the edges of panels and leave the middle dark as I saw. Sorry.
It is from Stratominis, cut some thincardboard and put it under one foot to position it somewhat straight.

>> No.70847644

Beast mounted infantry edition?

>> No.70847682

Inks and washes and stuff generally only darken. I generally drybrush and do a little bit of edge highlighting on some panels. The sculpt you got looks weirdly sloppy- resin printers nowadays wouldn't have those lines it has on the pelvis and chest, and are pretty sturdy too. All the mechs in the Dropship pics were printed by me and I built the Oscout too.

>> No.70847860

I'm coming around on XL Engines.
Almost doubling your payload seems worth it all the way until assaults. By the time you lose a side torso, your CT's likely very shot up and going to fall off anyway in another round.

So it's very much a psychological issue to me.

>> No.70847944

I followed your progress for a long time, I was the guy with the grey Urbie and the razor-wire. So I see how it can be positively done. No idea why it happened to the Stratominis Fearbringer, but I still feel it looks pretty good as a design. Even though quality on this one suffered.

>> No.70848215

Just the IIC. The regular Urbie is a 2/3/2

>> No.70848232

Hmmm... Okay, I'll do it.

>> No.70848294

What's the deadline for the Custom Character thing?

>> No.70848408

Your design, surely then, is a sign of the Inner Sphere catching up! Probably a capellan design, sneaky gits with their stealth armour and weak spot for urbies.

>> No.70848587

So Dracs dislike Medium mechs, but love the WVR-6K? I realize their outlook changes some, but I feel like they would be pretty firm in their shtick with lights and heavies.

Are mediums just their to be support for heavy lances for Dracs? Would a company consisting of a Scout, Heavy Battle, and Striker lance be pretty close to their fluff?

Kickstarter and Crowdox have said they can't help so it's up to Catalyst to be bros and let me give them more of my money.

>> No.70848853

In all reality, the DRG is a 'medium' mech. It fights comparable to a sturdy medium.
But 'like' doesnt mean have none of. They may produce a few mediums even, but most of their formations fill the trooper role with Panthers, and the heavy trooper or cav role with Dragons.
A PXH may not be a medium cav line mech for the Dracs, but a recon lance leader with Jenners for example.

>> No.70848871


>> No.70848901

>In all reality, the DRG is a 'medium' mech. It fights comparable to a sturdy medium.

Very dishonorable of you

>> No.70848916



>> No.70848935

Yikes, why do this?

>> No.70848951

I would.

>> No.70848957

now *this* is epic

>> No.70848968

>white drop ship
Borrowed from WoB?

>> No.70848975

They still trial and raid, right?

>> No.70848982

Go with gauss rifles.


>> No.70848987


nah, they are word of blake militia

>> No.70848999


Not even once

>> No.70849008

They aren't wrong. Mediums are a poor compromise between lights and heavies.

>> No.70849021

Who is “they” exactly?

>> No.70849197

new thread!


>> No.70849207

I thought they were Marik Militia

>> No.70849236

Same difference

>> No.70849288

Refrain from posting so early fuckign hell, pg 5...

>> No.70849410

my bad, i thought that was the agreed-upon page

>> No.70849421

>Refrain from posting so early
That's not as bad as his inability to choose OP images that aren't faction thot wallpapers.

>> No.70849435

It's about 9-10.
That too, thot wallpapers OP are very tiresome, and attract shitposting.

>> No.70849495

I'm not OP but I refuse to self censor myself to avoid the arrival of the retard who somehow still baits people with the stalest shit imaginable.

>> No.70849507

>attract shitposting.
If the threads in the past week are anything to go by, that's probably true.

>> No.70849518

They have their own Phoenix Hawk, too. They seem to be okay with faster mediums to use with their Dragons/Quickdraws and faster lights.

I interpret it as not liking 4/6 mediums. Just take heavies and assaults for that role, backed up by Panthers.

>> No.70849595

this thread's was the worst

look at that horse and the rider's ridiculous hat

>> No.70849614

Fap before you post, one of the earliest rules in /tg/.
Once in a while some shitpostign with hos is fun, than we have entire threads where a third of it is that is boring,without counting the avatarfagging (Taylor swift I think its calledd that old hag) than was stale years ago.

>> No.70849623

i haven't gotten to make a thread in months, and i was excited because a photoshop request i made forever ago on /wsr/ was done and i wanted to share it.

>> No.70849653

Cool, I’m gay too bro.

Honestly if we just ignore the butthurt branthfag we should be fine.

>> No.70849690


Some people think they own these threads.

Just ignore them.

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