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Play Bolt Action

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Chain of command has more interesting gameplay gimmicks.

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what did librarians look like in 30k

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Real Men Play Xenos

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I am nowhere near old man enough for that.

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does it have changechan?

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But Duncan plays.
He plays Waffen-SS even

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They're the poster boy, BITCH.

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What kind of xenos can I play in that game?

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>not wearing a helmet
will never make sense to me

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Do I have to prime my minis? The paint has been sticking fine so far

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Exactly as they do now, except in their legion colors. Blue armored librarians is just codex compliant.

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Primer is a meme so GW can sell you overpriced shit. Just paint on bare plastic, you'll be fine.

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Is the pdf or epub for the PA available yet?

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Dunno. My dad always told me to paint after priming so that's what I always have done.
Are you saying my pappy's wrong?

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It prepares the surface for actual paint and prevents your models from looking like dogshit.

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Yes, your dad probably works for GW and only wants you to part with your money.

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Buy a $4 can of rustoleum primer then.

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I don't use GW primer so they failed then.

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ah ok thanks
I'm doing a little side project for fun where I make 30k-era versions of all of my CSM HQs, but after doing some reading it turns out that the legion I play (IW) did not use librarians. I'll just skip the sorcerer then.

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Why are they called librarians if they don't work in the chapter library, letting people check out books and shushing them when they make too much noise?

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Yes. You can do a light priming job that still has uneven color if you're basecoating your whole model. But you do need to prime.

You can prime with inexpensive spray if you want. Especially if you're just doing black/white/grey.

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He works for the Rust-Oleum company of America....

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But contrast paint is a primer. That's what the guy at my GW told me

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Post your models.

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The Wraithbone and Grey Seer sprays are primer. Not any of the pots.

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You know primer is used for all forms of painting, not just autistic 40k toy soldiers, and warhammer is not only model kit building hobby around right?

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Why dear god do I collect IG... I'm already exhausted just painting one model that is worth 5 points and I think the combination of green and brown looks kinda "vomity"

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>painting one model at a time, start to finish, instead of batch painting each squad at once, taking the 10 models through base coat, through washes, through layers, and through highlights as a group

Sounds like your work flow is a problem.

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If you're exhausted after a tabletop quality model, just don't paint.

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You don't prime two different on one model right? What will happen?

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Thin paint doesn't adhere to the bare plastic/metal/resin surface. Primer provides the paint with a surface to adhere and bond to.
Get a $5 rattlecan of rustoleum 2x primer (NOT primer + paint, it is thick as fuck and obscures details) or krylon primer from a hardware/automotive store.

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I only paint in batch of 10 to 30. Be it sisters, primaris, custodes...

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Ah my store manager doesn't let you play if you use non-GW paints or hobby tools with GW models.

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What tf does that mean.

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Were you trying to do Halo?
Your colors are fine either way.

Vomit is a lighter brown.

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One whole model?

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>Playing at GW

Worst that most circles of hells tbf.

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Like you sprayed grey then black.

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Simplify your paintjob, paint in batches. Do your basecoats with contrast if you have to. It's a good choice for hordes.

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No, that's dangerous. You will create mustard gas!

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>I'm already exhausted just painting one model
Either fill out the bare minimum number of troops you need for a battalion and go nuts with tanks and shit for the rest of your army, or just consider switching to a proper "elite" army.
Also paint basic dudes in batches man.

>I think the combination of green and brown looks kinda "vomity"
Then.. don't paint them green and brown? You know you can paint your models whatever colors you want, right?

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>I'm already exhausted just painting one model that is worth 5 points
Batch paint, Contrast paint (or equivalent) should also work fine.
>and I think the combination of green and brown looks kinda "vomity"
Then paint them something else.

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The plastic will melt away and the evil force inside the mini will come for your life.

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Well there's no point in going grey then black so'ce black will already cover your model in the first place.
You can prime with 10 different colors if you want, it's just useless.

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Why would that be a problem?
I assume you're doing it because
>your model was primed and then you noticed mold lines
>so you trimmed them and need to prime again

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Just means you've basically primed your model black.

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>Contrast paint
He said he wanted his miniatures painted, not vomited and botched.

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Depends on the painting method. You can prime an entire model in black, then do a coat of a lighter primer from a particular angle to "pre-shade" the miniature, works great for semi-transparent shit like contrast.

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>paying $8.00 for a fucking pot of paint
No thanks. I'll mix my own damn washes. Contrast is literally just a heavy bodied wash. That's it. It's not magic, and there's no reason for it to be EIGHT FUCKING DOLLARS A POT

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Black will simply cover the grey and you'll have the same effect as if you sprayed it black in the first place, except the layer of the primer is 2x the thickness and you lost a shitton of details.
Why the fuck would you ever even consider doing that?

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get a job who gives a shit

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>(or equivalent)

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Dunno because while contrast is the biggest con ever that only cater to shit painter and block them from ever being better at painting, you sound extremely poor.

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>muh cheeseburger

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Contrast is great for skin and metalics, other then that it's a cop out.

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>it's okay to be bad with money if you have lots of it

I fundamentally disagree with your assessment.

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Darren Latham did some really cool stuff using contrast paints

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poor confirmed

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Hey guys do I have to use glue? My dad says so but I was thinking about keeping my models together with chewing gum. Is it a problem if I use two different flavours of gum?

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>Contrast is great for skin and metalics
It's great for anything with a lot of texture, really. My newbie friend painted up his Untamed Beasts from warcry entirely in contrast paints and they honestly look great because the models are all bones, furs, leathers, and skin.

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I love buying Contrast Paint to support my favorite Small Private Company (Games Workshop).

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And Steve Vai can do amazing thing with a 2 strings guitar, that doesn't mean playing a 2 strings instead of 6 or 7 will be good for the average young timmy that won't be able to overcome the numerous flaws, limits and setback this implies.

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Yea, I drew heavy influence from Reach marines instead of the trilogy marines tho

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Buy contrast you stingey jew.

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If we buy more contrast paints GW will be able to hire more dedicated playtesters, fixing the game! It's all down to us!

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It's 8 dollars nigga its like what you pay for a drink at a bar

>> No.70698081

I love GW so much I buy a SC box every month.

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Looks more like a darker brown being used

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juicy fruit works best for me
bubble tape is cheap but it doesn't have the same chemical properties

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Drinking in a bar doesn't sound financially interesting

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>8 for a drink
dude what
I can get a double of jameson for 6

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I only drink the water that drips from my mom's basement ceiling.

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Gum is far too pliable, what you want to do is lick an astropop, then rub it on both points of contact. That shit's never coming apart.

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Not everyone lives in a flyover state.

>> No.70698116

time to flex

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>living in a high tax state

Sorry for your loss.

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Guess I'd better start chewing.

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I own over 120 pots of GW at my house and that's before my back log of 7 armies or even my warlord titan. Just cause I don't like contrast doesn't make me poor.

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quality of life is unironically lower on the coasts, unless you're a wall street kike

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>$8 drink
You get Kiltlifter for that out here, Yeti is $7.
That sounds about right.

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What do you call the 1%?

Your "Fellow Americans"?

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>losing friends every year as they gradually all move to a place where they don't have to drive 100 miles to find anything besides hostile winds

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Favorite dreadnought?

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I know that smearing mud texture paint on the boots of my dudes is for the best but it hurts my soul

>> No.70698175

I call them daddy.

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boxnaughts are the cutest

>> No.70698180

Ferrum Infernus

>> No.70698181

Boxnaught is best. Brutalist and extremely 40k. An angry metal coffin on legs.

>> No.70698183

I'm ready.

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Yeah, I knew a few guys who moved back to Oklahoma for that. I'm 45 minutes from downtown Dallas. Some people go back to Houston too.

Unless it's someone who has gone back to Corpus, I can still see them reasonably enough.

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Give me a sec, nees to rogue my asshole.

>> No.70698198

Furioso, all that manlet rage packed into a convenient boxy form.

>> No.70698207

As a Brit, reading how far Americlaps have to drive for basic supplies is fucking mental.

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Come to Australia mate. I know people who drive 200 km for a packet of ciggarettes.

>> No.70698219

Corpus has a decent 40k store now. It's real small, but isn't awful.

>> No.70698220

Hell yes, bacon flavored lube or hickory smoke?

>> No.70698232

I'm still in the Dallas suburbs dude. Walking distance to a supermarket, two bars, and a long walk to target (if you go past target first). I'm ten minutes from one highway and twenty to another. Two different major airports in 40 minutes.

I haven't been to England proper but I've been to Ireland twice and Scotland once. Cute country. I'd love to bike around there instead of driving.

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The You at the bottom. Smooth dreads look garbage.

>> No.70698240

Batch painting is gay and the opposite of fun.

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Is there a way to make the chaplain more consistent? If he doesnt cast his buff he's a useless 100 points.

>> No.70698249

But being gay is the definition of fun

>> No.70698252

Librarian dreadnought

>> No.70698253

It depends on where you live really. You either live within walking distance of everything or live way out of the way of everything.

>> No.70698254

*long walk to target if you go past walmart first

Crazy. I heard that in something like 90% of the country, you can just outrun the cops and/or evade them off road if your car can take it. Stateside you can do that in maybe a quarter of it? Maybe?
I'll keep that in mind. Corpus proper or across the bridge in Portland?

>> No.70698255

Squat ones

>> No.70698258

You take a Chaplain Dreadnought and get a twin lascannon that only snipers can hit.

>> No.70698265

2cp for master of sanctity and wt allowing him to reroll for free. Faith and Fury PDF in the OP has the rules.

>> No.70698272

Corpus proper, in the same shopping area off SPID as the half-price books or hobby lobby if you're familiar with the area.

>> No.70698276

We dont have a decent public transportation system like you guys so traveling places takes forever.

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>> No.70698282

Can Blood Angels do that?

>> No.70698283

Made this shit on my SG 7 while in new zealand 3 years ago.
I'm glad someone is reposting it.

>> No.70698295

I replayed Halo 2 today. What a rush of nostalgia. I was in middle school again. I wish the Covenant was a faction we could play. I bet hunter, brute, and elite minis would be sick.

>> No.70698302

Pretty sure that the cost-effectiveness of public transportation falls off a cliff with the lack of populations density that a lot of "newer" big American cities have. In the case of both DFW and Houston, they occupy a massive amount of land, but have a ton of suburbs so public transportation would be inconvenient for a lot of people outside of downtown. The park and ride systems seem interesting though

>> No.70698309

With SM tanks now being able to use Chapter Tactics I have to ask if tanker style lists are viable to them and how do they compare to IG tank lists?

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>> No.70698317

Not to mention construction costs a lot more in the U.S. because of all the regulations

>> No.70698318

>hunter minis

>> No.70698324

Compared to where? Eastern europe?

>> No.70698327

Still not great. Iron Hands and Dark Angels might be good, but it's hard to imagine Blood Angels or Ultramarines tanks lists being that good.

>> No.70698337

The U.K.

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>> No.70698350

I know TCs can take objectives, but do Marine tankers have anything like that?

And do Marines even have enough relevant tanks? I can say off the top of my head that Predators don't bring anything to the table that dreadnoughts don't do. Even in speed, a predator is 12" and some of the FW dreads move 9".
And did the Vindicator buffs make it even playable?

>> No.70698368

If you go for a tank supporting chapter, mech Marines are solid. Iron Hands were legit busted for a bit before their ability to stack bullshit was nerfed.

>Iron Hands and Dark Angels might be good, but it's hard to imagine Blood Angels or Ultramarines tank lists being that good

I mean, Ultrasmurfs can tank fine because they can do anything fine. Blood Angels are a melee army, of course they're not meant to deploy entirely mechanized.

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Oh please you can't dig a 12 foot ditch in the UK without carefully removing 8 tons of historically significant cobblestones, hitting 300 years of plumbing and closing down work for 8 years after finding a ancient trash pit

>> No.70698392

It's true anon. Building stuff in the U.S. costs more.

>> No.70698411

They didn't, because the Emperor was blocking knowledge of the warp.
Bit of a plothole really.

>> No.70698420

No, it's not in the Blood of Baal book so Blood Angels cant do it. You're SOL if you dont make that 3+ anon. It's a shame because the BA specific litany is pretty good.

>> No.70698426

Just play 50 point games.

>> No.70698428

I hate the mustache on this model

>> No.70698431

Please tell me the muscles are freehand. That's fucking rad if so, but a dickmove if EVERYONE has to paint the muscles.

>> No.70698432

Blood angels already have a master of sanctity with astorath anyways.

>> No.70698436

Enjoy making terrible financial decisions for the rest of your life.
>Here is product a which is exactly the same as product b, but with a minor convenience added at twice the price
>Hurr, only a poor wouldn't buy this

>> No.70698446

Are you going to use GW gum? Might be a problem if a neckbeard redshirt picks up a model and gives it a chew in-store.

>> No.70698452

>Here is product a which is exactly the same as product b, but with a minor convenience added at twice the price
So everything made since the 1920s

>> No.70698453

Oh perfect! Thanks anon. I thought I was legit fucked over.

>> No.70698454

They're modeled on

>> No.70698458

I hate that it costs 4x what the reasonable price for a single infantry model is.

>> No.70698468

That's a funny way of spelling "Federal Reserve".

>> No.70698470

He's a named character so he can't take the FnF relics or traits, but he still has double litanies.

>> No.70698472 [DELETED] 

Calm your autism with the soothing voice of Goober teaching you how to make contrast on a budget.

>> No.70698476


>> No.70698483

Calm your autism with the soothing voice of Goober teaching you how to make contrast on a budget.

>> No.70698487

That's not correct...
There were Librarians for centuries before the council of nikea.
That's why loads of people got pissed off, because they were doing it for ages without any major problems and then suddenly got told "You're not allowed to be a special marine anymore, go join that tacical squad and shoot your bolter."

>> No.70698504

Only if you're a moron that doesn't know what they're talking about. Read up on Nikea and keep your ignorance to yourself. Many legions used psykers until magnus went too far and the big E banned it, even then many legions carried on in secret.

>> No.70698511

>T. Lorelets
Read a fucking book

>> No.70698517

I stand corrected.

>> No.70698524

Can chaplains roll for litanies before they come down from deepstrike?

>> No.70698526

I stand uncorrected.

>> No.70698530

I'm sorry, I just don't trust men with long hair.

>> No.70698537

no, they have to be on the board.

>> No.70698543

That's Greta from the future.

>> No.70698544

Wrong hobby then.

>> No.70698546

Yes, capitalism thrives on poor consumer decisions. That doesn't mean you can't engage with it sensibly though. You all know this though, you're just being defensive because you feel insecure about wasting money. Very few of the anons screeching about poors are actually earning a decent salary themselves.

>> No.70698548

A model needs to be present on the tabletop to use abilities/provide buffs. So no, you can't. Which means deepstriking chaplains can only chant litanies starting from turn 3.

>> No.70698549


>> No.70698551

That's what you get for buying fancy newfangled plastic minis.

>> No.70698560

>Yes, capitalism thrives on poor consumer decisions

That's corporatism, not capitalism.

>> No.70698569

Is this good?

>> No.70698593

I used to be rice & beans poor, now that I have a solid income I dump money where i want to because I can.

Contrast paint is literally a straight improvement over painting with washes and shades, which i've done for years, it make painting tolerable, sometimes almost fun meaning I'm seeing a return on my investment in models which'd otherwise sit as grey plastic until I'd get tired and sell them at a massive loss.

>> No.70698602

Nearly all primaris are at least 7/10 power wise.
The edgelord scout wannabes are about one of the only mediocre to bad units.

>> No.70698608

Flamer variant is great. You can deploy in cover close to the enemy, walk up to him, fwoosh away the screens and punch the tanks/characters.

>> No.70698638

>now that I have a solid income I dump money where i want to because I can.
Which doesn't mean you should. Pay your savings, your bills, your upkeep first. Buying too many toys can leave you a bit empty inside.

>> No.70698655

>Buying too many toys can leave you a bit empty inside.
I've been empty inside all my life, now I can afford distractions instead of staring into the dark outside and inside.

>> No.70698665

How do my favorite edgy idiot sons fare in the new meta? Can Night Lords actually do work or are they a joke?

>> No.70698675

Anon that's not normal. That's depression.

>> No.70698677

They always were and are a joke. FnF got them some interesting toys though.

>> No.70698684

Honestly, if we're failures, we're just living up to the legacy of the Primarch. Konrad is the inverse Magnus, he did EVERYTHING wrong at every opportunity.

>> No.70698696

Ok, taking asteroth, keeping up with death company intercessors in an impulsor seems like it could work.

Thanks anons.

>> No.70698704

>Most men lead lives of quiet desperation
As I've grown older, this has gripped my mind more and more firmly.

>> No.70698708

Not competitive but quite fun

>> No.70698710

Sounds pretty normal to me.

>> No.70698720

I didn't buy it because I already have the metal jump chaplain.

>> No.70698725

If you're taking death company, look into lemartes and actual death company with jump-packs.

>> No.70698737

It's a (not)dread that gets to infiltrate and reach melee T1. Of course it's good

>> No.70698750


>> No.70698753

I read Thousand Sons a few months ago. Don't >> me.

>> No.70698763

>that's not normal. That's depression.
Maybe, never been different, two sets of shrinks says it's within the expected experience of ASD.

Terrible at being human, but too good at pretending to be.

>> No.70698771

plastic batmarines? Joy is here again!

>> No.70698785

Not everyone empty inside is necessarily depressed. Some might be in a transition period in their life, or just have circumstances outside their control causing them anxiety.

For instance, lacking a job. A soul without labours and is an empty one. Or, lacking faith. A soul without faith is a hollow one. And so on.

>> No.70698788

Fuck you

>> No.70698794

Yeah, gonna second >>70698710
It sounds normal to me too.

>> No.70698885

They do that too.
They're sort of a cross between librarians, archivists, historians, researchers and warp powered killing machines. Also "enhanced" interviewers in certain chapters

>> No.70698887

Are the sisters of silence a viable unit and are you allowed to put them in the same list with SoB? I like the models (GW visely obscured their faces with masks) and they would fit together thematically, I think.

>> No.70698904

No and no.
Don't let that stop you though.

>> No.70698935

How's he gonna know what primer you used retard

>> No.70698940

Should caveat that with a job you engage with. Darkest point in my life was because of employment not in spite of it. Even though I have work I enjoy now I was far happier when I was unemployed

>> No.70698948

They can be in the same army but not the same detachments.

>> No.70698959


Oh, what makes the silent sisters bad then?

>> No.70698963

Anyone got any more pics? Supposedly it's got 3 build options.

>> No.70698975

>his store doesn't scrape newly painted minis every time you bring them in to run it through their chemical analysis lab to determine if it's approved GW paint and primer
You must be playing at one of the more remote locations.

>> No.70698978


>> No.70698983

We already knew it had 3 options, they told us as much when they announced it. It's got a bomber, transport, and gunship configuration.

>> No.70698992


>> No.70699000

>Play guy
>Army full of OC characters he rattles off the background and biography of
>Pulls out a THIN YOUR PAINTS tier model and gives his method of painting, one thick coat of contrast
>Visibly winks

I really hope this was one of you guys fucking with me.

>> No.70699018

>army full of OC characters
sounds based to me

>> No.70699026

The /tg/ people I've met in real life were all quite lovely, actually. I count two of them as friends.

>> No.70699033

Do you prefer green stuff in a tube, green stuff as a tape, miliputt or some other putty?

>> No.70699036

>can't use bolter discipline with SIA
>didn't get doctrines or vanguard units
>Mission Tactics still don't apply to vehicles
Ouch. Is Deathwatch the worst SM codex at the moment or can they still get on top?

>> No.70699038

>8th edition is almost over
>still haven't gotten a khorne codex.

>> No.70699043

Admech kataspam list, because if your model doesn't have at least three wounds why even bother.

>Agripinaa Servitor Maniple Battalion
Daedalosus, Monitor Malevolus Warlord (50)
Techpriest Dominus, volkite/macrostubber, Master of Biosplicing Field Commander, Eye of Xi-Lexum relic (80)

6 Destroyers, plasma/flamer (294)
6 Destroyers, plasma/flamer (294)
3 Destroyers, grav/phosphor (294)

4 Servitors (20)
4 Servitors (20)
4 Servitors (20)

4 Sydonian Dragoons, lances (272)

Neutronager, stubber/BSDT (109)
Neutronager, stubber/BSDT (109)
Icarus Onager, stubber/BSDT (102)

Aegis Defense Line (75)

>Second battalion, also Agripinaa

Enginseer (30)
Enginseer (30)

4 breachers, arc rifles and arc claws (120)
4 breachers, arc rifles and arc claws (120)
4 breachers, arc rifles and arc claws (120)

Total 2000pts exactly, 11 Command Points - 2 for 5++ save on both 6-Destroyer blobs for 9 to use in the game.

Could drop the aegis line for a couple more breachers or a second Dominus.

From what I remember from early 8e Breachers are kinda terrible but they're very cheap now so I might as well try the all big lads all the time army. Mismatching Skitarii and cult mech troops always looks untidy anyway.

>> No.70699105

>go to blicks
>buy bottle of acrylic extender
>Mix with paint
Oh wow it’s a contrast paint made with every color

>> No.70699106

Too late I realise that premade bases are really bad for trying to fit SoB on them. All the sisters have huge unnecessary rubble attached to their feet which make it hard to find spots they fit between stuff on the premade bases and even if you do find a spot for the feet to fit, chances are the robes will get in the way of something else. 60 bucks down the drain.

>> No.70699154

I'm curious about the rear weapon options, we know there's twin heavy stubbers, twin heavy phosphor blasters and bombs. But pretty sure that there's more

>> No.70699162

Lack of proper faction support

You need to have 3 units minimum for a detachment of them and you dont get any cp

Hopefully when pic related comes out, shes a HQ

>> No.70699174

Is acrylic extender the same as lahmean medium?

>> No.70699181

>acomplished nothing in lore
>limited sub-faction rules
>RAW can only take 1 new warlord trait and 1 new relic per army
> Ahriman +2 DP Soupers happier and stronger then ever

Why GW shits on my faction so much?

>> No.70699204

Why the fuck is GW force heavy stubber on AdMech? I mean 30k admech has waaay cooler and thematically fit weapons for the imperium's most technologically advanced faction

>> No.70699207

Oh fair, that too. Just in general though. An extensive hobby can also "count" as a Job for some people.

>> No.70699215

Any speculation on what Ghazzies rules are gonna be? I expect we’ll see some warboss of warbosses rule to allow him to affect all orks

>> No.70699218

I bought a can of this and honestly loved it.

After that I actually learned how to use washes and now it's a mix between sometimes using these and sometimes actually using washes.

I still think painting is the worst part of the hobby underneath playing, modeling and the lore, respectively, but atleast now I can wield models that look pretty okay.

So if you don't want to become better or don't want to waste a shitload of time, remember that you can buy liquid talent nowadays.

>> No.70699219

Iirc the cults specify detachment

So if you blow cp, you can have 2 new WTs and 2 new Relics

>> No.70699236

Seems like Deathwatch were deemed to not need all that stuff. Don't knock the potency of SIA.

>> No.70699237

Dunno probably because they look cool when Jes draws them. Do have to remember that we're specifically dealing with Skitarii here rather than the ad-mech as a whole so the tech that's invested in them isn't going to be the same as say the Ordo Reductor

>> No.70699252

Basically, has a retarder in it so I usually mix 50:50 matte medium wirh the extender, it’s not needed but speeds up dry time.

>> No.70699257

>8th edition is almost over
>still haven't gotten codex space marines 3
wtf gw

>> No.70699261

I gotta get a shit ton of stuff for my Crimson Fists comp list lads

Ive got Kantor, Chaplain and a Lieutenant with some shoulder pads, but i also need
>Dorito Dred
>3 thunderfire cannons
>3 rapier quad launchers
>20 Incursors
>10 Melee Scouts
>2 Razorbacks

Luckily CF are relatively easy to paint, but i gotta get this shit done for april

>> No.70699263

Did... You ever read the lore? I mean, Horus Heresy and whatnot?

>> No.70699270

Oh and i need to get a techmarine and convert up a damocles command rhino too

>> No.70699276

I mean we have got 10+ Space Marine codexes and Indexes and Supplements so don't those count?

>> No.70699277

Blight lords ready for a wash

>> No.70699286

>Melee Scouts

For what purpose

>> No.70699290

You don't. Because RAW to have a new CULT Relic, You have to have a Warlord from this CULT.

You also can't access a warlord trait from the cult via Magister strategem, because you have to have a Warlord from this CULT to make it available to you.

Cult of Magic combo works fine though.

>> No.70699311

>a soul without labours is empty
>a soul without faith is hollow

>> No.70699317

My general game plan is to have Kantor, an Apothecary and the 10 scouts in the razorbacks
Deredeo is shielding those razorbacks T1
Incursors infiltrate up to hold objs T1
Razorbacks roll up to support them and tie up units and to hold objs more as Kantors WT doubles obsec
Deredeo will move if he needs to to support whatever

With Kantor, Melee Scouts are getting 4 attacks each, 5 on the sgt

>> No.70699330

>the virgin sip.gif

>> No.70699360

If you're thinking of the invuln bubble the deredeo gives, they need to be wholly within 6".
I don't think a razorback will fit,

>> No.70699364

Razorbacks arent 6" wide, both will fit with the deredeo in the middle

>> No.70699366

Why are flamers so shit? Is it because you can't use them on overwatch past 8"? Or because they're random with their effectiveness?

The overwatch rule is pretty retarded tho'.

>We're running at them from far away!
>This gives them less time to prepare to fire their flamers
>Or just shoot at us before we get in effective range

According to RAW, professional soldiers are retarded.

>> No.70699369

It's the length that might clip.

>> No.70699380


Magistier stratagem is just "select one chharacter thats not the warlord and generate a WT for it"

So as long as you're running 2x detachments its fine

>> No.70699385

The lack of wall of death is a bit annoying personally I feel like overwatch should always treat the charging unit as being 2" away

>> No.70699394

D6 shots just fucks them up. I hate random shots in general since my rolls are below the curve.
>Float a bloat drone over to a blob of guardmen
>Alright, time for burnination
>Snake eyes for number of shots

>> No.70699397


Yeah these guys are the cannon fodder, they get stubbers because fucking anywhere can churn out stubber ammo. That doesn't explain the fifty different kinds of gun strapped to all their vehicles that aren't energy weapons but what does these days.
I guess all phosphor weapons save the Heavy Blasters fire basically the same round, but radcarbines and galvanics need their own bullets and the Icarus Array is just a mess.

Hoping that the helicopter gunship will either have twin HPhosphor or something else that actually does some damage, since we have easily enough anti-infantry already.

>> No.70699398

Rhino chassis isnt even 6" long length wise or diagonally so it can fit in the bubble regardless of angle

>> No.70699470

Exactly this. Or if that is "omg too OP" how about something like:

>Roll a leadership test. If succesful, treat the charging unit as being 2" away from your unit.

This would very well represent the discipline required to take aim and fire for maximum effect when you're about to receive a charge, with Guardsman conscripts shooting their flamers off too early for little effect, while well-drilled Space Marines wait until the last effective moment to melt those Orks inches before they reach their position.

>> No.70699473

when will untargetable lascannon dreadnaughts get FAQ'd out lads.

>> No.70699474

The rule says, If a CULT character is your warlord, you can give Same CULT trait to a CULT character.
It's a question how does it interact with Magister.

In any case, relics are definetely out.

>> No.70699477

I think the gunship is confirmed to heavy heavy phosphor on the prow and as a turret options. My hope is that the turret can also have a solid anti tank weapon as well. Either twin cognis lascannon or ideally something more esoteric and interesting. Transport and bomber are both 4x heavy stubber though which is a bit boring

>> No.70699490

How paint Night Lords? Pls?

With or without contrast paints[\spoiler]

>> No.70699502

>>can't use bolter discipline with SIA
>>didn't get doctrines or vanguard units
You expect ap -2 intercesors wounding on 2 and shooting twice at 36''?
That's definitely something I don't want to see

>> No.70699511

what are some tips or things you wish youd known before getting into wh40k

i ask because im a retard just now doing so. should i just go with whatever chapter i think is coolest?

>> No.70699526

>Are the sisters of silence a viable unit
>are you allowed to put them in the same list with SoB?
If you don't mind losing your SoB sacred rites rule and paying CP for them or taking 3 worthless units at a time then yes, you can put them in separate detachments

>> No.70699538


>> No.70699539

Type Mezgike into toutube

>> No.70699544


Just hoping they don't screw us and make the gunship fire at BS4+ against ground targets or pack the shitty phosphor from the Kataphrons or something, which would be on theme. Shame phosphor fire doesn't strip cover from enemies for other units in this edition, or you could use strafing runs to pick out targets for everyone else to nail.

Bomber will probably be completely useless as is typical for those, but I think an air cavalry Skitarii clade would be kinda neat so I'm hoping you can fit AT somewhere and the transport can fit six models. Not too opposed to tossing in a few neutron onagers or whatever but it's cooler if more of the army is mounted up. Toss in an Inquisitor to use that Cyclonic Torpedo strat to represent higher altitude bombardment and go to town.

>> No.70699545

Leviathan, by a mile. This baby is so damn good looking.

>> No.70699554


>> No.70699580

>what are some tips or things you wish youd known before getting into wh40k
Consider how you're going to have to transport your army before buying a bunch of Raiders and Venoms

>> No.70699607

>Just hoping they don't screw us and make the gunship fire at BS4+ against ground targets
I get the horrible feeling it will. Also pretty sure we won't get a bonus vs flyers. But on the other hand I reckon it'll be relatively cheap

>> No.70699616

buy models to practice on. something cheap from ebay or whatever.

>> No.70699619

Is it worth it to buy old blisters with metal versions of models that are plastic nowadays?

>> No.70699635

Anon, please, just give the strat a read.

>> No.70699636

Plastic kits, no, finecast, very much .

>> No.70699640

Only if you REALLY like the sculpts, metal is horrible to work with compared to plastic

>> No.70699642


I mean, in an ideal world we get BS3+ base and BS2+ against ground targets, so it hits flyers on 4s with Hard To Hit since it's built for ground attack and apparently only has two main guns. Rear mount changes out for bombs on the bomber and the gunship has stubbers in the doors, so I think it's 4 stubbers 2 Hphosphor. whereas the transport is just 4 stubbers.

Yeah, hopefully it's cheap and the transport variant can be squadroned up, I want to have more than three squads with air cavalry.

>> No.70699646


>> No.70699652

looking good mate

>> No.70699663

shut the fuck up poser
whether you can work with metal or not, it still takes much more effort than plastic and is worth mentioning for someone who doesn't seem to know too much about it

>> No.70699673

Much appreciated, and that converting video is nice but that’s way above my level. I’m just a beginner. I just want to know what blue to use, mainly

>> No.70699674

Pretty much what this anon said. Sure you can work with metal, but plastic is just so much easier for literally everything.

>> No.70699690

Seething hobbylet

>> No.70699695

Is that yours? Looks neat.

>> No.70699704

I don't think it's entirely impossible that well get a means to mitigate heavy weapon penalties but I doubt they'll stack so either strafing run OR gunship OR stable platform. Gunship like the valk has is probably the most fair

>> No.70699728

Very cool

>> No.70699771

The Tau could be like the Covenant if implemented properly. But GW fucked it up

>> No.70699777


Yeah, likely, especially since helis can hover to avoid heavy weapon penalty if they have to. Doesn't make a huge amount of sense that a helicopter gunship with great control surfaces will stop and hover short of their target to shoot, but whatever, game rule abstraction. I just want cheap air cavalry to go with the literal cavalry.

>> No.70699787


BS2 seems a tad much for a general vehicle but I wouldn't be surprised by BS 3+

>> No.70699808

It's almost guaranteed to be BS3+ considering it's a Skitarii vehicle.

>> No.70699836

No it doesn't

America has space out of it's ass, if you want to build ANYTHING in the UK expect to pay out the ass for the land, have to demolish or refurbish what's already there, and, if there isn't anything already there or you're updates rub a public servant the wrong way prepare for years in planning court.

After all that your house has to meet extremely stringent efficiency rules and the fact we don't build our houses out of drywall and plywood and it's 100% certain that construction is more expensive in the UK.

>> No.70699849


>> No.70699863

Oh sure on the sheet but we're interested in what it'll actually shoot at

>> No.70699874


>> No.70699876

Considering a Gunship is something that is intended to attack ground targets and so far only Ironstrider platform vehicles don't have rules to ignore movement penalty shooting at it's full BS is a safe bet.

>> No.70699896


Worst case scenario all Skitarii vehicles come with data-tethers built in, so even if you're shooting at -1 for BS4+ you can boost up to 2+ with Protector.

Whether that will ever actually be worth doing is another matter, but it does mean that you can pull off the extremely fluffy "constant danger close air support thanks to noosphere coordination" thing.

>> No.70699906

>this faggot again

>> No.70699920

What's the most efficient T8 killing unit for SM points wise?

>> No.70699934

Quadlas pred. Around 170 points, I think.

>> No.70699945


>> No.70699954


It's kinda weird to think that 'worst case' scenario is a 3+ BS that can become 2+ BS.

>> No.70699969


>> No.70699970

I want to take a Lord Discordant in Night Lords. What's the best way to murder Imperials with a spooky scary spider.

>> No.70699972

Are you saying you don't want to have sexual relations with an SoB?

>> No.70699975


Hey, Skitarii shoot well. Used to be the worst case scenario was you got three solid turns of hitting on 2+ with Doctrinas, if anything we're slacking off these days. Got to fit better targeters to those aimbot tin-man Matrix agents.

>> No.70699976

Worst case scenario is that you the gunship only has a dozen heavy stubbers and anti infantry guns, which the admech already has enough of

>> No.70699995

2 x twin las contemptor shits all over a quad las pred my dude

>> No.70700008

Warptime and charge turn 1. It's a priority target, so use it as a missile to take out some tanks or shred elites.

>> No.70700023

> Gets btfo'd out (not my model also).

>> No.70700031

What is the role of Blightlords? As in what should be their main target and goal?

>> No.70700050

You are correct.

>> No.70700051

Give me anti marine army lists.

>> No.70700058


Rumours are 2 heavy phosphor and either 4 stubbers or 2 stubbers and a twin lascannon.

The former is passable so long as it's cheap as chips, the latter is actually rather good on a fast platform.

>> No.70700060 [DELETED] 

Which god of the 40k pantheon is the true patron of trannies?
>Inb4 the lazy answer

>> No.70700067

>Misters of Battle

>> No.70700075

We had this discussion a few threads ago. You deep strike them and use them to basically zone off an area - nobody wants to come near them with their huge big dick Flail of Corruption. Give then decent dakka and they will occupy a bug radius on the board and shoot shit.

>> No.70700078

Play marines

>> No.70700081

I still would and if you wouldn't you're gay.

>> No.70700082



>> No.70700083

okay. It seems you are right. This is good news.

>> No.70700087


>> No.70700094

>the lazy answer


>> No.70700095

this anon is right >>70700075
as someone who plays against them regularly its a real hassle to deal with

>> No.70700097

Has anyone converted a Deredeo to use Redemptor arms?

I like the Deredeo, but I hate how the arms are just directly stuck to the sides, and would prefer them to be in the style of how the contemptor, redemptor, leviathan etc places its weapons on its arms

>> No.70700100

saw this online, I really enjoy the titanfall look. Does anyone know what parts were used in the conversion?

>> No.70700110

>We had this discussion a few threads ago.
Must've missed that. Are combi-plasmas good enough dakka or is 2bolters enough? I've got them magnetized.
cheers bros

>> No.70700119

Nurgle as their sick, needing medical treatment and not mutilation

>> No.70700139

You are still correct about relics though. Only from your proper warlord's cult.

>> No.70700148

>not fucking a man makes you gay
You're a special kind of retard.

>> No.70700173

Historicals are for fags.

>> No.70700181

i might have lost control

>> No.70700187

>Buying named characters


>> No.70700195

why do people buy so many kits at once? maybe it's my autism, but I have to fully finish painting a kit before I can move on to the next one

>> No.70700199

If only the fucking Exorcist didn’t cost as much as two Leman russ

>> No.70700200

600 grots

>> No.70700207

The immolator costing that much is going to be even funnier.

>> No.70700209

In my case at least for GSC I bought a single Acolyte squad.
Then my friend and family gifted me in less than a month about 2k worth of GSC

>> No.70700210

I'm not a big fan of named characters myself but I feel like Celestine is one of those ones that at least makes sense in that they can kind of show up at any random battlefield, as opposed to Bobby G or Ghaz

>> No.70700218

If he's intending to play it, it's a lot easier to buy 2000pts and be able to play, hopefully either batch painting on squad by squad.

>> No.70700226

I do every now and then if I get excited for a new project, even if I dont get to them straight away.

>> No.70700227



Let's go for round two of speculations for the Necron PA ! I think that the main update being a change to Gauss weaponry is not a bad idea.

Should it work like old poisoned weapons for the wound roll on vehicles ?
Double damage on vehicles seems too strong. 1 more damage flat on vehicles maybe? ( So D6+1 for HGC for example)

Any other ideas you might have ?
Can we definitely exclude new models being released?
I'd love to see some new canoptek units, but seems like all the niches are already filled.

In my opinion, they might go all out on psychic negation with gloom prism units or new options on vehicles.

>> No.70700237

>not wanting to run named characters and badly rp them
>making the burgerlords sperg out

>> No.70700243

>not buying and converting them into generics/counts-as for /yourdudes/

>> No.70700245

a mortal wound on a 6 to wound in addition to normal damage

something for praetorians to have them deny psychic powers

>> No.70700252 [SPOILER] 

this army is cute!!!!!!!!

>> No.70700255

sisters characters are too strong to ignore

>> No.70700258

so what, four boxes of neophyte hybrids?

>> No.70700263

>also you are not fat because the high marshall is a jerk.
what did he mean by this?

>> No.70700268

does badly rping ahriman mean you portrait him as a competent person and not a complete failure ?

>> No.70700276

he likes the meaty loyalist booty

>> No.70700283

I'm guessing the high marshall called her fat.

>> No.70700290

Drinking alcohol, at a bar especially, is an equally bad financial decision.

>> No.70700300

That's what the author probably meant. But he really fucked that sentence up and my autism didn't allow me to ignore it

>> No.70700301

what army should I build next? I've got the following short listed:
>Black Templars
>Death Guard
>Death Korp of Krieg
>Sisters of Battle

>> No.70700305

You're thinking of Magnus
After the whole Rubric of Ahriman shame spiral he's gotten his shit together.
>even getting into the black library

>> No.70700313

Would definitely make Praetorians more relevant.

On that mortal wound thing, it could be balanced but only against vehicles; necrons are already good against infantry.

Too bad the AP3 shot on a wound roll of 6 gimmick is already taken by the shuriken weapons.

>> No.70700327

Leviathans by far.

>> No.70700328

>hur dur
Before the nerf that no one takes into account beside /tg/ autism

>> No.70700349

>thousand sons lore isn´t magnus and ahriman trying to outfail each other

>> No.70700355

>mfw I can't tell imperial, genestealer, and tau rhetoric apart.

>> No.70700365

why are Thousand Sons have such a lovely visual aesthetic, but have such boring fluff/lore?

>> No.70700370

or pop Rage of the Machines and ignore the -1 on heavy weapons


the chaos god of mental problem?

and a single warboss to tank morale

>> No.70700378

correction: TESLA is already good against infantry. Gauss is virtually never used if there's a tesla version of the gun.

>> No.70700379

Let me have a guess...
The Farsight Battlesuit; One of those Dreadnought for lazy marine; A Knight (judging by the legs and the gun-arm; The marine is an infiltrator, I guess (pick related) diferent models of the infiltrator though; and some bits and pieces, here and there, that idk.
And whatever the OP's pick has to say.

>> No.70700385

>Before the nerf that no one takes into account beside /tg/ autism
i-its a mistake I swear!!! So what if there's still no errata, I'm still going to use them at 5 points! No wait why aren't you letting me play?

>> No.70700389

Forgot image.

>> No.70700390

primaris dark angels
codex says battle companies are still 10 squads
in the codex and the transfer sheet the squad numbers go up to 16
in the codex there are aggressors intercessors and hellblasters all over #10, some of the intercessors are squad 16, 5th company
should i just assume that nobody at gw has thought this through or is there actually some reason for this

>> No.70700391

the Based marines

>> No.70700399

I'm going to fucking make my immolators out of razorbacks and Rhinos if(when) that happens

>badly rping named characters
>calling other burgerlords

Do those look like conversions to you?

Still not playing them because they're not /mydudes/

>> No.70700401

nobody gives a shit about the codex astartes

if ultras had codex compliant numbers, they would have been whiped out at vigilus

>> No.70700404

This. Cheaper and strictly better. Preds need a points reduction.

>> No.70700405

why the fuck would you prime white for our martyred lady

>> No.70700411

>not even GW uses the 55

>> No.70700412

also you dumbass you didn't buy the sisters box

>> No.70700429

still waiting to see you post that 2k points of GSC

>> No.70700430

True, Tesla is actually better in virtually all cases with the correct buffs.
Maybe instead of a straight up mortal wound, add another wound on a roll of 6 in addition to the original one ?
The enemy still gets their save if they have one, and it's potentially huge against vehicles with GC and HGC.

>> No.70700436

Unironically best short story so far.

>> No.70700441

look at the box , see that little fleur de liz ?

>> No.70700449

What do Sisters' farts smell like lads?

>> No.70700452

Or squadron so they don't take up all your slots. I'd take 3 if it mean I had 2 other HS slots

>> No.70700453

im just trying to figure out what numbers to put on my mans

>> No.70700454

personally i think that scales too hard in favor of GC and HGC (since with destroyers that makes it double damage) and does very little for, say, warriors. Plus it's basically a wonkier version of the imperial fist trait...

>> No.70700455

Because writers hate them and like their enemies better.

>> No.70700465

>contrast is a straight improvement over painting with washes and shades

Contrast basically is a wash

It has its uses but it looks absolutely dogshit when put on mindlessly or when used on a lot of types of model

>> No.70700468

>Do those look like conversions to you?
Didn't say they did, it was about named characters in general
And with Sisters the paintjob should be enough to say "this isn't Celestine, it's some other Living Saint" anyways

>> No.70700469

it's not the sisters box the models aren't in there

>> No.70700474

it's all about giving enough wrong information, without them realising you're fucking with them, so that they get more frustrated till they reach their tipping point.

>> No.70700479

The models? Why would I take pictures of a bunch of boxes and unfinished models?

>> No.70700495

>this isn't Celestine, it's some other Living Saint
Isn't Celestine the only Living Saint?

Then again, since she's not Order-locked, you can just play her as a really devout Jump-pack canoness.

>> No.70700497


>> No.70700510

>it looks absolutely dogshit when put on mindlessly
what paint doesn't?

>> No.70700512

there you go, but still why did you prime them white

>> No.70700516

yeah welcome to being in the villain faction field with universe ending stakes.
At least there's enough Choas black library series that deal with smaller scale stories

>> No.70700526

i was pissed we didn't get hand flamers for the seraphim desu

>> No.70700529

They were specifically advertised as a one and done easy solution, which they really aren't.

Your argument would make sense if regular paints were just "slap on one coat on a primer and it'll look great" in their advertisement. Which they aren't. GW actually put out official guides etc to tell people not to do that then brought out contrast and told them to go back to their bad old habits.

>> No.70700531

al my atemps at painting black are .... yeah i´m using shyish purple contrast for the armor

>> No.70700542

edge highlighting black isn't easy

>> No.70700548

I agree with you, but it disgusts me that the only way to fix a faction nowadays is to shoehorn mortal wounds into their kit

>> No.70700584


>> No.70700588

No not really. Celestine is overcosted, the Geminae are rubbish right now and Judith is only excellent in an OML list.

>> No.70700593

this is a problem of GW's own making.

>+1 damage on vehicles
Imperial fists get it along with """""Gauss""""", rerolls, and extra hits on boltguns.
>tons of ap on a 6
Elves already get this.
>+1 to wound
Imperial fists get this on a stratagem already

what's a super advanced peice of tech supposed to do

>> No.70700594


Why is tzeentch wearing a science/medical uniform?

>> No.70700597

Here's Anon's guide to painting black to tabletop level:

Step 1) Paint the model black
Step 2) Paint the non-black parts other colours

>> No.70700603

Why do they have hooves?

>> No.70700609

kantor blue

>> No.70700610

because you didn't like my funny joke

>> No.70700620

Use a dark blue, one that'd make it seem black if looked from away.

Army painter deep blue (or even a blue-ish gray like Dark Sky)

>> No.70700626


Nobody counts the geminae as characters anon.

(Though why they couldn’t at least give them zephyrim wound rerolls is beyond me)

>> No.70700629

Geminae are fucking 16 points each numbskull

>> No.70700644

I'm buying sisters next i don't care what you think

>> No.70700645

This is so infuriating, I want necrons to be semi-decent again without buying only destroyers and DDAs.

Just wait until GW only adds a stratagem for Flayed Ones and Obelisks as the only changes in the PA, along with another overpriced character.

>> No.70700646

There's literally a Night Lords blue.

>> No.70700647

Anything but ultramarines, what the fuck are you thinking.

>> No.70700653 [SPOILER] 

that's a good question anon.

>> No.70700659

Celestine not being in an actual unit with them is part of why she's not so good right now. It makes them both a lot worse.

20 with their power swords.

>> No.70700672

>not wanting to stack a 4+ invul save aura
>running geminae

>> No.70700681

boo hoo 20 whole points

>> No.70700685

Is it still around though? I haven’t seen it in any shops

>> No.70700687

Black primer
Kantor blue
Brass scorpion

I think Aloitoc blue for highlighted but I've probably butchered that name

>> No.70700688

They're fine they just feel a bit restrictive in builds. Seraphim are excellent and Zephyrim have shown good results in big units.

>> No.70700689

And even managed to reverse the rubric on one dude, although he did not regain any of his memories except his name. A failure, but with some sprinkles of success

>> No.70700693

i really wish i wouldn´t have clicked on that

>> No.70700694

please tell me you didn't do that

>> No.70700699

Every Celestine list underperformed at LVO. Run Judith and OML if you want 4++

>> No.70700702


> Based Elysianposter

>> No.70700703


>> No.70700705

It's new

>> No.70700710

Could you use the index datasheet? They are not the same thing technically speaking
Hell Mistress of Repentance is no longer in the codex and a new unit called Repentia Superior was added

>> No.70700713

I may play chaos, but even i wouldn't defile my models like that

>> No.70700731

Thanks for the advice.I'll pick something and see how i like painting them. Is there a list of different schemes/chapters like with space marines do you know?

>> No.70700734

>I don't like to paint, but I like to covert!

>> No.70700760

>the person that tells you to convert more

>> No.70700771

>fukit imma clip this boi

I am quite enjoying the stories so far, not going to lie, I liked the small arch of the tzeentch cutists (even if it was very cliché). They make for light reading

>> No.70700772

Seraphims fucking when?

>> No.70700786

After they find a partner they like

>> No.70700802


>> No.70700833

I played them only once since faith and fury. I couldn't even get them into range for their leadership debuffs. Managed to get one unit of raptors in and a chaos lords though. Killed one dude and made an bunch flee, then they got shot off the table.

>> No.70700857

Iirc seconded units from the reserve companies get numbered as if they were part of the host company. Also Bobby G's reformed codex allows for three and five man squads

>> No.70700866

Someone asked about Lucius deaths last night so I figured why not. Going through them in roughly chronological order.

>Angel Exterminatus
His first ever death. Stabbed through the hearts by the Raven Guard Nykona Sharrowkyn, who took no pride in the act. Lucius' body would later revive on its own in Fabius' lab.

>Slaves to Darkness
It's a blink-and-you'll-miss it moment, but before the Siege of Terra kicks off Lucius is said to have several faces swirling on his armor. This would mean he died a few times more during the Heresy, but I suspect it's just a mistake by the author.

Killed in a duel sometime shortly after the Heresy. Usually given as the first ever case of Lucius' body-snatching.

>Lucius: Pride and Fall
Lucius died from stepping on a landmine assembled by Tobias, a manufactorum worker. Tobias' face was said to be the seventh added to the armor. Exact date unknown.

>Index Astartes: Company Champions
Killed in 237.M38 by the Iron Hands' Clan Champion Oros Telemar and his honor guard after a week of fighting. Telemar, the sole survivor, seemingly went mad on the ship voyage back and ejected himself in an escape pod.

>The Eternal Duelist
An entry in the 8th CSM codex. Lucius is killed by the Phasing Sword, a Necron duelist. Lucius revived in his body the same as always. Date unknown.

>In Wolves' Clothing
Lucius let himself be killed by the Space Wolf champion Hrothgir to infiltrate his ship. By this time he has dozens of souls bound in his armor. Exact date unknown, but sometime "ten millennia" after the Heresy.

>Lucius: The Faultless Blade
Mentioned in passing in M41 to have died on Celpsys, Dontul, at the Forrange Reef, and "a dozen or so other places". Circumstances and dates of these deaths are not given.

That's at least most of them. I think he was also said to have gotten crushed by a space station at some point, but I couldn't find a mention of it so take it or leave it.

>> No.70700879


>> No.70700883

Kabtor blue, Balthazar gold, nulnoil to make it darker- 1 to 2 layers as desired. Once dry, apply very thin layer of folk art colorshift 5132 purple flash, once that is dry, add silver on top of that. That's my method.

>> No.70700903

What an insanely shitty character, even as far as shitty low rent tabletop/video game tie-in fiction goes.

>> No.70700907


>> No.70700922

>a Necron duelist. Lucius revived in his body the same as always.
The metal...is weak?

>> No.70700933

It's a good recopilation, thank you Anon. Too bad Lucius sucks.

>> No.70700946

Probably a dumb question, but are Dominions / Retributors / Sisters all the same models just with different guns?

>> No.70700951

Marinewank, especially HH stuff, is the cancer of 40k. 40k is at its best in stuff like the Armageddon campaign or the Siege of Vraks series, describing wars and conflicts between armies, not that superhero shit.

>> No.70700967

+opinion detected on cereblar cortex of Anon unit 22+
+connecting to Anon unit 22 cerebral cortex+
+force reset+
+force reset in process+
+restore memory to one hour ago+
+restoring memory+
+release compliance chemicals+
For the Omnissiah.

>> No.70700980

So wait, you can't kill him and he just respawns if you do kill him?

Fuck, even the Chaos Space Marines are shit.

>> No.70700983

Fuck the Heresy novels.

>> No.70700993

Retributors have their own kit, but yes, they are. So are Celestians too. The lowest possible amount of effort into releasing 4 different units in 2 different sets. I'm still glad for it, personally. Just wish they didn't cost so fucking much.

>> No.70701005

Everything from Cyrius and below is covered outside the HH.

>> No.70701019


There's just something about those conflicts that I can't put my finger on.

>> No.70701025

Yup, only way is to stick him in stasis and even then it's not above slaanesh to cheat

>> No.70701026

It's kind of funny that the Tau won't work with the Imperium because the Imperium are too evil but you still get retards insisting the Tau sterliize their client races and work them to death and shit.

>> No.70701034

Armageddon was fun because it wasn't really about space marines.

>> No.70701050

Not their usual MO but yeah they're not above hypocrisy

>> No.70701051

You're probably oo retarded to remember it, but at the end of both those campaigns, Marines make dramatic entrances and change the course of the war.

>> No.70701064

I recently just whooped my friends iron hands with celestine + sisters box + greyfax
maelstrom 27 - 4 every unit was a blessing and nothing sucked

>> No.70701068

>Yeah it's not like they infected a whole race that didn't want to comply or exterminated many others. Yeah Tau are the good guys, for sure, everyone else is the retard, not me.

>> No.70701079

so what happens if he gets eaten by nids

>> No.70701081

Now that GW has established Yarrick as LGBT, do you tink he tops or bottoms? Or is he verse?

>> No.70701083

Yeah, which what an army built for surgical strikes is for.

>> No.70701089

lightning needs work anon

>> No.70701093

It's sort of special in that sense. I mean there were a ton of chapters with a canon presence in the war, but the focus remained on the Ork vs Guard conflict pretty consistently.

>> No.70701096

Just because fanboy retards have insisting on writing illogical grimdark fluff for the Tau out of pettiness doesn't change the core aspects of them in the setting. Like how they had to make the head Tau Ethereal super evil for absolutely no reason.

>> No.70701101

If I actually wanted to reach out to GW to ask for rules clarifications, point out errors or inconsistencies or somesuch, where should I do that? Their Facebook page? The Warhammer Community page hilariously doesn't have a way to contact them, and I am pretty sure the email on the main site is just for inquiries regarding orders. Should I mask my rules question as a purchase inquiry?

What if you programmed a servitor to kill him, assuming you'd manage to somehow render him unable to fight back? Or does that "stepped on landmine so the creator of the landmine gets turned into Lucius" thing apply? Fuck that's stupid.

>> No.70701103

Imagine having a hidden bug that prevents a clean reset so a kernel of memory is kept every time, just enough so after the reset and continuing your own logical resoning that always ends up in the same spot that triggers the magus automatic reset and compliance system. So you are basically stuck in a logical loop but slowly grow aware of it and have no admin rights to override the system

>> No.70701105

He's a Spartan at heart, anon.

>> No.70701109

The Salamanders and Black Templars had reasonably big parts to play IIRC but it was decently encompassing yeah.

>> No.70701116

Sisters were there too!

>> No.70701118

power bottom for sure

>> No.70701125

I know, I usually don't have the time to keep fixing it and trying to make it look better. Just go for good enough.

>> No.70701132

Unironically the same applies to Star Wars without the fucking Jedi/Sith bullshit.

Up until the point when some ten blood angel terminators teleport in the middle of a billion Orks and somehow turn the tide of battle.

Fuck I hate Space Marines in 40K so much.

>> No.70701135

>Now that GW has established Yarrick as LGBT
I'm curious if people shitpost about this because they actually believe it, or if they know it's fake but still choose to shitpost about it as if it were canon.

>> No.70701139

is he lesbian, gay bisexual or trans?

>> No.70701150

every time I see that image my first thought is "Fuck, why is that soldier armed with a fucking blunderbuss pistol" and then do a double-take to realize it's a tusk.

>> No.70701157

It wouldn't be so bad if SoB had anywhere even approaching marine's ability to swap parts, but they're mono-pose with fixed part combinations so really you're just left with a bunch of extra useless shit.

>> No.70701158

>is he lesbian

>> No.70701163

There's an faq email address
As for Lucius if there's no assignable body to res into Slaanesh just resurrects him in the warp I think

>> No.70701167

The reasonable answer to this would be to just restrain him in a prison or something like this like they do with the fallen.
Then you realize Lucius is so fucking irrelevant if left on his own that no one even bothers

>> No.70701170

Only North Americans think 100 years is old.
Only Europeans think 100 kilometers is far.

>> No.70701190

that looks better but the real secret is to make the tiny-est lines you possibly can, and jagged, never make 1 continuous line

>> No.70701193

I believed it initially, but after actually looking into it shitpost for (you)s.

>> No.70701195

This. Also, the HH series was ultimately detrimental to 40k lore as a whole. Who cares what Lucius said to Sigismund 10.000 years ago? It was better as a mythical era.

>> No.70701196

It's been tried, it doesn't tend to work out very well.

>> No.70701197

Dude it's real

Gay or bi

>> No.70701214

Neat, thanks. I'll give that a try whenever I get a chance to paint some more.

>> No.70701215

Were you trying reply to the gay Yarrick post?
>or saying what most guard players are

>> No.70701219

Lucius is basically an isekai hero in the 40k setting when you think about it.
>reincarnated by a god and given special powers because the god likes him
>has a hax ability
>gets to cruise about in his own ship without being important or really doing anything
>has a 10,000 little girl daemon as his ship captain

>> No.70701230

I think the huge lack of imagination behind the HH stuff is one of the most offensive things about it.

>> No.70701245

No matter what GW tells you, remember that Repentias look like this.

>> No.70701246


>> No.70701249

It's basically an alternate reality roleplay. They want to be mad at something so they make some shit up and use their own fiction as an excuse to act outraged. It's retarded but that's just how important (You)s are.

>> No.70701250

nah just you

>> No.70701279

Too cheesecakey. I prefer picrelated.

>> No.70701280

>Metal models are hard to convert
>Plastic kits arrive and are a godsend for kitbashing, modelling and making /yourdudes/
>GW starts making plastic oneposers instead

Why GW? Why? Every time I try to kitbash nowadays I need to start by glying a weird torso/leg combination that's connected at the back and second ankle together and then cut them apart to have a pair of legs and a torso.

>> No.70701281

Hostility against Guard players is simply poorfag rage.

>> No.70701283

Thanks man

>> No.70701292

This is fine too.

>> No.70701303

Amity towards guard players is simply blissful ignorance.

>> No.70701324

>Hostility towards 30k players is simply poorfag rage.

>> No.70701340

It's simply a proof of good taste, something which you obviously lack.

>> No.70701358

[email protected] This one? Neat.

I think it needed to be written, but not so comprehensively.

So that's also why he fucking sucks.

Prior is what they look like before combat. Latter is what they look like during combat.

The skrillex-hair is the only thing I dislike with the new Repentia.

...Okay and maybe the fact they gave them shirts and pants.

Okay, yeah, I don't really like them.

>> No.70701360

>repentia look like this
in my fanfic

>> No.70701365

>Inb4 his says he plays Bolt Action

>> No.70701376

the new repentia pretty much look like that they have shirts and pants in the art...

>> No.70701381

That's some pretty fucked up shit right there.

>> No.70701395

Are we looking at the same image? Because those Repentias do not have a tennis outfit

>> No.70701411


>> No.70701417

I don't see any shirts or pants in that image.

>> No.70701418

Do you think the relate to the reason they've been made Repentia? Like the one with the pin through her tongue and the script over it might have blasphemed? The one with the pins through her eye sockets might have spied on someone?

>> No.70701426

GW is moving away from poseable action figures and instead want monopose overly detailed minis to attempt a 5-10 dollar per head price tag.

>> No.70701431

far right has a shirt, middle has a strap of cloth around her chest, the others are in the backround, the multi part ones have different and less clothes, but they dont need to be pornographic

>> No.70701440

Anon referred to the New Repentia from the new Codex.

>> No.70701444

That would be fine if a full size game was only 10-20 miniatures.

>> No.70701450

shirts yes pants no

>> No.70701451

Probably just neat ideas the artist had. The spikes through the cheeks and on the back are something muslims or hindus do, for example.

>> No.70701464

Buddy they look like you took a wrong turn from Bondage Borough into Snuff Movie City.

>> No.70701480

This art looks fine and pretty in keeping with the above honestly. They're just as mutilated.

>> No.70701481

Kek, even nu-GW art didn't give them gigantic thighs and arms like the minis do.

>> No.70701484

>>gets to cruise about in his own ship without being important or really doing anything
He goes around picking fights with famed fighters. And if he gets to duel them it's pretty much guaranteed they'll be taken out one way or the other. He's like the most annoying thing the galaxy.

>> No.70701499

That's actually pretty nice art. Shame about the minis though.

>> No.70701514

phobos captain legs, infiltrator kit pointing arm, head and torso from repulsor executioner, arm from intercessors.

Sword seems custom made on the dread.

>> No.70701531

Strategems and power creep ruined that. If 10 marines can churn out 40-80 shots a turn low model counts get fucked. We would need way more reactive or defensive strategems like denying an enemy strat on a 5+ or some kind of defensive buff you can throw on units

>> No.70701533

"Sister? We're off on a suicidal death charge of repentance again?

Yeah let me just get my low cut and booty shorts I'll be right out."

The attempts to sanitise the universe make less sense than the previous.

Warrior death cults going into fights naked except for religious/spiritual markings on their body is a thing. I feel like you go all in and get naked and tatted up or you don't and wear your armor.

>> No.70701575


>> No.70701605

>brings porn up for no reason
Ah i see you are dumb retard

>> No.70701651

Yes I needed technological terror with a spice of doomed existence, thank you

>> No.70701697

That sounds like my drinking habit.

>> No.70701939

You're a special kind of gay. The kind of gay that denies he's gay. He may not even realize he's gay, because his parents beat it out of him.

Now he takes pride in be an objective thinker, when in reality he doesn't even think.

>> No.70703273

Preferably want as few points as possible, contemptor > smashcap?

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