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Did you take him with you /jc/?

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No Cananites

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So what would be the positives and negatives of being a penguin mimic in mha?

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Weak to seal cock


>> No.70681898

>No boobs
>No vagina
Why would I?

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Posting this one last time for the daywalkers and people who missed it the first time. Only added a handful of notes and a VERY important message at the bottom I forgot.

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When performing jumps, how do you simulate the odds of your surviving the time you are in the other world?

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>Please don’t ask me how the bitcoins here work. >They’re physical and take up space but you get them from your bitcoin farm. It’s pure slav magic.
>pure slav magic

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I heard if you wear an Adidas tracksuit and pour a bottle of vodka down your bathroom sink while staring at the mirror chanting "I serve the Soviet Union" three times, Lenin will appear in your bathroom.

>> No.70681964

Stalin vs Martians jump when?

>> No.70681981

I'm gonna pretend I didn't play that game so that I'm not the one tasked to make such a thing.

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So, would a drawback that forces you to do nothing but listen to the soviet anthem periodically be 100 or 200 drawback?

>> No.70682026

It would COST 100 CP. You should feel privileged.

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>learn pure slav magic
Not from a western spy cyka!

>> No.70682052 [DELETED] 

Reminder that this is the ideal way to treat your daughters.

>> No.70682067

-t. King of Midland

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You still working on VC? Or has Nagash claimed another WHF jump for his legions?

>> No.70682118

What is it with you and fucking seals?

>> No.70682132

Not really to be honest. It's one of those things I started on when I had a short-lived passion for it and never followed through. It's why I'd basically never give a solid claim on something.

>> No.70682153

What is with Jumpers and behaving like fucking seals?

>> No.70682187

Im pretty sure most dont. Maybe keep your fetish in your pants and masturbate before posting.

>> No.70682205

BLYAT! Well that's good to know I guess. Anyway thanks for the Escape from Tarkov jump. It's very cheeki breeki my friend.

>> No.70682216

>Good waifu?
>Other jumpers might steal my waifu!
>Good waifu?
>How do waifu daughteru
>Jumper must cuck all the females, because Jumper is big and females are small!

Maybe certain anons should do the same then

>> No.70682219

It's better than fucking bees.

>> No.70682233

Able to move quickly in water
Good in the cold
Can catch fish well
Can slap like nobodies business
Peck attack

Cant fly
Not good in the heat
Obligate carnivores
Cant fly
Waddle to walk
Due to physiology they are doing a slav squat 24/7

>> No.70682238

how the fuck is the last thing a con

>> No.70682239

And what did penguin post have to do with you posting seal porn?

>> No.70682256

I assume it makes your knees and back tired after a while.

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>Y-yeah it's just a vocal minority...

>> No.70682418

What's the closest thing to A.X.L. that I can get from a jump?

>> No.70682438

>takes 30 mins to reply
>this is the best you can come up with
Wow not even a wojak, talk about lazy shitposting.

>> No.70682451

What is axl?

>> No.70682452

I’m the sealposter and even I think that was pathetic

>> No.70682471

You know. Attack, Xploration, Logistics. That fancy new UGV sponsored by Monster Energy.

>> No.70682512

Im the seal poster and I think you need to fuck more seals. Then you would understand.

>> No.70682526

Because of you, JumpChain's fate is sealed.

>> No.70682538

What is ugv? Stop using tlas to explain your tlas please

>> No.70682550

You act as if I dont want to see more seal dong here every day. Protip for you buddy, the more seal dick you post the happier I am.

>> No.70682586

It's an unmanned ground vehicle. There's a documentary about it on Netflix. Look it up.

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How do I acquire a Bolo?

>> No.70682628

Just go to a real-world jump with collector

>> No.70682634

Which generation? You can easily make your own with forerunners jump.

>> No.70682639

You stack science perks and build one, supreme commander and avengers versus X-Men can probably help.

>> No.70682658

The Culture can probably manage it.

>> No.70682693

generation 1, i need an m1a1 abrahms with extra machine guns
One of the 30s, but how do i give one a bolo personality?

>> No.70682712

Give it an ai, lots of options for that

>> No.70682721

There's plenty of AI creation perks, try eclipse phase. But be sure to put limits on how far they can expand their minds or else everyone there will kill you for re-creating the big bads.

>> No.70682757

That is why bolos have pilots, it grounds them so they dont go rampant plus humans do stupid shit which makes it so they perform better and are harder to predict.

>> No.70682775

Glad I have a job, but wish I could sleep in and work on jumpchain bullshit.

What are you doing, and what do you wish you were doing?

>> No.70682819

I'm doing work for a government.
I wish that I was getting scanned by a deer robot.

>> No.70682881

I wish I was dead.

>> No.70682928

You feel it too, don't you?

>> No.70682938

I'm at work, but I wish data Ansem won't continue kicking my ass when I get home

>> No.70682952

Where can one find a custom magic? Not a System to make your own magic, but custom magic provided by the setting.

>> No.70682992

Hero BBS,I used it to get muscle mystery.

>> No.70683009

Where can I get the ability to make my own magic system from the ground up and have it integrated into the metaphysics of jumps afterwords?

>> No.70683024

Does the Bitcoin Slav magic extend to making Bitcoins useful in other settings? Or does the Bitcoin farm start producing dollars/galleons/whatever currency the jump it's in uses?

>> No.70683039

This is my waifu posting vent area.

>> No.70683089

It can produce cryptocurrencies of other settings but not just outright print money.

>> No.70683101

Hero BBS

>> No.70683107

So what do you guys think of this?

>> No.70683118

Hero Union BBS can do that; it happens in the manga where Sage rewrites a world's system of magic.
World Seed scenario has you make you own system if I recall correctly.

>> No.70683124

What are you having trouble with?

>> No.70683147

Really? I read it and I don't remember that story, is that something any wizard there could do because again I took muscle mystery as my magic system. Would it let me make and install new ones or just alter ones that were already there?

>World Seed scenario has you make you own system if I recall correctly.

Yeah, I was looking for something repeatable I used that to create a very limited system with conceptual stat boosts.

>> No.70683161

Oasis of Fantasy's Sorcerer origin has a few perks that would help with that.

>> No.70683180

Yeah but its only mentioned off hand in the second to last chapter when the retiree hero shows up to the party. Like, a single panel and then they get back to the party.

>> No.70683196

His DM and his fucking darkness bowling balls

>> No.70683198

Does Presence Concealment protect a Servant from the ability Masters have to see the status of Servants? Or do you explicitly need something like Mordred's helmet for that?

>> No.70683223

Block the small flames, dodge the big balls, hit him when you're close, and learn the timing for all three. You'll win as long as you don't SUBMIT!

>> No.70683235

>Oasis of Fantasy

Phenomena operation principles? Yeah one of my companions has that, looking for something a bit more universal in scale.

>> No.70683260

>Really? I read it and I don't remember that story, is that something any wizard there could do because again I took muscle mystery as my magic system. Would it let me make and install new ones or just alter ones that were already there?
You'd need to be a crazy good wizard, with something Sage's 200 years of experience. But theoretically any magic-focused hero could learn to do that.

Sure, your muscle mystery isn't going to cut it at all, but there's no reason to only stick to that. /Any/ high level mage in BBS is going to be mixing multiple different systems together if they don't want to cripple themselves.

It's why the note allowing you to design your world's own system isn't that great in my opinion, since you're going to be mixing it with BBS' standard stuff to get anything impressive done anyway.

>> No.70683278

>Does Presence Concealment protect a Servant from the ability Masters have to see the status of Servants?
It protects you from that in the sense that they can't look at your stats if they don't know you're there.

>Or do you explicitly need something like Mordred's helmet for that?
But yeah, if you're just standing around, you'd need something like that.

>> No.70683281

>Sure, your muscle mystery isn't going to cut it at all, but there's no reason to only stick to that. /Any/ high level mage in BBS is going to be mixing multiple different systems together if they don't want to cripple themselves.

Fair enough and I suppose since I have access to the BBS I could learn from the other wizards pretty easily right? And I did take the library item.

>> No.70683292

Weakness of beatrice has a perk for this. You can also force anyone weaker than yourself to follow your new rules.

>> No.70683294

Presence Concealment hides you from mundane and magical senses while you're in stealth, but once you're out of it any master can perceive you normally with the stat screen or whatever their equivalent is. A noble phantasm like Mordred's helmet or Berserkerlot's black fog will hide you, but Jack's Information Erasure skill can force people to forget information they've learned about you once you escape from battle.

>> No.70683301

Lancelot has a similar NP that also helps to conceal his identity and status.

>> No.70683334

>Weakness of beatrice has a perk for this. You can also force anyone weaker than yourself to follow your new rules.

Oh maker of magic? My companion also has that one I should just get her to do it.

>> No.70683366

Ok, thank you. How powerful would you say that a Noble Phantasm that completely hides your status as a Servant would be, if you wanted your Servant to be able to pretend they're actually the Master? Around the same as Secret of Pedigree, I'm guessing?

>> No.70683373

Have a build for this then.

Scav [+400]
Charisma 3 [200]
Attention 3 [200]
Intellect 3 [200]
Perception 3 [200]
>the hideout: +1000hp
Generator 3 [100hp]
Security 3 [100hp]
Vents 3 [150hp]
Workbench 3 [150hp]
Illumination 3 [100hp]
Water Collector 3 [150hp]
Heating 3 [150hp]
Rest Space 3 [150hp]
Lavatory 3 [100hp]
Nutrition Unit 3 [150hp]
Solar Power [50hp]
Intelligence Center 3 [150hp]
Air Filtering Unit [50hp]
Library [50hp]
>equipment: +400
Peltor ComTac 2 [100] I dunno, this seems neat.
Terragroup Labs Access Keycard [100]
Folder of Intelligence [200]

So my hideout is comfy and I get some slight skill upgrades. Going to use my keycard and folder to raid some labs, mostly because I want to figure out those Secure Containers and make them myself.

Otherwise mostly treat this as a vacation? Feels weird, but yeah. A decade without any drawbacks is pretty nice.

>> No.70683390

Afterlife has a scenario reward that a custom system of magic is present in all your future jumps.

>> No.70683407

C or above.

>> No.70683424

Companion option for the OFF jump, does this look good?

Add-On (200CT, Repeatable): Add-Ons are peculiar floating objects that are able to bind to owners of a strong nonphysical nature, following their owner’s direction and assisting them in combat. Add-Ons are not strictly sapient, or even sentient; outside of commands of their owner, they are only able to take basic actions and reactions in combat based on crude reasoning. However, they act outside of the typical bounds of a Companion; they can take discounts for backgrounds, purchase perks, and even use some items, but do not take any companion slots to do so. In addition, attacks or powers that rely on a target’s nature as a Human or an Intelligent Being will fail universally. (Do not grant an Add-On any perk relating to intelligence or intelligence enhancement; in addition to forcing the Add-On to take a companion slot like any other companion, this will result in unpredictable and dangerous behavior.)

>> No.70683445

>Information Erasure
That skill really is some bullshit. Even at B rank it affects things like closed-circuits cameras and digital media in addition to erasing other people's memories and at higher ranks it's implied that it passively changes the environment to mess with physical evidence.

God knows what EX rank Information Erasure looks like.

>> No.70683462

The Master gets to summon a second Servant because the grail forgot the first one was summoned.

>> No.70683483

The world itself doesn't realize you're there and doesn't try to squish you out of existence, so you have zero mana upkeep cost.

>> No.70683492 [SPOILER] 

>God knows what EX rank Information Erasure looks like.

>> No.70683524

I love my Nero! Her empire shall endure for all time!

>> No.70683525

We have an afterlife jump? I thought that was space battles?

>> No.70683538

Any news on Black Crusade?

>> No.70683550

Her empire has to die or else your timeline gets belted.

>> No.70683560

Balefire-like retconning away your actions at will?
King Crimson "joke's on you, I'm not really here" existential skip?

>> No.70683569

>Her empire
>Not conquering Rome and taking her as your slave wife.

You disappoint me anon.

>> No.70683572

Would knowing draconic from dnd allow you to talk to dragons in other settings?

>> No.70683575

Also, the SB Afterlife jump is absolutely retarded.

>> No.70683585

Get rid of her headaches and umu will willingly marry you

>> No.70683596

Yeah I kind of assumed that since it's a space battles jump

>> No.70683598

Generally assume you do unless you decide to do something stupid. Like punch way above your weight class or if you're visiting a Cthulhu/Marvel/DC universe. Think of it like you're viewing the Prime Timeline, where the main character manages to survive, because that is the most entertaining to the Benefactor. And if you do decide to do something stupid think about the situation logically. Weigh your Jumper's strength against those of their opponent and make a judgement call. If you can't decide for yourself, assign the situation a number out of 100 based on how impossible it is and roll some dice. Then stick with the decision.

>> No.70683600

No, why would it? It's not a magical "talk to any dragon" language, it's just a language.

>> No.70683613

Lyre, lyre, Rome's on fire!

>> No.70683624

Umu is too loud for me, I don't think we'd make a good couple.

>> No.70683625


>> No.70683628

God forgets you exist when he decides to isekai everyone.

>> No.70683629

Its a language that even animals with dragon blood knows and can speak.

>> No.70683633

>That anatomy

I see, so this is the true power of Imperial Privilege!

>> No.70683636

>conquering Rome
How could I conquer what's already mine?

>> No.70683640

It is, but it's not bad as long as you ignore some of the scenarios. The perks and items aren't the usual fare of powerwanking.

>> No.70683648

I love my Boudica. Together we shall expel all umufags from Brittania

>> No.70683653

Fucking stop with the Nero shit, you're all fucking degenerates. Also, she's gonna poison your wine and blame another harem member for it. Is that really what you want?

>> No.70683665

Yo fuck you leatherman

>> No.70683680 [SPOILER] 

I agree completely there's only one good girl in that series anyway.

>> No.70683695

> t. Tamamo
You're not fooling anyone, cuckfox.

>> No.70683700

AvX - 1 year
Avengers Academy
Visually 21 years old
>Marvellous Wit [Free]
>Professor Kitty [Free]
>Martial Hero [100]
>Silent Hero [300]
>Devil Sense [400]
>Super Soldier: Serum + trained and worked with Cap [600]
>Super Soldier: Heart Shaped Herb [800]
>The Wolverine: Sabretooth [1000]
>America’s Shield [Free]
No drawbacks or companions
Shield was a copy of CAs, mostly as a souvenir. Writefagging in progress.

>> No.70683703

Why is Romulus a performance artist?

>> No.70683707


>> No.70683708

Creatures with an intelligence of 4+ aren't animals, anon. They might be stupid, but they could speak other languages too if they were taught them. Draconic isn't special in that sense (unless they changed something in 4e or some such).

>> No.70683722

She's using a truly epic amount of dress tape to keep that thing in place.

>> No.70683732

Anyone worth companioning in Highschool of the Dead? Any actual dudes?

>> No.70683738

>literally incapable of handholding
She's too pure for this sinful world.

Melt, on the other hand... IMAGINE

>> No.70683768

She's cute and her outfit is great but I don't think I could be with a woman who didn't know when I was touching her, her insensitivity would make sex super awkward.

>> No.70683792

Ok then how do you explain the language being learnable by blood transfusion?

>> No.70683802

Summon a version that doesn’t have that problem? Magic up a fix? Perks? Fanwank that imports fix that?

>> No.70683818

That's why when you take her as a companion you give her an alt-form with normal sensitivity. Or take her to MGE and give her one of those super-sensitive monstergirl bodies, then hold hands and watch her try not to cream herself.

>> No.70683826

Anon just because it can be transferred magically doesn’t mean other dragons from other settings will understand D&D Draconic. If knowledge of French was inheritable by blood it doesn’t mean someone from Mexico will understand the person.

>> No.70683827

Maybe I do think I have perks for that in my lewd chain, but I'm still waiting on Val to add the scenario to GO so I can pick them up.

>> No.70683852

>Or take her to MGE and give her one of those super-sensitive monstergirl bodies, then hold hands and watch her try not to cream herself.
>it’ll be even more extreme because she hasn’t felt before
Anon, you’re a fucking genius.

>> No.70683880

I'd like to see where the fuck that's from, because it sure isn't in any of the books I've read. Also, >>70683826 this.

True dragons speak draconic because it's their language, everything else speaks crude version of draconic to either claim a link to true dragons or because they were taught the language in the distant past. It's not some inheritable instinctive language though.

>> No.70683882

So you just moced the goalpost from itsnot magic to yeah it is magic but...

Nice to see you have no idea of the setting or how it works

>> No.70683897

5e anyone who has dragon blood can speak draconic. Even wyverns and drakes can speak it.

>> No.70683909


>> No.70683913

5e isn't d&d

>> No.70683923

If you learn fucking undercommon it doesn’t mean you’re suddenly able to speak to every single underground dwelling race in every other jump.

>> No.70683945

Pudgy Gunboy always seemed like he could growup into a proper bro with some encouragement and he'd probably follow you to the ends of the earth if you saved his police waifu.

>> No.70683953

Do I need to expect any bullshit in One Piece if I act genuinely benevolent and generally like pic related?

>> No.70683955

Reminder that she's capable of liquifying her body.

She's quite literally a slimegirl already.

>> No.70683965

Now to be fair dragons from literally every plane in d&d all speak it, this includes mtg dragons as well as kobolds, lizardfollk, all dragon sorcerers, drakes, wyverns, and amphitres. It also is blood transferrable as anon says which is some manner of magic something fucky is happening there.

>> No.70683984

Undercommon isnt learnable by blood or radiation. Do you claim spells like tongues dont work out of setting?

>> No.70684005

It really is

>> No.70684007

Yes because world nobles are assholes.

>> No.70684012

Ah great. That's both an edition we don't have any jumps for, where the lore is entirely different.

And both wyverns and drakes aren't animals at all, wyverns being dumb but more than smart enough to learn whatever languages they please and drakes being almost universally smarter than orcs at least. Of course they speak draconic? What else would they speak? Dwarfish?

Yeah, and every dwarfish from literally ever plane in d&d speaks dwarfish. That doesn't mean it's an instinctive thing every dwarf in every setting would have.

>It also is blood transferrable as anon says which is some manner of magic something fucky is happening there.
I've yet to see that proven, and I'm guessing that's a specific spell.

>> No.70684016

Yes, but Toothless from HTTYD isn't part of that magic bullshit. It's a different multiverse.

>> No.70684025

Forgotten realms has a 5e toggle

>> No.70684039

What kinds of trouble? Marine attacks? Smear campaigns?

>> No.70684053

>Do you claim spells like tongues dont work out of setting?
No, that’s retarded, but so is assuming a language, even one that’s part of some sort of ancestral memory, is basically a dragon-only tongues. I haven’t ever seen anything that would point to that ever being a thing. Fanwank it sure, since you seem dead set in this, but it’s definitely homebrew territory.

>> No.70684054

Her loudness brings me great joy

>> No.70684057

Need a fact check on this, there's no Rome lostbelt to my knowledge.

>> No.70684062

Not a spell. There qas a question asked of the guys doing 5e and they just said that since you can becom a dragonblooded sorc via blood of a dragon being put in you and all that kind of sorc speak draconic that it should work to make them speak the language however doing so is basically the same as just taking a level in dragon sorc (which you would need to do)

>> No.70684078

Both they're very brutal and how they maintain control,And that's not even counting the pirate Lords who won't appreciate you spreading hope to the territories they get tribute from.

>> No.70684088

Follow the logic of the Camelot and China LBs. Kingdom doesn’t die when it should and becomes the defacto global superpower, and becomes a Lostbelt.

>> No.70684095

Yes actually. Tongues is rather useless anyway.

>> No.70684102

You heard me.

Your deceitful fluff shall never win.

>> No.70684115

That's just because Alaya and Gaia are doing the culling. Be strong enough to bully them into submission. You only need to be Goetia level to do that.
I doubt she would only you are something else. With just that you may argue that she could add you to her harem at best.

>> No.70684152

Well too fucking bad for them. The Light persists. This world will become better, whether they want it or not.

>> No.70684153

Nero canonically wins and puts the foxslut in a tight leash.
She also adopts a cute daughteru whom she plans to have have threesome with in the future.

>> No.70684170

What's the best "You stay you" perks available? Best Willpower perks?

Bonus if I can get a little of both in one perk or one jump.

>> No.70684188

So you're arguing that the blood of a dragon being used to change your entire bloodline to point that you start manifesting spontaneous arcane powers is proof that the language is heritable? Instead of there being a LOT of magic involved?

Eh, whatever, I don't care about 5e anyway. Don't feel like arguing against this idea that things like kobold children are born talking in draconic.

>> No.70684200

I remember a "You stay you" type of thing in Exalted Infernals. As for willpower, I think you can find one in the same jump or in Exalted Solars.

>> No.70684213

Levels dont exist in d&d. There is no magical system by which your powers are stocked by easy to understand and count numbers. It doesnt exist. That is a gameplay addition.

>> No.70684226

>Don't feel like arguing against this idea that things like kobold children are born talking in draconic.

They are though.

>> No.70684236

s-Cry-ed has both such things in the Native Alter perkline I believe.

>> No.70684237

The one issue I have with this Jump is that the way Level One is phrased makes it sound like you’re getting saddled with drawbacks unless you shell out.

Also, am I the only one who wants to hit up Fallout first, grab a set of X-01, and show these Slavs what a proper apocalypse looks like?

>> No.70684238

Finally a good jumper who isn't complacent! Cream the glove traveleranon you've earned it!

>> No.70684243

Spell slots.

>> No.70684260

>Also, am I the only one who wants to hit up Fallout first, grab a set of X-01, and show these Slavs what a proper apocalypse looks like?
Grab a Fat Man too. It's not an apocalypse unless you've got some proper radiation in there.

>> No.70684261

Not a real thing.

>> No.70684274

The sad thing is that the last version was actually halfway decent. Then he listened to SpaceBattles.

I have half a mind to make my own version, but I can barely remember a lot of key details.

>> No.70684288

The blood is literally magical is what I was saying. The blood makes you learn a language that all dragonoids across all planes can speak from birth. That sounds pretty fucking magical to me.

>> No.70684293

>Ever hear of Baba Yaga, witch bitch lives in a house with legs and shit, moves around at her command. That's pretty mysterious.
Baba Yaga, isn't that a Russian fairy tale?
>Man, that's not even a cave anymore, that's a whole damn dungeon
> That's way cooler than a cave.
>A cave implies you live in a fucking hole in the side of a mountain where bears sleep for the winter.
Nah, I have a stone door to keep out the wildlife. And it started as a cave and evolved though the chain as more things were added to it. The upper few floors, the parts most people would see, are still the original cave. After that it became a rambling mess of added rooms.
>Like, think about putting that on resume "Place of Residence: Wizard Dungeon."
I'll think about that. Old Man actually has two dungeons in his cave home. The ones from Jobless and Slave Harem. He uses them for training purposes.

>> No.70684301

>reddit spacing
Maybe you should go and stay go

I'm pretty sure spell slots are also an abstraction.

Those are a trap because you can never grow as a person.

>> No.70684339

>Cream the glove

>> No.70684343

How smart is toothless? Doesnt the book one actually learn to speak?

>> No.70684362

But that doesn’t mean a dragon from Harry Potter can speak the language

>> No.70684363

You did good so you get to cum in my glove as a reward for not being a degenerate. Good for you! This is totally a reward! For you!

>> No.70684364

Which would be better for dmc, picking up a bunch of small stuff using the points from a drawback I think I can take, or straight up picking up another capstone?

>> No.70684366

There's a lot of supernatural induced personality changes that I'd like to potentially avoid. Like the Sorcerer perk line from Pathfinder. Or being a god from more eldritch settings.

Maybe some self-awareness perks? Positive growth only perks? Those are a lot harder to find than simply "you stay you" perks. If you have a better suggestion then go right ahead.

>> No.70684370

Okay you don't have to if you don't want to.

>> No.70684391

Why would this magic bullshit power not work when it works in the entire multiverse there including the crossover ones and the spells to do the same thing still work? Not even that anon but this entire argument seems more like a person trying to say pepsi can't exist but coke can.

>> No.70684393

Because he's a Pillar Man meme

>> No.70684402

Depends what your power level is already at, if you're already close to or matching a PC from a main game you're probably better off diversifying your toolkit with a few extra Devil arms.

>> No.70684415

Goetia needed 3000 years of prep-time and literally everything going right, and could've lost to something as simple as a single magus committing an untimely suicide over that 3000 year timespan. Which happens in non F:GO timelines.

>> No.70684423

I’ve been adding paragraph breaks to my posts since before your stupid feud started, and I’ll be adding them long after you get bored and leave.

>> No.70684427

I really don't see why it wouldn't work if you do something like buy a dragon altform or sorcerer bloodline with cp. Those are intrinsic parts of the characters power paid for with magic jumping points.

>> No.70684428

>she would only you are something else

>> No.70684430

Because it’s not in that multiverse.

>> No.70684438

Because pepsi is disgusting and full of sugar. Coke isnt as bad. I prefer tea honestly.

>> No.70684449

Because other dragons don’t speak the language. It’s like saying you cast a magic spell on yourself to learn German. It doesn’t mean you can speak to someone whose only language is Japanese.

>> No.70684451

>Drastic My Soul Cost: 400 CP (Discount Native Alter)
>As time goes on, people change. As a jumper, this is more true for you than most. But there are time when the change
>goes too far. With this perk, that should no longer be nearly as big a worry for you. What this does is focuses down what
>is essentially YOU and makes sure that never goes away. No matter how many bad experiences you go through, no matter
>how much crap life throws at you, no matter now much you change over the course of your chain, you will always be able
>to look from beginning to end of you chain and say, “yes, that is me.” What's more, this also protects you from total
>outside mental influence; while you can still be confused, befuddled or even mentally dominated, no mental ability can
>effect you enough to change who you are at your core. This perk doesn't keep you from changing or growing, it just
>whenever you change into a new you, it still is at the core a new you.

Is this what you are looking for?

>> No.70684455

>as a single magus committing an untimely suicide over that 3000 year timespan. Which happens in non F:GO timelines.

>> No.70684458

Because the Tongues spell specifically grants the ability to understand any language. While they wouldn't understand d&d Draconic because they're not from the same multiverse and don't know the damn language.

Even if he's correct an all d&d dragon-like creatures are born with that understanding, it doesn't mean every dragon in other works of fiction is.

>> No.70684460

Because reasons. No I won't explain why it magically works in like 30+ settings but not httyd. It just doesn't. Yes it is magic. Yes it should work. No it doesn't work. Because I say so.

>> No.70684466

My power level is low. I’m currently debating between my origins 200 and 400 and item and the learning capstone.

>> No.70684481

>Yes it should work.

>> No.70684484

Depends on the Capstone and which you already have. Devil Hunter’s and Arcanist’s caps are ridiculously good together, but if you went for Majin you might not care quite so much.

>> No.70684495

But they are dragons, even if they are different the shit should work of only because that is something you paid cp for right? Do we suddenly lose the ability to communicate every time we go drop in to a new setting?

>> No.70684499

Then you're gonna wanna increase your power level I recommend getting Devil:Son of Sparta and a couple of styles with your proud souls.

>> No.70684516

Oh my fucking god you’re so autistic.

>> No.70684517

That is just like your opinion man. They speak dragon language. Even int 5 creatures can speak it.

>> No.70684531

No. It’s absolute, objective fact. Dragons in Harry Potter do not speak the same language as dragons in DnD

>> No.70684532

Yes. That is why old jumps used to have speaking the language as perks.

>> No.70684541

Just because you know a language from one setting, doesn’t mean you retroactively make every dragon from every setting going forward know D&D’s specific dragon language.

>> No.70684542

He’s not autistic. Just garden variety retarded

>> No.70684569

Looking through a few jumps I found one called The Gods Are Bastards. It have and interesting perk :Challenge Rating 20, that basically classifies you as a natural disaster and above petty laws. So, what is the setting like? Because I know some of you will tell me it is great while other will say it is horrible.

>> No.70684575

If Flauros dies/commits suicide FGO doesn't happen

>> No.70684580

You only get the common language of your setting unless you picked a background that speaks multiple languages. If you don’t like it, pick up a polyglot perk. There’s a lot of them and they’re rarely expensive.

>> No.70684585

I love how all of a sudden people are all for the whole required perk to speak the settings languages now when back in the beginning it was threads of shitposting to not require that shit.

>> No.70684599

But you literally are paying cp to learn it. Why would that not work in other settinga? Just screaming no you dont want to let it work is no reason.

>> No.70684606

Of you think that’s what this argument is about you’re actually an idiot.

>> No.70684614

>You only get the common language of your setting unless you picked a background that speaks multiple languages

Like dragons speaking dragon? Or wyverns, troglodytes, kobolds, lizardfolk, drakes, amphitre, and literally plants with dragon blood speaking it? Or sorcerers? That is a big part of the entire dragon sorcerer class in dnd and it also is a large part of many wizard classes.

>> No.70684615

You're paying CP to be a sorcerer (and/or whatever draconic creature), not to be able to talk to any other dragon in any other setting.

You'll still know draconic and be able to speak it. It's just that dragons in other jumps are unlikely to know what the fuck you're saying unless it's a d&d jump.

>> No.70684616

The author conceptualized it as a world set in the magical equivalent of the American Frontier, where all the heroes and outlaws are getting forced to play along with a stable society or pushed to an ever-shrinking fringe. In practice, it’s 99.5% intrigue and 0.5% actually interesting aspects of that premise. Also, it’s kind of schizophrenic because the author likes to backpedal when he realizes he made someone too unsympathetic.

>> No.70684621

Well, arcanist is what I have, and devil hunter is what I want. Neat.

>> No.70684623

That is literally what is happening here. Anon says why can't this thing that lets him talk to dragons work in other settings and I assume you are saying it doesn't because you need a specific perk for that.

>> No.70684632

It works, you can still speak Draconic.
D&D Draconic, specifically.
Doesn’t mean the dragons that /aren’t/ from D&D will understand you. Lets put it this way
>Pay cp to learn a language
>fucking Cantonese or something
>got to setting where Cantonese isn’t a fucking language
>you can still speak it, doesn’t mean anyone will understand you
If you’re buying the Draconic language that’s what you get. You’re not paying for “the ability to speak to and understand dragons” you’re paying for “the ability to speak and understand a specific language of this one setting that’s is mostly commonly spoken by dragons”.
Fucking christ.

>> No.70684635

>unless it's a d&d jump
Or a mtg jump
Or rick and morty
And any settings they cross with.

>> No.70684640

No, because Dragons in the Elder Scrolls have their own language which isn’t Draconic, therefore all dragons in all non-DND settings have their own languages which aren’t Draconic. It’s just basic deduction.

>> No.70684644

>Anon says why can't this thing that lets him talk to dragons work in other settings
Anon is saying why can’t this thing that lets me speak a language not let me be understood in settings where that language doesn’t exist. He’s not paying for the ability to be understood by any and all dragons, he’s paying for a language that only exists in that one setting, a language that doesn’t have any inherent magical translation powers.

>> No.70684645

It's not a big part of the entire class, anon. It's something literally anyone in the setting can pick up with the same ease as they could pick up elvish.

>> No.70684648

>set in the magical equivalent of the American Frontier, where all the heroes and outlaws are getting forced to play along with a stable society or pushed to an ever-shrinking fringe.
That sounds horribly depressing. That sort of reminds me of the Discworld book The Last Hero, where the last of the world's heroes, heroine and last evil lord go on a quest to murder the gods for letting the world become what it has. They were upset that they were the last of their kind and all old. The gods didn't even give them the chance to die in battle.

>> No.70684654

Unless he wants to pay 50 cp for a perk to speak to any dragon. Right?

>> No.70684657

Except it’s not.
The argument is “if I learn this language specific to a setting, when I jump to a new setting does it retroactively make people/creatures speak that language even when they shouldn’t”
The answer is no

>> No.70684660

You’re effectively arguing that knowing French should let you be able to communicate with every person of importance in any setting because it used to be the language of diplomacy in the 1700s.

>> No.70684666

Have you tried not jumping D&D jumps?

>> No.70684674

Even if he did buy a perk to speak literally any language it wouldn't do shit in any other setting. Unless the perk specifically says it works elsewhere "speak any language" only applies to that jump.

>> No.70684676

Now this is falseflagging.

>> No.70684680

You can make an entire chain out of all the D&D/D20 jumps we have.

>> No.70684683

Learning french should allow you to speak to anyone with the french descriptor.

>> No.70684700

Piss off just admit when you are wrong and move on.

>> No.70684704

You're fucking wrong, retard, jump fiat applies everywhere

>> No.70684716

No. It should let you speak to anyone with the “French Language” descriptor. So it could be someone from France. Or it could be someone from Gambia. But it does not let you speak to someone that only has the “German Language” descriptor, even if they live in France.

>> No.70684718

Except it doesnt. Evenbtoday knowing french is practically useless. You want arabic.

>> No.70684725

Why do ask a question when you’ve already decided on the answer?

>> No.70684732

No not really. Unless it states otherwise the perk doesn't work that way.

>> No.70684745

And if what you’re buying says “you speak draconic” not “you can speak to dragons”? Then you can’t fucking speak to dragons from other settings that don’t know fucking draconic.

>> No.70684753

Dude I stopped replying to this shitfest like 20 mins ago I didnt think people would get stupid over a simple question.

>> No.70684763

Well no shit, but what that person said in particular was wrong

>> No.70684777

Thereby unless you buy a cantonese speaking peek don't jump as a drop in to a place that speaks it.

>> No.70684779

The simple answer is no. Speaking draconic will not allow you to understand dragons from other settings

>> No.70684785

He learns to speak a language that isn't draconic from fucking dnd

>> No.70684786

If you know Draconic you can speak it.
If a d&d dragon knows Draconic, they can understand you.
If a d&d dragon doesn’t know Draconic, they can not understand you.
So why would a dragon from another setting, that also doesn’t know Draconic from the d&d setting, be able to understand you? You’re paying to speak a language, not to be understood or have the language retroactively inserted into other settings.

>> No.70684799

Followers or group companion slots. Which do you prefer?

>> No.70684806

Why can the deagons from rick and morty and the dragons from mtg speak it?

>> No.70684814

Followers I'm already full upon companions.

>> No.70684820

Yeah just like every other time you buy a perk or power. It doesn't work in other jumps unless it says so.

>> No.70684821

Why even bother learning a language when you can get one of those "always understand/ be understood" perks?

>> No.70684830


>> No.70684833

Using logic.

>> No.70684837

Since when can they?
Also, probably because they learned it. Which means they do know how to speak it. Which means they can understand it.

>> No.70684840

>Rick & Morty
>Magic the Gathering

Both are considered part of the greater Wizards-of-the-Coast cosmology.
I'm serious, one of the MTG planes is now a fucking 5th edition module and connected to Forgotten Realms along with that fucking Critical Role shit.

>> No.70684844

>B A I T

>> No.70684853

Because dragons, being sentient, can learn logic such as plane-shift, and it has apparently been shown that those series share cosmologies with each other. Therefore, a dragon can planeshift to Earth C-137 or whatever and teach Rickandmortyverse dragons draconic.

>> No.70684857

But should it let you speak to people from France-expy places, like Tristain in Znt, or Francois in Youjo Senki?

>> No.70684867

Those only work in their settings.

>> No.70684875

Not unless they actually speak French.

>> No.70684877

No. Why would it?

>> No.70684883

If they are expy enough to speak French, like the hypothetical Fancytown from a jump we do not have about baby horse girl toys, then yes.

>> No.70684891

I get that you’re mad you got BTFO’d, but you understand that petulant sulking isn’t actually going to change anything, right?

>> No.70684893

Do... you not understand how Jumpchain works? The entire purpose is to acquire abilities that work outside of their original context, and utilize them in other settings. So yes, a perk that let’s you speak any language will let you speak any language, regardless of where you go. That’s the entire point.

>> No.70684897

Can you not, dude? It’s not even page ten. Or at least try to be less obvious about it.

>> No.70684900


Not logic.

>> No.70684919

But they do speak french.

>> No.70684922

It still happens, just not in that timeline but it doesn't matter because Goetia was collapsing the entire Human Order in that time-tree.
Goetia just needs a single timeline to pull the trick, since his bombs are the singularities and those exist outside of the regular time-stream once formed.

>> No.70684924

SO something like the one in Overlord only works in Overlord? Even though the perk says that it will work in any setting if you buy it?
>Free, 50, or 100 CP - Shared Language - For some unknown reason everyone in this world appears to be speaking the same language. This isn’t actually the case, and people paying attention to the shapes that others make with their mouths when they talk will likely notice they’re making movements that don’t match up with the sounds that are being heard. There’s no known explanation for this, though the Lich Momonga theorized it was probably the work of a Player long in the past. As a result no matter where you are or who you are talking to you will always be able to understand them and they will always be able to understand you. This is commonly accepted fact in the New World and no one finds this odd. This does not translate the written word, sign language, or speech deliberately said in a ‘coded’ manner, however.
>Everyone gets this for free for this jump automatically, and may pay 50 CP to retain it. In future worlds only you and your companions will be able to understand (and be understood by) everyone else. However if you pay a total cost of 100 CP then the effect will be applied setting wide, and everyone will be able to benefit from it. You may choose not to activate this setting wide effect in later jumps if you want, but once it’s on it stays on.

>> No.70684928

Then you can understand them. If it’s literally french, no some sort of expy language, then you can understand them.

>> No.70684929

>Both are considered part of the greater Wizards-of-the-Coast cosmology.

So, what, is Planar Travel and Rick's Portal Gun equivalent to PW Sparks or something now?

>> No.70684930

Unless they literally state it is the same as our french then no. No they do not

>> No.70684935

>He didn't read the pokemon jump

>> No.70684938

Then they speak French. Or rather, they speak a language identical to French since France isn’t actually a thing in their setting.

>> No.70684947

It’s bait, dumbass. Stop biting.

>> No.70684948

No because that one actually says it works in future jumps. Try to keep up.

>> No.70684954

I'm assuming so.
Otherwise it makes no fucking sense.

>> No.70684960

Pretty much.

>> No.70684977

Riminder that our earth is a canon setting in dnd meaning any place that crosses over with our earth in its setting is also canon to dnd.

>> No.70684989

I hate this and I hate wizards.

>> No.70685019

Wait till you hear about the multidimensional business company run by piccolo expies that is literally a modern office building in almost every setting. Oh and they have a personal army strong enough to take down most planets.

>> No.70685023

I thought Ravinica was canon to D&D but D&D wasn’t canon to Ravinica.

>> No.70685027

What other setting does that?

I know DC has Earth Prime, and Marvel probably has an equivalent.

>> No.70685048

Final Fantasy XIII, and therefore any of the FF games that crossover with it, either via FF14 or Dissidia.

>> No.70685055

Batman and justice league have, so have teen titans, supernatural iirc, scooby doo, most classic myth, god of war, lots of stuff really is it is supposedly taking place on earth could technically be counted.

>> No.70685057

Does anyone have a list of all of the jumps that run on D20 logic? I know Pathfinder, D&D and, Dragonlance. What what else is there?

>> No.70685069

Order of the stick

>> No.70685077

>Marvel probably has an equivalent.
Thanos recently had a fourth wall moment where he gained the OAA’s powers and acknowledged the readers, Gwenpool is supposed to be from our earth or one very similar iirc, and Deadpool 4th wall shit exists.

>> No.70685082

You're putting a bunch of words together but they don't make any sense. How do you do that?

>> No.70685108

The race is called verdan, they are good aligned chaos goblins that run on tumblr logic meaning they randomly change size and gender as they age also they can regenerate.

>> No.70685132

They've gone back and forth on that.

>> No.70685153

We have a D&D folder in Series.

>> No.70685159

>god of war
I'm pretty sure that got retconned with the sequels.

>Deadpool 4th wall shit
Isn't that (sometimes at least) acknowledged as Wade just being legit insane, and it only being a coincidence that he is a comicbook character?

>> No.70685176

Yeah, but I know other settings run on the same logic, but are not D&D.

>> No.70685177

>look they know we exist
>we know they exist
>they keep trying to come here
>we keep trying to ignore them and keep them out by pretending they dont exist.

>> No.70685188

>Isn't that (sometimes at least) acknowledged as Wade just being legit insane, and it only being a coincidence that he is a comicbook character?
Sure, probably happened once before. Comics aren’t exactly consistent though so who knows if that’s still a thing.

>> No.70685195

Goblin slayer

>> No.70685229

>randomly change size and gender as they age
>randomly change gender
Oh fuck that. Would not play a character with that much leeway for the dm to fuck me over.

>> No.70685278

>Goblin Slayer
Is it really?

>> No.70685321

Goblin Slayer is legit a game of DnD being played by two gods, Truth and Illusion. They literally play games of dice to deterrmine the fates of adventurers.

>> No.70685331

He is supposedly an npc that the dms just havent been able to kill. They even show the dice rolls.

>> No.70685342

Should humanity be thankful to the alien who gave them the symbiotes in Symbiote or angry about the whole don't take candy from strangers lesson?

>> No.70685350

So what would jumper look like to them?

>> No.70685354

Order of the stick,Ravenloft

>> No.70685355


>> No.70685359

Never read symbiote. Gimme a rundown of why it is a bad thing/good thing?

>> No.70685378

A really powerful npc? They apparently don't cheat and just go by the dice though so they cant be all bad. Just imagine going in with a couple high power luck perks. Rolling 20s every turn

>> No.70685380

Benefactor's PC

>> No.70685389

Supah Speshul cheat character, probably.

>> No.70685395

>Benefactor is That Guy
>Jumper is minmaxed munchkin PC using a dozen different splats

>> No.70685408

Depends on the Jumper. A high class divine one would probably be considered another player at the table. Lesser ones would be NPCs, maybe?

>> No.70685409

Yup, sounds about right

>> No.70685474

>be jumper
>use generic cyoa jump
>Jump Love Azathoth
>Monogomy strongest power in the chain.

>> No.70685490

Basically an alien "crashed" on earth and gave them cool supercomputer symbiotes that can do cool transhuman stuff like make you into a super soldier and let you manufacture whatever you want inside your body. This was done in exchange for help with repairing the alien's ship which it "needed".

The humans blew up the alien's ship as they left because the alien wouldn't give them military technology and thus they were shit out of luck when the alien's safty measure left in the symbiotes to be deactivated when the alien was safely away started turning the humans with the symbiotes into genocidal killing machines. Just as Planned.

The alien was fine and actually planned this whole mess out in order to teach the lesson of "don't take candy from strangers", they were rather impressed with how fast the humans solved the whole turn into murderous abomination problem.

Despite the horrific death toll, military crack down, massive build up of WMDs, and putting the world on the brink of world war 3 the symbiotes really are awesome to the point where they're a big thing to get even for a jumper.

>> No.70685571

Why would they kill it cause they didnt gey military tech? Literall any tech can be made into military tech especially computers.

Also that isnt taking candy from strangers that is payment for services renderred if anything that should MAKE humans want to kill every alien they come across. We are a paranoid xenophobic race by nature was he trying to make it worse?

>> No.70685633

In dmc, it says that demons get two discounts on races. Can I discount the same race twice and pick up the capstone booster for 200 cp?

>> No.70685642

The alien basically picked and chose everything that happened, it was basically a god compared to the humans and was trying to make a point/have some fun while uplifting a new species it found.

>> No.70685669

Not intended but do it anyway
Because fuck Red's shitty jump balance and fuck UncleDante for listening to that bitch

>> No.70685674

>Why would they kill it cause they didnt gey military tech? Literall any tech can be made into military tech especially computers.
The alien baited them into it basically, it chose who it crashed near and picked top secret military base full of paranoid military officials. It wanted to get betrayed to fall in with the plan to teach an extremely bloody lesson about not trusting strangers.

>> No.70685701

You could do that already in the DYN Freaks jump.

>> No.70685716

Well no, you can be Yog. Love Azathoth offers the powers of Azathoth, if you take her and no one else.

>> No.70685718

That's RAW, not RAI, but hey, it's a single player game, go for it. It's like that one moron who made a DBZ Jump recently. He had Bioandroids get stronger any time it ate a living person... then gave a cheap item that gives you infinite food 'your favorite food appears on the table, as much as you want' or some such. Some guy pointed out as a Bioandroid his favorite food is live humans, and the guy got pissy over it, but oh fuckin' well, you leave a loophole, it's gunna get abused.

And it should be abused. This is a SINGLE PLAYER GAME. Whenever they give you an inch, take the mile, mate.

>> No.70685734

Is it bad that whenever I leave the jump I choose to abandon my Symbiote partner?

>> No.70685735


>> No.70685737

It's a planetary level "Just a prank bro"/"Social experiment". It's youtube clickbait levels of bad and misguided.

Humanity has every right to be very fucking mad. Maybe things will cool off later once humanity reaches a certain level of advancement. But I genuinely doubt it.

>> No.70685765

And don't forget
If the jumpmaker tries to close up the loophole, they deserve abuse and death threats.

>> No.70685774

Generic CYOA caps how much power you can get though?

>> No.70685775

It is the most loyal ally you could ever conceivably find short of an actual mind broken slave.

>> No.70685778

You can’t say the humans aren’t fucking assholes, though.

>> No.70685797

Don’t know, don’t care about thinly veiled pwoergrabs that come from SB. There’s probably a loophole or two or an interpretation where that limit doesn’t matter.

>> No.70685809

Based and redpilled

Cringe and blacked.

>> No.70685819

Well... no? Not really? Yeah, the guys who tried to blow the alien up were asses, but it's completely understandable. The alien SPECIFICALLY CHOSE to crash there, BECAUSE those people were there. He engineered the entire thing, it was straight up 'all according to keikaku' for his ass. If you dangle a steak infront of a starving dog, is the dog the asshole for biting you when you yank it away?

>> No.70685838

Okay, so why bring up a rules 'exploit' if you don't even know the rules you are exploiting in the first place?

>> No.70685856

Oh, totally. The US army and government were a special kind of retarded there. Like they were operating on Marvel logic compared to the rest of the world.

>> No.70685864

Wasn’t the one to bring it up? I was just the one saying Love Azathoth offers more power than DYN Freaks here>>70685716

>> No.70685872

Probably not, at least in settings with their own languages. Maybe you could use it in some particular settings, but as a general rule I'd use Dragonlord from Merlin instead

>> No.70685895

Sorry, thought you were >>70685474 too.

>> No.70685922

Not particularly. They're very helpful AIs, but I've already got an AI to help me out and I get the Symbiote abilities myself anyway.

Though I usually jump it as the symbiote myself.

Yeah, they were chosen because they were assholes. Sure, it's understandable for an asshole to do an asshole thing. Yes, that means they're manipulated into it.

But it doesn't take away that they're xenophobic assholes? That dog you dangled a steak in front of is still a dog, even if you didn't dangle a steak in front of it.

>> No.70685964

I suppose that's fair. I guess I just don't like blaming someone when they were explicitly baited into something by someone who was playing them like a fiddle.

>> No.70685979

Was reading the Dark Sun Jump and looking up how to be an avangion. The process requires a lot of world healing and, according to the Jump, ten thousand years of being dedicated to that. I was going to heal places regardless, but the timespan means the handful of Jumps I was thinking of wouldn't get close to seeing the end of the avangion transformation.

So what are some Jumps with places in need of restoration?

>> No.70686001

You can waifu and companion a nascent Azathoth to take with you.

>> No.70686021

So what is all this Symbiote shit from? The webnovel about Bob? Because that's the only thing that I can find that seems applicable. Is it worth reading?

>> No.70686023

Unironically, Dragon Ball Z/Super. Universe 7 barely has a few dozen habitable planets left out of an entire *universe*. They also have a hyperbolic time chamber that accelerates time to one year per day.

>> No.70686032

>The webnovel about Bob?

>> No.70686073

Great, now I have to redo my build again.

>> No.70686102

Wow, what an asshole

>> No.70686115

It's just a prank/social experiment, bro!

>> No.70686138

Yeah, everyone involved in that mess was an asshole.

>> No.70686141

Not him but why would that work?

>> No.70686146

Make sure to boast about breaking their shitty jump over your knee when either of them post.
Really rub it in that they're both failures.

>> No.70686177

Just because someone else is an asshole that doesn't excuse you from being an even bigger asshole than them.
Whataboutisms are a flimsy excuse used by assholes to try and justify their unjustifiable assholery

>> No.70686204

They may be assholes but if you specifically seek out someone to antagonize them that puts the blame squarely on you.

>> No.70686253

>Dragonlord (600CP, discounted Drop-Ins)
>You are a Dragonlord. This gives you the ability to speak the language of dragons and causes them too view you with respect. You can call any dragon you know by name to your location, and command dragons and as dragon-like creatures, such as Wyverns.
It is a perk/power that specifically does that for you.

>> No.70686275

Miss me with that gay shit.

>> No.70686278

Working on a new magic system using maker of magic. Hoe much shit do you think would go down if I made it possible to steal the magic power from those weaker than you in order to boost your own max power?

Like the one you take it from wouldnt permanently lose it, just temporarily. But you would get a power boost from beating other wizards, think pokemon cash rules, loser loses cash winner gets their cash.

>> No.70686293

Dragons in other settings don't speak the same language senpai. We just had an entire thread about this shit. Keep up.

>> No.70686295

Isn't that the plotline of one of the Nanoha seasons?

>> No.70686306

Is it? I never saw nanoha.

>> No.70686324

The weak get weaker, and the strong get stronger.

>> No.70686336

Question for Red how does base Touched by Infinity Mind Stone intelligence boost compare to Ultron?

Also what Unusual specialty did that women who made the tissue printer have? That Ultron used.

>> No.70686355

Technically speaking, the notes section for that Jump clarifies that Dragonlord does let you control dragons from other settings (up to a certain level of strength), but that while you can understand dragons in other settings you’ll have to learn their language yourself, though the perk does help with that.

>> No.70686360

Wiki says world renowned Geneticist, so probably genetic engineering or biogenics or something.

>> No.70686364

Eh, there was a thing with people who came out of a book stealing the linker cores of mages to add pages to the book.

You can actually get a version of the book, and the ability to rip out people's linker cores to add their magic to the book.

>> No.70686377

Wow anon
I thought you were based

>> No.70686419

I hate it when people like you help the shitposter.

>> No.70686434

Huh and looking it up linker cores actually regen in a couple days. That is pretty cool and close to what I was thinking. Neat.

>> No.70686439

What's the best current DnD jump to pick up as many dragons as possible? I know we can probably fuck off to Sigil in any DnD jump to buy a load of dragon slaves or something but I was hoping to just nab them in the wilds or cities or whever they would normally be.

>> No.70686555

Dragonlance has enough dragon eggs that turning them into mook soldiers is actually viable.

>> No.70686578

All jumpmakers are queens.

Except bancho.

>> No.70686600

Forgotten Realms Jump because of how freeform you can choose to be in this includes backstory to give yourself connections for easier dragon access.

Order of the Stick I believe has a ton of dragons. Granted the black variety gets fucking genocided if I remember. Might want to speedrun getting at least one of them and hopefully protect them from that.

Eberron has dragons as rather prominent players in the setting. So it wouldn't be hard for you to meet one.

Dragonlance is THE best option. I mean it has an entire arc dedicated to dealing with dragons, Fuckers are everywhere in that setting. Jump even gives you a dragon companion for relative cheap compared to other jumps.

What are you planning to do with all those dragons anon?

>> No.70686612

For what is a queen to a God.

>> No.70686654

>for relative cheap compared to other jumps.
It's 600 cp anon.

>> No.70686660

Bancho is a clown.

Also, that was not the correct response.

>> No.70686679

It's 300 discounted with Drop-in Background. Not bad if you're more interested in companions than direct power.

>> No.70686704

Note that protecting the black dragons from the genocide means that instead of getting a divorce after going mad with UNLIMITED POWER*, one of the main characters has to watch the dragoness kill their entire family, trap their souls, and run away. All because they killed an objectively Chaotic Evil dragon while trying to fix Roy's broken sword. So now that's another time their magic was too weak to save anyone they cared about, making five times in the span of six months.

*Power not actually unlimited

>> No.70686710

Planning on using the majority of them as emissaries and such while in other jumps for fun. The human form they get is useful to blend in and they are almost one and all powerhouses. Also the idea of having many hundreds of thousand dragons following commands living in a single society seems like a truly wonderful idea, imagine the knowledge they'd build up or the crafts they coud work over their thousands of years of life. And being the "dragon god" is just a side benefit.

>> No.70686721

Doesn't one come fo free with the dragonriding skill?

On a slightly unrelated note, do centaurs count as mounted for using a dragonlance?

>> No.70686734

Hey IGanon, when you get around to D&D Dragons can you offer seven loyal dragon guards/servants a la Bahamut and his seven gold dragons?

>> No.70686764

That seems a bit much for a jump about being a dragon, not a draconic god. Though I guess as an expensive companion option it might work.

Personally I'd just want a tribe of kobolds to worship me.

>> No.70686769

Meant to say "it" rather than "them". It's just in case anon wants to collect a wide variety of them.

That's rather pleasant anon. Just make sure they don't pick on the lesser races too much. Some dragon societies have a habit of doing that.

>> No.70686790

It offers epic dragons and wouldn’t be surprised if it has dragon godhood too. Seven non epic, non divine dragons isn’t too much to ask. You could even have them start off younger to balance it out a bit.

>> No.70686804

Wait what happens to the blackies!?

Spoilering it is fine, I had planned on getting a bunch of dragons to add to my inner world kingdom when I get one. Someone to help out all my Priscilla race giant half dragons.

>> No.70686820

Does anyone have the WIP for that, by the way?

>> No.70686828

Why is the thread suddenly against people talking to dragons now?

>> No.70686834

I mean they're gonna be in a seperate realm, gonna be a kind of Asgard thing going on. Little groups going on outings to see how the worlds have changed or if anything interesting is happening. Or individuals going out to explore and mingle with mortal races. I mean I don't plan on changing everything about the dragons just giving the majority an option for neutral communion and meetings without having to fight over shiny shit or territory. I don't expect many Reds will join in but there's always outliers and a chance that what can be done with the collective knowledge of the group would mean that to not partake would see you become weaker than staying alone. I mean you can't force a fast change on a race of immortals but having them conform through their own choise, or just to keep up is something else completely. I mean imagine the kind of shit the Blues would get up to if they get help from the Time, Prismatic and Force dragons.

>> No.70686850

Some guy earlier was trying to wank that knowing a language for dragons of one setting should let you talk to all dragons of any setting. People said no, then the shitposter jumped on to that to start shitposting about fiat and RAW/RAI.

>> No.70686872

Not him but if one were to make a ruling council of dragons what colors would be best to put in each council slot? I assume blacks and reds make for good soldiers? Golds for those in charge of the hospital wings? Blues and brassies in charge of the oceanic trades and greens for forestry?

>> No.70686882

Nobody cares what Red thinks.

>> No.70686905

Fair, though those are 800 and 1000 respectively. So sure, that's why I said it could work if it's appropriately expensive.

Kinda hope it doesn't offer godhood though, aside from possibly Dragon Ascendant. It's supposed to be about d&d dragons in general after all, and focussing too much of Bahamut, Tiamat, Io, and the rest is just going to take away from the rest of the jump.


>> No.70686925


>> No.70686933

Why you gotta involve me in this, man?

>> No.70686943

BB is the perfect Fate waifu.

>> No.70686950

>prismatic dragon god great wyrm
Don’t you want this though, anon?

>> No.70686970

No idea. All I got was that apparently people are shitposting about perks being useless outside of the jump they come from.

>> No.70686988

Thread gets too shitty when discussion deviates away from Fate. All the shitposters start kicking a fit.

>> No.70686992

One of each using something of a caste system. The strongest of each type would hold a seat on the Council of Dragons, otherwise no one would accept the ruling of another. The closest I suppose to a dragon type that might be able to rule all would be Prismatic or Time just due the extreme strength and bullshit that each one respectively is. Reds would never listen to a White, just as a Gold would never listen to any other dragon. So you'd need an equal council or some form of being that's too strong to argue with but is equally fair to all sides. Essentially you need to be political maverick of truly increible scales, the kind of guy who could convince Zeus, Odin, Dagda, Vishnu and Osiris not to get into a massive fight while they're all drunk and arguing over who has the best pantheon.

>> No.70687001

Don't get it fuckin started again
fuck waifushit

>> No.70687022

Can someone post Jumpchain Multiplayer? I need a recipe for some spare potatoes I have.

>> No.70687041

Get bent, shove a razor blade up your anus, and fuck off.
You don't have even 1% of the jumpmaking clout needed to challenge thread or Valeria. You do not get to decide the thread discourse.

>> No.70687050

Prismatic dragons look like derpy asses, and don't offer anything I want in unique abilities. They've got good stats, but base stats are easily replaced by another dragon species getting raised to epic levels with normal advancement (which is what I did in Forgotten Realms). Plus, I already have d&d godhood a few times over.

>> No.70687055

You can keep talking about it, I'm just going to express how retarded it is

>> No.70687070

I mean your average Great Wyrm Prismatic is already beyond a large number of gods. It'd be redundant to limit yourself with godhood as such a dragon, too many limits for such little gain.

>> No.70687071

Who's this jackass again?

>> No.70687072

>Fair, though those are 800 and 1000 respectively.
I think Epic Dragon is planned to be a Scenario reward at last mention instead of just a CP cost now.

>> No.70687107

Don’t like that. They should impact the build more than “and I did the scenario”, and their high, I discountable prices do a good job of that right now.

>> No.70687109

Clearly the compromise is to discuss what dragons are ideal waifus.

>> No.70687150

Someone post that Nergigante Bowsette pic.

>> No.70687202

Obviously the half breed from Dark Souls, Bahamut and that female Nightfury. And Akatosh or Alduin.

>> No.70687205


>> No.70687214

Oh? Okay then. Could be neat. Hope that would include the option to just get your normal dragon species advanced to epic levels.

We already did that multiple times. Long story short, silver dragons.

>> No.70687217

>reptiles with mammaries

>> No.70687264


>> No.70687290


>> No.70687311

If you've ever heard anon talking about a spell called Familicide? It kills 1/4 of all the Black Dragons in the world. Vaarsuvius got it by making a deal with three fiends and getting possessed by dead evil super-wizards. If you're interesting enough to them, they might make a Soul Splice deal with you, too.

>> No.70687336

Ignore him; it's just shitposting. When you see someone doing that, just hide them and ignore them-or better yet if they're really egregious/HOA, just report them.

>> No.70687349


>> No.70687378

This is your fault, YJ.

>> No.70687385

To be fair here having another demon inside me isnt exactly a big deal at this point. I mean I got at least 72 other demons in there plus 300k+ evil tormented souls plus however many humans and other creatures from dark souls squirming around in that place.

To be frank I would be rather sorry foe them and would be amused to see their faces when they step in to that.

>> No.70687423

An androgynous elf cast a spell on a black dragon that was going to kill their family, the spell kills the family of the target. All their direct blood relatives and then all of those secondary targets' blood relatives die. Due to the breeding capabilities of dragons and that of humans that the dragons have interbred with this killed a lot of people.

Including a rather massive chunk of the black dragon population.

>> No.70687434


>> No.70687527

It’s not an either/or scenario, anon. You could always be the benefactor they make a deal with in their time of need. Or just send their mentor a Sending when shit’s about to go down.

I offered Haerta a rez and pod out of the IFCC’s clutches in exchange for it. I left her in My Immortal at 9 years 364 days 23 hours 59 minutes 55 seconds.

>> No.70687550

What do you need to survive in SCP?

>> No.70687584

Plot armor, obscene amounts of it.

>> No.70687589

>SCP powerlevels
>page 9
Sorry if you’re serious, but I’m writing you off as shitposting.

>> No.70687597

To be safe you should get immunity to reality resets.

>> No.70687600

Even if you had everything from every jump document, there's still several beings that could kill you. If you're not careful, they'll actually kill you, the author.

>> No.70687629

>Even if you had everything from every jump document, there's still several beings that could kill you.
Ah shit ton of em, the doc really doesn’t offer much.
>If you're not careful, they'll actually kill you, the author.
This legitimately makes you look retarded, even if it’s satire.

>> No.70687647

So Zoats are coming back after being decanonized since Tyranids 2nd Edition.

For those without context: Tyranids had these guys has a genetically-engineered slave race.
With the lore as it stands, I guess enjoy your new slaves but it makes no darn sense.

>> No.70687670

That’s /incredibly/ stupid, with the way Tyranids have turned out.

>> No.70687705

...Huh. Alright then.

Not sure what to feel aside from vague disappointment.

>> No.70687711

SCP is a common shitposting topic. That's why the other guy isn't taking your question seriously. Correct answer is to just say you survive the jump easy to piss people off.

>> No.70687758

Fair enough, I guess, I didn't pay much attention to the page. I just saw a mention of SCP elsewhere that made me wonder about it. After all, the SCP still stands, despite needs for cloning humanity back into existence or whatever else I've vaguely heard about.

>> No.70687782

And apparently file upload is busted for ne at the mo.

There's the model.

Yeah no, full agreement.

>> No.70687799

Boo. I want the Squats back.

>> No.70687835

...And the disappointment grows.

Any good news on your jumps to counteract this gnawing sadness within?

>> No.70687843

And once again I’m reminded of how little love or fleshing out the rak’ghul have gotten.

>> No.70687845

>Beast trying to gain authority over Val's jump
Why am I not surprised

>> No.70687871

Can you, for once in your life, not be a disappointment to everyone you interact with?

>> No.70687878

Just ignore and hide him. When he starts screaming, report him.

Better that way.

>> No.70687901

This is bigger than all of them. GW giveth, and GW taketh away. That and it reads more like when Battler is talking about Supernatural.

>> No.70687916

How did you end up in that situation? I imagine the 72 are from Oasis, but I have no clue about the rest.

>> No.70687917

A gun

>> No.70687984

Oh, wow, so Beast is so important that his ramblings are more significant than all of Val's jumps? No wonder you people are so deluded if you really believe this

>> No.70687999

It continues, just not efficiently or fast.

Rak'ghuls at least would still be relevant to boot.

>> No.70688035

Calm down, autist. You're the only one who's saying that. Even Val likes Beast, you're the only one raging.

>> No.70688061

>Even Val likes Beast
She only claims to like him/his work because shitposters like you would tear her apart otherwise.

>> No.70688077

Glad it's continuing at least, that's something.

>> No.70688085

What Jumps do we have for long term civilization management? Stuff that only focuses on managing of a single town or a large spaceship full of people are cool too, I just like the idea of large scope management a bit more.

So far I know of Civ and Master of Magic.

>> No.70688101

Reminder: report and ignore HOA. Don't bother engaging him.

>> No.70688107

>claiming Val is bullied
And like that your argument instantly dies.

>> No.70688117

Rak'gol are rad

>> No.70688132

Uq holder has a perk which with the power booster perk gives you 300k tormented souls.

Dark souls has a perk to keep getting souls from things after the setting plus I did a lot of farminf, not to kention the firekeeper perk that gives you a seemingly endless well lf humanity.

Plus Im a kami from kamigawa who also has one of my religions blessings basically offer a part of their soul to the fires in exchange for rebirth.

My insides are a flaming shitshow.

>> No.70688133

I'll see about something like that in the companion section. It has been mentioned a few times dragons do sometimes live in organized groups.

>> No.70688148

Unashamedly stolen their design for a few of my alien forms/engineered species writefags.

>> No.70688159

Stellaris, Alpha Centauri, any Paradox Gaming Strategy jump, I think a number of the Fate jumps that deal with lore. Most jumps that make you a king or leader tend to have something to aid in that. Otherwise just be an AI and spin of your consciousness to focus on micromanaging a civilisation. A Culture AI for example could easily manage a civilization over millions of years using only their stray thoughts.

>> No.70688161

Marvel's "real" Earth is Earth 1218, which distressingly enough the author of Sonichu claims is the real world connected to CWCville. Terrible as that is that does mean that any crossovers done in Sonichu can probably be accessed through the door and enough searching.
Going back to DnD, Magic The Gathering's entire multiverse should be accessible through it thanks to there being a set of sourcebooks for a Ravnica campaign.
Protectors of the Plot Continuum would have to have these connections through the Word Worlds since any fanfic could potentially invoke them.
Kingdom Hearts is also connected to a real world through Shibuya, possibly twice. Initially implied in KH Dream Drop Distance since The World Ends With You characters end up in Traverse Town, meaning that some time before that their home world existed in KH continuity, and again when KH 3 Re: Mind shows that Verum Rex is actually a thing going on in the "modern"/future Japan. Amusingly, this means that the crack theory/meme about post apocalyptic Agrabah/Genie from Aladdin's actually true in this continuity..

Chrono Cross may or may not also be connected to a mundane Earth. The ending is somehow even more vague about exactly what's going on than the main game is. Depending on what you use reddit's Gridman jump for, you can get a similar result.

RWBY may or may not be connected to the real world depending on if RWBY Chibi is part of the larger setting continuity, or if the DC comics run ends up having a crossover with mainline DC properties.

DDLC pretty much all but spells out that it's connected to the real world, but doesn't have a local means to bridge the gap.
Supposedly, Aldra's husbando in the latter parts of Queen's Blade is intended to be (You) which is why they're never shown on-screen. A similar gag is pulled with the master Iroha serves, and she can potentially show up in that world if you take the setting toggle for Spiral Gate.

>> No.70688165

Maybe Age of Mythology?

>> No.70688203

It nerfs omnipotence, but nothing else. Meta cyoa that removes disadvantages from powers and perks would take care of that.

>> No.70688206

I wouldn't call Verum Rex's thing the real world, and the Shibuya in the secret boss fight is very clearly the UG from TWEWY due to the 104

>> No.70688214

Funny how the anti-Val shitposters always deny that Val is shitposted.

>> No.70688351

Please go away. Nobody wants you here. You don’t want to be here. What’s the point in spending nearly six years making yourself and everyone around you miserable?

>> No.70688365


>> No.70688427

I'm losing my brain cells reading this shit. How the hell can any one group of people care about some dude who makes jumpdocs on 4chan?

>> No.70688449

You must be new here.

>> No.70688452

>> No.70688466


>> No.70688468

Page 10.

>> No.70688469

Acting like a shitposter is not going to get you welcomed techno

>> No.70688486

He's just in his hatchling namefag phase. He'll grow out the stupidity or sperg out about feet and leave like Overwhelming Autism

>> No.70688510

OverwhelmingAnon was a footfag?

>> No.70688520

No, that was EndlessAnon.

>> No.70688526

Its thanks to you fags I finally bought MHW.
Now just gotta figure out how to bind my keys and play this thing. Then I can learn and experience enough to Jump there and grab some monster waifus

>> No.70688527

Either that or I'm getting the name confused, but there was a guy who sperged out about feet.
Ah, I fucked up

>> No.70688579

Terrible times await.

>> No.70688595

Where can I get thick mommy waifus? OCs are fine.

No Fate please, I already summoned lolis there.

>> No.70688607

> I already summoned lolis there.
Just summon a loli milf

>> No.70688609

I wish Mommy anon was here, she at least knew how to embrace being a degenerate

>> No.70688613

A bad time to discuss jumps.

>> No.70688617

Pokemon. Lots of fuckable moms there

>> No.70688619

How goes Generic Moege?

>> No.70688635

Kill La Kill

>> No.70688646

She was very insistent that unbirthing Dio wasn't a sex thing which is honestly an odd hill to die on seeing the rest of her shit.

>> No.70688649

Never forget.

>> No.70688654

Ragyo is an excellent Target for Victim Girls perks, and she even deserves it.

>> No.70688708

Goblin Slayer?

>> No.70688722

Shitposters exist. Some seem to latch onto individual jumpmakers as a way to, well, shitpost.

May be few major shitposters, with individual ones swapping between which jumpmakers they go on about, simply looking for whichever one gives them a way to be a pest.

>> No.70688817


>> No.70688858

Why would you want all that awful stuff inside you?

>> No.70688878

I can start posting seal sex again if you want to act like a little faggot.

>> No.70688889

That UQ Holder perk also lets you pick up more souls as you go.

>> No.70688915

Are the souls from Dark Souls even conscious? I think they wouldn't be doing much in there.

>> No.70688942

Well I started with a pretty fucked up inner world already before I started glomping on souls but after dark souls I just figured why not keep adding sparks to the flame and making it bigger? Honestly I am looking for more junps that add stuff to your soul now. So long as they dont mind living in what is basically dark souls but nicer because they dont need to worry about monsters eating them and they can become flame elementals if they want. Sometimes I recycle more powerful or loyal souls into angels/elementals of darkness and flame to help me before they pop back into my inner world to rejoin the flames.

You know of any other jumps that sell soul additions?

>> No.70688976

Bravely Default

>> No.70688986

The individual souls in DS aren’t actual souls, more like motes of souls energy. It’s why a single individual gives multiple souls and it’s why crushing soul items and boss souls give multiple souls. So no, they wouldn’t be doing much, though I can easily picture them acting sort of like swarms of insects.

>> No.70688996

You should really give up your trip if you are just shitposting

>> No.70689007

Generally yes however there is a part that I like in the perk

>The greater souls of powerful heroes, monsters and other beings, ‘Boss Souls’ for shorthand, have enough residual character and power to be forged into unique equipment by someone with the proper skills. They may also be broken up into thousands or tens of thousands of normal ‘souls’.

I use it mainly for my blessings because I can use bits of souls for stuff, those little embers add on to my big burning flame which can be forged if I want but some of them do indeed keep some measure of their former owners.

Yep, I need to get cracking and find some more lost souls to shepard eventually.

>> No.70689018

Ight, that makes sense then.

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