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Stop playing Space Marines.

Thanks in advance.

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Second for Surfer birds

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dubs for the Emperor

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reminder that even post PA tyranids sit at a 33% mono faction winrate
reminder that the BoB FAQ was nothing but nerfs to tyranids

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Blood angels make everything they touch suck. Hawkboy died because they weren't good enough.

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I hope that pistol has some ludicrous statline. Looks like it shoots big as rounds

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What shade of blue should I use for my OC?

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No Ghazghkull? I expected GW to follow through on the tease by the end of the Las Vegas Open.

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when are we getting more rules cronbros?

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Last book of PA

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Wait, Space Wolves have no successors?

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they have a primaris one now but before that no

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>Refusing Cawl's abominations that claim to improve on Emperor's perfect works is somehow sacrilege against The Emperor
Blow it out of your shiny tin-can ass.

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AFAIK prior to primaris being a thing, their geneseed required the initiate to be from Fenris to not kill them.

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Why would you expect that? They rarely if ever show anything off after the studio preview. They'll show him off closer to the release of the Tau book or shortly after.

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they do now : )

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IIRC they do now thanks to primaris but before that their geneseed was fucked and only worked on people from Fenris.

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all of their successors eventually fell to chaos, so they decided to not diverge and just made their 13 "companies" the size of small chapters

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Had one at first, but they all turn into werewolves.

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They had a few attempts, but SW 1st would sperg out and kill them off because ONLY TRUE BROTHERS.

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The attempted to make successors in the past but they tended to get fucked by the whole wulfen thing.

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God Primaris are so ugly and uninspired. Literally a gray ultramarine with a skull photoshopped on top of a backback.

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ITC is cancer.
Forgeworld is cancer.
Space marines are cancer.
By their powers combined, you get the LVO top table.

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>Emperor's perfect work

The Emperor is not infallible, nor are his creations.
He's stuck on the Golden Throne for several reasons, remember?

but you're just mindlessly roleplaying, aren't you?

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They probably walk the thirteenth slate

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I want to get into 40k, and I know I want to play some Harlequins because their models are cool. However, they seem limited, so I'm not sure which flavor of regular Eldar to support them with.

What are the pros/cons of Drukhari vs Craftworld Eldar?

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Will Primaris get different armor marks or is that too much for timmy to handle? having the same armor all the time is boring as hell.

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Emperor gave them the thumbs-up as far as the Custodes take it.
Refusal to take the Primaris reinforcements when they need them marks a chapter as traitors.

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God non-primaris are so ugly and uninspired. Literally a gray ultramarine.

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>ITC, FW, SM are cancer
They're not real?

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That picture is fanart so... yes it is literally is a gray ultramarine with a skull photoshopped on top of a backback.

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yeah, The Hanged

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I ship them

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There's already Tacticus, Phobos and Gravis within Mk X.

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Off to a deathworld. There's no women in 40k

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>The Emperor is not infallible, nor are his creations.

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>i ship them

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>Have something to the tune of 200 FW models to build.
>Can't bring myself to clean them.
I enjoy building but oh my fucking god do I hate cleaning that shit.

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They could have just updated Space Marines with bigger scale models like they did for Deathwatch, but NOOOOOO we've got to make cancerous super marines.

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Cum in my ass faggot

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I can just pull off superglued resin without really needing to freeze, right? I'm going to replace the superglued joints with magnets so I can put different weapons on my contemptor.

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Get a good bead on harlequins first with some troupes, starweavers, and skyweavers before branching out into other eldar for whatever you think you need to flesh them out.

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There's only so many color variations you can slap onto power armor to be fair. Also some of the primaris chapters look great, like the Angels of Defiance.

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Consider how many things went wrong that lead to The Emperor being mortally wounded and his dream destroyed.

If He truly were infallible, the Horus Heresy would never have happened.

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Primaris are not the broken units though. Smash captains, TFC, FW dreads are all non-primaris. Only the stalker intercessors are meta.

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>The Emperor approved it
>Just trust me bro
>Look he even metaphorically bowing to me in this novel
You expect me to buy this shit wholesale?

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Thats defiantly cool

>> No.70679247

Think of this pic as Leif Erikson.

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dont forget about centurions

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>you expect me to do what the Lord Commander of the Imperium is telling me to do?


You know what happens to Space Marines that don't Obey, right?

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Eliminators are pretty common. It's not a manlet/primaris split.

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At last I truly see, thank you for opening my eyes dad.

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>tfw sisters fuck orgy brap battle

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Sisters vs Ogryn batrep?

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Too bad we don't have modeled Primaris cloaks even though Black Templars and Dark Angels were just updated.

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>fuck orgy brap battle
redpill me on this?

>> No.70679294

Buy a 2L sonic bath. Chuck the models in with a bit of surfactant and leave them. Saves the toothbrushing and rinsing steps.

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FemOgryns when? I want my big tiddie FemOgryn gf models

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Yeah, they sic Russ on them. Shame he's lost in the warp.

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The two DA Primaris characters have robes.

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PA RotD links from last thread. Posting them here to limit begposting and spoonfeeding.

Original EPUB courtesy of generous anon >>70675976
> https://mega.nz/#F!jotxXKzD!fmIa85_u7MYJLuQa5FYGgg

And my PDF conversion of it:
> https://mega.nz/#!0fI1xSZK!pO2YTedYbLpc5THT_iBixAEKSFIRqxIarepnYGhN7x4

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Here you go bro

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Craftworlders got psykers which combo well with their strats, get good access to fearless buffs to hold the line, are a smaller and more elite army, though like the Deldar they go squish easily and are weaker in melee than Deldar so usually are more a shooty force.
Drukhari generally have massive speed, buffs are more cumulative in a game than Craftworld strats and redeploy/deepstrike trickery, poison weapons always wound non-vehicles on a 4+ to btfo high T characters or elites, though those have no ap, Deldar also lack psykers, keywords are more important (as there are three types in their codex; kabalites, wychs and haemonculi)

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It's in the Library now mate, cheers

>> No.70679345

PDF anon you are the best. Many praises and blessings to you and the kind anon who delivered the epub

>> No.70679346

Honestly, I always kinda hated the Word Bearers. That is, until Monarchia happened and Lorgar tried to save his brother much later. I still find the whole religious cult and default beta status of WB distasteful but fuck me with a chainaxe if they didn't earn some grudging respect after all that.

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>'ate hairyticks
>'ate zeenos
>'ate big words
>luv me commysar
>luv me emprah
>luv me second breakfast


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TY anon, you're truly a great Lord of (file)Change

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>dat ass

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Did Ritual of the damned fixed Grey Knights?

>> No.70679376

>tfw no tyranid playing ugly-cute gf

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wat? post an example of this

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The Custodes are enforcing it under declaring those who turn them down Primaris.
> As part of this crusade, the Ultramarines Primarch intends to bear Primaris Space Marine reinforcements and the secrets behind their creation to the far-flung and hard-pressed Space Marine Chapters. On the eve of his decision, a large number of Emissaries Imperatus step forwards, compelled by the spirit of the Emperor to accompany the crusade.
> When the Primarch announced his intention to bear the secrets of the Primaris Space Marines to the Loyalist Chapters, there was some resistance from the Adeptus Custodes, who feared strengthening those who might one day rebel against the Emperor once again. Yet dozens of Emissaries Imperatus stepped forwards to intercede, stating this was the will of the Emperor. They accompanied Guilliman's Crusade, many of them taking to the air as Vertus Praetors, the quicker to deliver messages of reinforcement to the embattled Space Marines. The presence of the Adeptus Custodes also ensured that even the most traditional Chapters accepted the Primaris warriors into their ranks. One does not decline a gift from the Emperor's own hand, after all.
Source is from the 8th edition Custodes Codex.

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yes it did anon

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>The Inquisitor guards his valuable artifacts from a traitor patrol as he awaits reinforcements

Do you guys just like to make mini dioramas or scenes with your minis in order to tell a short story/make a cool scene?

>> No.70679401

>ugly cute
Does not compute.

Ugly girls have bad faces and awkward hip and shoulder ratios.
Cute girls are good looking girls who are innocent from lack of experience. They cease to be cute girls and become simply good looking girls as they age and get experience.

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*=those who turn them down traitors, fuck

>> No.70679405

>he and 4 other chapter masters died in that single engagement
we were robbed of a campaign

>> No.70679413

I thought that was Gabriel Angelos for a second.

>> No.70679416

I'm sad that outside of charters Blightlords and Scarab Occult terminators are the only semi-viably marine units in Death Guard and Tsons

>> No.70679417

Honestly I already know this, but in moment of self-reflection is probably best you post this anyway for sake of thread topic and reminder.

>> No.70679418

>Some Torchbearers, though, were assigned to Chapters who, for reasons of doctrine, genetic heritage, or historical circumstance, were expected to resist the gift of the Primaris. In such cases these task forces' garrisons of Adeptus Custodes was typically larger than average, to leave no doubt that they delivered a boon graced by the Emperor himself.

>> No.70679425

Glad to help where I can, Custodian.
I don't know if you ended up getting your hands on the SoB codex PDF either, on the off-chance you haven't yet:
> https://mega.nz/#!xOAEnYYY!xEb8kCj0ZcujcYQEI2vJcqjV-r87xySjzWbzTOschks

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Dw anon, it's been the same for almost every other chapter approved.

I just wish they did smaller, non-universe ending, conflicts like the Badab war.

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>Custodes get a terrible model in the upcoming book.
>SoS get a decent model but still don't have a Codex.
Maybe they'll add rules that allow both armies to be taken together? After all GW keeps pushing that they're both 1/2 of the same army. It doesn't make sense to gimp them. Also SoS need buffs anyways because their abilities are trash.

>> No.70679439

the hard part of buying FW isn't their ridiculously high prices, it's trying to meet their ridiculously high quota for avoiding a shipping charge

>> No.70679445

>this is an 8/10 in Bongland

>> No.70679453

Who is stronger at the moment? Ultras or Blood Angels?

I love them both equally so it's not a question of choosing the one I like the most.

I guess the main issue for me is I plan on using Primaris exclusively, I suppose Ultras do that better. Primaris Death Company with Auto Bolters look awesome though.

What do?

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Bros, I'm thinking of getting back into 40k after not playing since high school. I used to play Guard, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about them. On the other hand, I already have a pair of Russes and a Sentinel (the other stuff, of which there wasn't much got lost); which cuts down on the cost of getting back into the game.

tl;dr - returning player, trying to decide between going back to Guard because I already have some stuff; or picking up a Xenos, maybe Tau or Eldar because I'm not as excited about the Guard.

>> No.70679460

not really hard if you do a group order

but that means having friends you trust with money

>> No.70679465

>hating on the Custodian, who helps ensure the megas are up to date with all the new books and codices

for shame anon, for shame

>> No.70679473

trip on faggot

>> No.70679479

That's a 4.5/10 Sororitas and I'm a Bong.

>> No.70679480

Both lore and gameplay-wise Ultras.

>> No.70679487

i'm not him, just someone that appreciates his work

>> No.70679490

8th edition changed everything and many armies do not play how they used to.
Now is the perfect time to start a new army.

Buy what you want to paint.
Play what you enjoy playing.

No one cares if your firewarriors are count-as guardsmen so long as you mark the heavy/special weapons right. If they're painted, and painted with care and some spirit of individuality, you're already better than the store scrubs.

>> No.70679508

Ah I had missed that thanks, it's in now and I should also be up to date with WD now too

>> No.70679514

Who is the Sister with the biggest butt?!

>> No.70679518

See, everyone in my group jumped ship because it felt like a lot of armies were pushed into a position that isn't fun. AoS seems a lot more balanced in that respect.

>> No.70679526

>AoS seems a lot more balanced in that respect.

Buy what you want to paint.
Play what you enjoy playing.

I own several GW LotR models and have never once played the game.

>> No.70679543

AoS is balanced, but basically just mortal wound spam. AoS is generally more melee centric, whereas 40k is more ranged combat.

>> No.70679547

Beautiful, I'm glad to see your Mega clean and up to date. I hope you have a nice evening mate.

>> No.70679550

Try things out on Tabletop Simulator or something before buying any models. Download all the books from the mega.

>> No.70679554

All the shooting in 40k is very samey. 8th killed a lot of differences with the new toughness chart.

>> No.70679571

Id say go with another army if you're not feeling your Imperial Guard anon. Try out Necrons - they're a very popular army in this thread and may be about to be buffed with the release of the new PA books!

>> No.70679572

Hmm. Silver armor with gold trim and black habits would look pretty nice.

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>> No.70679591

Ignore this retard playing miniature games, or any traditional game, online is a horribly boring experience that takes away from the fun of getting together with friends or people with a shared interest and playing a game

>> No.70679593

Necrons are fags. Their only redeeming features are
>they aren't horribly OP
>they're not wank bait

>> No.70679594

>and may be about to be buffed
anon..... I......

>> No.70679597

I wish more people did the organic wraithbone like Dawn of War 3

>> No.70679616

True, though I kind of prefer it.
Having Tau wound all GEQ on 2+ with their regular s5 guns sucked. 3+ doesn't change much, though it helps.
I also hated how they could glance hit 10 armour on 5s. They'll still wound a rhino on 5s now, though the increased wounds and armour save 'in theory' lessens shit getting deleted as easily.

>> No.70679619

not him but did you actually fucking read his post before replying you dumb fuck? he suggested trying it out online first before buying in.

>> No.70679622

How is the El Classico warrior blobs backed by Monoliths? I'll be damned if the Kopinski art doesn't make me excited.

>> No.70679637

Monoliths and Warriors are both shit.

You want Immortals and Doomsday Arks as your core.

>> No.70679651

The vehicle hit chart altered between vees either popping easily or being unkillable deathmobiles. I get why they did it; because if things become a parking lot, a lot of factions are unhappy. But if that parking lot becomes a liability, those same people that relied on vehicles become unhappy.

>> No.70679652

He already bought in several editions ago you mongoloid.

Get out of your mother's basement and go to the FLGS where people actually socialize and play the fucking game using the right fucking rules.

>> No.70679653

Someone do a chart like this with Custodes stuff please.

>> No.70679654

>Necrons are bad because they're not cancer like other armies are
Go away elf.

We'll get something decent, CA19 proves GW likes us as much as grey knights.

Both are unfortunately trash in this edition.

>> No.70679675

Do y’all think it’s accepable to use my grots from aos as Gretchin for 40k? Especially since there are tons of feral tribes and shit. Some have bows which could be “grot blastas” but most have Spears, I could forge the narrative by saying they throw their spears, and since it’s a pistol weapon they stab them with them in combat. Just want some other opinions on the “counts as / proxy”

Pic related

>> No.70679676

Wars been pulling their weight in last few tournies.

>> No.70679680

you fucking spastic. it does not say that at all. anon said he owns guard, and nothing else. he's questioning if he plays his guard cause he already has models or plays a new army meaning he has to buy new stuff. Jesus Christ, how can you fail at simple reading comprehension yet still play this game? I bet you're terrible and that retarded cunt at the hobby shop who never reads his Codex.

>> No.70679687

Personally I think it works pretty well atm, at least to how it was.
A main stress in playing now for myself tends to be high amount of shots coming from a unit that has AP now.

>> No.70679693

if you just play with mates in the garage or even at a chilled out hobby shop, it's likely everybody won't care. at GW it probably wouldn't fly (at least in my area it wouldn't)

>> No.70679700

Get bent. Telling people to play video games instead of PLAYING THE ACTUAL GAME is absolutely retarded. No amount of tabletop simulation is the same as GOING TO A PLACE WHERE REAL PEOPLE STAND AROUND AND TALK WHILE PLAYING THE GAME

>> No.70679710

Bend me (over) yourself daddy

>> No.70679711

Yeah and trying the game online will give the impression it is a boring piece of shit that makes you want to fall asleep

>> No.70679716

>>Custodes get a terrible model in the upcoming book.
>>SoS get a decent model but still don't have a Codex

>> No.70679717

You say this everytime, but have yet to post any lists that prove it. All the decent lists from LVO ran tesla immortals with destroyers/ heavy destroyers, DDAs, and the deciever. The single necron to go 5-1 took 3 ddas, 3 doomscythes, and 3 tesseract arks supported by immortals.

>> No.70679720

Come to my gym any time. Don't worry about bringing a protein shake, I'll hook you up.

>> No.70679723

Always wish GW would do more native themed stuff for 40k. They have some great mythology and aesthetic to borrow from.

>> No.70679728

I think 8th fixed a lot of stuff like vehicles basically being unkillable if you killed anti-armor but also killed a lot of other fun things. I think removing blast templates was good for competitive but awful for casual because most blast weapons now feel like garbage to use. Before it was mostly making sure you're not playing against a WAAC player who spends 30 minutes each turn perfectly spacing out their troops.

A lot of armies lost unique stuff about them. Renegade Guard were hard nerfed, lost 90% of their customization, and then got discontinued altogether. Regular Guard lost interesting stuff like artillery crews and Cyclops Demolition Vehicle air attacks. SoS were made useless by GW nerfing their null power into oblivion. Turning Scions into a shitty guard regiment with zero flavor, no support, and bad rules. So on and so forth.

>> No.70679731

Only if you force it down my throat

>> No.70679735

oi mate have you got a permit for that cultural appropriation?

>> No.70679748

I just kinda wish they brought back some facing. Maybe something like Flames of War if I remember how that worked, where you draw a line perpendicular to the front of the vehicle. If the enemy is ahead of it, they use the Front armor. If the enemy is behind it, they use a Side or Flank Armor.

>> No.70679752

Oh my fucking god you fucking brainlet. Anon would use TT Sim (or some similar software) to test out an army before he commits to spending hundreds of pounds to purchase an army. That would not take the place of actual live face to face gaming. How many times do I need to explain this before you fucking understand, moron?

>> No.70679754

These BL protagonists are getting models.

>> No.70679755


>> No.70679758

If I'm playing Ultras, is there any reason I wouldn't take Calgar as my HQ?

Calgar is great, just wondering what a Primaris Captain would have over him? Isn't there a Strat that lets me have a generic HQ with 2 traits?

>> No.70679763

Literally proxy through any other means. Digital is fag shit.

>> No.70679765

Given that half the Space Marines that we know and love are "Dude, X but IN SPACE"; I wouldn't mind.

>> No.70679769

Recommending tabletop simulator as even a way to test out an army is egregious and deserving of being called a retard. You’re supposed to test out new armies with existing models with a friend in person not online with some discord fag

>> No.70679770

Aren't those the kids from the incredibles?

>> No.70679773


>> No.70679775

>Before it was mostly making sure you're not playing against a WAAC player who spends 30 minutes each turn perfectly spacing out their troops.

Chess timers quickly cut down on that sort of crap

>> No.70679782

It's an old Brienne of Tarth on the left and a lizard wearing human skin on the right.

>> No.70679783

If done right, only white people will cry about.

>> No.70679785

>Playing the game for the stats and not the models you love

>> No.70679786

How do you even find people to play some specific game with on it?

>> No.70679791

Sure, though I wasn't really talking the hard nerfs and taking away units, more how back in 7e people could just delete shit more easily than what a game that should be balanced and fun should allow.
Yes, I realise 40k is not a balanced game.

>> No.70679793

Well, damn... I just suggested trying things out on the cheap before spending hundreds of dollars on something he might not even enjoy. That escalated quickly. Are you folks ok?

>> No.70679800

>implying anyone gives a fuck about Space Marines appropriating Greek warrior culture

>> No.70679807

Discord tranny communities are the go to for tabletop sim games because they’re the kind of people too faggy to interact in person with people and would rather play a lifeless recreation

>> No.70679809

>he spends time actually caring about appearance and frivolous aesthetics
>he isn't a grey tide chad

>> No.70679810

>Trump and Hillary

>> No.70679812

It could be if you tighten the rules. It's not a bad framework. It just gets bloated under the weight of exceptions and finding a good size that allows for take-all-comers lists as well as limiting exponentially effective synergies from taking multiples of good stuff.

>> No.70679817

Was going to use a separate color for the helmet
Which color do you think would go good with dark green?

>> No.70679819

I’d recommend using plastic army men over tranny simulator, fuck off wiith your asocial bullshit

>> No.70679825

I’m pretty sure my GW wouldn’t care. I got lucky with my location. I think the only unacceptable setting for them would be tournament play.

I’m starting up orks so I’m just looking at ways to drop the start up cost. I noticed a lot of lists in LVO has Gretchin a

I’m also thinking about kit bashing the aos savage orks because I like their sculpts more. So that might help the grots feel more welcomed in the army if everything has a feral / snake bites feel to it.

I just can’t stand the squatty orks.

>> No.70679827

I don't mind the facing in Bolt Action as there's less stupid shit in that and things really are more balanced than 40k.
Though as said in my original post, I prefer how 8e does things in regards to wounds than it had done before, only due to high S weapons becoming too common.
S5 used to be a low-level Plasmagun and fairly rare, then they made every Fire Warrior armed with one as standard. Killed it for me, for a long time.

>> No.70679830

>he’s too scared of painting bad to paint his models
>he’s not a battle standard and proud chad

>> No.70679831

I'd rather go to my local GW, because while they are trying to get me to buy stuff; the staff and the players at least seem like cool, well-adjusted people.

>> No.70679834

thinking brown

>> No.70679836

Are you ok?

>> No.70679837

>painting directly onto grey plastic

>> No.70679840

I want to play a shambling hoard with my Death Guard. I don't think this will do that well, but would it be any fun to play against? Or is it too many bodies with FnP that slow down the game and it's just annoying even if you win.

Daemon Prince, Wings, Talons - 180

Tallyman, Warlord, Arch Contaminator - 55
Foul Blight Spawn - 77
Foul Blight Spawn - 77
Noxious Blightbringer - 55
Plague Surgeon, Fugaris Helm - 60

Typhus - 155
Daemon Prince, Wings, Talons, Suppurating Plate - 180

20 Poxwalkers
20 Poxwalkers
20 Poxwalkers

Chaos Lord, Power Axe - 79
Malignant Plague Caster - 95

5 Plague Marines, 2 Blight Launchers, Powerfist - 109
5 Plague Marines, 2 Blight Launchers, Powerfist - 109
5 Plague Marines, 3 Plasma Guns, Powerfist - 122
5 Plague Marines, 3 Plasma Guns, Powerfist - 122
10 Plague Marines, 2 Cleavers, 2 Flails, Powerfist - 219

>> No.70679847

fuck I didn't see that

>> No.70679851

This is how my local gw is too. Everyone is really chill and cool.

>> No.70679852

All that paint is going to chip off within a month.

>> No.70679856

Black, white, purple, red. Also prime your models instead of painting directly on plastic, you don't have to use GW sprays either.

>> No.70679858

Just gatekeeping spergs is all

>> No.70679859

for what purpose?

>> No.70679862

Playing 1k is pretty cosy.
1.5k is good also, though starts to veer into munchkin mode more easily.

>> No.70679868

>implying im using paint

>> No.70679869

why the fuck are there people talking like this on 4chan?

>> No.70679871

You primed your model, right? It doesn't look like the paint is sticking.
Also you have mold lines across the top of the backpack and inside the legs. Use a file for the backpack and the back of your hobby knife (or the GW mold remove tool if you splurged on it) for the legs.

>beginning to paint before you have a plan
Absolute mad lad.
White and green tend to pair well, as do metallics like bronze or brass.

>> No.70679873

All the 'normal' people at my GW migrated to a local store. Now the only people that still go there are people completely new to the hobby and the few weird guys no one really interacted with.

>> No.70679880

I'm sorry, but what are you talking about.

Pulse rifles were S5 AP5 from their introduction in 3e. They could always glance Rhinos and dab on GEQs.

>> No.70679885

If you lost your whole collection in a house fire, down to the last sprue, model, and pot of paint, but you still wanted to start over in the hobby, what army would you play, and what box would you buy first?

>> No.70679889

I would probably pull a Duncan and start painting Waffen-SS.

>> No.70679896

Not gonna lie, I'd give Duncan a tug if he asked

>> No.70679897

Great excuse to start orks that I was mentioning earlier

Apocalypse sized pro force
With the killa cans and Mek boy


>> No.70679898

Again, new guy here. How fun are tyranids to play? Their models seem really fucking cool to me and their lore seems spooky as fuck so I wanted to start with them.

>> No.70679900

Enter the cost of the Poxwalkers, also say what limit you're playing and do a final total of the army.
Don't know how many points we're working here with.

>> No.70679903

I wonder how well it would play at something like Singleton 1000 points, where you can only take 1 of non-mandatory, non troops units.

>> No.70679904

Define "fun"

>> No.70679909

I don't personally but I like that other anons do.

>> No.70679913


>fists exemplar

>silver skulls

>sons of the phoenix
>imperial fists

>> No.70679916

Tbh I missed it myself as it was buried in a BL article and I don't really read the novels and skip those on the community page.
I only learned of them here this weekend, which is annoying as I'm a Custodes player and always feeling like I'm missing some cool new rule due to WD or just online shit I may miss getting posted.

>> No.70679917

Id buy the apoc box for eldar wraith host.

>> No.70679928

Do they play how theyre represented in lore? I like playing aggressively.

>> No.70679929

Oops a little tired. 100 for each 20 Poxwalkers. It's 2000 points.

>> No.70679930

I know you secondaries spend your days watching lore videos and playing the video game’s but actual fans regularly play games in person with both friends and strangers.

>> No.70679935

every IH/raptors player right now

>> No.70679940

I played before Tau was a thing, ie early 3rd edition.

>> No.70679944

>the LVO champ won his game vs Eldar on a Primaris Sergeant with Thunder Hammer killing 4 Shining Spears in a single turn

>> No.70679949

Would give the Prince the artifact that gives him the 2+ save. Something Plate, forget it's actual name sorry.

>> No.70679950

It does fine with Rule of 2. It's all we play down our end.

>> No.70679955

Wasn't 3rd the edition where competitiveness for non-Marines was measured by how well you could shut down a Rhino rush?

>> No.70679958

Oh yes I have 2 Daemon Princes and 1 does have the relic.

>> No.70679960

I wonder if every player goes through the effort of shaving off the salamanders symbol on that Primaris thunder hammer

>> No.70679963


>> No.70679965

>every IH/raptors player right now
You fags can cry more. You all gave me shit for playing IH before the new codex. Is it still funny?

>> No.70679972

They're not a gunline army, if that's what you're asking. But despite this, don't neglect Hive Guard.


Scroll down until you see the nids list.

>> No.70679977

fucking hell I'm blind. missed it initially.

>> No.70679983

I feel bad. Iron Hands were cool, but out of the spotlight for decades - sort like Salamanders. And then in their moment of glory, they became despised and are about to be hit with the nerfhammer and forgotten by everyone except the devoted for another decade.

>> No.70679987

at least the barrels are drilled

>> No.70679989

They could just use any thunder hammer you know.

>> No.70679993


>> No.70679997

3rd lasted for a LONG time. Think of how the game changed as codexes were introduced in 8th but stretched over many years.

>> No.70680000

Since girls don't poop, what does this imply about Sisters of Battle?

>> No.70680005

Arbites, arrest this man for N*rglite heresy

>> No.70680006

Why does /tg/ put so much emphasis on competitive 40k while at the same time endlessly bitching about how awful it is?

The best times I've had in this hobby were casual games. Every tournament seemed like a chore and a grind.

I guess I just don't see why there's such an obsession with competitive play, especially when only maybe 2% of the community engages in the level of tournaments that call for flying across the U.S., booking a hotel, and taking time off work.

>> No.70680014

That doesn't have much at all to do with how the wounding chart is improved now over some pre-8th cheap shit, outside of some waacfags pushing to do cheap shit.

>> No.70680017

You just use one of the many one handed Thunder hammers available such as from the Vanguard Veteran kit. Primaris hands and Marinelet hands are the same size.

>> No.70680020

I think you would get a lot of use out of a max squad of Blight lords termies, instead of the 10 man melee squad of plague marines.
They have a better delivery method, and with they're 2+4++5+++ at 2 wounds they can take a lot of punishment.

>> No.70680036

competitive games determine the meta and it's not hard for non-tourney players to look at what wins tournaments and pick those units. Nobody really wants to play with stuff that will autolose you the game.

>> No.70680042

True, they are great. I suppose I could drop the second daemon prince and the 10 man squad to make 10 Blightlords. My plan was to just cloud of flies the 10 man Plague Marine squad so they couldn't be targeted as they moved up the field, but it is likely they won't make it.

>> No.70680065

real question is why does /tg/ put so much emphasis on trannies?

>> No.70680067

I think that sort of goes to a social contract. like "I won't be a dick if you won't"

it's easy to see how "I don't want to lose" can inevitably lead to an arms race.

>> No.70680069

Local meta used to have a bigger importance when building lists, but that idea has been thrown into the dumpster with how dominate space marine have been since their codex and supplements have been released.

>> No.70680070

trannies good warhammer bad

>> No.70680073

Blightlords are painfully slow. If they could move like an inch or two faster they would be great.

>> No.70680083

I'm hoping that the new 8th 2.0 books continue the use of "pure" army bonuses like SM super doctrines.

>> No.70680085

hate myself lads

>> No.70680092

Some dude on a Facebook group is bragging about this. I think it looks like shit. Your thoughts, /40kg/?

>> No.70680093

I think ideally, you deepstrike them in near important parts of the battlefield and then use them to lock that area down, so you don't do a lot of running around. You drop, shoot, charge if you can, and then just keep shooting and charging. And yes they are painfully slow and halving the advance makes them a max of 7 inch move. Oof.

>> No.70680096

But i love you anon

>> No.70680097

yeah, it's odd that the community follows unofficial rules yet they are treated as gospel.

>> No.70680105

Because there's little common basis for discussing rules for casual play with total strangers on the internet. Discussing house rules or a narrative scenario with your friend you plan to play? Great! Discussing the same with random people here? Most people aren't going to care even if they have a similar play group since they'll be doing something else. Everyone's casual play tends to be a little different in ways that can make them wildly divergent games in practice. Competitive matched play provides a near universal framework and context for discussing the game. And since everyone understands it to a certain extent even if it's only hard fought pickup games, it's naturally going to dominate discussion.

>> No.70680106

forgot pic

>> No.70680109

it's complicated but basically
>we are men
>being masculine is natural and good
>40k tends towards the masculine
>trannies are men
>but trannies are not masculine. Worse, they are not even effeminate but instead androgynous
>40k is masculine
>40k may at times adopt a facade of the feminine to further highlight the masculine
>to be androgynous is to attack both the masculine and the feminine
>to be a tranny is to attack 40k itself

The Emperor asks only that you Hate.

>> No.70680112

Yeah, still stings though that non-SM PA updates have been good and balanced vs most armies and on very visibly lower power level than SM upgrades.
Real shame since I do love the non-SM balance over all.

>> No.70680114

I honestly couldn't care if they nerf them. They won't be as bad as they were before. If I could play them back then, I can play them after the bat.

>> No.70680118

more like misters of battle

>> No.70680121

Paint ten gaunts
If you enjoy the process paint thirty more
If you’re still not sick of them, you’ll probably like playing tyranids

>> No.70680128

Honestly i think rolling the vanguard into the 2 battalions and drop the chaos lord instead of the DP, and maybe a plague marine squad would be a better idea.
From my experience DP's will almost always pull their weight in a game.

>> No.70680130

Yeah you could nerf the supplement into the ground and they'd still be playable just from the base codex.

>> No.70680134

This honestly confuses me. Trans people are about as common as women in this hobby, but neither trans people nor women do anything of note. Most just paint. The trans at our store is perfectly fine. Paints their models, is pleasant to play with, the end.

>> No.70680135

The UK is about to get infected with the Corona virus. The number 1 40k content creator on Youtube is coming back to the UK from China after visiting his wife.
Corona virus symptoms can take weeks to appear...

>> No.70680137


>> No.70680139


>> No.70680143

how is it possible for Death Guard players to be this based?

>> No.70680144


>> No.70680149

Aka the exact same design with extra gubbins.

>> No.70680151

That could work. And yeah Daemon Princes do so good, especially the one with the Suppurating Plate. My first few games I kept wasting him, but lately I've just been diving him into units I know that can't really hurt him and he just runs a train on a flank.

>> No.70680154

its so funny looking at the new SoB range and remembering people waited 20 or so years for it

>> No.70680155

The head being bright yellow isn't doing it any favors and is giving off fursuit vibes. I get what he's trying for, but given the limitations of his sculpting skill it would work a lot better painted as a skull, or at least painted green to match the rest of the armor.

>> No.70680161

gimme the thiccest SoB you got lads

>> No.70680172

Yeah that's exactly the idea of blight lords. Having them just act like a massive road block for your enemy to either avoid or deal with is a Win/Win, and with blight launchers they put out a good amount of shooting.
>don't forget about the 3d3 flail attacks on the charge

>> No.70680183

This is brilliant. I hope these are yours, anon.

>> No.70680191

>I know a tall chinese guy, checkmate racial height statistics

>> No.70680200


>> No.70680202

I think I played them wrong, in that case. Seems more effective to give them good dakka, rather than bug fuck off Claims of Corruption as every cunt with a brain will just run the fuck away from them. Better to just use them to zone units off shut and shoot at stuff while doing that.

>> No.70680214

Damn she thicc

>> No.70680217

Flails of Corruption*, apologies for the phone posting.

>> No.70680220

She's fat.

>> No.70680227

The Sister's kits need more hooded heads. Those are kino.

I'm debating on putting respirators or just helmets on for my Retributor squads due to lack of hoods.

>> No.70680233

>Special snowflake chapters get all the awesome models while anything basic that isn't Ultras get fucked.

>> No.70680234

The only drillable barrel is on the superior's bolter and it definetly doesn't look drilled to me.
But I like those bases though.

>> No.70680235

fuck you cunt

>> No.70680237

iron hands aren't the problem. The problem is space marines generally.

>> No.70680239

Another tip is if you need good psychic powers like prescience and warptime, you can add a CSM codex sorcerer and as since you can give it the nurgle Faction keyword you can have a nurgle detachment instead of a DG detachment. Since you already have another DG detachment you'll still have access to the stratgems and relics, you just put units like Pox walkers and DP's that don't benefit from the legion trait.

>> No.70680247

>sisters have excellent lore/fluff
>great aesthetic on paper
>models like like pure anus
>each """"""sister""""" looks more manly than your average Space Marine

>> No.70680252

Wow is your fat clit this sensitive?

>> No.70680267

The sculpts are okay, sans heads. The only shit models are the nurepentia.

>> No.70680269

my chapter killed the custodes who tried to enforce the shitmaris onto them and didn't allow any survivors to escape so no one knows why they're all real marines still.

>> No.70680271

You only lose 8 bolter shots from taking flails, so i almost always take them. They are very good tools to not get tar pitted.

But yeah, put them in an important area of the map with objectives and watch you're opponent be forced to come to you.

>> No.70680275

Yeah that's pretty insane. Now that Deathshroud are only like 42 points a model, I'm tempted to use them more. A Blightlord bomb is great, but expensive. 3 Deathshroud are only 126 points. I just noticed today that they are S5, so their Manreapers make them S8. Basically they have Powerfists that don't suffer -1 to hit. I'd like to use a squad or two to target weak units. I usually use a Lord of Contagion or two to do that, but 3 Deathshroud are similar points, but get more attacks and hit harder.

>> No.70680280

Just do what the Dark Angels do and put all the Mars-made Primaris on the front lines where they take the most casualties and spare the rest of the chapter.
Then take the Primaris organs for your loyal veterans who deserve the strictly better biomechanical improvements.

>> No.70680282


>> No.70680290

>dealing with overbearing custodes
Yep those were the days

>> No.70680291

Something that is small and elite enough that I can get back into playing pretty quickly.
Grey Knights, Aggressor spam Ultramarines, maybe Thousand Sons with lots of Scarabs and Rubrics.

>> No.70680294

Nah fuck thats gay, my chapter knew it was a trick and immediately psychlonic torpedo'd the custodes ship when it showed up demanding they take primaris because they knew it was a trick and then my chapter master teleported over and killed the custodes captain himself.

>> No.70680302

How do I lose weight and not have to cut into hobby time?

>> No.70680307

Probably primaris since they're easy as fuck to get models for due to the second hand market for Tooth and Claw + That eldar vs UM box.

>> No.70680308

just eat less you fat dumb fuck

>> No.70680311

Literally just diet fatass lmao

>> No.70680314

When painting gold on a raised surface, how much should I thin it? I don't really want to have to go over such delicate work twice with two thin coats.

>> No.70680318

Eat less. No whining about "muh metabolism" is going to win against the laws of thermodynamics.

>> No.70680322

Fasting is the best way. Stop eating at 6pm and then eat at 10am. Drink tea and water after 6pm.

>> No.70680325

Those books were written horribly, desu.
>Let's make the Custodes a joke!

>> No.70680327

Never thin metallics anon.

>> No.70680331

dont. Just make sure theres (a lot) less paint on the brush but dont water it down a lot, otherwise it'll run off your raised surface.

>> No.70680334


>> No.70680345

Thinning metallics is fine anon.

>> No.70680348

I really wish warp time was more easily accessible in deathguad, because it helps the low mobility of foot sloggers. The only time i run them is to make sure morty survives 1st turn.
another thing to remember
>DtFE gives you an extra d3 attacks instead of just 1 with the flail, work the same for Morty's sweep attacks

>> No.70680349

You know, it's weird that there aren't more Chaos Sister of Battle that worship Khorne. You'd think their blind hatred of psykers would be enough to pull more than of a few of them over to the angry boys.

>> No.70680356

You CAN thin metallics but you shouldn't, and if you do don't use water use a medium.

>> No.70680358

Eat more (but smaller) meals.
Consume more protein.
DO NOT attempt intensive cardio or your body will lock in the fat because it thinks your in danger.
Moderate Cardio instead. Take the stairs up one floor instead of using the elevator. Avoid escalators. Park further from where you need to go and get that walking time in. Getting three miles a day isn't hard if you cut out the machines that make you sedentary.

>> No.70680364

Metallics don't need thinning. You can thin them a tiny bit, but they go on just fine without water. Thinning too much however fucks them up.

>> No.70680369

>Greater good awakening is on far side of the rifts, not on the Tau empire side

Is this when we finally fucking learn where the other side of the startide nexus is?

>> No.70680372

Are these fuckers basically useless? They don't let you use an additional Acts of Faith, they just let you gain a one-time additional dice.

Acts of Faith per phase is the real bottleneck, not amounts of miracle dice. If you have the warlord trait and fortification you're making 3 at the start of each turn.

>> No.70680377

Thinning metallics is fine if you know what you're doing. Or just use something like Vallejo metal color which is already pretty thin to begin with.

>> No.70680384

and I forgot the fucking image.

>> No.70680390

redpill me on Citadel Contrast paints

>> No.70680396


>> No.70680398

without warp time, isn't death shroud melee mostly a theoretical exercise? I can't see a good opponent really letting you get them stuck in anywhere important, without having an efficient source of mortal wounds or obj secured tough guys themselves around.

>> No.70680402

They're okay for horde infantry or quickly getting a preshaded undercoat on a model before you add layers and details.

>> No.70680403

>Be ork player
>Specifiy goffs
>Learn not only are we getting a new mini its the fucking boss himself and our absolute lad of a standard bearer back
Fucking be still my beating heart.

>> No.70680405

I would rather they stay the hell away from touching the Tau lore. They're already horribly written.

>> No.70680407

Yeah they fucking suck, no surprise.

>> No.70680408

did we read the same book anon?

>> No.70680412

What's the Tamiya or Vallejo equivalentto Leadbelcher I can use to paint my Necron army and not have to pay like $7AUD a pot?

>> No.70680413

I do love that a lot. Yeah I see most people run Deathshroud to protect him from alpha strikes and that's it really, but honestly they are pretty good. Blightlords obviously have more consistent shooting and they have the flail, but they are still like 210-240 points while you get pretty good mileage from 126 points of Deathshroud.

>> No.70680415

Get some fucking taste, redditor.

>> No.70680420

I tried a few and all of them turned out okay-ish. Overall I'm not a fan. You have to baby the contrast paints to make them look decent and even then unless you're playing something like Tyranids they don't look appealing.

He has dead eyes.

>> No.70680427

The only good thing about those books was Erebus.

>> No.70680428

>dead eyes
It's an old joke, but it checks out.

>> No.70680429

Literally $5 can of metallic automotive primer from the hardware store

>> No.70680438

>being this butt hurt over a book

>> No.70680443

Words are important.
Bad arrangements of words hurt to read.

Go fuck yourself.

>> No.70680449

Custodes are literally glorified bodyguards that faild at their job, and have been shame spiraling for 10k years

>> No.70680451

When's the next PA trailer with the spinning icons on the map?

>> No.70680454

How do I make Stirland Mud look better? My bases are quite bland.

>> No.70680462

are you sure you're not just dyslexic?

>> No.70680463

>Horus fought and killed the strongest duelist primarch
>custodes, who are glorified space marines, were supposed to somehow stop him

>> No.70680465

cum on them

>> No.70680469

they could have tried not dueling him.

>> No.70680470

wash with nuln oil/agrax and drybrush with brighter brown
also buy vallejo texture pastes instead, they are cheaper and you get like 30 times as much for the same price

>> No.70680472

hit it with a Agrax wash and your choice of brown to drybrush

>> No.70680473

aw, the heresy hurts my eyes
I always wondered how it'd look like if I slap whatever gun a Stormsurge has on a Knight

>> No.70680478

Some of them are great, like skeleton horde and shyish purple. They are good for stuff that has a lot of texture and crevasses.

>> No.70680481

They're designed to be the peak of humanity in every way, not just soldiers.

>> No.70680488

Eat less food so you have even more hobby time

>> No.70680493

I can't find a good brown to drybrush it with. Everything is more of a leather brown than a mud one.

>> No.70680496

Codex lore stated that 4th Sphere expansion left a wormhole where they went on the other side of the galaxy. 4th Sphere Survivors hunker down and colonized nearby planets. Tau heard about it and send the 5th sphere as reinforcements. Currently 4th Sphere adopted Imperial Tactics of killing Psykers and SEND IN THE CONSCRIPTS (Exclusive to the aux units)

>> No.70680497

Zandri dust?

>> No.70680501

When doing the wings on a heldrake, do you do the webbing and fill main color, or paint the main color and fill in the webbing?

>> No.70680502

>not just soldiers
They were brilliant fighters, look at the amount of gal vorback they killed, but they're all lions when it comes to fighting which doesn't scale well on the battlefield.

>> No.70680503

This, if all of them just rushed Horus I’m sure they could’ve kill him
>but he would’ve killed so many!
That’s what bodyguards are for

>> No.70680508

buy vallejo instead or just mix some PVA water and sand together

>> No.70680509

That's like sand. It's way too bright.

>> No.70680510

>"yeah, we'll take them."
>*Ships them off to fulfill Deathwatch oath*

>> No.70680519

Webbing and then the main colour.

>> No.70680522

paints like what>>70680497 suggested are great since you just have to do a light drybrush to pick out the detail of the rocks

>> No.70680524

see here helped me alot for vallejo

Gunmetal / Gunmetal Metal (054) Gunmetal Grey (863)

>> No.70680539

Speaking of textures. What's a good way to make Agrellan Badland better? A lot of the pieces keep flaking off and leaving big gaps in the basing. Should I hit it with some agrax and dry brushing? What dry brush color would be good?

>> No.70680541

I know but they never said which "other side of the galaxy" so its been bugging the life out of me since they did it.

>> No.70680550

Anvil has hooded and hooded+mask heads. I intend to get some of the latter soon.

>> No.70680551

My issue is that I already have a bunch of textured bases made.

>> No.70680552

Ever since the warptime after deepstrike change a lot of deepstirke charges are pretty low chance. It's why blight lords have the edge over Deathshrouds since they have a better shooting profile.
>also infiltrators and other screening units are the bane of their existence

>> No.70680554

Probably Segmentum Pacificus

>> No.70680562

I mean, you're likely going to be dropping them turn 3 since it will take Death Guard more time to get there. But when you have Plagueburst Crawlers and Bloat Drones zipping up, then you have target saturation and the Deathshroud are hitting stuff you know they will kill.

>> No.70680564

A good way to seal bases so they don't flake is just a simple coat of watered down pva glue. you should be able to find a more in depth guide online.

>> No.70680575

noob painter here, painted my first genestealer after painting some termagants and tried my best to match them despire stealers not really having the same sort of "carapace". how'd I do?

>> No.70680585

Oh wow those both look really good

>> No.70680587

That's perfect. Thanks anon.

>> No.70680590

I found priming the bases before hand helps to make it hold better.

>> No.70680591

Looking good mate, have you though about hitting the carapace with a red wash to try and make it look like the black is a super dark red an the edges are just bringing it out?

>> No.70680594

Sick. Just blend the red back into the black and it would be killer. At the moment its just this kinda unnatural red binding, but 8f it was more of a gradient it would rule.

>> No.70680595

looking good mate. only criticism is perhaps make the red edge a little thinner, but that might be personal preference

>> No.70680599

They look good m8, if you wanted to do some more detail a highlight or dry brush on the back with a grey or dark blue.

>> No.70680602

I did prime mine so I dunno what I'm doing wrong.

I could try that. I'm half tempted to just go over them with a different type of texture paint if that doesn't work.

>> No.70680626

thanks a bunch guys. the hard border rather than the blend is sort of inspired from a box elder bug and i quite like it being not blended, but it would probably look much neater if it was. any tips for smooth unbroken lines?

>> No.70680639

Give the bases a layer of pva before you put on the cracking paints. It helps to make better defined cracks. Afterwards touch them up how you want and use either the watered down pva or varnish.

>> No.70680656

I just work on keeping it as neat as possible in that case, and my idea of a red wash would keep that effect but tie it in a little more by just giving the hint of red in the black imo. But really you're doing good work anon

>> No.70680661

>no tamiya

>> No.70680685

I was playing my shitty gacha game of choice when I stumbled upon this.

>> No.70680700

doe she get naked in the game?

>> No.70680707

inferno a cute

>> No.70680715

It's not as bad it was a few months ago. Just report and hide trannyposters. If they continue to be fags, talk to them about their %42 winrate. Eventually, they'll go away when they aren't being enabled anymore.

>> No.70680716

If there's one good thing about Fate, it's that there is a vast amount of porn of it.

>> No.70680724

makes me wonder what the original in japanese was

>> No.70680725

>...talk to them...
Ignore them, retardo, stop giving them (you)s.

>> No.70680736

It was a joke about them killing themselves eventually anon. But yes, best to just hide and report.

>> No.70680738

No, the most you get in official artwork is skimpy outfits. But there is a LOT of fan works, and the entire series does have its roots in pornographic visual novels

>> No.70680742

I'm drawing a cute Eldar ranger girl, are there any details to take note of Eldar friends?(for example on space marines a certain helmet or colour or insignia mean something specific)

>> No.70680746

Any chance guard are getting an updated codex. I've been gone since early 7th ed and am thinking of coming back but I ain't buying a book that's already out of date.

>> No.70680748

any good 40k podcasts?

>> No.70680756

I like porn, that's why I have the 40k art mega bookmarked

>> No.70680757

Everyone that isn't space marines seems to be getting a semi-codex update in their Psychic Awakening release. As for a full codex update, they're probably a ways out.

>> No.70680758

They will be one eventually but probably a long ways off.

>> No.70680764

Badcast, Indep Characters, Splintermind, Objective Secured (ausfags only)

>> No.70680771


>> No.70680772

I would assume they'll get custom regiments and one resculpted/new unit.

>> No.70680781


>> No.70680799


>> No.70680804

>Really want to paint.
>30 degrees out so I can't prime.
I hope at some point a company releases a rattlecan primer that is based around cold weather.

>> No.70680807

That explains nothing

>> No.70680813

>took me an hour and a half just to paint the trim, shoulderpads, and bolter on a mark III marine
what the fuck is going on
am I subject to a time anomaly

>> No.70680818

Crumbles cat died this weekend. Badcast will be back but his Battle Buddy is gone

>> No.70680823

are mortars good against MEQ?

>> No.70680829

Adeptus Podcastus

>> No.70680835

mate I just primed in my kitchen with the extractor fan on but I've probably got cancer now. sick of waiting

>> No.70680840

No, especially not with how easy cover is to get. You need Battle Cannons to dislodge them. Manticores, Basilisks, Battle Cannons, infantry horde, Bullgryn Bomb.

>> No.70680845

Unfortunately I can't run the chance of catching anything in the house on it with paint. My only option is outside.

>> No.70680850

Time to buy an airbrush

>> No.70680857


>> No.70680858

No space. Once again, my only option is outside.

>> No.70680861

Mate, I live in an apartment. There's plenty of small fairly small air compressors.

>> No.70680862

I always had this trouble in an apartment. Even during sunny days I didn't have many places outside that I could spray paint that wouldn't dick people over or get nearby cops to be like "What are you doing?" Now that I finally have my own place I just use the garage which amazing, but I dunno how people do it at an apartment. Everyone told me they did it in the bathroom with the fan on, but that's just so bad for you and stinks up the apartment so bad.

>> No.70680870

Your living situation is different to mine. Just because YOU can do something doesn't mean I can.

>> No.70680876

Or maybe you haven't really tried.

>> No.70680879

won't the moisture in the bathroom fuck your stuff up too?

>> No.70680884


>> No.70680894

You're awfully defensive over nothing anon.

>> No.70680916

Convince me to stop smoking weed, bros. It's fucking me up.

>> No.70680923

It's not our job to fix your shitty life choices.

>> No.70680930

No but it could be a good deed

>> No.70680931

Think of the amount of models you'll be able to buy, and the amount of extra time to paint them.

>> No.70680936

If you plan to include runes they have specific meanings and you might want to look them up. Otherwise no.

>> No.70680938

Feelin plagey, might spread disease later idk

>> No.70680943

thin your pants

>> No.70680947

If you don't live in one of the places it's legal: stop, you could be caught and sent to prison

If you do live in it's a place that's legal: it's a drain on your finances and a crutch in your life that will ultimately slow you down. You need to stand without it

>> No.70680949

Spend all your weed money on Warhammer.

>> No.70680950

Thicken your paints.

>> No.70680954

Rubric marines are cute. CUTE!

>> No.70680955

Why are Eldar so gay bros?

>> No.70680960


>> No.70680962

for me? it's necrons

>> No.70680970

It's cause they keep mistaking their own men for women then realizing they still like each other.

>> No.70680971

TSons are the cutest

>> No.70680973

ok boomer

>> No.70680975

Feeling cute, might delete

>> No.70680978

>> No.70680990

Yet another victory for the water caste.

>> No.70681041

Caaaaaan doooo

>> No.70681051

What type of airbrush set up do you run?

>> No.70681063

I stopped the day I started feeling like I was starting to have memory problems. Tbh even at the time I couldn't figure out if I actually was having memory problems or was just getting really paranoid about the idea that I was, but either way it seemed like a good point to call it a day.

>> No.70681065

is greater good the next pa release?

>> No.70681070


>> No.70681073

Order of Our Martyred Lady holding a secret meeting, trying to find a way to curb the rising popularity of Bloody Rose and Valorous Heart. Even Celestine and Stern are there, it's that serious.

>> No.70681075

If all i care about is xenos being better and marines being nerfed, should i be excited for 9th ed?

>> No.70681089

Wait till the next BIG FAQ
>then be disappointed

>> No.70681095

The upcoming one yes.

>> No.70681103

We are in the release cycle for it now, we should be seeing a bunch of stuff hyping it up over the next couple of weeks.

>> No.70681105

So when's the next possible reveal date? I need my goddamn bikes.

>> No.70681115

Probably Adepticon in late March. Unless there's some major tournament in February.

>> No.70681118

oh boi I hope stormtroopers get something

>> No.70681128

Two months to paint the backlog then, cool. Thanks anon.

>> No.70681148

Why would they get something in a Tau vs GSC vs Death Guard book?

>> No.70681154

>he still thinks it's DG

>> No.70681158

IG aren't in it. Wait for the Orks PA, they will almost certainly be in it.

>> No.70681162

Honestly I hadn't seen this yet and the community site is down for maintenance atm.

>> No.70681169

yea I was going to look for the video through there but I saw the maintenance notice too so I had to go to the archives

>> No.70681181

Which makes one wonder why literally the first Tau PA story GW posted was about Death Guard invading.

>> No.70681191

Stormtrooper heavy weapons teams, like back in the day.

>> No.70681199

Maybe since the death guard are taking the startide nexus this is the struggles of the empire still on the other side cut off from the core empire once again.

>> No.70681212

that story ended with the DG NOT fucking up the tau narrators, I thought it was just warp fuckery at first but who knows

>> No.70681220

Thanks anons, you're great

>> No.70681221

I kinda dont know how I feel about that.idea
Better than nothing

>> No.70681233

The story did have Shadowsun say she couldn't do anything more on their end about the DG without jeopardizing their expansion plans but I can't imagine taking more territory would be more important than stopping the DG from taking complete control of their only way home. But hey, this is GW writing so who the fuck knows.

They story ended implying the invasion was incoming.

>> No.70681244

This PA seems to be on the stranger side.

>> No.70681250

I've been waiting years for it. Something lighter and regular guard, but still crew operated and placed down, rather than the hip fired weapons of Marines and Sisters. A bipod heavy bolter, missile launcher, maybe a lascannon with the option for a hot-shot multi-laser (as like a heavy volley gun). Maybe mortars, but like a lighter knee mortar or something.

>> No.70681264

Does anyone know of a video series designed to teach, like a battle report where they go over everything? I can find tutorials for each phase, but does anyone know about a whole report?

>> No.70681266

I wouldn't expect anything requiring new models.

Personally I hope for Vet doctrines to make a return.

>> No.70681275

Just an Iwata eclipse aka the spray box, mostly just for priming varnishing and laying down whatever the most time consuming part is a model is

>> No.70681291

It just has bad synergy with their doctrine
Due to having -1 penalties and what not

>> No.70681295

Unironically these fags. They did an intro to 8th series that goes over portions of the rule book then did a battle report where they went in depth on w/e they covered in thst video (combat section has two armies with a lot of cc for example)

Those reports in their vault though

>> No.70681308

Whats the best material to cast in a blue stuff mold, green stuff? Epoxy putty?

>> No.70681316

A mix of miliput super fine and greenstuff. Use Vaseline as release agent.

>> No.70681332

How is it any worse than Marines having heavy weapons?

>> No.70681342

Because Marines can stand still and rapid fire at 24".

>> No.70681348

Why does she have 4 arms? Is she a genestealer hybrid?

>> No.70681349

You lost me.

>> No.70681363

Wait, so this one isn't DG and the next one is confirmed for AdMech/Knights vs. Daemons/Chaos Knights? Guess I can safely put off finishing my Death Guard for another few months at least.

>> No.70681368

Can someone please run the math on this please?

8 shots at Assault D3 hitting on 3+ and causing 1 mortal wounds on 4+. Causing D3 mortal wounds on wound roll of 6.

I get an expected 7.1 mortal wounds per round of shooting. Is that right?

>> No.70681370

for starters marines dont have range based buffs that they can lose with negative modifiers

>> No.70681371

Next one is saga of the beast, admec one is after that.

>> No.70681377

Haywire Jetbikes?

>> No.70681379

I think their content is okay when Matt isn't there. Something about him just makes me feel like I would never want to be left alone in a room with him.

>> No.70681385

id fuck that bitch

>> No.70681404

M8, she's the one that's gonna fuck you

>> No.70681414

Haywire blasters, yeah.

>> No.70681423

So now everything an army has has to revolve around the doctrine it gets? If you can't negate the -1 for moving with heavy weapons (because, you know, they need to get close to fire), they shouldn't have heavy weapons?

>> No.70681425

What's the best website to keep up to date on tourney results?

>> No.70681428

Man, for real? I guess this gives me plenty of time to work on my backlog of specialist game stuff in the meantime. Been meaning to finish up my Warcry terrain and a few more warbands anyway.

>> No.70681432


>> No.70681433

nice bait anon

>> No.70681438

Jesus, even without the Games Sweatshop paint job, THEY'RE STILL MEN!

>> No.70681445

I can see why he's bragging. That model belongs in the Louvre.

>> No.70681457

Unfortunately the only place other than the Best Coast Pairings app is that's consistant is r/warhammercompetitive weekend rundowns

>> No.70681458

>The Emperor asks only that you Hate.
I prefer
>Never forgive. Never forget.

>> No.70681462

>The number 1 40k content creator
Who is he?

>> No.70681470

Fuck you for ruining my favourite comic.

>> No.70681472

All Hail to pdf anon!

>> No.70681474

Now I didn't say they couldn't have heavy weapons just that having troops with heavy weapons is bad for the army for the reasons I gave. Now if they have a weapons platform that could mitigate or ignore the negative modifiers that would be spectacular.

In all honesty I would be happy with a +6" range to the lasguns or giving scions the ability to move after coming out of a Valkyrie like they used to.

>> No.70681479

>>but trannies are not masculine. Worse, they are not even effeminate but instead androgynous
>being this delusional

>> No.70681496

I just can't bring myself to do it anon.

>> No.70681505

Fucking ignore all the CICO fart-huffing retards.
Dinner and lunch:
Eat: meat, fish, fowl, eggs
Eat: vegetables
Eat: some sweet potatoes
Eat: bacon and egg cooked in butter

Eat enough to feel satisfied.
You now no longer eat:
Sweets, sodas, packaged shit, fast food/takeaway, chips, biscuits.

Eat meat and vege like your grandparents. You can't avoid all exercise. Go for half hour walks. Or buy a bike.

>> No.70681509


>> No.70681510


>> No.70681512

I really don't give two shits about doctrines and WAACshit, I just want Stormtrooper HW teams back.

>> No.70681522

i know man, it fucking sucks that there's so few places to get stats.

>> No.70681524

While funny, delete that shit anon. Don't give the trannyposters extra ammunition.

>> No.70681525

FLG's website usually has ITC tournament lists.

>> No.70681531

id prefer a gunship but we all have our own ideas for our dudes

>> No.70681534

>tfw want deathguard rules in the next PA book
>don’t want my purchase to be interpreters as wanting/supporting tau shit
I’m at a loss,friends.

>> No.70681543

If they do post it they'll be put in the same place as the redditfags.
>i sacrifice myself for the good of the board

>> No.70681551

Wait until we know if Deathguard will even be in it.

>> No.70681553

after getting like 220 free points from ca2019 i don't know what to do with my necrons so im just in game limbo atm until they release the next pa book for them

>> No.70681555

wrong anon for >>70681524

>> No.70681564

when is the necron PA book coming out?

>> No.70681572

like 4 months

>> No.70681573

it's inquisition vs tau so don't worry about it

>> No.70681574

We don't know anything other than after the AdMech vs Daemon book in April. We won't know what's after than until probably March.

>> No.70681649

Wish granted......but buffs only work if Ghazhkull is in the back line.

>> No.70681670


>> No.70681702

I used to do it when I was younger. It's fun and I like the creativity of it, even for the more basics tuff.

>> No.70681715

Death guard psychic awakening whennnnnnnn

>> No.70681716

Go Orks. You can play the Russes and Sentinels as looted wagons.

>> No.70681741

I mean, I'd have no problem with it.

Fuck you for playing AoS tho'.

>> No.70681745


>> No.70681756

what's a bullgryn bomb?

>> No.70681763

>Native american themes in 40K

on a related note, I find the butthurt and reactions to the western-themed admech-releases and the Kellermorph to be funny because apparently nobody ever heard of Necromunda or the extreme western themes that game had the first time around.

>> No.70681768

>Playing the game for the models and not the lore you love

>> No.70681769

Wait guys i found it out

Discord is the worst place to discuss 40k

>> No.70681782

A bunch of bullgryns accompanied by a priest.

>> No.70681786

Personally I'd love to have a game that's basically a standard army of imperials in a defending mission against literally just the maximum number of poxwalkers or cultists you could take. It'd be fluffy as all heck.

>> No.70681791

>used to play garagehammer on my balcony
>my balcony has been deemed structurally unsafe by my landlord
>no more games on the balcony
>friends refuse to play at a hobby shop or a GW
How do I get random pick-up games at the GW? Is.it as simple as just asking dudes if they want to battle?

>> No.70681802

gotcha. thanks man

>> No.70681807

Yeah, it's that easy. Check their Facebook page on when they have 40k games or just make a call to them and tell 'em you're looking for a game.

>> No.70681814

>on the balcony

>> No.70681821


>> No.70681823

Literally nobody gave you shit, ever, for playing a non-WAAC army.

>WAACfags win and jerk off to it
>Non-WAACfags just play against you

>> No.70681831

can't play at gw anymore

>> No.70681832

Black pill me on the red templars

>> No.70681837

>tldr is two lines shorter than the response
>tldr in first place

plebbit are the fucking worst

>> No.70681844

emberor gud herodic bad :DDDDDDDDDD

>> No.70681849

it's a generic term for casual games played at a mates place you fucking retard

>> No.70681852

wait, were you a mad lad and got banned?

>> No.70681865

A man chooses, a faggot smokes weed.

>> No.70681867

>Buy what you want to paint.
nothing then. I enjoy playing fluffy games with my mates but paint is done because I hate grey not because I want to paint. in fact, I hate painting and find it incredibly tedious

>> No.70681870

enter the gw with cocky attitude and slap someone with a glove, that's the common way to pick a game here
or just ask you landlord to fix the balcony, if that shit crumble on some poor christian you get mixed responsibility with your landlord

>> No.70681872

Bless you, anon.

>> No.70681878

>a man chooses
chooses what?

>> No.70681882

nah I actually get along really well with the staff so its a shame. my planned army is just mostly oop forge world aka recast now (or bashed with recast heads/torsos) so obviously its not going to be an option anymore

>> No.70681885

>I'm thinking of getting back into 40k
don't. GW is squeezing you harder for money than ever and there are plenty of other games around these days.
>having a hard time getting excited about them
>because I'm not as excited about the Guard.
it's a hobby, not a chore. Pick what makes you happy.
>On the other hand, I already have a pair of Russes and a Sentinel
>which cuts down on the cost of getting back into the game.
Considering how many minis you need to play guard...it doesn't even matter.

>> No.70681892

This Forge World ain't big enough for the both of us!


>> No.70681893

Were you being racist?

>> No.70681900

>so obviously its not going to be an option anymore
dude. I've had minis in my backlog long enough for them to be allowed to post here.
Not to mention second hand purchases are a thing.

GW can't read your fucking mind.

>> No.70681904

Chooses to not smoke weed, faggot.

>> No.70681910

I'm struggling to understand what Forge World actually is? seems just like another GW store front where they sell "premium" shit?

>> No.70681917

What are they gonna do, scratch the paint off to check if it's an actual recast? Just keep your mouth shut and no one will probably even care.

>> No.70681922

no i mean this will be my first and only army (I've been playing skirmish games for a year until now) and i will not be able to play 40k in store with it

>> No.70681925

fast hoomies who like crusadin'

>> No.70681927

>get banned from server for criticizing shit like primaris marines and saying shit like stormcannons should be nerfed

Why is the 40k community so autistic?
yeah dont go anywhere near the reddit 40k server (who claim they're not the reddit server yet are linked there, and also tries to make out that their opinion is superior to reddits)

>> No.70681930

take one look at the models and either not recognise them at all or know they are not available since years ago?

>> No.70681934

your own fucking fault dumb faggot

>> No.70681938

Somebody told me GW employees can detect most recasts by their unnatural weight? Is this true or just GW propaganda?

>> No.70681945

wtf is a storm cannon

>> No.70681948

Grey Knights player here who hasn't played since we got hitwiththe fuck you nerf hammer.

are we at least playable now with Psychic Awakening?

>> No.70681949

Stalker intercessors is broken for Imperial Fists, and it'll probably get FAQ'd.

It's a fairly situational thing compared to Thunderfire Cannons which are just universally insanely powerful for their points cost.

>> No.70681951

all bullshit.

Your fucking basing material can throw that off ffs. Don't be so gullible.

>> No.70681952

Say you got them legitimately? They're FW recasts, right? You can just show them they're FW models with a quick google search in the rare case that someone even bothers checking if models are legit. I've played against an entire recast DKoK army in my LGS.

>> No.70681953

Leviathan weapon thats 4 autocannons strapped together that EVERYONE uses

Literally needs a nerf because its way too good for its points cost and makes any other weapon option unviable

>> No.70681954

Yes, dare I say they are pretty good now.

>> No.70681970

yeah you smite like a cunt now

>> No.70681974

and they will believe that I somehow found an army's worth of them? DKoK were available until only what a year/2 ago and are very popular. pic related don't think they will believe I just found 100 of these and related units on ebay

>> No.70681977

Hey dudes, got 120 points in my SM list and need some VEQ killing. Torn between another smash cap or las eliminators, what do you guys think?

>> No.70681991

ah thanks, luckily no one here play marines so i'm ignorant of more of the FW shit

>> No.70682001

>DKoK were available until on what a year ago
you can get them on FW right now IIRC?

>> No.70682005

>and they will believe that I somehow found an army's worth of them

>> No.70682013

Isn't the Leviathan suppose to be like a super-Ironclad? It feels weird for it to be packing nothing but guns if it's suppose to be tearing through fortifications.

>> No.70682017

Has grav-flux bombard fallen out of fashion now then?
In 30k cyclonic melta and claw is load out de jour

>> No.70682032

You're getting 5 autocannons for the price of 4
And you can take 2
At bs 2+

Then you got shit like Iron Hands ignoring the heavy weapon -1 to hit and rerolling 1s, and Imperial Fists making it damage 3, on top of devastator doctrine making it ap -2

>> No.70682036

What is the dirtiest, most cunt-y meta list I could take to my hobby shop's February 40k 2k-point tournament?

>> No.70682038

DKoK are still available. They never truly went OOP, they were just down for a bit while the molds were refreshed.

>> No.70682045

The melee options are pretty chad and iirc you can run under 300pts with one that has double melee

>> No.70682047

you mean ap-3

>> No.70682048

Iron Hands

>> No.70682054

They're -2 base?

>> No.70682066

yes s7 ap-2 dmg2

>> No.70682068

>Chaplain Dreadnoughts
seems based to me

>> No.70682069

>Do you feel in charge?
>Dr Cawl refused our offer in favour of yours.

>> No.70682071

right so that example is absolutely not comparable

>> No.70682076

the fuck are you on about? I could order a bunch of DKoK models right now if I wanted to?

>> No.70682090

>Malakim Phoros has a 6" reroll wounds bubble for infantry, bikers and dreadnoughts
>is also a chapter master
>hes only 115 points

Could I sense some heavy weapons bullshit that can be pulled with him?
Grav Centurions maybe?

>> No.70682091

Thank you PDF anon, blessings of the Omnissiah be upon you

>> No.70682096

Dilate tranny

>> No.70682107

I've been playing with resin stormtroopers for the past year. To my knowledge they were never released in anything but metal and the manager hasn't said anything.

Depends how much of a prick your store manager is.

>> No.70682113

yeah so can you order tallarn and then walk into gw and claim you got them all legit?

>> No.70682124

>letting people touch your models

>> No.70682135

I'd buy 100 second hand terminators for 250 USDs.

>> No.70682141

At worst you can say you bought them off of ebay.

>> No.70682143

The respirator-face is the best. Same with gang Escher. Girls with bandanas or rebreathers are my jam.

>> No.70682145

I meant to reply to this...>>70679885

>> No.70682152

And they'd be okay if they didn't have skrillex-tier hair.

>> No.70682169

>The other wargear option is literally the one that allows you to cast an extra act of faith on the unit.

That said, I guess they're neat if you're not running the warlord trait and fortification.

>> No.70682181

Boy I sure do hope that she has a peepee

>> No.70682203

Give me a really obscure WH40K character I can fuck up Akinator with?

>> No.70682209

if you cared as much about your social skills and basic reading comprehension as you care about bitching about star wars there wouldn't have been much of an issue

>> No.70682210

Lillith Hesparax

>> No.70682213


>> No.70682215


There's nothing unnatural about resin.

>> No.70682217

You can get 3 per turn just by existing in a normal list
Normal one, Celestine and Trait in something

>> No.70682234

For supplement doctrine bonuses, does the entire army have to be that chapter?

Or can i have a detachment of say, blood angels (who have angels of death) and then a detachment of Imperial Fists, would the IF still get their doctrine bonus? (+1 damage)

>> No.70682237

Truly we have reached the pinnacle as a species.

>stinks up the apartment so bad.
What in the name of Sanguinius are you spraying your models with?

>> No.70682240

24 questions.

>> No.70682242


>> No.70682262

Hes good.

>> No.70682268

Post your last 40K Rule34 fap.

>> No.70682279

I beat him with Magos Dominus Faustinius.

>> No.70682282

Obiwan Sherlock Clousseau.
It should at least confuse it a bit

>> No.70682289

got him

>> No.70682297

No no no, not 'skull taker'

>> No.70682304

Sorry 'Skilltalker'

>> No.70682345


>> No.70682349

Aeldari flying circus

>> No.70682357

Do you know what annoys me about this image? They've used "2" and "every1" to be cool and ironic, but have actually typed out the little apostrophe thing over the è in 'melange'. Just a thought.

>> No.70682359


Hey kid wanna paint coloured metallics?

Other than that, meh it’s a layer paint. Use it if you want just don’t take it as an excuse to be lazy and half ass things.

>> No.70682361

heretics get out

all of the matriarche are pure and good

well, mina was angry and violent but still pure.

>> No.70682366


Honestly I’d be more inclined to call primarchs glorified space marines than I would be custodes.

>> No.70682375

Hows this 2k list sound

1st detachment

Malakim Phoros

3x 10 Intercessors

Twin las/ML Ven Dred

Las Fusil Eliminators

Captain w/ Storm Shield, Storm Bolter

3x 5 Sniper Scouts w/cloaks

3x Rapier Quad Launchers

3x Twin Assault Cannon Razorbacks

Total: 2000/2000

>> No.70682381

sounds gay bro

>> No.70682383

>souping marines

>> No.70682389

Why yes im using 2 different chapters, one of which cant use a supplement, how could you tell?

>> No.70682395


>> No.70682401

Antaeus Wards 2nd beat titan exotic behind lion rampants

>> No.70682415


>> No.70682437

Has to be entire army

>> No.70682449

Ah damn

Alright back to the drawing board

>> No.70682461

>2 different SM detach
>both piss yellow

>> No.70682495

What is it with trannies and 4chan in general?

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