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>The heroes are invited to a fancy occasion, but the warrior lady doesn't know how to act or dress

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>The goblins aren't so bad, it's circumstance that makes them jerks.

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>soyboy original poster can't contain his surrogate mommy fetish and so creates many threads surrounding the same topic

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>unlovable incel doesn't have a superior femdom fetish

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>absolute, unrelenting adherence to capital-G Good is just as bad in the long run as absolute, unrelenting willingness to commit capital-E Evil

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>fallen empire full of mysterious ruins
>"last stands" or heroic sacrifice of any sort, the more brutal the better
>necromancer raises a swarm of zombies and skeletons to attack
>group of dwarves on a quest to reclaim their ancestral home
Dunno what this says about me.

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>shitposting on 4chan

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You do realize you are taking his bait, right?

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>mysteryous stranger with unlikely weapon shows up from time to time to help the party

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>Heroes retiring to a simple life in the countryside
>Reunions in the afterlife

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> twice double digits

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>spellcasters having their unique 'styles' of magic or spells named after them
>magical crimes joint task forces

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Happened to one of my players. He was playing Maximus Decimus from Gladiator as an Ultramarine who lost his whole squad to an ambush set up by a Genestealer cult during the Tyranic War. Swore to die avenging them, got accepted into the afterlife at the Emperor's side by them.

>Globe trotting adventures that meet foreign and exotic stereotype cultures.

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They're good tropes that deserved dubs.

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>Former hero comes out of retirement for one last adventure.
>One character stands alone against an incoming horde.
>Putting together a team of specialists for a big mission.
>Character giving a short speech during a losing battle that reinforces their resolve, and allows them to push back.

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>The street-rat punks have noble souls and are generally friendly.

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I love Spa Days. Not literally, of course.
>the PC's go to the beach/pool
>the PC's visit a hot spring
>the PC's attend a ball

That sort of thing.

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>old man past his prime opens a can of whoop ass

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>op uses the """""""""""""""""""""""word"""""""""""""""""""""" trope

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>anon clicks into a thread he dislikes to let everyone know he dislikes it

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My absolute favorite

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Please say you're not a DM. This works for other media, but NOT rpgs.

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>The famous and renowned adventurers are actually pretty incompetent and need the party to pick up the slack for them because they just keep making things worse

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>This works for other media, but NOT rpgs.
It could be cool, so long as the guy isn't higher level than the PCs, and there is a deeper motivation to his appearances.

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You have good taste, Sir.

A pious hero having his faith and good works rewarded.

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> villain starts the fight wearing heavy armor that makes him near impossible to hurt but slow as balls
> after you 'kill' him, he pries himself out of his ruined armor and starts the second phase of his fight, more vulnerable but much faster or stronger now that he isn't being weighed down

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Yea he's just describing Waka from Ookami, right? That guy was great, however I think as a player I'd be pissssed if that turned up in a game.

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>The polite shopkeeper is an ex adventurer who retired after marrying her companion
>Is stronger than her appearance would suggest
>She hires you anonymously to steal something from an old "friend" of hers
>Is a centaur

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> This works for other media, but NOT rpgs.

Not true. I did this as a running gag with an NPC that was desperately trying to join the party and be one of the heroes, but they group kept telling him to fuck off because he was a grandstanding fucktard who put looking good while he was fighting above actually being effective.

Sometimes he would be a complete joke and bitch out, sometimes he would be more of a hindrance than a help like announcing his presence during a sneaky mission. Occasionally he would actually be useful, usually by distracting the enemy during a crucial moment with his overly flash entrance.

His grand contribution to the game was holding a bridge in an apparent heroic sacrifice against enemy reinforcements while the players went in to face the archvillian. The left him behind as he started his usual speech with gusto, ready to face down an army.

When they came out after the final battle, he was STILL doing his opening speech and 'inviting them to face their death'. The army was actually waiting for him to finish, and he didn't want to die, so he just KEPT GOING until the party came back out and announced the dude was dead and the show was over.

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>Ex-solider, knight, warrior etc.> His team gets massacred, barely surviving a horrific battle in the past. >Loses his nerve. >Goes into hiding in remote village or town. > Town gets raided by bandits, or knights. >Comes out of hiding to protect the villagers he's grown fond of.

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nothing beats a good Big Guy brushing off blows like they're nothing

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Oh shit your love my group then anon, they're completely helpless

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>Various gangs/bandit clans put aside their differences to help the pcs fight off the ultimate evil
like in scary movie 3 but if they had been successful

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>Villain ignores blows that should be provide ample amounts of pain due to his massive stature.

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>The Good Kingdom are thought police moralfags
>The hero wizard is a control freak with a spy network because being "good" makes him right
>The party learns the hard way that they've been in the wrong
>The only crime the Evil Empire has committed is offending the moralfag's blind adherence to tradition and backwards thinking
>After freeing the dragon/demon/sufficiently sentient Monster it will come to your aid exactly once to repay its debt

>every fantasy/mmo anime ever

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I can assure you that your players hated this character.

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>Old Villain showing up to show the New Villain how it's done, either as a friend of the heroes or as a just another villain

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>Destined love turns out to have some icky implications about free will for one or both parties
I don't see much stuff that actually plays around with how that stuff works when everyone theoretically has free will in the setting.
Also I have a disturbing fetish

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Fuck off reddit

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>hero and hero-turned-villain come together to fight existential threat, reminisce about old times

I guess that doesn't really apply to tabletop so well but I love seeing that shit.

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>nitpicking this hard over one word

Not that I don't appreciate the sentiment, but you're a fucking idiot.

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Are you me? Seriously. Top tier taste.

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It means you're all fucking plebbit posters. These are all over used and tired meme ways to tell stories and they need to die. If it's "classic" it's trash and boring. It's right up there with moralfags making religious groups in their setting ANYTHING other than evil. Shouldn't fucking happen.

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>The party must fight the anti-versions of themselves

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>The world around the PCs isn't just static
>The King is actually terrifying but he can't be everywhere at once so he relies on the party
>The empire isn't completely evil

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Better call the clean-up crew, 'cause that Anon got REKT.

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>PCs are sent on a mission to a derelict station
>they encounter notzombies or notxenomorphs

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>religious groups in their setting ANYTHING other than evil. Shouldn't fucking happen.
Now I know you're baiting.

But why can't you have a mix of religiously-motivated behaviors? Two people can interpret the same set of scripture very differently after all.

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Trope is attested as a word as early the 16th century, you absolute mongoloid.

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>the heroes are invited to a fancy occasion and the barbarian lady (or dude) knows exactly how to dress and behave, much to the astonishment of the rest of the party (or doesn't know initially, but learns quickly and could easily pass for a noble at the event)

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I'm a massive sucker for showdowns with the main villain being about clashing ideals more than who can stab better so I'm always happy when the players/GM are willing to let there be back and forward verbally as well as with weapons.

The players in the game I run managed to talk down one of the two main villains by convincing her that her her goal wasn't going to work during the fight.

I also really like villains who believe they are right. People the PCs can understand, even if they disagree with them.

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>Hardened Criminals/Soldiers doing "one last job".

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Patrician tastes.

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>Yet another Amazon thread
Just end this board already

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>Another faggot doesn't actually read the thread but comments anyways because his pussy ass is trigger by an OP image thread

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>the protagonist doesn't give a fuck

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>>The polite shopkeeper is an ex adventurer who retired after marrying her companion
This is so damn comfy and nice.

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>Find an ancient magical sword that only the chosen few can wield
>PC isn't worthy
>Still manages to kick ass with it because powers or no it's still a sword

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>the huge violent brute is excellent with children

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>fighter finds a magical talking sword
>tells it to shut up

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>the sword gets sad and cries

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>the fighter finds a magical talking sword
>is to dumb to understand its insights

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That, but add in
>Most nobles are offended by the warrior lady
>But the highest ranking one present enjoys it
>Optional: said higher ranking noble was also a warrior themselves and shares stories with the warrior lady

you are a fan of the classics that define the genre. There is no shame, only fun.

not him, but I admit, as a GM I've been tempted to try to implement an expy of The Mysterious Stranger from Fallout as a sporadic and inexplicable ally to my PCs.

>>and more

This thread is filled with so many niggahs!

My niggahs!

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>the world is divided in three main forces
>the evil empire
>the good kingdom
>and a single entity that's powerful enough to fuck up any of the other two, but instead reamins neutral because it doesn't care at all

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>evil general treats their subordinates well so long as they don't outright slack off or betray them

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The young naive healer who wants to help people and make the world a better place!

I play it every system/campaign/etc I love it so much.

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>elite group of warriors make their last stand, charge in to death
>party member is mortally wounded protecting another member, dies while confessing love
>father/mother figure party member
>Fighter on quest of vengeance meets target finally, DM gives bonus to rolls
>Tiefling Paladin trying to prove society's view on him/her wrong

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>Most nobles are offended by the warrior lady
>But the highest ranking one present enjoys it
>Optional: said higher ranking noble was also a warrior themselves and shares stories with the warrior lady

see: pam and the swedish guy in archer

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>highest ranking one present enjoys it
>The senior Noble (King, local Duke, whatever) is a giant troll

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>If it's "classic" it's trash and boring.

Contrarians are the worst.

Hating something because it's classic and loving something because it's classic are both retarded, you should hate it or love it for its own reason.

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Religion is inherently corrupt and only attracts the weak minded. Combine the two and you will always get an evil organization that is, at bear, able to appear good to the sheep. Any PCs with more than 2 int should be able to figure it out.

It's impossible to like classic on it's merits. It's too overdone and over used to have merits. It's only worth is as a trope to be subverted. Orcs shouldn't be evil, dumb, brutes. Elves and human shouldn't be allies. Princess should never fall for the hero. God/churches shouldn't be benevolent forces. Etc.

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>Implying it's not the same faggot every time

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This is why older anime is often so much better.

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>Shy kid who's a pushover until someone harms their friends and then goes fucking ballistic

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2/10, you’re trying way too hard.

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>the warrior lady sits on your face

>> No.57390660

>hur dur I don't like your opinion so it must be a troll, that'll show him

Fuck off.

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0/10, doubling down never works.

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So, everyone in Faerun is weak-minded then?

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I once did this for one of my campaigns, the dude was just straight up a Hunter from Bloodborne who by some strange dimension fuckery ended up helping the party with some horrifying abomination but my players absolutely loved the encounter.

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>Religion is inherently corrupt and only attracts the weak minded.

Care to explain?

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>the smug and haughty noblewoman with a biting tongue and an infuriating smirk

>> No.57390754


>doesn't address the points
>calls me a troll

You're just missing the smug anime face. Nor does it change the fact that everything I said is correct. Last response you're getting from me.

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>Religion is inherently corrupt and only attracts the weak minded
t. fedora-lord

>> No.57390766

>Last response you're getting from me.
Good. Try to do better next time. You’ll get there.

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With knowledge in your artillery you are quite the opponent, good sir!

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>former villain joins the heroes because the new villain is so evil that even he's against it

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These are all old, tired tropes.

And they are all fun

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Those who follow a god, yes.

The existence of a god or gods is objectively false. (If it's nit false in your setting, you're a bad GM, and I won't be addressing it. It's like having a setting where tape is legal.) So only two people would ever be part of a religious structure. The stupid masses and the intelligent but power hungry. There is no reasonable middle ground.

>> No.57390885

>new villain is about to kill the heroes
>at the last second their arch-nemesis intervenes and lets them escape, at great personal risk
>"there's no way in hell I'm gonna let SOMEONE ELSE kill you"

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Holy fuck dude

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>objectively false
Fedora core athiests are the fucking worst religious nuts of all

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>players actions have long running impacts down the line
>apparent evil guys cut throat tactics and fear tactics are actually benefitial to the city overall.
>gigantic, powerhouse brute is actually clever and speaks quite clearly and pleasantly
>thief who steals shit on the regular but it's so he can later give it to less fortunate.
>professional killer who prays for forgiveness after each hit

>> No.57390956

>huge strong gentle giant guy and small smart firecracker girl
>couples who fight in tandem
>evil couples who are sickeningly sweet to one another while being evil
>villains who have the power of love

All of it is my absolute jam

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>being this much of a fedorafag
>calling others plebbit
The absolute state

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>two fundamentally good people are forced to fight over irreconcilable differences in their ideologies
>"good" person realizes their ideology/cause isn't as good as they thought, while "bad" person understands the depths of their own evil, and both work together towards a more neutral third path

>> No.57390985

>evil couples who are sickeningly sweet to one another while being evil
>villains who have the power of love

These and villains that genuinely care for their loyal minions and servants.

>> No.57390999

this made me laugh

>> No.57391006

>much edge
Doesn't change that it's true.

You obviously don't understand the definition of a religion.

God is a normie concept. Having real gods or good religions in your setting is fucking plebbit-tier faggotry.

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You're just embarrassing yourself at this point

>> No.57391029

>You obviously don't understand the definition of a religion.
Proving once again how easy it is to trigger thin-skinned fedoras

Have fun never having anyone want to spent time with you because of how much of an edge faggot you are

>> No.57391063

>The party gets split up in the BBEG's lair and have individual boss fights with the BBEG's lieutenants.
>Each lieutenant fills the same archtype as the corresponding party member.

>> No.57391066

>henchman fails through his own incompetence
>villain kills him
>henchman fails because of something he had no way of foreseeing, or he got genuinely outmatched
>villain gives him a pep talk and sends him back out

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I GM for a club I'm the head of in highschool.

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> highschool
I fucking knew it.

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My man

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Come back when you're not a child, dude

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Like pottery

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>Final Battle
>Main Villain grandstands about how he is about to become a God.
>Right Hand gets pissed off.
>Kills the Villain then take his place
>Turns into God, reshapes reality.
>Party must now try to fight against God himself.

>> No.57391160


Anon, you need to be 18 to post on 4chan sweety.

>> No.57391176


>he's in highschool so I don't have to address his points

Oh boy, you sure showed me! Have fun with your idiotic gods and churches and religions, sheeple.

>> No.57391233

We don’t. See >>57391160. See you when your brain’s finished developing.

>> No.57391243

I'm 19 in my senior year. You need to be a senior to head up a club. I head up a chapter of UAoA (United Atheists of America.)

>> No.57391257

A brain only starts developint once you discover the truth about religion, and put the like aside in real life, and your settings. It's how you set reason and intelligence free to blossom. "Sweety".

>> No.57391315

It'll be fun once you get your big boy pants and realise how much of an edgy cringe bag you're being.
>All religion is evil
Tell that to the millions of religious people who save lives and help the needy every day
>God objectively not real
You literally cannot know this for certain and are closing yourself off to possibilities so you can masquerade as enlightened
>You cannot have a fictional religion that is benevolent
It's fiction, I can have whatever I want. This stifling of creativity is directly related to your "enlightened" rejection of anything you cannot answer with certainty

You are a child with a child brain. You play at being intelligent by making sweeping statements about topics you know nothing about and aren't even willing to explore in any way

>> No.57391317

What the fuck is wrong with tape, and why does exploring the ramifications of religion when the gods are fucking real things make you a bad GM? They don't have to be benevolent, in fact that usually makes things worse, but there's nothing wrong with them existing as supremely powerful beings.

>> No.57391331

Stop getting baited you idiots
On topic
>bad guy is a huge armored dude with a giant sword

>> No.57391335

>He doesn't have god as his final boss

>> No.57391346

>there is nothing more terrifying than a man who has lost everything

>> No.57391421

It should be an incredibley powerful evil being pretending to be a god, not an actual god.

>what the fuck is wrong with rape*
Religion fags actually believe this. You're the cause of rape culture, too. Nice job.

>Millions helping people
Without rich churches, temples, mosques, keeping the people poor and stupid their "charity" wouldn't be needed. And it always come with attempts to convert. See: mentally enslave.

>Can't prove god isn't real.
Science already did that.

>Explore god in fiction
Always a bad idea. It gives people the impression that God might exist and might be real. Such impressions are harmful to promote. It's like having a setting where traditional gender roles exist. It promotes them in the real world. I'm sure you can see why that's problematic. TTRPGs should be used to create ideal worlds, promote good messages, and have fun while doing it in a non-problematic way.

>> No.57391484

>Without rich churches, temples, mosques, keeping the people poor and stupid their "charity" wouldn't be needed.
Are you saying Jews are the reason Etheopians are starving?

>Science already did that.
lol, no it didn't, and no it can't

>It gives people the impression that God might exist and might be real
Oh no, how horrible that people might believe there's a meaning to their lives and be inspired by that to be nice to each other

Listen kid, no one's going to say that religion is all peaches and cheese, but you legitimately have no fucking clue what you're talking about or how religion manifests in the real world, and you've dedicated your intellectual efforts to closing yourself off from questions and answers because you believe you already have the answers. You're 19. You're a child. You don't know anything except how many times you can masturbate in a day before it gets sore

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I'll admit I took the bait, but w/e

On topic too
>Wererats in the sewers
>Werebear lumberjack loner

>> No.57391518

>what the fuck is wrong with rape*
>Religion fags actually believe this. You're the cause of rape culture, too. Nice job.
I actually thought you were talking about tape. And...you're wrong, some religionfags do, some don't.

Also, the whole science thing. Ever heard of Godel's incompleteness theorem? It doesn't prove that god exists, but it also means we can't really ever know whether it doesn't exist either.

Anyway. On topic.
>Wizard breaks their staff and releases a magical explosion to kill their enemies, saving their friends, but they too, get caught in the blast.
Specific, I know, but I like it.
sheesh, and I thought I was a short sighted zealot when I came on here too early

>> No.57391621

>The two characters that EVERY ONE wants to fall in love, fall in love

Call me sappy but that's the greatest trope

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>the fallen hero who serves the main villain as his chief enforcer out of a misguided sense of loyalty or because he's lost everything else that mattered to him
>in the 11th hour he turns on the main villain, helping the heroes to defeat him and usually dying in the process.

>> No.57391691

Done with all you religion fags today. Can only stand so much irrationallity. Hope the mods ban you all and you finally accept reason into your lives.

>> No.57391713

This is terribly stupid. Why have a Good if it isn't even at a minimum, good. It's just "Oh I'm so above it all" tier Neutral wank. Fuck Neutrals.

>> No.57391753

> villain revs up for a monologue right before the big battle
> brawny and short spoken fighter, Barbarian, Etc headbutts them before they can finish
>'You talk too much.'

>> No.57391785

If troll, try a bit more subtlety

If real, dude, just wait until you're like 25 and realize how much of an earth shattering faggot you were on this day.
I pray you dont have access to firearms at that moment, because then it'll be some other poor suckers job to clean your tear and piss soaked brains off the floors and other nearby surfaces.

>> No.57391876

This is the first time I've seen sweety posting applied in a way that didn't make me angry because it was actually in response to someone claiming to be a kid on the other end. I mean he's trolling but it's hilarious. He's the hero we didn't ask for and never will. A beautiful parody of a crazy type of person that does exist making absurd statements beyond the realm of human understanding. Good show.

>> No.57391992

...and now I'm going to go toss a few pieces to hot dog to my dog and pup, scratch them behind the ears, and spend half an hour playing tug of war.

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You. I like you. You are funny. Keep it up.

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>lovable father/son relationships
>brotherly love
>contrasting personality brothers
>old timer sacrificing themselves for the future generation
>old master is inspired by students
>last stands
>villan has loved ones
>villain treats underlings well

Im a big softie fot these kind of things

>> No.57392134

You're so hilariously close-minded you don't even understand how very like a bible thumper you are. I'd say it's sad, but it's not. It's just funny.

>> No.57392275

Don't forget to praise subversion and TLJ while you're at it

>> No.57392452

I too enjoyed Final Fantasy 6.

>> No.57392658

>Villain's daughter is "tough-as-nails" evil lieutenant
>falls in love with hero and betrays villain
>villain dead but their superweapon is still counting down
>disarm code is the nursery rhyme villain use to sing to his daughter

>> No.57392708

>tinker goblins with a love of explosions
I love that shit my dudes

>> No.57392736

>truth is funny

Nothing atheist anon said was wrong, he just worded it poorly. Having real gods in a setting is just silly and immersion breaking. And if it makes people think religion can actually be good it cool, than it's harmful. When I GM, my paladins and clerics all follow ideals, not gods. And they derive power from the strength of their belief in that ideal.

>> No.57392764

>The best way to stop this man is to give him something back
I taught my villain to love again and made her realize she want as alone as she thought. Most fun I've had in a campaign

>> No.57392776

>Motherfucking everyone, up to and including the villains, is working to get them together
This is my jam

>> No.57392812

>forbidden magic/power requires some kind of sacrifice, but the price is not known till it suddenly is taken
Like a cursed sword that will take your closest friend. Or a weapon that slowly eats up your memories

>> No.57392837

>When I GM, my paladins and clerics all follow gods that are the embodiment of ideals. And they derive power from the strength of their belief in that ideal.

That's how gods and followers work, anon.

>> No.57392960

Pardon, typed that our wrong. I meant not follow gods, but just ideals. Faith (or belief, as I hate the word faith) is the source of power. My settings are godless as I like my settings to be rationally coherent. Can't have that with gods.

>> No.57392979


Same structure, but no Superfluous and irrational 'diety".

>> No.57393019

>amazons created by a supreme commander as his harem/army

>> No.57393049

>a happy ending

>> No.57393063

Not even massively powerful creatures a la warlock contracts in 5e? That seems more rational than your force of will making things happen, wait...I just said that wizards don't make sense (which they don't, but they obviously exist in a fantasy setting). However, you do realize cleric means "member of the clergy," so are just part of a godless religion like, buddhism I guess? It works for paladins, but elsewhere, eh. I always had it as clerics and wizards are doing the same thing, it's just that clerics have to keep a massively powerful thing happy to keep their powers, at the cost of stability and not risking their sanity by yanking stray spells out of the ether.

>> No.57393107

Oh look, another one. Are you in high school too? How's your intellectual euphoria going?

>> No.57393168

I'm fine with a powerful being pretending to be a god. Many of my campaigns in the past have focused on killing such beings and exposing the evil corruption of religious institutions to free personkind.

I do enjoy being free, if that's what you mean. But no, not in highschool. Three years into a dual major sociology/gender studies degree.

>> No.57393178

Hell/the infernal plane is its own world and demons have other shit to do than messing with mortals all the time.

>> No.57393194

>I do enjoy being free, if that's what you mean.
Not that guy, but how does having a god for your clergy have anything to do with freedom?

>> No.57393227

You do realize that the definition of god is pretty vague, right? It's literally just a powerful entity that has power over things and is worshipped. Even that's assuming a lot, linguists are still arguing over a good way to categorize it. The religion might be corrupt, but that doesn't stop the fact that there's a fucking god at the top. Maybe you just have a bunch of baggage that influences your personal definition of god, which is fine, but makes your argument sound a little silly to someone coming at it from a different perspective.

t. linguistics major

>> No.57393243

>super grimdark setting
>suddenly a wild happy ending appears
>setting still grimdark by a handful of people made it

>> No.57393244

>the truth about religion

What's the truth? Discovering the word 'agnostic' and the graduating to 'atheist' and telling everyone you meet? We've all been teenagers.

>> No.57393279

>they are childhood friends
Seeing them take a careful step away from the relationship they cherish to get closer to eachother is just too sweet.

>> No.57393314

Belief in something that is false is a form if servitude. And a bad one, at that. So my settings reflect the real world which has no god.

God has a connotation in the real world I want to avoid creating positive associations with, as that's harmful to society for people to believe in them.

Funny since being religious is the uneducated position.

>> No.57393325

im not a dm neither a player im just a lone sad little man

>> No.57393337

Okay, seriously, what are you doing here on 4chan? This doesn't really seem to be fit for you. Not that that's bad, but, how did you find us? If you came here specifically to show us the good ways of sociology and gender studies, whooooooo boy, I feel sorry for you.

>> No.57393373

>God has a connotation in the real world I want to avoid creating positive associations with, as that's harmful to society for people to believe in them.
Pretty sure that a) your RPG is going to do little to influence people, b) your players will have already made up their minds by this point, and c) you've probably self selected for people who are like you, thus invalidating the necessity for this precaution.

>> No.57393411

Nigga this shit is imaginary. You're allowed to make beleive.

>> No.57393431

>Belief in something that is false is a form if servitude
False, who taught you that bullshit?

>> No.57393449

Either sociology or gender studies professors did, apparently.

>> No.57393462

>I'm fine with a powerful being pretending to be a god.
A god is just a being that has no limit compared to you
Are you saying a high enough level spellcaster, with reality altering spells and having leveled past the point of any apparent cost(to you) wouldn't be considered a god?

>> No.57393574

>God has a connotation in the real world I want to avoid creating positive associations with, as that's harmful to society for people to believe in them.
You're cute. Would bully before rough anal sex/10

>> No.57393616

Finally some sense

>> No.57393825
File: 88 KB, 900x750, 081E45B0-C152-42DE-9AD2-9C231AC9C274.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why do betas and soyboys insist on pushing their closet gay fantasies on everyone?

>> No.57393929
File: 375 KB, 1024x681, Prometheus_Engineer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bad guy who may have some moral fiber, after all.
>genetically engineered/ magically enhanced mary-sue hero, complete with tragic backstory
>I don't give a fuck if my fantasy world is stuck in the medieval-ish period for the past 2000 years, it's fucking staying there.
>The despotic tyrant who sees enemies in every face and shadow with a taste for good ol' sadism.
>The ancient long forgotten race/races.
>eldritch horror
>some low key sci-fi elements sprinkled over a medieval fantasy setting
>the conspiratory, self serving clergy of the main religion, though I do try to not be too fedora about it.
>The pleasure-seeking serpentine cult, complete with human sacrifices and blood-orgies. And lot's of temple prostitutes.
> The deep desert of many a prophesy and far off tundras of many a savage.
>two kingdoms go to war over something stupid, i.e a lover's tiff.
>Far east, jade this and shadow that.

I make no qualms that the worlds I create are really a mish mash of all my favourite tropes, sometimes I out right steal concepts from one fantasy movie/novel/vidya and I find a way to incorporate with concepts from another.
I don't plan on being an author of any kind, so please don't make me kill my darlings. :(

>> No.57394002

The cynical sick-of-your-shit healer that is only being dragged along by a friend/sibling and isn't afraid to hold their healing powers over the rest of the party

>> No.57394055
File: 37 KB, 650x366, 8958C7E0-5D52-47EC-9D23-0805E5D0DC9E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Big gentle guy with tiny fiesty girl who’s sweet with him

Is this what they call a heartboner?

>> No.57394061

Send flowers to their bitches and hoes

>> No.57394076

>heroes that have already done their part, but are nonetheless dragged out of retirement to save the world yet again
>heroes that don't explicitly come across as the good guys
>settings wherein the BBEG is by no means the biggest threat, just the most prominent at that point in time

>> No.57394156
File: 1.99 MB, 448x252, 1507290944518.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

ma nigger

>> No.57394158
File: 48 KB, 620x338, F94CA4FD-67B8-48F3-908F-FD70B407518A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>New young leader is not respected by his men
>Worst insubordinate says he’ll never stand by him
>He slowly earns their respect
>Most insubordinate guy falls into despair over his death and tries his damndest to carry out his orders
>”I would follow you through the gates of hell”

>> No.57394210

Oh fuck love this one. Common thugs and goons KNOWING they’re gonna get mowed down by the type of people the heroes are fighting but making a stand anyway.

>”They shout and curse, stabbing wildly; more brawlers than warriors. They make a wondrous mess of things. Brave amateurs, they do their part.”

>> No.57394218

The deity isn't superfluous, but instead the physical manifestation of the ideal. A god of Law is Law personified. A god of War is War personified.
Worshipping the god is the same act as worshipping the "ideal" under your structure. You've simply removed the title of "god" but ultimately changed nothing.

Having no gods in your setting is fine. The same as having a setting with literal, interactive gods, or literal impartial gods. You're not doing anything mechanically different.

>> No.57394263

>Villain is softened by the innocence of a child

>> No.57394282

>>huge strong gentle giant guy and small smart firecracker girl
>couples who fight in tandem
Men of taste

>> No.57394302

>Funny since being religious is the uneducated position.

Religion is the product of love and fear. You love someone and you fear losing them, so you hope for heaven so you can spend eternity together.

A child like you can't understand that kind of devotion or desperation.

>> No.57394336

>troubled stranger in a strange land with a mysterious past.
>mysterious past has nothing to do with main plot and is actually pretty mundane.

>> No.57394377
File: 5.30 MB, 550x361, 47299EED-5524-474C-8569-99F5E1E9CBA8.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Religious guy has his faith rewarded after much hardship

>> No.57394500
File: 109 KB, 540x361, 1489900417113.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's cool, anon.

>> No.57394740

Why did anyone even bother responding to this fedora?

>> No.57394775

Just got here from work, i wonder what this guys campaign's are like.
Like are there paladins, demons any fictional creature?
Does he have the players go to the bathroom in game?
I wonder what he wears.

>> No.57394778
File: 143 KB, 524x744, druid_by_shade_of_nekura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure how common it is but I'm a fan of the Druid that wears nothing / wears plants. It's pretty cool and sexy at the same time. Pic related but sfw.

>> No.57394855
File: 212 KB, 820x624, ToW temple of wastri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The initial antagonists are bunch of disgusting folks who dwell on swamps or some equally evil biome, doing weird stuff
>After they are defeated, it turns out that they were the only thing stopping all hell from breaking loose

>> No.57394883

>religious guy has his faith rewarded by getting sexually molested by a female angel

>> No.57394901

Alright we get it, Prince of Egypt was a good movie

>> No.57394940
File: 803 KB, 320x180, 1424511106864.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>party fighter starts explaining proper use of battle formations at the banquet table using cutlery and cherry tomatoes

>> No.57394947

You went too hard man. 0/10

>> No.57394962

>The honest, clever & courageous young lad saves the innocent & caring maiden

>The magnificent bastard protagonist pulls of huge power reversal intrigue/scheme right after the antagonist seems to break him (i.e. every Peaky Blinders finale)

Heroes fighting & bleeding though a river of blood & shit in the eleventh hour to desperately win the day, & a ray sunlight illuminates them as they finally get a second to rest/they walk toward it

Impassioned speaches about the savage nobility of man as the heroes rally in the climax (i.e. Saint Crispin's Day speach, Independents Day Movie presidents speach)

>> No.57395002

>>The honest, clever & courageous young lad saves the innocent & caring maiden
the most generic of generic but still the best. Its a lot better than the snarky smartass saves sassy powur girl we get nowadays

>> No.57395267

>The cavalry has arrived

Doesn’t even have to be literal cavalry

But the ride of the rohirrim was godly

>> No.57395313

>battle isn't going well
>It's a fight for survival and the fight is pretty even
>The bad guys might even win at this rate, morale is low
>Friends the party has made throughout their adventures rush in at their darkest hour, providing the support that allows the party to turn the tides.

Plus points if it's done with a nice rousing speech or song. This kind of shit gets me every time.

>> No.57395376

Or decent guy, who is kind of a pussy, nuts up to save tough girl attitude yet kind-hearted girl who still gives him shit for being a pussy. I hate that it's become the new normal

>> No.57395394


When a GM creates the right atmosphere and feeling of desperation and dread that the battle isn't going well, there's just no better feeling than when this happens.

>> No.57395443
File: 92 KB, 500x750, 7D16B02B-7039-48DD-8EB6-31A7FD750B41.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don’t you know? Masculine males are bad, and feminine women are traitors


>> No.57395607
File: 79 KB, 408x475, grover mails a bomb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>guy busts girl out after they had a row because the girl is a bitch
>they are in mortal danger
>girl starts bullying the guy again while hes putting his fucking life on the line to drag her out
Its astonishing how they think this is good shit. Hell, you often see the "bully becomes more mellow after shit gets serious and he gets saved" but when tis the girl she has to be some kind of harpy that refuses to ever be kind.

And its strange because I remember quite some young adult books having the "feisty girl melts for the MC after he steps up" love interest.

>> No.57395658

>The quasi-redditor takes the bait

>> No.57395659

>It's right up there with moralfags making religious groups in their setting ANYTHING other than evil.

Do you perchance wear a snazzy fedora?

>> No.57395680

Not him, obviously, because I like the concept of gods - but I always liked the trope of gods being fundamentally tied to the universe in some way that an immensely powerful mage simply isn’t. The fire god isn’t just an immensely powerful being who happens to use a lot of fire spells, he’s the concept of fire as a sapient being. It makes divinity feel more special than just an arbitrary high water mark for power levels.

>> No.57395816

I know you’ll be angry for quoting family guy but

>”Aren’t you a little fat to be a storm trooper?”

“Welp! Stay here and rot, ya stuck up bitch!”

Had me rolling

>> No.57396062
File: 59 KB, 535x788, solomon-kane.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Murderhobo with conviction

>> No.57396123

>world is full of bizarre fantastic beasts, but no one believes the one guy who keeps ranting and raving about the strange beast he saw in the woods

for some reason that always gets me

>> No.57396187

Been on 4chan and /the/ for years before all the religious nuts and /pol/tards left their containment board.

RPGs can influence people in subtle ways. I would allow religious people like Christians to play, but they can't make their belief system obvious at the table. It's an atheist space. If their character is religious, I tailor parts of the campaign to teach them why belief in god is unhealthy and illogical.

Immaginary worlds can impress real world ethics. LoTR is a great example of a fictional work that promotes racism, sexism, patriarchy, patriotism, faith, and other dangerous ideologies. I won't participate in that.

Read Dawkins. Or Nieztche.

Them, and post-modern philosophy courses. I avoid ancient and classic philosophy as it's too problematic for a host of reasons. If it's not written after the 70's it should be avoided.

I'm gay but I don't sleep with people like you.

I'm happier as a devotee of reason and truth, not superstition and fairy tales.

People like you are the problem.

Demons are often elemental spirits that are malaigned by a church or religious institution and not actually evil, but portrayed as such to keep people in check and fearful.

And I discussed Paladins, earlier. They derive their power from belief in an ideal alone, with no Divine aspect. There are no gods. Same for clerics.

>> No.57396191

People like to deny that something is wrong all the time.

>> No.57396303

Where did the priest touch you boy?

>> No.57396320

>I'm gay but I don't sleep with people like you.
That's what they all say.
Post pics.

>> No.57396332

A well done Darkseid villain.

>> No.57396353

Unrelated to /tg/ but the only good part of The Goon 2 was when they brought the villain from the first movie on to sub in for the main character and he had all the fun in the world fucking shit up.

>> No.57396384

I was raised Jewish, but like most Jews I'm atheist. My family simply went through the motions to keep the old parts of the family happy.

>> No.57396398

You need to be an adult to post here kiddo.

>> No.57396431

>demons have other shit to do than messing with mortals all the time
Demons should spend 99% of their time messing with other demons. The 1% spent on mortals should still probably be about messing with other demons

>> No.57396459

>all these hard-trolled anons
y tho

>> No.57396516

But what if the enemy has cavalry and artillery?

>> No.57396529
File: 25 KB, 400x400, FD82350C-03C8-41B1-A7E1-8B62E505DC82.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Character unwittingly marries someone of a different culture due to a wacky custom like sharing an umbrella or saying something meaningful

Bonus points if the accidental spouse genuinely loves them

>> No.57396534

Because this time it's actually kind of fun. Not like when that one guy last year kept asking us to prove why perpetual motion wasn't impossible and decried all of our sources as "shilling"...actually, that was pretty fun too.

>> No.57396551

>(i.e. every Peaky Blinders finale)
At some point, they're going to stop underestimating tommy.

>> No.57396619

He’s going all out lads

We’re gonna need a bigger bait

>> No.57396633

t. Daniel Jackson

>> No.57396645

>Characters wake up married/magically bound/legally bound
>Bonus points if they barely know each other
>Even more bonus points if they know and hate each other

>> No.57396664

>read over rated hacks
>classic literature embodies all the modern evils the cult of equality points me at
>only religious people deal in absolutes

>> No.57396673

I don't remember: did Daniel marry best girl at the end? (Claudia black is always best girl)

>> No.57396702

What? I'm just talking about the Stargate Movie. The first one. I've not seen the tv show. Also, Roland Emmerich could have sued Disney for Atlantis being a total rip on Stargate.

>> No.57396736

I should go to church more then.

>> No.57396739

You missed the point where he was gay Anon.
He just needs a big strong Daddy type to dick him into submission. Like most gay guys the anger stems from a lack of good sex.

>> No.57396756

I thought you were a myth

>> No.57396808

The "classics" are too white dominated, too male doninated, and have too many religious thinkers. This results in "evils" that are anti-progress and should be rightly shunned. It wasn't until the 60's and 70's that more woman, minorities, LGBTQIA+, and atheists entered the field and corrected previous mistakes.

I'm in an open relationship and am quit satisfied. I'm sorry so many people think I'm trolling. I simply wish to explain why having real gods or a single god, or good/moral religious institutions are harmful to the players.

>> No.57396846

It was heavily implied. The last episode they llgot stuck in a time bubble on the Deadalus, where they fell in love and free old together. Then Carter figured out a way to reset time, so only T'ealc remembered. And they went back to adventuring. So kinda like with Carter and O'Neil, it's implied. Or I like to think so.

>> No.57396862

>>>Even more bonus points if they know and hate each other
this is so awful. Especially if the guy just takes it.

>> No.57396871
File: 26 KB, 214x400, troll_comcerned.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I simply wish to explain why having real gods or a single god, or good/moral religious institutions are harmful to the players.

Oh ok, you're just concerned for the players we're GMing for

>> No.57396890

>open relationship
>quit[e] satisfied
Pick one.

Dump the chump. Get with a real man.

>> No.57396893

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting

Go back to /v/

>> No.57396929

Sweetie, you need to be 18 to post on 4chan. Where are the mods?

>> No.57396937
File: 107 KB, 651x768, 1424688425390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You are pretty much the reason why I'm starting to be ashamed to admit that I am an atheist myself. This really is a twelve years old understanding of religion and it's role and function in society.

No onto the subject of the thread:
The more I think about these, the more I realize there might be something off with me too, though.
>Ancient ruins of advanced civilizations litter the landscape, but they are not integral to the main story. The ruins are really just reminders of old history, not cheap plot hooks and dispensers of magical macguffins.
>Party comes across an abused child or young girl, often a slave, and opts to help her, eventually finding her some kind of decent chance for a better life.
>Seemingly evil aging patriarchs that are eventually revealed to been motivated by genuine care for their family, even if their methods and attitude was harsh and they ended up committing grave mistakes along the way.
>Pre-arranged marriages that, against what everyone predicts, end up working rather well.
>Natural spirits are neither evil, nor good - they just kinda exist doing their thing, and what was originally thought to be a clear conflict plot is eventually revealed to be just a tragic accident.
>Slow, gradual apocalypse, watching people live out the mundane parts of their lives on the backdrop of world-changing events.
>Old, cynical and usually kinda gnostic prophets.
>Zen master type characters.
>Great floods that temporary cover massive part of the landscape with water.
>Singing mermaids.

>> No.57396948
File: 149 KB, 625x626, bait.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wew lad
calm down with the fedora boner

>> No.57396977
File: 96 KB, 916x689, 1515730529102.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>your mentor is a god in disguise

>> No.57396984

How the fuck can anyone even fall for this shit? I mean SERIOUSLY. If you actually treat this with any kind of actual seriousness, YOU need to fuck off this board. There has to be a line for where bait is so obvious nobody should ever take it, and this post pretty much fucking sums it up.

>> No.57396988

It's simple really. Can be played very straight too. Good and evil are absolutes that brook no compromise, and without compromise there's always conflict.

>> No.57396995

Do you enjoy fantasy themes?

>> No.57397000

What's /v/ got to do with it? I simply said that I don't take philosophy courses on the ancient, classic, or early moderns. I start with the 1800's, and really no writers seriously till the 70's.

Monogamous relationships promote patriarchal ideas about owning your partner. I want him to he happy and not feel ashamed of his desires, and he wants the same for me.

Correct. I'd someone walks away from one of my campaigns with a net positive view of religion, god, gods, faith, or religious institutions, I have done them a great diservice.

>> No.57397006

>Ending that mix good and bad - i.e. you won but many people died along the way
>Heroes who go home again, only to realise they've outgrown their hometown
>hero/villain team-ups against a greater evil or natural disaster etc

>> No.57397016
File: 939 KB, 1046x627, vtmb taxi driver.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where to?

>> No.57397032

>I'm gay
We could tell.

>> No.57397083

>I'd [if] someone walks away from one of my campaigns with a net positive view of religion, god, gods, faith, or religious institutions, I have done them a great diservice.

Running games is supposed to be fun though, not about pushing your views on your players.

Organised religions can be great adversaries for player-parties but if every single one they come across is evil, corrupt and full of dickheads then you'll never be able to surprise them and they'll get jaded quickly.

>Someone is poisoning well? Best kick the shit out of the local priest

>> No.57397116

We're on the same side. I'm sorry if I've offended you. I'm just being honest.

There's nothing wrong with what I said. When the only perspective is from white males, it's always going to be wrong. That's why I don't create settings on my own. I ask PoC and female friends to provide input into my settings and campaigns so I do accidentally make it to male or white.

It depends. The mire cliche and stereotypical they are, the less I like them. Unless the tropes are being subverted. For instance LoTR as it is boring. But one where the Valar we're bad all along, Eowyn had a larger role, Arwen wasn't rediced to damsel in distress, fewer male leads, Orcs weren't evil cannon fodder, and non-white nation's such as Harad, etc, weren't evil. Basically I like progressive fantasy settings.

>> No.57397120

>>Pre-arranged marriages that, against what everyone predicts, end up working rather well.

>arranged marriage of a princess
>the guy turns out to be a decent guy and not some conceited noble or fat balding man

>> No.57397209

Fun is very important, but it's not the most important thing, no matter what you're doing. If my players walk away from a game thinking rape is okay, or enjoyed rape, or murder, or objectifying a woman, etc, I've obviously done something wrong.

Fun, yes, but not at the expense of their progressive values.

It's why I approve if what WoTC is doing with the Ixalan setting. Sure, might have been more fun for the fans if the Vamps won the golden city. (Sadly because of the demographics of the hobby it's the most popular factions.) Thankfully, WotC knows this is wrong and is changing the rules of the contest so the natives win.

>> No.57397271
File: 2.92 MB, 4270x2400, Dragon Crown tavern.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>You meet in a tavern
I don't care how or when but session 1; meeting in a tavern is a cliché that'll never get old to me.

Even when we did our monster campaign it was
>You just destroyed a town, you meet in a ruined remains of what was once a tavern

>> No.57397289

>the anatomy on that armormonkey
What the shitting christ

>> No.57397296

Okay, I can agree with you about rape, but you're kind of moving the goalposts there. You were originally talking about religion. Also, you know, you can...I dunno, just not have rape be an option, orrrrrrrr, you can let your players know beforehand what you're okay with and what you're not. There's no shame in that.

About the MtG controversy, yes, it's problematic the way things are going, but WotC shouldn't just rig the contest. If the contest were rigged the other way, you'd have an argument, both in ethics about subjugation and in the ethics of rigging games.

>> No.57397310

You didn't have to tell us you were gay. And the fact that you can only enjoy things that strongly reinforce your politics doesn't make you enlightened, it shows you to be pathetic, The part where you want to subvert someone else's work not because you think it'd be a fun twist, but because you have a political agenda is beyond such a word as pathetic. You make me long FOR a theocracy, so the irritant that you are could be rendered null.

>> No.57397350

We're talking about harmful beliefs. Rape, murder, religion, etc.

As for WotC, I'm only sorry they HAD to rig the contest. I'm glad they're doing it because it'd be racist for them to allow the Vamps to win. Ideally they'd have rigged it so no one knew and camps/racists got btfo'd without anyone knowing. Progressive values/right outcomes>fair or fun.

>> No.57397353

>If someone walks away from one of my campaigns with a net positive view of religion, etc. I have done them a great diservice

I'm sure your friends are just delighted that you go out of your way to tell them how to think when they just want to be a part of a cool story. It's a good thing you're gay. Own it, and don't breed.

>> No.57397361

>We're on the same side. I'm sorry if I've offended you. I'm just being honest.
I doubt that, since you turned out to be an incredibly hard trying shitposter while I'm being honest, and trying to keep up with the subject of the thread.
Also, as a side note (I'm really going ignore you, but it would be kind of you to indulge my curiosity in another post, even if I won't reply to you anymore than this one):
Are you completely inconsistent in your claims on purpose, or did you actually do your homework poorly and try to juggle too many baits and just lost track of it all?
You can't seriously wave around authors like Dawkins or Nietzsche while simultaneously desperately arguing radical left wing ideologies. Dawkins is a radical biological determinist, a man who argues that everything can be reduced to biological substance, thus implicitly arguing inherent gender differences and justifying inherent inequality among people. Radical left wing would not touch that with a stick, it's like defending Wilsons Sociobiology. Radical left wing desperately argues pure cultural determinism, and in general rejects application of hard sciences on anthropology and sociology.
As for Nietzsche, he is the author of the famous statement: "Women consider themselves deep, as they cannot see the bottom of their soul. Well, a table does not have a bottom either." He is one of THE most machist, misogynist assholes in the history of philosophy. Also an incredibly outspoken critic of left wing ideologies, and man who predicted that rejection of God is going to be the WORST thing that has ever happened in human history, but I'm sure you at least knew that.

Seriously, is this on purpose - to make the inconsistency even more annoying and provocative, or did you just not think this through?

And with that, I apologize to the rest of the thread for a non-relevant post: I've been meaning to end the post with couple more tropes that I love, but I can't think of any.

>> No.57397363

My friends are smart enough not to be religious, as is my boyfriend.

>> No.57397381

How could you possibly throw every religious doctrine ever in the same category for morality? How could you ever equate the teachings of someone like Jesus with rape? Do you have any religious friends?

>> No.57397382
File: 37 KB, 300x336, dontfeedthetroll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Please don't engage it

>> No.57397416

Dammit. I did. Shame on me. Shame on me.

>> No.57397443



>> No.57397447

Hey, guys, if he isn't a troll then we aren't going to change his mind. If he is then we should ignore him.
We're on 4chan for God's sake, you'd think we'd have been on the internet long enough to recognize C+-tier bait when we see it.

>> No.57397450

Why are you so islamophobic anon?

>> No.57397503

I should clarify, when I say murderhobo, I just mean wanderer. They don't HAVE to be a psychopath. pic related is a total hero.

>> No.57397510

My favorite variations so far have been:
>An aging powerful unattractive king marries a young beautiful girl that is terrified of him.
>He turns out to be a kind man that takes good care of her, teaches her how to be a good person herself, and after his too-soon death the queen reigns wisely until their son comes of age.
>A 20+ woman is married to a prepubescent boy.
>She does not complain, she does her best to be good to him, and wait until he grows up - eventually prove herself to be a reliable and faithful wife despite their age difference. Her good influence on him turns him into a good man eventually.

>> No.57397529

>Ywn anger fuck Anon for being a faggot on the internet

>> No.57397535


Why the fuck are you people seriously encouraging to keep up the ruse, kids? You are as bad as he is for enabling him.

>> No.57397566
File: 974 KB, 240x149, thumbsupgladiator.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57397600

>Correct. I'd someone walks away from one of my campaigns with a net positive view of religion, god, gods, faith, or religious institutions, I have done them a great diservice.

>I'm unable to keep my fantasy make-believe world with fantastic things such as magic and gods apart from the real world

>> No.57397614

how about
>older ruler marries young princess to further his influence
>she gets shipped off to his no nonsense fortified palace
>he seems cold and menacing but he actually cares about their marriage and wants it to be a warm one but doesnt know how to express himself very well since he has to deal with sycophants all around him

>> No.57397617

come on
don't do this
this was a good thread

>> No.57397638

We can always start a new one, this one is almost dead anyway.
>But seriously stop
>Definitely stop if there's a new thread.

>> No.57397657

>mfw this is unironically me. most of the time I just don't see arguing as worth it though.

>> No.57397677

>tiny heads
>chick with plate-bikini
>enormuos tits
>comically muscular dwarf

Such a great picture.

>> No.57397700

This is one if the reasons I like Darth Vader so much.

He will fucking end you for being incompetent but doesn't punish his men for things they can't actually control.

>> No.57397706
File: 81 KB, 624x628, bait dumbasses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.57397713

Makes me think back to what I think was by far the strongest moment of the otherwise hard-to-take-seriously Witcher saga:
The relationship between Emhyr and the Fake-Ciri. Damn, that was easily the most human moment in the entire pentalogy, and arguably the best thing Sapkowski ever wrote outside of the shorts.

>> No.57397726

>Dwarfs are basically small, bearded TOS klingons

I will never have this not be the case.

>> No.57397737
File: 3.63 MB, 2560x1440, v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

incase you dont know it is from dragons crown. The artstyle is full of thicc and extremely indulgent in the common fantasy tropes. Big titty and booty girls, muscular hunk men and crazy monsters.

>> No.57397749

Is this also bait in disguise?

>> No.57397758

>Rashoman style episodes
>Dragon kidnapping the princess
>True Love actually does have its own magic.

>> No.57397759

What, you haven't heard of Dragon's Crown?
I thought that shit was famous as one of the essential catalysts of the "sexualization of women" scandal. Also the sorceress' tits.

Has it really been that long?

>> No.57397761

I'll answer your question since you're polite, and because I'm sorry you have the wrong idea about me.

Nieztche, like most white men if his time, was only right about a few things. His views on women were disgusting. But he was right about God not existing. And what I admire about him, is his conviction in speaking the truth despite the perceived consequences. While I think the destruction of religion hurts in the short term, I agree with him, in the long term it can only be good.

Dawkins falls into a similar category. Right on much, but wrong on his focus of biology. That science itself is crap for the reasons you mentioned. It justifies racism and sexism. Trofim Lysenko had a much better idea, even if it's not perfect.

>> No.57397773
File: 415 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is hilarious

>> No.57397784

>in [Current year]

Humanity was a mistake, bring on the nukes

>> No.57397810
File: 9 KB, 210x230, Thrawn approves.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Grand Admiral Thrawn's the man you want for that, though. Best SW villain, and I'd not be surprised if he made Best Villain full stop. Space Rommel will promote you if you show initiative and fail to deal with a new situation, but if you try to equivocate and cover your ass he will show stern disapproval and standard military punishments, which is somehow much scarier than Vader's insanity ever was.

>> No.57397836

>You are pretty much the reason why I'm starting to be ashamed to admit that I am an atheist myself
I'm an atheist and a reduction secularist, and this is making me embarrassed for us. It's a direct mirror of the evangelicals who started me down the path in the first place

>> No.57397840

Going to look into it more, I think. For research purposes.

>> No.57397842

How very dogmatic of you.

>> No.57397850

>this fedorafag
>baiting this hard
well explain me one (1) thing, if religion is evil, but people are a mixed bunch who are able to overthrow cruel regimes in the end, WHY, just WHY there was no atheist society before XXth century?

>> No.57397857

laugh all you want. At least you can grip a nice butt while you fuck a nip mermaid

>> No.57397872

Yeah, you really don't see anyone as amazingly dedicated to shitposting. I have to feel some kind of almost-respect for that. Still, it should be a perma-ban offense, but at least he does answer my question. Anyone who knows and brings Lysenko into this DOES know what he is doing, so I take that as a subtle clue that the internal inconsistency is all part of the bait. So I guess that is settled.

Still... I mean WOW. I guess I just got used to much lazier trolling over the last years.

>> No.57397877
File: 12 KB, 783x172, Dragoncrown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorceress you say...

>> No.57397912
File: 810 KB, 800x1186, sorceress.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.57397914

Well, to be honest it is an obvious, if almost impressive bait. I feel stupid for not picking up on it earlier, but he really did wait to bring out the big guns after I posted that.

That said: nah, now I know I was wrong. People like him aren't really making a bad name for atheists. People who say similar stuff but are actually sincere about it are. This is just a one big joke.

>> No.57397920

Pretend you're speaking to a country boy mechanic, who the fuck is Lysenko?

>> No.57397944

>Dragon kidnaps the princess not for ransom or spite, but out of pity

>> No.57397976

Hey. Bro. Let's not.

>> No.57397992

If it is a troll, it's a good one. I'm just not convinced it as. Or rather, it doesn't matter, as I have met more people on campus exactly like this than I care to admit. Legitimately seem like a majority these days. Not even counting hives like Tumblr

As for me, I've always enjoyed it when the commoner girl with a heart of gold falls for the knight or nobleman, and they fall in love. I can trace this directly back to Tika from Dragonlance back in middle school.

>> No.57398000

Russian biologist who hated Darwinian theory of evolution (random chance - > best fit to environment - species changes/improves to fit environment).

Instead he proposed Lysenkoism: Creature learn stuff, rewrites it's genes, passes those genes on to it's offspring.


Or in simple terms, if you lift and get dem gains, your kids will by physically stronger than if you didn't lift.

It's provably wrong but fit soviet political beliefs of self-improvement over survival of the fittest/genetic lottery.

Stalin liked Lysenko so those who disagreed with his ideas got told to fuck off to the gulag

>> No.57398015

>princess mourns the dragon’s death when the knight comes to “save” her
Truely a great subversion of the regular trope

>> No.57398026

David Eddings seem to have a thing for having a child or someone who looks weak turn out to be, in one case, a literal god by the end or a powerful sorcerer by book, like, two. I liked that.

>> No.57398045

Oh. I just thought that was also a trope. I guess I just see it often enough.

>> No.57398069

>That science itself is crap for the reasons you mentioned. It justifies racism and sexism.

Bait, but some interesting effort has actually been put into this one so what the hell, I'll bite before the 404. What's true is already so, denying it doesn't help. Hell, genetics testing shows an almost exactly even spread of genetic variation both within and between arbitary ethnic groups even when you distinguish between SIX THOUSAND different characteristics of "races", at which point you've long gone past anything you could use to generalize about cultures. You couldn't get significantly closer to an explicit and comprehensive rejection of the bullshit "race realists" or whatever they call themselves now if you tried to fake one, at least if you go with Bayesian statistics and thus deny yourself the comfy refuge/trap of infinite certainty.


Pretty much. It's not self-consistent, it's dogmatic, it's pretty much entirely constructed of the Dunning-Kruger effect when it actually tries to lean into science. It's the Religious Right with a different hat on.


Soviet biologist/botanist. Evolution didn't sound commie enough because it lacked inheritability of acquired characteristics, so they went with some wierd Lamarckian construction instead because it fit the "work hard, produce soviet superman" thing better. Stalin grabbed hold of the idea and three thousand+ biologists got sent to the gulag for promoting sane science.

Stalin also didn't like computers and directed effort at less "brute-force" maths instead, which is why even nowadays you get less biologists and more theoretical mathematicians out of Russia.

>> No.57398087

Huh well I guess that's an interesting idea, but even a bumkin like me can look around and prove that wrong without much effort. Thanks for sharing though m8

>> No.57398106

>which is why even nowadays you get less biologists and more theoretical mathematicians out of Russia.

>less plantfuckers and more mathheads
wtf I love stalin nowq

>> No.57398114

This, subversion of classic tropes has become a trope itself, what a time to be alive.

>> No.57398146

>but even a bumkin like me can look around and prove that wrong without much effort
generally parents pass on their lifestyle. A healthy individual will care about his children's food and sports. So if you promote a healthy lifestyle for parents their children will follow. Naturally they wont be naturally improved in those fields but still, its not a weird idea. Ironically the communist idea of taking children from their parents ruins this

>> No.57398177

Oh, go screw yourself with a fractal fern, biology best science. ;)

Interested to see whether the biologists or the techno-nuts with their brain uploading and cryogenics manage to come up with a functional immortality treatment first, or a radical life-extension. I'm biased as hell, but I think the bio teams might be in with a better shot since we're already used to trying to develop better nanotech via beating it with assorted chemical sticks, we might not have to go ALL THE WAY to reconstructing a brain digitally and working out how to scan one into the other.

>> No.57398185

>less plantfuckers
This is not good.
If we rely on animal fuckers to engineer catgirls, then we must also rely on plantfuckers to create the tentacles to fuck them.

>> No.57398192

glad to help
yeah pretty much - Lysenko couldn't distinguish between environment and genes, and mistook the adaptability of living things to be them making changes at the genetic level.

Also a french guy called Lamarck proposed it first.

>> No.57398193

a pile of shit

>> No.57398207

You are my nigga

>> No.57398213

Oh I'm using this now, this is the good shit.

>> No.57398227

>Pretend you're speaking to a country boy mechanic, who the fuck is Lysenko?
He was a psedu-scientific maniac who actually played a pretty important role in famine of Ukraine and was responsible for screwing Soviet Biology Academia and personally destroyed lives of thousands of talented academians in the Soviet Union.
He was an agrarian, actually, who gain some level of renown and popularity by an accidental discover of a way to increase crop yields by freezing the grain before planting it. After gaining attention, he exploited the ideological insanity of Stalinist regime by declaring that actually, Biology HAS to follow the logic of Marxist revolutionary philosophy, denounced Darwin and the idea of "hereditary matter" (the theoretical formulation of what later would be proven by discovery of the genetic code) as bourgeois ploy to justify inherent inequality of the classes, and declared that Biology follow's Marx philosophy of history: E.g. transformation of species is governed by biological equivalent of class conflict, and results in progress through biological revolutions, rather than evolutions.

This insanity of course gained him Stalin's personal favor, and made him one of the most influential people in Russian biological academia. He was part of a larger ideological insanity called the Michurinism movement, which some speculate was really just a Academic equivalent of the famous Monsterprocess practice. It's a doctrine that involves deliberately nonsensical and absurd claims being declared by the state as undeniable truth, and demonstrative punishment acted out on of those who question them in order to manifest the unlimited power of the state ideology, having complete authority over rationality, science and common sense.

He was an insane and sinister figure, did outlaw OUTLAW GENETICS. His incredibly absurd and idiotic theories were often put into practice, resulting in huge loss of resources and untimately even lives.

>> No.57398229

>not wanting to master the fractal patterns of the brain to be able to permanently set the cat girl on IN HEAT mode

>> No.57398275
File: 10 KB, 93x158, 14390932_1852855991611325_508444682164280822_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making the magical realm a reality is a multidisciplinary effort.

>> No.57398288

fuck biologists though. They constantly bully us in the natural sciences building

>> No.57398361

> after the epic level party kills the big bad, create an "end of the old west" setting
> the villain's army of monsters has disbanded, creating primitive societies of their own
> kingdoms are puuting more focus on magic and technological advancement
> peace is fragile, and war could easily erupt between great powers
> new party's goal is not clear at first, but eventually shit goes down and they are forced to choose sides
> the old party exists in the setting as living legends and heroes

>> No.57398372

>He was an insane and sinister figure, did outlaw OUTLAW GENETICS. His incredibly absurd and idiotic theories were often put into practice, resulting in huge loss of resources and untimately even lives.
Just to make things clear, Lysenco wasn't a clear Lamarkian. And while he started as a barely educated fuck who got lucky, later in his life he did achieve some degree of education on the subject. Valery Soyfer, one of the best authors analyzing the history of the Michurin movement, actually personally witnessed him carefully studying western genetic journals, and even had his students explain the parts he did not understand to him. What he did was not an academic mistake: what he did was pure calcul: he desired power and influence within the regime, and as such proposed "scientific claims" that mirrored the ideological interests of the Regime.
I think Lepeshinska actually may have believed a lot of what she claimed, but Lysenko knew, from the start, pretty much precisely what is wrong about what he was stating. He just did not care.

Much like with todays left-wing attitudes towards biology, Biology was despised up in Soviet Union because it was far greater threat to incorrect social theories. That alone should tell you why we should actually listen to them now.
Math and physics were more distant from social theories, and thus posed less of an ideological threat. They were also more easily weaponized. Biology, on the other hand, makes for poor weapon manufacturing (there is a reason why most military doctrines do not favor biological weapons), but posed questions that were threatening the whole radical left wing ideological foundations at their very core.

>> No.57398416

But anon that would need for my group to actually get through a campaign!

>> No.57398463

>todays left-wing attitudes towards biology

To be honest, I've seen rather more bullshit coming out of the right on that one, if only because the religious lot want to justify their creation stories and literalism and the racists want to justify their racism. Still, something about planks and specks there since I'm a social democrat, even if I don't really give a damn about identity politics. Schadenfreude is fun either way, any good silliness?

>> No.57398501

>The old, seemingly feeble man tells his bodyguards to stand back and steps forward to confront the danger

>> No.57398547

biology isn't inherently right or left wing, like all hard science it just is - but since it doesn't conform to either ideology you get the extremists on both ends hating it. Or trying to manipulate it to support their own goals.

>> No.57398553

death is also a campaign end.

use a beholder. Those things are insane (and really cool

>> No.57398569

If you've survived to be an old, feeble man you ought to be on the "old kung fu master"/"Cohen the Barbarian" level. The way to get old whilst being in a fighting profession is to be really fucking good at it.

>> No.57398589

>big bad tells his guards to stand back because he wants to finish this personally

>> No.57398653

That's pretty obvious to anyone with more than the bare minimum of science education. Was asking if you had any fun examples.

We need to steal another German word, we don't have one to describe "pleasure at another's incompetence" that I know of.

>> No.57398743

>To be honest, I've seen rather more bullshit coming out of the right on that one,
It is true that shit is getting bad at both ends of the spectrum, especially since alt-right has become a thing. But until rather recently, the THOROUGH attack on biology across all social and liberal academia was coming in majority from the left, and has left behind a serious damage. The american religious conservativism is a JOKE compared to the actual damage people like Mead, Sahlins, Gould, Lewotin, the entirety of gender studies and feminism had caused in my area of studies - anthropology, sociology, psychology. The examples aren't particularly funny. Read the Gould controversies, or Lewotin "Not in Our Genes" if you are interested. It's just throughly depressing, annoying and at times, disgusting. It's not so much incompetence, as it is a pretty clear malice or arrogant power-hungry dogmatism.

>> No.57398883


Who made you this edgy?

>> No.57399332

Ah, that explains that. Usually the cranks, creationists and crackpots we get trying to tear down the more physical side of bioscience make rather simple targets of themselves by wandering off into whatever area of science provides them with more points to spam in debates rather than anything remotely concrete.

Only thing I've heard of from either one of those two is SJ Gould's Non-overlapping Magisteria thing, which just looked like a convenient cop-out of arguing to me.

>> No.57399558

Dinner Roll Horses
Gravy Boat Artilery

>> No.57399660

Sorta happened to me in Exalted. I was an Immaculate Monk Dragonblooded Exalt & it turned out my sifu was a Solar. I was pretty vehement about Solars before this so it was a pretty good chance for character growth

>> No.57400370

>couples who fight in tandem

I also really love the identical twins who fight in tandem trope too

>> No.57400416

Oh thrawn is quite possibly the most overlooked villain in fiction. He was a great character, written by a great writer

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