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So, I bought this. Does anyone have any advice for a first time dungeon master? Anything I should look out for when I'm leading my stupid friends through the first scenario?

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-Your players will always do something you didn't plan for
-Don't be the fun police but don't let your player walk all over you
-Don't be afraid to punish your players

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Don't be surprised if they don't give a fuck about their employer being kidnapped, and deciding to keep going to the village without investigating the cave. As such, make sure you read more than just the scenario you expect them to do.

Make sure you read their backgrounds if they're using the pre gen characters, as they can tie into different parts of the story.

Don't be surprised if you nearly kill them several times. They're level one and even falling damage can fuck them up severely. During the last fight in the goblin cave, I had one player go from full health to negatives from one hit in the first round. Remind them to utilize healing spells and items, as well as resting. You should also be keeping track of their health so you are aware of howthe party is doing before throwing a random ambush at them.

You can also make combat as easy or difficult as you want. In the aforementioned fight, my players were getting their shit pushed in, but they managed to kill the boss of the goblins, while leaving several minions alive. I figured that rather than slog it out a few more rounds, which would have likely killed them, the minions freaked out after seeing their boss die and fled.

Finally, have fun, drink some beer to get a light buzz going. You're all there to have fun, and a little bit of alcohol can help ease any jitters you might have.

Posting on mobile, so sorry if the post is shitty.

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Go to the /5eg/, or 5e general.
They have links so you can download all the books for free.

Read the Dungeon Master's Guide. It has all the best advice. A lot won't sink in until you actually play and come to understand the game, but it's far better advice than the mixed messages you're going to get from here.

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>Don't be the fun police but don't let your player walk all over you
>Don't be afraid to punish your players

This, absolutely. I've had some really shitty DMs who let us do whatever, with no consequences for us doing stupid shit. Rule of cool has its limits, and just giving players what want makes for a boring and unsatisfying game.

Make them work for it, and punish them when they do stupid shit. It'll make victory all the sweeter.

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Try to avoid saying no to your players unless they do something completly fucking retarded

Don't plan ahead too far. Your players will always find a way to completly and utterly destroy the story you had planed

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That set was literally made for people like you

Don't worry about being good because you won't be good
Worry about being fun because you can be fun
Its not railroading if they don't notice

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Can we keep this going? I'm trying to build a campaign myself, and IF I even get it finished, it'd be my first time being a DM. I've gotten a few things written down, but I usually get so paranoid about doing it "right" that I can't do anything at all. I know this is mainly a confidence problem, but if I could get some tips on NPC creating, world building, ANYTHING, that'd help.

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Your goals may be a bit lofty given your inexperience. As far as doing NPCs and worldbuilding...look to modules and shit like what OP posted. By no means do you have to run the Lost Mines of Phandelver, but reading through it or other adventures can give you an idea on how to do those things. And hell, steal what you like from different modules, get rid of what you don't like, move shit around, etc and suddenly you have an "original" campaign for a fraction of the work.

Work smarter, not harder.

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OP here, I'll definitely be doing the lost mines. My friends and I agreed that we're probably better off dipping our feet in all the pre-made stuff first.

Do you guys ever have trouble getting your players to improvise and act out, or be willing to be creative? I'm a little worried that they won't be willing to really play, or ever throw out some sort of unorthodox solution. Are there any tricks that might help more reserved players open up a bit?

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If is your first setting, is going to suck no matter how hard you try to make it good, especially with no experience Dming, and that's perfectly fine. Stop torturing yourself about getting things right and just try to actually have something you can run. Your first drawing/song/woodwork/game is never going to be good, is not supposed to, is there so you can practice, doing it over and over is the only way to become good at it. Stop worrying about how bad you work is, so you can improve is the way to solve a confidence problem.

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>Your goals may be a bit lofty given your inexperience.
You're probably (more than likely) right, but I still want to DO it, y'know? I've played a few games before, I can easily make characters and stories, and I guess I'm just easily inspired? I want to make all of these things, but I don't want to have it be "broken" or go against already standing rules.

I'll look into reading premade adventures, maybe check out a .pdf thread. Anything else?

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Don't give out loot and nice thing Willy Nilly. It's fun to give someone a magic sword but you need to keep in mind player balance and what level they are

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The first goblin ambush on the road is shockingly easy and will likely lull the party into a false sense of security if you aren't careful. I'd add a few extra goblins or something if i were you, just to stop the difficulty spike being so brutal

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read this OP

I adapted Phandelver into my own setting and had some skeleton for a beginning middle and end, but now Ive just shifted the direction of my ideas competely to enhance the open world aspect instead. My original plan can still occur, but the tracks remain unseen.

Watch lots of adventure and action movies, read pulp books and comjcs. I wont list any as Im sure you thought of some at least. A frame of reference can do wonders for you and my players appreciate my descriptions of the action more for it (remember that one scene? and so forth)

tldr; just be ready to do a plot scene in a different place

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