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first for admech

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2nd for wholesome nid gf

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first for xenos

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GW Half Year Results 2017: Revenue, £108.9m (£55.3m 2 Years Ago). Profit, £38.8m (£6.2m 2 Years Ago). Online sales up 71%. Trade (FLGS) sales up 63%. Retail (GW store) sales up 35%

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>enemy psyker perils
>pay 1CP for him to take 2d3 MWs
>he dies, exploding bunch of around him as well

Most understated Chaos Strategem.

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It would be better if they stop wasting money in Thai boi pussy

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It's really nice and interesting to see Thousand Sons fans speculate and imagine what kind of cool stuff GW could do with their different schools of sorcery. Pavoni, Pyrae, all that shit. But there's no way in hell that 1ksons don't just get some WC9 spell: roll 9d6 for every unit of 9 or more models within 9", each roll of a 9 causes 0.9 mortals wounds for every 9th unit

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>The net impact in the six months to 26 November 2017 of exchange rate fluctuations was a gain of £0.3 million

They are profiting from Brexit


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We support Brexit here, shitlord

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in his sweaty fucking cowpat mudhut shithouse

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Presumably Europe at this point, as it's not really popular here in England with the incredibly shitshow they are make of what was already a shit plan.

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Does anyone have the laughs in bioplasma image? I need it for reasons.

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I'm just happy to have my codex back. What are the odds we get a start collecting box?

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>tfw no wholesome nid gf
>tfw no normal gf either

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this is what remainers desperately believe

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You don't think the Tories are making a complete dog's breakfast of it? They are in utter chaos and basically had to agree to whatever Europe wanted because time was running out for a deal. They should have held off on actually pulling the lever on leaving until after they had some of the process worked out.

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High. could have tzaangors stuff in it. Maybe not AoS stuff. Scarab occult, 10 tzaangors and idk exalted sorc(s?). idk if those can be separated from 3s

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reposting for more opinions: would you care if my Black Knights only had 1 plasma talon each? Would you care if I fielded a custom landraider to count as any other variant?

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It's still a good springboard for homebrew if nothing else.

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A. I probably wont notice unless you tell me
B. If you make it clear which variant you're using before the game, sure

I mean, in general I'd encourage you to keep your army as WSYIWYG as possible, just to be polite for your opponents.
But if you wanna run things that way, sure. Just be aware some anons will get pissed about stuff like this.

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I take issue with the idea that it's not popular in England anymore, two thirds want brexit:

As for the Tories handling of it, it hasn't been pretty but you need to remember how many reports of how talks are progressing come from pro-remain papers, and especially how many are from EU sources that are of course invested in making the process look as difficult as possible.

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Anyone have a Salamanders Successor Chapter?

Obviously Second Founding is out of the question (what with the lack of Salamanders and everything), but what about later chapters?

I'm thinking about making Salamanders that focus on heavy weapons and chunky units rather than fire.

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What should I work on tg, My Slaaneshi mono army or my Eldar?

The daemon book seem utterly uninspired for Slaanesh armies so there is next to no change other then having to use two books for our haralds now and no point changes from the index so not much new under the sun.

On the other hand I do love my Daiz minis to bits.

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black dragons

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Mind you: The counterpoint to that is that was done by a single study by the Mail on Sunday which is a pro-leave paper so it's readers (And thus the people who are voting in it's poll) would likely be inherently pro-leave.

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>Key to this sales performance has been our commitment to talking with our customers. We have a great, global community who are both loyal and passionate. Over the last six months we have - again - doubled the number of customers interacting with us on social media.

>We’ve supported these customers with daily content for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000, and increased our video output to more than one video every day, reaching over 100,000 people per day. We’ve also continued to develop warhammer-community.com and created new brand content sites. In the last six months alone, our content has had 16.3 million views from 2.5 million users, and this increase shows no sign of stopping.

So looks like /tg/ really is irrelevant.

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Funded by them, but not taken from a random selection of their readership

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/tg/ has always been irrelevant.

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>We do not consider that we have material solvency or liquidity risks. We also feel that it is too early to tell what the effects will be on Games Workshop of the UK Government invoking Article 50 of the Treaty of Lisbon, notifying the European Council of its intention to withdraw from the European Union. The greatest risk is the same one that we repeat each year, namely, management. So long as we have great people we will be fine. Problems will arise if the board allows egos and private agendas to rule. I will do my utmost to ensure that this does not happen.

LMAO is that shots fired at Kirby

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To the surprise of no one.

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10 Rubrics, 5 Scarab Occult or 10 Tzaangors, and Exalted Sorcerers or Terminator Sorcerer.

>> No.57336290

redpill me on Kirby

>> No.57336292

Had my first metal miniatures arrive today. I like the cool little white citadel box they come in.

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He was the guy in charge before.

He made GW quite insular and led to some bad sales data for a while.

>> No.57336304

I've seen reports in the past 6 months that a poll showed that more than 50% of participants would now vote remain in a second referendum. Can't remember where and don't have time to post citation unfortunately.

My point being that polls like both of these greatly depend on who's being polled, who's doing the polling and who's doing the reporting.

On a side note, I haven't seen or heard a single brexiteer comment on how excited they are to see brexit progressing since the initial referendum.

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How did you come to that conclusion? After a 10 year hiatus from warhamalams you fuckers brought me back in and the "new GW" has been able to keep me hyped about it ever since, I've also brought my wife and a few of my friends into the fold now so that should count for something

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DESU There are only 3 things i want outta the codex for T sons, a silver tower either super heavy or heavy, and our psyker dreads, and not shit scarab occult terminators.

>> No.57336316

OK well anecdotal evidence doesn't count for much.

>> No.57336318


I'll admit, I'd like to see more information about how they weighed stuff/how they compensated for different response rates (As I imagine they got much lower ones from people who don't like the paper itself).

As there are other polls like the independent's which say otherwise and equally claim they weighed it properly.

>The BMG poll involved 1,447 individuals surveyed between 12-15 September. Results are weighted to reflect the profile of GB adults.

Though the poll I find most entertaining is the one from the Business insider that England's Brexit has increased the popularity of the EU among most of it's member nations. (Greece is, not surprisingly, a major exception)

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Commissar Doesn't agree with you

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I was thinking of going Black Dragons or Storm Giants but I'm not a fan of alot of black/white (which sucks in this case).

>> No.57336338

Successors have successors m8, go <your favorite color> drakes instead

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I just want the Scarab Occult Aspiring Sorceror to be a full fledged sorceror ahain, and not shit smite.

Also, I want it so that when I use generic Sorcerers (like sorcerers in terminator armour) get access to the better AP bolters.

>> No.57336345

the black dragon lore is pretty good and could make for some great conversions though

>> No.57336363

Oh absolutely, I've got some spare Dryad bits from Sigmar so they can be used as bone spikes.

Maybe I can bring some more green into it and just use the black as a main body colour.

>> No.57336368

This, mostly this.
Also make Aspiring Sorcerers less shit, they're what take an average unit (rubrics) and make them terrible.

>> No.57336383

Normal T sons are just pretty crappy right now, like the scarab occult is a bad unit, which is sad, they need to come down in point cost.

ditto, Rubrics lost their Psyker powers a lot.and if the beta rule goes though, which it is sounding like it will, its gonna be a massive kick to the dick of both tzeentzch and t sons.

>> No.57336398

just read the gw 1d4 chan thread

>> No.57336408

This year has been peak hysteria when it comes to Brexit, an increase in support for the EU was inevitable. Didn't help that basically major forecaster predicted 0.8-1.2% growth for the year, which now looks like it'll end up at 1.7%.

I'd like to see whether EU support keeps growing on the continent once the UK has left and is economically largely the same as when it was a member (and paid so much for the privilege).

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The guy who is responsible for killing specialist games and the shit show that is AoS

>> No.57336413

I’m mostly kicking myself that I built my Scarab with the flamer, never got a game in, and then 8th dropped.

Another hope actually, while I remember. I hope they add 40k ‘bits’ to the new tzaangor models..... but I doubt it. They seem pretty tacked on

>> No.57336424

I mean with both Scarab Occult and Rubric Marines, the non psyker parts of the unit are actually alright but not great.
If the Unit's psykers were actually good you wouldn't even necessarily have to change anything about the rest of the unit to have them be worthwhile.

>> No.57336426

>40k bit
They already have those, the current tzengor models have laz pistols and chain swords you silly bean.

>> No.57336430

> Our new Global Head of IT and her
team are making steady progress.
> her team

>> No.57336449

No we're talking about the Shamans and Enlightened/Skyfires.

>> No.57336452

Well thats the problem, rubrics and occult are only Alright. They are an elite choice for every other army, but over all they are a MEH, unit. Slow moving, not a lot of weapon options, VERY expensive. Scarab occult, being locked into power swords is fine, but they have no capability of killing heavy support.

>> No.57336463

Ohhhhhh ok gotcha yeah.

>> No.57336468

i bet she's more talented that you are

>> No.57336475

>diversity hire

>> No.57336480

>global head of IT
>diversity hire
ok m8.

>> No.57336485

>nerd has to blame diversity for his lack of a job so he doesnt have to admit its his own damn fault

>> No.57336488

sure, but probably not more talented than the guy they denied the position to

>> No.57336493

>and now we see the incel in his habitat, in a futile attempt to defend from perceived interlopers

>> No.57336501

Not the guy you replied to, but there is no position safe from diversity hiring.

>> No.57336503

>desperately trying to defend a hypothetical man rather than just admit he's scared of women in the workplace

>> No.57336504

NO to be fair, there are higher up positions that are just diversity fills. We have someone in our company who has no one reporting to her, reports directly to the CEO, and whos title is, "Chief of staff." Now tell me, what the fuck does a Chief of staff do?

>> No.57336507

And you're not him either.

>> No.57336515

Takes care of the staffs, duh. You want people going out with shitty walking sticks?

>> No.57336517

>weirdly pretending diversity hires aren't rampant now

>> No.57336520

/40kg/ I think I have a problem.

Not shown: 6 boxes of GSC acolytes +
GSC HQ box, and
the $1000 order of Death Guard/Nurgle shit I still have coming in the mail

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>> No.57336529

>at sucking off CEOs

>> No.57336530

Too much money is the opposite of a problem

>> No.57336532

im glad someone is supporting GSC

>> No.57336534

I found the feminist40k supporter

>> No.57336540

What? That you are a GW stooge who keeps buying the newest toy without finishing your current model, a hobby sin, then come onto a message board to try and get justification for being a corporate whore, and have such a pathetic life you need to have people oo and ah over your toy soldiers?
I mean, ok sure good on you?

>> No.57336552

>trying to trigger anyone with this
My last order was 400€ worth of 30k custodes, so your little collection is rather dissapointing

>> No.57336555

poorfag SEETHING

>> No.57336561

> Commi can instakill a guardman without rolling to hit, wound, and armor save
> Marine have a chance to fail at killing guardman at point blank range

So, is that mean Commis are better at bolter pistol than marines?

>> No.57336563

what about your wife's son?

>> No.57336581


It kind of worked >>57336540

>> No.57336585

For another redo of Rubrics and related units: Swap All is Dust for +1 wound and a fixed 4++ save, make all inferno bolt weapons AP -3, and cut the cost of Warpflame weapons a little.

That's a very drastic change and might be too much though.

>> No.57336589

Convert GSC guys into Servitors. Yay or Nay?
Also, how hard will that be? Those Tyranid symbols seem to be a bitch to remove.

>> No.57336595

Don't forget the Relentless part of All is Dust!

>> No.57336598

Of course.

>> No.57336603

That is nowhere near enough carnifexes for a proper monster mash

>> No.57336606

Aside from detachment guidelines, is there any reason to take a 4x Lascannon Predator over x2 Lascannon Razerbacks?

- Same BS/Toughness
- 11 Predator wounds vs 2x 10 Razerback wounds.
-Razerbacks able to transport infantry

It's only saving 40 points by taking the single Predator. I mean, the rule of cool calls out for one badass tank, but is there any reason besides points, the 1 Predator stratagem and detachments that I shouldn't take the Lazerbacks?

>> No.57336618

Not being a WAACfag is always a good thing.

>> No.57336621

>i bet she's more talented that you are

Remember when Kirby's wife was hired as IT head for Games Workshop and make a shitshow of it?

I do, you obviously don't since you've showed up in the past five minutes you SJW prick.

>> No.57336623

>friend wants to play a game tomorrow
>ok sure
>he's bringing tryanids
>actually I'm busy

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>> No.57336637

file/cut off what you can then add a purity seal

>> No.57336642

Silver Towers could be neat.

>> No.57336647

>incel damage control

>> No.57336675

I can't deal with nids. I either don't have enough small guns and get murdered by the gorillion bodies or get murdered by the big guys because I mistakenly thought I could bring enough small guns to kill the little guys.

>> No.57336682

Anyone who exports goods benefits when the exchange rate decreases slightly. Using brexit to cause that is like giving yourself ebola to lose weight...

>> No.57336685

What is with gamesworkshop vitriol hatred of pyschic units.

>> No.57336692

2 razorbacks seems best because the dudes inside mean potentially 2-4 less deployment drops for you, it saves them from being deleted if you dont get first turn, your opponent cant just focus fire a strong source of anti-armor and if you have melee dudes the razorbacks can block line of sight to disable overwatch

>> No.57336702

have you considering getting good and keep trying different lists

>> No.57336719

they learned how people fucking hate warhammer fantasy magic

and soon they will learn how people fucking hate soup armies

>> No.57336723

My best guess is that the rules writers never play with anything more than 1 librarian and then got scared shitless after seeing the psychic deathstars of 6th and 7th.

>> No.57336730

what a faggit
Seriously tho, unless he's playing Kronos shooty nids or a mixed hive fleets, nids really arent that bad.

>> No.57336731

Ah yes. The classic trust a single poll but not the press. Used by the left and right crazies to justify their world view.

If you actually believe that restricting trade, jobs, and services is going to help the UK in the long run you are pedantic.

>> No.57336747

Do the SoS have enough of a range to justify buying them to convert to Sisters of Battle? It seems easy enough honestly, like headswap and add some fleurs de lis to the armor easy. They look like they have enough weapon options to do the job too, but I could be wrong.

>> No.57336759

Yes. I'd rather not play than bag my head against a wall of fuck.

That's what he plays, though.

>> No.57336762

what army do you play anyway

>> No.57336766

You'd need a backpack, too. SoS don't actually wear power armor.

>> No.57336780

Fuck, ya got me there. That's really not a hard job though all things considered.

>> No.57336784

It's funny then that they continue to create a system that incentivizes having singular powerful psykers cast high impact spells, rather than one that supports lots of weaker psykers casting smaller more reasonable spells.

>> No.57336788

Kronos shooty nids or mixed hive fleets?
Kronos has its weaknesses, that can be exploited. If its mixed hive fleets tell him he's a total cuck and BTFO him anyway

>> No.57336801

Good to hear, remember to wash it.

>> No.57336814

Night lords, so he's immune to me, plus has more than enough shit to ruin any deepstrikes.

Both. He has Kronos shooty and behemoth for the melee blobs iirc.

>> No.57336817

I got a bunch of bitz off ebay not too long ago. Can anyone help me out with identifying some of these more obscure ones?

>> No.57336826

Refusing to play someone because of their army is alright but refusing a friend makes you a twat.

>> No.57336827


tfw you are a normal man who doesn't go insane at the mere mention of women, who chose a hobby populated by incels.

Get your shit together my dudes.

>> No.57336842


Currently painting up a Dark Angels force, never touched 40k. Are nids busted or am I missing something here? Serious question, I'm completely fucking clueless.

>> No.57336860

>"Normal man"
>Pretends he doesn't know that women are diversity hires

>> No.57336866

>nids really arent that bad.
As someone who plays kraken, they really are.
>mass turn 1 charges eating all his chaff
>his main force has one turn to delete my ENTIRE army before I bend him over

>> No.57336879

Will do anon

>> No.57336881

Well from what i can see you got bits for half a landspeeder in there

>> No.57336898

>eldar are tankier and dont instantly regret melee but slower
>eldar remain the same

I feel like the problem is that you have to be a horses ass to play eldar properly.

>> No.57336900

Well I had a really close game against my friend's Nids with my Crimson Fists. He had genestealer spam, and I didn't even get first turn.

>> No.57336905

Amen brother.

>> No.57336915


Eldar are suppose to be fragile and evasive anon. What's next, you want them to have reanimation protocols and toughness 5 ?

>> No.57336935

nids are top 3 easy

>> No.57336948

You can fluff it by giving them a flat -1 to hit in close combat cause they're so fast.

That and they're fragile but their armor Is supposed to be the best out there.

>> No.57336953

is that all the bits lol, I hope you got more.
Looks like a chaos dreadnought?

The missiles are off a land speed typhoon, so that's probably what some of the other parts are.

>> No.57336956

The missile-pod arm things, yeah? I figured they might be from something like that, thanks.

>> No.57336963

I am pretty sure about what i circled in and i missed the Gun Shield for the Eldar Heavy Weapon Team

>> No.57336974

Get fucked edgefag
Also tell him to stop running behemoth and start running kraken for his melee bugs

>> No.57336993

wanna be my gf then anon?

>> No.57336994

Your razorbacks will have to move to put their transport ability to use, so the predator is more likely to remain BS3 while the transports go BS4. If you take razorbacks, either take them as a better AT option and sit them still and empty in the back of your board or take them as transports that happen to be decent AT.

>> No.57336995

That worm thing in the top roght is a guo tongue

>> No.57337011

>tfw Ulthwe vehicles have the Iron Hands trait and Iron Hands vehicles don't

>> No.57337016

Nah, I got a load of other Space Marines and Guard stuff with it, this is the part of it I wasn't certain about.
Actually, there were arms for one of the old Chaos Dreads in it as well.
Thanks anon, much obliged.

>> No.57337019

they're meant to be twin linked anon, so there should be two of them per bike.

>> No.57337029

>tfw Ulthwe vehicles
Do you mean fnp?
The army has that.

>> No.57337034

Ha ha, fuck you, you get more goat-bird people instead.

>> No.57337039

How the hell do you guys one turn kill an entire army? I mean templates and blasts are gone so you'll have to kill them one by one.

>> No.57337052

Yes but Space Marine traits only apply to infantry, bikers, and dreadnoughts.

Ulthwe has FNP vehicles and Iron Hands don't.

>> No.57337056

Shoot at everything.
A lot.

>> No.57337065

quick go tell that Kelly guy in the White House his job is meaningless

>> No.57337067

New Rumour Engine

What is it?

Genestealer Cults?

>> No.57337072

Probably some new Nurglite model's scrotum

>> No.57337078

Giant chicken.

Should be xenos though.
Maybe some ork or Kroot unit.

>> No.57337079

Looks like Daemons to me.

>> No.57337080

it's always ground marines anon

>> No.57337083

Tzeentch shit

>> No.57337084

>previous dumbfuck CEO who hired retards like matt ward means current CEO is too stupid to determine if a woman is capable of being their Chief of IT.

>> No.57337091

Custodes Deathwatch Pauldron
Either that or Grey Custodes Librarian

>> No.57337096

sell your army

>> No.57337097

Rogue Traders often have their own armies correct? If I wanted to say make a cossack themed Rogue Trader army the best thing for me to do would be using the Guard right?

>> No.57337110


>> No.57337115

Maybe. Vostroyan firstborn veterans, i guess.

>> No.57337119

Wealthy Rogue Traders can have substantial armies yes

>> No.57337124

the spines and "feather" detail suggest something Tzeentchian.

So it's probably the head of a lord of change skewered on the lance of the newest great stormcast hero.

>> No.57337131

Lmao did a girl steal your university place or something? Get off the internet and realise not everything is as bad as it makes it out to be

>> No.57337135

>Rogue Traders often have their own armies correct?
Yes. Obviously the bigger the rogue traders stash, or the bigger their value to the imperium is, the more resources they can acquire.
>If I wanted to say make a cossack themed Rogue Trader army the best thing for me to do would be using the Guard right?

>> No.57337141

I figured I'd have to use them since they are based on Cossacks last I checked.
Thanks guys.

>> No.57337144

As long as it isn't too much humanity ftw and have no DKoK it should be mighty fine

>> No.57337149

>being this much of a stereotype

>> No.57337151

>Obtain one backpack
>Make a mold with a dozen lego 2x4 bricks, $1 silicone sealant and $2 spray vegetable oil
>Get some dirt-arse cheap resin or even air-dry fucking clay
>Mass produce that shit

>> No.57337159

back of a tzentch demon

>> No.57337162

Why does the Blood Angels codex still have rules for legacy units? The lore says they were nearly wiped out.

>> No.57337173

While i tend to agree to that pic, a true neutral just wouldn't care as long as it isn't in his way

>> No.57337177

Probably so people can still use their models
Not everyone is FAAC, anon

>> No.57337179

I want to matingpress an ugly Tau.
And then again and again and drift of to sleep while suckling her tits together with her as she leglocks me subconsciously throughout the night. Hugging and warming up each other.

For the emperor :^)

>> No.57337183

How many Black Templars upgrade kits do I need to buy to kit out the Start Collecting SM battlefield?

>> No.57337188

>the internet speaks

>> No.57337196

>implying otherwise
i don't agree with the women shit anon, but someone in the upper management is retarded at geedubs. it's just tradition as this point.

>> No.57337201


>> No.57337207

>Just a reminder that the first computer programmer in the entire fucking world was a lady
>She wrote programs that work perfectly for a computer that didn't exist for over another century
>And she was a fabulous fucking bitch as well

>> No.57337210

I get this is bait and all but

>> No.57337211

Fluff at all costs?

>> No.57337225

everyone is a cunt in their own special way anon.

>> No.57337230

>400€ worth of 30k custodes
I didn't know they sold under-strength squads

>> No.57337241

Just a little reminder sobfags

>> No.57337242

>Cossack army
>having DKoK
Two of these things are not like the other.

>> No.57337248

Was honestly thinking about it. Night Lords are shit, and the satisfaction of painting them is hollow when they suck on the table.

>> No.57337251

because nu-lore is trash and the setting lets you play out shit before bobby g woke up and brought mass cancer to the imperium.

>> No.57337261

Can we cut all the /pol/ shit already? It's getting old

>> No.57337272

It's an Octopus, so probably part of the Deep Aelves coming to AoS.

>> No.57337274

First time seeing Ogryns today. A bit fuckmad huge

>> No.57337277


>> No.57337282

That's an Ethereal. Different castes have different physiology.

>> No.57337283

Right? They make Terminators and Custodian Guard look tiny and scrawny.

>> No.57337288

Is pic related a good choice for an IG army ? For less than 160pts, you have a supersonic vehicle with 14W, which can fire 43 S5 shots a turn, with a +1 to hit on things that cannot fly. That compensates the shooting heavy weapons while moving penalty, and allows it to hit on 3+ when in hover mode.

>> No.57337290

How do guard players store half of their shit, it's mental

>> No.57337292

>implying you can destroy faith planet

>> No.57337293

>autistic hobby
>attracts autistic /pol/ tier spergs
no anon it's gotta be in every thread, it's tradition.

wtf are deep aelves?

>> No.57337296

Would put it in and never pull out while snuggling and cuddling with her.

>> No.57337302

>Weird crystal thing on head
>No nasal passage
>No hooves
Not a Tau
>Chest has been stripped down to muscle so we can't tell if it has breasts of not
>Genital region obscured
Can't even tell if Not!Tau is female

>> No.57337303

Where can I find a summary of the point value changes in the chaos daemons codex?

>> No.57337310

only if only pale losers who spend their time on a tajikistani flint knapping forum were a diversity hire either

>> No.57337313

Aelves of the deep.

>> No.57337314

>not a diagram of thicc earth caste

>> No.57337320

You can suck my CAAC while you're at it

>> No.57337322

Just out of interest, what does your list look like? I run Kraken as well, but I kinda have trouble sometimes, I feel like every other nid player on 40kg is getting some kind of "secret strat" I'm missing.

My main opponents are Altaioc Reaper Spam, Graia/Metallica/Stygies Admech (depends on whom he's facing, Space Wolves, Imperium soup ala cart Girlyman-Celestine-Stormravens-Razorbacks, and Mixed Nid Hive Fleet.

>> No.57337329

I fucking hate Ogryns. Guard is supposed to be about waves of tiny Your Dudes in between massive war machines. Ogryn completely ruin the aesthetic.

They should've dropped space ogres like they did space dwarves.

>> No.57337330

>Diversity hire

Pick two.

>> No.57337335

Is it ever a bad time to buy any given Valkyrie variant?

>> No.57337337

One upgrade kit can go a long way, just remember not to use too many bits on one model

>> No.57337339

>wtf are deep aelves?
Literally sea elves.
It came from an old and never funny meme that the next WHFB army was always going to be Fish People.

>> No.57337351

Ogryns are fine and all in moderation, what really burns my ass are Bullgryns.

>> No.57337363

Oh, and Ogryn Bodyguards, but that's more of a rules thing than an aesthetic thing.

>> No.57337364

hence the "if only"

>> No.57337369

Yes, you'll save loads of money

>> No.57337371

Nah specialised dudes the size of a tank looks cool behind 100 tiny dudes.

Wish we had some squat loaders for artillery unit.

>> No.57337373

You're doing it wrong

>> No.57337376

But I'm a male (m a l e)

>> No.57337378

You don't get to use hence if you fuck up the original sentence.

>> No.57337385

>Guard is supposed to be about waves of tiny Your Dudes in between massive war machines
Considering how you brainlets tend to be I'd say Ogryns represent Guard players perfectly

>> No.57337387

Sisters of Silence Codex when?

>> No.57337389

What the hell is wrong with GW
Are they intentionally sabotaging Sisters models with retarded pricing?

>> No.57337394

How does it feel to be completely wrong? Ogryn are great and break up the monotony of painting 100+ infantry dudes

>> No.57337395

I would 100% unironically fully buy into an army of creatures from the black lagoon. Also Murlocs, because they're cute and threatening at the same time.

>> No.57337408

>You will never have a mute 7' gf with an anti-soul

>> No.57337413

I hate Ogryns too. I like my Imperium fascistic and obsessed with physical and religious purity. Relying on mutants ruins the theme for me. Even in vidya, when I can play Guards, I never chose abhuman units when I can avoid it.

>> No.57337418

Thank God.

>> No.57337423

You can if you move Latvia m8

>> No.57337425

I bet her skin would be soft enoug, and her hair fragrant enough to make cuddling worth it, even as you feel your soul being ripped to shreds just by standing next to her.

>> No.57337430

>tfw got 20 for $80

>> No.57337435

wealthy rogue traders can have xenos and spacemarines in their service, they literally have a carte blanche to do anything they want

>> No.57337444

>painting your dudes

>> No.57337448

But if the presence of other people makes neets feel sick, maybe the presence of a blank has the opposite effect?

>> No.57337467

I guess not. Right now the only flyer I own is a Stormraven, and though it can change the course of a battle, playing a 352pts model in a 1500 pts game makes you have cold sweats everytime someone targets it with a lascannon. Playing cheap yet durable flyers would be nice for a change.

>> No.57337469

Anons, is this a statue?

>> No.57337483

>neets are real-world blanks
>blanks are what pariahs are based on
>neets are despised by society, making them pariahs
I think we're on to something.

>> No.57337485

>whenever she's hungry, on her period, annoyed, sad, angry, or any other negative emotion she just stares at you with a look that makes your intestines revulse and your entire soul and being wish for death
>you ask her whats wrong
>no answer, she just stares again
>IwantToFuckingKillMyself.jpg while you feel your soul die
It would be a goddamn nightmare.

>> No.57337491


>> No.57337503


>> No.57337505

nope, clearly had blue fur/feathers and golden armor

>> No.57337509

Why are we still here? Just to suffer?

>> No.57337515

Extremely NSFW Noise Marine kit when

>> No.57337528

Probably never.

>> No.57337533


>> No.57337535

>blue feathers


>> No.57337544

I bet Daemon Primarch Fulgrim is just going to be one big mess of pixels on the GW site

>> No.57337553

>wanting fagmarines

>> No.57337561

Looks like that Sigmarine mount. Drakoath or whatnot.

>> No.57337576

Looks like the fantasy Empire Gryphon kit

>> No.57337583

I own a cute and can be puppy that does this.
I'm used to it.

>> No.57337591


>> No.57337609

>cute and can be
Fucking phone autocorrect

>> No.57337621

>Just noticed they still come with an imagifier as well, which is no longer part of a squad

>> No.57337636

What is Latvia like besides cold and also dark?

>> No.57337637 [SPOILER] 


>> No.57337640

That box was never good.

>> No.57337643

Chaos Daemons codex leak yet??

>> No.57337653

It has the two best special weapons though

>> No.57337656

Wait until Saturday you niglet

>> No.57337661

jokes on you anon i already wanna kill myself, 1x1 is still 1!

>> No.57337663

>Sister Imagifers be like

>> No.57337672

Doesn’t sound that different from my first gf

>> No.57337674

Not many people use them though. How about ratlings?

>> No.57337675

>yfw Guilliman was actually dead this whole time
>Cawl is the herald of the dark mechanicus hence the false sons armor design
>The false brothers are now in every chapter and the whole imperium is infiltrated
>The Custodians leave Terra under Tzuillimans orders and leave the emperor unprotected
>Tzeentch pulled the biggest bamboozle in mankind's history

>> No.57337678

>SoB players mad because cute, sexy boys make nuns with guns irrelevant

>> No.57337680


>> No.57337693

What's a good size for a little pin thing for drilling holes.
Also where would you find them, Michael's?

Aaaaaalso any recommended sizes for pins?

>> No.57337695

By the sea. Literally full of tinned herring.

>> No.57337696

Home of the worlds tallest women on average with an environment that breeds Amazonians

>> No.57337700


>> No.57337705


>> No.57337716


>> No.57337718

Any suggestions on how to equip Renegade Knight ? Are the CC-weapons redundant with the foot attacks ?

>> No.57337733

Double-minigun. Carapace weapon to taste.

>> No.57337735

Is there a way to play the gorgeous FW Custodes dreadnoughts in 40k or are they HH-only units ?

>> No.57337737

>tfw custoads are literally stormcast

>> No.57337739

But lemme ask you this, can you afford NOT to put a bus-sized chainsaw on it?

>> No.57337746

And? Prior to this edition, storm bolters were trash, and the Imagrifier was left at home except occasionally for Rets. Prior to 6th edition, you also needed 10man sqauds minimum for Sisters, which this box left you stranded because of the options. This edition? You get a 9 man squad and a character, and if you buy another of each special, you'll be missing a squad leader, and if are trying to use them for Dominions, you have 7 bolters wasted.

I only ever bought one. The other one had a flamer and SB, but had the plasma pistol vet I think.

>> No.57337749

I don't have a faster gif, so have a Kanna gif instead.

>> No.57337753

friendly reminder not to spoonfeed custards

>> No.57337754

Some additional parts

>> No.57337755

>foot attacks
Seeing as people never use them right, yeah they make the other weapons redundant. They're only supposed to have 4 attacks with 3 chances to hit each but everyone runs them as if they have 12 attacks

>> No.57337760

More Space Marines

>> No.57337780


does anyone have experience painting bruises and rotting flesh?
I'm thinking of using an outer edge druchii violet wash with a dilute seraphim sepia center. Would that work?

>> No.57337781

>t. Assmad xenocuck

Soon. They announcement said there will be rules for the HH units in 8th

>> No.57337792

Them too.

>> No.57337801

Why would the Eldar play ball with this when they hate Chaos?

>> No.57337805

I already made one out of tongue depressors and IG bayonets regardless. Just need to use the old sand-glue gore method on it for finish. Itll be on for the looks if not for use.

Thanks. Probably gonna use that no-LOS rocket for shooting those peskyc corner huggers

>> No.57337810

So the foot attack means you roll 3 attack rolls, each with their own saves/damage?

>> No.57337814

Nice. I'm not really interested in Custodes, except for their dreadnoughts. A small detachment might be nice in my Imperial army.

>> No.57337818

nah i collect steel legion and BA

>> No.57337829

If you thin a paint with a ton of water then place it in the in center of what you want bruised, after that you dab the excess with a piece of paper towel or a dry brush

You can get a nice coloring, little messy if you're not careful.

>> No.57337834

Do devestator kits have 4 of each weapon?

>> No.57337842

Basing ideas for Ulthwe Eldar? Was thinking snow to contrast with the primary black color but I'm not sure how to go about that. New to this.

>> No.57337846

I think its just worded shit.

If they wanted almost-autohits, it should be like "add +1 to hits rolls to hit with this weapon, do not apply any negative modifiers to hit with this weapon ".

>> No.57337856

lol no

>> No.57337861

No, 2

>> No.57337867

They literally have 1 of each.

>> No.57337880

Nope, they have 2 of each

>> No.57337885

Thanks GW

>> No.57337889

Extreme jumps in color can be a bit harsh.

You typically want a middle ground that bridges the colors, or something that goes well with your other color on ulthwe.

>> No.57337912

>Can we cut all the /pol/ shit already? It's getting old

No anon, /tg/ was always full of shrieking incels and /pol/tards who constantly had to talk about social politics and their lack of gf, and if you say otherwise because you know better then you just got here from tumblr and reddit and need to kys for being a soyboy.

>> No.57337944

>thinking any kit will have every available upgrade path besides the tyranid warrior kit

>> No.57337948

How it was meant was each attack gets 3 dice but its still only 4 attacks total:

roll 3 dice, fail 2 but land 1 hit = 1 successful hit
roll 3 dice, all 3 hit = 1 successful hit
roll 3 dice, all 3 miss = no hit

people are adding an extra wound step per successful hit roll when they shouldn't thus rendering the knights other melee weapons useless

>> No.57337949

Something something horseshoe theory, something something theyve become what they hate

>> No.57337966

Don't remind me. I love how my dreadnought doesn't have a fucking missile launcher in it.

>> No.57337971

>yfw genestealer cultsits find out they came to the wrong hive

>> No.57337973

You could also argue that if they intended it to have extra attacks they could use the same wording as chainswords (among other things)

>> No.57337986


what are these?

>> No.57337987


>> No.57338002

Prosperine schools of sorcery. They showed up briefly an edition back in one of the Thousand Sons formations in Traitor Legions.

>> No.57338009

Thunderstrike hits on 4+ anyway so its useless with 4 attacks. Chainsword is almost the same, but cheaper, hits on 3+, 4 less dmg. So its pretty much chainsword or 2-guns.

Fucking Baneblade has more than double the amount of attacks than a Renegade Knight so I sure the intention was to have 12 attacks with stomp.

>> No.57338016

Alright, so you have 3 chances to hit per attack, but do damage a single time.

>> No.57338024

Horse and the two metal bits near it are Brettonian I think

>> No.57338050

I could be wrong, but I think that banner is Grey-Knights-related

>> No.57338069


>> No.57338072

Biomamcy and Pyromancy schools

>> No.57338084

The Horse, legs and torso with sword are bretonnian
the Banner next to them is Kaldor Draigos banner

>> No.57338093

They're also a huge part of the Horus Heresy lore and rules, and were the basis for the generic powers in 6th and 7th.
People think they're cool but GW are too dense to catch on to it.

>> No.57338106

You are correct, its draigos battle standard

>> No.57338108

Anders ur a fag.

>> No.57338121

it was either AOS or nothing

either way WHFB was getting cut

>> No.57338140

Mind you knights and riptides were broken in 7th so they got the worst beatdown with the nerf bat GW seems to have forgotten about the nerf part too

>> No.57338145

nids are insanely good right now, and capable of making a lot of different powerful lists

theyre not overpowered, just very good

>> No.57338176

God I fucking hate nids. I welcome Ao40K if it gets rid of the nid

>> No.57338198

>marinefag cant handle being assblasted by literal NPCs

>> No.57338235

>marinefag cant handle being assblasted by EVERYTHING

>> No.57338242

The EU has to give us a good deal or we'll stop exporting our British plastic crack

>> No.57338255

Nice try fag, I play Eldar.

>> No.57338272

>t.Eldarfag thats buttblasted he doesnt autowin like in 7th anymore
>t.in denial that the armies that actually beat him are
>A. fucking Nazi HFY-fags in space
>B. cockroache NPCs that were one of, if not the worst army in 7th
Suck my NPC dick, you little elf

>> No.57338286

>cool truck edition
pic not related

>> No.57338288

its literally the Opium Wars in reverse

>> No.57338293

Knights are in a real, real bad place right now, giving them T9, doubles number of attacks, and BS2+ still leaves them shitty. We’re basically living in chaffhammer 40k, no surprise the lowest model count army is ass.

Trouble with knights really is that their guns are no better than anyone else’s (Paladin has same gun as a 1/3 cost Russ standing still), and doesn’t even have good BS/WS to compensate. All the Dd3 is awful too, sends damage output right to the pooper

>> No.57338297

Not him but nids are literally the worst, they add nothing to the setting dramatically. If you erased them nobody would notice or care, they're not integral to the setting at all.

>> No.57338300

You got a better one?

>> No.57338321

Tzeentch's Firestorm is already this. With someone at GW could do math. Is it really so hard for the mindbullet faction to have any spell stronger than Smite?

>> No.57338323

Would you guys prefer a new xenos race or a new chaos faction added to the game?

I personally wouldn't mind seeing more chaos added if they're not marines.

>> No.57338330

green flock

>> No.57338336

They add an ever-present sense of cosmic horror. No matter what struggles you are currently facing there is also the threat that the tyranids can come for you at any time.

They represent the final end of the galaxy if the Imperium doesn't resolve its current conflicts in a timely fashion, and adds a sense of urgency to every prolonged battle with chaos/tau/eldar/etc.

>Not him but nids are literally the worst, they add nothing to the setting dramatically. If you erased them nobody would notice or care, they're not integral to the setting at all.
The game should only about the factions that I care about!!!

>> No.57338348

>complaining about army variety
You're just jelly we have so many plastic kits, arent you?

>> No.57338352

What's the current tier list for the armies?

>> No.57338355

>They add an ever-present sense of cosmic horror. No matter what struggles you are currently facing there is also the threat that the tyranids can come for you at any time.
>They represent the final end of the galaxy if the Imperium doesn't resolve its current conflicts in a timely fashion, and adds a sense of urgency to every prolonged battle with chaos/tau/eldar/etc.
So basically the same shtick as chaos.

>> No.57338359

with goblin green around the edge?

>> No.57338361

New Chaos faction: Slaanesh Eldar

New Xenos factions: Snakebitez (for Orks), Kroot (for Tau) and C'tan - Vampire Cunts in Space (for Necrons)

>> No.57338380

and some cute NOCH flowers spread around

>> No.57338383

I want Darkmech

>> No.57338385

Chaos is humanity vs itself

Tyranids is humanity vs nature

Have you ever taken a literature class?

>> No.57338390

Xenos or Chaos would both be cool.
Mainly one of 3 things, in this order, would be awesome.

1. Rak'Gol
2. New kits for Chaos Undivided (poor manlets need an update)
3. New Demon army

>t.plays nids

>> No.57338393

>They add an ever-present sense of cosmic horror.

So do chaos, necrons, dark eldar, orks, the inquisition, etc.

>They represent the final end of the galaxy

Necrons as a bonus

At least necrons are tied into the war in heaven, orks, chaos, eldar etc.

40K is fundamentally about the humanity vs itself, and Nids aren't related at all.

>> No.57338400

Smite means that since 8th launched, cheap weak psykers >>> expensive strong psykers though. Wish Ahriman or Zoanthropes were actually good at mind dakka.

>> No.57338408

So why wasn't that your first point instead of just rehashing the same thing chaos is? Also Chaos is no longer tied to humanity so now it's basically humanity vs lovecraftian gods.

>> No.57338411

I honestly don't know how different you could make them from admech unless you go really heavy with daemon engines and maybe get the men of iron involved

>> No.57338437

>40k is fundamentally about humans vs. humans
And thats why the setting is so boring

>> No.57338439

>I honestly don't know how different you could make them from admech unless you go really heavy with daemon engines

Do they have to?
See CSM<->SM
Very similar
as is R&H <-> IG

>> No.57338441

>40K is fundamentally about the humanity vs itself

40k is a much grander narrative and not limited to Person VS Self.

>> No.57338443

>Tyranids is humanity vs nature

Nurgle represents nature...so

>> No.57338446

Not him, but as another CWE player, yes, I hate having most of my models in resin.

>> No.57338450

Using the same tiers as 7th edition so you get the general message that it doesn't really matter:
>God-Emperor tier
no one
>High tier
no one
>Above average tier
Guard, maybe Nids
>Mid tier
Everyone else
>Pretty low tier
Grey Knights, Necrons, maybe Adeptus Mechanicus
>Only win when they spam the one good unit they have in their good formation tier
no one
>Ork tier
no one

>> No.57338454

>They literally have 1 of each.
no, you mistake them for CSM havocs.
Life sucks on the evil side

>> No.57338456

>Night Lords now worship the Horned Bat and turn into Bats themselves

How mad will you be?

>> No.57338461

Actually, ADB in the afterword of MoM says that the struggle between humanity and Chaos is by far the most important one narrative-wise and what the setting truly revolves around.

>> No.57338466

>Nurgle represents nature
Not in a literary sense

The american education system has failed you

>> No.57338469

There were Elf corsairs at one point though right?

>> No.57338474

ADB is a little bitch who should be ignored by everyone

>> No.57338483

>ADB wanna chaos in his book about chaoswank
Wow I'm so surprised, please do share more of your knowledge anon

>> No.57338484

Nurgle is all about the cycle of life and death. He is about Nature unbound and unleashed with no limit or control. The creeping, teeming, overflow life.

He is very literal.

>> No.57338487

>chaosfag things the setting is all about chaos

W O W surprising!!

>> No.57338488

You've got some of the parts for an Epic Reaver titan in there.

>> No.57338501

ADB plays Blood Angels and though.

>> No.57338533

Does forgeworld even make anything anymore besides rhino doors

>> No.57338537

>How it was meant
Do you have one fact to back that statement up? It's not in the FAQ.
Titanic feet used to hit everything around you so it makes more sense RAI it would make a lot of attacks and not just three rolls for one attack.
Same with the Gorkanaut's weapon. The sweep effectively triples the attacks or else the entire ability is so fucking useless.

There is absolutely no reason you'd do "make 3 rolls to get 1 hit" because it's convoluted and you'd be better off either rerolling a fail or making it autohit.

It should say "if you use this weapon, triple the number of attacks you make with this weapon" or "for each attack you make with this weapon you may make 2 additional attacks with this weapon". Knights and Stompa's need more output to fight literally anything.

Unless you're baiting and trying to nerf knights even more

>> No.57338552

Nah, he's wrong. Every tourbament gives then 3x attacks with the listed profile, which is in line with the fluff and intended use of stomping on lots of little dudes. Just don't think of how it applies to fighting single models, although the idea of a Knight doing a Lu Kang byscicle kick or Mortarion going Ruby Rose with his scythe.

>> No.57338570

>muh Lit 101 critique


>> No.57338571

But he's right, the other old races add a cautionary tale as a back drop.

Id argue tau might be irrelevant too, but you could say that their naivety adds a nice reflection.
Tyranids are nothing, like they go so far to make sure they're nothing important.
Just accept they're not important and just added for a fun little army.

>> No.57338573

fight me

>> No.57338585

>unless you go really heavy with daemon engines and maybe get the men of iron involved

I'm not seeing the problem.

Hell, give them xenotech hodgepodges and weird warp engines and whatever.

I just love the Mechanicus in all its forms.

>> No.57338588

They make armor for your rhino too.

>> No.57338589

>100 points of orks

>> No.57338602

Admech is darkmech. You can't dark Frankenstein

>> No.57338625

It's about humanity fighting its inner demons - chaos is empowered by them and magnifies them and embodies them, while the Imperium runs on banality, fear, ignorance, hate, and everything else.

Tyranids have no relation to this conflict.

The ultimate core is humanity versus itself. within every individual is the seed of Chaos and at the same time the more mundane and petty evil that makes the Imperium.

>> No.57338628

You can if you add daemons.

>> No.57338634

You are supposed to make rolls one at a time and following that logic it makes sense and if extra attacks were their intention they would have just used the chainswords bonus attack rules. I wish I was baiting, knights are cool as fuck and I cant wait to get my Freeblade no matter how sheit he is on the table

>> No.57338637

>tfw when you remember how comfy it was in the 90's when /yourdudes/ and /theirdudes/ were both based with green flock & goblin green edges and you were playing on green flocked tables, and no-one's models were leaping off the top of a 6 inch tall pile of rock.
so comfy

>> No.57338638

Nurgle is the desire for sustaining life in a galaxy full of death, but twisted and perverted into eternal entropy and decay.

All the chaos gods are mirrors of human desires, taking the best aspects of huamnity and turning them into something terrible. In a literary examination chaos represents inner turmoil.

Nature is external. It is cruel and unforgiving and does not care for human logic or emotion. It is always encroaching and threatening to overtake a society that is not capable of defending itself.

The Tyranids represent this perfectly. Pride, honor, fear, hope, survival, life, death - none of this matters to the Tyranids. They only operate off their instincts, and the only instinct is to kill and consume so they can consume in order to kill and grow more effectively.

Nature is something that must be tamed for a civilization to begin. It remains a constant threat, a reminder that order can collapse back into nothing if you do not act accordingly and make the right decisions.

Read a book.

>> No.57338648

>Read a book
OMG my sides

>> No.57338653

He's wrong.


The Reaper Chainsword is kinda shit.
Compare to the Gormanaut's claw. It's either a smash (as in pulping hordes) and doing ap-2 D2 at strength but 12 attacks or its crushing in it's claw with S16 ap-4 D6 but 4 attacks. One is for big squads, one is for vehicles and monsters.

>> No.57338659

But that's wrong. Tau and Orks are spam one unit tier. Imperial and Chaos Soup are top dogs. Nids Eldar and IG are high/top tier as standalone codexes. Necrons and GKs are shit.

>> No.57338670

>all these pretentious wannabe /lit/fags arguing about MUH GREATEST THREAT
>not realizing how fucking cool it is that 40k is a setting with both badass aliens AND space demons from hell
Also pic related, y'all

>> No.57338679

IG are busted, my dude. Eldorks are mid-highmid tier desu.

>> No.57338688

That doesn't make sense. Look at Mortarion's scythe profiles, you think they want the dude with WS2+ rerolling 1s to get three chances to hit per weak attack, or three times the weak attacks? The RAI is crystal clear.

>> No.57338692

What? speed rolling (which is in the book) dictates you roll all similar attacks at the same time. I'm not waiting for an Ork player to individually roll 120 dice. They roll them all at once.

You roll hit dice for all similar attacks (Ork choppas, terminator fists, whatever) then the successful hits roll to wound and the succesful wounds get saved. This is how it's been. For the Knight that is 12 hit rolls. If 10 succeed, that's 10 wound rolls.

Whoever told you it's different was fucking with you or brain damaged.

>> No.57338693

Making an Imperial Knight for my Admech...

Spooky skull face or spooky cyborg skull face?

>> No.57338697

You do not understand Nurgle at all. You should read a Chaos codex.

>> No.57338704

>look my repeating number told me you're wrong so your fancy mumbo jumbo big book of words aren't gonna sway my opinion


>> No.57338711

I thonk that after CA and the nefs IG have been toned down from disgusting OP to just very good. And despite what everyone thought, CWE seem to be doing very well in tournaments.

>> No.57338713

>being this new

>> No.57338717


40k is a grand narrative that weavers together the fundamental literary conflicts of
Man vs Man
Man vs Self
Man vs Technology
Man vs Society
Man vs Nature

>> No.57338718

Didnt we clear this up a while ago with the result that the knight gets stomp 3 attacks per normal, so a total 12? And not this weird "3 chances to hit" version.

I believe its in the main rules somewhere.

>> No.57338731

Not this. The authors of the setting say otherwise.

Only scumsucking communists think otherwise.

>> No.57338734

I am one of those idiots and I apologize

>> No.57338742

If I shoot at some dudes with my pox walkers nearby and they got dead walked. Can I daisy chain the new pox walkers towards them or do they ALL need to be within range of originals?

>> No.57338753

You're only an idiot for the reference. 12 attacks is what you're supposed to do. that poster is either retarded or pretending he is.

>> No.57338764

Lets just delete all the book that arent about chaos because one author said chaos is all that matters

>> No.57338766

>the authors with boners for chaos say otherwise

>> No.57338770

As a WFB expat and filthy Xenos player, going into 40k and finding that instead of all these cool races and factions fighting each other it was GLORIOUS MANKIND versus baddies feat some NPCs fucking sucked.

>> No.57338775

but I had also faced a player who used Arco-Flagellants the same way, or is that different?

>> No.57338783

Fuck off game murderer.

>> No.57338787

They all need to be within range of the originals. Same goes for Necrons with reanimation protocols, which can lead to luxury problems when you get so many necron warriors back it becomes difficult to fit them all within range of the originals.

>> No.57338791

All authors and all rulebooks. There are other themes but one theme stays tyrannous over the rest. Because its the most interesting and poignant of them all. Man is his one greatest enemy.

>> No.57338792

Can Necromunda models be used as inquisitorial acolytes or are they larger than 40k models?

>> No.57338793

>not magnetizing every optional piece, the arms and the waist
Why even build a knight?

>> No.57338795

Check the rulebook boys, the rules were written with rolls being resolved one at a time but fast rolling can be used for weapons of the same profile, this is not one of those cases. If they wanted extra attacks they would just use the same wording as chainswords and not create another separate profile

>> No.57338798

Neither of yall niggas are right.

Nurgle represents the human fear of the inevitability of entropy - decay, disease, death.

He perverts the natural order of things - instead of eventually dying and becoming worm/plant food (thus re-entering the natural order, which humans fear), his followers stagnate into living husks of disease and filth.

Nurgle is also big on the death/rebirth theme... except, because he's a chaos god and we're in a Grimdark universe, Nurgle's idea of "rebirth" involves turning everyone into plaguebearers.

Another one of Nurgle's big themes, as I mentioned, is stagnation. He loves his followers just the way they are, filth and all. His plaguebearers, tallymen, etc, are a pretty good reflection on the stagnation of bureaucracy... They mindlessly count everything they can, not because there's any good reason, but because someone up the chain of command told them to.

>> No.57338811

Fuck off back to your dead game then.

>> No.57338818

I only magnetize shit that's reflected by the rules.. So, arms in the case of Imperial Knights.

Waist is a good idea tho. Gonna do that as well.

>> No.57338819

They are a little on the taller size but still work

>> No.57338820

That truck is the only reason I started GSC
That and making an ISIS themed army. Also they are easy as fuck to mix with my Witch Hunter army

>> No.57338821

>because it draws in the most rich 12-15 year olds
FTFY again

>> No.57338825

I guess I missed the part of the Tau codex that said imperium vs chaos is all that matters

its almost like other themes exist and youre just cherrypicking the one you are most interested in

>> No.57338826

my are marinelets so defensive

>> No.57338849

>Waist is a good idea tho. Gonna do that as well.
It definitely makes transport easy as fuck and the posability is nice. Im just a autist with magnets though. I even magnetize the sarcophagus covers and waists on my dreads

>> No.57338851

chaos is FUCK YOU DAD: The Faction and chaosfags are brainlets that never grew past adolescence

>> No.57338857

Nope, I am point at what the lorebooks and authors say. Other themes and races are just additional flavors to the setting. Chaos vs Imperium is the main course.

EVEN the T'au main narrative revolves around their eventual discovery of Chaos according to Phil Kelly.

>> No.57338864

Okay but after another unit shoots are the new ones are original?

>> No.57338868

Reminder that Xenos are literally NPC races.

I say this as a Tyranid player, yall niggas are in denial if you think 40k is anything other than "space paladins vs fallen space paladins: the setting"

>> No.57338871

Actually, Chaos itself is not about Dads but entropy, sin, and cosmic karma.

Don't confuse it with its mortal followers/

>> No.57338874

I'm starting to really regret screencapping that post.

>> No.57338878

It's 4 attacks with the same profile. You're rolling 12 dice as a result. It still applies.
Tournaments play it this way as well. You're fucking yourself.

>> No.57338879

Arco-flagellants have the d3 attacks per attack rule, only it's worded obtusely.

>> No.57338885

Just because it is that way doesn't mean it has to be.

>> No.57338890

This guy looks like a GI Joe toy to me

I love it

>> No.57338902

The setting is space paladins sure
But Tyranids are the GM bringing an eraser to their players character sheets
fite me

>> No.57338903

Shut up, you communist.

>> No.57338910

>2 outta 4 of the monogod Chaos Legions joined for idealogical reasons, or were tricked into it
>literally more than half of the chaos legions are only chaos because they got tricked, and then had to choose between being exterminatus'd by the Imperium or fleeing to the warp

>fuck you dad: the faction


>> No.57338912

Lesser Psychic Powers from 3rd ed were a good idea desu

>> No.57338914

That's the same argument SJW use to complain about how there aren't female space marines etc. yet.

>> No.57338918

I didn't write the rules faggot, it isnt my fault WAACfags gonna WAAC. I bet all of you would support this interpretation if that one tau commander faggot with the CQC shotguns rushed your HQ with his multihit shenanigans

>> No.57338922

Fuckin Custodes get a Codex before Necrons, who literally got no point changes in CA despire being absolute shit.

Why even collect Xenos anymore?

>> No.57338924

No, they are not. The Tyranids wouldn't even destroy the Necrons and Aledari with their passing.

Chaos once fully umleashed will delete all space, time, AND life in the galaxy. Even the Webway will collapse into the Warp and be consumed.

>> No.57338927


>> No.57338930

At least you old boneheads are getting updated kits this year

>> No.57338931

You can blame ADB for that.

>> No.57338939

I completely agree
>t. fellow nidfag

>> No.57338942

They are ?

>> No.57338943

And now they nerfed smite spam, and now multiple weak pyschers suck dick.

>> No.57338949

Slaves to the C'tan as a Necron subfaction that behaves like OG Necrons where they're all mindless Terminators

>> No.57338954

Spess super soldier vs Spess super soldier is boring. I much prefer seeing the Imperium fighting Xenos than Chaos. Taus, Orks, Tyranids and Eldars are much more interesting foes than what any of the 4 chaos gods has to offer.

>> No.57338956

The FW one with the flechette? It is multi hits per attack

>> No.57338960

I play Chaos Daemons but I'd rather give my friend's Knight 12 attacks to stomp on my daemonettes and maybe wipe the squad instead of having him do 4 attacks only and it amounting to nothing.

It's not WAAC to want Knights to be playable.

>> No.57338969

To be frank, I'd rather have a subpar index army all over than have what we have now.
Riptides Spam 2: Y'vahra/Commander boogaloo

But I'm also hoping for Gue'vesa and alien auxiliaries so.. I may never be happy

>> No.57338978

Hey Carnac happy new year

>> No.57338980

Sick Stormcast fanart mate

>> No.57338985

Tyranids would be better if they were heralds of the old ones.

>> No.57338986


>> No.57339002

>a compelling narrative
thats the problem with marinelets, they think the setting is a story that needs to be finished and not a sandbox for you to have battles in.

>> No.57339007

Why do people always field whats strongest instead of whats the most fun for both people?

>> No.57339020

A Deceiver shard took over a major tomb world. One of the capital worlds of the Necron Empire. What did it do to the slumbering billions upon billions of Necrons in the Tomb World? It ate and destroyed them all.

This seems to be a theme of C'tan shards. They just destroy the Necrons even when they are given the upper hand.

I think it's GW telling us that Necrons serving C'tan won't happen.

>> No.57339021


>> No.57339024

Q’orl would be be neat

>> No.57339025

The Old Ones were largely benevolent though. Unless you mean the nids are fleeing from the Old Ones. Why would they want to feed their favorite kids the Eldar Orks and Humans to some bugs?

>> No.57339043

thanks anon

>> No.57339045

It has the same profile as the knights feet

I agree that knights deserve to be way better then they are but I was getting at how WAACos deliberately misinterpret rules to their benefit

>> No.57339052

All this shitfest is why playing IG is the comfiest. Despite being part of the Imperium, we're pretty much NPCs like the Xenos. Let the big boys in armor forge the narrative, while we have fun instead.

>> No.57339059

>Not playing entertaining gimmick armylists and trying shit yourself instead of following what people on the interwebz say is 'the meta'

We can't help it if your local 40k community has nothing but shitty tryhard nerds.

>> No.57339067

xenos, daemons and non marine imperials are all brothers

>> No.57339069

Id assume the old ones were pretty pissed what happened to them.

>> No.57339070

Trazyn says that the War in Heaven started because of the Old Ones greed and their refusal to shard the universe and its secrets with the Necrontyr. In the end that greed destroyed them.

This makes the Old One seem like dicks.

>> No.57339076

Well, to some extent that makes sense, since the C'tan are all sharded and wanting to regain their former strength. Presumably there's some critical mass a shard can hit where it'll feel strong enough that it'd rather have an army of slaves than a tiny soul snack, as they did back during the War in Heaven. Deciever must have just been so hard up he was willing to take any tiny wisp that might still be clinging to that tombworld.

I mean I get what you're saying, and I understand a Necron subfaction is wildly improbable given we can't even get a codex for the main faction. Still, it'd be easy enough to excuse in lore if they wanted to do it.

>> No.57339082

But this isn't WAAC, this is how the rule works. It's vague but this is widely accepted as RAI. The other interpretation (that you make 3 hit rolls for 1 attack) has no precedent outside of the rare "roll 2 drop the lowest" and even in those cases it tells you to ignore lowest results so this wording doesn't fit that either.

>> No.57339093

I actually like the non-marine imperials more than the SMs. I only make an exception for the Blood Angels, because I really like their theme.

>> No.57339106

necrons just threw a tantrum when the old ones wouldn't give them godlike power and immortality

>> No.57339121

Except that's objectively wrong tho, the coolest thing about Tyranids is that there's not a point to them.

In a galaxy full of Humanity fuck yeah, literal demons, space elves, ancient space robots, and communists, all with their separate histories, idealogies, and reasons for fighting, Tyranids stand wholly apart.

They don't fight for the glory of their God-Emperor, or to kill said God-Emperor, or to preserve their dying race, etc etc... Tyranids don't even have the ability to process such thoughts.

They fight for the only reason that's ever mattered, the eternal fight that every living creature in the universe has fought since the beginning of time.

Kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest.

Om nom nom.

>> No.57339124

Blood angels should be the goldstandard for guilding a gaudy army. Custard could learn a thing or two from them.

>> No.57339128

Well, a Necron is obviously going to be pretty biased. The Old Ones DID give the Necrontyrs a raw deal, creating a Necrontyr-like race that was beautiful and perfect and ageless and had natural mastery of the warp and had no proclivity to megasupercancer... and then refusing to share those secrets with the actual Necrontyr.

But we don't know enough about the War in Heaven to say for sure that they didn't have good cause. The Necrontyr couldn't have gained an empire as large as they had without some degree of imperialism- maybe they were Imperium of Man tier dicks to any species they came across and ruined a bunch of the Old Ones' pet projects in the process? Even if it wasn't personal the Old Ones wouldn't want to enable the Necrontyr empire to spread even further by taking away the genetic check that is their horrible natural health.

>> No.57339131

>i want to know all your secrets
>emperor: no thats dumb there's some things Im not ready to tell you right now

>i want religion
>emperor: no thats dumb religious belief literally feeds daemons and allows them to enter realspace

>i want to die fighting with a bunch of slaves on some desolate rock
>emperor: no thats dumb i need you for my great crusade to save humanity from itself

>i want to use psychic powers
>emperor: no thats dumb, psychic powers are dangerous and youre not ready to mess with something you dont understand

>Peak levels of FUCK YOU DAD

>i want to create peace through terror and oppression
>emperor: no thats dumb people need to be free

>i want to achieve perfection and use any means necessary
>eldrad: yo that sword is cursed and youre being corrupted by chaos

>> No.57339137

That's a funny way of saying your race was so jealous of another race you attacked them.

>> No.57339142

My battlescribe gives me a detachment option called planetstrike defender or something.
is this a special scenario or can you just up an take it whenevs?

>> No.57339146

>sparkly faggots
>teaching the emperors chosen few anything

>> No.57339149

I fucking love them. I use a ton of Bullgryn in my army because they look amazing.

>> No.57339153


Get to putting those 3 billion concripts together so we can spent another two hours waiting for your movement phase Alex u cunt.

>> No.57339159

What about Bullgryn do you not like?

>> No.57339160

So Perty truly is the best primarch

>> No.57339162

>the coolest thing about Tyranids is that there's not a point to them.

No anon that's incredibly stupid.
Like... that's beyond stupid like you're glad that they're not doing anything like its nega smart. It's like a vacuum of thought and your post is the event horizon.

>> No.57339173

This guy understands what makes tyranids unique in the grim dark

>> No.57339176

>chaos deletes all life
>chaos no longer has the fuel it needs to exist
>chaos kills itself

>> No.57339177

whoah necrons are the white people of 40k

>> No.57339178

I am not saying this is WAAC in particular but that rule interpretations from competitive parties who are known to bend and if possible break every rule they can for a slight advantage should not be made an example of. This profile exists outside the titans feet and makes complete sense when you consider that it gets much less complicated if you play by the rules as written (slow rolling when appropriate) and as intended (lack of bonus attacks listed in profile despite them existing elsewhere)

>> No.57339183

Right it's differently the emperor he was saying fuck you to as he fell to chaos.

>> No.57339190

its from the narrative mission table, not a battleforged detachment so no unfortunately

>> No.57339194

No lore says they don't need life to exist they are eternal.

>> No.57339206

All Chaos major characters are terrible antagonists. Chaos itself is too vague and undefined to be an interesting thing. The Imperium of Man fits both the place for the good guy and bad guy in the 40k universe, and is at its best when it is put in contrast with extraterrestrial menaces.

>> No.57339207

and now all of these things are the flaws of the imperium.

>> No.57339211

Eh, I dunno. Depends on the army I think. Orks can still smite spam thanks to their casting bonuses, Eldar have like 12 powers worth casting so they want a ton of psykers. The problem is that most disciplines only have 2-3 powers worth casting and you can only use them once.

>> No.57339212

that sucks
5cp for 3 heavy, 3 troop and 2 hq? I knew it was too good to be true

>> No.57339216

>like you're glad that they're not doing anything

That's their whole fucking point. They're galactic locust. They don't exist for a reason, just like humans or tigers or bears don't exist for a reason.

They exist because they were the baddest motherfuckers on their home planet, and were such hyperevolved superpredators that they eventually evolved the ability to travel through space to hunt for prey on other worlds.

That's pretty fuckin' cool.

>> No.57339222

>Chaos itself is too vague and undefined to be an interesting thing.

What? Chaos is like the most explored faction outside of the Imperium. codexes , giant lorebooks, and novels over the period of 30 years tell us everything about Chaos. You are a dumbass.

>> No.57339231

has anyone ever played 1000 points games? Are they more relaxed, more casual? Or have you found people abuse the herohammer meta?

I ask because I've set up my list to be 1000 points within budget, and I'd like to start off the game within that format

>> No.57339242

That's like saying tau are good because they shit on the grimdark.

>> No.57339244

>No lore says they don't need life

That is correct, no lore says that.

>> No.57339247

The other precedent for bonus attacks is chainswords which gives you the bonus attack regardless but it's always a Chainsword attack (i.e. if you have a power sword and Chainsword, you make a number of attacks equal to your A and then an extra Chainsword attack).
This just makes each foot attack into three attacks and only if you use the feet. It was worded the way you want or expect, you'd get 4 reaper attacks + 8 feet attacks hich would also be stupid.

Slow rolling doesn't change anything here because it doesn't make any sense to roll three hits for one attack unless it explicitly states to ignore the two lowest. I can't call you objectively wrong because the FAQ doesn't clear this up but similarly you're not objectively correct. The consensus amongst almost everybody is that you make either 12 feet attacks or 4 reaper Chainsword attacks. That's how I play it. That's how my FLGS plays it. That's how official GW tournaments play it. That's how most people interpret it. I obviously can't convince your autistic devotion to this so I'm done. Just don't tell other players it's supposed to be your way, I don't want to see your autism spread.

>> No.57339260

>A race with no free will made to think that is what makes them happy isn't grimdark

>> No.57339280

I play a lot of 1k while I build into 1.5. Both games had 3 or 4 characters. I run two captains myself

>> No.57339285

No it's not because it means NOTHING. You're gushing that they're radical, but if some mary sue force that road a skateboard single handedly fought all the armies by themselves for no reason because they're just that bad a dude doesn't make them awesome.

Like all jokes aside that's sly Marbo.
But at least sly Marbo is supposed to be funny. People unironically think tyranids are cool.

>> No.57339286

He's right. Jesus are you dumb shits going to argue 40k is about the battle between nids and the imperium? read a book nigga

>> No.57339287

Actually, there is. The Eldar 2nd codex says that beings born in the Warp are immortal and cannot die.

>> No.57339294

>And then Farsight enclaves happened so the Tau players could continue to be the Boy Scouts if 40k

>> No.57339298

yes lots of people play 1k.

>> No.57339299

How can one post contain so much truth

>> No.57339300

Shut up, Carnac.

>> No.57339306

1v1 1000pts is pretty popular around here during the weekdays and 2v2 1000pts is common enough during the weekends. Its often a good judge of character, it lets you know who the real tryhards are and who is worth sharing a beer with, that said you shouldnt have too much trouble finding a game at nearly any point size at a GW store

>> No.57339307

That doesn't mean they can't cease to exist, fade away to nothing, or change into something else entirely, as the Realm of Souls proves.

>> No.57339318

>get pregnant
>shoot baby into the warp
>don't touch the warp tho, it'll bite ya
>kids fine cause it's immortal

>> No.57339321


sweet, thanks for the reply lads, I'll post my 1k list next thread, see what people think

>> No.57339325

Depends on the faction. I’m at 1000 pts right now, and I got 2 Tank Commanders, a platoon Commander, a techpriest, and two company commanders.

>> No.57339329


>> No.57339337


You people are serious meme cancer and scum.

>> No.57339342

>we will do some secret shit
>emperor: its your work
>FUCK YOU DAD (no)(yes)(Hydra Dominatus)

>> No.57339349

>everyone who doesn't agree with my retarded interpretation of the rules, including every TO and everyone with the slightest notion of RAI, is a WAACfag


>> No.57339352

I always thought it was more about how moronic humanity is to be kicking itself in the balls while much more serious threats are knocking on their door. Maybe its just me...

>> No.57339358

Actually, it does mean that. The Warp is a place where time has no sway. Chaos is the product of sentient life across all the multiverse and timelines. Whatever happens in one reality, in one timeline, will not change what Chaos is.

>can't cease to exist, fade away to nothing

That' death and they cannot die.

>> No.57339364

pertyposting is /40kg/ culture

>> No.57339368

>Tyranids are big bad!
>no Chaos is biggest baddie!
>no u wrong Necrons are best!

I personally feel like you're all wrong, and it doesn't matter at all who's the BBEG. They're all bad, and all shitting on Humanity's turff.
The focus shouldn't be Imperium vs. a single faction, it should be Imperium vs. EVERY SINGLE OTHER FACTION (and losing, very slowly).

>> No.57339375

Only as escalation games. Do play 250 and 500 point games though from time to time and they're comfy as fuck. Really good on terrain packed tables with city fight rules

>> No.57339376

>You're wrong, even if I cant prove it and the rulebook says you're right. d-dont go around correcting people

>> No.57339383

Total wh40k noob here.

I received a pic related for xmas and found a pretty good deal on Blood Angels death company and I love how they would fit together.

Can i paint them in any scheme rulewise or are jetpacks/hand weapons reserved for death company only? Would people get butthurt about BA heraldics and stuff?

>> No.57339390

>The focus shouldn't be Imperium vs. a single faction,

Well, you are wrong. And that's that. Objectively wrong.

>> No.57339396

>Actually, it does mean that. The Warp is a place where time has no sway. Chaos is the product of sentient life across all the multiverse and timelines. Whatever happens in one reality, in one timeline, will not change what Chaos is.

See, this is backwards thinking, because it's looking at it from the perspective of Chaos. The perspective of the universe is what's relevant, and from the perspective of the universe, Chaos can absolutely die. It will still exist in the past, but will have no effect on the universe of the present. For all intents and purposes, Chaos can die.

>That' death and they cannot die.

It isn't, but even if it was, the Eldar pantheon proves that beings of the Warp can be killed or subsumed.

>> No.57339399

>Do play 250 and 500 point games though from time to time and they're comfy as fuck. Really good on terrain packed tables with city fight rules

shit I really want to try this, do you run patrol? or I guess battalion if it's IG or something swarmy

>> No.57339401

>I literally can't follow a simple reply chain

>> No.57339411

>If I skew the interpretation of the rulebook so that it matches the index, I'm more right than skewing the vague index to meet the core rules of the game!

>> No.57339420

The house army at GW is ultras so everything is ultras. This is a no faction chaplain to fill whatever army you field.

Jump packs are just some cool wargear and lots of units have access to em.

>> No.57339426

Only the biggest of autists.

Traditionally, chaplains (the model in your picture) have black armour, but they're you dudes, go nuts with whatever you like. Death Company is also traditionally black, but, as I said, your dudes.

>> No.57339430

>check the mega at the top of the thread for the BA codex and see if that's what you want

>> No.57339431

It's that time in /40kg/ again

>> No.57339434

>Eldar pantheon proves that beings of the Warp can be killed or subsumed.
Eldar gods work differently they were artificially created, unlike chaos which has always been or Gork and Mork which exist due to orks believing in them.

>> No.57339451

All space marines have access to jump troops but most have very tight restrictions compared to the death company, it would be a bit weird seeing black templars with blood angel heraldry but you can make up your own "successor chapter" of blood angels who wear different colors and fight with different tactics

>> No.57339452

>The perspective of the universe is what's relevant, and from the perspective

Wrong. Since in the Warp there no before or after only now and now forever, Warp entities can and have reached forward and backwards in time influencing and drawing strength from the mortals that gave them birth and feed them (picture related). Drach'nyen touched the minds of EVERY SINGLE HUMAN that live, lived, and will ever live.

>the Eldar pantheon proves that beings of the Warp can be killed or subsumed.

By other Warp entities and whatever these Warp entities were are now parts of the greater whole of the entity that devoured them.

>> No.57339463

When playing marines yeah tend to end up play a patrol, with scions I can run a batallion. Eldar dude just about squeezes in a batallion too

>> No.57339467

No, it should be a free for all. Eldar versus Marines versus Tyranids versus Chaos versus Orks versus Tau versus Necrons

>> No.57339473

Can you explain what having a single big baddie brings to the table - except those mind numbing debates between raging autists of course?

>> No.57339480

Don't reproduce.

>> No.57339482

The Chainsword wording grants additional attacks with that weapon on top of normal attacks, so if they did that the Knight would make his normal attacks with his melee weapon then get stomps on top of it. There is a reason they did not use that wording.

Also look at Mortarion, he has a 3-for-1 attack mode just like a Knight, but he's already hyper accurate to the point that giving him that weaker profile if it just meant his already pinpoint accuracy got three times pinpointier wouldn't be worth the ink they used to print he rule.

>> No.57339484


and how long does a game within 250-500 points last? It seems really nice and sweet, just enough to get into the basics

>> No.57339486

Point to a rule that was skewed in that interpretation brainlet

>> No.57339493

Narrative coherence and focus.

>> No.57339494

Ye I managed to learn about the chaplain already that he's universal and i will paint him black.
I was asking about the death company dudes.
I didn't chose any chapter yet and as I know I can paint them however I want, I don't want to push the limits too much at the very first step into the game.

>> No.57339499

Can you even make legal lists for every faction at this level? Thinking about GK for instance.

>> No.57339500

Go to bed Carnac

>> No.57339509

> city fight rules
where i can find them?

>> No.57339518

brotherhood champion + MSU strike squad = 220 pts

>> No.57339523


I guess you answered my question >>57339451.
I'm not used to such fast threads, jesus.
Thanks guys.

>> No.57339527

Played a game about that size a couple of days ago and it only lasted a little over an hour. We used the Open Play deck so it only went 5 rounds rather than 5+ turns

>> No.57339537


You don’t technically have to organize your forces into battle forged armies- you just don’t get any benefits of CP or faction abilities that require battle forge armies

>> No.57339543

You have to for matched play

>> No.57339548

Where does gork and mork fit into all this lore. What made them?

>> No.57339562

Orks and Orks.

>> No.57339565


sweet, thanks for the replies man

>> No.57339567


Sure, but why the fuck are you doing matched play with 250 points?

You can barely do any objective based missions and are better off just doing kill points

>> No.57339573

orkz beleve em so dey real

>> No.57339591

Too late, how do you think you got here?
Thats what I was saying, if they intended the feet to have 12 attacks it would outright say "Each time the bearer fights, it can make X additional attack with this weapon" instead of inventing an entirely new and different profile

>> No.57339595


They’re pulling their powers from somewhere- it’s not the warp, it’s the old ones; their creators

>> No.57339599

Each hit roll produces a wound roll. If you're making 3 hit rolls per attack they'll result in a number of wound rolls equal to the successes.

inb4 phoneposter

>> No.57339609

Psychic gestalt

>> No.57339610

Gork and Mork are said to be the reflection of the Orky psyche in the Warp.

>> No.57339614

If they gave the feet extra attacks, then you vould make 4 big weapon attacks plus 8 feet attacks. They want you to choose between 4 strong or 12 weak.

Also, Mortarion.

>> No.57339620

Between 45 mins and an hour and a half. We usually budget for around an hour when we play those sorts of games. That said we've managed to squeeze two games in before when playing marines on marines

>> No.57339642

>tfw you can almost field 2 battalions
thug life

>> No.57339644

>Narrative coherence
Buzzwords. It is not necessary to have a big bad to get something interesting and coherent. See Star Trek episodes for instance: yes, there are a single enemy in most episodes, but as a whole, you can't really tell who's worse between Romulians, Borgs, Klingons, the Dominion, and every other evil species or individual of power the crew have encountered.
As just explained, focus isn't needed to build something interesting. At least not focus to this degree. I'd argue it even prevents interesting things from happening (Xenos could have had much more of an impact in the Konor campaign).

>> No.57339656

Probably not your preferred force. We have done some unbound games at 250, like just a squad of terminators vs 250 points of whatever but the rules as they are don'the really favour elite armies

>> No.57339669

Post gaems

>> No.57339687

Nice dudes

>> No.57339689


man this + some cold ones would be a nice afternoon

>> No.57339694

That's actually what I meant. The narrative would just focus slightly more on the Imperium because... well, they're 'us' in the future, so it's easier to explain what happens in the 40k-verse from their point of view than from an alien one (though that should clearly be done as well from time to time)

>> No.57339695

Not buzzwords. Facts. The authors want to tell the story about humanity vs Chaos. They added the xenos races as an extra flavouring and sideshow distraction to the main show. They aren't there to dilute from the main theme/story that the authors have been telling for nearly 30 years.

Star Trek does not have a main villain that's intrinsic to the setting and their story.

>> No.57339705



>> No.57339714

The Old Ones designed them to be the perfect warrior race. Along with instinctive knowledge like the Painboys and Meks have, being thoroughly warlike, reproducing like locusts and being hard as fuck to kill, they have a strong psychic presence that gets more powerful the more of them there are and in sufficient numbers starts influencing reality. Since ever last Ork fervently believes in Gork and Mork, their existence is all but a given. And taking into account how causality works with Warp entities, G&M might have existed before Orks, making their belief and creation self-reinforcing.

>> No.57339715

For love nor money I can't find Mordian Mortar teams. So I'm just painting a commissar and sobbing.

>> No.57339738

>Not buzzwords. Facts. The authors want to tell the story about humanity vs Chaos. They added the xenos races as an extra flavouring and sideshow distraction to the main show
That's a colossal pile of bullshit. Orks and Eldar were easily as important as Chaos in the eaely editions.

>> No.57339739

You're still rolling for that one single attack so regardless of how many hits land it was for only 1 attack and this is when rolling individually (as the rules were written for by the way) corrects any confusion

If you actually used Mortarion as this argument intended it would rightfully knock him down a peg.
Where are you getting those extra attacks? It would ask you to choose between your weapons so if you wanted to stomp twice and saw twice it would still only be 4 attacks, reread the argument

>> No.57339740

New guy throwing in: couldn’t they have just said “you may reroll the to-hit die twice, even though morally you can only reroll once” if they wanted you to have three chances to hit per foot?

>> No.57339768


>> No.57339773

Had a 3 player game where we all traded armies. It's pretty fun not knowing how your dudes work and you don't mind losing them.

>> No.57339786

It triggers me to see terrain that doesn't suit the board

>> No.57339789

Never stop postin m8, I love seeing your dudes

>> No.57339791

Chaos Soup, IG based Imperial Soup, Tyranids, Gulliman based Marines.

Green-tide Orks, Sisters, Craftworld Eldar, Death Guard.

Other Stuff not named

Deathwatch, Necrons, Non-armies like Inquisition.

>> No.57339816

Agriworld under chaos invasion that caused the tree things to spawn?

>> No.57339820

Holy shit you dense motherfucker.

>1 successful hit roll -> 1 wound roll
>if you could make 8bextra atfacks with feet then yoh could make 4 sword and 8 feet attacks instead of having to make all 12 feet attacks
What, exactly, is in your mind the idea behind giving a guy with BS2+ rerolling 1s the option between 6 S16 AP-4 Dd6 attacks and 6 S8 AP-2 D1 attacks that he gets 3 chances to hit with when you already need snake eyes to miss?

>> No.57339826

I wanted you to explain why a big bad was needed, not what the current narrative is. What's THE POINT of the current narrative.
Of course I didn't know at first I was trying to debate one of the worst known autist of the 40k community
>Star Trek does not have a main villain that's intrinsic to the setting and their story
That was 'intrisic' to 40k too until the beginning of 8th edition

>> No.57339830

If you're interpreting it that way then you should also be only counting it as a successful hit if all three hit rolls are successful. The rule states if the roll doesn't meet the WS then it misses. If you rolled a single 1 out of the three dice then the entire attack would be a flub.

RAW you make 3 rolls per attack. If the roll is higher than or equal to WS its a hit. You're not summing them up so they are three distinct rolls that can generate 3 distinct wound rolls.

Yes, if that's what they wanted but it's obvious they didn't.

>> No.57339840

Tau sorta are. Orks are locked into a Green Tide style but have some variety inside that. Partly because you have the choice between different amounts of Boyz, and mobile Boyz (Kommandos, Storm Boyz).

>> No.57339863

>I wanted you to explain why a big bad was needed,

Simply because that's the vision of the creators and authors of the setting. Like Rick Priestly and ADB.

>That was 'intrisic' to 40k too until the beginning of 8th edition

Objectively wrong.

>> No.57339869

>those sniper rifles
Third party? What do you count them as?

>> No.57339880

Anvil Industries. I use them as Stalker Pattern Boltguns

>> No.57339881

projecting much

>> No.57339889

GW is posting record profits, revenues and growth.

I get the feeling the non-xenos focus is helping a lot. It’s okay GW just rip it off like a band aid and get rid of xenos. We all know you want to at this point. The faster the better as opposed to going out like sisters.

>> No.57339890

Wound rolls are not tied to Attacks. They are tied to successful Hit rolls. If you make three successful Hit rolls, you can make three Wound rolls. Thus if you are making 12 hit rolls like a stomping Knight, you could make up to 12 Wound rolls. That is the RAW in this case.

You are inventing a direct relation between Attacks and Wound rolls where none exist.

Your interpretation does not work unless it included a drop-the-lowest instruction.

>> No.57339896

Do you guys have custom objective markers for your armies? I took the spawning pools from the genestealer boxes(as well as the shoulderpads, rippers, and nails) to make objective markers for my GSC.

>> No.57339897

So your dudes Deathwatch?

>> No.57339901

I'd drop Guilliman Marines down to Good and buff up Craftworld Eldar to top, they do tend to do a little bit of soupyness with a detachment of Ynarri but its mainly just Craftworlds.

>> No.57339902

[insert this is b8 picture here]

>> No.57339918

So I'm building a second box of warp talons, and I'm left thoroughly confused. My first box came with 25mm bases, while this box came with 32s, both sold by the same store in like, a five month period. My WAAC friend says I should rebase my older painted ones, while I'm saying I should just build them with 25s instead so they match. GW's official product page shows them only on 25s, but every other jump pack marine in existence is on 32.

Am I missing something here? Why the fuck would two of the same boxes come with different base sizes? Does it even matter?

>> No.57339921

Legion of the Damned using Deathwatch army rules.

I imagine you could use the sniper rifles to build sniper scouts but if you wanted to go that route I'd suggest buying the full recon kit from Anvil Industries. In my experience trying to get the rifles onto scout bodies is a pain.

>> No.57339932

Fuck yeah I do. I have a sniper I use as an objective some games.

>> No.57339938

I have to play this week against a WAAC imperial guard player. I have space marines, mechanicum and custodes. What list could I use to rekt him hard?

He doesn't use many tanks, most of his army is scions, troops and heavy weapon team with lascannon.

>> No.57339940

Guilliman qconsistently shows top three at most tournaments, eldar are looking to be similar to 7th tau- OP for pickup/casual but only good in competitive. If you play higher tier melee armies (especially chaos) then eldar crumble very quickly.

>> No.57339955

Where does it say that it generates extra attacks? Where is it written that those extra hit rolls generate wounds?All I see are extra dice added to the hit rolls which are again calculated individually as single attacks

>> No.57339966

>Am I missing something here?
> Why the fuck would two of the same boxes come with different base sizes?

You got an older box that hasnt recalled back for reboxing to add the new 32mm bases

>Does it even matter?

No but keep them uniform and have them both in the same base size, I think 32mm looks better but its up to you. Honestly base size does not matter as much as it used to.

>> No.57339973

ADB's """vision for the setting"""" is to suck off his preferred faction and it can go fuck itself.

>> No.57339976

How do you face a nidzilla kronos arillery list with grey knights?

Say, about 5 hive guard, two exocrines, one tyrannofex, malanthropes and some cheap screening

>> No.57339979

MEQs come on 32 since 8th I think. Also you don't have to rebase since you measure from the centre of a mini

>> No.57339983


>> No.57339996

The argument is that there are no extra attacks generated and those extra hit rolls are for that same attack, please try to keep up

>> No.57340054

>Simply because that's the vision of the creators and authors of the setting. Like Rick Priestly and ADB.
'because the author wants it' is not a reason. You can now just shift to question to the next level if you really prefer: why do the author want it, and perhaps more importantly, are they right in wanting it?
Answer in the case of ADB: because he has daddy issues and Chaos Marines are Daddy issues: the Faction
>Objectively wrong.
Objectively right, as >>57339738 noted too, but I know for a fact you're too stubborn to ever recognize it. I don't think I can convince you (since the entire /40kg/ never did in years), but you didn't convince me either so far

>> No.57340063


Read his AMA faggot

>> No.57340085

That reminds me
I still need to paint my Vastroyen squad
and Lasconon team
...... and the Chimera for them
.........That I got 3 years ago

>> No.57340087

>Objectively right, as >>57339738 noted too, but I know for a fact you're too stubborn to ever recognize it. I don't think I can convince you (since the entire /40kg/ never did in years), but you didn't convince me either so far

Nope. Chaos being a main bad guy began since Realm of Chaos.

>'because the author wants it' is not a reason.

It is. It is their story. They can tll it in whatever way they want and I personally think they are doing a good job at it.

>> No.57340104

So your argument is not based on the rules. Attacks do not matter for determining Wound rolls, except to determine how many Hit rolls you make.

Try to keep up.

>> No.57340133

>Nope. Chaos being a main bad guy began since Realm of Chaos.
Ork books at the time also stated Ork were the main bad guys. And Tyranid entry in the galaxy was presented as the greatest threat ever. And Necrons awakening. etc. Dramatizing just sells.

>> No.57340164

It doesn't generate extra attacks per se, it generates extra hit rolls which result in extra wound rolls which results in up to 12 wound rolls. Its equivalent to a normal unit having 12 attacks.

>> No.57340182 [SPOILER] 

New factions? Fuck your chaos or xeno question, how bout in new factions in general? xeno though, preferably one with pre-existing lore
>Orks - Freebootas
>Imperium - Rogue Traders
>Admech - Xenarites
>Tau - An entire ' Xeno Auxiliaries' Codex, separate from the main Tau Codex and able to be fielded solo, covering Kroots and Vespids + others
>IG - Felinids

>> No.57340187

Nope. Pls no lie.

>> No.57340509

A DM that is allowed to swap feats around on NPC's and give them proper gear can turn Number 2 fight of the day in a D crawl into a true struggle for survival. Good stories come from it and I hope the Codexs for the non human races have enough to put up those fights and make a games outcome unknown from the first turn.

>> No.57340532

Gods I hope so. FineCrap should not be a thing for any army in 2018!

>> No.57340538

Eeeeeh, none of those sound great. I'd be cool with a new 'Freebootas' keyword faction in the Ork codex but making them say a new codex is silly 7th Edition nonsense. Also the last thing we need now is more Imperium codexes.

If anything, I'd say make some stuff for Old Ones or Enslavers. Hell, maybe even Hrud.

>> No.57340630

1000 point games are the only way I can play my Necrons and still call it a game and not take models out of the box to put them back in...

>> No.57340786

I left during 6th and 7th.

If I'm playing marines, how do I deal with people who bring a shit ton of flying units? Do you still need that retarded gun turret wall thing?

>> No.57340812

Ogryn Kingdoms. Can also get rid of Ogryns from guard that way.

>> No.57340888

And men of iron would be too similar to necrons.

Imo they shouldn't even both be a thing. Yes I know they are completely different fluff wise, but at the end of the day they still fit the same role.

>> No.57341144

This. They are there to keep the setting from going stagnant. They're there to be a pain in the ass, get in everyones way and throw a wrench in the works when it looks like someones got too much of an advantage.

They are the corrupt cops in a gangster movie, the greedy rich guy who steals the car in a slasher movie, the zombies in the walking dead.

>> No.57341186

> I personally feel -

>> No.57341230

>trying to argue with carnac
come on, man.

>> No.57341270

What's a good gold, coverage wise?
I've painted my rhino with the following. Vallejo black, Gunmetal, Nagaroth night and i've painted some bits of it with belethazar gold. What's a good gold to cover it? Auric armor gold did a shit job of covering the copperish of belthezar gold.

>> No.57341295

Yes the vulture with punisher cannons is great. Always works wonders for me. I don't think it's ever failed to win back it's points.

>> No.57341297

40k isn't a 90 minute movie. It's a tabletop game with many factions. To keep all of these interesting there are hundreds of individual stories where one or another specific faction is the most important, but to keep them all interesting GW intentionally avoids focusing entirely on one faction. What you are describing is all well and good for a single story, but GW know they'll be much more successful if they allow players to make their own stories.

>> No.57341306

retributor>auric armour?

>> No.57341403

>reminder that enslavers got rules in one WD.
They worked better like that as one unit that mind controls others and other armies. They wouldn't work as a full codex.

>> No.57341413

Noice. Happy for GW to see them doing well. Based Rountree.

>> No.57341448

What's the horseshoe theory? I could google it but people on /tg/ tend to write things in a funnier way.

>> No.57341601

the more extreme people get in their beliefs, the closer their beliefs come.

for example, uberliberals push for shit like segregation to give minorities better treatment and excuse any wrongs they commit because the disgusting white people deserve it. #metoo !

while alt right retards push for shit like segregation to give white people better treatment and excuse any wrongs they commit because white people are just better and the minorities deserve it. BUILD A WALL!!!

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