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Blood For the Blood God

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2nd for grey knight/sisters/deathwatch complainers better give custodes shit too

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What are some model ideas you've had in the past?
for example i want to try and turn a squad of quins into the cast of cats

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guess we can laugh at it already?
>implying xenos ever

>> No.57275661

3rd for the Ordos!

>> No.57275662

Are the psychic disciplines literally just the index disciplines copy/pasted + the 3 power god specific disciplines in the chaos codex copy pasted?

what the fuck.

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with new custodes coming how do they preform on the tabletop? They look great of course but do they bring the pain that they should?

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New Pre-orders up on NZ site.

Check it our, or don't.

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>cast of cats
I like it

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Fucking Cuss Toads.

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They're strong melee-wise, but lack speed and ranged firepower, plus they're elite units in an edition that favors hordes.

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What's the best Ork flyer this edition?

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>Tfw you have a way to counter Grey knights anti-Daemon powers.
New Daemons codex is so fun

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Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring
Banana - Men
doo doo di doo di doo

Ping pong ping pon ping pong ping
Panana - Me-en!

I got this fe-eling
Gold paint a thinning
My Cellular...
Bananular Men!

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An ork struck by a thunderhammer

>> No.57275709

Everyone that voted new custodes in that poll was right.

Xenofags delusions that they are getting anything other than pity are absolutely laughable.

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>1 situational stratagem makes a largely copy/paste of the index fun


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They're a SUPER elite army in an edition that punishes elite armies hard.

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Im not gonna watch SS1488's 2 hour video.

What is it?

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> Xenoscuck BTFO yet again.

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Their troops are are 2+ 5++ W3 T5
Option for 3++
But lack mobility/delivery and it is a horde edition.
But who knows what else they'll get...

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For 2cp if a Grey Knight unit kills one of your daemon units the unit is then returned to the battlefield at full strength at the end of your next movement phase.

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if you can put a unit of custard tarts into base to base contact with a unit of anything else you can be reasonably sure you're gonna kill what you're fighting.

5 bananamen with sentinel blades and storm shields will mulch their way through unhealthy numbers of pretty much anything of T<5 while being unkillable with 3 T5 wounds of their own and a 2+/3++

a unit of overcharging hellblasters at rapid fire range will literally kill more of themselves than they will the emperors actual finest.

unfortunately custodes are SLOOOOW and rely on a ~400 point transport to move their ~300 point asses, so you'll literally be able to fit 1500 points in 2 land raiders

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Name a better primarch. You literally can't.

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Custodes are going to be awful ingame, small elite armies do not work and these guys look like they're even smaller than grey knights.
Either that or they're going to be stupidly OP and break the game

either way 40k will be worse as a whole because of them

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>2018, year on the xenos.
>Necrons have been shat on since 8th was released, got nothing in CA
>hype intensifying after announcement

Oh look. It's more space marines. That's really good...

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Reposting for more opinions

500 points of the Tanith First and Only

Done mostly for fun, trying not to gimp myself at the same time

Vostroyan Battalion

Lord Commissar
Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, Honoured Duelist, The Armour of Graf Toschenko
55 pts

Company Commander
30 pts

Infantry Squad
x7 Guardsmen, Heavy Bolter, Power Sword, Boltgun
53 pts

Infantry Squad
x7 Guardsmen, Heavy Bolter, Power Sword, Boltgun
53 pts

Infantry Squad
x7 Guardsmen, Heavy Bolter, Power Sword, Boltgun
53 pts

Command Squad
x4 Sniper Rifle
32 pts

Fast Attack
Rough Riders x10
100 pts

Heavy Support
Heavy Weapon Team
x2 Autocannon, Lascannon
62 pts

Heavy Weapon Team
x2 Autocannon, Lascannon
62 pts

Total: 500 pts

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What's the best ranged aeldari anti-tank?

>> No.57275821

Almost all of them, except for Edgy Batman, Lord of furries and Lorgar

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r34 for research purposes

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>tfw I collect custodes, grey knights, and deathwatch

Is it unreasonable of me to request to only play other MEQ focused armies? I'm not entering tournaments or anything but I don't wanna play these against the million WAAC guard lists at my FLGS.

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we can't even get pity. marines are too busy laughing at us.

still, my dark eldar are playable now so I'm having fun regardless of how much plastic crack marines are snorting.

m-muh incubi ;_;

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no I couldn't name A better primarch, I could however name 17

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>> No.57275858

if you aren't playing a variant of space marines (custards are honorary ones), then you aren't playing 40k. GW knows this.

>> No.57275860


this is what they really look like

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Archaon > Abbadon

>> No.57275867

Take a vexilla and give captain a power knife. 5 man squad in melee
22 attacks
18 S5 AP-3 Dd3
4 S5 AP-3 D1
Imagine if they get any sort of reroll buff too

>> No.57275872

> I smash your face with my model Titan
> Hahaa, this proves a point somehow
> Back to treating valuable Astartes like conscripts

>> No.57275873

someone said a few threads ago that Storm Wardens are no longer canon. Is this true or not?

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>> No.57275885


if you mean actual tank then its the fire prism.

if you're just talking about eldar grav-weapons then the wave serpent remains our premier everything because fucking serpent shields.

>> No.57275896

wrong it is this

>> No.57275899


Imagine them with no capacity to not get blasted by mortal wounds and flyers.

>> No.57275902

It's true. They also never were canon in the first place

>> No.57275905

>started a Custodes army not long into 8th
>Figured I wont get more than 3-4 units and will never perform well
>End up dominating my stores meta somehow with then and everyone cries bitch tears about them being op and broken
>They said I would never get anything more than what was already out
>They cried at the HQ announcement
>Even more bitch tears, especially from the Space Wolf player and Yinnari/ smite spam Tzeentch player


>> No.57275909

Having hope sets you up for loss.

>> No.57275910

Really I think they would look like this >>57275807
Or at the very most pic related.

>> No.57275930

I mean what did you expect from the codex? It isnt like they were going to re design the entirety of the daemons rules or anything.

>> No.57275939

So custodes are just GK but GW actually wants to sell them instead of squatting them like GK, yup?

>> No.57275943

nah, if anything at all they resemble cat from red dwarf

>> No.57275945

These abominations will be purged swiftly. The Emperor protects.

>> No.57275947

More killy. Cooler sons. Doesn't bitch when he's sent to take a muddy fortress world, just throws himself at it until it falls on him. Hates the Emperor and tried to kill him the first time they met. Actually gets stuff done post HH.

>> No.57275950


relax anon, I'll throw my (Tyranid) warriors at your deathwatch and we'll see who comes out on top.

unless you'd rather fight the rainbow warriors.

GW I would drop a 3 digit figure the second plastic aspects where announced,
stop teasing me with dice you fucking kikes

>> No.57275972

Even if they aren't you can still run them as Your Dudes with the exact same history and whatnot.

>> No.57275979

People keep telling me that the codices are supposed to make things interesting compared to the indices, but so far it hasn't happened. I expected at least that the masque of slaanesh would get fun rules again.

>> No.57275980

Yeah it really seems like GK are just thrown to the wayside?
Custodes might be getting a flier and jet bikes too. They'll be more rounded and better than GKs at everything but minismite

>> No.57275982


your ynnari player is a mother fucking casual.

here, have this picture of a cuck posing

>> No.57275986


>doesn't understand Perturabo

Normies need to get out.

>> No.57275992

>tech genius
>badass warriors with badass scheme color
>humiliated rogass and his yellow barbies
>decimates his legion because he wants more effectivity
>expert in building fortresses without any without any sense for a simple mortal mind
>would have won the siege of terra if cuckmaster didnt decide to fight daddy
>still alive
>insults everyone and everythings, proving that nothing is unbreakable and perfect
>was loyal, but his father betrayed him
>all of his sons are loyal to him
>chaos dont use him as a tool, he uses chaos as a tool
>his most powerful weapon is that everyone underestimates him
>forged his own empire, where the astartes are the nobility and the non-astartes are slaves
>a single culture, a single army, a single king


>> No.57275996

Does anyone know of any torso bits that have armour on them but don't cover all of the body?
Want to use it for my Beastmen IG army, otherwise I'll just have to green stuff armour on to them

>> No.57276001

Anyone else manage to get some cool minis lately? Just nabbed this old guy off a local nid player
>Based Goodwin sculpt

>> No.57276002

Being only in FFG's books made them semi-canon. But since FFG stopped working with GW, they aren't and will never be canon, unless GW buys that IP from FFG for some reason.

>> No.57276008

Is anyone else using Battlescribe and running into this error where it is making you use Hellblaster squads that all have to be the same size?

>> No.57276025

>tfw spent literally 4 hours trying to decide the right combinations of pauldron design, left or right included chest piece, staff top, helmet, and power pack and poses for my exalted sorcerors, and still have only assembled 2 of the 3.

what the fuck is wrong with me and this hobby

>> No.57276027


Depends on your view point. As a Nurgle demons player I'm hype.

>> No.57276028

>killing loyal servants of the emperor
Extra heretical

>> No.57276030

>Vanilla Marines
>Catholic Marines
>Vampire Marines
>Viking Marines
>Good Psychic Space Marines
>Evil Psychic Space Marines
>Spike Marines
>Gross Marines

And now Stormcast Marines. Oh, good.

>> No.57276032

I fucking hate Serpent Shields.
Wave Serpents should not be more durable than a fucking Land Raider.

Fucking Knife-Ears.

>> No.57276037

>Mutants and abhumans
>Capable of true loyalty

>> No.57276040

He actualy ran them because his win rate was something like 98%. he was the kind of guy who kept a spreadsheet of every fight so he could alter his army to win more. Custodes always gave him some trouble and now the combination of the nerf to his two armies plus more custodes releases also made him mad.

Same story with his Tzeentch army,
it was always 90 Brimstone Horrors in 9 10 man squads, the changeling and everything else spams smite making an army wide 4+
with -1 to hit, very hard for Talons to deal with

>> No.57276055

Got two sets of the OOP Necromunda Redemptionist army.
I'm pretty chuffed, that along with the mohawk NM are my favourite miniatures GW ever produced.
Might even try to get more of them and start an IG army based off them, an expensive dream for sure.

>> No.57276058

I just want to know why some asshole decided to post this the day before the reveal.

Sometimes I just want to hear the announcement from the company, not from a leak. Is that so much to ask?

>> No.57276062

This actually seems like the best representation for them in-game.

>> No.57276067

If you care that much you should have avoided social media

>> No.57276069

you could stop going to places where leaks are often posted then. Is that so much to ask?

>> No.57276071

Been out of the loop for a while now but would there be any way to run a guard army with as many sentinels as possible as sort of a scout force.

Ran a similar concept with Eldar when their new codex dropped and had a ton of fun, any help welcome.

>> No.57276077

>Got two sets of the OOP Necromunda Redemptionist army

Which one? The 90's set or the 2000's set?

>> No.57276079


Nah bruh you don't have an Eldar player/ynnari player worth a shit if he's losing to custodes. 2 Hemlocks will shit on your whole army.

>> No.57276083

I’m gonna need to make a new penguin just to show how shafted we got.

>> No.57276084

Rumor has it there is more
So stay away from here for a few more hours and F5 the community page

>> No.57276085

>that mock

Ah,new justaerin squad I see

>> No.57276089

After a massive battle, a squad of berzerkers find that they have killed everyone on the planet. Minutes later they turn on each other and soon there's one berzerker left. All the blood has been spilled. There is no way off the planet because they blew up all the spacecraft and gutted the pilots. The blood is drying up and flaking away. A Lone space Marine now sits in the middle of a large smelly brown field with no living thing left to fight.

>What does he do?

>> No.57276090

Honestly I hope it prompts them to reveal more at once instead of a crappy dripfeed over the next week.

>> No.57276096

>says the Krieger who is a clone of a human
>Whos planet almost fell to chaos and defied the emperor

>> No.57276098

I hope so, but honestly I guess I just don't get the appeal of leaking shit.

>> No.57276099

Oh he hasnt been loosing, I have never beaten his Eldar/ Yinnari army, though the Yinnari side has been shelved since the nerf. The reason he is mad is because suddenly ther is another army thats getting better and its not his, its why he hates guard, because this ed they are stronger.

>> No.57276102

Yes, Why would you want to have to suffer through the hype only to get cucked by Marine shit.
Though i personally don't think the hype post was about the custards.

>> No.57276103

>tfw chadstodes cucking npcs and chaoscucks out of new content
>tfw Dorn soon

>> No.57276105

you can literally run a force of nothing but sentinels if you want

>> No.57276106

Not all of them were loyal, and he did not trust his marines farther than he could throw them, hence why his bodyguard is robots.

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>> No.57276112

This thread has been visited by the sleepy Krieger of Well-Rested Combat Preparedness.

Pleasant dreams of human supremacy and glory in combat will find you, but only if you reply with "Be rested and kill well, sleepy Krieger".

>> No.57276115

He throws himself onto his chainaxe as followers of the blood God are known to do as Khorne cares not from where the Blood Flows.

>> No.57276116

just run outrider detachments, you'd need a HQ, but literally everything else could be sentinels

>> No.57276117

I'm not sure how GW is going to handle them. Regular Custodes already have a 2+ so I'm not sure how they intend to make these new models better.

Higher toughness does pretty much fuck all.

>> No.57276124


>> No.57276125

Tells Khorne to open him a portal. Kills himself if it doesn't work.

>> No.57276129


>> No.57276130

I'd guess invuns and wounds

>> No.57276133

Tau will rule the galaxy!

>> No.57276137

chainswords are better for the sargs.

>> No.57276138


Him not playing Ynnari already shows he's bad. The best way to run CWE is still to run Reapers + Yvraine for double shoot reapers. I'm just telling you that the dude is garbo.

>> No.57276140

>not believing in the return of the old ones

>> No.57276143


get fucked marine. you get yearly updates, I get the best transport for 4 editions running, it
more than evens out.


what you've got there is a classic case of a netlisting faggot who's incapable of having fun except at the expense of another persons fun.

I run whatever the fuck I like, the four flavours of eldar are mine to wield. my faggotry is without equal, but I love themed lists the most. when they go well it feels way better than winning with a netlist and they're even fun when you're losing.

>> No.57276144

More wounds, more attacks, different weapons, ability to DS, better invuln, being able to reroll failed saves, unique special rules, etc...
Its not that hard, anon.

>> No.57276152

Maybe look at some AoS models?

>> No.57276153

>Fights the animals

>> No.57276155


He's clearly not netlisting because he's apparently not running Yvraine + Reapers

>> No.57276158

Honestly I vastly prefer the storm wardens to Blood Ravens, but they made Ravens cannon cause of vidya.

>> No.57276159

Ravager with triple dark lance. 150pts

>> No.57276162

Be rested and kill well, sleepy Krieger.

>> No.57276166

Where did these Dorn rumors come from?
Not that I'm complaining since I just started IF.

>> No.57276173

Then play the Storm Wardens?

I literally played someone yesterday who ran his army as Storm Wardens

>> No.57276175

Sorry if this is a dumb question but I just started and picked Tau but I can't find a paint set of the older sandy colour they used to have on the boxes.

Is there somewhere that I can get a full list of all of the paints I'll need for that colour scheme?

Thank you.

>> No.57276181

Maybe but I disagree, but then again its hard to disproove either way since you will never meet him. I just know based of his win rate, winning local tournies etc.

Aye, I started Custodes because I have always loved their look and lore though prefer their unarmored versions and just happy to get some new dudes.

>> No.57276190

Custodes are guaranteed to be shit tier
elite armies just are shit this edition

>> No.57276196

I wish ol Pert had stayed loyal. Best of the traitor primarchs desu.

Man was looking at the 1d4chan page for return of the primarchs and they got nothing on pert or IW

>> No.57276197 [DELETED] 

Already got 3+ invuls as well.

>> No.57276200


>> No.57276204

So I recently got a 3d printer and I have no one to play with so I don't have any incentive to actually buy any more minis. I have about 2500 pts of orks. I have found lots of vehicle models but not many for space marines or any other faction. Does anyone know where there might be a hidden stash of models?

>> No.57276208


indeed. just noticed that post. so he's both more and less of a shitter than I thought. he's less of a shitter because at least its not a copypaste job but more of a shitter because he can't even tryhard properly. cunt should sell his army.

unless the bananaman is lying which lets face it. is almost certain. but its fun to play pretend.

>> No.57276209

Well after holding out for the daemons codex I can safely say that I'm a tyranids player. Fuck it was so boring.

>> No.57276212

well they could get 2+ invuns

>> No.57276214

Already got 3+ invuls as well.

Really what Custodes need is a shooty unit. Currently their guns are meh at best.

>> No.57276222

So we can be disappointed now instead of master?

>> No.57276229


>> No.57276230


>> No.57276231

Not all. I consider Harlequins a cross between elite and alpha strike and they're pretty damn good

>> No.57276235

You forgot
>Alien hunting marines guest starring all of the above

>> No.57276236

Have you seen all the leaks already?
If so, please tell me, is there an undivided chapter tactic or do I get nothing.

>> No.57276237

I know they have the Sagittarium guard or something like that in 30k where they wield heavy bolters like regular ones and an under slung something else.

>> No.57276240


Lying is most likely given that before he got called on it he was dominating his meta and the ynnari player was whining about it but now he's never beat him.

>> No.57276243

S-s-surely this can't be just for Custodes, r-right guys? We're gonna get some new awesome Xenos faction tomorrow, aren't we?

>> No.57276248

I play GKs and Nids, though.
>zero model updates
>fluff/codex updates are half-assed and lazy 8th ed Nid dex was an exception,

>one of my armies is always the worst of the current edition
>my favourite models, including Terminatos, Land Raiders, Dreadnoughts and walking Hive Tyrants are objectively bad every edition
>tfw just started AOS with fucking BRETONNIANS of all armies
Is the universe cursing me for having good taste, or am I just a massive faggot?

>> No.57276250

underslung FUCK YOU-launchers that can overheat.

>> No.57276254

I run dark eldar as ynnari because soulburst is both more flavorful for super fast psychic vampires that gain power from pain and more fun than a passive bonus to melee that I would never use anyways.

>> No.57276255


Striking Scorpion has it all posted up if you want to soldier through the video. And of course there is no undivided benefit - there is all over 1 undivided unit in the entire book.

>> No.57276258

Don't need more choppy

>> No.57276260


3 wounds per model makes them pretty robust as far as smite spam is concerned. doesn't mean it doesn't fucking hurt but its not as awful as people believe.

other sources of MW are were things start getting ridiculous though.

>> No.57276265

the bananna poster, his yinnari and tzeentch armies were the only ones I could not beat, everyone else at my lgs plays marines with one necron player and a couple of admech, their armies I could take on.

My mistake for not clarifying early on.

>> No.57276267


Yeah I mean you know Hemlock wraithfighters delete the army by themselves.

>> No.57276270

>Halfway through painting my army
>Start to hate the color scheme I've picked

>> No.57276276

>Less tech inclined than Ferrus
>Yellow hazard stripes? Really?
>Got his ass kicked at Phall by a normal IF
>Kills 10% of his Legion. Not just the useless fucks, but proven veterans.
>True enough
>Just sits around all day being a droopy dog
>Is an emotional asshat
>Did the Emperor tell him to burn his home planet to the ground? No.
>His sons loath him. See Barabas Dantioch. Maybe if he didn't "Not a step back" for suicidal missions they would like him.
>He's so independent that he surrendered his physical being to the Chaos gods and gets to live as their puppet forever.
>Everyone thinking he's a retard isn't an actual weapon
>Medrengard doesn't count as an empire. It's one planet. Every other Iron Warriors planet pays lip service and occasionally send him random shit.
>Do you mean The Dispute of Iron? When the Iron Warriors started killing one another and Perty did literally nothing?

>> No.57276281


>> No.57276286

I do

>> No.57276292

all the marine elite armies are shit tier

>> No.57276297

Here you go anon, I would suggest grabbing the citadel paint app. It's quite useful for working out how to do certain colors

>> No.57276302

Look at the very first link in the OP and find out for yourself you fucking blind faggot.

>> No.57276303

That'd actually be a pretty sweet kitbash. Although buying actual Justaerin from FW would probably be cheaper.

>> No.57276306


that image is just quintessential tau. its beautiful.

>> No.57276308

Doesn't seem likely, though I guess the thing to do is wait and see. Maybe we'll all be proven wrong, maybe not.

Boone can't see what lies beyond time's veil, something has clouded her sight.

>> No.57276317

Allarus all come with something a grenade launcher
Stats remain to be seen

>> No.57276324

Yes! You take Tallern Outrider detachments and fill them up with Sentinels. You need an HQ so I recommend a Tank Commander to keep mobile. If your willing to go Forgeworld, the Salamander Command Tank is an HQ with the speed of a fast-attack vehicle.

Perhaps a better force, though, would be Battalions with Salamander Command Vehicles, Tank Commanders, Infantry in Chimeras, and the scout sentinels (up to 6 per battalion).

You'll need forgeworld for it, but potentially you could go FULL BRIGADE without losing the speed dynamic. Tank Commanders, Salamander Command Tanks, 3 Infantry squads in Chimeras and a further 3 in touroxes for capping and holding objectives (the chimeras hold characters and pair off with the tauroxes), Platoon Commanders and Techpriests for elites, Sentinels for fast attack, and finally Sentinel Power Lifters for melee heavy support! That would solve the issue of a fast-attack army low on CP right there!

>> No.57276327

Nah. They are hairy and/or furry. It's in their latin name in the 8th ed. rulebook.

>> No.57276329

>Buying an army with no proper research
I hope you got your generic knights for free or something

>> No.57276333


>> No.57276337


>GW hypes up a release as an ambiguous ancient waiting force
>It's just more generic bro-dudes in armoured suits

>> No.57276348

They use disintigration rays.

>> No.57276352


>> No.57276355


So what you're saying is you dominated the kiddie pool?

>> No.57276362

BTW you REALLY want Tallern so your tanks can move and shoot and your transports can move, advance and shoot. Altogether something like 60% of your army can scout move, and with the melee abilities of the power lifters supplementing the regular sentinels your no slouch in close combat.

>> No.57276363

>Meanwhile Tyranids get to one shot any of them they want in melee with their broken codex.

>> No.57276366

>Tfw you're already golden, elite and fabulous

>> No.57276369

>And of course there is no undivided benefit - there is all over 1 undivided unit in the entire book.
>tfw you own over 100 daemon models and can’t make a battalion detachment because you need three troops of the same god if you want to have access to your own rules.
I may as well go full soup, it’s not like I have anything to lose.

>> No.57276371

>GW hypes up a release as an ambiguous ancient waiting force

Pretty sure they never said anything about " ancient ".

>> No.57276372

>GW "hypes release" for one day
>People act like the sky is falling when it's not what they want

>> No.57276374

Oh, that seems useful I'll be sure to do that.

But is that all I'll need including details? I was almost tempted to buy the Tau Empire paint set but £55 is a hefty price and I don't have any paints right now.

>> No.57276375

Say I were to do an all primaris list.
Would hellblasters be better Dark Angels where they get more special rules to use their plasma or better in Vanilla marines where I can take the Standard of the Emperor Ascendant on an ancient for 3+ return attacks?

>> No.57276376

Essentialy yes I wont deny that, my army will never stand up to actual tournie lists and I am under no illusion that it one day will.

>> No.57276385

>Kills 10% of his Legion. Not just the useless fucks, but proven veterans.
>It works.

>> No.57276396

I had really hoped for a new xenos army but nope, more super duper marines.... Cmon gw!

>> No.57276398


no? You can make a battalion all day long, you just won't get access to loci. You'll still have stratagems and WL traits. Are you dumb?

>> No.57276400

For the price I payed for the Bretonnian army, I'd say yeah, they pretty much were.
Especially after I compared it to Ebay pricing, holy shit.

>> No.57276401

Is the Battlescribe repository down for anyone else? Keeps bringing up errors.

>> No.57276412

I'm curious as to how my World Eaters will handle an entire army of goldenboys. My Berzerker squads already struggle against Sanguinary Guard. T5 means I'm wounding on 4s instead of 3s and they have an extra wound each. I don't even want to know how crazy hard to kill these Mega Custodes are going to be to put down.

>> No.57276413

I really need to play through Doki Doki. I keep seeing all the spoiler memes.

>> No.57276416

Ye same here

>> No.57276417

>everyone gets chapter tactics now
>... except you

>> No.57276421

No that's just the armour panels, that's where the app comes in handy. Along with running through paint by color there's also a good range of paint by mini of official get colors (ie: all Marine schemes are primaris models) to give you an idea of how it runs

>> No.57276425

Be rested and kill well, sleepy Kreiger.

>> No.57276427


>> No.57276429

Battlescribe is broken as fuck anyway. You cant even make a list with more than one detachment.

>> No.57276430

>Nid player.
>complaining about a lack of model updates.

you're a motherfucker you know that.

the nids have been getting consistent updates to there range and no fewer than two complete overhauls of all kits over the years. your army is almost entirely plastic and and recieves new units every other year in addition to swapping out fineshit for multi part plastic including new options.

yes your army was shit for a decade, no one will say otherwise. but to claim you're somehow recieving the short end of the stick in terms of model releases in a game containing the eldar, orks and the fucking SOB's outs you as a motherfucker of the highest order.


>> No.57276438

I mean I guess he had no choice given that he was a complete uninspiring autist.

Even Angron managed to inspire his troops and he was a raging psychopath. Perturabo literally has less social skill than a constantly screaming berserker.

>> No.57276445

Massively overrated and overhyped.
Not a bad game but it got blown up to be the meme of the year so it can only disappoint you.

>> No.57276446

.... yes you can?

>> No.57276447

Go to sleep Matt

>> No.57276458

Try it. The latest build will only let you put units in one detachment.

>> No.57276466

>watching new Daemon codex review
>Changeling profile comes up
>instead of -1 to hit aura, it ignores wounds around him ON FUCKING 6s
Talk about fucking wrecked.

>> No.57276470

Matt loved Necrons.

>> No.57276473

Hey man, you're doing it right.

>> No.57276475

So standard GW game design then

>> No.57276476

Wirks fine for me dude, maybe if you reopen it?

>> No.57276478


Loci are good but you're acting like you can't get access to any of the portions of the army. Hell most of the loci are mediocre at best.

>> No.57276488


>> No.57276490

I know that much. i just feel like all the coverage of the game sorta ruined the surprise of the horror elements.

>> No.57276492

You think that's bad? I have spent months deciding pauldrons, chest piece, helmets and heraldry for my entire marine army based on the role of every single model. I have different models with different heraldry and different magnetisation for sergeants or veteran sergeants of my tactical squads and now the difference doesn't exist anymore for fuck sake!

>> No.57276495


yeah, you wanna talk about a hype abortion, consider that the countdown clock for mortal portents built around hyping up the forsaken grand alliance death amounted to a campaign announcement.


>> No.57276505

Sure. It probably won't be that effective. I knocked up a quick list in battlescribe:
1500 points
3 Tempestor Primes with various shit - 141p
8 Ratlings
3x Scions with Special Weapons - 332p
>Fast Attack
3x Armoured Sentinels - Lascannons - 180p
3x Scout Sentinels - 2x Missile Launchers 1x Autocannon - 163p
2x Tauros Venator - Twin Lascannons - 172p
1 Vendetta Gunship - 246p
2x Gryphone Chimera - Twin Heavy Bolter - 194p

>> No.57276512

>tfw the Malanthrope slipped my mind because of how shitty it was
Damn, my bad. What a fucking retard I am. I completely forgot about that, realized it just after I posted.
Sorry anon.
Whatever un-updated army you play, I hope you get some releases soon. <3

>> No.57276516

>inherits the workhorse legion no one likes or respects who fail spectacularly and make everyone like them even less because they're gigantic failures
>prove that no one is above responsibility and has 10% beaten to death by their comrades no matter rank or purpose
>turn the remaining Iron Warriors into something to be proud of that completes their job no matter what
>get made fun of and hated because of the necessary war of attrition he and his sons are forced to endure battlefield after battlefield
>"hey brother maybe don't let your men die so much haha"
>others don't understand what trench warfare or siege warfare or attrition warfare actually is and that sacrifices are necessary for victory as the legion (and Perturabo) are ground into the mud
>other legions come in after all the digging and dying is done and take 1% of the casualties because the IW have done 99% of the work with 99% of the casualties and are the only reason the other legions can even come in

Fuck the other legions. Fuck the other primarchs. Perturabo did nothing wrong. I'd decimate the losers too and be a bitter "piece of shit" if my brothers did that to me.

>> No.57276521

People will always be disappointed
Atleast this was not even 12 hours of hyping, so not much to whine over

>> No.57276522

Thanks a lot for the advice man, Tallarn sounds awesome.

>> No.57276528

>tfw be pic related
FUCK I mean Maleceptor.
Cant even get the fucking name right.

Real life lesson here, anons, sleep deprivation is bad for your brain.

>> No.57276531


Buy 2 more troops of the same type for the loci you want?

>> No.57276534

how did you make that long screenshot?

>> No.57276540

Not him but I'm having some weird issue where it won't let me create Hellblaster squads of differing sizes for some reason

>> No.57276543

He's basically just shittier Angron.

>> No.57276550

I've got a plan to make a chapyer serf armoured company. and making the Russ tanks by putting predator turrets and sponsons on a vindicator. With the maingun in the hull the hull gun in the turret. So my leman russ demolisher woukd be a standard vidicator, with the predators HB sponsons and its turret with a single lascannon. Put a guardsmen tank commander in the hatch painted in chapter livery.

>> No.57276564

Marines and eldar get army wide -1 to hit.
Tyranids get that crazy advance rolls rule while being able to retreat and charge.
Guard get insane gun lines with an army wide rerolls 1s.


>> No.57276573



>> No.57276589


>> No.57276597

Its easy as balls to make a primaris looking Azrael to give them all 4++ along with the upgraded hellblasters which I'd say would be better in the long run

>> No.57276598

Maybe if Pert traded out bitterness for rage he wouldn't have been such a fucking loser. At least when Angron's boys were thrown headfirst at a brick wall they enjoyed it.

>> No.57276604


Because you aren't playing demons the way they want you too now. They're back to wanting deity specific legions (which fortunately I already run)

>> No.57276623

Instead you get fucking nerfed to all hell. Enjoy your daemons. lel

>> No.57276627

In Android when I take a screenshot the share and save etc icons that come up there's one that's a box with broken sides, press that

>> No.57276634


Lel at Nurgle demons being nerfed.

>> No.57276638


if it makes you feel any better, I can guarantee you that the dark eldar codex will work off a system similar to the one you're currently labouring under due to the fact that theres no real way for them to homebrew that many completely new organisations and dark eldar models are mostly split between the two subfactions anyway.

but I can fucking PROMISE YOU that the Deldar won't get any new plastic like you did.

screencap this.

>> No.57276645

This is truly sad

>> No.57276646

Vitae wombs are very shady tech. Whether they are only accelerated growth vats or cloning bays is uncertain. In either case take your pick of 50 Kriegers around the universe and tell me their (non color) differences. They're practically clones.

>> No.57276652

Why are Custodes a faction in the first place? I legitimately do not understand it. Aren't the Custodes basically the bodyguards of the Emperor? Why would they leave Terra? Or leave in a force large enough to wage battles? Proactive bodyguarding?

>> No.57276653

Nurgle daemons are only ones allowed to not be shit and they pay for it by looking like shit. It is a quaint kind of balance.

>> No.57276656

I don't use special characters but the upgrades to the Hellblasters, plus free-rerolls of one when standing are worth it.

That and the moral ignoring.
I may post the list later for what I'm thinking but its basically mass Intercessors and Hellblasters with Ancients, lieutenants, an apothecary, and captain

>> No.57276660

Pls no, anon. I just want my plastic Incubi.

>> No.57276664

no, because GW got butblasted that PP did a better job with their IP than them, aside from other reasons. Shame, seeing as a bunch of their great deathwatch canon also got erased for the same reason.

>> No.57276667

>That, the drop pod, and harpy/crone
>Mfw I don't even have a plastic kit for my most prolific HQ

>> No.57276671

Working fine for me try rebooting?

>> No.57276678

Guilliman happened.

>> No.57276681

theyll be shit like GK just wait

>> No.57276682


Lel at nurgle models looking like shit

>> No.57276684

I may in a bit.
I got it to do what I want, it was just spitting up List errors.

>> No.57276698

Guardfag phoneposters get out and also kill yourselves.

>> No.57276713

Which army do you play that doesnt have one plastic HQ? Inquisition or some shit?
Hell, even meme-tier armies like SOB have plastic HQs.

>> No.57276718

Pretty sure those are all SM players, you stupid fucking box of hair.

>> No.57276729

Any admech leaks apart from FoC eventually coming anons?

>> No.57276730

>Why would they leave Terra?

Guilliman told them to get off their punk asses.

>> No.57276739

also FoC will never come out

>> No.57276742 [SPOILER] 

its not all bad anon. there will be a reckoning one day. I promise you that.

our fearless leader will return on a great chariot and be our primarch equivalent, he will be a lynchpin to build your army around and he will unite the deldar on a conquest of the stars themselves.

he will return to us. it has been written.

>> No.57276754


How about Chuck Berry noise marines?
Are scat fetishists devotees of Nugle or Slannesh?

>> No.57276757

I fucking love Custodes though

>> No.57276760

well shit

>> No.57276806

GW is bad at hinting things.

>> No.57276817

Redpill me on harlequins

>> No.57276823

He's partially right, I have 400 points of guard. Need to hit up Forgeworld to pad it out though

>> No.57276841

all of Forge World is on hold cause they were too stupid crying over Alan Bligh's death (which was obvious since he had cancer...) so maybe it will come this year?

>> No.57276842

about what about them

>> No.57276862

Well so far the two new units announced were ones that the recent novel went out of its way to bring up over and over again, they being the termies and the new HQ. The one other unit brought up repetably and given focus that has no 40k model is the gladus-contemptor, which is different than the normal shitty one they have. Chances are they may get their own gladus-contemptor.

>> No.57276864

Meh, Mortarion was better.

Actually basically EVERYONE was better than Perturabo.

>> No.57276870

killer clowns from outer space, sick ninja flips

>> No.57276871

Or are you referring to preventing leaks?

Apparently he didn't tell many people that he was that poor in health.
Read somewhere that him dying was a shock for a bunch of GW staffers since they didn't know he was terminal.

Not surprised FW got thrown for a big loop

>> No.57276872

bretty gud rn almost op?

>> No.57276884

Not Lorgar. Never Lorgar.

>> No.57276893


>> No.57276898

Except not really. They managed to generate tons of hype for a new release. If someone hadn't leaked it. It would been a great hint.

>> No.57276917

In BL books Lorgar was a fantastic person and character. Only people that never read them would think otherwise.

>> No.57276924

Yeah, not sure what they were thinking with the Venerable-Contemptor Dread. It's complete garbage.

>> No.57276925



>> No.57276931

10x chain and bolt death company or 5x kitted out with a chaplain?

>> No.57276935

I don't know, lorgar redeemed himself in my eyes when he fucked with bobby G on calith

>Have you lost your temper Roboute?
>I'm going to stab you.
>You've lost your temper Roboute.

>> No.57276945

>tons of hype for a new release
Except everyone would have been immediately disappointed like they are now. That nonsense didn't hint at the Custodes. Everyone was freaking out over Necrons or some new Xenos faction or Plastic Sisters (though there's always people bending over backwards to believe any hint from GW means that).

>> No.57276951

You forgot
>booby Marines with weaker stats

>> No.57276965

Source on artist
The dirt on abbadons boots>abbadon
this is exactly what i imagined when i first heard of them
Best primarch

>> No.57276971

Rules wise or appearance wise?

I think it looks ugly

>> No.57276974

I dont even bother running it, at the moment I just run 3 squads of custodes, the land raider, an Inquisitor and Celestine. If I could have the gladus dreadnaught I would happily swap out Celestine for it since I can use it in a similar way, a tough to kill distraction while the banana men dance up the field.

>> No.57276977

Except it does. They are even called the watchers of the throne and they have been waiting on terra for a long time.

>> No.57276984

>Have every advantage
>Still get routed from Ultramar

>> No.57276988

>Watching and waiting
>Literally sums up Custodes for 10k years

In any case, the hint was broad enough to let people run with their imagination, people saw what they wanted to see. No surprise at the end

>> No.57276991


our time will come.

>> No.57276999

In First Heretic he is literally a whinny bitch. The number of times Erebus, Kor Phaeron, Argel Tal have to cheer him up is embarrassing. Even at the end, after masterminding the HH and tearing the Imperium in half he still tries to get himself killed on Istvaan V because he feels bad about it. He only grows a pair during Betrayer and even then he's pretty annoying.

>> No.57277000

So anons, here is a stupid list I thought up as I've been having some poor luck with my marines.

1997 points total.

Dark Angels

1x Primaris Lieutenant w/ MC Auto Bolter and Plasma Pistol
1x Primaris Lieutenant w/ MC Auto Bolter and Plasma Pistol

4x 10 man Squads of Intercessors with Bolt Rifles and 1 Grenade Launcher

2x Primaris Ancients
1x Primaris Apothecaries

Spearhead Detachment

Primaris Master (Warlord, Huntsman, MC Stalker bolter w/ Bolt Pistol, Shroud)

Heavy Support:
2x 6 man Hellblaster Squads with Plasma Incinerators, Plasma Pistol on Sarge
1x 10 man Hellblaster Squad with Plasma Incinerators, Plasma Pistol on Sarge

>> No.57277008

I still don't see the point. Why make a big deal out of this with some teaser and get peoples hopes up when all it's going to be is more assholes in power armor?

>> No.57277013



>> No.57277029

back where you found it

>> No.57277030

Lorgar was losing to Robot. Angron had to step in and put him down.

>> No.57277034

To rile up people like you

>> No.57277038

Or so help me

>> No.57277049

I just threaten to drop my army on anyone who bitches about their delicious plastic models.

It's one of the perks of playing Sisters.

>> No.57277062

He is literally going through a crisis of faith and comes to terms with his power and psyker potential that was denied to him all those years. It is also Erebus masterminding the heresy with ideas given by ruinous powers.
You just showed your smallminded understanding of the whole situation. Don't worry, once you get past 40 years old you will understand Lorgar's situation very well.

>> No.57277063

>Why make a big deal out of this with some teaser

It was an image on facebook one day before an announcement. It's not a big deal at all.

>> No.57277071

drop stuff on my army and i'll drop you :^)

>> No.57277072

>50,000 word bearers vs 250,000 ultramarines.
>final casualty list, 50,000/150,000.
>meanwhile the worldeaters and the other 100,000 word bearers burned greater ultramar to fucking ashes and devastated the 500 worlds. then left so guilliman could ruin the defence of terra with imperium secundus and the pharos device.

top tier primarch you got there smurf.

>> No.57277080

He went through a crisis of faith FOR 50 YEARS.

>> No.57277094

I really wish I knew, he does a real good job of not only doing bad ass stuff, but it looks good.

>> No.57277097

>next big 40k release: bigger space marines but even bigger and gold this time
>last big 40k release: evil space marines
>big 40k release before that: space marines but bigger
why the fuck do I even bother with this fucking hobby

>> No.57277111

If there's one good thing I have to say about Word Bearers, at least they know how to take a knee.

>> No.57277117

because you have faith they might someday release new sisters of silence miniatures

>> No.57277121


>> No.57277129


don't worry anon. the next big 40k release will be something different this time, LIKE ANOTHER PRIMARCH.

>> No.57277146

Eldae in new wacky flavors

>> No.57277150

>soul of mankind
>space marines

>> No.57277151

fucking hell at least the bad guys in Age of Sigmar aren't space marines. So the worst they can do is
>fantasy marines
>interesting bad guys
>fantasy marines
>different interesting badguys

>> No.57277153

Would I be gimping myself by putting Pask in a Executioner instead of a Punisher?

>> No.57277169

Custodes havent been watching amd waiting

theyve featured prominently in recent 40k fluff. How can they be coming if theyre already here

>> No.57277179

>Have total surprise
>Gain uncontested orbital supremacy
>Enemy ground forces have no idea what's going on even after you start shooting at them
>Have a plethora of demonic space magic that the enemy can't actually counter
>Able to summon infinite legions of daemons
>Still lose

>Try to burn Ultramar
>Do okay until Guilliman actually marshals his forces
>Get chased out of Ultramar
>Only saved by Krazy Konrad buying you time to escape into Ruinstorm
>You're safe and head for Terra
>*breaks your ruinstorm*

>> No.57277180


>tfw patiently waiting for new Ork codex and a few new minis to go along with it

>> No.57277181

His character was raised to interact with the world around him through faith and those few years are a relatively short time for post-humans like primarchs. He is supposed to be a tragic character like that and if you think that's "lame" don't bother reading most well-known literature because it is filled with similar character since they are considered incredibly interesting.

>> No.57277188

why the fuck do they need a whole new line of miniatures

why cant they just bring the 30k stuff over to 40k

>> No.57277197

so long as it is the khan everything will be glorious.
even that pale-face psychic spook would do

>> No.57277207 [SPOILER] 

>just starting my first army, Tau
>made /my dudes/ scheme and fluff
>have 6 drones and 1 1/2 fire warriors ready for priming once weather permits
>gonna use them 1 drone & fire warrior as test models, if I don't like it I'll change the scheme and try again with another test model
>just bought all my paints, cost around $70
>relative saw my color scheme and said it was too dark and they don't really like it they preferred bright, shiny, metallic, like pink Noise Marines, regular Magnus, etc
>starting to get worried I won't like the scheme once I start

Does it look ok? Do I need to worry?

>> No.57277213

>tfw IG will never get new minis again

>> No.57277216

>why cant they just bring the 30k stuff over to 40k
This, I fucking want those delicous 30k Custard.

>> No.57277217

>burned greater ultramar

They burned 5.2% of Ultramar,

>> No.57277219

>why cant they just bring the 30k stuff over to 40k

People don't want to buy that forge world shit.

>> No.57277232

Because GW would rather have 2 full Custode model ranges than admit FW and HH exists and give their models 8h edition rules

>> No.57277238

>2+/5++ with the ability to get a 3++
>power armour

Bitch please, that's gold plated terminator armour at worst.

>> No.57277243

>who is Ferrus Manus

>> No.57277248

>tfw love Custodes
>tfw always wanted an army for 40k
>tfw everyone at my FLGS group has been hyping up "brand new alien race!"
>tfw we're getting Custodes instead
I'm happy but at the same time worried that they're gonna take their disappointment out on the golden boys.

>> No.57277249

>Eldar are still stuck with some models from the 90's and half their models are failcast
>Imperial Guard are stuck with two plastic troop kits that look like shit, and the rest are all metal or FW exclusive
>Generic chaos marines are stuck with a load of ancient manlet models
>Most Ork shit is over a decade old and they still dont have a plastic warboss kit
>Sisters of Battle

>"Lets make some more fucking space marines, except lets make them gold this time"

>> No.57277254

>Pask orders himself to Kill On Sight
>Re-roll all hits of 1
>If you re-roll a 1, you have emergency plasma vents that just deal 1 mortal wound.

>> No.57277256

It's okay, the whole Nazi Master Race vibe the Space Marines give off is a subtle element of the faction and easily missed in an army of übermensch warriors selected on genetic purity fighting an endless war of extermination based on an ideology of superiority and just plastering Neo-Roman designs everywhere, with a few Iron Crosses for good measure.

>> No.57277257

left looks good
consider Kelshan/Sacea sept schemes if you want something lighter

>> No.57277260

Pft, I wouldn't hurt models (they're innocent for the sins of their players). I threaten to drop it on PEOPLE. That much metal in an army case is a lethal weapon.

>> No.57277263

Looks good in my opinion.

>> No.57277268

Looks good bro

>> No.57277276

When the fuck are they gonna release Meliniel and the Warshard????¡¡¡¡¡¡

>> No.57277277

Both, actually. I think Contemptor Dreads in general look really stupid. (With the exception if a couple heavily modified FW ones.)

Rules-wise it's shit in pretty much every way. You're paying a premium for shit stats, a meh special rule, and ZERO customizability.

Yeah, it seems most Custodes players run Celestine because she's the only HQ that even semi-fits with the army.

>> No.57277284

Like the Galatus

Don't forget T5 and W3
Terminator+, as base troops.
Choppy too.

>> No.57277288

That's how it's been for every Codex. There's some changes sometimes (Blood Boil got completely redone) but filling out the Index disciplines from 3 to 6 is what they all do.

>> No.57277289

kinda fragile but they in a transport anyway?

>> No.57277293

New custodes are neato

Its GW's fault for being absolute shit at generating hype correctly

>> No.57277303

prepare to get avalanched my dude...

>> No.57277304

The image was rather vague and misleading, they should have made it clear it was still gonna be Imperial somehow.

>> No.57277307

Gentlemen. I'm trying to find the best introduction to 40K for those uninitiated. I'm torn between the Dawn of War II cinematic intro and the prolog of the unofficial Helsreach animation. Thoughts?

>> No.57277309

Because FW can't make enough to meet demand for it to be sold in regular stores and they don't want to bother to ramp up production on resin when plastic is ultimately cheaper to deal with (and is more newb friendly).

>> No.57277319

>tfw your army is just expensive enough to keep people out of picking it up

feels good

>> No.57277324

Or you can go Vostroyan with a regular Tank Commander and use the +1 to Hit strategem so you have 42" Plasma guns and can never hurt yourself.
mathhammer it up, but I figure it depends on what you want the tank to do.
29 heavy bolter shots with a punisher vs up to 12 over charged plasma shots and a lascannon with an executioner

>> No.57277326

You're shitting me.

>> No.57277327

Holy shit somebody has the same opinion as me.
I fucking hate those ugly ass contemptors why do people go nuts over them? But the FW custodes dreads look p. good

>> No.57277328

If they just dropped an announcement saying "oh yeah, here are some more custodes minis" then I honestly wouldn't have a problem.

But trying to build up hype? Why? At the end of the day they're just more fucking space marines. They don't need hype.

>> No.57277329


>> No.57277331

Now I already got some customers for painting purposes, with the potential for a full faction release would it be worth starting an army of them taking into account that no one in my meta runs hordes

>> No.57277336

They popped out a teaser literally a day in advance.
People were going to be upset regardless, lots of the whiniest people want power armour, just in waifu flavour.

>> No.57277343


>have total surprise because despite the fact that you were shady as fuck because gorrillaman was sad that he fucked his brother.
>gain uncontested orbital superiority.
>butcher most of the legion, ditch the word bearers that refused to drink the koolaid on world and let the ultra marines clean house for you and take 3/1 loses for it.
>ready to murder your shitty sibling
>the gods you've devoted yourself to literally tell you that if girlyman dies the heresy fails.
>let rowboat live, shit up his worlds then throw your crap brother under the bus when things get too difficult.
>get your ass beat because E-money is broken and your warmaster is a moron.
>spend 10,000 years being the choirboy you always wanted to be.

I'm not saying he's perfect smurf, but he's better than what you've got.

>> No.57277344

You think this is bad, think of how the AoS brothers must feel with the Primecast Stormternals showing up in every release.

Now imagine how it feels being an Ork player, eagerly awaiting a codex from the sidelines as every single fucking variant of power armor gets some wank but not all the xenos are even close to covered.

>> No.57277351

It actually looks pretty good anon. That's a very pleasing scheme, and I look forward to seeing you learn how to paint it.

I also painted my tau based on the scheme I came up with playing DoW. Except this was what child-me came up with 12 years ago. Adult me found his old saves of DoW and decided to actually paint this scheme.

>> No.57277353

Your pretentiousness is note worthy. However you seem to misunderstand my point. I don't disagree that he's supposed to be tragic, but he is poorly written. The difference between characters like Oedipus and Edmond Dantès vs characters like Lorgar is the skill of the writer. Dantès is relatable, clear in his motives, and works to achieve his goals in spite of his suffering. Lorgar's story is that he is suffering. One his a tragic hero the other is a tragedy.

>> No.57277354

Bobby G is also a good choice and works lore/ theme wise, but the movement of Celestine covers a critical weakness in the Custodes army.

>> No.57277361

Tell them to read the 8th rulebook up to the rules section. Anything else is a biased wank-fest.

>> No.57277367

Tfw SJW's will try to make female space marines anyways and let cripples into the SM's

>> No.57277368

Space Marine was my first foray into the 40k world. Also it's just a decent game.

>> No.57277369

>ou think this is bad, think of how the AoS brothers must feel with the Primecast Stormternals showing up in every release.
see >>57277151

>> No.57277377


Good looking out!

>> No.57277381

Thinking of getting back in for the first time in 10 years. $200 worth of paint sitting in my cart... for five miniatures.

What do, /tg/?

>> No.57277385

>marine babby only wants to play against marine babbys
30k is that way

>> No.57277387


Yep, things just look funny. Like an awkward robot man suit, they just look awkward.
The chasis is redeemable, look at the FW Contemptors they don't look awkward and instead look agile/lethal.


The teaser was literally one day in advance
A month long countdown and you'd have legitimate grievance.

>> No.57277388

buy less paint you fucking mongoloid

>> No.57277389

>tfw Death are probably going to just get "Deathcast Immortals" or some shit
I was told that Death brings an end to suffering, but I was misinformed.

>> No.57277393

Nope, Its silly as it literally only counters the anti-daemon army in the game but i find that its just silly enough that i will use it at least once in my games.

>> No.57277396

Dont worry boyz

They have to release a xenos race after custodes

Imperibabbys need something to kill after all

>> No.57277406

Custodes are fucking awesome and people who hate on them are just dick sucking faggots.

Hell even with a Custodes release (immediately following this Daemons one no less) it's not like we can't see other new stuff this year.

Sisters player here: Custodes are awesome and are basically what Primaris marines WISH they could be. Imagine 3 wound terminators who can fuck up just about everything they get into combat with. Now imagine them as your TROOPS.

That's what Custodes are like. Primaris Terminators on all the fucking steroids ever in gold armour is fucking awesome and fuck anyone who calls them marines.

>> No.57277407


They better give us a new dreadnought, I don't ever want this clusterfuck have anything to do with my banana mans.

>> No.57277409

Custodes will decimate any non-horde army if you get into melee. If your local meta is all marine players who sit in a corner and shoot you while swimming in aura bubbles then gg. If they come to you, you will slaughter them. Even horde armies can be taken as long as they are not a shooty horde.

>> No.57277413

By the power of plagues the worst state in America will be destroyed. Thanks, Nurgle. Be sure to hit Rhode Island next.

>> No.57277415

If it's not Necrons or Dark Eldar I don't give a shit.

>> No.57277417

Literally what the fuck are you talking about?

This is a 40k thread

>> No.57277423

Well, that's also six brushes, intercessor Combat Squad, the expensive ass primer spray, etc. I've been convinced that I need every last bit of it.

>> No.57277427

that something is going to be a chaos legion of some kind, probably EC

>> No.57277428

Oh absolutely it is all in the skill of the writer. If someone with more writing skill than the fanfiction writers that work for BL did the HH series, it would be fucking magnificent. As is, they tried to do a tragic character and what they got people consider a whiny bitch.

>> No.57277435

>$200 worth of paint

for 5 miniatures? what
That is like 40 pots of paint, what the hell are you painting, 5 Magnus's?

>> No.57277436

>Imperibabbys need something to kill after all
Yeah. Evil space marines.

Expect the big world eaters or emperors children release after the custodes! We cant have a non space marine faction getting new miniatures can we

>> No.57277442

>california is literally a playground for nurgle and slaanesh

get me out of this state

>> No.57277444

The only good thing about Custodes is GKs going "b-but we're the most elite warriors in the Imperium!!!" and eating an S5 cock.

>> No.57277460

I think the Galatus Dread looks decent from FW, but the helmet looks pretty stupid. However, it's still 10000x better than the shit one in 40k.

On the other hand, I don't think any Dread could look more retarded than the Deredeo.

>> No.57277461

>literal cuck

>> No.57277462

Theres literally only 2 chaos legions left to do, so there is a limit to the number of space marines they can release

>> No.57277467

Total Biscuit (who is excessively British) narrated a 40k in about a minute video. I'd probably start with that.

>> No.57277471

>Guilliman revealed by the Emperor to be the embodiment of salvation
>Foils the forces of darkness not once, but twice
>His mere awakening changes the fate of the entire galaxy
>Actually excites the Chaos Gods, unlike Lorgar who cries into his onahole for ten thousand years and who maybe one god cares about because he's no Be'lakor or Abaddon

Guilliman is superior in every way.

>> No.57277473

>Once upon a time people used GK to run Custodes because it was the closest thing to the "super elite warriors" faction
>Now they don't even need them to do that
>Custodes dex will probably be far better due to the sheer fact that it isn't the GK dex
Damn, I fell sorry for you, GKbros.

>> No.57277475

Nope you had it coming.

>> No.57277476

>Bought Talons box last week
>Amped to add some Custards to my AdMech b/c I like the models
>New Custards come out
>Everyone shitting on the hype

Can't wait to break out some banana men protecting Cawl as he searches after some super secret and super important STC

>> No.57277481

18 pots of paint + 1 spray. I should have been more specific, it's only about $108 worth of paint but also brushes and those minis.

>> No.57277483

who strapped guns and legs to a toilet bowl?

>> No.57277489

there is a new listbuilder?

>> No.57277496

Has anyone here ever done something with chinaman that they've regretted? I once ordered 100 of these suckers for 5c each from Z, because I wanted my raptors to all have camo cloaks.

Also going through my super old pictures from the time I used to be known as raptors anon. God I did some pretty autistic fucking things on these forums, anyone want to go through a magical journey through 40k related autism?

>> No.57277503

"Let's take the already shitty looking Contemptor, and make it a fat-ass!"

>> No.57277504

Custodes hit the niche of being hyper elite that marines fluff wank themselves as being.
Each Custodian really feels powerful. Plus being the legion of the Emprah himself adds a nice golden cherry on top

Unfortunately that thing will still be around, it won't be deleted

>> No.57277509

Who the hell puts guns on a WE's dread?

>> No.57277511

You dont need six brushes. You can make do with like 2. Small layer and medium layer.

Also don't buy GW brand anything except the models if you have to. Their paints are a huge ripoff, their tools are a huge ripoff, their brushes are a huge ripoff.

>> No.57277516

These guys make up over half the entire product line, the overwhelming majority of new unit releases in the past couple years (also ever), nearly all of the official fiction, and have a setting meant entirely for them.

If you thought it wasn't gonna be yet more Marines (or big yellow Marines) you were deluding yourself.

>> No.57277517

If you cut the legs off I always thought it looked like a tiny little speedboat with huge guns strapped to it.

>> No.57277520

Consider the following:
>All the Custodes "releases are subsided by an entire plastic xeno and sisters overhaul and all custoad stuff is just 1 percent of the actual releases

>> No.57277524

Fire it up, anon. Let's see it.

>> No.57277529


World eaters and Word bearers fucked over a billion imperial troops on Armatura

>> No.57277530

Their paints and plastic glue are just fine

everything else is a ripoff

>> No.57277538

>laughs in Plagueburst Crawler

>> No.57277540


damn I fucking like that scheme

good taste

>> No.57277543

phone posting battlescribe

>> No.57277552

I'm down, haven't lurked long enough and hope some history might help.

>> No.57277555

>takes a whole year to do a chaos legion.

meaning 2018 is already booked with custodes shit and one chaos legion, and 2019 is booked with probably more marine shit and the other chaos legion.

Oh boy I cant wait till 2020 when they finally might give us something that isn't in power armor

>> No.57277557

California's contribution to US GDP just isn't worth it. Give them the independence they're asking for.

>> No.57277558

lets see it

>> No.57277562


this, I once tried to get into combat with five custodes sitting on an objective so I decided to swamp them with hormagaunts for a turn to contest.

turn four, he shoots them, kills six guys.
in my charge phase he kills another two in overwatch then proceeds to not take a single wound from 22 attacking hormagaunts before swinging in his turn and butchering fucking 14 of them in my own round of combat.

turn 5, he shoots his guns into combat, kills another 6, then butchers the remaining gaunts before the game ends.

it was nuts.

>> No.57277563

You can get a full set of nice brushes for like $26 anon. If you treat them properly they'll last you forever.

>> No.57277567

Everything on the fucking internet says to buy $16-a-piece Winsor & Newton Series 7 brushes. I don't want to be chewing through dimestore bulk brushes but I don't want to do that right now. Seems like a middle ground for the moment, I could afford more later. I also want to be able to easily follow painting tutorials and not have to worry about doing all that shit I used to do with reaper in the mean time.

>> No.57277570

Only if we keep the water.

>> No.57277574


>> No.57277577

Yea I apparently had an entire album of stupid shit stored on an Imgur account. This right here I think was from the time I tried to make my own "Swamp camo" for my dudes, and it turned out horribly. Of course that didn't stop me from painting nearly a dozen dudes in this.

>> No.57277580

wake up and smell the coffee anon

>> No.57277584

You might not know this but the prwview for White Dwarf next month is literally " Gold, lots of golds ".

Unless xenoscuck got some gold treament then no, not a chance.

>> No.57277585

more reasonable

with the awkward helmet deco piece of contempors, makes it look like someone was squashed into a tiny dread because budget cuts

I think the Galatus helmet looks fine, but preference is preference.
At the very least, just swapping the helmet is simple compared to the whole body being ugly

>> No.57277586

What water?

>> No.57277590

Hey guys should i trust the dark angels?

>> No.57277593

What. An army release takes maybe a month

>> No.57277598

Do you have a recommendation? Like I said, everything I've been reading points me towards brushes even more expensive than GW.

>> No.57277600

Then there's this gem. I think I just wanted a Sternguard sergeant that would be pimped out with as much wargear as humanly possible. This dipshit here had almost an entire tactical squad worth of bits.

>> No.57277607

If I had to guess, they had probably just come out with the WE book when they released that model.

Like how the new Thunderhawk is Blood Angels styled.

>> No.57277609

look at hobby stores and not amazon you mongoloid. you can by brushes for like £1 or £2 each with is like what, 3 bucks in burger dollars?

>> No.57277618

Good tools make the result better, in general. For a new hobbyist though it isn't that important since your results will be shit for a while anyway. It does still help so get them if you can afford it.

>> No.57277619

Cali gets water from some rivers out of state.
They can leave but they leave the water when they do

>> No.57277623

listen a nigga can dream cant he

>> No.57277624

Deredeos are only good for shooting. Autocannons, plasma, or lascannons with rockets. Real question is do you want heavy bolter tits or heavy flamer tits? I know that Blood Angels ones can take assault cannon tits but they may have changed that.
That's a meme. But yeah gib them independence.

>> No.57277628

Oh well, I'll still be here playing my Space Paladins, no matter how bad they get. Facing overwhelming odds on the Tabletop is thematic in a fluff sense, to say the least.
Guess thats what I get for playing a meme-tier army.

>> No.57277629

what armies got released last year?

primaris shit and death guard. is there something else I am forgetting?

>> No.57277632

Fuck yes I love the Galatus. If Codex Custard becomes a thing I'm going to get one and use it to proxy something.

>> No.57277633

Nah, Custodes take that Marine wank fluff and then put it on steroids.

Which is fucking awesome.

Plus their definitely a super niche army, but you can say that about GSC or Ad Mech and honestly the game is better to have them in it now.

>> No.57277643

So at some point I had this stupid idea of making a 30k army entirely out of Abhumans. I took it too far, started making monstergirls in carapace/power armour.

I made shit like Centaurs, Spidergirls, Lamias, harpies, and even catgirls. All for a 30k army that never happened.

>> No.57277653

My father is a collector of 1/6 scale figures and apparently overloaded figures like this are quite common in their community. Hobbyists love to cover their figures with as much shit and fill their pockets with as many little doodads as possible.

Having been a soldier himself my father knows that they carry as little as they can get away with and his figures are somewhat spartan as a result.

>> No.57277654


Cali gets the bulk of its water from the ice caps in NorCal.

>> No.57277659

Yeah, my bad dude, I was being insensitive.

>> No.57277660

>Most Ork shit is over a decade old and they still dont have a plastic warboss kit

I feel you but you're wrong there


>> No.57277662

>knowingly exposing others to HIV
>treating people living with HIV as criminals

oh yeah because they're totally the same thing
fukken thanks anon now Im madder than khorne

>> No.57277667

This is pretty fucking great. Good effort anon.

>> No.57277671

Depends, the sword and board guys can reasonably survive thanks to the 3++, though unlucky rolls will shit all over them

>> No.57277673

anon come back into the light, its not healthy to remain utterly detached from reality...

actually fuck it reality is poison, I'll do it your way.



>> No.57277679

Whatever happened to that dude who kept posting centaur chicks with rough rider bodies?

>> No.57277681

Need a large brush too for models that aren't tiny or when you need to coat most of a model with a given paint.
Then you've got a good set.

A 5 man squad is like 260 points or something, so they pack a cost appropriate punch

>> No.57277682

>monopose piece of shit
>cant buy him separately

>> No.57277684

I ended up spending upwards of around 12$ a model, cutting up dozens of bones, guardsmen, and space marines. I think the general idea was to take all of the arms/legs off to make monstergirls, and the torsos mixed with beastmen boxes to make conscripts.

It just gets worse guys.

>> No.57277691

They seem to struggle against Tyranid large creatures who can one shot them (since apparently GW thought it was smart to give EVERY large Tyranid unit 3 damage on it's attacks), but they excel at wiping out hordes.

D'Artisan 12pc Minute Series XII Miniature Brushes

Unfortunately, I'm an unlucky roller.

>> No.57277692

>tfw the advantage of building a Custodes army is that all the units are/will be expensive as fuck so fielding a 1500/2000 army will be pretty cheap comparatively

>> No.57277698

Orks senpai. Please find me the plastic Warboss kit.

>> No.57277700

>centaur rocket girl

>> No.57277711

I am that guy. They're still sitting in a box *somewhere*.

>> No.57277715

yeah because grey knights, thousand sons (without Magnus) and Harlequins are doing great right now

>> No.57277717

>thigh highs
kinda wanna commission this artist

>> No.57277719

I know that feel, I swear every time I get charged by a space wolf storm dreadnaught with shield all 5 attacks hit, wound and I roll 1's and 2's.

>> No.57277722

>that sea of unpainted miniatures

>> No.57277730

>old assassins
you fucking retard

>> No.57277732

You should find them.

>> No.57277736


>> No.57277737

>Nids & GK
Objectively superior taste, anon.

>> No.57277739

I hate that. I run Bullgryn a lot and they always get fucked up by Dreads and Tyranids doing flat 3 damage. Makes me so salty.
So much this.

>> No.57277742

I don't know how niche they are.
They've got a big following in 30k don't they, and have been a setting part for ages.

People don't spam their Facebook with GSC requests, but they do to beg for 40k rules ports.

People already proxy it as the ven contemptor I think

>> No.57277743

If you play custodes you are doing i because you love the models/ lore. You know you wont win with a pure custodes army against meta/ tournie tier lists, only in casual games.

>> No.57277754

You know what the best character in all of the Warhammer mythos of every variety was? Lord fucking Croak. Stupid name notwithstanding, a mummy magic fat frog dude who literally destroyed an infinite army of daemons by willing it really hard is the most baller thing GW has done

>> No.57277759

You know i find it amazing that i only just recently saw a doujin based around kizuna AI.

>> No.57277766

How long until GW gives us Terminator Lieutenants?

>> No.57277781 [SPOILER] 

these are some conversions i can really get behind

>> No.57277783

Custodes have been back for ages. They've hardly been watching and waiting.

>> No.57277788

Walkrants are hardly bad nowadays. Worse than Flyrants, but there's literally no way around that.

>> No.57277791

Can Primaris wear Terminator armor? Aren't they too big?

>> No.57277796

Happy days my dude

>> No.57277797

I'm talking regular marine Lieutenants

>> No.57277800

They're probably shattered to pieces by now, seeing as how I stored all of my shit very poorly after moving. But the autism stored in the imgur kinda stops at this point here, because this is the last one made in the thing. I kinda lost my job at that point and therefore couldn't make any more autistic monstergirl guardsmen.

>> No.57277802

>Implying he didn't deserve it

>> No.57277804

They have gravis armour instead

>> No.57277810

-10 degrees every day here, anon. Can't prime in this weather and I'm not chancing fucking it up.

Yeah, I have a friend who constantly makes 7 or more 4+ invul saves in a row on their Tyranids and Necrons. It's a nightmare. Meanwhile I'll fail 2 or 3 2+ saves in one combat.

Honestly, it should be d3.

Also, pick up a little container of The Masters brush cleaner/preserver.

>> No.57277811

Where is unimportant my shock is the important part.

>> No.57277818

Yeah, this encouraged me to start collecting them.
120 USD gives like 550 points of troops, and that is just standard boxes.
Talons gives like 1k points for 180 USD

GW realized all the -1 everywhere was shit

>> No.57277827

do you not know what feel no pain is or

>> No.57277831

I think I lost this model in particular. I haven't seen it in years.

>> No.57277836 [SPOILER] 

Thanks! I am still a little bit concerned about the lenses since I bought the paints for regular blue lenses instead of trying to do red ones, and I'm wondering if that'll be too much dark/bluish, I'll probably paint everything BUT the lenses then look it over and try to decide/get some outside input.

I didn't actually come up with it playing DoW, I just used the army painter to see what it would look like, since there's no army scheme creator that shows you what it looks like for Tau. I like your scheme, the reflective blue is nice.

Thanks! Left and right are both the same scheme though, the right is just how Tau show squad leaders.

>> No.57277843

The Maleceptor is so close to being good, it's frustrating. A couple more attacks or WS or else making his Psychic Overload affect models instead of units and he'd be great.

>> No.57277845

Is that a suicide marine?

>> No.57277847

good, it looks awful

>> No.57277851

I think 3 damage flat is fine. I'm just butt roasted about it because it happens like every game. Every unit I bring that I want to do things and live always dies horribly and all the units I don't give a fuck about live forever.

>> No.57277861

I made some other pretty bad ones for playing Heralds of Ruin, this here was my full roster for it.

>> No.57277863

You can field 2,000 points of Custodes Super easy.

3 Landraiders, 3 Squads, 1 HQ.

>> No.57277865

Fire it back up anon. Bring about the glorious army of monstergirls in the name of the emperor.

>> No.57277866

>peq box
He was too tacticool for this world anon.

>> No.57277873

>Pink Horrors

Tzeentch is wrecked HARD.

>> No.57277878

Daemon hunting ninja clown space elves. Solitaires have the best fluff and snazzy trenchcoats.

>> No.57277880

So the new equipment includes
Castelan Axe
Balistus Grenade Launcher
Vexila of the Praetor Vexila, looks different from the other one.

I'm wondering what the stats will be on them. The axe is likely stronger than the spear cause GW usually does things that way. But probably worse shooting, if it has shooting at all.
Balistus? Who knows, could be weak volume or missile equivalents.
Vexila is likely a reroll aura of some sorts

>> No.57277906

>The axe is likely stronger than the spear cause GW usually does things that way. But probably worse shooting,

Prolly -1 to hit and expensive as fuck so no one would take it.

>> No.57277907

I'm deeply worried about fighting them with WE Berzerkers. If I toss a squad of 10 out of a Land Raider at them I suspect they'll be cut to pieces and they'll walk away with minimal damage. 80 S5 attacks might kill one or two, but hardly enough to spot them from wiping me out. I'm trying to figure out how long Kharn would last. Him plus 9 Berzerkers might have a better chance.

>> No.57277913

I would if I had a job. Right now i'm just trying to finish college to become a network administrator. I haven't played 40k in months, just lurked here.

>> No.57277933

Unless you have some AP then yeah they probably won't go down. If they have Storm Shields probably not long. Their weapons do D3 damage and they hit on 2s and wound him on 3s.

>> No.57277936

I'm guessing the grenade launcher will be garbage, as most are in 40k.

The axe I feel could go either way. If the shooting is weakened, it might as well be the sword. I could see them doing something like "on wound rolls of 6 deal 1 extra mortal wound" or something of the sort, since that seems to be GW's new flavor of the month ability.

Not sure what the Vexila will do. Upgrade their weapon strength perhaps? Or it could be like the Banner of Hate from Renegades that weakens enemy morale and such.

>> No.57277937

>transhumans that see mankind as children at best and vermin at worst
>equally indoctrinated to opposing gods they're all puppets of

>> No.57277944

Yes, no hurry you'll be late for your meeting with brother chaplain Asmodai he wants to ask you some questions

>> No.57277955

You would easily kill them and use less points doing so if you charge with WE zerkers. Stop being a bitch.

>> No.57277959

>Tfw I play Nids & Admech
Plastic master race reporting, resincucks get fucked.

>> No.57277960

Use chainaxes?
S6 AP-1 attacks spammed seems perfect

>> No.57277964

Good fuck tzeentch. Their strength last edition has caused the nerf of all daemons this edition.

>> No.57277974

Text to Speech :^)

Is that the actual text of that comic? Seems too self-aware for GW

>> No.57277981

Source on the doujin fucker

>> No.57277982

Maybe a flat D3 damage

Reroll 1s to hit maybe

>> No.57277986

I'm really not sure what to use against them. Even Terminators aren't going to last long. A DP could wack a few of them, but he'll get cut down in return. Until we get Angron it seems the melee Legion isn't going to be able to bring down the banana men. Kind of makes sense, but it's frustrating nevertheless.

>> No.57277991

Other daemons are more than fine it seems, but Tzeentch got nerfed hard. Only positive change they got are minor Kairos/LoC improvements.

>> No.57277992

Sorry anon i cant give you that. This is a blue Board.

>> No.57277993

they are probably getting that from their HQ

>> No.57277998

Email a nigga
[email protected]

>> No.57278000

All the models I have in one army. It's a small army, so what should I add?

>> No.57278002

Well thats my problem. I play 3 Walkrants every game, only to watch them get blown away by massed lascannon fire.
Then I watch my friend play 3 Flyrants and absolutely BTFO the exact same list by just deepstriking in and smiting/shooting/charging the fuck out of everything.
They could have given Walkrants some kind of bonus to have a reason to take them on foot, something like either making them S7, T8 or giving them a 2+ save. Any of those would have made the "competetive" choice between walkrant and flyrant interesting

>> No.57278005

What the fuck? Do you know what weight of dice do to models like terminators? How does a bitch like you even choose to play WE legion?

>> No.57278006

If you're using a land raider the 2 twin lascannons will fuck them up nicely.

>> No.57278017

I'm talking about WE Berzerkers, it's in the post. Each guy has 2 attacks, +1 for the chainsword and +1 for WE. That's 81 attacks for then when you include the champ. They hit 54 times, wound 27 times, and the Custodes save all but 4.5 wounds. So they kill one dude and then get taken apart when the Custodes attack back.

>> No.57278024

He's talking about using Terminators against Custodes. Custodes will fuck Terminators and Berserkers up. He's correctly being cautious if he wants to get in melee with them. Chainaxes could be good though.

>> No.57278025

>Have an incurable wasting disease because you're a massive degenerate
>"Waaaah stop making it criminal to spread it everywhere"

>> No.57278029

I mean five Custodes are like 260 points and 30 hormagaunts are 150? Seems on the level.

>> No.57278037

all the venerable shield dreads, iron priest support. and long fangs.

>> No.57278041

Is there no longer a shadow war general ? Did everyone playing it move on to nercromunda?

>> No.57278048

Wow. So it turns out that with axes they inflict 18.4 wounds on average. That's way better. I'll have to make sure to run them that way!

>> No.57278053

Yeah keep counting those averages with no rerolls, AP or stratagems. That's not how this game works and in reality Custodes would get deleted.

>> No.57278054

Your models inspire me to work on my Felinids anon.

>> No.57278056

people were playing it?

>> No.57278057

Dead, had its run, do its job. Move on.

>> No.57278073

Anyone know where math hammer anon 2.0 has been at?

>> No.57278074

260 points minimum, and the 150 point unit could fuck them up.

>> No.57278108

Shadow War is dead. It was just something half-assedly whipped up to keep people buying shit until 8th and to test Necromunda's viability as a product. Now shut up and buy more 40k and AoS models.

>> No.57278109

>Named character the same as a generic one

>> No.57278136


>> No.57278151

I just got a GSC Battle force thingy, a lap dance from a yukata wearing woman.
Also I dislike drinking much but I could not lose a drinking compation from some random tumblr 90’s looking goth girl with no bra.

I feel like a college kid again.

>> No.57278154

Some guy on B&C was saying Jetpike, flier, transport ("with options for gun"), and dread too

Dunno if he was legit.
Transport line probably means a cheap transport that you can even run without guns for cheapness. Which is great so you aren't running like 350 points per taxi. Albeit a very lascanonny taxi.

>> No.57278161

Kenshiro is dropped into the 40k universe, specially at the middle of the ground Battle of Cadia before the planet cracked.

How many heretics does he kill before he's taken down?

>> No.57278172

So do you think they'll bring back kill team ? I figured since they've bothered to keep some kind of small scale 40k skirmish game going over several editions that that's what SW:A was for 8th. Makes sense to have a more affordable gateway 40k game from a business perspective.

>> No.57278177


>> No.57278181

Wow, nice blog.

>> No.57278191

I know right. I should sleep and kys already

>> No.57278192

Thanks for the help anon.

>> No.57278201

Ran the numbers, 10 Berserkers will get their shit absolutely pushed in by 5 Custodians (you want at least 15, 20 if you can, and be sure to charge first in order to clear as many as you can since you have to take a round of damage before being able to fight again). Kharn probably has a far better chance, dude hits like a truck (but will fold if he doesn't go first).

>> No.57278212

make a vlog next time. one about you taking the knot.

>> No.57278219

SW:A was literally the Necromunda rules with 40k factions stapled on. But I'm sure GW will eventually make some sort of Kill Team game. Probably after they make all of the Necromunda faction minis and promptly abandon it.

>> No.57278223


>> No.57278224


>> No.57278228

I do not play marines. I’d gladly take the knot othetwise

>> No.57278235

>Build a whole squad in an hour

>Returning adult
>30 minutes upwards per model

I seem to have gotten really autistic about cleaning the nub marks off.

>> No.57278253

>Spent hard-earned money to turn expensive plastic men into steaming pile of shit.

nope, take your time.

>> No.57278260

look on the bright side guys

at least Duncan taught you how to paint Custodes really well and made it look pretty easy


>> No.57278266

More like you're finally taking the time to do shit properly rather than half-assing it.

>> No.57278273

this is the new releases section of the 40k catalog

>> No.57278274

I don't want to paint my gold like that
Fortunately, there are loads of ways to do gold.

>> No.57278278

Cucktostedes is basically another marine crap.

People want updates for the fucking shit still sold since Gorka Morka At full price

>> No.57278284

>Even when it's not another marine release it basically is another marine release

Worst timeline.

>> No.57278290

I'm not sure that math is right.

I mean, on average 30 Hormagaunts with rerolls to hit from Hydra and 1s to wound manage to just about kill a single Custodes, and lose over a third of them in return. Which is about 54 points for 55 points so... even?

>> No.57278316

Yeh that's why I prefer shadow war , it's going to be ages before all the nercromunda factions are out. Just wish they would update SW a few more times before they stop supporting it.

>> No.57278321

wow, it's almost as if points represent relative power or something

>> No.57278329

On that note, I'm looking forward to all the gold painting talk that'll go on with Custodes being a faction.

>> No.57278331

Custards are not marines.

>> No.57278333


>look on the bright side of even more marine releases

>> No.57278352

They faq it twice. But in the end you'd probably won't feel any better if you played to win.

>> No.57278364

Codex PDF confirmed

>> No.57278369

Not warp spiders
Not SoB
Not Hrud
Not Auxiliaries
Not generic chaos marine
Not IG coat regiment
Not anything outside of another fucking marine army for AoS 30k and 40k

They could have release Necrons and it would have been more interesting

>> No.57278372

SW:A hasn't been supported since it came out. Some intern at GW worked up some awful lists for the other factions and that's about it. This is one of the big issues with GW when it comes to their 'Specialty Games'. There's no way of knowing if they're actually going to support something or if its just going to be discarded a month after release.

>> No.57278378

Fuck that noise I'm busting out the liquid gold just like the emperor intended.

I will be banned from tournaments for blinding too many players!

>> No.57278379

Squats confirmed

>Not generic chaos marine
Just had like 6 months of chaos

>> No.57278384

>yfw Custodes actually get their own codex for 8th
>yfw they are allowed to run all the FW range

cock would be titanium hard

>> No.57278390

Featherhead is best Dark Angels Captain ever.

>> No.57278393

Shadow War was an interesting concept, but it was clearly half-assed. Like, Tyranids and Harlequins are so fucking broken that if someone brings them you might as well not play. On top of this, the campaign system wasn't fully fleshed out, the inscructions and rules are filled with TONS of errors and issues, and GW has dropped support for the game anyways.

Tyranid units are just too strong, and Harlequins ignore every rule included in the game designed to keep some semblance of balance.

He didn't show how to paint their red/black cloaks and such, unfortunately.

>> No.57278405

who the fuck wants gold-dudes?
what sort of nigger do i look like?

>> No.57278408

Hoping SoS also get an update. They're kind of fucked at the moment between the nerfs to their rules and the lack of unit variety for their costs.

>> No.57278409

To be fair, cloaks are covered elsewhere enough that people can make do.

First seems guaranteed now.
Second, who knows

>> No.57278416

Cuck Guard and thousands cucks are not generic

Anything but another marine like faction would had been better. Hell I’d be happy if fucking chaos marine for an update for their decade old kit. Or anyone for that matter.

>> No.57278431

The awful kits is what keeps me from playing Chaos. Sure there's the nice 30k models you can use, but they don't cover everything.

Like, there's no real way to have an obliterator that doesn't look like a pile of horse shit.

>> No.57278433

Anon do you know any insult outside of cuck?

>> No.57278437

>Anything but power armour marines
>Spiky power armour marines are fine however

>> No.57278455

im still not pleased and i accidentally glued a thing i didnt want, so i guess ill just have to buy another set of sorcerors even tho ill never field all of them

>> No.57278464

your mother is presently somewhat preoccupied.

>occupied being the preeminent word here.

and as such, talking about her is, you could say: off the table.
unlike her actual self

>> No.57278478


>cuck cuck cuck

this recent infestation from /pol/ because of magic is affecting every thread apparently

>> No.57278479

too furry

>> No.57278496

Will Rohan ride to the Imperium's aid?

>> No.57278499

6 months of plague marines

>> No.57278505

I’m willing to tolerate marine shit if it is an update for decade old kit.

I could not give a damn for custards.

>> No.57278509

eldar must be squatted
They ruin literally every aspect of 40k (tabletop, lore, DoW [especially], etc)
fuck elves

>> No.57278512

Cuck is normie as fuck now.

>> No.57278530

You've got it all wrong. This game needed more space marines.

After all. 2018 is the year of the xenos....

>> No.57278539

Is either gay Guard or thousands fags.

Cuck is just the generic insult with nothing of worth. Just like the armies with models less than a decade in production

>> No.57278549

Took a bit of hunting when I got him but he's older than a good chunk of players in this thread. Thinking of running him as Azrael and throwing a spare watcher with him for theme.

>> No.57278557

how is that different besides the tail?

>> No.57278569

Look at this cuck

>> No.57278574

>Just like the armies with models less than a decade in production
You mean, all of them?

>> No.57278578


>> No.57278589

>las cannons
have you read tanith first and only?

>> No.57278590

You are correct. The Custodes save 18.4 wounds. The Bezerkers inflict 9.1 unsaved wounds. Enough to kill three Custodes on average, but hardly enough to wipe them out. On the return swing the Custodes turn them into soup.

>> No.57278612

One is completely covered in fur, the other is a human with cat ears.

You sure about that? 2 custodes will only have around 7 or so swings.

>> No.57278659

True. Math says that means they'd kill four of them. The other issue is that if you charge with the Berzerkers you get your first 32 swings and then any intelligent player will interrupt and still have the numbers necessary to prevent them from swinging a second time.

>> No.57278668

Anon i think he meant armies that has an entire range with models of less than a decade in production.

>> No.57278679

lord macragge has the most dynamic pose i have ever seen in a miniature.

oh to field an army...

powerfist powerfist constipated. angry marines as fuck.

>> No.57278687

Okay then how about Bloodletters on the charge.

>> No.57278698

the nose i will agree with
the skin is regular you fuck, it just has a shit ton of scars

>> No.57278726


This could all be fixed and we could have a good skirmish specialty game mode if they just did a collaboration with Corvus Belli on a fucking stat conversion table.

The rules of Infinity are good and cover the 'small skirmish' gametype, and it's the main mode of Infinity, so it's not half-assed or going to lose support anytime soon. Stat conversion tables work both ways so Infinity players could have larger battles using 40k rules if they wanted.

It probably wouldn't even need a lot of support once it's out and they FAQ/errata any errors/glaring issues (they could probably do it all in 1 year). Give an official stat conversion table and the balance issues can just be copy-pasted from Infinity "oh they changed the stat system, good thing we the player community can just update the conversion table since we can compare the stats of our 40k unit vs (pre-update Infinity unit) vs (post-update Infinity unit)".

All it would take is
>Stat conversion table
>general special rule conversions (common auras - change distances to normalize them and carpet conversion "6 inch auras that give +1 to cover saves -> 3 inch auras that give reroll failed saves of 1", that type of conversion but not pulled out my ass.)
>Army special rule conversions (Regiment Doctrines, Chapter Tactics, Hive Fleet Adaptations, ForgeWorld Dogmas + any stratagems they want to carry over, if any (maybe change some to just a <Faction> wide special rule, like Khorne getting increased charge into melee range or something))
>Special rules for 40k unique stuff, like mortal wounds, if they decide they want those to carry over

Those special rules for auras and stuff would be the hardest, but again, they'd just need to decide "ok, let's have all of X, become Y".

>> No.57278727

Then he should have said that. Even so he's a whinging sperg who should feel bad for wanting new models that are over designed CAD bullshit

>> No.57278754

I personally don't see the problem with a custard release. They were literally an army with 1 unit. So actually fleshing them out seems cool.

>> No.57278768

I'm so glad I'm on the superior Coast. California needs to fuck off entirely. Let Mexico have it back.

>> No.57278796

>Home of Jew York

Only the god fearing people of the heart land should survive the coming apocalypse, coasties get rekt.

>> No.57278809

Oh I agree they have good lore and seeing more of them is cool imo. I was more referring to how when gw updates model ranges we end up going from good Death Guard to Saturday morning cartoon Death Guard.
I like new ranges but updates seem to be hit and miss with keeping the character of the force alive

>> No.57278812

yfw local gw store puts a ban on all fw models because of one Guardplayer that min/maxes and makes the game nofun

>> No.57278818

>..if they just did a collaboration with Corvus Belli
You're expecting them to collaborate with one of their main competitors. It will never happen unless GW buys them out. (Im which case GW will probably fuck the company/game up somehow like they usually do.)

>> No.57278833

Nigger I live in the Bible Belt. Get fucked. We may have Jew York but at least we don't have Commiefornia

>> No.57278834

That employee is extremely lucky he hasn't emailed corporate about FW beiing banned. Perfect way to get shitcanned.

>> No.57278841

The Northeast is sort of disgraceful.

>> No.57278883

what weapon loadout should my rockgrinder get? I'm not magnetizing so whatever I build it'll stay with. I'm leaning towards the seismic cannon or incinerator.

>> No.57278884


>> No.57278903


>> No.57278938

I understand that. Though i think some of the death guard updates are pretty rad I also sorta understand where people are coming from with a want for range updates but then i see people complaining about how shit everything new looks. Its a strange world we live in.
Huh for once i agree with something my state thinks.

>> No.57278951

>DUI Checkpoints
I think my State has a drinking problem

>> No.57278959

Ironically enough this is the only state I've ever actually seen people use money clips in. Either way that's a pretty fucking senseless thing to hate in a date.

>> No.57278977

Indiana isn't that bad.
You have a Palmetto bug problem.

>> No.57278993

New bread when ?

>> No.57279002


>> No.57279006

>Corn Gods

>> No.57279008

Yeah, roaches everywhere, just don't leave out food and you're good

>> No.57279012

>Hastur in Louisiana

If it had been really clever they'd put that in Texas.

>> No.57279017

Indiana is a shithole. It's boring as fuck, and the gaming stores suck.

>> No.57279065

It's Iowa there's nothing else there.
Enjoy the peace.

>> No.57279099

Are they really considered major competitors? When I was choosing which tabletop wargame to get actually get an army for they seemed so vastly different that it felt like they had completely different target audiences. Sure at one point I was considering both, but there were plenty of differences that made it's very apparent that they're 2 different games, apples to oranges style.

>Grimdark / Grimderp, lots of cathedrals, heavy armor, big things
>Main mode is large model count battles across large fields with terrain
>Lots of sub-factions with unique rules (DA, BA, etc. Catachan, Cadian, Valhallan, etc. Ryza, Mars, Stygiess VIII, etc)
>Lots of extra lore via black library

>Self proclaimed manga-aesthetic, lots of spandex, women in booty shorts on the battlefield, smooth armor, smaller stuff
>Main mode is small model count battles in tight urban environment
>Between 0-3 subfactions in each main faction each (though they do have unaligned mercenaries)
>No readily available lore outside of what you find in the rulebooks/wiki.

>> No.57279185

>even catgirls

>> No.57279327


>> No.57280518

>you stupid fucking box of hair

This nearly made me spit-laugh my mint chocolate chip ice cream. +1 internets to you.

>> No.57280617

>Has anyone here ever done something with chinaman that they've regretted?

Ordered 2 models from Chinaman, a Vulture (with punisher cannons) and a Storm Eagle.

Had to wait nearly 3 months for the Vulture, but the casting is pretty good, only minor problems, nothing you wouldn't see from FW anyway.

The Storm Eagle though... Every. Single. Piece. is warped. Plastic, resin, it doesn't matter, they're all crooked in one way or another. The custom FW rhino doors don't fit at all. I didn't get a canopy, so I'm going to have to make one or find one on ebay. It's sitting in a box unassembled because I can hardly bear to look at it.

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