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Let the past die: >>57237091

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Claim your carrier-fu, /swg/.

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>Claim your carrier-fu, /swg/.
Don't mind if I do.

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A comfy Quasar fire.

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It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us; it penetrates us; it binds the universe together.

That's the first thing we ever hear about the Force, but people keep forgetting it, even in-universe. The Force is as we are. We create it, and every characteristic found in a living thing is found somewhere in the Force. The dark side is not a corruption of the Force; it is a reflection of real emotions and instincts found in countless species sapient or not. How can anyone say that the predator's hunger or the prey's fear is unnatural? And how can anyone say that the Force's will is infallible when infallibility is not a quality possessed by any living thing, or indeed any group of living things?

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Would you describe electromagnetism the same way?

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its clunky, blocky, full of pipes and exposed plating, and yet it still functions

few ships are as "star wars" as this baby
its also maybe the third most well known vessel behind the ISD and blockade runner

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No because electromagnetism would exist without life.

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The balance concept is kinda stupid, the Jedi’s rejection of all attachment to emotions and loved ones makes them weak, the Sith and their hunger for power and the subsequent betrayal of loved ones makes the weak, and if you try to “balance” yourself outside of the Jedi order, you are weak, because you have no commitment to anything.
The force isn’t supposed to be used as a weapon, a tool to inflict your will on others, however, this contradicts its existence, if your not supposed to use it, why have it?

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Are jetpacks ingrained into Mandalorian culture or something, everyone seems to have them after the Neo-Crusaders.

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She might be a space pickle, but she'll always be my space pickle.

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I see you are a man of taste.jpg
The Nebby has been my favourite SW capital since I saw ESB forever ago.
Gotta love her.

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I will never understand why you hipsters like that retarded ship. The rebels only use them because they have no choice.

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My favorite part about this cutouts is how whenever there's a bit on the end that doesn't really make sense, it's sensor arrays.

Like the jowls on the AT-M6.

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I just love the design.
I cant even quite articulate why, but I think he got it right - its clunky, blocky, has exposed pipes and plating and weird bits. It has a sort of ugly industrial beauty to it, and I've loved it since I was little.

Mon Cala, and CEC and KDY ships are all beautiful too, dont get me wrong.

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This piece of shit has only 18 turbo lasers and 18 ion cannons while the sexier Resurgent class has over 1500 turbolasers and ion cannons

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>while the sexier Resurgent class has over 1500 turbolasers and ion cannons
Which is literally impossible, and Resurgent isn't sexy at all. It's a piece of shit.

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Why? Because it has the intelligence of an embedded command bridge?

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Yeah but how many of them are heavy? Checkmate.

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It just looks ugly as hell, which is fine for the First Order since I imagine they'd be building ships that work over ships that look good, so I could imagine the Resurgent starting off as splicing ISD and prototype designs together to get something working.

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I'd posit that most of those 1,500 guns are point-defense guns or the equivalent of smaller AA guns, but given how ineffective Star Destroyer anti-fighter defenses appear to be, I'm not sure.

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A 3km ship is NOT going to have 1500 point defense guns. I'd say 120-150 at most for point defense, 170 on turbolasers (heavy and light) and then add in some concussion missiles and ion cannons. These stats I'm giving come based on the ISD, which is 1600 meters and has the following guns:
>Heavy turbolaser batteries (50)
>Turbolaser batteries (50)
>Additional turbolaser batteries (26+)
>Heavy ion cannons (20)
>Octuple barbette turbolaser or Ion cannons (8)
>Phylon Q7 tractor beam projectors (10)

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Dumb edgy shit, like the rest of Nu-Canon.

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Are you guys more of small ship universe, or big ships?

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I don't know, anon, the Iowa managed to fit ~130 Anti-aircraft guns (150 if you include DP guns) onto just 270 meters of length even leaving aside its main guns, and it was only defending against the top half of the ship. At 2915.84 meters it's definitely possible to fit 1500 AA and DP guns onto the resurgent. especially given its height.

>> No.57249654

Those guns don't have the firepower of nukes and don't need a reactor to power them up, als owe have something to go off of as a standard, they need to stick to that standard, considering those ISD stats are legit in both Legends and Disney canon.

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I want to like the Nebulon, but that thin section between the boy and the bridge is fucking ugly

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>1500 turbolasers
so why did the xboxhueg dreadnought at the beginning only have like 8 or 10 quad turbolasers and not a single point defense gun?

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>1500 guns
>struggles to shoot down a single tie-fighter

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Those were the point defense guns, we use turbolasers for point defense now son.

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>if your not supposed to use it, why have it?
The Force shouldn't be X-Men style superpowers but rather something you need belief and understanding of to utilise.

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Jetpacks are cool.

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I'll also point this out in the new thread, but the CIS were intentionally set up by Sheev as mustache twirling bad guys. They were a fabricated enemy for him to seize power, so they were to act as overly evil as possible under Sidious through his influence over Dooku. They might have had noble goals at the start, but even Dooku during ROTS thinks the plan is to throw the CIS under the bus and have himself defect to the Republic while all the atrocities of the Confederacy are pinned on Grievous and the Separatist Council.

from the dying thread

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First Order Stormtroopers > Clone Dummies
Prove me wrong.

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How would things have turned out if Sheev reversed the roles?

Droids and the industrial capacity of the CIS seem more useful to an empire than clones and the Kaminoans. Plus "The Clone Wars" never sounded like a war where the Clones were the good guys/winning side.

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Individual factions withing the CIS did nothing wrong, however the major financiers and arms suppliers of the CIS were actively planning for a war of aggression. Most of the worlds in the CIS were only interested in securing their own independence though.

>> No.57249975

Businesses with an AnCap train of thought and Battle Droids designed around an alien species' appearance won't work for a centralized Empire.

For sure, I can imagine the idea of sectors' rights is around, but a big part of it would be if another movement came up, it would insist really hard that they're not the CIS and avoid cozying up to the likes of Neimoidians.

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The canon answer is
>>>>>>>>>>First Order
But if you were to force people to try to come up with an almost-logical explanation each point defense gun may need to reach through the armor deck to a reactor that powers them, so the designers may have considered this a liability that compromises the Dreadnought's armor protection against heavier weapons and simply expected the First Order to be escorting such an asset with ISD/cruiser/fighter cover.

Compare the Dreadnought with modern US carriers. The Nimitz class only has 3-4 AA turrets at most and its missile armament is aimed at defeating enemy missiles first and enemy planes second. It has no anti-ship weaponry whatsoever. This is because the designers intended the carrier to always be escorted by destroyers and its own carrier wing, so it sacrifices AA defense to do more of what it exists to do, carry planes.

Contrast this with its Soviet equivalents, which are generally heavily armed with anti-air missiles and point defense guns. The soviets don't expect their carriers to be as well-escorted in operations, so their carriers are a little more self-reliant. In exchange, though, they carry a smaller air wing.

Running by that logic, it's possible that the First Order knew that their dreadnought would always be well-escorted by ISD/FOSDs and simply focused on making as powerful and well-armored main gun as possible. Hux just didn't get Canady's memo about putting up fighters.

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Daily reminder that the Confederacy of Independent Systems did nothing wrong.

>> No.57250196

Why would anyone try to prove you wrong? Aside from issues of defection, it's true. If you care about nu-Canon. And why would anyone do that? The very idea of millions of kidnapped children being literally brainwashed is silly and retarded.

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CISfags make less sense than Empirefags. At least what the Empire did was in the name of order, what the CIS did was in the name of being a designed bad guy for Sheev's plans.

>> No.57250278

Sounds like Janizaries to me, not that weird if you know history.

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Anybody else hate how games like KOTOR use vibroblades?

They're not daggers or anything but fucking 4 foot long swords, which is just ridiculous and awful but for some reason everyone has one and they're apparently all capable of parrying lightsabers.

It's not cool to give everyone in the universe a sword, it's fucking stupid.

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>> No.57250432

It was 4000 years ago. Get over yourself kid.

>> No.57250444

Then why does it look like yesterday? Checkmate, athiests

>> No.57250451

>umm, excuse me Captain Canady, why didn't we establish a Fighter Screen as soon as we exited Hyperspace, as protocol would demand.
>and why didn't we cover the very vulnerable center of our Dreadnought with additional layers of armor?
>and why didn't we cover it with countless point defense cannons like the previous supersized Empire ships?

>> No.57250475

during the time Kotor is set, Jedi and Sith were a common occurance, having melee weapons capable of parrying lightsabers in such an enviorment iss quite logical.

>> No.57250482

Yeah, but they have a kick-ass emblem

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>> No.57250487

You can probably just chalk it up to sci-fi writers having no sense of scale and pulling random numbers out of their asses.

Although, if you wanna be autistic about the Raddus’s weapons, that might just be after the Resistance stripped the ship down to it’s bare essentials so they can operate with a skeleton crew.

>> No.57250489

Overrated non-character that people seem to love because he at least looks like an officer, not a dickhead kid

>> No.57250498 [DELETED] 

>It's not cool to give everyone in the universe a sword, it's fucking stupid.
Man, I've never seen someone with such excessive degrees of wrong.

Also, the Sith brought with them personal shield technology which reduced the usefulness of blasters. Melee weapons were sometimes more effective.

>> No.57250517

>It's not cool to give everyone in the universe a sword, it's fucking stupid.
Man, I've never seen someone with such excessive degrees of wrong.

Also, the Sith brought with them personal shield technology which reduced the usefulness of blasters. Melee weapons were sometimes more effective.

>> No.57250519

Wait a minute, those FO caps, do the guys in the background have them turned down like kepis or something? that looks even worse. God, the worst order sucks

>> No.57250600

>overrated non-character
not yet in this movie, they cut the extended scene where he discovers his force sensibility and floats back into the bridge.

>> No.57250604


Personally? I actually like the use of vibro weapons in the KOTOR era. It is explained in game in a reasonable fashion (Mandalorian focus on melee combat and the introduction of short-usage personal shielding), and the ability to parry lightsabers (again, explained using pre-existing materials from canon) meant that non-lightsaber combatants remained relevant on a battlefield where lightsabers were present, which was an important concession to the gameplay mechanics.

>> No.57250783

Except the Separatists didn't know that. You're an omniscient observer, characters within the universe is anything but.

>> No.57250806


>Implying half of that wasn't Hux's fault

Canady did nothing wrong.

>> No.57250835

Fuck off

>> No.57250854

Ah, fuck the pair of you, shit taste cunts

>> No.57250865

Janissaries were far from perfect, though, and there really weren't that many of them. Really, the idea of taking millions of children and the logistics to raise them, and the idea of successfully brainwash them all is ridiculous. There would be huge defection risks involved. Janissaries never had that opportunity because they were not sent to other, literal, planets.

It makes sense. Jedi and Sith were a lot more common, and recent advances in personal shield technology in relation to blaster effectiveness meant that cutting someone down could be more effective, since it sliced right through the shield.

The real question is why people didn't just use slugthrowers.

>> No.57250925

>The real question is why people didn't just use slugthrowers.
Because Star Wars.

>> No.57250950

Slugthrowers in the setting really aren't that great overall compared to blasters, and logistically are much more difficult to work with. Two hundred fifty shots with a blaster rifle is essentially just a few battery packs (weighing in at roughly 0.1kg each), two hundred fifty shots with a slugthrower will be several kilograms and much more space.

>> No.57250957

Wonder why a Mandalorian version of this has never been done, The Super Virgin Commando vs The Neo Chadsader.

>> No.57251004

Jedi in canon can use their sabers to defend themselves from slugthrowing rounds as well as they could blasters, so they weren't giving you a boon to fighting them, and making bullets out of saber-resistant materials was prohibitively expensive - and that's if tehy even had a saber and didn't go full pic related.
Armour could stop a lot of slugthrowing rounds from doing serious harm.
It was considered widely inhuman and barbaric (doesn't stop some people, see Aurra Sing).
If you're fighting regular guys with shields, you're better off just using a disruptor, ion or a few other ways of punching through them for reasons stated above.

>> No.57251079

With Legion coming out, I need paint schemes for Vader and Storm/Snow Troopers that aren't the movie canon.

Unfortunately, I'm finding these to be *shockingly* under-explored areas. Vader's always drawn black, and Stormtroopers are always white or maybe black/red.

Whatdya got, /swg/?

>> No.57251086

Armada newbie here, can I ask for a bit of hand holding?
What are some common imperial ship builds that are good for learning the game? I am afraid I will take too many upgrades and lose sight of the game with all the options. I got everything except the Interdictor and the Imperial

>> No.57251105

I don't think the center was particularly vulnerable, it's just that not an awful lot of armor is going to survive getting hit with over a thousand proton bombs on the same spot at once.

>> No.57251134

I have an idea for some fairly unique enemies I want to throw at my players- blastomechs, non-combat frames that have had weapons kludged onto them in a feat of space hillbilly engineering

Most of them are going to be ineffectual but some of them I want to be surprisingly dangerous, like GNK droid with a WEB heavy blaster bolted on to its back. Any suggestions?

>> No.57251142

>Compare the Dreadnought with modern US carriers.
>compare an orbital gun platform to a carrier
Are you dumb?

>> No.57251155

>Janissaries were far from perfect
Given the performance of Captain "Chrome-dome" Guzma and Finn I think we can all agree that the First Order's training isn't perfect either.

>> No.57251158

From the last time someone asked:
Pink Vader just to fuck with EA
White Vader from infinities
Vader with Brown cloak and trim, blue saber if you can, because Redeemed Vader
You could try giving him Galen Marek's "Vader" colour scheme if you wanted.

Don't remember what suggestions for stormies there were beyond Shadowtroopers and Beachtroops, but the former are just an inversed colour scheme and the latter are in movie canon, so I don't think either help you.

>> No.57251161

In Star Wars: Infinities: Return of the Jedi Vader got a pure white version of his standard outfit. That's the only alt-outfit that isn't battle damaged that I can think of.

There's plenty of alt-coloring for stormtroopers though, depending on their role, but nothing as individualistic as the clone trooper paint.

>> No.57251215

>running an EotE game in which players are aiding the rebels
>first arc culminates in them drawing the ire of an Inquisitor, one character loses an arm distracting him so the rest can escape
>over the break, a different player put together a big list of gear he wants to buy to specifically fight force users, most of which revolve around memes and really shitty logic
>shit like
>>a twin linked blaster/slugthrower that fires a second bullet a split second after the blaster bolt "he won't be able to dodge it or deflect it"
>>automatic shotguns "lol can't block shrapnel"
>>grenades designed to detonate if they're suddenly stopped "lol he'll catch it with the force and it'll blow him up"
>>fucking everything made out of cortosis despite having no in-game knowledge of lightsaber proof materials

I appreciate his ingenuity, but it's pretty fucking annoying that he thinks these are all trump cards to an Inquisitor, and I just know he'll have a shitfit when they don't work perfectly.

>> No.57251237

Just pick 0-1 upgrade per ship, and take 4-5 ships plus some squadrons.

>> No.57251249

I'm comparing two large capital ships intended to deal damage from far beyond the range and ability of most conventional weapons to respond.

Seeing as large surface combat capital ships are no longer operated by any navy, the Aircraft Carrier is the closest analog by which comparisons can be drawn in any capacity.

>> No.57251253

That's kinda why I think the models for Legion not being pre-painted is dumb; there's very little room for customization when it comes to the Empire.

Plenty for Rebels of course, we've already seen a pretty cool variety of Rebel paint jobs, but you could also just do that with pre-painted models.

Best I can figure is maybe giving the Stormies a color scheme that resembles the clone units. I wouldn't say it's particularly "canon," but I also wouldn't say it's unreasonable. You could also do something like the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing and give them a colored stripe down their arms to signify an elite status.

>> No.57251271

Didn't think of that. Thanks, simple and elegant solution

>> No.57251331

>no longer operated by any navy
That's because star wars isn't untended to represent modern doctrines in any way. It's WWII in space.

>> No.57251332

The sad thing is all of these are less effective than your run-of-the-mill flamethrower, a belt of grenades, or a breach charge and a ship. Sure, those might not kill the Inquisitor, but they sure as shit might slow him/her down.

That or just give everyone on the team decent weapons, the ability to shoot straight with gear or skills, and good vigilance, if they can go first and have 1 or 2 dedicated damage dealers and anybody with the ability to take a hit or two they'll probably bring the guy down with concentrated fire within like 2-3 turns. I ended up having to make a team of Inquisitors to fight my team for FFG because literally nobody alone could survive them rocking the top of the turn order and pouring blaster fire onto anything with a pulse - maybe I just rolled like shit though. Forced me to come up with very creative ways to actually have anything pose a challenge to them, at the very least.

>> No.57251357

>Pink Vader just to fuck with EA
>White Vader from infinities
>Vader with Brown cloak and trim, blue saber if you can, because Redeemed Vader
>You could try giving him Galen Marek's "Vader" colour scheme if you wanted.

All decent ideas. If I was a better painter I'd probably have a better time visualizing schemes without having to see them on the model, but I'm pretty crap at visualization.

>Don't remember what suggestions for stormies there were beyond Shadowtroopers and Beachtroops, but the former are just an inversed colour scheme and the latter are in movie canon, so I don't think either help you.
>There's plenty of alt-coloring for stormtroopers though, depending on their role, but nothing as individualistic as the clone trooper paint.

I should clarify what I meant - it can be anything, I don't care about canon at all.

I just definitely *don't* want movie canon colors. EU inspired stuff is fine, random stuff like Pink Vader is fine. Whatever looks good on the table.

>Best I can figure is maybe giving the Stormies a color scheme that resembles the clone units. I wouldn't say it's particularly "canon," but I also wouldn't say it's unreasonable. You could also do something like the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing and give them a colored stripe down their arms to signify an elite status.

As above; but also most clone schemes won't carry over well. They either involve freehanding, which is hard, or they rely on breaking up the white by virtue of the clone armor having more plates and various pieces. Clonetrooper "breastplates" are more starkly elevated over the torso bit, for example, whereas Stormtrooper chestplates are visually one piece.

>> No.57251378

flame thrower or a sonic weapon.

i know sonic weapons aren't really that common but they can't be deflected by a lightsaber

>> No.57251402

I like to think the Mandator IV was designed as a siege monitor and the First Order fucked up the dimensions, but since it had already been laid down they decided to just roll with it and call it a dreadnought.

>> No.57251410

>It's WWII in space.
It's heavily influenced by WWII in space but it definitely isn't WWII in space, as the Resistance Bombers demonstrated. Something are the same, some things aren't. When they aren't, you have to look for analogous examples elsewhere.

>> No.57251423

Seen the stickie with the canon materials and legend references.

Is there a meta of legends either the books or audiobooks?

>> No.57251438

>it definitely isn't WWII in space, as the B(/SF)-17 starFORTRESS demonstrated
Thanks for confirming it. You're just dumb.

>> No.57251451

>as the Resistance Bombers demonstrated
The resistance bombers are basically B-17s in space though, down to the uninsipired name and the dubious performance in naval combat.

>> No.57251460

That's my point, though. The Resistance Bomber was a literal porting of a World War II Strategic Bomber into Star Wars. And, as everyone on /swg/ confirms, it was a fucking stupid idea because strategic bombers play no role in space combat. There's no way to port the advantages of strategic bombers (high operational altitude to limit exposure to AA fire, relatively high durability) into Star Wars.

>> No.57251468

Sure thing.

I always feel like new players over focus on fleet building. Just throw whatever on a table and get game time in, you'll learn what works and what you like with time.

>> No.57251494

The advantage of strategic bombers is their strategic bomb load. The high altitude flying was to make it harder to intercept them because despite the memes they were not all that durable.

>> No.57251562

If you like 40k you could do them up like the Imperial Guard - dark green chestplate and helmet and boots, khaki everything else; or if you prefer, dark green armour and khaki underlay.

Thinking about it, even if you don't like 40k you could probably do worse than looking up some of the Space Marine's colour schemes and applying them to your Stormies.

If all else fails, just pick a colour combo you like, Stormtroopers are only 2 colours (white armour black underlay), so just replace the two with something you like.
Personally I quite enjoy white and red or black and blue.

Finally, you could pain them red white and blue to go full Patriotism for any one of like 4 countries.

>> No.57251574

The links in the OP to oggdude's char gen thing aren't working for me. Did something go wrong/need to be updated or is it an issue on my end?

>> No.57251576

>The advantage of strategic bombers is their strategic bomb load.
Their main advantage was their range, though the bomb load was also of great importance.

>The high altitude flying was to make it harder to intercept them
Which would have helped the resistance bombers had altitude ever been an issue in 3-d space combat. Nor does the First Order lack VT fuzes, making hitting them much more difficult.
>because despite the memes they were not all that durable.
Proportionally significantly more durable against their fighter contemporaries than the Resistance Bombers, fucking obviously.

>> No.57251630

The big difference between Stormtroopers and Guardsmen is that Stormtroopers have very, very little of their underlay showing. Guardsmen are more underlay than armor, which serves to break up the color and add contrast. That doesn't translate to Stormtroopers, who have only a meager amount of black poking through the white.

That's something they do have in common with Space Marines, but the issue there is Marines have far more armor segments and other bits and bobs that, again, break up the color - their armor is more segmented, with rivets and trim and random channels.

Hence, why I'm trying to track down art. But as has been noted, it's a pain, because there's actually very few people making any (and it's drowned under the veritable mountain of art in the traditional colors).

>> No.57251634

I've always wondered this since I've been a kid. Where the hell do Y-Wings keep their bombs? There doesn't seem to be any interior to the ship where they're kept, so are they held on the bottom of the hull?

I've never been able to find a reference for it.

>> No.57251759

>crew compartment blown wide open
>"Why isn't a space ship this durable?"

>comparing flak bursts to plasma bolts
>FIGURE 296.-Location of flak hits on 2,961 B-17 aircraft, plane surfaces only.

>> No.57251769

>Galen Marek Vader
I really want to love it, but I reslly fucking hate those claws, they ruing the whole thing and just makes it look edgy.

>> No.57251773

And fuselages only.
Obviously something getting scattered withflak is going to seem more durable than something getting blasted by concentrated superheated gasses.

>> No.57251838


> Individual factions withing the CIS did nothing wrong

Some made a good case for making war on the Republic.

I think Grevious may have some of that in his peoples backstory.

>> No.57251843

>crew compartment blown wide open
Oh wow, what are you going to ask next, whether the B-17s had their shields up? When I said proportionality I was keeping in mind that one of them was flying in the air and the other was flying in space with fucking Energy Shields.
Either way, that B-17 landed with at least one member of the crew alive. Remind me exactly how many Resistance Bombers survived?
>Obviously something getting scattered withflak is going to seem more durable than something getting blasted by concentrated superheated gasses.
Well maybe that's fucking why you shouldn't be using strategic bombers in star wars and pretending it's "Space World War II," like I said several posts ago.
What flak? The Fulminatrix's point defense guns were down. The only things that could have shot the bombers were the space equivalent of 20mms and machine guns. They were still annihilated when the "Black Day" of the USAAF's day bombings still ended with 70% of the bombers still alive.

>> No.57251877


Yeah I'm of the opinion the Y-Wings, B-Wings or K-Wings could have did a much cleaner job against that Dreadnought that the Fortresses with missile and torpedo strikes.

I think Rebels even had a B-Wing that fired a massive energy beam that could have probably dealt with that thing fairly easily.

>> No.57251888

God, that was such a good arc.

The war on Jabiim is how I've always seen the Clone Wars, not what the CG show had.

>> No.57251899

Twin-link is useless, because they'll both have the same trajectory, and the grenades are stupid because it implies he'll catch them near him, and not just push them (and the explosion) away.

The automatic shotguns is still a good idea, though, and while the force-user can push it away or put up telekinetic shields that'll laugh at it, it's still hard to deal with by simply filling the air with shrapnel.

That said, flamethrowers and grenades are better, as well as sniper rifles. The key is to catch the target unaware, or to quickly overwhelm them. Smoke and fire is also hard to deal with, as are various gasses, especially if he doesn't notice in time. Anything absorbed through skin is gold standard.

That said, you should hint that at the player, and give him a chance to shine, even if you'll fuck him over. Pay this back by illustrating just how fucking mad the Inquisitor gets for surprising him or scarring him.

Also, if you allowed Cortosis, that's your own fucking fault. I would've just said no in most cases, based on rarity and the fact that it's effects cannot possibly be common knowledge. Seriously, wtf.

>> No.57251915

>the space equivalent of 20mms and machine guns.
Alternatively, the space equivalent of MK108s which were fully capable of taking down a B-17 in one hit.

Shields in Star Wars have always worked purely on plot contrivance, just like almost everything else.

>> No.57251953

Have a quick and dirty edit Anon, merry late Christmas.

>> No.57251971

>Alternatively, the space equivalent of MK108s which were fully capable of taking down a B-17 in one hit.
Fully capable, yes. Did it always? No.
But this further reinforces my point that it was a stupid idea to deploy slow and ungainly strategic bombers against an enemy that can readily field massive clouds of fighters all armed with MK108s. Which, in Star Wars, is every fighter.

>> No.57251977



The Nimbus were some troopers and the deal with the Jedi realizing they are hated and dealing with a more militarily competent foe (a theme they go through with the CIS in general) was also interesting.

>> No.57252000

Maybe Y-wing "bombs" are actually energy weapons? The body of the spacecraft is basically a big particle accelerator and storage device. It builds up a charge of high-energy protons, and then discharges the load in one go. It can then retreat and slowly "recharge" its ammo.

>> No.57252029

This chain is the epitome of 4chan. A well thought out argument on one hand and a stream of "lol you dum" on the other.

>> No.57252030

Endurance-class Fleet Carrier pls

>> No.57252072

I feel like Sith Armour is something they could sell an art book of and I'd probably buy it.

>> No.57252085

Boba and Jango had them, and like virtually all star wara civilizations the Mandos are just copies of their on-screen representatives

>> No.57252088

The visual dictionary shows the torpedo payload in the nose. Torps have always been kinda small and having them fire bombs which fall under gravity is a fairly new thing in Canon.

>> No.57252094

The only reason I can think of for using bombs instead of missiles/torpedos is that the First Order had developed some dumb space magic missile countermeasures capable of jamming missiles and proton torps, so they had to manually put their bombs on target. But just weeks ago in-universe we saw Resistance X-wings using Proton Torpedoes with no issue.

Plus, at a certain range why not just throw the proton bombs out on a straight line collision course really, really hard?

>> No.57252140

>it was a stupid idea to deploy slow and ungainly strategic bombers against an enemy that has no defense guns, only fighters that can theoretically be taken out by the escort fighters
>don't risk a strategic bomber for a chance at the strategic win of leaving all those TIEs stranded because they don't have their own hyperdrives

Would I have preferred they use them as mine layers? Yes, 100%. Is it worth crying like a bitch they they used them like bombers? No.

>> No.57252165

I preferred the original explanation that his saber was just a sloppy copy of an ancient design and that's why it's all unstable. I hate the fucking "make the crystal BLEEEEED" shit. Sounds like an edgelord's vampire fanfic

>> No.57252172

Reminder that Jango wasn't a mando in canon, he just used their armor.

>> No.57252196

The clones won their war

>> No.57252240

>How can anyone say that the predator's hunger or the prey's fear is unnatural?
There is no malice in the bite of the tiger or the dive of the hawk, for such things live in the hearts of men and this is a distinction you must make.>>57248972

>if your not supposed to use it, why have it?
There is nobility in restraint and wisdom is introspection, why train in martial arts if you never intend to kill anyone? The purpose of the exercise is often not as obvious.

>> No.57252241


>The only reason I can think of for using bombs instead of missiles/torpedos is that the First Order had developed some dumb space magic missile countermeasures capable of jamming missiles and proton torps, so they had to manually put their bombs on target. But just weeks ago in-universe we saw Resistance X-wings using Proton Torpedoes with no issue.

And that is what I find most disturbing...

>> No.57252243

>Is it worth crying like a bitch they they used them like bombers?
anon they were clearly intended to be quoted as allusions to the B-17, as you yourself quoted.

>Is it worth crying like a bitch they they used them like bombers? No.
My point isn't that the Resistance was retarded for using them; we don't see any other bombers in the hangar, so they probably had no choice in terms of bomber selection.
My point is that it's retarded to think or try to convince someone that Star Wars is "Space World War II," because circumstances are very different.
Intentionally or not, Rian and co.'s decision to force the Resistance to use a clear analog to a WWII strategic bomber and its poor fit with space warfare in a Star Wars setting demonstrates that circumstances are very different from World War II.

>> No.57252248

Not to the vast majority of ita citizens. Most systems joined because they either wanted independence from a corrupt, decaying government, or they were already essentially owned by one of the corporations and had no choice. Also no, the Empire existed solely as an apparatus to keep Sheev in ultimate control of the galaxy and protect his person and power. This is canon.

>> No.57252267

Didn't he also set it up like the Scarlet Empress so that it couldn't really function at a macro level without him? And then start reworking it to something that maintained itself when he got really into his 'rule of one' projects?

>> No.57252287

Where could one hide a blaster while wearing a slave/dancer outfit?

>> No.57252290

Why did the jedi have so much trouble under standing why a bunch of people hate a spooky reclusive gang of space wizards that aligned themselves to a visiby corrupt government? You could see the writing from space.

>> No.57252302

People love him because he is canonically an Empire veteran who got his spot through military competency rather than fanatical devotion to the ideology (a la Hux), and is flustered by being surrounded by young zealous retards. I'm not even an Impfag and I like him

>> No.57252328

You know damn well where you perv.

>> No.57252333

B-17s did their fair share of aerial mine laying, famlad.

>it's retarded to think or try to convince someone that Star Wars is "Space World War II
But it is and always has been. Star destroyers are intentionally visually reminiscent of battleships with their big dumb towers. The dogfighting is just WWII dogfighting, or at least how Lucas thinks WWII dogfighting works. It's all pretty basic and obvious.

>> No.57252357

at the very least with a slug thrower they couldn't bounce it back at you

>> No.57252375

I'll make a Chad Neo-crusader vs. Virgin New Mandalorian pacifists one when I get home. Keep your eyes peeled anon

>> No.57252378

No, I don't. Is it in some large hairstyle, or boots?

>> No.57252380

>why didn't we cover it with countless point defense cannons like the previous supersized Empire ships

This. Nothing got through those.

>> No.57252384

You can see it through the enbtire movie as he starts to question his life choices. Mostly just a louder and louder mental repetition of "WHY THE FUCK DID I NOT RETIRE"

>> No.57252398

They could catch them with the Force and fire them back at you like fuckin Magneto tho

>> No.57252406

Powerful bombs are needed to punch though that deadnought armour, wow that was hard! Took me a whole three seconds to come up with that.

>> No.57252432

"We need to scramble our fighters!"
*under breath*
"Five bloody minutes ago..."

His 2 minutes of screentime were some of the best in the film

>> No.57252435

I can't wait to see how they get around having weaponised lightspeed in the future films. Now that they can canonically do it, seems like all space battles will involve just destroying any inhibitors and screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR

>> No.57252454

Why doesn't Star Wars have barbed wire?

>> No.57252456

they can evidently do that with blaster bolts though

>> No.57252458

I would have gotten to half-mast if he said pic related, fleet action is a quick way into my heart.

>> No.57252462

Fuck off idiot

>> No.57252465

You keep it in your water bottle

>> No.57252467

>screaming ALLAHU ACKBAR
There's no need for that, you just stick a hyperdrive on a missile or droid ship.

>> No.57252469

True, so neither slugs nor blasters are worth a thing against Jedi. Fuck

>> No.57252485


In a lot of cases, I think the Jedi were either willfully blind, in denial or just ignorant.

That seems to be the Republic as a whole in a lot of cases as Padame doesn't quite get it when she proclaims there is still a chance to save the Republic, when everyone there has just proclaimed they want to destroy it in Attack Of The Clones.

>> No.57252496

>big dumb towers means World War II
By that logic Star Wars is a reference to the First Sino-Japanese war in Korea because Star Destroyers are reminiscent of Chinese War Junks and their big dumb towers.
Superstructures are not unique to battleships, nor are they unique to World War II. World War I and the Russo-Japanese war also saw battleships in action.
>Dogfighting is like in World War II but totally isn't because Lucas is wrong
Dogfighting occurred in World War I, the Korean War and Vietnam among others as well.
Should I also selectively bring up Hoth and Crait as you do to talk about how Star Wars is a World War I movie? Or how lightsaber combat makes it a reference to Medieval Japanese Warfare like the Akira Kurosawa movies Lucas used as reference?

There are aspects of World War II that inspired Lucas. There are aspects of World War I that inspired Lucas. There are aspects of Kurosawa's Japanese movies that inspired Lucas. According to Wookiepedia influences for the Mandator IV comes from the Korean War. But Star Wars is not the Sengoku Era, it is not World I, and it is not the Korean War, and it is not World War II either.

>> No.57252499

That's nice. They still hadn't weaponised it before. Now they have it as a narrative block.

>> No.57252511

It's a shame because it's lovely shot it just raises some unfortunate questions, my best guess for making it reasonable is that there's a very narrow window where you are in real space and going at lightspeed and if you misjudge that window then you're not just out the fight your reking yourself on their mass shadows for no practical effect.

>> No.57252519

>By that logic
Any time a post starts with this you just know it's going to be retarded.

>> No.57252538

Not to mention you need a big ass ship.

>> No.57252545

not an argument. The anon listed things that Star Destroyers are World War II because they have big towers. I listed another ship with a proportionally big tower from a war that Lucas probably doesn't even know about as a counterpoint.

>> No.57252562


Proton Torpedos are plenty enough powerful.

>> No.57252564

By that logic, your own post is retarded.

>not an argument

>> No.57252579

Dogfighting at close range with machine guns and cannon (aka the lasers on most starfighters) was mostly a WW2 thing, and that's exactly what we see in Star Wars. The space combat is obviously based mostly on WW2 naval combat. We very rarely see things like long range cruise missiles

>> No.57252583

Would be an odd fit, and you'd have to be careful when grabbing it.

>> No.57252596

>Same thing that keeps bullets from hitting each other in war zones.

So... nothing?

>> No.57252605

Apparently not

>> No.57252627

The sheer volume of bullets vs. rarity of collisions. Statistically, it will never happen in a given firefight

>> No.57252633

If it's a dress or something like what Leia wore, it could be sewn into the interior cloth around the legs. Have the handle sticking out a little so that the dancer could rip it off and shoot. It'd have to be small, though, like a holdout blaster.

Alternatively, depending on how intricate the blaster is, it could be disguised as decoration on the outfit.

>> No.57252640


I'm still not seeing any reason they wouldn't have did a much better job.

>> No.57252655


>not an argument

>> No.57252659

How can you or I possibly state with any certainty that fighter-launcher proton torpedoes are sufficient to disable Dreadnoughts? How can you make that determination?

>> No.57252660

You're a dancer. You should have an Agi of at least 3.

You disgusting deviant.

>> No.57252663

It's like most people and how they react to those dissilusioned with a nation they grew to love, total bafflement that someone could think it beyond salvage, surely it just needs some reform, and surely such reform will happen, it has to.

The republic tried to act as a nation with planets for states

>> No.57252691

If proton torps could have done it, Poe would've just solod

>> No.57252699

No, see senpai. My post started with a meme arrow.

>> No.57252705

Worked for a thousand years till Sheev fucked it deliberately.

>> No.57252713

But it does happen. We have evidence of it. Even if it's super rare, in a galaxy sized pool with all the ships going by, there should be one or two hitting one another from time to time.

>> No.57252720

Not to be a shithead but I think the burden of proof is on you to tell us why they would have worked.

>> No.57252721

This nation has existed for 25,000 years
>rasies taxes to outer rim systems
It's beyond saving, only blind nationalists would ever want to keep this broken system

>> No.57252722

From what I've been reading the cracks were showing up before he stepped into the scene, if not him another power hungry demegog or more would have filled his role just the same

>> No.57252725

I misspoke. I should have said
>Not a logically backed argument.
but that's not a meme. But you are right, "Your post is retarded" is indeed an argument.

>Dogfighting at close range with machine guns and cannon (aka the lasers on most starfighters) was mostly a WW2 thing
What the fuck did pilots attack each other with in World War I, swords?
>The space combat is obviously based mostly on WW2 naval combat.
If it was based mostly on WWI naval combat it would just be fighters fighting fighters around capital ships, that's it. Outside of the Battle of the Denmark Strait (and the subesquent hunt for the Bismarck) and Surigao, Capital Ships never really fought other Capital Ships in open water (At Dakar and Casablanca the two Richelieus were incomplete floating batteries). In star wars, Capital Ships are an important part of the battle instead of simply means to protect aircraft carriers (whose only movie appearance is in the Phantom Menace). Indeed, watching Episode III's opening, capital ship combat isn't World War II-like at all, but something closer to age of sail broadside battles.

Again, though, I did not say that Star Wars was not influenced by World War II. The guns alone would be a counterpoint for that. I'm just saying that Star Wars is not JUST World War II in space.

>> No.57252730

Kindly stop posting

>> No.57252746

Wait what does its length of existence have to do with its unsalvagability

>> No.57252752

>wore their armor
>spoke the language
>had a clan name
>understood their culture
>the person saying he wasn't one of them was a namby pamby pacifist, in a society that hated even the thought of violence
You know what they say about space ducks, and all that, right?

>> No.57252755

Hyperspace ram is now our eagles-into-mordor plothole.

>> No.57252758


I'm wondering what was stopping them from using the Ion Torpedoes they had in Rogue One:


>> No.57252785

I know, and I agree, all I'm saying is it's so rare that for any given jump the odds of you hitting another ship are so close to zero it may as well be zero. I would also guess that all jumps on major hyperlanes are plotted and cleared by some kind of traffic control to avoid hitting other ships that are known to be using that lane. This could be one of the reasons why smugglers using unauthorized jumps are such a big deal: they are both trafficking goods illegally and endangering legitimately hyperspace traffic

>> No.57252786

I imagine it's taken as a tragedy and one of the unfortunate facts of space travel, there's probably mitigation measures (e.g. separate exit and entry points to populated systems) but you know shit happens. Boats sink, cars fall off cliffs, planes crash with no survivors and people still get in them every day.

>> No.57252800

Show me on that page where it says all that.

>> No.57252817

>What the fuck did pilots attack each other with in World War I, swords?
Sandwiches. They literally threw their lunchboxes at eachother. Then bricks. Then they started being issued sidearms. This is after several years of war of course because at first they'd just wave at eachother.

>> No.57252824

I'm just wondering how a pack of pacifist to the point of stupidity types became the dominant government on mandalor, granted any self respecting supercommando would disown deathwatch too but still how did a culture based so much on not being warriors sprout from one of the best known warrior cultures

>> No.57252825

I've been seeing this a lot recently, what exactly is the source and context of this?

>> No.57252852

Thicker armour on a combat ready ship? Supply problems? Different doctrine? Progress in system hardening countermeasures?

There's more way to make this plausible than to invalidate it.

>> No.57252853

At no point in canon material do they speak the language, nor is the Fett name associated with the Mandalorians in canon.

All of your material you're using there is Legends, aside from the armor.

>> No.57252864

Never said it was an exclusively WW2 thing, but you're either lying or stupid if you think dogfighting was anywhere near as common an occurrence in WW1 as it was in WW2

I am also not asserting that its only WW2 in space, just that that seems to be the most significant influence

>> No.57252870

I got a question, what non clone wars and non GCW era would you most like to see in a battlefront style game, either universe

>> No.57252879

Not a dancer by profession

>> No.57252886

But the thing is, bullets are rather dumb, in the sense that they have no control over their flight path. Ships do. And if you add in the huge vastness of space, where most ships would be comparable more to grains of sand in a desert than bullets on a battlefield, it would make more sense that you'd have to be specifically aiming to hit a person via hyperspace to pull it off. Plus, if you look at how big both the Raddus and the ss Freudian Nightmare, how close they were, and the fact that holdo only actually got a glancing hit on one of its wings, it's still as good as impossible to pull off in 99.999% of instances.

>> No.57252887

Didn't mean to quote >>57252824

>> No.57252893

He was, until he wasn't. As of current canon, he isn't, but when Mandos were a big thing it's not a coincidence they just happened to all look like Boba and Jango

>> No.57252896

I anxiously await the day these posts stop getting replies

>> No.57252901

Started with The Clone Wars, season 2. In the episode "The Mandalore Plot," the Mandalorian Prime Minister says Jango is just a pretender and not really a Mandalorian.

Dave mentions in the Season 2 Featurette "Creating Mandalore" that the idea that they're not Mandalorians is straight from George.

Nothing in canon has indicated that they are Mandalorians, all the links they had to that culture besides the armor itself are Legends, not canon.

Reminder that the word "Mandalorian" is never spoken in the films at all, let alone in reference to the Fetts.

>> No.57252919

Jango and Boba used to be just bounty hunters wearing mando armor. Later they were retconned into being mandos themselves. Now they are back to just playing dress-up again

>> No.57252941

Him being a pretender could also just as easily be a case of "no true scottsman"

>> No.57252942


> Thicker armour on a combat ready ship?

Since when does armor matter against Ionic charges?

>Supply problems? Different doctrine?

Those I can see. In fact, the first one makes more sense out of all of them you have listed so you have me there I guess.

> Progress in system hardening countermeasures?

Did they forget dumb fire weapons exist or something?

But really I shouldn't be looking at this as anything more than an attempt to sell merchandise and have a space parody of a WW2 era combat aircraft.

>> No.57252965

And all I'm saying is that it happens, unlike what Mr. Loremaster is smugly trying to say.

>the odds of you hitting another ship are so close to zero it may as well be zero

Never tell me the odds!

>> No.57252975

If I remember correctly, in canon, after some big war they fought in and lost, the winners basically glassed Mandalore to dust so hard the mandalorians decided the best way to not have that happen again was to completely give up. Could be wrong though, that's just something I've heard from time to time

>> No.57252984

Could, but we have multiple writers saying they aren't Mandalorian, and not a single piece of canon material has said they are Mandalorians.

Closest we came was the jetpack article on the Databank, and some toy packaging.

>> No.57252991

Fair enough. At least it's probably painless

>> No.57253007

>Since when does armor matter against Ionic charges?
Thicker armor might not, but composite armor might. Put in some layers of rubber and shit.

>> No.57253016

He's just being a canonfag to bait.

>> No.57253032

I didn't know ships could be steered in hyperspace. Often you see people just get out of the pilot seat and walk about until it's time to exit hyperspace. And if you can correct your trajectory, why the need for accurate calculations from the beginning?

>> No.57253064

I think it was the result of inter-clan civil wars, which is why they decided to drop all the "warrior culture" stuff. That said there were still the so-called True Mandalorians who just left Mandalore and kept doing their thing as mercs

>> No.57253065

Wasn't there a bit in one of the older comics or books, when the cloners recruited him for the genestock, he had the idea to bring on mandalorian warriors as drill instructors, something about mandalorians to train mandalorians?

>> No.57253080

Doesn't mean they don't know how to sew.

>> No.57253085

Vong War, if only to see what kind of crazy visual designs they come up with for the biotech.

>> No.57253107

I imagine you can make extremely minute corrections while in transit, but no more than that because at that speed even a fraction of a degree change could leave you literally millions of miles from your target. That's probably why organics don't try to, because we can't do the math on the fly, and its probably an extreme task even for droids and navicomputers so it's just much easier to plot a jump and execute it

>> No.57253111

I think that might be legends

>> No.57253115

Do bounty hunters learn to sew?

>> No.57253133

It's a useful skill

>> No.57253151

Why is X-Wing Alliance so hard ;_;
I can't finish the first Rebel mission because those patrol boats in blow me to pieces without taking any damage themselves

>> No.57253152

And again, in older, pre-canon material they are Mandalorians. This is not true for canon. None of the comics from before January 2015 (barring Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir) are canon. That means that any comic that was released by Dark Horse (other than the above) is Legends.

And that's where the split is. They're Mandalorians in Legends, but not Mandalorians in canon.

>> No.57253154

If they're ex-military, almost certainly.

If not, it's a useful skill to have. And even then, I'm sure they could get someone or a droid to do it for them.

>> No.57253172

>but you're either lying or stupid if you think dogfighting was anywhere near as common an occurrence in WW1 as it was in WW2
You're either lying or stupid if you think otherwise. World War I was a smaller war in scale than World War II so the occurrence of dogfighting may have been less, but control of the skies was a defining aspect of the war, as was the fight for it.

>I am also not asserting that its only WW2 in space, just that that seems to be the most significant influence
So why did you (if it is you) have to sperg out when I said at the very beginning of this chain (>>57251410) that
>[star wars is] heavily influenced by WWII in space but it definitely isn't WWII in space
Irregardless, going back to the very beginning of this argument, the reason I used the modern Nimitz and Kuznetsov classes as an analog to the Mandator IV is because the circumstances of space combat are not the same as World War II, no matter how heavily influenced it was, and no nation in World War II had the advantage in resources and territory that the First Order has over the Resistance. The US, the largest power in industry, could not afford to minmax its navy at the time because it was fighting two wars. Germany, while it had a small surface navy like the Resistance, could defend its ports, unlike the Resistance which has to flee if challenged. Japan, while possessing the largest capital ship ever, did not neglect its anti-air equipment, and outfitted even its carriers with cruiser guns. As such, we don't see any ship similar to the Mandator IV-class in World War II in circumstance and role, and so I looked elsewhere.

The best equivalent for a large, armored capital ship with limited armament outside of its main armament that can expect to be well-protected by escorts is the Nimitz, so I chose that. Not because I think the role of a carrier and a mobile superheavy artillery platform is identical, but because the US and First Order may have similar design philosophies.

>> No.57253190

And I think the issue is with those who spent years with them in legends and thus their natural thought is to think of them as such.

>> No.57253224

And that's why >>57252172 says reminder. Because people forget.

>> No.57253244

Only reason anyone ever says "reminder" on 4chan is to bait.

>> No.57253254

Yeah, probably. Even though Jango wasn't a Mando when he was introduced (IIRC, I know he's not called one in the film but I don't recall what the material around the film said), nor was Boba - Boba was originally just a bounty hunter wearing the armor of the Mandalorian Supercommandos. Then he became a Mandalorian much later.

>> No.57253260

I guess I should have worded it a bit differently then, my mistake. What I was trying to say, is that, in legends anyway, nav computers had built in design features that would drop ships out of hyperspace if their route was going to send them into a big enough grav well. That's how a lot of pirates and customs officers work, just chilling in the general paths of hyperspace exits in large systems. Pilots get lazy, punch in the coordinates for the center of the system they're going to, and their computer drops them out at a safe distance away. Same principle applies when going into hyperspace; it'll warn you if your in, or about to drive into a grav well, so it would stand to reason that it would also prevent you from jumping if you're going to run into some smaller than a moon or something. But thanks to just how much space there is in space, the odds of accidentally running into another ship is astronomical, to say the least. For example, coruscant, the galactic capital, has been a thing of literal tens of thousands of years, and how often do you hear of ships running into each other, in the equivilant of big city rush hour traffic?

>> No.57253263

Reminder that only sith use absolutes.

>> No.57253269

I want to write a campaign ruleset for Legion.

Are there any appropriate worlds/battles in the GCW that would fit the scale? Everything shown in the films is too big (multiple AT-ATs), ends after one battle, or both.

I'd go with something like Felucia if it was prequel era, for example.

Secondly, anybody ever written a campaign system before that has advice? I've gotta leave a lot of blanks until we have the full rules (and gameplay practice), so I'm going to work from a general framework in.

>> No.57253355

>Hey what are you doing?
>Sewing a holster into a thong incase I need to disguise myself as a dancer
Batman levels of preparedness?

>> No.57253399

Alternatively, GF's bitch ass space!dog ripped a hole in my favorite sock again.

>> No.57253558

Seriously, no-one that has a full scan of Force & Destiny - Disciples of Harmony?

I want to check out the Arkanians, dammit.

>> No.57253590

Just buy it?

>> No.57253617

Super hardest google search of my life.

>> No.57253620

Dogfighting in WW1 objectively did occur with far, far less frequency in any given theater than it did during WW2. That's a fact. I never said dogfights NEVER occured in WW1, but they were a less frequent occurence because the idea of combat aircraft was a relatively novel concept and aircraft were extremely slow and sluggish. Military planes specialized for roles other than observation hardly existed at the onset, and throughout the war aircraft were still used more for recon and for spotting and ranging artillery than for actual combat with other planes or with ground forces. That's not to say it never occured, but it was comparatively very rare.

>if this is you
It's not. Your points on ship design are quite valid.

>> No.57253713

It's a little edgy, but honestly I don't mind it all that much. It basically takes it from a nature vs. technology theme to a harmony vs. dominance theme. Which the nature vs. technology theme kinda was also, but less explicitly.

>> No.57253730

Actually this has got me wondering about how big holdout blasters are

>> No.57253775


The difference is that in a gunfight, one side is shooting at the other.
They're both flying directly at each other.

The galactic hyperspace travel scale, you have ships from everywhere going to everywhere else - there's no massive focus of thousands of bullets from point a to point b a few hundred feet away.
They're all going from different places to different places.

>> No.57253815

>What the fuck did pilots attack each other with in World War I, swords?

Started out using pistols and little dropped flechettes, if I remember correctly. And because of how thin-skinned WWI planes were, if you actually managed to HIT this would suffice to do serious damage.

>> No.57253847

Very small. In saga edition, they only carried 6 shots, the battery was internal and couldn't be replaced, and was generally considered a lot weaker than a standard blaster pistol. Some models, if you were to cup your hand like your holding a bottle, would be completely hidden from sight.

>> No.57253892

Mara Jade can holster one on her wrist and it doesn't mess with her coordination at all. I think they're supposed to be small enough to conceal in a closed fist as >>57253847 says.

>> No.57253935

If you can get a functional real life gun this small, then you can get one at least this small in star wars. No guarantee on lethality, much less penetration, though.

>> No.57253944

Anyone have advice on how to fly Fenn Rau (protectorate starfighter version) effectively? I don't have anyone to practice with but is there anything I can do on my own?

>> No.57253961

GM on roll 20 kicked me out of the group after I sent him my character art and character sheet. What the fuck is wrong with people?

>> No.57253962

>there's no way two dense populations centers would have more traffic between them than any other two points in the galaxy
>there are no charts for optimal hyperspace routes, which would push more people to use them, meaning more people are occupying the same areas

Not to forget that not all bullets that have impacted one another have been going in opposite directions.

>> No.57253994

If that was the character art, then I would have kicked you too, unless you were planning on playing him as a meme

>> No.57254001

Maybe he hates your anime art style.

>> No.57254043


Sure, but they were coming from the same point and going to the same place.

My point is more just that if you had huge fleets jumping from, say, Hoth to Bespin, and huge fleets jumping from Bespin to Hoth at the same time? THAT would be more accurate to the bullets thing. And even then, it's a rare occurrance with bullets, with far less space to play with.

In the vastness of the galaxy, with a million origination points and a million destination points? The bullets are infinitely more likley to hit than the ships are.

Maybe he was just angry that you just had an anime dude with a totally-not-a-lightsaber.

>> No.57254092

If you're baiting then the other 3 anons have given you the (you)s so no harm in me replying.

Depends on Era. In an OR game that would be fine but he's a tad too tarty for a GCW era game.

>> No.57254130


>> No.57254169

>Sure, but they were coming from the same point and going to the same place.


>The bullets are infinitely more likley to hit than the ships are.

Which still proves wrong the notion that ships in hyperspace don't hit for the same reason bullets don't hit.

>> No.57254218


What does it prove?
>hurr bullets coming from a firing line and aimed in the same direction hit each other
>bullets aimed back at them can hit them too!

Space ships in star wars arent all going from one planet to another planet.
They're going from a million planets to a million others. There's infinitely more different routes and paths that theyre taking. They wouldnt hit.

>> No.57254245

You sir are a faggot and a charlatan if you don't understand why you're argument is wrong and mind is right then you have the nerve to get pussy about it.

>> No.57254250


The dialogue in the Rogue One ("Hit that opening") implies that a gap had opened in the ISD's defences, which most likely meant a hole in their shields.

Now, it would be reasonable to presume that if the shields weren't breached, the Ion Torps wouldn't work (otherwise the Rebels would have used them immediately) or would have greatly reduced impact on the target vessel.

We don't see the Mandator come under any fire from the Resistance vessels, so her main shields were likely fully operational, with the only damage being that caused by Poe's strafing run.

Perhaps the question we should be asking is how were the fighters in TLJ able to do so much damage to capital ships despite their shields being up? Both Poe and Kylo did far more damage than really should have been possible if the shields were operating.

>> No.57254283


You're the only one getting 'pussy' about it, chum.

>> No.57254309

Don't lie, anons. Nobody here gets pussy.

>> No.57254313


Presumably those fighters are within the shields area? Shields arent skintight right, so maybe that's what his weird booster was for.
Go real quick, get within their shields, and then pick them apart.

>> No.57254314


They mentioned that the shields where focused on the rear.

Although you would think that hangers would get their own shields to stop that sort of stuff from happening.

>> No.57254342

Star Wars shields aren't skin tight on capitals they are bubble shields. Poe and Kylo were both with in the bubble.

>> No.57254359

Accidents happen

>> No.57254384

>What does it prove?

Do you follow conversations? See >>57252462
>what keeps ships from crashing into each other?
>Same thing that keeps bullets from hitting each other in war zones.

Ergo, nothing. Nothing stops bullets from hitting each other in war zones, we have evidence of it happening, so if that's the proof star wars ships don't hit each other, it's debunked.

>hurr bullets coming from a firing line and aimed in the same direction hit each other
>bullets aimed back at them can hit them too!

You think battles are just dudes sitting in lines shooting at each other head on?

Also, you do realize that if there's, say, two planets with lots of traffic between each other, that means a lot of ships going back and forth between them. People don't just go off in random directions when travelling, there's always lanes that are more heavily traveled than others, meaning there's more back and forth in those lanes, meaning there's more opportunities for two ships to impact.

>> No.57254395


You really dont understand the scale of space, do you.

>> No.57254416

>It's not.
Then sorry about that, I have been barking up the wrong tree.

>> No.57254422

Right okay so they crash into each other sometimes and presumably people take steps to reduce this like trafficked lanes in populated systems, it doesn't really change anything fundamental about space travel in Star Wars.

>> No.57254460

Are you dense? If the chance for bullets to hit each other is 1 in a million than the chance for ships to hit each other in hyperspace would be 1 in a googal.

>> No.57254470

No worries friendo

>> No.57254496

>scale of space
>in a universe where ships fight at point blank range

>> No.57254519

>Are you dense?

I'm not the one who came up with the analogue. Don't get mad at me for your loremaster's comments.

>> No.57254520


You realise that pointing out that the films make no sense within the rules of physics and science, doesnt actually help your point right.

>> No.57254525

>b-but some book said their fcs can track and fire at targets 10 light seconds away!

>> No.57254550


>> No.57254556

See >>57254519

>> No.57254571


Very fine point. I suppose the Y-Wing torpedo run needed the gap in the shields for optimal impact on target.

Why are people bickering about the odds of colliding with other ships in Hyperspace? Ships launch themselves into another dimension, so who is to say if it is even possible to cross paths with other vessels? I'm trying to recall ever seeing two ships 'flying' together in hyperspace.

>> No.57254603


Ah so what you're saying is that you dont have an argument.
Aight senpai, you do you.

>> No.57254616

Because they're mad about TLJ forcing the question of "If this is doable then why isn't it done all the time and why does anyone use big ships which are more vulnerable to this bullshittery.

>> No.57254618

Likely because your character art exudes cancer, and I can only imagine that the sheet was no better.

>> No.57254620


We've never seen that, and it's worth noting that we've seen people enter hyperspace right next to other ships and yet completely unable to see them in hyperspace. Same for exiting hyperspace and ships are right next to them they couldnt see a second ago in hype. Argument's retarded.

>> No.57254639

>they couldn't see them
>they couldn't see something moving faster than light
You understand the problem with that argument, right?

>> No.57254681

What? No, are you crazy?

Thanks, famalam, it looks legit. I swear, I've found like 4 different downloads and all of them were missing pages.

>> No.57254689


Nigger, sound doesnt exist in space either, do you have a point?

>> No.57254716

>the exact same laws of physics apply in another dimension explicitly based on breaking laws of physics

Literally kill yourself

>> No.57254733

this single scene made all 3 OT movies pointless, they could have just rigged a Cruiser with a droid and suicide hyperspaced it into the Death Star I, Executor and Death Star II.

>> No.57254763


Can we not have that discussion yet-a-fucking-gain?

>> No.57254774

there is no discussion to be had here.

>> No.57254837


>> No.57254868


Yeah that wouldn't be the only thing the Jedi are disillusioned about.

Often times they refuse to understand the realities of a conflict and what it takes to win one, and their mercy also works against them.

>> No.57254900

>Star Wars isn't internally consistent and nothing makes any fucking sense, news at 11

>> No.57254903


>> No.57254924

Clearly you haven't seen almost every single thread since TLJ released.

The autism is real.

>> No.57254934


Very much so when it comes to eliminating enemy leadership.

>> No.57254963

The Clone Wars era Republic comics had some pretty top tier waifus.

Shame most of them died.

>> No.57254969

Stormtroopers or Snowtroopers for Legion?

>> No.57254983

>literally just a space elf
>top tier waifu

>> No.57254987

It depends, I think snowtroopers painted in a swamp/dark/volcanic scheme could look fucking toight

>> No.57255009

What's good, nigga?

>> No.57255024


>> No.57255035

>you're not allowed to use real world physics to debunk claims made using real world physics by the people who are in charge of the canon

Ok, you win.

>> No.57255079


If I remember rightly, in Legion Snowtroopers are heavier and slower, but also better shots?
In which case, I'd probably take them. That sounds fun.

>> No.57255086

The jedi wanted to prove to the galaxy at large that what was being said about them was a lie, and in their desperation they set themselves up to be destroyed, their failure was finalized when palpatine became chancellor before they learned he was the villain, for years a sith lord effectivly had total command of the jedi in all but name.

>> No.57255118


>swamp/dark/vocanic scheme

Magama Troopers being recolored Snow Troopers is acceptable, what with their climate-controlled armor and all. Then again, anything's better than pic related.

>> No.57255129

Cute <3

>> No.57255133

>in all but name
>supreme chancellor
>special wartime powers means he's the commander in chief
>jedi are the generals of the republic

>> No.57255138


Yeah, those comics are hard on Jedi women.

Though to be fair, the Force is one of those things I think it inevitably leads to disaster or heart ache as I can think of few Jedi or Sith that aren't in some way ruined or lead to their destruction by it.

Kind of tragic really.

>> No.57255147

You know I don't mind it that much, it keeps the stormtrooper looks loast completely intact, with just a few flourishes to reflect the scenery.

>> No.57255163

Obviously the best solution is to neuter and spay all padawans before pubescence.

>> No.57255204

That's... not that bad of an idea, going by jedi philosophy.

>> No.57255218

That fuckin' dialogue.

>> No.57255242 [DELETED] 

>"You know Luke, with the power of the force comes the power of responsibility. The Jedi Order called it "The Human's Responsibility." Myself, I call it as I see it: the responsibility of the master to discipline the servant."
>Ben Kenobi looks directly at the camera
>"The Sand People, the Neimoidians, the Gungans...it's our responsibility to civilize them. And if we can't? Then they shall hang from Cloud City. The Day of the Lightsaber is near, Luke. We'll have every alien on this planet dead or in chains in 10 years, and may I become one with the Force this very day if I'm wrong. May the Force be with the Empire."

I remember watching this scene back in 1977 as a boy, it felt like Ben Kenobi was talking right to me. Lucas was on another level with A New Hope.

>> No.57255257

Oh, I was giving them too much credit, the point is that the self proclaimed keepers of peace were being held on a string by their very antithesis, and even had order 66 not happened the strife of learning that would have shattered the order fully

>> No.57255313

I think you watched the Race Wars: A White Hope, anon.

>> No.57255366

I'm planning a 'dungeon delve' where my playgroup's going into a half-sunken Jedi Temple on Obroa-Skai - and they have to enter through the 'Danger Room' part, where all the trials and testing equipment are still activated.

Any suggestions on some interesting trials to face? I'm definitely going to have floating blaster droids, moving platforms, and the like. And with damage from exposure, the cold, water... things will get more complicated.

In addition, I'd love for it to have aspects of a traditional Jedi trial. I'm thinking something like, there's way too many droids to handle, but if you shield someone else the droids' blaster fire becomes stun fire.

>> No.57255396

How did Lucas get away with this a major motion picture?

>> No.57255418

What about the Mandalorians?

>> No.57255424


You could go for the standard 'move stuff to test your ability with the force' - but with a trick to it.
Like there's a huge block in your path which looks like youre supposed to just move - but if you look around a bit more carefully, there's a small button hidden away which you can reach with the force and will move the block for you.
To teach attention to detail and lateral thinking rather than just brute strength.

>> No.57255475

You mean the Matadorians?

>> No.57255476

Leska was human.

>> No.57255483

Aha. And maybe moving the massive block with the Force almost -definitely- requires access to the Dark Side?

I like that. That could definitely be a theme - Obroa-Skai's Temple was a training academy for scholars and data collectors after all, so encouraging people to search for details, patterns, and look for things besides brute strength is a great idea.

Thanks! Here's some art I'm using as inspiration, by the way.

>> No.57255489

Yeah, but this dumb bitch obviously wasn't. >>57254868

>> No.57255562

>The dialogue in the Rogue One ("Hit that opening") implies that a gap had opened in the ISD's defences, which most likely meant a hole in their shields.

If you look at the scene at 0.55 mark on that video >>57252758 posted you can see Right side deflector shield dome has been destroyed, meaning that's the opening they are talking about. The Executor for instance was destroyed when RA fighters took out the dome protecting her bridge and then an A-Wing slammed into it.

>> No.57255579

A corridor filled with invisible but very loud and deadly blades, reaching out with the Force is the only way to dodge them. Also if you just walk down the middle without freaking out and trying to dodge they won't hit you at all.

>> No.57255594

Ooh, nice one. How are people supposed to realize they can just head down and not worry at all, though? By thinking, "well, Jedi probably aren't going to eviscerate a bunch of padawans"?

>> No.57255636

Something something trust in the force and it will protect you.

>> No.57255641

I wouldnt say it requires access to the dark side, since that definitely wouldnt be something the jedi would want to call forth in their students - even as a test.
But perhaps it IS doable (the temple's long falling apart after all) but just takes a tonne of effort.
And you get an admonishing hologram show up to call you a fucking scrub.

>ass creed art as inspiration for old jedi temples
Huh I hadnt thought of that before, but I can definitely see it. Nice catch!

For another test, perhaps a room with wind blowing through a channel - you have to use the force to lift small chimes from around the room and hold them aloft int he right pattern to play a small strand of a song. Theres old holotapes in the room which when pieced together can show you the piece of music, so they can then replicate that and hold them in place.
The wind no longer blows, thanks to it all being underwater, but they can find some way to create the chime - maybe just a fan would do it.

For a bonus round you could actuyally find a big of chime music and play it to them.
Bonus bonus points if you can find the Force theme on chimes.

>> No.57255669

...And then they shot her in the back.

>> No.57255731

What's really funny is that she's probably around the same age as her troops, maybe even a bit older.

>> No.57255756

>lazy design EA
When you didn't think they could get lazier the Resistance in BF2 is literally the same skins as the Rebel Alliance

>> No.57255769


Not true.
The resistance have worse helmets.

>> No.57255805


Yeah I was just thinking about her and Chantique.

Hard to determine who had it worse some days between them.

>> No.57255848

They never said what the hell Fay was, I think.

>> No.57255867

I'll give you two guesses.

>> No.57255910

Ha, yeah. I've done that trial a billion times though. I do like the idea of 'invisible weapons', I'm definitely going to find a way to adapt it. Perhaps in a room with other ways to identify placement of the weapons? Dust, mist, ribbons, etc. that are moved as the blades move.

Well, from what I've seen of Jedi training, I thought they often did try to push their students to the limits and make sure they had the restraint not to call on the Dark Side.

But yeah, definitely not necessary. Especially since my players wouldn't call on the Dark Side, those temptations are pretty far in the past for most of them - they've ended up real firmly against using any Dark Side pips.

I like the idea of it now being more easily doable. Perhaps the collapsed Temple means that there are other means to lift the block, for a Force User... for example, lifting it just a smidge, then wedging rubble underneath it, then lifting it another smidge, wedging more rubble... I have three Force Users present, so cooperation like that is totally doable.

I like the idea of wind chimes you have to use to make a song, but how would that play out besides being a series of rolls? Btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7o3J_pCaJs

Also if this were a video game, this would totally be the 'puzzle solved' sound: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5sjkjXPmz4

>> No.57255932


I think some have theorized she might be "Sephi", thought I'm not quite sure who or what they are.

>> No.57256002

Clearly not. Would you like to take your second guess?
Hint: they can occasionally be found on shelves.

>> No.57256059

She's a book?

>> No.57256082


Well parts of the holotapes are destroyed, so they'd have to try and piece together which way around they go. So it'd be some investigative clues.

Or alternatively, you could actually get the mp3, cut it up, and then give them fragments to listen to.
Since its something they will presumably recognise, they can piece it together easy enough once they get enough fragments. Then they find the chimes around the room, and use the force to lift them up in the air and find a way to play them.

>> No.57256122


Oh, also maybe for the big block - perhaps moving it with brute force (or sneaking through with rubble piles) makes the next room harder somehow.
LIke, the lights arent on or something.
WHilst pressing the hidden button recesses the block and also has some effect on the next test?

>> No.57256123

They are essentially a shoe horn category race for star wars character that appear elvish. First appearance was in that terrible Jedi Yoda one shot.

>> No.57256164

I'm trying to use the "hack" from >https://www.bigtent.com/groups/swchargen so that oggdude's star wars thing has all the shit filled in.

It either gives me an error that does not help me find the files that are fucking the rest up, or sometimes I get no error and it just straight-up ignores the new files and everything is still "See pg. Fuckyou" for more information."

I have tried both importing them with the SWCHarGen Data Editor and just pasting them into the data folder for the program. Nothing works.

Please, can someone just upload their working, edited version of the program? I'm sorry to be so whiny and needy, but I've been trying to make this work for 12 hours, I can't take this anymore.

>> No.57256231

Did you select the right data set?

>> No.57256323

Why do you even need that shit? I can't think of a game less in need of a chargen.

>> No.57256399


Part Sephi then?

>> No.57256433


I am very, VERY lazy.

>> No.57256507


I dunno man.
There's three core books, and dozens of secondary ones. There's races, weapons, items, ships, and more trees that you can shake a stick it.
Seems pretty reasonable to want it all collated.

>> No.57256519

It really streamlines things, and it's nice to have everything all pulled together in a single neat resource, it also means you can just click around instead of running XP numbers in your head when increasing skills and shit.

And Dungeons and Dragons needs chargen way less.

>> No.57256532

I always figured she was either half Sephi or half Arkanian Offshoot.

>> No.57256601


>a space elf
>called Fay
That's the laziest name good god.

>> No.57256602

It's super convenient to have all the items, vehicles, races, classes, and even npc stat blocks in one place complete with printable sheets.

>> No.57256671

Here is the error message.

>> No.57256677

Let them ambush the party in a way that only droids can.

By which I mean, have them stand around uselessly before revealing they're assassin models. Droids are furniture, after all.

>> No.57256741

Looks like it's because Disciples of Harmony isn't in the "full" data set yet. Either add it yourself or delete the base data set.

>> No.57256828

I'm making a character for one of the FFG games, how big of a deal is it to increase your characteristics and are there certain thresholds that are more significant to hit (eg going from a 2 to a 3 vs a 3 to a 4)? What percentage of your starting xp should you spend on them, is there a minimum to be considered competent/effective in that field, etc?

>> No.57256866

Since you can't spend XP to increase characteristics later, you should spend as much of your XP on characteristics as possible.

>> No.57256869

You should spend as much starting XP as you can on characteristics as they're the only thing you can't increase later (with a few exceptions). Unless you want to be a generalist, I recommend taking a 4 in your main stat.

>> No.57256885

>delete the base data set.

You mean delete the contents of D:\Downloads\SWCharGen\Data and paste in the contents of 101467952_2_00_SWDataSet-Full_DataSet_8Jun2017_1651.zip?

>> No.57256900

Curious, but is the K-Wing supposed to be like an A-10 Warthog?

I read in a quote it does a nice job of demolishing tank columns and destroying bridges.

Also, where is the Imperial AA during their battles with the Rebel Alliance and New Republic?

They only have one AA unit and I rarely saw it in use outside Empire At War.

>> No.57256902

You should spend as much exp as you can on characteristics in chargen because outside expensive cybernetics you can't do it afterwards.

It's really good to have the most important to your built at a 4, but a 3 can be fine. Putting something at 5 can be fun but you'll probably be hurting yourself too much if you do it.

>paste in the contents
No, just import it like normal.

>> No.57256914

It's really more like a B-25.

>> No.57256965

But most of all it is a jumbled mess.

>> No.57256977

why is a pommel cap 3000 credits, did somebody at FFG buy into the end them rightly meme?

>> No.57257001


TCW really opened up huge doors in the most subtle ways jesus

>> No.57257067

So basically, put most/all of your starting xp into stats until you have at least a 3 (preferably 4) in your major stat(s), skills and talents are secondary and only get the leftovers? On a related note, is their an average xp/session number?

>> No.57257072

Has he addressed why both death stars haven't been done like this? Or Coruscant by the partisans? Or anything big by everyone?

>> No.57257080

I dunno, lets go back to 2008 and ask Lucas.

>> No.57257098

>average xp/session
100% up to the GM.

Also, don't be afraid to buy some extra starting exp for some obligation.

>> No.57257127

The Star Wing is more like an A-10. K-Wing is like a ARC-170, New Republic edition.

>> No.57257143

Mass shadows were too large for those

>> No.57257147


Because they probably want to make sure they destroy the thing or it wouldn't do enough damage.

Plus the Rebellion is low and ships and if people knew they were doing kamikaze tactics with them on purpose, they might not get anymore from people secretly funding them.

>> No.57257185

The mass shadow of a hollow battle station is larger than a solid moon?

>> No.57257196

>it can go clean through a moon but might not destroy a hollow space station full of hallways and rooms with a fragile reactor in the middle

If people knew they could take out literally anything with a hyperdrive-equipped freighter then they'd have a lot more volunteers.

>> No.57257234

Oh, sorry, I hadn't looked at that, I'd only seen the movies so the only time I'd seen it was Holdo's tactic. Okay, wow, that is weird.

My personal headcanon for that moment, by the way, was that the miniscule amount of fuel meant that the jump to hyperspace got... aborted.. somehow, but still launched the ship like a slingshot.

>> No.57257253

Yes, because you see, hyperdrive generators create a point mass proportional to the size of the object they are required to move, casting a much larger mass shadow than expected.

Imagine holding a fly up to a flashlight. Look at it's little legs wiggle. It is helpless. Project the light onto a wall. See, the fly is much larger now. Still trapped. Still wiggling. Do you see?

Or imagine the universe as a rubber sheet. It is suffocating you. The edges are far away. It covers you completely. You try to breathe, but you can't turn your head. Someone is placing a bowling ball on your chest. Do you see?

(Alternatively... is space opera. Don't worry 'bout it)

>> No.57257256

Mass shadows don't seem to be a thing anymore now that ships can jump right into and out of atmosphere.

>> No.57257305


Yeah but do we know that would even work as well against a battle station?

Plus if the enemy expects that they might deploy this little number to prevent it:

>> No.57257331


At the same time, Rebels has interdictors.
So what's the truth here?

>> No.57257335

Anon, if it works against a moon it'll work against a moon-sized battle station with a reactor in the middle. There's just nothing else to it.

>> No.57257349


Yeah but how much damage did it actually do to that moon?

>> No.57257362


>> No.57257386

The best explanation I can accept for that is that there are safeties that are normally turned on that will abort a jump but those safeties can be turned off, possibly only with custom firmware.

Cataclysmic damage so great the far side is blasted out in large flaming chunks.

>> No.57257614


Is that still Canon?

>> No.57257634

Yes, the clone wars cg was never not canon.

>> No.57257679

Sorry, had to leave for reasons. It's not that I focus on building a list, it's that I worried I'd overequip the ships, forget what half of the stuff does and try to do everything (badly) at once. Your solution looks great

>> No.57257728


But where does that even show up in the Canon at?

I don't recall them ever doing that in the show.

>> No.57257743

Season one episode 4

>> No.57257750


>> No.57257769

Ah, so it was sabotaged.

>> No.57257773

Did no one tell Rian Johnson that introducing RKKVs to Star Wars would retroactively poke holes in the whole series?
Why didn't anyone stop that?

>> No.57257786


Here's what I got so far:

The Test of the Barring Block
A block, held within four 'guiderails' that extend to the ceiling, blocks a door. There's barely enough room between the block and the door to see that yes, there's a door there.

Ways to solve: There are four magnetized nodes on top of the block, and four corresponding ones on the ceiling. Likewise, four buttons, hidden around the room. The walls are covered with intricate geometric patterns - one has to look for the parts that 'don't fit' to find a button.

There are also broken pillars, of various sizes. You can raise the block with the Force, and wedge increasingly larger pillars underneath it. Or you can just raise it with the Force, if strong enough.

The guide-rails aren't invulnerable by any means. A lightsaber, or a superior vibroweapon, can slash through them and free the block. This lets you push it, which is considerably easier than lifting it - especially if you slick the ground with some water.

There's a hole in this room that leads to a small maintenance basement with some mechanisms for the test. This can give clues as to where the buttons are, as well as allowing you to destroy the floor underneath the cube, letting it simply crash into this basement. Forever ruining the test for future generations, of course.

>> No.57257797

>Why didn't anyone stop that?

because nobody CARES, dude. nobody is concerned about this who isn't a moronic autist or a threadshitting troll. that's the god-honest truth. now shut the FUCK up and quit mentioning it.

>> No.57257816


Then I'm going to assume there is something missing here as I don't see what was described here >>57257072 happening:


>> No.57257820

RJ is innocent (in regards to RKKVs). it's Lucas' fault. See >>57257001

>> No.57257827

3 quarters of starwars fans are autistic you fool!

>> No.57257854


I like it!

>> No.57257858

>not 15/16ths

>> No.57257915

>The real question is why people didn't just use slugthrowers

>> No.57257932

Unironically this .webm.

>> No.57257957


Legit I have never understood why people say LMAO JUST USE SLUGTHROWERS against jedi.
Jedi can literally just pick the bullet out of the air, or move it, or stop it, or whatever.

>> No.57257962

The Test of the Invisible Blades
A room, filled with deadly invisible blades that whistle through the air with their speed. It's clear there are many, each slicing in turn down the room towards the other end.

Ways to solve: The blades can be detected with the Force, of course. Still, though reaching out to the Force lets you sense where they are, it's tough to move at the same time. It can be done - Coordination check with an upgrade and other penalties based on Discipline check - but it's tough.

The whistling seems to almost form a song, one that almost seems to - but not quite - line up with chattering machinery embedded in the walls. Investigating the machinery, one finds it consists of small metallic instruments (like a phonograph cylinder) that are all misaligned. A Mechanics check can fix them, restoring the music. Using that as a basis, one can follow the rhythm to move through the hall unharmed with a Perception check and Coordination check. Without fixing the music-maker, the rhythm is much tougher to follow because of the distraction - so the Perception is upgraded.

The blades, though invisible, must be physical if they can cut. Water pooled at the end of the room can be manipulated with the Force, so that the blades cut through it, the wake revealing the blades. Alternatively, streams of sandy dust pouring from the room above can be made into mud, flung at the blades to reveal them for a short time.

More destructive test-takers can attempt to break the blades, or their housing. The blades are a part of a clockwork mechanism, however, so this locks the door. Be ready to break THAT down, too.

However, one can shatter the blades - not destroying them, but riddling them with cracks - in order to reveal them. This is tough, requiring careful control over your power.

Lastly, of course, one can realize that the Jedi wouldn't eviscerate their pupils, and wade through the blades, confident in their safety features.

>> No.57257973

>Slugthrowers were surprisingly useful against lightsabers, as when a slug made contact with a blade, it simply melted instead of being deflected like a blaster bolt. These melted embers could then fly toward the face or hands of the lightsaber user, and harm them if they were not careful.[6]

>> No.57257990

Meh, canonically it's able to freeze blaster bolts, which are themselves still made of matter and move faster than bullets.

>> No.57258000


Yeah...except they literally all have the fucking force.
What kind of idiot jedi hears a fucking slugthrower go off and doesnt work out what's going on.

That whole molten-bullet thing always just sounded like some tryhard who completely forgets that the jedi can move phyiscal objects with their mind.

>> No.57258008

But are also bright and colorful and loud.

>> No.57258019

Every bullet is a tracer in science fantasyland, so...

>> No.57258026

>what is a supressor

>> No.57258041


>invisible blades
I'd change that, since invisible blades is some next level shit for star wars.

>what is force foresight
Also a supressor doesnt exactly make a gun silent.

>> No.57258053

I mean, I could buy an RPG-type bullet that is designed to explode into a stream of molten metal.
The Jedi aren't omnipotent, they're easily surprised and killed.
Also, with virtually any modern gun, and most likely Star Wars slug throwers, the bullet is going to get to you before the sound does.

>> No.57258067

>Also a supressor doesnt exactly make a gun silent.
That really depends on the supressor, the gun, and the cartridge, especially at a longer range.

>> No.57258085

>Also a supressor doesnt exactly make a gun silent.

this. take a door, any door, in your house, and slam it shut with all the strength you can muster. a suppressed firearm is just a touch louder than that.

>> No.57258086

This is a Jedi Temple. It can just be ruled as a Force Illusion, you know?

>> No.57258109

Heck, that gives the players another way to see past it - finally justifies the fucking 'break illusions' power of Force Sense, lol.

>> No.57258110

>they're easily surprised and killed.

You're basing that mainly on a specifically manufactured situation involving people whose mental states were specifically tailored to be able to change on such a sudden dime that it could spoof even Jedi foresight.

>> No.57258228


Sorry to keep asking the thread for help, but I'd also like a test or two that involve blaster drones or combat droids of some sort, meant to teach the students the ability to calmly analyze situations 'under fire', while also emphasizing they shouldn't resort to violence in order to give themselves 'calm'.

Any ideas? A puzzle of some sort that requires a cool head and steady hands, while being harassed by blaster drones and combat droids... My first 'draft' is that there's a magnetized orb in a maze beneath the transparisteel floor. Holding a paired magnetized orb, you have to guide the object through the maze. You can also navigate it with the Force, of course. However, if the orb touches the walls - or even ENTERS a dead-end corridor - there's some... negative consequence, of some sort?

If you fight back against the drones, those some negative consequences would ensure. Perhaps just ratcheting up the stun damage of the blaster drones.

Some broken columns could provide perches to see the maze better... other teammates could relay information and distract drones...or you could just smash through the transparisteel and retrieve the orb, then carry it manually to the 'check points', and drop it in there...

I don't know, I'm not a fan of this idea, but I do like the idea of trying to do a task that requires a lot of observation and data-gathering while also avoiding blaster drones and combat droid patrols...

>> No.57258372

No one cares what his fat ass farts out. He'll always justify the Disney Wars status quo.

>> No.57258399


>observation and data gathering
Have it be a maze which can be observed from above - the maze is patrolled by droids, and there's stuff you have to achieve in it.

There's multiple consoles in it - if you can work them right, you can access a route to the next console, and the next, etc.
However, using a console alerts nearby droids to you.
You can either climb up above, memorise (or draw, since the players will have a stuff with them that the original padawans wouldnt have had access to) the first few sections and droid patrol routes, or you can just go full combat.
Or you can be sneaky and try your way through without using the consoles.

Also parts are flooded and other parts are damaged, so the maps arent entirely accurate anymore.

>> No.57258466

Camo for scout troopers

>> No.57258502

Don't fall asleep.


>> No.57258516

No one cares, ese.

>> No.57258525

Useless against someone who SEES THE FUCKING FUTURE.

>> No.57258575

Alternatively, you have to carry a water balloon or something through the maze, dead ends have ion turrets that will zap you, popping the balloon without doing serious damage to you. If you destroy a turret then two roaming drones show up. If you destroy a drone, two more show up, etc.

They're not omniscient, you boob. Nobody knew aalderan was going to blow until it did, nobody knew Sifo-Dyas ordered the clone army, nobody knew dooku would go dark side, they're just as fallible as any other flesh and blood creature.

>> No.57258637


>> No.57258656


Well, I think they might only to be able to do that in Legends.

For instance, I think Mace Windu foresaw the Vong invasion there.

That being said, didn't Anakin also foresee Padame's fate?

>> No.57258682

Being able to see some things isn't the same as being able to see everything.

>> No.57258712

Blocking blaster bolts is all about instinctive precog.

>> No.57258733


I thought that was just them being able to read movements very well or through the Force this whole time.

>> No.57258824

new thread, hopefully with less fucking TLJ shitfests when?

>> No.57258936


>less fucking TLJ shitfests

We can only hope, anon. We can only hope.

>> No.57258947

>new thread

>less fucking TLJ shitfests
When you go to the other thread instead of this one. Otherwise probably a month or two, then another week and a half after home release.

>> No.57258978

It's more of a sixth sense, knowing an attack is going to be coming and moving to intercept it.

It's why amateur Jedi can't do it as well. You need to be able to keep a clear mind while someone is attempting to murder you.

>> No.57259045

Fuck off Kagafag; of all the places I wanted to see you it's not here

>> No.57259068


You mean a SUH-PASE water balloon, surely?

I like mixing these two ideas. The goal is to pass the water balloo- I mean, the booma, through the maze. The 'consoles' could instead be checkpoints that let you retrieve additional boomas, making it easier to get it all the way to the finish.

>> No.57259080

Anon, this is not a meme used only by one poster.

>> No.57259462

This good?


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