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Can I get some good examples of real Chaotic Evil done right? I'm always interested in seeing how a CE character can be portrayed that doesn't wind up being "lol I stab the guard and take a shit on the ground".

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Do you mean a PC?

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Chaotic Evil =/= no impulse control. You can hate being told what to do and have no value for human life, but still reign yourself in and get along in society for a time at least because you know that's what you need to do. You just won't like it.

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Watch the movie "mean girls"

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Greetings from /co/, I'm going to post my favorite Chaotic Evil character

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>That filename though

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Does he kill her?

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that one greentext where the bard causes a rouge in the same party to get executed

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As much as I hate to say this, the best way to play a CE character is to "hide" your edginess. Kind of like the Joker. Everything that you do is for selfish reasons - you only help others out when it suits you or directly rewards you. Kill surrendering enemies. Lie, cheat, and steal.

But never do it to your party. The thing about being evil is that other people need to see you do it for you to be truly evil. When you ransom back the princess for double the price after rescuing her, killing the adventurers they send after you, take the gold from the desperate king and then immediately sell her off to an Ork raiding party for a keg of mead, you want the other players around you to want to kill your character because of how much of a dick you are.

One thing I always like to do is play the Honest Crook. Be honest to literally everybody because nobody will believe you. When somebody double crosses you, pull out all of the Evil stops.

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"Real" CE is not really viable as a player because its literally the alignment shared by monstrous humanoids, evil extra-planar entities and most non-sentient undead.

LE and NE are viable because everyone's known some scummy asshole that would rip off his own mother or weasely prick that hides behind the rules. They are pieces of shit but fundamentally compatible with society. Selling your heirlooms for hookers and blow is abhorrent but killing your dealer and raping his hoes at gunpoint is not really on the same level.

Being Chaotic Evil implies someone is lacking the mental facilities to realize holding back some what and just being NE or playing the rules to be LE. A "real" CE person would have serious mental disabilities that made them unable to function in society. Vid related is about as far as being Chaotic Evil would actually get you, assuming your fantasy realm is as tolerant as our modern society and you didn't get killed as a preteen for something similair.


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Just make sure the CE character has enough respect/fear to know it's not a good idea to really go off when he's associated with the party.

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Enjoy the Crab Rangoon, anon.

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CE is just like CG and CN, without the moral compass. A chaotic character is no more likely to jump off a bridge than cross it, and an evil character is no more likely to rape the puppy to death than return it to its owners for the reward. A CE character can be the same as a CN character in all ways, except he'll happily set fire to the orphanage if the big bad is hiding inside. Just like real-life psychopaths, who can easily act normal in public while having the capacity to do downright diabolical shit if push comes to shove.

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What's wrong with this guy?

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Wait, that's it?

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Jaded old noble who lost his family to a war his country won. The fact everyone is happy while he is sour led him to manipulate his own country and the neighboring country into another conflict. He's not insane, he's not making a deal with demons, he's not preparing a dark ritual, he just wants to see the world burn.

Some dark entities ARE using the chaos he sows to prosper, and he realizes it halfway through his plans. So, he hires the party to stop the dark entities, and only the dark entities, because he wants man to hurt man, and not some spotlight-stealing demons.

In short: A sour, bitter and petty asshole with the chops to make his pettiness grand.

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>still playing D&D
>still using shitty D&D alignments

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>still having fun using a system I dont like
>Still using a part of the system I dont like

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>Joker in TDK is quintessential CE done right
>Morgoth/Melkor who just wants to dominate for the sake of being a dick
>Kratos in GoW
>Kazuya Mishima in Tekken
>Barbossa in PotC
>Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes (could be considered Neutral tho)
>Alucard in Hellsing U
>Far Cry 4's villain
>Sonic in OPM
>Crowley in Supernatural
>Heisenberg in Breaking Bad

Playing a CE character is unpractical. CE NPCs/BBEG is better.

OP said Chaotic Evil, not Good

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He’s fucking capital C crazy.
Previously he was just another cliched supervillain, but his usage of Dream’s Ruby removed his ability to dream and rendered him completely insane.

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That's clearly Neutral Evil, anon.

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forgot pic

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Next scene is unrelated to CE, but is the LN character revealing that by destroying the ruby all he really did was release it’s power back into The Dreaming and give him back his full strength.

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Either they have higher ideals like a desire for brutal anarchy, or they do what they do because it feels good.

Chaotic Evils notably will never care about anyone other than themselves, and sometimes not even themselves.
This contrasts with Chaotic Neutrals, who are capable of caring about other people, or even genuinely loving them.

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>Flight of Dragons
I fucking loved that cartoon as a kid. It's still great to watch, but I have to laugh at how euphoric the ending is now though. Still a neat story and a fun concept.

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I mean, Ommadon is James Earl Jones, so he was already going to be fucking amazing.

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Not every CE character has to be a homicidal maniac, just like not every LG character has to be a mighty paladin. Every outlook on life comes in various magnitudes and can be expressed on different scales.

Law vs. chaos is about valuing consistency or variability. All else being equal, would you rather keep a tradition or challenge it? That can mean overthrowing a nation or just trying to change your own culture in small ways.

Good vs. evil is about how you feel about other people. Everyone wants good things for themselves, but, all else being equal, if would you like other people to share in it or not? Once again, that can mean killing for sport, or it can just mean taking quiet pleasure in the fact that you have something nice that someone else can't have.

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That probably-apocryphal accoubt of Alexander the Great on his deathbed declaring that his empire should go "to the strongest," knowing full well that it would cause endless infighting and tear apart everything he worked his whole life to build. That's a classic CE moment. The impulse that "if I can't have it, nobody can" played out on the scale of nations.

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Upstart Mafia boss who wants to tear down the old systems and families, doesn't know what's going to happen but trusts himself to have the balls and the wits to come out of the chaos on top.

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Well, can you post it please? Don't blueball me anon, I never thought I cared about Sandman before but that story was great.

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IME you cant make a CE into more than a sadistic loony, they end up coming across as NE or CN

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I think that coming across as something else is a fundimental trait of chaotic evil done right.

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I'm currently playing in an evil campaign as a CE character. My character's ultimate goal is to usher in the god Orcus so that he may destroy the world my character believes has grown vile and debaucherous. All his actions are a means to that ultimate end; which means he will spend most of his time trying to not cause a scene or otherwise bring attention to himself so that he can behind the scenes work towards that goal.

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You know, even though he was kind of a sociopath. He actually seemed like a pretty cool dude.
I'd hang out with him.

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Bumping in case storytimeanon shows up again

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man I forgot how hype obaddon was

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Everything you do is self-serving or at least justified as such. Good deeds are seen as tedious. Comedy at the expense of others is the best kind of comedy. Nothing fucking matters, even your own meager life. So might as well look for entertainment because the thought of being bored is intolerable.

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I don't think ancestor was chaotic. He was just a huge huge lovecraftian asshole.

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The DLC has him wanting to fuck a chick, getting rejected, and creating the vampiric curse focused around her as his petty vengeance.
Pretty fucking chaotic if you ask me.

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A little late to the party, but I would propose Kotomine Kirei from Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night as the only great Chaotic Evil character I have seen.

He simply takes pleasure in seeing people suffer. He orchestrates elaborate plots in order to see people suffer and for no other reason. He is not stupid, he is cold manipulative and calculating. He goes to great lengths to cover his tracks and keep his desires from destroying his means to sustain his life.

Another good example now that I think about it might be Kira from JJBA part 4.

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It was obvious that he loved you unconditionally for the sake of your mother, who he also loved with all his heart. He just wanted to be your friend.

nah he's just a fag

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I don't think he was rejected. She was a vampire, but even before he knew that he was going to kill her because he was a decadent, sick asshole

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>with this guy?
>Anonymous 12/30/17(Sat)18:18:02 No.57176182▶>>57176766
> >>57173664
> Wait, that's it?
>Anonymous 12/30/17(Sat)18:19:19 No.57176209▶
>File: Steerpike.jpg (154 KB, 700x903)
>154 KB
> >>57173323 (OP)

i am so fucking sick of niggers and their shit
>Anonymous 12/

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lurk moar

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glittering gold trinkets and baubles

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all paid for in blood

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I love these meetings guys. We always come together and get shit done. So, now that the human situation has been addressed. Does anyone want to get the ball rolling on the elves' paradox?

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Bender Bending Rodriguez

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Kharn the Betrayer was at one point one of the most "noble" of the World Eaters legion and even showed mercy to some in his wake but after falling to chaos he and all those in his retinue only understand one thing. Blood for the Blood God. and has been on a nonstop paintrain killing spree for around 10,000 years or so and i dont even think he knows why

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Dorian Gray. Entirely self motivated and a very sovereign soul.

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Decadent, sick asshole sounds pretty CE to me

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These guys are CE

Don't really think they're done right

It's a pain in the ass, eh? Finding good CE?

Apparently Deadpool is CE,as I've heard it argued, due to the fact that everything he does if motivated by selfish urges or impulses and is bereft of altruism.

Well, yes. He is. That wasn't what I was arguing. I was saying that him being rejected wasn't what happened, it was just him wanted to chop up a sexy lady because...well, decadent, sick asshole.

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Cuz I feel we need it

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we do

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Yeah, that's a good one.

Good CE does hide the edge, and he does have the veneer of civility, doesn't he?

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Chaotic Evil can also be the person who doesn't want to win, they just want everyone to lose. They live in contempt of life and curse their own birth. The madmen who'd poisen their own well to kill those who would take it for themselves after his death. CE is the alignment of the mass shooter or cult leader who wants to take as many people out with them as they can, they can even believe that they are a good person for doing so.

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Don't forget how he backstabs everyone he works with, save for the one partner just as demented as himself.

I came in this thread just to suggest Kirei. Good on you, brother, for beating me to the punch.

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cersei lanister strikes me as pretty chaotic evil. does what she wants, only ever works within the bounds of the law when it suits her needs, and yet she still has goals and ambitions.

I often portray non-retard level CEs as cold, calculating, and purely in it for themselves or who they care about. but they tend to be intelligent enough to know they should hide that whenever possible.

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She is pretty CE.

Also pretty incompetent.

That aside, yeah, I mean, even her love for her kids is really possessive and unhealthy.

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He's more lawful than chaotic. Haven't you played HF?

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Joker I agree
Kratos? Nigga you high. Kratos is straight Lawful. He's adherent to his code of honor
Barbossa? He upholds laws and accords.
Alucard? The guy beholden and swornd to vows to protect the Hellsing line?

Dude, CHAOTIC EVIL does not immediately mean just a VILLAIN. most of what you listed are Lawful or Neutral evil. Fucking learn what the alignments are/

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This is form the first sandman comic, preludes and nocturnes. Im sure you can find others.

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Yeah she was still a completely incompetent cunt, but I place her incompetence on bad writing rather than an actual character flaw. literally every female character maybe with the exception of Sansa was a completely incompetent self-serving cunt.

>> No.57192090

>He's adherent to his code of honor
What code ? I've played the first 3 games and he has no code whatsoever, he's blinded by his rage and can only be appeased by his love of his daughter and wife.
He has no problem killing innocents on his way or using them as shields, 0 fucks given. He's as chaotic as you can get.

>He upholds laws and accords.
Long enough to make you believe he's straight, then he fucks you right in the butt. He's a sneaky chaotic.

Heisenberg only cares about his autistic chemistry shit. He convinced himself he was doing this for his family but in the end, he had to face reality and abandoned them. He was doing everything out of selfishness. He ended up fucking and betraying everyone, not just his enemies. In the end he managed to save Jesse but even that was a close call. Plus it was too late, Jesse was beyond saving at this point.
Heisenberg is a chaotic, selfish bitch. Prove me wrong.

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Are we talking show or book?

Because she is incompetent in the book too. She overestimates her own abilities because she is convinced that she is the 'true' child of Tywin and therefore...idk, got the smart genes?

"hurr I'm Lord Tywin's daughter. Hurr am teh Lion. hurr I deserve to rule"

I didn't think any of the others were incompetent, self-serving cunts. Just either kind of incompetent or slightly self-serving.

>> No.57192156

How are these incompatible ? Deals are his weapon, he's treacherous by nature, he just uses deals because it's tool available for demons to fuck humans over.

>The guy beholden and swornd to vows to protect the Hellsing line?
Literally the only consistent thing he does in his long, long existence. That and killing random people out of boredom and bloodlust. He has no regard for life and/or collateral damage, he's just a wave of destruction everywhere he goes.
You're telling me he's neutral ? He's not, too selfish for that.
Lawful ? top kek
That's chaos for you.

You could make a case for Moriarty being neutral, but its debatable.

>> No.57192193

>Alucard? The guy beholden and swornd to vows to protect the Hellsing line?

Nope. He is doing it for lulz. This is all voluntary for him. He decided to keep his promise to Integra because she seemed totally cool. It's not a big deal to him.

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Sup, bitches.

(+ Mark Anthony)

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Trips confirm.

Also Mark Anthony was sucha fucking pig in that show. Holy shitballs did I hate him.

>> No.57192301

Your stereotypical CN dick-ass Rogue is actually CE and tolerable as long as you don’t get everyone else killed too.

I would even say he’s the only good CE player character before he becomes the actual villain. A sicko drifting through life easily because he’s powerful who does as he is told just because he doesn’t have a reason to not do that.

>> No.57192564

Didnt some YT guy say this like verbatim?

>> No.57192569

>"hurr I'm Lord Tywin's daughter. Hurr am teh Lion. hurr I deserve to rule"

She is, and I'm not joking, on another level.

She absolutely cannot survive without relying on Jaime or someone who can handle the little people and violence for her. But when it comes to manipulating people like Jaime she is top-tier. It's just that every other top-tier character is also high-tier at something physical or popular, she's maxed out in 'secretly rule Robert's kingdom', which she could do by manipulating basically two men in total, and the situation changed, and she is keeping up okay.

Point being, she was prepared for being a woman in that society and she is about as well prepared for more than that as any woman could have been. If she had a few loyal women fighters she might actually be unstoppable, but since she's a bitch that won't happen.

>> No.57192682

Yes, I know you like her.

But she isn't that good. She has made monstrous blunders in past, and even in the current (book) storyline, she's still kind of fucking up, and slipping deeper and deeper into paranoid, idiotic madness.

We'll see how she does in the books to come, but she...yeah, not that good.

If Tywin wasn't such a fag about Tyrion, his family would've been truly on top. Instead he just pissed all over him.

>"Jaime," she said, tugging on his ear, "sweetling, I have known you since you were a babe at Joanna's breast. You smile like Gerion and fight like Tyg, and there's some of Kevan in you, else you would not wear that cloak... but Tyrion is Tywin's son, not you. I said so once to your father's face, and he would not speak to me for half a year. Men are such thundering great fools. Even the sort who come along once in a thousand years."

Anyway, that's how I always took it. In the show, Cercei is made to seem much more cagey than she is in the books, though they do keep her as being both loony and so selfish that it poisons all her relationships.

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Say that again.

I will take these.. SOFT, pink hands of yours and NAIL them to the Senate door.

>> No.57193652

DP is more CN if not CG these days. They've pretty much stopped having him do anything that benefits a bad guy or action that doesn't have a positive outcome.

>> No.57193840

To be fair, a lot of Cersei's biggest mistakes happen after the she watched her eldest son choke to death on poison. Yeah she wasn't perfect before hand, but I'd honestly agree with >>57192569
A manipulative women who had prepared from a young age to use her womanhood to her advantage in a low fantasy setting, only to lose her mind to grief and have all her best laid plans wrecked by paranoia.

>> No.57194242

Well both of you are gay

lol j/k, that's actually fair

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Saving bump!

>> No.57197653

Real CE? Google Jose Tomas Bovez.

>> No.57198245

Secret ending is my headcanon ending. Close second is back Sabal, kill all named characters, accept the crown from Pagan, kill Sabal post-ending. Ajay assumes the crown with Bhadra as a platonic colleague.

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CE Is like really aggressive nihilism. Not only is everything doomed to fall to entropy, but you must help it. Create chaos, destroy orderly systems. Families, governments, minds, anything that stands in defiance of the yawning chasm of inevitable destruction and chaos.

Theirs is an infinite truth. A certain one. They're RIGHT to kill you, because they're the one doing it. The act justifies itself, everything justifies itself. To forbid an act, any act, is as futile as trying to stuff the moon back in to the sky so morning won't come. Though they might try that too, and with enough power, who knows what they might achieve.

>> No.57198307

>le chaotic is a random psycho meme

>> No.57198339

Nihilism posits that there isn't meaning in existence or it's destruction. So an agressive nihilist wouldn't do anything at all, making them True Neutral.

>> No.57198464

Yes and no. While nihilists believe there is no meaning to anything (broadly), they are still wedded to physical sensations and their own emotions.
When nothing has meaning or inherent value, you are free to elect to follow your animal instincts. That might be a value judgement in itself on some level (say, preferring comfort to nausea) but I think we can agree that it's not the same as adopting an ethos.

>> No.57198568

But existence preceeds essence, our emotions don't have any meaning to them beyond a chemical response to environmental stimuli. There is no reason to act on them when you cannot achieve anything by doing so, unrepentant hedonism will leave you empty for you have only created a hollow facsimile in place of meaning. It may appear meaningful to the shallow man but in truth they think so as they cannot accept they will never significantly influence anything.

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God I hate Nihlists

>> No.57198608

In absurdism one's emotional state matters because of solipism, hence Sisyphus can defeat the purpose his punishment by smiling. Conflating nihilism with existentialism as a whole is a common mistake.

>> No.57198688

>unrepentant hedonism will leave you empty for you have only created a hollow facsimile in place of meaning
Citation needed.
Also, if you accept that there is no such thing as meaning, then denying or delaying gratification is pointless unless it's an investment in greater future gratification.

>> No.57198771

>Pagan Min

>> No.57198808

"You don't text for help, you cry for help. Come on, let's cry for help. If you're gonna do something you're gonna do it right, here we go. Go on: cry for help... Oh pathetic... Like you mean it... Help. From your diaphragm! HELP!!! And now, we wait... listen.... Nothing..."

>> No.57198843

That sounds more like Neutral Evil

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Pic related is how you Chaotic Evil in a party

He's evil because he's an unrepentant murderer, and he's chaotic because he abhors civilization and its trappings, but neither of those stop him from being functional or even semi-friendly.

>> No.57198873

CN really. He's some good in him and generally doesn't involve innocents not does he murder whimsically. Argument can be made depending on what media we consider for him.

>> No.57198906


>still implying
>still still using pictures to convey reactions

>> No.57198927


Or Lawful Evil. Strict code, defined worldview, trustworthy in his way, but is a career criminal with no compunction about taking human life, or letting people die if saving them doesn't benefit him.

>> No.57198964

I once played a sentient summoner ghoul
With massive charisma who spoke in a posh British accent, was deliberately trying to be charming. And ate 2 party members and most people he ran across without witnesses around.
CE only works if you coat it in the skin of civility.

>> No.57199329

This is a perfect example of why alignment is shit. It's just an opinion.

>> No.57199618

What about a CE character that likes, or even in a sense, loves, the group he's in?

Or even just one of the group?

I once made an argument that if there were two friends, one LG the other CE, the CE would have a easier time justifying the friendship in the form of a very selfish love or fondness.

"*I* like him. He makes *me* laugh. He is nice to *me*. He is *my* friend. Don't you dare hurt *my* friend. You are not *my* friend, so be careful."

I mean, they would still probably knee-jerk into destructive shit, but if they knew they would lose this thing that they like more than said destructive shit, they would refrain.

CE, being monstrously selfish and destructive, doesn't stop them from forming bonds (however poisonous they may be), or even following the rules if it enables their behavior.
Not every CE is >>57198307 . It is a way to portray it, yeah, but it isn't the only way.

>> No.57199720

>James Earl Jones is an evil wizard animated in the style of Rankin-Bass

I never thought my dick could get this hard for anything.

>> No.57199909
File: 151 KB, 724x1024, blackblood-724x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've always liked Blackblood as an example of a CE character in an NG group.

>> No.57200306

Neutral Evil at worst.

>> No.57200398
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Your fashion sense is the ulimate proof that God is a drooling idiot. Praise the Decreator. Dada conquers!

>> No.57200762

You remember completely wrong.

She was a vampire and tried to feed on the Ancestor, but he was ready and already planning to murder her...because he found her annoying.

>> No.57200790


And he fucked that up too.

>> No.57201112

Everything he did was hideously evil, until he finally went too far even for him.

>> No.57201161

Was he Chaotic Evil?

>> No.57201354
File: 253 KB, 987x1513, santanobody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chaotic Good

>> No.57201475
File: 145 KB, 621x493, brotherhoodofdada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jokes aside, yes he was Chaotic Evil. Infact he began his villainy in The Brotherhood of Evil. He pretends to be Chaotic Neutral, but he murders way too often people for that. The Painting That Ate Paris, his Hoffmann Bustrip and his Candidacy for President were mass attacks on sanity itself. He is a chaos over evil type of guy, but he shall still deliver evil.

>> No.57202092

Whimsical, no respect for order except where it literally serves him, destroyed the order present in the country (killing old king), contempt for societal conventions or sacred codes, capricious in personal dealings (treatment of Mr. Chiffon, among others)
Murderous scum, but also displaying a perversity of spirit (treatment of Noore, candles are treason, etc), complete lack of scruples.

>> No.57202948 [DELETED] 


>> No.57203199

He was rather fond of the group he was with, the eating them thing happened after their were dead.
Well, till the oger though him into the vampire after the vampire tryed to turn the elf's follower following said followers insanity after meeting the devil.

>> No.57203217

He didn't fuck it up, turns out vampires don't stay dead after draining all their blood to serve as wine.
He couldn't have known that

>> No.57203234


>> No.57203287
File: 67 KB, 980x490, landscape-1508497851-heath-ledger-joker.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obligatory example

>> No.57203328
File: 292 KB, 1024x1349, elysium___kruger_by_sheridan_j-d6jms1x.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The dude from "Elysium"

>> No.57203446
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Hey guys

>> No.57203665
File: 11 KB, 200x200, HellKaiser.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This may sound odd, but I really think I'd have fun making and playing a Chaotic Evil PC and building them up to be the BBEG of our campaign.

I want to make him a wizard who succeeds in gaining the fear and loyalty of his army of cohorts that build for him a base of operations where he can begin plotting his world conquest.

A wizard bent on summoning up the power of gods and devils to mold the world in his own vision, who literally joins the party in a way where his first interaction with them after introductions is a monologue where he tells the other PCs "this world is imperfect."
He won't betray the party, though. Not until he gets from them what he needs to complete the first phase of his ambitious plan. Afterwards, I want him to be powerful enough where I will be forced to forfeit my right to play him as a PC, and will be forced to go back to playing my Neutral Good PC and fight him alongside my companions, now that the wizard has turned into a Chaotic Evil BBEG NPC.

I know it sounds so farfetched, and the DM of our group may or may not go along with this or want this, which is why I haven't even considered the idea until now. But I do think it could have potential of being it's own fun series of quests on its own.

>> No.57206215

jeez you weren't kidding about the euphoric ending

>> No.57206378
File: 8 KB, 259x194, hiijustfuckedupanentireplanebecauseiwantedzombiearmy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hello fuckfaces.

>> No.57206580

kek you hadn't seen it before?

>> No.57207440

Ecclessiachan would have a word for you anon.

>> No.57207676

>Servants of CHAOS!
>Anon please
I think this misinterprets nihilism the same way religious cautions against lust or greed is often misinterpreted.

As a nihilist it is not the case that I hate success and love failure. Or hate success or failure or merely am apathetic to success and failure. Rather, I would rephrase the statement as I love success and failure.

>> No.57208325
File: 1000 KB, 333x250, V6GnsOk.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Being chaotic means you are not beholden to any laws or order and probably act in spite of law and order. Wildcard bitches!

Being evil means you revel in one or more of the following: Wickedness, depravity, filth, disease, immorality, and hatred.

Any of following are examples of chaotic evil behavior:
Sneezing in people's faces
Stealing from the charity bowl
Poisoning the town well
Being a serial killer
Not using your turn signal
Abusing loved ones
Not cleaning up after one's self

Chaotic Evil characters in places of Goodness end up jailed, alone, or dead unless they are smart, strong, or charismatic. Retards who play chaotic evil characters like "lol I stab the guard and take a shit on the ground" die quickly because their character isn't smart, strong, or charismatic enough to get away with it. Also, I wanna say that just because a person is chaotic evil, it doesn't mean they are incapable of neutral, good, or even lawful acts, it just means they are less likely to do such things unless motivated.

I can't believe I spent an hour contemplating what it means to be a chaotic evil and only have 200 words typed up.

>> No.57209503

Nicol is NE.
CE would be Tibalt. Or Rakdos (the demon). Or post-curse Garruk.

>> No.57210240
File: 636 KB, 1200x800, CHAAOTIC EVIL TWICE OVER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Or (dare I even suggest such an abomination) perhaps he's Chaotic Lawful? He cares nothing for the laws and morals of society, even actively opposes them, but he follows his own code unwaveringly.
(And, once again we see the problem with alignment systems.)

Pic related

>> No.57211262

I love this. In my setting, the way magic works lends itself to massive scale operations by wizards to gain power, somewhat like Full Metal Alchemist. Imagine gigantic facilities dedicated to eventually rapidly cooling a volcano so that it's Power could be captured in a stone and used by an evil wizard. Or imagine burning down a forest to capture a forest spirit, or founding a school with the hopes of capturing a knowledge demon.

>> No.57211448

Slaughterhouse Nine from Worm

>> No.57211472

Wouldn’t you consider the ancestor to be lawful, if only because he WAS the law? Good and evil refer to morality, lawful and evil refer to method. Ancestor was methodical, scheming, did his homework, etc. If he were anyone else, ruining everything the way he did would be pretty goddamn unlawful in that they would be destroying the existing society around them. They’d be walking down the beach kicking over the other kids sandcastles for giggles. Ancestor was just knocking over his own sandcastle because he was bored of it. He just created the situation which he was lawful in the evil shit he did, where in any other position it would be chaotic.

>> No.57211488

Lawful and chaotic* rather

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