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Beasts of Nurgle are £25 each edition

>Warhammer Community

>Daily Painting Video

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (all of them):


>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations
>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer Updated for Tyranids? Math-Anon requests vetting

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So how are Beasts of Nurgle on the table, trash or good?

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First for Drukahri

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Favorite Baneblade variant? Trying to figure out which one I want.

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>Beasts of Nurgle are £25 each

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Which one?
I can't decide which one i want to fuck most
pic unrelated

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Tyranids of course.

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Tzeench: Fun and potent yet fluffy and unrelible
Nurgle: Aditional UMPH they needed
Khorn/Slaanesh: Nothing to write home about but it fits and can give results.

>Warp Talons and Possessed
U think it will be worthy loseing codex traits and stratagems?

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What if Perturarbo isnt a Demon Prince? What if he infected himself with the Obliterator virus to become half-demon half-primarch 100% guns and just uses Chaos rituals to gain powers from all gods without swearing allegiance to any of them? Perty the Ultra-Obliterator would be really cool.

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There are more fun things to use in DG.

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>Claiming 1st when you're so slow
>Spelling our true name incorrectly
>Using 'Drukhari at all

It's like you WANT these fucks to hate us anon

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I think it's infinitely easier to simply say he's a deamon prince of undivided

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>ses Chaos rituals to gain powers
>not a DP
Did you even fuking read Chaos codex before?
He got Demonhood after Steel Cage.

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Deldar. Shame they are more rapey and murdery and torturey. I'd rather be gimp suit, strapped to a fuck machine, ravager iconography but it would be more like just my head on a spike after being tortured for days.

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What a fag

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>Daemon Codex comes in a week
>no leaks

Get your shit together guys.

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Drukhari have no Codex tho

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>still being this autistic over a proper name for the drukhari
glass houses, faggot. Drukhari is a far better name than 'dark eldar' ever was.

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Pray to the 4 worm, let warp fill your soul.

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Of the Codexless armies, they are the King.

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Adarki Aeldari

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> I'd rather be gimp suit, strapped to a fuck machine

that's waaaaaaay more slaaneshi.

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>Drukhari is a far better name than 'dark eldar' ever was.
Something tells me you enjoy BBC.

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Fuck whatever the leather chair becomes.

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you wot?

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It goes on pre-order on the 6th.

Ergo, its out on the 13th, faggot.

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>true descendants of the original eldar empire
>call themselves eldar
>call them 'dark' for some reason
>craftworlders who discarded everything about themselves
>consider themselves aspect walkers/craftworlders
>they're the regular eldar for some stupid reason

nah, drukhari vs asuryani is just better.
Besides, why would you willingly go along with the name given by mon'keigh?

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Falcon or wraithlord?

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They're ok, annoying once they get into combat. Nothing special though.

Hopefully Daemons codex gives them some love.

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In my meta I'm the only person who owns any Sisters, 30 sisters from China and old Celestine. They don't count

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Shit but waacy if you seperate them

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regardless, sisters are the best index army by far.

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Preorder 6th January

- Codex: Chaos Daemons, £25 or €32.5

- GUO: £85 or €110

- Feculent Gnarlmaw (blight tree) : £18 or €22,5

- Lord of Blight : £15 or €20

Preorder 13th January

- Sloppity Bilepiper : £15 or €20

- Spoilpox : £15 or €20

- Beast of Nurgle : £25 or €32,5

- Pusgoyle Blightlords : £30 or €55

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Asuryani sounds like a mild curry. They should have stuck with Craftworlders, Commorrites and Corsairs.

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What are these lies?

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I'd say orks considering they have scored the highest with an index.

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Looking at starting off some Daemons with Cultist support. I'm starting as Slaaneshi. Can Daemon Princes do my anti tank work? If not, what can I rely on? I don't really want to get into Chaos Marines, I just happen to already have loads of Dark Vengeance cultists.

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>orks are that high
really? I was just listening to a guy rant yesterday about how shitty orks are right now and how they're shit compared to codex armies. he was also whining about their BS5+, so maybe he was just a shitter.

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did you just call me a monkey?

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Is the coms module thingy that comes with the chimera kit supposed to represent a particular wargear option, or is it just an optional piece to add for aesthetics?

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I know they placed kinda high in the last few tournies which surprised me. The BS5+ with all the -1 and -2 going around is insane to me. Melee also isn't great, but it's a horde meta so I guess that's what is going on.

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Is improved comms not a thing anymore?

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I heard failed Gellar Field and came.

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Are fluff jump packs just fitted over the standard power pack, or does the normal backpack have to be removed and replaced with a jump pack?

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It doesn't looks like they fit over power packs but they definetly did in Space Marine.

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There's more of this coming

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>tfw high chance of a Xenos codex finally coming out after ANOTHER Chaos release
I’ll be fucking livid if they decide to pull the wolves out of their ass before another Xenos codex comes out.

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There's some Kommando spam list winning, a grot spam list winning (grot big guns, hundreds of grots and you pick 1 specific gunner team grot to be the warlord). It seems pretty damn gimmicky. I don't think sisters are much better

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what are you going to do about it, mon'keigh?

could be an augur array.

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Where in the fuck is Shoggy at?
That pathetic bag of shit promised to make more AGP for me to consume by Christmas.
Before that he promised it would be out by Halloween.
Before that he promised it would be out by the end of Summer.
Before that I lost track.
Point is when is that lazy sack of shit writefag gonna fucking deliver?

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The blue dudes look cool.

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mandrakes are animu as fuck, it's great.

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Cuz only good eldar is Chaos Eldar.

But seriously cuz I used it for over 15 years and new names sound like Paki fast food. I refuse.

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>finally off school and have some free time
>decide to finally try out 8th edition since I haven't got to play it much myself
>find an opponent at local gw
>bring a normal SM list with some tacticals and tanks
>opponent just blobs his entire DA army around his chapter master and shoots me off the board turn 2
I hope I dont sound like a CAACfag but is 8th usually this ridiculous? I mean those primaris aggressor dudes got to fire at least 100 shots in one turn. Also Stratagems dont feel very useful and most of the SM ones seem to be very situational. Perhaps my list was just shit but most of the 8th games I see are incredibly one sided.

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It's probably Tau and Necrons.

They get no points changes in Chapter approved, same with Daemons and BA/DA at the time.

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>what are you going to do about it, mon'keigh?
fuk you up

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Yes games end turn 3, elite armies suck, and people bitch if you buff your elites to be hard to kill.

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At least it's not 7th!

>> No.57159593


might have been a bit of both, i think your mistake was bringing a generic/jack-of-all-trades list against a guntress line, which sounded cheesy but is to be expected if he was playing DA

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WELP. Let's get freaky then.

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>killing what is essentially a 12 year old of eldar

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In less than a month the Thousand Sons will be the only Chaos faction without a codex.

>> No.57159616

Git gud

>> No.57159619

Khorne one seems to be rather situational if you aren't spamming cheap heralds even then its pretty expensive to keep units with 6" of your charging unit at all times.

>> No.57159629

Well Orks have way more players than SoB.
Considering only one fag actually brings a proper SoB army to any tournament, them ranking within the top 20 against waacfagging galore with a single army says something.

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>tfw bro got me ahri and exalted sorcs but i'm unsure about discs and can't be arsed to magnetize them

i want the codex to drop as soon as possible for points fluctuations without gimping myself gw please

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They are basically the kids that jump off a cliff with a motor cycle because their parents asked if they did it if their friends would.

If you're wondering, this is the exact reason eldar are Dieing out.

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Why did tzeentch get melee buffs?

>> No.57159683

>Fun and potent yet fluffy and unrelible
Such is the way of tzeentch

>> No.57159685

>Perhaps my list was just shit but most of the 8th games I see are incredibly one sided.

Shit tends to die fast and melee can nullify units very early in the game, I think it was just your list being a really generic mess probably without using many character buffs versus a list that knew what it was doing and being very effective at it.

A DA gunline is nasty shit but can be severely weakened if you add some melee shit and throw it him.

>> No.57159699

I didnt know 9 tailed cat girls were in 40k

>> No.57159718

You mean melee can nullify screens very early in the game as you are never going to touch anything else before dying.

>> No.57159721

Cuz he is shooty.
Shoot da choppy stuff, and chop da shooty.

>> No.57159732

Whats so good about manticores?

>> No.57159733

Never heard of it, and can't find anything like that in either the current or 6e codex.

>could be an augur array.
Only thing I could think of as well, but the instructions specifically refer to the part as "comms".

>> No.57159735

Wonder if I could outshoot DAfags with my SoBfagging.

>> No.57159747

The meta shifted drastically with 8th. Positioning of units in the deployment zone is a lot more important than it use to be.

>> No.57159751

>melee makes stuff useless

If the opponent is bad maybe.

>> No.57159752

Not sure. Everyone pics them over Basilisks but Bassies always do better for me. 143 points vs 108. Bassie has -3 AP.

>> No.57159765

Seriously, its almost better to Keep half your army in deep strike and the rest in tanks just to avoid the early fire.

>> No.57159769

Any YouTube channels that discuss competitions or competitive lists and competitive bat reps?

>> No.57159773

Felinids mah boi

>> No.57159781

Stormbolters, Stormbolters everywhere.

>> No.57159807

Tell me how /yourdudes/ recruit. They do not have to be marines. Tell me the recruitment methods your Eldar put themselves through, what sort of boot camp your IG use on their newbies and just how Orky your Orks have to be to enter the Not!Salty Spittoon.
>initiates must hunt down and cleanse a den of subhuman mutants that arrived on the homeworld through a crashed space hulk and are becoming a concerning problem
>every conventional method does nothing but cull the herd slightly for a month though

>> No.57159808

Armies should get a free first turn pyschic phase if they dont go first.

>> No.57159813

Well I can fit 4 Melta dominions in Repressors and at least 4 Battle Sisters squads with 3 storm bolter inside Immolators no problem.

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>> No.57159821

Frontline Gaming is pretty good. Although Frankie makes so many lucky dice rolls I'm starting to think he's cheating.

>> No.57159884

Do Tyranids even have interesting fluff, or are they just token space bugs that eat everything?

>> No.57159887

Yes, it would equal out first turn dramatically.

>> No.57159893

What he said >>57159773
They're the good shit.

>> No.57159901

Unlike token space super soldier or token space optimist?

But yah basically they got more lore regarding hive fleets and actually being a bigger threat than chaos.
This some how triggers chaosfags.

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>> No.57159907

Basilisks are the best tank in the AM codex aside from maybe Pask.

They're just great.

>> No.57159913

Rate my coven list trying to make use of atleast 2 of the 7 Talos/Cronos I own;


Haemy Crucible ElectroWhip x2

3x 5 Wracks (1 Agoniser, 2 scissorhand)

2x 4 Grotesques

2x Cronos

2x Raider
3x Venom


Archon Agoniser relic pistol SO

2x DL Ravager
1x FW Reaper

1x Venom

Comes to bang on 2000pts. Idea is to the advance the Cronos behind the raiders hoping they keep up to provide the grots reroll 1s, haemies ride with the grots and wracks in venoms grab objectives. Ravagers n Reapers do the anti tank business.

>> No.57159915

Not enough Felnid lewds. Also not enough SoB corruption lewds

>> No.57159920

No, not at all. They are so boring that they have to get other races to look stupid and act stupid to make them look cool.

Their entire thing is, were unstoppable we have no emotion we do nothing, and every time there is a problem we adapt to it, and then if we can't we use space magic to say we can.

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>> No.57159942

No idea why they weren't given a points increase when all the other ones were. They stayed the same price and got one more negative ap.

>> No.57159943


>First turn psychic phase

Fuck Tau Deldar and Khorne amirite, the guys who suffer worst from not getting first turn these days

>> No.57159949

Why not all 3 at the same time?

>> No.57159969

GUO: £85 ... ouch

>> No.57159970

>Glued the Railgun on my Broadside before painting it
Shit. How do I paint this niggas chest? IO can barely get the brush in the gap between the gun and the body

>> No.57159977

So in a bout of autism I decided to measure up the various Marine characters (and by various I mean metric fuckload) by how good they're in 1v1s. I used Asurmen as a measuring stick, since he's a very solid duelist and did a good job of separating the top tier from the rest. So, the Marines that made it past the "Asurmen line" (that is, were able to tie or beat him, killing him in equal or fewer turns than it took him to kill them) are:
>Marneus Calgar
Wins if shooting is included, ties otherwise
>Captain Lysander
Surprisingly deadly.
Ties with shooting, loses otherwise
>Gabriel Seth
Only with the proper psychic powers (Quickening and Smite)
>Logan Grimnar
>Arjac Rockfist
Another surprise hit, actually wins if we take it that his damage reduction works on mortal wounds (jury's still out)
Both tie usually, win with psychic powers
Wins slightly, but only due to his d6 Smite.
Being top of his class and Calgar but strictly better, Abbaddon wins
Tie, believe it or not. Bit of a glass cannon
Wins. 2fat4me.

Now on to FW shit, halfway through which even my autism ran out of fucks to give but hey.
>Lord Asterion Moloc
Top tier as usual, ties and nearly wins.
>Tyberos the Red Wake
>Thulsa Kane

And that's about it. That's the who's who of Marine duelists, not counting dreadnoughts. Everyone else loses to the pansy space elf. Now I'm off to ponder what to do with my life.

>> No.57159979


I'm saying if the enemy goes first you get a pyschic phase before they go first.

>> No.57159992

You can get a brush anywhere you can see, theoretically.

>> No.57159998

If they made Felinid subfaction for IG i would buy so fast

>> No.57160005


Say that one more time, sweetheart

>> No.57160007

Anons I can't deny my feelings any more. I'm in love with Warplock Bronze.

>> No.57160009

>>Lord Asterion Moloc
>Top tier as usual, ties and nearly wins.
I did not expect anything less. I guess if he manages to get his laser beam in before melee, he'd have a good chance of winning?

>> No.57160013

Every faction has their little story and major flaw. Tyranids simply exist and do the best at everything.

They're unironically npcs. The word gets tossed around a lot but it's true.

>> No.57160028

Asuryani sounds dumb, FB Asur sound cool and they just tried to copy it poorly.

Just like Druchii sounds awesome, like giant black poisonous spiders crawling through a dark forest.
Drukhari sounds like someone is spitting cough when being sick.

>> No.57160044

Lysander's dead killy but daft giving ranged specialists like IFs a beatstick like that. Should loan him to the Templars.

>> No.57160047

>be the best at everything and unbeatable
>gets hand waived and curbstomped when imperial protagonists show up
Every time.

>> No.57160049

That's orks or sisters.

Like my god this couldn't be any further from the truth, deldar are the worst

>> No.57160060


And none of them have psychic phases. So I'm up against any of the psyker races as my deldar. I go First, they get off a shit load of spells. They go First, I get nothing.

>> No.57160062

Yeah they're npcs, or paper tigers.

>> No.57160075


Show me your sisters army anon, I'll wait. Or could it be you're baiting with a meme army.

>> No.57160081

>But yah basically they got more lore regarding hive fleets and actually being a bigger threat than chaos.

Nope. Chaos BTFO Tyranids in Devesation of Baal and showed that Tyranids are quite small time compared to the might of the Chaos Gods.

Here is the question. Why do Tyranidfags feel the need to match themselves against a faction that been stated again and again to be greater than theirs? Do you play Tyranid because it tickles your ego?

>> No.57160093

Do you have any buffs that your army needs to not get tabled turn one, that aren't pyschic? If so then that could be added.

>> No.57160105

>he doesnt know

>> No.57160118

Is there any situation where manticores are better than basilisks?

>> No.57160119


/mydudes/ are a bunch of feral humans that count as an ork mob. They roll around and smash other villages in their looted, bashed Imperial tech, absorbing survivors from other feral clans in the back water of my planet. There may or may not be a heretik mechanicus agent rolling around with them, arming them and building his own private feral force while tinkering with non standard designs.

kinda like pic related but different

>> No.57160131

The trigger chaosfag like clockwork

>> No.57160139

I was just thinking digganobz before I clicked the picture.

>> No.57160140


Drukhari sounds like Drukkake which sounds like Bukkake. Agree with the Druchi thing, I named my Blood Bowl team made of Dark Eldar conversions the "Druchii Drowners"

>> No.57160151

>state erroneous information
>some corrects you

The state of Tyranidfags everyone. Aren't they pathetic?

>> No.57160153

>get triggered
>called out for it
>No! You're triggered!

>> No.57160161

> you show army nau
> or get out
> fucking memes
> what do you think this is?
>an imageboard?

But Anon.

Liking one army more than the other doesn´t require models of them. It could even be the army that l hate the second most and I´d like it more than yours.

>> No.57160167


I was at Heat 1 if that's what you're referring to. That's cute that /tg/ is all rallying around 1 player and claiming they actually play this meme army.

>> No.57160188

>fall to obvious bait
>get called for falling
>nuh! Uh! you are trigger

>> No.57160204

was for

Because I´m a fucking idiot as it seems, that´s why, okay?

>> No.57160205


Yeah I remember them from back in the day and thought, I could have some fun with something like this.

>> No.57160210

Your arguing de are the best and sisters aren't better or simply a meme? Just to clarify right?

>> No.57160212


Nope. The only durability buffs we get are Haemonculus increasing <Coven> units toughness by 1 within 6" and turn 1 Power From Pain granting a 6+++.

>> No.57160226

Is there a company that sells gas masks with tubes, like the Kriegers have?

>> No.57160230

>I am pretending to be retarded

Can you sink any lower?

>> No.57160233


>> No.57160234

>pretending to be retarded

>> No.57160236

Good luck then.

>> No.57160244

Dear fucking god what

>> No.57160258

Kay, I'm just saying a lot of armies rely heavily on pyschic buffs and turn 1 basically just catches them with their pants down. Which is huge especially for elite armies.

>> No.57160263


Yeah that's about the size of it.

>> No.57160265


Psychic can only be added if you bring other factions of spess elves. Dark Eldar have a ban on psykers.

I wouldn't mind getting psykers in Drukahri or haemonculous getting abilities that work somewhat like a psyker

>> No.57160290

You could just slowly GS them like I going to do.

>> No.57160301

So how so?

Like what have de been doing lately to be better than all the other armies in index? Especially orks and green tide. Like I'm genuinely curious.

>> No.57160303

Has anyone else here used Sector Imperialis bases? How were they? Would you buy them again?

>> No.57160307

The only way 'dark eldar' works as a name for me is if I think of it in terms of 'running dark' i.e. they hide themselves from Slannesh and have stunted their psi powers, which makes them distinct from the old eldar who 'burned bright' and were unafraid to use psi for everything.

>> No.57160311


>> No.57160321

I've used Necromunda bases, decent stuff. Relatively cheap, easy to use and effective. I like em.

>> No.57160323

If a unit doesn't say It has to be 50% covered to gain cover does it just use normal cover rules?

Like a tank in a crator.

>> No.57160347

I prefer Wraithlords, and I've never heard anything good said about Falcons this edition
What is this? A picture for ants?

>> No.57160352

But it's the opposite, dark eldar try to be as loud as possible to be impossible to see.

Which is why they're dark, like they're a giant dark burning star.

>> No.57160370


>He hasn't heard the of the Mandrakey Bo-Bakey list

>> No.57160385

gas sisters?

>> No.57160404

leave me to my heretical fantasies

>> No.57160410

>I've never heard anything good said about Falcons this edition
Well I've been using them and getting good results as a breacher shotgun against tanks. Which works pretty well, bscause they're scary as fuck to fight near big terrain.

I've been thinking about wraithlords instead that's why.

>> No.57160412

Foxes aren't cats

>> No.57160420


>> No.57160430

How effective is null deployment these days? Considering taking an entirely deepstriking army by dropping a venom into cover out of line of sight with 4 Lhameans and archon in. A single small profile allowing 6 deepstrikes is probably the best i can do

>> No.57160436

No just green tide which has been placing every tourney.

I almost think you're taking me for a ride but that name sounds dumb enough to be real.

>> No.57160449


Necrons are the worst.

But yeah, codexless ranking is

Sister >> Orks >>>>>>> the rest

Ork green tide is strong, but tournament meta missions often favor mobility and anti-tank alpha strike, and sisters have both.

>> No.57160464

I did look at Necromunda bases, but they don't make them in the sizes I'd need for a GSC army unfortunately.
So is the question about what you should add to a list, what you should buy next or what people like most?

>> No.57160472

Can a falcon/waveserphant pin a tank if it places the corner between the edges of its front fin? Like a pincer?

>> No.57160476


>> No.57160477

It's not legal in Matched Play - have to have half your drops on the board.

>> No.57160497

Orks 2000pts (7 Command Points)
Warboss Power Klaw, Kombi-Skorcha, Attack Squig 87 HQ
Weirdboy 62 HQ
Slugga Boyz x25 Big Choppa 157 Troops
Shoota Boyz x21 Big Choppa, Big Shoota x2 145 Troops
Gretchin x10 30 Troops
Tankbustas x10 Rokkit Launcha x10 170 Elites
Burnas x6 84 Elites
Stormboyz x15 Power Klaw 133 Fast
Morkanaut Kustom Force Field 340 Heavy
Deff Dread Klaw x2, Big Shoota x2 131 Heavy
Mek Gunz x3 Kustom Mega Kannon x3, Grot Gunner x15 126 Heavy
Trukk Big Shoota 82 Transport
Battalion (110)
Big Mek Power Saw, Kustom Force Field 90 HQ
Nobz x10 Power Klaw x3, Ammo Runt x2, Big Choppa x2 231 Elites
Nob with Waaagh! Banner Kustom Shoota 79 Elites
Painboy Power Klaw 53 Elites
Vanguard (15) 2000

good? bad? playable? shit? i kinda want more boyz but there is nothing i want to cut so eh.

>> No.57160507


>> No.57160508

Since Astra Militarum already got 8th edition Codex i understand that it will be at least 20 years before we see the model line upgraded/new models or any subfaction??
felinids pls

>> No.57160516

Green Stuff

>> No.57160518


Deployment is based on units on the board not "drops". A venom with 5 individual characters is 6 units on the board in 1 drop.

>> No.57160520

Are wraith lords good mostly. I've got a fast army and an old wraith lord model and he just doesn't seem all too useful. I need the heavy unit and it's between him or the falcon. Been thinking about mixing it up but I also don't like using the old model and I don't know if want to bother buying a new one.

The falcon also isn't paramount for my army and everytime I think about it, I always go "oh yeah that's there too"

>> No.57160544


It's simply 50 mandrakes strategically dropped turn 2 deleting all the hordes with their 100 shots dealing additional mortal wounds, followed up by 400 melee attacks

>> No.57160551

damn, too much work and skill needed for my autistic mind

>> No.57160563

Soul Grinders are p good my dude

>> No.57160573

How hard is it to gs boobplates.

>> No.57160576

What sizes are you after? Aren't 90% of GSC units on 32 or 20mm bases?

>> No.57160584

Next year all codices should be updated and GW has already said they wanted to go back into certain subfactions and fluff them up more, expect campaign books to have more stuff and probably model releases by the second half of the year.

Im hopeful that Marbo is released for real alongside a Catachan infantry box sometime next year as well as something similar to Codex: Armageddon.

>> No.57160607

>2019 rolls around
>all they put out is Felinids

>> No.57160633

>Marbo is released for real alongside a Catachan infantry box sometime next year
Can confirm. My dad works for GW, this is Sly's new mini.

>> No.57160675

Can't wait for that Imperial fist book with tons of Imperial fist only stratagems.

>> No.57160697

Dun Fucktit

>> No.57160722

Current tier for 2K WAAC matched play, post CA ?

>God tier
-Imperial guard

>Top tier
-Chaos soup with primarchs/horrors, alpha legion zerkers.
-Fast melee nids
-Eldars with Ynnari Dark reapers

>Strong tier
-Ork greentide
-Space marine vehicles gunline
-Tons of melta mechanized sisters
-Plasma angels

>Medium tier
-Various Marines flavors
-Crisisspam Tau

>Low tier
-Footy Adeptus Ministorum
-Chaos demon (codex soon)
-Normal Tau
-Harlequins (Now that flyerspam is over)
-Renegades and heretics

>Squatted when tier
-Non-green tide orks
-SoS, Custodes

>> No.57160745

so still no news on how daemons are supposed to survive opponent's first shooting phase?

>> No.57160761

My Wraithlord setup is Sword, 2 flamers and 2 Shuriken Cannons. Seems to do alright but if your army is fast then I'd say don't take one; they're quite slow and have no means of going fast.
25mm and 32mm for most of our dudes, but Sentinels, Heavy Weapons Teams, and the Patriarch all use 60mm bases and I'd like them to fit in basewise.

>> No.57160764


I'd move eternal pox walker DG to Top tier. Don't know that I'm sold on Guard at God Tier post nerfs - they play about on the level as the rest of the top of the game right now.

>> No.57160774

Really, IG is top tier?
I was planning on getting into IG as my next army, what kind of lists are good for 8th edition?

>> No.57160781


>Forgotten Tier
- Dark Eldar

>> No.57160806

>Id move eternal pox walker DG to Top tier.

Often seen in chaos soup with morty and alpha legion zerkers though.

>> No.57160822

Chaosfags will respond to this post.

Chaos is daddy issues the faction.

>> No.57160829


They are eldars, and sometime seen with Ynarri stuff. By themselves they are low tier though

>> No.57160837


A) Hopefully we'll see a points drop. If we do that'll help just by giving more bodies.

B) Take more bodies. I've been doing fairly well with an Epidemius style list lately with 90 plague bearers + 3 princes, etc.

>> No.57160842

Hey just because i have an absent father and play chaos proves nothing

>> No.57160865


IG is still god tier solely thanks to relic of cadia lost. Having an automatic win against 25% of the metagame (chaosfag) is really strong. Granted, the gap between them and other armies has been reduced, but it is still there.

>> No.57160874

Has anyone got any inspiration for Nurglification of models?

>> No.57160880

Hi guys I want to get into Death Korps of Krieg. Where to start? I’m not familiar with most the FW vehicles. I want my force to be mainly artillery and infantry with a very WW1 feel.

>what artillery to go with?
>how are rough riders?
>how are engineers?
>good recasters?
>any tips?

>> No.57160899


>> No.57160900


>> No.57160901


Meh? I don't play Chaos so I don't care about it. Like I said its a very good army but with much more vulnerable screens I find getting into the artillery bank is much easier now than it was prior to the nerf and I still had about a 50% win rate pre nerf.

>> No.57160923


>> No.57160927

>Imperial citizen attempts to walk to store

>> No.57160928


Fair point. That said I do think its a viable build outside of the regular soup set up.

>> No.57160930


>> No.57160956

What the fuck happened?

>> No.57160961



get some medusas, or basis

>how good are rough riders

very good, use em


they get a carcass shot that wounds anything that isnt a vehicle on a 2+ but if they roll one they die, kinda like plasma. Situational but a good unit, elites so they can't cap

>good recasters

check r/yoyhammer, i personally got tons of kriegger from a ukrainian ebay seller that cleans/fixes the models, he's been amazing, but i recently bought the marshall and his retinue from cheap-and-fast minis and the quality of the mold was excellent, albeit very greasy and took several washes. Depends on the age of the mold desu


none really, also starting out with dkok, learning along

>> No.57160987

Just a quick question, I want to take tree dudes from AoS and use them as 40k Deamons, probably nurgle but IDK what the fuck im doing with deamons. Any help is appreciated.

So far I think dryads would make nice poxwalkers/nurgle deamon dudes

Drycha Hamadreth could make a nice deamon prince

Kurnoth Hunters for blood letters

Branchwych im at a lose with. I want to use the whole treemen line up though.

>> No.57160998

>Im hopeful that Marbo is released for real
what do you mean?
I've seen his miniature literally yesterday in GW shop

>> No.57161002

Amended :

Current tier for 2K WAAC matched play, post CA.

>God tier
-Cadian against chaos

>Top tier
-Imperial guard
-Various chaos soup with primarchs/horrors/alpha legion zerkers/poxwalkers .
-Fast melee nids
-Eldars with Ynnari Dark reapers

>Strong tier
-Ork greentide
-Space marine vehicles gunline
-Tons of melta mechanized sisters
-Plasma angels

>Medium tier
-Various Marines flavors
-Crisisspam Tau

>Low tier
-Footy Adeptus Ministorum
-Chaos demon (codex soon)
-Normal Tau
-Harlequins (Now that flyerspam is over)
-Renegades and heretics

>Squatted when tier
-Non-green tide orks
-SoS, Custodes

>> No.57161007

... GUO, even more than bloodthirster

>> No.57161008

Perils of the warp/Gellar field failure

>> No.57161019

Yea but like what actually happened?

>> No.57161021

painting them up like they're on fire would make them look hot

>> No.57161032

>Not God-Emperor tier

>> No.57161051

>Where to start?
aqcuire a lot, A LOT of money, then go to FW and buy models

>> No.57161054


>> No.57161057

just got a box of acolytes minus the rock saw for $20 CAD. Did I do good?

also, aside from 100% rad demo charge acolyte, how should I build these guys? I'm not magnetizing so however I put them together is staying that way.

>> No.57161066


Looks-a good.

>> No.57161082


>> No.57161092

I meant that "when Marbo" is released without being limited in stock.

>> No.57161100

Pretty nice/10
My critique
>Have stormboys either be 30 or nothing
>Trucks are still rolling coffins
>Tank Bustas aren't really worth it
>You'll get more mileage out of the Gorkanaut, although the KFF is nice

>> No.57161110

Depends. Are you lucky? If so, Heavy Rock Drill. If not, basic close combat. But always get Mr. Radical.

>> No.57161113


They vape.

>> No.57161125

Oh so they deserve. Carry on then.

>> No.57161134


Call your eastern european/chinese friends.

>> No.57161138

>are you lucky?
judging by my last game as guard, where I rolled 6 shots with a wyvern(4d6), and a 3 with a baneblade cannon(3d6), not really no.

>> No.57161139

>Mfw I own 50 Mandrakes, and played as many as I could in 6th and 7th, have my own custom Decapitatior model
>Mfw they're one of the best Dark Eldar units now

>> No.57161143

Why? I already have Marbo.

>> No.57161154

>want to go into Games Workshop and buy some 40K stuff
>never been into GW before
>too scared to go in
All I want is to buy some fucking Space Marines

>> No.57161171

Use the online store

>> No.57161179


Why scared to go in?

>> No.57161182

Anon, you can't be worse than the people inside it.

>> No.57161183

Just go in and say hi. It's not that bad.

>> No.57161192

Are you gay? This is what humanity has fallen too? To scared to go into a store? You don't deserve this game you sniveling child.

>> No.57161195

marbo's release was limited, so only those of us who went into shops this week were able to get him.


>> No.57161201


Go in. They're pretty cool guys for the most part. Ignore the store rats and talk to the redshirt (blueshirts now?).

>> No.57161211

Walking into a GW store is equivalent to walking into the warp without protection.

>> No.57161212

The wolves are 1000x more important than all the xenos put together

>> No.57161215

Hes on general release later in the year.

>> No.57161218

>Yes General, their heads are so fresh, you can still see the mouldlines on them

>> No.57161223

gw employees are trained to deal with military grade autism so they are friendly easy to talk to guys for the most part, and if you are wanting to buy stuff in store they'll be your best friend

>> No.57161235


Depends on the store. My local GW is pretty cool, good manager.

>> No.57161257

Oof, that's rough. But yeah, take a bunch of basic guys and some with Democharges and use the CA Strat with a Primus to basically guarantee a 3" T1 charge. Your opponent will crap their pants. Especially if they don't/can't screen properly

>> No.57161370

Sanguilla is back for a second go!

>> No.57161389

I always roll like that...the first time!


>> No.57161401

Huh wonder how true that is.

>> No.57161422

>tfw steel legion

>> No.57161433

What about the Renegades and the Heretics? Big E ain't their Daddy so why did they join?

Unless they were all former Genestealer Cultists...

>> No.57161437


>> No.57161457

I may have better rolls with the battle cannons and the mortars, but you will ALWAYS beat me in style points. ALWAYS!

>> No.57161489


>> No.57161490

Good Managers gotta cultivate proper communities. Else their work is pointless. I always feel sad for the unfortunates who have to rely on the social skills of their own customers to maintain their shop's appeal.

>> No.57161503

I got my infantry secondhand.

>> No.57161515


Yeah, I'm fortunate to have like 4-5 GWs in town and fuck load of game stores so if any given store sucks you've got plenty of options.

>> No.57161560


>> No.57161565

Eyy, got one chunky boi finished.

>> No.57161613

>go in
>everyone ignores me
>look around, finally pick up a product
>managers suddenly flock to me and start shoving stuff in my face, when I say I'm good they try really hard to keep adding stuff
>ask them questions about something and they have no idea what im talking about and try and sell me something else

I don't know if I'm being a bitch but this really pisses me off. Like I only go to these stores for the help or community, like I could buy this shit anywhere else way cheaper.

>> No.57161633

That's a might fine pregnought.

>> No.57161641


In case anyone's curious where this clip came from, here's the video. Please turn the sound down.

>> No.57161643

>tfw my first experience at my GW store couldn't have been more different
>my store owner was friendly, but not pushy, actually paid me proper attention
>recommended ways for me to save money
>later talked me out of a purchase because he knew I didn't need it
Sorry your store sucks, I guess.

>> No.57161655

Cheers, here's something else that got finished today.

>> No.57161671

Oh it wasn't my store, it was a gw that was out of town. I don't have any nearby but I have a lgs (which is alright). I just wanted to see what a games workshop was like.

>> No.57161680

that is honestly one of my favorite pictures

>> No.57161694

> want an army
> too poor to buy it
Ugh. Sorry FW doesn't accept your Snap card you filthy bum

>> No.57161700

What will Fists hate more? The Iron Cage or the Brass Diaper?

>> No.57161714

This was sorta how mine went. The owner was in a game of SC vs Skaven at the time tho so he couldn't really help me but over all other than the one ork player it seemed like a nice place.

>> No.57161717

Probably the diaper, it chafes during cuddles.

>> No.57161742

Its in that perfect area of being believable in the universe and cute looking. I like this one a lot too.

>> No.57161773

Would it be useful to magnetized flyer bases? Or just stick em in normally?

>> No.57161782


>Me and Friend bring new pal into WHW to help him pick an army
>He likes imperial guard as they were back then
>There's a great value battlebox (Cadia battleforce maybe?)
>Red Shirt overhears " That IS great value, good choice!
>He picks up a box and puts them in the hands of my friend who pointed it out (SM player through and through)
>friend puts it down, we walk away and explain the high pressure sales techniques

>> No.57161789

So the only codex coming out in January is Daemons?

>> No.57161796

I can imagine it as gsc's way of getting followers

>> No.57161798

>no helmet
>no weapon
>no gear on its webbing

>> No.57161810


That we know of? They haven't announced anything else.

>> No.57161815

Whats the best way to run rubric marines?

>> No.57161827

People posted January WD leaks and it made no mention of another codex

>> No.57161830

You’d probably have to convert regular gas masks to have tubes. Do you want something like this? It could probably be made by cutting the filter off of a GP5 type gas mask and using greenstuff to make a hose and canister.

>> No.57161831


I tend to run mine on the shelf.

>> No.57161838

Her good looks themselves are all she needs to kill in the name of the emperor.

>> No.57161856

Off a cliff tbhfam

>> No.57161861

Make guardsmen 1 point but lasguns are 3 points.

>> No.57161871

>mutant openly boasts of its foul warp powers without reporting to its commisar for appraisal
truly we are blessed that these abhumans are confined to their rock

>> No.57161889

>autoguns surge in popularity for vets

>> No.57161902

Mutations are healthy and holy.
Unless you hate space marines.

>> No.57161903

Shotguns are free.

>> No.57161906

Please take a moment of your time to fill out this quick survey.

The Hive Mind compels you.

Thank you.


>> No.57161912

theres a bunch of miniatures coming out with it.

looks like we're back on the usual release schedule. 1 book and some minatures a month.

>> No.57161916


>space marines

Fuck anon do you even genetic warpcraft engineering?

>> No.57161918

>comparing the imperial sanctioned modifications to warp-tainted mutants
what an interesting point of view. Perhaps you should share that idea with your regimental commissar?

>> No.57161925

My dudes have to survive living in a jungle-infested space hulk for a month.

>> No.57161931

abhumans aren't mutants.

>> No.57161933

Sorry anon, but since there was no "ANON is a stupid faggot" option, I couldn't honestly answer

>> No.57161937

>space marines

>> No.57161942

Are shotguns any good? I’ve been wondering if I should equip my cultist champion with one or keep him with an autogun. All the other cultists have autoguns.

>> No.57161943

Rate the following types of players from best to worst/least cuck to most cuck:

- People who buy official, limited edition models that have unique rules (Marbo, IMS, etc)
- People who buy these models just to scalp them
- People who buy these models from the scalpers for even more than their normal cost
- People who buy recasts of these models
- People who build their own conversions of these models
- People who use the original OOP metal versions of these models to get the rules without bothering with the new model

>> No.57161950

If she's in the guard they are clearly sanctioned. Unless you think the guard made a mistake.

>> No.57161952

>warp-tainted mutants
I ask sir, why are Ratlings and Ogryns accepted into the ranks of the guard if they have mutated the same way as Felinids?

>> No.57161953

your proofs?

>> No.57161954

Hm, I just have issues. Still, I play Chaos so partial credit Anon.

>> No.57161961

They are, just stable strains accepted by the imperium.

>> No.57161966

Having different range guns can occasionally fuck you up. And most cases range is typically more important than improving a roll slightly.

But I don't have shotty rules infront of me.

>> No.57161972

Depends what kind of planet they're orbiting this week. Sometimes it's feral world coming of age ceremony things, sometimes it's recruiting the best fighters from hive gangs, or scooping up imperial guard veterans with potential.

And faith. Because they're sisters of battle who've been in the imperium nihilus for a century and operate closer to a marine chapter than a sisters order these days.

>> No.57161975

... because?

>> No.57161976

>missing vital kit
>aquila a simple decal, not raised from the breastplate and made of grey material
>hair far outside standards
all signs point to impersonation of the Emperors own boys

>> No.57161977

Thinking about using this color scheme for the Primaris from Dark Imperium, any suggestions for making a clean line down the middle of the model?

>> No.57161981

Damn, there are still a bunch of codices to go so some people are going to be waiting quite a while

>> No.57161985

90 plague bearers? that must have cost a fortune. how do you feel about great unclean ones?

>> No.57161990

they were ripping nangs iirc

>> No.57161995

Situational. Assault 2 is okay, S4 at half range is nice if you get in close a lot, but the 12" hurts.

Abhumans are sanctioned.

>> No.57161999

sweet life, sweet family, and playing chaos because I always hated ultrasmurfs and like psykers

>> No.57162004

You got the name wrong Mon'keigh.We're Dark Eldar

>> No.57162009

Bolt on stabilising arms to your forearm!

>> No.57162012

Maybe the standards for her unit are different from fodde- I mean guardsmen

>> No.57162025

You can get 90 pretty cheap on ebay.

>> No.57162036

>non-standard standards
someone call the munitorum

>> No.57162040


Cost me about 150 with my FLGS discount. I'm excited for the GUO and beasts as well - I'm hoping the big bell for the GUO increases run distance and pairs with the musician in the unit. be nice to advance 5+ D6+ 2+"

>> No.57162042

>- People who buy these models just to scalp them
maximum cuck

everyone else - no cuck

>> No.57162066

idk, how do iron hands recruit?

>> No.57162078

So I got the dark imperium box as a shared gift with my cousin. I picked the chaos army. Never played 40k before, but I've been aware of it and I know the lore and stuff.

So chaos is fine but I want to make something more different than just the stock Nurgle experience. I'd like to add some stuff like a warp talon squad, maybe mutilators. Get something faster in there and something melee oriented, make the army a bit more dynamic. Would that be ok? I feel like warp talons would look sweet in green livery.

>> No.57162082

Thanks man.

I’d be doing a combination of FW and recasters. I’ve already given GW thousands and play privately.

>> No.57162086

sorry if this is something that is beaten to death, but years ago, there was a really fucking massive fanfic called rise of the tau being posted chapter by chapter in a forum. real life stuff got in the way of me keeping up to date on it, but it always seemed fun to me and a neat way to tie the setting up with a bow.

this was years ago, when i was younger so i wanted to ask:
>is there somewhere where i can get it now in pdf or word form
>is it actually worth reading or is it shit

>> No.57162089

Most fucked are those that buy them from scalpers, have the recaster option but dont for "integrity", and then complain about scalpers.

It wasn't on your list though.

>> No.57162090


I can see solo GSC being ranked low but, when you combine them with AM or Nids it can be a much higher tier.

>> No.57162094

Any Drukhari here?

Do you ever take disintegrator cannons in an all-comers list or do you just take dark lances?

>> No.57162098

Do you know what a search engine is

>> No.57162105

a what

>> No.57162106

Any of you guys paint any Guard in the Ultramar Auxillia scheme?

I assume it'd have blue but I'm not sure what else is significant.

>> No.57162107

been out of 40k since 4e. Whats this Astra Militarum shit?

>> No.57162111


I never take disentigrators- dark lance only.

>> No.57162113


Post your Kheradruakh or it didn't happen

>> No.57162116

yeah this is totally fine. just pirate the CSM and DG codex, and run DG in a DG detachment and CSM in a CSM detachment so you can get the most out of everything. really DG alone can be really fast if you focus on bloat drones, demon princes, helbrutes and possessed.

>> No.57162120

that's literally what the classification means.
an abhumans are a human lineage that has evolved in the conventional sense and while different to baseline humans their changes are consistent, breed true and not due to the warp.

mutants are "one offs" each individuals changes distinct to them and any offspring they have will be mutated in a different unique way. Typically the warp is also involved.

>> No.57162123

They round all the prospective recruits up and make them fight to the death. Winner becomes a marine.
They did this before they fell to chaos and still do it now.

>> No.57162125

You can't copyright 'imperial guard'.

>> No.57162130


They look like Ultramarine Scouts. Blue hard armor, white/off-white fatigues.

>> No.57162137


Is it all that bad an idea to make a Thousand Sons army with a Supreme Command Detachment full of exalted sorcerers? I can only imagine the psychic dakka now.

>> No.57162145

on the upside if you haven't got a codex yet it means you've got.new minis and units on the way.

>> No.57162154

What psychic dakka? :^)

>> No.57162157


He knows not about the beta smite rules.

>> No.57162168

Would you say Ushanti Bone or Ulthuan Grey for the cloth?

>> No.57162170

I guess they are cheap enough compared to other stuff. I have yet to have success with them though so I haven't bought more than 20. What is the plaguebearer secret to success?

>> No.57162171

Holy canoli warwalkers sound cool.
>50 points, put your big guns on any corner of the table and shoot
>put a farseer with guide and fortune on them and it takes an army just to shoot down one of them
>each bright lance is a 36 inch smite

>> No.57162173

What I dislike about this newfangled primaris stuff is that it now no longer feels like a "fair" battle between space marines and chaos space marines anymore, when the space marines have this clear advantage. You know what I'm saying? The tension of brother vs brother took a hit. I feel like they need to add something of equivalent awesomeness as the "next level thing" to the other factions too, it feels like the others are being kinda let out in the cold here. It's not fair...

>> No.57162174

>He hasn't heard the of the Mandrakey Bo-Bakey lis
Please elaborate.

>> No.57162181


Use Genestealer Cults, with Acolytes and Neophytes representing different ratios of feline:human features, and for your patriarch and purebloods just use giant lion models like the Fantasy High Elf White Lion chariot or something 3rd party.

>> No.57162187

Gellar fields to stronk

>> No.57162199


I don't want to give you the wrong answer, so I don't know. I do know their off-white is warmer, so it would not be Ulthuan Grey, but Ushabti Bone is too bone-y. It's more like a very white Screaming Skull.

>> No.57162202


90 of them advancing (currently) at 5" + D6 +1" backed up by 3 nurgle demon princes (Death Guard) paired with 3 heralds, epidemius and 6 nurgle oblits has been a very solid game for me.

>> No.57162205

>Kurnoth Hunters for blood letters
They are on 50mm bases. Bloodletters are on 25s.

>> No.57162208

Is that Vinny?

>> No.57162209

nah its become fair fight.
chaos had deathnguard and other enhanced cult marines.
now the imperium has enhanced marines as well.

>> No.57162211

I wouldn't fuck it, but I've always felt 5 is a hell of a lot cuter than 2-4 in that image.

>> No.57162212

Wait... god fucking dammit.

What the hell is this? So I basically have to use smite once per turn or get fucked? At least there's a new damage spell to compensate.

>> No.57162216

don't count on smite spam working for much longer but yeah could be fun

>> No.57162220

They have a 5++ and a 5+++, they reset their entire unit on a moral roll of 1, there are a lot of ways to buff them to shit our mortal wounds, they have a natural miasma on them. 3+ to charge.

They are a giant solid block of fuck you.

>> No.57162231


Reasonably with the change you can cast about 3 a turn.

>> No.57162235

I think you dramatically underestimate how big kurnoth hunters are if you want to use them as bloodletters

>> No.57162238

On vets? Yes, very good. Give it to melta vets as kind of mini meltas when jumping out of a valk/chimera, wound t7 vehicles on 5s instead of 6s.

Cultists? Only if you’ve given them dark raiders.

>> No.57162248

Redemptor I ordered came in and since it was the stores 20th anniversary they threw in 5 intercessors from the starter set

They don't have the weapons options but I ain't complaining, was just wondering how standard intercessors are on the tabletop

>> No.57162256


I typically run a herald, demon prince, bloat drone, 2 plague tanks, a melee defiler, and a crap load of lascannon helbrutes and cultists. Usually works out pretty good. I have wanted to get into plague bearers but they seem difficult. How do you guys use them with DG when they don't have the DG legion keyword? Seems like the whole contagion discipline is off limits for them

>> No.57162258

>Want to get into 40k
>check the prices
Holy shit lmao

>> No.57162261

Throw them at the opponent's "haha this will totally fuck up your tank in melee" and watch them cry over invulns

>> No.57162265

>Branchwych im at a lose with. I want to use the whole treemen line up though.

There are a couple new types of Nurgle Herald that would be the appropriate size to be a converted Branchwych in the new Daemon codex coming out. Also, a character GUO who's worshipped on primitive worlds as a nature and fertility god, which would fit your trees theme perfectly.

If you're sticking to pure Nurgle the Kurnoth Hunters would I guess have to be Beasts? Or you could figure out a way to add wings and mod them into some kind of counts-as plague drones?

>> No.57162268


>> No.57162270

Yeah, I think its when he tried Marmite for the 1st time.

Thats not bad actually. The cult ambush rule can work well with them too. Seeing as their part cat they would be ambush predators.

>> No.57162271

best deals I see are whole army lots going on ebay but it will never be cheap anon

>> No.57162275


I played around with the idea of A farseer on jetbike casting doom with 3 disintegrator ravagers to get some consistent 2d attacks in my army but it would have been like 240pts extra to make it work, and if I'm opening the floodgates to craftworld Eldar I might aswell take dark reapers. If I'm taking dark reapers I might aswell bring yvraine along and them I'm not really playing Dark Eldar anymore.

Tl;DR no it's too expensive for little return

>> No.57162278


>throw in extra incomplete models that are useless only to make you waste more paint so you can buy more bottles quicker

absolute fucking jews

>> No.57162293

Just order minis from chinese companies. Or just do what I do and just play the vidya.

>> No.57162302

Gunk unit for dangerous stuff. They also hurt the shit they're stabbing too which is great. Threw them at 3 killa kans and this mega? Kan and they killed one and kept the two units tied down for 3 turns, eventually they fell back and died from my fire. I had 5 left when I started with 10.

>> No.57162320

>read my old white dwarves from 2007

What the fuck happened.

>> No.57162327


But anon, that was my point

>> No.57162331

you could probably get away with using the kurnoths as bloodcrushers.

branchwych would just be a herald.

you could use revnants as the other infantry deamons if you want some variety.

>> No.57162356


>> No.57162365


>> No.57162368


Mine are all for tieing up shooting units while my hitters like princes come in. I exclusively use contagion for my princes/oblits - I use the index psychic powers heavily as well because they target Nurgle Demons which DG princes and oblits count as. Overall it ends up as an effective horde with deeply screened buffing units with really effective hammers in the form of princes and oblits.

>> No.57162370

Triple prices feel a little more than inflation.

>> No.57162379

Eh, the Primaris are twice the cost, twice the resilience, and half the firepower. Taken in force they tend to be overwhelmed.

>> No.57162387


>> No.57162391

Wasn't that keen on using them, maybe I'll hand them off to the organizers of an upcoming tournament for a prize they can give away

>> No.57162401


>> No.57162405

looks cool, but you should have cut the necks off the heads at the helmet line

>> No.57162408

That’s because it’s a freaking fox. Foxes are cute! Just like dogs, cats, and most other mammals.

YouTube isn’t covered in puppy videos because they make good pizza toppings!

>> No.57162416

>le epic loyalist traitor Legion primaris marines

Go home

Except after chapter approved intercessors are 5 points more than a tactical for a flat improvement
>muh special Weapons
One plasma gun and one heavy bolter never made tacticals good at their job

More importantly, aggressors and inceptors are ridiculously points efficient post CA

>> No.57162419

Intercessors are a decent unit, in that they do their job fairly well. That job being souped up Tacticals.

>> No.57162420

wtf am i doing with my life

>> No.57162431

the index nurgle demon psyker powers are pretty good, but what I was saying is that CSM and DG codex spells specifically don't work on plaguebearers which hurts their usability in my book. I will use them a lot more when their codex comes out though

>> No.57162445

Strictly worst than raw AM or raw Nids

>> No.57162479

Listening to a lot of albums and smelling decent, from the look of things.

>> No.57162489

Nothing wrong with liking models and painting them anyway. If nothing else it's like a Leviathan.

>> No.57162491

Not painting your models you fucking heretic

>> No.57162505


I mean plague bearers don't need anything to be good. 3 units of 30 is by itself really good. They have an innate -1 to be hit, a 5++/5+++, are reasonably effective in combat and far faster than your opponent thinks because they will always advance.

Don't evaluate them in the lens of needing psychic powers to be decent.

>> No.57162512

post yer tits lassie

>> No.57162539

I don't know but it doesn't look like you're painting your models

>> No.57162551

I think purestrains actually give AM a decent melee alternative to ogryns

I like the redemptor and I think it’s a cool conversion but everyone and their diaper fur OC have posted their totally loyal IW/AL/EC

>> No.57162564

Once I pick up 10 more and can run a blob of 30 then I will see what they can do

>> No.57162581


only got back into the hobby recently. It's taken me a lot of time just to get this far having converted every model. I sold all my paint stuff and am scared to fork out a lot of cash for paint gear. Any good recs before I go and buy citadel shit?

Am male

>> No.57162591


Get a herald to go with them - makes them S5. Also if you can toss Virulent blessing on them for wounding most base troops on 2s and most vehicles on 4s with lots of mortal wounds.

>> No.57162598

On it, thanks.

Thinking of sticking to 1k pts for now, but I have conflicting numbers on how many points the box army is.

>> No.57162606

Yeah that's fair. I don't really care if they're loyal or not, I just enjoy painting IWs. Primaris just looks better scaled, for the infantry at least.

>> No.57162612

i don't like men. get someone else to post their tits then

>> No.57162647

Can a daemon prince keep the deathguard keyword but use chaos damon pyschic powers?

>> No.57162653

My experience is they’re lovely people

But if they ask you if you liked Master of Mankind, just say yes and leave it at that

>> No.57162668

ok now I am seeing the trick

it is about 689. you will stick to 1000 pts for a month or so before noticing that everyone is playing 1500 and 2000 but you need that time to get used to the game and get a feel for what is good. 1k pt armies are somewhat hard to mix detachments with so read the rules carefully and weigh your pros and cons


>> No.57162682

No, the Daemons that pull from that psychic discipline don't have legion keywords.
I'm also pretty sure a CSM Daemon Prince isn't allowed to use Death Guard as a legion keyword.

>> No.57162690


>> No.57162691

when you use a datasheet you have to use the whole thing.

>> No.57162692

Good, no poorshits in my exquisite hobby.

>> No.57162773

Lets put some numbers to this

2x5 intercessors with bolt rifles, a power sword for each sergeant and a grenade launcher for each squad: 190

1x10 tactical squad with plasma, heavy bolter, combi plasma and power fist: 180

2x5 tactical squad with plasma, heavy bolter, combi plasma and power fist: 230

Shooting at MEQs in rapid fire range

Intercessors: 3.33 wounds dealt, 57 points per wound

1x10 tactical squad: 4.04 wounds dealt, 44 points per wound

2x5 tactical squads: 5.91 wounds dealt, 38 points per wound

So compared to a single kitted out tactical squad an intercessor squad loses about 20% shooting efficiency in exchange for a 100% increase in durability against most anti infantry weapons. Plus the extra 11 melee attacks.

>> No.57162808

>best case scenario and going first
>still inefficient

>> No.57162933

All marine troop choices are points inefficient compared to elites or fast attack in shooting by a wide margin. Tacticals and intercessors roles are solely for being a cheap(er) obsec MEQ blob to sit on objectives

Seriously against same targets aggressors are 31 points per wound (16! If they stand still)

>best case scenario
You really don’t want to see tacticals efficiency out of rapid fire range and moving

>> No.57163006

I think I read that wrong.

Still hate elites being inefficient as fuck.

>> No.57163026


Citadel shit is much better than in the past. Citadel paints are fine. You will only save like 30% money by buying elsewhere for similar quality. i.e. Vallejo. Not worth the hassle imho. Tools and brush however are much better bought from amazon.

>> No.57163073

Some elites are pretty inefficient at killing(terminators), some are quite efficient (mortis dreads, aggressors)

>> No.57163175

Well, uh, enjoy it, my man

>> No.57163503


>> No.57163804

Yeah, Anvil Industries has the widest range of gas masks, but there is no tube.

You can also go to Forge World and look for the Cadian Hostile Environment upgrade kits for plastic cadians.

Or you can sculpt it like pic related with green stuff

>> No.57164392

Please have mercy for a retard, but what is the price of 1 GW share?

>> No.57164749

The price is in pence, so to USD is about 35.32$

>> No.57164878

Ahaa! them pence.


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