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Metal is life

>Resources (Crunch, Lore and Warhammer Fantasy Role-play)
WFB: https://pastebin.com/2EJLZq7a
WFRP: https://pastebin.com/NX6t6eYa
Novels: https://pastebin.com/bgy1rqd6

>We're looking for these novels for the archive:

>Alternative Warhammer Miniatures and Manufacturers

>Warhammer Wikis

>Warhammer Video Games

Old thread >>57132053

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>these doesn't feel like Fantasy at all.
To me they look like they could've been picked straight out of the pages of Liber Chaotica or Tamurkhan.

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>Warhammer elves aren't immortal
Did they change that at some point? I feel like that was the case back when I played over 10 years ago.

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I could swear I remember I believe the 6th edition rulebook talking about how elves do live for thousands of years on average. But then there are powerful elves like Tyrion and Teclis and Malekith who do seem effectively immortal.

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Apparently elves kind of love for thousands of years and die when they themselves decide to die.
They live at least one thousand yeas for sure

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Well Tyrion and Teclis are like, I think around 300.

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Is there a better scan of this map or one similar somewhere? Google only has smaller or general borders ones.

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I myself tend to not pick a dispel scroll in games under 2000points. That's just a personal preference though.

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Yeah, it's might as well be useless,but also very important. You don't want that chrap 3d6 fireball hitting your main unit in a game this small.

I don't know how quote from previous thread, but to that troll guy: common trolld can be taken in units of 1+, stone and river trolls 3+.

I'm planning to buy a oop unit of ruglud's armoured orcs and use them with that Swedish guy's project rules. They look fantastic, and crossbow fire really helps im chaff wars.

I'll edit my list if I have time during my break.

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*cheap 3d6 fireball

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>I don't know how quote from previous thread
Just copy the # of the post and make sure that >> is infront of it.

>ruglud's armoured orcs

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In case you were that guy, I compiled it to a pdf, maybe nobody bothered to upload it anywhere.

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I was. I went to download it to my phone and compare the older models for some painting ideas, and saw the book still cut out the model section.

The mega guy must not have it. Any chance mega guy is here today?

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Speaking of the Warhammer Armies Project.

Since most my exposure to WHFB was through Mordheim, I have a hodgepodge of stuff but little coherent to turn into a regular army. I'm considering trying out the unofficial rules for Dogs of War. Are there any notable things I should be aware of? Some stuff looks more exploitable than others (Scorpion Batteries, comboing "The Best Money Can Buy" on certain units, Domingo's Arbalest, etc) and I want to make sure the army isn't too fanwankish.

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Alright, here is an upload, maybe someone shows up later.

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Elves definitely get old and age with time. Hellebron is the most obvious example, but even Morathi needs the best cauldron to keep her looks up.

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I don't really understand how you can say that with a straight face when somehow Bretonnia is feudal, and in the past the Empire was feudal.

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I think he might be insinuating that the idea of our version of feudalism manifesting in the Old World without the Roman Empire equivalent to lay the foundation is nonsensical.

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I want to get into Chaos Dwarves, but the Forge World infantry is too expensive. How good are the Russian Alternative models?

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Where is my saturday morning cartoon where Skaven from each major clan are best "friends" and go on adventures that teach important moral lessons?

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Try Fraggle Rock?

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I’m new to fantasy, what can I play these dudes in that’s like kill team/skirmish type games.

Also what do I proxy foot knights as, as they have no rules.

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Mordheim. Look it up in the resources.

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Any good empire knight proxies? I checked out perry miniatures, but those seem a little small.

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What real life human cultures would have been better for the empire to take after than HRE? I just find the aesthetic extremely boring and bland, especially when compared to the other fantastical elements of the setting. The knights and some elite units are fine, but the fucking pajamas and floppy hats just ruin it

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>but the fucking pajamas and floppy hats just ruin it

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If you dont like death obsessed Landsknecht fashion and the hats im afraid you just have bad taste.

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That's why we had Bretonnia, Kislev, Tilea and Estalia. GW just failed to keep them around and relevant after the 6'th edition.

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>I think he might be insinuating that the idea of our version of feudalism manifesting in the Old World without the Roman Empire equivalent to lay the foundation is nonsensical.
I'm not saying that it's necessarily nonsensical, but that something akin to the societal changes brought on by the slow fall of the WRE would likely have had to happen for it to develop. This ofc means that it's quite implausible to assume that some of the Norscan states would be feudal.

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I think it's mostly a result of a lot of GW writers not being quite the historical scholars that some people on /tg/ make them out to be.

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I'm a little ignorant on this topic, so this is a question rather than an argument: But wasn't Russia Feudal during the middle ages as well? And I didn't think the Roman Empire reached them before the fall

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The East Roman Empire didn't fall until the late middle ages.

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Right, but did they extend all the way into Russia? Also, earlier the anon said that the Fall of the Empire is what gave way and was necessary to the rise of Feudalism, so if the Eastern Empire didn't fall until the Late Middle Ages, how could it have given way to Feudalism several hundred years before then?

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I know next to nothing about russian history but if I'm not mistaken they had alot of connection with western europe before the mongol conquest. For a similar reason Sweden also developed a semi-feudal society. As far as I'm aware Norsca haven't, probaly for reasons of style, been influenced by the Empire (or Bretonnia) in any meaningful way that would affect how they organise their societies.
Ofc, in the end it's all make believe so whatever floats your boat.

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There was a (sadly derailed and abandoned IMHO) thread a month or so ago about if the Empire was an exaggerated notOttoman Empire instead of NotGermany, due to being the other notable civilization with a love of giant cannons and outrageous hats. It would make a Sylvanian rebellion more plausible in context.

It also suggested making the Blood Dragons the Vampire Counts equivalent of the Assassins, kidnapping the best warriors and tasking them with eliminating trouble targets before being ascended as immortal. So notAlamut instead of Blood Keep.

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I'm not all that educated on the subject, but Russia did adopt the Orthodox church from the Byzantine. So they did have some kind of respect for their culture and prestige.

If I was Lindybeige and made wild guesses I would probably assume that they viewed the Byzantines as the model for prestige and status. So they would probably want to emulate things from their culture.

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Remember, Russians got the name of their emperors, Czar, from the Roman title Caesar.
And the Germans of course based the Kaiser off the Latin pronunciation of Caesar. Which was similar, but has a soft S sound, not the Z sound. Kai-ssar.

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The Eastern Roman Empire (ERE) had centuries of interaction with russia, they even married off one of their princesses to the ruler of Kievan Rus, which I believe was the only time roman royalty married a barbarian.

By the Fall of the Roman Empire I was refering to the fall of the Western Roman Empire (WRE). People are usually eurocentric enough to get that but as a EREboo I can't say that I'm not happy about you not making that assumption.
The situation in the WRE and ERE were quite different. While both had a hard time around the Fall of the WRE the ERE managed to ride out the storm and lasted for about 800 more years.

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I like RA, I got their femOrcs though. Both in both resin and metal.

They’re good.

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Believe it or not, HRE is what made Warhammer.

It was an aesthetic nobody had done in fantasy. Hell, fantasy in general hadn’t been done realistically, it was mostly Arthurian or mystically alien. Warhamner boomed because it drew in people sick of the generic as well as the historical fans.

Warhammer already has a medieval expy for most European groups other than British and Roman. Romans just never existed for some reason with Tilea based on Empire rather than the other way around, and Albion is in pre-bronze age. The other Germanic root countries are just generic Chaos vikings.

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Yes, that is accurate. Russian court customs remained Byzantine until Peter the Great, and the Russians claimed to be the "Third Rome" until the fall of the Tsar.

Just a nitpick, but I really don't like that particular spelling of Tsar. It's probably more accurate from a linguistic standpoint, but it's not very close to the phonetic spelling. I prefer the Tsar spelling, because the letter at the beginning of the word is actually pronounced "ts", with the t not being silent. It's the same letter you'd see at the end of a word like "molodyets."

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I agree, I just used the Old spelling to highlight the connection to the Roman title.

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I may want to build a Giant or two for a game. What is its scale compared to, say, an Ogre?

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To put it simply, Rissua was really slow getting going. They had a shitload of trade princes ruling everything, and were damn near Arabian in havibg trade hubs surrounded by dirt poor tribals.

The trade princes united when faced by the growing power of everyone else, and tried to decide who to copy. They told the Muslims and Eastern Orthodox they’d hold essentially an auction for the souls of Russia, and the EO bid higher so the Muslims got pissed and invaded. This forced Russians to unite militarily, going from unofficial city states into being a united but fractious monarchy. This also influenced the Muslims in regards to Iberia, essentially creating the kebab/cross animosity and the odd history of Spain.

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Meme history to go with your meme history.


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I really need to read up on Byzantine and Russian history.

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it still hasn't be done justice apart from warhammer.

It's kinda poetic that total war's oldest reviews are most notable in mentioning that it is a fresh spin on a genre that is beginning to get stale (RTS) and warhammer was the same for fantasy humans. It is only poetic that Warhammer fantasy will be entombed in a digital sarcophagus where the person at the center of the screen is the emperor of the !HRE

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To east europe the ERE was the cultural hegemon. Some of the more crafty of the states tried to play out the franks against the ERE to maximise their own gains.

The swedish word for emperor, 'kejsare', is also derivative of Caesar. 'Emperor' meanwhile comes from the title of 'Imperator' which roughly means Commander.
Fun fact: Rome didn't officially have an emperor before the late third century. Up untill then imperial power was actually made up out of a myriad of republican titles which the 'emperor' held. Thus, the ruler of the roman empire during this era were refered to as Princep, i.e 'The First (of equals)' which is where we get the title prince from.

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>> No.57159273

Was that because Julius Caesar's son played it smart and acted more humble than his father?

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I highly recommend the History of Byzantium-podcast. It's the bee's knees and a very apt successor to Mike Duncan's History of Rome.

>> No.57159332

This one is a little larger.

>> No.57159370

I'd recommend "Russia: People and Empire" by Geoffrey Hosking.

>> No.57159402

Yes, Augustus set up imperial power in a way that allowed him to rule as a monarch without getting tagged as a king by feigning a continuation and rekindling of the republic.
Incidentally, this is another reason to hate the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

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>> No.57159438

Thanks, Anon. I will bookmark it for future use.

I will have to remember that for future reading.

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To be fair, the Empire being the HRE only came into being in 3rd edition. 2nd Edition Empire was at the same high medieval level as Bretonnia usually is. The Tragedy of McDeath has East Albion at around the same level, which is unsurprising since it's a Shakespearian pastiche played on a table.

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I had no idea Parravon was so close to Athel Loren. I always figured Quenelles was closer.

>> No.57159545

Was this also around the same time when they invented the Fimir and Soats to stand out from DnD?

>> No.57159558

Latin c was a k tho but vulgar latin c is a more modern c

>> No.57159639

But vulgar Latin is for fucking plebeians.

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Welp. Fucked up me spoiler tags. I ha r the excuse of being a phone posting faggpt.

>> No.57159729

I know but we ain't no plebs

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Thanks senpai. How accurate is it now anyway, AoS not withstanding? Looks pretty old but it was the best map of Athel Loren I could find compared to Total war's minimalist one.

>> No.57160478

The Fimir and Zoats first appear in 3rd Ed, yes.

>> No.57160488

Thanks btw. I appreciate this.

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Caesar really got around.

>> No.57160604

That is pretty fucking interesting.

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That was posted in the 8th Edition rulebook.

>> No.57161864

Why were they never on tabletop?

>> No.57161992

Did anyone ever want them on the tabletop? This is something so old only the most dedicated dwarf fans really care about it. Like Bretonnians occasionally going 'you know, cannons weren't really that bad' because they want their Brets to be cool like all the other kids.

>> No.57162054

I recommend reading battle reports on the matter. There used to be a DoW forum that was fond of that project army list and.

>> No.57162087

One or more of only three reasons GW never did something.
1) “Balance”, they didn’t need them to force the playstyle they felt was correct.
2) Nobody wanted to write about them, or someone felt they don’t fit the theme.
3) Nobody wanted to sculpt them.

>> No.57162163

>Did anyone ever want them on the tabletop?


I'm guessing they couldn't think of anything for them that didn't amount to an ushtabi.

>> No.57162204

Saving them for Total War.

>> No.57162287

How do you use a Wyvern in a friendly cannonless environment? How the do you keep it alive in any kind of combat?

>> No.57162414

Flank charging, target mitigation, avoid high Strength foes.

>> No.57162566

Pretty sure they were there in 1st or 2nd Edition, and you could use those 54mm plastic dwarfs as proxies.

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hey anon that looks like a perfect army for Regiments of Renown for 8th ed, also in pastebin.

It's easier to get into than mordheim(you need less terrain haha) as much as I love mordheim and has semi persistant stats for your leader. Games go fairly fast too.
Pic related is a wood elf warband I played earlier in the month against.

mantic do a chaos dwarf line, make of that what you will anon

have you tried checking gamezone?

apart from that just scour ebay for old knights and repurpose them lad.

as anon mentions

charge weaker enemies/range units, have it join in existing combats against scarier melee blocks.

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Coming to TW WH when?

>> No.57163850

Perry Men at Arms?

>> No.57163968

You'd think it'd actually make for a great 'cavalry' mount for Dwarf lords.

>> No.57163995

I don't know why the lizardmen appeal to me but they just do

>> No.57164798

shamanistic future lizards from the past I guess anon, got any of their minis?

>> No.57164871

fuck no i ain't going down this money pit

>> No.57165105

I never thought I'd like Lizards either until I picked up a whole bunch of Lizard minis from a second hand sale for real cheap.
They're old, poorly painted, broke and missing arms galore.
But I've played a couple games with them and I'm really liking their play style and heroes.
And the Blade of Realities.

>> No.57165190

we need a virgin/chad meme with Lizardmen as the chad and some other race as the virgin

>> No.57165206

>> No.57165308

What are some Tilean-friendly starter careers for WFRP?

So far I've got:
Knight Errant
Strigany Mystic

>> No.57165590

Yeah. Oathstone too. Also a Thunderbarge, Bugman, and Gotrek.

So, question /tg/. I have an old IoB set. About how many more Clanrats do I need for a full army? T9A and 8e are both played in my community.

>> No.57165622

Is there anything in the Warhammer equivalent of the Pacific Ocean?

>> No.57165627

>Virgin skink vs. Chad Saurus

>> No.57165654

Tilea is a land of learning and culture, so you could do anything from artillerist to scribe.

>> No.57165657

Skaven/Saurus and Stormcast/Saurus already exist.

>> No.57165679

>mfw the Protagonist career

>> No.57165717


>> No.57165752

We know the Dark Elves have sailed across it to raid Cathay, but no pacific islands or anything, no. There are some strange beastmen in the Lost Isles and thereabouts, I believe, and I assume those could sail and spread, as well as Cathayan junks.

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>> No.57165771

>Offers up her own moonblood to Morrsleib

>> No.57165790

I really wish more of the Warhammer world got fleshed out. So much potential

>> No.57165806

What are you talking about? The Warhammer world's blown up in the past couple years, you can find big ole chunks of lore floating around.

>> No.57165983

i regularily see lizards on aus ebay anon, get that budgethammer going!

can't help you with 9th age but pretty sure with an island of blood kit you can do something like the following and get a legal skaven army.

Warlord 170
With; warp forged blade, warpstone armour

Lv.2 Warlock Engineer 128
With; warplock pistol, warp energy condencer

20 Clan rats 120
With; spear & sheilds, full command
- Poison wind mortar 65

20 Clan rats 90
With; shields, full command
- Warpfire thrower 70

2 rat ogres & a master moulder 107
With; great weapon

>> No.57166018

There are plenty of lizards on US Ebay, but they're pretty expensive, or for bow skinks. I got over 140 bow skinks in that initial haul.
I don't need any more bow skinks.

>> No.57166035

What army books have the most lore content in them?

>> No.57166097

I appreciate that, but I mean how many for an average game size. I think its 2500 for 8e and 4500 for 9A?

>> No.57166112

6e and 8e. 6e and 7e actually show you how to paint the models in color schemes, 8e is more like a gallery of their work.

>> No.57166125

Any thoughts to help satisfy my autism? Will dump a few interesting bits of Bretonnia-related lore in return.

I'm trying to decide how to paint up my small Bretonnian army, and I'm split enough between chosing L'Anguille and Gisoreux that I'd like to work them both in if possible. That's not too hard with knights - just have to split the heraldries roughly evenly - but what do I do with the Men-at-Arms and Bowmen? Should I mix them too, or should one be L'Anguille an the other be Gisoreux? If the dukedoms had much regional flavor beyond different colors, it might be easier, but as it is neither seems to go 'yeah that should be L'Anguille, that should be Gisoreux' or something.

>> No.57166135

>> No.57166146

>> No.57166157

>> No.57166163

oh that depends entirely upon your community anon, 2000 was the average around my parts for 8th but the variance is huge, I'm sure if you asked some guys for a game with your current army they'd be happy to oblige.

>> No.57166170

>> No.57166176

"True king".

>> No.57166212

Did the Baron *want* to become Daemon Prince? I wasn't aware that was a thing you could just "become."

>> No.57166239

>Heroic knight pissed at the deaths of his people at the hands of Chaos
>Kills the cunts
>"Wanna be a Daemon?"
>"Lol sure."

GW writing, everyone.

>> No.57166253

>GW writing

It's worse than that, anon.

It's chaos wank.

>> No.57166262

why must gw suck chaos's dick so hard every time?

>> No.57166265

Slaanesh corrupts people into wanting to fall to Chaos. Basically everyone is Tzeentch's pawn, and since he plots against himself then he's his own pawn.

Nurgle and Khorne just kind of tell you that you're theirs now. Nurgle makes everyone numb to everything but positive emotions, so you're automatically cool with it, and Khorne likes it if you hate him.

>> No.57166273

what would each chaos god's ironic hell punishment be?

>> No.57166286

Because its the only thing the writers in charge of canon really enjoy writing.

To be fair, even Priestly himself was for Chaos wank. He just wanted Chaos itself to be extremely rare, unlike in modern continuity where there's yearly Warrior invasions, Beastmen outnumber every race other than Skaven, and Daemons are lurking under everyone's beds.

When the game transitioned from warbands to armies to fuckhuge armies, the lore scaled by double that amount.

>> No.57166292

Skaven player here. 2.5k games require alot. But it also depends how your playing. You want to push a screaming bell? 90 rats in that unit alone or the thing won't move after the first volley. Skaven run in big numbers because they generally squish with a stiff breeze. Leadership is bad so you need the strength in numbers rule, and let's not forget you can fire into your own slaves, so sometimes you want a huge tarpit to keep that deathstar from moving while you lob shit into them. It's very common to run blocks at 30+. Everything else (war machines, special, rares) are typical, don't need alot. But you will need a fuck ton of clan rats (I don't have different models for slaves really, I just designate it before game). Prepare to hate your life painting them. After painting about 100, I never want to put a brush to another one every again.

>> No.57166309

>Nurgle makes everyone numb to everything but positive emotions

I thought they just become numb to everything.

>> No.57166318

Slaanesh is the only one with an ironic hell punishment. When two Daemonettes disobeyed him and took a Hellflayer on a pleasure ride instead of tending his garden with it, he turned them to stone and faced them forever away from his realm and facing the rest of the Warp so they can never move or look on his glory. Normally inactivity and boredom makes a Daemonette waste away like they are starving to death, but as stone statues they're eternally cursed to stare at the boring parts of the Warp forever.

Khorne just kills you, or takes away your higher faculties. Tzeentch makes everyone crippled and unable to comprehend anything anyway since paranoia and being the only true puppet master leading the ignorant that think they are top dogs is kind of his thing.

Nurgle doesn't seem to punish anyone. The only lore I've read where he does is after the Glottkin failed him in End Times he turned them into flies then trapped them in a jar on his shelf. They came back for AoS back in their original forms, so it was just a time-out.

>> No.57166336

The lore says so, but the lore also calls them happy, giddy, jolly, and so on.

Its another one of those contradictions written by bad writers who think they're clever and don't know the difference between telling and showing.

Not to beat a buried horse, but its like the timelessness of the Warp. Its stupid and makes no logical sense in any way in either plane.

>> No.57166338

that's not what i meant i meant what would the ironic hell punishments FOR the chaos gods be as in if they each got sent to an ironic hell

>> No.57166354

Yeesh. So it takes a lot of dosh to get IoB into a functional army then, given that each Skaven mini is going for $1 at the absolute cheapest right now since Spire Of Dawn is now OOP.

I'd have thought a big $80 kit was an obstacle to playing Skaven instead of needing to buy 100 Clanrats for $150.

>> No.57166382

For all four other than Nurgle, its about becoming a broken nobody. Slaanesh is all about pride in Fantasy, Khorne is a warlord thug, Tzeentch is about being a puppetmaster who puppets puppetmasters including himself.

Nurgle is just isolation I suppose.

Final punishment? The animated world of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Being numb, alone, and powerless in a distorted landscape that molds itself against you rather than for you.

>> No.57166419

>Final punishment? The animated world of Pink Floyd's The Wall. Being numb, alone, and powerless in a distorted landscape that molds itself against you rather than for you.
that makes too much sense for characters whom the narrative regularly bends over backwards for

>> No.57166430

I got an entire skaven army (4.5k easily, 200+ models with all units represented, including oop stuff) for $150 on ebay. Anytime I think I want somthing, I just watch ebay for a couple hours and there's always a steal that comes up. Just got a dark elf lord on a dragon for $10 free shipping. You'd be amazed the amount of gold is buried on that site for whfb.

>> No.57166493

>mantic do a chaos dwarf line, make of that what you will anon
Thanks for the suggestion, but aside from the fire golems, they don't seem to have much of a personality.

>> No.57167457

Daemonhood is a gift that the gods can bestow upon people. Whether or not they want it is entirely irrelevant. Same goes for mutations.

>Nurgle [...] just kind of tell you that you're theirs now. Nurgle makes everyone numb to everything but positive emotions, so you're automatically cool with it
Nurgle is an abusive spouse who hurts you untill you love him. If he sends a plague your way you can either try to ride it out, fall to it or ask Nurgle for deliverence from it in exchange for servitude. If the latter then Nurgle doesn't actually remove the plague but just makes you incapable of dying and percieving pain from it. He's a pleasant enough chap to also make you a bit more emotionally cool with the limbo that from now on is your mortal life.

>> No.57167932

yeah mantics certainly hit and miss, I do quite like their undead stuff, My suggestion would be to get gw/other head sprues/spare bits and just stick better heads on them. The heads of the mantic ones really let them down

>> No.57167974


I've been on holiday since the 26th lads, what have I missed?

I've seen all the new Nurgle stuff, not sure if I like the heads on the new Great Unclean One.

>> No.57167983


I have 40 of their resin Hobgoblins. They were very good, no real complaints, some of them are a bit finicky to build though.

>> No.57167989

Depending on how your DM is, you can fudge Estalian Diestro to be Tilean Duelist by changing a few words.

>> No.57167998


> Landsnechts.
> Boring and bland.

Just fucking stop you faggot.

>> No.57168136

When did Nurgle become so...


>> No.57168191

Seeing as the Glottkin were originally farmers it makes sense that they would have a farmer's accent.

>> No.57168253


If we had to pick an accent for each God who would be Geordie?

>> No.57168551

Best post in thread, that comparison you made is 100% spot on.

>> No.57168588


Thanks! So, having him also be the general, what's the best gear for him? Should he be as cheap as possible to make room for great shaman or have +2 attacks sword to make a combined 9 str6 hits + stomp?

>> No.57168594

>tzeentchian smug scots
>unaligned geordie chaos whales
>slaaneshi noise scousers
AoS art :^)

>> No.57168642


thoughts on this?

>> No.57168779


>> No.57168787


>> No.57168928

Looks nice.

>> No.57168935

Are they re-releasing WHFRP instead of an AOSRP? That makes sense.

>> No.57169042

They're doing both I thought

>> No.57169167

>Brets see 'here be dragons' on a map and take it literally. It's actually magic dinosaurs.

>> No.57169224


Brets saw 'here be faggots' printed on their homeland and took it literally as well.

>> No.57169318


Looks good but for what purpose?

>> No.57169417

Bratwurst pls

>> No.57169469


Don't hate us cause' you ain't us.

>> No.57169535


>> No.57169556


Show me on this doll where the cannon touched you.

>> No.57169583

They're doing WHFRP 4e, which is based on 2e.

And they're also doing an AoS board game, because GW's wants that.

>> No.57169686

I amm pretty sure i saw it and it mentions sauras being thundercomposed demons or whatever. Investigate at own risk.

>> No.57169906


>> No.57169985

Pleases don't post that reprehensible human being. He makes a career taking peoples legitimate concerns and lives and makes others laugh at them by saying they aren't real and don't matter. Look him up when he's not in that persona, he's both intelligent and wealthy. An actual bourgeois bohemian shitting on ordinary people and getting lots of money off it. I'd take Frankie Boyle's straight-faced lunatic communism over that any day.

>> No.57170080

>a single mortal knight kills two greater daemons, possibly alone
>chaos wank u guise!

>> No.57170171

In the fantasy world just saying the names of the chaos gods is very dangerous. You may inadvertently drawn their attention to you for the few seconds it takes for them to fuck with you.

>> No.57170514

Hey anon, since it's a friendly gaming environment the usual downside is lost(dying to turn one cannonwalls) , you can honestly do both strategies equally viably. make sure to always at least bring a level 2 mage though ofc.

If you do make your wyvern man ded killy, be prepared for him to eat spells being a single entity so it may be worth it to grab some magic resist depending on your opponent

>> No.57170557

I thought that was 40k.

Because fantasy has examples of pleasure cults that aren't slaanesh tainted, and battle-hungry berserkers (and werewolves) who also are good god-fearing men without Khorne's influence.

>> No.57170672

What games do people play with their Fantasy miniatures?

I want a good skirmish game that I can play with Kings of War.

>> No.57170794

I think GW decided in Liber Chaotica that all gods was an extension of the Chaos gods, but then they also do that dumb ass thing when they reintroduce gods of Order again.

>> No.57170795

>What games do people play with their Fantasy miniatures?

>> No.57170800

Why does Malekith want to destabilise the vortex in the Total War game?

I thought he wanted to retake Ulthuan as his ancestral homeland, flooding it with deamons sounds counter intuitive to that.

> INB4 fuck off game fag.

I couldn't give a shit about the games but this sounds too retarded for me to let it drop.

>> No.57170858

Taking any god's name in vain is dangerous in Fantasy.

>> No.57170859

So I play dark elves and have been wanting to use my dread lord on black dragon model for a while now but my main opponent plays empire. He generally runs a large block of 40 or so spearmen/halberdiers supported by great swords an arch lector, steam tank and knights, as well as cannons and a few hand gunners. The dread lord generally gets shot down early due to cannon fire and so I generally avoid taking him.
What advice do you have to make him viable? I usually bring a large amount of dark shards with shields due to their versatility and use them in units of 10-20 and try to use cold one knights but they too get shoot down by cannons or end up being killed by his knights due to their superior armor save. ( Any advice on how to use them more effectively would be appreciated as I love the models as they were the first ones I got and the reason I started collecting dark elves)
Any general advice would be appreciated as well on how to beat this tactic, the black dragon is not a must.

>> No.57170871

Pretty sure that was a canon plan of his at one point. Flood Ulthuan with daemons, fight High Elves while distracted, close the rift.

>> No.57170897


God... Malekith was a total retard. That's like using a revolver to open a walnut.

>> No.57170940

I dunno, if it was taking a few thousand years to crack a walnut...I know that capturing and wielding the Sword of Khaine was crucial to at least one of his plans. He is willing to fuck himself over to get what he wants.

>> No.57170979

There was also that time when Malekith had all other chariots in Naggaroth destroyed because he wanted to be the only one with a sweet ride.

>> No.57171005

>That's like using a revolver to open a walnut.
Sounds exactly what an elf would do before writing a tragedic play on the event.

>> No.57171006


Is Xplicit his tactical adviser?

>> No.57171047

Classic problem. There really isn't any easy answer for that. Although, if you are using smarter LOS rules, you can deploy safely, stay out of sight for a couple of turns until your shades and dark riders have destroyed the cannons. Alternatively you can try to find safety in close combat.

>> No.57171098

Thanks! I'm kinda uninpressed in the beast's statline, but I'll have to give it a try. Rest of the list is gonna consist of big bosses on chariots, trolls, giant, warmachines and one big anvil block of orcs.

>> No.57171105

There is Kings of War Vanguard that is coming out in a bit. You can also play Dragon Rampant which is a decent mid sized game.

>> No.57171178


Yeah Vanguard looks good but I was thinking more of SAGA sized games.

DR is alright but doesn't have the depth to stay interesting, desu DR is one step away from Age of Smeg.

>> No.57171217

What I generally do is try to run a shield with my dark riders, line them up in single file to block LOS to my main units to try to give them cover to advance. I do try to maneuver as much as possible to get into the right positions for charges, this worked well when my opponent was less experienced but he has been using this tactic long enough that he has perfected it. I find it difficult to get my units to pack enough punch to deal with his buffed up infantry block fast enough, and his hand gunners and artillery pack enough of a punch that getting into a fire fight is not worth it considering my dark shards are more expensive and the trade off is not worth it. Magic is unreliable and it seems the only thing that stops allows me to stay competitive is my heavy infantry (Executioners usually, sometimes I take black guard) holding firm but sometimes I can't save them from being to to pieces by his ranged component. My hydra is the other major equalizer but when he gets the chance he tries to focus fire it down with his cannon.
I also tend to hang back in the opening stages of the battle trying to protect my troops and get soften up his army with my dark shards. Should I just give that up and try to rush in?

>> No.57171324


Vanguard is like SBG, I was thinking AoS/40K size but without the retarded rules.

>> No.57171384

I'm kinda interested but know almost nothing about it. Should I try getting into it now or just wait for half a year until 4e comes out?

>> No.57171392

Well that single mortal was empowered by Khorne. it's not like he did it bywith the power of the Lady.
So yeah, it's chaoswank

>> No.57171396

‘Bow of the Prophet’ was the working title as I recall. Those were good threads.

>> No.57171407

I haven't played the dark elf side yet, but is his goal to truely stop it? Or was it to take it over? It's a fuck huge fount of power, and even the skaven didn't want it destroyed, they just wanted the power tainted and usable by them. Dark elves probably just wanted to prevent the high elves from beING able to use its vast well of power while at the same time, have it channeled into themselves.
Unless of course, he legit just says "let's break it for daemons". Then that's retarded.

>> No.57171415

*intersted in WFRP
fuck I can't type for shit

>> No.57171464

>Well that single mortal was empowered by Khorne

Where does it say that?

>> No.57171641

If you have a group interested in it or know of a group that plays, WFRP2e is widely considered the best edition and is the edition that 4e is going to be based on, so it can't hurt to get into it now.

But if you don't have a group, then waiting for 4e is more likely to help you find one since it'll be new and flashy.

Do note however that a lot of 2e players use house rules and a quick googling will bring up some of the big ones as well as the forums that people still talk about the game on.

>> No.57171685

Malekith is so egotistical he doesn't think that Widowmaker will affect him.

>> No.57171687

Those metal daemonettes truly were perfection.

>> No.57171766

These Khemri TV things are way too fucking funny to me.

6th Edition, KoW and ASoBaH

>> No.57172076


What the fuck is that last one?

I wouldn't really consider KoW a skirmish game either.

>> No.57172279

Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes, a toolkit fantasy skirmish game where you can play whatever and build your own dudes from a toolkit. It's pretty lightweight and fast, but fun for a few quick rounds every now and then.
I wasn't answering the Skirmish part specifically. If you want Skirmish and Fantasy, there's a shitton out there. Ask in /awg/ or take a look at their trove. Frostgrave, ASoBaH and Mordheim are the obvious contenders. There was also a warbands ruleset for 6th Edition but it wasn't stellar.

>> No.57172460

>Wrath waxing full in his heart
>Khorne's eye falls upon Braquiron at the moment of Callard's Victory
>The lord of Skulls is pleased
>Baron Callard pass out of the mortal realm, and begin his service as one of Khorne's chosen Daemon Princes

so in the end Chaos wins, thus it's Chaoswank

>> No.57172565

middle finger for Ulthuan?
disabling the vortex so he and the sorcerers can crank up the magic dial?
knowledge that the upcoming daemon tide will fuck up the other races much more than them?

it's a very retarded plan tho

>> No.57172603

>When the Slayer holds onto your ass like its a cask of Bugman's
>When he abandons you to a Rat Ogre so he can go kill Slaves

>> No.57172742

i just started reading the end times books and im going through thanquol atm and this is my favourite line thus far

"Between shrieking out orders, Skarsnik sent jets of green energy from the end of his prodder. Perhaps it was the gale force winds of magic, or merely the tide of greenskin energies, but for whatever reason, Skarsnik's cruelly bladed prodder sent forth prodigous blasts."

all they had to do was give some bs excuse but thats just lazy.

>> No.57172746

Any further advice?

>> No.57172766

Wait for 4e. 2e is awful.

>> No.57172806

Try fielding multiple flying lords/heroes.

>> No.57172860

Malekith personally doomed the entire world when he destroyed one of the stability pillars, he's just an angry manchild who didn't get his own way so is now fucking everyone over.

>> No.57172906

>he's just an angry manchild
You can start a description of nearly every high level hero in the Warhammer world with this.

>> No.57172929

He literally fucks his mother

>> No.57172993

I thought that was retconned, along with every interesting thing about Morathi?

>> No.57173078

Reminder that pic related is Morathi’s endgame with genders swapped.

>> No.57173523

"Between shrieking out orders, Skarsnik sent jets of green energy from the end of his prodder. Perhaps it was the gale force winds of magic, or merely the tide of greenskin energies, but for whatever reason, Skarsnik's cruelly bladed prodder sent forth prodigous blasts."


>> No.57173547

I love fluff like this

>> No.57173618

Thoughts on GCCM?

>> No.57173621

I've always admired how he started with incest from the get-go by nailing his half-sister first.

>> No.57173866


>> No.57174054

Do you fuck your mother with that mouth?

>> No.57174355

What is that thing? I love it.

>> No.57174407

Nah. Only the villains

>> No.57174410

Not mine.

>> No.57174429

Looks nice

>> No.57174448

Malekith is a chaos worshiper so everything is according to plan

>> No.57174517

Its supposed to be the tower of lysean. Thank god for modders

>> No.57175387

WTF? I thought the entire purpose of the great vortex was that it *stopped* this sort of thing being able to happen?

Is this from an 8e book, perchance?

>> No.57175458

It's not as if daemons can never enter the material world - with Kairos Fateweaver around, I think that's enough excuse for there to be a shitton of fuckery going on.

>> No.57175536

Not really...? The whole idea was that the vortex syphons off the excess magic coming from the busted polar gates. Without the area being saturated in magical energy (such as what sorcerers used to do to let them in), they can't sustain their forms and fizzle out. Even Greater Daemons like Kairos, in fact you'd think he'd need even *more* juice than the lesser ones.

Naturally this bit of lore got conveniently forgotten about in the lead-up to the End Times, so they could justify chaos winning every time.

>> No.57175573

Grunti duraz, literally meaning "stone dwarf"

A runically animated golem

>> No.57175586

The End Time did a bunch of retcons to make way for AoS.

>> No.57175671

It doesn't really stops everything everywhere forever.

How would chaos even be a threat if that was the case?

>> No.57175723

It varies from writer to writer senpai. In black library one minute a single squad of space marines wipes out 10,000 mutants and in another a guardsmen snipes a chaos dreadnought with a lasgun from a mile away through the eyesight.

>> No.57175789

Because whilst they're not able to shove daemons up everyone's noses, they're still able to impart blessings and whatnot to their mortal followers. That's why stuff like the WoC and Beastmen are so much bigger a threat to the Empire and that.

>> No.57175876

I'm guessing the reason that Tzeentch and Nurgle were able to do this was because magic was saturating the whole of Bretonnia. That sounds like a good enough reason, even if it's never directly said, and for some reason it lasts twelve months at the very least...

...Maybe they did forget about it, but I'm sure there was a reason it happened that specific year and not later or earlier. And there was totally a reason that the Bretonnia of today, where Mousilion is a cursed place no one goes, was fighting to defend Mousilion. Of course. I just want Bretonnia to have cool battles and shit

>> No.57175977

Morathi is, not Malekith

>> No.57176213

All dark elves were chaos worshippers when they were reinvented in the 4th edition, Malekith included. That's why he wanted to undo the vortex as well.

>> No.57176348

What's the highest point a beastman can actually reach? Is it just "bigger and stronger beastlord"?

>> No.57176417

Malekith regularly sacrifices to Slaanesh

>> No.57176550

By it's servants. Chaos corrupts.

>> No.57177541

>> No.57178030

Has bretonnia ever actually had a pivatol role in anything? I'm not sitting on them, I just mean that they seem relatovly safe and enclosed where empire and kislev are at chaos' door with invasions and vamps and greens. Has a tide of chaos ever been rebuked by bretonnia?

>> No.57178256

Well, generally speaking chaos would have to get through the Empire to get them. They've fought back orks, beastmen, and the occassional vampire host when the Red Duke gets uppity... I suppose you could argue the times they ride out in erranty and smash Araby might be important (somewhat).

>> No.57178353

Not really. Probably the biggest things they did for anyone was during their crusade against Araby - not only did they help defeat Jaffar and save Estalia and Tilea, but they cleared the Orcs out of the Border Princes area and earned the friendship of the Dwarves for it.

As for Chaos, aside from a few relatively minor invasions - and they were big enough, but not the Storm of Chaos or anything - they haven't really suffered much, no.

>> No.57178525

Pretty much. A warchief of warchiefs. Or maybe a chaos spawn, being a beastman who finally got the dark gods to pay attention to him.

>> No.57178752

Are those prices for one each?
Was thinking of waiting to get some for my Daemons army, but if that's the case AND they look to take up much larger footprints, maybe I should snap up some of the old cheaper ones quickly instead.

>> No.57179062

That was decanonized, so no one cares.

>> No.57179076

They played a pretty valuable role in the Great War Against Chaos and in the Storm of Chaos with Errantry Quests, I believe.

They also BTFO the durkas during Jaffar's reign.

>> No.57179387

>£25 for a Beast of Nurgle
Wew lad.
Every time I think to myself 'hey, those new models are pretty nice. Maybe I've been a little hard on GW', I check out the prices and then nope all the way out of there.

At this point I can get 2-4 metal figures for the price of a single static-pose plastic infantry figure from GW. It's not even funny.
I was thinking of kitbashing the Perry Mercenaries and the Warlord Landsknechts plastic kits to make a new Empire army when I realised that a box of each would cost me £38 and give me 70 models.
That's an entire damn army for the same price as a hydra or half that of a Stormcast on a derpy-looking dragon.

>> No.57179445

>crow scribe


>> No.57180458

I guess his swordwork got Ushabti to stand up to the competition

>> No.57181400

>> No.57181703

Wait, the wood elves have Naiad? Are they any official art pieces of them? I've never seen them.

>> No.57182266


That's a nice map, where is it from?

>> No.57182769

>tfw not enough inter-species dwarf loving

>tfw see a story of the two going from strangers, to best bros, to lovers as if it were the most natural thing in the world

>tfwThey will both die a brutal bloody death, but they'll do it together

>> No.57182869

No it wasn't. It's confirmed that delfs worship slaanesh

>> No.57183706

>Chaos can't win in its own army book else it's wank

>> No.57183729


>> No.57183733

>Naturally this bit of lore got conveniently forgotten about in the lead-up to the End Times

Nope, the vortex was failing. Chaos was growing more powerful in the world. This long pre-dates the End Times.

>> No.57183759

What's the source on that?

>> No.57183795

Only in Gav's nuhammer.

>> No.57184612

Looks pretty mediocre for that price. I might as well sculpt my own.

>> No.57185350

The pleasure cult is illegal. Most druchii do not worship Slaanesh. The Cult of Khaine is the dominant one.

>> No.57185437

Yeah and Khaine is just another name for Khorne.

>> No.57185527

Khaine is a different aspect of Khorne that doesn't identify as Khorne because the Chaos gods are insane like that.

>> No.57185786

This has never been anything but a theory, and Khaine endorses things that Khorne will literally teleport greater daemons on top of you for doing.

>> No.57185859

Pure coincidence, goyim.

>> No.57186538

Malekith regularly summons demons and sacrifices to Slaanesh. He managed to summon N'kari when attacking Ulthuan and when it jobbed to Tyrion he sacrificed thousand of high elves to Slaanesh to appease him after breaking his favourite boytoy
Dark elves regularly fight alongside demons and chaos worshipers. Even if most Delfs don't particularly care, the fact that they don't avoid dealing with chaos like anyone else is a clear indicator that they are, if not worshpers, at least simpatizers

>> No.57187311

Alright guys, last night my players had a Bad End, ending the session as Skaven slaves under Middenheim. They decided that they may as well roll up new characters, regardless of . The first guy to roll his character got Estalian Diestro, and the other two decided that they should all be brothers from Estalia in the Empire, on a mission to make more accurate maps of the Empire and generally be cool guys.

My question is, what sort of adventures would you recommend for a party of Estalians in the Empire?

>> No.57187370

The coastal lines and rivers seems like it would be relevant to the Estalians cartographers.

>> No.57187401

Yes, please, let's cite more outdated, retconned art. Why not the dwarf dressed up like Merlin next?

>> No.57187409

Malekith isn't a Chaos worshiper, he's a daemonologist. There actually is a difference. Morathi worships, Malekith USES.

>> No.57187411

Caught double-teaming a nobleman's wife.

>> No.57187443

>This has never been anything but a theory

backpedal some more newfag

>> No.57187576

>Implying you can make the chaos gods do what you want without consequences
>Implying Slaanesh would've allowed him to summon N'kari without some kind of bargain
>Implying sacrificing thousands to appease an angry god isn't an act of worship
Malekith may believe he is the one pulling the strings, but everyone with the ability to think for a second knows that Slaanesh ain't no elf's bitch

>> No.57187626

It's just business, not a loving relationship.

>> No.57187635

Bank Robber
Con tricks
Art theft
Epic quest for revenge

>> No.57187682

The cult of Myrmidia would probably be sympathetic to them, and be able to point them to a few particular adventures. Escorting a priest of the cult to a sacred site, that sort of thing. Knowing Estalians, they'd probably enjoy things like art more than the average Imperial and could probably get involved in something culturally related, and all the backstabbery and thuggery that might become involved.

>> No.57187683

You could probably take cues from pretty much any swashbuckling story.
Zorro, Alatriste, anything by Dumas. And then, since this is warhammer, add vampires and cultists to flavour.

Although, if you want a swashbuckling theme I would advise using humans as the primary villains.

>> No.57187762

Do you really think slaanesh (or any other chaos god) gives a shit about what you think your relationship with him is?

>> No.57188048

>Skaven slaves under Middenheim
Christ. Hope they had a fate point or two.

That being said, do what >>57187683 this anon says. Human antagonists are much easier to make compelling than things like Skaven and Orcs.

>> No.57188332

Myrmidia has been reborn somewhere in the Empire! It is your job to go sedu-err-save her.

>> No.57188368

kek, why is this so funny?

>> No.57188476

>Buy two boxes of ironbreakers
>They come with round bases

>> No.57188489

>Does not like floppy hats

>> No.57188570


I don't need any more sandnigger wankery on /tg/ and 4chan. Their armours were hideous.
>not even using plate

>> No.57188626

What is the difference between the Lady and Myrmidia, anyway? Especially to the average Bretonnian peasant.

One focuses on honor, the other chivalry. Both have a martial focus and are well known for knights (Knights of the Realm, Blazing Sun). They're both female deities. And best of all for a peasant, Myrmidia is someone that can be freely prayed to and focuses on tactics rather than suicidal bravery.

>> No.57189028

One is a watery tart who the knights pray to, she's all about "muh honour" and engaging cheat mode and pretending Elves are our friends.

One is a lady who lifts you up and judges you on your merits and uses tactics and bows to subdue stronger foes.

>> No.57189372

Yup. It died before its time. I enjoyed the idea of sandcrawler Dwarfs myself.

Who needs plate when you have cannons of all shapes and sizes? From two-man Abus Guns to the Dardanelles Gun, things will blow up.

The main point of interest IMO would be the contrast between the army organization. Instead of militia vs state troops vs knightly orders, it would be provincial levies, the Imperial Corps (notJanissaries), and assorted regional auxiliaries.

>> No.57189393

In modern lore. In old shit you literally had durkas worshiping Allah.

>> No.57189399

I'm not saying there's no consequences, only that Malekith believes he's in control.

>> No.57189452

Do you have more of these pictures?

>> No.57189457

Everyone else's army books are full of their failures. Why not Daemons's?

>> No.57189482

You're just racist against Gnomes.

>> No.57189484

>Who needs plate when you have cannons of all shapes and sizes? From two-man Abus Guns to the Dardanelles Gun, things will blow up.

You already have that with the empire. One cannon was literally manned by a giant.

>The main point of interest IMO would be the contrast between the army organization. Instead of militia vs state troops vs knightly orders, it would be provincial levies, the Imperial Corps (notJanissaries), and assorted regional auxiliaries.

How in the world is that interesting to anyone not being a Turkophile /his/ diaspora?

>> No.57189560

The problem with the old lore VS new lore argument is that old lore is contradictory and wholly dependent on the writer, while new lore is just the prologue to Age Of Sigmar AKA "just fuck my shit sideways and tie it to a rocket".

So lets not get into that.

Point is, Dark Elves are only not Chaos worshipers in 7e and 8e, although in 7e its by omission rather than actual retcon.

So unless you're sticking to 8e, which need I remind you was just the lead-in to ET then AoS, Dark Elves are at least partially Chaos worshipers.

>> No.57189574


>> No.57189639

The average Bretonnian peasant is forbidden from worshipping the Lady, she's only for Bretonnian nobility. Peasants worship all the gods Imperials worship. Some might even worship Sigmar.

>> No.57190071

Allah was mentioned in the 1st and 2nd editions in the 80's, chaos worshipping dark elves are a concept as modern as Malekith and the vortex.

>> No.57190448

They literally fought with chaos during storm of chaos.

>> No.57190559

Which cannon in question? Alas that the Hellhammer never got generic rules.

>> No.57190561

To the contrary, Bretonnian peasants are expected to honor the Lady regardless of whether she notices their existence or not.

Most of them just worship Shallya though.

>> No.57191050

I just concluded that nothing after Storm of Chaos is worth paying attention to.

>> No.57191280

Those are tileans. Estalian are proud frontstabber thugs.

>> No.57191516

I like where TWW has gone, pulling from every bit of continuity and leaving the trash.

It reminds me of IDW Transformers comics. Throw fucking everything into one continuity, and make it work by having a large universe without a single persistent "main character" group everything revolves around.

>> No.57191602

On the same side

>> No.57191619

Because the hellhammer is literally the size of a ship of the line. It's in Man O War.

>> No.57191703

I got them from the Zweihander site. You can probably trawl through the first pages of their blog to get the whole set.

>> No.57192935

What the fuck lore is there about Estalia? The wiki has like four paragraphs.

>> No.57193062

>dark elves are evil chaos worshipers

you fucks are brain damaged

>> No.57193107

They are evil, and iirc Morathi used to be in charge of a secretive Slaanesh cult in 6e or something.

>> No.57193233

>the people who summon chaos demons and fight alongside them are not chaos worshipers
there is no greater retard than a Dark Elves fanboy

>> No.57193242

They literally summoned the greatest keeper of secrets to battle. There is nothing secretive in it

>> No.57193261

Not him, but I can see someone summoning daemons out of utility rather than worship. Otherworldly soldiers and monsters can be very useful for murdering people. However, I'm new to the lore in general and I could be wrong.

>> No.57193301

There is no such thing in warhammer as summoning demons without repercussions
To have the power to summon them you need to study demonic lore, strike bargains with them and most of all make it worth their time because if you by chance you try and summon a demon it will either kill you or not show up at all.
It's clear that Malekith thinks he is in control and summons them at his will but the mere fact that he made sacrifices to appease slaanesh after pissing him off rather than simply tell him to suck it up is a clear indicator on who's actually the boss

>> No.57193311

I think it goes against the character of the dark elves to reduce them to worshiping chaos gods. It seems more likely to me they would certainly use the power they have to their advantage, but the idea of pledging themselves to powers that also have human devotees is unlikely. The cult of pleasure is different in that they are in it just for the sex n stuff.

>> No.57193340

It's actually the opposite. It's perfectly coherent with the dark elves' saturday morning cartoon villain attitude to think that they are superior to something and are just using it without realising it's them who are on the bad end if the bargain

>> No.57193367

Oh yeah I agree with that, I just wouldn't consider them "worshiping" the gods in a traditional sense, as a few people here are saying. Using chaos power and deluding themselves into thinking they are in control is one thing, outright reverence is another.

>> No.57193445 [SPOILER] 

fun fact...

if anything AOS triggers you do not look
in the game that shall not be named,
Morathi takes Slaanesh's place in the pantheon after Malekith and Teclis kick his ass

>> No.57193485

Alright hold on a fucking second
Is this why they don't have any Slaanesh stuff in Age of Sigmar? Because the only agent of Slaanesh is on the side of the good guys?

>> No.57193490

>had to change the slaanesh symbol into a spider
fucking cuckworkshop their idiocy knows no bounds
I wish their stupid company would just fucking crash already

>> No.57193522

Am I reading this wrong or does it say morthai united under sigmar? This is straight garbage.

>> No.57193604

This hasn't been stated anywhere. Slannesh is still missing and the only mention of Morathi was that exact text.

Slaanesh has been kidnapped by Tyrion and Malekith after getting too fat on aelf souls during the End Times.

Slaanesh' symbol is still the same in the part that lists it as one of the members of the Ruinous Powers.

During the Age of Myth most gods were part of The Pantheon, including Grungnir, Grimnir(before he died like a chump), Alarielle, Malerion, Tyrion, Teclis, Nagash, Gorkamorka and many others demigods, gods and godbeasts. Morathi was under Sigmar according to that text but we don't know what was up with her besides that. We don't even know if she was a god or not.

>> No.57193608

>AoS is garbage

>> No.57193659

its a "mystery"

feel free to speculate your own conclusion

>> No.57193687

You do realize that most of what Malekith does makes literally no sense and is stupid, right?

Chaos is the only logical answer.

>> No.57193725

Slaanesh's Daemons are still part of Chaos, but are unaligned. Like Furies.

That symbol isn't Morathi, that was just a theory until the reveal it was Horned Rat. That's supposed to be his horns.

Slaanesh didn't get fat on "Aelf" souls you fucking piece of garbage, he got fat on Elf souls. "Aelves" are post-AoS knife-ears.

>> No.57193776


>> No.57193800

Not really.

More like they gave him the ironic fate of inflation+vore+torture+unbirth being against him as three Elves make him throw up all the souls he ate.

>> No.57193846

It's not that they are forbidden, but they don't have the Grail chapels, the damsels, the chivalry so they can pray before battle. It's like all the nobility is a lay member of the cult in a way, but the commoners still worship even if they can only do so much. And the nobles still respect the rest of the pantheon to - la'Masiontaal Abbey, man.

>> No.57193877

>its the horned rat

blocks your path

>> No.57194343

That's cute.

But for one, Mally's horns point up and thanks to the fact that those symbols are rotated on the base to point downwards, its actually pointing down. So unless GW was clever enough to make Malekith look like The Hanged Man from classic Tarot cards for symbolism of some kind, then its a no.

Also, they confirmed its Horned Rat at point blank. There's nothing vague about it, the fourth Chaos God is now Horned Rat. Full stop.

>> No.57194412

It's the symbol of the great horned rat.

>> No.57194423

What's that there in the bottom right corner?

>> No.57194570

>That makes me want to SCREAM

>> No.57194586

I don't know what part of "the cult of pleasure is forbidden" is so difficult for you to understand. 6th era lore, the gold standard around here, is not ambiguous on this point. Neither is material like the Malus Darkblade stories. You wanna worship Chaos as a dark elf, you better be too powerful to touch or know how to sneak around.

>> No.57194764

That literally describes the entirety of being a Dark Elf.

That's why it doesn't matter how "forbidden" it is. Dark Elves already die in huge droves for offending Malekith or because it was his whim, and they already have the worst possible fates as punishment simply for the natural backstabbery required to be powerful AKA not on the chopping block for random sacrificing/enslavement.

Not to mention that there's a large army that's entirely centered around the Dark Elves, giving it the same feel of importance as the Slayer Cult army had.

>> No.57194916

>the gold standard around here
Only for autists like you

>> No.57195572

Wouldn't it be easy to worship Chaos under the guise of their other, already dark gods? Could make a good compromise.

>> No.57195591

That is what I meant.

>> No.57195727

Ironically, the best priests of the lady are almost all peasants.

>> No.57195753

You'd have to be a fucking retard to talk about 7e lore - universally reviled - let alone 8e, which only existed to serve the transition into Age of Sigmar, which is literally not Warhammer in any meaningful sense of the word.

>> No.57195765

>which only existed to serve the transition into Age of Sigmar
I find it hard to believe there are people this autistically deluded out there.

>> No.57195787

Potentially, but this is something the Cult of Khaine exists to root out. Elves aren't so stupid as to be fooled by mystery cults, either.

This guy has it right, more or less. Describing druchii as "Chaos worshipers" is wrong. Some of them DO worship Chaos. Some of them "use" (and are in turn used by) the Chaos gods and their daemons. Officially, doing either of these things gets you disemboweled while a witch elf has an orgasm due to your death rattle. Certainly, though, the pleasure cult has always enjoyed a great deal of power among the druchii, owing mostly to Morathi being untouchable.

Worth noting Storm of Chaos ended on Hellebron and Morathi about to lead a civil war against one another's factions while Malekith was busy limping home, butthurt, from his latest humiliating defeat at the Chad Tyrion and the Virgin Teclis.

>> No.57195924

So what are you fags doing tonight?

I am gonna go drink myself to death and build dwarfs while listening to Marty Robbins

>> No.57195967

>Mally's horns point up and thanks to the fact that those symbols are rotated on the base to point downwards, its actually pointing down

you are literally retarded. the symbols are oriented with "up" towards the center of the circle. Pic is the horned rat symbol, looks nothing like it.

>What's that there in the bottom right corner?
retconned and therefore incorrect

>You'd have to be a fucking retard to talk about 7e lore - universally reviled - let alone 8e
everything but the most recent is retconned and therefore incorrect

>> No.57196501

Too bad GW confirmed that the symbol is Horned Rat, and that Malekith is on the side of non-Alarielle Elves which is sort of an absentee on the side of good.

I mean, seriously. You're trying to tie WFB lore into AoS lore. The two are incompatible.

AoS lore is the tail end of the WFB retcons and cannot be divorced from it. WFB lore is the old universe. Its like Disney Star Wars VS pre-Disney EU canon. You can't talk about Rey when discussing Kyle Katarn, you can't cite the Knights Of Ren when talking about the Fel Empire.

WFB ends with Chaos Elves getting their shit pushed in by the Slann over the fate of not!England. Skaven also get their teeth kicked in, but they kill Sigmar's reincarnation Valten in revenge.

>> No.57196544

I get Hellebron and Morathi have a hatred for each other, but how do they get civil war level opposed?

Pretty sure elves can be tricked by mystery cults, or at least keep cults of chaos hidden better than humans might.

>> No.57196866

I told you guys they were about to nix Slaanesh because it's 201X

>> No.57197038


>> No.57197290

>but they kill Sigmar's reincarnation Valten in revenge.

Why do brainlets keep saying this when the fluff practically spells out that Esmer and Todbringer did it?

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