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Rotigus, a new named Great Unclean One edition

>Warhammer Community

>Daily Painting Video

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (all of them):


>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations
>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer Updated for Tyranids? Math-Anon requests vetting

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How do you best use lion and the wolf? What detachment of SW should you take to abuse it?

I think the +1 LD on ezekiel would be good for mind wipe

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Leave the Primaris marines to me...

Dubs names him.

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smelly boi

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My dudes > your dudes

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Can someone convert this to pdf?
It's Horus Heresy(30k) Rulebook

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Smellyfat the Mighty

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Playing 2v2 1k point league with the admech list on the right (I know he needs to shave 2pts still). Which list 1-3, should I use to best compliment him?

And yes the tau list is shamelessly stolen from an anon here before. It looks fun.

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This sucks

This >>57110786 was a better name

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it is so

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Per CA, are wolf guard pack leaders in power armor illegal now? There still isnt a power armor option and unit sizes reduced by one :/
>also 30pt blizzard shields :'(

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how do i get the motivation to get back into a painting groove? i'm working through two dark imperiums of marines, and every time i finish a squad i am so sick of painting that i have to stop.

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Find a podcast or album you love listening to, and only ever play it when you're painting.

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>sharpie in pooper
Works everytime

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I browse conversion galleries and listen to music or podcasts, or watch battle reports.

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Chaos Space Marines, Death Guard or Ultramarines?
I need help friends

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Get something to shake it up. I recently got a pack of the easy build plague marines just to have something different to paint. It helps to change gears every now and then, and you can work on techniques you dont normally use

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Work on developing a method that is less soul crushing.

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>benis boy

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CSM, friend.

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>to hood or not to hood your GUO?

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>pic related

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When will GW be done with nurgle stuff. It feels like we’ve been teased and talked about this shit way too much.

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PLease tell me why my familado

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Death Guard for cohesive up to date model range, dem Nurgling bois, and not being loyalists.

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who is this man that gives homosexual vibes
any idea when other Chaos stuff will get up to date?

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outrider detachment with runepriest and doggos

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>Rotigus is worshipped in the far corners of the Mortal Realms and the 41st Millennium as a generous, life-giving deity of prosperity and fecundity. While Rotigus certainly is generous (as all servants of Nurgle are!), the gifts he gives are foul in nature, and any who pray for his patronage soon see the error of their ways…

So AoS and 40K are connected....

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I'm probably being retarded here. Can a tank commander still order itself to reroll ones?

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As a NL player, no. Don't do it. You will only be disappointed.

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Any spoilers from the daemons codex?

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the retcons keep getting only better and better with eacch new model.

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>both have the same chaos gods
>the same daemons
>the same daemon special characters
>"So they connected?"

What gave it away?

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Are doggos the wolf-men hybrid things?

>> No.57110981

I feel like I should be concerned

>> No.57110983

CSM of course

>Double 6
I guess you are an Emperor's Children player now.

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There will be new Nurgle

That's all we know.

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Why does the new Sly Marbo figure have no point amount anywhere in his box?

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>bat bois
>spooky bois
>only sometimes chaos if you want to bois
>lightning armor bois
>edgiest primarch bois
>make whole armies fail morale bois
>fast bois
>Talos and the First Claw bois
>atremenatar bois
>cool 30k models bois

What’s not to love

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>Chaos fanboy
>Doesn't recognize THE RAD
summer, in December.

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no, I mean actually doggos like fenrisian wolves or cyber wolves for low point cost and melee speedbump

>> No.57111017

Please don't bring your circumcision debates here.

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but they don't even have models
just bunch of lazy parts by gw

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Is that Magnum the condom?
thin your paints anon

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>I guess you are an Emperor's Children player now.
i do not know that much of a lore, which chaos faction would that be

>> No.57111047

>pointsfags BTFO

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Use normal chaos models, just paint the lightning scheme. Sprinkle in a few ceremonial (bat) helmets and there ya go. They shouldn’t ALL be bats.

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Fantasy Battle and 40k have always shared characters. Same Chaos Gods, same daemons (Belakor etc.) its not anything new with Age of Sigmar.

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>telling a meme image to thin their paints
how could you bite that bad tier bait anon
>not using points even though most players and tournaments do

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How can I build an IG army around a big centerpiece model like a Shadowsword. God I love that fuck huge tank design.

>> No.57111076

Chaos space marines.
3rd of the original legions
Used to be fabulous perfectionists, now they're wicked hedonists with a boner for sonic weaponry and going fast

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>playing in tournaments

>> No.57111100

never play below 2000 points and you will be fine ya nazi scum
not participating in a local tournament because the money gained from it goes to the local hospital for cancer ridden children

>> No.57111110

Other Chaos stuff could be late 2018 at the earliest, and that might just be a Slaanesh cult release if the continue their pattern, or a World Eaters update because fuck Slaanesh.

>> No.57111114

so Slaanesh basically?
they don't have models as well, just lazy parts
god damn GW

>> No.57111119

So, you're completely retarded....

>> No.57111126

Damn anon, not even gonna be shitty. If my local scene wasnt run by a bunch of assholes who charge 40$ entry fee at tourneys only to keep 3/4 and use 1/4 for the prize pool, i would. Your local scene sounds genuinely nice.

>> No.57111133

Don't lie as if tourneyfags could be that based.

No, only a planetstrike campaign would suffice.

>> No.57111138

Sir Duncan.

Slayer of medics, defender of the dirty.

>> No.57111146

>Even considering not chcoosing the Emperor's finest

>> No.57111148

I don't know 20 years of old GW designer saying that w40k and WFB are separate worlds.

>> No.57111156

my local LGS is just really chill its ran by a catholic whos ok with anyone, ANYONE, and we have a range of people from a few high functioning autists to trannies to vets its a really nice place where no one hates anyone except Ben fuck you ben

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So you can agree to his points cost with your opponent before the game, the way unique characters were always intended to be used.

>> No.57111160

Nope. The opposite. In a recent seminar one of the original OGs said that they were connected.

>> No.57111161

CSM devoted to Slaanesh

Their story is probably the best one.
They used to be very few, but they made up with a stride to perfection and honor. They excelled in every field.

But when corruption hit them, they fall further than any other.

They are now the most sadistic assholes in the galaxy.

The story of Fulgrim and Ferrus is so tragic, it's awesome.

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Those chain skulls look like shit.

Luckily im going to use the spare GUO heads on them instead..

>> No.57111168

Secr Fudger the Stingy

>> No.57111169

Why the fuck are they pushing Nurgle so hard?

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>> No.57111191

Yea my LGS is chill too, its just the tourney scene thats fucked. We have a large ITC team around and they just fuck everything up

>> No.57111193

>Avatar of Khaine is one of Biel-Tans best units
>Biel-Tan's avatar got destroyed

>> No.57111197

i'm sorry anon but they are too goody-two-shoes, maybe you could convince me to get ultramarines if you have some good arguments

>> No.57111202

They have the absolute best 30k models, though, so start with those and you'll be the prettiest traitor around.

>> No.57111205

I'd argue they have more to them than that, but yeah they are the posterboy slaanesh legion.

>> No.57111206

you know what anon i will thank you
even our ITC team brought absolute shit lists to have fun i love it where i am

>> No.57111208

ok cool, never played SW

i'll check out those units

>> No.57111217

Their rules are shit and trying to play fluffy doesn't work at all, especially because CSM suck if you're not spamming AL zerkers, slanneshi termies, or Oblits.

>>make whole armies fail morale bois
Your retarded if you think this
>>fast bois
There is nothing faster about NL
>>atremenatar bois
Nothing special about them. They're just 1st company termies
>What’s not to love
A lot

>> No.57111218

Glurm The Unstoppable

>> No.57111222

aha so when through all the 90s and 80s they said they were not, and now they have super shit new fluff that makes no sense they flip flop the fluff for money. Let me guess they also say that AoS is a good game ? I remember back in the days when Chambers or Pete Heines weren't affraid to say at a seminar that game X sucks right now. The "designers" that work for GW right now are some sort of a cross between failed writers and sales department.

I have personally heard Cavator anwser the question about why w40k khorn is different from WFB khorn, and his anwser was that those are two separate settings that only share some common names .

>> No.57111242

>shitty smoke effects
Every fucking time. GW, Please fucking stop.

>> No.57111243

fuck off slaanesh, we all know theyre pushing nurgle because hes the superior chaos god

>> No.57111245

your entire post is
>Herp derp *drool*

They never denied that they were connected. In fact, Liber Chaotica has them as a connected universes and when was it? 2003.

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>> No.57111250

For what it's worth I've had luck with Iron Warriors Beserkers who don't even have guns, so ignoring cover does nothing. Admittedly, because beserkers are simply good at what they do.

>> No.57111252

>They are now the most sadistic assholes in the galaxy

>> No.57111256

>I have personally heard Cavator
And he only one exclusive WHFB author, Rick Priestley and Tuomas Pirinen said Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000 are one universe.

>> No.57111259

Tzeentch got his turn last year
Khorne or Slaanesh will get their turn next year

>> No.57111271

Ben here, right back at ya
also thin ur paints

>> No.57111274

Lets say Slaanesh gets squatted like in Age of Smegmar
Who will they replace him with? There aint no Horned Rat in 40k.

>> No.57111275

Didn't Fulgrim just kill Ferrus? Was there more to it?

>> No.57111281

So a wolf priest and 3 cyber wolves is 120 points. Is it worth the 22 more for the jetpack to keep him near the dogs for the leadership aura? Or just treat it as a 120 point tax to use the stratagem

>> No.57111287

Slaanesh is being held prisoner by Aelf gods. He wasn't squatted. He will eventually escape.

>> No.57111288


>> No.57111295

Emperors Children are Q2 2018.

>> No.57111302

Malice, (distinctly different from malal), it'll be the god of 'pain'

>> No.57111307

Nice source you got there.

>> No.57111310

They wont do them that early
1k Sons and Deathguard both got released towards the ends of their respective years

>> No.57111316

Christmas gifts assembled and ready. Now only to paint Celestine and Greyfax and a 1998 pts Imperial Agents army is ready to go.

It probably won't win me many games (at least till Trajan gets here), but it should be pretty fun to play.

>> No.57111317

you just described how new Slaanesh range will be introduced

>> No.57111326

That's just zerkers being good, hence why they're on the list. Also, I don't get why people say ignoring cover is bad. I've been fucked by it against IF several times already. Do people not use any terrain? Ignoring cover is still more useful than NL, regardless.

>> No.57111332

They were the bestest bros ever with extra homoeroticism before Fulgrim got brainwashed. Now Ferrus Manus is dead and there is not enough homoeroticism in the galaxy.

>> No.57111333

Holy shit nigger.
Washes, what are they

>> No.57111334

10/10 would stab these guts with my bayonet

>> No.57111337


>> No.57111339


>> No.57111356

They gave in lore explanations for getting rid of the Squats too y'know

>> No.57111363

Whats the deal with no washes

>> No.57111365

those red base trims are cancer. also buy some brown or sepia wash.

>> No.57111366

So I've had some fun running dread lists with my Chaos as per the pic. I'm wondering how to run Chaos well without a shedload of cultists this edition. The past couple of games I've used actual marines they get utterly shredded since I simply don't have enough.

Beserkers have done well but after eating a unit or two, also get utterly shot to bits. Any recommendations?

>> No.57111374

Washes do not show well on the pictures from my phone lads. They are there, burnished gold and all, I assure you.

>> No.57111376

Squats are canon in 40k again though

>> No.57111378

Genghis Fucksoap.

>> No.57111380

For the zerkers thing just do more zerkers

>> No.57111381

Yeah, true. I enjoy the hell out of ignores cover, my opponent's Eldar pathfinders were almost as bitter as my boys that day.

>> No.57111387

They used to be best friends.

Unlike many other Primarchs, which ranged from liking each others to hate, Fulgrim and Ferrus were truly besties.

Every moment they are together is really enjoyable in the books, because they have really different characters, but you can see why they like each others.

And then, Fulgrim get corrupted.
A few misconceptions, some misunderstanding, Ferrus refusing to betray the Emperor, and it all ends up with Fulgrim killing him on the field just to understand what he had done and despair, for he killed the only person that really loved him.

It's an amazing story, I loved the book.

>> No.57111400


>> No.57111401

Ok guys, sell me Ultramarines.
Why should i get them.
None of that "muh Emperor finest!", legit arguments

>> No.57111406

Whoever sent you those models should have included some Agrax.

>> No.57111417

Yeah, but the duel was in epic anime style where the entire world shifted in colours and screams of the dead wailed across the Urgall Depression.

>> No.57111429

the pseudo roman aestetic is quite cool, there's loads of parts/conversion options, it's a pretty nice colour scheme, if you're in to that kind of thing guiliman is super strong ingame

>> No.57111435

Flamming fist guy is sweet

>> No.57111437

Apply washes

>> No.57111446

Metal bawkses
>You fewl

>> No.57111448

I wish they didn't lean on the Laer daemon-sword as the precipitating cause of Fulgrim's fall. Making Chaos corruption like radiation poisoning robs it of tragedy: he didn't sell his soul, he had a horrible accident.

>> No.57111449

Gulliman, When played right is a really good unit to take and the gaining a command point is really useful and he doesnt have the titanic keyword like magnus so anything that gets bonuses to titanics suffer

>> No.57111456

Good. Custoses should cause this reaction on heretics and Chaos spawn.

Red trims are there to annoy one local autist who constantly moans that a lack of full basing for the minatures ruins his immersion. Unlike snow bases on grassy/desert terrain, apparently.

Also, everything gold is covered nicely in Reikshand. It's just that my camera is shitty and won't show this if not in an extreme close-up.

>> No.57111462

BA player here. To me, the mainr eason to play Ultramarines instead of another chapter is their large choice of unique characters, including Guilliman.
Also, their warlord trait, which gives you extra CPs, is rather sweet.

>> No.57111464

woops clicked the wrong thing

>> No.57111468

what are the censer fists on the contemptor?

>> No.57111473

>Noise Marines Upgrade Pack
>9 bongs for parts for a single marine
Wtf GW

>> No.57111480

From Thanquol and Boneripper kit.

>> No.57111483

So up until now I've only played Orks, and have assembled and painted more than enough Boyz, but a friend got me the AdMech starter collection, since they're probably my favourite army outside of Orks.

I've got about $300 to get some AdMech stuff. Some of the things I've thought of it getting Belisarius Cawl, another Starter Collection, or some Sicarian Ruststalkers/Infiltrators. I was also considering to diversify outwards with some Space Marines or something, and get a Techmarine and some Tactical Sqaud Space Marines with the Iron Hands Upgrade Pack.

Any help?

>> No.57111489

>play up the roman aspect (centurian helmets, tabards, towershields for stormshields, etc)
>be adaptiable to every form of combat, without needing gimmicks such as wolf cavalry or vamparism
>Show everyone that being vanilla and unspecialized isnt bad.
>With propper planning and tactics, you can beat the more specialized chapters at their own game.
>Blue and Silver is a pretty cool paint scheme (assuming you don't mind running 2nd company).

>> No.57111496

Kharn or Dark Apostle HQ for supporting an Exalted Champion and couple squads of Berzerkers?

Kharn has 12 attacks, but Apostle has a much better aura and would free up points for another cheap HQ for +1 CP.

>> No.57111497

three heads, two backpacks and two guns all on one guy?
Spread that shit out.

>> No.57111502


>> No.57111505

Yea. That would be sweet. I mostly just have to get close against them, which means I'm usually ded

>> No.57111518

>i'll deliberately make my models look worse, that'll show that autist

>> No.57111519

>pistols can shoot at the end of the opponents turn

How does that sound? Maybe make it in combat only.

>> No.57111524

Magnus doesn't have Titanic keyword. Are you referring to Fly, by any chance?

>> No.57111526

It is cultist troops or bust if you want to run non-WE/EC legion. You could also potentially just take a battalion of Daemons for their troops and just pick up CSM elites/heavies in a separate detachment.

>> No.57111527

what i mean is that i would like stuff like 3x head 3x backpacks 3x guns.
To make it you know, consistent

>> No.57111529

makes power weapons mostly useless, just take plasma pistols instead

>> No.57111534

Correction to what I said
Like Magnus, Gulliman does not have the titanic Keyword

>> No.57111548

Cawl is great, but only if you're ready to play Mars. If you want a different dogma, definitely don't buy Cawl.
Otherwise, another start collecting box is great because you need rangers or vanguard and you need dunecrawlers.
Dragoons are also considered pretty good, but they're expensive in terms of dollars to points ratio. Kastelans are probably your best bang for your buck in terms of points to dollars, and many people use 4+ of the robots.
If you wanna get rusties or infiltrators, definitely go with infiltrators, they're significantly better.
I don't recommend mixing in iron hands, even though I love them. Two separate armies is better.

>> No.57111553

hey thats my tau list <3
that said go with nr.3 for the troops

>> No.57111557

branding, they're trying to make these shitty new lolrandum xd nurglings the company mascots.

>> No.57111563

>Get first attack on charge
>1 shot with pistols
>Attack again

I don't see your math, especially when melee is always stronger than pistols. (Supposed to be)

>> No.57111568

Just run 60+ Dark Reapers my man.

>> No.57111571

My wyches already die enough to pistols. Pls no.

>> No.57111576

How about you can choose to shoot pistols in the fight phase

>> No.57111578

You guys all gave me good arguments for Ultramarines and Chaos Space Marines.
So in conclusion i am still stumped and don't know what to choose.
Kill me

>> No.57111580

Lil Jon

>> No.57111581

most generic shit ever.

>> No.57111583

Yeah, the thought of painting oodles of cultists isn't appealing.

>> No.57111587

I don't think that would hurt you more if you charge first

>> No.57111588

no, I just misunderstood the post

>> No.57111589

You shouldn't, play a superior chapter, like Salamanders.

>> No.57111590

Flip a coin then.

>> No.57111593

your picture is the answer.
Alpha legion disguised as ultramarines

>> No.57111596

Beg for dubs
Works every time

>> No.57111597

Damnation GW give Slaanesh something cool right the fuck now! I want fucking speakers and a torture rack implemented in it somehow..

>> No.57111599

Slaanesh is dead

>> No.57111604

End of opponents shoot phase*

Forgot to say that

>> No.57111609

Playing Orks I'm not really that up to date on how Army mixing works for say, Imperium, Eldar, Chaos, or Nids/Genestealers. Can you give a quick rundown, because I thought that would be a way I could get transports.

>> No.57111611


>> No.57111613

Wyches don't get their invul against shooting. More pistol shots is bad.

>> No.57111627

Get two more starters, two kataphron sets and a squadron of dragoons and you should be set.

>> No.57111628

Are Ultramarines part of Spess Muhreens codex?

>> No.57111634

Next will probably be Khorne, they have the newer daemons but need 40k cult troops.

Slaanesh will be last to be updated.

>> No.57111635

Wouldn't be more unless they charge you

This would just be a buff to close combat units.

>> No.57111639

>Damnation GW give Slaanesh something cool right the fuck now!

Is being squatted cool? They can give you that.

>> No.57111640

please anon don't do this to me, don't confuse me

>> No.57111643

>Next will probably be Khorne
no you fucking don't.

>> No.57111644

No they are part of Sisters of battle codex.

>> No.57111645

Rotty Tooth

>> No.57111647

So, the other day in my local 40k page, someone posted the that they had tested out a progressive deep strike system where the minimum deep strike distance decreased with time. The system they used is
Turn 1: more than 9” away from any enemy model
Turn 2: more than 6” away from any enemy model
Turn 3” more than 3” away from any enemy model

Thoughts? They said it was fun and allowed for better use of deep strike charges/meltas/short range stuff.

>> No.57111648


More like Squatnesh, lmao!

>> No.57111654


>> No.57111666

Ok. Shits on sale. Looking to jump from AOS to 40k. Here are my options:

Dark eldar
Chaos daemons (I’d go EC, but there’s no new models there)

I think my have done skaven, mostly of the plague variety.

>> No.57111669

No one is forcing you to follow the meta and painting cultists is easy if you aren't a brainlet.

>> No.57111670

Kataprhons are out of stock online

>> No.57111676

>Shits on sale
What shit?

>> No.57111680

You should listen to that anon, nids are always the correct answer.

>> No.57111683

According to that list, you are a tremendous faggot. Just buy yourself a dildo and fuck off.

>> No.57111684

At my local store

>> No.57111686

>this and swooping hawks with sunrifle

I want it.

>> No.57111691

Thank you!

>> No.57111699

Go home Matt, you’re not fooling anyone

>> No.57111709

you are chaos agent
you are trying to cloud my view of what is right
i know it

>> No.57111717

What all benefits can a unit with the deathwing keyword get that other units cant?

I'm trying to see the use of the stratagem that can slap deathwing on a land raider

>> No.57111719

They ARE the space marine codex

>> No.57111749

Grimrot the dick stabber

>> No.57111750

i'm bored of painting ultramarines, they were my first army before i really got jnto the hobby. Help me pick my next project!
>Khorne Demons (sidenote: are they viable on the tabletop?)
>Sandstone Necrons
> Grey+Red Mechanised Cadians
>Ork army themed around bike boiz

>> No.57111762

Play admech or harlies much better than bugs or old model ranges.

>> No.57111765


>> No.57111766

You could cause a cataclysm.

>> No.57111772

Sorry i am just confused by GW shitty site, Ultramarines and Space Marines are separate tabs

>> No.57111776

>Using special characters

Top wew

>> No.57111779

>red and grey mechanised Cadians
Just go Mars Admech for fucks sake, and shit out a bunch of cancer carbines and ol' Cawl.

>> No.57111781

Merkel's man cutter

>> No.57111783

Are Harlequins any good as a standalone army or am i forced to run them as part of a Ynnari army if I want to maybe win a game every now and then?
Also roughly how many models do they tend to field in the average 2k army?

>> No.57111790

I saw the picture. That was for a FOUR HUNDRED POWER LEVEL GAME. That is 8000 fucking points. Try that shit in a normal game and see what happens

>> No.57111818

>Fusion blaster autarch with swooping hawk wings

>> No.57111824

Any actual reason or you just don't like special characters?

Kharn just seems to have a big upside due to being so strong in combat, but I just don't know if it is worth it since his command aura is only 1". I wish someone that has used Kharn could just tell me he is shit so I could get rid of this idea.

>> No.57111832

For many armies it doesn't matter, but for any army that has chapter tactics, regimental doctrine, or forgeworld dogmas, mixing any unit into their force organization that does NOT share that same chapter or forge world causes the entire detachment to lose that bonus.
So if you want the Martian tactic, or the iron hands tactic, they have to be kept separate, and therefore can't do things like take each other's transports, or benefit from each other's spring auras and what not.

>> No.57111833

No sadly.

They were and should be an eldar supliment.

>> No.57111834


>> No.57111839

Yea that's fine but it should be turn 1, 3 and 5, not 1, 2 and 3.

>> No.57111855

Thanks dude.
I'm getting Cawl, another Starter Collection, and some Infiltrators. Hopefully will be fun!

>> No.57111859

>Delay deepstrike 5 turns

>> No.57111872

Really? Different anon, but I was considering harlequins too. I heard they were pretty good.

>> No.57111879

Different anon, but special characters should be narrative only.

>> No.57111889

Ally in Craftworlders and convert them to be more Harl-y.

>> No.57111890

Seems decent Anon.
It's a great start, and will probably serve you well as a solid 1200+ point list.

>> No.57111901

every single cunt using mars dogmas and tactics deserves to be melted down
they're so disgustingly overpowered

>> No.57111911

Different anon but they are fine as long as you don't use them every game.

>> No.57111916

Dark angels

>> No.57111917

I don't really understand this mentality.

>but they're not my dudes!

You don't have to use them, either. Surely it's cool for your dudes to go up against one of the big dicks of the setting and win, right?

>> No.57111924

They're great but shit by themselves.

>> No.57111930

Shit like dark eldar shit or shit like GSC shit?

>> No.57111932

Because they're drastically better than the generic hq.

>> No.57111947

>Rolling two Canticles is too strong

Okay bud, c'mon. I get that kastelans spam is stupid as fuck, but relax.

>> No.57111949

GSC are actually pretty good in a casual (inb4 CAACFAG REEE) after CA. Especially if you throw a bunch of purestrains with the Primus

>> No.57111953

You know its true, we've had TS and DG, World Eaters are next

>> No.57111954

Gsc probably.
It might be that they're still index only.

>> No.57111959



Ok, buddy.

>> No.57111962

There has always been a difference between fluffy and WAAC, you can rarely have your cake (a fluffy army) and eat it (stuff it full of the absolute best most powerful units available).

>> No.57111964

It's obviously khorne, gw hates slaan, and khorne has memes.

Gw gives units to models with more memes.

>> No.57111967


>> No.57111968

I agree that they should be, but they aren't. I routinely face Celestine and a bunch of Guard characters so no reason for me not to use them if they are worth.
Still, I just don't know if Kharn is worth getting. I like him in the lore and his rules seem good except that I need an HQ that provides support. Really hard to decide.

>> No.57111983

How do we fix first turn advantage

>> No.57111997

That's why I proxy.

>> No.57112001

Bring back night fighting, and it stacks with cover.

>> No.57112010


>> No.57112016

>> No.57112022

Special characters are not the issue.
Them being mandatory for an army to function properly is fucking annoying.

>> No.57112027

Alternating shooting phase.

>> No.57112032

GW could never release anything Khorne again for all I care
They've released enough Khorne shit for three lifetimes

>> No.57112034


Canticles is decent compared to shit-tier faction rules (shoutout to 'Death to the False Emperor' for doing nothing in 50% of games). It's certainly not weak, but it's not the best faction rule out there.

Your choices are melee buff', minor melee buff, shooting buff that's as good or worse than your HQ aura buff, useless morale rule, useless mortal wound rule that only works 16% of the time, and cover (which some factions can ignore, or which melee units don't care about).

>> No.57112036

>long time sisters player
>get dirty looks every time I use my old Celestine model
I hate it, too, but if I could use a fucking jump pack on my canoness again, I wouldn't care so much.

>> No.57112042

>Tyranids, jorm especially are a fucking nightmare

Maybe let whose going second choose mission type.

>> No.57112053


That feel when you have never gone first in a game of 8th edition 40k. I almost did once, but then they used a command point to re-roll it.

>> No.57112054

No, that's worse than templates.

>> No.57112060

>command point
That shit don't work no mo

>> No.57112062


>> No.57112068

>Never went first
> Play elite and fight horde all the time
>The one time I roll iniative my friend loses his shit

>> No.57112074

He literally did sell his soul. After he killed Ferrus, the daemon in the sword offered to make his despair go away. Fulgrim accepted, damning him

>> No.57112077

*blocks your path*

>> No.57112086

Show us a close-up then...

>> No.57112087

As long as the game is IGOUGO, T1 will never be balanced.

>> No.57112096

Is slashes getting squatted?

>> No.57112097

Kharn isn't a buffer, his 1" aura is just there to lure you into putting squads in betrayal range. He's more than killy enough to be worth it though.

>> No.57112099

i feel like there may have been a miscommunication here, i don't want them to be robots, just to have lotsof tanks

>> No.57112104

Plasma needs a fucking Nerf. No reason normal charge has that -3 ap

>> No.57112115

The original salves to darkness books had mutations for wfb that included bolters
The shadows of Albion campaign had artifacts that were basically power armour etc and the Amazons were rumoured to use the same

>> No.57112117

Chaos Space Marines forever.

>> No.57112120

>Check out Astra Militarum
>only like Militarum Tempestus Scions models
eh, what do

>> No.57112124

So I gotta ask,
For my main AT in a 2k list for vanilla marines, should I do 3 TLC/ML Ven Dreds or 3 Quad las preds?

Killshot is nice but the 81 points I save can earn some fun things elsewhere, along with the BS 2+ and 6 ignore damage adding benefits to the dreds.

Them benefiting from CT helps as well.
Also, vanilla marine librarians aren’t all that appealing outside of smite/targeted smite

>> No.57112129


I'm glad they changed it. The game was earlier in 8th edition.

It's kind of (extremely) dumb how deploying first gives you an advantage to the roll for turn. It's better than it used to be at least.

First turn advantage in this game is rough.

>> No.57112131

Its alwaysbeen ap 2 (-3 equivalent) stop being dumb

>> No.57112140

Only use Scions? This is not much of a dilemma

>> No.57112141

It’s back in Ghost Warrior novel
And it may be changed so it doesn’t need a sacrifice anymore

>> No.57112146

>Bikes are trash

>> No.57112159

Zerk squads don't benefit hugely from spending a lot of points on buffs because they've got a giant SHOOT ME OR LOSE sign painted on them, and unless you're running Alpha Legion odds are they'll take significant losses before hitting combat.

Kharn changes the scenario because now the Zerks double as a delivery mechanism for something just as threatening.

>> No.57112171

Literally impossible. Thanks GW.

>> No.57112174


>Roughly 700 points worth of models and two command points directed at one thing.

If I'm directing two knights worth of points at something and using four command points (Five if you need to change the robots to protector mode rapidly) it damn well better be dishing out mortal wounds and an absurd volume of accurate s6 ap-2 shots.

>> No.57112181

kind of waste to pick AM to just use Scions, it's like getting Orks to just field Deff Dreads

>> No.57112182

Would you say Kharn is worth it over a Dark Apostle buffing 18 berserkers and some Warp Talons? I only have 1 HQ slot open in my WE battalion with Exalted Champion occupying the other.

>> No.57112189

Why the hell not?
An order system like bolt action is what would make 40k a far better game.

>> No.57112193


>Still no transports for the faction that makes all the damn transports in the Imperium

>> No.57112198


who knows

>> No.57112200

What is this ? A Victorique for ants ?

>> No.57112207

Why isn't anyone talking about this? It reveals so much. Basically, the Alpha Legion will be good guys. At least some of them.

>> No.57112220

Has it always been 12 points?
That's what bothers me.

>> No.57112228


Why waste transports on them when you can just make them walk everywhere?

>> No.57112238

Yes. Apostle won't actually be buffing all those models because some, possibly many, will die on the approach. If your force is significantly degraded then buffs become proportionally less valuable. Meanwhile Kharn is just as good regardless of whether or not the rest of your army is bullet-ridden piles of meat.

>> No.57112243

>how many models do they tend to field in the average 2k army?
25 or so infantry, 3-6 bikes and maybe 4 transports cars.

>> No.57112258

You say that like Dread Mobs aren't a thing

>> No.57112266

For the full 6-bot megawhammy it's 1101 points. If you want to maximize Command Point efficiency it's 1704, and at that point you're adding in an Enginseer and 15 Rangers for a 2k Battallion army. Might be fun to use that as a lynchpin in an 8-10k Apoc game and delete entire board sectors or Warhound Titans and their escorts with 6 megabots and some Killshot Plasma barrages, but not in a normal game.

>> No.57112285

What's the best knight loadout/carapace weapon in 8th?

>> No.57112299

In the Alpha Legion novel, the hero of the novel captures a Callidus assassin. Then he breaks her mind and brainwashes her to be his servant.

If Imperial indoctrination can be broken like that, wouldn't it be possible for the T'au to do the same to marines?

>> No.57112302

Oddly enough you wouldn't want transports for regular Skitarii anymore since they're the cheapest troops in the Imperium and should juts be tossed out by the dozen to run to objectives and tank charges. The Triaros would be great for massed Electropriest nonsense, though. To be honest I just want an Admech airship flyer with multiple twin cognis lascannon mounts that can be upgraded to Neutron Lasers or something, a heavy anti-tank flyer.

>> No.57112315

>Why build useful machines to do work quickly and efficiently when you already have a worse solution
You're right, why would that be in character for Cogboys?

>> No.57112317

thermal+avenger cannon with the rocket pod.
double thermal for chaos.

>> No.57112336

GSC vs Harlequins

Which “supplement” army would win post CA?

>> No.57112340

>Tau space marines confirmed

>> No.57112341

How do I long range artillery with 《LEGION》? Is 15 CP enough?

>Abaddon the Despoiler
>Sorcerer with Jump Pack
Bolt pistol, Death Hex, Force sword, Mark of Tzeentch, Warptime

>Sorcerer with Jump Pack
Bolt pistol, Death Hex, Force sword, Mark of Tzeentch, Warptime

>Chaos Cultists
39x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Chaos Cultists
9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Chaos Cultists
9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Chaos Cultists
9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Chaos Cultists
9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

>Chaos Cultists
9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh

Mark of Nurgle, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Mark of Nurgle, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Mark of Nurgle, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Fast Attack
>Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn, No Chaos Mark

>Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn, No Chaos Mark

>Chaos Spawn
Chaos Spawn, No Chaos Mark

Heavy Support
Havoc launcher, No Chaos Mark, Twin lascannon

Havoc launcher, No Chaos Mark, Twin lascannon

Havoc launcher, No Chaos Mark, Twin lascannon

>> No.57112347

I thought thermal was shit, what happened?

Why not double gatling for shitloads of shots + flamers

>> No.57112349

That's a good point. I am running my WE Zerks+HQs in Rhinos and they will 100% get there because the enemy will be occupied by WE Warp Talons and AL Cultists.

This is the list. The alternative would be picking up an Apostle with Black mace instead of murder sword on the champion and moving oblits in a separate detachment with a cheap HQ for +1 cp.

>> No.57112362

1. That sounds really stupid
2. No, Assassin indoctrination =/= marine indoctrination

>> No.57112371

Share the book so we can talk about it.

>> No.57112388

Whichever one gets the giant death fist, it's so rad looking!

>> No.57112400

It doesn't seem like it.

>The Prison of Madness

>Abaddon conducts experiments on captured loyalist Space Marines, torturing them with repeated visions of a future in which the Imperium falls to Chaos. Despite the psycho indoctrinated mental resilience of the Adeptus Astartes, such is the ring of truth in these prophecies that those who do not take their own lives are left as soul-blasted husks that eventually swear allegiance to the Despoiler.

>> No.57112403

>they will 100% get there
Do not be so sure. Even assuming you go first a canny opponent can screen out turn 1 charges and leave his big guns free to pop the Rhinos.

>> No.57112409

Defilers aren't very good and cultist min squad size is 10. I think you'd be better off without using a brigade and using up all those points on extra troops and spawn.

>> No.57112413

What are thermal's rules? I can't quite remember them off the top of my head and don't have the booklet with me, or the index at all.

Also how much do I suffer by taking a melee option, and which one of them is better typically? My gut reaction was chainsword, I remember, since I didn't think knight had particularly good skills to afford a -1 to hit

>> No.57112418

Dark Eldar, Newcrons or Tyranid?

>> No.57112419

>tfw they won't come back to Made to Order.

>> No.57112439

o-ork c-codex when...


>> No.57112453

You can't really screen against warp timed Warp Talons because they have fly.
I guess I'll try Kharn and see how he fares. Always wanted to see him rampage on the table anyway.

>> No.57112458

>Enemy tells you he's going to win
>Switch sides
What? Apart from the fact that prophesies having a "ring of truth" about them which makes them overwhelmingly convincing, why would that even be tempting? A vision of Chaos winning is hardly going to be a tempting prospect to join in with.

>> No.57112462

no, tau codex when?

>> No.57112467


Share the damn book. Then we'll discuss it.

>> No.57112468

What did you just say about my DreddMob list!?

>> No.57112472

So what is he gonna do when the silent king shows up?

>> No.57112473 [SPOILER] 

>shit rules
>shit army
>shit models
>fap-bait version is OOP
Just let it die.

>> No.57112485

To be fair chaos fuckery is a lot stronger than some blue dipshit waving around the Little Red Book.

>> No.57112512

Redemptor dreadnought good for salamanders or blood angels?

>> No.57112514

Khârn is fucking hilarious to behold in combat. Also I like how his plasma pistol is always on supercharge

>> No.57112518

Challenge him. The Triarch is broken and so is the line of succession. So the throne is open for anyone with the power and guile to claim it.

>> No.57112521

uh, that it's s-silly to field j-just one unit

>> No.57112533

*btfo's your army*

>> No.57112534

Search the mega.

>> No.57112553

Scions for boots on the ground.
AM for Russes.
There you gave a good list.

>> No.57112554

Sure you can screen them, they still need a landing zone before they charge. Also one unit of Talons isn't super threatening to a lot of armies.

>> No.57112562

Would he be able to stand up to him though I know at least Anrakyr and Zahndrekh would be on the Silent Kings side, Trazyn, Orikan, and Szeras probably won't get involved so can Imotekh afford to stand up to him?

>> No.57112563

When is GW going to release them?

The next year?

yeah that was a joke

>> No.57112571

You're right! But a right and proppa' DreddMob has MekaDreads, Stompas, Killa Kans, and Gorka/Morkanoughts, too ya grot!

>> No.57112579

>yfw the nurgling is the actual beast, and that glob is just his mount
>yfw you have no face

>> No.57112592

I'm pretty sure this anti special character sentiment is either trolling or autism.

I don't see how me taking Arkos for about 120 points to get a dude with a neat sword and a combi melta with a useless (literally) aura, infiltrate and a bonus cp makes my army that much better and somehow wins me the game.

Then again, I play csm so I get actual HQs with actual options.

Special characters aren't the issue, its the lack of generic characters for factions that can be customized heavily.

>> No.57112595

Imotekh rules the largest and most powerful dynasty in the galaxy. On top of that he is the greatest general the galaxy has ever known. So yes.

>> No.57112596

Kit bashing the new GUO to have 2 swords and teeth gut with all the meme nurglings on the base is going to be glorious.

>> No.57112599

Astartes fall to Chaos for selfish reasons all the fucking time. Some just grow tired of thankless service.
Just blasting their minds should work fine.

>> No.57112604

>implying the real nurgling is not the tongue

>> No.57112612

You make a good point I think the better question would be would he and the Silent King really be enemies they seem to have similar goals?

>> No.57112625

thats a very good point.
I must investigate this issue further

>> No.57112636

It's just a few autists in this general being very vocal.

>> No.57112643

Yes, it's both really. A lot of newfags think this board/general is for shitposting only and everyone that doesn't play with their imaginary rules is WAACfag so not much can be done about it now.

>> No.57112658

>Pask objectively better tank commander
>Celestine has an option that the other SoB does not have on top of being a force multiplayer
Special characters do way too much for almost no drawbacks.
That is the issue

>> No.57112678


Imotekh seeks to rule the Necron Empire while the Silent King desires to redeem himself and earn the right to rule over the Necrons. That puts them in conflict.

>> No.57112689

Can't choose any army bros, it's too hard.
Guess i will just lurk forever
kill me please

>> No.57112695

let second player choose the mission and/or deployment type and/or deployment edge

>> No.57112706

just for fun What chapter tactics would you guys use/make up for the badab war chapters?

>> No.57112724

Part of the issue with them is their cost doesn't reflect their special bonuses as much as it should.

I would even argue that special characters should be slightly overcosted even with their special rules being accounted for, to make them limiting while also bringing something special to the table.

>> No.57112739

What do you want out of your army? Or better yet, if you lorded over your ideal army irl, what would they be like

>> No.57112744


>> No.57112748

play primaris,ignore haters acquire fun

>> No.57112749

Just go Imperium and play soup, that way you have access to imperial guard, knights, bunners of battle, sisters of silence, inquisition, space marines, custodes, grey knights, admec, assassins and adeptus ministorum.

Tons of options that you can mix and match with ease.

>> No.57112753

>Tycho is sweeping tournaments almost single handedly
>Farsight is the lynchpin upon which the entire Tau army is built

The issue is that sometimes units are undercosted and that SC are subjected to that like every other unit.

>> No.57112772

3 hammerheads with Ion and a Lingstrike with a railgun. Would that be semi-viable?

>> No.57112779

>‘Serpents. Seventh Sons all. We make our final approach– our mighty lords, as they do in all things, leading the way. The Emperor’s servants hide within the thick hulls of their battleships and behind the towering walls of their fortresses. In doing so, they prove themselves unworthy of Him. As the Master of Mankind sacrificed himself for humanity’s continued survival, so we sacrifice the weak upon the altar of his efforts. For the Imperium deserves only the strong. The enduring of flesh. The certain of mind. Those resolved in body and spirit to do what must be done– no matter the cost– to realise the Emperor’s true and manifest destiny…’


>‘The sergeant is, as ever, correct,’ Occam said. ‘We are the Emperor’s test. Let our efforts purge the Imperium of the weak, leaving His dominion stronger than we found it.’

Teegeee. You lied to me. The Alpha Legion are good guys after all.

>> No.57112784

>Loc is a none option and typhus is required to run poxwalkers

It's fucking annoying.

It should be like eldrad or yriel. Fluffy stuff that's only slightly better. Not the crazy aura shit these characters and primarchs bring.

Like eldar have a billion Characters and they all work. It's this new shit (yvraine) that's unbalanced.

>> No.57112789

I want them to look really cool. DE, GSC, and Harlequins all have kick ass models (my favourites in the 40k range being the patriarch, the solitaire, and the archon). None of them are really up there right now either.

>> No.57112790

Which army is the best if I want to go FAST?

>> No.57112792

I don't object to the idea of them falling to chaos. Well, except that the idea of anyone that's actually aware of the end point actually choosing it seems kind of off.
It just seems like a very unconvincing reason to fall.

>> No.57112800

In fact gw was so stupid they originally priced a loc the same as typhus.

>> No.57112812

Poxwalkers are just fine without Typhus

>> No.57112814

tau coldstar spam

>> No.57112825


>> No.57112829

on the one hand i don't like Marines that much but that is what gets most support from jew workshop, i don't want to get stuck with something that won't see any update in 15 years my friend
I just want to play something interesting that looks nice, has some nice vehicles/mechs.
i hate transport vehicles, and races that require A LOT of units to keep up with others.
i dunno what that is anon
i don't know my friend
i don't understand, are you telling me to just go Space Marine codex and get everything imperium has?

>> No.57112842

LoC is just fundamentally bad, the only way he'll ever see play with his current rules is if he end up so undercosted that spamming them becomes worthwhile.

Make him Typhus minus the psychic powers and he might be niche relevant at least.

>> No.57112857

>I don't understand soup
he's telling you to get a nice warm soup and think about your life decisions

>> No.57112860

I think being left as a soul-blasted hulks after being subjected to mind rape it's a pretty good reason to fall.

>> No.57112863

No way, S3 T3 is not good enough for a 6pt model. They don't survive and they don't kill if he isn't there to babysit.

>> No.57112867

>Toughness and strength 4 vs 5 is fine + 2 free pyschic powers
>Anti infantry goes from a 4 to 5 roll and 4 to 3 against typical infantry


>> No.57112876

What's a good elite xenos army? I have a ton of space marines, but no xeno armies and I hate painting a bunch of chaff. Preferably something with a cool centrepiece model.

>> No.57112878

He should be typhus without the mortal wound aura.

>> No.57112881

Tfw DG already got their codex and won’t be updated till 9th

>> No.57112883


>> No.57112886

It's ok anon, don't listen to all these other guys. I love your brightly colored beautiful models.

>> No.57112891


>> No.57112896

Tyranids match that description exactly. Just go nidzilla instead of swarm.

>> No.57112901

Eldar. Get 2 Hemlocks and Jetbikes

>> No.57112902

Soup means a mix of Imperial units. Have an imperial guard army? Splash some space marines in there, or even some sisters of battle. .

>> No.57112903

Well at least they get one.

>> No.57112917

Eldar and get fw avatar.

>> No.57112928

Play regular Eldar and mix in parts from Dark Eldar.

>> No.57112938

Some big suits might be cool. It's not an asshole move to be max suit is it?

Do Harlequins have a big center piece?

That might be fun, do only big bugs like Carnifexes?

>> No.57112944

I don’t like aspect warriors or wraith spam

>> No.57112954

If one monopose starter box HQ being bad is the price I have to pay for this codex, then so be it. Take the baby face Plaguecaster too while you're at it.

>> No.57112955

Not big, but the solitaire is pretty dank

>> No.57112963

>he's telling you to get a nice warm soup and think about your life decisions
i prefer meat rather than soups

>> No.57112971

we won't even get one, Slaaneshbro

>> No.57112974

why do you think that emperor dominion was in the end game of end games suppose to belong to man? Humanity was a tool for the emperor, his end goal was to deal with the cancer that is chaos, and if that means all humans would die in the end, so be it.

>> No.57112996

How does 2 HQ, 2 elites, and no FA make a brigade?

>> No.57113006

Where are you getting this from? It's not in any of the megas.

>> No.57113016

>He has a horned rat skull on his knife

Space rats confirmed

>> No.57113042

What army would Tomoko play ?

>> No.57113065

Daemons of Slaanesh, clearly.

>> No.57113068

Dark Eldar, no doubt.

>> No.57113089

Do you think they will be chaos rats or go back their old ways?

>> No.57113091

Based on the fantasies she's had about herself in the past, probably Sisters of Battle.

>> No.57113101

So do Slaanesh daemons now have the worst miniatures in the setting?

>> No.57113108


>> No.57113110

No, the Grey Knights still have the Baby Carrier.

>> No.57113113

There's far worse

Catachans for instance

>> No.57113126

what about Chaos Space Marines anon?

>> No.57113141

>That might be fun, do only big bugs like Carnifexes?

You can use Warriors as troops, then just take any mix of medium and big bugs. Even the medium ones (warriors, hive guards) are a lot bigger than the usual model in other armies.

>> No.57113143

>being a soyboy faggot that's afraid of muscular men

What's the matter anon, does looking at them make you lust for cock?

>> No.57113147

As an average I think yes, their range is consistently old and bad. Others might have them beat on an individual basis, like Catachans, but they can at least hide their shame inside transports and tanks that look fine.

>> No.57113149

I don't play chaos and there are precious few who do around here but they have Chaos space marines, knights and demons? Probably other stuff...

>> No.57113152

This. No amount of S4 and rerollable number of shots can justify looking this bad.

>> No.57113157

You're gonna look at these and say they look good?

>> No.57113162

What are your favourite models to build anons?

Mine so far has gotta be a wraithlord.

>> No.57113166

>Fulgrim randomly decides he wants to be a sadistic asshole for no reason
>best story
>tragic in any way
Emperor's Children are shit. Probably the worst traitor legion.

>> No.57113172

why are CSM so rare?

>> No.57113177

Ordinary Spess Mehreens.

>> No.57113178

I'll be honest. the paintjob is so bad I can't tell how much of their horribleness is because of that or because of the sculpt.

>> No.57113179


Harlies will smash with a close deployment type. Dunno about HAD.

>> No.57113181

Chaos only has access to CSM and Daemons so it is more about mixing Legions and God-specific daemons for their synergies. Brewing up lists is really fun for me so I love how 8th edition soup lists are shaping up.

>> No.57113199

wait hold on
from what I can see I can just straight up replace my phospor pistol with the phospoenix for no cost at all outside of the base cost of the pistol
why would I not take the relic
are the relics balanced around apocalypse with tens of HQs or something

>> No.57113206

They are not rare. It's the second most popular faction after SM

>> No.57113207

I don't know... I for one don't play them cause they're just spiky space marines with old ugly models.

We do have some death guard players, they just got a ton of new models that are pretty damn nice.

>> No.57113208

Eh I like them. Their paintjob is old and a little thick. Having a whole army of arnolds from predator movie must be cool.

>> No.57113211

It's a problem GW has with official paintjobs, the most recent being the new Death Guard stuff the models look 10x better with a different paint job.

>> No.57113218

How hard to build is a Baneblade ? I've built Rhinos and Chimaeras, but I've never tried to assemble a superheavy vehicle.

>> No.57113219

They're still cast in the old light grey plastic anon

>> No.57113226

Tanks of all kinds. Fuck the FW resin stuff though.

>> No.57113227

The sculpts are just old and are begging for an update, there is nothing wrong with the idea of the models just the current range.

>> No.57113229

Chaos Knights and Renegades & Heretics too, though Knights are mediocre and R&H are mostly outright bad, but they're there.

>> No.57113231

Compare them to the newer command squad and they look even worse

>> No.57113233

Paint it on the sprue first then build it. Assembling super heavies isn't too bad, GW is pretty good about it. Then again the only super heavies I've made are the newer ones (Knights and Archaon) and 2 from FW (Anggrath and a Dread Saurian). Idk how old the Baneblade sculpt is.

>> No.57113234

I think the Berserker models are far worse. Especially if you look at their proportions and those hilarious leather gloves.

>> No.57113241

It's an ass paintjob. I've seen these guys on the table with a decent scheme, and they've been fine. There's the occasional derpface, but that's the case with any GW line that has bare faces.

>> No.57113243

>they're just spiky space marines with old ugly models.
that kind turns me off, like the elephant tusks on terminators.
I don't like those

>> No.57113244


>> No.57113254

Sons of the Hydra scan when?

>> No.57113256

Why ? I plan on buying a pair of DKoK Russes in the following months.

>> No.57113260

They are just too bright and clean. I made mine fucking disgusting with different washes and technical paints

>> No.57113264

Has anyone uploaded the new Alpha Legion ebook yet?

>> No.57113265

Easy-to-build. Fuck assembly.

>> No.57113266

>he says, posting metal models

>> No.57113276

Swap them for other terminator heads then friend. My wife hates the generic terminator head but loves the GK one.

>> No.57113281

there's something therapeutic in just putting those together without glue

>> No.57113286

>that fucking undercover genestealer cultist in the back
Every time

>> No.57113294

Hopefully soon. All these anons talking about it got me hyped.

>> No.57113298

As it should be I don't know why they didn't go more dirty with the paint job. A plague marine shouldn't be that matte.

>> No.57113309

Well, often it is warped or has some flaws you have to mend with greenstuff. Also the fucking mold lines are much more severe.
They are not necessarily difficult to build, it's just annoying to deal with all that stuff.

>> No.57113312

I didn't know they made GSC that swole.

>> No.57113316

Astra Militarum has some nice things that i like but i absolutely hate those basic, wimpy, cannon-fodder soldiers.
Wat do

>> No.57113318


>> No.57113325

Make an armored company and take the minimum amount of troops you can get away with.

>> No.57113326

What's the point of painting on the sprue? Just leave the turret separate

>> No.57113327

Play something that isn't cadia.

>> No.57113353

Play the cool version of the Guard.

>> No.57113364

All that GW page has are Gaytachans, Russians and Cadia wimps.
What's that and where do i get parts for it
>inb4 FW jews

>> No.57113367

>play the forge-world exclusive meme guardsmen

>> No.57113381


It used to be 10 you silly willy

>> No.57113389

>steel legion
>fw exclusive

>> No.57113394

reminder that if you do decide to play Death Korps the FW moulds are fucked

>> No.57113396

A wimp in a gas mask is still a wimp. There is literally no difference between them and cadians. The only acceptable IG army to play are catachans.

>> No.57113398

>Projecting your faglust onto the Catachan

Stop it anon.

>> No.57113402

That, son, is the Death Korps of Krieg. A grimdark, WW1-themed regiment of the IG. Sadly, it's FW exclusive and super expensive.

>> No.57113411

My mistake. They're all metal instead, making them even worse than shitty forgeworld resin.

>> No.57113414

Old ass shitty models. Aren't they still fucking metal?

>> No.57113415

>FW charges premium prices for this

Typical britbongs, I tell you what.

>> No.57113419

>Sadly, it's FW exclusive and super expensive.

>> No.57113426

I can't tell if these are badly painting or goodly painting

>> No.57113439

Is that Brock Samson in the front?

>> No.57113440

I opened a big box of Krieg dudes the day before yesterday, and they were absolutely fine. Nothing like your pic. I've FW has some new moulds, which would explain a lot.

>> No.57113454

Yeah like all the other non-cadia regiments, GW really needs to update the line.

>> No.57113456


>> No.57113459

Shit opinion desu

>> No.57113464


>> No.57113475

Catachans are plastic. So are Scions.

>> No.57113482

Ogryns are literally retarded mutants. You must be able to relate to them if you think the are interesting or cool.

>> No.57113497

Yeah but catachans need an update too, and scions would actually be better as cadians ironically.

>> No.57113504

>not painting them light green and playing a regiment of shreks
You must hate fun

>> No.57113512

It's fine to have a faction that appeals to brainlets. EC/Slaanesh fit that role perfectly.

>> No.57113531

>Space ogres aren't interesting
where is your sense of wonder

>> No.57113538

>not painting them red and blue and making them police riot force
anon pls

>> No.57113546

those actually look good, regular cadia faggots are shit though

>> No.57113549

yea man the reason for an entire model range is bc NURGLINGS LOL

>> No.57113565

>not converting them to minotaurs and running an ab-human themed IG battalion

>> No.57113576

>not giving them a greenstuff Shenandoah and running an abe-human themed IG batallion

>> No.57113579

I have $200 cad. What should I get to start a harlequins army?

>> No.57113594

Nothing. Play craftworlds otherwise you won’t win shit.

>> No.57113604


Couple of Death Masques if you can

>> No.57113606

Heavily convert an beastmen regiment.

>> No.57113611

Big nigga

>> No.57113621


>> No.57113624

That is actually fucking cool. If I had an IG army, I'd do that.
Minotaurs > Ogres

>> No.57113631

They also picked a really bad basing scheme for them. What the fuck are Nurgle anythings doing on a pristine grassy field?

>> No.57113641

Do not suffer the mutant to live.

>> No.57113646

Tell me /tg/uys, how many points should sly marbo be?

>> No.57113648

They don’t sell anymore :(
Then again, my store has shit from the 90s, so I might get lucky and find 1

>> No.57113659

All of them.

>> No.57113671

Do I look like a tool if I make a Marines Malevolent Army?

I'm a very bitter person and I like to express that through my hobbies.

>> No.57113680


Ideally you want

20 troupe
2 troupe leader
3 Shadowseer
4 skyweaver

So whatever takes your fancy out of those

>> No.57113686

Iron Warriors are best bitter

>> No.57113710


>> No.57113733

IW/IF are both very bitterand stubborn but on different sides of the conflict. Necron/DE are very bitter on the xenos side.
You can do whatever though, don't think I've ever seen Marines Malevolent army so it would be cool and unique.

>> No.57113755

Around a 100, similar to assassins.

>> No.57113757

Abhumans are not mutants but genetically stable human subspecies.

>> No.57113764

>Plastic SoB never

>> No.57113780

Sure thing, heretic.

>> No.57113782


>> No.57113793


>> No.57113794


>> No.57113797

6 gorillion

>> No.57113801

Some day Anon... our children's children's children might know the joy of plastic sisters.

>> No.57113803

>racist jokes are /pol/

>> No.57113805

The men are more loyal then you.

>> No.57113806


Those drawings look dumb and are posted only by dumbos

>> No.57113809

Honestly, just go third-party at this point. It's probably cheaper.

>> No.57113810

Yes, but will they look like anime girls ?

>> No.57113814

>Gets called out on being a /pol/turd
>"i-it was a j-joke guys!"

>> No.57113815

new thread

>> No.57113822

Imperial Fists

>> No.57113824


>> No.57113842

Probably cat or bun girls as GW has their thumb firmly planted on the pulse of the community.

>> No.57113846

No, man-face is canon. Deal with it, faggot.

>> No.57113849

back to tumblr
there is nothing wrong with casual humorous racism

>> No.57113881

So simply putting racial slurs into a sentence or statement counts as a joke now?

>> No.57113894

Yeah, it's not a good joke but it is still one

>> No.57113991

>Paint it on the sprue first then build it.
Terrible advice.

>> No.57114033

God I miss Kasrkin...

>> No.57114131

Still have a box of them somewhere around here, don't even play imperial, they're just so freaking cool models!

>> No.57114201

Do what I do, Tanks, Crusaders and Bullgryn.

>> No.57114639

>Its Hard to build a baneblade
nigga just follow the instructions

>> No.57114728

Wash! Dry brush! Highlight!

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