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>> No.57095405

What did Santa bring you this year?

I got some wolf guard terminators

>> No.57095410

where's the link to old thread?

>> No.57095417

Since when do we do that?

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I plan to start playing WH40k. After doing some reading I am considering either Black Templars or Death Guard. Which army will be best for new player? What are must-haves to play for 1000-1500 pts?

>> No.57095429

I got Start Collecting Khorne Daemons and all the paint necessary to paint them.

>> No.57095433

>Which army will be best for new player?
your favourite one

>> No.57095443

you can paint the generic SM's as black templar, and both are included in all the big boxes, so go with what you like most.
rulebook, codex for your army, 1 hq
i suggest getting something "bigger" to use as a nice centerpiece for your force and some troops or smth

>> No.57095446

Repostan from old thread.
OK, getting quite close to being able to run the full Genetor army, massive amounts of infantry spam and all. Still need a couple boxes of Skittles and preferably some Kastelans and Dunecrawlers, but how's this for now:

Admech 2.5k Brigade, Stygies dogma.

Dominus, Erad Ray, Macrostubber, Anzion's Pseudogenetor, Prime Hermeticon (136)
Dominus, Volkite, Phosphor Serpenta (134)
Enginseer (47)

3 Destroyers, plasma/flamer (216)
5 Rangers, 2 Arquebi, Omnispex (92)
5 Rangers, 2 Arquebi, Omnispex (92)
5 Rangers (35)
5 Rangers (35)
5 Vanguard, 2 Plasma Calivers, EDT (73)

20 Corpuscarii (280)
20 Fulgurites (320)
20 Fulgurites (320)

Dragoon, Serpenta (74)
Dragoon (68)
Dragoon (68)

Dunecrawler, Neutron + 2 Stubbers, BSDT (145)
Dunecrawler, Neutron + 2 Stubbers, BSDT (145)
2 Phosphor Kastelans (220)

Total 2500 exactly.
Points costs may be a little off because I was correcting to Chapter Approved points in my head, but there's little upgrades to tweak if needed.
The general idea is that the secondary Dominus forms a mini-firebase with the Onagers, sniper Rangers and the 1CP-rooted Kastelans while I blow another 4CP on teleporting in 60 priests and the Warlord, leaving the random expendable Skitarii and Dragoons to secure everything between the two strongpoints and block/tie up anything that tries to chop the shooty or shoot the choppy more than once out of Deep Strike.

I may have gone a little heavy on the melee, but the idea of being able to disintegrate both Daemon Primarchs and all their screens in a blazing wall of lightning out of Alpha Strike appeals to me. Spending 5CP on deployment is harsh, which is why it needs a Brigade to sustain good offensive output at 1 or 2CP a turn after that, or dumping everything into a Beta Strike with a 3CP Fight Twice and 2CP 2++ to hold ground if that won't be feasible.


Two Dragoons, another box of Kairics to figure out how to convert and hopefully some Magi and Enginseers.

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Nth for a happy Sanguinala!

>> No.57095453

In order to start playing, you need an HQ and at the minimum, 2 troops, or 3 of any other role.

get what you like.

>> No.57095454

Pick the one you like the most aesthetically as painting and modeling will take up the bulk of the Hobby.

Death Guard are solid and you can expand into Nurgle Daemons no problem.

>> No.57095463


Merry christmas warmasters epub from the other thread.

>> No.57095464

>at the minimum 2 troops or 3 of any other role
you could go with 1 aux detachment to need only 1 thing, or if you dont want aux, just 1 hq and 1 troop for a patrol

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Always pick your army by whatever is most OP at the time. If your army gets nerfed, trash it and buy a new one.

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spoken like a true WAACfag
I'm proud of you

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My room mate got me a cheeky Redemptor Dreadnought which I actually really wanted. Not sure how she knew I collected chads but she did. Best roomie ever, she totally slow rolled me and said she just got me random shit to unwrap as well.

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nice, they are cool models. Get a new bloodthirster, its very sexy.

>> No.57095503

>yfw she actually did get you random shit, and just got lucky
>yfw you have no face

>> No.57095508

Thats where i plan to go after i finish my Start Collecting Box. Going to be a bitch tho.

>> No.57095536

Box of fire warriors from the gf :D
Im not super used to getting anything much for Christmas cause come from a kinda poor family

>> No.57095546

Pick the one with your favorite lore unless you are a WAAC fag. Your unit composition should largely be determined by the people you fight with. If your community is pretty casual, you can just go with stuff that sounds cool. If they are more competitive, you will need a variety of different weapon types.

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Why the Emperor was such a dick to Lorgar?

He could've turn the people from the planets the word bearers conquered to the imperial truth later

>> No.57095563

>box of fw
a very good choice, the ethereals will be proud of your gf

>> No.57095575

They are both fairly friendly to newcomers as the Death Guard are in several of the bundle sets and Black Templars are generic space marines with an upgrade kit for non primaris marines. Of course space marines of either flavor are decently forgiving while being of middling strength in both shooting, psychic(which Black Templars as a chapter can't do anyways), and melee. In short if you're ok with a large starting purchase Dark Imperium would be a great starting place since you would get both factions of interest and offer a decent sampling of each faction. You wouldn't get to experience crusader squads which are simply fluffy tac squads for Black Templars with some unique changes or any unique options for HQs or faction options/allies with either faction if you just start with that box set.

As far as Death Guard go I'll let someone else cover them since I only play Black Templars atm. A good HQ for any Black Templar is of course an Emperor's Champion, which is our premier character killer. Outside of that if you want to stay fluffy you'll want to focus on all out brutal assault so Vanguard Veterans, Crusader Squads, Ironclad Dreadnoughts, Land Raider Crusaders and anything else that moves fast and packs a wallop. A good smattering of Chaplains wouldn't be amiss either as they help you out in the melee phase where are chapter tactics help you get stuck in. Overall you can field what you like and how you like it, barring Librarians, and generally do well with Black Templars. Hope you figure out what you like best!

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>Through the influx of warp energies, the planet of Armageddon has been transformed into a hellscape. Daemon armies swept across battlefields no longer chained to the laws of reality. Luckily for the remaining Imperial armies (twenty-five regiments of Imperial Guard and elements of nine Adeptus Astartes Chapters) and the Orks (a variety of unknown clans), the Daemon legions were just as content to battle amongst themselves as to hunt down and eradicate the survivors. DUE TO COMMUNICATIONS DIFFICULTIES, the exact numbers of extracted Imperial defenders are unknown.

So is Armageddon pretty much fucked? Will it fall like Cadia? Can the Imperium afford to lose Armageddon? I mean, Cadia is still strong even with the loss of their homeworld because they breed like rabbits all over the imperium. Can we say the same about the Steel Legion?

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Hey /tg/,

I can't decide between pic related and the punisher sicaran.

Which should I get?

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>> No.57095676 [SPOILER] 

Sanguinala came early this month for me in the form of all the Blood Angels stuff when it released. It was a good day.

Happy Sanguinala, anon.

>> No.57095679

>#2 conversion
whats number 1?
also how hard is it to remove the skull? I want to put blue on there

>> No.57095701

Show me your dark eldar lists.

>> No.57095716

Should I add edgy skulls on my farsight enclaves suits?

>> No.57095717

Your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Nurgling.

>> No.57095724

I got nothing hobby related. Money is currently very stressful for me personally, and things are pulling up after getting laid off a little while ago. I have a job now, but I'm still catching up on bills. To top it off, my car's fuel pump recently have out on me, and the bill was nearly $600. What I got was $300 of that paid off, which is a huge burden taken off my plate that I am very grateful for.

>> No.57095733

>minimum 2 troops
Not anymore. It's 0, 1, 3, or 6. Imho, the game would be a lot better off with enforced minimum troops again.

>> No.57095760

Got me some devastators and a captain! I'm going to make them into Bloody Magpies and give my Grey Knights some much needed ranged firepower.

>> No.57095767

£40 of random shit that turned out to be good and what I wanted is still good enough for me!

I got her dead of winter the boardgame. Best nerdy christmas ever.

>> No.57095768

Merry Christmas, you miserable bastards

>> No.57095778

Keep on trucking, anon!

>> No.57095783

Nothing /tg/ related even though everyone knows how passionate I am about the hobby.
All I got was 5 pairs of socks and some chocolate

>> No.57095801

Two Hive tyrants, one box a termagants, one box of hormagaunts, a nice wooden watch, a range bag(with electronic ear pro, a couple magazines, and a nice first aid kid), and all the components to build my own rifle.

>> No.57095832

Merry Christmas anons. I got the memestealer battleforce from my family, which puts me at an impass: my favourite models in 40k are the solitaire, the archon, and the patriarch (inb4 xenos scum). I already collect dark eldar, and I’ve been painting up an old metal harlequin model. I can either keep the memestealers or return it and snag the clowns.

>> No.57095844

Santa brought me 2 extra days off to work on minis! Also, a Caliper which will be useful for when I start work on terrain.

>> No.57095850

Unless you play a lot of ork spam I see the autocannons as being more useful.

>> No.57095861

also just collect all three armies pussy

>> No.57095882

>The weak should fear the strong

>> No.57095883

Dashing Through the Snow,
With a krak grenade in hand
Charging Heretics...
It's all part of Creed's plan!

The Light of our lasguns,
give most xenos a tan!
so run them over in a tank
Chimera party van!


Plasma's Hot! Guide My Shot,
Oh great Emperor!
cuz' its the only thing we've got
to kill that terminator!

Plasma's Hot! Guide My shot,
Mighty Emperor!
Cuz' I'mma turn them killakans
into smoking craters!

The Tau can hit a barn,
With everything but fists.
Get into melee,
And they're bound to miss!

Sneaky Genestealers:
They try to steal our shit!
But my Executioners
are having none of it!


Plasma's Hot! Guide My Shot,
Oh great Emperor!
The zealotry of conscripts,
is no longer so inspired!

Plasma's Hot! Guide My shot,
Mighty Emperor!
We'll bury all our foes
with our overwhelming fire!

>> No.57095932

keep the genestealers.

>> No.57095952

>Tfw you got another Start Collecting Admech AND a Imperial Knight

Deus Ex Machimas, and merry Christmas!

>> No.57095953

I gots necromunda and a bits box bag with about 40 marines, including a metal jump pack chappie

>> No.57095976

So does anyone know where to get a good supply of miniatutre pistols like those from Kroot Carnivores or Empire Pistoliers? The ones on Horde O' Bits were all out of stock, and I don't know where else to look.

>> No.57095980

I got some melta sisters! Enough for another group of dominions, damn fine hall.

>> No.57095984

Plastic Great Unclean One confirmed, boys:

>> No.57095993

Now that is a rich family. Enough for a squad of Dominions.

>> No.57096004

I got one of those magnifying glass/light combos. From everyone. Everyone I know got me one. I have no idea what to do.

>> No.57096016


>> No.57096029

Couple of giftcards to my FLGS. Gonna pick up another unit of Dire Avengers or maybe some warithblades. Maybe a SC Drukhari set. Who knows?

>> No.57096037

Puppetswar and Anvil Industries both sell flintlock pistols

>> No.57096051

So would this thing be best to proxy as a rhino for my cultists?

>> No.57096053

>tfw you kinda like IG, especially Krieg but feel like they have too many tanks in their armies and it just feels like a boring tank/soldier army and nothing else

>> No.57096054

Got spacehulk, gang war, a DKoK command squad, levithan dreadnought and a Exocrine.

>> No.57096056

120$ from which ill spend 80$ on jetbikes
Better start Death Guard.
Black templars have barely any rules and I don't think it will change soon

>> No.57096058

Keep the genestealers, even if you don't plan on playing them, the battleforce gives you all of their good looking units for display.
Playing the army is difficult because it requires shittons of expensive infantry, as well as ally tyranids or guard to be viable at all.

>> No.57096065

It is taller, smaller foot print.

We already responded you this like 4 thread ago. Stop this madness

>> No.57096074

Yes. It even comes with a dozer blade, in case you want to use that.

>> No.57096077

>retard car instead of alien tech
so this is the power of jean stealers

>> No.57096081

Cheaper than playing pure SoB

>> No.57096098

>feel like they have too many tanks in their armies and it just feels like a boring tank/soldier army and nothing else
that's what IG is though, i'm sorry for your loss anon

>> No.57096101

Keep them on rotation for when the batteries die and you have to recharge it.

>> No.57096107

>genestealer cults
>alien tech
No. Cults don't work that way.

>> No.57096117

geneSTEALERS are the niggers of 40k. They steal all their shit.

>> No.57096122

Haruspex, Tyranid Start Collecting, a Broodlord, and the best model of last year...

>> No.57096126

Check it an weep, Tzeentch cucks.

>> No.57096127

Most things in life are cheaper than playing pure SOB.

>> No.57096138

Is it ok to use FW Primarch models for Daemon Primarchs?
Are they too small?

>> No.57096141

Forgeworld BTFO once again.
I love that face-framing smile.

>> No.57096142

>shop has multiple SoB players
>I'm the only Tau player
just because i hate metal models too much to play SoB

>> No.57096160

Then don't run tanks my man.

Valkyries, Vendettas and Vultures is the patrician choice anyway. With grav chute drops the frontline is wherever you want it.

>> No.57096162

GSC are viable casuallyafter CA. Throwing 16 purestrains with the Primus and 8 with the patriarch is usually hilarious.

>> No.57096163

Yes, they're too small. Height is not the problem, since they already come on scenic bases, and you could just increase the size of those, but width definetly is, considering that all of them have huge, broad wings in daemon form.

>> No.57096166

Thanks anon. It's one less thing.

>> No.57096174

i understand that my friends, all i mean is that i am disappointed with them.
They are just malformed IG

>> No.57096180


>> No.57096186

Ventilation hood, airbrush and compressor

>> No.57096189

*dunks in washes and takes blurry photo*
Yes, that'll be 113 dollars for 10 pro painted cultists please.

>> No.57096197

>Two HQ and two troop choices
Why not make it 12 with the Primus, and 2 x 8 with the patriarch? That'd be a full battalion detachment.

>> No.57096200

So try another theme. IG has more styles of play than almost any other codex.

Grab some flyers, some veterans, and some tempestus and play an airborne game.

Grab the Ogryn auxilia, a big-ol' FW transport and try bashing your enemies' brains in with clubs.

Perhaps static artillery emplacements and cavalry if you like krieg.

No one's making you use tanks, dude.

>> No.57096204

So what do I do about the nose turret, just ignore it?

>> No.57096206

washes are the best though

>> No.57096216

>10/10 would pay for

>> No.57096224

I got a small drone

>> No.57096230

Because the Primus has crazy deployment power after CA. You’re basically assured whatever you want on the ambush table. And don’t forget the magus and iconward. That’s 4 HQ.

>> No.57096239

drones are best
you should run a commander/drones only army

>> No.57096249

Thats what they were always going to be dude, they hide and then rise up using civvie equipment.

>> No.57096254


>> No.57096275

If only storm troopers still looked like that.

>> No.57096281

The list above was just a patriarch, a primus and a total of 24 genestealers. Of course, whoever has a patriarch and a primus will also have a magus, unless they bought them separately off of a reseller or something.

The Iconward is good in game, but a waste of money if you consider the fact that acolyte hybrids are usually 6.6 euros each (iconward is 20).

>> No.57096299


>> No.57096301

Squad of bullgryn. I’m very excited to put them together.

>> No.57096302

It'd be better off if troops were good (or at least cheap) enough that most people actually wanted them rather than having to be forced to take them. And not just for Guard.

>> No.57096310

This. I saw no pestigors

>> No.57096322

Been scoping out 40k for a while now, but only seriously considering buying an army for the past 3 weeks. I'm taking my time though, waiting for more releases and just more time to think about what I want.

I started out like most people, just wanting to build some loyalist space marine army, but that's become boring to me now. So far, what I like is:

>Imperial Guard

Still not sure enough to pull the trigger on one.

>> No.57096344

I got a Redemptor Dreadnought! I don't even have any primaris chadmarines, I just wanted the dreadnought for my collection.

This is my 15th dreadnought now

>> No.57096352


>> No.57096353

Me neither, but I imagine they’ll show up
They seem to be pushing beastmen a lot lately, maybe they’re building up to them being a standalone army

>> No.57096354

hope you like painting 90 boyz and no codex
hope you like painting 90 robots and binary
>Imperial Guard
hope you like painting 90 infantry soldiers and tanks
hope you like painting 90 drones and unjustified hate

>> No.57096365

Maybe wait a little more unless you have one where you really like the lore and models for. Orks are the only one on there that has old models, so the other three shouldn’t get new models released for them. fires of cyraxus WHEN

>> No.57096374

beastmen as new tau aux confirmed

>> No.57096377

Could you post a picture of your collection, sounds rad.

>> No.57096384



>> No.57096385

They were my first and don't get the love they deserve anymore.

Question for you folks. Which scheme should I paint my sisters? Rather, which do you like more? The silver is my original scheme and the red is a test.

>> No.57096405

I dont mean hate towards the WAACfags spamming them in 7th
I mean the hate new players who just started in 8th get, just because the army they liked were overrun by WAACfags

>> No.57096410

Ngl liking the red

>> No.57096411

That’d be fucking hilarious
But I imagine if it happened it’d be R&H done right

>> No.57096425

they are the only non hyper-xenophobic faction out there, aren't they?

>> No.57096434

>tau hate is/was solely due to their OP rules

oh sweet child, were you not here for the Damocles books?

>> No.57096448

in fact, im just here since shortly after 8th ed dropped, building up on my tau-meme conversions

>> No.57096449

I feel that the game should be mostly troop dominant with support units rather than spamming the support and taking tax. It'll never happen, though.

>> No.57096450


>> No.57096451

WAACfags will always be WAACfagging

Why hate on the army they settle in right now, instead of the migratory flock going from army to army? I can sit here being happy for my fellow bros getting good codices and hope mine will be viable at the least

t. necron player playing getting into tau

>> No.57096453

Not him but I wasn’t
Explain this faggotry to me, Sensei

>> No.57096454

OC Order of the Furious Rose, red armour, white/cream cloth and black casing for weapons.

My metal SoB are Order of our Martyr lady because I found an old army in a box and is mostly painted like that

>> No.57096464

>oh no, a rainstorm, our vulnerable controls have short circuited and our cockpit is flooding!

>> No.57096472

>get a stormsurge and some drones
>glue the fat missile pot under the drone

>> No.57096475

Someone mentioned Farsight Enclaves having mercenaries fighting for eldar and the like a couple of months agå. Anyone got a source on this?

>> No.57096481

Best way to get into a necron army with £200 lads?

>> No.57096482

> Ultimate Power Squat Pose

>> No.57096485

start collecting

>> No.57096486

Run titans and some cool soldiers like mordians.

>> No.57096488


>> No.57096490

Wayland Games

>> No.57096497

Fuck, assembling Krieg squads is hard

>> No.57096501

legit or recasts

>> No.57096503

infantry guard is worse
nothing kills the fun of a game than a movement and shooting phase that take forty five minutes each

>> No.57096504

The Start Collecting pack for Crons. You can buy them for like 75 USD on Amazon.

>> No.57096505

Idk if you guys saw these already but...
new nugle stuff

>> No.57096516

Are they gonna make it?

>> No.57096518

Nurgle* my apologies

>> No.57096523

ofc, daemon codex is about to drop, and they all get something new along with it
>Tau get a new shitsurge battlesuit instead of more aux
>Orcs get new boyz models
>Necrons get a big skele

>> No.57096528

Can't wait -- tho now we REALLY need our Keeper of Secrets to show up soon

>> No.57096532


>> No.57096534

armageddon was infested by angron and 50,000 berzerkers. I'm sure it will be fine

>> No.57096535

Sisters will get new plastic models. My digits confirm this.

>> No.57096537

Helbrute and enough extra cash to but conversion sets for Death Guard.

>> No.57096540

Yea. I'm a fan as well. As much as I love the silver and red combo.

Well, I mean the red/black is straight Sacred Rose. Painting white is aids, but I have the greys to do it. Maybe I'll do a test at some point.

>> No.57096542

>35 confirmed

>> No.57096546

Is dat some new Plaguebearers?

GUO is sexy, he just needs rules that don't suck now.

>> No.57096547

How do I into Alpha Legion? Im looking for fluffy units not cheese.

>> No.57096549

Dakkabots, another harlequin troupe and a primaris ancient

>> No.57096550


2035 confirmed

>> No.57096554

Would Be better for a Taurox
Even had the same wargear
Was thinking of using them for a penal regiment

>> No.57096559

>start building my Ork collection
>have to buy new bases cause a lot of units get tiny bases ($30)
>have to buy 20-30 paint bottles to get the full range so around ($180)
>have to buy citadel brush collection ($60)
>have to buy essential tools, especially since I'm assembling and painting a lot of resin ($200)
>not even counting the $$ I need to spend on the actual minis


>> No.57096563

Well lads. Get ready for 2035!

>> No.57096565

Legit. The big platoon box, plus a HQ squad with pic related.
That makes 50 footsoldiers and 6 heavy weapon team to glue. Everything has to be filed, washed with soap water and a toothbrush, then glued with superglue. Some rifles are bent and need to be dipped in hot water, then straightened.

>> No.57096566

Nothing physical, save for one "start painting" packs (didn't really need it, but it's the thought that counts), some not immediately needed but still appreciated plastic glue, and a 70 dollar gift card to my local GW (the only hobby store with tables near me).

>> No.57096569

Dude those containers are fire as fuck

>> No.57096576

I’m pretty sure they are cheese to be fluffy. Using any and all available tactics to win the battle. I think daemon engines are the only thing they miiiiight not really want to use tho

Someone else feel free to correct me. I’m not super on legion lore

>> No.57096577

>mfw I forgot the pic
>mfw my face is hidden behind a gas mask

>> No.57096579


wait, what? Why are the Orks just 'survivors'? The battle is a meatgrinder, they should be thriving.

What the fuck. GW already shitting on Ghaz' WAAAGH!! It's supposed to be the biggest ever and growing.

Orks need to win something. Fuck Chaos.

>> No.57096582

fuck off retard

>> No.57096583

Depends. Non-chaos renegades. Avoid daemon units and take a few forgeworld models (such as contemptors and maybe a storm eagle or sicaran.

>> No.57096585

>just lay them on the battlefield
>grey tide
>grey tide
>dont assemble
>safe even more doller by using paper-cutouts

>> No.57096592

Digits and NEVER EVER

>> No.57096597


oh my gawd

>> No.57096602

>time until krieg is forgiven postpone by an extra millenia due to complaints of Major Anon
Glory to the Emperor

>> No.57096603

Its 2035 anon! Better be excited sisters players! You can all buy your children the new sisters models on the christmas of 2035!

>> No.57096618

>filed, washed, glued
isnt that just standard with any army, not just krieg?
>50 foot soldiers +6 heavy weapons teams
that too is not that overwhelmingly much now, is it?

>> No.57096627

The only things not fluffy for them is Daemon stuff. Cultists are extra-fluffy.

>> No.57096632

It should. But it should be that way because it's a good way to make an army, not because the rules force you to build that way.
For instance you should be able to look at Space Marine chapter organisation and think, "Yes, all those tactical squads are totally the way to go".
But no, it'll never happen.

>> No.57096635


Orks are jobbers

>> No.57096639

Why the fuck is the musician jumping? These guys are supposed to be depressed as fuck.

>nugw ignoring fluff and theme even more than oldgw

>> No.57096644

inquiry: questor mechanicus variant

>> No.57096650

You can literally meme anything. Alpha legion fluff is a mess.

>> No.57096662


The Steel Legion will remove Chaos filth.

In answer to your question, though, Armageddon was basically fucked already. While it was never conquered by the Orks, the war had effectively annihilated its production capacity. It's making war material at a fraction of what it used to. That means that while the way to Terra remains closed, the industrial value of the planet is already lost.

>> No.57096665

Do psychic powers always need a line of sight onto the target?

>> No.57096668

uh no, nurgle dudes are happy as fuck actually
maybe you're ignoring fluff?

>> No.57096678

depends on the psychic power being used

>> No.57096679

are steel legion full metal models?
or is that too fluffy for nugw?

>> No.57096694

>I hope you like painting 90 robots
Lies. Ad-mech is one of the lower unit count armies. You can run a battalion detachment with a grand total of 17 beep boops.

>> No.57096698

If you buy all this from citadel and dont even bother to tour on your local shops you deserve to be raped.
>have to buy new bases cause a lot of units get tiny bases ($30)
You dont need to use GW bases but you put yourself at disadvantages if you glue boys to something bigger than 25mm base
>have to buy 20-30 paint bottles to get the full range so around ($180)
These are orks, 3 bottles of green, 3 botles of wash, boltgun metal, some brown, some yellow, red. Thats like 12 paints tops and you have solid base for expanding.
>have to buy citadel brush collection ($60)
Go to your local paint shop, there are good brushes that cost 1/3 of citadel ones.
>have to buy essential tools, especially since I'm assembling and painting a lot of resin ($200)
WTF you need to prepare mini that cost 200$
Clipers, knife, drill, file....thats 20-30$ what the fuck is 170$ for??

>> No.57096718

In my fluff, my steel legion army is going to be heavily supplemented with squads from different regiments painted with steel legion colors. My core metal steel legion core will remain my veterans.

>> No.57096730


Yes, the only models in the range are metal, much to my dismay. I still love them, but I really wish I had some more conversion options for sergeants and veterans, in particular.

>> No.57096731

so are guard if you take tanks
so are tau if you take suits
so are orks if you take_actually, orks are never low count

>> No.57096738

thats shit

>> No.57096740

anyone have link to the MP3 for the Iron Warriors audio book Stone and Iron?

>> No.57096742

i unironically love this thing

>> No.57096743

He's obviously baiting but if you bought the Citadel clippers, drill, knife and file it'd be around $110

>> No.57096746

>tfw bought space engineers to try and recreate 40k vehicles, tanks, and mechs

gonna be a fun week

>> No.57096748

All metal but all you can get is infantry squad, a commander, a plasma guardsmen, or a heavy weapons teams. It's difficult to build the army. Also the infantry squads sell out like hot cakes on the webstore. Only Cadians and Catachans are plastic.

>> No.57096756

That's why I run Ogryn and Crusaders

>> No.57096761

how many points is that?

>> No.57096774

depends, if its a CAACarmy its <2000 because they should be cheaper
if its a WAACarmy its <1000 because thats his agreed point limit

>> No.57096779

>tfw I remove mould lines with a regular knife if I even notice them at all

>> No.57096780

t. flufflet

Not all of them. Plaguebearers are specifically meant to be solemn and depressed.

>> No.57096787


2500, all infantry. The other guy went 2500 tank heavy, so I went to opposite to see how it worked. tanks won

>> No.57096791

Underrated post.

>> No.57096799

Gw has specifically made them that way so you will feel the despair of nurgle.

Bloody tonks. I love infantry.

>> No.57096818

I thought that. As for Citadel gear....I dind know how much in Burger tokens it would go since I brought mine in UK and it was like 8 years ago....so far I used 3 blades on knife(thats really good blade they got)

>> No.57096825

I really like the one on the left, since that's my armies color(Argent Shroud4life) but the red is damn nice.

>> No.57096829

>2500 points of infantry
You are absolutely under arrest

>> No.57096833

not a fan of GW's overpriced tools but I want to get this to try it out

>> No.57096837

I wish I could see you suffer, nothin personel.

>> No.57096843


>> No.57096846

I commend you. The best way to play IG is to have hundreds of infantry to die by the bucket loads, win or lose. Blobbing the guard is the patrician way to play this game.

>> No.57096866

Horde armies take too long to play with/against.

>> No.57096867

Are Tau Breachers more viable in city fights?

>> No.57096868

>someone doesn't like my toy car
>better call him a retard
fuck off braindamaged faget

>> No.57096877

You will get Deathguard rules and minis in the starter box so if money is of concern to you get Deathguard otherwise go Black Templars

>> No.57096879

You would probably play them if they were OP

>> No.57096887

>opponent proudly puts his ~200 guardsmen on the table, smugly telling me about how infantry is the best way to play
>I quietly put my 400 gaunts on the table
>opponent throws autistic fit, packs up his stuff and leaves, crying about how shit players with tons of infantry are
its always the same, no matter who I play again
[when will I meet a fellow 400 gaunt player? [/spoiler]

>> No.57096896


it literally doesn't do the job any better than a knife. in fact a lot of times i end having to use the knife to finish the smoothing anyway. but it was an extra tool this autistic man could put in his tool box

>> No.57096904

jesus look at that musculature, reminiscent of the great classical arts of our time. Is this what peak Nurgle looks like?

>> No.57096913

So I'm working on beaten cultists and I'm looking for feedback on how GSC bits work on them, I think it's a bit lopsided but I want a second opinion.

>> No.57096926

[Laughs in Iron]

>> No.57096928

They specify if they do.

>> No.57096933

im guessing the riflearm is gsc?
looks good desu

>> No.57096937

Viable? No idea. More viable? Yes.

>> No.57096938

Dread mob

>> No.57096951

I stand corrected, since I dont know shit about orks except memes

>> No.57096952

I have 3 of pic related and like taking all 3 and they do well the best thing is they can pretty much hurt everything and have lots of shots. in hindsight i should have taken 2 of pic related and 1 venator but if you are only getting one go for the standard sicaran.

>> No.57096980

how should I outfit wolf guard terminators? I want to do all th ss but there are only 4 hammers and shields. maybe 1 or two with wolf claws?

what about a heavy weapon? I plan to have them teleport in and shoot then charge so the flamer is out cuz it's 8" range, so maybe the assault cannon?

>> No.57096997

> only X of the good load out
Uh oh, sounds like you need another box there! Why not two, just in case? Good goy!

>> No.57096999

Well you can always go like I did. Mix orders and fuck it.
My theme is a mix of rag tag team of Impirial troops. Basically an excuse to buy and paint everything a like in miniatures

>> No.57097014

>painting everything i like in miniatures
must be good to play a soup faction
t. salty taufag

>> No.57097033

You mean the riptide wing which wasn’t even a tournament winner for long or the storm surge duo which quickly fell by the wayside. Both falling out of fashion faster than flyer spam in 8th lol. That book? Yeah I remember the over hype for how good it was.

>> No.57097049

Witch Hunters. My last first and last Codex was on 3rd.

GW has forced me to play super Imperium friends just to recreate my old codex

>> No.57097050

any tips using the leadbelcher spray? How much time should I spray upside down to avoid clogging?

>> No.57097061

Till it stops

>> No.57097073

>he doesn't know about the CLANG worshipping heretek cult of spengi
Oh boy>>57096746

>> No.57097077

Someone told me that all of the special characters for space marines are Chapter masters now.

Is this true?

>> No.57097080

funny, do you have a real answer?

>> No.57097097 [SPOILER] 


>> No.57097112

Can you play Tau now without using those fugly anime suits they have? I want to go gunline with armored support and kroot mercs

>> No.57097121

I think HH has a good idea in that ONLY troops and terminators can capture objectives.

>> No.57097129

_________________________________________ No. _____________ ______ __________ _____ ______ _________. GOY GOY GOY GOY JEW NIGGER FUCK MERRY CHRISTMAS!

>> No.57097132

>cadre fireblade hq
>kroot/fw spam
>backline with hammerheads
sounds like a normal tau army?

>> No.57097136

No, many are chaplains, company masters, librarians etc.

>> No.57097138

Box of Bangles

>> No.57097142

Not going to win anything with it though.

>> No.57097150

youre not going to win with tau anyway
except commander spam

>> No.57097175

Well, the silver is basically an offshoot of Ardent Crusade anyway. I plan on adding a full cadre of SoS to them as well and maybe an Callidus assassin, which I used a lot during the WH days.

>> No.57097188

At the moment the "best" Tau options are Broadsides, Stealth Suits, Crisis Commanders, and Ghostkeels. All suits of some kind. I mean you CAN do a gunline of Pulse Rifle Strike Squads with Fireblades and Ethereals, but your only decent armoured support is hammerheads, and they are immediately focused down in my experience.
Many expect a codex Q1 2018 though.

>> No.57097193


I beat up my dad this morning because he got me the manlet marines rather than Primaris like I fucking ASKED him to. He's too dumb to distinguish between them?

Why can't some people just get me what I want? It's not that hard. Stupid loser.

>> No.57097202


>> No.57097209

Yea. Argent Shroud is a comfy scheme for sure. The current fluff for mine is the robes are red to honor the Martyed canoness lost with the jump pack.

>> No.57097211

>having CARS
Thx for confirming mr. braindamaged faget

>> No.57097215

New to 40k here, I have a small ultra marines force:
-three squads of tactical marines
-two devestator
-two captains

I have played some games so far but my friends have almost all drop armies for tau and eldar. They literally put barely a few units on the field then drop everything and proceed to nuke the fuck out of anything of mine (or each other) on the field.

I am enjoying 40k, but when I barely get shots in before getting assraped it kind of makes it less fun.

Is there a way to deal with this? I have no idea how to counter this.

>> No.57097222

just threw together real quick
Cadre Fireblade
10x FW
10x FW
20x Kroot
Kroot Shaper
3x Krootox
3x Krootox
10x Pathfinder
10x Pathfinder
10x Pathfinder

the only thing you're really missing in good units are Stealth Suits and Commanders
also you'd have the option of adding ethereals and piranhas as well

>> No.57097227

No? There's a couple who got promoted IIEC (Shrike?), but there are fuckloads who aren't. I mean, how would you have two special characters of the same Chapter with that?

>> No.57097231

Invest in scouts for area denial

>> No.57097233

the entire book is just fan fiction tier tau wank

>> No.57097242

What? Broadsides are hot garbage.

>> No.57097246

>instead of 10/10/20 in troops, take double in half numbers (5/5/5/5/10/10) for brigade, my mistake

>> No.57097274

Unless you have a shit ton if stratagems like a codex army, you don’t need that man command points.

>> No.57097287

I know, I just wanted to show, that gunline with hammerhead support is as viable as suits on Tau, if you dont want to spam fusionmanders or smth

>> No.57097293

>even more nurgle shit

>> No.57097295

3x dragoons, kastelans, a box of priests, and an enginseer. I told my gf to get me a thing or two off of my wishlist and she bought the whole damn thing. Not that I'm complaining

>> No.57097300

P-praise the Emperor

Well, I've never washed plastic sprues before and everything I painted turned out fine. Resin models are outright greasy out of the bag, because of the dried lubricant. It's obvious the undercoat wouldn't hold to the miniatures and would eventually flake off.
Glueing is also harder than with plastic. The pieces are very, very small and the glue can take surprisingly long to dry and stick the pieces together.
For now everything is going fine, but it's going to take much longer than if these soldiers were plastic.
I can't wait to kill Khorne Berzerkers with shovels.

>> No.57097320

I only build gaunts, so I wouldnt know about resin stuff

>> No.57097357

Is an Imperial Knight a good addition to an admech army? Im scared of being called cheesy

>> No.57097358

Some day we'll have our jump packs back.... some day.

Canonesses flying about with the relic or eviserator would be fun as hell!

>> No.57097376

>Is a big robot a good addition to a Robot army?

>> No.57097378

outfit them with wolf pussy or muzzle

>> No.57097389

you missed my point you faguette
Fagstealers a shit anyway

>> No.57097407

wrong link

>> No.57097413

>Gaunts driving around in an Ork-Truck sounds rad as fuck tho

>> No.57097461


>that guy on the right trying his best not to look like a sore loser

>> No.57097463

Hello bros, i want to get into 40k but i really don't know which army to choose.
Only think i am sure of is that i don't want IG.
i bring this bun as a peace offering

>> No.57097474

Jump canoness with the sword of assrape would be bomb for sure. Oh well.

>> No.57097478

>bunny posting
play Tau, you'll fit right in with us

>> No.57097519

On the verge of crying

>> No.57097525

Bunners of battle? They're a fairly basic but fun army, lotta flamers and meltas for burning troops and tanks alike.

Though they will stab you right in the wallet...

>> No.57097547


>> No.57097552

> newbie

Always marines army.

>> No.57097582

>Bunners of battle?
i would but no codex and metal cast shit
i am suffering my brother

>> No.57097591


>tfw newbie and bought myself a deff dread and 10 boyz so I could get free shipping

time to paint these suckers

>> No.57097598

hope you have fun

>> No.57097603

sorry for disturbing your sleep Donald
here's a pic just for you
i understand this but Marines are kinda too vanilla for me, i need a bit more to bite in

>> No.57097606


>> No.57097712

>Please tell me what I like
Maybe give a little more for us to go on. What is drawing you to 40k? What models do you like?

>> No.57097714

I did actually sing this. Thank you based, anon.
Merry Christmas.

>> No.57097794


>> No.57097848

Same, updated versions of the old metal stormies would be awesome. I still snatch them up along with metal kasrkin whenever I see them but I've been making something similar to pic related and having a detachment of them count as the Kasrkin element of my cadian regiment. Only thing really different about this is I shortened the barrel by getting rid of the middle piece that I assume is a heat guard.

>> No.57097850

Nurgle daemons are consistently characterized as being jovial and friendly.

>> No.57097861

I'm watching a doku about pyramids and egyptian stuff atm
Does that mean i should play 1ksons?
or necrons?

>> No.57097880

I can't tell if the storybook one is real or not.

>> No.57097888

>ironstriders are virtually perpetual motion machines
>they're used to power kinetic drives when not in battle because no-one knows how to make them fucking stop moving
great, interesting
>they don't have a minimum move distance
ah yes

>> No.57097916

You are legit my favorite poster in the general

>> No.57097917


>> No.57097930

Makes sense

>> No.57097939

>expecting rules and fluff to connect in any way
GW might do it by accident one day.

>> No.57097951

A new tablet, boxer briefs(95%cotton 5%spandex master race, it's like a unicorn caressing your nutsack), an ottlite(amazing), chocolates, scratch offs, shirts, comfy pants, insoles, new shoes. Very satisfied overall.

>> No.57097975

So what's the most broken shit nowadays, now that Smite spam was gutted.

>> No.57097979

>you will never be an admech techpriest augmented to go weeks without sleep or food riding through the wilderness with your ironstrider on a paradise world, taking in all the sights and wonders together

>> No.57097981

Thousand sons have an Egyptian flavor, but Necrons are literally robotic Egyptians mummies in space.

>> No.57097999


My brother is a taufag so of course he forgot to get me anything. I got him a physical copy of the index, a Commander and the SC box so he can finally meet me at 2k points.

>> No.57098009

>>they're used to power kinetic drives when not in battle because no-one knows how to make them fucking stop moving
whoops I made an mistakes
>they're never turned off because people don't know how to turn them back on again
still it's the same end result of it not making sense
they explicitly say that in order to even aim properly the balistarii have to have more drugs than oil in their bloodstream so time dilates for them since they can't slow the chicken down enough

>> No.57098029

>paradise world
>sights and wonders
I don't remember hearing of any paradise world/forge world hybrids

>> No.57098038

>taking in all the sights and wonders together
This will be a great place to mine for minerals once we slash and burn all the vegetation in the way.

>> No.57098043

>deforms your little details and breaks your spikes
that'll be 25$ thank you

>> No.57098049

All forge worlds are paradise worlds you fucking heretek

>> No.57098056

>bagpipe made out of bodyparts
I was dreading ANOTHER fucking chaos release, but that's amazing. The GUO is very nice as well.

>> No.57098057

A forgeworld is a planet full of machines dedicated to making more machines. What more of a paradise do you want?

>> No.57098068

you know what I meant you planetbound fucks
the designation paradise world is a technical one, not a flowery descriptive
paradise is a stupid word for it but it is the word that has been chosen by the great cogs of the munistorum

>> No.57098078

Been out of the gane for a bit. What's the status on Sly Marbo?

>> No.57098081

>>bagpipe made out of bodyparts
you, uh
most early bagpipes were made of stomachs and stuff

>> No.57098088

Can scout sergeants take combi weapons?

>> No.57098091

No like a real drone. Parents don't buy things I want for Christmas.

>> No.57098093

That is rich coming form you cog boy. Go on just say
>I serve the emperor
You can't! Have to fag it up with omnissiah. You are tolerated because you are useful, like the navigator and the ratling.

>> No.57098107

>a real drone
well, build yourself a real crisis suit with drone controller then dummy

>> No.57098111

*turns the power off*

>> No.57098117

Sergeant Equipment list includes Combi-flamer, Combi-melta and Combi-plasma.

>> No.57098125

You are a useful heretic. But you will always be a heretic.

>> No.57098132

And Combi-grav according to FAQ.

>> No.57098153

hahahaha how the fuck is heresy real like fleshthing just recite the canticles ahhahahahahahhahah just use the xenotech bro

>> No.57098156


>> No.57098158

I'm no tau fucker.

>> No.57098161

>t. assblasted Imperium player

Basically the Tau won a major campaign in a poorly written book. So because they beat the Imperium in a meaningful way, Imperium players are still unjustifiably mad about it.

The (uncharacterized, almost non-entity) Raven Guard Chapter Master died in the campaign, but so did the Tau faction leader. In the end humanity just exterminatus'd the main planet of contention. They still looked strong, but 'muh space marines' keeps people titled as fuck.

>> No.57098183

hahahaha how the fuck is the omnissiah real, just turn off your heretical cult and praise the emperor.

>> No.57098185


>> No.57098190

Dude what about the geller fie...

>> No.57098205

Been playing GSC since they were introduced. Hate their vehicle options in 8th now I'm unsure of what to do with my neophytes who previously either hung out in blobs with no leadership issues or in chimera for limited fire support.

Do I just field base 10 man squads to hold objectives or do they do something other than die like punks?

>> No.57098207

I've not read these books, but is this the one where a vindicare misses 3 shots and an eversor gets beat in close combat by some named character?

Also, what RG Chapter Master?

>> No.57098220

Thank you both

>> No.57098227

On da 12th day of Orkmas the Warboss gave to meee

12 stompas stompin
11 nobz a krumpin
10 weirdboyz splodin
9 killa kanz
8 slinkin gitz
7 loota boyz
6 docs a snikkin
5 deff dredds
4 dakka jets
3 oiler grotz
2 big gunz
and a power klaw stuck in a panzee!

Happy Orkmas ya gitz

>> No.57098236

It might be. Again, I'm not defending it as a great book, it's really shit. But there's a fuck ton of books with the Imperial factions performing just as stupid feats without much bitching. It's not a good book but the outrage over it is kind of silly in a world where things like the Iron Cage retcons happen.

>> No.57098242

>No new Ghaz model

>> No.57098270


Fantastic models. Just sick to death of all the Nurgle stuff sadly.

Keeper when?

>> No.57098298

I have some bad news for you

>> No.57098308

i like the general theme, sorry that it is not enough to go on :^(
necrons design seems meh to me
fuck ig and jeansstealers.
Chaos looks okay but there's way too much to choose from
Space Marines... i don't know
Tau seem bleh

>> No.57098309

This has to mean that slaanesh is going to get a release right?

They wouldnt just stop at 3 of the greater daemons


>> No.57098310

WTF i love the (((greater good))) now

>> No.57098319


Get orky with it an build your own or buy non GW. There's plenty of converted warboss from the new AoS line. Hell or even dreadnoughts for Ghaz

>> No.57098326

a wise choice

>> No.57098329

Is Nurgle actually a friendship god

>> No.57098332 [SPOILER] 

Keep the dream alive, anon.

>> No.57098335

I don't play Orks, just sad that he hasn't gotten one. This dude should be as big as a Dreadnought.

>> No.57098338


Go on...

>> No.57098345


>way better gear than they got in the guard

>> No.57098350

Nurgle is basically "Life is full of shit, but i'll look after you"
In reality i remember multiple stories where his warriors are shocked when they are dying and he says "It's your time, sorry i can't do any more"

Nurgle is basically False Hope/Security in a meanless world

>> No.57098357

>Auspex Scan
>...after your opponent sets up a unit that is arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements within 12"...

This doesn't work at all with Beacon Angelis if you teleport a unit that is already on the battlefield, does it?

>...the bearer can use the Beacon Angelis to
teleport a unit to his position. When he does so, select a friendly DEATHWATCH INFANTRY or BIKER unit that is either on the battlefield, or is in a teleportarium. In either case, remove this unit and then set it up wholly within 6" of the bearer and more than 9" from any enemy model...

>> No.57098364

Because without death, there would be no life. And without life, there would be no death.

>> No.57098370

If you're arriving on the battlefield in any way after the initial deployment, you're arriving on the battlefield as reinforcements.

>> No.57098372


Plenty of dudes have converted their own. Guess some ork players are more about (their) dudes

>> No.57098376

what happens to those who die but worshipped Nurgle?
Still fucked in the ass by daemons?

>> No.57098381

Yep. But Nurgle sells himself as the God of Undeath
I miss the old style of Lore of - The Gods are beyond good and evil and are just these things

>> No.57098389


>> No.57098394

It's real unfortunately.

>> No.57098395


The AoS mini converted to a 40k warboss seems doable and looks great

>> No.57098398

Seems like they just get get moved to his position.

They do not arrive as reinforcements.

>> No.57098404

Yes to a lesser extent
>Those who are worthy get turned into Plaguebearers
>Those who aren't just die and are the same as the rest, but your soul has been rotted by Nurgle anyway

>> No.57098405


>> No.57098431

You know thats not a pic of gellar field failure right? Thats just ships transitioning into realspace.

>> No.57098432

>switch from being a frontline meatshield for your own people to being a frontline meatshield for another race (probably while also getting sterilised)

>> No.57098440


Shit looks metal, follow your dreams draglady.

>> No.57098446

Well I assume with the power off they fall out of the warp anyway... but ya it was the first warpish pic I saw and went for it.

>> No.57098457

Beacon Angelis says "remove this unit" from the battlefield, and Auspex Scan says "unit that is arriving".

They're still arriving on the battlefield as you've had to remove them. I'd say you could Auspex Scan them.

>> No.57098470

yeah its a pic of the Iron Hands fleet arriving at Istvaan.

I think actually if the power failed they might just drift endlessly in the warp.

>> No.57098480

Are these in fact Arbites vehicles taken by the cult? They look it.

>> No.57098536

Nah, they're mining vehicles

>> No.57098541

I think they're just re-purposed mining vehicles. World really needs new arbites and arbite accessories though.

>> No.57098575

Have you ever tried Tau pussy before?

>> No.57098584

What Space Marine Chapter is best to get for a newbie and is not overused and shit?
Maybe i should just go chaos?

>> No.57098641

Salamanders are a pretty neat yet simple color scheme and they have some newb friendly rerolls to help out.

>> No.57098646


>> No.57098659

I got the Cadian Battle Group
What are some fun things I can do with it?

>> No.57098672

i don't want to leave the decision to a dice roll
don't wanna get stuck with something i will hate.

>> No.57098676

>3 sold
>No refunds accepted

>> No.57098687

That's an impressive paint job, Anon.

>> No.57098688

Salamanders and Iron Hands are both pretty simple and straight forward, but from what I've seen both online and at my local scene, they seem to be a popular choice. Ultramarines, as always is good for beginners too

>> No.57098697

Die for the Emperor

>> No.57098698

you have given nothing to choose a chapter not tactics or colours or fluff. So you might as well roll

>> No.57098699

It's not mine, just a google image I thought looked nice.

>> No.57098713

How beginner-friendly are Necrons? I know they're not in a good spot right now from a power perspective, but I like the look.

>> No.57098727

i didn't really read any stories so it's harder on me.
I am trying to decide between Chaos or one of Space Marine factions.
What's the diffeence between Ultramarines and regular Space Marines?
Which Chaos factions actually have 8th edition codex out right now?
Are there going to be legit Sisters of Battle?
I would play those if there was a legit faction cause it looks half-assed now
Sorry for being a faggot

>> No.57098737

They're probably the easiest army to paint and they have basically no wargear options to speak of, so very beginner friendly

>> No.57098739

I dont get it?

>> No.57098749

Rolled 20 (1d100)

I'll actually roll for this. Hoping for that comfy bathrobe on 5.

>> No.57098765

Cadian Blood has a cadian lieutenant and a commisar kill a helbrute with a chainsword and a power sword before later in the book defeating a demon prince with some grenades.

>> No.57098771

rollin, let's hope for something dubiously moral

>> No.57098786


They were fairly forgiving it seems like since they have a lot of mid range shooting reanimation protocol. Once they get a codex they will probably stabilize as a decent well rounded army again. Last edition they had awhile were they were a high tier army.

>> No.57098790

Very good conversion! That said, switching to the side that doesn't have rapid fire battle cannons was a pooor choice.

>> No.57098797

You act like him perpetuating the cycle of life is somehow betraying his boys when he is very upfront about that being his shtick

>> No.57098813

>The design of the Chapter badge of the Sons of Jaghatai is drawn from the flags and iconography of the real-world Turkic nations

>> No.57098814

In the mega in the OP there are the codexes. Space marines, chaos space marines death guard etc. I recommend you download and have a look through them.

Sisters are a pipe dream.

If you are looking for what is strong you should consult tourney sites. People looking for strong armies often make soup armies of several factions with what they perceive are the best units from each. IMO chasing strength is $$$ arms race with toy soldiers and is very unsatisfying unless you only enjoy tournaments.

The best advice is to look through the codexes and find a faction you think is cool and like the look of and work from there. youre not a faggot anon.

>> No.57098831

Why does the Leman Russ Vanquisher have to be so garbage? I want to get one of the snazzy forge world ones, but every mock engagement I've rolled off for with that gun's stats has been terrible. It just seems to never hit. Is there any way to make the Vanquisher work?

>> No.57098853

Think hard retard. Marblo isnt out till tomorrow and only at UK GW. He's a scam

>> No.57098859

I think the Warp Drive is more a device. You press a button, machine turns on, you transition to Warpspace, machine turns off. At the end of the trip you hit the button, machine on, transition to realspace, machine off.

Otherwise in the event of a gellar field flicker a crewman could just yank the plug out the moment a demon pops on board and go back to nice, safe, normal space where demons can't live without chaos corruption.

>> No.57098873

>have easy access to rerolls
>get +1 to hit if stationary
>shoot twice if stationary
How the fuck are you not getting hits?

>> No.57098900

i'm leaning more to the chaos, maybe the new thing.. Death Guard?
They don't look bad, i dig the mutated vehicles.
Why is Death Guard Codex separate from general Chaos Space Marines one?
Are Chaos Space Marines unaligned?

>> No.57098910

What if The emperor found Perturabo first instead of Horus, would this change things or are perts autism powers too strong?

>> No.57098923

Death guard got special treatment. The chaos codex covers the others. Death guard are well supported, if you dig them read the codex and sleep on it.

>> No.57098935

Buy some Forgeworld bits, some brass rod, a few washers, and get kitbashing.

>I've been painting these guys and depending on how they turn out I might make more to turn my IG army into a mine-clearing company. I.E.Ds, land mines, and UXO's are all an omnipresent hazard in war that's never mentioned in the lore.

You never hear about the time a Predator hit a buried genestealer I.E.D. and getting detracked, killing no one but delaying the space marines for hours while the techmarine comes down from orbit to diagnose the problem and repair the track. It's also something I bet Space Marines really couldn't do like the IG can, because risking your rare and hard to train powerarmored techies on an old aircraft bomb that may or may not have anti-tampering devices in place just isn't a sustainable practice. IG vets on the other hand have both the expertise AND the expendability to do the work all the time.

>> No.57098938

>Anon hasn't read First Lord of Terra

>> No.57098939

I have been wanting to start a 40k army and I am toally HYPED on the lore of Tyranids.

Can they legit swarm their enemies with fucktons of units or do I need different tactics on the tabletop?

I visited the GW store near me and havent purchased anything yet as there are so many frickin different units to pick from...

Any Tyranid players here? Recommendations?

>> No.57098943

I'm not getting hits despite every advantage. I've tried with the +1 to hit from staying stationary, I've tried with the reroll misses with coaxial weapons and I've tried reroll 1's with orders. It only shoots twice with grinding advance and I'm missing half my shots on avg even on a 3+.and then failing to wound or having the wound get saved on a T7 enemy.

>> No.57098949

They're cool and all, but that looks more like a diorama than an army

>> No.57098957

nah, black library isn't canon anyway so why bother?

>> No.57098961

why would you ruin your army like that?

>> No.57098963

Minesweepers look weird. You'd probably have techpriests with auspexes or conscripts for minesweeping.

That being said I can't hate on doggos and it looks good overall.

>> No.57098967


The new codex opened more play styles up for Nids and it's their best codex release in a long time.

Hoard armies are viable though you'll still need some big bugs to bring the pain. Mid sized bugs are in a good place now too. As a relative newb to Nids I can't be to specific

>> No.57098992

>you genuinely belive it looks good
>you enjoy "triggering neckbeards"
>bcuaeuse it's funneh
pick any/all of the above

>> No.57099002

you cant ruin tau though

>> No.57099011

With my understanding of rerolls and bonuses, at BS 3+ rerolling 1s with +1 to hit you would only miss on double 1s, being every 36th shot.

With strength 8 you've got a fair chance at wounding even heavy vehicles at 4+.

I don't know what kinda dice you're rolling with but the math doesn't lie.

>> No.57099017

Let's math this out, actually, because I'm curious:
2 shots at BS3+, rerolling 1s from a nearby commander = 77% or 1.54 hits.
1.54 S8 hits against toughness 8 = .77 wounding shots. If you bring a warlord with old grudges that's 1.15 wounding shots.
1.15 wounding shots at AP-3 is theoretically a 6+ save, but most heavy vehicles like the Onoger, knights, and land raiders get a 5+. So we'll say .77 to .96 sunsaved wounds per turn.
Finally, 2D6 take highest is an average of 4.5 damage. So about 4 damage per turn.

So...eh? I'd rather the battle cannon.

>> No.57099022

Head pussy is overrated.

>> No.57099038

How brutal are eldars for newer players, I've been wondering of getting into it, and it seems eldars aren't necessarily hard to play but each unit seems to have a singular function, I may be wrong, but I'm wondering where is a good place to read about tactics and strategy for units so I can be sure if I want to play the game

>> No.57099053

Only the Stygian Vanquisher gets +1 to hit while standing still, and the Tank Commander can only be taken on a regular Leman Russ from the codex/index as far as I'm aware. So it's BS3+ sitting still.

>> No.57099057

Just but the models and git gud

>> No.57099064

>It just looks fantastic, so let me show you what I'm talking about
>switches to goofy-looking firewarriors, yin-yang drones, anime-painted hammerhead, tank (?) with heart on it and a mech that doesn't match any of the other stuff in color scheme

>> No.57099065

Hey, i've just got my hands on the DA codex and have some questions about relics.

How much points do they cost?

>> No.57099066

new thread

>> No.57099074

Only the stygies vanquisher get's the 3+ for staying stationary, it's normal ballistic skill is a 4+. Targets with in the 24 inch range of the stormbolter coaxial on the stygies get a reroll to miss on main vanquisher cannon, and with in 36 inch on the heavy stubber for the other forge world turret design. I don't play cadians but vostroyans so I don't have the normal sit and get reroll buff that they have, I'd have to put a tank commander in that sucker but I was under the impression that you can't put tank commanders in mars-alpha russes. And I average 1's far far more often than not, but that might just be a curse of the warp. Maybe I just roll like ass?

>> No.57099076

Oh the irony

>> No.57099080


>> No.57099095

Only if you like outdated models, eldar have old kits(they are ok but aspects warriors need some love)
Dark Eldar on the other hand have awesome models but GW have a hard time geting space BDSM pirates right and their rules make you wonder if it is some kind of SM play between players and dev team.

>> No.57099105

The absolute state of Tau players.

>> No.57099130

So stygies dragoons are great because they can infiltrate right into range of their targets, but is it better to have them take the jezzails to keep the -1 to hit from the dogma, or take the lances and just get right in there to cause confusion and death?
I feel like the jezzails would be a waste since I'm already taking the arquebuses and have onagers to provide even more fire support

>> No.57099142

The same as the item they replace.

>> No.57099194

I've noticed they look sorta derpy at times, I think with the ynnead triumvirate they might be making newer ones also, they still have that cool aesthetic that I dig though

>> No.57099251

I got a plague marine champion and the Nurgle Daemons starter set from my brother and my gf.

>> No.57099531

Jezzails just arent good enough compared to arquebus and taser lances are the better weapon for dragoons

>> No.57099556

I really wish they were good, they give off this awesome futuristic noble who's hunting on his robot chicken walker look...

>> No.57099628

Not sure how to make jezzails worth it though aside from making them cheaper lol

>> No.57099664

I think people are more mad about how the entire book is "the tau outsmarted and outplayed the imperium at every step"
also farsights intervention was pretty cringe

>> No.57100345

I got some grey knight models real cheap, and think about maybe returning to play w40k. Have not played since mid 4th ed, so I am a bit rusty. Can a good list be build out of this.
18 different terminator models, 1 storm shield GK chapter master or captin, 2 things that look like a cross between a dreadnought and the land lifter from alien. 6 metal GK in power armor, 4 GK with different hvy weapons

>> No.57100399

New thread is here anon
And GK can't take Storm Shields anymore but the rest I don't know.

>> No.57101988

vindicators, lots of fast melee units. ditch the land raider as it won't be useful against drop armies.

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