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First for the first!

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2nd for Codex Chaos Daemons when?

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OK, I've bought some Ironstriders for christmas and another 20 Kairics to turn into Corpuscarii, although I haven't got any guns for them yet and probably don't have enough random weapons lying around. What kits provide good numbers of techy small-arms to graft onto servitors? I considered Termagant kits, but those have a radically different aesthetic than any kind of Admech, even Genetors.

Also going to order some HQ parts from MI, but I haven't done that before and I'm not sure how to go about it. Do I go entirely through the webstore, or just send an email through the address on the website with product numbers, paypal address and postal address, or some weird hybrid thing or what?

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Just listened to rage of asmodai and i didnt get the conclusion at atll. What was asmodai asking regarding Prometheus? And why is the traitor demading death when all he did was mumble a bit and not tell the truth, what did he say?

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Based Valhallans

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Btw as someone actually considering buying this - Is it good?

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Listen to it here for free and get back to me if you can make sense of the ending

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8th soup is a tasty soup

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For those without a codex, whats something you'd like to see?

As Deathwatch I'd love to see the inclusion of scouts to the killteams, they could give the vanguard ability and really help with zoning/melee units

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Unbased Vahlhallans

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Merry Christmas, my comrades. And God bless you.

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I hope we get to find out what's happened with Luther, with this whole building a legion ting maybe we'll get proper army rules after all which we shouldn't because that's fucking stupid but GW will do it anyway just like they did with GKs and DW

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what's wrong with the psychic phase and how do we fix it?

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>Heavy Warpflamer getting unfucked

As it is, Soulreaper is just better in any way that matters.

>Not shit powers

While mortal wound spam is sweet, support abilities are way more interesting. In the same vein, i'd love if we could still take Hereticus on Exalted Sorcs

>Scarab Occult getting unfucked

They are really bad right now.

>More units

Not something i expect to happen, but it would be nice. At least give us rules for Psychic Hellbrute, you don't need model for that.

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Merry xmas to you too good sir.

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Thanks for all your good work

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Honestly the whole "Reroll against fallen" is awful. Like yea very funny, the two people who actually use them?

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Nth for Primarchs don't see competitive play in top tier lists.

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The way how Characters are protected. Smite spam is an issue if you cant shoot back.

Other than that regular units shouldnt be able to Smite like they do now.

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Merry xmas mr russian

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I fucking hate the Emperor

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Was the Emperor confirmed to be the Primarch of the Grey Knights?

I would love to see a GK primarch that wasn't the Big E. He would either have terrible anti daemon rules, or he'd make GK viable.

Maybe an aura of deny invulnerable saves to keep it fluffy and useful beyond daemons?

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That is provably wrong.

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Don't worry, they'll get their buffs in CD Codex :^)

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>Tau in 3rd edition, an empire of different races fighting for a common cause
>Tau in 8th edition, anime battle suits piloted by blue waifus

Why must we suffer?
Also, why 4+ for an army with 2 phases?

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Dont limit yourself to one codex edition.

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:/ Deathwing rule has always been immunity to psychology, you still get that in so far as it means anything in this edition. The re-roll is just flavour

Deathwing Tartaros finally came!

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You should be happy you are allowed to compete in any phase. I hope your shitty weeb army gets squatted next edition.

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Just in case you missed it - both the lists posted were pre CA and neither would be a legal list currently, additionally the list with 4 Storm Ravens + 2 Culexus is even worse now given the character targeting change

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>Was the Emperor confirmed to be the Primarch of the Grey Knights?

Yes, the original founders of the Grey Knights legion geneseed was removed and in their place they were implanted with geneseed made from the flesh of the Emperor.

This is the Emperor's quote on the Grey Knights as being his only hope for mankind :

>One unbreakable shield against the coming darkness, One last blade, forged in defiance of fate.

>Let them be my legacy to the galaxy I conquered, and my final gift to the species I failed.’

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The only offensively useful psychic power is smite.

All other powers are only useful if they buff/debuff something.
Furthermore, there's not enough options for the really psyker heavy armies like GKs or 1Ksons to choose cool abilities from.

IMO they could easily fix the Psychic phase by creating a couple of "generic" offensive psychic powers, smite being one of them. Also, why the hell GW got the idea "Psychic Powers ONLY use Mortal wounds" is fucking retarded, since it's forced them to make every psychic power that isnt smite weak as shit.

I mean, FFS, I'd love to get my old GK "Puryfiying Flame" back as a 9" bubble that does 2d6 autohits at S5 AP-1 Ignores Cover. I dont understand why GW is so hellbent on pushing the "Psychic Power = Mortal Wounds" meme.

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I'm not racist, but...

[curbstomping intensifies]

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Given how good Orks are at accepting grafts and transplants, what would happen if a painboy shoved some gene seed in one of his friends?

>> No.57086350

Boring ass army played by a boring ass soyboy.

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The infographic clearly explains that I'm fat, anon.

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>implying every faction doesn't have its retarded fanboys who perpertuate the 40K retard stereotype.

Fanboying over GM power armoured super warriors is not as gay and beta as liking german themed guard?

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>plastic sisters and a propper codex
>brand new Xenos race added
pick one

>> No.57086386

Nope. And I don't even play SM.

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Merry Orksmas, boyz. Have a new penguinpost.

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The ork's body would eat and use it as nutrients.

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Brand new xenos sounds cool

>> No.57086404


New sisters personally, I'm a xenos player but I'd appreciate the shake up of the sisters update.

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Shit. I forgot to finish his choppa's handle. Use this one instead.

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Obviously there’ll be codex Fallen - in return for accessing to 30k armour and tanks etc you lose atsknf and so on

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>t.pure primariscuck player

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fat from eating all that soya

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What did I paint today?

It's base colours and shade on one model.

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I have a feeling a Painboy wouldn't do that by half measures. If one gene seed makes a puny 'umie a space marine, why not two gene seed? Why not fifteen?

The seed grow inside the boy's body to mixed results, neither implanted properly or cultured properly. Don't kill him either exactly because of his resilience and all the new hormones...

Feels kinda weird and bloated, but the Painboy insists he's extremely healthy. After all he has such plentiful organs.

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Can one get fat from eating soy?

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Why wouldn't they be legal? CA made no changes to the legality of detachments.

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Judging by your inability to use a palette, I'd wager nothing good.

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They're all over the points limit.

>> No.57086519

yep, you fatass

>> No.57086530


>Bring back demagogue devotions
>Scion equivalents
>more options in general to create your own fluffy list

>> No.57086540

sure, it contains fat and carbs so why wouldn't you

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You got it in one. I mean, making psychic powers distinct from just more shooting via mortal wounds is fine I guess, but MWs are so strong that they have to limit them thoroughly in order to make them not OP. That, and GW simply can't into math, given that most powers have a lower damage output than Smite even before taking into account casting values.

I would remove Smite entirely honestly. Frees up room for singular strong psykers to get really damaging powers rather than have the optimal means of dealing damage in the psychic phase being spamming as many cheap Smiters as you can. Ahriman should be able to do more than d3 wounds per psychic phase.

>> No.57086547


If the Earth Caste reverse engineered gene seed, would the Etherials sanction AsTautes or would that conflict too much with their eugenics programs?

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How are Vostroyan tanks? I'm thinking about including a Vostroyan Leman Russ with my AdMech.

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Bless you Mr. Putin, our God-Emperor incarnate.

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>no special rule that lets me keep faction bonuses while taking an Inquisitor
As if grey knights aren’t punished enough already

>> No.57086586

grey cucks lol

>> No.57086589

Why is the DA codex so full of redundant and useless shit ?

>> No.57086591

You know, ten thousand years with space marine genomes to work with and all Cawl could think of was, besides an extra gland he found the emperor's notes for, an adrenaline gland and some metal fibre weave?

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uh... he made them taller too y'know?!

>> No.57086662

Mine looks like that too.

What am I doing wrong?

>> No.57086665

He diddn't even make the biggest marines, there's an exorcists guy who's legit oryn sized

>> No.57086688

You boys have it right, full on. The problem with the psychic phase right now is you’re stuck with one of three options which all can get abused to hell
1) no access to psykers; (tau, crons, Admech), and so get major league fucked against smite spam
2) access to a few psykers; (Imperial Guard, orks, chaos soup, etc.) usually really strong cause of smite spam and poor regulation on powers
3) psychic-focused army; (Thousand sons, grey knights, tzeentch and other daemons) get fucked over by the game-wide rules meant to keep group #2 in check, while usually not reaping its benefit.

Honeslty if they went aside and said the physcogc armies of group #3 don’t have psychic focus, it’d be a lot better. May take some recalibration to prevent army-wide warp time, but honeslty those guys are so shit as is I don’t see it meaning much.

It’d be a wet dream for armies to get non-MW psychic powers; d6 purifying flame hits (along with 2 fucking attacks GW, what the hell) on purifiers instead of that shit smite may actually be fun to toy around with. Same goes for most any army, a handful of spells instead of just smite would be excellent. That’s one of the things 7th and earlier did well that I’m sad are gone.

>> No.57086691

New xenos suck, but better than the waifu faction

>> No.57086701


Hey Armegeddanon I like your pictures. Unfortunately I don't have a good camera or good lighting where I play to compare but figured you might like this one.

It's from a team game I played a while back with a bud and his Praetorian guard. He and my Catachan/Cadian forces against some unpainted space marines.

>> No.57086704

Tau marines would have testosterone and so would reject their commie ideology.

>> No.57086709

There's already plenty of Imperium factions. More Chaos or Xenos factions are always good.

>> No.57086714

I want to get into hobby but i dislike Space Marines, not HATE but dislike.
What do bros, what army should i choose?
pic unrelated

>> No.57086715

>one dude who was possessed by a daemon and bears the geneseed of the emperor himself is slightly taller than an army of even hardier space marines
I mean he’s just another member of the Mary Sue marine chapter, so neglect it

>> No.57086730



Nah but it's my Primus.

>> No.57086731

We need more to go on than "I dislike Space Marines" you stupid furry

>> No.57086739

Chances of Gorkamorka getting a fresh release?

>> No.57086742


the blurriness actually makes it cooler, imo. Cinematic. Also, good on you for getting a fully painted guard game, fellow guardbro.

>> No.57086756

i dislike Space Marines design and them being shoved everywhere, i'd prefer something with more personality and flavor too

>> No.57086757

There is literally anything. Each army has a general flavor that you can season to taste however you like.
Like US Special ops with a vaguely japanese alien species? Tau
Like trenches and tanks? Guard
Like a swarm of sharp claws and hungry mouths? Tyranids
Like space pirates? One of the Eldar factions should fit
Pick the army that looks the best to you (because you will spend a LOT of time working on them), and you can "YOUR DUDES" your way to a more specific version you like the most whit just some paint and extra bits

>> No.57086758

never ever
GW hates Orks, and they have Necromunda for their 40k skirmish game

>> No.57086759

space wolves you fucking furnigger

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>> No.57086769

>tfw it looks like his dick is literally smoking before you see the cigar

>> No.57086772

pick Guard then, you've got a massive scope in regards to models (including many, many third party companies/parts too) and they've got loads of personality

>> No.57086776

>i'd prefer something with more personality and flavor too
Thats still incredibly fucking vague. Do you want aliens or humans? Shooty guys or stabby guys?

>> No.57086777

Do the hq counsel thing.

>> No.57086792

i don't know m8, yiffs are still too mariney for me
how's chaos?
more stabby than shooty but not going into trash ranged territory.
No matter if humans or aliens
Have mercy Patrick

>> No.57086793

>asks for flavor
>says "Hurr no Space Marines XD"
>doesnt even bother to say what kind of aesthetic he likes/what other armies appeal to him
Fucking Furrshit.
You do realize 40k has more than marines, right? Go to their fucking website and have a look over the armies.

>> No.57086809

Based. Space Marines should all just be Deathwatch and chapters should just be shit no one cares about like a backstory.

>> No.57086810

Rending claws, crushing claws... Claws are claws, right?

>> No.57086816

>Fucking Furrshit.
So far i had Chaos, Orkz and Eldar in mind

>> No.57086817


Eldar have a lot of options, and they aren't just a "kill everything" race, they have an agenda, history, etc. Also a lot of options since they can ally with Dark Eldar and there are numerous flavors of Eldar.

Also, they're gay so probably right up your backalley.

>> No.57086820

snibeti snab

>> No.57086822

Join the Khorne Daemon party. I need more people in this thread to discuss ideas with.

>> No.57086826

>Also, they're gay so probably right up your backalley.
but i am straight, anon

>> No.57086827

Listen to this anon, dark angels is perfect for you.

>> No.57086828

>how's chaos?
Not good if you dislike space marines. Aside from Chaos marines there is only chaos daemons.
>more stabby than shooty but not going into trash ranged territory.
Tyranids. They don't have much character though so look at Genestealer cults instead.

>> No.57086832

Are Vostroyan tanks any good?

>> No.57086834

You've got anything from anarchists who value freedom and power, to complete batfuck nutjobs, and anything in between. And your options for customization are almost limitless. GeeDubs will try to make you start with a vaguely-marine-shaped starter squad, but you can go as far as you like in any direction after that

>> No.57086845

Orks or harliqueens for fun stabby and eldar support.

Just make sure you read how to ally.

>> No.57086862

Orks are getting a codex soon and have loads of personality and stabby.

>> No.57086869

i lean towards that but they have no fucking codex right now
how soon my friend, is it 1 months soon or half year soon

>> No.57086874

>So far i had Chaos, Orkz and Eldar in mind
Well then here's my suggestion.
Go to https://www.games-workshop.com
Go look at the models from the Ork, Eldar and Chaos Demons range, specifically, have a look at their troops.
Pick the army who's basic grunts you like the most. You'll probably like most of the bigger models anyway, but to be happy with an army you have to like your normal ass soldiers.

For example, I love most of the Ork Warmachines and stuff like Big Meks and Meganobz, but I cannot stand the ork boy model. As such, I would never start Orks, since I cant see myself having to paint at least 30 Ork boys just to play the army.

Every army needs Troops models. If you like your troops, its a good army for you.

>> No.57086877

We have no idea when Orks are getting a codex. The next codex is Daemons and then it's gonna be tau or necrons.

>> No.57086887


Please god yes. I want to make an all mutant army so bad.

>> No.57086906

What kind of weapon platform should I take if I'm running guardians in a waveserphant. Mostly for intercept tactics to keep then from reaching back line.

Also I have like 10 dire avengers I'm thinking I'll screen my darkreappers, how's that vs guardians as a screen.

Seems like guardians get more from popping out of a tank.

>> No.57086920

Do eldar weapons get muzzle burn? or like an elf equivalent where it glows green at the end or something?

>> No.57086925

well thanks for your input my friends
have a bun for your efforts

>> No.57086938

How cancerous is this for a semi-competitive setting? My local group and I are having a tournament between us. There will be a lot of power armor to be sure but there is an ork player and a tyranid player in the group as well.

>> No.57086944

Alright I'm thinking of starting an army of Eldar, is it best to just buy on ebay already painted and what's actually the best strategy to play them as, each unit is very specific

>> No.57086951


Dire Avengers are a decent screen but if you want pure screen then either guardians or storm guardians are better just because they're cheaper and you can take more of them.

As far as guardians out of the back of a truck - I'd go ShruCannon, no penalty for moving and shooting and it'll fit the already designed role of guardians which is clearing other screens.

>> No.57086956

Looks good Anon!

I love the look of walking tyrants, even though I built mine as a flyer.

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>> No.57086971


>> No.57086977


Not trying to be shitty, could you click the 'condensed' read out or something - battle scribe is already shit to slog through.


As far as where to buy - that's up to you. I prefer to build and paint my models I like to buy NIB or NOS when I can but I won't pass up a deal.

As far as best strategy - do you have any key units in mind? Hemlock Wraithfighters are universally very good, I've had a great deal of success with 20 Guardians dropping from the webway and shining spears and dark reapers are just good units.

>> No.57087034

Would I be better off switching the guardians for dire avengers and have the dire in the wave serphant?

Feel like I could have the platform shoot at stuff in the back, where my dire don't do much.

>> No.57087085

Ahriman using smite, malefic gaze, & tzeentch fire right now is fun

>> No.57087100


Yeah that's not a bad option - you might consider 2 5 man DAs with an exarch w/additional catapult instead of 1 10 man squad. They both fit in the serpent, you'll get 2 2 wound exarchs instead of 1 and you'll pick up another catapult's worth of shooting. Additionally 2 5 mans are less vulnerable to morale than 1 10 man.

For your sit back and shoot unit I'd suggest a bright lance for their weapon. Hopefully they'll be in cover (and preferably alatioc) and then you can either protect or conceal them to help keep them alive.

>> No.57087104

No. They just fall apart under heavy use because they're badly made xenos weapons.

>> No.57087149

My friend was telling me mostly to use farseers and wraithknights to kill enemies from far away with firepower and psyker bullshit. So maybe that.

Where's a good place to read up on tactics and strategies to use, I've mostly been using 1d4chan, not sure if that's the best place to pick out how I want to base my army around

>> No.57087159

I want to be a magician who does primarily Card tricks what army should i play?

>> No.57087178


I like both, but the Flyrant suffers more for the lack of the awesome extended head crest.

>> No.57087185

>Hopefully they'll be in cover (and preferably alatioc) and then you can either protect or conceal them to help keep them alive.

Do they really take a lot of fire?
Guess I'll just say my army is Alatoic, don't like the color scheme much.

>> No.57087222


I don't rate very many places as actually being good for reading up on Eldar tactics. I can tell you that Wraithknights are terrible now, they're over costed and under effective in the current edition so shy away from them. I know its a cesspool but DakkaDakka's tactica thread for Eldar has some good info, the problem is going through and parsing it.

Farseers can generate a decent chunk of MWs through Smite and Executioner but honestly are much much better as a buff factory using Doom and possibly guide (though I prefer doom and executioner). Doom is one of the best force multipliers in the game as it stands because it applies to your whole army.

I do most of my damage via a combination of shining spears (a great target for the webway stratagem or in a Saim-Hann detachment), dark reapers, and hemlock wraithfighters. I run multiple small units (MSU) dire avengers and rangers to act as board control, I use them to fence out deep strikers and similar units.


Depends - they will get shot at because they're fairly easy to kill and a bright lance does respectable damage. They're an easy early game kill that can also cost you an objective baby sitter. Ulthwe can also be feasible for a 6+++ on the unit. As a heads up nothing prevents you from painting your army in a color scheme of your choice and choosing the craftworld trait you like.

>> No.57087229

That may be an old model but by the Lion's bulging codpiece that's a good paint job.

>> No.57087247

40k equivalent of bloodbowl when? I wanna see necrons playing basketball

>> No.57087261

hope 1ks get nerfed soon, they are just too strong

>> No.57087272


We don't need more Board games. Besides I already made my own Dark Elf team using Dark Eldar bits. My witch aelf is a headswap lelith

>> No.57087289

>hope 1ks get nerfed soon

>> No.57087327

Upcoming psyker nerf, grey knigths and Tsons tears are sure to follow.

>> No.57087335

Magnus needs nerfing. 1k sons need buffing.

>> No.57087338


>> No.57087345

>1k sons need buffing.
stopped reading there, 1k are one of the best armies at the moment, just look at how many armies include something 1ks related

>> No.57087348

A while ago I got the Assault on Black Reach box with my brother, and its spent the last few years just lying unpainted. I was considering finally getting around to starting on it recently.

What is a moderately cheap way to store and transport minis? I don't want a crazy expensive carrying case, but I would like a place to keep them where they won't get damaged.

>> No.57087352

Tackle box

>> No.57087355

well yeah, since Space Marines have the most subfactions (aka Chapters and such) they already have different personalities and flavours for almost everyone
but if you want another army, there are also...
...Chaos Space Marines
...Chaos Daemons
...Imperial Guard
...Dark Eldar
...Genestealer Cults
...Imperial Knights

>> No.57087356


Just a tackle or tool box with some foam in it.

>> No.57087366

Try making a pure 1ksons army without magnus. Try winning with it.

>> No.57087371


>not using a wet palette


>> No.57087374

Aren't those generally too thin to hold the larger figures, like the deffkoptas or the dreadnought?

>> No.57087381

you forgot Orks my good man

>> No.57087385


You can get some pretty large tackle boxes.

>> No.57087389

Well aren't grey knights shit?

>> No.57087391

>not including necrons

>> No.57087393

oh shit, I am sorry

>> No.57087394

>tfw currently building a pure 1ks army without magnus or ahriman

i hope i can win a game with /mydudes/

>> No.57087401

I see. Thanks for the advice.

>> No.57087409

I also forget the Admechs

>> No.57087410

Happy Hanukkah guys!!!!

oh right and I guess merry chr*stmas too

>> No.57087414

Hanukkah was like last week

>> No.57087425

How are warwalkers in like a squad of 3 with brighlances. Feel like I can just put them on the other edge of the board my dudes are on and have the enemy split their forces to respond to both.

Also feel like 6 bright lances is fun.

>> No.57087447

Trying to decide what chapter tactics to use for my homebrew chapter, they're pretty durable and tend to use lots of heavy weapons so I was thinking Iron hands or maybe just running dark angels and not taking any of the *wing stuff

>> No.57087481

Yep, as are 1k sons without maggy.

They're getting nerfed because guard and eldar are spamming psykers.
Watching GW try to balance the game is like watching a comedy sketch where a guy trys to attack his neighbour only to smash his own windows.

>> No.57087522


Eldar? Pretty sure the worst offenders were chaos. Either Tzeentch daemons or chaos soup with malefic lords. Don't blame the Eldar for that one. Up until the codex all their psykers came at a premium points cost and even post codex you can spam warlocks for smite spam.

>> No.57087554

spirit seer spam. lords and horrors got nerfed to shit so im not sure if they're still a problem even if brimstones are the most annoying tarpit in the game still.

>> No.57087584

I've fought the smite and it ain't that bad IMO. That might be because my tanks have a lot of wounds, though, and don't rely on saving throws.

>> No.57087618


Spirit seers are still 45 ppm.

>> No.57087634

Anyone got a copy of Killbox, the Gaunt's Ghosts short story? Doesn't seem to be in any of the megas.

>> No.57087662

>nerfing eldar for smite

I really hope you don't mean warlocks.
Because this needless destructor is so weak.

>> No.57087682

So what ya guy think it is??

New Great Unclean One maybe???

>> No.57087690

Anyone got any of these for 40k?

>> No.57087707

Eldar unit

Really though it could be a beast of nurgle.

>> No.57087720

You can't have scions in a cadian regiment and still have the cadian perks. The scions and taurox prime need to be their own regemement. You should also consider replacing the sents as they are currently hot trash, hellhounds are much more cost effective.

>> No.57087745

you can run chaos pretty easily without running MEQ and do well (if not better)

>> No.57087759


Where's this from? Community site?

>> No.57087761

This drives me mad. Why nerf smite? Why not just raise point costs?

>t. Tsons player w/ no magnus

>> No.57087762

Daemons Codex fucking WHEN?

>> No.57087766

clearly plastic sister of some sort

>> No.57087768

>warp talons can't take an icon
end my life lads

>> No.57087771

Ork Codex fucking WHEN?

>> No.57087775

Because Gdubs is fucking retarded. Imagine how I feel as a Tzeentch Daemons player. Honestly, they should have just made Smite weaker than it is. 1 mortal wound on success, d3 on a 10+ cast.

>> No.57087779

up for preorder on either the 6th or the 13th of january with a release the week after

>> No.57087793

But where are my delicious leaks. Every other codex has had at least a few units spoiled weeks in advance. All we have is some chucklefuck claiming he saw a new model for Nurgle's greater daemon.

>> No.57087794


Same as has already been posted in this fucking thread. Early next month.

>> No.57087803

Is there something like that about Ork players?

>> No.57087805

post your favorite unit of all time

>> No.57087808


No. They've had a few units spoiled the week before pre-order.

>> No.57087811


>> No.57087819


Have you bothered emailing any feedback to the FAQ email about the changes? They're beta testing them for a reason.

>> No.57087859

Why are GK Terminators so shit?
Why are all Terminators so shit?
Why do you hate cool stuff, GW?

>> No.57087885

Looks like an ork with a one horned (Broken.) helm and some stuff mounted on its back..

>> No.57087886

>Basecoat my Hellhound in Mechanicus Standard Grey
>Put small amount of Nuln Oil in the recesses
>Nuln Oil is shiny as fuck and it bothers me

What do I do, anon ? Should I use Agrax instead ? I plan to drybrush the tank with Dawnstone once shading is complete.

>> No.57087898

this is so accurate, especially the cringe /pol/ stuff

>> No.57087902


>> No.57087904

use a matte varnish

>> No.57087917

Shake the nuln oi

>> No.57087920

The fact that the left can't meme is indeed accurate.

>> No.57087924

I'm getting ready to do a teaching game with my roommate. I have 3 armies to do said games with, and she showed interest in my drukhari (mostly because I broke my army down as 'space egyptian dustmen', 'evil, spiky elves', and 'rank and file humans').

So what would be a good list for each side?
I'm thinking:
>Guard: 3 squads of infantry, each with a plasma gun and a heavy bolter, plus a company commander and a chimera
>Drukhari: 2 squads of 10 kabalites, each with a blaster, an archon, some hellions or reavers, and a raider
>Thousand Sons: 2 squads of 5 rubrics, one with bolters, one with flamers, and a sorcerer

Does this seem fair?

>> No.57087938

To the "majority of IG players are afghan veterans" that's kinda retarded because in my experience with talking to 40k bros on base is they just like whatever looks the coolest to them, so sure some play IG because a bigass tank is pretty appealing, but it's pretty diverse. I just know military guys on average like board games more than the average people

>> No.57087940

run over the nuln with lahmian medium

>> No.57087941

I don't even care that they aren't super viable, I love how they look, operate, and they're fun to build and paint

>> No.57087958

>the left can't meme
>Implying that having better jobs, higher education, and living in states that actually matter to the world at large isn't memeing on polturds hard enough

Neck yourself, trumpet.

>> No.57087960

goes in all my lists, even against armies that can effortlessly blow it up turn 1. I love everything about this model.

close runner ups are the talos pain engine and genestealers.

>> No.57087965


Make flying stands with brass rod or paper clips.

>> No.57087973


>chest flamers
>side autocannons
>back-mounted missile launcher

finally... enough dakka

>> No.57087985

>enough dakka

not nearly enough dakka. Those legs are shamefully free of guns.

>> No.57088009

>Better jobs
Like barrista in a Starbucks ?
>higher education
Because everyone knows a degree in sociology is worth any degree.
Not everyone lives in murrica.

>> No.57088022

>evil elves

That's an understatement.

>> No.57088033

>Deathwing Tartaros finally came!
And they're fucking useless because special termie armor was never Deathwing's specialty.

>> No.57088036

If I had a dollar for every polturd post that contained the words "starbucks" and "sociology", I'd be fucking rich. For someone who claims the left can't meme, you sure are one note. But I guess that's to be expected from a below-90 IQ subhuman.

>> No.57088040

>fanboying over Jedis isn't as gay and beta as being a neo-Nazi who was rejected for being too gay and beta and so fetishizes Star Wars to have Nazi troopers?

What do you think idiot. Play historicals if you want nazis you are the fucking furries of IGfags

>> No.57088044

Every list has one, Im glad he's cheap as balls and deadly, essentially a Marine Assassin.

>> No.57088046

Amazing how the left is both the hard working underpaid Americans but are also the rich.

And the right is the dumb rednecks but also evil corporations.

>> No.57088052

I bring them every game and love them a lot.

>> No.57088055

Don't be a political fag on Christmas eve anon, it's a nice thread don't ruin it.

>> No.57088060

It's almost as if the Left/Right divide is a distraction from the fact that the upper class is actively preying upon the middle and lower class to fill their own pockets.

>> No.57088062

I've been looking into getting one as well. Not sure what variant I would want. I like Bullgryn and Crusaders a lot so I was considering one of the ones with 25 capacity.

>> No.57088071


>> No.57088072

Stop ruining threads.

>> No.57088073

From my understanding, Hellguns are basically like machine guns but do not have the same penetrating power as Hot Shots, which are shooting a stronger more focused beam.

Hellguns require a huge backpack, while Hotshots only need a medium power cell you can have beneath your backpack.

So in game terms, Hot Shots have -AP while Hellguns would have Assault.

Is this wrong in thinking of these two weapons like this?

>> No.57088082


>> No.57088090

Horn looks metallic, so probably a stormcast eternal with horns.

>> No.57088091


>> No.57088094

Basic bitch option.

>> No.57088103

I was just saying the name of the transport.

>> No.57088113

I do like braaap so that might be a nice one to take for the Bullgryn. It can hold what? 40 models?

>> No.57088126

I might if I buy more. I've got about 40 already painted and assembled, with no desire to fiddle with them. Side note, is the eviscerator any good? All my dudes are before the kit rereleased box

>> No.57088127


>> No.57088128


Duncan tells you to shake your paint pot before you crack it open in every single video. Think there might be a reason behind that?

>> No.57088158

Photos of new Beasts of Nurgle models have been floating around for a while too.

>> No.57088161

>I instinctively do this now whenever I open a bottle

It's bad with soda.

>> No.57088169

What regiment is the best for a Leman Russ with battle cannon? I'm interested in Vostroya, but getting 78" on a 72" weapon doesn't feel very impactful. Valhalla looks cool, but I'm worried tanks just get focused fired anyway and so it never comes into effect.

>> No.57088175

Saw the leak, looks pretty crummy.

>> No.57088193

I believe cadia is one of the best for leman russes.

>> No.57088202

Russes in general want to stay still or move slowly, for that purpose Cadians are probably the best though Tallarn for more mobility and Catachan to get more shots are also great choices. I dont think any other regiment benefits Russes more than those 3.

>> No.57088215

armageddon is...okay to make them a bit tougher, and increases the range on their storm bolters.

>> No.57088222

I want to include one and later maybe a few in a seperate attachment to support my Admech army. Mostly because I want some tanks and I think they help fill a niché Admech lacks.

>> No.57088224

Which is better points per Smite than anything else in the game right now, but Runes of Battle is so good that they usually have better shit to do than Smite.

>> No.57088228


> is the eviscerator any good? All my dudes are before the kit rereleased box

Mine, too. Sorry, anon, I ran plasma spam and flamers because why not and it looks cool.

>> No.57088230

>I think they help fill a niché Admech lacks.

...which is what? Onagers are comparable to leman russes.

>> No.57088234

Is there any fluff on the corvus blackstar? Like when was it entered in service/discovered and home come only the deathwatch can use it and not any other chapters

>> No.57088244

I gave it a light shake, but apparently that wasn't enough. I'll try shaking it harder tomorrow.

>> No.57088247

Catachan is best for Battle Cannon Lemans. Re-rolling how many shots you get is really comfy and there's no order or anything necessary.

Valhallan is pretty good, it means you stay at top tier for 3 extra wounds. It isn't as good as I want it to be every time I run it though.

Tallarn is nice if you want to load up on Sponson guns.

Cadian is good, but better for something like a Punisher.

Pretty sure you guys have vehicles that are better at tank hunting than Lemans. If you want crowd control, then Punishers would be a good one to fill in the gaps.

>> No.57088259

I keep shaking washes until, when flipping it upside down, the bottom is 'clean' and all you see is bubbles.

>> No.57088265

Is the Hydra a meme unit or is it actually good ?

>> No.57088269


>> No.57088274

I want to build up an army of bangles successors, serving as an outsider detachment. I've got plenty of assault marines, a small group of bikers, and like half a dozen speeders. The idea is that they'd serve as a fluffy strike company, maybe as a QRF, maybe with a stormtalon or two as ariel support and some scouts in speeder storms. Obviously they'll be lacking in any real staying power and will probably struggle dealing with high wound, armor, and toughness units , but is there any thing else?

>> No.57088286

Speaking of tanks, how should I kit out one of the GSC Tanks?

Should I run it as a Cult tank?

As an Astra Militarum tank? Maybe as a tank commander?

What should I equip it with?

>> No.57088290

High damage/strength with long range. A Neutron laser Onager is only 48". A Leman Russ is also not insignificantly tougher than an Onager is.

Plus 40k Admech has a severe lack of tanks. Spider tanks and walkers are cool, but can't go wrong with some metal boxes on caterpillar tracks.

>> No.57088295

It's comfy against Eldar, Dark Eldar and Tau, but shitty against Wave Serpents.

>> No.57088298

what application are you using?

>> No.57088310

>implying the complete shit these threads are can be ruined

Cry more you little pussy ass faggot.

>> No.57088314

Yes you can. It just means Scions don't get their own Doctrine. They even have a special paragraph that explains that.

>> No.57088317

bump for this.

do these look like 3 fair lists?

>> No.57088319

Oh, cult tanks have different stats? I might have to check out guard GSC now, I'm interested

>> No.57088322

48" is more than enough to cover most boards. And since it can move full distance and shoot without penalty its effectively 56".

>> No.57088333

Hmm, that's fair. Perhaps I should look at a Punisher instead, since hordes might be a greater issue than armour cracking (Then again we have dakkastellans)

>> No.57088338

Funny, I feel the same way about Chaos.

>> No.57088343

They don't, they just have their own entry in the index.

Its basically a standard Leman Russ except it takes 1 heavy support slot without the option to make it cheaper.

I presume down the line that there will be some sort of difference, something like Chapter Tactics/Stratagems etc which benefit one over the other.

>> No.57088352

Hell vanguard and jazz hands are plenty good at horde clearing. Anti-horde is not something AdMech lacks.

>> No.57088355

the biggest weakness of the admech is a lack of transport options.

their weaponry is fantastic.

>> No.57088371

>Krieg is supposed to be an artillery heavy faction
>Cadia and Catachan are much better at artyspamming.
A-at least we still have cool uniforms...

>> No.57088382


Everyone hates the ones on top.

>> No.57088391

>rule of cool
I can respect that. I'm half tempted to buy a pack of the new guys just for the eviscerator and the other melee bits and jumpacks. Planning on making a captain and some guard for him to run around with, and the thought of 'angry, flying tank with a big-ass chainsaw' seems to fit the group pretty well

>> No.57088397

>Armageddon is supposed to be about tank spamming
>Cadia and catachan are better at tank spamming

>> No.57088408

What would you say is something we lack? Is that potential weakness something a Leman Russ variant can help to fill?

I just want an excuse to use tanks

>> No.57088423

I got a tau battleforce box, and I need potentially 6 more stealth suits. Is getting a second ghost keel worth it or is it overkill (in the bad way)

>> No.57088424

i like your boys

>> No.57088430

Being gasmask Guard is suffering.

>> No.57088433

Disagree. That shit count buff helps some units but EVERY tank loves being nearly immune to the damage table.

>> No.57088434

"They're cool" is a good enough excuse. I can't really think of a niche Russ' cover that the AdMech lacks.

>> No.57088437

Anyone else run something that isn't Cadian or Catachan?

I like Valhallan.

>> No.57088453

Thanks, though I'm dropping the sons, they're boring to play and nerfing smite is harsh as shit on them.

Still, I'm working on Magnus.

>nearly immune
literally the only army I've played against whose AP modifiers I consistently shut down was necrons.

>> No.57088458

Why do people prefer plastic over resin so much?

All I've heard is that resin is kinda dangerous to work with and requires a breathing mask.

>> No.57088459

Our biggest potential weaknesses are mostly lack of anti-psyker, lack of transports, and maybe a fast attack option that isn't either a heavy weapon platform or a melee unit.

>> No.57088476

I was at my local GW one day and I was sitting at a table with the store manager and 2 other people and they were all vets so I was just having a fun time listening to their stories (base shenanigans, pt stories, etc). I've learned better, but I never knew just how many military people are into 40k.

>> No.57088478

you're not using glossy nuln oil are you?

>> No.57088484

go buy a finecast model and then come back

>> No.57088487


Not this again

>> No.57088490

Have you considered using decent LoS blocking terrain, or do you enjoy the slow methodical one sided rape of your opponents too much?

>> No.57088493

Resin is more labour intensive and a vast majority of the time will require far more cleaning/prep work than your standard injection molded plastic mini. I like the amount of spare components you get that can be put to use in other projects too

>> No.57088499

I can't really help you since my DKoK force isn't even glued yet. On paper, Catachan and Cadian are the superior options. Valhalla seems fun to play, with its infantry spam stratagem.

I wish FW would give a few Krieg-specific stratagems.

>> No.57088518

Well we do have the Forge World open coming up on the 8th...

>> No.57088521

That stratgem is pure trash. Not only do you need to pay reinforcement points in matched play, but Conscripts are now 4ppm making them just shitty infantry squads that make you miss out on special weapons and more command points. It's really sad. Valhallan is just nice when you have a bunch of crippled tanks still firing at full BS.

>> No.57088534

Is it bad that I can't take Magnus seriously because of TTS ?

>> No.57088535

Because they are retarded and can't see the difference in detail. Plastic is much better as a material and is preferable for models where the loss of detail is irrelevant but resin has way better detail. Whether the detail is worth putting up with the bullshit of resin preparation is where individual preferences come in.

The plastic Tartaros are great, but compare them to resin and you see the shortcomings, especially in the knee. Plastic cataphractii and contemptor are just plain shit. The fact that you see so many plastic contempors being used is proof enough that you can't trust plasticfags.>>57088459

>> No.57088545

Most of the 8e codexes are shit fluffwise and feel rushed as fuck

>> No.57088547

Dude, that anon brings garbage lists because his opponents are borderline retarded people. It's like 9 Chimeras with infantry squads and sometimes some Conscripts and a couple of Lemans. Peashooting that takes 9 hours and does nothing, and he takes the Armageddon doctrine which is arguably the worst one.

>> No.57088551


Too stupid to capitalize or punctuate, too stupid to not be a dipshit. Every time.

>> No.57088568

finecast is literally plastic resin you blithering fucking cretin

>> No.57088579

The idea of being able to order your own dudes into battle, often times only winning through a combination of luck, skill, and sheer grit is something that resonates with a lot of us. Even the guys in my platoon that weren't that into gaming beyond an evening of drunken Madden or call of duty, got into watching batreps during boring stretches during the work week.

>> No.57088585

>being a christ killer

>> No.57088626

Looks like in black you painted kind of a horse jumping to the left on grey clouds. Either a car or perhaps a stegosaurus on wheels in red driving on grey rocks.


>> No.57088633

I'm honestly debating getting a canoness as one of my GSC's HQ's because of TTS.

>> No.57088646

so these guys are modeled after WW2-era russian soldiers, right?

>> No.57088653

Germans with a WW1 theme

>> No.57088658

>death korps of K R I E G
yeah dude definitely

>> No.57088664

What I love with IG is how they really bring out the flavor of everythng else by introducing a human scale into the setting. When you have super soldiers in super armor fighting other super soldiers in super armor, nothing really stands out. But when you have waves of ordinary human beings fighting against an army of super soldiers in super armor, now they really stand out as an elite force.

>> No.57088668

Why did you quotebmy AdMech post?

>> No.57088679

You're baiting, but still.
German helmets, French trenchcoats, British gas masks.

>> No.57088697

They French.

>> No.57088706

After jumping back into the hobby after like 10 years of being away. Getting used to painting again and deciding to get my shit together has felt great.

Made a wet palette from tupperware and dish sponges and the shit has stay moist for over a week, easy. What a new world.

>> No.57088711



>> No.57088714

Ah yes the French word "krieg" and the well-known French stahlhelm.

>> No.57088719

Russian tactics

>> No.57088733


>> No.57088749

What makes the best use of the Valhallan doctrine?

>> No.57088764

This is the original.

Also you always post with the same filename being "igplayer", so everyone can tell it's just you.

>> No.57088772

The opposite of 'Stalin' tactics amirite?

>> No.57088831

What's the funniest army you have played/played against, WHG?

>> No.57088844

IG player detected

>> No.57088872

Infantry and Russ spam, I guess.

>> No.57088886

Yeah I play IG.

>8th edition codex for guard rolls around
>playing guard is suddenly a crime

Really activates my almonds, almost like some people can't handle a loss.

>> No.57088887

Try maxed-out conscripts supervised under a platoon/company commander with Checkov's 45. Back it up with 1 or 2 command squads kitted with flamers. This will ensure that no horde army will ever want to melee with you, as you autoburn anyone in contact with your near-fearless troops. If you have a spare order you can try fix bayonets though it only has a 50% chance of proc'ing.

Your tanks don't lose efficiency with health, so feel free to bring a Russes or Baneblade platform that almost never stops firing at BS4. That said, try to stick to the non-random shot Russes as you have no way of ensuring they roll a good number of shots.

>> No.57088893

I think WHG is Warmachine & Hordes General.

Played against, probably gaunt-spam Tyranids. We planned the game, so I built a full anti-infantry Space Marine list to see how long I would last. We kind of stretched the rules a bit for the narrative (He was allowed to bring back some destroyed units when achieving his objectives), but it was a great game.

>> No.57088898

Welcome to being a non-cheese Tau player going from 6th to 7th codex. You'll take the shit you get just like we did.

>> No.57088937

It's Abbadon.

>> No.57088939


My opponents usually set up the tables, actually, though sometimes I have to overrule them when they throw unpainted or ugly terrain pieces on the table. Why people choose unpainted scenery when there is painted scenery of the same size right next to it remains a mystery to me.

>> No.57088940

>guardfags get the same banter that literally every other faction gets instead of the usual HFY dicksucking
>muh persecution!!!

>> No.57089023

>same banter
delusional and I don't even play anything imperium

>> No.57089038

Merry Christmas someone pls post Warmaster novel pls

>> No.57089050

Hot shots are basically a single shot battery for your lasgun. Instead of getting 30-100 shots, depending on your power setting, you get one shot that can pierce space marine armor, and will ruin your lasgun if you don't have replacement parts on hand. Hellguns are basically a dedicated hotshot with an entire battery pack you wear on your back.
What I'd do is keep hell guns as rapid fire 1, and then make hot shots into a one use assault 1 upgrade that otherwise has the same stats as a hellgun.

>> No.57089059

What's this bullshit whit crisis suits hitting on 4+ and commanders on 2+? There should be something in between

>> No.57089062


Armageddon is about mechanized infantry, not tanks, anon.

>> No.57089076

I don't ever see why suits have such bad BS, they are supposed to be honourable dudes.
All suits but commanders should be BS3. Commanders shouldn't be able to use those missile launchers with 6 shots but keep their BS.
Or just increase amount of shots for most of suit weapons.

>> No.57089087

Cannot unsee.

>> No.57089091

Crisis Suits should either be cheaper, or be BS3. Simple as that.

>> No.57089131

You have never seen chaos get shit on? Eldar? FUCKING TAU? Are you retarded, or just new?

>> No.57089138

>leadbelcher+nuln oil+agrax earthshade

>> No.57089149

See >>57088679. The DKoK is a mix between various armies from WW1. That colour scheme is clearly inspired by French uniforms though.

>> No.57089152

It’s like he hasn’t seen carnac hate, or the shit being flung at tyranids whenever someone wants to mix a hive fleet

>> No.57089169

>using washes

how cute

>> No.57089170

>Macharius Vanquisher no longer available
>tfw you will live to see the day when FW only sells HH stuff, and all the wonderful IG range for which it became known is gone for good.

>> No.57089178

Death Korps are all of ww1 thrown together into one regiment. I suppose the confusion is natural given their name, but still.

>> No.57089179


>> No.57089185

>Being a faggot

how cute

>> No.57089193

Some Ryza rust is a nice addition for some weathering.

>> No.57089196


>> No.57089202

They could just be remaking the mould.

>> No.57089212

The hell is Zippyshare and why does it look hyperdodgey

>> No.57089226

It's warmaster novel.

>> No.57089234


>> No.57089293


A dual faction codex that incorporates Sisters of Silence into 40k and a fully plastic sisters line.

Roboute reforms both into a single epic force of chaos stomping death.

>> No.57089301


>> No.57089322


Also, boosted the survival rate of the space marine process by 10000%, but fuck him, right?

>> No.57089360

No new factions, they have so many factions to update as is.

>> No.57089382

Sisters. They're one of the few interesting things going for the Imperium.

>> No.57089391

How good is a Basilisk ?

>> No.57089399

Fuck sisters. Only waifufags play them.

Gib Rak'Gol NAO blis

>> No.57089418

Pretty good.

>> No.57089427

It looks great so it won't matter that much

>> No.57089438

excellent stuff

>> No.57089451

So do you lose your DG legion trait if you have nurglings in the detachment?

>> No.57089453



>> No.57089458

Fucking xeno cucks.

We could have both, but you had to bitch didn’t you?

>> No.57089468

how does this make any sense

>> No.57089480

Your army really should be wrapped into =][= anyway.

The only reason you were your own faction in the first place is because Matt Ward kinda liked you but did't want to open the pandoras box of updating daemon hunters.

>> No.57089483


Dunno but thems the rules. If you take any unit with the <Death Guard> keyword you lose the legion trait.

>> No.57089484

>question literally states "pick one"
Are you retarded?

>> No.57089494

Protip: tuck them into a Spearhead detachment with a CSM sorc and three Plaguebursts. You want that sorc for Warptime/Prescience, and Plaguebursts don't care about being in a pure DG detachment.

>> No.57089506


fuck retards who play sisters

give me a brand new xenos race

>> No.57089508

yeah I know that trick. I just was already up to where I wanted to be on detachments and now I have to reorganize some stuff

>> No.57089521

How was it a pandora box ?
I was around back in the day when DH codex came out. I left the hobby for quite some time, and now Inquisitors are a footnote of 40k while the GK are totally independent. I liked it better when Inquisitors called the shots, and GKs were the elite enforcers.

>> No.57089526

>Wanting another Xenos race to get attached to that will get shelved after its initial model range release to make room for more Space Marines
Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

>> No.57089528

Merry christmas you glorious bastard. Thanks.

>> No.57089536

the vulcan went on 'no longer available' a few weeks back

It will just be them remaking the mould or soemthing

>> No.57089552

Wew lad, what could you possibly do against so much LoS blocking terrain???

>> No.57089562

>pick one
You never pick one you take both. Fucking xeno cuck

>> No.57089568

I wish Xenos had more screentime and weren't treated like NPC. I don't even play Xenos, I'm just tired of Chaos being the only relevant adversary the Imperium has in the lore.

>> No.57089587

I play DE, Tau, and GK, and my god, I have fucking had it with Chaos this, Chaos that, Chaos here. Still a minimum of another month before something Xenos. Unless GW pulls the rug out from us and does Wolves codex.

>> No.57089593

why do all these fags shitpost the steel legion anon?

His army looks good.

>> No.57089630

Because he's a guard player with a fully painted, themed army. Everyone's convinced the only guard players are bandwagoners, so when they're confronted with evidence to the contrary, it angers them. That's what I've gathered at least

>> No.57089652

the tsundere inquisitor obsessed with genestealers.


>> No.57089653

I'm just shitposting, man. I hope your dreams of plastic sisters come true, so I can destroy them with my plastic Rak'Gol.
Merry christmas, anon.

>> No.57089685

Guardfags would've gotten a lot less shit if they weren't self-righteous, obnoxious cunts about getting an OP codex. I mean fuck there was a dude who sperged out and started calling people weeb taufags whenever someone implied there were IG bandwagoners or even guardfags that didn't paint their armies, seriously.

>> No.57089701


They know I have a thing for tsunderes, so they're trying to pry their way into my heart

>> No.57089705

But Nurglings are in the DG codex

>> No.57089714

Sorry Anon, but the Pope said Jews aren’t responsible for the death of Christ, especially given it was part of the Plan all along anyway.

Have fun in hell, heretic.

>> No.57089716

"Ordo Draigo, we will provide the hams!"
Everyime I see that bit, i fucking lose it

>> No.57089718

it gives me no small amount of satisfaction seeing your painted models staring down tiny amounts of enemy models, as it's obvious the properly painted army are mid-crushing.

>> No.57089723

Kasrkin models are choice. How come you painted their armor grey rather that black, like the SL helmets?

>> No.57089729

cry more. play nids if you want a respectable xenos army

>> No.57089733


Doesn't matter. They don't have the <Death Guard> key word.

>> No.57089747

>We are actively trying not to explode.
Every fucking time.

>> No.57089749

>being a christfag

>> No.57089754


>> No.57089760

God damn bird mouths are weird

>> No.57089761


I bought them the week they came out (like...15 years ago now?). Back then I was still a young weeb and wanted to paint them to look like pic related. That's why they have red eyes, as well. Originally the entire army was themed off Jin Roh's CaPo, but over time I stopped liking the dark brown coats and switched over to traditional tan.

>> No.57089765

>grenade launchers

>> No.57089769


>> No.57089788

Good taste. Thanks for the answer.

>> No.57089817

Can we have a blank version of this? Need to make an ork one

>> No.57089821


I'd say my win ratio is maybe 75%? But that's mostly likely because the community here is kind of small and the four or so guys I usually play with have trouble with guard apparently. One of them plays nids, though, and I still haven't played against him with his new codex.

>> No.57089859


>> No.57089860

I'm at a similar rate. Nids consistently beat me, as does this one player who runs DG and primaris-focused dark angels.

>> No.57089861

Rose is a true hero skunker, also sisters if you have money you have been wanting to burn.

>> No.57090147

Yea, but that would mean that the Hot shot Lasguns that Scions are running around in need a new battery pack each time they shoot.

I think it also may be a case of GW giving the same name to like 3 different things, A hot shot pack for longlas to do one shot one kill, supped up laser with scions, etc etc.

>> No.57090155

Whats a good loadout for a 5 man wolf guard terminator squad that will be deepstriking in to help claim backfield objectives?

>> No.57090190

How do you take such nice pictures? Mine always come out super grainy. (Even with a new phone.) Using HDR for your images?

>> No.57090207

How hard would it be to remove - file, cut, etc - all the Ultramarines symbols from plastic Guiliman model?

>> No.57090214


Yeah I take them in HDR then resize them down 50% before posting.

>> No.57090231

I don't think it'd be that hard, just quite time consuming

>> No.57090266

It would be hard. This guy didn't bother.

>> No.57090285

>not wanting to kill a God

>> No.57090292

Yea i want one of each faction. It would be great.

>> No.57090300

Are genestealers the only 'tyranid' model GSC can use?

>> No.57090302

make a dark eldar one.

>> No.57090319

All cult and Tyranid units share the Tyranid keyword. Does a GSC army lose anything from including whatever beasties they want?

>> No.57090322

Asscan or heavy flamer for shifting and warding off enemy units. Combi plas on a couple for extra punch, and maybe th/ss on the leader for dealing with melee threats. I'm not sure what else would be good, as I don't play wolves, but I know for sure that's a unit loadout I wouldn't want deepstriking behind my ass

>> No.57090323

Kill me.

>> No.57090344

>White Scars
>Mentally ill
Checks out

>> No.57090432


>> No.57090493


>> No.57090526

I wanna try a Wulfen themed chaos army....mostly conversions....i'mma start with a daemon prince that uses the legs/body of the skaven stormfiend and If it was at all possible get a body/legs of the verminlord corrupter to make a bloodthirster/skarbrand for under 70$ I'd be all over that. What should the wulfen be if I do some conversions?

>> No.57090540

The tyranid one would all be hot chicks

>> No.57090543

Beastmen with marines?

>> No.57090553

It's really hard to get plastic beastmen stuff

>> No.57090564

>What should the wulfen be if I do some conversions?
You can get conversion packs from a few places

Puppetswar do these werewolf arms for example. They also have heads.
Finished result will probably look more like the classic models too instead of the plastic ones as an added bonus.

>> No.57090575

I was meaning like the gors plastic kit and combining with marines. Not sure how that would look though

>> No.57090588

What's a good fluffy way to run 40 scions, 3 tauroxes primes and 2 leman russes? I've run deepstriking 5 man squads before, but I don't have any plasma unless I use counts as. But I've got 4 flamers, 3 meltas, and 2 volley-las. Not sure how I want to run them.

>> No.57090597

I saw a dude who had some wulfen conversions a few years ago. If I remember correctly, he used limbs from possessed, I think, for the mutant wolf man limbs

>> No.57090603

the arms are ok but those head.... oh no.....

>> No.57090609


>> No.57090611

any idea where to get the verminlord bits?


>> No.57090615

Fire Raptors went down, you could still make the second one.

>> No.57090628

As I said, there are a few different places where you can get them. Just google around for werewolf, wolfcompany or any kind of wolf space knight conversion bits. The usual suspects.
It's a pretty common set of parts.

No, sorry can't help with that. But unless you need 100% GW bits to play in a GW store I'd just buy a big Werewolf model. There are loads of those around in all sizes.

>> No.57090641

buy a verminlord

>> No.57090658

I am making a homebrew called

>> No.57090667


>> No.57090668

for example

>> No.57090710

>listening a jesuit pedophile communist as an authority on God

Lets read at some scripture,

Matthew 24:21
>“Which of the two do you want me to release to you?” asked the governor.
>“Barabbas,” they answered.
>“What shall I do, then, with Jesus who is called the Messiah?” Pilate asked.
>They all answered, “Crucify him!”
>“Why? What crime has he committed?” asked Pilate.
>But they shouted all the louder, “Crucify him!”
>When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”
>All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!”

>All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!”

Jews revel in the death of Christ. The Talmud calls him a sorcerer. Jews hate christ so much they won't even draw plus signs. Schoolchildren in Israel use an upside down T instead of a plus sign.
The word "kike" is derived from the word "kikel", yiddish for circle. When filling out papers on Ellis island Jews would fill in check boxes with circles instead of crossing them.

Jews are Christ killers through and through.

>> No.57090721

Merry christmas niggas

>> No.57090722

The modern pope barely seems catholic.

>> No.57090730

MERRY XMAS MAH NIGG. what santa give you?

>> No.57090733

tg it question time
>So what is the emperor bringing you tomorrow
>What have you got for your friend?
>What did you get your family
>Do you have small ones?
>Do the believe in the Fat red bastard?
>Why is my depression slowly getting worse
Merry christmas for all of you all and have a good holiday

>> No.57090745

I thought nietzsche killed god?

>> No.57090749

Dunno yet. Its 4am. I woke up way too early

>> No.57090756

>So what is the emperor bringing you tomorrow
It's already christmas day here and it's hot as fuck.

>> No.57090760

ahh shit. here we open gifts at midnight. i got Ork bikers and a trukk

>> No.57090785

Its snowing here Anon. I get to have a white christmas yay.

>> No.57090787

im so sorry foe your loss

>> No.57090794

Nietzche proclaimed the death of god, he wasn't his killer. And it wasn't triumphal either, he predicted that after the death of God humanity would oscillate between totalitarianism and nihilistic hedonism until the birth of the Ubermensch. Looking back at the 20th century, that's exactly what happened.

>> No.57090799

no it isnt

>> No.57090801

You seem like a git.

>> No.57090815

>half the planet gets consumed by totalitarian mass murderers
>other half gets consumed by rampant consumerism
You're silly boy

>> No.57090817

na its all good. i need me more bikers. t5, 4 attacks, 4+ save, 2 wounds.. ah , yes please

>> No.57090830

Good, the world could use less Catholics.

>> No.57090837

More muslims, less christians. Future looks bright

>> No.57090841

>Mr. Rogers was the Ubermensch.

So what now? Back to hedonism I hope!

>> No.57090850

christianity is dead anyways.

I wish these fedora tippers would attack muslims with the same hate they use on catholics.

>> No.57090858



>> No.57090865

They were wrong. THESE are peak shitposting hours!

>> No.57090867

>I wish these fedora tippers would attack muslims with the same hate they use on catholics.

na they're too pussy. Muslims throw acid in your face for drawing rudimentary pictures of allah and the warlord muhammed

>> No.57090875

What even is the Ubermensch i am such a brainlet i couldn't quite grasp what he meant by that. Probably doesn't help i was reading it translated as Superman.

>> No.57090878


Who said anything about there needing to be more Muslims? Religion in general could use a culling. If you spent as much time being useful members of society as you did being afraid of brown people, maybe you'd graduate from /pol/ and realize how retarded you are.

>> No.57090884

So why are beastmen so underused by GW in 40k?

>> No.57090890


They didn't go down enough to make up for the difference in the rest of the list.

>> No.57090902

The Ubermench is someone who can create his own morals despite the lack of a deity.

>> No.57090904

furries (?)

>> No.57090912

Christianity is dead and now we have left and right as the new religion. All religions have been replaced with ideology, the new original sin is white guilt. The new satan is hitler. The new religion is shit.

>> No.57090927

If white atheists have 1.3 kids and a dog and have open borders to brown muslims who have 6 kids, how do you think this is going to end? Pro tip, the West doesn't have magic dirt. When they come here they don't magically reject the idea that gays should be killed, women should be subjugated, and non-muslims should be made to convert or pay.

>> No.57090934

Start Collecting Deathwatch, SM Dred, a ton of Devastators, some Wyrd stuff I thought looked interesting, and various assorted other non /tg/ related things that may or may not violate one global rule or another
What are 'friend'?
legos, anime crap, a disturbing quantity of zip ties, and kitchen appliances
[laughing anime girls]
[sad anime girls]
because you don't drink enough

>> No.57090935

Sounds great man. Happy for ya. I think Ill get a bunch of genestealer cult stuff

>> No.57090941

What's the best counter to Hemlocks?

>> No.57090948


Meanwhile good white Christians are just shooting up schools, grocery stores, and planned parenthoods.

>> No.57090954

The number of people killed in mass shootings is statistically insignificant. Demographic winter and replacement is not.

Not an argument

>> No.57090984

winter and replacment? say what?

>> No.57090985

What did you get from wyrd?

>> No.57090991

I kind of want to do a beastman IG regiment, i think it would be fairly fun.

>> No.57090992

>So what is the emperor bringing you tomorrow
>What have you got for your friend?
Hat, games and gift cards for friends
>What did you get your family
Soap, scarves, jewelry, bluetooth speaker
>Do you have small ones?
I wish, but I can't physically
>Do the believe in the Fat red bastard?
Always scared me as a child, my dad told me not to trust strangers and that's pretty strange to me
>Why is my depression slowly getting worse
Can't say, maybe years of it not being fixed is making it worse

>> No.57090997

Try reading and responding to

>> No.57091001

I too like the thought of Goat Girls Anon

>> No.57091013

Even if Australia we have "mentally unwell afgani" retards deliberately running people over now and we don't have white christians shootings.

>> No.57091014

Is there anything I could proxy this baby as for my CSM cultists, I was thinking just as a rhino but I'm not sure?

>> No.57091018

This. He's actually being accused of heresy bishops due to documented accounts of violating canon law.

>> No.57091027

>imperial guard
I thought we didn't have those?

>> No.57091033

i dont see a connection

>> No.57091062

>He doesn't have a store Guard girl who replaces Cadian heads with 3rd party girl heads

>> No.57091065

Through the Breach female kit and the Pandora box.
I only asked for the Through the Breach box, but I'm sure I can find a use for a murderous deathloli.

>> No.57091067

landraider maybe? im not sure how big that thing is. You could mount somw rockets or whatever on the back and call it a ghetto whirlwind. Does csm have whirlwinds?

>> No.57091074

Taller than a Rhino but a smaller foot print

>> No.57091075

Take this shitty debate to a different board. This is 40k general where we talk about toy soldiers not fucking real world politics. I didn't hop on after opening my Christmas presents to see two retards argue with each other about their ideas of ideal cultural norms.

>> No.57091078

in the lore the guard are so desperate for bodies that they even take abhumans

>> No.57091082

>anon says being afraid of muslims is hysterics even though muslims have views antithetical to western civilization, have a surging population, and are flooding europe by the millions

What is there not to understand?

>> No.57091087

cry more faggot.

>> No.57091092

It's a joke about the lake of female models for guard.

>> No.57091101

I understand you need to go back to your containment board

>> No.57091104

Does the mandatory store trap count?

>> No.57091108

Smart to give him yous. I agree when are you leaving?

>> No.57091116

Yes that counts. Now let's hear about this store trap.

>> No.57091117

Not an argument

>> No.57091118

this is 40kg anon, you do not belong here, pls go

>> No.57091129

They are not the kind that hits on everyone.

>> No.57091140

Genestealers roll out!!!

>> No.57091145


Not being bad?

>> No.57091148

as a store trap, i can tell you we dont play female guard or sisters (eugh)
we usually go xenos of some kind, nids is the meme but ive seen lots of girls go orks or dark eldar

>> No.57091149

Are they cute at least? Personality or physically?

>> No.57091173

Why doesn't it have a minimum range again?

>> No.57091177

>anon says christians should be culled because they're school shooters or something

>anon says muslims are an existential threat to western civilization
>muh bol boogieman

Try using some actual arguments, or at least be unbiased in trying to shut down discussion

>> No.57091181

I don't get it either. No minimum range, no increase in points, got buffed to -3 AP for no reason.

>> No.57091189

6.5/10, good for conversation though when she is actually in the mood for it.

She mostly does play xenos, guard is just a side thing.

>> No.57091212


>> No.57091213

Holy fucking Based!

>> No.57091223

Our store trap is Guard and Inquisition. Seems to be prepping for an Eldar army though.

>> No.57091231


>> No.57091252

why get so upset over it friend anon? she just wanta to play plastic army men with you, no need to be rustled

>> No.57091281

what makes you think I'm upset

>> No.57091290

Is that just a normal erection then and not an angry one?

>> No.57091297


always nice seeing gareths work

>> No.57091304

>le rustled jim jams
>haha ur just projecting dude, you just wanna fuck a body with broad shoulders and a penis like me

>> No.57091324

Yeah that sounds right, you big homo.

>If I say the truth in a mocking tone, everyone will believe it's not the truth!

>> No.57091337

Wait if I'm gay because I secretly want to fuck traps, doesn't that mean traps are men?

>> No.57091344

old 5th edition

>> No.57091346


>> No.57091380

Men presenting as women yes. I mean you call them she and think of them as a girl because that's nice, but it's still pretty gay.

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