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Peak shitposting hours, edition.

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>FAQ update

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (all of them):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations
>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer Updated for Tyranids? Math-Anon requests vetting

Thread Question: If you could invent a new walker/monster for you army what would it be?

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first for new t'au non-empire models
do you think they'll be farsight or auxiliaries?

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First for Chaos Primaris models now.

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Does /40kg/ give THEIR DUDES names?

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Nth for the 13th

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Can they even be called ur dudez if you don't name them?

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I bet it will be farsight but i hope its auxiliaries. i want Dwarves lizards and dogs dammit

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I name a model if he does something worth noting.

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>Thread Question: If you could invent a new walker/monster for you army what would it be?

A Tyranid biotitan that's worth using or doesn't cost more than the rest of the army.

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>[Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

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I gave all my 100 or so daemon models names.
My mighty warhost, lead by Gurgle the washed-out.

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I name all my HQs. My Heresy Night Lords are led by Lord Xethas the Huntsman, my 40k Death Guard are led by Phosgenus the Indescribably Toxic.

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>[Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]
>DA Codex link not in the OP

Why are you people so dysfunctional?

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Does this look decent for a 700 point 4 player game?

+ Patrol Detachment (Imperium - Space Wolves) [39 PL, 690pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Hellblaster Squad [8 PL, 165pts]: Plasma incinerator
. 4x Hellblaster
. Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol

+ Dedicated Transport +

Rhino [4 PL, 78pts]: Hunter-killer missile, Storm bolter

+ Troops +

Grey Hunters [13 PL, 189pts]: 8x Chainsword, Wolf Standard
. Grey Hunter Pack Leader: Power axe
. 6x Grey Hunter w/Bolt Pistol
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Flamer
. Grey Hunter with Special Weapon: Bolt Pistol, Plasma gun
. Wolf Guard Pack Leader: Storm shield, Thunder hammer

+ HQ +

Wolf Guard Battle Leader on Thunderwolf [6 PL, 114pts]: Frost axe, Plasma pistol

Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf [8 PL, 144pts]: Saga of the Warrior Born, Storm shield, Thunder hammer, Warlord

++ Total: [39 PL, 690pts] ++

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I'm dumb.
Just now I noticed the visarch peeking from behind. It's taken me almost two months to notice it.

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>Phosgenus the Indescribably Toxic

Gormenghast-tier name. I love it.

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gib DA codex link

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Well shit. Nice catch.

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But of course. My warboss is named Grughkill.

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Archmagos Dominus Anderson Castello, with his Daughter Beatrix Castello. He us accompanied by Datasmith Rubern Stromfort, Engiseer Grognak and Engiseer Lt. Lance Balakek.

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>Thread Question: If you could invent a new walker/monster for you army what would it be?

A long time ago people were kicking around the idea of military-style mechs for sisters and I thought that was dope, but the Penitent Engine is already cool enough for me. Just wish it had an option or two, a way to get where it belongs, and was still a sister.

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For whatever reason, piling on the embeds is now as much a joke as replacing the Duncan with some guardfag's weeaboo meme.

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idea is to charge closest target with the wolves and rhino with the grey hunters and deep strike the hellblasters when in need some shooting

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Captain Calvin Broadus, leading the first company of the Fists of Dolemite.

>> No.57013726

That's an edit.

The Visarch is off making out with Celestine in the original version.

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Post pics that will make /40kg/ cringe.

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>Thread Question: If you could invent a new walker/monster for you army what would it be?
Dominatrix superheavy in plastic for tyranids pls and ty

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delet this

>> No.57013749

Not him but thank you so much anon, been after that for days.

>> No.57013762

Though honestly the aesthetic is fucking awesome.

I think the fluff is a little snowflakey, something about this Primarch being "fe"male because of weird results mixing the Emperor's with the SoS gene material.

>> No.57013763

Gerar the Predator Commander and Ignaas the Daemon Prince.

>> No.57013764

how many kroot is too many? i have 60 now

>> No.57013769

>Dominatrix superheavy in plastic for tyranids pls and ty
>wanting a plastic Warlord Titan equivalent

You play a lot of 10K+ games?

>> No.57013770

Post models. WIP or recently completed too.

>> No.57013781

Can never have too much Dakkroot.

>> No.57013782

>too many

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I'll name every model in Kill Team. Deathkorps are numbers, Sororitas are Claymores, DEldar are anything a random demon name generator can spit out. Been wondering what to do for a Nid killteam.

>> No.57013809

i have way over 100 and haven't used them in a few editions

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My troops get callsigns corrosponding to the symbols on the left shoulder pads. The men come and go but the callsigns and their reputations remain.

The suffix indicates unit type. -Squad is Troops, -track is for chimeras, and -cog for tanks. Shown here are diamond squad, diamond track, skullsquad, skullcog, and more.

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An upgrade sprue so suits can equip swords instead of guns finally

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>> No.57013838

Those tanks look immaculate, what's your secret?

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I had an idea for what would basically be a carnifex or bigger, prehaps some varient of the hive tyrant that swaps its psyker abilities and it's ability for take wings for more weapons. Like a hive tyrant, carnifex cross-breed.

To give it 8th stats, It would be a pretty expensive ws3+ bs3+ s6 t7 2+ attacks 4.
It has a head slot that can take carnifex head options (acid maw, bioplasma, enhanced senses, tusks), two 'main' slots that has monsterous scything talons that can be swapped for something in the monsterous bio weapons or monsterous bio cannons (special rule to take two cannon weapons if it wants) or even crushing claws.
And finally one 'lesser' slot, two small stubby arms near it's waist. Starts with a devourer but can be swapped for basic bioweapons, or melee bioweapons.

The idea would be to make it a swiss army knife of monsters.

>> No.57013878

don't paint anything over primer - no mistakes

>> No.57013899

>Been wondering what to do for a Nid killteam.
Look at existing Tyranid Names
>Old One Eye
>The Red Terror
>The Parasite of Mortex
>The Children of Cryptus
>The Doom of Malan'tai

Basically a lot of Descriptives
>He's a big beat up Carnifex that's missing an eye
Or a X of Place

Some ideas
>The Stealer of Sight, The Blinder of Eyes, The Cloud That Floats

>The Shadow That Moves, The Unseen

>The Terror from Below, The Breaker of Ground


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Speaking of names I'm trying to come up with a name for my GK Chaplain Grandmaster HQ. I want a sort of early church fathers vibe, but all of the names I'm finding I just don't care for.

>> No.57013917

>crusher of blood
>grinder of souls
>letter of blood
>thirster of blood

really makes me think

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Tyranids only have the names their opponents give them as well - e.g. if your dudes have been fighting in Octarius they'll have proppa orky names compared to if they've been nomming Blood Angels on Baal.

>> No.57013927

2 Venerable Dreadnoughts with twin las-cannons+CCW&SB or 2 Mortis Dreadnoughts with quad las-cannons?

>> No.57013933

Not my model, by the way. But the one I want to use.

>> No.57013956

but chaplains don't have anything to do with ecclesiarchy or the imperial cult. why church father vibe?

>> No.57013962

I am really bad with names however some people here helped me with my Inquisitor's name because she resembles Rita from the Power Rangers. So now I call her Rita.

>> No.57013970

Because that's the vibe I want, dingus.

>> No.57013971

Is there a story reason about why Tyranids will go out of their way to hide the Fallens’ secrets or is it just the DA being paranoid?

>> No.57013985

bad vibes

>> No.57013986

The Judge

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>> No.57013996

What will Valoris's sheet be like?
He is obviously going to be just below primarch tier and above any space marines.

BS 2+ WS2+ S5 T5 W8 M7 A6 Sv2+ 3++
CUSTODES reroll 1's to hit and wound
And something else
Weapon maybe S+3 AP-4 D3, add +1 to wound rolls against MONSTER and CHARACTER

Guilliman is undercosted so this guy will be too.
Maybe 250-300 points

>> No.57014000

Not a DA/Nid fag, so you'll have to tell me what you're on about.

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>> No.57014010




>> No.57014017


Fallen have many friends
Whether they are bugs, chaos, green, or senile

>> No.57014022

No, I even see any way to make it make sense consdering that they're all just extensions of one being. If one tyranid knew they all would.

Prehaps, the tyranid in question is being used as bait by the hive mind due to facts some lictor learned? The extra attack reflecting the hivemind giving it extra adaptions rather than it determination to keep a secret.

>> No.57014026

I've got some fag who wants to play Ferrus Manus in a 40K game, how do I explain to him that Ferrus is dead and that it makes absolutely no sense?

>> No.57014027

No need to name them when I only field named characters. Everyone else dies like schmucks anyways.

>> No.57014036

actually make that ws2+ bs3+, if it was ws3+ the claws would be bad.

>> No.57014040

if he wants to play a game of pretend he should just field a dreadnought with fists

>> No.57014049

I don't know why, but "Anderson Castello" sounds like the protagonist of an Asimov novel.

What's your custom fluff? Can't really see Admech having family adventures, but I guess the Tychons prove me wrong.

>> No.57014052

There weren't many replies last thread, so show your collections

>> No.57014053

Why not let him field it every once and a while as a fun gimmick?

>> No.57014065

Because it's our first game of 40K table top, ever and instead of painting his stuff he just keeps buying and changing his mind, it's like dealing with an ADHD kid

>> No.57014069

Is it worth it to start an SM army now with the whole Primaris thing going on? The current selection of Primaris Marines look pretty bland, but I also don't really want to get the outdated "manlet marines" if we're getting more Primaris later.

>> No.57014077

>proppa orky names

Da Brainy Git

>> No.57014087

>more Primaris later.
9th edition will scrap manlets, because they never learn. You're safe with whatever you want for now, but you'll need Primaris eventually.

>> No.57014088

another epic frogpost

>> No.57014122

What do you guys think of the hammer I converted for my ven dread?

>> No.57014128

Da proppa krumpy one wif da teef

>> No.57014130

That works perfectly for the big or important ones but what about the little fellas? I guess the nid names come from their deeds through the eyes of who they fight, but how would a single hormagaunt out of 5-10 earn a name? Maybe name them as a pack instead of individually, until they earn a few injuries or honors?

>> No.57014133

Don't do it anon, someone might see a mold line and start to hemorrhage if last thread is any indicator.

>> No.57014142

pretty good

>> No.57014144


Deldar army controlled by Dracon Maeglin The Thorn.

I also give names to all army sergeants, and tend to arm and/or pose them uniquely from one another so they can be easily distinguished.

and of course individual units tend to get their own callsigns, like "the halfborn" or "the carrion crows" when the squad members or leaders do something cool they get their own names and titles. like "Ismael the deathless" one of my solarites who got her title when she survived close combat with a blight drone which killed the rest of her squad, managing to keep it occupied for an entire turn after it blended the rest of her group and destroying it with her blast pistol.

>> No.57014148

I posted last thread but I took an updated pic earlier today.

>> No.57014179

Nice meme.They wouldn't squat normal marines.

>> No.57014191

Post your favorite game accessories you use for 40k.

>> No.57014196

>Maybe name them as a pack instead of individually, until they earn a few injuries or honors?

Children of Cryptus was a brood of Genestealers.

So I'd do the name as a pack.

>> No.57014201

I can't be the only Black Templars player who fins this pic offensive and highly triggering.

>> No.57014225

Delete this!

>> No.57014234


>> No.57014240

Templars were squatted at Cadia, though.

>> No.57014272

>year of our god emperor 2000+17
>literally murdering trees
Why would you do this...

>> No.57014290

t. a hist

>> No.57014296

>Why would you do this...
They refused to submit to the superiority of Man

>> No.57014300

feel like pure shit just want him back

>> No.57014310

You wish,

>> No.57014311

>literally murdering trees
>Why would you do this...
Because logging companies actually plant more trees than they cut down, and the world is much greener now than it was 50 years ago.

>> No.57014343

This assumption too is highly offensive and triggering and blatantly false.

Think of Templars' crusades as hive fleets' tendrils. The loss of one crusade at Cadia means nothing, we're all over the place.

>> No.57014362

Point to one example where they said that marines are going to replace normal marines in 9th.

>> No.57014377

Pic related are my dice for playing EC/Slaanesh.

>> No.57014380

Would Destiny Dice be OP as the Thousand Sons legion trait?

>> No.57014411

That's even more embarrassing, then, since it implies that the Templars are an ineffective force. All over the place, but having no discernible impact on events? At least T'au have an excuse.

Better to have been squatted at Cadia.

>> No.57014428 [DELETED] 

How are these different from CP/Command Rerolls?

>> No.57014435

The Kabal of the Torn Soul led by Erudrath and Valdranna Lucerian. Twins that share a soul via Haemonculus fuckery.

>> No.57014442

Each and every one of them.
They are GKs, after all. True names fuck over demons.

>> No.57014452

Have you been reading the recent events? Shits gone to get fucked in an AIDs clinic for manlets, Chads have purer genestock and great combat potential and you just KNOW that after the next big event you're going to start seeing Primaris Hero characters. There was that guy from Dark Imperium that got control of 1/4 of the ultramar sector just because he was a good primaris captain. Not to mention their wargear is better, their scale IRL is better and the new players who mostly got started with Dark Imperium will already be familiar with them when the next edition rolls around.
Mark my words anon, come 9th you'll see a small handful of manlets who are old vet warriors leading legions of chads. The Blood Angels are one legion again and have 50 years of regrouping time given to them by girlyman. The Ultramarines are legion strength/size and then some, Dark Angels are in more or less the same boat.
Chapters of manlets are dying in favor of the Legio Chadus.

>> No.57014461

How are these different from CP/Command Rerolls?

>> No.57014465

>Would Destiny Dice be OP as the Thousand Sons legion trait?

Dear Thousand Son Player,
Fuck you, that should be my mechanic

Daemons of Tzeentch Player

>> No.57014475

not him
but, looking cool, fluffy, and unique

>> No.57014496

>How are these different from CP/Command Rerolls?

They're predetermined
You roll 9 dice and keep those values.

So if you rolled a 1 for one of the nine. You can go:
>And for my Morale Test. Look I got a 1.

>> No.57014499

I would, if I could think of any for them.

>> No.57014520

That doesn't prove anything tho. There is nothing in that is direct confirmation from GW that Marines are going to be squatted in their entirety. You are just making baseless assumptions on nu-lore that of course is going to hype of the new models. Also citing BL is useless. That shit is glorified fan-fiction at this point.

>> No.57014539

>You are just making baseless assumptions on canon lore*

>> No.57014552


>> No.57014554

I have a bunch of different dice, but I like these sleeves for my data cards in particular.

>> No.57014576

That target a ________
_____________ stands for everything

>> No.57014577

>There is nothing in that is direct confirmation from GW

>Oh no us Black Templars took hella casualties during the fight for Cadia... good thing Primaris™ Marines were around to replenish us!
>Oh no us Blood Angels took hella casualties during the fight for Baal... good thing Primaris™ Marines were around to replenish us!
>Oh no us Dark Angels took hella casualties during the... training excerise. Yes the training exercise, but good thing Primaris™ Marines were around to replenish us!

>> No.57014594

I use those for Conquest.
I wish that game was still ongoing.

>> No.57014598

Would it be OP if Markerlights could target characters, and tokens let other units prioritize targeting characters?

>> No.57014599

Heck, not only did they confirm they were still making the normal marine kits they even said it themselves that primaris are supplementary and are best if fielded with their normal counterparts

>> No.57014610

>let other units prioritize targeting characters?

>> No.57014615

Except that in the Blood Angels case. GW confirmed on the live stream that they are still making both Marines and Primaris and they even increased the number of scouts to create more marines.

>> No.57014623

>Not generic names.
>no Bob the gaunt or Jim the genestealer
>Clyde the Carnifex

>> No.57014627

What did GW mean by this?

>> No.57014628

Did you target A? It's simple really anon

>> No.57014631

>They are still making normal marine kits for the current edition of the game
Fucking gold prize for comprehension goes to you anon

>> No.57014642

>said it themselves that primaris are supplementary and are best if fielded with their normal counterparts

>of course we aren't "discontinuing" Space Marines. Please buy all these old models that we made.

Really Enables my Earthshaker Cannons

>> No.57014656

>Did you target A?
Why the fuck would anyone actually do that?

>> No.57014660


Number of tokens dictates how many weapons can fire at the opponent

>> No.57014675

This. B is clearly where you want to target. Unless C is presenting it's rear.

>> No.57014680

High Elves: Craftworld Eldar
Dark Elves: Dark Eldar
Wood Elves: ???

>> No.57014686

Exodites, you ape.

>> No.57014690

Would make Commanders premier assassins on top of everything else they are best at.

Anyway, for the ML table.
Reroll 1's to hit in shooting phase
Missile effect combined with the target lock effect
Add +1 to hit rolls in the shooting phase
Ignore cover
<Sept> dependent, most potent and corresponds to the style of a subfaction.

For the last one, for example. Given Sept T'au has tank dudes and other stuff, let it have reroll 1's to wound or something.

>> No.57014699

My flytyrant is unironically named Carl.
He's also the only one with a name.

>> No.57014706

>how many weapons can fire at the opponent
Only need one Damage D6 weapon to snipe a Character for it to die

>> No.57014707

Keep an eye on G though. It's a tricky bastard.

>> No.57014711

I was referring to how they are still making the DA upgrade sprue when the new primaris one is 100% compatible with marinelets, did you clutch your pearls this hard when they made 4th edition marines?

>> No.57014716

It would be a fluffy use of them but yes, it would be incredibly OP. Maybe if there was a stratagem like:
>1CP (2CP?)
>Use this stratagem before a T'AU unit attacks in the shooting phase. That unit may target any visible unit that has at least one markerlight token on it, even if that unit is a CHARACTER

>> No.57014728

What about if D is out of cover?

>> No.57014732

Without a change to the lights, they could never be on a character to begin with.

>> No.57014733

This would be incredibly op at 1 cp and borderline op at 2.
Useless at 3 though

>> No.57014735

>1CP (2CP?)
Try like 5CP

Quad Fusion Commander: Master Sniper

>> No.57014746

Question to all the taubros out there. When running a second hammerhead (assuming the first one is Longstrike with a railgun), should it be set up with a railgun or an ion cannon? Railgun seems the no brainer, but I've seen people online advocating for the Ion Cannon.

>> No.57014749

Make it more than 1 Markerlight. atleast 3 and make it where markerlights can target characters without them being the closest model.

>> No.57014760

Just make so 1ml = 1 weapon fired at character or something not all their shooting

>> No.57014793


To counter -1 armies
Have a sept with the ability to neutralize negative modifiers at 5 MLs

Depends on what you want your tanks to do

>> No.57014794

Needs one Markerlight Token for every Wound under 10.
9 wound characters needs 1 ML
7 Wound characters need 3 ML.

>> No.57014798

Except the lights themselves still wouldn't be able to target characters if they weren't the closest model (or unless you used the strat but that would be a waste) so it would be situational at best

Exactly, it's more to punish exposure on one flank

>> No.57014806

They sold out of DA upgrade kits and still printed another batch despite the fact that there was a new upgrade sprue that works with manlets. If primaris were truly to replace marinelets why wouldnt they give them to the Grey Knights? God knows they are the one faction that could actually benefit from more than just hellblasters

>> No.57014829

Then something like a ML Coldstar would be the dominant Tau character.

>> No.57014831

Continue to F. D can be safely ignored if it leaves cover, for that is where it's strength lies.

>> No.57014873

Well, the idea behind my FW is that Anderson Castello is in practical exile from Mars; Practical, as in, he was not truly exiled, and instead, pressured into becoming the leader of Explorator fleet. This is from a combination if things, but most primarily being how much of the other tech priests hated him.

You see, Castello could be considered a bit of a misfit; Born on Mars itself, he proved to be quite the smooth talker and the polemicist. He lacked in the more scientific aspects of the Cult, but revelled in the actual Cult aspect. He garnered a popularity in both the Electro-Priest Cults, along with the workers below him, as although he submitted to more mechanical augments, he chose to still come across as human to his followers. If had been born anywhere else, he most likely would have climbed high in the Eclessiarchy.

He also, to the chargin of his superiors, did have a knack for one scientific aspect; Communications amd Encrypting. This was more of practicallity rather than personal skill, but regardless, it proved to be a throne in the side of all his superiors, as he was rumored to spy in on many transmissions not meant for him.

It was actually the birth of his Daughter that proved to be a breaking point. Annoyed with his actions, and unwilling to work with him, and perhaps out of fear that he would create a dynasty of such annoying code breakers, they pressured him into choosing between two viable options: Die from assassination, or leave.

He picked the logical choice.

>> No.57014894

>mfw K pops out of cover and charges me

>> No.57014907

Why the FUCK would you get so close to to K that it can charge you?! Please tell me you had J for backup?

>> No.57014915

Yeah it's probably exploitable even if bubblewrapping is already a thing. I just liked the idea of it & Tau's current sniper option fucking sucks so Pathfinders seemed like a sensible substitute

>> No.57014949

>tfw E dies first turn
who do i target ?

>> No.57014960

mfw this shit is likely gonna go all the way through to Z, and maybe even dip into AA or some Greek letters or some shit

>> No.57014965

It means if you worship Tzeentch, you grow an extra penis.

>> No.57015003

If E dies on the first turn, unlikely but it happens, divert attention to B or C depending on which is closer.

Ω only comes into play when G counter charges X.

>> No.57015055

Hey, it's Admech Tony Blair. I like it a lot. So on the table he's what, Electropriests in the dozens under Stygies or Graia tactics? That's always a lot of fun.

Might just be my faction bias, but Admech custom armies seem to be much more flavourful than Space Marine chapters, since those tend to be pretty much "it's a chapter, but with X one-line quirk". IIRC just here and in /hhg/ we have crazy renegade Genetors, demagogues, two or three varieties of Darkmech, a bunch of independent conversions on otherwise standard armies, Magos Coatl and his PURGE PURGE PURGE antics, generally some actually memorable characters.

I would watch the Admech Justice League.

>> No.57015062

Moon Man is a joke(r).

>> No.57015100

Why does he wear the mask?

>> No.57015115

Does anyone have a pdf for the new fabius bile book?

>> No.57015131


>> No.57015149

What's this from?

>> No.57015169

>Nephilim Jetfighter is fluffed as an "air-to-air interceptor" (DA codex page 47)
>still has fucking Strafing Run for some reason
It's like GW wants this unit to be an exceptionally shitty version of the Dark Talon.

>> No.57015183

it's like fluff is rules

>> No.57015187

Got an idea to turn my scion force in to true mydudes

grey knights paintjob for that blue tint, successor regiment from the psian jackals

the psian cyan scions

>> No.57015219

If I take it off, will you die?

>> No.57015230


Only named a single Dark Lance scourge. Shortly after screeching onto the battlefield at the behest of his Solarite, Rakkan realised they'd been ambushed as a storm raven flew past killing Rakkan's squad and their sister squad in the other building, simultaneously wrecking a ravager below.

Landing a shot on the Raven proved too difficult in the mayhem so Rakkan flew and grabbed a cache of vital imperial tech, leaving himself exposed to the next volley of fire. As the Storm Raven dropped it's cargo of 5 terminators and an iron clad dread on top of Rakkans Archon below it targeted him with its hurricane bolters, unleashing a hail of shots. Rakkan knew he'd been hit over a dozen times, his personal shields failing him but he felt no pain and lived to fly off, grab another cache and blast a hole through the Storm Raven with his Dark Lance.

>TL;DR Rakkan survived something like 5 invul saves and 4 feel no pains in a row after his squad all died, capped an objective per turn and then did 6 damage to the storm raven before being picked off by a sniper scout. The rest of my army got decimated.

>> No.57015232

Rules should at least make an attempt to somewhat resemble fluff. This is like if the Stormhawk Interceptor had Strafing Run instead of Interceptor, except that the Stormhawk is actually quite good for its points cost and isn't entirely outclassed by its ground targering counterpart.

>> No.57015250

Take the forst cannon bit off the back end and it'll be golden.

>> No.57015270

Any amount above 0. Kroot are total fucking garbage, and have been for the last 5 editions.

>> No.57015291

somebody post the Turn 0 win Kroot conga line

>> No.57015306

>One incredibly situational win between meme lists means that the unit isn't garbage

I bet you only do narrative play.

>> No.57015309

Is there somewhere a copy of the 2015 Path to glory rules? I found one in the archives but for the life of me I can't open it.

>> No.57015340

I think it's even more relevant that the victory was 200 editions ago.

>> No.57015378

I unironically have the same problem. But at the same time I don't want to play spehs after working on a csm army.

>> No.57015398

Reason I've bought Custodes instead of marinelets or Grey Marinelets

>> No.57015422

There was this guy not too long ago

>> No.57015439

Reminder to prioritize buffs to things that need a 5 or 6 to work or a 2 or 3 for the enemy to prevent.

>> No.57015444

Now cum on them to appease slaanesh

>> No.57015456

They advocate it because it's better and rail cannons are stinko garbage.

There's just so much shit that goes wrong with a big shot single shot gun.

>> No.57015517

Makes sense. So at least for the time being, Non-Longstrike Hammerheads should probably run Ion Cannons?

>> No.57015532

That's kinda cute. The names he picked

>> No.57015551

Zog yeah I do.
Da Unkillablez Freebootaz main HQs are Ole Smasha (Old Metal Warboss w/Attack Squig), Waaghnage (Goff Warboss in MegaArmor), and Daemongob (Weirdboy).

>> No.57015581

I don't, but if someone on /tg/ could name my GK Ven Dread who downed a SW flyer on turn 1 that'd be nice. Or my Brotherhood Champion that's defeated Ahriman twice and won a duel with a Broodlord. Or my DA Librarian who successfully slew Guilliman once.

>> No.57015598

Yeah basically.

Had this nightmarish game where these pyschers kept making my hammer head -1 to hit and his carnifex had -1 to hit too.

Was horrible was just supposed to be a fun little low point game but the guy went absolute all in with this tailored army.

>> No.57015643

>No Lion El' Johnson

>> No.57015651

Sounds rough. While I'm definitely a bit of a tryhard and play to win type, it always feels really scummy doing that stuff at low points.

>> No.57015661

How many points? Bringing a Neurothrope is pretty much always mandatory as a Nid, as is paying the points for the -1 to hit of the fex.

>> No.57015662

The final page of this book already very explicitly states that Jonson is returning soon. Expect him within the next few months I suppose.

>> No.57015700

750 and it wasn't Neuro it was the one that repopulates dudes.

Was also my first game with those dudes.
He was trying to sell me some, decided not to buy.

>> No.57015723

My keeper of secrets (currently the shitcast model) is Zalear the Lustrous. I have a thinned film of pearlescent coated over his/her/its pale flesh, and this the name. Currently doing the same to the other daemons in the host.

>> No.57015736

they are alfa legion

>> No.57015751


The keeper of Secrets is such a cool concept for a daemon sucks they never update it.

>> No.57015754

Post pics (as well as brand) after

>> No.57015757

>DA librarian who killed rowaboat

>> No.57015773

Soon. Probably around the time of the daemons codex early next year, KoS and GUO will get new models

>> No.57015775

Two deathwing knights charged him the turn before and dealt him 6 wounds, then the Librarian moved up and crushed him with Smite.

>> No.57015783

Hmm. Well, desu, Tervigons (the spawning mothers) are actually pretty bad, but I can see it being pretty tough to deal with at a low point level where you cant kill the swarm fast enough before she respawns them.

It doesnt really sound like he tried to tailor to your list, since a Tervigon, a Carnifex and a couple gaunts is a pretty nice nid list at that level (believe me, I've seen worse 2 Neurothropes,
30 gaunts and 5 hive guards at 500 points. Now THAT is nasty

>> No.57015784

it will be very erotic, for you

>> No.57015808

What does a good Krieg list look like ?

>> No.57015814

Do any anons here run brigades regularly for SM or CSM? How does it go? I have been considering running a brigade for black legion with abaddon so I could hit 14cp, but I am not sure if it would be worth it to spend that much on troops and fast attacks which I don't really need

>> No.57015840

I name all my characters, vehicles, monsters, and squads.

>> No.57015889

Oh I didn't say he was good he tries though like really fucking hard.

>> No.57015892

enough 25mm rounds to cover your deployment zone in troops

>> No.57015919

I don't have that kind of money, anon.

>> No.57015964

Then you shouldn't be playing krieg
Why would you choose a fucking FW exclusive army to play if you're not pissing dosh

>> No.57015991

there's two ways to approach this
a) maximum artillery and just enough infantry speedbump to keep the big guns unharaseed
b) maximum infantry, affix bayonets

>> No.57015992

What's a good way to buy a lot of boyz at once?
Just buying boxes o' boyz seems really ineffective. Would searching ebay for resales be a good idea?

>> No.57015993

>/tg/ making memes and jokes about using Hunt the Fallen on Nids
>fail to realize that pic related's model has a black helmet which could very well be a Fallen helmet

>> No.57015997

>Wants to play a FW version of an already extremely expensive force
>Doesn't have the cash

Anon...no one will judge you for picking a different army. In fact, most people will like you better for not playing a braindead force like guard.

I say this as someone who has a guard army.

>> No.57016003


>> No.57016015

Patriarch is easily my favourite model in all of 40k

>> No.57016021

Target a what anon, target a what?

>> No.57016042

I'm aiming more for a mix of infantry, tanks and cavalry.
My 1500 pts army would have 5 infantry squads, two command squads with +1A flags, 2 HWTs, around 15 flanking Death Riders, a pair of Russes (one of them a TC), a Hellhound and a Basilisk.

Would it be a viable army ?

>> No.57016047

Target a unit with the Fa- hey wait a minute...

>> No.57016053

So I assume the giant spike dick was on purpose right

>> No.57016070

Tyranid symbol.

>> No.57016072

It would be beautiful diorama.

>> No.57016097

Does your dick come out from where your anus should be? "lol it looks like a penis xd!" is literally high school humour.

>> No.57016108

What is caac?

>> No.57016111

I'm not planning on playing at tournaments. I just want a comfy WW1-Interwar style army that wouldn't get steamrolled by everything in existence.

>> No.57016115

>expecting literally any less from nids players

>> No.57016122

Says in the filename they're Chessex

>> No.57016125

The Civil Aviation Administration of China.
For all your recast flyer needs.

>> No.57016129

>"lol it looks like a penis xd!" is literally high school humour.
I didn't say it was funny, I thought it was supposed to be an homage to Giger. Given the whole Alien inspiration.

>> No.57016133

Casual at all cost.

>> No.57016135

Yeah, saw that a few minutes ago. Will probably pick a set up.

>> No.57016136

I'd imagine his penis frequently comes from where other people's anus is.

>> No.57016142


A term for those who try really hard to be autistic faggots

>> No.57016143

CIncinnati Allergy and Asthma Center. Lots of smelly nerds on /tg/ with asthma, hence it's brought up often.

>> No.57016169

Made my own harpy before the new model came out. Pretty much fits your description there. But think of it this way: best of both worlds for the price of no psychic? It would be abused so hard it isn't funny.

>> No.57016174

Are the fabius bile books, primogenitor and clonelord, pre or post gathering storm?

>> No.57016184

Can relate!

>> No.57016189

>Lots of smelly nerds on /tg/ with asthma
Ouch, Anon

>> No.57016194

That is your best option. Just search ork lot or ork army or boyz lot. I got about 100 boyz for like 125 bucks that way

>> No.57016198

What do we call people that get upset they're losing but don't try to play smart.


>> No.57016207

my perturabo twitter is getting responses from rogal dorn the fucking faggot i hate him so much

>> No.57016212



>> No.57016216


>> No.57016218

>What do we call people that get upset they're losing but don't try to play smart.

>> No.57016227



>> No.57016234

Humanity finds a fully intact STC how does this effect the setting?

>> No.57016243

Painted my second mini. I tried green eye lenses this time but it turned out a little bit darker than I imagined (Warpstone Green).

>> No.57016244


>> No.57016248

>tfw I know that feel

>> No.57016253

>implying the alpha legion are traitors

>> No.57016255

Pistols or Boltguns on my final 5 death company. I built the first 10 in the squad to have Pistols on the Power swords and Boltguns on the Powerfist and Chainswords but I am looking at the final guys and i dont know if i wanna continue that style as the i kinda wanna make them a bit more combat posey and boltguns only come in the pose of it being held in the front of the chest.

>> No.57016263


Pretty much this.

>> No.57016266

New models that phase out the old minis.

>> No.57016274

They take it apart.

>> No.57016277

Why not? The Primaris models are objectively superior and people were already making truescale models to replace their marinelets. Face it, primaris are going to replace the old marine models sooner or later and the only reason they didn't do it from the get go is to avoid the autistic screeching from marine players who have to replace their entire infantry with chad marines

>> No.57016289


>> No.57016309

>teases "Best Gift Ever!"
>oh man did she actually pick up on the subtle hints I was dropping?
>did she actually buy me a -insert favourite model here-
>oh godemperor please let it be true
>oh boy oh boy I'm so exicted
>open my eyes
Thanks, you good for nothing bitch.

>> No.57016313

Is the black that comes with the build & paint kits imperial primer or abaddon black, on the official gw site it says the latter while indie stores say the former. If it is abaddon black can the models still be painted without a primer?
>never used the easy to build kits before, my friend has built and painted some of my things before but doesn't have anything of their own so i want to get either pic related or the AoS one as a gift for them

>> No.57016315


>> No.57016321

Still dead.

>> No.57016335

I'd be fine with manlets being replaced when primaris get some good melee options until then manlets for me.

>> No.57016345

Yes. My units in HH have names, like Praetor Anteros or squad Lexian.

>> No.57016350

Omegon has not been killed.

>> No.57016358

>implying girlyman isn't Alpharius

>> No.57016369


this desu

>> No.57016373

Fuck off I was in my first months of painting. He's currently stripped and reprimed for a more modern paint job.

>> No.57016375

GW stopped selling Imperial Primer. Pretty sure it's black. And no, that's a bad idea. Just but a can of matte black spray paint from the hardware store if you have to.

>> No.57016376


>> No.57016393

Hmm so Luther is free in the DA codex.

My theory, the Lion primarch kit will allow you to build your guy as either Luther or Johnson.

Would be quite sweet.

>> No.57016397

It'll be a gradual process. More and more Primaris will be added, old Marines will stop being produced and GW will write some fluff about how the "last holdouts become convinced and submit to the upgrade procedure" and bam. Note that this is specifically why GW specifically noted that normal marines can be "upgraded", so all their characters can become Primaris eventually. Then they drop the "Primaris" name and you've got truescale marine armies.

>> No.57016420

DA Codex Lore:

>a big Fallen warband lead by a Fallen Demon Prince called Marbass invade and board The Rock and fight within it, eventually going further and further into its depths
>at one point, they all just disappear and no one knows what the fuck is going on except Azrael, who has discovered that Luther has escaped
>Azrael gets a bunch of Librarians together to emit a huge psychic signal to all DA successor chapters to convene at The Rock
>as Azrael is waiting for the successor chapter reinforcements, a new fleet is preparing to enter The Rock's orbit - It's Guilliman's fleet
>Azrael shits his pants and is deathly afraid because he knows Guilliman knows the truth of what happened, and so debates whether he should welcome him, or try to kill Guilliman and his forces
>Guilliman is let in, Guilliman the heretical faggot talks about some "New Imperium" and Azrael and the other chapter masters all kneel to him after he gives them Primaris n stuff
>Guilliman leaves, and the DA starts hunting the Fallen again, and through torture the Fallen reveal that an absolutely massive Fallen army is mustering in some sector that's being lead by none other than Luther, that can apparently "crush the entire Galaxy" or some such thing

>> No.57016426

Wonder what primaris terminators will look like.

>> No.57016438

Anon they will never drop Primaris. Its the best thing they can do for copyright purposes.

>> No.57016453

>make primaris the norm and drop the name
>make primaris primaris that are even bigger

>> No.57016468

Any Nidplayer trying out spore mine lists? I'm pumping out greenstuff mines for a surprise double max unit size sporefield carpet bomb followed by kraken advance. Also biovores and sporocyst.

>> No.57016480

so realistically how fucked is the imperium once cawls BLASPHEMOUS HORDES turn ?

>> No.57016482

Don't forget the random 1000 deaths of various DA and co chapters numbers leading into needed primaris reinforcements

>> No.57016489

Won't happen

>> No.57016501

>debates whether he should welcome him, or try to kill Guilliman and his forces

>> No.57016502

I think that is what Aggressors are, basically a Terminator Centurion mix.

>> No.57016503

For all the Eldar babble people associate with Phil, his writing credits has loads of T'au

>> No.57016518

Primaris are intended to remove wargear options, the plan is to turn everything into aspect warriors. You sell more kits that way.

>> No.57016527

I want to join you anon. Together we can deny any killpoint game we want.

dollar store grapes, air dry clay, floral wire, and hot glue makes cheap mines that look great

>> No.57016537

Tbh I like my aspect warriors.

>> No.57016540

Like Gravis.

Seeing that it's hard enough to make terminator armour for Marines, let alone humans like Inquisitors, making a whole new suit for primaris is a lot of resources to waste.

>> No.57016552

Those are pretty sweet! I'd give a bit of a highlight on the tentacles, though. The orb itself looks just fine, but the tentacles are flat appearing.

>> No.57016568

I like that purple and black anon, got any more pics? Preferably with other models?

>> No.57016581

Than give me ones that work with melee I don't care what kind of marine it is I just want melee.

>> No.57016588


So that upcoming DA Primaris novel...

>In the shadow of the Great Rift, Primaris Marines fight alongside the Dark Angels against the t'au, but as whole worlds burn, a terrible psychic curse is unleashed.
>Lieutenant Xedro Farren is a Primaris Marine, stronger and more adept than even the Space Marines his brotherhood has been sent to fight alongside. As he and his Primaris brethren support the Dark Angels in fighting a trauma-scarred force of t’au seemingly hellbent on destroying their own allies, their true quarry soon becomes clear: the shadowy instigator of a psychic curse that could plunge a string of Imperial planets into madness. As worlds burn in the fires of battle, an unthinkable pact is struck, and Lieutenant Farren begins to peel back layer after layer of deceit to discover an appalling truth. Can he hope to emerge from this web of lies without losing his honour – or come to that, his life?

>an unthinkable pact is struck

hmmm.... :thinking: thinking: thinking:

>> No.57016592

3W 3 attacks, probably 55 points each. Hey look they're GK Paladins.

>> No.57016597

Aggressors were the stop gap for Termies. Two Wounds, Toughness 5 and a save of three will do just as well against most small arms fire. Even Terminators are useless vs Plasma so why go the extra mile in effort?

>> No.57016601

I don't really have a problem with that. Keeping all the bits of wargear I might need later is a pain, even more so when it doesn't come with the kit that can use it

>> No.57016607


>> No.57016614

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [105 PL, 1825pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 152pts]: 2x Entropy cannon, Rothail volley gun

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 117pts]: Fugaris' Helm, Manreaper

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality

+ Elites +

Blightlord Terminators [14 PL, 254pts]
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Flail of Corruption
. Blightlord Terminator Champion: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter

Helbrute [7 PL, 147pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

+ Fast Attack +

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [13 PL, 149pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 6x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [13 PL, 149pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 6x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

++ Unbound Army (Faction) (Chaos - Death Guard) [10 PL, 172pts] ++

+ Fast Attack +

Plague Drones [6 PL, 102pts]: 2x Plague Drone, Plaguebringer

+ Troops +

Plaguebearers [4 PL, 70pts]: 9x Plaguebearer, Plagueridden

++ Total: [115 PL, 1997pts] ++

What can I change for more anti armour?

>> No.57016616

This tbhfamicom

>> No.57016627


Merry Xmas

>> No.57016637


Probably won't exist, otherwise they'd overlap too much with custards

>> No.57016640

Yeah they were for an apocalypse game where I fielded 3 full sporefield. Fun day. Cant seem to find the mines anywhere now though...

The purple is essentially the same as I did in >>57016169

And I have a closeup on one of the mine bases in pic related (missing 'ardcoat, but w/e), and I have some terrain and objective markers in the same style i'll post soon.

>> No.57016648

Trips demand it of you anon

>> No.57016652

Holy crap I love Haemonculi now. How are they any covens in general in game? Right now I just have a Kabal army.

>> No.57016655

Your Plague Marines are quite a bit cheaper, not sure what points you're using but they're old.

Use the points you save to get some special weapons?

Also you summoning those daemons? Cuz they ain't in a legal detachment, it has no HQ.

>> No.57016660

Use Mega, that link is Sketch as fuck for DD

>> No.57016663


>> No.57016672

Why are they useless vs plasma?

>> No.57016675

>rothail gun on the crawler seems like a waste since you get less shots
>miasma is always better than putrescent vitality
>take a second lascannon helbrute
>drop some of the plague marines
>a lascannon predator and a second helbrute could fit in your list if you cut drop the 2nd group of plague marines, the plague bearers and maybe the plague drones

those are my thoughts on the list

>> No.57016676


>> No.57016682

Drop The Lord of Contagion, he's bad on his own, and made comparatively worse by being redundant with Typhus who is like his Chad older brother who bullies him and steals his girl.

>> No.57016684

Because AP ruins their usefulness and plasma is everywhere.

>> No.57016702

Blood Angels Reivers aren't that bad. Gives you a cheaper unit to fight orks and nids on objs.

>> No.57016705

He probably thinks a 5+ save isn't good enough for his space marines.

But in all honesty, a weapon wounding on 2s and losing both wounds really does ruin a terminator's day.

>> No.57016729

you guys need to get some blightlards. they are pretty delicious as far as terminators go

>> No.57016734

mega is still uploading, but when it's ready, can be found at

>> No.57016741

*melts your terminators*

>> No.57016751

Stopped selling the primer whilst i was working for GW.

Essentially the same stuff. The black is fine :)

>> No.57016753

those are really nice, anon. I'm using the Oyumaru mold sticks and just messing around with greenstuff.

>> No.57016765


Thanks guys

>> No.57016767

Can you post some close ups of the oyumaru stuff. Considering getting some to cast weapon bits.

>> No.57016771

Is there a solid use for the deep strike scourges get?
I feel like they'd be too vulnerable to drop behind lines, so the only thing I can see if they can't get gibbed turn one.

>> No.57016774

Thats awesome. Reminds of that War of the Worlds red gunk.

>> No.57016778

Melta seems a waste to use on terminators
Running Cyclics seems better

>> No.57016790

Is flicker jump on two ones or litterally rolling a 2?

>> No.57016798

>just as well against most small arms fire
They're worse vs s4 ap0, much worse vs s3 ap0, almost even vs s5 -1, then quickly fall behind vs everything stronger than that.

Short guns and slow speed with no Rhinos just makes them awkward as hell.

>> No.57016809

>They’re not even close to their final form

>> No.57016820

>Your Plague Marines are quite a bit cheaper
he has squads of 8, the points look right to me.

>> No.57016827

I got nothing but meltas.

>> No.57016842

Thats all you need babe.

>> No.57016845


Melta is no more use than plasma. You just need to negate armour in favour of the invulnerable. Any more than that is a waste.

You're using them wrong. You want to give them flamers and put them in a Repulsor with an apothecary and a lieutenant for maximum damage and staying power. Repulsor gets you close, flamers deal some death, lieutenant probably scores the odd re-roll which might get you lucky, and 6xS8 attacks at AP3 fuck up whatever is left behind.

>> No.57016862

Thank God i am jumping the marine ship. Can't wait to see all you faggots complaining when GW squats your army.

>> No.57016867

I can't find a good source for Deldar names that aren't standard elf, and I feel like there's not enough in the 7e codex (Only one I've got) to have a good idea.
Any suggestions where to look?

>> No.57016868

>as the old marines are phased out and squatted, the iconic look of the old termie will be lost and forgotten because GW has an obsession with putting MK4 helmets on every Primaris unit


>> No.57016883

Plasma is about the only thing is the game that can actually kill them though. The majority of D2 type weapons deal 1D3 which they essentially have a 5+++ against. If Plasma were to ever be nerfed as an indirect buff to Primaris that's what they should do to it.

>> No.57016912

Jeez. Everytime I turn around I see another Imp mech. They have more have more anime robits than Tau does.

>> No.57016917

So will they just keep getting bigger until they are full 9tf tall models?

>> No.57016921

>female aztec space marines
>a LITTLE snowflakey

>> No.57016939

Aztec Space Marines would be fine in my book.
Someone other than the Rainbow Warriors, sound's too much like Dark Angels. Give me Blood Jaguars.

>> No.57016945

Not getting gibbed turn 1 is pretty big.

You can DS them into cover somewhere and ensure you've got range on whatever you want to zap, too.

>> No.57016952

Why isn't Zakariah in the DA codex? Or am I dumb?

>> No.57016956

>mfw Baneblade

>> No.57016960

I really like what you've done. I'm gonna have to investigate more creative material usage myself. What you have going on with this is just so cool and inspired.

>> No.57016963

I'm new to 40k (started reading Eisenhorn: Xenos yesterday, but I've combed the wikis) and was thinking of picking up model painting, probably Minotaurs or Star Phantoms.

Anyway I was considering Primaris because the proportions in other Space Marine models kind of still irk me since I'm just not used to it yet, but I am also open to other options if you guys wouldn't mind your input - Cataphractii patern terminators are fucking awesome too.

Also does anyone know a reliable way of finding 40k audiobooks? It would be awesome to have that during work (for when I'm cleaning up the place at the end of the day, I work at a tea house).

>> No.57016974

Thanks guys. Zerg creep was the main influence, I didn't really think about the martian red weed.

>> No.57016975


Not getting gibbed turn 1 is by itself a big bonus. Also being able to 'deploy' them without actually dropping a unit so you get to see your opponent's drop. The final benefit is simply being able to place them in the best possible position for their first round of shooting (in cover preferably).

>> No.57016978

No one wants to spend 700 points for that package that's only really good against t4 melee infantry. That's why they're awkward.

>> No.57016979

Fuck yes, Blood Jaguars are awesome. Really tempted to paint some and their SoB order as well.

>> No.57016987

I still have a lot of learning to do. First sporemines were misaligned and had huge moldlines.

>> No.57017002


>> No.57017022

Culln Dread has a bunch of subtle sculpt tweaks that make it go together easier and have a better range of posability than the original leviathan. Pretty neat.

>> No.57017031


>> No.57017033


>> No.57017043

That package is death on anti-grav if you use it properly. They are good vs anything that doesn't cross T4 with flamers and will face murder anything that isn't over T8 in melee.

>> No.57017056

Jesus god no

>> No.57017091

>Thread Question: If you could invent a new walker/monster for you army what would it be
An AT-TE transport for my skittles with neutron laser and 12 miniatures capacity

>> No.57017097

Someone over on Leddit did it a few months back.

>> No.57017115

Forgot Image

>> No.57017125


>> No.57017142


Why? You're so predictable and easily beaten.

>> No.57017150

>Can only deep strike no closer than 9 inches to an enemy unit
>Flamers only have an 8 inch range
What is this fucking bullshit

>> No.57017177

how come you all make fun of reddit when they're infinitely better at painting than most of /40kg/ and dont spend most of their time whinging about caac/waac. and no carnac.

those are some well done models.

>> No.57017181

Well fuck me. Thought I was set on painting up some Lamenters, but those look so fun to paint.
back to square one again..

>> No.57017190

That was the first thing I did after I bought them. Consecrated dice always roll better. I also always offer my opponent to use my dice. :3

>> No.57017191

Meh 12 scout bikes gets you about 100 s4 attacks for 300 points. Aggressors have some potential but paying for a mix of flamers and powerfist on a foot slogging unit doesn't seem to work out imo. They even undercosted them at 39 when they should be 18(primaris)+18 (2xflamer)+12(power fist) 48 or even 50-52 points with their special rules, and they still aren't very popular.

>> No.57017195

you go to the lgs to get a game in. you find an opponent. agree on points and have lists ready.

you pull out a contemptor dreadnought (or other forge world model)

your opponent says: no forgeworld it's op and game breaking.

you: but it's in my codex

opponnent: no forgeworld.

why are faggots like this even playing this game?

>> No.57017206

Its to stop unavoidable 9 flamer crisis teams and instant fusion melta range bullshit.

Personally I thought that scatter was fine and perfectly balanced, having the chance to remove the unit on a risky scatter. But I assume it cut down on angle discrepancies. Though they won't gain money from selling scatter dice soooo

>> No.57017208

Use homing beacons.

>> No.57017209

Seem to recall a Tau Akkoposter in a previous thread so I'm just gonna assume that's what you play

>> No.57017217

Excellent brother, spread the seed of Slaanesh, Herhisits time is nigh.

>> No.57017224

A drop pod sets up outside 9" like everyone else. But when units disembark from a vehicle, they must be set up within 3" of it. The drop pod lands at 9" and your dudes deploy at 8"?

>> No.57017225

how to fix this situation
step 1. play chaos
step 2. use a sorceor with warptime
step 3. ????
step 4. profit!

>> No.57017235

M5 BS4+ T5 W6 Sv2+
Heavy 8 Str 7 AP-1 Dd3 range 36''
Plasma Rifle x2

184 points

M6 BS3+ T7 W8 Sv3+
Heavy 8 Str 7 AP-1 D2 range 48''

136 points

Why does GW always make Broadsides garbage. Dreads can actually hit shit in melee too and both don't have Fly

>> No.57017236

Casual At All Cost.
Basically cancer. Idiots that bitch and moan because people do not have fun the way they think they should have fun.

WAAC try to cheat and abuse the rules for their benefit sucking the fun of the game.
While CAAC will have long face all game, almost with tears in their because you are not playing the game as they think you should play.

>you didn’t charge your assassin into my line of 100 flamers!
>fucking waacfag! It would be fluffy to have your Vindicare charge into my flamers!

>> No.57017241


I guarantee you he'll be blogging "Wwhat? Frodgewold?!!? Not in my 401k!" Somewhere as we speak.

>> No.57017256

Units disembarking from a drop pod also have to be placed outside 9".

>> No.57017258



>> No.57017263

FW vs Non-FW breaks the game.
If you both have a FW in the match then it's fair.
You're the faggot for crying like a bitch

>> No.57017268


Clumsy ass meme phrase because you want to avoid just saying "Filthy casual".

>> No.57017270

Fucker didn't even use face paint over the eyes of the chapter master. "Research" my ass.

>> No.57017277

Fuck me, I already thought my painting was bad, and people are doing that?

>> No.57017284


>> No.57017285

Hey! I wrote that! You even kept the mistakes!

>> No.57017286

>>you didn’t charge your assassin into my line of 100 flamers!
>>fucking waacfag! It would be fluffy to have your Vindicare charge into my flamers!
Who has ever said this? This is an insane strawman if i have ever seen one.

>> No.57017287

A SM demi-dread melee bot with fly at about the s5 t6 w6 range. Comparable to an admech sydonian dragoon.

>> No.57017288


Yes because FW is home of the most broken shit.

>> No.57017300

>Personally I thought that scatter was fine and perfectly balanced, having the chance to remove the unit on a risky scatter. But I assume it cut down on angle discrepancies. Though they won't gain money from selling scatter dice soooo
I figured it was to cut down on sperg arguments about what it's on top of, moving the right direction etc.

>> No.57017302

No anon it's outside 9 inches.

Fucking tell me about it with my 9 inch flamers

>> No.57017308


Its an exaggeration for effect. I have been called WAAC for taking a single unit of dark reapers though.

>> No.57017320

It is a very succinct way to convey the same meaning. CAAC, same as WAAC, are both extremes of an approach to playing wargames.

>> No.57017321

In a vanilla match it sure is

>> No.57017325

If it's in his codex then it's not FW rules. Or are you saying it's the models themselves that break the game?

>> No.57017328

You know this is useless because a homing beacon can never be closer than 9 inches to the enemy.

>> No.57017334

>Tau are better at deepstrike assault than assault armies

>> No.57017335

For what effect? To make sure no one will ever fit your example?

>> No.57017347

Contemptor dreadnoughts are in the fucking Space Marine and Dark Angels codexes..


how in the fuck can no forgeworld autists justify against using them.

>> No.57017348


>> No.57017354

question/favor 1) what troops are best for shooty dangles? I plan on doing the azrael/hellblaster core but need troops for the CP.

question/favor 2) nothing is making me happy atm /tg/, make me not sad pls

>> No.57017357

Which FW dreads are in the codex?

>> No.57017358

reminder to only use good expensive opaque dice or cheap transluscent ones because cheap opaque dice don't get thrown out for having big fuckoff bubbles inside them

>> No.57017361

It actually was something that came up a number of threads ago where that explanation pasta is from. CAACfags heavily infest /40kg/ so I'm sure you'll see similar notions again.

>> No.57017363

>Its to stop unavoidable 9 flamer crisis teams
But that's exactly what I want to do!

>> No.57017373

Because there are more redditors, they also filter all the bad paint jobs out, and they're just generally horrible people.

>> No.57017374

Well are you bringing a contemptor as it's allowed in the codex? Melta or Assault Cannon with Storm Bolter or Flamer and Dreadnought fist? Or are you bringing one with a loadout that isn't in the codex?

>> No.57017375

I wrote that stupid shit. I actually had a Salamanders player bitch that I didn’t charge my Vindicare into his Flamer unit.

Or the time an Orkfag got upset that my SoB used a lot of flamers. Just because in his mind SoB used more Bolters

>> No.57017377


>> No.57017380

Why does that homing beacon have such a huge base

>> No.57017387

Drop it during your movement phase.
Deep strike in at the end of your movement phase.

It deactivates at the end of the enemy movement, so you get a turn with it.

>> No.57017388

One Forgeworld unit is not bad.
A Forgeworld-specific army is not bad.
Maxing out on Forgeworld units to "supplement" your force for the sake of winning is bad.

Case in point:

Bringing a single Forgeworld knight, monster, or tank is cool.

Playing kriegers or renegades is cool.

Having 3 of each FW riptide, a supremacy, and chaff is not cool.

>> No.57017395

I don't play SM & don't care to read their book, but >>57017195 said 'it's in my codex'

>> No.57017400


So FW - especially post CA is worse than Guilliman, Dark Reaper Spam, or Basilisk spam?

>> No.57017404

cant really help you with the audiobooks but have you seen the Deathwatch minis? They are better looking than standard marines and come from the same side of the imperium as Eisenhorn

>> No.57017405


No, it's a clumsily coined "M-maybe I'm not the WAACfag, maybe you're the CAACfag!" phrase tossed out by a tourneyfag after I chewed him out for the tournament mindset spilling out and infesting the community with netlisting idiots in local stores.

Christ knows why it took off. Clumsy trolling?

>> No.57017408

Everything you've ever written on 4chins is catalogued and saved by someone. They know.

>> No.57017410

A flamer is only marginally better than a burst cannon and cost more. Having range 12" on them would have made them more viable and not been game breaking in the slightest but GW was overly cautious with a lot of things. Had the game released today they would be, but they're more apt to change point values than weapon rules.

>> No.57017415

See >>57017374

>> No.57017416

Eldar are even better.
Quicken or fire fade, get every charge.

>> No.57017424

Tau are supposed to be the high mobility race so it makes sense

>> No.57017430

just wait till meleesuits
number one melee army outta nowhere

>> No.57017433

>he doesn't 9 man fusion blasters with beacons

>> No.57017445

homing beacon then

meme pic

>> No.57017446


CAAC is a common phrase regardless of what you think. Also judging people for liking a form of the hobby you don't makes you a cunt.

>> No.57017450


>> No.57017460

Y'all are never getting meleesuits

>> No.57017465

Its essentially back to the mortar problem then.

9d6 auto hitting flamers that can't be picked out until after they do their job is extremely strong. And fairly cheap.

>> No.57017469

Wow holy crap, my friend kept telling me it destroys no matter what.

Really though setting it up outside range is fine though, you can deep strike within 3 inches of the enemy.

>> No.57017474

1. scouts, zoning is too important to not have
2. go take a cooking class, I shit you not it can be life changing

>> No.57017491


That doesn't mean anything. FW is no more or less broken than the worst of what you can put out in just a GW codex. Last I checked Tzeentch Alpha Legion Obliterators supported by the changeling is ENTIRELY vanilla GW.

>> No.57017494

if the pending Atia rumour is Farsight stuff, then yeah it'll be melee shit

>> No.57017504

How important is it to have THAT point sink unit that destroys anything they come into contact with?

Any downsides?

>> No.57017516

I am actually quite a well versed cook, and it's the lack of drive to do anything that is keeping me from doing it.

It's a good idea though, maybe I should just cook for someone else and just drop it on their door.

>1. scouts, zoning is too important to not have
The boltgun kind?

>> No.57017524

Sure it can, you reading impared hick. Re-read it.

You place it during your movement phase, and the only restriction is proximity to the Stealth Team.

It can remain as close to the enemy as you want for the entirety of your turn, disappearing only if the enemy ENDS THEIR MOVE close to it. But by then you've already popped it with your low altitude drop.

Since the beacon has to be close to your stealth team, and your deep strike has to be close to your beacon, having the extra inches on the base cheats the player extra inches on the deepstrike, while keeping the stealth team a little safer.

Already have them. Pic related.

>> No.57017539

Depends on the list and what it is trying to do. With units like that you always are at risk to lose quickly against something that counters it or simply weight of dice.

>> No.57017542

>How important is it to have THAT point sink unit that destroys anything they come into contact with?

Not very, I guess it really depends on the meta and army but its not something everyone is running this edition and not something every army can have.

>> No.57017543

Fuck off mate. It's not like you can take a Rhino and say it has a Basilisk cannon. Whether or not the entry is in the codex means you can or can't take it. Either follow the rules or eat dick.

>> No.57017544

/yawn, there's no difference between codex and fw units.

>> No.57017560


>CAAC is a common phrase regardless of what you think.

Bull and shit, it took off a few weeks ago.

>Also judging people for liking a form of the hobby you don't makes you a cunt.

That sure is a pretty way to phrase using a disposable income intensive hobby for spammy powergaming and autistic rules lawyering.

>> No.57017561

Dark Angels might be crazy, but the Lion makes some pretty legit metal.

>> No.57017571

>average roll on 9d6 is 31.5
>15.75 wounds on T4
>5.25 failed 3+
Wow it's a dead min tac squad. Or 1 dead termie. And the unit probably gets fucked next turn as well

Decent anti-horde but you can't say 'extremely strong' when it's only one turn before it's hitting back far weaker (at best)

>> No.57017573

Farsight enclaves with a +1 to hit in combat with suits and access to either fusion blades as wargear or a relic would be awesome.

Onager gauntlets for everyone.

>> No.57017575

The point of the class is the interaction with the people who take the time for such endeavors, its mostly people who seek to better themselves and are more often than not worthwhile. oh and yes, the Bolter kind because snipers rarely make their points back due to drawing a lot of fire

>> No.57017578

>Sure it can, you reading impared hick
You don't have to be such a tau fag.

>> No.57017591


You sure do have a lot of concerns with how other people engage in the hobby.

>> No.57017604

Calculate it for T3 since masses of Gaunts or Guardsmen is what that would be used against.

>> No.57017610


This still fails to address the claim that FW is more OP than vanilla GW.

>> No.57017622


>> No.57017640

If you play static Gunline T'au you are an unfluffy WAACfag

>> No.57017641

Try a year

>> No.57017663

You might as well do the math against a tank.

>> No.57017668

Hilariously is more accurate than the original meaning ow that I think about it.

>> No.57017670

Kills 14 guardsmen, which cost less than the marines.

>> No.57017676

Well, playing tau already makes them regular fags so its not that different

>> No.57017679

Gw is unfluffy.

>> No.57017680

new zerkers when
I'm sick of yaoi hands and near-unposeable arms

>> No.57017685

FW get different loadouts, thus making them OP. Just because the word Contemptor is in the codex doesn't mean it's a codex legal Contemptor. Brainlet.

>> No.57017693

Anti-horde option kills hordes easily.

>considered a bad option

Can't fix stupid

>> No.57017702

Average of 14 dead T3 Sv5+, then rest of unit would die to morale if applicable. I did say it was good for that, but not everyone fields those kinds of blobs

>> No.57017703


On two levels, sure.

A detached eye-rolling on wasting disposable income on breaking a not remotely tight ruleset that can't handle that kind of pressure.

And a more pressing hate for infecting local gamestores with competitive bleedthrough. The pickup games where the opponent turns out to be a skillless netlister are bad enough, but the real issue is you can't do a dedicated game day without people breaking out their hardcore lists.

The one time I tried being a cunt myself, I ended up curbstomping some 12 year old tyranid player with no flyrants, regretting all my life decisions.

>> No.57017710

Are you people really not familiar enough with these numbers to evaluate shit. 200 points of flamer suits vs a tank is worthless.

>> No.57017734

use blood warriors

>> No.57017745

It is bad god, not even him but 200 to overkill a 40 points guard squad is shit especially when it can't fire until turn 2. You're just feeding free points to his Punishers.

>> No.57017752

Guard become meq with ap-1 S4 weapons and marines become teq with ap-2 S5 weapons

>> No.57017766

Kauyon has basically become gunline rules-wise. Shame because it was originally about bait & ambush tactics while Mont'ka was overwhelming force, not sure if that's still the case in the fluff & it's just badly implemented

>> No.57017769

meme conversion

>> No.57017778

>A year
Now that is a complete load of squigshit.
This forced meme popped up barely a month ago on the general AT BEST.

On the one hand I fear mentioning that asshole too many times is going to summon him to go "CHAOS CAN NEVER LOSE!!1!!1!!!!" or some shit like that, but this definition is very much on point.

>> No.57017785

It's a waste of time to try and kill non-ork hordes, better to focus on stuff that actually deals damage.

>> No.57017794

Aw ye, just had my blue stuff and magnets show up.
Wish me luck, boyos, as I'm about to get a shit load more dark lances. Is it worth magnetizing them for scourges, or as they're green stuff anyway just break em off if I wanna get rid of them?

Also, They also threw in a box of celtic chests and a chupa chup. No idea what to do with the chests, but can't complain.

>> No.57017804

15 minimum with moral.

Like 22? if they don't have a comissionar.

>> No.57017808


Then run better events and set clearer expectation. Stop whining about everyone else's hobby and do better at your own. If you spent more time recruiting new players and less time complaining then you'd have the people you'd want to play.

>> No.57017827

They come in squads of ten.

>> No.57017848

Well that's the real problem.

>> No.57017859

Pic related is about Mtg but applies to netlisting as well. Nothing wrong with it and it is just another tool.

The problem you described is personal and only applies to you. Next time ask what sort of games other people like to play and act accordingly instead of acting autistic.

>> No.57017865


>> No.57017872


Nah I've known about the term CAAC for quite a few years at this point. Its just as treasonous and poisonous part of the community as WAAC players.

>> No.57017876

Commissar nerf means a unit with 14 dead would still fail the roll by at least 7, so unless they have an auto-pass by other means then that unit is gone

>> No.57017879

I play only Mont'ka tactics myself so i dont really do gunline. I just slowly advance with crushing plasma fire.

>> No.57017882

>Nah I've known about the term CAAC for quite a few years at this point
Interesting considering it was a term made up by WAACfags a few weeks ago

>> No.57017890

Or 10 eldar.
That's pretty nice.

>> No.57017895


As much as you think that, you are wrong. I've heard it used in multiple stores.

>> No.57017896

I kneel to the Emperor and the Emperor alone. You're not him.

>> No.57017907

anon i have heard it for a while now just because you are late on the term doesn't mean the rest of us are autistic CAACfags like you

>> No.57017936

>being this new

>> No.57017937

>10 dead minimum marines

Aren't marines like 12 points each, sounds pretty good 120 points dead instantly.

>> No.57017942

badly implemented

>> No.57017945

5 marines, he said minimum squad.

>> No.57017958

New thread

>> No.57017959

This assumes that people want to treat the game as a problem to be solved, and not as a shared experience for both players.

It's just a different way to look at the game, neither way is objectively wrong.
The problem arises when the two players have different expectations and don't communicate them

>> No.57017967

Then go find 10 Marines then, unless they all split apart.

>> No.57017979

It deals 5 wounds, not 10.

>> No.57017989

So are Flamers useless then?

>> No.57018011

They're pretty good. Autohitting makes them decent, especially as anti-air (or anti Alaitoc), and can be a decent charge deterrent

>> No.57018013

>The problem arises when the two players have different expectations and don't communicate them
I agree with this completely and it is extremely easy to solve by just talking to other people instead of making assumptions.

>> No.57018015

I like having them on tanks, so you aren't completely cucked by having some shitty guardsman squad lock you down in combat.

>> No.57018027

They're generally overcosted but they're not useless. Auto hitting does have its benefits, but clearing the cheapest of chaff isn't one of them anymore.

>> No.57018043


Although admittedly, sometimes you can take a soft and fluffy list, but it's still a lot stronger than what your opponent happens to bring.

>> No.57018060

It doesn't stop them charging.

Its 2 dead maybe to shut down a tank.

>> No.57018082

Heavy flamers & up are fucking great. Regular flamers are good anti-horde & better than just about anything in standard overwatch. The issue is in spamming them on an expensive elite unit that would be lucky to have more than one turn of shooting at full strength

>> No.57018097

No they're way more effective than the alternative.

>> No.57019051

New thread when?

>> No.57019380

>an absolutely massive Fallen army is mustering in some sector that's being lead by none other than Luther, that can apparently "crush the entire Galaxy" or some such thing
Sure thing, sweetie. I'm gonna take it as the usual DA paranoia and general wankery.

>> No.57020133

DE are metal af

>> No.57020166

Delicious cheese

>> No.57020291


>> No.57020363

tau were balanced with hate in 8th

>> No.57020751


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