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The absolute madman did it, he created enough panic to double the price of Bazaar of Baghdad.


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They should just make cards available for direct purchase online via some sort of print-on-demand service to kill the secondary market speculators that pox the game.

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I hate investors as much as you do, but that would probably be terrible in the long run. Just agressively reprint all the expensive non-Reserved cards to make Modern and Legacy more open to new players, and maybe gradually take cards away from the List

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Why would be horrible?

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It wouldn't, it would make the game playable.

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That already exists. Just not by WotC.

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The Challenger decks they announced today are close to that. They're competitive Standard decks complete with sideboard that they're going to start shipping out in April.

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I didn't see them but I'm gonna assume they will be barely t3 garbage like the even decks.

And on top of that


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meant to say event* decks

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At a $30 MSRP, they're not going to be remotely competitive or even playable. They can talk all they want, but it's just more shitty planeswalker and intro decks under a different name.

A monored deck without any Hazorets or Chandras is still going to be $100.
GW Aggro decks, where the most expensive cards are $2, are still $100.
Unless they print the fuck out of them to give the secondary market the finger, the decks are either going to be shit or snapped up by store owners and investors to be cracked and have the juicy singles sold.

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Remember Event decks? Remember when two of those gave you a decent standard deck? Remember how long that held?

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Oh you sweet summer child

Full of optimism and hope

Never give up that naivety.

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a month ago he released a warning to buy bazaar and library of alexandria NOW

i bought a bazaar and i am not dissapoint

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The problem is the moment WOTC starts to sell singles and assign value to their product their booster packs become gambling under US law.

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>it's a Rudy episode
god i fucking love this shit. what a hero.

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the secondary market in this game is such a fucking joke

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Kek. Thank god, I'm a here in Germany and nobody cares. Rudy's little mind games can suck my Bratwurst.

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The problem is that opening shitloads of boosters to find things is where the money comes from. If they just sold things PoD, or in set products like Netrunner, the profitability of MtG would nosedive and that'd probably be the end of it.

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Ha, do you honestly think this will have playsets?
They said it will have two mythics and some rares. If you look at RIX you can see that these are pretty much the only good cards in the set.

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Poorfag tears are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

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What about the time where he fucked an investor while his wife watched? People saying he's good for investors are stupid, he has a company and all he says and does is for his own profit.

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Hole shit that made me M O I S T

He's not 'good' for anyone, that's the point of rudy. He just does his own fucking shit and graces us with videos about it. You can tell by how amused at himself he is.

Alpha as fuck.

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They said the same thing about Modern. AND Clash decks for Standard.

Do you really think they're going to print anything worth a fuck in those things? I know you're new to this whole thing but the one thing about this game that supersedes anything else is that nothing is worth being optimistic about. There is not a damn thing printed in the past five years that fixed any problem; at the very best it was some lotion that soothed the burning temporarily but you're still on fucking fire. The people who are satisfied with whatever stupid marketing PR bullshit Wizards shovels down their mouth haven't been fucked in life enough to know that they're not interested in doing anything long-term and lasting for the game.

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Never stop filming, you glorious bastard.

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People are retarded.

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How many copies need to be sold to do this? 20? 30?

I'm sorry, Rudyfags, but your idol is not really all he claims.

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>They should take all jews and put them in gas chambers
This is LITERALLY what you're saying
I'm happy our guy rudy is making mtg a viable financial option.

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Too bad he's spending so much on a dying game desu

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He's doing what he loves, apparently, which is more than most of us can say.

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it's not dying, it's just ran by retards, but if it keeps down this path, yes it will.

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part 2

one of the creators just may have killed of another million players.

no, I'm not /pol/

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God what a little bitch. That's one of the creators of mtg? Sorry guys but I'm selling out.

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reminds me of the reddit mod specifically saying straight white male lol.

I really hope mtg doesn't go bankrupt I enjoy the game to much

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Welp, looks like it's time to sell my shit to Rudy now.

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woah, my bullshit detector just exploded into a cloud of colored smoke and confetti.

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As a poorfag I've begun to really enjoy Rudy's videos, WotC has been fucking up so much recently it's fun to sit with him and watch him do something wild and hilarious to mess with everyone who treats this even slightly seriously from a financial perspective. I'm never gonna afford a Bazaar of Baghdad anyway unless I ask Villa Zheng, so what stake do I hold in this mess. Everyone gets angry and no one wins. Huzzah.

That video on Saturday about print run numbers was a beast of a video. I think I came five times to that video.


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No man, don't do that, that's how they win. Instead play cards Wizards wants you to forget about like Invoke Prejudice and Earthbind and Elvish Ranger as well as Counterspell, Lightning Bolt, Giant Growth and Balance, Winter Orb and Smokestack. Remind them that no matter how they try and change the future, Magic was ALWAYS initially designed for assholes.

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I love bondage faeries.

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Whats the issue with him disliking those guys?

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should /tg/ do a buyout of all "offensive by today's standards" or triggering mtg cards?

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He's a company figure. He said they don't belong in the game publicly.

that's to ruin a business anon 101.

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He can not like them personally but keep it out of business practice because this is going to kill the sales even harder than they are already struggling.

Hasbro will drop them and MTG will be no more if they stop making money buy printing shit quality stock and all of the other shit that's going on right now that's effecting the game.

It's just bad business to bring feelings into it.

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Jesus, he's pretty far up his own sjw ass. I'm 90% sure if every jerk, asshole, misogynist, alt-righter, and bully left MtG today, the entire game would collapse within a month.

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But what about their supplemental products? You can go buy a From the Vault: Transform for a set price knowing exactly which cards you're getting.

The Masters series should be exactly that - a predetermined list of highly sought after reprints available in one package for a set price.

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Well the duel decks where cancelled and re-named Challenger so.....yea.

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>WOTC explodes/files for bankruptcy after releasing a product called challenger due to this shit.

calling it now.

Screencap this,

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You know, they could have named them, "Challenge Decks" and no one would bat an eye. I seriously can't believe that some WotC staff member didn't say, "Hey, maybe that's not a great name."

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>shit quality stock

It's kinda amazing I think, with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon as competitors, are they also marred with card quality issues? I've never seen a Pokemon card miscut before yet here I was last week Charlie Bucketing it up to my Willy Wonka Unstable pack and lo and behold instead of a bar of delicious silver-bordered chocolate goodness I get this shitty miscut. The poor Target Minotaur. I feel sorry for it. It happened to me, it can happen to you, boys. Is this something only us fucking Magic playing losers worry about? Is it only WotC and Hasbro who treat their players like such vermin beneath their ivory fucking towers?

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It is. Even fucking Yu-Gi-Oh gets good customer service.

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What I'd like to see is an official "gold boarder" marketplace where you can buy any and all cards for your casual needs aka cube, edh and kitchentable. then the tournament spikes can be happy with their legal boarder cards and we
"casuals" can be happy about our cheap decks and having fun

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No, all FTV sets go roughly at the same MSRP, it's retailers that then jack it up from there based on secondary market prices. FTVs DO have an MSRP. It's just we'll never buy them at that unless it's FTV Annihilation or Angels or some unwanted garbage.

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Crashing this Company

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We had those in Theros

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>I'm 90% sure if every jerk, asshole, misogynist, alt-righter, and bully left MtG today, the entire game would collapse within a month.
But that's already happening and they're panicking already.

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>implying almost all of his customers aren't "pepe people"

my god WOTC staff is delusional no wonder they've lost so much money the last few years.

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Is Rudy even going ahead with his plan on cashing out or is he just going to continue pumping and dumping until Wizards steps in?

>> No.57012492

He runs businesses. He can shit on Wizards and get insider info while doing so. He'll be fine, I want him to keep being the Wikileaks of MTG.

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>Turning away millions of potential customers


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How the fuck can this madman be stopped?

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No anon. Then we'd be hoarding copies that aren't gonna see play. Instead just buy just enough to play with. Like one set of all the scantily clad women to form an all women EDH deck. And then when people accuse you of pandering to the male gaze you turn around and say something like "I think these are strong beautiful independent women and you're being misogynistic in attempting to slut shame and censor them. Also in my head anon they identify as trans PoC so they're not pandering to male gaze." People who like your idea will then get their own sets to play with and then you have a counter movement.

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>Magic isn't for manchildren

Oh come on we both know that's not true.

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fun fact, he's swedish.

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Probs gonna report him to wizards.

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Shoop pepe onto Atog and tweet it a him anon.

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That language, regardless of the contents, is making me feel unwelcome in the MTG community.

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>literal trainwreak

low energy desu

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>policy against highering these types of people
this has to be bullshit.

>> No.57013987


>Magic was ALWAYS initially designed for assholes.

I am curious if Richard Garfield has an opinion on that


He goes fullborne Masochistic Rudy and buyout all the Force of Will sealed produces and then the company folds along with the game

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Miscuts has been a thing for years. Some of them can be worth quite a bit. Nothing new here.

>> No.57014192


They USED to be pretty rare and some vintage set miscut/prints can easily triple the value of a card. now its so fucking common miscuts are worthless.

>> No.57014194

Does this guy ever actually sell anything? Or does he just hoard and pretend like he's some stock market shark?

>> No.57014216

Latter. Someone should report him to the IRS desu since he might not be reporting the value of the cards he has, so he's evading taxes :^)

>> No.57014235


but cards have no value according to wizards

>> No.57014271

They’re still very rare. The print runs are just bigger.

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File: 22 KB, 374x378, 1acb50cc07e63ba579f288c778257e9b5c71dcf402c27d96723fe3106e9f895c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying neckbeard cardboard is next to money
>implying the IRS cares about MTG
nigger are you serious?

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>rely on wide customer base to survive
>insult huge swaths of them because they disagree with your politics and are thus EVIL

Leftists, stop hurting yourselves. I know we haven't always been on the best terms in the past but I can't watch you destroy yourselves like this.

>> No.57014328

Sounds like hate speech to me.

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File: 39 KB, 480x415, 2f69cfd7e8db0ae4f90f7b4c4a2e0744ac90f1b864851a30d348e9b7bf2e5bbe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only very large miscuts. not the ones in OPs pic you damn casual.

do some more damn research.

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Rudy is very smart, he's amassing power from his YouTube videos.

Releasing info that fucks with investors but benefits him.

Also he has a fucking patreon that gives him more money

>> No.57014354

Be nice to brown people and we might be able to meet in the middle

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I know its anecdotal evidence, but my drsft group has opened quite a few packs like >>57012301 in the last few years and none in pre Theros sets

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File: 1.50 MB, 560x240, 822c18dbf9d16cb971ebe25819f3c0b1671568adf018d04586663e811f8b79aa.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How to ruin a game in two Facebook posts.

>> No.57014459

This. For challenger decks to be viable we need to go back to Onslaught/Zendikar/Theros style design where you could built Tier 1.5/2 decks like Mono Black Control, Vampires and Heroic respectivelly with 30+ un/commons. But MaRo's precious NWO doesn't allow this to happen.

>> No.57014486

You know he doesn't have anything to do with WotC anymore, right? It's just him ranting

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Well he publically called me a Nazi.
Phoned wizards and reported it.

See where this goes.
I'm guessing nowhere.

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Buncha fuckin asshurt Jeremy supporters in here

>> No.57014556

The only people I have ever experienced trying to make other people's IRL worse are SJWs and tumblr hysterics. /pol/ and /b/'s entire contribution to IRL have been catching pedos and kitty killers, and trolling Zoe Quinn.
Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit have doxxed too many people to count and continuously harass those who don't have a job to be fired from.

>> No.57014558

It is, Sadly Wizards used to treat us great until Return to Ravnica.

Even games that Rudy shills, Force of Will seems like they shower you in gifts for supporting them I mean holy shit I love mtg to death but I've been on the edge of quitting since Almond Cat.
He's a HUGE faggot tho and people like Jeremy will make a vid. I'll kek because honestly Jesper is in a autistic bitchfit over nothing like all of them have been over the last year and a half.
What up Jasper.

>> No.57014584

Stop treating brown people like children who can't provide for themselves and maybe you'll see that everyone on the right except for a lunatic fringe basically already is.

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File: 1.75 MB, 300x225, 042ea829c60805c963e6bac3b5115c5e25f7537eb4de437f803a3616ba436582.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/r Magictcg right on time kek

>> No.57014603

don't derail

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>event decks 2.0
It's something I guess.

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Go whine about muh stolen collection more jeremy you fucking faggot

>> No.57014661

I've won the past three Modern FNMs with Triumph of Ferocity in my BG Death's Shadow deck.
Nobody has noticed I use the evil rape card, they just see me drawing cards without losing life.

>> No.57014673

>Be Rudy
>Have a Bazaar for sale
>Make a new account
>Buy your own Bazaar for $2000
>Everyone loses their minds

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Wizards basically has a monopoly on "serious" tcgs. They can do whatever the fuck they want and take their sweet time fixing their printing problems. Who's going to budge them out of number 1? That's an honest question, and the answer is no one. No one tcg can get enough of a foothold to even make a dent in MTG. The closest I've ever seen to people changing is playing Force of Will for a few months and then come crawling back to MTG.
There's almost no other game with a serious fantasy feel to it. Jap TCGs are too anime-y for the standard player.

>> No.57014741

That's what happens when 90% of your staff comes from Portland, Seattle and Hong-Couver community college gender studies majors.
WotC is a shitty company to work at, with mediocre wages and low hiring standards. Everyone worth hiring is working someone else. The only quality staff they have are the artists and they've chased away most of the best like Jason Chan and Karla Ortiz by having a neurotic non-artist as lead art-director.

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Nobody here even cares about that you autistic fuck.
I made space in my binder for a page of foils and put them in the front just for shit n giggles
The Magus of the Bazaar

>> No.57014787

That would get you banned from any forum, and the only reason he's not banned from twitter is because he's shitting on a permitted target.

We have to make WotC live up to their own standards, so if you have a tweeter, screenshot and report.

>> No.57014814

He sells stuff for cheap to his patrons and he does have a game store.

>> No.57014837

I am brown, mexican in fact, I feel safer with the average republican than with the average democrat.
The average democrat doesn't believe I'm capable of thinking or speaking for myself.

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File: 34 KB, 223x318, ML_5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 296 KB, 360x270, afc461e71f16210ed090df7a632e5ca78415084fd868805853ae49dde5731a4e.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't fucking breathe

>> No.57015054

he is hiding his powerlevel

>> No.57015124

>Magic was never designed for the "pepe" crowd

>> No.57015297

Doesn't help the "lewd" people circlejerk on here is also reason why they aren't somehow destroying mtg.

>> No.57015978

And we thought Winters was the Fascist one.

How little we knew.

>> No.57016291

yes, he has a storefront so he can buy straight from distributers. Makes """Investing""" margins better.

>> No.57016338

I can. It's hilarious.

>> No.57016471

I’ve been playing since Scourge and have opened them since then. Have cards from Kamigawa where the card rode too high in the pack and caught the stamp, and miscuts where the top black border is basically gone. Nothing new.

>> No.57016529

Just have to keep grinding. Everyone is going to be sick to death of political argument and sjw by the end of 2018 if the war continues.

>> No.57016762

It's actually nice that he leaked print run numbers
It helps us poor fucks out

>> No.57019866

This, if Trump gets re-elected it won't be because he's popular or good, but because the fucking left is going full retard and absolutelly refuses to not be crazy.

>> No.57021566

the jap version of yugioh has much better card quality but tcg quality is generally fine. we also get frequent reprints of cards, so nothing stays expensive.

>> No.57022293

I'm pretty sure Richard garfield isn't part of the LBGT.

>> No.57022350

This is the faggot who made Mana Crypt go from $7 to $100

>> No.57022395

ANTIFA did Amtrak though

>> No.57023862

Hate to break it to you but saying that an universally hated group of subhumans isn't your target audience is fairly good publicity.

>> No.57026687

He's in fact part of the "evil facts fascists" since he's a mathematician.

>> No.57026769

But they're catering to SJWs.

>> No.57030313

Saying shit like "catering to SJWs" is a good way to get ordinary people to say "You're fucking paranoid, idiot".

>> No.57030362

If anyone says that to me, I'm gonna tell them straight to their face, "being a good person is not a bad thing. Now sit the fuck down and let's play some Commander, I want to Mindslaver lock a table."

>> No.57030559

>being a massive faggot
Wew, at least the poster will make it so people can't tell you how faggy you are

>> No.57030597

Why doesn't WotC reprint cards that get expensive like other companies do?

>> No.57030688

Of course he is. So am I, and so on behalf of the non retarded part of us, I sincerely apologize for people like him.

>> No.57030728

>apologizing on a imageboard

Oh my fucking god what universe is this?

>> No.57030743

Reserve list.

It's a good thing. Play MTGO if you want Bazaar of Baghdad.

>> No.57030748


Because of the Reserve List created back in the 90s and IFF it is ever broken I'm pretty sure all the MtG "investors" will screech and try to sue WotC over it. Even if WotC can legally renege on the Reserve List without the screeching "investors" and actually print an actual tangible version of Vintage Masters it'd be one of WotC's biggest jew scheme of all time:

>Power Nine and certain Reserve List cards will be at Masterpiece rarity
>Only one (or two if you are lucky) Dual Land per box since they will be Mythics
>Jank to useful cards ratio is off the charts
>$50 a pack

>> No.57031192

Being an SJW isn't being a good person; SJWs claim to be good people while trying to control others according to a strict ideology.

>> No.57031200

>We've gone from everyone on 4chan moaning about SJWs to being accused of being insane if we even think they exist.

What a difference five years make.

>> No.57031526

"catering to SJWs" is not the same thing as "being an SJW" and bitching about "catering to SJWs" is called "being an irrational, paranoid dickhole".

Now go away, I've got every consecutive turn to control.

>> No.57031581
File: 780 KB, 867x487, rduds.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he has a shitload of them

>> No.57031723

The dangers of immigration.

>> No.57031756

So? The point isn't pretending to buy one, the point is to make heavy investing seem safe. This is LITERAL pump and dump tactics. He wants prices to rise as much as possible so he can quietly start shifting his collection.

>> No.57032131

I don't really care about poorfags too much because I buy fakes too.

It's not like mtg is actually expensive with a real job anyway.

>> No.57032135

Anon he flat out explained thats what hes doing.
Like in very simple terms "I am abusing the reserve list and print runs to make money, heres what I did all the other major stores do it and are fucking you"

>> No.57032205

has rudy ever said what he does for a living?

>> No.57032241

Manages a variety of restaurants and other businesses and maintains housing complexes. Owners pay him to run things.

He has the money to throw around. Dropping a hundred grand to fuck with Magic is peanuts to a person like him.

>> No.57032256

>Everyone who objects to what is going on is mentally ill.

Very common tactic.

>> No.57032456

He also resells antique guns and sports equipment.
The fucker must be on speed all day to do so much shit.

>> No.57032462


Rudy is merely diversifying assets, mtg just so happens to be an interest of his aswell.

>> No.57032490

Well, apparently he's somewhere in Jacksonville so I wouldn't be surprised.

>> No.57032592

He sounds like he has the makings of the polymath. He can probably learn anything if he wanted to. He's certainly a person who is good at management; he could organize a war if you asked him to.

I don't think a person like him needs speed. I think he has one of those "winner" spirits; he is a lot like a few people I know where their idea of recreation is winning harder. I'm not saying Rudy doesn't sit down and watch a movie or play video games or do anything "normal" but I think that he would much rather be doing everything better instead of wasting his time with shit that won't get him anything. He could be making a video, reading a book, learning shit, or making any of his businesses better; he could be out there finding opportunities.

I respect that he does what he does because he's so driven and he can profit heavily. I think it's fucking awful what he does to Magic but I feel like he does it because it's so much fucking power he can wield for so little money. You can't buy an election for $50,000; but with $100,000 he's fucking ruining Magic and inspiring other people to do the same shit ruining it further all the while people are paying him to do it. If that's not a winning proposition I don't know what is - being paid to throw your financial weight around for a power trip.

When I have to hesitate because I see a card is $40 it's because of people like Rudy. I don't blame people like Rudy for doing what they do; but I do blame Wizards for making it profitable for people like that.

>> No.57035810

You're being a paranoid dick if you think a billion dollar corporation is being Marxist.

>> No.57036088

if they keep printing garbage, then people will stop buying anyway

>> No.57036153

>Manages a variety of restaurants and other businesses and maintains housing complexes. Owners pay him to run things.

He is obviously a (((great))) dude with finances. Probably best financial adviser you could get as one of those small entities. Him being on crack 24/7 is just a bonus. He has every quality you would want in someone advising you on money.

>> No.57036512

So get rid of mythics and sell every card of the same rarity for the same price. Then every pack has the same value and its just as gambling as the gumball machine.

>> No.57038549

just sell them at walmart as a price floor

remember they tried to make unstable a $30 draft until this happened


>> No.57038575

Oh, so this is why we have all the shit business thread s going on.

>> No.57038801

They aren't scared of being sued, they're scared because stock market investors want the list around. Last time they tried to remove them they lost a lot if value and realised their source of money was never and will never be people who like magic.

>> No.57038943

I honestly don't care about the RL. Vintage and Legacy do just fine as online formats but are otherwise a lost cause. Reprint policy needs to focus solely on reigning in prices for Modern.

>> No.57038957

Except numbers are great, and whilst manbabies whine all the time, they never leave. Hell, I might actually respect them if they left, but nah - all the froggy boys just shout about SJW's and then get back to playing modern.

>> No.57039193


The market for reserved list cards is stupidly easy to manipulate because the supply is so low and the supplier refuses to respond to market demands. Reason #47 why reserved list should be abolished.

>> No.57039208

Reason it shouldn't: Rudy gives wizards more money than you ever did.

>> No.57039273

>mtg just so happens to be an interest of his aswell
He put up a video ages ago showing his deck from the last time he played. Moxes instead of lands, biggest creature was triskelion and the only colored card I remember was balance.

>> No.57040247


I saw it too. How does having a 'deck' (All in penny sleeves) detract from it being an investment?

>> No.57040266

It's winter you fool

>> No.57040302

You are way too much of a salty bitch to enjoy a game.

>> No.57040746

No dude, he's fine it's just that you are retarded.

>> No.57041416

You're naive if you think that billion dollar corporations are run anywhere near efficiently. There's endless agendas and laundering at all levels of every large company.

>> No.57043559

I don't debate the lack of efficiency in large companies. They're not efficient.

However, you buy something with that efficiency. You buy good fucking decisions. It means no single arm of any company has enough control to steer the ship in a direction that will ultimately be wrong. There will be issues along the way, but the convoluted inefficiencies means they'll spend endless amounts of dollars to reach a conclusion that is more or less good.

What has happened at Wizards is very obviously NOT good. It is tragic that the inefficient processes of the company did not yield a good result. It is irrefutable that they've decided people portrayed in their game cannot be attractive; and that they're not allowed to use the "fantasy" card anymore because they're afraid some faggots on the Internet will call it cultural appropriation or insensitive. A good, inefficient company, with a fully armed marketing team and will recognize that good fantasy with beautiful people is going to sell a whole lot more than one that isn't. They have the means to pull data from any number of sources that backs up what I said above. You have a poll asking the population if Brad Pitt is attractive; among women and gay dudes you will find a minority don't think so. So you make the reasonable decision and make your characters chiseled.

Instead for reasons we can't comprehend, they made the shit decision to pull in that 5%. You can call it pandering or paranoia but whatever you want to call it it was the wrong fucking decision. It was the irrational decision and it should have been ironed out by a long, inefficient, and costly system. And the fact that it wasn't avoided means this mindset has permeated the entire company and either unwilling to consult arguments from another perspective or they didn't even try.

I'd rather pay for the inefficiency upfront with money I have than save it and have it murder my sales wherein I won't be able to make the choice in the future.

>> No.57043969

Theres also the time they hired the black chick to write a GENUINE AUTHENTIC AND NOT STEROTYPED CHARACTER to show how progressive they were.

And she came out fucking horrendous and looking like a stereotype.
My big wissue with the SJW nonsense is them hiring unqualified women for the PT/Worlds/Open casting teams who are fucking awful at their jobs.

>> No.57044521

At that point you might as well just print out proxies and cut out the middle man

>> No.57044673

>My big wissue with the SJW nonsense is them hiring unqualified women for the PT/Worlds/Open casting teams who are fucking awful at their jobs.
Let's be totally honest about this, it's not women, they've always had shit casters.

And you get shit casters because people who talk for a living generally want to have a bit of say in what they say. And when you leash them and demand they kowtow to everything the corporate office wants them to say you get nothing by sycophants.

I understand corporate demands to provide a wholesome atmosphere, but when you don't let them drop sick burns on what they're observing then what's the fucking point. I don't like LSV, I think he's a jerk, but he can bring the smacktalk like nobody else and he would make a fantastic caster if they let him say shit he wanted instead of making dogshit puns that only retards think are the pinnacle of humor.

Yeah, that's not fucking surprising. Who knew that people who don't know shit about fantasy whose only qualification is to write ethnic-centric works writes stereotypical ethnic-centric bullshit with some faux-fantasy words they probably googled.

She literally kills a king. I mean, holy shit, if that's not the worst nod to a fucking garbage meme I don't know what is.

>> No.57047892

Anon Im not even saying that the women casters they hired are shit compared to good casters.
I mean they are shit compared to the already bad casters they hired.

Like you have one in rainbow spiky hair on a table with two pros who are talking about plays and constantly going off on tangent about some retarded 20 year old deck. Then every few minutes they stop and ask "well what do you think about X' and she just replies with some "yes or I agree"

>> No.57048697

>rainbow spiky hair
I have no fucking clue what you're talking about. But that sounds like the most disgusting shit on the planet.

I work in a world where under no circumstances can you show up with rainbow hair or shit on your face. There's a story at work that someone shaved their head for cancer charity and immediately got fired because it wasn't cleared by corporate and their job was to represent corporate. My point is that appearance standards are the bare minimum.

>> No.57050264


>> No.57051577

On one hand, I think Rudy fucking with people is a riot.
On the other, I partly blame him for FoW tanking.

>> No.57051604

If one youtube video is what it takes to tank it, then it's not healthy to begin with. Also, back then Rudy isn't even that famous yet.

>> No.57052035

It's not necessarily the same as killing something established. It's killing something that takes a risk at growing into something. You can't even say it's in a state where it can even be called healthy or weak.

Let's just say Rudy has 10,000 people (which is a lowball number I think) watch his videos who have no idea what Force of Will is, suddenly, that's 10,000 with a negative impression, which is a lot for a card game trying to take off. For a game like Magic or Pokemon, some guy with an audience of 10,000 talking shit won't change the opinions of however many million people playing it.

All Rudy has to do is influence one person and that one person shittalks the game at the store and that could possibly kill it.

>> No.57053815
File: 37 KB, 237x141, nice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>my playset is now worth $8k

>> No.57054507

Jesus christ

>> No.57054592

wew, what a crying faggot.

>> No.57054630

I still remember when I bought over 100 copies of Tomb of Urborg (Planar Chaos and FTV) for cheap and at some point it reached $80 per card.
I sold them for 70% of the price before the bubble exploded and managed to complete my modern melfolk, tron and jund deck.

>> No.57054653

The problem wth FoW is the people who are in charge of the game in US and Europe are a bunch of idiots.

>> No.57054666

The only decent Event Decks were the Theros Monoblack Aggro and the KtK/BfZ Golgari Midrange with decent cards and Mythics

>> No.57054695

>people changing is playing Force of Will
Yeah, the dark times in Khans where standard decks costed over $500.
The reason some players passed to Force of Will in that time was because it has similar mechanics from MtG and fixes the Manaflow/Manascrew problem by having a "Land" deck.

>> No.57054734

had the chance to visit his store once. He looks like a cool guy to drink some beers with and gave me some advices.

>> No.57054776

>but with $100,000 he's fucking ruining Magic and inspiring other people to do the same shit ruining it further all the while people are paying him to do it

Magic will either emerge stronger, or die and let something better emerge.

>> No.57055031

Top tier standard decks were closer to $1000 than $500 famalam.

>> No.57055757

It's not when you redefine the term to mean literally half the country

>> No.57055832


>The problem wth FoW is the people who are in charge of the game in US and Europe are a bunch of idiots.

And one of the bigger ironys is that if it isn't for the European players who discovered the game, Force of Will (both the game and the company) might have been just a footnote already since almost no one played that game in Japan

>> No.57056491

They said the same about bitcoin...

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