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Magnus is Anime Edition



>FAQ update

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (all of them):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations
>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer Updated for Tyranids? Math-Anon requests vetting

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What's your tabletop standard for casual games? Most of my dudes are basecoated the main color of my chapter, with a good few of them having defining details painted on. I hit a slump months ago which is why they're painted like this. Hoping to maybe play a few small casual games in the future.

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First for 7th ed is best
It will not be the first post

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First for the First Legion

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>whats your tabletop standard for casual games?
fully painted and based.

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I've primed all my stuff. Squads tend to have one or 2 models in each with a few painted.

I do have a decently painted Death Guard force, enough to make a full list which is fully painted. Locals were shocked at this, 'wow he has a fully painted army!'.

Its cool to see that.

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My stuff is always 100% painted.

As long as you're making progress I don't mind what state your models are in. (although all primed black is worse than unpainted...)

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Dark traitors pdf when?

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The standard I hold others to is the three colors rule but I personally dont want to field a model that isnt fully done up with detail work also

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FW sent me the wrong sided claw with my wrecking ball Carnifex wheeeee

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-Archon 54
>agoniser 4
>parasites kiss 0

-Venom 65
>2 splinter cannons 30

-5 Kabalite trueborn 55
>4 blasters 60
>phantasm grenade launcher 3
>blast pistol 10

-Raider 95
>Disintegrator Cannon 30
>shock prow 1

-9 Kabalite warriors 63
>phantasm grenade launcher 3
>blaster 15

-3 Reavers (+1T) 90
>agoniser 4
>blaster 15
>grav talon 5

-Ravager 95
>3 dark lances 60
>shock prow 1

-10 scourges 140

TOTAL: 905

How’s this for a basic Kabal list? Dunno how to fill that last 95 points

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Should I model my Fire Warrior Sha'ui with a pistol or finger-poiting?

Also is there any brief summary of T'au drones usability? I don't know if I should assemble Guardian Drone or just another Shield Drone

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thats not duncan thats sargon

count dankula was p gud

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probably in the next week or two, chill

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Honestly I'm not sure I get the whole "Unforgiven" angst and secrecy thing. Why is it such a big deal to the Dark Angels that some assholes came from their legion ten thousand damn years ago? Do they even have a Bjorn-style dread who remembers those times? Any living link at all?

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>pistol or finger poiting?
finger pistol'ing
>brief summary of T'au drones usability?
gun drones shoot, markerlight drones help you get markerlights, and shielddrones allow you to pass 1 wound off, however, you can also pass that off to your gun or ML drones, they just lack the invuln, making them slightly less durable
if you want either shield or guardian, i believe they have the same point cost and stats/abilities, but guardian gives your guys a invuln iirc.
my words probably not the best here tho, since i play mostly without drones.

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Gun drones: makes a nearby infantry or battlesuit immune to one weapon shot, be it a bolter or lascannon or massive nuke, also has 4 carbine shots

Shield drones: same thing but has a 5+ FNP so it might survive taking the shot, no guns tho

guardian drone: has a 5++, gives breachers 5++ aswell, doesnt affect anyone else but still intercepts shots

honestly breacher teams went from being solid in 7th to shit in 8th, so guardian drones are not really a priority to build

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The "fallen" are loyalist dark angels. They are being hunted down and exterminated for having those memories you speak of. The dark angels legion is still fully intact and their hypnoprogramming and layered secrets keep a protective outer shell of supposedly loyal marines while the inner circle go about their treasonous work.

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Fully painted, regardless of quality

Base optional. I personally hate it when bases don't match the table.

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Just make an asymettrifex

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Are the Grey Knights good in 8th? Haven't played for a while because I got tired of having to take Dreadknights to be viable.

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I'm tempted to give him a wrecking ball on one side and Scytals on the other, yeah.

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Help me write better homebrew spells by telling me what I'm doing wrong

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When you've decided that citadel paints are way too fucking expensive, what are some good alternative brands?

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Army Painter, P3, Valejo

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Valejo, Army Painter, P3.

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I've never been a huge fan of P3. What am I missing here?

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Originally (and in some contemporary lore) the legions joined Horus or remained loyal in their entirety. Except for the Dark Angels hence dirty secret. That's all rather gotten muddied up now with the Istvaan III massacre and the scouring.

So instead the other legions as far as we know dealt with their rebel problems whereas for the DA their traitorous brethren are still around and just keep popping up because rather than being scoured like the other legions the DA were robbed of the ability to redeem their chapter when the Dark gods threw the fallen into the warp. There's also the problem that the DA just hold themselves up to a higher standard than every one else. Of course there were rebel Space wolves they're basically just animals, obviously Ultramarines fell their high ideals make them easy prey for corruption etc etc but a full third of our own? Unacceptable!

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Ey, chart-anon still here. Got a new 1v1 calculator chart going, give me something to pit against each other.

Solitaire beats an Eversor by the way.

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Dreadknight is viable, meanwhile GK are one of the weakest army AND they are nerfing smite on top of that.
Truly the monkey paw, I feel sorry for you.

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Tallyman vs cryptek

>> No.56981504

Someone wants to have a chat with you. Pic related.

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At this point it's not even the secret traitors, it's all the outright treasonous shit they've done to keep covering it up.

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So how many casualties do you think they take to get these augments on these fellows?

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Patriarch vs Lord of Contagion with Plaguereaper

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None. Ogryns are stupidly loyal. It would probably go kinda like this:
>"Hey Bork, Emperor wants you to have these claws."
>"K Boss"
>"Now go kill these guys over there, Emperor wants it"
>"Alright boss"

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Fires of Cyraxus when?

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like being the last people to see a Black Templar strike cruiser and being busy some times? Treason I say!

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>When you've decided that citadel paints are way too fucking expensive
Not there yet.

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Competitive GK units:
Librarian with stormshield and warding stave
Strike squads
Purgation squads

Terrible GK units:
Everything else

Its a shame the buffed fire raptor cant be GK but oh well

>> No.56981636

As for last few points you may want to give some of your scourges darklances or splinter cannons depending on what you want to do.My only concern for your list is that your anti-tank is too focused in one location meaning it can be taken out easily.
You may also want to take another squad of kabalites to allow you to make a patrol detachment.Given the fact you have a squad of 9 suggests you don't have the models.unless you want him in the raider. Given the list you will be starved for command points.

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I envy you

>> No.56981695

Writing homebrews in the first place

>> No.56981705

Oddly specific, but sure. Both of them are relatively tanky and deal fuck all damage. Tallyman takes 4 turns to kill the cryptek, cryptek takes 4.65. Tallyman wins!

>> No.56981735

The alternative is putting up with GWs incompetence, so no thanks.
If you have something more specific and constructive to say I'll gladly listen.

>> No.56981736

Really? Source?

>> No.56981739

Coal black is fantastic highlight color for black. P3 also is very opaque so if you need strong coverage it's good for that. Their medium mixing is bit terrible so paints do go bad pretty easily.

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X released in February is a meme. Ignore it.

>> No.56981753

>tfw you cut the hand from the arm just right, so you can reuse both parts

>> No.56981755

Did you account for the cryptek healing a wound each turn?

>> No.56981765

You could just not play the game

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I’m using the 9 because I want the archon in the raider. I was told in the last thread that any anti tank beyond a blaster venom and a ravager is WAAC, and that splinter cannons on scourges just aren’t worth what you get out of it

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It's called a file and greenstuff.

>> No.56981774

Maybe Asterion Moloc vs some of the other Chapter Masters? I'm curious how he stacks up against them in 8th edition.

Also, would you mind sharing your calculator?

>> No.56981796

Secret Santa here when?

>> No.56981804

Reminder that you might as well not play if they're not going to try.


>> No.56981809

Do you really want that? Do you really want someone from 4chan to have your home address?

>> No.56981814

What are some big guys to convert into a warboss that aren't the ironjawz guy? Looking for about as big as a meganob, ideally slightly bigger.
No 3rd party incase I want to go to a gw store.

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Being able to change the rules yourself is the best part of tabletop games. Besides I want to be able to play, my army's rules just suck so hard they are literally unplayable outside of one unfun broken build that I refuse to play because playing it is terrible for everyone involved.

>> No.56981829

>my army just suck so hard
>outside of one unfun broken build
Tau commander spam?

>> No.56981841

to be fair, if the inquisition found out that even a few of their fold turned to heresy like that, they could, and would, purge them all.

>> No.56981846

>Being able to change the rules yourself is the best part of tabletop games
kys cheater.

>> No.56981851

What are effective loadouts for noise marines?

The 5 man w/ sonic and blastmaster is the obvious answer.

Is a chainsword/power weapon loadout good?

The ones I have conidered are:
>4 sonic, 1 blastmaster
>5 sonic (suicide squad)
>5 bolter (suicide squad)
>4 chainsword, 1 power weapon (melee/suicide squad)
>8 sonic, 2 blastmasters

Trying to make a NM heavy (6 units) army, and am considering what all to do.

I have 3 squads of 4 sonic, 1 blastmaster already

>> No.56981863

Looking for Daemon Prince inspiration, preferably kitbashed from GW stuff not just 3rd party models

>> No.56981867

Why is the FW towed artillery so shit ?

>> No.56981869

Ignore this guy he knows nothing.
You can take a wound of any hit from any drone (All the damage too, so they will steal lascannon d6 damage hits on your broadsides).

You don't get a save but shield drones have a fnp.

>> No.56981871

It's because a full third of the Legion went traitor

>> No.56981882

Actually alot of legions had many traitors, same with the heretics themselves who had alot of loyalists.

As Cypher put it, the issue was that we didnt own up to it like all the other legions. We hid it away, to the point that this lie has consumed us as much as it has.

>> No.56981905

>ignore this guy he knows nothing.
you're probably right tho

>> No.56981909

Thousand Son, outside of Magnus lists they're terrible. What I posted in the first place was some extra spells for Thousand Sons.

Obviously I'd only do it if my opponent agreed to it silly.

>> No.56981922

How much anti tank is enough for a dark eldar list at 1000 points?

>> No.56981923

This is the only hesitations I have to picking up DA. I like their origin lore, the descent of angels book was one of my favorites.

But the lion is such a tool when it comes to his own sons. You can't find a more perfect storm to have renegades sprout up than to do what he did

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>> No.56981938

/Wip/ thread

Use a PO box if youre worried

>> No.56981940

so due partly to a boredom of playing them currently and the proposed changes to smite utterly butchering them, I'm going to be dropping my Sons for the foreseeable future. However, I still want to have a fun third army, so I want to pick up Genestealer cults next.

Anyone got a fun, fluffy list for them that features lots of purestrains? I want to take a look at future purchases to start playing them.

>> No.56981952

Every unit should be able to solo kill a transport tank in one turn.

>> No.56981956

>caring about lore.
If you like the models/rules just buy the thing and stop being a faggot

>> No.56981958

In the case of Fiery Form, the intangibility aspect could be represented like in the Weaver of Fates power (1+ to inv. saves, 5++ inv. save if the target doesn't have one). Of course, that would require for the WC to Ben increased.

>> No.56981964

r8 my 2000 point list anons

2000 points 5CP

2x Patriarch
2x 20 Purestrain Genestealers
1x 10 Purestrain Genestealers

2x Company Commander - Shotguns + chainsword

4x 3 Mortar HWTs
1x 3 Manticore Platform
1x 2 Manticore Platform

>> No.56981967

lore is a big deal to me, so shoot me

>> No.56981979


>> No.56981986

>50 Genestealers

>> No.56981998

but dark angels and salamanders have some of the most interesting lore.

Loyalist marines are inherently boring as shit. chaos too for different reasons. DA at least are different enough to stand apart from most loyalist shit. You're confusing the memes with canon.

>> No.56982008

Have 2 big squads, 1 with Primus, one with Patriarch. Summon them on separate turns so you can make use of the stratagem twice to make things reliable.

Consider what your opponent has, if you fear overwatch give your patriarch mass hypnosis, if you just wanna crump things, give him might from beyond.

Rest is up to you really.

>> No.56982009

It's too late for me, i am dead >>56981979

>> No.56982016

Most of that is true. Indeed the main reason I recommended the weapons is your 95 points left over. You could spend it on more kabalites without a boat a poor idea admittedly more bodies?
But sadly if you're not willing to take WAAC options such as dark lances. The ability to put out more shots even if they will die near instantly isn't a bad option.
If you have some "court of the archon" models they may be worth putting in an extra venom as lhamaeans are dirt cheap now along with the rest of the court.
Other than that you will have to find somebody better to get this list the way you want it to be.

>> No.56982019


The Lion has alot of good traits, his main issue is truely relating to other people. You must remember that all the primarchs have flaws. Girlyman might be the current posterboy, but he has his flaws and closet of skeletons so to speak.

>> No.56982024

I did originally only have 45 with an Iconward, but one of the company commanders will be my warlord for either grand-strategist or old grudges

>12d6 mortars and 20d6 lascannons all rerolling failed wounds against a target of your choosing turn 1

>> No.56982027

That's what it originally was, but someone pointed out that there might be too much invuln save stacking.
And alternative would be to hit modifiers but that would be way too powerful.

Perhaps your suggestion but with a no higher than 3++ clause would be fine.

>> No.56982031

My dislike for him started with how he handled zahariel, and then it was cemented with what happened to nemiel..

>> No.56982039

>Yet another victim of the lore. The poor bastard.

>> No.56982048

Enough to kill 2-3 tanks on average one turn of shooting.

Armor is always the biggest bitch. Take something reliable for them.

>> No.56982059

it's almost like you didn't read my post or something

I feel like they're trying to legitimise Luthor's rebellion. before it was all
>Hey best buddy, you're my best buddy and this is the thing that's most important to me. Could you look after it so I know every thing is comfy while I go off and do some dangerous shit
Now it's
>Hi dude I never really related to, go over there and look after your home that I've destroyed while I go and have awesome adventures without you because you're lame

>> No.56982068

Cunt out of 10
Not a real GSC list, just a tyranid WAAC spam list with guard

>> No.56982073

anon from the last thread here
no, you misunderstood me, anon.

I said that that was what -I- ran.

I don't think that pure drukhari CAN go really WAAC-ey right now, but I also run hellions and reavers in my 1000 point list.

pic is from a GSC 2000 point game I had a few months ago

>> No.56982079

>Not a real GSC list, just a tyranid WAAC spam list with guard

1: its a real GSC list you are just a pussy bitch
2: its intended for tournaments anyway

>> No.56982084

Maybe because I am new and started in on the lore in the last year, but it's completely the latter.

Everyone else beside luther got completely and totally buttfucked for no damn reason.

They even took their assignment faithfully, and never even got the courtesy of a fucking astro message. Totally forgotten.

>> No.56982089

Except deldar generally have trouble dealing with massed infantry.

>> No.56982090

>mounting your heavy weopon team on a tank


>> No.56982099

So it's a gsc list then.

>> No.56982106

Gotcha. Fun fact, Patriarch is one of the biggest pains in the ass to calculate, because his rending and reroll to wound interact in funky ways that require a lot of fiddling to get right. Anyway. Lord of Contagion deals 5.69 damage, killing the Patriarch in almost exactly one turn, and the Patriarch deals 4.87 (not inconsiderable considering how bloody tough the LoC is) and kills it in 1.23 turns, giving a narrow win to the LoC.

>> No.56982115

How are they against tanks?

Inb4 they have trouble

>> No.56982161

Ok then. I guess I can throw a lance on the raider and on about half my scourges, or run my scourges in 2 squads of 5, and equip one with lances.

>> No.56982169

If you spam darklances? No issue and you have no issue spamming lances while scourge exist.Even without scourge getting lances isn't hard.

>> No.56982177

Why are Tau so based, /tg/?
>Best technology they understand and actively work to improve
>Rational and selfless ideology willingly adhered to be everyone
>Veterans are more experienced and competent than anyone else's
>Rational tactics, never charge into melee like retards, instantly grasp the primitive tactics of everyone else
>Star is on the rise, they will inevitably conquer the Imperium & Chaos alongside all other xenos

>> No.56982180

that's a chimaera. He was indicating that he had a squad mounted inside.

We shred tanks and MEQs

they get fucked up by massed infantry.

>> No.56982194


>> No.56982202

>Fallen gathering in number to bring the galaxy to heel.
Did they multiply over 10k years?
Cause a fraction of a legion isn't conquering shit

>> No.56982241

>Magnus no Yome
I'd watch it.

>> No.56982261

If there are suddenly 15 000 Space Marines in one system, conquering is going to be A Thing. And it'll be a slog to get rid of them. And before anyone starts yammering about such number, the Legions of old were usually in the 100k+ range. If a full 3rd of the Dark Angels went rogue, you're easily looking at that sort of number,

>> No.56982266

I never got an answer on the Storm Shield Librarian thing from GW. According to the chart they released, it should be fine, but I asked here and nearly got my head chewed off for being a cheesing faggot by wanting a single storm shield on a single model. Also, Paladins are on the competitive unit list.

>> No.56982288

To be fair that should be how some but not all of the fallen perceive it the problem I think is that the writers have got lost in their own contrivances. Luther was better as Lancelot

To be fair we're looking at what 50-100k Marines many of whom have started their own cults and warbands and with some who may remember the locations of and indeed be equipped with tech from the old night I mean it still sound like gross hyperbole and I'm pretty sure part of the point of the fallen is that they can't bloody agree on anything so I don't see them forming a army of any major size bu we've got to have some flavour text right?

>> No.56982298

is this 3d-printed titan looks nice?

>> No.56982321

Ach, no I didn't. Right now I'm not considering degrading statlines or loss of damage from troop deaths, since those are a pain, but this one is easier to chart since it's just subtract a wound dealt per turn.

Regardless, I'd made an error in the previous calculation, my apologies! Turns out neither will kill another in the length of a normal game. Tallyman takes 6.11 turns, Cryptek takes 7.36. Tallyman still wins!

>> No.56982324


>> No.56982332

My Ahriman can't be this cute

>> No.56982340

Sure thing, it's in the OP. It's still WIP and a few errors keep cropping up, but I'm reasonably confident in it now. It's this tab: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/10t6_FO9mTaG8FHY4B7v6hOQgwc3gXxUiIOrMYt16I6M/edit#gid=1549977001

I'm gonna do Daddy Minotaur vs others in a bit.

>> No.56982342

only the painting. That model looks like shit.

>> No.56982346

Of course not. It's a titan. They all look bad

>> No.56982365

Not amazing, but certainly not bad.

>> No.56982367


>> No.56982386


>> No.56982392

Thanks chart-anon!

>> No.56982402

Post your collections

>> No.56982412

crisis suits :^ )

>> No.56982439

Anon, I really don't feel like setting out 3 armies today.

>> No.56982445

Milk-from-nostrils inducing image.

>> No.56982458

What's a good core for a space marine army? Thinking about a melee-weighted army and I'd like to have a good amount of infantry in there.

Basically, if I want to get started with, say, a 1000 point SPESS MEHREEN army around those parameters, what'd be a good way to go about it?

>> No.56982466

> According to the chart they released, it should be fine

it is fine, ignore the casual fags here

>paladins competitive
>needs a warlord trait to have only a 50% chance to make a charge

lmao no they fucking arn't, 3 wounds is a pittance for thier cost and just taking strike teams instead nets you way more damage over multiple matches

if they had 4++ and/or something to let them charge more reliably which is better than rerolls and doesn't require a warlord trait, then I might reconsider

>> No.56982481

Space Marines confirmed as members of thot-patrol?

>> No.56982484

Helbrute? some random walker? Converted Ghazkull? you're asking for something that doesn't exist if you aren't going 3rd party and refuse to use Ironjawz models

>> No.56982507


I haven't taken a group shot since I moved. There's a few more foot marines and three bikes besides what you already see here, plus a squad of IG. I've also got 2 converted drop sentinels primed and some bikers that are going to be finished either tomorrow or the next day.

>> No.56982513

>tfw I have 15 terminators/5 Unbuilt and 20 power armor dudes
I need more power armor dudes but we just suck so fucking bad, I really don't feel like painting up another 10 just to get my shit kicked in a little softer.

>> No.56982537

I normally ally in scions or raven guard usually, RG for the auto charge turn 1 melee and scions for the overwhelming dakka and plasma to go with GKs strike teams

also, add another unit to that list which i forgot about, psyfledreads

>> No.56982598

What's an unreasonable number of genestealers and how much will they cost me?

>> No.56982602

I wish they were good without having to ally regular SM. Good thing I have a psyfledread, at least. Astral Aim and he's shooting people through walls. Not sure if I want to try Autocannon/Lascannon or just double Autocannons.

>> No.56982621

if you dont have any GMDKs you could use one or two lascannon ones, but generally its autocannon all the way

>> No.56982638

Should I bite the bullet and get into 40k? I don't have any friends who play it...

>> No.56982641

I have 2 NDK's that I used to run in 7th, but regular NDK's are strictly worse this edition because there's no such thing as relentless anymore. I would try 2 GMNDK's but damn, that's 500+ points on 2 models.

>> No.56982645

Why are so few people painting their tau dudes metalic? Are crisis suits or FW bitch to paint with metalic paints or something?

>> No.56982648

Do you have a LGS?

>> No.56982664

Yeah, but they don't play 40k. I check on the website and they don't even sell any 40k minis... There is a GW around an hour away from my house.

>> No.56982679

I'm looking to get into 40k. I've decided to start with guard. My favorite regiment is the steel legion, but they don't seem to ever be in stock. I'm not in any rush, but I wouldn't mind starting to paint something. Should I keep waiting for Steel legion or should I just settle with some boring Cadians? Cadians seem to have far better regiment commands than the steel legion anyway.

>> No.56982686

Try to talk your friends into buying a start collecting box each and play small point games or kill team games. That's what I am doing - I bought a Tau SC box because I liked models and their lore. Then my GF decided to buy necrons box, my other friend wanted to have a big, neat tank on his shelf so he bought an IG SC box etc. Now we have a small group of players to play 500-1000pts games. Also two-player starter sets are great - models are easy-to-build so they are newbie friendly and they are also a good deal budget-wise

>> No.56982700

Thank you for the advice.

>> No.56982702

its worth if you can make the charge, swords + psi + psy + teleport is the only viable loadout though

>> No.56982707

Well if you socialize easily you can make friends at your LGS (beware "those guys"), however I suggest you buy the cheapest smallest interesting unit of your faction, paint it fully with 3-4 colors and if you enjoy yourself, make an army.
Also, golden rule:
If you have unpainted minis, don't buy another box.
Also, golden life rule:
Life's expenses>WH expenses

>> No.56982719

>if you can make the charge
I fail 2+'s like it's no one's business. I should probably play an army that relies less on the dice. Or is just better.

>> No.56982725

Huh? I thought that Hammer>>>Sword by a long shot, since you already get rerolls, and the 3 damage minimum helps more?

>> No.56982728

Steel legion are, crunch wise, one of the weakest regiments and their entire model line is still in metal.

What I did was just took cadian models and painted them AS steel legion. You miss out on some of the aesthetic, but I'd say it's a fair tradeoff than the massive amount of cash you'd have to sink to get a full army with the proper models.

>> No.56982734

Fully painted, although some of them are pretty shitty 'cos I did them at 4am before a tournament.

Occassionally might take one unit that's unpainted if I've just bought it, but I try to get it at least mostly done before using it.

>> No.56982738

>at LGS
>player 1 is shooting player 2
>player 1's gun has ap -4
>it hits player 2's dude like 5 times
>player 2 has the choice of either not having a save, or using his 4+ invuln save
>obviously he would be using his invuln save
>player 2 rolls
>makes all his saves
>table is like ayyyyyy lmao
>player 1: "you have to declare if you're using your invuln save a bloo bloo bloo"
>player 1 cries so much 2 just concedes and takes an important unit off the field
Today was a bad day.

>> No.56982739

I find it serviceable the question though is how much did it cost to produce? Due to my degree I can use the cost to figure out the worth-ability of the model by comparison to the real thing.

>> No.56982740

>he plays a marine army

>> No.56982742

10^86 is probs an unreasonable amount

>> No.56982748

I'm pretty sure the rules actually say you always use whatever the higher save is as of 8e.

>> No.56982750

Thank you, however, I know what colours and units I want to go for! :)

>> No.56982751

What kind of autism leads to this situation.

>> No.56982755

I didn't have any friends before i stated but now i do
go for it

>> No.56982761


>> No.56982762

>Mordians, Space Wolves, Dark Angels, and Ulthwe Aledari were defeated by Magnus and his forces in the Dark Angel codex.

>> No.56982765

Is the Castellum stronghold good?

>> No.56982766


>> No.56982771

Would staff at LGS question me for having printed/written rules and stats instead of a rulebook? :thinking:

>> No.56982772

>mfw I realized most of my friends now are people who play 40k

40k's community is great, outside the shitty outliers.

>> No.56982774

>He plays an irrelevant army

>> No.56982782

some might, but most won't care in my experience. It's the third party models they don't allow.

>> No.56982786


Metallics don't really work with the general Tau aesthetic, personally, they look like they're wearing plastic/carbon fibre. Same reason Stormtroopers would look weird in Star Wars if they were done in a gritty metallic scheme (hell, even Phasma looks weird and that's just one done out in bling at the head of the army anyway).

>> No.56982803

Np. Remember - this game is as expensive as you want it to be. You can download rules for free and all codices are on mega so if your friends want to give it a try before spending a lot of money then just download whatever you can.
Want to see if you even like the game rule-wise? Proxy your armies with cheap bases from aliexpress or make your own. I teached my GF how to play with coins used as 25mm bases.
Also don't worry about stuff like hobby knives, brushes, clippers, drills etc - you can buy them cheaply on aliexpress too. They are not high-quality but they are fine for newbies.

>> No.56982833

Slapping on metallics looks weird on them. Works for specific tasks. Like edges and rivet things

>> No.56982837

I'm new to 40k so please go easy on me. I was wondering what master-crafted means for equipment? is it for both weapons and armor?

>> No.56982847

Oh wow I didn't even realize that they came in Metal on GW. Kinda strange considering all the Cadians and such are plastic. Cadia seems to be the strongest firepower and I guess Mordians are the best with morale?

Your models look really good, but for me I like the Steel Legion aesthetics. Also I think Cadians would be cheaper because I don't really want to get a ton of transports to get the benefit of using Steel Legion.

Are there any rules in GW shops as to how you paint your models? Sorry kinda a noob question.

>> No.56982850

Used to be a special rule. Now it just means it is special so extra reroll or whatever

>> No.56982857

I wish I was more up on the rules, I would have told that smarmy cunt to get fucked

>> No.56982859

Cadian and Catachan lines are the only plastic ones.

>> No.56982863

in previous editions, master-crafted weapons let you re-roll hits(or wounds, can't remember which)

Now, all special rules will be stated on the weapon's profile.

>> No.56982866

The Inquisition knows not to fuck with First Founding chapters. The DA and their legion of successors would kick their teeth in

>> No.56982881

oh, I agree, the steel legion aesthetics are great.

but a lot(and I mean a LOT) of non-marine stuff is still in metal(or finecast, which are shitty resin poured into metal molds)

at least half the eldar, all guard regiments outside of cadia and catachan, and ALL OF THE SISTERS OF BATTLE except a limited release canonness and saint celestine are all shitty like that.

>> No.56982883

>Metallics don't really work with the general Tau aesthetic, personally, they look like they're wearing plastic/carbon fibre
I thought about metallic scheme for a mining-planet sept with blue cloth and leadbelcher on armours and helmets

>> No.56982888

hitting on 2+ rerolling 1s d6 damage
hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s d6 (min 3) damage

the hammer has a large weakness and also costs more, the average damage for the sword is 3.5 and has more hits on average

>> No.56982923

>Are there any rules in GW shops as to how you paint your models? Sorry kinda a noob question.

generally, the only rules for painting are for tournaments(or playing at warhammer world in britain) that require a minimum of 3 colours on your entire army. It's not uncommon to see people who just prime their models, or don't even do that. It's the mark of a faget,
but there you go

As for warhammer world, well, that's the GW headquarters, and they require full detailed painting on your entire army, with base coats, washes, and edging.

>> No.56982975

>third party models
Maybe at a tournament or something, but on a regular FLGS gaming night, most wouldn't give a crap unless your opponent kicks up a fuss.

>> No.56982981


How does one model .14 of a Genestealer?

>> No.56982996

ah true. I'm talking more at your average GW store.

My store is super lax, and the owner kicks ass, but store policy dictates models have to be 60% GW properties.

>> No.56983012

Alright, trying out Moloc versus some Chapter Masters. Starting off simple, versus some of the literally whos: Kayvaan Shrike. Moloc deals 4.86 wounds in melee alone, 5.67 if shooting, neatly one-rounding Shrike. In return, he takes 2.5 wounds, taking 3 turns to kill (and this is not counting that Moloc can hit back on death, so he can sit still eating boogers a turn and still BTFO Shrike).

Let's try with someone with a bit more cred: Gabriel Seth. It's worth noting that Seth and Moloc are one of the few characters in their tier that have D3 weapons, most are Dd3, so this gives them a big edge against other duelists.

Seth puts up a much better fight: 3.86 wounds per turn, taking 1.81 turns to kill. In turn, Moloc does him the same he did Shrike and drops him in one turn with a bit of shooting aid. Close, but no cigar. That Custodes-lite spear and shield is too OP.

Now, let's get to the big guys. Marneus Calgar, despite being more irrelevant than a Marine's ballsack after Guilliman came back, is one tough motherfucker, even able to survive a round of combat against the Swarmlord if the latter is chivalrous and doesn't use his psychic powers. So, let's see how this one goes. I've hopes for Papa Smurf.

And what do you know! Thanks to his Armour of Antilochus, Calgar only takes half to two thirds of Moloc's damage, suffering 3.78 wounds per turn and dying in 1.85. He hits back with 4 wounds even, killing in 1.75 for a very close victory. Mind you, Moloc can fight on death, so it's mutually assured destruction at best. Additionally, this is counting shooting, of which Calgar's gauntlets give a much better showing than his counterparts' piddly bolt pistols. Counting circumstances, this one's as close to dead even as they come.

I wanted to do Logan Grimnar too, but I gotta run. Bottom line, Moloc lives up to his reputation!

>> No.56983016

But the hammer also has AP-4, and higher strength (even though the S only matters vs T6 models).
Plus, if you need to hit on two's (against chaff/1 wound models), you could use the fists instead.

>> No.56983042

for strength you can just cast hammer hand, you are wounding everything on 2+ in the game

the missing AP isnt as much as a disadvantage as the -1 to hit

>> No.56983074

You did say an unreasonable number

>> No.56983075

Thanks, however, let me be more specific in my question. I intend to properly paint my army before playing. Can I paint in a color scheme against the fluff following the 3 color minium with proper bases, washes, and edging and still be okay for a tournament? Or do I have to paint in fluff colors?

>> No.56983076

And in Rulebook

>> No.56983080

Gaunts Ghosts Warmaster Epub when?

>> No.56983087


>> No.56983100

yourdudes. EVERYTHING in this game runs secondary to your dudes.

Want to run cadians, but would rather a black and silver scheme? yourdudes.

Want to run tempestus scions, but still want to stay with your colours? yourdudes.

want to run crusaders, but think you could kitbash your own models to make them look better than the metal model off the GW site? yourdudes.

>> No.56983110

Think any arbitrarily high number and add 1, that's an unreasonable number of Ben Stillers

>> No.56983112

>he doesnt know that fortifications can hold objectives

>> No.56983132

I tried another gamestore this weekend. I found some Spider Riders while there was a tournament going on in the background. Afterwards, I got to do some testing with the game I'm making.

At its base, it's Alternating Activation. Each unit does 2 actions per turn, activating multiple units in a row costs a slowly increasing amount of notCP.

In this picture, player A has two Cultists, player B has two Horrors.

Player A wishes for the Cultist on the left to attack the Horror on the left. Thus, a "1" die is placed on the unit. However, Player B doesn't want to sit and take it and decides to Interrupt. Thus, Player B places a "2" next to the Horror on the right.

However, Player A doesn't want for Player B to sit and take it. Since A already has one unit on the stack, A must spend a Command Point to have the Cultist on the right Interrupt the Horror on the right. Likewise, the Horror on the left (which although being targeted, is considered "target zero", and is thus still able to Interrupt) would have to spend a CP to Interrupt.

Once both players quit bidding, the Horror on the left (#4) would attempt to attack the Cultist on the right (#3), would remove the die and replace it with an action marker. If #3 survives, it would attempt to attack the Horror on the right (#2), discarding its die before replacing it with an action marker. #2 would attempt to attack #1 if it survived, and assuming #1 survived, it would attempt to attack #0.

In the end, since all the Interrupts are using up actions that would normally be used for Activations, the actual net time to play it isn't *that* much more than a normal IGOUGO, but there's less downtime between players getting to do stuff.

Incidentally, an Interrupt can be **any** single action you normally can do in an Activation. So if you were being shot at, you could Interrupt and drive a Rhino in front of the target unit, among other dirty tricks. :)

>> No.56983137

Thanks anon.
Just a question though, did you consider his additional attack against characters? Seems like it could turn a close one around, if it wasn't included already.

>> No.56983154

> that dick gun


>> No.56983160

Nice blog
Where can i subscribe?

>> No.56983173

He's pretty much why I'm building an army that and fuck ultramarines

>> No.56983175

This came in 3rd place at a major tournament recently.

Draigo 240
(gate of infinity, sanctuary)
Brother Captain w/nemesis stave + Relic storm bolter (warlord - first to the fray) 150
(gate of infinity, sanctuary)
3x10 strikes w/8 falchions+ storm bolter, 2 psilencers 214 214 214
(hammerhand, hammerhand, gate of infinity, gate of infinity)
1x10 interceptors w/10 falchions 250
(gate of infinity)
3x5 Purgations w/1 falchion+ storm bolter, 4 psilencers 113 113 113
(gate of infinity, astral aim, astral aim)

Vanguard Detachment
Company commander
5 x 1 Acolytes W/boltguns
Culexus Assassin
2x5 Purgations w/1 falchion+ storm bolter, 4 psilencers

>> No.56983179

Thanks, cheers

>> No.56983182

Gabriel Angelos Vs. Dragon

Then both of them Vs Typhus, not at the same time though threesomes are gay.

>> No.56983201

This all day. Caacfags are the cancer born from parents who insist their shitty kids get a participation trophy for being shit instead of cultivating people who know what they're good at and want to try their best

>> No.56983214

for the record, this (was) my archon, whom I'm now working on rebuilding and repainting.

The default drukhari archon model is distinctly male and ugly as sin, so I took pieces from the archon, sigmar's dark elf sorceress, scourges, and kabalite warriors.

>> No.56983224

and used my own personal custom colour scheme.

>> No.56983227

Thanks man, gives me some hope.

>> No.56983230

Always start with your Captain/Chapter Master and two squads of Tactical marines. Then maybe grab a squad of five Terminators, and a Dreadnought. I've found that to be a pretty reliable core for an SM army. Also, a Rhino or Razorback is needed for your squishy Tacticals.

>> No.56983235

Psilencer spam is pretty good

>> No.56983236

My painted Vostroyans

>> No.56983246


>> No.56983266

Obvious bait, but I can't resist
>Best tech
Who even are the Necrons?
Literally so shit their leaders have to brainwash their citizens
Other races have vets with literally hundreds, sometimes thousands of years of experience
>Refuse melee
So they're pussies then?
>Star on the rise
Such a small and insignificant non-threat the major factions just ignore them, still can't conquer a respectable empire

>> No.56983315

the default archon

>best tech
not even the top 3.
necrons>GAoT humans>Drukhari
>Rational and selfless ideology willingly adhered to be everyone
except farsight and anyone not being brainwashed by ethereals
>Veterans are more experienced and competent than anyone else's
the only veterans the tau have more experience than are the guard and sisters of battle.
>Rational tactics, never charge into melee like retards, instantly grasp the primitive tactics of everyone else
they crumple when they are forced into martial combat. even the imperial GUARD are able to fight back properly.
>Star is on the rise, they will inevitably conquer the Imperium & Chaos alongside all other xenos
can't even hold a sector.

>> No.56983344

Were GAoT humans more high tech than the Eldar Empire?
I'm pretty sure Eldar Empire were at least equivtech to Necrons

>> No.56983345

>sisters of battle

But SoB can live centuries if not killed in battle.

>> No.56983348


>> No.56983356

>Were GAoT humans more high tech than the Eldar Empire?
yes. Drukhari tech outstrips eldar empire tech, and they still don't hold a candle to GAoT shit.

>> No.56983358

>"Da look I've became an Angel, Da"

>> No.56983372

Necron tech wizardry leaves even Eldar baffled. On the other hand, they don't get any psykers.

>> No.56983377

>steel legion out of stock

Sorry anons, that may have been me...

>> No.56983395

Is this a picture for grots anon?

>> No.56983397

>GW nerfed GK so hard because there is no way to mix primaris with them

>> No.56983403

That an image for ants? Because that's how you get ants literary ants

>> No.56983420

it is so custodes have their own niche when they get their codex

>> No.56983429

Custodes > Grey Knights

>> No.56983431

I should clarify:

necrons>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GAoT humans>>>>>>>Drukhari>Eldar empire>>>>>>CWE>tau>admech

>> No.56983436

>"Dddddd-da! I'll be Angel are you proud of me da?!"

>> No.56983437

I've been checking for months and haven't seen shit available in the states

>> No.56983440

That is what I meant. Lets Custodes really stand out as the elitest of the elites if similar armies suck

>> No.56983450

How good is Kroieg compared to Cadians or other 8th edition strong guard?

>> No.56983456

So, my local GW manager just sent me this photo as his stand in Banesword for his Sentinel Army. (3 tank commanders and 21 Sentinels)

I present to you...


>> No.56983457

Eldar Empire got better technology than DE because they got all toys hat DE have and shittones of psychic stuff that DE can't use.
And I doubt that Eldar Empire was worse than DAOT Humanity.

>> No.56983462


>> No.56983469

According to the 7e codex, DE adapted the eldar empire shit once they lost their psychic connection and their current shit outstrips what they lost.

>> No.56983479

A Weapon to Surpass Metal Gear!

>> No.56983485

looks dumb as fuck and way too small

>> No.56983490


>> No.56983496


>> No.56983507

It's a more fitting name than saying DARK eldar all the goddamn time.

>> No.56983555


>> No.56983556

It's generally better to just have a file on your phone/tablet if you can

>> No.56983560


>> No.56983562

are his tank commanders in walking tanks?

>> No.56983584


>> No.56983587

Worse. But Guard are still inherently pretty good.

>> No.56983589

codex upload when?

>> No.56983590

Is it possible to build a viable pure-primaris 1000pts army with boxed deals like Dark Imperium and easy to build kits? I thought about DI primaris half and an easy to build Redemptor Dreadnought to round out the list to 1000pts

>> No.56983595

objectively worse. krieg are, afaik, the worst guard regiment in 8e.

>> No.56983652

>The 5 man w/ sonic and blastmaster is the obvious answer.

You probably want 10 man squads. Its more efficient to burn command points on bigger squads for things like Veterans of the Long War or Endless Cacophony.

>> No.56983699


>> No.56983721

This happens like every time I play. I'm not cheating but my opponent always gets super butthurt over something I do. We argue, then we argue about wording, then he drags someone else in, then like 3 people look up rules at a time, I make my case as best I can but my opponent gets so upset I just say fuck it and play it his way because he refuses to continue playing. Then we find out like 30 minutes later that I was correct and it's infuriating. I'm starting to get sick of most people at the store for this reason. They cannot fucking read or handle a rule they don't like.

>> No.56983774

I will post it eventually, once I finish up painting some things. I just got more Ogryn so I can finally make and paint my penal Orgryn to match my penal Infantry squads, penal Commander and penal Ogryn Bodyguard.

>> No.56983777

Alright so the cooler the model, the worse it is. Alright, Cadians it is.

>> No.56983778


pretty damn gud seeing as its based on the lucius boi, all the edges work well with 3d printin

>> No.56983797

That works, the DI set of primaris is pretty good. if you get 2 halves its even better

>> No.56983816

By the 9th, maybe 10th editions. all models not primaris will not be allowed officially. I'll put money on it because they're money grubbing fucks, binning the 7th when some books were not even 6 months old is BS.

>> No.56983836


do you just sit here all day talkin shit

>> No.56983842

Love it! Super cool idea, but the size comparison is horrendous. It's just advantageous to him in every way with how it is now. I would measure the shape and height of the Banesword and have like a little rectangle outline to see where it can fit and for how people can see it.

It would be better off as a Knight.

>> No.56983877

Just get creative with the kitbashing. Between the metal models on Ebay, the Forgeworld stuff, and the 5 cadian kits you should be able to make some pretty good looking dudes.

>> No.56983894

Painting a new primaris space marine army, I am thinking of a fortification/defensive based Chapter. Which chapter should they be descended from fluff-wise?

Bonus question, which would be the best chapter crunch-wise to pull it off in any sort of degree?

>> No.56983902

I still see people bringing Rogue Trader Rhinos to the game store. What makes you think they'll boot the squat marine's models?

>> No.56983910

Imperial Fists

>> No.56983912

just watched event horizon, and it got me thinking.
is it basicly the first flight in/through the warp for humankind?

>> No.56983920

Are GW memeing us with this?

>> No.56983921

With the terrain in our local GW, i can assure you, that unless the firing unit is behind a wall without windows, then it is gonna be seen.

Additionally he makes custom datasheets wiht a loyalty point system, such as the mighty Brad Angel, a model thats cost is literally >20 PL, that is the cost, >20PL, not 21, just more than 20

Dude only suffers one damage everytime he fails a save.
Assault 10 S6 -2 2D Boltgun
The Occasional Grenade - Grenade 3 12" S10 AP-4 5d

Dude has 9 wounds with a 3++ and a 2++
Could probably 1v1 guilliman EZ

>> No.56983934

This is why I was REALLY hoping the new Codex would give us Sentinel Commanders like the Cadian Supplement.

>> No.56983936

not a 2++, he has a 2+ armour

>> No.56983939


>> No.56983942

>if you get 2 halves its even better
What is the strong point of Primarines? I was away for a long while and I remember that people tend to say primarines are not doing well on their own

>> No.56983944

Never skip leg day

>> No.56983951

Being a worst version of an OP army still makes you a strong force. Also, other IG armies don't have that level of class, and are shit at close range. Krieg isn't a pure downgrade : while its shooting is worse, it's stronger in melee.

>> No.56983958

I've finished off my wierd Rataphrons with some Cognis Flamers in spinal and fist mounts, as well as giving the previously derpy-looking one a bulbous fleshy hood to make his eye more flush with his face. Tomorrow they get sprayed and based.

>> No.56983960

Why not play IG army with AoS aetherpunk dwarves?

>> No.56983972

My Kriegers could be the worst offshoot of the worst codex, I'd still run them as themselves.

>> No.56983976

>>56983902 Money, they never listened to people about what was wrong with the 7th, if they had the chaos codex which was for the 7th wouldn't of been altered and released as part of the 8th. they saw the opportunity to smash everybody for another pile of books. And now with the squat marines been pushed out, with primaris as the new and improved..... marketing talk for replace them now before they are banned. as soon as you see primaris versions of the masters etc you know it's coming.

>> No.56983984

>Ollanius Pius

How times change

>> No.56983990

okay so ive been digging around for a place to share this story with for months because fuck i have to tell somebody, and i think this is the right place

>be sex shop cashier, on normal days it's really just retail work
>this was not a normal day
>this guy walks in and he's kinda tall, huge mangy beard. not that bad on his own
>carrying a pack of nails, a shelf from Ikea, and a bucket of weird chemicals
>immediately walks up to me and asks "What's the most powerful fucking machine you have, I need two"
>my mind is just 'what the fuck' at this point
>I do not want to engage at all but i'm at work so I have to ask why
>he explains he's making toy soldiers. i slowly realize that he's actually serious
>drops his nails to show me pictures of his toy soldiers, looks kind of like some of the ones in this website
>walk him over to the sybians, he spends like $2000
>"do you want a bag for those?"
>"no thanks i need to catch the bus in 10 minutes"
>spills a bunch of nails and as he picks them up i realize he's going to just have his rape rack supplies in his arms on the bus

so that was the first time i met one of you people are you all this insane?

>> No.56983994

but those dudes are from Necromunda

>> No.56984015

That's the spirit. I'm starting a Krieg army myself, recently bought pic related.
Maybe FW will smile on us one day, and update its Index rules. Their book has been patched to death, and is almost worthless after two FAQs and Chapter Approved.

>> No.56984020

That's a common fan theory but iirc it wasn't intended.

Is still cool to think about.

>> No.56984033


It varies in degrees.
I use metal miniatures.

>> No.56984036

yeh, i thought that it wasnt intended, but its just so fitting

>> No.56984042

So how do assassins work in 8th? Do I place one of them just an regular elite in place of another unit, or do I need to ally them with another force like the Imperial Guard?

>> No.56984050

Old silly story about resin recasts is old. But silly.

>> No.56984057

im confused, whats the use of the sybian for modelwork?

>> No.56984063

Even as bait this gets a "wat?"

>> No.56984082

As a shaker to get bubbles out of model casts.

>> No.56984097

I don't have enough models for 6 10 man squads.

Plus I find more success spamming stratagem on onbliterators, terminators, etc

>> No.56984099


>> No.56984108


>> No.56984130

Sounds like a total fucking bro

I'd play 40k in his rape dungeon desu

>> No.56984146

lucky me i dont cast anything

>> No.56984162

It's not much but it's still an army nevertheless

>> No.56984197

I'm not really into casting but I had a mate who used to cast some pretty good quality Mordheim terrain he was an actual art student though. His casting table just used a power drill to shake out bubbles though not twin linked fuckbots

>> No.56984218

Anyone got an epub or pdf of Gaunts Ghosts Warmaster? I'm asking for a friend

>> No.56984220

Why can't I buy this style of Ethereal by itself

>> No.56984233

What's the most gasoline chugging diesel huffing mad max esque army in this fucking game? I'm new to this shit.

>> No.56984235

Do GW want to kill off GK and 1KS with the beta smite changes?

>> No.56984244

Orks. Speed Freaks in particular.

>> No.56984261

Yeah, pretty much. Everyone I've talked to has agreed those two should ignore it, maybe even ignore psychic focus.

lol GW really must be on a hateboner for elite marine armies

>> No.56984274

It's called Ebay, pinhead

>> No.56984279

I never field an unpainted or unfinished unit. EVER.

>> No.56984283

>... whereas for the DA their traitorous brethren are still around and just keep popping up because rather than being scoured like the other legions the DA were robbed of the ability to redeem their chapter when the Dark gods threw the fallen into the warp.

Thank you for helping me reconcile the weirdness of explaining why the Dark Angels still have issue with the traitors of their chapter considering other legions had members fall as well. I could never figure out exactly how to explain it when asked, and these are the words I was looking for. Pic related.

>> No.56984286

Fuck tactical just get intercessors. Regular bolt guns don’t do shit

>> No.56984294


>> No.56984297


Lucky you. I've swamped myself with models and as such, my painting queue is so backlogged I won't be able to play for years if I don't field unpainted stuff.

>> No.56984322

Metal as fuck. I'm looking at the range and I can see a nice battle force box called the kult of speed. How are bikers in this edition?

>> No.56984328

The sisters of battle havent had an update in years. they are one of the coolest factions in the lore and have a potential to be a very strong rush army and with a few tweaks could be very competitive. what are some ideas and tweaks that could make them into a force to be reckoned with and make them a serious army again?

>> No.56984349

I don't think they want to kill them off as factions so much as kill smite spam off as a tactic. Which is fine by me GKs aren't meant to be field as armies anyway so diminishing return seems to be a good way of encouraging that. Sucks for the 1k sons though, hopefully they'll get some kind of buff to compensate for it

>> No.56984353

Unfortunately, this is not a great edition for bikers right now. when the codex gets released, it might get better. Might.

>> No.56984354

SoB are already top tier, you idiot.

>> No.56984357

Make flamers good

>> No.56984365

They'd need a few new units. Also, the Ministorum should be updated alongside with them. I'd like to see plastic Penitent Engines and Crusaders one day.

>> No.56984375

>/yourdudes/ing you HQs rather than using the named characters

Good on you, Anon.

>> No.56984376

they're already pretty powerful but they need a refreshed range of minis and a little bit of time in the spotlight

>> No.56984377

Fuck. Are battle wagons any good? And are trukks loaded up with boyz any good?

>> No.56984378

Is there a DA codex upload yet? I haven't been able to go by GW yet, and wont be for a while

>> No.56984390

wait a week

>> No.56984391

>I don't like how an army is so let's nerf it to below ally-tier
You know what asshole, it's people like you that keep ruining the fun and balance of this game. Now I'll take me and my 4K of grey knights and cry in the corner

>> No.56984398

Orks in general are not very good right now. If you play them it'll have to be because you love their aesthetic

>> No.56984407

Smite spam needed to be nerfed it was obnoxious as fuck. Especially if you play an army without any psykers and so can't deny the witch.

>> No.56984411

Green tide is good, since orkz have Mob rule. Rolling up slugga boyz into near melee is good, with Battlewagons being the better option due to being capable of carrying 20 boyz each.
But as >>56984398 said, orks aren't great right now, but they're not the worst either.

>> No.56984415

would giving them bikes be a good idea? put flamers on the bikes and it can be disgusting

>> No.56984425

Aw, poor dude

>> No.56984433

i just dont want to see them get squated because they are so cool

>> No.56984437

As well as low model count armies, not everyone wants to jam Guard into their lists

>> No.56984441

40k boys are a bunch of freaks.

>Meet guy at the shop who has a Slaanesh army and a Dark Eldar army
>Figure he's a degenerate too, so I start talking to him
>Months go by and we've flirted here and there
>Tell him I'm a girl(male)
>He tells me that he's really into that
>He invites me over one weekend for a game of 40k
>Obviously we start making out and fondling each other instead of playing
>He busts out this weird thing he made out of a shower wheelchair and a fuck machine
>Asks if I want to test it out
>I was very dick starved at the time and his earlier moves already had me under his spell, so I agreed
>He ties me to the chair, lubes everything up and let's it run
>Feels amazing, but then it hits me what exactly is happening and I start to feel weird
>Before I can say much more he starts blowing me until completion
>He then finishes himself off shortly after while I just sit there taking it
>He stops the machine, unties me and I get changed
>We go to his basement where his gaming table is and play a 2k game
>I almost table him because he's awful
>Whines the whole time about my army composition and argues rules with me about damn near everything because he can't fucking read
>I think to myself, thank god we played second, this would have been a complete turn off

So long story short, yes we're all terrible.

>> No.56984443

>4K of grey knights and cry in the corner
Well, at least you can fit them all in a tiny shoe box.

>> No.56984445

I love GKs but they shouldn't be any army, same with Deathwatch, same with Harlequins, same with Custards, same with Fallen etc

>> No.56984458

>they are one of the coolest factions in the lore

>> No.56984461

Oh, it's real. That's honestly kinda heartwrenching.

>> No.56984483


>> No.56984490

Smite may have needed a nerf, but cutting off the balls of what's left of GK is just cruel. What they should be doing is fixing rules and cost of broken units, not blanket nerfing all psykers.

And I'm more annoyed at the 'it's mostly an ally in fluff, so let's make it unplayable as an army lmao' attitude that has kept deathwatch, harlequins, and GK stuck in the dirt. I don't get upset when people play a list with character combos or force orgs. that aren't 100% Normal fluff, so you shouldn't do an even worse version of that either

>> No.56984499

>smite needed a nerf so lets kill off 2 factions to deal with it

>> No.56984504

Ork fighta bomma pilots literally chug gasoline when thirsty on a flight

>> No.56984508

can someone tell me the purpose of this character?

>> No.56984514

I want to do this with my bf, minus the bj part since he'd be in chastity before he tables me with his BA army and I whine the entire time.

>> No.56984519

Orks, duh.

>> No.56984520

forgettable and discount Curze

>> No.56984527


>> No.56984530

They didn't nerf Weird boyz. In fact, it was practically a buff.

>> No.56984546

this is the funniest thing I've read in ages

>> No.56984549

I really hope that the fact they didn't fast track the Thousand Sons codex is because they realize that the army doesn't have enough to stand on its own regardless of the change to smite or not. They really need to add another unit or 2 and a vehicle to make Thousand Sons actually feel like something that could stand on their own.

That doesn't mean they new models but just rejiggering of current ones. Though new models would certainly help, especially with a vehicle.

Take Exalted Sorcerers for example. They should just remove aspiring sorcerers from the Rubric units and make Rubric and Scarabs lead by Exalted Sorcerers (level 2, upgradeable to 3, 2 wounds each).

They could then replace the exalted HQ unit into a sorcerer coven type deal kind of like how Warlocks work. 0-X models per unit, can be broken off to join other units. For each unit of 3 or more Sorcerers in the coven they gain access to 2 unique spells. One is a lower strength ordnance blast not needing LOS. The other is a high strength beam lascannon.

Adding a rifle sprue to the Tzaangor shamans to give Thousand Sons snipers would work.

Adding a flying mini-silver tower type vehicle that is effectively a flying razorback would also work. Able to fly, transport min rubric squads, and have a lascannon.

But the army needs something or why bother even making it a stand alone box? May as well just add Scarab Occult to the CSM book and call it a day.

>> No.56984550

Yup, I try to consider all those factors when making calcs. Some slip through every once in a while, though.

>> No.56984566

Johnson's bumboy

>> No.56984568


And a funny shoutout.

>> No.56984597

youve got magnus, stop bitching

>> No.56984598


>> No.56984609

You can take them as an elite choice in any imperial detachment. They'll disable any faction traits in that detachment unless they go in a detachment that doesn't have any.

>> No.56984613

I'm not sure if its a guy/girl there.

>> No.56984618

Well fuck you man, GK are an army. It's really just a dick move to say "hey, that editions old thing of yours should just be an ally!... because the stories of them usually have small armies!" and give no consideration to the hundreds of dollars, hours, and everything else i and others have put into them.

It's not like GK doesn't deploy en masse too, it's just rarer than some other armies. As do DW, but noooooo if it's not 100% standard ultramarines v chaos, then it's not fluffy and not allowed. Do you think certain armies shouldn't be allowed to fight cause it's not "fluffy?

>> No.56984619

You should, it's a lot of fun. I would prefer it your way too, but guys who like people like me like it out and about. I would also prefer to do it with someone I love. As for avoiding being tabled by BA, look into screening more. Pushes back the deepstrikes and if you layer it nicely even with their jetpacks they can't just hop the screen as easily.
I'm glad.

>> No.56984632


ADB confirmed that squats are demiurg on plebbit the other day. squats be tau auxilliaries

>> No.56984638

I wanna start playing, and I want Sisters of Battle

How long should I wait before even thinking of getting into it?

>> No.56984651

Fuck is this?

>> No.56984659

As long as it takes to get new models.

So basically just start a different army

>> No.56984664

A month after all the codexes release.

>> No.56984679

Being with someone you love makes anything you do with them an incredible experience desu, I recommend finding someone you can connect with without any hint of sexual stuff and then get into the sexual side of things with them, being able to have someone you care about and have feelings for rather than just lust is 10/10.

Also I'm not really sure what I'll be able to do, I run a 1KS army without named characters, my goal will be not getting tabled by turn 4.

>> No.56984685

Two guys, although one fell into the Nyannichuan

>> No.56984693

Meh it appears we have different values. But you're the one who decided you wanted an army made entirely of of SWAT teams

That said I'd be-perfectly happy if GKs got additional buffs against Daemons. Once upon a time force weapons automatically wounded daemons and ignored their aura save. Having GKs ignore daemonic saves and auto pass moral would be neat

>> No.56984753

If you want to be accurate a male and a male presenting as female
I like this version better.
That sounds really nice. I hope to have that someday. Also, I saw a batrep with a guy who ran a bunch of Tzangors/Kairic Acolyte things. They seemed pretty good in melee. There are also Cultists that are good screens. I heard not running named characters with them is rough, so godspeed.

>> No.56984761

Makes more sense.

>> No.56984803

What is a good highlight color for Abaddon Black? Also what about a good highlight color for Troll Slayer Orange?

>> No.56984809

Eshin Grey

>> No.56984825


ABCDxyz can choke on his fanfiction bald ass beanie as a toupee wearing cunt

>> No.56984850

The Pagan Space marines i always enjoy these figures

>> No.56984856

>Mfw me and my boyfriend are about to do a IF on IW slam fest before the winner slams the loser

>> No.56984863

Now that 8e lets me pick who dies in a squad, is it a good idea to roll a 10 man termie squad with the assault and plasma cannon on the same guys that have the cyclones?

>> No.56984864

eshin gray, dark reaper, thunderhawk blue, dawnstone, etherium blue

They all give different finishes depending on what sort of black you want.

as for troll slayer orange....no idea, maybe small amounts of yriel yellow?

>> No.56984865

I'm using 20 tzaangors in my list right now as pure melee units, there's an expensive unit of rubric marines which I should really drop for more cost effective units but I like the idea of them in my head and what I want to do with them. Me not running or Magnus is a big disadvantage but I don't really like Magnus and at some point I'll add Ahriman who is pretty much a straight upgrade on an ExSorc but I want to use the Burning of Prospero Ahriman and I don't want to get the box yet.

Also don't give your body up easily,
don't get sucked in by guys who are horny and want to fuck, search for someone you'll have a proper connection with, just engaging with people in similar hobbies to you and not focusing on anything sexual until you feel like the person is genuine relationship material is the way to go.

>> No.56984872


tau squats is best squats you fuckin belter

>> No.56984882

So whoever is IW is the eternal bottom then.

>> No.56984908

That'd be me, and fuck no it isn't, I've got him locked up in a chastity toy dubbed the Iron Cage.

>> No.56984914

Buy BoP ahriman off ebay for £5 meng

>> No.56984917

>it's a prenoose tranny episode
Oh well, better luck next time I guess

>> No.56984923


>> No.56984924

I want the whole game, I just don't want to commit to buying it until I'm ready to build and paint everything in it.

>> No.56984935

>IWfags having to live out their fantasies of being able to do shit to IF like this


>> No.56984936

>Dare you attack my demonic fortress

>> No.56984939

>mfw I'm still finding people that think armor saves can autopass if they're at 1+

>> No.56984968

These people never played fantasy then.

>> No.56985010

Boku Girl, not a real hentai doujin

>> No.56985024


>> No.56985031


>> No.56985039

>Implying then chastity was even my idea
I'm the most vanilla motherfucker who ever fucked another man in the ass anon

>> No.56985047

He's implying I will eventually hang myself.

>> No.56985049

I don't have $300 for the number of models that would take

>> No.56985060

my current army of Space wolves around 2100 points

>> No.56985075


>> No.56985089

>serving the imperium
>not rebuilding the glorious Eldar civilization
Daily reminder that this is your daily experience: https://youtu.be/SnD3ZgfEg8s

So tell me why you don’t fucking play xenos yet?

>> No.56985104

>Space Wolves
>Sand Bases

>> No.56985130

new thread

>> No.56985135

As was I originally but it was a nice story

>> No.56985141

Just actually reading the rules tells you 1s always fail so it's not like it's a difficult rule.

>> No.56985163

Rule of cool says hell yes

>> No.56985167

Wait, what book goes far enough for that?
I've finished Fallen Angels, and only notice short stories etc for the DAngles after that.

>> No.56985270

It's not a toupee you troll, it's his mirkin

>> No.56985319

Does anyone have a print of the Relics part, in the Dark Angel codex? Both points and functions for great justice

>> No.56985378

Yo how are windrider, they look pretty cool.

>> No.56985418

>Best technology they understand and actively work to improve
>Rational and selfless ideology willingly adhered to be everyone
(Citation needed)
>Veterans are more experienced and competent than anyone else's
[Laughs in centuries old commanders]
>Rational tactics, never charge into melee like retards, instantly grasp the primitive tactics of everyone else
[Laughs in tactical flexibility]
>Star is on the rise, they will inevitably conquer the Imperium & Chaos alongside all other xenos
[Laughs in Imperium]

>> No.56985543

work in progress, wanted to just get them basically based, gonna add snow and maybe some greenery when I can afford it

>> No.56985548

single models may remain unpainted if they're recent acquisitions and required for the detachment

>> No.56985578

You forget yer pic there, buddy?

>> No.56985785

Pretty decent, especially with Shuriken Cannons

>> No.56985892

ogryn with head swap, demon prince with greenstuff and headswap

>> No.56986363


Look more closely:
They're from Necromundia.

>> No.56987220

>looking to improve their technology
>rational and selfless

>> No.56987260

>understand their technology

>> No.56987487

I know this won't bump the thread, but I just want to let you know, if you are reading this, that your picture gave me such feels that I immediately went and bought some sisters from GW's site. And I don't even hate you for it.

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