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>Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for. When making new requests, quote the OP post. When migrating requests quote the OP post and link to your post in the previous thread.
>If you have a WIP or pending request quote the Anchor Post, and attach the WIP so your Drawfag can find you.
>Hold off on additional requests after receiving a delivery from an artist, be mindful of the other requests that might deserve attention.
>Bump your request only after 24 hours has passed, you may bump once every 24 hours after the first.
>If you're unsatisfied with your completed request, please wait a 2-3 threads or so to re-request it.
>Reminder that nobody is entitled to a delivery under any circumstances within these threads.
>Ignore the bait, you're better than this
>Stay on topic

Artists and Artists-to-Be:
>Feel free to drop your tumblrs/websites/commission/etc information, but:
>If you're dropping your commission info, consider filling a request beforehand instead of just advertising

Books and Tutorials:

Figure Drawing:

Beginners Guide to Drawing:

The w/ic/i art Guide:

Previous Thread: >>56877198

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Anchor post

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Requesting a WWI Australian Light Horseman minus the horse for an upcoming GURPS Dieselpunk game.

He looks mostly like the left image, wearing the uniform showed in the bottom right and carrying a rifle as bottom right, as well as the machine gun, entrenching tool, and cavalry sword shown in the top right.

Feel free to spice it up with some Dieselpunk aesthetics, and mess around with the specifics as you see fit, its my first time dabbling in the genre, so I'm not sure what to expect .

Thanks for your consideration, and thanks in advance.

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Requesting Tessou with band-aid on nose wearing Elysian Drop Troops uniform with raised visor, no binoculars and holding a Accatran Pattern MkIV Lasgun sitting like in the picture example below. A wallpaper version of her is what I want.

Picture related in real size:


>> No.56944068

I'd like to make a request for a DIY successor Deathwing Terminator of the First Legion. Just a line guy, not a sergeant or a captain.

[1] Armor similar to this in style, with carved angelic art decos, holy scripts, magnetic bonding studs, and of course, skull details. But instead of the traditional Deathwing paintjob, it looks like the color scheme in [2].

On the left pauldron, with the yellow background, a raised decoration of the Chapter's icon which is [3], an Eagle's head mid-screech. On the opposite (right) pauldron, the Terminator displays the heraldry of his noble house which looks a bit like [4]. Unlike other Chapters, they're entitled to display the arms of their house of birth.

For armaments, the Terminator wields a chainfist like the one in [5] on his right hand, and a Storm Bolter similar to [6] in his left. With the same red coloration. The Chainfist should be black like the normal gauntlet, unless the artist believes it looks better if it's yellow?

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A robot cowboy with cowboy boots, poncho, and cowboy hat.

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Here you go, hope you like it.

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Looking for a reference for my character here on the left. We're going to a very cold place for quite some time so some cold weather gear would be awesome.

Basically, take the Oni girl in the image and stuff her into that winter parka. She's got a big chest so even a big poofy outfit like that still shows her figure. combine the two hood styles in a way that feels natural, but try to keep that fur trim. The Sacred Rope Belt around her waist should be on the outside of that parka.

Her hair should be bunched up around her hood with a little bit sticking out the back. And a bit more of the roots of her hair should be blonde, more than the second picture in the middle. Like she hasn't dyed her hair in a very long time.

If you have any questions or need more references, ask me, i'll be around to clarify.

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Reposting >>56895475

Requesting something lovey dovey. A female elf wizard proposing to her human boi lover.

Most of the reference is in reference pic related. But just wana say that emphasize that the elf wizard lady and her human boi lover would mostly be doing that type of romantic pose where the taller lover is holding onto the shorter loved one is slant angle. In other words, the elf wizard woman is taller than her human boi lover, she has one arm wrapped around said human boi lover, and she's holding her magic staff and is using it to present the engagement ring to him.

As for facial expressions, the proposing female elf wizard just has a tender loving expression, and maybe add a wee-bit dialogue in which she'd say: "Marry me, cute and adorable one?"

And the human guy who just got proposed on would be joyous and has both his arms around the elf wizard woman's neck.

And to the guy who's giving a try: >>56896589

Hope you get it done, eager to see the delivery.

>> No.56944560

Requesting my hexblade from an upcoming game. Using this image as a base for and outfit. Then a notched long sword in one hand and the other holding a blackened copper piece with a purple spell effect around it. Darken up the skin to a more chestnut brown and throw some dreds on him. Maybe a hat of some sort and more dynamic posing is up the the draw friend. Thanks in advanced!

>> No.56944641

Requesting a pyromancer hobo-hermit
He is quite old and frail and is wearing the outfit on the right pic, without the hood and the axe

I tried to make his face the best I could using the rather mediocre Dark Souls 3 editor. His skin is charcoal colored and he have white ashes splattered on his face.
For the pose, I would just like it to show that he is a pyromancer; something like him being hypnotised by the fire he is creating or making a small bonfire for street urchins

>> No.56944662 [DELETED] 

Requesting a Harpy Sorcerer making a really terrible Perform(Comedy) pun after her dying paladin partner is brought back from near-death, while also making a sickening shit-eating smile that shows exactly how unremorseful she is.

For optional and additional scenery, feel free to add a catgirl necromancer, a fairy child, and an asshole-ish looking wizard either laughing whole-or half-heartedly, or groaning disgustedly.
Apologies for the shit references.

>> No.56944668

Reposting >>56938077

Requesting a Harpy Sorcerer making a really terrible Perform(Comedy) pun after her dying paladin partner is brought back from near-death, while also making a sickening shit-eating smile that shows exactly how unremorseful she is.

For optional and additional scenery, feel free to add a catgirl necromancer, a fairy child, and an asshole-ish looking wizard either laughing whole-or half-heartedly, or groaning disgustedly.
Apologies for the shit references.

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Anchors aweigh!

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Requesting a drawing of My Commissar Michael Haffner. He's part of a gm made regiment called the 221st Stistigan regiment. He has an athletic build and is around 6'1 and is possibly rather young for a commissar captain (he's 27) though he's making the best of his situation

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Anchoring this beauty

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Requesting a picture of my gnoll when she was inducted into the Shining Blades of Heironeus.

Basically, her in the uniform in the middle, in a pose similar to the one on the bottom right. Or you can go ahead an make a parody of MGS3's ending, idk

Campaign ended last week on a high note, hence the filename.

>> No.56945211

Requesting humanoid horseshoe crab-thing wearing prussian uniform with a spike on it's shell or wearing a pickelhaube.
Thanks in advance!

>> No.56945702


Migrating my request for a Nurgle warrior priest.
I'd like to request a drawing of my Black Crusade character, a nurgle warrior priest. He's in his thirties, average height, fairly powerful built, shaggy dark hair and beard.
He's wearing carapace plate armour (pic related, but without the camo and more worn down) with the remains of tattered robes draped over it, has a huge, two-handed chainsword and a combat shotgun (both can look shoddy, but basically well-maintained). He has been graced by father nurgle already, as evidenced by his eyes glowing a sickly green and the stinger-tipped tail of a corpse fly protruding from his backside (also pic-related, the stinger is dripping some sort of noxious fluid. He's also wearing an Icon of Nurgle (pic related in my original post) on his back, like a back banner of sorts.

If you're still feeling up for a little background, he could be flanked by two zombie-like humans who look unnaturally strong despite their rotting state. They're (what remains) of his parents, so they should be older than him, one male, one female. Both wear tattered armour and chainswords similar to his. The zombies are completely optional though, if it's just him I'm already a really happy anon!
Many thanks in advance!

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I don't think OR saw this one in the last thread, so here she is, m8!

>> No.56945979

Requesting a drawing of my main antagonist, an overtly sexy sorceress with the confidence and arrogance to match. I'm talking *really* haughty and teasing to the point that you're embarassed to speak up because you know she'll hit you with a perfectly sassy and sarcastic retort.

You can draw her with some sort of skimpy dress on, or if you prefer you could draw her in her symbiote-like living armor that hugs her body and is infused with eldritch wards against harm. This lewds the villain.

Thanks, have fun with her.

>> No.56946005

Thanks for drawing K8-99X to whoever did it, you were asking what I meant by elbow/knee armor. I now realize that the shields fill that purpose, but as for the knees, it would be simple plates that come up from the shin to protect the knee joints on their front and sides. Most droids always kind of bothered me because while there's usually an effort to armor them, the joints seem like a major weakness with no real effort to address them.

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On it on it on it on it onitonitonitonit

>> No.56946130

Requesting my Blood Elf dressed as Ziggy Stardust-era David Bowie, possibly striking a suitably "rock star" pose.

Thanks for the attention and keep up the good work drawfriends.

>> No.56946504

Requesting the character on the right with the expression on the top left, grinning and revealing teeth like bottom left. The scar and cut ear that he has should be fresh.
If you want to add any background I'd appreciate if it was desert inspired.

>> No.56946688

Would someone kindly recolor this to have black hair and gray clothes? Thank you.

>> No.56947242

I seem to have misplaced my draw friend, posting anchor in hopes of finding him.

>> No.56947254


I had one job.

>> No.56947534


Dear anon.

Crustacean style armour? Tentacles? Slime? A kind of fleshy exterior? That thing you get in hentai where it's like a slick outer layer but it's tons of polyps on the underside?


>> No.56947575 [SPOILER] 

Whichever you prefer between a hard shell type and a slime type of armor.

>> No.56947598

Requesting a Lashunta Solarian for an upcoming starfinder campaign. Light blue skin, bright blue eyes, white facial marks the style of elven ones, and white hair that transitions to lavender.
She is a space idol, so her solar weapon takes the form of a microphone stand that emits a blue glow, while she herself is surrounded by a white one.
Change anything you like, even though I have an idea of how she should look, the artist can jazz it up. In the end have fun with this, I'd love to see what people come up with.

>> No.56947627

Requesting a wasteland monk.

Would like her design to be a lithe/flexible girl about 5'6", of mixed ethnicity (she is part Asian part African) body type mostly like bottom right. Her clothing should be made up of scavenged parts and patch worked clothing from years of traveling the wasteland, and pieces of light armor (bracers, shin guards etc.) made from scrap like cut up bike tires or street signs, but her outfit should still be loose and flexible enough for her to be able to perform her acrobatic staff fighting variety of martial arts to fend off zombies and raiders. Feel free to add some improvised knifes and/or blades on her as well for back up purposes.

Three main items I would like her to have are a prayer bead necklace made from a half scale billiards ball set. A stoneware jug carried much like how the sake gourds used to be. And her primary weapon, A pair of baseball bats that have been spliced together and weaponized.

A little more detail about her "Bat Staff," it is roughly 7' long so there is likely a piece of extra wood bridging the two bats together but most of the center of the staff has been wrapped in a combination of old strips of fabric and duct tape. On one end of the staff has been wrapped in a thick gauge chain and the other end has a saw blade mounted/bolted into its center.

>> No.56948098

Requesting your choice of scenario featuring Tulkas and Melkor as Pepe and Wojak.

>> No.56948345

Migrating request and 24 hour bump

Requesting my witcher PC
-Caucasian skin tone, maybe slightly flushed
-Yellow Witcher cat eyes
-Medium brown hair, pic related
-Face like pic related
-five o'clock shadow
-Old faded scars like pic related
-Twin witcher swords across back (no special symbols or anything)
-Armour is pic related but solid dull metal with no symbol
-Jacket is pic related but short-sleeved and blue/cream striped
-Gloves like pic related
-brown leather trousers/leggings
-brown Leather boots with metal greaves on them like pic related

Thanks in advance to any drawfag who decides to take this on

>> No.56948359

On it.

>> No.56948534

Not sure if this is alright.

>> No.56948546

That's perfect and so are you my friend.

>> No.56948635

I cleaned her up a bit.

>> No.56948650


>> No.56948673

You're welcome.

>> No.56948784

I'm about to post an update from a request I started working on from last thread, but I'm not sure the OR saw it when I first stated I was working on it. Should I use the anchor post as well?

>> No.56948792


>> No.56948877

thanks anon

This is for the anon who wanted his dwarven plague cleric drawn. Since you mentioned his shield had names, tell me some of the people he failed to save, if there were any named ones already. Otherwise, should it be just random runes or "scribble" marks?

>> No.56948887


>> No.56949033

Requesting a portrait for my lvl1 wood elf druid

He spent one to many nights gazing at the moon and licking bark and is slightly off
The elf to the right shows the face I was thinking about and I enjoy the hairstyle too, but with black hair.
I'd like him to have a slightly crazy stare as the ones from Tom Hardy: if you have better ideas to convey something that is not over the top stark raving mad go for it

I'm really only interested in the face, but for reference he's not wearing any shirt under his leather armor and has a big boar hide as a coat covering his back and left side. His pants and boots have seen too many spring and under his armor his body appears to be held together by sinews and volition.

This is my first request, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong

>> No.56949323

I've had mixed luck here. I have been lucky enough to get a request fulfilled every 3+ months for the last 2 years. I've been your first two examples, I've gotten a request within minutes, and I've gotten two from one request once, but I haven't been able to get any other characters than my QT viking fighter drawn, other than once when I requested my roommates half orc as a gift for his bday. So I figured yall just like drawing cute girls.


>> No.56949362

I just have a non-draw request.

Can I get this picture with a clean white background? You can leave the shadows under the Hrud. Much thanks.

>> No.56949543

Requesting a high elf illusion wizard. Tan skin with vibrant yellowish green eyes and long black hair which half is pinned up. She has round glasses she wears in order to help cast spells, but hates wearing them. Mix of the two outfits shown, with an oversized red scarf that kind of covers the lower half of her face from how big it is. Her outfit is neutral colors, nothing flashy. Carries her spellbook on her hip and looks exactly like the one in the reference sheet.

>> No.56950089

Requesting my OC using his nature magic to conjure a Christmas tree decorated with pine cones, red/green apples, oranges, or other natural occurring vegetation that looks like ornaments. Would like him to be wearing a large Santa hat as well.

He did this in our last game for a bunch of orphans who wanted to celebrate the winter solstice.

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Re-requesting my Half-Orc Fighter from last thread

Race: Half-Orc
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'2" (187 cm)
Weight: 265 lbs (120kg)
Build: Solid muscle
Hair: Short, dark brown, with a close-cropped chinstrap beard.
Skin color: Ruddy green
Equipment: Splint mail, heater shield, longsword.

Julius Aquilius, better known by his alias "Lubash", is a respected--and feared--bounty hunter in Yartar. He's made a name for himself as a brute capable of tracking down and bringing in alive some of the most dangerous criminals in the area, but what most don't know about him is that while he grew up poor he was not uneducated, and he often plays to peoples' prejudice of half-orcs being witless thugs. It's true that his martial prowess is formidable, but he has risen to the top of the local bounty hunter guild not by being stronger than people expect, but rather much smarter.

>> No.56950197

Here you go m8, was really not feeling the old one,

I'll give you her lineart if you'd like, but I liked this pose a ton more.

>> No.56950364

Help a brother out /tg/

>> No.56950383

not OR, but awesome. that pose is much more interesting!

>> No.56950397

Requesting a Sci-fantasy Knight, and much love to anyone that chooses to do this. Basically the same guy as in the upper left, but with some tweaks. The little orb bot should stay with him too.
I would ask the armor be inscribed with nordic runes/carvings similar to the image under it, as well as the owl-esque cloak added with the hood up. The helmet should done in similar style to the image on the bottom left, but with an owl depiction instead of the skull. Alternatively, the bottom mid-right image of the owl’s head could provide an example for another helmet preferably in a “sci-fantasy” style like the rest of the armor.
For the weapon, I was thinking a sort of grand lance or swordspear, made by combining cross styles and the shown sword blade. I made a mock-up for the general weapon I have in mind. The weapon itself should appear very heavy and mostly made of a black metal.
For a color scheme, if you feel extra nice, I would like it to be done in dark colors like blacks and greys. Kinda like the color scheme of the owl cloak and helmet. In the bottom right you can see a very crude figure to provide scale and a preferred position for him to be sitting on a low wall or something.
Take as much creative liberty as you want, it’s only fair considering this is isn’t a paid commission. Again, much love and many thanks to the cool dude that take this on. I’m already hyped to see it done.

>> No.56950407

Neat. What are you working on next?

>> No.56950410

Thanks for the awesome delivery, it looks great. I'm really enjoying this new pose too, it looks way more dynamic.

>> No.56950444

nothing in particular other than personal projects

glad you like this one better, the older one just didn't feel right to me.

thanks magn

>> No.56950575

That thing looks like Scrappy-Doo from the first live-action Scooby-Doo movie.
Anyone else see it?

>> No.56950602

Requesting kommen-zzeitheber, an open-topped swiss war walker that is basically a clock shooting clock hands at people from the center of front mounted dial and chopping them up with pendulum-mounted circular saw.

It's not a classical mecha-like walker, but more like a mount, and it is rided by a really smug swiss officer in beret with that army symbol and dressed in orange-and-red uniform.

3/4 front view would've been perfect, thanks in advance.

Some setting background >>56917264

>> No.56950656

Here you go

>> No.56950753


>> No.56950877


I went crustacean.

>> No.56950930

I like it!

>> No.56950992

For the anon who posted this:

I did a sketch of her

>> No.56951161

Migrating from previous thread. Requesting a human ranger hugging a giant white wolf spider. The ranger looks like the young man to the left but with ranger-like clothes on and holding the same exact spider the little girl is holding.

Was my ranger during a campaign where his animal companion died saving him during a near tpk and he had just finished spending 8 hours resurrecting it.

>> No.56951835


Thanks. I'll probably finish up the pencils tonight then ink later.

>> No.56951899


You're living on borrowed time.

>> No.56951907

Ooh i'll do this one too! expect a sketch tonight

>> No.56951931

Requesting Blackbeard with burning fuses in his hair and smoke muttering 'Crashing this ship.. with no survivors' to British officer wearing a powdered wig

>> No.56951945

Ok great, thank you.

And thank you!

>> No.56952075

I'd like to request my Dwarven fighter after winning a rough battle. She's sitting on a rock or leaning against a pillar, smoking her pipe with her helmet off.

>> No.56952225


Your welcome.

I'm going to call it a night here. Inks tomorrow.

>> No.56952240 [DELETED] 


I didn't realize the old thread died. Bump numba 7

>> No.56952306


>> No.56952374


Didn't realize the last one died. Bump seven inbound!

>> No.56952406

lol, my dyslexic self bumped the wrong post.

>> No.56952414

You'll figure it out eventually.

>> No.56952433

I know right?! It took me long enough.

>> No.56952466

Long story short, it’s a goddess of disease I designed for a friend’s setting which then went belly-up, but I loved the character concept so much I’ve been using her for some of my own stuff.

Appearance-wise, she’s got pallid, flushed skin; fetid gums, thin hair, a near-constant stream of blood coming from her nose; dreadfully thin; cracked, uneven nails; patches of gangrenous flesh and swollen pustules; her eyes are being forever eaten by botflies; blood-soaked rags for clothing. You get the picture. But she’s rarely seen without a wide, genuine smile on her face, like she could burst into laughter at any moment. (Even though bursting into laughter usually causes her to cough up blood and phlegm.)

What makes her so great (to me, at least) is her personality. She just LOVES her work. She views herself (and by extension, the diseases she inflicts) as the epitome of beauty and the act of infecting people as a work of art.

She prefers diseases that cripple and mark people without killing them. Her brother (god of death, looks like a skeleton with skin) always wants her to stop faffing about and just kill them already, while she’s always trying to get him to loosen up and find the fun in his job.
>“Remember that man who was so scared of a harmless spider he tumbled off a cliff to the jagged rocks below? You can’t tell me you didn’t enjoy that at least a little.”

I’m still working on the other gods so I don’t really have set standards on their appearance aside from wanting them all to be sorta horrific, but the other ones she has a close relationship are:
>younger brother (war and violence), it’s not clear where the body ends and the armor begins, thinks of herself as a mentor
>father (travel and trade), she’s a demanding little sycophant (‘cause guess what travel and trade spread?)
in case you think it’d be more fun to draw her with one of them.

>> No.56952522


>> No.56952541

Condense anon, good lord.

>> No.56952548

Shoot. I kinda hastily rewrote the last paragraph and I just now realized how awkward it is.

>> No.56952556


someone gave me this cool set of watercolors, so here's a traditional piece from me. unfortunately i can't change much, so i hope you like it. i ran out of room on the paper to make the bat staff, so i'll try and cobble something together on photoshop, but idk if it'll look alright.

>> No.56952578

keep forgetting to anchor


>> No.56952585

You are one of the coolest drawfags here I want you to know that.

>> No.56952599


>> No.56952675



>> No.56952724

The style kinda reminds me of Cari Corene but that might just be 'cause of the medium.

>> No.56952756


Shit, Anon, that is some tight as fuck watercolouring. Any hints and tips on how to get such a great result?

>> No.56952842


yea, what someone showed me that helped a lot was to paint from one side of an object to the other, and to keep the leading edge of the paint wet (by applying more paint quickly) if you want the color to be continuous or to create a gradient. if you want to create a hard difference in lines, let the edge dry, and when you add more paint there will be a hard border of color. also get watercolor paper, it's cheap on amazon. the less said about my attempts on computer paper, the better.


i hadn't heard about cari corene, but i'm glad i have now, her art is amazing.

>> No.56952876

Hey sorry the wait, it's been a busy week

Let me know if you want it without the random background

>> No.56952956

Hopefully the OR is still out there. This was a lot of fun, hope you dig it.

>> No.56952968

I know, right? The Artificer is probably my favorite porn comic of all time.

>> No.56953057

Alright fampai here it is, gave him some space marine style greaves to go with the neck guard and the shoulders. Hope you like it!

>> No.56953109

Dope, man! Thanks!

>> No.56953457

That's awesome! Thank you so much. I actually like the background.

>> No.56953863 [DELETED] 

Is it a good time to reequest now?

>> No.56953867

>crabs?? in my pubis!?
>it's more likely than you think

>> No.56953978


>> No.56954067 [DELETED] 

Alright, here i go.

I made this character on a MMO and i always use her on the games i play, something fitting for rpgs would be awesome if possible.

Requesting her design but taking the maid-ish stuff away like the apron and headpiece (aka only the boots and the black dress, keep the white stocking), and instead some basic armor that fits that dress' design, really close to basic starting gear, maybe adding light gauntlets or replacing boots with simple greaves.

My original idea was to add some backstory to the request in an attempt to explain what i want, like if she was part of a rich family's party, following a noble lady alongside other maids while being escorted by generic soldiers, after an ambush both sides fought to death, she and 1 enemy were the only ones left, she managed to kill the enemy with a 1h sword she got from a corpse since she had some basic training for emergencies and became the only survivor, afraid to be blamed for the lady's death, she picked the non-broken generic armor pieces of the fallen soldiers and adjusted them to neatly (and somewhat cutely) fit her outfit, then she starts wandering as an adventurer.

But what im trying to get is that the armor doesnt look shabby nor too good, rather mundane and generic would be perfect, something that shouts "beggining" without being neither the clasic completely gearless newbie or the already fully geared warrior, that way she can fit on new adventures. Do whatever you find most appealing.

Character Reference: https://i.imgur.com/tQmbdf4.png
Other Outfits: https://imgur.com/a/wJHCi

Just one more thing, due to the creator limitations, the hair is not exactly how i wanted, you can still do it how its shown in the rpevious references, but it would be really great if you could add the part on the sides that end up going up, and usually the hair on her forehead is seen with 5 spikes, like its shown here: https://i.imgur.com/IVcirDp.png

Please and thanks!

>> No.56954106

that is pretty dang badass, thanks a lot MC.

>> No.56954147

See >>56952541

>> No.56954158


I gotta go, but I'll finish this when I get back. Sorry if it ended up lookin' a little creepy, I thought making him look down with his head tilted would make him look crazed, but I think it worked too well.

Lemme know if there's anything you want altered/added

>> No.56954199 [DELETED] 


np, here's my shot at trying to add a second bat in and some color changes.

>> No.56954244


np, here's my attempt at adding a second bat, uploaded the wrong file at first.

>> No.56954312

Requesting a drawing of my Orc Gothi.
1 is his hair, but it's black/dark brown instead of blonde.
2 is his skin color.
3 is his pose, sans shield.
4 is his sword.
He has a triquetra (5) carved into the center of his chest..
He only wears black pants/breeches, and boots (6, but a little bit less gold, and more scratched up.)
He's 7 feet tall, and weighs about 300-400 pounds. Also, he has small(ish) tusks, and pure white eyes. His ears are pointed, and are on a slant in such a way that they sorta go towards the back of his head.
Thanks in advance if any drawfriend is interested!

>> No.56954353

This is what a Jotun (What the Orcs were created from in Shadow of the Demon Lord) Gothi, if another reference is needed.

>> No.56956287

Bippidy bopiddy bump.

>> No.56956396

Here you go chief

>> No.56956408

Mideval Lobo?

>> No.56956439


Whoops, forgot to scale it down.

>> No.56956609

Holy shit, he is medieval Lobo...
I was going more for like a Viking-inspired Cleric, but now I won't be able to get that out of my mind

>> No.56956659

It was too big to be called a staff. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was a heap of raw iron.

Requesting my elf Warlock Bladelock crossed Paladin of the Ancients. She's got wine fashion and moonshine weaponry, namely a bladed "staff" for casting and smiting. Her clothing is fastidiously well tailored in an elegant elven mage style with fey nature elements. (colors: leaf green, slate, metallic purple, heather blue, vermillion...) She also wears a wide brimmed hat adorned with a floral accoutrement.

The" staff" however should contrast this natural look and appear industrial art deco (think Fritz Lang Metropolis) with artificial nature motifs. If you could make some elements of it seem magical in substance - kinda lightsabery - that'd be amazing.

>> No.56956710


Been busy with work lately, but I love it. Thanks Anon!

>> No.56957184

I’m into it senpai. Happy gaming hope your request gets picked up!

>> No.56957359


Aight here is a wip, I'm pretty busy over the weekend so I'll try to do as much as I can when I'm free. I'll probably have this gal done by mid week

>> No.56957422

Could somebody please recolor his overcoat to a deep crimson, keeping the yellow sash, and crimsoning his pants as well?

If you're feeling kind, could you darken his hair and make his eyes silver?

Many thanks!

>> No.56957463

I'm sorry! I could not find any better image.

>> No.56957619

Hey, sorry I missed you two threads ago! Just wanted to thank yo for the kobold.
I love it!

>> No.56957837

Looking to get my character drawn, hopefully someone can give me a hand.
So hes a teenager, with sloppy hair wearing the hat circled in red. He wears a lab coat similar to the one in the picture, though more worn out and ragged. On his coat is the Monolith logo or just something evil looking with some cyrillic writing nearby.
Also his eyes are mostly normal but the Solar Twilight caste symbol can be seen in them.

Also if he can be flanked by a creature or person who looks vaguely like the executor in the bottom right that would be appreciated but not required.


>> No.56957881

How's this look, mate?

>> No.56957909

bumping, I realize it's early but I'm not staying up until 1am again.

>> No.56957914

Oh, rats, forgot to recolour part of the pant.
Cleaned up some spots on the sleeve, too. Pic's bigger (and a bit blurrier, I guess) than yours 'cause I ran it through 2x a few times to get something a size I could work with.

>> No.56958069


>> No.56958167

That's awesome, exactly how I pictured it

Thank you drawfriend

>> No.56958297


Please draw my character in your style! However, please remove the cloud from above his head, and make it so that he is flying on a cloud, like Sun Wukong. And give him a revolver in addition to his sword. His expression and pose should be that of a playful adventurer.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.56958409

You let me worry about my demon spear.

>> No.56958456


Here you go, friend

>> No.56958761

You sir are an hero, this looks amazing!

>> No.56958958

Requesting lineart of a modern/cyberpunkish catboy(inb4 furry ree), with lighter hair and the ears set a bit lower on the skull, for an anime sci-fi GURPS game, that looks like he's been in a few fights and is just tired/dismissive. Messy hair, no real 'set affiliation.' If you're familiar with Judge Dredd, or Babylon 5's Downbelow, or greytiding assistants, that'd help.
please don't make him look like a twink or a bodybuilder. He's a street urchin all grown up who gets by with B&E and other such things.

>> No.56958962


>> No.56959144


Your highlights, do you apply white or do you just avoid areas?

>> No.56959515

>bumping close to 2 months and counting

Is my request bad or something? Not being rude at all but do not even tell me that it's difficult to do it because I've seen so many more complicated requests than mine been made with some good quality. Just wanted something badass of her to use as wallpaper forever.

Sorry, I just wanted to get this out of my chest, that's all.

>> No.56959666


>That exact moment when you're sure you could have been a pretty prolific character designer in 90s Japan
>That feeling when you know parasite armoured ara-ara villainesses are so out of vogue and no indy designer in the West would ever use these.

Such is life.

>> No.56959744


Can't speak for every drawfriend, but I'm not into hardware in general. When it's a world that has guns, my interest in the hardware drops significantly.

I've seen it drawn before, but I've been looking back through the archives and haven't seen many drawfriends tackle such a thing recently. So the ones who do might just not be around or are too busy with the holidays to sit down and draw it.

Your particular request doesn't seem too demanding and you don't come off as rude, which are pluses. It is filled with a lot of esoteric terms. I'm guessing this is all 40k, but assuming I did draw hardware and wasn't familiar with the source material already, I'd have to do googling to make sure I knew wtf I was doing. That might be part of it too.

Ultimately, no one can say. Just individual drawfriends speaking for themselves. And, remember, we cycle out pretty regularly as we get busy or have other tugs on our interest.

Chin up, anonbud.

>> No.56959765

If it helps any - this looks fucking rad. It'd fit really well in One Punch Man, for example. You're right that a Western designer wouldn't touch it outside of a special interest publication, but you could still put out something like that if it's your jam.

>> No.56959834


OR, I've got a bunch of chores to get on with and some other pictures I'd like to get finished by today. I'll be adding some line thickness to this later and since my evening's plans have fallen through I might be able to get this done by tomorrow morning.

In the meantime let me know if you want the crab legs from the head. I included them to give the armour a bit more presence but the anatomy of the armour without the wearer is bugging me since it wouldn't have enough core mass to operate such large legs ( unless it's almost entirely aquatic or I add a main body behind her... ). I know this isn't a real issue but let me know whether you'd like them included.


Thanks, Anon. I mean, I know I'm not making any money off these and it's for fun but I grew up with 90s JRPGs and the villainess designs in those got wild so it's just making me a bit nostalgic.

Although if anyone ever needs a titty witch designed for their indy project hit me up.

>> No.56959935

>let me know if you want the crab legs from the head.

I think it'll look better without them.

>> No.56960095

>titty witch
Is that just a physical description or did she get the name because of her abilities?
>Why not both?

>> No.56960129

All I'm saying is gunna need some nsfw of >>56957359 >>56959834 stat. Symbiotic slime armor and domination is just too patrician.

>> No.56960207

Well here's your problem
>Bunch of terms you assume everyone knows
>deliberately asking for a wallpaper size

Also it seems like you want art of an existing character instead of your PC, I've noticed those tend to get filled less but who knows

>> No.56960252

>post request for weeks
>no draw
>anon posts blatant fapshit waifu
>2 draws in under a day
>why do I try

>> No.56960311

Some people like drawing titties mayne.

>> No.56960332


If someone's going to draw something for free it stands to reason that they'd draw something they've got an interest in. From what I've noticed that Anon mainly picks up female requests, so maybe your request is just outside their zone of interest?

From my own perspective I wouldn't pick up stuff that doesn't interest me for the sake of 'fairness'. I wouldn't enjoy drawing it, the result would be shit as a consequence and you'd hate it too. No one would win.

Remember, they do it for free.

>> No.56960337 [SPOILER] 

>zone of interest

>> No.56960584

Requesting this, Its my fighter in a 5e game, I'll be around to answer questions.

>> No.56960707


>> No.56960793

Well, one you try in case someone's schedule opens up and they cruise the thread for something they want to draw and yours happens to be it. If you keep being passed over, it's because the right drawfriend isn't there at the right time in the right mood.

If you can't afford a commission because it's not in your budget, just wait it out. Change up reference boards and text write-up every so often. Even just arranging the same pictures in a more eye-catching way can do the trick. (If your ref at the approximate thumb size looks like shit, your text better be eye-catching. Vice versa also can apply.)

Wouldn't hurt to leave comments on fills that aren't yours either. I can't be the only drawfag doing this for both practice and validation and the more validation I get, the more fills I'm likely to do in a span before I disappear in to the aether for another several weeks/months at a time.

>> No.56960917


Also, OR, colour scheme. I almost defaulted towards crab pink but if you want her to be evil I could go for blacks and purples on the shell?

>> No.56960928

>blacks and purples

Yes please.

Behave, you.

>> No.56960939

Oh masterful artist extraordinar fuffile some request and quell this incessant bitching. We will cup thine balls and swallow the gravy.

>> No.56960948

you gotta make your request noticeable, use colourful language and stuff to get it seen, also as some other anon pointed out since it's free the drawer will want to enjoy themselves during it so they will pick up requests that interest them

>> No.56961070

POST ART that you got from a Draw thread and share a story about that character/drawing.

Lets go!

>> No.56961089

Don't do that shit you're going to clog up a huge section of the thread, asshole. Go make a separate thread for that.

>> No.56961120

Wuu, who cares we'll make a new thread

>> No.56961180

Just go make your own drawthread specific artdump thread instead of cluttering this one.

>> No.56961370


>> No.56961544

I'm only decent at drawing women with simple designs or allow me to be creative. I also base what stuff I fill off the music I was currently listening to, and well that one fit. Sorry anon

>> No.56961634

Thank you!!!

>> No.56961682


>> No.56961788

'Wallpaper version' sounds weird. Also I cannot into anime

>> No.56961804

>do not even tell me that it's difficult to do

It is but not for the reasons you presume. Your reference isn't clear and you use terms that nobody outside of your hobby knows the meaning of. You're adding more work than necessary, see also >>56960332

>> No.56961919

Like he said >>56961180 make one.
I saved a lot of deliveries from other anons, I tend to prefer those thread instead of character arts to find npc's ideas

>> No.56962565


>> No.56962635


I haven't even finished drawing it, I shouldn't be considering an NSFW version.

>> No.56962749

Shouldn't you?

>> No.56962982

Don't normally do color for deliveries, but I wanted to try something out.

If you'd like to color it differently, I've uploaded full-size B&Ws of it here: https://imgur.com/a/yz6pW

>> No.56963265

Not so much a specific request as more of an open thing. Street/punk/adjective wizards/witches/magical users, like pic related

>> No.56963279

Yes I know, thanks for the kind words.

As it is so difficult to understand, I give a description of a gun and armor with images and yet they say that does not know what it is. You must be kidding me, you guys wanted to get a wall with the least detail of everything in teen paragraphs, is it?

There are requests they do that are full size wallpaper and no one complains about it.

>> No.56963324

No problemo.

>> No.56963328

You do realize you're not exactly increasing your chances of getting your request fulfilled, do you? I imagine the ratio of drawfriends to anons wanting to get something drawn in these threads is similar to the female:male ratio on your average dating website, aka demand>>>supply.
Similar to the dating website, if a drawfriend doesn't find your request personally appealing to them, they won't consider it, no matter how easy it might be to do for them. Raging about it won't change that (except maybe make it worse).

>> No.56963333


I don't want to have to go to /aco/.


I'll start painting later.

>> No.56963344

Yeah be an asshole that'll do the trick.

>> No.56963352

Bumping this. If there's something you require further input/clarification on, don't hesitate to ask!

>> No.56963404


>> No.56963412

Bumping, and posting ref because I'm a retard.

>> No.56963424

Yes you are right, the possibilities are closer to being made according to what the drawfags wants and flavor of the moment. I think this way too. Besides, I do not lose anything and I don't even win it.

>> No.56963473

can you characterize the aforementioned Tessou in 1 sentence, please?

>> No.56963508

..Of course drawfags will draw what they want to draw? That's kind of the point.

>> No.56963523

can we just ignore this whiny faggot please

>> No.56963667



>> No.56963681

I don't know if you're being funny or not, but the guy complaining that his 40k didn't get done.

>> No.56963715

Shut the fuck up you whiny cunt. People don't like shitty anime requests, surprise surprise.

>> No.56963723


Ah, okay. Sorry, the thread just refreshed for me and I had to read through 51 posts.

>> No.56963860

Requesting an Arcanist. Looks like Laslow from FE:Fates but his hair is black instead of gray. Has rounded glasses and a golden locket around his neck it has the picture of his little sister that died early in the campaign. F Wears the exact outfit of the main picture with an open faced coat of the bottom outfit, should be all the way down to his knees. I don't really like the orange color of the coat so maybe a blue or red? The anon can decide the color. Thanks

>> No.56963862


When I made my first request, it took me about half a year to get it. As you can see, the nature of the request was very detailed in nature and it's roughly wallpaper sized.

The key is to be patient and adjust your descriptions to have it be as approachable to artists as possible, so that they could potentially pickup your request. Personally, I've never played 40k in my life, so I don't know half the terms you're using. When you make a reference picture, try to keep as much info inside the picture as possible (I'll post an example in a follow up post.).

>> No.56963944

Oh thank you for the informations, I going to see what I can do with them.

>> No.56964070

Not the OR but damn, dude. That's really fucking cool.

>> No.56964147


When I made my third request, I made sure to put some basic details in the image (along explain in general terms), which I feel like you should do with your reference picture.

And no problem, but make sure you try to follow the rules as closely as you can.

>> No.56964149

Could I request a drawing of a pair of extremely stereotypical 1970s superheroes, DRAGON FIST and THE CHAIN, in a dynamic pose in the vein of pic related?

Dragon Fist is a stereotypical Asian martial artist girl with a long braid, qipao, and fire-creation powers.

The Chain is a brick shithouse-sized black dude from Harlem wearing a vest, tracksuit pants, and gaudy sunglasses. He fights, obviously, with a chain.

>> No.56964154 [DELETED] 

I have a silly request inspired by the following spoilered quote from an anon in a thread on another board.
your tsundere is showing...bakabakabaka...baka
(Slithers down hole)..bwaka

To put it simply, I'm requesting a young tsundere couatl/cockatrice/naga monster girl. Key points
>twin ponytail hairstyle
>feather-winged arms (not wings+arms, but more her only limbs are her wings)
>serpentine lower half
>red eyes
>feathery head crest or crown
>if she wears has clothes, armor, or weapons, they would be poorly crafted from natural materials like bone and leather, and it would be rather beat up
>good aligned but raised in a predominantly evil/chaotic region so has no idea how to be "good"
>slithering towards something (like a cave or hole if background is included) and bashfully avoiding eye contact with the viewer would be a preferable pose, as long as at least half her face is in clear view
>SFW please, I intend to use this in my game

Adorable song for inspiration, and clarification on the nature of tsundere if you're not into animu tropes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjyc9XTtC2Q

Other details are mostly up to the artist, including but not limited to specifics on attire, gear, colors, hands/claws/talons/none, wings outstretched or folded, where on the humanoid-monsterous scale her torso and face are, and background detail.

Pic related is a bunch of stuff from google I grabbed that had some connection to this idea in my mind's eye. Feel free to use all or none of it as you see fit, I just thought it might help with inspiration.
Short pastebin for some optional setting/story info: https://pastebin.com/1G5Lq8U2

PS: If you want to make a lewd version in addition to a SFW version though I won't stop you.

>> No.56964460

Our campaign is in a Warhammer setting, so I appreciate a Warhammer drawing style, but if you have a significant drawing style, It's also appreciated. My Character is a Human (Shadow)Mage (Ulgus Wind) with albinism (pale skin, white hair, red eyes) which will be infected by Nurgle later on. So if you want, you can draw her also in an infected state, with tentacles and skinblows etc. But she should be recognizeable. She's poor and homeless, a beggar. Her hair is a bit filthy and unkempt, white, wavey and as long as her hips. She got dirt stains in her face. Her right eye is covered with an eyepatch and her eye under the patch got a vertical scar that is seen under and over the eyepatch. On her right shoulder sits a white owl. I don't know anything about the magic symbols in Warhammer but her Choker shall have a symbol of protection. The moon pendant hangig down to her bangs from her hairband can also be a proctection symbol. She's 162 cm tall and weights 70 kg. I'd like to have her big boobs, a wide pelvis and chubby thigh's. She can be a bit chubby in general. She's 21 year's old. Because of her albinism, her body is covered with a simply mage robe (remember she's a begger, so it's the cheapest and simpliest robe she can have) she also shall have a simple rope around her waist/hips. Her only weapon is a sickle and a spell book (not needed to draw).

Thank you in advance!

Pic related is my own attempt at drawing her so you get an idea

>> No.56964495 [SPOILER] 

I have a silly request inspired by the following spoilered quote from an anon in a thread on another board.
your tsundere is showing...bakabakabaka...baka
(Slithers down hole)..bwaka

To put it simply, I'm requesting a young tsundere couatl/cockatrice/naga monster girl. Key points
>twin ponytail hairstyle
>feather-winged arms (not wings+arms, but more her only limbs are her wings)
>serpentine lower half
>only two limbs
>red eyes
>feathery head crest or crown
>if she wears has clothes, armor, or weapons, they would be poorly crafted from natural materials like bone and leather, and it would be rather beat up
>good aligned but raised in a predominantly evil/chaotic region so has no idea how to be "good"
>slithering towards something (like a cave or hole if background is included) and bashfully avoiding eye contact with the viewer would be a preferable pose, as long as at least half her face is in clear view
>SFW please, I intend to use this in my game

Adorable song for inspiration, and clarification on the nature of tsundere if you're not into animu tropes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fjyc9XTtC2Q

Other details are mostly up to the artist, including but not limited to specifics on attire, gear, colors, hands/claws/talons/none, wings outstretched or folded, where on the humanoid-monsterous scale her torso and face are, and background detail.

Huge pic related is a bunch of stuff from google I grabbed that had some connection to this idea in my mind's eye. Feel free to use as much or as little as you want, I just thought it might help with inspiration.
Short pastebin for some optional setting/story info: https://pastebin.com/1G5Lq8U2

PS: If you want to make a lewd version in addition to a SFW version though I won't stop you.

>> No.56964525

ERROR: Hype not found.

>> No.56964628

Just woke up, so I'm bumping this.

>> No.56964653

do you guys know what tl;dr means

>> No.56964714

I know I'm pretty verbose but that's also why I reduced the important parts to greentext bullet points instead of descriptive text. Then again I haven't been very active on /tg/ in years and back when I was active there were a few regular drawfriends who liked detailed requests.

>> No.56964728

how did you manage to turn 'no' into a whole paragraph

>> No.56964753


>> No.56964834

Two sentences is hardly a paragraph, and that's not a "no" either, that's a more polite version of "yes, but your refusal to read more than a tweet's length isn't my problem". You want a paragraph here you go:

I am a very patient and currently very broke oldfag, I have no problem waiting months for my request to be filled, I've had to before already and my patience has given me some amazing deliveries. At least I'm not sitting here shitting on posts I don't like or trying to bait people into padding the post count. I see no reason to post here anymore unless it's a bump, anchor, or repost of my request in a future thread unless it's to a drawfriend working on my request. So good day anon. I hope your trolling brings you some form of pleasure at least. And happy holidays to everyone.

>> No.56964858

>I see no reason to post here anymore unless it's a bump, anchor, or repost of my request in a future thread

and yet

>> No.56965396

Wow, that looks fantastic, thanks so much man.
Colors work for me so unless you wanted to try recoloring anything I'm very happy with it

>> No.56965592


Congratulations on the best skin I've ever painted.

>> No.56965611

Hey, hope this works

>> No.56965833

Imgur links to lewds are allowed. Just saying.

>> No.56965918




>> No.56965955

Ayy this works perfectly! Thank you for this

>> No.56966170

Looks really nice, thanks for the update.

You behave too, mister.

>> No.56966257

I'm an actual retard and didn't link to OP so bump plus that.

>> No.56966283

since when was that required?

>> No.56966400

>>Provide good, detailed references (pictures are better than verbal descriptions), so the artists know what you're looking for. When making new requests, quote the OP post. When migrating requests quote the OP post and link to your post in the previous thread.

>> No.56966566

I would like to put in a request for my Alchemist/Gunslinger.

he has a large burn scar across almost all of the left side of his body and face. He wears very nice cloths and has a clean cut coat with a small fur collar. His cloths are generally all white or light grey with gold and silver accents. He also wears armored boots. He has a variety of belts and pouches under his coat to store various alchemical mixes as well as additional ammo. The rifle that he uses looks similar to the image on the bottom left but feel free to do something different if you have a neat idea for his gun.


>> No.56966704

I want her to step on me.

>> No.56966740


>> No.56966774


I'll scan as is, then possibly add a contrasting colour backdrop. Either way it's pretty much done.

>> No.56966810


MC, where do you post your art? I need a larger gallery to refer to so I can steal your style of painting.

>> No.56966875

got to do a starfinder society scenario yesterday and man was it fun. We basically got to be Redline during one of the missions

>> No.56967302


>> No.56967320

Thanks a lot, anon! It's great.

>> No.56967442


You're very welcome. I'm going to try a backdrop, but I'm not sure if it'll add anything to it. Either way, I hope you and your players enjoy it.

>> No.56967444

There ya go m8

>> No.56967713

Speaking for myself only. I love drawing females (waifu shit), so this could've been something I would've snatched up...But you're not allowing a lot of creativity with your request.
I know the Elysians. They're some of my favorites, but don't know what a Tessou is.
>"x" but wearing "y's" outfit
You're literally asking for an outfit swap of an anime character (not your character). Pretty boring to me. There's nothing special about this. These "x' in "y" requests are partially why I don't draw in /a/.
yeah, I suck at scenes. I'm practicing scenes every now and then, but I like drawing characters. Also I'm about copying that scout trooper wallpaper. Also also, fuck no, I'm not going to attempt a wallpaper.

In short (again only speaking for myself), asking for specifics (or being unspecific about things) is fine as long as there's room for creativity: "My Elysian character, Tits McGee. A: her hair style. B: Face/body. C: Something like this for armor and pose. etc etc etc)"

>> No.56967780

Gib hammer wife

>> No.56967901

Anchoring. Hoping the drawfriend comes back and finishes this.
Anchoring for my thing

>> No.56968258


What am I supposed to do otherwise when I have a precise concept of what my character shall look like. More Info's = more accurate results.

>> No.56968291


Gonna' give this a gentle bump in case drawfriend is still hanging around

>> No.56968323


Now that you're done, Anon, you gonna' get to work on that NSFW?

>> No.56968336

Boi at least make sure he knows you're not the OR trying to get extra deliveries, because I'm the OR and to have 2 people pick up the SFW is more than good enough for me.

>> No.56968392

>don't know what a Tessou is.
And don't care
>Also I'm about copying that scout trooper wallpaper
I'm NOT about

>> No.56968457


>> No.56968535

>nip peeking out

>> No.56968575

Nice trips and nice art bro. Really dig that blue and the shading.

>> No.56968813

Requesting my Fairest Changeling, a member of the Spring Court. She's basically the girl on the left, except with pale skin, and hair that's made of rose-thorns. She's wearing a dress like the two on the right: mostly #1, except with the palette and legs of #2 (tall boots with no leggings or anything) - the vines of her dress are thorny rose-vines.


>> No.56969476

= 0 results

>> No.56969621

tempted to try this. i am smudge though so the quality will be probably shit

>> No.56969773

If you need that level of detail in an image you probably ought to consider paying somebody for the art.

>> No.56969873

From >>56943999
>Provide good, detailed references
Nuff said.

>> No.56969878

How long have you been reposting your request?

>> No.56970458

Different guy but I've had short and long requests that got filled quickly. I've also had short and long requests that took weeks or months to be filled. Still, the long requests were far more accurate to what I had in mind, while the short requests were good but not always what I wanted.

>> No.56970543

You're lovely, thank you. <3

You're very welcome! I'm glad you like it! The link also includes a version of the B&W without the bow and quiver and a full-sized cropped version of the hips-up if you needed either for anything.

Oh good - now I don't have to scroll up to find you. xD

Is the character a girl or a woman? (And more specifically, is she innocent of, or does she own her allure?) Not going lewd with it either way, I just want to get a better feel for how to pose her!

>> No.56970565


bump 7

>> No.56970576

She is a woman with a more baby face kinda look if that makes sense, kinda like Honey from Space Dandy! You hit the marker though, Asani does uses her looks and appeal to get the job done

>> No.56970676

Prefacing all posts with, "Not OR."

She looks really cool! The colors are great in this. Texture adds to the post-apoc feel, even though the colors are so soft.

I love how you put that piece together - particularly the use of magic effects. Still not sure how you did it, but it works really well.

She looks great! She shading work on her belly and hips is particularly nice.

>> No.56970719

Sweet - I'll start working on the sketch tonight. May take me awhile. I'm still a bit sick so I'm working at 1/3rd speed. Plus I have a particular thing I want to try that I haven't done before, so the final pic will take awhile. But I'll post a couple of updates so you know I haven't wandered off!

Is Space Dandy good?

>> No.56970725 [DELETED] 

Requesting this with an orc and goblin soup.

>> No.56970778

I'm gonna go with not likely... Might also get you reported lol

>> No.56970784


>> No.56970846

Hey take as long as you want, I look forward to seeing what you come up with! I know I have a ref sheet and all but honestly change anything that doesnt fit with what you come up with. Thanks for picking her up :)

I thought it was pretty funny, if you want to watch something that doesn't really have a solid plot and focuses more on sub stories that don't usually continue on next episode by all means go for it. I didnt expect half the stuff that was going on in that series and the music is amazing. Its one of those animes where you wonder why in the heck you watched it, but dont regret doing so

>> No.56970899

I'm not picky. Whatever you make, I'm sure I'll love it.

>> No.56970980


I've seen lot's of detailed request like that. I don't get the problem? It's not that I said what pose, hairstyle (just length, and colour!) Not a specific robe or face. I just told some Info's my character got, like Height weight, only one eye, albinism and her pet. These are necessary details. Would be strange if a 70 kg character would be skinny af. And my sketch was just a sketch. And you can't see the height and weight and age and something like albinism in a sketch. So many people draw things that are buy worthy on here. And it's not that I'd request that to call it mine.

>> No.56971060

And this is why I stop filling requests, sometimes. For every cool fucker w/ some gratitude, there's a few of these whiners.
You know, nothing is stopping you from making your own art - no sarcasm. But, entitled bitches don't think like that, right? Nah, you just waste your energy being a jealous little faggot.

tl;dr - You don't always get what you want. Man-up. (yes, I assumed your fucking gender! )

>> No.56971073

Oh and the (optional) Nurgle request was free af.

>> No.56971107

>Man-up. (yes, I assumed your fucking gender! )

not the guy you're talking to but you seem annoying in an obnoxious way

>> No.56971120

Here's some dude with a magical stick and crazy hair

I might finish up coloring it later but i'm really tired right now

>> No.56971258

Requesting one dryad holding a lime and a cocnut saying "I'm gonna drink 'em both up." And another dryad shouting "No you can't!"

>> No.56971344

Hey, I request an Azrael, the angel of death drawing. I'd like to have him look dark (gothic-ly) and androgyn (but still looking male) with long hair (like the dude on the picture for example) the wings shall be black. Maybe you can draw him "crow-ish"? He should appear intimidating but not scary or evil, yet the angel of death isn't a demon or evil at all. I'm looking forward to a mysterious "beautiful death" appearance. It's on you if you want to draw him more modern, or more medieval.

If you like drawing him, I'd enjoy also a female version, yet angels are hermaphrodites, so both gender's would be cool. But it's not necessary.

Thanks in advance!

>> No.56971399


>> No.56971544


>> No.56971713

22 hour bump

>> No.56971737

small wip

>> No.56971827

Looking great, anon.

>> No.56972273


right now i'm TRYING to avoid the areas, but i still have poor control over the paint, so i usually just fix it in photoshop.


don't know where to post the stuff, i think my stuff is on the /co/ booru, but not sure.

>> No.56972282



>> No.56972885

I like this
thank you much for it.

in thanks for your art I shall sacrifice a solitary poached egg tomorrow.

I know right?
I'd have not thought of adding the purple hints

>> No.56972934


No Tumblr or anything?

>> No.56973187


Coolest fanny-pack I've ever seen. Good job overall!


Nice design and lovely attention to detail. I particularly like the spellbook.


Lovely mix of sketchiness and detail. Very effective.


Rapidly becoming my favourite character from these threads. No shame.

>> No.56973306

Bumping spider ranger.

>> No.56973425

Bumping again

>> No.56973515


Aight here ya go! Hope its what you kind of had in mind

>> No.56973563


God damn, I might pay /aco/ a visit.

>> No.56973730


Not OR but nicely done. Lovely hues on the skin.

>> No.56973966

It is! Thanks anon I really appreciate it.

>> No.56974030

do it

>> No.56974139

Less of an art request, more of an editing one. Could somebody take this picture and make the cloak black and maybe kind of feathery? Thanks.

Original picture to be edited: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/wot/images/2/2d/Thom_saliba.jpg/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/200?cb=20091219033609

>> No.56974151

Fuck, forgot my reference.

>> No.56974574

feel free to rerequest

>> No.56974888 [SPOILER] 


This is all you're getting.

>> No.56975081

Haven't been here in a while.
Just posting something I've been working on. Would kill for someone to commission me eventually.

>> No.56975300


If you're going to be brazen about it at least post your comission info.

>> No.56975326

I've been delivering here regurarily (more or less) but this doesn't mean I don't want to draw these for free anymore, just in a bad situation right now.
My DeviantArt

Anyway, decided to pick this up

>> No.56975341

>looks like she has a tiny peen


>> No.56975565

reminds me of >>>/aco/1938237

>> No.56975572


You misspelled 'improved'.

>> No.56975908

very early wip

>> No.56976031


Looking for someone to draw a pair of characters a friend and I are playing.

Female halfling twins, late teens to early twenties. Long blonde hair, green eyes, fair skin with light freckles. One sister is a paladin, the other a druid. Paladin sister keeps her hair in a neat side braid, druid wears it loose and a little messy. Paladin is in armor and carries sword, kite shield emblazoned with an oak tree design, and lance; druid in a leather vest over a simple dress, with a battered staff that has some feathers and beads tied to the top. Both wear a small silver pendant with a similar oak tree design to the one emblazoned on the shield; paladin keeps hers on a silver chain, druid attached to a leather collar.

Sorry for the lack of image collage. Pain in the ass to do on mobile. Thanks in advance for looking at my request!

>> No.56976060

i know how it feels to be in a tough spot man. I dont have a lot of money but when i get paid in two weeks, i might commission something for you even though i dont crucially need some art right now

good luck mate and stay strong
also bretty nice

>> No.56976180

Drawfriend here! Sorry for the radio silence. Real life is kicking my ass, havent had time nor energy to finish and I cant in good conscience promise that I could deliver before the year is up. Sorry about this, hope your not too miffed.

>> No.56976417

Trying to get a mien of my favorite changeling character. Mask, too, if willing, but really mien. He was a scarecrow minister of the Autumn Court who rose up to actually become Autumn King for a time.

The monster he began to look like was sort of like pic related. White skin, fine clothes, no face save an inhuman mouth filled with sharp teeth. Differences in the mien could include things like random bits of straw coming out of various parts of his clothes, parts of his clothing being made of Autumn leaves, being wrapped in chains, and maybe having some sort of creepy looking crown as well.

If descriptions are shitty, I'm sorry, I've always been bad at descriptions

>> No.56976874


>> No.56976992

Requesting a paladin of Sarenrae. Wears the armor exactly shown but the cloth is white instead of blue and without her helmet on. Lance is full of divine energy so instead of the blue highlights its white. She's the main tank and damage dealer of the group so it would be neat to have her in an action pose with her shield.

As for looks. looks like the female in the picture, a holy maiden without scarring or aged. Rather than red hair, she has bleach blonde hair. She has elf ears that are more pointed down than up, and wears her hair in the updo shown with a red bow holding it together.

>> No.56977239


>> No.56977244

Agreed, her dick should be way bigger.

>> No.56977262

Sorry to hear about your woes especially during the holiday season. No worries though I'll just re-post my request.

>> No.56977300

I'm in the military, have been for 10 years going for the big two zero, when I arrived to the Fort Irwin National Training Center I was barely collecting Necrons. Then I met my new best friend Piper. He was a veteran player, playing from 5th edition. I ran into him at or local store about an hour away during a tournament. I was fresh into 8th addition and knew very little about the new rule system. After finding out he was stationed on base with me we quickly grew close. He always encouraged me to be more competitive and collect more from that point on. Now I knew a ton about the lore of 40k but he knew more. He helped me collect my current death guard list and space marines army, even buying me the Astraeus Super heavy tank from forge world as a Christmas gift. He love's the thousand son's as much as I love my death guard.

I want to show him how much his friendship means to me by getting a commission art piece of our favorite Heretic champions in our likeness fighting against our favorite Space Marine chapters. For him that's the Dark Angels, and for me the Space Sharks. If any one knows a commissioning artist please help me find them.
Price is no issue.

Thank you for your time.

>> No.56977397

you two need each other

>> No.56977445


>> No.56977455

Pretty swell, love the smiley

>> No.56977569

Requesting an elf-edit here.

>> No.56977640


>> No.56977659

Bumpity bump. I was picking up from some posts here that there's a specific aversion to 40k stuff by some drawfriends, is there a reason for that or is it just assumed familiarity with the subject matter on the part of requesters?

>> No.56977660

Bless you.

>> No.56977731

To be fair, the recolourisation looks pretty cool.

>> No.56977738

I mean, it looks pretty badass to me.

Thank you so much!

>> No.56977746

Speaking personally as a drawfag, most 40k things have lots of detail, use weird terminology, and are very complicated to make dynamic poses with, that's just me though
I'm sure there's somebody out there that loves drawing that stuff

>> No.56977758

Agreed. I wish she wasn't wearing the bow like that, though.

>> No.56977787

Fair points. I can especially see how the terminology might be confusing to someone not familiar with the material. In that context, would you say my request (>>56945702) could use some rephrasing to make it more understandable to non-40k versed drawfags? Just trying to improve my descriptions and make them more understandable.

>> No.56977800


>> No.56977830

I think for most artists here it's a combination of two or more of the following:
- No knowledge or interest in 40k
- Disinterest or not strong at drawing mechanical things
- Disinterest in grimdark/scifi/military stuff
- No time to draw something as detailed as 40k stuff tends to be
- 40k fans tend to be particularly specific in what they want (they're often the longest text requests in a thread and often have a ton of images on top of that text wall), and the artist wants more freedom

Definitely seen it drawn in the past and I don't think there's any specific hate for 40k. Just the recent crop of drawbros don't go for it. Doesn't mean don't request, though, and I hope all the 40k bros get their stuff drawn eventually.

>> No.56977841


Anon, please, before you hurt somebody.

>> No.56977902


Yeah, I'll be honest this is pretty much it for me. I'm not really familiar with any of the lore and I much prefer drawing more fantasy oriented stuff. Plus since there's usually so many references and it's all based off existing things there's no real room for me to get creative.

>> No.56977926

a quick edit since you wanted her skin to be more pallid. also sorry for no proper background. Again feel free to rerequest

Also nice premise.

>> No.56977946

Bless you.

>> No.56977959

You forgot the string...

>> No.56977977


> That flayed mammary gland.

>> No.56977999

What this guy said, specially in the freedom of creativity part.
Personally speaking (again) i love drawing more freeform stuff, but if it's going to be something super detailed i'd advise you to attach some bigger references in the image (like the chainsword, can't see a damn thing in your image), the items from different perspectives, etc, every time i try to draw 40k stuff i end up in the wiki with way too many tabs open and unsure of which design to use of all the ones listed for a single item.
Also yeah, the big wall of text doesn't help much since you'd have to be refering to both the description and the references while drawing.

>> No.56978009

Can you help me? do you have email ? I love your pic you posted Im very interested

>> No.56978028

i am not him anon, just santa's little helper
check his deviantart here

>> No.56978082

And so, with the bump limit, comes the new thread.


>> No.56978128

>Also yeah, the big wall of text doesn't help much since you'd have to be refering to both the description and the references while drawing.
Okay, so either use text descriptions or (mostly) visual reference pics?
Also, I'm not too set on details, but I can see how 40K art usually tends to be very detailed and there's a lot of small things one could get caught up on.
Anyways, thanks for the tips!

>> No.56978232

>open thumbnail
>PL's "U.F.O." start playing on my head AGAIN

Thanks for nothing Anon...

>> No.56978311

It’s one of those draw string backpacks for adventuring.

>> No.56978495

Ah, very fashionable.

>> No.56979365

Anyone recognize this kobold? It was posted in /ppg/ earlier and myself and at least one other anon are searching for sauce. I know I've seen it before that's the most frustrating part.

>> No.56980864

Not-so-precise swiss alpenbump

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