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First for memes

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Dark Eldar are Synthwave
Craftworlders don't seem very vaporwavey though

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>again with the not duncan meme
Stop this madness

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Xenos players are smelly

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Is pic related a good model for a lieutenant?

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*niceboi protocol activated*

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Sure, if you want to have a manlet Officer

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I don't see why not
although true for nids, still

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>>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)
Hey fellas, Chart Anon 2: Chart Anoning here. Tyranids are very nearly done, just got some adjustments to loadouts in the point efficiency section to go and we're all set. If you see any mistakes, please do point them out! I'll notify here when it's completed.

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Does anyone have that awful official Tau artwork?

The relatively newish ones that have no understanding of shading whatsoever.

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There are primaris lieutenants and non-primaris lieutenants.

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How new are you? That meme is months and months old. When 8th was released, not-Duncan was more common than Duncan.

Sure. Great model and good wargear, especially since Lieutenants have WS2+ to counteract the fist.

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That doesn't change his statement.

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For weapons of Primaris Intercessors, do all models in a unit have to have one type of rifle or can I give a different rifle to each model

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Which truck do you prefer?

>> No.56887883

Posting this again since it's the start of a new thread:
Chaos undivided or special snowflake? http://www.strawpoll.me/14600980/r

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any model with a power fist is a good model

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I know its been common anon. That doesn't mean it's not shit.

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35power level list for a tournament

Platoon commander, 2
3 Infantry squads, 9
Basilisk, 7
Ratlings, 2
Malcador defender, 15

It's built around just including the defender

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Any chance some richfag sharing Fabius Bile: Clonelord???

>> No.56887931

>Prime Directives
>1: Serve the Emperors trust
>2: Protect the Imperium
>3: Uphold the Law
>4: Classified OwO

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the one on the left. the stupidity of the shield on the right sends me to an angry zone

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the one with the big man meat grinder and the toasty bits maker of course

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It says "All models may...", so the entire unit must. Otherwise the wording would be "Any model may..."
Not that you'd want to mix and match anyway

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Maybe it's the paint job, but I think they both look like garbage

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>stupidity of the shield
are you forgetting 40k was made with "the rule of cool" in mind?

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The one on the right, but that's just me being a jealous Ork player.

I was so disappointed when I found out how small the kit was. Same with the Taurox. Either one would have made a great Battlewagon.

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I voted Belakor because that makes pic releated canon

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Why is he so happy about a necron head? You can't clone necrons you silly man. They're made of metal.

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Pretty damn sure it's the paintjob. For reference, look at the Taurox Prime, which looks hilariously bad in GW's sky blue scheme, but pretty damn badass when painted like an actual fucking combat vehicle.

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Thank you sir

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Not with that attitude you can't.

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But you can fuck it.

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>I find your lack of faith in the Emperor disturbing.

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Any good rumors on next primarchs? Loyalist and traitor

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>Why aren't playing Imperium, heretic ?

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Never played DA, lion might be interesting to see

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Thunder Hammer or Relic Blade on Jump Pack Captain with Storm Shield?

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>The Warmaster

ebook when

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Next Loyalist is almost certainly Lion or Russ.
Next Traitor is obviously gonna be Angrom or Fulgrim.

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Dark Eldar are also industrial and darkwave.

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what do you want him to kill/support with which CT?

Details, they are important anon.

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What are the chances of us ever seeing a 40k Perturabo model? I suspect it's somewhere between zero and none.

>> No.56888251

or vullkan
or dorn

>> No.56888257

He's a space marine, its going to happen.

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Was determined that was from pic related & spent the past 20mins searching for the scene only to be completely wrong. Oh well. Might as well blog it on /40kg/

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Don't worry Loyalist and Chaos marines will get minis for all their special characters before the npc factions get new models.

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We're basically the "who?" Legion. The only time I ever see Iron Warriors mentioned is when "X Warsmith built the most invulnerable fortress to ever exist ever! (Insert faction here) took it in a week!" I think GWs sometimes doesn't even remember that IWs exist.

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New Duncan.

>> No.56888317

They won't just release them willy nilly.

Dark Angels codex is soon so a Lion fig would ride on the hype. Space Wolves are getting a codex next year too so the same applies for Russ.

>> No.56888330

Yeah I know Iron Warriors get fucked over a lot despite being in my view one of the more interesting legions. There's a lot you could do rules wise with them, but I don't really doubt that they'll get their primarch somtime after the cult legions get theirs.

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If they were doing Lion soon they'd time the book with him. Since there's no Lion I doubt he's next. Russ would make sense though. Wrath of Magnus and the Cicatrix have done enough to arguably fulfill the signs of the Wolftime as told by Russ.

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Remember when IW could get a fucking Basilisk? Remember when IW were the baddies in one of the most disturbing BL books ever?
Remember when IW were the only Traitor Legion with access to a vehicle repair-ability?
They used to be so cool. And now they're just "dem silver dudes with the black'n'yellow stripes".

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Does the whole "You can't use founding chapter characters in a successor chapter" rule apply to homemade (or perhaps more arguably, successors without characters) chapters?

RaW, I guess not, but from your experiences, would I be disallowed use of Beli if I ran a custom colored admech army using Mars rules? Or if I wanted to use Guilliman in a Black Consuls (Ultramarine successor with no characters) army?

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What legion should I play, /tg/?

>> No.56888425

How did you do the Heavy Infantry section, it looks like the hit rolls are skipped and everything is straight to wound?

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I think we'll get some cool stuff if GWs continues to bring more and more HH into 40k.

>> No.56888434

muh fourteen gorillion?

>> No.56888439

Only massive fucking spergs would complain. So long as you don't try to put Pedo Kantor and Lysander into the same detachment, there's no rules problem.

>> No.56888454

Technically it does. But you can always just run your successor AS the parent chapter from a rules standpoint.

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>> No.56888463

paint them differently but call them mars

>> No.56888466

Is there a Ordo of Inquisitors who are devoted to writing down everything the High Lords say?

>> No.56888478

That's the plan. Glad to hear it!

>> No.56888486


It does apply to homebrew Chapters and Chapters without successors. Guilliman is named Ultramarines only, and unavailable to successors, for example.

But then again, >>56888439 is right. Nobody should much care since it's just a palette swap and flavor change, with no mechanical fuckery. Just adhere to the rules for the one <subfaction> you're playing as and there should be no problem.

>> No.56888496

Which army would this nugget play ?

>> No.56888508

I run red scorpions usually with UM tactics.

When the opponent isn't ok with FW models, I switch to "ultramarines with some grey paint, oh and also here's guilliman".

Tbqh my non FW list is more vicious than my FW list.

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squats so they have an excuse not to go into store

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What the fuck was that? There was no Duncan in that man-child autismfest.

>> No.56888539

please feel free to come participate in/contribute to the cringe

>> No.56888562

what video was that?

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Aren't lieutenants always Primaris? Which is kind of weird, now I think about it.

I guess since the difference between primaris and marinelets is just A & W and an inability to ride in transports, it isn't that big a deal to have a little guy as your lieutenant because all infantry characters have arbitrary extra A & W.

>> No.56888662

Thinking about running a Land Raider Achilles.

Does anyone have any experience playing with them or against? Very curious to try it out.

>> No.56888686

Actually Lieutenants are also regular marines too. Guilliman reintroduced the rank officially, but many chapters already had econdary officers as is.

>> No.56888689

>Aren't lieutenants always Primaris?
no? read your codex

>> No.56888722

If I wanted to play fairly secular chaos forces do you think my opponents would object strongly to using using forgeworld automata as that which must not be named?

>> No.56888755

man, using FW models in 40k would be cool

>> No.56888786

>you're fired!
>arigato >w <

>> No.56888803

Has the meme gone to far?

>> No.56888811

Fires of cyraxus one day

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>> No.56888875

Oh come on, we know how long they've been around and their location

>> No.56888899

Why is one of Fulgrim's sons so bald?

>> No.56888913

It's standing still to shoot. It hasn't gone anywhere

>> No.56888918

Because he is slave to baldness.

>> No.56888926

Is there a good army for beginners?

>> No.56888929

Man i wanna make a skulltakers army just so i can use the Zhufor model.

>> No.56888938

Plot cancer

>> No.56888943

Isnt killing 14 billion people still only like killing one or two hive spires? Or one hive world if im overestimating hive population destiny

>> No.56888957

Are Taurox Primes worth it with the CA point change?

>most of my scions will be deepstriking
>3 taurox primes at 400 points
>none can use them but scions and commissars

Feels like something of a waste to be honest.

>> No.56888960

That sounds literary.

Poor soul

>> No.56888969

Is it worth it to go ham on transports for turn 1?

If not, do you completely abandon minimizing drop count or go somewhere in the middle?

As SM btw.

>> No.56888977

Anyone got the advent audiobook heart of decay or the geld? Or last hunt?

>> No.56888988

Well the unit in the transport still counts as being on the battlefield. So that sorta fucks your plan doesn't it?

>> No.56888996

Dorn will be released first. With detachable hands.

>> No.56889022

If you are running UM with the refund trait, how do you do the rolls for multiple points stratagem?

Do you roll 3 dice for 3CP or 1?

>> No.56889027

What’s the wording?

>> No.56889029

>Richfag needed to buy a bl novel.

>> No.56889041

Has Chapter Approved been shared yet?

>> No.56889043

Seriously. Before Fulgrim showed up the EC suffered from a gene-seed mutation that caused cancer. Bile was in charge of identifying EC who suffered from it, and doctored his test results to escape the BLAMming.

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>> No.56889061

They are pretty terrible transports for a faction with deepstrike already, but they have decent shooting and are pretty much your only option for hoards if you're running mono-scions (which you shouldn't)

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>> No.56889114

> replying to the wrong post

May the Emperor forgive you.

>> No.56889122

3 dakkarox's are 348 pts.
That's 60 heavy S4
24 heavy S4 Ap-2
6 rapid fire S4 shots
All at the comfy range of 24"

Sure they aren't as auto include as before but there still isn't much in the game that can compete with that kind of horde munching power, especially vs T3.
Never ever take any other variant though.

>> No.56889125

I don't follow, even though a razorback may have 6 HQ in it, it doesn't take me 7 deployments to put it on the table.

In that vein, I would finish deploying first and have the first turn.

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Alright, I've read the Horus Heresy books, the Gaunt's Ghosts books, and the Caiphas Cain books. Where do I go from here? I liked the Cain and Gaunt stuff a lot better.

Also, I remember seeing people talk about a must-read book featuring the imperial guard that was supposedly one of the best books on war ever or something, anyone know what I'm talking about?

>> No.56889221

Fire caste. Maybe not the one they recommended but its fantastic, read it, and get sucked into the crazy plots of peter fehevari

>> No.56889250

Heard that Super heavy tanks books are awesome(Baneblade, Shadowsword)

>> No.56889264

Building a new infantry squad. What do you guys think? To on the nose?

>> No.56889267

That fucking Ogryn.

>> No.56889274




I really like armored warfare so double done.

>> No.56889275

>To on the nose?
Or to off the nose, that is the question

>> No.56889278

Finishing deploying first doesn't auto-give first turn. Just a +1 bonus to first turn.

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>> No.56889336

>sergeant forced to bury his own men after leading them to death


>> No.56889357

Yes if you are using CA missions.

Question is, is it worth transport spamming for a +1 or not?

>> No.56889371

Looks like an appalling misuse of Munitorum resources, anon.

>> No.56889389

>hated SM
>want to start Blood Angels now
god damn

>> No.56889395

>Alright, I've read the Horus Heresy books
Wait what, ALL of them?

Can't recommend the Eisenhorn books enough, or Xenos at the very least

>> No.56889415


Yeah, all of them. I got a kindle so they're free as fuck. Also I've read Eisenhorn and Ravenor omnibus both. Good stuff.

>> No.56889462

Thinking about orks or tau for my first army, which should I go with?

>> No.56889464

Is there a CA PDF?

>> No.56889480

>ignoring the actions of Rogal which leaves billions dead

what the fuck did Dorn?

>> No.56889485 [SPOILER] 

Drink with me brother

>> No.56889486

The Enforcer omnibus is pretty cool, if you want a look at the Imperium away from a warzone (if not away from trouble).

Most things by Aaron Dembski Bowden are good. Cadian Blood is a solid guard novel, and his Night Lord trilogy is pretty well regarded.

Is right, both those books are good. Guy Haley seems to be pretty solid in general.

>must-read book featuring the imperial guard

That'll be Fifteen Hours. You should read it.

>> No.56889488

wait until their codexes come out

>> No.56889490


>> No.56889506

I have brought shame to my household

>> No.56889508 [SPOILER] 

>WS 2+
>BS 2+
>Rerolling 1s
>AP -3
>Damage 3
>With Inferno Pistol
>pic related
I'm so happy

>> No.56889524

>Most things by Aaron Dembski Bowden are good.
Eh, his HH stuff is pretty bad, and his black legion stuff can get pretty retarded. He's also taken a nose dive in quality as of late, and his recent statements indicate he doesn't really care about his work

>> No.56889533

I want some aberrants. What do people do to get some. Cheapest on eBay I can find is like $60-70 after shipping.

I was thinking of getting a box of nobs and using spare acolyte bits make some.

>> No.56889545


Tau are a bit easier to start off with
But it depends on your skill levels, what you feel comfort with and like

>> No.56889560

buy deathwatch overkill :^)

>> No.56889575

I still want my jump pack Canoness back

As a side note fuck named character that are mandatory for your army to even function properly

>> No.56889578

Ravenor is a good next step. If you like Space Marines the Space Wolves books by Lee Lightner and the Blood Angels books by James Swallow are good reads, not the best, but good. If you want some insight on the Imperial Navy, Relentless was good but it's been a while since I read it.

Also the Last Chancers was fun.

They're right, it's Fifteen Hours and it does an excellent job of showing how shitty being in the Guard is when you aren't in a plot armor regiment. Also the two other stories it comes with are cool too.

>> No.56889581

China and conversions

>> No.56889594

If you're willing to take a ride on the chaos side. Iron warriors, night lords, and word bearers have pretty good series, especially the night lords omnibus.

>> No.56889619

I agree. I miss her, but she's still around. I use her as one of Celestine's guards.

>> No.56889628

Anything new about the Lion? We were told we'd get something angelic in December, or is it just the Codex and the Primaris boxes?

>> No.56889642

>We were told we'd get something angelic in December
The two Angels codices
As for the Lion, confirmed alive and snoozing still, but now Luther has escaped

>> No.56889664

Word Bearers is a great series. The first book does a neat job of showing how WB can get even devout believers of the God-Emperor to fall to Chaos.

>> No.56889670

Can you deep strike to the field and then embark on a transport?

I don't see why you can't when rule says "all models in a unit end their move within 3" of a
friendly transport, they can embark within it."

Not sure why you would want to though

>> No.56889677

Is that the name of it? "Word Bearers"?

>> No.56889678

I'm picturing Lion waking up and just telling "LUTHORRRR" in an otherwise incoherent rage because his constant screaming kept him sleeping like a baby.

>> No.56889681

>tfw got in to 40k because of cute fanart like pic related but the lore is dark and scary

>> No.56889686

Does embarking happen during the movement phase? If it does then you cannot since deep striking happens after the movement phase.

>> No.56889687


>> No.56889690

General questions again
>What you working on
>What army do like the least or hate
>Ready for the holiday season
>What would you like released for your favorite army
>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
>will you post your first model?
>whats your community/gaming group consisting of

>happy holidays my dudes

>> No.56889699

Word Bearers Omnibus

>> No.56889702

It jut says "end their move" in the rulebook. Nothing in the section about "during the movement phase"

>> No.56889703

Unless they can embark to a transport that allows shooting from the inside there is no reason to embark them.

But you can do it

>> No.56889704

>not playing best Legion

Seriously, best lore, best reason for going traitor, best aesthetic, and best overall motives

>> No.56889708

Found it, ty for your noble effort.

>> No.56889713

Dark Disciple, Dark Apostle and Dark Creed. All by Anthony Reynolds.

>> No.56889722

I have a LRC , two 5 man squads of tacticals, and a 5 man unit of cataphractii.

I'd rather have the terminators in the LRC, but if I put the tacticals in to start that nets me -1 drops for first turn purposes.

Turn one I'd bail out the marines and then DS the terminators into the bus.

>> No.56889725


There's other stories that come with it? What shitty edition did I read then?

>> No.56889737


No clue what's being discussed, just joined the thread and I'm lazy but I fucking love that series. Its one of my most well worn omnibusses.

>> No.56889738

>what the fuck did Dorn?

I wondered that too. I'm guessing something to do with meme maker not liking the petitioner's city.

>That'll be Fifteen Hours.

Literally next on my list. thanks mate.

>Fifteen Hours

That's awesome, because my favorite part of the latter Gaunt books was when Kolea's son got drafted into the non-ghost regiment for an assault.

> Last Chancers
I like fun. Cain was fun. I heard Sandy Mitchell doesn't work for Black Library any more though. Unfortunate.


The chaos bits of the heresy series were the best imo, so I'm game. Do they show how Abbaddon loses his arms?

I just bought a bunch of secondhand guard with that bad of a paint job. Gonna green stuff them and repaint. Got some decent models, old Steel Legion, Rogue Trader era, infantry, catachans, tanks, just need to redo the paint job. They'll be my first actual 40k models, in the past I've only painted Kings of War stuff.

>> No.56889742

What's an omnibus? Sounds like a divine public transport

>> No.56889744

Glad they're the best at all that, because they suck giant Slannesh balls when it comes to winning battles.

>> No.56889748


>> No.56889749


>> No.56889756


Three books collected into one package, generally with previously unreleased short stories.

>> No.56889765

>best aesthetic
Pretty much the only thing they are best at.

>> No.56889767

>What you working on
Onager Dunecrawler
>What army do like the least or hate
Nurgle/Death Guard
>Ready for the holiday season
Yeah, one more exam then I'm donezo
>What would you like released for your favorite army
Magos options, or any of the Mechanicum models ported to 40k.
>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
Family and friends, back home not at school.
>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
Definitely, if not artistic talent per se, my ability to paint AdMech models has gotten better.
>will you post your first model?
Don't have it on me, otherwise you'd see a sloppy Dunecrawler (not the one mentioned above).
>whats your community/gaming group consisting of
I don't have one really, but I'm a member of a local group on Normiebook and meet up with people that way, haven't had a bad experience, only one awkward one with a nice kid but who was legitimately autistic, making the thing awkward. Despite all that it was a fun game between my AdMech and his Deathwatch

>> No.56889768

>I just bought a bunch of secondhand guard with that bad of a paint job. Gonna green stuff them and repaint. Got some decent models, old Steel Legion, Rogue Trader era, infantry, catachans, tanks, just need to redo the paint job. They'll be my first actual 40k models, in the past I've only painted Kings of War stuff.

good on you anon

>> No.56889770

Oh sweet, I've been struggling with the canonical order forever


>> No.56889793

>What you working on
Necromunda gangers, with repurposing old Necromunda bulkheads on the side with some plasticard.

>What army do like the least or hate
Grey Knights. Never liked the "space marines but extra special" deal, though I have warmed to them a little.

>Ready for the holiday season
Going to paint a lot. Then build whatever I get as a gift.

>What would you like released for your favorite army
New plastic IG. Sweet fucking jesus, even plastic sisters wouldn't be as good as that.

>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
Family, but friends are coming over during the break.

>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
Yes, though from poor to mediocre.

>will you post your first model?
2nd Ed space marine from the core box.

>whats your community/gaming group consisting of
My friends and very rarely going to the local GW and being awkward with all the other awkward people.

>> No.56889799

Does this also list which legions are involved? I've been looking for more EC books since I read Fulgrim.

>> No.56889800

Weird, guess you can then.
>be terminator
>teleport onto the ground to help fight enemy
>immediately run into tank

>> No.56889801

Overall I love the series too, but the first book is a favorite because it does an excellent job showing how Chaos takes over an entire world, fucking over everything in its way.

>> No.56889802

40k novels:

I highly recommend Deathwatch by Steve Parker and the associated short stories, Headhunted and Exhumed.

Baneblade, Shadowsword, and the 2 short stories, Stormlord and Iron Harvest (Read this one before Shadowsword, it will make the crew much more likeable, in a Brothers in Arms sort of way) by Based Guy Haley (generally speaking Haley is a good pick).

Dead Men Walking for one of the most grimdark book about 40k, featuring the KDK, by Steve Lyons. Fantastic but super depressing. The short story Down Amongst the Dead Men by the same author deals with "training" on Krieg is equally good and depressing.
15 Hours is also one of the best IG book there is around.

Red Tithe by Robbie McNiven and Eye of Medusa by David Guymer are two excellent books giving loads of background information about, respectively, the Carcharodons and the Iron Hands (I have to say, I'm a Carcharodons player but hot diddly damn Eye of Medusa was good, IH are scary and brutal as fuck in this book)

Death of Antagonis and Warden of the Blade by David Annandale are solid books as well, one flushes out the Black Dragons nicely and the 2nd is about Castellan Crowe, and a fantastic insight on the perils of the GK and the bearer of the blade of Ant'wyr in particular. Manages to make him non Mary-Sue.

Watchers of the Throne by Wraight is tip top, great to understand the Imperium and Terra a lot more and to know what happened there when the Great Rift opened. With Dark Imperium by Guy Haley, it's the book to read to understand what's going on in 40k in 8th ed.

Pdf related is also a great book, it's everything a book about an unknown chapter should be. I like to share it around since it was take from the BL site 2 weeks before release because of legal problems, so poor Kearney wrote a whole damn novel for nothing, and I suspect he is the one that put up his novel on torrents so that it's not forgotten.

>> No.56889812

people voting word bearers are being needlessly cruel

>> No.56889817

Lol yeah I know it's silly, but I am just so terrified of a failed DS charge.

In the LRC would be 5 cataphractii, calgar, and a terminator librarian for a pretty nasty death star. I'd rather the LRC roll up and get them close than deep strike.

I could maybe be convinced to deep strike from you guys, but I haven't had good results on a 9'' charge.

>> No.56889822

>good on you anon

Thanks. I'm pretty excited. I realize now that green stuff is a separate thing from simple green, which is what I meant. I actually had considered using green stuff and making them a traitor guard regiment, but with the older models I think I'm just gonna leave them as-is.

>> No.56889839

>GW will never stop releasing fuckhuge centerpiece models to take a moment to update Eldar/Orks basic troops.
Why even live?

>> No.56889844

Well even if you dont do traitor its cool to see someone excited to get into the hobby

>> No.56889846

It was an omnibus, my bad senpai

Ok, fun might have been a bit too vague. It's fun like... 80's action movies are fun. Big dudes with big muscles and nothing to loose do cool shit because the only other option is deaaaaath. It gets pretty grim in some places I know, I was surprised too but I certainly thought it was a page turner. I liked it enough to be pissed off Colonel Schaeffer wasn't a named character anymore.

Also if you like The Last Chancers check out the Dark Angels omnibus, same author and it's a pretty interesting read about three assholes and their consistently bad decisions.

t. Dark Angels player

> because my favorite part of the latter Gaunt books was when Kolea's son got drafted into the non-ghost regiment for an assault.

pic related

>> No.56889849


Hot damn, who says fa/tg/uys can't deliver?

>> No.56889851

Can a Tank Commander order himself/his tank crew?

>> No.56889855

>magnus actually did a lot of things wrong

>> No.56889860


>> No.56889861

Holy shit, it's perfect

>> No.56889874

I like that they went halfway with this art.

Eyes but no mouth

>> No.56889879

The biggest reason to take a manlet lieutenant over a chad is full armory access. The Primaris gets two mutually exclusive options because of GWs weapons-grade jewery.

>> No.56889891

I'm pretty sure they can't. There was a time when Pask could, but I think the AM codex or an FAQ changed that.

>> No.56889899


>What you working on
Hentai tentacle rape Relic weapons for Tyranids

>What army do like the least or hate
IG. Booorinnggg

>Ready for the holiday season?
Yep, I've sent out my /WIP/ SS gift to my guy, and my sender has already sent me mine.

>What would you like released for your favorite army
Nids dont need anything. They're already the best

>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
Yes and Yes

>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started?
Yes. Now I thin my paints, and I can paint smooth yellows

>will you post your first model?
No longer possible. I stripped and disassembled him for bits

>whats your community/gaming group consisting of?
A small fringe group that plays weekly at our fringe LGS. We often badmouth the players at the bigger, more exclusive, more expensive independent stores, and the local GW store. Sometimes, we form a team and challenge them at the occasional inter-store tourneys

>> No.56889900

Even if its like a 1% skill increase thats dope and id like to play against your dude and bathe in their blood

>> No.56889901

Any rumours about Custodes floating about? I know about Valoris release, but some people keep claiming about a Custodes+Codex release wave.
I have no idea if there is any sort of legitimacy or just a hivemind asspull

>> No.56889906

Are you ever going to shut up? IW autist every day.

>> No.56889916

Nids are awesome anon

>> No.56889918

They couldn't in the Index (except for rawfaggotry of the worst kind on Pask), but the codex changed the rule completely and removed the restriction. Now they can.

>> No.56889923


Actually, I won store credit at my FLGS on some sort of drawing they did, so I was thinking of getting some Admech models and making a Dark Mechanicum army. not that the admech aren't bad enough as it is

>80's action movies are fun.

Say no more, you've sold me -- don't queer the deal.

>> No.56889944

Well, there it is.

>> No.56889961

well if your near louisville then i challenge you to a game when you get your army ready

>> No.56889977

Are Genestealers still on slotted bases?

How would I transfer them, if at all possible, to sector imperialis bases?

>> No.56889983

Do you go for more CP or bigger units that you really like which wouldn't fit in the big CP detachments easily? I usually run DG with just 6cp but I am starting a black legion army that could easily run a brigade +2 from Abby. Thoughts?

>> No.56889997

>near louisville

Northern Indiana ain't too far, anon. I might take you up on that. I've got family in the hollers.

>> No.56890006

Have faith Word Bearer.

>> No.56890009

cut off the tab, pin them to the base

>> No.56890012


>> No.56890018

>General questions again
>>What you working on
My kabalites with that sweet Incubi spray down, though they're On hold for a night while I fix a few SoB for a game tomorrow.
>>What army do like the least or hate
Tau. Fuck tau.
>>Ready for the holiday season
Sure? I'm pretty much broke as fuck for awhile because I'm catching up from when I was laid off.
>>What would you like released for your favorite army
I play sisters. Guess. That being said, biker jousters. That's what I want.
>>will you be with your family this holiday season?
>how about friends?
>>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
Pic related
>>will you post your first model?
Pic related.
>>whats your community/gaming group consisting of
Mostly pretty cool as fuck dudes. The occasional shitter, but it happens. My only complaint is they're very tournament minded and tournaments take the fun out of everything for me. Doesn't change the fact that they're mostly cool as fuck.

>> No.56890025

fucking....... can't unsee

>> No.56890030

im not sure you understand just how autistic we all are anon

>> No.56890036


>> No.56890055

Hey marinefags, what else should I add to my marine army? Playing an OC chapter but using salamander CT. so far I have

>2 captains (1 primaris, 1 regular)
>3 lieutenants (1 primaris, 1 jump pack, 1 regular)
>2 librarians (1 jump pack, 1 regular)
>imperial space marine
>30 marines customizable (magnetized with bolter, devestator, Assault, and veteran options)
>20 Scouts
>10 sternguard
>10 vanguard
>10 jump pack assault marines
>10 primaris intercessors
>10 hellblasters
>6 aggressors
>10 terminators customizable (magnetized as regular or assault)
>5 tartaros
>venerable dread
>relic Contemptor
>2 Rhinos
>land raider
>2 drop pods (RIP)

I think I need some tanks. What in particular should I grab? Was thinking razorbacks, Sicarians, and maybe predators or whirlwind scorpius. Thanks!

>> No.56890056

this pic is actually what made me go ahead and pick up an Abby model off ebay and get this going

>> No.56890060

My question is what kind of synchro is he running in that? Declutching would be hell with so little legroom.

>> No.56890078

Is that possible on Genestealers?

Their feet seem really small.

>> No.56890085


>> No.56890086

>2 Librarians
>Only one Chaplain

I smell an inkling of the start of some HERESY!

>> No.56890100

Well the GW near me is really dope so come on down my friend
a rough army to collect but i hope you enjoy them cause i fear those bitches
itsa me, abbadon
pic related is something i wanna buy from a person at my GW
hes running it off of pure hatred for daddy horus and grandpa Big E

>> No.56890106

apperently my sanguinary priest can no longer have a jump pack, i want to die, now I'm gonna need to remove his jump pack and replace it with a normal backpack, but i dont want to have to wait to see if they faq it out, rip my little vampire

>> No.56890110

>there are people out there who play blood ravens without a 5 Libby supreme command detachment

>> No.56890117

Yes. Back in the Index only the most elite of the elite tank commanders knew what the "IC" label on the radio switch did. But now in the codex tank commanders can order anyone with the "Leman Russ" and "<Regiment>" keywords. Wouldn't you know it, Leman Russ Commanders DO have the "Leman Russ" Keyword.

>> No.56890119

i fucked up

>> No.56890125

There should be a Start Collecting! Smite Spam with 5 librarians tbqhfam. Would if I could.

>> No.56890129

He can still take it. The option is in the index.

>> No.56890149

>Start Collecting! Smite Spam

Isn't there a Tzeentch box already?

>> No.56890155

What size magnets do I need for my Imperial Knight? I've got 3/16x1/16 so far but I'm sure that I'm going to need different sizes for some of the other stuff.

I'm looking to magnetize the legs, the arms, and the weapons so I need the different sizes that I'm going to need for each one.

Can anyone that's magnetized a knight give any help?

Also, any tips for how to make a knight look like Metal Gear Rex? I have this model Rex already that I'm prob going to use for parts so I'm looking to turn that into the theme for the knight.

>> No.56890164

I'd probably go for a pentacle-array of smaller magnets to lock them into position.

>> No.56890172

Conscripts are 4pts per model now, same as basic guardsmen. Is there any reason to run them now?

>> No.56890187

So we all know that after Ferrus Manus got a haircut that Perturabo was given Forgebreaker as a gift. Does anyone else think that happened because at some point a writer got Iron Warriors and Iron Hands confused and GWs had to explain away Perturabo having his brothers weapon?

>> No.56890204

Possible, but god damn I love the idea of Perty having Forgebreaker and wrecking shit with ease. It seems so right.

>> No.56890208

who's the band anon?

Also get a fire raptor

>> No.56890211


>> No.56890218

Thankfully conscripts and regular guard use the same model.
So at least you don't need to buy new stuff because GW nerfed them into non-existence.

>> No.56890224

Wasn't there a 40k roguelike set on a hive world at one point? I seem to recall that being a thing.

>> No.56890236

Unless you converted up a bunch of conscripts to be visually distinct.

Thankfully I have spare bodies to make sergeants and an officer for the three squads of feudal world infantry I now own.

>> No.56890237

>Working on
As well as some plasma vets and a squad of engineers.
>I hate...
Not so much an army as just "Cheese". Yes, that means I hated conscript spam. I also hate Russ spam and its the reason I insist on playing objective games like deadlock to punish Russ-Spammers.
>Ready for Holidays?
Here in florida we call them "Peak Priming and Sealing season"
>What would you like released for IG
Nothing. We have every unit filling every roll we need. No, instead I want plastics for the other regiments.
>I will be with Family
>My Painting is no better or worse but my focus is kitbashing so yes.
>First Model
Was actually fine but fucking GW spray+fucking summer=snow/misting. Looked fine on camera but in person was awful. Green stuffed with prejudice.
>Gaming Community
Local Warhammer is actually pretty cool. I want to join a gaming club but can't seem to find any.
>Happy Holidays to you.

>> No.56890242

The defender is rated 15 heavy bolter shots/10 good luck buddy.

>> No.56890243

Can I get some help with this army list? I want some more Anti armour/ Air but I also don't want to make the army too heavy.
Maybe man portable weapons?

>> No.56890244

You mean in the Defense section? That's by design. The idea is to measure the resilience of a given unit, and the accuracy of the shooter is irrelevant to that (except in the case of negative modifiers to hit like Venomthropes and Alaitoc, but that's niche enough of an edge case not to retool the entire thing for).

>> No.56890250

More beastmen for 40k when?

>> No.56890255

Third world country.
So no idea what magnet size I use. Simply had enough in my bit box.

That said I was not the only one with the idea regarding telescopic tubing.

>> No.56890256

Follow the chart

>> No.56890274

how do you do it anon i can barely stand above 50 degrees

>> No.56890298

Why does this directly contradict the FAQ?

>> No.56890301

You wont even need to pin if your using plastic bases and plastic glue. That shit bonds STRONG. Just cut off the tab and glue em on.

>> No.56890304

Should try damn Missouri weather....that's a blast...

>> No.56890327

Nothing as wholesome as that, friend. But damn if it isn’t a e s t h e t i c as hell

>> No.56890332

In what way does it contradict it?

>> No.56890335


Inquisitor: Martyr? The Eisenhorn game? Or something else?

>> No.56890338

nu i just want my winter to have snow for more than a day

>> No.56890341


>> No.56890345

Read the stuff from Dembski-Bowden (except maybe the one with GKs in it). In my opinion he's the only GW writer that knows how to write.

>> No.56890352

Try chucking a few more Flamers on it for Anti Armour.

>> No.56890357

It does not.

>> No.56890360


I remember you could choose to be a guardsman, a ganger, a mutant, a psyker, etc. and it had a world map with hive cities all over it and you'd get missions from a commissar or something to go and kill heretics.

>> No.56890361

The GK one was fun and the thing that made me dislike GKs less.

>> No.56890365

What is he thinking about?

>> No.56890369

>fall in faggot, we're going crusading

>> No.56890376

Well, the first step is to learn from the Natives and only do outdoor labor in the morning and the evening. Only the tough and/or stupid work after 11:00am. Up until then it isn't "Cool" but it is temperate.

The second tip is never stand in direct sunlight. You'd be suprised how often I see people -especially from the north- who try to stand in the sun and hold a conversation when a nice, big shady Oak is just a few yards away.

Wear a hat, never leave home without sunglasses, and if you're REALLY fair-skinned then apply sunblock or grab one of those Arabian-style longsleeved lightweight clothes to block the sun.

Don't try to prime in the Summer. Don't try to anything model-related in the summer. For God's sake don't leave anything in the car in the summer and consider a screened sunroof to let the hot air out.

>> No.56890379

>did i leave the flamer on when i left the armory this morning

>> No.56890386

Wargear. Wargear is part of a datasheet so if you use the Codex datasheet it comes with the wargear on the dataslate. Seeing as the Codex overrides the Index you'd only be able to take gear from the Codex list and not from the Index.

>> No.56890387

Killing heretics and xenos.

>> No.56890388

Probably simmering with rage about being forced to fight along side a bunch of psykers, most of which are xenos

>> No.56890390

Why they're following a bunch of pointy eared xenos into a glowing portal of wytchery?

>> No.56890395


>> No.56890404

>raveners, carnifexes, hive guard still out of stock

i just wanted to buy myself a christmas present ;_;

>> No.56890406

Shit, I replied to myself.

>> No.56890408

or or i could.... not live anywhere but as close to the north pole as possible

>> No.56890412

looks pretty cool, but I am a super cheap dude and I got metal abby for about 15 bucks which is good enough for me

>> No.56890417

>Dorn died for this

>> No.56890429

yeah I looked it up. It's about killing people you disagree with. Shame looked like it could have made a good album cover

>> No.56890437

Ok I see, well I would say the answer to this is what ever you and your opponent agree on.

>> No.56890450

its a kitbash that i know i could easily buy 3 knights for

>> No.56890458

What conditioner does he use

>> No.56890462

Yeah, sadly. I thought the same exact thing at first, and was just as disappointed. On the flip side it fits into 40k quite well

>> No.56890482

What I can't figure out is why they would put a datasheet in the Codex with a different gear list if they're just going to say "Oh just use the Index." Just put the Index gear list in the Codex and save us all time.

>> No.56890485

a really nice peach smelling one

>> No.56890497

Money probably.

>oh I know lets exclude some wargear in the codex so people have to still buy the index so that they can use it

>> No.56890517

Way too many points in transports. Especially the drop pods. Gear some of your Tacs to stay on foot with a heavy weapon and hold objectives in your backfield. Drop the Pods entirely. Pods are for giving mobility to priority model that don't have other options, like non-jump special characters. But Lascannon Sponsons on Your Predator. Try to get another Pred or Two with saved points. MSU your Tacs. Two five man squads, not Ten man squads. Go Melta, Combi-Melta, not Multi-Meltas. Vanguard Vets not Assault Marines. Drop models if you have to. Put special weapons on your bikersm Consider dividing them if you have two. For god sake get two five man squads of barebones scouts. Knives, boltguns, and shotguns are all fine, but you need them to fuck with deep strikers when you go second. They're invaluable. Drop some Tacs/Rhinos to pay for them.

>> No.56890534

because the indexes have every piece of wargear from every edition and the codexes just have what is available now
except for the onager dunecrawler melee weapon
you shall be missed

>> No.56890540

That's a spikey topic round here.

>> No.56890553

Commies btfo

>> No.56890585

You have no HQ. PL's are elites

>> No.56890619

That's not how it works. The Chart explains it clearly that for Datasheets with no sheet or wargear options from a sheet that are not in the codex you may use the index. However, in all cases you must use the updated codex rules for anything in anything you buy, even off an index wargear list. I.e. you can choose to use old cheaper Meltaguns or Plasmaguns for something you're buying from the index. You would have to use their changed points cost even if you were using an index wargear list.

The FAQ entry is clarifying you're not allowed to just ignore the Codex entirely and use a purely Index entry with index points, index special rules etc. That was allowed in some past editions (Old and New versions of a lot of the stuff in Imperial Agents for example) but is explicitly not allowed for anything in 8th.

>> No.56890625

So no pods. gear infantry for ground assault with more light melta and combi melta rarther than Mulit Melta. Put lascannons on predator and maybe pick up one or two more.
MSU im not clear on.
Vanguard vets over assault marines? OK I suppose.
add some scouts for Anti Deep striking. and split up tactical squads?

>> No.56890626

You can't take a relic blade and storm shield on a captain. You have to pick one or the other. So I'd go with a

>> No.56890682

>angery about heresy

>> No.56890687

I have 37 points left, any critique on my army here?

>Ultramarines Battalion
+ HQ +
Terminator Librarian:
>Force axe, Storm shield, The Shield Eternal
Sergeant Telion

+ Troops +
Intercessor Squad:
> Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
> 4x Intercessor
> Intercessor Sergeant: Power sword
Intercessor Squad:
> Auxiliary Grenade Launcher, Bolt rifle
> 4x Intercessor
> Intercessor Sergeant: Power sword
Scout Squad: 7x Camo cloak
> Scout Sergeant: Sniper rifle, Storm bolter
> Scout w/Heavy Weapon: Missile launcher
> 5x Scout w/Sniper Rifle: 5x Sniper rifle

>Ultramarines Vanguard
+ HQ +
Marneus Calgar:
> Terminator Armour
+ Elites +
Aggressor Squad:
> Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets/Fragstorm Grenade Launcher
Cataphractii Terminator Squad :
> Cataphractii Sergeant: Grenade harness, Lightning Claw (Pair)
> 4x Cataphractii Terminator: Combi-bolter, Power fist
Primaris Ancient:
> Standard of the Emperor Ascendant
Primaris Apothecary

>Ultramarines Spearhead
+ HQ +
Sergeant Chronus
> Land Raider Crusader: Hunter-killer missile, 2x Hurricane bolter, Multi-melta, Storm bolter, Twin assault cannon
+ Heavy Support +
Hellblaster Squad:
> Plasma incinerator
> 4x Hellblaster
> Hellblaster Sergeant: Bolt pistol
Thunderfire Cannon
>Techmarine Gunner

I figure my AT is the hellblasters, but I feel weak there

>> No.56890710

Multiple Small Units. Basically taking two five man squads lets you take more special weapons and you can still stuff them in one Rhino if you want. Generally you should only take large squads of Marines if you have stratagems or psychic powers which usually have limited uses per turn that you want to spread across the most number of models possible. I don't believe that's the case here for your Tacticals. Generally you see it on big nasty hammer units like 15 man Death Company or 10 man Chaos Terminators. Not roleplayers like Tacticals.

>> No.56890712

>Maybe he's born with it
>Maybe it's Heresy™

>> No.56890731

Right, but here's what gets me. Sanguinary Priests in the Index can take Jump Packs. On the Codex datasheet it's not an option. Why would they not include all their options and tell you to pick from the Index instead and ignore the limitations in the Codex? Why would you make new datasheets only to say "Oh yeah, just ignore that it's not in the book. Pick whatever you want from the Index." What's the point of the new sheet? It doesn't add anything, just subtracts (which you then ignore and use the gear from the Index)

>> No.56890745

> Volkstein


>> No.56890757

>Gear some of your Tacs to stay on foot with a heavy weapon and hold objectives in your backfield.
One minor related thing. It's a good idea to have one infantry dude with a Heavy Bolter so you can use the Hellfire Shells Stratagem if you want. Basically having an extra smite on demand for 1 CP is useful.

>> No.56890763

My bread and butter is a 10m combi plasma terminator squad (slaaneshi)

I take 10 instead of 5 x2 because endless cacophony (shoot twice), prescience (+1 to hit), and delightful agonies (5+ FNP) all hit one unit.

>> No.56890769


Looks reasonable, model count is low but I think you could reasonably screen your hitters for a turn or two. My biggest concern is against a fast army that tries to take the center from you and stymies your movement, especially with fliers.

>> No.56890772

>>What you working on
Necromunda gangs, losing interest though.
>>What army do like the least or hate
Probably orks. I've just never liked them and all the ork players I've met are literal autists.
>>Ready for the holiday season
>>What would you like released for your favorite army
The old Dark Vengeance Cultists and an update to Heretics and Renegades.
>>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
No. no...
>>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
Yes, it took 10 years but yes.
>>will you post your first model?
ok, but I've repainted it twice after my first paint lesson at GW.
>>whats your community/gaming group consisting of
New people I've yet to get to know. I moved recently.

>>happy holidays my dudes

>> No.56890774

>infantry dude with a Heavy Bolter
RAW says it can be any HB, so I think a repulsor works.

Not sure about the LR, it says "twin heavy bolters"

>> No.56890787

>when people do that thing, where if they rolled high numbers for hits and its time to roll for wounds, they just pick up the dice and lazily try to drop them out of their hand so the same sides would stay up

>> No.56890788

I am trying for an elite infantry army that abuses the ancient + apothecary auras.

Yeah against flyers I am toast, the only thing I think I can do is flakk

>> No.56890791

Because there is no Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack model. That's it. GW is moving to 1:1 correspondence between the codex options and their model range for purely business and legal reasons. But in the transition period they've given us the chart.

>> No.56890808

That doesn't look like the Death Guard tho????

>> No.56890826

Right there you have a Stratagem that acts like a force multiplier, so you want a big unit to use it on. But unless you have such a combo in mind you should default to small squads.

>> No.56890836


Poor guy.

>> No.56890839

Yep, was just giving the example of when you wouldn't want MSU.

outside of that I think MSU is always best

>> No.56890848


>> No.56890853

It requires an "ADEPTUS ASTARTES INFANTRY" model.

>> No.56890861

Do you deploy a transport with everyone inside as one unit when you take turns?

Does putting a unit in deepstrike reserve also count as taking your turn when deploying?

>> No.56890874

I've been thinking about this, Marines with power fists have WS3 and a -1 to hit with them. Pre 8th Ed Marines hit on 4+ 99% of the time. Why is it now people bitch about it? It's still hitting the same and isn't always last

>> No.56890877

Yes, and also yes.

>> No.56890882


I think you can reasonably put Hellblasters (not over charged obviously) into the air and deal with them albeit less effectively than a ground bound unit. Overall I think it will be a fun list to play that can reasonably play against most mid tier list and really will only struggle against the tip-top lists.

>> No.56890892

so it does, my bad

>> No.56890905

>struggle against the tip-top lists
I have a chaos list for that, this is just for fun. I want it to be semi-competitive, but not WAAC

>> No.56890906

A transport and everything inside it is one drop, no matter how many units are inside. That's the easiest way to manipulate your armies unit count for going first.

>> No.56890922

What armies do you never see at your FLGS?

>> No.56890928

Orks, necron, SoB

>> No.56890930

The only army I have not seen is sisters.

>> No.56890936

If there is one thing i hate more than hellblasters, it was 7th edition Tau and Eldar

But this is coming from a tank guard player who is forced to play power because the local gaming clubs use it over points.

>> No.56890947

Anything that isn't Eldar

>> No.56890948

well if you are south ive heard most of them are cool people if you are anywhere else well i hope you find some hella cool dudes

>> No.56890951

hate them as in think they are good?

I agree, I usually use them with the ancient/apothecary combo to great success

>> No.56890955


>> No.56890957

Perfect, anon.

>> No.56890970

>what are you working on
writing a final exam to give wednesday
>what army do like least or hate
vanilla marines are pretty boring, I guess
>ready for the holiday season
my wife handles that, I'd have to ask her
>what would you like released for you favorite army?
cyboar boyz
>will you be with your family this holiday season? how about friends?
>do you feel like your art skill has increased since you started
yeah, but I started when I was 7 so that's not a high bar
>will you post your first model?
don't have it at my apartment. I'm sure it's in my parents' basement somewhere.
>what's your community/gaming group consisting of
mid 20's normies who hang out at the local GW

>> No.56890993

Orks, because the Local ork player is never here due to some real life stuff happening and the other ork player has shelved them for 8th.

The local Hellblaster spammed uses lieutenants, Captains and Azreal. or whatever turns them into a hard to remove death star.

They even shoot when they die...
they make me wish our local gaming clubs and GW could get more space so they could upgrade from 48"x48" to 72" x 48"

>> No.56890997

>vanilla marines are pretty boring
whys that my dude?

>> No.56891023

Im not aware of that hellblaster combo

>> No.56891024

Can't explain it, they just don't excite me. I've been in this hobby for 20 years now, and I've never even once thought about playing them.

>> No.56891033

what's the name of this comic and where can I read it?

>> No.56891046

Basically he uses the new Primaris captains or whatever, basically he gets Rerolls to hits, i can't remember if it was just 1s or all failed hits, they get to shoot when they die, and he has azreal in the middle of them or something, it gives em all some kind of invuln, the fucking thing is annoying to get rid of, i had a Doomhammer get eradicated by it in just 2 turns.

>> No.56891050

i feel you.

space marines are just really plain if you compare them to something like orks, tyranids or dark eldar

>> No.56891054

I always use the dice that rolled lowest to roll for wounds, picking up the appropriate number of failures, sliding the successes to the side and rolling those. Mostly because, even though I know it doesn't work like that, I feel like the ones that rolled high won't do it again.

>> No.56891061

>people don't violently shake their dice like a retard so they that euphoric sound

>> No.56891062

Not him but there are some valid reasons.
They are literally everywhere and everything, being the norm makes them kinda annoying/boring to see again and again. Being the most popular faction will have that.

>> No.56891071


Wish I knew. Sauce, anyone?

>> No.56891081

if the dice doesnt roll it doesnt count

>> No.56891189

Is there a way to get battlescribe show Forge World units? I'm a big fan of the Chaos Contemptor.

>> No.56891193

Searched "Dawn of War 3 comic" and got some hits, I guess that should be enough

>> No.56891215

>orks, tyranids or dark eldar
you named my 3 armies

>> No.56891217 [DELETED] 

Dark Angels Captain can, at least there's nothing I know of that says otherwise. Except that a Relic Blade is TYPICALLY two handed.

>> No.56891230

i dont see a veteran equivilant box for chaos chosen, do i just have to get a box of chaos marines, and hope i have enough bits from other kits laying around? or is there a chosen box and im just blind as a bat?

>> No.56891234

>Playing a game with my GK against DG
>Helbrute fires it twin-linked lascannon at my exposed GM Voldus
>One wounds gets through
>Opponent rolls 6 damage
>I use 1 CP for that strategem n order to re-roll his damage die
>It's a one, and Voldus is saved

Thank the Emperor for Strategems and Command Points!

>> No.56891254


Good bait pal.

>> No.56891258

You can't CP reroll someone else's die, friendo

>> No.56891260

Sadly you have to kitbash it. I play Iron Warriors so I just use a set of MK.III Marines with Forge World special weapons sets. It's costly though.

>> No.56891273

Any new units for the December Codices?
Like GM Dreads and Ogryn BGs earlier

>> No.56891288

It looks like both Angels books have the vanilla Primaris Marines in them now. Otherwise nothing.

>> No.56891301

>opponent lines up his bikers to blitz through midline
>hoping to threaten my heavy support in the back
>deepstrike a 10-man scion team spread out in a line
>nuke his flyers with ranged support
>20 to 25 inch scion line blocks his entire move phase

>> No.56891308

DA Lieutenants in land speeders

>> No.56891332


Dark Angels now have a Lieutenant that rides in land speeders.

>> No.56891333

DA get lieutenant in a landspeeder. BA get a new sanguinary priest, called sanguinary novitiate, that doesn't get the +1str bubble, but is much cheaper.

>> No.56891336


>> No.56891349

Just BA and DA specific Primaris Lieutenants and Primaris conversion sprues.

>> No.56891353

BA got access to a lot of shit Vanilla Marines already had like
>all Primaris units
>Cataphractii Terminators (including Cataphractii Captain)
>Tartaros Terminators
>Contemptor Dreadnoughts
>Land Speeder Storms
>Stormhawk Interceptors
>Stormtalon Gunship
Might be new (don't have my Index on me to check)
>Company Champion
>Company Veterans

>> No.56891361

>sanguinary novitiate
Was in the Index.

>> No.56891370

Can't speak to the marine one, but the hellforged one is the most survivable vehicle in 8th, I think. T8. And a 4+ invul goes a long way.

>> No.56891373

ha ha newfag

>> No.56891376

>Company champion
Used to be part of-
>Company Veterans
Which used to be Command Squads.

>> No.56891390

What do you guys think of my sent? I'm not sure if I like the red cables.

>> No.56891396


That's what he gets for not having infinitely superior jetbikes.

>> No.56891416

So what is the tally so far?

Chaos-Forgot the name of the unit
GK-GM Nemesis
IG-Ogryn BG
Nids-More fex variants
Nothing for Eldar/AdMech
And now Noviatiate+Speedy Lts

I actually quite like having more options for existing models, beats nothing changing.
What else might be to come? Some ramshackle Ork thing? Riptide character? Oh yeah, betting on the last one, Return of the Riptides is likely.

>> No.56891429

thats a nifty idea, the mkIII armor is cool, how hard is it to make heavy weapons for them, or do you get a fw lasgun and missile set too?

>> No.56891430

Needs more spot colours, almost looks like it's not even undercoated because of how plainly grey it is.

>> No.56891439

True, thanks, but I meant like actually new. Sorry for vagueness.

I guess return of fex variants would be more accurate

>> No.56891443

GK also got the 2 SM potato flyers, and Chaplains.

>> No.56891453

Too monochrome. It's make more of the metal a brass or bronze color for contrast. I'd also try to separate the gray cab and gunmetal more. Either do another wash of nuln or agrax to darken the metal or drybrush some highlights on the grey paint to lighten the cab further. or both.

>> No.56891459

Hold on this is painted?

>> No.56891471

Next is Beasts of Nurgle for Daemons.

>> No.56891506

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [85 PL, 1500pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter, Heavy Slugger

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter, Heavy Slugger

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [10 PL, 125pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Plague Marines [10 PL, 125pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Plasma gun

Poxwalkers [6 PL, 120pts]: 20x Poxwalker

+ Fast Attack +

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord on Palanquin of Nurgle [6 PL, 105pts]: Combi-bolter, Plaguebringer

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality

+ Elites +

Blightlord Terminators [14 PL, 281pts]
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator: Flail of Corruption
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Reaper autocannon
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-plasma
. Blightlord Terminator Champion: Balesword, Combi-plasma

Helbrute [7 PL, 147pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon
Thanks to the advice of people here I think Ive made a decent list.

>> No.56891531

How good is a Space Marine Captain, Lieutenant and Veterans all with Jump Packs if they stick together?

>> No.56891545

my mistake

>> No.56891557

Depends on the number of veterans, and the wargear of everybody

>> No.56891568

I wouldn't put characters with jump vets, because, at W1 each, they are a suicide squad.

>> No.56891591


>> No.56891630

You proxying?

>> No.56891644

Just the Chaos Lord, I'm proxying a LoC as him.

>> No.56891645

I've always bought the FW weapons, but I've heard that you can use the weapons from the loyalist Devastator kits without issue. I don't know how many of each special weapon they have in the box though.

>> No.56891651

When did you get the haulers?

>> No.56891672

holy shit anon i love it
mind if i steal it for my gaurd?

>> No.56891673


>> No.56891674

Preordering two of them on Friday, army should be fully painted by the middle of January and I should be able to play a game by then

>> No.56891692


>> No.56891724

Is that Steel Legion and Krieg?
The way they're acting it's the Krieg on the left but the way they're drawn it's the Krieg on the right.

>> No.56891746

>play every week
>always get tired after turn 2 and kind of give up.

Feel bad about it.

>> No.56891748

yea my dude i thought it was fitting

>> No.56891761

Attached is my current list - I have 49 points left to spend, what should I spend it on?

>> No.56891766


Alright folks, Tyranids are done! Took me quite a while, they have a TON of fiddly interactions between special weapon effects, not to mention loadout possibilities (Carnifexes, godDAMN). If there are any Nidfags and/or Nidbros in the house, I'd be much obliged if you could take a look at it and tell me if there's anything I missed, anything that seems off or any loadouts that aren't legal or that I'm missing. Happy mathhammering!

>> No.56891781

You don't got much for chasing them down.
Lots of shit can zone you.

>> No.56891782

Still very WIP, but thoughts on my Gravis Captain thus far?

And yes I will be cleaning it extensively.

>> No.56891796

Storm Shields and Power weapons, Force Axe on Captain and Teeth of Terra on Lieutenant.

I was hoping the Storm Shield would offset that.

>> No.56891802

The pose is nice and I think once it's all cleaned up it'll look really nice

>> No.56891803

Hail to the mathhammer!

>> No.56891806

He's got an hourglass figure lel.

>> No.56891811

would work better as a small diorama.

also i want to stay well the fuck away from whatever turned that 2nd on the front guys head into a skeleton head.

>> No.56891813

Too busy for my tastes. But impressive.

>> No.56891815

lose weight

>> No.56891821

He looks a bit danty with the sword.

>> No.56891828

Better than the beerbelly

>> No.56891829


Dubs for Based Mathhammer Anon. I don't play Nids but seriously thanks for all your work.

>> No.56891841

I mean tired of the game... but I mean yeah I should lose some weight lol.

>> No.56891843

I'm terrified to see her tucked away gunt

>> No.56891853

Beerbelly is aesthetic.

>> No.56891864

stronk delusions

>> No.56891869

>Dem hips
P-primaris models are w-way b-better p-proportioned guysz!

Personally I'd rather take vanguard veterans with 2 plasma pistols each, and then also as many plasma pistols as possible on the captain and lieutenant. Then deep strike the whole thing somewhere and fire on full overcharge

>> No.56891875

Bara dreams.

>> No.56891885

Hey, newb question, but I'm starting out at this and I'm wondering how big of an army should I have before I roll up to the game shop and expect to play game? Like, if I bring 500 points of bugs are people gonna be like, "yeah I'll do a 500 point game" or are thye gonna be like "that's not enough points"

>> No.56891887

That's the better strategy, but I like a good old fashioned charge with jump packs.

>> No.56891902

-Working on sons of malice (mostly terminators and dreadnoughts
-My favorite are Tallern
-Tallern character (just one, catachan gets a bunch and they are objectively worse. no hate towards them but theve never defeated the iron warriors highhandedly or survived a virus bomb)
-Yes family reunion but its far away so no friends unless you count my cousins whom i grew up with.
-I thought i was good until i started paining a for mentioned sons of malice
-cool guys, no "that guy" i keep hearing about

>> No.56891909

Oh the charge comes after the steaming hot plasma death. If something somehow survived, or there's something else nearby.

The neat thing about jump packs is that it allows everything to fall back and still fire away. If you can get them stuck in combat they're usually safer.

>> No.56891912

>Battlescribe still isn't updated with BA codex

>> No.56891925

2000 is the standard but most normal people wouldn't begrudge a newbie playing a 500 pointer

>> No.56891940

Somebody'll play you.

>> No.56891943

I was thinking of keeping them behind a vehicle and jumping them over it.

>> No.56891970

You can always do that with terrain. Makes a nice dead zone for any loners scared of your assault shit.

>> No.56891973

Depends on the store, in my store we tend to play 1500 points, but sometimes we have 1v1v1 games where everyone has 750 points.

This has developed due to time constraints between other games/ availability times however, so every stores community is different.

>> No.56891999

Oh snap I forgot we can jump terrain without a vertical penalty.

>> No.56892001

Helbrute or Chaos Dreadnought?

>> No.56892002

Eldar still the most annoying army to play against. I've started to take power gaming lists so I just table all Eldar players I run into.

>> No.56892006

It doesn't have CA either

>> No.56892013


What happens when they also bring a cheesy list?

>> No.56892019

I play Guard so I still win

>> No.56892030

I build eldar lists that table people that build lists to table eldar turn one.

>> No.56892040

I think your right when it comes to tallern and how cool they are

>> No.56892041

It did the Orks points update.

>> No.56892044

Chaos Dreadnought

I hate that wierd organic style they are always forcing on CSM.

>> No.56892048


I actually doubt that. Post conscript nerf Eldar, especially with a small ynnari detachment hard counters guard. Stacking negatives to hit is punishing for a 4+ army.

>> No.56892053

The daemon engines have the problem too.

>> No.56892057

Drop a Hemlock for a CH and take 3x 3 man Shining Spears.

>> No.56892058


>> No.56892074

Doubt away, I don't mind.

>> No.56892082


When I say 'I doubt' I mean "you're only beating slaw opponents'.

>> No.56892087

If thinking that makes you feel better, sure thing.

>> No.56892093

>BA are now literally red marines with different chapter tactic and three unique units
Why aren't they in the main codex?

>> No.56892094

When people look back on 8th edition, what will make the shortlist of bad qualities?
>-1 to hit armies
>smite spam
>character targeting
>msu spam for CP
Have I missed anything else that's truly awful/irredeemable?

>> No.56892113

I've never seen anyone crazy enough to mimic my SoS army.

>> No.56892120

Hellbrute otherwise your just playing spikey space marines

>> No.56892121

tack on ridiculous auras that took the place of formations from 7th

>> No.56892127

Because we have more than 4 unique units to our chapter, unlike the Black Templars.
Then again, for every unique unit the Blood Angels have the Ultramarines have at least 1 HQ and they're still in the Vanilla Marine codex.

>> No.56892132

Horde armies.

>> No.56892133

>otherwise your just playing spikey space marines
Is that not what CSM are?

>> No.56892134

The only really shit thing going on is universal -1 hit.

>> No.56892144

Auras are so fucking stupid. Just a better pyschic power.

>> No.56892151

Almost everyone will gladly go down to 500pts.

>> No.56892164


I like the idea but man I don't think I can give up the Hemlocks. They're just so good right now.

>> No.56892171

>Skeleton head
It's called a skull, anon

>> No.56892172

I play necrons, so i don't get good powers or good auras. feelsbadman

>> No.56892183

Tallern character idea:
Your average Joe Al-Abdul conscript turns the tide of a would-be devastating defeat by discovering some crazy psycher/null powers and his regiment decide he is a prophet of the emperor. He then rises the ranks and becomes.. uh, more high ranked.

Violent Jesus+Normal Mohammed+Violent Zarathustra+Violent Moses =Tallern Character

>> No.56892192


I mean that's kind of the nature of the beast until you get a book.

>> No.56892218

A Mounted tallern and go full lawerence of arabia on that models lore

>> No.56892226

Is it just me or are these guys completely worthless? 50 points for a model that can't fight and their buffs are awful, one of them is what you get with a single markerlight

>> No.56892241


Not that guy but I'm curious because I'm having a hard time handling it - how are you dealing with multiple units with -2 to hit and even possibly one unit not being target-able by your models (and losing one unit's worth of shooting because he gets to declare stratagem after you select the target).

>> No.56892248

>tfw outside his anime mech he's just a blue manlet

>> No.56892256

Getting back into 40k, sensibly mashed together 750 points (since I have all the models here) for 8th edition play testing:


HQ [3]

Librarian (105pts): Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Veil of Time, Might of Heroes

Lieutenant (65pts): Power Axe, Bolt Pistol

Techmarine (105pts): Power Axe, Combi-plasma, Servo-harness

Troops [3]

Tactical Squad (161pts)
>x1 Sergeant: Power Fist, Bolt Pistol
>x7 Marines: Bolters
>x1 Marine: Heavy Bolter
>x1 Marine: Flamer

Tactical Squad (78pts)
>x1 Sergeant: Chainsword, Bolt Pistol
>x3 Marine: Bolters
>x1 Marine: Plasma Gun

Tactical Squad (78pts)
>x1 Sergeant: Chainsword, Bolt Pistol
>x3 Marine: Bolters
>x1 Marine: Plasma Gun

Elites [1]

Ironclad Dreadnought (157pts): Dreadnought CCW, Chainfist, Storm Bolter, Meltagun, x2 Hunter Killer Missile

>> No.56892266

Free marker light is pretty worth it.

>> No.56892283

That's because they ARE the Vanilla Marine codex!

>> No.56892308

Looks like Guilliman handily disarmed Abaddon

>> No.56892334

you gotta hand it to abbadon hes no horusing around
and i will show my self the 44. round to my head

>> No.56892340

Tau have shit leadership which he helps with. Its like getting rr1 or 6+++ aura off a commissar which would be really good.

>> No.56892348

Hordes and soup.

>> No.56892396

Why do tau have rerolls of 1 when their bs is so awful. Like it's no where near as good as other armies who reroll 1 with good b.s. almost think it's not worth it to marker light.

>> No.56892418

There's nothing inherently wrong with hordes, and soup was around last edition as well.

>> No.56892421

I'd play with you, friend. Looks fun

>> No.56892468

Everything about playing against hordes is awful in my honest opinion.

>need to build to counter them
>can rarely even shoot through their flesh blob
>all that shit moving
>long as turns
>no tactics just shoot

>> No.56892470

Out of 100 shots its 3 less conversions from the rerolls at bs4 than bs3, and the same percentage of relative damage increase.

>> No.56892485


So actually reroll 1 In general is mediocre.

>> No.56892498

I have a billion cultists I want to hide things behind. Should I start buying Guard tanks to ally in Renegades and Heretics (this means no rerolls) or should I convert Defilers and Hellbrutes into tanks because I love tanks (this means Abigail the Spoiled gives everything rerolls)?

>> No.56892506

I was under the impression GW weren't planning on ever making a new edition, instead providing yearly "patches" with Chapter Approved

>> No.56892518

These are actually kind of cool

>> No.56892519

On the topic how are defilers anyways.

>> No.56892528

That depends on the price, but no its usually not worth bringing a 100 point HQ just to give a unit rr1 instead of just buying more units.

>> No.56892530

They apparently feel like McDonald toys and have shit all for weight.

>> No.56892541

What if you run a lot of plasma?

>> No.56892548

Marker lights are mandatory. GW deliberately made Tau BS terrible to force them to use markerlights.

>> No.56892551

People think they suck because they shoot at bs5 while moving, but if you shit still with it and use Daemonforge then run it into melee with a defiler scourge after you let the enemy come to you they are good.

>> No.56892561

But they're shit if they never come to you?

>> No.56892569

Speaking of which, I was playing a game last week where my opponent told me I couldn't reroll 1s with 5 markerlights on his squad. Because the +1 to hit made them rolls of 2 instead. I know some things work like that, like not having weapons explode on overcharge if you roll 1 but have a +1 but does that sound right?

>> No.56892594

You can reroll.

Modifiers apply AFTER so they're considered failed. This is important when things say you must reroll but you actually succeeded after modifiers.

>> No.56892617

No, he's wrong. Rerolls are always before modifiers. You roll a 1, reroll, then whatever you get you add a +1 to.

Which worked when Markerlights gave you +1BS no questions asked, but now that's near impossible to get, and we're left with the same shitty BS even in our elite units and still paying the Markerlight tax as if they were still good. Tau got dicked hard in 8th.

>> No.56892625

>Tau got dicked hard in 8th.
Did they not deserve it

>> No.56892628

Working on my Squat Riders and a few more Infantry. Little more progress today.

>I really wish there was an option for infantry/vets to switch lasguns for laspistols and chainswords.

>> No.56892632

They feel awkward and don't roll consistently. Save your money.

>> No.56892641

If you use 1 cp on it every turn its like a tougher predator annihilator.

>> No.56892643

People that didn't play cheese didn't deserve it. And now the only viable shit is again cheese. It's fucking gw fault if anything. They just don't know what they want from tau.

>> No.56892647

Just looked up deamon forge. HOLY SHIT reroll everything with strength 16!
...only 4 attacks though...

>> No.56892648

Probably. Especially Riptides. If Tau went back to being firing lines of Fire Warriors with Crisis Suit support I'd be happy.

>> No.56892657

They got some deserved nerfs and then they kept on nerfing, and kept, and kept. Riptides went from OP cheese to utterly unusable garbage with nary a thought given to anything in between. Can't help but feel vindictive.

>> No.56892664


>> No.56892676

>Can't help but feel vindictive.

Good, now you know how every army that Tau invalidated for 2 editions feel.

>> No.56892687

Wish death guard got that.

>> No.56892711

What strength is morty again???

>> No.56892721

Actually wait do I have that?

>> No.56892734


Huh, this is actually pretty complicated. Especially the example at the end where the Dread misses because he moved and doesn't get a reroll because he hit before the -1 modifier gets applied.

>> No.56892741


>> No.56892766

Ah yeah that's true.

Would think they'd let you reroll and rolls.

>> No.56892774

Is it bad that I'm actually really tempted to collect a Death Guard army just to run Morty? His model is so nice...

>> No.56892782


>> No.56892785

>His model is so nice...
I disagree

>> No.56892797

Named characters are so gay.
Also hate his look. I really hope he's not perimount to a death guard army.

>> No.56892820

Why does she have a mustache?

>> No.56892822

He probably will be. He's strong as fuck

>> No.56892830

So that's where dorn's been hiding

>> No.56892894

They were like $12 for 4 back when the Overkill set first came out. Hell, Marine players were selling the entire GSC part of the box for $50 at the time, I ended up with 3 sets of them.

A few months later and GW actually dropped a codex for them, ebay prices skyrocketed over night.

>> No.56892914

DG Defiler with prescience, virulent blessing, and blades of putrefaction, can even add a lord for rr1 and diabolic strength for lulz. 8 attacks 3+/2+ with double damage and an extra mortal wound on 5+.

>> No.56892944

How you get virulent and diabolic?

>> No.56892975

From a CSM psyker and a Nurgle Daemon.

>> No.56893003

New thread my chill friends

>> No.56893020

I fucked up

>> No.56893031

Nah, there's plenty of DG lists that work without running him, strong as he is. IMO DG, IG, Eldar and Nids are the winners for avoiding monobuild and having good internal balance in 8th so far.

>> No.56893085



Chapter Approved here if anyone was still looking for it

>> No.56893139

What are you working on my friends?
im working on my cadians and a bottle of Smirnoff Screwdriver

>> No.56893186

Morty can be a really satisfying model to build but its very time consuming and can feel very fragile. Those wings have two very small glue points and all those chains will bump something every time the model is touched. I haven't had a huge amount of luck in-game with him either, though my rolling probably has something to do with it.

Death Guard are still tough but don't have the same flexibility and firepower they used to. Collect them if you like them, not because you like one model. That's my suggestion.

>> No.56893197


>> No.56893441

Trying to figure out my loadouts for my Deathwatch dudes and its driving me insane. If anyone can give me some input it would be nice, so far I have:

1 Sergeant, bolter+power-sword
2 veterans, boltgun+storm-shield
2 veterans, frag-cannons
1-2 terminators, assault cannons+power-swords

>> No.56893509

>boltgun+storm shield

>> No.56894033

>Used to be Renegades & Heretics because of Malefic Lords, but now it's thousand sons because they're bitches to paint.
>Ghazghkull Resculpt, and new plastic buggies.
>Family from the 14th to January in a nice vacation.
>Skill has increased a lot, some in subtle ways like less missed spots.
>I would if I wasn't too lazy to go dig it up and wasn't about to go to sleep. I just got finished organizing all my Eldar models for a lit-up display. I've kept it the same even though I could paint over it to finish highlights and such. It's basically base coated.
>People who meet each other on the Farmer's Bureau groups to do competitive games at home or various FLGS

>> No.56894081

Entropy Cannons are FAR better on the Plaguebursts.

>> No.56894189

Weather can't make up its Damon mind here in Missouri

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