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>Fill in the survey, ask GW for a skitarii HQ

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-YMzn23Jpc [Open] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)
>Codex Blood Angels PDF Expires 16-Dec

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1st for Siggy's Boys

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For Dark Eldar

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Your army doesn't have mass conversions?
Your army is terrible

Your army has mass conversions?
Your army doesn't perform well on the tabletop

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Siggy the best marine, so best even the Emperor thought he was the best!.

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Tell me more about playing orks

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Does kitbashing for theme count?

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He's seen some shit, when things start to go wrong he knows it's time to leave

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FPBP, The Emperor is truly with us today

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Been looking at models and armies. I really like how Bullgryn look. I want to do Guard with them as a base. How many Bullgryn would be a good base? And what else should I use?

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kitbashing is converting

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I play IG converted to Squats.


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First for The Emperor's golden boy hit squad. Gold is better than Black!

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can you guys tell me if this list is good?
im doing a pure dreadnought list, and while im not looking for winning any tournaments im just hoping i made something thatll at least give me a few wins

+ HQ +

Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought [11 PL, 199pts]: Assault cannon
. Melee weapon: Dreadnought combat weapon, Heavy flamer

+ Heavy Support +

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [16 PL, 356pts]: 2x Heavy flamer
. Cyclonic melta lance
. Leviathan melee weapon: Leviathan siege claw, Meltagun

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought [16 PL, 309pts]: 2x Heavy flamer, 2x Storm cannon array

+ Elites +

Contemptor Dreadnought [8 PL, 165pts]: Combi-bolter, Dreadnought combat weapon, Kheres pattern assault cannon

Dreadnought [7 PL, 142pts]: Heavy plasma cannon
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter: Storm bolter

Dreadnought [7 PL, 136pts]: Twin autocannon, Twin autocannon

Dreadnought [7 PL, 154pts]: Multi-melta
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer

Ironclad Dreadnought [8 PL, 171pts]: Dreadnought chainfist, Heavy flamer, Hunter-killer missile, Ironclad Assault Launchers
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Heavy Flamer: Heavy flamer

Relic Deredeo Dreadnought [14 PL, 202pts]: Anvillus autocannon battery, Twin heavy bolter

Venerable Dreadnought [8 PL, 165pts]: Twin autocannon
. Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter: Storm bolter

++ Total: [102 PL, 1999pts] ++

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shouldn't exist in 40k
30k only reee

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*Blocks your path*

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>Not using your entire budget
This is a military, not a business.
You use the money your given and you never leave it on the table

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Looks fun as all hell, Leviathan's are death incarnate on the tabletop. I watched in horror as one tore threw 60 hormagaunts.

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DA Codex review by Reece for anyone who hasn't seen it yet
Opinions aside, it at the minimum shows Strats/relics/etc


Two squads of Golden boys gives almost 600 points of army!
HQ soon too.

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I play a super cheeseball Ynnari/CWE list that I theme as corsairs so almost all my models have head or armor swaps to reinforce the theme as well as converted 'named' characters.

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Does anyone else feel like the concept of "your dudes" is being phased out by gw?

Inquisitors have lost most of their upgrades, chaos lost marks and are losing mounts, a lot of the new kits have almost no upgrades (primarines being the biggest offenders), new factions having ONLY named characters for hqs (Custodes, Ynnari), generic chapter masters reduced to a strategem instead of a proper "heroic" character, generic characters in general are being pushed more towards a "support" role instead of being heroes in their own right, relics are limited to one per character, etc.

That's just off the top of my head. I feel like watching your customized characters go to work is one of the coolest parts of the hobby and I hate to see it diminished. I don't want Warhammer ending up like Warmachine.

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Most Playtested Edition Ever

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Yo yo yo, can anyone be a dear and hook me up with a high res version of this Kharn art? I'ts my all time favourite of the lot and yet i went up and down google but couldn't find it in high res...

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Can I use the veritas viatae on the extra relic?

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Excuse me but of someone could help me with this I greatly appreciated it, I am looking for a quote in some Grey Knight material that I can’t quite remember. It was about the use of demon weapons and the powers of the warp and the refutation of a contradiction between the grey knight’s creed and their methods. Do that sound familiar to anyone?

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Sig and the OG Long Fang are my fav marines by far from the shitpile that was BL HH

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I haven't played in the longest time and the new edition + these threads have made me want to get back into it.
I pass by the mall where the GW is located at.
>it closed down
Well that fucking sucks. I don't know where in Montreal im meant to buy my shit and most importantly play games.

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Also, in my attempts to find this piece, i've collected most artworks featuring Kharn in a decent to high quality, so if you want a specific one, just say the word

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>can't target that chaplain dreadnought, librarian dreadnought, ashmantle, Bjorn, or Murderfang because Sly Marbo is hiding behind a wall
I'm gonna do it, and it's gonna be hilarious

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Why does that valkyrie have so many guns? Is it legal? I think I'm in love.

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Currently running mine as
2 squads of 5
and Callidus assassin (I have a full team but she sees the most use)
Objective games are difficult with that low of a model count.

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use the GW site to check for your local store, oh and check for facebook groups in your city

>> No.56874787

Post stuff you're working on.
It's a model hobby, why aren't you modelling?

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GW website literally has a store locator

Montreal has like 16 shops that stock GW for you to check out, nothing to struggle with

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Never take regular dreadnoughts, never ever. They’re utter dogshit by almost every metric, and venerables are only slightly more expensive and are really solid. Also, may be worthwhile investing in a relic Contemptor, they’re insanely good- with chainfist they can reliably pop any T7/3+ Tank alone, plus have a lot of good gun options.

Also, it may be wise to pick a specific chapter, namely BA or SW, for special dreadnoughts. Salamanders are good too for the CT and gear (T8 chaplain dread yes please).

Two leviathans isn’t wise since, despite the Tank and terror, they can fairly easily get left away to waddle aimlessly for a turn or two, which is really bad for over a third of your army cost. If I had to amend, here’s what I’d do;

SM Detachment- salamanders
>chaplain read (warlord- mantle)
>relic Contemptor
>venerable dread
>deredeo or Mortis

SW Detachment
>venerable dread (great axe/shield)
>venerable dread (great axe/shield)
>relic Contemptor

Add that all up and see what comes out, you may have change to spare. Really salamanders is (imo) the best since the rerolls really do shine, but wolves are great too and bjorn is a god. Good luck and I hope to see your army

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havn't painted any 40k for about a month but I will finish this squad at some point

>> No.56874834

Traded some models for harlequins. Got some Dark Eldar, do they play okay together?
I'm thinking cheap kabalites to score, true born for blaster spam and clowns to just tangle everything up. Basically S8 spam and fast cc units.

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Still Rough Riders. Can't remember if I'd already posted this.

>> No.56874867

Laughed harder than I thought
It's a joke about the 1 unspent point

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>OG Long Fang

>> No.56874888

would guns ruin this thing's pose, or make it look more badass?

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Do you guys think Sevatar is still alive?

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If you are really, really dedicated to this idea, some priests and psykers to get your buff on, and valkyries to get some turn 1 charges off.

>> No.56874952

>waddles across the field and gets into combat turn 4

>> No.56874956

hey tg, i got a cheap krios venator but i dont play HH. what can it proxy as in 8th ed? ideally something close to how it works in 30k, i dont really know my mechanicum. afaik it still doesnt have rules for 40k.

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That’s one of “regain spent command points on a 5+” ones right?

Is the bearer on the battlefield when you use the extra relic strategem?

>> No.56874990

Going to paint these dudes up, I will hate heavy bolter after this...

>> No.56874991

>DA upgrade sprue doesn't contain a hooded Aggressor head


>> No.56874999

>"lost" during the siege


>> No.56875005

>6.79 MB, 5312x2988

You need to go back.

>> No.56875015

Go get Bray'Arth as well, fucking unkillable bastard he is and looks good too.

>> No.56875020

that's a lot of dakka

>> No.56875024

Ulvurul Heroroth, the last Terran in the Furfest and the reason why old wolves are called Long Fangs
>So badass that they dared not yiff until he was dead in the ground

>> No.56875031

Phone is all I got, sorry

>> No.56875038

Reminder: Sevatar beat Sigismund

>> No.56875043

Take a wild guess which chapter they are for.

>> No.56875045

way to eternally disappoint your dad sigismund

>> No.56875050

Imperial Fists?

>> No.56875055

Jesus Christ, the damn Deathwatch marines are so fucking cluttered I cant find a decent place to put my damn chainswords. I'm about to just put a pile of them on one dude and call it quits

>> No.56875062

You mean he got disqualified and lost a duel because he wasn't skilled enough to actually beat Sigismund who also knew he couldn't fight dirty so didn't fight to kill.

>> No.56875065

>Cheated via cheap shot
Found the powergamer

>> No.56875067

Yep, yellow thou art a heartless paint.

>> No.56875072

I play Thousand Sons.

It's both.

>> No.56875078

MkIV kit swords mount on the backpack while MkIII kit chainswords attach to the butt plate of the marine.

>> No.56875079

Fighting with honor is a weakness.

>> No.56875083

Because my local store is closing so there's no point

>> No.56875090

In 40k?


Post heresy?

Most likely.

>> No.56875091

And yet Sevatar got "lost" during the siege of terra and Sigismund went on his own and came out alive. Sevatar is fucking dead.

>> No.56875092

It wasn't even a fight. Don't accept the spar if you're going to say that. NLfags are so fucking stupid.

>> No.56875099

Iron Hands chapter tactics are the way to go.
Chaplain dreadnoughts are best with 2 close combat weapons, the assault cannon is a waste on that guy.
melee leviathans just aren't the way to go, they put out less punch than ironclads and are twice as expensive.
Right now your army lacks anti-heavy-armor firepower, since it'll take a while to get you across the field you might want to consider getting some twin lascannons.

>> No.56875103

The problem is that the Deathwatch marines use their own specific backpack and their butt plates already have a huge knife taking up a ton of space

>> No.56875120

Dirty fighting is literally for the weak. Even if the strong do it, there's no proof of strength since you debase yourself from the start by trying to be as advantaged as you can. Because you're weak.

Someone who backstabs someone or uses the strongest weapon they can can never claim to be as strong as someone who doesnt even need to use effort to obliterate someone with a toothpick.

Simple logic, if only edgelords had the brains to use it.

>> No.56875130

>Cheated via cheap shot

Not the dastardly headbutt! Truly a depraved move. How could little Sigy hope to counter the most nefarious move in the book!

>> No.56875142

the trips show the truth of his words

>> No.56875147

Just starting out, is this a good list for 750 points? As sort of a shopping guide.

>> No.56875151

The best part is that Sigismund wanted to continue the spar but Sevatar forfeited it and walked away after he disqualified himself.

>> No.56875153

>Proof of strength

Pretty sure when the dust settles it only matters who's alive and who's dead. If you end up six feet under it doesn't matter how "strong" you are, you're still dead.

>> No.56875154

Your dad will never love you, Siggy.

>> No.56875174

Can't you remove the knife and cover its place on the belt with some pouches? The MkIII chainsword just needs the left corner of the butt plate to attach to.

I know the MkVIII backpacks are different, but I'm sure you can still glue the MkIV knife on the vents. You might even be able to do it with the smaller knife on, if you orientate the torso a bit. From what I can tell, there's enough of a gap there.

>> No.56875184

>He doesn't even go here
enjoy your (You) Batfag

>> No.56875194

Reminder: Abaddon Kills Sigismund

>> No.56875202


Muay thai fighters arent allowed to use headbutts and they still rape everyone.

>> No.56875214

>"I have never sparred or trained in a combat sport my entire life," the post.

>> No.56875216

>Reminder: Abaddon Kills a 1000 year old grandpa

Such feat!

>> No.56875219

And nobody except pathetic faggot NLkids will like you, Sevvie "Oh BL your cock is so delicious" Sevatarion.

>> No.56875238

>Pretty sure when the dust settles it only matters who's alive and who's dead

Pretty sure, huh? Because the context currently being discussed is SPECIFICALLY that both participants be alive when the dust settles. An orbital bombardment would easily kill Sevatar before he can do jack shit and there would be nothing he could do to stop it. So I guess Sevatar is weak as shit so you can stop sucking his flaccid flayed cock, huh?

>> No.56875240

So are the Blood Angels OP? Their chapter tactic gives a bonus to charging and Feel no Pain, when a chapter like the Iron Hands only has FNP.

>> No.56875256

No, but they're strong.

>> No.56875267

I heard rumors that the next primarch to be released is the Lion and there is going to be a fallen faction/codex supplement going along with it, can anyone validate?

>> No.56875291

>fallen faction/codex supplement
Sauce ?

>> No.56875302

>Lion, Guilliman, and reborn Sangy as the 3 loyalist primarchs
>"oh fuck here we go again"

>> No.56875312

I thought since the events of Old Earth and The Beast Arises, the final loyalist primarch is Vulkan?

>> No.56875327

>I don't understand basic anatomy, physics, or have any knowledge of combat/sparring
>I have never been in a fight, trained at a gym, watched any combat sport or drank/worked at a bar
>Have never heard the term "Glasgow Kiss" or related coloquiallisms for a headbutt
>I lack self-discipline to understand in a SPARRING match such tactics were ruled out beforehand
>I lack self-respect to identify that using such tactics clearly shows who truly had more skill
>Hey let me post my opinion real quick

>> No.56875334


Needs more Khan and Vulkan

>> No.56875337

Best HQ to hang out with Sanguinary Guard? Is it's the obvious option: The Sanguinor? Or am I better off with a chaplain or captain?

>> No.56875344

You quoted the wrong anon Pickle Rick.

>> No.56875349

In a turn based game such as this, how do I take advantage of Dark Eldar's notorious speed to help me win?

Like for instance, Scourges have a 14 inch move - how do I make that count for something? Use it to leap backwards out of the enemy's range while still shooting them?

>> No.56875355

>Decent reply
>Shitty stale meme image


>> No.56875356

Khan is never getting a model, even in 30k. The Emperor will get a model first.

>> No.56875361


throw your minis at the opposing player.

>> No.56875363

No one wants to give advice right now? Or did I use a formatting that people don't like so they won't read it?

>> No.56875377


Don't hurt me like this, anon.

>> No.56875389

Follow up question - how do you reliably get your CC units into assault?

Units disembark at the start of the turn.

I've heard of people using their raiders and venoms to kamikaze into a unit.

Can you disembark once you're already in a combat?

>> No.56875394

scourges are really light though, only DE model that'd probably do some damage is vect

>> No.56875399

I can't wait for NN to get axed so fucking mouth breathers like you won't have the ability to clog threads with your autistic posturing since you can't afford internet with SSI checks. Fucking scum

>> No.56875402


How would you feel living in a hive city, knowing you're just a cog in a gigantic machine and that your life will never have any meaning or purpose?

>> No.56875405

It might be because you're playing Tau. Very few people here play Tau now that they're not overpowered.

>> No.56875418

Deploy in a refused flank, then swing around to cut off and destroy any units that expose themselves.

Deploy in a wide deployment, wait until the enemy splits up to chase your units, then move everything to one flank and destroy it piecemeal.

Keep them in cover and away from enemy units as long as possible, draw the enemy away from objectives so they can get into better range, and then late-game jump back onto the objectives that your opponent has now left weakly defended.

>> No.56875427

thanks for the tips guys, will make ammends to it later

>> No.56875435

Any reason why you need 750p in particular? What kind of store are you getting your dudes from?

>> No.56875438

>Not understanding the image was correlated to the retardation of the (You)
>Please be patient

>> No.56875441

It's not a bad starting point

>> No.56875445


>> No.56875451

noob question to building an army.

I'm building a admech army(skitarii) as my first army. what are some thing I should take in consideration when making an army list.

>> No.56875457

People don't always want to play list nitpicker

Airburst why?
too much str 5, need some other stuff
replace crisis guns with cyclic ions/plasma/etc to get some higher str, higher AP, sometimes multi damage stuff to hit more durable things

>> No.56875463


As an Eldar player can confirm that being a knife ear means actually having access to the one non-random part of this game; movement. Its the best contributor to victory when used intelligently.

>> No.56875465


field 12 vects and claim they're all clones

>> No.56875471

Take what you think looks cool primarily.

Broadly speaking though, you want to have a couple of units that can take out tanks and big targets, you want to have an answer to fast melee units that can tie up a gunline, and you want to have units that can go and sit on objectives.

>> No.56875476

forgeworld doctrines are only granted under specific detachment types, so don't mix units outside of what your codex says, or you'll lose your bonus rules and your strategems and probably your relics too

>> No.56875486

Does it sadden anyone else when they see a well painted army for sale cheap on eBay? I think about the time and love they must’ve put into each model. How could someone abandon their guys?

>> No.56875501

I think skitarii in general is cool but I don't want to make a rag tag army. I'm on a budget at least for the initial investment.

so make sure the army all share a single keyword?

>> No.56875504

It surprises me when I see good or even just decent stuff for cheap. Most people ask for just next to the retail price for stuff that's in terrible condition

>> No.56875505

I manage it pretty well now as it is, so probably much of the same, but with more lung problems

>> No.56875512

I'm actually glad there a cheaper source for models. I don't like modeling but I love painting so ebay is my best friend.

>> No.56875514

>not airbrushing multiple thin coats for an easy and flawless yellow

>> No.56875519

>How could someone abandon their guys?
90% of the time it's because they got married. No space in the house for plastic space guys when the wife moves in

>> No.56875526

>so make sure the army all share a single keyword?
I don't know how it works for you, but for my space marines my entire detachment has to come out of the codex or I lose my chapter tactics. For you there's something similar

>> No.56875533

minimum squad size vs maxing out a squad, minimizing gives you more freedom of motion on the board but harder to buff and more drops so you might not go first, maximizing makes buffs more powerful. What do you want each squad to do and what does it specialize in? If you are taking a unit that specializes in one thing, like hordes or tanks, take 2 or 3 because if that one unit dies you no longer can deal with what it was meant to stop. Specialized units tend to out preform all-rounders. Build an all-comers list, not some specialized anti-X list. If your opponent brings a super heavy, can you kill it before it wrecks your army?
When you select a forgeworld for the <forge world> keyword, just make sure they all have the same one in that detachment

>> No.56875538

Everything feels too clean. The new marines are so shinny and smooth. The victories are swift and filled with boring bolter porn about how the Imperium is just too cool. The art is disturbingly crisp and the focus on HQs giving rerolls turns them from asskicking machines to an extra token in the pew pew slot machine. I'm increasingly seeing armies becoming nothing but HQ filled gunlines.

The new lore is all about Cool Guys™ going around and doing sterile battles with no-name who gives a shits. The main qualm I have with the whole thing is we know who is doing all this cool shit and sure as hell aren't Your Dudes. You can say Your Dudes tagged along, but unless you play Ultramarines then you're stuck in the back seat.

>> No.56875540

One or two start collecting kits make for a decent start for an AdMech army. After that you can expand into units like Dragoons and robits.

>> No.56875549

>Not considering a life dedicated to the maintenance of the Emperor's realm purpose
Found the heretic.

>> No.56875558

>we will never get a plastic Drazhar or Incubi models in various poses

>> No.56875565

you following this?
>if GW wont make tournament and store ban lists for wrong thinking people then tournament organizers should do it themselves
>thats pretty fucked up
>you're a triggered bitch kys

some hyperbolic creative liberties were taken by me




>> No.56875566

I just got the new Tyranid SC and I'm trying to decide between Trygon and Trygon Prime. I'm mid assembly, and Battlescribe STILL hasn't updated.

>> No.56875571


I know a husband/wife team who sold their combined armies to help pay for some medical bills. It was a bunch of Nids, IG, CSM, Necrons, and Eldar that they had been building together for four years.

They said they'd get back in eventually, but bills come first.

>> No.56875574


>> No.56875593

Slightly. I'm decently left myself (that's just because the way I interpret my "don't be a dick" life belief happens to put me there on the political compass), but Arch hammers points home with his videos while the Feminids and co. can't make a coherent argument outside of hyperbole and anecdote.

>> No.56875599

its a shame but i remember dark eldar before they were redone

we have it good now. i will never complain about anything again

>> No.56875601

>Does anyone else feel like the concept of "your dudes" is being phased out by gw?
Yes, and thank God. If I never have to hear about somebody’s OC donut steel chapter ever again it will be too soon.

>> No.56875602

So this is what LARPing in 40k looks like

>> No.56875618

Stop being retarted

>> No.56875625

Straight skitarii only?

Onagers are great, take them with Neutron Lasers and the extra stubber. When you have a couple of those, you can start taking Icarus arrays (depending on who you play against, these can be devastating or merely pretty okay).

From there, it's kinda up to you but there are a few things that are pretty good to try.

- Infiltrators (10 is recommended) with Flechettes, Mars forgeworld, pop the Mars stratagem and remove an enemy threat or two when they show up. Then they can be a pain in the enemy ass for a while and draw fire from your important stuff.

- I personally enjoy running a few Dragoons. If you take a bigger unit, the +2 to hit strat in CC makes your tasers zap on 4+ to hit which is pretty nice.

-While I'm a big fan of the Skitarii troopers thematically and model-wise, they don't really seem to do a hell of a lot other than hold objectives and die. With the exception of an Arquebus squad. Take at least one 5-man ranger squad with 2 arquebi. Maybe stick one or two more dudes in there for ablative wounds (at which point you can stick a data-tether in for leadership and for the strat if you really need a key character dead)

They also put some hurt on vehicles from time to time, which is nice.

Otherwise... Arc rifles are pretty damn good for their price. If you're gonna run mass troopers, I'd recommend a bunch of rangers-with-arc-rifles, and a couple of squads of vanguard-with-plasma. Up to you if you want the data tether or omnispex in the plasma squads, but the arc squads should be kept cheap IMO.

All that said, this is just my opinion and your experiences may vary.

Also ruststalkers are cool but they never do as well as I want them to. But you should take them anyway because they're awesome models!

>> No.56875626

>The new marines are so shinny and smooth

That's funny because all my marinelets are shiny and smooth FW models with zero bling, while all my Primaris models have a million Liefeld pouches and Crysis armor cabling all over them.

>> No.56875634

>t. Gorillaman

>> No.56875639

Look up Chapter Approved, he wasn't lying

Are there even any 40k tourney people notable enough to be banned?
Like, why bother banning literalwhos

>> No.56875642

>ok in all fields

>> No.56875652

They changed it.

Removed the wound characteristic clause to preclude wounded models that start at 10+

And changed it to where the have to be the closest AND visible.

It went from bad to worse.

>> No.56875653

God forbid somebody try to have fun outside of your preconceived notions of canon. Lighten up pal

>> No.56875654

No particular reason why it's 750, it's just more than 500 so more options and less than 1k so not as expensive. As for the store, a new GW store just opened up nearby and I'll also be looking on amazon.

Since they'll be in close-ish range from the enemy in order to boost the drones I figured it'd be a good idea to give them something to shoot out of sight enemies, so they can stay close enough to boost the drones, but be completely in cover to avoid damage till the drones have done enough or gotten destroyed. I gave the Shas'vre an advanced targeting system to give it 8 shots at 18" with S5 AP-1. I figured 1 Crisis suit with the plasma rifle getting AP-4 would do well as long as markerlights are there for the rerolling 1s and hopefully +1 to rolls.

Actually this gives me a question, if I roll a 1 on an overcharged weapon (like the ion) but I have multitracker on the model or markerlight on the target, getting me a reroll, does it still suffer the mortal wound if the reroll is something other than 1?

>> No.56875659

they did change that in chapter approved.

people were blocking los with rhinos apperently

>> No.56875660

Who hurt you, anon?

>> No.56875662

>MFW I fucking remember now
Oh god, not again.

>> No.56875665

What do you think of MDF terrain compared to plastic terrain? Do you use any? is it worth the cost savings?

>> No.56875672

archwarhammer is seriously autistic

>> No.56875676

>1 Crisis suit with the plasma rifle
That isn't remotely much at all

>if I roll a 1 on an overcharged weapon (like the ion) but I have multitracker on the model or markerlight on the target, getting me a reroll, does it still suffer the mortal wound if the reroll is something other than 1?
No it does not.
Reroll 1s is powerful and how many armies mitigate the downsides of plasma overcharge

>> No.56875681

I like it.

Some MDF terrain looks great.

>> No.56875689

Don't have space for an airbrush and I probably wouldn't see a massive difference since I'm fairly shit at painting still.

>> No.56875690

If you want to call people retarded you shouldn’t post wrong shit you retarded faggot.

>> No.56875692

We use a lot of MDF Buildings, they look pretty great, and are a lot cheaper than plastic

>> No.56875695

I use MDF base toppers. I lack the talent to sculpt anything and I hate the way flock looks, so it's been a great alternative for me. I don't play with much MDF terrain at 28mm, but it's been great for 15mm with Flames of War and stuff.

>> No.56875699

FW is also too smooth, because MK.III and Mk.IV were made when the galaxy wasn't awful. This is 40k, everything is awful. That's my issue with it really. The new Primaris armor looks very similar to MK.IV which represented a much healthier Imperium. The shitty decaying Imperium is the core of 40k.

>> No.56875700

You're not the only one. The captain/chapter master of my marines, Varen, has personally sent dozens of various traitor lords, heretic leaders, and xenos scum to their deaths. I may field him in a couple different load outs, but he's still Varen, whether he's leading his command squad on foot, spearheading a biker team, or dropping feet first with a team of vanguard veterans. But now, he feels like the only way he's useful is to field him with a lieutenant and bubble wrap my devastators around them.

>> No.56875707

so is 1000

>> No.56875710

Tbh Infiltrators with power swords aren't bad against MEQs. I've started to feel recently that Icarus Arrays are a bit overrated with -1 to hit being everywhere, them shooting with a -2 to hit takes them down quite a notch without Cawl to soften it a bit.

Also it's worth mentioning Graia is kinda nice for running hordes of Skitarii, they benefit quite a bit from Refusal to Yield. Stygies is still better but it's not the worst dogma you can take.

>> No.56875711

>people were blocking los with rhinos apperently
And what’s wrong with that? Why shouldn’t a giant metal bawx block LOS?

>> No.56875721

>people were blocking los with rhinos apperently
I literally first heard of this with the ca changes, didn't know it was an issue

>> No.56875730

Some of it is good, some of it is utter shit and an even bigger ripoff than FW resin terrain.

The thing with GW plastic terrain and FW resin terrain (when you aren't getting shit casts) is that they are AMAZING. The only bad thing about them is literally just the price tag.

With MDF, you have to get a good design, which is often hampered by the MDF connection points, AND you have to deal with the material AND it's not even always cheap. There was a great MDF terrain set that made the Space Marine buildings from Dawn of War 1. It costs almost as much as GW plastic terrain.

So yeah, MDF terrain isn't bad, but I wouldn't say it's not worth the cost savings? If there are even any cost savings. It's more like I have enough money now that plastic terrain is more feasible, especially with the new easy to build terrain. I'd rather splurge on that.

There's also very good cheap ass plastic terrain, especially from one Russian toy company or from smaller third party resin companies, and there's also dirt cheap MDF terrain that's GARBAGE, literally worse than paper and cardboard you made yourself. Also check out Ziterdes, make rigid foam terrain for low ass price.

>> No.56875731

If he looks cool send pic pls :)

>> No.56875733

i have no idea. i never thought it was an issue.

gw did for some reason

>> No.56875740

He means they were blocking their opponents troops so they could target characters. In particular, Girlyman.

>> No.56875742

I don't really care for arch (even if I fundamentally agree with his stances) but he's right here. Spikeybits is a cunt.

>> No.56875746


They should have included plain armor with sculpted battle damage, like dents, gouges, bullet craters, scratches, etc. The Space Hulk Terminator has one with one helmet lens damaged.

They could do that as well as bling, instead of just all bling, all the time.

>> No.56875752

The ol' Rhino Snipe has been around since... 4th? 5th Ed.?

>> No.56875754

It's an issue when you can diminish snipers, a mechanic GW intentionally tried to add to 8th edition, by using razorback positioning to turn the tac squad inside of them into dedicated character snipers. It particularly hurt elite armies--as though 8th hadn't done that enough--because they can't completely bubble wrap all of their characters

>> No.56875755


I was wrong and I apologize. But why? Why would they do that? I don't understand.

>> No.56875762

>tfw can't decide what color to paint my army

>> No.56875769

Hearing stuff like that makes me sad. You and your significant other spend years in a hobby that you both love, only to have to sell your stuff because of misfortune

>> No.56875770

The above Rhino sniping thing, apparently it was a big thing

>> No.56875773

Has it? Not in 5th onwards.

But that's why they fixed it in CA

>> No.56875777

That just goes to show how pants-on-head retarded and arbitrary the
>you’re not allowed to shoot at this guy because it wouldn’t be honourable
character targeting rules are.

>> No.56875780

if dubs you must do neon green and purple

>> No.56875788

How about rainbows?

>> No.56875793

Daily reminder that Abaddon almost died fighting a grandpa

>> No.56875794

Typical 40k armour has been recycled through dozens if not hundreds of people, lost and found, destroyed and rebuilt. Every suit is a mix of parts and decorations adorning it. That doesn't mean they don't make completely new suits, which would also be more uniform in design and less adorned. Primaris are new and so are their suits. They don't have millennia of history behind them, just like Legions.

And if you don't like the look, you can always bling them out and weather down the armour. I'll rather have clean stock suits I can slap crap onto.

>> No.56875795


Is this something to worry about?

>> No.56875800


>> No.56875802


It should be based on model size, shooter's BS, and whether or not they're a sniper. You SHOULDN'T be able to pick off an Alpha Legion identical sergeant from the squad except via sheer luck or some kind of sniper/psychic detection ability. You SHOULD be able to shoot at the towering giant surrounded by midgets.

>> No.56875803

>I don't like hearing about YOUR DUDES in a game that's all about YOUR DUDES
Wew lad

>> No.56875806

More to make characters not complete worthless garbage.

It's also not a "honorable" thing, it's hard to pick out one dude from a group of dudes. Fog of war and all that.

>> No.56875810

it's an abstraction, all kinds of crazy shit is going on in a real battle, you can't identify commanders in the heat of it

>> No.56875811

>arch warhammer

>> No.56875818

WTB crap slapper packs like they made with the skull packs. A couple purity seals here and emblems there that you have to buy a dozen Terminator and Veteran boxes for isn't cutting it.

>> No.56875824

>anything said by arch warhammer
If you needed some e-celeb to tell you pedobitz is a horrible person, then you're a newfag. We've been over that many times before.

>> No.56875826

See but now you're getting into the realm of rules that actually have more than one or two thing to take into account, which apparently would cause endless arguments amongst neckbeards and thus has no place in nu-40k.

>> No.56875829

Even if they are double the size of the surrounding conscripts, radiant, and have armour that gleams like a lighthouse?

>> No.56875832



>> No.56875840

You are literally every one at the shop. Creatively devoid.

>> No.56875842

How is it that those fucking 90's aesthetics are so much classier than what came afterward, when they're BOTH SHIT.

>> No.56875844

>overcomplicating a simple premise this badly

It's fine the way it is, there's a reason a wraithlord costs less than half as much as Draigo

>> No.56875848

Anon, a lighthouse's main purpose is to not get hit by things.

>> No.56875849

>we need a ban list for people who dont think correctly

Maybe it's too retarded to ever happen but its fucking disturbing that spikeybits is asking for it.

>> No.56875851

Well, i am kinda new to the scene, but now i know to avoid spikey bitz

>> No.56875854

>it's hard to pick out one dude from a group of dudes. Fog of war and all that.
>you can't identify commanders in the heat of it
Yeah, I’m sure my guys have a really hard time picking out the 12 foot tall Primarch from his marines. It’s really interesting how my guys have zero problem shooting at anyone unless they have an arbitrary character tag. The only way it makes sense is if your troops think it would be unsporting to shoot characters.

>> No.56875857

Are Square bases okay to use still?

>> No.56875859

>literally just LoS rules, if faggots wouldn't argue over whether or not you could snake a bullet between a mass of limbs in a squad

>> No.56875861

Now you also know to avoid Arch because he's a colossal faggot.

>> No.56875864

Trying to decide between these two schemes

>> No.56875866

How's this: You can now always shoot at characters but

>shooting at a character with wounds characteristic under 10 while there is a closer visible model results in a -1 to the hit roll, additionally if that model is within 3" of said character and is infantry it can attempt a "look out sir!" type roll

>> No.56875867


Because HIS DUDES aren't HIS DUDES. Nobody cares about hearing other peoples' YOUR DUDES, they only care about their own YOUR DUDES. That's like watching someone else fuck your wife.

>> No.56875870

The green one looks better imo

>> No.56875875

I know dude, if this shit is considered by GW, we're gonna have a gulag on our hands

>> No.56875876

The light purple isnt bad but i would go with the green. Its less eye rapey

>> No.56875877

>Being this salty
>not understanding heroic scale
>not understanding game abstraction

Whew lad.

>> No.56875878

Spikeybitz is a fag and a horrible human being. Liar, thief, ran FLGS into the ground due to said lying and thievery, possible pedo, definite creep. Anything he said should be disregarded on principle, you shouldn't need a retard like fucking arch warhammer, the faggot he is, to tell you as such.

>> No.56875879

Orks should have a rule where they must focus fire characters if one is in range.

>> No.56875883

Go with the purple, go gaudy or go home,

>> No.56875885

How good will Dark Angel Reivers be, since you will be able to stack up to -4 leadership?

>> No.56875886


Combine both to make >>56875800

>> No.56875891

Slows the game down unnecessarily.

Rules as they are are fine. Don't try to shoot at characters.

Arguably you could get around the assassin-wall by specifying that character models don't count when determining which unit is closest.

>> No.56875893

Well, yeah...

>> No.56875897

>what is abstraction
>what is game balance
>what is fog of war

>> No.56875900


It was particularly sad for everyone, the LGS held a good bye party for them too since they came in all the time, were some of the friendliest and most helpful players, the wife regularly GM'd for rpgs when asked, and would be leaving so the husband's mother wouldn't be alone when she passed away.
There's always going to be space at the table for them.

>> No.56875904

>arbitrary rule makes no sense and isn’t internally consistent with the rest of the game
>dude it’s just an abstraction lmao

>> No.56875909

>Anything he (spikeybits) said should be disregarded on principle
honestly didnt know the story on spikeybits, thanks for filling me in.

>> No.56875916


Both schemes are giving me vocaloid/Tau flashbacks, but I second >>56875886.

>> No.56875923

>arbitrary rule
Aren't you a little young to be posting on 4 chan?

>> No.56875924

at least i would be working for the emperor, who am I working for now?

>> No.56875927

That's the purpose of the 10 wounds rule. That's probably why guilliman should also be nerfed to have 10 wounds, he's too big.

>> No.56875930


>> No.56875939

>honestly didnt know the story on spikeybits, thanks for filling me in.
can someone fill me in
is he a pedo for real?

>> No.56875941

>what is fog of war
Non-existent because I can target anybody else I want. If I want to specifically shoot at that individual marine who’s the last survivor of his squad I can but not if he gets a promotion.

Not an argument. See above.

>> No.56875949

>I don't like it therefore it makes no sense
>It doesn't do what I want therefore it's arbitrary
>The rest of this abstraction of a game cannot support this abstraction of a rule
Holy shit, I agree it's a bad rule, but, please, stop posting before you embarrass yourself further.

>> No.56875955

My armies are in storage for the time being unfortunately because I'm moving. I'll pull them out tomorrow morning and post some pics. Right now, my sleep meds are kicking in and I can barely see straight, let alone type well enough. Thank God for auto correct.

>> No.56875958

No, but he looks like one and someone said he was on the registered sex offender list for one state.

>> No.56875959


That website is trash and Arch stirs the shit cauldron with his dick is what I heard

>> No.56875961

>is he a pedo for real?
There’s literally no evidence. It’s just a baseless rumour that got spread because spikeybits is a creepy weirdo.

>> No.56875962

So why exactly should you be able to snipe the character behind the unit because he looks different from everyone else, but not, say, the sergeant or the dude with the plasma gun in the unit? They're different, surely your dudes have eyes to aim at the important targets.

>> No.56875965

lol good point, some shady shitty company filled with greed or at least you know you're contributing to the survival/advancement of humanity

>> No.56875970

>>arbitrary rule makes no sense and isn’t internally consistent with the rest of the game
You mean the rest of the game were two armies nicely take turns doing their maneuvers and shooting?
40k has always been an extreme abstraction, bitching about one part of it is retarded.
If we want to be simulationist about it, FoW should be represented by how necromunda did it, can only fire at closest model unless you pass a ld test. Because in reality, war is a cluster fuck and being able to remain calm and cool headed in the heat of battle and say "hey, I know those terminators are only a second away from killing us, but the big primarch is a greater threat over all, so screw saving our own asses, lets fire at him." would require a fuck ton of discipline and training.
40k is not a simulationist game in any way shape or form, don't act like it is.

>> No.56875976

>Non-existent because I can target anybody else I want. If I want to specifically shoot at that individual marine who’s the last survivor of his squad I can but not if he gets a promotion.
You know what you are right. All units beyond 12" should get the -1 to hit rule.

>> No.56875979

Dif guy here. I heard about it after CA. Was it really that prevalent? It doesn't sound reliable when you can bury characters in rings of units so any "lane" of fire would be through a different unit and you'd have to be pretty close to avoid the cone effect and seeing the screening unit.

>> No.56875982

>can only fire at closest model unless you pass a ld test
I would like this so much.

>> No.56875983

There's more to it, but I don't recall it all off the top of my head. I'll try and see if I can find it in the archives

>> No.56875989

I’ll answer your question if you first tell me why I can shoot at Joe Astartes the lone space marine standing behind another squad but not a giant Primarch.

>> No.56875991

It meant that you only needed to take out one screening unit instead of every single closer unit.

>> No.56875998

>FoW should be represented by how necromunda did it

Or how old 40k editions did it, where a similar system existed.

>> No.56876004


It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact a conscript in a hut means your army would rather put their hordes of gun down then shoot at Guilliman waltzing his way up the middle.

Would also help if snipers were actually good, like other than Ratlings. Vindicares aren't half bad. Not consistently killy, but considering their price and resilience, decent.

>> No.56876009

They should have made the rule based upon the model's base size rather than its number of wounds.

>> No.56876012

>Non-existent because I can target anybody else I want. If I want to specifically shoot at that individual marine who’s the last survivor of his squad I can but not if he gets a promotion.
Fair point. we need to bring back leadership tests for shooting at anything but the closest unit, and in order to target characters you need to pass another test and if they have anyone with in 3" there's some sort of shooting penalty. After all, clearly we need to get rid of idiotic abstractions.

>> No.56876013

Night Fighting?

>> No.56876021

They have strong special rules. But their army archetype (elite melee) was on the weaker side to begin with. So no, not OP. Just good.

That said, you're kinda crazy to try to do non-BA melee marines at this point. Poor BT.

>> No.56876027


>> No.56876028

They got so triggered to actually dox him?
I dont think arch shared his own pic anywhere.
They went out of their way to find that pic to dox him. Pathetic.

>> No.56876030

I thought they had such a system, but it's been years since I've played 2nd ed, so I wasn't sure.
While were at it, we should bring back short and long range for weapons and modifiers.

>> No.56876031

There used to be rules about what units you could shoot based upon what was closer to the firing unit. I don't remember what the rule was, but it wasn't that dissimilar to the necromunda rule.

>> No.56876035

>literally just Duncan with -1 to charisma/appearance and no british accent

I guess that accent really is a miracle worker. Giving a hot chick a british accent on top of that? Whew

>> No.56876038

>Poor BT
Yeah, BT's are better as a medium range shooting army that happens to be able to do something on the charge.

>> No.56876039

Should just do it so that each model should have a height stat and if you're taller then you can be shot at/see over other model.
It works pretty well for Malifaux

>> No.56876042

In 4th ed. you had to take a leadership test if you wanted to first at a unit that wasn't the closest to you.

>> No.56876050


>> No.56876051

malifaux is like 8 models vs 5

my 2000pts list got 100 dudes

>> No.56876055

4e had the Target Priority rule, which dictated that a unit must fire at the closest unit they can shoot at (so units they can't see or which are engaged in combat are ignored) and have to pass an Ld. check if they want to target other units.

But if we're going to make characters free range, then you better let me hide them in units again, otherwise there's no point in taking them.

>> No.56876058

WOW, just how fucked up is spikeybits? JEEEEZ

>> No.56876062

Seriously give one reason he should be avoided.

His opponents use abstract terms and personal attacks while arch argues about the ideas presented by his opoonents. He does not say A is wrong because B said it. He says A is wrong because this and this.

>> No.56876068 [SPOILER] 

Guys am I playing Tzeentch right?

>> No.56876071

With oval bases, it'll take some chart to know where they fit in with round bases.

>> No.56876072 [DELETED] 

Where in CA is this?

>> No.56876073

What Spikey Bits did was pathetic, but Arch responding just makes it look like he's engaging in an internet slap fight. Ignore it, be the better man and move on. Making another youtube video is just wanting to get the last word in.

>> No.56876079

>But if we're going to make characters free range, then you better let me hide them in units again, otherwise there's no point in taking them.
This. Most characters would be fucking worthless without the current rules. Anyone bitching about them is a retard, because the alternative is almost all characters become useless

>> No.56876089

His lore videos are basically just him reading from a wiki, he inserts political shit where nobody wants it (he literally made a second channel focused entirely on political videos because even his fans didn't want it on his main channel).

>> No.56876090

Threadly reminder that Overwatch doesn't target anything, it simply applies attacks to a unit that is charging you.

>> No.56876096

Yeah i don't think Arch is a bad dude, he seems to employ common sense, he cares for the hobby and it's community, what else is there to ask? You don't have to like the dude's videos, but he speaks well

>> No.56876103

>100 dudes
All Boyz or go home

Yeah, no cannon fodder screening Guilliman and Dreadnoughts would be nice too
Although, conshits getting nerfed hard makes them not as annoying

>> No.56876104

GW said you can target characters with overwatch in the first FAQ anyways.

>> No.56876105

Yes. Unfortunately there isn't a perfect elegant solution in the current system so they decided to switch to an approach where they felt the downsides were less bad. The good news is most characters aren't that lethal at range, so protecting them with an out of LOS unit is more annoying than scary.

>> No.56876110

>Love Deathwatch
>Keep collecting
>Decide to paint them after I work on my Imperial Fists
>Wind up with this grey tide of 100 models and 10 unpainted vehicles

Why did I do this to myself? There is so much detail on each one.

>> No.56876111

GW should just set up an ordinal ranking system. They only make so many bases, they'd have to rank what, 5 or 6 of them by size? The only problem would be the models without bases. So maybe the guy saying that units should have a height stat was right?

Actually that's a pretty good thought. What if units had an all new stat that was basically how notable they look on the battlefield. Then you subtract that number from your leadership check to see if you can fire at them. So stuff like titans and superheavies can always be fired upon, Guilliman can generally be fired upon if you have good leadership, and small backfield guys are more or less unnoticed.

>> No.56876115

>what else is there to ask?
To be something more than a glorified audiobook of the wiki?
Or to not insert political shit into warhammer when nobody including your fans don't want it?
To stop having horrible taste in vidya?
Arch suck.
Dump frog poster

>> No.56876116

But how can they see characters in the confusing fog of war? :^)

>> No.56876128

Looks fine to me. Fuck being a paintcuck

>> No.56876137

I personally don't like his voice, it's super nasallyband vaguely gremmlinish, and that makes it hard for me to watch his videos. Beyond that though, from what little I've seen of his stuff, he seems to be able to provide facts for the actual 40k stuff. What do people have against him? Genuinely curious

>> No.56876139

Store owners are free to ban shitheads from their store for being shitheads. GW owns a lot of stores.

>> No.56876140



>> No.56876145

Now you can show them off though, play them and every week when you play again (if you are consistent) have another one or two painted every time and see your progress YOURSELF.

>> No.56876150

I refuse to use any unpainted minis; I just don’t like it

>> No.56876151

I know this is a shitpost, but that's a fucking retarded response. The two most likely responses anyone will have when something charges at them with the intent to kill is to run or to shoot at them.

>> No.56876154

Time to simplify the paint scheme. How do you feel about drybrushing?

>> No.56876156

Maybe we should just get rid of the system, let characters join units, but keep their auras (so no more only buffing the unit they're in).

Size categories worked when you only had to worry about one or two and the system was very abstract, but now there's a whole lot of different types and sized models and it'd get very time consuming to consult charts for every character and model to see if they can be targeted or not.

>> No.56876160


>> No.56876164

>he seems to be able to provide facts for the actual 40k stuff
He basically just reads info off of the wiki and doesn't really add anything to what he's reading.

But to answer your question further see

>> No.56876167

Letting characters join units leads to absurd levels of deathstar. I would sooner deal with what we have.

>> No.56876168

>His lore videos are basically just him reading from a wiki

If you actually watched them you would not have said it.
Please stop embarrasing yourself on the internet.

> he inserts political shit where nobody wants it

He needs to throttle a bit down on the poltiical stuff.
I actually think he stirs shit up on purpose to gain views. He did not need to make 4-5 videos about a retarded feminist group with 3.500 likes on facebook.

But than again, i listen to his lore videos and ignore some of the political ones.

>> No.56876170

>Does anyone else feel like the concept of "your dudes" is being phased out by gw?
As a guy who left around the start of 4th edition and was considering getting back in, yes. In the late 90's early 2k everyone had "your dudes" even guys just starting.

I'm also not that happy with how large squads of regular infantry dudes being the core of an army is getting replaced with tiny 3 or 5 man units who have no customisation.

Now it's 15 guys with bolters and a primarch that should have been left back in the lore and not on the tabletop or a titan or super heavy.

If you asked me 15 years ago what moving the story forward would have done, I might have guessed a few things like a mechanicus army (and still no plastic sisters) but not that they'd bring back the primarchs ffs.

>> No.56876171

Yeah, i did say you don't have to like his videos no problem but he does have a genuine concern for the hobby and the community, that alone gives him my support

>> No.56876174

1. he doesnt speak well. at all. he clearly has a very tenous grasp on english.
2. he doesnt care about the hobby. he cares about his version of the hobby.
3. common sense? he sees sjws everywhere. he is a fucking lunatic.

>> No.56876181

You got enough (you) 's. You can stop (you) whoring now.

>> No.56876184

that looks like it's from a chaos codex from years ago. I doubt it'll be in high res format.

>> No.56876190

What sort of shitty things should get you banned from a tournament in your opinion?

>> No.56876195


>> No.56876198

>that looks like it's from a chaos codex from years ago. I doubt it'll be in high res format.


>> No.56876199

>I personally don't like his voice, it's super nasallyband vaguely gremmlinish

You are now manually hearing the Gremlins theme song every time you think of Arch.


>> No.56876204


Meh neither are getting clicks from me. Same goes for belloflostsouls.

>> No.56876208

>he sees sjws everywhere

His sjw videos on his main channel is focused on feminazi 40k . Go on and tell me they are not SJW's

>> No.56876210

>common sense? he sees sjws everywhere. he is a fucking lunatic.
They are everywhere anon. Have you been paying attention to what happened with MtG? These people are fucking insidious and if they can implement policies that ban people for hurting their precious feelings they absolutely will. It's fairly important to not let them get their hooks in otherwise you get shit like not being able to play in stores because you called someone a nigger on the internet

>> No.56876212

>>Does anyone else feel like the concept of "your dudes" is being phased out by gw?

It's been happening for a long, long time. Ever since Jervis Johnson won the battle to remove the "opponent's permission" rule from Special Characters and to make them more and more prominent way back in 3rd ed. You can still do it, but now you have to be willing to accept a certain level of competitive disadvantage.

>> No.56876217

Same here. Smaller army, fewer games is more enjoyable to me than larger army, many ugly games. Terrain and board are important too.

>> No.56876227

>he sees sjws everywhere
Good, someone has to.
>he doesnt care about the hobby. he cares about his version of the hobby
Don't we all?
>he doesnt speak well. at all. he clearly has a very tenous grasp on english
That is irrelevant in this context...

>> No.56876230

>Store owners are free to ban shitheads from their store for being shitheads. GW owns a lot of stores.
well yeah, I agree with that. But that isnt the same thing as a global list banning people for incorrect thinking.
>he sees sjws everywhere. he is a fucking lunatic.
quoting published articles verbatum and discussing them isnt the same thing as railing against hypothetical boogiemen.

>> No.56876231

>but he does have a genuine concern for the hobby and the community, that alone gives him my support
Then you're a retard. He contributes nothing of real value but merely copies what already exists. He interjects his politics into the hobby, which is just as bad SJWs doing the same. He's always looking for something to bitch about, crying that the sky is falling all the fucking time. He's an absolute cunt in his mannerisms.
His """""""""""""""""genuine concern""""""""""""""" is literally the only thing good about him, and even then his concern is more "looking for anything I can yell about" than actual concerns for problems with the game or hobby. He's a fag and anyone who supports him is a fag.

>> No.56876233

Not him, but I would use the same metric I'd use for firing someone from a job. If the way that they're acting is affecting the store's ability to represent itself well then they have to go. So anyone who acts rude enough to drive away customers should not be allowed to remain at the store. Maybe you give them a warning, but they're fucking up your business on your property, and being there is a privilege not a right.

>> No.56876235

Thanks doc

>> No.56876241

Seconding this. Other than ornaments it's the same model for a Venerable Dread. Just paint the fucker gold and stick some extra iconography on him. GW employee gives you hassle just tell him you wanted to try converting, autistic player gives you trouble, show him that all wargear is present and to stop being a god damn splurge

>> No.56876243

If you call someone a nigger on the internet under your real name you're an idiot.

>> No.56876246

I'd like to direct you to this dude right here

>> No.56876251

All I ever see for Marine HQs now are generic Captains, Primaris Captains, and Primaris Lieutenants. It's very boring.

>> No.56876254

>But that isnt the same thing as a global list banning people for incorrect thinking.
Which, last time I checked, is never mentioned. It's amazing how fast people go from talking about banlists for bad manners and inappropriate behavior to assuming banlists for wrongthink. Look, think about it like a club; clubs have rules and the owner of the club can tell you to fuck off if you violate them.

>> No.56876256

Did Fabius Bile: Clonelord get uploaded?

>> No.56876263

Don't fuck with grandpa Siggy, he didn't take his meds and refuses to get into his dread

>> No.56876268

Let characters join units, but they can be targeted independently from the unit if they are or become the closest models in the unit, and in close combat they can be targeted by all the models in B2B contact with them.

Does that help?

>> No.56876274

Just finished these fucking junkies.

>> No.56876275

Smelling like shit. Physical assault. Breaking models. Extreme Shitfits. Deliberate cheating. Directing blatant slurs at specific people with in store/venue.

>> No.56876277

>they can be targeted independently from the unit if they are or become the closest models in the unit
So you just burry them deep in the unit. How does that help?

>> No.56876278


This post reeks leedit so bad, even giving it a serious reply is a blessing to it.
So i wont.

>> No.56876281

they look sweet

>> No.56876283

Please consider that banning people for wrong thinking is the same sometimes as banning them for bad manners because literally anything you say might offend some feminist, they don't feel "safe" around you, complain to the store owner... BANNED

>> No.56876287

So you deserve to get banned from plastic toy fightan game because of it?
Totally irrelevant.

>> No.56876288

MtG problems are far more extensive than SJWs in the community. remove all politics from MtG, and the community would still be terrible.
And no, arch goes beyond just trying to fight off sjws, which is a noble goal. No arch is the right wing equivalent of an SJW. He interjects politics whenever possible. If he hears about anything that goes against what he believes, you bet your ass he'll make a video bitching about it.
Embracing arch isn't getting rid of the problem of politics in a plastic toy soldier game, it just trades one cancer for another.

>> No.56876292

>possible pedo,
Nigga wat? I knew he was a wiener but did not know this shit.

>> No.56876293

Well fuck. Although to be honest, still not the worst brain worm I've had to deal with. The music is at least good

>> No.56876295

It's his store. If the store manager doesn't want you calling blacks niggers or females bitches in his store, he can ban you from the store. You can abide by his rules, or pick somewhere else to play.

Either way this is not something that some faggot on YouTube would influence in any way.

>> No.56876297

maybe you shouldn't say stupid fucking opinions.

>> No.56876298

He's a fucking youtubers. He probably wants to stir shit to get clicks.

>> No.56876299

<KEYWORDS> Helps that. As it is now there would be minimal functional difference than now.

Making them invisible++ when standing out in the open because something is closer, even unawares to the shooter, is just silly.

The keywords fixed the ultra death star issue. The new character rules made a different problem altogether.

>> No.56876300

Not an argument faggot

>> No.56876301

Fuck, if you think Guilliman is hard to kill now, imagine him sitting in a unit of terminators.
By that metric you should never ban anyone from any club ever, because someone could complain to the club owner and that owner could abuse their power. You're taking this to a retarded extreme.

>> No.56876308

now watch them get blown away in turn 1

>> No.56876310

I have some questions and haven't found answers for them in 8th edition.
>How do Tau MV4 shield drones work since they removed Saviour Protocols so the drone can no longer intercept attacks for allies, and there's nothing that says it gives other models the invuln save, is it literally just extra wounds for a drone unit by putting it closest to the enemy so wounds allocate to it first?
>Auras don't work if the model is embarked in a vehicle or fortification, but if it's open-topped and there's another unit embarked, does the aura effect no one, just the model with the aura (since it's written a model with an aura is always under the effect), the unit also embarked, or does it work as normal since it's open-topped?
>If an open-topped vehicle moves, do the embarked units count as having moved for the purpose of heavy weapon attacks?
>If an open-topped vehicle is within 1" of enemies / is in melee, can the embarked units shoot / perform melee attacks or must they disembark?
>Do LoS abilities work while embarked in open-topped vehicles, such as the Firesight Marksmans Drone Uplink ability (all sniper drones get +1 to-hit when attacking a unit visible to the Firesight Marksman) (So can I have a Firesight Marksman in a Tidewall Defence Platform and still do his job?) since this technically isn't an aura since it has no range, ALL sniper drones get this if they attack someone he can see.

Also what skaven model was pic related made using?

Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to answer these.

>> No.56876311


most of the time people have pointed me to 'feminazi 40k' or 'SJW 40k' it turns out to be trolls poking the autistic hive knowing they'd get a response. I could probably go "at my LGS a pink haired girl showed up complaining about there being no Sisters of Battle or female IG models" and people like you would shit yourselves in excitement thinking this vindicates your victim complex.

>> No.56876312

>It's amazing how fast people go from talking about banlists for bad manners and inappropriate behavior to assuming banlists for wrongthink.

Well, that's what's going on in the world. There's people being arrested for making social media posts somebody didn't like. Was it facebook that's looking into finding ways of getting rid of people they don't like, even if they don't break any of the rules? YouTube demonetizes videos that have broken no guidelines and remove channels over videos that have been around for years.

Nobody would be worried about ban lists and shit if we didn't have clear evidence of them fucking shit up.

>> No.56876313

Probably. No one wants an asshole around. Solution: don't be a fucking asshole

>> No.56876315

I'll take pleasure in it.

>> No.56876316

Fortunately there's an authority who gets to decide where the line is drawn. The owner.

>> No.56876320

>Which, last time I checked, is never mentioned.

oh its mentioned all right

>> No.56876323

>clubs have rules and the owner of the club can tell you to fuck off if you violate them.

Not in all cases.
If i made a rule on my club that stated '' No niggers allowed ''
What do you think is going to happen?
You are not totaly free under the rule of law to make up arbitrary rules.

>> No.56876324

>Remove character targeting bullshit
>Models block LoS to models with a base the same size or smaller

There's still a great level of abstraction, but it's about a billion times better than the fuckery we have now.

>> No.56876328

Crusader Squads the best Space Marine troop choice IMO but the lack of Librarians sucks soo much dick now that smite spam is a thing. I double my army up as Raven Gaurd and Templars so if I want to go back to the old Las- Plas squads I always have the option.

>> No.56876330

So what exactly stops me now taking a character and putting them in the middle of a strong unit and keeping them out of harm's way?

>> No.56876331

Then the owner is a butthurt cuck who listens to SJWs and soy-boys.
Why the fuck would I even want to give my money to such a cunt?

>> No.56876335

the green looks nice. the blue feels un-natural.

>> No.56876337

>but he speaks well
Are you taking the piss mate? He speaks like a fedora tipping autist with a lisp, it's no surprise he also makes MRA videos.

"le funny english man on the internet" needs to die, poeple like you are the reason TotalBiscuit has money.

>> No.56876338

thats basically the only rule you cant have.

gw has a right to not allow garbage people into their tournies. if they believe its necessary.

>> No.56876340

If you have the smallest knowledge of what a feminist is, you would know that "LITERALLY" anything could be considered offensive by them...

>> No.56876341

You know my problem is more with them wanting them to have a publicly available list of all the people who were banned.

>> No.56876343

You can make arbitrary rules for your club unless they violate state or federal law. Is that a decent correction?

It turns out that the vast majority of rules people propose at clubs do not run afoul of said laws.

>> No.56876345

I saw someone else throw this out there a few threads ago and it seemed like it might be good.
>Allied units don't count as blocking LoS in regards to the character sniping rule

>> No.56876346

>extreme thinknig

Wow, it has been so long since we had thought crimes in modern civilised worlds didnt we.

>> No.56876348


Guys all I did was flip the table and try to beat my opponent with a Carnifex mini because he beat me with an Eldar army, why was I banned from the store? Is it because I made some feminist feel UNSAFE??? Did some feminist complain about me assaulting someone?? I shouldn't be banned for bad manners!

>> No.56876356

And once again, why the ever loving fuck would you give your money to such a cuck who would take the opinions of buttblasted feminazis seriously?

>> No.56876357

>Well, that's what's going on in the world.
>cites a bunch of private companies deciding what people can do with shit they own.
Anon, you don't just have the right to do what you want with other people's things. Like, if I'm at my golf club and some guy comes in wearing gym shorts and flipflops, I want him fucking gone. That's not the kind of people that we admit, and it's important that they understand that. Is it his right to wear that crap? Yes. Is it his right to be in the club? No.

>> No.56876365

I dunno, we've had thought crimes in the American south for the last two hundred years or so.

>> No.56876367

I don't give a shit what they find offensive because the last time I checked the owner of my local gaming store was not a feminist and therefore what feminists think will not affect it. There are people out there right now who think you are an infidel and should be murdered as part of the global struggle for Islam. However, these people don't run the local gamin store either.

If the store manager becomes a feminist, I will stop going to his (or her) store, and in all likelihood it will go out of business.

>> No.56876374

A better solution is to not get offended at what people say on the internet that isn't directed at you, nigger. If Warhammer goes the way of Magic then this hobby is dead(er).

>> No.56876375

Is there really a point to using Tartaros anymore ? They gain a whole 1 more inch to movement and lose TH/SS, which is pretty shitty.

>> No.56876378

>If i made a rule on my club that stated '' No niggers allowed ''
>What do you think is going to happen?
>You are not totaly free under the rule of law to make up arbitrary rules.
Well that case has just been heard by SCOTUS, so we'll see. Denying service to people you don't want to serve is a very important part to any right to assembly and association.

>> No.56876379

So starting up a Tson force. I was gonna go hunting to find some old Forge World Tson dreads. You think anyone would mind if I use them in place of helbrutes? Pretty sure they're just a bit smaller in height.

>> No.56876385

>There are people out there right now who think you are an infidel and should be murdered as part of the global struggle for Islam. However, these people don't run the local gamin store either.
Lucky fuck, ISIS runs all the FLGS in my town.

>> No.56876389

1-I fucking despise TotalBiscuit, he's the fucking embodiment of what a basic bitch is
2-i don't mean he speaks well as in talking, i mean the fact that he's on the watch for this kind of shit from people like spikeybits or feminist 40k, i don't even watch his lore videos

>> No.56876390

>/pol/turds escaped their containment board

>> No.56876392

no one is giving a shit about that bullshit you just described.

the argument at hand is over whether you thinking incorrectly is good reason to get you on a public ban list for every GW store on earth.


>> No.56876393

So what's your guys' favorite unit in the game?

I like Inquisitors

>> No.56876395


Banning people from your establishments because of their personal views and personal social conducts is
suprise !
Runs a foul with the laws of most modern civilisations.

>> No.56876402

you do understand that its not up to you if someone wants to be offended or not? you dont get to make that call.

warhammer has fucking nothing to do with politics. if gw doesnt want richard spencer or whatever to partake in their tournaments they have every right to tell him to suck it.

>> No.56876410


This is sort of like saying that you think your LGS will go out of business because the store owner also does part time work for an environmental charity.

>> No.56876414

>Runs a foul with the laws of most modern civilisations.
You've never read the laws of most modern civilizations. Do me a favor and cite an American or British law that purports to do so.

>> No.56876421

Nigga, what? Not in the US. Which is, I will remind you, the only country that actually matters. There is a very small list of characteristics that you cannot directly discriminate for or against, but even that might be overturned by SCOTUS soon.

>> No.56876423

Dark Eldar Scourges.

I really like the idea of someone paying a mad scientist to give them wings and bird bones.

>> No.56876424

>Denying service to people you don't want to serve

Maybe in murica.
In most european countries you cant refuse to serve or sell a product you put on a public space without a very very legitimate reason.

>> No.56876434

I'd like to direct you to this post, then:

>> No.56876438

>personal views and personal social conducts
You definitely can. Only the protected classes codified in discrimination laws are prohibited. Hence these signs.

>> No.56876440


There's no reason for you to stand up in the middle of the tourney and go "actually, I think gays should be castrated. Just so you all know."

>> No.56876446

>In most european countries you cant refuse to serve or sell a product you put on a public space without a very very legitimate reason.

Horseshit. It's actually pretty easy to ban people from stores. Its just not praxis to do so most of the time.

>> No.56876448

>i mean the fact that he's on the watch for this kind of shit from people like spikeybits or feminist 40k,
once again, anyone with half a brain should know to watch out for fucks like spikeybitz. And Arch is the type of retard who hears "more female models for armies like guard" and thinks it means "female space marines now, fuck all white men"
He is not preforming the legitimate service of watching out for actual SJWs, he blows shit out of context and proportion because of a mix of a victim complex and a desire for views.

Nigger, magic was shit long before all the SJW stuff. what's happening now is just the worms devouring the carrion that is the MtG community, it was cancer for a long fucking time before this

>> No.56876453

Are you the anon with the guide to do studio Black Hearts? Do you still have it? Also can you describe your technique to get the shine on the suits? Sorry for the questions, it just looks really good and I'd like to try it.

>> No.56876455



>> No.56876469

I don't think that GW needs a public database of people banned from their stores. It's a silly idea and GW will gladly sell models to anyone.

People are allowed to have extreme ideologies but nearly 99% of them will never utter their views publicly.
GW has the right to ask anyone to leave its stores if they are causing a disruption or angering other patrons.

>> No.56876470

>private companies
>arresting people

We ancapistan now?

You do realize companies aren't 100% free to do what they want, right? I can't throw out black people from my golf club because they're black. I guess anti-semitism is a thing only when a government does it...

Did you just miss how companies are banning people who haven't even broken any rules? That's not even a case of "we have rules and you didn't follow them" but pure "we don't like the cut of your jib and even though you have done anything wrong, we're still gonna throw you out."

>> No.56876483

Uhh no.
> it only covers discrimination on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, sex, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation.

>> No.56876489

I'm surprised everyone is freaking out over the mtg thing. I am wrong to believe that they'd already banned a guy for taking pictures of himself by dude's asses?

>> No.56876493

>Why would you want to deal with a group with a demonstrated penchant for infiltrating and ruining hobbies when it begins trying to do that to yours?
Gee I dunno anon.

>> No.56876496

>US. Which is, I will remind you, the only country that actually matters

Are you fucking serious?
Are burgers this retarded ?

>> No.56876498

I’m converting a model to use a power whip. What power weapon rules are best to describe it? A maul?

>> No.56876499

The can't arrest you. They can kick you out.

>> No.56876500

Shoota Boyz or Slugga Boyz?

>> No.56876501

>you do understand that its not up to you if someone wants to be offended or not?
You do realize you've explained why the idea of banning people for making others "uncomfortable" is not a good idea in the first place, right? What the fuck is stopping me from getting someone I personally don't like banned by accusing them of making me feel uncomfortable or offended? Nobody can prove I'm not. You don't get to make the call, do you? Would you tell me that my perceived offense is invalid? Well prepare to get piled on by people telling you that it's offensive and you can't tell someone they're not offended.

The simple fact is these rules are used as a weapon against their ideological opponents, nothing more. The pretense of them being to "protect" games is completely and utterly false. There is no crisis of women or minorities getting harrassed in Games Workshop stores, the intent of rules that ban people for hurting feelings is to be able to hunt down people with problematic viewpoints and ostracize them from the community, and if you think I'm being paranoid ask Jeremy Hambly what his thoughts are

>> No.56876502

>"actually, I think gays should be castrated. Just so you all know."
that would fall under the category of harassing and intimidating behavior

the area of concern here is people getting put on public global ban lists for "extreem thinking"

>> No.56876509

>don't be offended
>don't be shot
>don't be killed
>don't be mocked
>don't get hit

I hope something horrible happens to you.
Don't let your parents die, anon.

>> No.56876516

Ok sorry, my bad. He does want to defend the hobby from SJW's. I like that.

It doesn't make him watchable though, 5 minutes of his voice is enough to send a man crazy. Maybe he should make a text-based blog instead?

>> No.56876522

>I am wrong
No they did that too.

>> No.56876523

>People are allowed to have extreme ideologies but nearly 99% of them will never utter their views publicly.
This. for fucks sake, I'd probably be considered to have an "extreme view" by a fag like spikeybitz. The thing is, I know that the FLGS is not the time or place to start yelling about niggers, because I'm not fucking Terry A. Davis nor am I such a newfag that I don't know about hiding your fucking power level.

>> No.56876527

Okay, countries arresting people are shit countries. I suggest you move. As for companies, they always choose to reserve the right to deny service to whoever the fuck they want. Like I can let you into my house, and set up some ground rules, but if I change my mind and want you gone then you're gone.

>> No.56876528

As they should.

You think it's ok for him to take pictures of people without their knowledge and then put it up on the internet for others to laugh at?

Id ban him.

>> No.56876529

>GW will gladly sell models to anyone.

I can see it now...
>"Games-Workshop caters to far-right extremists."
>"In the far-right future there are only Nazis."
>"Why doesn't Games-Workshop stop the hate?"

>> No.56876530

Maybe YOU shouldn't say stupid fucking opinions. Maybe my opinion is that your opinion is harmful an creates an unsafe atmosphere, so you should be removed from the store.

Do you see how this works yet?

>> No.56876531

Only way to get a marine mounted autocannon.

>> No.56876532

no one cares

double lightning claw shredding machine

>> No.56876536

I mean, I don't think Chaos Dreads exist anymore, so go for it.

>> No.56876542

Slugga by default. If you want to try to really optimize you can try a mix of 2:1 or 3:1 slugga to shoota in each squad and take casualties from the shootas first.

>> No.56876548

Countries can, which is a thing right now. In western nations. Wrongthink is reality.

>> No.56876550

There's this weird line of thinking in tabletop, it's sort of like people don't realize you don't have to associate with assholes.

You'll find people sometimes enjoy bringing the most broken lists possible and sitting at a table in a GW just waiting and waiting to play a game. Just this past Saturday I saw a guy bring his excellently painted Ad Mech army in but it was robot spam for days and he was just waiting for a game for like an hour.

I looked at him, looked at his list and just said "eh, you win" and went back to assembling.

Now, this goes for personality too. If someone is being an asshole and rambling on about how Hitler did nothing wrong or whatever. I don't have to keep playing that guy - hell, I don't even have to acknowledge him.

>> No.56876553

>Solution: don't be a fucking asshole
Problem is these dumbasses don't have the mental capacity to comprehend that. Like yea have your politics go ahead. You think all white men are evil sure go ahead. Just keep that shit outside of the store. Think blacks need to be exterminated? Sure go ahead just keep it out of the store.

Honestly, if people on both sides of the debate were just capable of acting like a fucking human being in public this would not be an issue.

>> No.56876555


That is concerning the criminal nature of the act.
Criminal law is only one part of the public law . This is a matter concerning private law.

Trust me i am an engineer.

I said modern, not murican.

>> No.56876558

I'd use sword. Whip cracks actually cut mainly.

>> No.56876559

Are you implying that SJWs ever support the hobbies they shit up?
GW only gives a fuck about one thing, money, so they'll give no fucks about what people who don't spend money think, they barely give a single fuck about what the people who do spend money think.
And if you don't spend money at a FLGS run by a batshit insane SJW, that buissness will not make money and close down, like what's happened to so many businesses who cater to sjws

>> No.56876561

Baneblade is my favorite. Always loved tanks and it is the biggest and baddest one out there.

>> No.56876563

Shootas can annoy your opponent and be a nuisance but sluggas will put in work

>> No.56876567

then it would be the establishment's decision, although given how your answer to being offended is "don't be offended" I'm pretty sure you would be a cunt in multiple ways to make your expulsion more likely than yours.

>> No.56876570

mix of both in each unit.
That's a perfectly legal thing to do, since they were out in public and he wasn't using their likeness to make money. But I agree that it is the kind of behavior that I would not allow at my club, if I owned one. That being said, I also would not allow people to dress in a way that revealed their asses, which as I understand it was the object of his jokes.

>> No.56876571

>This is a matter concerning private law.
So cite the law.

>Trust me i am an engineer.
Unless you're a "legal engineer", the only thing your engineering education means is that you think you're right about everything including shit you haven't bothered studying in the slightest.

>> No.56876577

>Being offended is the same is being shot or assaulted

>> No.56876579

What does that have to do with anything?

>> No.56876580

You don't know anything about law if you think european nations make a big deal about criminal and private law.

>> No.56876583

than mine, I mean. Shit, I'm tired.

>> No.56876584

>I suggest you move.

Remember this advice when it's your country's turn.

>> No.56876592

Problem is being an asshole or not is determined not by the entire hobby group . It is determined by a select few company drones.
That is the main issue here.

>> No.56876596

Sure thing, it's probably engraved in my brain at this point after trying so long. I managed to find it in the 4plebs Archive, here's the exact text with accompanying picture.

>tfw you've found one of the best ways to replicate GW's Dark Eldar scheme using the new paint range
Fellow DE anons, save this if you need it.
>Prime Black
>Basecoat Incubi Darkness
>50/50 Nuln Oil and Coelia Greenshade mix all over
>All over edge highlight of Kabalite Green
>second edge highlight of Sybarite Green, keeping closer to sharp points, so as to leave some visible Kabalite Green on the longer edges
>THIS ONE IS THE KEY: Apex edge highlight of Nurgling Green, keeping even closer to the points of sharp edges on the model

As for the suits:
Dark Reaper on raised edges that would be hit by light.
Thunderhawk Blue closer to those edges.
Fenrisian Grey on the finest tips. It's from a Duncan video(of course, mine isn't as neat): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCM-xJClFSA

Good luck, anon.

>> No.56876598

I live in a country settled entirely by people who moved when things got shitty. We haven't forgotten.

>> No.56876602

never said that. Just stating that blaming the victim/target for their suffering from another is a stupid fucking thing.

>> No.56876607

>Criminal law is only one part of the public law . This is a matter concerning private law.
There's civil law sure, but that's about disputes between people. law suits and the like
>Trust me i am an engineer.
you're wrong, trust me, I'm a lawyer

>> No.56876609

My fellow Archons
What are the units that shine the most in your armies? Especially those that you never expected to outshine general picks

>> No.56876613

this isn't a democracy. The company drones have the authority and they have the authority to ban

>> No.56876614

An FLGS or GW is not the time nor the place to go off on hating gays or minorities or SJW pronouns or whatever.

My GWs (I have two in my city) have a simple rule: if it's not about GW stuff let's not discuss it here. It's really never an issue as everyone really loves the hobby.

>> No.56876615

Not being an asshole is not hard. They don't want to lose customers, especially regulars.

>> No.56876619


But that is 'extreme thinking', and being public about that thinking. Like if you're in your private discords, sure. But if you're putting your thoughts out in public and you make it clear you're not going to welcome group X into your hobby and will actively attempt to drive them out, then yeah you're going to get banned.

If you post a youtube video talking about rumors of Lion-o coming back Chaos Tainted but also devote half of your video to how you think gays are sexual deviants poisoning our crops and stampeding our cattle and how you think that the fandom should actively purge any of The Gay from it (RIP Yriel), then honestly I can't blame GW for banning you.

>> No.56876620

Really? You don't think there are scenarios where people are too easily offended? You don't think there are lots of situations where the fault lies with a person who can't take a joke rather than the people who "offended" him? You are very naive anon.

>> No.56876622


They are dirt cheap and they actually got pretty decent dakka.

>> No.56876628

Where do you plan on going next?

>> No.56876630

My Inquisitor with a Nemesis Daemonhammer and Combi Plasma has done pretty well - usually makes back at least twice his 95 points. In my latest game he killed my enemy warlord(a Company Commander) and then a Leman Russ.

>> No.56876631

Dark Lance Scourges. Holy shit.

>> No.56876635

Being offended is a completely subjective experience. One could choose to be offended over anything, at any time, for any reason at all. Offense can only ever be taken, it cannot be given.

>> No.56876640

> make a big deal about criminal and private law.

Please stop embarrasing yourself at this point.

That was a joke. I am actually a lawyer. I didnt want to say it outright like a jerk.


Google invitation to treat.I dont have time to lecture you any further than that.

>> No.56876641

Or you could just take them on Cataphractii and get a 4++, just deep strike or transport them.

>> No.56876644

>Honestly, if people on both sides of the debate were just capable of acting like a fucking human being in public this would not be an issue.

yeah but thats not even the issue.

The issue is if or not people should get put on public global ban lists for having "extreem thoughts".

>> No.56876645

SJWs are not customers of Games Workshop. They just want to act as thought police for people who are customers. Much like they're still attempting to do with videogames.

>> No.56876649

>giving a shit about fat neckbeard neo-nazis playing tabletop sci-fi games.

>> No.56876651

I was thinking about maybe building a few of those. Hitting on 4+ though with a 34pts model...eh I dunno.

They do look fabulous though.

>> No.56876658

The one on the left is surprisingly masculine for a space elf.

>> No.56876659

You park them in cover and they act as Devastators.

>> No.56876661

If you like to live dangerously you can give them Blasters.

>> No.56876667

Criminal and private law is an american thing. Not an european thing.

I bet you think cops always need warrants too.

>> No.56876669

>Trust me i am an engineer.
LMAO that makes me trust you less. only an idiot would think both pi and e are both 3

>> No.56876670


they play plenty of video games and D&D so... your point doesn't stand.

>> No.56876671

if the joke is offensive to the oversensitive bitch, the best thing to do is apologize and move on. If the oversensitive bitch keeps on harassing than it's on the other shoe, but victim vs offender relation is very clear.

>> No.56876673

I'm east coast US right now. DC is a bit shitty, so I'll probably head to the midwest next. If that fails, my wife loves Iceland. So we'll probably head there.

>> No.56876675


Razorwing swarms. They can be used to tie things up, bubble wrap, harass, or in one case, be a distraction carnifex.

> "Brother, focus fire on those birds!"
> "But why?"
> "Do as I say befo-"

And then a H.Bolter Devastator squad was wiped out before they tore my paper boats apart.

>> No.56876681

he's not a pussy like Craftworlders

>> No.56876682

You don't see his body, he is faggot like every other elf male.

>> No.56876685

Please, do point to the companies that have become major successes from pandering to SJWs then

>> No.56876686


See, this is the kind of shit that ends up with people getting arrested for "manspreading" and "fart rape."

>> No.56876689

you don't choose to be offended. You choose the reaction off of it.

Didn't half of you fuckers get bullied as children? Shouldn't you know shit like this?

>> No.56876698

Why not just FAQ the Rhino sniping issue that no one was complaining about?
>When determining if an enemy character is target-able, ignore your models for LoS purposes.
Instead of this other dumb sauce

>> No.56876703

And they look DAMN good doing it while also being inconspicuous to any opponent unfamiliar with the amount of sheer rape they can put out

>> No.56876709

don't do arrest worthy things then.

Try not being a piece of shit for a change. You will discover how much less shit you will have to deal with when you stop being a cunt

>> No.56876713


til Bioware and Disney don't exist anymore.

>> No.56876715

>That was a joke. I am actually a lawyer. I didnt want to say it outright like a jerk.
Well now you're a massive fucking cunt, so good job. Anyway, I'm the Solicitor General of the United States, so you're wrong.

>I dont have time to lecture you any further than that.
You're shitposting on 4chan. Your time is worth $0 an hour. I'd be surprised if you were even a law school dropout.

>> No.56876717

That's wasn't real pandering. Real SJW pandering hasn't been tried.

Also, I hear Cracked is doing great.

>> No.56876718

A person who gets offended at something someone else says is not a 'victim' anon. Harden the fuck up. I honestly can't believe how pussified modern men have become. "H-h-he said a bad word! I'm a victim!"

>> No.56876721


Scourges come with 32mm bases now, were 25mm too small and they tipped over?

Deciding how I want to base them before I regret it.

>> No.56876723

>that's about disputes between people. law suits and the like

Hahahaha, wow. It is always so funny to see people who dont know anything about law to act like they have knowledge about it.
>you're wrong, trust me, I'm a lawyer
Major bullshit.
I am going to give me a name. Here is the word that will prove that you are a total shitter.
..... of laws.

>> No.56876729

>camp your devestators behind a rhino
>enemy can't see them, but they can shoot at whatever they want

>> No.56876731

What you feel is dependent upon what you choose to believe is important. Have more control over your feelings and take responsibility for yourself. Weren't you forced to read the Stoics? Shouldn't you know shit like this?

>> No.56876732

Thank you, anon. Getting that deep green for the base color has been killing me. And I think your suits still came out great!

>> No.56876739

>be an anon
>post your support for politician who wants to end immigration
>get banned from GW for not having "correct thinking"

>> No.56876742

>Criminal and private law

Please kill yourself for your lack of knowledge

>> No.56876743

You mean the bioware who's game have gotten trashed, sold horribly and who's been downsized by EA since they started pandering to SJWs? THAT bioware?

>> No.56876744


> cracked

> ever not sucking

>> No.56876747

If only all the Jews in Nazi Germany has stopped being Jews, they wouldn't have needed to fake the holocaust.

>> No.56876749

>you don't choose to get offended
You absolutely do. No one can force you to be offended by anything. Others cannot control your internal emotional state, at best they can attempt to affect it.

Unless you're secretly a robot trying to infiltrate human society, and can only respond to input in programmed ways. It seems you've tipped your hand, Mr Terminator.

>> No.56876754

legally person at the end of a harassment is a victim. Maybe you should learn not to be a cunt.

>> No.56876760

I'm rebasing mine right now, but I went plain desert scheme. Some Vallejo Desert Sand, Seraphim Sepia, and a drybrush of Vallejo Bonewhite. Bam.

Anytime, anon. It looks almost black, but then you look at the suits and suddenly it's not. That's what I love about the scheme.

>> No.56876766

Did. I don't see much relevant. Mostly just stuff about how an advertised price does not constitute a legally binding contract.

>> No.56876767


> I'd be surprised if you were even a law school dropout.
Well i dont know why you would be suprised, i assumed you wouldnt be suprised considering your tone but oh well.

I am sick in bed right now so it is worth 0 usd either way.

>> No.56876768

Holy fuck. Jesus christ. Dan Abnett is just a shitty writer. Everyone on /tg/ has such a hard on for him but hes just so fucking boring. He reminds me of girls in my highschool English class, who would read their poetry after vigorously volunteering. It would be filled with words that are a couple hundred pages deep in the thesaurus in an attempt to sound like an intellectual. Just pretentious words with no purpose other than to sound ""smart"" but they come off as a nurgle diseased failure of an imitation of good writing.

Not only that right, when he's not writing dialogue, its just so fucking boring. Pages on pages of description that is so filled with meaningless words. He somehow has a way of describing things that leave me understanding less of what it looks like than when I started.

At the start of Gaunt's Ghosts First and Only, like first 3 pages start, he describes a faustus interceptor
"Each of these patrol Interceptors was an elegant barb about one hundred paces from jutting nose to raked tail. The Faustus were lean, powerful warships that looked like serrated cathedral spires with splayed flying buttresses at the rear to house the main thrusters."

What the fuck is a serrated cathedral spire?

What the fuck are splayed flying buttrrssrs?

"Jutting nose to raked tail" the fuck does that mean? Why not just say nose to tail?

Why the fuck did you call it an "elegant barb"?

Why "one hundred paces." Who the fuck uses paces? We are not ancient Egyptians you fuck.

Fuxk you Dan Abnett, your only redeeming quality is being a nice guy, and not ruining 40k lore. Just making it dreadfully boring to read

>> No.56876771

>If only all the Jews in Nazi Germany has stopped being Jews, they wouldn't have needed to fake the holocaust.
And I thought the SJWs were bad for always saying Trump is Hitler.

>> No.56876773

I would do the 32mm slot bases. I said "EH FUCK IT, WHO NEEDS THOSE?" and did 25s for tradition and regret it every second.

>> No.56876778

Before the SJW pandering it was at least a financially viable form of sucking.

>> No.56876780

Getting offended at what someone says because you have the fragility of wet tissue paper is not harassment anon, and you and others of your ilk trying to define it like that is exactly the problem. You don't get to ban people because you're thin skinned.

>> No.56876781


pls post link of that happening, and also the proof it was GW's corporate itself and not a local GW store manager.


bioware is actually doing pretty good. just because you live in an alternate universe where this isn't due to EA being a bunch of microtransaction happy fuckheads who are cannibalizing their perfectly decent arms so that their CEO can make a quick escape once the mtransaction train goes bust doesn't mean bioware itself is suffering due to dey essjawdubyas you retards like to cry about.

>> No.56876782

You're some chucklefuck student who discovered for the first time that he could pretend to be a lawyer on the internet.

>> No.56876787

non sequitur

>> No.56876788

>When determining if an enemy character is targetable
>determining if
>enemy character

The attempt is to incorporate a different type of check specifically for enemy characters, to see whether they are hidden or not.
Normal shooting, like drawing LoS to a valid visible target comes after, and the prior step is unneeded if there wasn't even an enemy character around

>> No.56876790

because top heavy?

>> No.56876792

You will not regret 32mm, they are very light models but they will fall over on small bases

>> No.56876793

Dammit i wish Cultist came on 32mm bases. So i could use Bloodreavers as count as Khorne Cultists.

>> No.56876796

I'm sorry, but you're being really rude to me right now, and as a transwoman of colour, I feel like my existence is not being validated by this unwarranted harassment. I feel like such a victim right now.

>> No.56876799


Cracked was never financially viable.The thing was riddled with shitty advertisements since day one. Get off Wong's cock and rub that nostalgic semen from your eyes.

>> No.56876815

So if what you just said offended me I've now been victimized by you? If that's the case I'm feeling pretty offended right now, so you should probably keep your harmful opinions to yourself. You wouldn't want to be known as an abuser would you?

>> No.56876816

Cracked is still a thing?

>> No.56876820

but this is
>Harassment is governed by state laws, which vary by state, but is generally defined as a course of conduct which annoys, threatens, intimidates, alarms, or puts a person in fear of their safety. Harassment is unwanted, unwelcomed and uninvited behavior that demeans, threatens or offends the victim and results in a hostile environment for the victim. Harassing behavior may include, but is not limited to, epithets, derogatory comments or slurs and lewd propositions, assault, impeding or blocking movement, offensive touching or any physical interference with normal work or movement, and visual insults, such as derogatory posters or cartoons.

I'm not banning anyone, the authorities who control their products are.

Stop being a cunt, and you have nothing to fear

>> No.56876821



>> No.56876823

>Why does an author use adjectives
To give the reader a better mental image? Because saying "an elegant barb" is more descriptive than saying "a barb"? Do you just want to read books written for five year olds anon?

>> No.56876833

>Hahahaha, wow. It is always so funny to see people who dont know anything about law to act like they have knowledge about it.
That's litterally the fucking defintion of civil law you mong. "the system of law concerned with private relations between members of a community rather than criminal, military, or religious affairs"
laws about intractions between people. Now is there a hell of a lot more to it than just law suits? Of course, stuff like tort, family, contract law etc.
>I am going to give me a name. Here is the word that will prove that you are a total shitter.
I'm honestly not sure what the fuck you meant by this
>..... of laws.
best I can guess is body of laws, or corpus juris. Which raises the question, why the fuck are you using the english term for anything you pleb? Did they not have latin at your third rate law school?

>> No.56876845

>What the fuck is a serrated cathedral spire?
The gargotls on this Cathedral Spire certainly give it a "serrated look"

>> No.56876847

Its calling flowery prose anon abnett probably jerks it to the sound and the fury so just read something from another author if you dont like it

>> No.56876851

>don't want to get punished?
>then stop breaking the rules

You said it yourself, anon, it's not the fault of the rules you're an asshole who breaks them. Just stop doing them. Just like all the homosexuals in the past just had to keep it in their pants to stop them from being arrested. It wasn't the rules that were in the wrong, it was the people breaking the rules.

>> No.56876852

>Implying I'm not a S

>> No.56876854


>> No.56876855

August Ames necks herself
Neo-nazis & Gamergaters & MRAs start death threats against people who disagree with them
>stop being offended by my freeze peach

>> No.56876857

Holy shit you would have to be an emotionless automaton to actually not engage in harassment by this legal definition

>> No.56876858

Seconding Mandrakes. I got two boxes of them back in 5e when I started the army and I am glad I never converted them. They have been devastating against units of marines and terminators alike and that was just as a unit of five. While on one hand I'm sad to see them not having shaken their funk of "worst DEldar unit" on the other I enjoy them being regarded as unimportant by opponents until it's too late.

>> No.56876859


It's pretty much supported by the very people who hate it at this point. The only reason why anyone goes on it is because they think it's the leading SJW magazine or something even though the site's pretty much dead at this point.

>> No.56876860

1. They removed Savior Protocols? Afaik you swap wounds to shield drones who then have a 4+/4++/5+++ if the drone unit is within 3" of an infantry or battlesuit unit.
2. Not sure, but I suspect it works on the model himself but nobody else while embarked.
3. Yes
4. They can disembark/shoot as normal.
5. I think it works still since it's not range-limited, but that's not a bad question.

>> No.56876861

Oh wait, are you some retarded yuropoor who thinks civil law in most any context on an english speaking website will refer to your system of law compared to common law, and not the common law distinction between criminal and civil law?

>> No.56876862


Would you like me to post my bar lawyer identity certificate so that you can use it on your e-battles?

I would reply with a laughing anime girl picture if i was able to use desktop.

>> No.56876863

Good, maybe you will learn how not to be a cunt now that you understand the effect of harassment.

>> No.56876866


Temporarily Out of Stock Online


And they were already reboxed to say Drukhari so its not for that reason.

>> No.56876867

>Using MRA is a pejorative
Found the SJW

>> No.56876869

These are called "Flying Buttresses". There are often found on both sides of a cathedral where they can give the building an extra wide "splayed" look.

>> No.56876874

But who defines what qualifies as a "cunt"? Maybe I decide you're a cunt. Maybe I come up with a really good sob story about how big of a cunt you were to me and how your opinions are harming me, and now you're banned because stores don't want a cunt like you around.

OR we could not conduct social inquisitions based on purely subjective criteria, that is also an option. Just remember its a two way street.

>> No.56876876


does lore have an actually solid explanation for Mandrakes yet besides "SPOOPY SHADOW-GHOST SPESS ELVES"

>> No.56876882

Secret's out that scourges are rape machines

>> No.56876883

Or, just not be a cunt.

>> No.56876886

COBRAnon here, rate my current jack-of-all trades list. How could I fix it?

Emperor's COBRAs [107 PL, 2000pts]
>>Battalion Detachment
Regiment: Armageddon

Dedicated Transport
Dozer blade, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber

Heavy Support
>Heavy Weapons Squad
Selections: Lascannonx3

>Leman Russ Battle Tanks x2
Selections: Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolters, Lascannon, Storm Bolter

Selections: Heavy Bolter, Hunter-Killer Missile

>Company Commander - COBRA commander
Chainsword, KUROV’S AQUILA, Plasma pistol

>Tank Commander, battle tank
Selections: Heavy Bolters, Lascannon, Storm Bolter

>Command Squad
Veteran w/ Special Weapon x4
Selections: Plasma gun

>Infantry Squad x2
6x Guardsman
Guardsman W/ Special Weapon
Selections: Flamer
Heavy Weapon Team
Selections: Heavy bolter
Selections: Boltgun

>Infantry Squad
8x Guardsman
Guardsman W/ Special Weapon
Selections: Meltagun
Selections: Boltgun

>>Supreme Command Detachment
Regiment: Armageddon

Lord of War
Selections: Autocannon, Demolisher cannon, Twin heavy bolter
2 Lascannon & Twin Heavy Bolter Sponsons
Selections: 2x Lascannon, 2x Twin heavy bolter

>Company Commander - Firefly
Selections: Astra Militarum Orders, Chainsword, Laspistol
>Company Commander - Copperhead
Selections: Astra Militarum Orders, Chainsword, Laspistol
>Lord Commissar - Destro
Selections: Plasma pistol, Power sword

>>Vanguard Detachment
Astra Millitarum/Imperium

>Primaris Psyker
Selections: 3) Psychic Barrier, 4) Nightshroud, Force Stave

>Callidus Assassin - Stormshadow
>Master of Ordnance
>Tech-Priest Enginseer
Selections: Servo-arm

Strategies: combine flamer squads with a commander, keep enginseer blocked by russes and baneblade. melta squad in chimera. give each solo team a commander too.

>> No.56876887

I'm sorry, are you victim blaming right now? Like, wow, I can't even, I'm literally shaking.

>> No.56876892

If somebody feels so much as annoyed by your presence it would fall under that, right in the first sentence

>> No.56876898

Confirmed fake.
I am not going to give you any more satisfaction by giving you replies on the malyasian procelain board.

>> No.56876901

Courts and, in your example, the stores defined it.

pay attention, and stop being a cunt.

>> No.56876905

Is that a death threat? I'm pretty sure those are wrong. I hope the judge goes easy on you.

>> No.56876908

I think you're all forgetting the actually important question: How long will it take before someone gets their opponent banned before a game, because they know they have a bad match-up against their list?

>> No.56876909

>Ignore your problem that will just make it go away!

>> No.56876910

Thank you for sharing your painting secrets anon, your stuff looks great

>> No.56876914

people with power will abuse the authority to declare you a thought criminal if they feel like doing so. And legitimate assholes will get protected by people with power and never be on the global public ban list. Thats how these things always work and its stupid to agree with setting up such a system in the first place.

>> No.56876923

Most stores will give you a warning. Pay attention to them. This is not hard.

>> No.56876924

Just finished this.

Trazyn came ahead WAAAAAAAAY AHEAD. Poor Fulgrim.....

>> No.56876930

Ah, right sorry
>conduct which annoys
You're annoying me right now, and are thus a cunt. Stop criminally harassing me or I'll be forced to inform the Thought Police.

>> No.56876941

You are well beyond the topic of FLGS at this point.

>> No.56876949

>ask a girl out
>unwarranted lewd proposition

>> No.56876951

maybe you wouldn't fall in their view if you stopped being a cunt. stop being a cunt.

yeah, it's the court's decision to ultimately decide, but if your very presence is menacing and openly expressed and being unwanting, but still maintained. it could definitely be seen as harassment

>> No.56876953

Not an argument. But please, go ahead and stop replying. Given the fact that you relied upon the english name of the term, rather than the latin makes me think your some LARPing faggot who just looked up shit online.

>> No.56876961

There is no such as the thought police. Pay attention and stop being a cunt.

Brush your teeth

>> No.56876968

Internet "lawyer" repeatedly retreats when called out, and whose best argument is smugly throwingout a term, shouting "Google it" and basic bitch shitposter deflection. Who would have thought?

>> No.56876969

>You are well beyond the topic of FLGS at this point.
yeah, maybe thats cause I was discussing the proposal in the spikeybitz article

>> No.56876986

Anytime, friend. Sadly I get to head to bed now after debasing my scourges. Bright side is that they're ready to be placed on some 32mms tomorrow.

>> No.56876996

I feel bad for anyone who just looks like a scary motherfucker sitting on a bench saying absolutely nothing and gets slammed with harassment by somebody nearby just from having an intimidating physical appearance

>> No.56877002

Well if you say so, anon. Clearly reality is wrong.

>> No.56877013

that's why you can counter sue.

It's a great system.

>> No.56877015

>it's the court's decision
>but if your presence is menacing
So if I decide your presence is menacing I can drag you to court and force you to fights nebulous harassment claim?

If I knew getting rid of people I didn't like was this easy I'd have jumped on the SJW train years ago.

>> No.56877016

Clearly they should have just stopped being a cunt.

>> No.56877024

thought police is not a real organization. Even if it exists in name, it does not have the legal power recognized by the government to arrest and imprison people.

Stop being stupid.

>> No.56877029

Whatever Spikeybits meant by that, fairly stupid, statement I don't think anyone here is advocating bans for literal "thoughtcrime" like you're railing against. There's plenty of shitty behavior to address instead.

>> No.56877030

what'd you do to make that head

>> No.56877032

Good luck, I absolutely felt menaced by you, and as that experience is completely subjective you can't disprove my claim.

>> No.56877036

Sure. You likely won't win, but ask your attorney for that detail

>> No.56877043

Yes, but if you lose a frivolous lawsuit you have to pay costs for both sides, so I hope you have a while lot of money to throw away on two legal teams.

>> No.56877050

Literally black people

>> No.56877052

Stop being a cunt.

>> No.56877054

MTG literally handed out a ban for just that. It's more likely than you think.

>> No.56877058

Good luck... for what?

I'm not doing anything involving chance.

>> No.56877063

What does extreme thinking mean, they get what this game is right?

>> No.56877067

It was not "thoughtcrime" you ass.

>> No.56877089

MTG handed a ban for the guy being a prick.They didn't arrest him for having bad thoughts.

>> No.56877091

Who knows what Spikeybits meant? He's just some asshole who runs a knockoff BoLS. If they had said "GW could ban toxic groups that openly harassed members of the community" I don't think anyone would bat an eye.

>> No.56877099

>What does extreme thinking mean
it means whatever the people with the power to judge the situation want it to mean. obviously.

>> No.56877108

Good luck with your counter suit, which itself is just further proof of your harassment.

It's a shame we've established all these totally subjective criteria for what counts as harassment isn't it? If I decide I was harassed then definitionally I have been harassed.

>> No.56877114

So is Trazzy going to tell the Silent King that he can have a body of flesh and bone through bio transference in exchange for favors?

>> No.56877126

well, you have to sue me first before there's a "counter" suit. Can't counter nothing.

>> No.56877129

I'm skeptical of banning people in general, I mean the groggiest grognards are too far gone, but I'm sure we were all that guy at some point or another.

You only get better through exposure to social activity and getting beaten down when you act like a moron.

>> No.56877141

Would be interesting to see that happen but we all know that Fulgrim is now a living hologram for all eternity.

>> No.56877142

Which is totally subjective, and didn't even occur in the context of a MTG event. He posted things on twitter which someone took offense to.

>> No.56877151

Yeah and getting banned from events you like is a pretty solid beating.

>> No.56877156

yeah and MTG didn't want their names being associated with it and removed the cancerous element. which is within their right to do so.

>> No.56877161

Do Wizard's terms of service now extend to online interactions on unrelated services? That's news to me.

>> No.56877166

Second point invalidates the first though, just call them a cunt, tell them to stop being such a neckbeard and that'll do it. Banning them just makes the problem worse.

>> No.56877186

This all sounds like you're too lazy to take care of your own problems and want daddy to come and take the bad mens away.

Fight your own fights, faggot.

>> No.56877207

Are you even aware of what he supposedly "did". It's tepid at best, most people wouldn't even consider it proper shitposting. Banning people for mild rudeness on twitter is not a great precedent to set.

>> No.56877217

>Banning them just makes the problem worse.
How? It's literally an elimination of the problem.

I honestly don't know. I do think companies do get to control how their products get distributed and who gets admittance for non-sex/race/religion discriminatory reasons in general, but I'm not a lawyer so I can't cite.

>> No.56877218

So, for non-criminal activity outside the platform, they ban you from the platform on which you have not done anything?

>> No.56877226

"criminal" has never been a factor in the bans

>> No.56877241

>It's literally an elimination of the problem.

So you have no interest in actually correcting people's behavior, you just want people you don't like gone? I hope you never get any sort of power in your life, you fucking delusional fuck.

>> No.56877243

that remains to be seen.

In general public headline of "removed harrasser that caused someone to quit" is better PR because people complaining about someone being thin skinned generally get pointed as being the insensitive villain.

>> No.56877247

Elimination of the problem for you perhaps, but on a broader level you're just making someone more disaffected.

>> No.56877260

>outside the platform
Done explicitly as a Magic the Gathering youtuber and online personality about another MTG personality, for obstensibly magic related reasons.

>> No.56877267

I know, which makes it even more stupid.

>> No.56877270

There's no correctional system for that.

I mean, the biggest problem facing the US is the lack of a criminal reform and reintegration program, leading to repeated offense.

Suggest a reform system first. Until we get that, banning them is the best we can do.

>> No.56877281

They're adults. It's on them to correct their own behavior. You give them warnings, and if they don't get the message that's that.

>> No.56877283

What? I don't have the power to remove people from public events. I mean I could physically beat a guy but then I'm 10x worse, and WILL be banned.

>> No.56877285

not really. Private entities never needed criminal convictions to make decisions.

>> No.56877300

And how has banning him from MTGO stopped him from making MTG youtube videos? Or make social media posts about MTG? Maybe they should have done something about those things instead?

>> No.56877303

No you misunderstand me. You can cheat off your ass and it still wound't be criminal. People rightly are banned for "non-criminal" activity all the fucking time.

>> No.56877309

I know, which makes it even more stupid.

>> No.56877319

well, he can't do event coverage anymore. It's a ban on his presence, not a restriction on free speech. Don't be dense

>> No.56877322

Are assault marines any good? Sure, they get the extra attack from the chainsword, but it looks like they wouldn't be useful for much more than taking out stragglers weakened by shooting, or jetting across the table to ninja cap an objective. Am I missing anything?

>> No.56877333


>> No.56877336

>You can cheat off your ass and it still wound't be criminal.

Cheat how? I mean, if I cheat on poker, is that grounds for getting me banned from MTGO?

>> No.56877343

I think he means that other methods of correction would stop him on his own accord rather than just straight up banning him. (Personally I dgaf about MtG and hope that whole community dies and the game with it)

>> No.56877344

It doesn't. But it clearly illustrates an official disapproval by the company, and can act as a deterrent to similar behavior by others by demonstrating the consequences of such behavior.

>Maybe they should have done something about those things instead?
You mean like trying yo get Youtube or Twitter to kick him off? That's an incredibly shitty idea. And I have no idea how Wizards would doi so even if they could.

>> No.56877351

Are you just fucking stupid or did you get lobotomized?

>> No.56877363

Really? Just going to be a smartass?

>> No.56877374

No. Use Vanguard Vets instead.

>> No.56877381

Darn. I really like how they look and operate. Any other ideas for melee that aren't terminators? I want to round out my army, and aside from a squad of scouts I have for fluff and sniping, I'm trying to stay away from auxiliaries.

>> No.56877390

>It's on them to correct their own behavior.

Yeah, and you banning them outright does nothing, because they're already banned. What good does it do for them to learn how to fit in, if they're out of the group and never allowed back in?

You sound like those people who don't like all them coloured folks with their smelly foods and weird customs coming in, and they should all just be kicked out because they can't fit in.

>> No.56877393

Vanguard Vets with Jump Packs.

>> No.56877407

>You sound like
No. And you are an asshole with a blatant strawman.

>> No.56877408

I have a feeling you didn't fully read what I wrote. I said "outside the platform", so what sort of cheating are you talking about?

>> No.56877410

I'll look into them. Can I get away with using my 30 odd assault marines I already have on hand, or would I expect people to sperg out?

>> No.56877416

what do do with old sprue? got a massive pile of the shit and don't want it going in landfill

>> No.56877420

>all your problems are because you're a cunt
>but don't strawman


>> No.56877435

Shold be fine. The difference between VV and Assault marines is usually just some markings anyway. If all of the jump packers in your army are VV so there's no chance of confusion, no one should have an issue.

>> No.56877444

Well with how cheap power swords are right now, and with Vanguards able to take them on all squad members, it's kind of a waste.

>> No.56877448

The second line was the strawman friend. Not the first. That one was just wrong.

>> No.56877453

Come on, you don't need to be an SJW to see that the MRA community is toxically far-right, filled with angry white dudes pissed off white women are fucking niggers.

>> No.56877466

There's no real difference other than some decorations so if you already have them built/painted then dont worry but if are building them make sure to add extra purity seals or badges

>> No.56877485

Eh. Chainsword Vets are really good. Don't underestimate +1A.

>> No.56877494

Cool. Then if all I need to do is dig out my bag of marine bits and do some snipping, sounds like I should be golden.

>> No.56877508

I'd play some game first before concerting them all to figure out the loadout you want.

>> No.56877565

I'm keeping 20 as part of my line company, but I figure I've got enough spare bits to convert a small squad for general use. Better see where I could find some magnets and a hand drill for cheap.

>> No.56877575

Yeah, they have a lot of good loadout possibilities. Magnets are awesome for them. My (plastic) vanguards have shoulder and wrist-magnets, so I can use the whole kit.

>> No.56877581

tank traps and basing materials.
If you got a meat grinder that you aren't gonna use, it mulches through sprues pretty well

>> No.56877597

build a giant pile o rubbish for a terrain piece.

>> No.56877622

ty anon
there's 6 armies worth of sprue here, that would be an absolutely massive terrain piece... in fact I could use it to build a giant Ork Idol

>> No.56877631

Organize what you have, keep specific and unique bits. If there's ever a dude at your flgs in need of bits, trade or sell what you have. Spare bits are also good for converting if you ever start another army. Made a whole lot of bolter and shot gun vets that way.

>> No.56877637

If that's a strawman, then so is your "don't be a cunt" drivel.

>> No.56877642

sprue, not bitz, all my bitz are safely kept in my bitzbox

>> No.56877644

>Not grinding down the sprues and snorting/smoking/injecting the dust

>> No.56877645

Time to get orky then

>> No.56877661

Oh. In that case, does anyone have that picture of the necron sprue army?

>> No.56877723

Someone the other day told me that a chainsword is statistically equivalent or better to a power sword.
Superior vs 6+ saves and 5+ saves and bearly a 0.0 something better vs MEQ.

Is that true?

>> No.56877750

That's not him.

I'm the "don't be a cunt" guy.

btw, don't be a cunt.

>> No.56877782

>b-but being a cunt is the only thing I'm good at

>> No.56877809

You’re being a cunt to me by making posts about this, please stop.

I want to post about 40k without feeling oppressed, please and thank you.

>> No.56877812

It sounds like it could be. In instances where you would need armour pen, power weapons but against crap armor, the extra attacks would undoubtedly be better. Don't have the math for it on hand though.

>> No.56877818

time to back into school or take some classes in your local college then.

>> No.56877820


>> No.56877838

How autistic do you need to be to design/build these, i mean JESUS CHRIST!

>> No.56877852

Not that much.

>> No.56877863

> theres another one.
Not the one I was talking about, but yeah, do stupid fun shit like that.

>> No.56877898

theres some goddamn archers on those, I know it

>> No.56877918

I mean, a lot of buildings like that were a show of how rich the person was, or in the case of religious structures, how devout they were. So really, giant dick measuring contests occur everywhere.

>> No.56877927


*Teleports into existence*
Nice progress, shame if something were to push you off to your death

>> No.56877948

I love it, cus you get to enjoy the fruits of these "cold wars" of design ;)

>> No.56877968

isn't it time to switch threads, btw?

>> No.56878007

yes, make a new one

>> No.56878015

They’re saying chainswords are basically the same as powerswords against marines.
The extra attack on a marine with two attacks makes up for the lack of AP.

>> No.56878024

I would, but i'm not the one usually making these...

>> No.56878039

nvm someone already did it they just didn't link it

>> No.56878097

Ok, thanks XD

>> No.56879220

>each Psychic Power can only be used once per psyker per turn
>3 times Boon of Chaos
No, you aren't

>> No.56879448

>being this much of a fucking brainlet
Please kill yourself

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