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Radical genestealer edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for a skitarii HQ

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-YMzn23Jpc [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)
>Codex Blood Angels PDF Expires 16-Dec

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First for Da Boyz

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and second

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And Third. Who can possibly compete?

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>attacking four times before anyone else
I2 no longer!

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Alright boyz, party is over.

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The survey expired 4 days ago.

Get it out of the OP pls.

Also, finished my first Genestealer Cults model. I messed up the banner when I sprayed it so its not great, but I think I did well in the paint scheme. My highlighting could get better...

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>Plasteel stock
>Has no stock

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Banner needs more shading.
Torso armour needs some edge highlighting, it looks sorta dull.
Looks good otherwise.

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Well clearly it's folded behind the gun.

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xth for ebin reference.

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I just started playing that game again yesterday, fug

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Why are devastators in melee?

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>Cannot be learned

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It's from Regicide, the 40k chess game. I think Devastators are the Rooks.

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Worst Codex so far?

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>2nd ed the loyalist ones were all dead c'ept Russ and Johnson.

You got sources for these? My 2e fluff-fu is a but rusty.

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Grey Knights, no question.

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Poor second company marine. You shall be missed

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Where is this from? And can I play as Orks?

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slaangors when
any slaanesh unit that isn't a dominatrix when
I want murderraping things that aren't feminine as well

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Grey Knights.
I'll still kick you're fucking butt anyway

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warmaster when

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fires of cyraxes when

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Fa/tg/uys and Ca/tg/irls!
I come to you in search of wisdom and advice!
How much fun would you have against this list and how viable do you think it would be?


- HQ:
BJORN THE FELL-HANDED (210 pts) + Helfrost Cannon (25 pts) + Trueclaw (0 pts) + Heavy Flamer (17 pts)
MURDERFANG (200 pts) + Storm Bolter (2 pts) + Heavy Flamer (17 pts)
Venerable Dreadnought (90 pts) + Fenrisian Great Axe (40 pts) + Blizzard Shield (15 pts) = (145 pts)
Venerable Dreadnought (90 pts) + Fenrisian Great Axe (40 pts) + Blizzard Shield (15 pts) = (145 pts)
Venerable Dreadnought (90 pts) + Fenrisian Great Axe (40 pts) + Blizzard Shield (15 pts) = (145 pts)


- HQ:
Librarian Dreadnought (130 pts) + Furioso Force Halberd (0 pts) + Furioso Fist (40 pts) + Meltagun (17 pts)
Chaplain Venerable Dreadnought (120 pts) + 2x Dreadnought Combat Weapon (2x40=80 pts) + 2x Heavy Flamer (2x17=34 pts)
Death Company Dreadnought (90 pts) + Blood Talons (65 pts) + Storm Bolter (2 pts) + Meltagun (17 pts) + Magna-grapple (5 pts) = (179 pts)
Furioso Dreadnought (69 pts) + Furioso Fist (40 pts) + Frag Cannon (38 pts) + Heavy Flamer (17 pts) = (164 pts)
Furioso Dreadnought (69 pts) + Furioso Fist (40 pts) + Frag Cannon (38 pts) + Heavy Flamer (17 pts) = (164 pts)

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>black rim
>second company

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Bird dominatrix horde

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How do I use Dark Eldar Reavers? They are fast and can spit out a fuckton of splinter shots and some blaster fire but do I want to charge them into combat or do I just want to keep them on the flanks and dumping shots into the enemy?

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Yep. Russ was waiting for the WOLFTIME and Jonson was still sleeping off the roofie Luther gave him.

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Post cool HQs!

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Anyone got the hammer of the emperor omnibus pdf?

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Depends on the opponent
Ramming them into Tau infantry seems to work well for me

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The response was stupid and gets a stupid response.

I said emotional old dudes were a problem, somehow he immediately jumps to the conclusion I think blacks are the problem and not emotional people.

That's fucking retarded.

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When AdMech get transports and when GW releases plastic Sisters.

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>hot mango pickle

>> No.56870866

Patak's Hot Mango Pickle is also one of my favorite HQs

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>How much fun would you have against this list and how viable do you think it would be?


Let me read it though.

Nah probably would hate it if I had no tank busting shit. But your turns would be fast so that might not be so bad.

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Don't shit up a new thread you guys

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>10 Dreadnoughts
>field GKs: 2 GM Knights, two Naughts and a fuckton of Paladins
>field Nids: As many Genestealers and Hormagaunts I can fit, as well as a couple Hive Tyrants and Old One Eye leading a shitton of Carnifexes

12'o'clock noon.
By the playground behind the school.

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From Codex Imperialis
>Of the original twenty Primarchs only nine survived the Horus Heresy. The remainder were either killed in the fighting (like Horus) or fled with their Chapters into the Eye of Terror. The survivors helped the Emperor to rebuild the Imperium. A genetic hank war I'ormed from their gene-material so that ncw Space Marine Chapters could be rounded in the future. Although long lived, he Prinlarchs were not immortal and the last of their kind finally died after fourteen hundred years. Many extraordinary legends arc [old of the deeds of' the Primarchs. many of which are preserved by thc lore of the Marine Chapters. Today the Primarchs are worshipped alongside the Emperor as saints in the pantheon of the Chapter cults. Their tombs have become places of pilgrimage. and their bones and personal possessions revered relics

Codex Angels of Death and Codex Spacewolves then go on to say
>Buried even deeper within the Rock, is the final, greatest secret of the Chapter. Only one person in the entire universe knows the truth - the Emperor himself. For hidden inside a secluded, unreachable chamber at the heart of what was once the planet Caliban, Lion El' Jonson lies sleeping, waiting with the Watchers in the Dark for that time when he will be needed once again to defend the Imperium against its enemies.

>Listen closely Brothers, for my life's breath is all but spent. There shall come a time far from now when our Chapter itself is dying, even as I am now dying, and our foes shall gather to destroy us. Then my children, I shall listen for your call in whatever realm of death holds me, and come I shall, no matter what the laws of life and death forbid. At the end I will be there. For the final battle. For the Wolftime." (last words of Leman Russ)

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For when I purchase Primaris shit should I invest in an Apothecary if they'll be mingling in one detachment with my Deathwatch boys.

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thankyou <3

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I just- I just can't stop smiling whenever I look at it, it just sounds so bad and good at the same time, so dreadful yet so fun!
You're on, you little shit!

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I mean where in 2e does it talk about everyone else being confirmed dead?

From what I remember from old fluff is that Guilliman was in stasis and some people claim he's healing, even though it shouldn't be possible due to the stasis. Dorn was missing with only his arm found. Russ and Khan disappeared. I think Vulkan did as well. Ferrus and Sanguinius were confirmed dead.

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>tfw no headless Ferrus warp ghost leading the legion of the damned as an actaul army

>> No.56871022

>genetic hank war

>> No.56871028

I think you mean the disembodied head of Ferrus Manus

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why not both?

>> No.56871047

Because the orks charged them.

>> No.56871049

Is it actually hot or just moderately spicy?
I hate when they do that.

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Blood DK is so much fun.

>> No.56871058

Thinking about using this as a general scheme for my death guards, any tips to get that schlik look to the tentacles?

That and what color should I use for flesh? Neutrals seem out of the question if clothes are neutral.

>> No.56871066

Are mutants heresy if they're cute enough to fuq?

>> No.56871076

>Head on a Relic Leviathan
>Headless body has a Legion of the Damned LoW tier

>> No.56871096


Colonel “Go ahead and shoot me with a Battle Cannon” Petrov

>> No.56871105

Just make sure to clean up when you're done. Fire and a bucket full of hot lead get the job done.

>> No.56871122

Does anyone else miss when 40k was a static setting?

>> No.56871124

>These are now actually good and fairly priced
This makes me so happy.

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I wouldn't exactly call the plot a roiling, breakneck caper

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>> No.56871145

What do you prefer Anon, Fists or Talons?

>> No.56871149


No, it was hardly static when kept adding events that were happening up until the end of .41M.

>> No.56871153

that'll learn me to copy past, I'll clean this up a bit

>Of the original twenty Primarchs only nine survived the Horus Heresy. The remainder were either killed in the fighting (like Horus) or fled with their Chapters into the Eye of Terror. The survivors helped the Emperor to rebuild the Imperium. A genetic bank was formed from their gene-material so that new Space Marine Chapters could be founded in the future. Although long lived, the Primarchs were not immortal and the last of their kind finally died after fourteen hundred years. Many extraordinary legends are told of the deeds of the Primarchs many of which are preserved by the lore of the Marine Chapters. Today the Primarchs are worshipped alongside the Emperor as saints in the pantheon of the Chapter cults. Their tombs have become places of pilgrimage and their bones and personal possessions revered relics

>> No.56871154

No. The setting moving again has brought a lot more good than bad.

>> No.56871174

I can't paint well enough for cool HQs, just normal HQs.
I know that feel. My count as Straken is known for taking missiles to the face after failing charges.

>Give him a bodyguard so he doesn't get shot so much in the face
>Bodyguard makes the charge but Straken doesn't
>Straken gets blown up

Happened about 3 times before I realized, charge with Straken first and if he fails, don't charge the bodyguard in.

>> No.56871186

For The Dead Walk Again do the Pox walkers need to be in range of the unit or the model that's slain?

>> No.56871194

Talons. Rerolling everything makes up for my shit luck. Also, witht he chapter tactic, S10 will still allow you to wound everything on 2+ during the first turn of combat.

Add 2 heavy flamethrowers to this, to make the heretics extra crispy.

>> No.56871199

Fucking yes. The world was so well designed for the gameplay, with explicit excuses for Your Guys and Your Battles, and every change makes it smaller.

>> No.56871224

Yes, >>56871149 is a fair point but it was nicer to have my dudes making a tiny difference in a small corner of the setting than my dudes watching the narrative.

>> No.56871227

it's sat in there for a long enough time that I don't remember

>> No.56871238

Aaah, good choice! Does the Chapter tactic still work if I use this list? >>56870794

>> No.56871240

post dreadnoughts

>> No.56871243

I will say that I do like the changes, but I really hate characters.

>> No.56871245

I have to go digging to remember exactly where, but I'm sure I'm right about those two. Dorn got his hands chopped off, presumed dead. Khan went... somewhere. Vulkan I'm hazy on. Corax got killed doing something fucking retarded, that I'm pretty sure on. But the point of the legends were to inspire humanity to keep jumping into the meat grinder, not to magically show up and save humanity because 40k is about humanity enduring endless warfare because it's either fight or die and not having superheroes save the day because humans are 'good'.

>> No.56871259

He makes a cameo in MoM.

>> No.56871264

It's static now

>> No.56871265

Nah I like that they're moving it on, I just want them to be careful with it. While not related to plot I do feel like narrative and open play would have been a good opportunity to get special characters out of normal games

that stuff all comes later I think

>> No.56871269

Yes, if one of your detachment is 100% made out of units with the same <Chapter> keyword, you get to use the chapter tactics for them.

>> No.56871306

Here you go Anon! If you could give me some input on: >>56870794
that would be awesome!
Yis yis, my plans come ever closer to completion~

>> No.56871314

? How would that even work?

>> No.56871318

I know that's what it was. I have no clue what the retcons have made them now.

>> No.56871345

Hello, i like Space Wolves

>> No.56871349


How does that work?

>> No.56871355

It's roughly the current state of affairs but all were dead save Johnson and Russ and the Heretics up till 4th ed I think

>> No.56871364

How does *that* work?

>> No.56871380


>> No.56871393


Was supposed to read how does what work in reference to >>56871314

>> No.56871397

>hammer of the emperor omnibus
all the individual stories are in my trove at snip.li
/RPGNovels along with pretty much everything else published for 40k in novel audio or comic book form (still adding stuff)

>> No.56871402

Khan is having a hell of a time with Dark Eldar racing

>> No.56871410

Thinking of a plan for melee. The idea is a company champion, a squad of tacticals or assault marines, and an apothecary to work as a kind of speed bump. Champion to dish out damage, squadies as ablative wounds, and the medic to help sustain the group. Obviously it won't hold up to a dedicated blender, but to help tie up a lesser threat or a shooty mob, would be viable?

>> No.56871414

How does only one habe the keyword, thought they all need to share. Do they not need to use the keyword like chaos for both but if they all have the faction they get it? But so you get multiple faction bonuses if tou have a different faction too in a separate detach?
Do both get the faction bonus?

So many questions.

>> No.56871420

>that stuff all comes later I think

3e Index Astartes releases had pretty much all of that, and some of it has been reprinted over the years, even recently.

>the point of the legends were to inspire humanity

Since 3e the primarch fluff, apart from Horus, Ferrus and Sangy, has pretty much been "missing/stasis/waiting, presumed dead by the Imperium." So them suddenly coming back isn't some drastic rewriting of history. And daemon primarchs were always there doing their thing.

>> No.56871427

I've actually played this list before, and its pretty fucking fun to play as. Not sure they guy across me was having much fun while my stuff had 3+ invulns though.

>> No.56871442

Thank you for remaining calm in the face of obnoxious trolling. Godspeed soldier.

>> No.56871446

I said chaos but i meant imperial or whatever

>> No.56871447

If all units in a detachment have the corresponding faction keyword all units in that detachment benefit from the faction traits.

Detachments won't share traits across each other, but they don't prevent traits being gained.

>> No.56871457


For the entire army to be Battle Forged it has to share a keyword (so a keyword across all detachments). To get access to Chapter Tactics a detachment has to have all of the same <Chapter> key word. So you could take 3 detachments that all share the Imperial keyword and then each detachment is composed of units with a singular <Chapter> and thus each detachment would get its chapter tactics while still being battle forged.

>> No.56871460

I like the idea of every new edition pushing things maybe 100 years further.

>> No.56871463

You serious?!
Can you give me a quick battle rep.? I'd love to hear how it went!

>> No.56871468

Oh wow.

Gonna need an hour to process that.

>> No.56871485


Until they get a points drop or something else they are suffering as many bike units did from moving into 8th. Not really helpful but, let's not forget.

>> No.56871515


I've been running 2 units of 6 with the Webway portal stratagem and using them primarily for shooting. I like to drop 2 of them with 2 units of scourges to give myself some flexibility in backfield pressure.

>> No.56871521

So do you get multiple faction bonuses if they exist?

E.g. say nurgle or daemons get a faction in the codex and in my death guard army I make a patrol unit of death guard daemons do they theoretically get both?

>> No.56871529

how would you guys feel about a space marine army with 3 detachments, but each detachment has very differnt paint jobs, even though they are the same army? basically i want to do a wheel of time army, and have the 3 main characters as captains, and each of the detachments reflect them from the book

>> No.56871547

They kept squashing more and more shit into a single fucking year. It was retarded.

>> No.56871557

Totally cool with that. Especially if they squad markers and special little things pertaining to them.

>> No.56871575


I don't quite follow your question.

A detachment gets bonuses laid out in its codex which is usually predicated on having all of the strictest available keyword (for example <Deathguard> or <Nurgle Demon>). So if demons get a detachment bonus you'd need to take an entirely demons detachment and an entirely Death Guard detachment.

>> No.56871582

so long as it wasn't deliberate cheese it'd be fine

>> No.56871583

>Ork Warbikes didn't get a point drop in Chapter Approved

Playing Kult of Speed is suffering.

>> No.56871591

Dark Angels are literally this

>> No.56871596

Yes and i have daemons with death guard and nurgle daemon I think, would they get both?

>> No.56871600

yeah each squad in every detachment would have something to show their connection to their specific captain

>> No.56871603

It was only the top half of the list cause it was a 2k point 2v2 with me and some dude playing ravenguard against eldar tank busting and some guard with a couple tanks basically here's what happened if I remember correct it was soon after 8th dropped:

>march bjorn and his entourage of 3 melee dreads up the board while murderfang menacingly runs at some eldar in cover
>ravenguard guy does nothing the entire game
>only dreadnought to die was actually murderfang after he tore open an eldar tank and a squad of their heavy weapons equivalent
>the remaining dreadnoughts charge some poor guardsmen and scions and melts their faces while chain consolidating into their tanks and the last of the eldar

>> No.56871612


Are they in the same detachment?

>> No.56871625

im newish to the game, so i dont know if it would be cheese, but id basically have 1 detachment be troops and heavy, 1 be fast attack and 1 be elites. should i just do 2 detachments instead?

>> No.56871630

God damn they better have cool banners and shit too.
Or man like a theme that they all share but have a different take on too.

>> No.56871647

Yeah if they were? Like hell an easy one would be 3 daemon princes for the command one.

>> No.56871651

yeah 3 different banners, 1 banner is a red hand, 1 a wolfs head and the other will be hard, a golden chinese dragon. red hands and wolf heads are easy to find in 40k, i might pay to have a dragon banner painted from a commission

>> No.56871654

How about that kult of speed battleforce that has.. footsloggers and.. 3 bikes

>> No.56871655

God damn beautiful Anon!
Because Nurgle Daemons don't have the "Deathguard" keyword and Deathguard don't have the "Nurgle Daemons" keyword, they'd get neither in the same detachment.

>> No.56871659

What is the most fun army to play? Or type of army

>> No.56871667

That's basically Dark Angels.
But that's a good thing, marine armies tend to look like one big ugly blob, breaking up the scheme with specialized groups looks a lot better.

>> No.56871669


If you had nurgle demons and death guard in the same detachment you'd get no bonuses for either in that detachment. You'd need 1 detachment where everything is Death Guard and a separate detachment where every model is a nurgle demon.

>> No.56871678

No, as every unit needs to have the appropriate keyword.

>> No.56871682


Neither did DE reavers. I feel like they are leaving things off the table to give the codex validation

>> No.56871684

Being this wrong.

>> No.56871694

>Why aren't playing Imperium, heretic ?

>> No.56871696

Any advice on IG? I really want to base an army around having a fuckhuge LoW tank like a Shadowsword or Baneblade.

>> No.56871703

Dark Eldar are very fun to play
Orkz are very fun to play (unless you like winning) and fun for your opponent to fight against

>> No.56871716

Sounds like a fun idea. As long as they're all using the same tactics, I don't think most people would have a problem with it.

>> No.56871718

Because this is 40k and not 30k

>> No.56871722

>Being a marinelet

>> No.56871737

Why are they in a fridge?

>> No.56871740

So i have an idea for an army. 1 battalion of imperial guard, and another detachment (probably heavy) of space marines. What are your thoughts anon?

>> No.56871747

Should I give my terminator lord the black mace or the murder sword? Which will let him fuck shit up harder?

>> No.56871748

>unless you like winning
>Orks are bad meme
Don't run so many transports. Mass bodies and you'll be fine.

>> No.56871752

I love to post HQs! The one in the back left was my very first model I ever painted!

>> No.56871762

That'd be rad as fuck. I'd want it to be implied though, more like a fuckhuge legionnaire with distinctive Ferrus features rather than an obvious Ferrus Mannus walking around.

>You are weaaaak Vulkan!

>> No.56871763

Because some brilliant anon discovered that fridges are natural light boxes. White paneled, built in light, the works

>> No.56871781

My friend's Alaitoc Eldar rip my asshole apart as a Tau player.

Rangers 1st turn battle round infiltrate anywhere on the board, taking up a lot of deep strike territory, and in cover with -2 to hit native are really fucking tough to dig out, and theres about 40 of them on the board. Not to mention the sniping bullshit. Oh, and he can always out-deploy me with the stratagem phantasm.

Then I have wave serpents up my ass doing the same thing with -2 to hit coming up, unloading wraith knights with d-sycthes s10 -4 ap dm1 auto hitting rape cannons. With fire and fade they can roll up, do that, and run back in the transport.

Psychic phase my screen of fire warriors gets obliterated (tau FNP/savoir protocals is the only mitigation we get for pyschic raping)

I feel like I can never get any tempo because he puts the wave serpents in the back. sents them on at a time at me. Once I deal with 1 wave I have to deal with another. Also while getting shot at with bubble-wrapped dark reapers and fire prisms. theres a psychic spell that lets a unit move like it is its movement phase. Howling banshees going 7 + d6 + 3 + 7 + d6 + 3 + charge distance is bonkers, and you get no overwatch against it.

I have taken combinations of the following:

4-6 fusion commanders
cold stars
60 fire warriors supported with aun'va/dark strider (for fallback and analyzer) / cadre
20 path finders with 2x recon/grav/pulse accl/2x shield drones
shield drones
devilfish with breachers
flamer crisis team
stealth suits

I guess gundrones with fireblades in devilfish and cheese harder? A lot of the games he also loses the first die roll, so he gets to pick side/deployment zone for the map. Going 1st + picking side and deployment is a kick in the dick

>> No.56871785

If you run Bobert you'll be accused of being a waacfag, so watch out. Other than that, guard and astartes is pretty fluffy

>> No.56871786

Is playing pic related in a 1500pts game being a dick ?

>> No.56871807

My fridge is too packed with food to see the walls..

>> No.56871810

What chapter?

>> No.56871822

Superheavies under 1850pts is kinda dickish.

>> No.56871826

Playing it at all is being a dick

>> No.56871829

whats that like? i spend all my money on minis

>> No.56871832

Did you agree on use of FW beforehand?

>> No.56871837

>b-b-but it has two transports

Yeah, that battleforce is insulting to call Kult of Speed.

DESU if they just had the Battleforce be 18 bikes at the same price I would probably buy it.

>> No.56871845

i don't plan to, i have a gillyman model but its more to appease my autism of wanting the primarch models

>> No.56871850

i always ask my opponent if they are fielding a superheavy or a knight, if they arent using one, i dont use mine. when i go to play i normally have 2-3 lists i can use at various point levels, and 1 to change out my superheavy with

>> No.56871859

At least you try.

>> No.56871860

It's not good for my heart, that's for sure.

>> No.56871863

you deserve a (You)

>> No.56871883

This art is still shit

>> No.56871898


Sounds like he's taking a pretty potent list. If you want to combat it unfortunately commanders and drones is probably your best bet because he's playing a tournament caliber list against a pretty poor index army.

>> No.56871903

Some of the Imperium frowns on skinning people alive for shits and giggles. Chaos encourages it.

>> No.56871905

You're probably right. For its price, I could take a Russ and a Basilisk, plus some extra dudes instead.

Not so much when you're facing opponents using a -1 to hit at more than 12" range doctrine.

My LGS has a policy stating that FW is always allowed, except during tournaments.

I'm a relatively new player, and I've never played with or against a superheavy.

>> No.56871921

Storm Wardens, but since they're an unknown founding, I use Salamanders tactics, cause they're both pretty bro tier with penchents with hunting giant monsters.

>> No.56871935

Is this fan art or is GWs moving away from their uncomfortably crisp style that they've been using for 8th?

>> No.56871943

That'd at least be decent value, ork bikes are so expensive

>> No.56871980

I want to play a xeno race
decide for me /tg/ and tell me why you chose the particular race

>> No.56871998

Murdersword is great, I barely feel black mace's impact.

>> No.56872004

That's official. However, the bolter looks excessively thin, the marine could snap it in two if he isn't careful.

>> No.56872009

The bolter is off but I dont see why you'd call it shit

>> No.56872032


>> No.56872033

>mfw Alpha Legion infiltrating Khorne Berzerkers

>> No.56872041

You’re not the only one there

>> No.56872044

necrons, so you know your faction lore will not be ruined by nature of not having lore.

>> No.56872053

It's not the rewriting of the lore that bugs me. It's the half assed effort put into it and the lack of thought to the consequences of it. Like Alpharius. If Dorn killed him, then why was half the Legion still fucking with the other half? Did Omegon plan against himself until Guilliman killed him? Or was that an Alpharius 'clone' kept in stasis? It's just a mess trying to be a mindfuck. And I can go on with more examples of just retarded 'It sounds cool, but makes no rational sense in the overall picture' writing.
>Stoned and on Vicodin, let me refine my thoughts before I continue

>> No.56872057

Always allowing FW is different than letting the dude know you're bringing a macharius

>> No.56872066

Are DKoK tank crews all-female units reenacting Girls und Panzers, but with gas masks ?

>> No.56872068

*angry hushed whispering intensifies*

>> No.56872070

>So them suddenly coming back isn't some drastic rewriting of history.
It's not a big factual departure, but it's a huge departure in tone. The original 40k is a setting where mankind's best days are behind it, the ancient heroes are dead or have abandoned humanity, and the Imperium is a cruel mockery of what it promises to be. And none of that was changing.

Shit was GRIM, and DARK. The imperviousness to change gave the setting a unified theme that most commercial sci-fi doesn't have.

>> No.56872081

You gotta pick a list type before anyone can give worthy advice.

Are you infantry 'footguard' with a bigass LOW in the center?
Are you Mechguard, with lots of chimeras?
Are you Tankguard with Hellhounds and Russes backing up the Baneblade?
Are you Airguard or Militarum Tempestus?

Different strategies elicit different advice.

>> No.56872110

They just carry on his legacy since he ded deady ded

>> No.56872112

Who is scarier? Chaos Marines or Dark Eldar?

Night Lords might be edge lords but Dark Eldar want to keep you alive as long as possible until they've squeezed all your soul juice out.

>> No.56872117

Memestealer cults
>Cool models
>purple, purple everywhere
>let’s you collect two other armies

>> No.56872124

Bolt Rifle is too long, too thin. Pauldron on the left is long than the one on the right, head is too high up, hand on the grip is too small and there's clearly no arm behind it.

>> No.56872127


>MFW when I properly screen them
>MFW I have no face

>> No.56872128

:/ how do you tell the difference between an AL Khorne berzerker and a AL marine with CC gear? I'm just asking because I'm pretty sure the bunny ears are world eater only

>> No.56872130

Dark Eldar might also turn you into gore-y Bane

>> No.56872136

what part of we shall know no fear, do you not get?

>> No.56872137

>thinks the setting has always been grim and dark
>thinks that not progressing is the only way to keep a unified theme

>> No.56872153

>he's playing a tournament caliber list
Fight fire with fire

Outrider Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire)
Cadre Fireblade Selections: Markerlight

Fast Attack
Pathfinder Team
2x Pathfinder, Pathfinder Shas'ui, 3x Pathfinder w/ Ion Rifle
Pathfinder Team
2x Pathfinder, Pathfinder Shas'ui, 3x Pathfinder w/ Ion Rifle
XV109 Y'vahra Battlesuit Selections: Stimulant injector, Target lock

Outrider Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire)
Cadre Fireblade Selections: Markerlight

Fast Attack
Tactical Drones Selections: 11x MV1 Gun Drone
Tactical Drones Selections: 11x MV1 Gun Drone
Tactical Drones Selections: 12x MV1 Gun Drone
Tactical Drones Selections: 12x MV1 Gun Drone

Dedicated Transport
TY7 Devilfish Selections: 2x MV1 Gun Drone, Burst cannon, Seeker missile
TY7 Devilfish Selections: 2x MV1 Gun Drone, Burst cannon

Supreme Command Detachment +1CP (T'au Empire)
Commander Selections: Advanced targeting system, 3x Cyclic ion blaster
Commander Selections: Advanced targeting system, 3x Cyclic ion blaster
Commander Selections: 4x Fusion blaster
Commander Selections: 4x Fusion blaster
Commander Selections: 4x Fusion blaster

Total: [104 PL, 1999pts]

>> No.56872157

I know I'm probably asking the impossible here but I'm going to anyway.

I'm interested in getting into 40k but I'm not sure where to start. What could you recommend as a good army for beginners that doesn't require a lot of models and is also cheap to buy?

>> No.56872159

Yeah I’m going with DE here. Being given to a haemey coven or enslaved by a Kabal is probably the worst way to go in 40k

>> No.56872162

>Blood for the Blood God

>> No.56872168

easy to build primaris army

>> No.56872169

They started as a World Eater tradition what with the gladiator pits of Nuceria. However they came to represent a stylized '8' so any Bezerker can feel free to wear them.

>> No.56872175

You'll break, they all break.

>> No.56872183


It's a decent go. Depending on how much of a dick his friend is the list may just not exist to beat him with Tau in their current state.

>> No.56872187

I like the setting progressing past being perpetually stuck at five minutes to the turn of the millennium, and I don't even mind Bobby G being back, but I'm not really feeling the tone, too many successes.

>> No.56872188

Fuck I love other guard regiments, but they’re so hard to collect.

>> No.56872206

Hey, so I have been considering playing one of the 40k RPGs, and I am mostly trying to decide between Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Dark Heresy 2nd edition.

Generally, my group like to earn their power, but wants to end up earning their way to the top. I think rank 16 Dark Heresy got you equal to the highest rank in DeathWatch, and while Rogue Trader starts off higher than DH, it ends up weaker than rank the max of DH or DW characters.

What is the power scaling like in DH 2nd ed, and is their any unofficial stuff for Rogue Trader that is the equivalent to the Ascension stuff in DH?

>> No.56872211

why are exorcists best chapter

>> No.56872214

It feels too clean. There's still the pew pew, and the blood, and the sad people, but something is missing. It's starting to feel more like Star Wars than 40k.

>> No.56872225

Night Lords can only kill you once. DE can bring you back to squeeze that last bit of soul out if you have a particularly 'valuable' form of suffering. I'd rather take physical torture then be turned into a psychic crack pipe.

>> No.56872227

That guy is basically just Lorgar.

>> No.56872232

Necrons. Sick ass Robo-Egyptian theme. Fulfills the cool factor that undead give while also fulfilling robo cool factors. Also the Monolith is my single favorite model in the entire game. It is also an easy faction to start out with because of how little facial detail and other things like that you have to immediately jump into. They are really durable and all of their units are tough.

>> No.56872239

The Steel Legion has been made obsolete by the Death Korps of Krieg, though.

>> No.56872247

Read some books from the mega link and figure out 'your dudes'. You'll be much happier and you won't waste money picking a faction that you'll hate later.

>> No.56872253

Except people don't laugh at him

>> No.56872268

my brothers may be broken, but they never broke

>> No.56872270

Yeah no thanks. Nice try jewdubs.

>> No.56872274

30 years of the same old and over a decade of cramming everything into the last few years were restricting the setting so much that it was either move forwards or retcon everything to get space to breathe. Fucking tau were already planning the 4th sphere expansion when the 3rd had just begun and the 1st and 2nd took thousands of years. Shit was bananas.

Not gonna lie that it's a shift, but I'm also glad the setting isn't afraid to change. I know people like Star Wars, but at some point everything being about the jedi and light sabers gets old. Even Rogue One couldn't avoid hamfisting The Force into it.

>> No.56872276

This is just the long awaited Renaissance for the Imperium. Much like how in 1500-1600s Europe, people decided that "antiquity was cool but this crusading shit sucked" and decided to name the age between them (the 'new' antiquity) and ye olden days "the dark age" & "the middle age", the Imperium will look back on their primarchless and Emperorless times with disdain.
Good old antiquity before the heresy and then the dark ages between the modern 42nd millenium's renaissance and said antiquity.

>> No.56872305


>> No.56872310

Yeah feel free to buy your over priced metal miniatures instead

>> No.56872311

>panzer grenadiers have been made obsolete by WW1 trenchers


>> No.56872342

There's not enough devastation to make this important. To get the gears of the Imperium to turn to Bobby G's direction I would have expected some sort of rebellion. Even if the Ecclesiarchy tougned Girlyman's O-ring some cardnial should have gone fundamentalist and launched some kind of shit. It's too neat and clean. Fuck, Robby's whole idea to resynchronize the Imperial Calendar should have kicked off some shit.

>> No.56872365

Still half the price

>> No.56872366

r8 my list tg I made it unbound to be easier to read, its just a vanguard and battalion detachment fun list to stack -3 ld in a bubble

>> No.56872371

I r8 8/8 nice job

>> No.56872373

blowing up cadia was a start, but they left too many cadians.
If they are willing to blow up a few more lore worthy things, and actually have them be gone, it might start to feel like a real lose.

>> No.56872379


>> No.56872397

Ebt that way

>> No.56872404

Here's my Ork list for an upcoming tourney lads

If you don't know, Ork Weirdboyz get an extra +1 to their physic tests for every 10 Ork models near them

>> No.56872406

>try freehanding after not having done it in years, thinking it’ll be just like riding a bike
>not at all like riding a bike
>totally fucked like 4 chapter symbols for my dudes

Okay, so how can I salvage this one? I decided to try a sneaky AL dude, maybe painting it to make it look like chameoline shifting to a different chapter symbol?

>> No.56872437

Exactly. I can understand that Cadians are a very popular choice to bulk out Guard units, but it just feels like Cadians are the cockroaches of humanity free from the rotting house they were confined to. They're fucking everywhere.

>> No.56872441

can the mines spawned by a sporocyst (not the ones from the spore gun) charge the turn they are spawned?

>> No.56872445

eh some of this is kind of happening, part of him recruiting Frater Mathieu is to try to smooth over the cracks with the Ecclesiarchy, there's no shortage of groups who are a little more than grumpy to discover that they're no longer the voice of god. Unfortunately a lot of it is happening off camera, but it's early days yet we don't even have all the codices so can't expect them to push forward so soon

>> No.56872452

>enough weirdboyz that they can provide the +1 for themselves
Absolute madman

>> No.56872454


Not enough mekguns - trade a few weird boys for some gunz.

>> No.56872463

Have Tau Heavy Gun Drones been discontinued? I can't find them on GW or FW and old links to their FW page say it's been expunged.

>> No.56872469

Seems so, they don't have the restriction.

>> No.56872471

In that case yes

>> No.56872476

Might just be getting a new mold.

>> No.56872482

>15 D6 smites
holy tits lel

>> No.56872486

Could also roll with blood angels, sanguinary guard sort of fit the tempest blade shtick, while the +1 to wound would be helpful in making your basic tacticals and assault marines punch harder?

>> No.56872489

It might be worth investing in mek gunz. Also, add a nob to the mob of boyz that has no nob. They're free after all. Lastly, if you're going to do the full weirdboy spam then you're probably going to want more boyz and less weirdboyz since the way to neuter your list is just going to be "kill the boyz" because that will deny you both the ability to grab objectives and simultaneously deny the battery buff for your psychic tests.

>> No.56872499

too many detachments, not legal.
2000pts is max 3 detachments.

>> No.56872529

I've never heard of that rule anywhere

>> No.56872531

That's the point. GW and BL are breaking new ground and it's being done in a half assed way. The Prime G wouldn't leave Terra if the Ecclesiarchy and the Imperial Timecops were not completely on board.

>> No.56872536

How do you format your list like that, good sir?

>> No.56872538

I think people either think Exorcists are stupid snowflake bullshit or super cool.

>> No.56872542

core rule book, under match play rules.

>> No.56872558

who was the most bro primarch before the heresy?
and who is the most bro primarch currently?

>> No.56872561

Except he's not gay or Chaos. Actually that's the same thing.

>> No.56872562

Suffer well, fellow brethren

>> No.56872569


Grots count as Ork models.

>> No.56872574


>> No.56872578

I think you should go BA. Fluff them as distant or reluctant successors but with a strong martial tradition kinda like Carmine Blades. Maybe they come from a Feudal World with a long tradition of swordplay. Use a Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack out of the Index to go with the S. Guard.

>> No.56872580

Yea. Orks will lose if the opponent has lots of tanks or lots of flamers. I got roasted by sororitas immolator spam. Will do bad vs imperial knights too.

>> No.56872581

WIth Your Dudes (or Girls)j, anything is possible!

>> No.56872582



>> No.56872583

Except loyal and badass instead of retarded.

>> No.56872588

It's a suggested rule, rather than a strict one, but tournament organizers so far are implementing it as a strict rule. I mean, just cram a few of those weirdboyz in the supreme command detachments into the other ones. You'll short yourself a few weirdboyz, but you should be using those points on a couple mek gunz anyway. Either way, let us know how well this works at the tourney.

>> No.56872589


>> No.56872591



also horus, because he's dead

>> No.56872593

>tfw 2h Frost will never ever come back

>> No.56872594

page 214 of the rule book, page 39 in the pdf in the mega

>> No.56872601

They're "GK-lite" but with full space marine rules.

>> No.56872623

I quit WoW as I got more into 40k. I was finding the raid times at certain points too restricting, and I wanted more freedom to paint plastic army men and shit.

Plus, WoW felt like a job at points too... it went beyond the raid times. And the story as of recently has been really crappy. I just do not care so... nah.

>> No.56872640

The way I see them are loyalists with word bearers aesthetic. They're gk without all the mary sue writing of gk. But aside from the demon slaying they're nothing like gk. I like them a lot because of their aesthetic and the fact that their HQ is doom guy.

>> No.56872642

Use battlescribe on desktop

>> No.56872648

best chapter rules to use for them?

>> No.56872649

>tfw Incubi darkness spray
My God I need more

>> No.56872658

I still play it in between painting sessions. If not WoW, then I play a match or two of League. I'm also waiting for the new PUBG map, because I'm a sucker for deserts.

>> No.56872660


Those are suggested rules for tourney organizers and it really depends on what the house rules end up being for the event.

>> No.56872661

>tfw different runes are gone
>bdk is reworked into a fun but braindead spec
>no mastery stacking
>no frost tank
We hold our runeblades in missing hands. We raid well on missing legs. We strive forward on the bones of our raidmembers. Then and only then are we alive. This pain is ours, and no-one else's. To suffer well through.

>> No.56872670

How do I paint this shade of gold?
I like it

>> No.56872681

Ah, many thanks to you and your kin!

>> No.56872682

>fw shit
Its airbrush cancer.

>> No.56872694

if you google how to paint forgeworld custodes it'll come up

>> No.56872701

Looks bretty gud desu. Especially like the realistic alien shade on the skin

>> No.56872704

It's a godsend for my pre heresy sons of Horus

>> No.56872713

nothing wrong with using an airbrush as part of your painting kit.
What's wrong with it is using it for everythings and never using a normal brush again

>> No.56872726

Try the "Brass" paint scheme from GW's Paint App.

>> No.56872731

>tfw I want an airbrush for priming and power swords
>tfw no room to use it
I tried using Vallejo primer as a brush on...Nope. Never again.

>> No.56872773

Might be a good idea. I'm kind of biased against it though, purely based off of when i first started out I avoided bangles and stuck with the more vanilla chapters. I don't really feel comfortable with switching it up at this point.

>> No.56872795

If Horus was the first Primarch then why are the Dark Angels the first legion?

>> No.56872816

The adhesive will eventually clog the airbrush regsrdless how meticulous you clean it after use.

>> No.56872830

He was the first 1 found at the beginning of the crusade.

>> No.56872839

see >>56872588
if the rules are different for the event it's either an open play/weird casual event, or the rules will be even stricter.

>> No.56872843

werent all primarchs made at the sametime? maybe horus was just the first one that the emperor found on his crusade

>> No.56872867

It's the difference of like an independent local tourney for fun with small prize support or something that's gonna attract people out of state and be more serious. It all depends on what kind of event anon is going to and he should check the event rules out for himself.

>> No.56872872

Any news on who/what won Heat 2 of the GT?

>> No.56872873

The one that layers up with Brass Scorp? That is how they paint their FW dreads, not troops though
But thanks for answering

I'll try to dig.
Google keeps trying to be smart and give me the garish 40k bright gold custodes

>> No.56872888

Fuck GW with all their -1 to hit this edition. All my shitty daemon engines can barely even function now considering everyone I play against always picks the -1 to hit trait since its almost always the best out of any other choices.

>> No.56872901


No drone controllers?

>> No.56872905


These ones are pretty close and easy

>> No.56872911

Cawl would like to have a word with you

>> No.56872919

>plays anything chaos
serves you right

>> No.56872925

>prize support.
>not a wacky list encouraging event
it will use the suggested rules.
It being a small local tournament means it's more likely they'll just use the suggestion from the core rule book.

The only way it won't is if the organizers never read that page at all. In which case you're going to an event in which the organizers never bothered to read the rulebook. ie terrible.

>> No.56872929


Learn 2 smite.

>> No.56872931

You don't know suffering until you've tried Ork shooting this edition.

>> No.56872942


What if you play tau like me ? prepare my anus?

>> No.56872954

Every local tourney I've been to made their own rule packet and objective sets for us to use. And were the most balanced and fun games of 40k I got to play. No stupid spam bullshit, and no forgeworld shenanigans. If you only go to a tourney to win you're doing it wrong.

>> No.56872955

>mauler fiend
>only range weapon has too small a range for the -1 faction trait to matter


the forgefiend did get fucked. Which sucks.

>> No.56872960

Anon i play Khorne Daemons what do i do?

>> No.56872981

>everyone picks the -1 to hit tactic over fluff
WAACfags are true cancer
I'm glad my store owner (Blood Ravens player) is more interested in fluff and gave his Blood Ravens the Salamanders tactic to show how they have a bunch of relics also lets us make jokes about them stealing wargear because they chose the black guys tactic

>> No.56872982


Take a boat load of flying princes, get close fast, abuse targeting rules.

>> No.56872983


>> No.56872988

>stricter rules than those suggested in the book
I did say that was a possibility.

Letting you run as many detachments as you want is not a possibility if the tournament organizers have read the rules page.

>> No.56872994

Hm, that looks pretty decent actually
Thanks a bunch

>> No.56872996


This is bait.

>> No.56873000

No problemo my dude

>> No.56873017

Oh no I mean use the blood angels ruleset my dude.

You can easily justify it for storm wardens as simply not knowing their parent legion. Lucifer engines reflect the Storm Wardens knack for armoured warfare while the special rules reflect the martial prowess.

>> No.56873028

Is an Autocannon/Las Sponson Predator basically a useless expensive heap compared to Las/Heavy Bolter and or Auto/Heavy Bolter?

>> No.56873034

do I not get this spray because australian?

>> No.56873051

I'm in Canada, GW estore has no non primer sprays either

>> No.56873071

So are Nids completely unaffected by Night Lords legion tactics?

>> No.56873078

not completely, just the ones in synapse range

>> No.56873087

no. Things that use leadership that aren't moral checks are still effected. If you take out the synapse it still works.

Do you mean "doesn't synapse prevent you from taking moral rolls"?, yes, that is what the rule says.

>> No.56873103

there's a different thread for 40k rpg stuff

>> No.56873121

Blizzard Shields are 30 points now m8

>> No.56873147

you may not know this but you can charge units that aren't specifically good at melee with your units that are good at melee

>> No.56873168

bumping for a r8ng

>> No.56873170

Why has GW neglected beastmen in 40k?

>> No.56873183

forgetting defilers and all of the DG newfiends but leman russ are in the same position as we are

>> No.56873189

Don't merit a kit beyond an upgrade sprue for IG.

>> No.56873190

Which is basically all of them all the time if the Nid player is competent.

>> No.56873214

So why has GW neglected upgrading the guard line in 40k?

>> No.56873229

Because they're not marines.

>> No.56873251

Not if they bothered to bring back the Lost and Damned.

>> No.56873255

My fire dragon exarch kitbash needs a name.
He's done too many epic things to not deserve it.

Short list:
In 7th:
Was charged by a Blizzard shield dreadnought. Killed it in overwatch.

Killed himself blowing up a tank 3 times.
Survived being shot by an entire tac squad in rapid fire range.

Shot down a Storm Raven.

In 8th

One shotted a mechanicum big robot.
Survived the being shot by the entire mechanicum infantry. Later a 20 man cultist squad.
Killed his entire squad blowing up a plane.

>> No.56873264

Have you seen Renegades and Heretics? GW doesn't give a fuck unfortunately.

>> No.56873283

>Have you seen Renegades and Heretics?
Yeah but it's not the same and that line is not only an incomplete mess because FW gives no shits but it is also one of the worst armies this edition.

>> No.56873284

Wait... it doesnt say anything about the starting characteristic anymore. Does that mean, for example, a Trygon Prime with 9 wounds left has to be closest and visible to be targeted?

>> No.56873290


Marines sell, IG sell less.

>> No.56873291

I thought that the new Fabius book was out on the 19th, but it's already out?

>> No.56873292

Lukas without any units of blood claws is a mistake.

>> No.56873297


RAW yes.

>> No.56873302

yep, and then it's completely worthless armies that get close.

Spend a turn moving up. Amazingly hard counter tactic to figure out.

>> No.56873313

I know what you meant. What I was trying to say was that after years of running them as imperial fists successors, I felt bad enough running them as salamanders successors this edition, and they're in the same codex. Running them as something else entirely just doesn't sit right with me. Even if it is a good idea.

>> No.56873322

No, they already answered this in a facebook question. Their answer was the same as any sane person's, if they're talking about the wounds the unit has left then the text will say "wounds remaining."

>> No.56873336

except they didn't.
They did create a counter tactic to a guard list that wants to stay in the back line and never ever move.

Of course that list got reroll 1s on everything if they don't move.

And you know, let russes shoot twice to be extremely deadly.

>> No.56873349


Not a valid source of information until its in a printed FAQ on the community page.

>> No.56873354

yes, and you can name all your faction keyword "wu-tang clan" and combine any models together.
And use stratagems to reroll your opponents dice.

>> No.56873357

I looked into it but blood claws cost the exact same points wise as grey hunters. For 65 points you get +1 bs, a bolter, and access to the banner that lets you rerolls 1 to charge and advance. So they're probably not worth, but it was a memey list to turn my wolves into terror squads so who knows. I'm prob gonna try it this week and report back.

>> No.56873372

yeah, just run your artillery units within 12" of their target in which case they will have the heavy weapon penalty and still have -1. that is brilliant. you are a visionary. it gets better for DG when the plague crawler has a min range of 12"

>> No.56873389

Okay, well in a couple weeks when it becomes a rule we can go back to playing the game how you know it should be played anyway.
Think about it this way. The character is pointed, ostensibly, based upon the value that he could potentially add to your army. Except that one of his most important parts you're choosing up front to not be able to use. You should not expect, then, for him to be worth the points that your paying for him.

>> No.56873410

That's my point, GW shoved traitor guard into the Forge World corner and Chapter Approved is the first time they paid attention to them and that was to nerf them.
GW doesn't care about them unfortunately. We're not getting anything for them, we're lucky they have rules at all with how much GW seems to hate anything that isn't power armor.

>> No.56873415

yes, because that army is going to really be good at hurting models within 12", clearly they took that trait to be able to do that.

>hitting on 5+ means you can never hit.
I get the running theme here, but it's not broken.

The only army that has a legit complaint is orks, because going from 5+ to 6+ is crippling, but

>plague crawler
Yep, death guard lists really hate getting close to their enemies. They just suck withing 12".

>> No.56873421

Too many different niched troop lines

>> No.56873422


Fair point and I agree it should be played as such. However there are going to be people who won't acknowledge anything other than an FAQ.

>> No.56873436

If that were the case then why didn't they just copy and paste the wording from before and add the newest caveat? Or even just wrote the "This means..." statement. Both ways would have been far simpler than a rewrite.

"Remaining" is an unnecessary word in either case. They would have needed to retain the "characteristic" wording to preclude wounded models that start at 10+.

As it is now it does not.

reductio ad absurdum

Personally I think the new character rules are BS to begin with. They should never have been like this. Should have been joining units like 7e.

>> No.56873445

It's a shame too because of all times to have this this would be the perfect time what with the rift and all.

>> No.56873461

>literally the wu-tang clan idiots.
It's if anything a benefit, it lets you know who you should refuse to play against ever.

>> No.56873468

>Starts death guard army
>"Hey let's figure out the eldar matchup"
>Looks at the 10 gorrilion defensive options that a single wave serpent has
>Throw in a -1 to hit on it because why the fuck not
>Cannot find anything in the DG book that can reliably do damage to it
>Sweats nervously

>> No.56873470

>The pubes are painted

>> No.56873482

Yes but they're also catgirls

>> No.56873496

>Should have been joining units like 7e.
Please no. That was such an awful mechanic, especially when you could mix characters into units across codexes. The right rules isn't hard to come up with in this game, and people were coming up with very good alternatives before CA came out, it's just that GW screwed the pooch.

>> No.56873500

>why not copy paste
Probably formatting for publishing.
Not to say that they don't need a copy editing department like no bodies business, but these mistakes are really easy to make if you don't get a copy editing department to catch these things.

>joining units.
yeah, because that doesn't add a whole mess of extra rules for basically the same point of 'you can't shoot this until you kill the troops in the way'.

>> No.56873501

So how common is a chaos cult on the average imperial planet?

>> No.56873505

Can I use the veritas viatae on the extra relic?

>> No.56873516

Can you use both a Codex and an Index in a single army? For example the Sanguinary Priest can no longer take Jump Packs in the Codex, but he can in the Index. Can you use the Index version of him to take it, but also use models and rules for other units as they appear in the Codex? Can you pick and choose?

>> No.56873517

Imperial Planets
---------------------- =% of Chaos Cults present

>> No.56873533

>In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, women still dye their hair a different color from their pubes.

>> No.56873545

I've been debating it.
Not sure what I want to stick them on as it would take away from the Commanders main roles and if I was going to do something like put one on a stealth team why not just take more drones?

>> No.56873555

Codex overrides Index. But if it isn't in the Codex you use the Index.
Unit loadouts fall under that umbrella, use the Codex version, if not present, you can use the Index version.

>> No.56873557

>death guard
> a short range army with access to powerful auto-hit weapons.
>Oh no, how do I deal with things that give me a penalty to hit at range.

To give you a hint, blight drones, bloat drones, anything that can get into melee.

To give you the better tactics to use, the WS does shit damage against DG, so ignore them and shoot the other things. When the stuff gets out of the WS it will get one turn of shooting at you, then kill those things.

>> No.56873562

I know, but the worst part is the only thing that needed a nerf was the Malefic Lord, everything else about R&H is barely playable shit, but instead of giving them anything at all, they increased points cost of some weapons and added a rules addition to Disciple squads that most people already used since common sense dictates that's how it works.
R&H is unfortunately only for allying a limited number of Guard tanks and vehicles into a Chaos Soup list or grabbing sniper mercenary marauders.
Plus Forge World is never going to update these rules, lazy cunts that they are.

>> No.56873576

You've got loads of gun drones, a nice +1 helps a lot

>> No.56873596

I take it this guy never played in a FLGS. Least I hope not.

>> No.56873601


I can't wait for peak Codex creep, which might be for the next bunch.
-1 to hit will probably have hard counters like a Strat for one unit to ignore all negatives flatout.
Then of course, dial the codices back down just in time for the Ork dex

>> No.56873632

You know nothing about death guard

You have like a bazillion sources of mortal wounds. Use them.

>> No.56873658

If my custom Craftworld is essentially the forerunners from Halo, but buried under ice and dreaming will you make fun of me?

>> No.56873659

Dump a million S5 shots into them with your Fireblade + giant swarm of drones.

>> No.56873667

the point is that demon engines are already expensive as shooters so having -1 (or more) to hit units everywhere makes them difficult to justify as shooters at all. oh and AL can run a pretty nasty melee army so your argument about the 12" bubble being countered by it belonging to bad melee armies is pretty circumstantial

DG melee units outside of the fleshmower drone and the DP typically have 4" or 5" movement. I don't know where you play that something with FLY that moves 16" is in any way threatened by DG melee.

psyker powers are the only reliable ones, unless the wave serpents are charging typhus. you have a meme understanding of DG

>> No.56873676

To be honest bright Lances and shurriken cannons are dangerous

>> No.56873694

I've never played Halo and know nothing about it, so probably not,

>> No.56873701


But what happens when you play a competent Eldar player who just continue to out range and screen you while blasting your dick off?

>> No.56873714


>> No.56873726

>Eldar Player
I haven't seen an Eldar player in years, let alone a competent one.

>> No.56873758

how would a tau army do with lots of fire warriors and kroot, and only the little mechs, with the railgun mech suit being the biggest id use. no tournaments or anything, just casual games. i dont want to get completely stomped but i dont need it to be the most competative list ever either

>> No.56873759

Jesus, come out of your parents basement, and play an actual opponent.

>> No.56873761


This is my DUDES. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
My DUDES is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life.
Without me, my DUDES is useless. Without my DUDES, I am useless. I must fire my DUDES true. I must shoot straighter than my enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will…
My DUDES and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, nor the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit…
My DUDES is human, even as I, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strength, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my DUDES clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other. We will…
Before God, I swear this creed. My DUDES and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.
So be it, until victory is MINE and there is no enemy, but peace!

>> No.56873771


Ahh so you don't actually have any room to comment on how DG should deal with an army that abuses the -1 to hit effectively.

>> No.56873784

What are you on about?

>> No.56873798

>Without me, my DUDES is useless

>> No.56873803

i like your dude

>> No.56873811

Bright lances suck pretty bad against an army full of invuln saves on all their vehicles.
Plus if they move they get the -1 to hit, and if they advance to get the extra -1 to hit they can't shoot it.
150+ pts for to bright lances is not going to do enough damage to a DW army to stop them.

Shurriken cannons suck really hard against an army full of T7, with invuln saves and 5+++.
Plus they get within 24" to shoot. Which means they're well places to be hit by...

Blight drones, bloat drones, cutehaulers.
all have move 10.

And again, shoot the things that actually can threaten any of your units.

>> No.56873821

I AM...
my dudes > your dudes

>> No.56873831

>my dudes > your dudes

fight me m8

>> No.56873835

Can I prime my minis with basic furniture primer?

>> No.56873842

Mate don't be front'n, now kiss me you fool

>> No.56873850


So tell me exactly how you'd deal with this list as a DG player.

Ynnari Battalion
Spirit Seer
3 units of 5 Kabalite Warriors
5 D-Scythe Wraithguard
6 Dark Reapers w/ Tempest Launcher
5 Shining Spears with Star Lance

Alatioc Battalion
Farseer Skyrunner
Spirit Seer
3 units of 5 rangers
Wave Serpent - 3x ShruCannon, Spirit Stones, Wraithguard ride

Alatioc Flyer Wing
2 Hemlocks
Crimson Hunter

>> No.56873861

read if it says for plastics on it

>> No.56873862

well if it's just Wave Serpents.
If it's a bright lance, they're hitting on 4+ too, can't have advanced, and get 2 shots per 140 pts.

If it's Shuriken cannons, use you're auto hitting 10" move with assault guns units.

WS have shit offense, you want to be within 12" anyways.
the statagem costs 2cp, so they can't keep using it.

>> No.56873865


when I play armies like them I like to go heavy on the plague spitters, and psykers. you could also use a contemptor dread or leviathan dread and still end up with a 3+ to hit on some seriously nasty guns, if you don't mind FW that is

cutehauler isn't here yet (plus it is made to babysit slow guys so idk how you expect it to chase down a WS and be worth its price), and I already listed bloat drones as one of the 2ish melee units that are still 6" slower than a WS. you are right to target what is actually threatening you but having to deal with units that you can't catch or hit is obnoxious

>> No.56873868

Nope, I play Orks. So whatever the DG can't do, they at least can still shoot the Eldar from time to time.
FLGS is mostly Imperium vs Chaos, with a sprinking of Nids and Crons. The new rising star is the Ork Alliance, me as the Luftwaaaghe supporting Ruskie blood axes and your average Goff list.

>> No.56873869

Hit them.
They're fast but not tanky.

If you're fighting nothing but flyers you're fucked, but otherwise use your fast stuff to pin them. Place objective markers in confined areas and place terrain well. Stay away from large buildings because they can place flyers behind it and jump you when you get near it.

>> No.56873873


Yeah bright lances suck when you start forcing your opponent to have roll multiple 5+s to avoid wounds.

>> No.56873891

Crystal targeting hits on 3

>> No.56873893

You're fine, anon. Your Green Seagulls heraldry is totally legible.

>> No.56873921


They're going to be shooting with dark reaper at 48" and blowing your ass off, especially once you're doomed. Then using screens and flyers to keep you slow. The simple fact of the matter is a competent Eldar player is going to cut your fast units out quick (which he has lots of tools to accomplish) and then he's won it because you're too slow to threaten him.

>> No.56873929

It does. Says it can be used for "toys"

>> No.56873949

my LGS has loads of orks and IG with a few nids and a few SM and chaos players. pretty fun

flamer crawlers are very hard to kill if you hit them with miasma and can assault move every turn. I find them pretty effective to at least distract and flame stuff while my lascannon helbrutes take pot shots from the back

>> No.56873954


You know they can get -1 to hit just for being a craftworld right? The stratagem can stack to make it -2 but they can get the -1 for free, all the time.

>> No.56873964

have to be within 18" to shoot, so everything you have can get within 12" to only be at the -1 from it being a flier.
It's T6, and you have S6 autohitting guns that reroll wounds.

>Shining spears.
Want to get close, are still only T4. You can kill those fuckers in overwatch.

The wraithguard will get one shot, this will hurt, but after that you just kill them.

Rangers suck if they move, and don't put out much damage against anything deathguard, so they aren't a threat.

Have your Flying DP or mortarion charge a plane.
Mortarion will especially cause havok, because if you can charge any of the units that need to move close, he gets a lot of things caught in his -1T bubble, and T2 units die to everything, and your plague flamers can kill any vehicle under it.

He's also too tough to be taken out turn 1.

>> No.56873982

Yep that's why you need to focus dark reapers. Pretty prime for termies or a sorceror with curse of. Leper and smite.

Of course if they screen your fucked.but they have s very expensive screen that you'd be breaking 300 of their points.

>> No.56873996

yeah, but it also say "outside of 12", which I mentioned you already wanting to be in anyways.

only if they target the closest.
And it's a really shitting gun to use against 1W targets.

they invuln saves on all the vehicles makes them suck.
And again 150pts for 2 shots, it's not going to do enough damage.

>> No.56874008

Anyone got comfy podcasts with battlereps and painting/conversion? Preferably someone not too much of a try harding faggot that plays space wolves.

>> No.56874023

Can you consolidate in to combat?

Can you heroic intervention in to combat?

>> No.56874028

Only played through Halo 3, did they develop the background for the forerunners?

Also aren't the Forerunners basically a variation on a them w/r/t Eldar since they're a ancient-race-that-made-everything-but-is-dying-out-or-gone?

>> No.56874033

he really doesn't.
Sorry but he doesn't.

Those Dark reapers will kill maybe 1 bloat drone. And if they got the farseer up far enough to doom it, then it's within 24" inches. You can get to that, you aren't that slow.

You also have good psykic powers, so you can deny the doom.

>> No.56874041


>It's T6, and you have S6 autohitting guns that reroll wounds.

Still has a 3+/6+++ and is entirely effective until it dies.

>Want to get close, are still only T4. You can kill those fuckers in overwatch.

Yeah you're going to kill 11 T4 3+/4++ wounds with overkill. Oh wait and then they're going to absolutely blast whatever they shoot charge.

>The wraithguard will get one shot, this will hurt, but after that you just kill them.

Welcome to Ynnari - double shoot then overwatch

>Rangers suck if they move, and don't put out much damage against anything deathguard, so they aren't a threat.

Can't recognize a screen when you see it. (Also >>56873982, you're never going to be near Dark Reapers with good deployment, also forewarning, try again).

>He's also too tough to be taken out turn 1

Doesn't need to be, just need slow him down, all it takes is one restrain and he's out of the game until he's dead.

All the while this list is deleting multiple units a turn from your army.

>> No.56874047

So what would Vulkan’s opinion on the primaris marines and the current state of the imperium be if he returned?

>> No.56874052

> Can you consolidate in to combat?
> Can you heroic intervention in to combat?

>> No.56874067

Think this will work for a pure Primaris Dark Angels list? I have a bunch of other things but I did want to try a few games of pure primaris.

>> No.56874069

He'd be cool with the Primaris.

>> No.56874075

Hugs for everyone.

>> No.56874077


>> No.56874079

So how long till Vulkan and Salamanders are actually black

>> No.56874088

> 3 Hellblaster.

>> No.56874096

He needs paint thinner.

He also has nice titties for a boy.

He shall be known as Nighean B'eag

>> No.56874097

I saw this in the last thread, how accurate does this sum up the players these armies?

>> No.56874102


Yeah bloat drones survive the turn 1 blitz from 2 hemlocks. Also you are aware the farseer can be far away from the reapers right? He can be in doom range and not near the reapers (who have a 48" range).

>> No.56874105


>> No.56874112

None of the SW I know are furfaggots. They're all pretty cool old guys with huge beards.

>> No.56874116

Dark reapers are quite mobile because they don't get affected by modifiers, so they can easily deploy out of line of sight and walk out and shoot on their turn. That's the main reason they are so dangerous, because absurdly high damage output plus mobility, making alpha strike difficult against them

>> No.56874119

>"dark angels"
>zero DA units

You fail.

>> No.56874128

Tau is incorrect. Tau players don't care about the Greater Good, they all play Tau because they like anime and their robot suits are essentially Gundams

>Thinking about painting my next set of Crisis Suits in Gundam Exia colors

>> No.56874138


You know Dark Reapers move and shoot with no penalty? And in most eldar lists they'll be ynnari and they'll be shooting twice a turn?

>> No.56874146

All of those units can have the Dark Angels keyword. I said it was a pure primaris force
I mean how else am I suppose to kill vehicles as a pure Primaris force

>> No.56874147

please dont be the faggot that shows up with anime tau

>> No.56874162

But they are black. I mean look at any art of them. Are you blind? what color do blind people see?

>> No.56874171


Weeb yes, commie? Maybe if you're an Amerilard you think Orwellian with Castes boogaloo is the same as Communism

>> No.56874187

Black as in black people
Not the radiation shenanigans

>> No.56874191

Not very.
I'm a furry who plays crons, friend's a bible thumper who plays khorne, the alpha chad of the store plays Nurgle, and the owner is an Alt-right family man who plays Tau.

>> No.56874203

Honestly if some fucker decides to play a multi-faction list (with eldar no less) then you're already at a disadvantage from playing mono-nurgle. I would fetch myself a small alpha legion detachment with sorcerers, cultists and slaanesh obliterators

>> No.56874213

>Runes are gone
Quit a few expansions ago but this still makes me mad

>> No.56874227


>> No.56874228

sorry for the newbie questions, but I'm just getting into the game and I got some newbie questions.
I ordered the Start Collecting Tyranids box, I know that's not enough for a full army, are there any "immediately buy this" units?
Do I need the rule book and Codex Xenos and the Tyranid Codex?

>> No.56874229

>I mean how else am I suppose to kill vehicles as a pure Primaris force

I was about to say you don't play pure Primaris army, but well okay.

>> No.56874235

XD could this group be any more different than the armies they play

>> No.56874238

tryanid codex, the codexes replace the indexes once they come out

>> No.56874242

At least dont do a basic scheme like that.

>> No.56874245


My kinda guy ;)

>> No.56874253

>entirely effective until it dies.
no it's not.
It degrades. Starting with flat lies is a great way to go.

>Killl 11 t4 3+/4++
I mean, apparently 10 wounds T7 3+/5++/5+++ is super easy to kill, so that shouldn't be too hard.

So I see the problem now. He gets off every psykic power, all of yours fail. His T3-4 are impossible to kill, but your T7s with 5++ are super easy to kill.

>> No.56874260

You'll probably want some Gaunts and some Warriors. They usually form the backbone of Tyranid armies.

>> No.56874275

good thing to do is too look up 2000 point lists online and look at the similarity of lists

>> No.56874287

>AdMech=I have autism

I don't see this one being true. I think it's more about hipsters/snowflakes inb4 /pol/ who want to a play an army that not many people play.

>> No.56874298


It's weapons auto hit so the degradation is meaningless. So sure technically it degrades but it doesn't impact the fact that it can smite and its two guns are just as effective at 12 wounds as they are at 1.

Also you suggested you'd kill the spears in over watch, not just in general. You aren't killing them in OW, just the same as no one is killing a bloat drone to OW. Try not to move the goal posts.

>> No.56874302

>tfw Furry who plays Undivided Iron Warriors

>> No.56874343

>the owner is an Alt-right family man who plays Tau.

>> No.56874344

I dunno, based off some of the whining here and on DakkaDakka. Cogboys are a little off

>> No.56874364


You're right in that it does actually have a degrading profile but remember Heavy D-Scythes auto hit it doesn't really matter. It slows down but at its slowest it can still move 40".

>> No.56874368

>he gets off every psychic power, all of yours fail
Welcome to Eldar, you get 1 reroll per psychic phase that costs a CP, he gets a bunch.

>> No.56874431

If your in combat and get dudes back can you place them within an inch of something your not fighting?

>> No.56874442


>> No.56874453

Finally! A solution for poorfags that cant spend $50 on a kit per month.

>> No.56874458

>implying I'm not going to play CC's while I wait on people to build a list
Got be poor somewhere else, stealth poorfag.

>> No.56874465

Maybe it's just me then. Or maybe it's just DakkaDakka, I don't go there.

>> No.56874466

>>All Primaris

>> No.56874468

What is this for ?

>> No.56874481

>Finally! A solution
So, what is this "Final Solution"?

>> No.56874490

Combat Cards updated re-release.

>> No.56874499

is this a leak?

>> No.56874507


>> No.56874510


Nope, it was on warhammer community today.

>> No.56874513

343 Industries created a new retarded storyline where mankind was spacefaring alongside the Forerunners until there was a war and the Forerunners smacked us back to the stone age. Then got eaten by flood right after.
The new Halo story is even more retarded than new the new 40k story.

>> No.56874520

>Warhammer Community
No, prat.

>> No.56874521

Does it help you stick up for sluts on the internet too?

>> No.56874524

>Chad marine on the packaging
Marine-fags who think their Marinelets aren't going to get replaced are delusional

>> No.56874526

So... cards for poor memory people ?

>> No.56874533

Nobody knows if the game system has been reworked.

>> No.56874543


>> No.56874550


Nah it used to be an actual game back in the day. I used to play the WHF variant of it.

>> No.56874556

>Vet only has a 4 bravery
>Those wound values
>That speed

>> No.56874560

I may be wrong
But aren't humans and flood also extra-galactic races that brought their war to the Milky Way and the forerunners?

>> No.56874585

>Rule of cool VET

>> No.56874664

>all the primaris units have awkward battlefield roles or just straight up inferior to marinelet counterparts
>GW themselves says they are a supplement to marinelets and not a replacement
>GW confirmed they are still making marinelet kits
>shit ton of new lore has everyone being skeptical of them
>m-marinelets btfo!

>> No.56874729

Flood are extra-galactic, Humanity is native. What you might be thinking of is when the Forerunners saw humans in their sectors of space they thought we were invading but we were actually running from The Flood

>> No.56874898


>> No.56875039

It's ok, That's what I'm running

>> No.56875170

>Tzeentch=I am going to buy bitcoins, any day now
Oddly accurate.

>> No.56875305

What do people recommend for transporting figures? I used to have one of the old-style GW cases with the red foam but it's joined the choir invisible.

>> No.56875416

I actually did buy some bitcoin.
t. Tzeentch player

>> No.56875498

Honestly, ignore model count etc and pick an army you think is cool. As for cash just take it slow.
I started this year, and only just got a 1000pt army, but they're an army I'm happy with because I think they're fucking cool.

So pick your army, get a Start Collecting box for them and I recommend the getting started paint box thing. A pile of paints, a brush, clippers and glue. After that, hit a hardware store for some primer, and build and paint the Start Collecting while you save to buy more bits and pieces.

>> No.56876568

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

>> No.56876730

So I picked up pic related, and while the box includes rules for Power Level play, I notice he has no points values.

Doesn't that technically render him illegal when playing with points?

That seems like a massive fucking oversight.

>> No.56876952

No, stupid. He's a primaris hq with a fist and plasma pistol.

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