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1st for Sons of Sanguinius.

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I would totally build a Tau army if I could populate it with ratmen.

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Posting in best thread

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They can count as Fire Warriors, if you want.

Appreciate it, but some yuro decided to roll back the pasta and delete newer megas and mathhammers. I'd rather let this one simmer until the pretender thread sages, so that lazy OPs copy the good one instead of the bad one.

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Do I need to buy Imperial Armour: Chaos for Leviathan Dreadnought rules in my Death Guard?

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That's really neat.

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Reposting in new thread. Do you think limiting players to one detachment would reduce WAAC lists? For events where that is the goal, i don't think its a great idea for a permenant rule.

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Tau are pretty interesting i think.

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Anyone here know how to contact Zhanchui? Want to order some of his stuff.

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I think two detachments is good.

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Yes. Or just download it and print the relevant pages.

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Yes, But at the same time it would fuck over most armies that cant fill out 1 brigade because CP is very valuable.

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1+1 per 1k points works fine

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Two detachments doesn't stop any of the WAAC shit at all. You can still get your death guard or black legion or whatever legion bonus, relics etc AND drop magnus in your army in such a thing, or take 50 assassins alongside your IG with no penalty or whatever other shit.

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Convert some of them into fire warriors and count the rest as Kroot. Hell, giant rats can even counts as kroot hounds

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then nerf brigade.

you could do that you start with 5, batalion +2 and brigade +4.

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That's more or less normal gameplay though, which is what WAAC lists are mostly designed around.

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Why are space wolf players the worst

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>one detatchement limit
>armies like guard can easily fill a brigade
>armies like GKs can, at best fill a battalion

I get what you're trying to do, but 1 detatchement is really hard to do.
I would suggest 2 detatchements, like >>56867411 says. With the exception that you can take as many "Auxiliary Support" (the one that costs 1 CP), since it has a tradeoff.

What I'd rather have is rules to stop the bullshit "Hive Fleet mixing", as I'd call it. You get to run ONE bonus to your dudes, or none at all if you decide to mix in other stuff.

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Reposting from last thread hoping someone puts them in the Black library MEGA, credit goes to based anon:

>Rise of the Ynnari Epub

>Key Of Infinity (Ahriman advent audio)

>The Assassination of Gabriel Seth (advent Rageman vs Eversor)

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Now you're changing the core rules instead of just houserules.

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restricting detachments at all is changing core rules.

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Why are space wolf players the worst?>>56864081

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>Play GSC
>Destroy the coolest part of our mediocre army

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So Sisters of Battle are filthy Xeno lovers.

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Holy shit, this would make the game so much better.
I mean ffs, I always have to take at least 3 tax Strike squads if I ever want to reach 6 CP with my GKs, and getting the 7th CP means taking another tax HQ

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Yeah in the case of GSC it probably needs an exception.

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I'm thinking of starting a blood axes ork army but I plan to use 3rd party heads. Anyone have experiences with using models with 3rd party parts at there local games workshop, has the staff said anything?

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Post neat HQs!

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>When somebody likes apocalypse near me

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Alright, here's a more balanced little game. You get to be the thing you last painted a model of, but you have to fight the warlord of that same army. How badly does it go?

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>So Sisters of Battle are filthy Xeno lovers.
I can imagine Sisters ending up 'Digga lovers', but Xenos lovers?

Seems unlikely.

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Speaking of cults, how many neophytes/acolytes should I run in a single list? Having trouble structure one out

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That just cucks armies that can't reasonably fill a brigade. Is making IG and Nids even better really what you're going for?

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Yiffs. Not even once.

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> The Warmaster ebook


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>wah wah much small elite army can't spam detachments like horde armies can, plz nerf
>L-let's houserule to buff my army because I can't adapt to a new edition

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Bolter legionary vs Sigismund.

Again, bury me in a salsa jar.

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Restrict LoW's to above 2000 point games

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What gave you that idea

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Yeah, that's where GW strategy makes things hard. I want a return to 3rd edition, basically, because I'm old and cranky.

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The way that image more american would be if one of them was holding a gun or was wearing an SS armband

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I hate to say this guy but lurk moar, r/yoyhammer

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Thinking about a DA army based around stacking -1 to hit modifiers

Mind wipe, aversion, Darkshroud, and dark talons for hard to hit

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>Gold rivets
Nice. Keep at it tho. Those eyes need to be cleaned up.

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lol literally a bunch of weak skin overweights playing toy soldiers. The stereotype is real

>> No.56867776

Daemonette vs. Herald of Slaanesh...I think we just fuck until someone dies.

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Celestial Lions > your dudes.

>> No.56867786

I just pirated the PDF on my phone. I am not buying a book for 1-3 units who I only use once in a while

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Anon, what are you on about? The whole idea was to fix taking Magnus and Mortarian with their best units in one list.

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Magnus vs Magnus

Someone post that picture. You know the one

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Shitposting aside how are elite armies doing this edition?

I'm considering starting a grey knights terminator heavy army as I love the design of aegis terminator armor or whatever it's called

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How about this:
>remove Superheavy Auxiliary Detachment. You want a single LoW, you play a Supreme Command and smile about it.
>each type of detachment is 0-1
And maybe make Brigades a bit easier to build for non-Nids/Guard and a bit harder for them.

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Bore off Simba

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Well its a Tactical Squad member with a boltgun vs a Captain with a Powersword and a Plasma pistol. I am going to assume i am fucked.

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>Diggas having Sororitas 'waifus'
This is extra heretical And I love it

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Gargoyle vs Flyrant.

I never asked for this

>> No.56867858

But horde armies are stupidly overpowered, retardly easy to play, and unfun to play against

What exactly is the problem?

>> No.56867861

seconding the elite army question for my tau
also how many models/units would you say is too low to actually be entertainable?

>> No.56867862

k keep me posted

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Dunno if he qualifies as neat but he is my proudest paint job atm. Also I need to start inquisition after seeing that model!

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How come there still isn't a spess mehreen chapter based on slavs?

>> No.56867894

I sort of thought that free relics and choosing warlord traits was a step towards fixing that. Like, if you don't choose a character warlord, you can customize yourguy to play how you want to play.
It's certainly not perfect or even implemented across the board, but I like that my company commander can be a full-on Creed style tactical genius or a horrifying melee monster or whatever.
Also, linking specific builds to characters (deathwing, ravenwing, draigowing) is gone now afaik, which is also a step the right way.
Doesn't fix stuff like typhus zombies or guilliman being broken or cadian character spam lists, but it feels like they're at least thinking about it.

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Shoulda drilled those barrels anon.

Looks boss though.

>> No.56867915

I'm currently outfitting my first table, a cityfight table. Any ideas for a "hill"-type terrain that fits into a city?

I want something where you can give a tank some elevation while still being reachable by non-infantry to add some verticality to the game.
Post inspiration for city terrain please.

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Because all marines squat

>> No.56867924

Chapter Master Czernobog with a fuckoff thunder hammer would do nicely.

>> No.56867926

What chapter you play anon? if its your dudes then who was their origin chapter?

>> No.56867929

Toppled building?

>> No.56867936


Drill ya barrels or paint black dots.
Purity seals need some scribble-script.
The rest looks ace.

>> No.56867937


Cataphractii Terminator, gotta fight Sevatar. Don't know on that one.

For 40k specifically, Kell, got to murder my buddy Creed. It's not hard fighting Creed; it's hard fighting the feels.

>> No.56867944

Slav is pretty vague, what kind of slav?

>> No.56867946

Nids and Guard have too small minimum squad sizes.

There simply should not be troop choices below a cost of 5 PL, Gaunts and Infantry Squads should be 20 minimum,

>> No.56867948

Rubble pile in the middle of a road.

>> No.56867951

I heard arch called out spikey bit in his last video?
Did he call him a pedophiliac or what
Spikey bit wants to ban people from warhammer

>> No.56867955


Ravener with rending claws and spinefists vs a Hive Tyrant with scything talons and heavy venom cannon.

I'm biomass.

>> No.56867970

>auras effect every unit within range
>pyschic abilities are target unit only and on top of that you can only use the same one once per turn

Honestly feels like they didn't think this through when changing it to target. They have such a drop off the higher points are and the less pyschic abilities your faction has.

if you have 3-6 abilities you should never bother with more than 2 pyschers unless spamming smite. Which seems dumb.

I get its a matched play thing but I doubt anyone will allow you to if you're playing for fun.

>> No.56867971

This i why everybody hates america...

>> No.56867972

Paladins are nasty because plasma can't kill them easily but are balanced by their expense. Elites do well as long as you have a game plan to knockout what threatens your guys early so they can clean up what's left.

>> No.56867983

He basically said that Spikey bit was being a tad misguided with his suggestion that GW should set up an official list of 'bad-people'. Nothing about being a pedophiliac or anything retarded like that.

>> No.56867986

Shut up. You're stupid.

>> No.56867987

Pagan Ones. Gopniks aren't that grimdark or serious. Maybe Vostroyani style.

>> No.56867989

Do I want to know who either of those people are?

>> No.56867992

>carnifex still out of stock

>> No.56867996

Got im. Fuck that guy.

>> No.56867999

Bastard is pewter and I can barely drill straight as is, once I get him sealed i'll give it a go.

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>> No.56868013

Black Templars are my chapter of choice!

>> No.56868018


>> No.56868027

Even the Stormsurge?

>> No.56868032

>wah wah those meanies want to nerf my G. I. Joes

>> No.56868035

I guess they're kind of rolled into the SW. They have successors now but possibly Primaris only, you could create a migration era Slav inspired chapter using them

>> No.56868036

Been staring at this for a while, I think the furry is actually playing the Salamanders in front of him, also, stop whining about furries and loop your belt properly, you goddamn profligate.

>> No.56868047

Staircase up to a plateau?

>> No.56868052


Pewter is soft metal, just apply a small bit of pressure and let the hand drill do the work.
You do *not* want to stab yourself when it punches through the other side.

>> No.56868054

What's a good way to keep the drill straight when doing the barrels btw?

>> No.56868061

Why? How is it justified that they can just spa minimum size squads for easy CP?

>> No.56868062

buh-buh but I wanna play Iron Hands!

>> No.56868065

Can craftworld eldar become dark one? And vice versa.

>> No.56868075

One's a 40k Youtuber with "controversial" opinions (YMMV on that) and the other one runs a 40k fan site from what I know. Minor community drama, nothing more.

>> No.56868076

Psychic powers do unique and interesting things that it's probably better don't scale with game size.

Aura abilities are pretty mundane.

>> No.56868077

pretty much describes 40k desu senpai

>> No.56868080


Imagine a line going all the way through the weapon and keep the drill parallel to that.

>> No.56868081

YouTubers who nobody on /tg/ likes. And from what I've heard and seen, frankly for very good reasons. One's basically the vocal minority of fucking retards on /tg/ but with a YouTube account and the other is a fraud and a child molester.

>tfw 3 Carnifexes at home and fully built
You get no sympathy, bandwagoners.

>> No.56868088

dog bless

>> No.56868089

You don't need to drill more than a millimeter or two.

>> No.56868092

Yeah basically path finders. Don't know about reverse. The moment a dark eldar would try that they would be in extreme danger.

>> No.56868093

Isn't the survey over?
Drop it from the op

GKs even worse

>> No.56868095

Is he doing a dramatic reading?

>> No.56868103

Cult of the Warmason says you are wrong:

>In the midst of war, she’d unexpectedly found enlightenment. Trishala had been
blessed to carry that gift within her.
That one day she might bring others the glory of ascension.

>> No.56868108

By giving marine players +1 to go first in alpha strike: the edition?

>> No.56868110

>Aura abilities are pretty mundane.

Are you serious?
Have you just not played with a character that has broken auras?

>> No.56868117

Why is everyone so fat?

>> No.56868120

Sure. And they do so all the time. Craftworldlers saying screw it to all the discipline bullshit and Darks finding their conscience is a pretty common thing.

>> No.56868127

ah okay pseudo-celebrity drama, blech

>> No.56868132

>a fraud and a child molester


>> No.56868137


>> No.56868138

>+1 to go first
>not guaranteed first turn like it should be


>> No.56868143

Weird, right? Wargaming is such an active hobby for active people.

>> No.56868145

>YouTubers who nobody on /tg/ likes
[Citation needed], but whatever.

That's just cheating and you know it!

>> No.56868146

Tau Crisis Battlesuit vs Ethereal

I'm pretty ok

>> No.56868147

Do you really need to ask?

>> No.56868156

But dark ones dont have soulstones, do they?

>> No.56868158

aaaaah fuck I've been getting baited

>> No.56868170

I like them

>> No.56868183

Well played anon.

>> No.56868184

GK seem pretty bad atm, but as far as ALL elite armies being bad idk, people say it but that doesn't mean they are right.

>> No.56868189

She couldn't resist them family jewel, though the question remain, since it was probably the magus, would that make her a filthy zoophile, mutantphile, or just a filthy xenophile?

>> No.56868194

How would you paint Plaguebearer eyes?

>> No.56868206

Jesus christ what is this, blimps play warhammer?

>> No.56868215

Nope. That's why they have to torture. And even if they had, for the Darks, the stones wouldn't help, as a) their bodies can be regenerated from chunky salsa with enough pain and b) the Darks don't have any matrix to put the stones in, so the stones would just be laying around gathering dust.

>> No.56868236

Elite armies suck really badly. There are a lot of ways to get around their survivability and if you don't go first you are royally screwed.

The worst thing you want to give is your opponent the ability to easily trade by having a bunch of expensive units on the board. There's just so many ways for them to get their points back without even thinking.

>> No.56868244

>why are fa/tg/uys fat?

>> No.56868245

>would that make her a filthy zoophile, mutantphile, or just a filthy xenophile?
I prefer the broader term 'heretic'.

>tfw you realize Diggas, the Ork's "pets", are less heretical to bang than getting fucked by genestealers

>> No.56868247 [DELETED] 

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [89 PL, 1495pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter, Heavy Slugger

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 117pts]: Manreaper

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality

+ Elites +

Blightlord Terminators [14 PL, 223pts]
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator Champion: Bubotic Axe

Helbrute [7 PL, 139pts]: Helbrute fist, Multi-melta

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Spawn [2 PL, 33pts]: Chaos Spawn

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [7 PL, 95pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher

Plague Marines [7 PL, 85pts]: 4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife

Plague Marines [7 PL, 68pts]: 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife

Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker

++ Total: [89 PL, 1495pts] ++


>> No.56868252

Just played against Bobby G. I had forgotten how much I fucking hate Bobby G.

>> No.56868253



>> No.56868265

GKs are kinda shit (worst codex army, feelsbadman) desu, but we have a couple cool tools in our kit that, when used right, can do decently well.

Use your Terminators as Paladins. Paladins, while expensive, are really good because they can tank 2 damage shots from TEQ killers like plasma.
Dreadknights, while ugly, are very good if used as the Grandmaster variant. Enjoy your T6 12W 2+3++ Character hitting on 2s, rerolling ones with all those nice toys he gets.
Dreadnoughts, Stormravens and Land Raiders are your best source of Antitank. Use them intelligently. (Astral Aim/Gate of Infinity are probably the two most important spells in our kit, they can make your units win fights they normally wouldnt in a normal 1v1 situation)

Purgators are also very good. Relatively cheap (100ish points) for 24 S4 Ap- Dmg D3 shots is very good. They're an all rounder unit for dealing with both hordes and vehicle's. Spam these and you will be pleased.

The only HQs really worth taking apart from GM Dreadknights are Draigo (beatstick, buffmander, durable as fuck), Voldus (slightly worse beatstick, psychic powerhouse but kinda squishy) or a Brotherhood Champion (weakest beatstick and psyker, no buffs, but cheap as fuck for GKs, anyway and more durable than Voldus)

Ancients are, ironically, better when run with Strike spam than Paladins, since you get more attacks based on having more models. In general they arent worth it tho IMO

Apothecaries are only good if you take a really big blob of Paladins, otherwise you're opponent wont leave you any dudes to heal.

Only play strikes if you feel like you REALLY need the extra CP. A good GK list should have 2 HQs min(and 3 max, since more is way to expensive). With 2 HQs, you should be capable of getting 5 CP via Vanguards/Spearheads, so decide wheither or not the extra CP for a total of 6 with the Batallion is worth spending 315 points of Strikes on.

Hope this helps. :D

>> No.56868267

Thin some black paint and dip in eyes and then dot with a tiny brush white.

>> No.56868283

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Death Guard) [84 PL, 1473pts] ++

+ Heavy Support +

Plagueburst Crawler [8 PL, 140pts]: 2x Plaguespitter, Heavy Slugger

+ HQ +

Lord of Contagion [7 PL, 117pts]: Manreaper

Typhus [9 PL, 175pts]: Blades of Putrefaction, Putrescent Vitality

+ Elites +

Beasts of Nurgle [2 PL, 38pts]: Beast of Nurgle

Blightlord Terminators [14 PL, 223pts]
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator: Bubotic Axe, Combi-bolter
. Blightlord Terminator Champion: Bubotic Axe

Helbrute [7 PL, 147pts]: Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Spawn [2 PL, 33pts]: Chaos Spawn

Foetid Bloat-drone [8 PL, 158pts]: 2x Plaguespitters, Plague probe

Myphitic Blight-haulers [7 PL, 142pts]
. Myphitic Blight-hauler: Bile spurt, Missile launcher, Multi-melta

+ Troops +

Plague Marines [7 PL, 95pts]
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife
. 3x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Marine w/ Special Weapon: Blight launcher

Plague Marines [7 PL, 85pts]: 4x Plague Marine w/ boltgun
. Plague Champion: Boltgun, Plague knife

Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker

Poxwalkers [3 PL, 60pts]: 10x Poxwalker

++ Total: [84 PL, 1473pts] ++

Rate h8

>> No.56868290

Vallejo hammered copper actually

>> No.56868298

Combine the two pox walkers, you don't want to get fucked over when buffing them with pyschic shit. That and you'll suffer the moment you lose a single pox walker.

They need to weather some shots before they get everything back.

>> No.56868300

What do you guys think about dakka Dreadnought? Aka. dual autocannon. I think it could wreak havoc for it's cheap points, 8str 7 48" ap-1 d2 shots. Or is it just shit and I just wasted 20£ for forgeworld autocannons

>> No.56868302

I didn't think it was particularly common unless there's been a lore change. Isn't a Craftworlder going "fuck this shit I'm going to become a pirate" a more common occurrence usually swiftly follow by "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck I should never have left the Craftworld. Asuraman help me! fuck fuck fuck" when they discover what life outside the craftworld actually entails

>> No.56868313

To this i guess

>> No.56868314

Reposted it, and combined the walkers, anything else?

>> No.56868325

So I've finally managed to get my schedule to the point to where I can actually start doing hobby shit again, so the question arises, do I get back into 40k? I played primarily in 5th and during the middle of 6th actual life bullshit started happening so haven't been able to play anything since. I heard 7th was a shitshow, so how does the current edition compare? I still have my guard stuff, but will probably start something new just so I have something to build and paint as well.

>> No.56868327

Basically every single kid eldar turns edgy and becomes a dark eldar.

>> No.56868330

After the flyer nerfs it's eh.
It's not awful but you better have your bases covered

>> No.56868339

Well anon how about instead of raging on here where they can't see you. You create a facebook page if you don't already have one and tell them on their in a constructive manner why you dislike the new Easy to build kits and the new card game.

>> No.56868341

>worst codex army, feelsbadman
What about dark eldar, deathwatch?

>> No.56868368

I'm actually building a CL army right now and the Reiver kits are my saviour. Their tacticool bolt carbines are the best replacement for normal boltguns.

>> No.56868370

You know the Imperium is going to shit when we got the Ultramarines and a Primarch in one side cozying with filthy Eldar and Sisters of Battle on the other cozying it up with Genestealers.

>> No.56868374

Stormraven vs Gravis Captain
Yeah, I can manage.

>> No.56868375

Go fuck yourself. ETB is cheap as chips and a slightly bigger challenge to convert than normal shit. That stuff is awesome. Especially since it means I don't have to sell my spleen for pic related.

>> No.56868376

>codex army,
those two are still index armies

>> No.56868377

Your anti armor is pretty weak.
Would say you have a lot of fast shit to lock stuff from shooting but you don't seem to have much followup.

What exactly is the general strat?

>> No.56868391

How about just play the game?
Competitive players will optimize withing whatever restrictions you set and end up ahead no mater what and actual WAACfags will be cheaty fuckers either way.

>> No.56868395

>I said worst CODEX army
>you name armies that are currently INDEX only

>> No.56868397

My friend maintains that a leman russ that moved less half its move, it can then fire its turret weapon twice in overwatch.
This seems like quite some shit. Is he right?

>> No.56868398

Well, reading between the lines, there are far more Darks than Craftworldlers now, so I assume the majority of current Craftworldlers has been Dark at some time in their life.

>> No.56868402

>gw keeps releasing easy build
>there is little to no downside to buying eBay now

Shooting themselves in the foot.

>> No.56868405

Guys, why is the community survey thing still up in OP posts?

It ended on Thursday.

>> No.56868409

Basically my strat is;

Walk towards enemy units and then kill them.

My main opponent is going to be Primaris Ultramarines with two Redemptor Dreadnoughts and a bunch of intercessors

>> No.56868411

Give your termintors a flail for goodness sake

>> No.56868423

pretty sure that 3x PM option is a mistake. it isn't in the codex at all.

>cut 3x PM, merge poxwalker squads together
>don't take MM on helbrutes because it sucks just go missiles/lascannons
>putrescent vitality probably won't help as much as miasma
>chaos spawn just plain suck so either use it exclusively for chasing objectives or cut it for more blight launchers
>use the lord of contagion as your warlord so you can run Arch contaminator with your terminators
>take 1 flail and 1 blight launcher with the termies at least

oh and look over your battlescribe options more because you forgot to add some things

>> No.56868427

Has ANYONE proxied this yet?
Any results?

>> No.56868438

How are earthshaker carriages/platforms for IG? The platform looks to be flat out better since it doesn't need a crew and is otherwise identical. And what would you recommend as the regiment choice for an army that focuses on artillery and heavy weapons teams? Currently liking the cadian bonus

>> No.56868441

>I am an Acolyte Iconward
>I only own 1 model for GSCs
>I must fight myself


>> No.56868446

Think he's wrong because out of phase abilities like that only work in shooting phase. While RULES or abilities that say they work in over watch do.

>> No.56868454


Depends on the phrasing in 'Grinding advance', so it very well could.

>> No.56868469

Still, whats /tg's opinion on them?

>> No.56868471

Sounds like a good strat.
Focus on securing those mortal wounds then.

>> No.56868474

>Play Consecrators Unforgiven
>Hyped for new DA codex
>Making a "rogue trader inspired" army
>Obviously I need me a rolly polly Land Raider Proteus
>Look up rules, it has no twin heavy bolters and is somehow 30 points more than a regular land raider


>> No.56868478

>still temporarily out of stock
When will horsies come back ?

>> No.56868479

Custode vs Azrael

Azrael would probably take me, but he'll carry the wounds of that day for the rest of his life

>> No.56868490

he is incorrect
The Leman Russ tank’s sturdy frame allows it to keep up a fearsome rate of fire even as it advances on the foe. If this model moves under half speed in its Movement phase (i.e. it moves a distance in inches less than half of its current Move characteristic) it can shoot its turret weapon twice in the following Shooting phase (the turret weapon must target the same unit both times). Furthermore, hit rolls for this model’s turret weapon do not suffer the penalty for moving and shooting a Heavy weapon. The following weapons are turret weapons: battle cannon, eradicator nova cannon, exterminator autocannon, vanquisher battle cannon, demolisher cannon, executioner plasma cannon and punisher gatling cannon

> in its Movement phase
>in the following Shooting phase

>> No.56868499

If you want to footslog death guard it's gold.

>> No.56868518

Maybe Emps can finally pinch it off and start to make the Imperium compliant again.

>> No.56868526

You'd have to change psychic powers so they don't stack.

>> No.56868533

2. ADB
4. Chris Wraight
5. Graham McNeil
90001. Guy Haley
90000000000000000000001. Gav Thorpe

>> No.56868544

But why the card game. Did the survey come back with a resounding "I really wish there were a hastily made card game about the overdone protagonists and cartoon villain of the 40k universe that I couldn't play with people who aren't into 40k"

>> No.56868549

Here's the -1 to hit stacking DA army I mentioned before

>> No.56868553

What's wrong with Haley ? I read Dante and it was good.

>> No.56868556

The lone spawn and nurgle beast will be pretty useless, neither is really going to be a threat to anything and will not be good as objective holders because they will just be gunned down pretty easily. Personally would go for combi-plas over combi-bolter and get that terminator champion a flail. I would swap the missile launch for a fist or preferably a scourge, a missile launcher is kind of a waste of points on a helbrute. Your plage marine champions could use some combi-weapons as well, again plas is probably the best option. Increase those poxwalker squad sizes so that your buffs on them actually do something worth while. You could use some more anti-tank, consider swapping the bloat-drone for another plagueburst crawler especially since the drone is going to out pace all of your infantry and just get blown up before the rest of your units can catch up.

>> No.56868561

You put ADB way too high in your list there soyboy.

>> No.56868568

You guys are just jealous we got the best waifus

>> No.56868574

why do people take the BL lore so seriously? why do people take any of the lore seriously? it is just designed to get you to buy 30 dollar happy meal toys

>> No.56868578

>ADb anywhere near the top
No thanks, I prefer authors who take pride in their work

>> No.56868580

I'd imagine that was done before the survey

>> No.56868588

But who wins the most medals and the most gold medals at the Olympics?

>> No.56868589

>tfw your pox walkers are munching on two units on two different sides of the board at once

Question though, if you declare charge on two dudes and get with range of one can you still move the others closer to the ones you didn't get in range with?

>> No.56868594

Well, you won't hear me defending those cards. I assume that'll land in their Stocking Filler category with the idea that clueless parents will get it for their kids for christmas.

>> No.56868596

Figures. Thanks.

>> No.56868603

Haley is extremely hit or miss in his writing.

>> No.56868605

A surprisingly high number of people follow the lore without ever playing the game

>> No.56868619

This is likely just from a backlog. We'll end up seeing the results of the survey sometime six months from now if I had to go full mek-boy speculation mode...

>> No.56868624

I fight myself everyday just to avoid succumbing to despair.
>wanted to go in to play
>sit around feeling sorry for myself
I guess I lost that fight

>> No.56868626

Most that don't apply buffs specifically say they don't work twice on a unit. And buffs cant be applied twice to something anyways.

>> No.56868627

>he thinks that the survey which ended 3 days ago has had any noticeable impact on company policy yet
Anon, I'm 100% serious when I say this: Are you retarded?

>> No.56868628

I'm kinda tempted to do a huge 20man plague marine bloob, with full a bunch of characters, three squad cute crawlers, and some pox walkers to eat the shots.

>> No.56868629

What's wrong with Guy Haley and Gav Thorpe, mate?

>> No.56868630

You can move any model other than the first anywhere you like as long as you maintain coherency.

>> No.56868636

Hey, I agree that the cards are a stupid idea but you did seem to be aggravated that they are releasing these kits and if you have a displeasure with an item i believe its better to tell the provider of that item that you dislike it more than screaming about it on an anonymous board where they can't see it.

>> No.56868641

Apart from being bad writers?

>> No.56868651

lol Graham McNeil

>> No.56868661

>posting a heretic edit of the DKoK

>> No.56868662

>wins most medals
>sends by far the most athletes
Wow, wonder how that could have happened.

>> No.56868672

Thorpe does suck giant mutant Chaos cock, but Haley is getting better, if not consistent.

>> No.56868675

Don't use pox walkers to eat shots.

Use plague bearers or cultist.
Pox walkers need to be killing shit to survive, they are horrendeous and squishy otherwise.

>> No.56868676

I'm a lictor against the swarmlord
Hivemind help me

>> No.56868681

Thorpe is a fag. But there's no way that's the reason for anon ranking him that low, because then ADB wold also be such.
Haley can be hit or miss. That said, He does deserve to be higher up, because his good books are actually quite good.
Lowest spot should have been for a certain multilasers loving paddy, the fact that that's not the case shows anon is a newfag

>> No.56868693

Cool can they get within 1 inch of something I didn't charge?

>> No.56868700

We don't need to mention the Irish poof's name here.

>> No.56868708

Holy shit, Ratogres as Krootox

>> No.56868711

To be fair, most every BL writer is a leftist fag. Only one I'm not sure about is haley, but that's probably just because I haven't bothered to look into it.

>> No.56868713

Not until you consolidate

>> No.56868719

>Apart from being bad writers?
>Guy Haley
>Author of Evil Sun Rising and Klaw of Mork, the only books written from a purely Ork perspective, which nails the old Rogue Trader Ork Kultur to T

>> No.56868731

>Ignores the most gold's part
Stay mad that America Produces the best athletes and the fattest neck beards.

>> No.56868732

That they can't do with the charge move. They'd have to wait until the pile in. That's just there so you can't cheat overwatch.

>> No.56868744

>he doesn't drill his model's eyeholes

>> No.56868757

Why aren't you playing the best chapter ?

>> No.56868758

Guilliman's tolerant and progressive stance rather suggests that he might be

>> No.56868759

>I read a politician's fluff piece and believe they would have changed the world for the better!

Did the California Sun cook his Scottish brain?

>> No.56868761

It's too late anon, the mere mention of him has summoned him from the dark abbyss in which he sleeps.
I for one welcome out new black irish leper overlords

>> No.56868768


Spikey bits is a bullshit website anyway and arch just stirs shit.

>> No.56868786

It's been a while since I read dark imperium, but I don't remember anything quite progressive.
There was him not liking the cherubs, but that's not exactly an extreme position. And he was struggling with losing his atheism, which isn't exactly the most leftists of plot develpoments

>> No.56868788

Why do people whine that wave serpents are faster than raiders when I can load up dark lances and splinter rifles and fire them one the move? Wave serpents can’t do that shit. AND if I move 14 and advance another D6 I can STILL fire the dark lance at BS4.

People never look at the bright side they just have knee jerk reactions to shit in this game.

>> No.56868796

US still ranks #1 in terms of medals per athlete


>> No.56868807

who can stop him?

>> No.56868820


And Russia is banned from the winter Olympics this year so the win streak will continue

>> No.56868829

>Company Commander

>> No.56868847

anything looks better then Trump

>> No.56868848

>trygon prime vs walkrant with bonesword+lashwhip and talons
I like my odds

>> No.56868850


>> No.56868867

flail for termies, poxwalker as 1 unit of 20, delete chaos spawn and/or beast of nurglen run at least 1 chaos lord to hang out with plague marines & plagueburst with the reroll all wound trait could be nice. blightlord are very expensive, if you need to cut some points try Deathshroud, very nice since point drop

>> No.56868871

plague bearers don't have Death Guard keyword, so I lose the detachment benefits.

As for cultists, they are just are even more squishy, no Disgustingly Resilient, no T4 from typhos, suffer from moral.

I don't intend them to last forever, just eat shots for the couple of turns it takes to get up the field.

I might add another detachment to of nurgle daemons for nurglings, plague bearers etch.

>> No.56868876

this guy>>56868850

>> No.56868886

>It has long been in your capability to transform these worlds. Baal Primus is dead, but you need not let your remaining people suffer unnecessarily. Will they fight any better for dwelling on a world that kills them? By sacrificing their children to the Emperor’s service, they have earned a better life. Once you have torn that blasphemy down, raise up the population of Baal Secundus. Teach them what we are fighting for. A line must be drawn between what is good and what is evil, for if the Great Enemy comes with offers of power to a wretch, what reason does he have to refuse hell if he dwells in it already?

>> No.56868889

>drinking the coolaid
I knew he looked like a cuck, but I didn't know it was that bad.

>> No.56868897

Yeah, the sky sure fell when he was sworn it, liberal hysterics were all right on the money.

>> No.56868903

I am a Guardsman vs the Company Commander

Commissars gonna have my head for this even if I win.

>> No.56868922

Can the Imperial guard even hurt necrons? Last time I checked, even warriors can eat point blank meltas to the face

>> No.56868925

you do need to move closer to the closest enemy unit on the pile in, which you can manipulate, but need to be careful on.

Still done this a few times to just get within the inch of an enemy tank, heavy weapon, ect after making a charge with flankers. It wasn't the overwatch bit, I just needed to get further into than I could off the charge.

>> No.56868941

>Sentinel with H. flamer vs platoon commander
Both die horribly

>> No.56868942

Sisters of battle are pure! PURE!

>> No.56868949

It's not hysteria if true.

Fuck him

>> No.56868955

I believe the requirement for it to be considered legal for GW play is the model must be more than 50% GW model.
I might be wrong on the percent.

>> No.56868973

Was that tolerant and progressive stance before or after Girlyman's Make Ultramar Great Again speech?

>> No.56868977

Waagh banner Nob VS a Pain boy.
As long as I can land my shots, I should be fine.

>> No.56868978

What is his endgame?

>> No.56868986

>It's not hysteria if true.
Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again. Tragic.

>> No.56868990

Yeah, everyday I see the smoke rising from the camps, it's awful.

>> No.56868997

>Who can stop Imotekh the Stormlord?
>Random Ork stands up
>"Oi! Tin-brain! I'mma krump ya!!"
>All of Imotekh's carefully plans are now ruined

>> No.56868998

Hellhound with heavy flamer vs Senior Officer with las-pistol and chainsword, pretty sure I've got this.

>> No.56869012

So I cannot convince this guy at my local shop he is cheating. He plays Ynnari with a CWE detachment and he is using the Webway Stratagem to deep strike in a unit of dark reapers in the Ynnari detachment. He says its entirely legal and I don't know where to look to show him he's wrong.

>> No.56869023

Tfw when the burgers arrive and shit up the Lord's Thread

>> No.56869025

Grey Knights Paladin vs an Inquisitor

>> No.56869027

because people are dumb, like being angry, and hate nuance and considering multiple fasters.

I mean the WS is good, and pre-codex was strictly better than the other CW tank options. Now that's not the case, so whatever.

>> No.56869029

If a necrons moving parts are clogged with chunks of guardsman, yes

>> No.56869032

eisenhorn and flight of the eisenstein are the only worthwhile 40k books

>> No.56869033

Reaver v Archon.
I think I'm pretty good.

>> No.56869036

Afaik the WWP strat says you need to have Drukhari keyword, which Dark Reapers clearly lack.

>> No.56869042

Oh yeah because the gayposting/trapposting/animeposting is much better you dumb fucking old world social democrat serf

>> No.56869053

So how is he gonna feel about Luthor?

>> No.56869055

Scarab vs Ahriman. Think I'm still fucked boys.

>> No.56869061

Burger detected

>> No.56869067

>tfw people act like whiny bitches about it instead of giving the burgers as good as we get

>> No.56869075

He isn't cheating, you are a complete faggot.
It's clearly the CWE webway strat not the DE one, it only requires the ASURYANI keyword, Ynnari doesn't remove this.

>> No.56869076


No its in the Eldar book as well.

>> No.56869080

I'm an Onager Dunecrawler with Icarus Array vs a Tech-Priest Dominus.

I would've rather had a different weapon but it could go either way.

>> No.56869082

he's not cheating.

This is a bit of rules that get stupid, and people are hoping for a errata. If you have a detachment that grants you access to stratagems, you can use those even on units not from that detachment.

It's annoying and very abusable.

That said, DSing dark reapers seems like a terrible way to do it, they don't need to be close and can't be within 7" of an enemy to get the soul burst.

>> No.56869085

He can because it requires the ASURYANI keyword which craftworld ynnari retain

>> No.56869092

Only tragedy is that he was allowed to get in.

>> No.56869104


Well that's fucking stupid. He's doing it to prevent me from being able to get my Berzerkers from first turn charging them .

>> No.56869107

Wow, those sure are a lot of buzzwords. Maybe throw in "cuck" as well next time.

>> No.56869108

Get within 6" and you can reroll 1s. EZ

>> No.56869119


not that guy but I'm assuming he's doing it to ensure an effective beta/alpha strike and keeping the unit from being first turn charged. I'd plop em down next to Yvraine and then Word them.

>> No.56869123

>tfw can't use my priests or penitent engines in my Sisters of Battle army if I want to use any of the sister's strats

>> No.56869126

>leviathan dreadnought
>vs Bjorn the fell handed

Wew lad

>> No.56869129

and not just, say, deploying them way back with stuff in between.
They have 48" range and can move 7" then shoot without penalty. I know bezerkers can get up the field, but you can deploy your reapers all the way on the back line, likely in ruins for the cover, which also give a penalty to charge range.

>> No.56869133

>Caring about strats
Rule of cool baby

>> No.56869137

yup welcome to burger hours

>> No.56869146

>implying he wasn't the one who released him
>implying he isn't the one who will help the DA find him once Luthor finds the Lion

>> No.56869151

Off hours are so dead I'd almost rather the thread be shit.

>> No.56869152


Why not?

>> No.56869157

Great. Slannesh can schlick to more badly written Eldar BDSM.

>> No.56869161

Just put them in a separate detachment???

>> No.56869167

So with the 10th codex soon to be released, how would you guys rate them?

Grey Knights is the worst?

>> No.56869193

It's not wrong. It's cheesy as fuck, but he's within the rules.

>> No.56869212

Fisto Kastelan vs. Dominus

I think I won.

>> No.56869223

is flail on champ legal ? I don't think so mate :/

>> No.56869243


>> No.56869252

How would a 5 man Blood Angel reiver squad be as a counter-charge unit?

I could swap out their bolt pistols for knives, they've got a little bit of ranged firepower as well as decent melee for just 90 points.

Their shock grenades seem quite nice too, especially if they're in a re-roll aura.

>> No.56869255

A guy at my LGS is salty that "GK's are being nerfed too much". I remind him of how 'nids and' crons got nailed with the nerfhammer for years and I didn't get my panties in a knot.

>> No.56869275

Hey, I can ignore the giant dick with the spiked Prince Albert.

>> No.56869283

A guy complained Guilleman had a "point cost increase"
I just kind of looked at him and the handful of orks I had left as it was the 3rd turn

>> No.56869285

after... or possibly before, the books are published in a funny order. The Assassination of Gabriel Seth precedes Devistation of Baal which takes place prior to Dark Imperium but they were published in reverse order

>> No.56869297

honestly yvraine wording a big unit of Dark Reapers is about the only one trick that Ynnari add at this point.
Down to one Soulburst on your turn, so you now take a character to use a power to get one double shot.
Which probably cost you a CP to get the detachment, which you want. And/or denies some units a useful CW bonus.

>> No.56869298

Firewarrior vs Commander.
RIP me.

>> No.56869314

Pretty sure you can only have Carbine/Pistol or Knife/Pistol but not Knife/Carbine, But other than that, small Reiver squads are nice and cheap. They struggle with high T and Sv units, but if you use them for as charge deterrent/overwatch sponges, they're nice enough.

>> No.56869317


>> No.56869321

You need a sororitas keyword detachment to use them and they lack it, putting them in makes it a ministorum detachment.
I'll probably end up doing that, but it would have to be lead by an Inquisitor or something to not have a superflous Cannoness granting her buff to girls who already have it, further mudying the waters down to it being imperium soup for that detachment/the army. It's a silly hoop to have to jump through to put it in units that have been pretty key to the army since forever.

>> No.56869323

How many medals do you win at the olympics?

>> No.56869324

I fucking hate Gorillaman. Three people I play against use him and it sucks balls when they whine about how they have to lose three models to keep him.

>> No.56869337

it's Luther and dunno.

Luther seems prone to possession according to the blurb in the back of the new codex, just to conflate things further

>> No.56869353

>Not understanding how America's elections work
Hey anon, it's no one's fault but HRC's for not putting more effort into protecting her 'Blue Firewall'. Electoral votes > Popular vote at the end of the day.

>"GK's are being nerfed too much".
Funny, both of my GW store's resident GK players can still run rough-shod over everyone's armies last I checked.

>> No.56869355


>> No.56869360

Faggots like this are shaping 40K lore now. Nothing to worry about.

>> No.56869371

>Funny, both of my GW store's resident GK players can still run rough-shod over everyone's armies last I checked.
So everyone at your lgs is shit at playing except the GK players?

>> No.56869374

for a non-tourney game I'd totally allow priests and penitents to get the 'can be included without breaking the detachment, but don't get the detachment bonuses', like the auxiliaries in IG, phoenix lords in CW, etc.

>> No.56869388

I've never understood this because I'm retarded
When something has a 6+ save, it's on a roll of six right
but what's a 6++ or 6+++ or whatever
Does it negate things like AP so you can roll for saves on a 6++ even if the enemy AP -1's you?

>> No.56869391

what do you mean now? Gav's been with them since 2nd ed

>> No.56869398


>he thinks 40k was created by people who agree with him

>> No.56869400

Hordes list tailoring with rowboat man and molestine for maximum fuck

>> No.56869403

He's got a hodgepodge of GKs and if he used them right he would win a lot more. Given, his models look awesome, but on the table he runs into problems with pits and sight lines.

>> No.56869405

Plz help. Either I'm retarded or I'm being gaslighted. How many shots does a gun drone get?

>> No.56869421

For crying out loud

>> No.56869428

Apparently not to the American people...

>> No.56869434

>he thinks the politics of the original 40k creators mattered at all
Let me guess, you think ghazzie was actually some commentary on the big bad Margret thatcher and her conservative cronies, right?

>> No.56869435

I don't play smurfs. I get my ass handed to me by them a lot.

>> No.56869437

>>Not understanding how America's elections work
>implying how it worked to let him win wasn't the tragedy and people aren't well aware of it.

>> No.56869441

++ is a short hand for invulnerable saves.
+++ is for abilities that negate wounds, rolled after saves.

>> No.56869444

++ typically is how people write invuln saves. So yes, they ignore AP.
+++ typically refers to rolls made after saves. Like Disgustingly Resilient. These aren't saves, so ignore minuses to saves and can be taken against mortal wounds.

it's just notation.

>> No.56869453

So who would I foight? It's technically a model.

>> No.56869475

A sizeable number of socially awkward nerds are cucks. Who knew.

>> No.56869476

If there wasn't an electoral college we wouldn't even need different political parties, the state of California would simply decide the outcome of every election, there wouldn't even be a point in other states voting

>> No.56869479

The erect eagle of displeasure

>> No.56869482

not him, but your an idiot. Like it or not, the electoral college did EXACTLY what it was supposed to. It, much like the senate, exists to stop a few major centers of population from dominating all of politics.
Now both of you fuck off, this is not 40k. You want to talk about politics and elections, then talk about how the high lords are chosen or some shit.

>> No.56869493

Oh woops, I was reading the wargear bit for the sergeant.

The Red Thirst makes them reasonable against anything up to T7 (+1 to wound is godly).

>> No.56869512

He's been writing space-elves since 2e.

>> No.56869516

Bless you, scan bro. You are truly doing the Emperor’s work. For Sanguinius and the Emperor!

>> No.56869520


4 shots. 6 if buffed by Fireblade and within half range (9").

>> No.56869535

In the audio book where Azrael fights Kharn the greater demon that was manipulating them gloated to Azrael about how he had spoken lies to him through Luther.
Azrael then reveals Luther told him as much along with his true name so I'd say Azrael has a list of the buggers likely to be possessing Luther at any one time

>> No.56869536

Never said it malfunctioned?
Why are you trumpfags so incapable of reading?

>> No.56869555

nah AC says they heated the tories and wanted to forget about them

>> No.56869561

Thought so, thanks.

>> No.56869567

You summon plague bearers to get past that anon

>> No.56869590


>> No.56869593

>implying how it worked to let him win wasn't the tragedy
>functional, stable, and consistent rule of law directly prevents rule-by-demos
>somehow bad

>> No.56869598

Hows this for a universal stratagem that can counter first turn advantage.

>Weather the storm [1 CP]
>you may move as if it were the movement phase (you cannot advance), you may also cast pyschic abilities at if it were the pyschic phase (any wounds lost are ignored)

>> No.56869605

Sounds pretty cool, honestly.

>> No.56869611

thanks for clarification anons

>> No.56869617

Fucking terrible, kill yourself.

>> No.56869620

Fifteen hours is the best guard book.

>> No.56869629

Nah, I suspect it has something to do with the GK players having cheesy lists.
Everyone else is either pretty good or generally laid back.

>> No.56869630

When it let him in? Yeah. It was bad.

>> No.56869631

What are some good beastmen to port over that aren't Tzaangors?

>> No.56869639

You implied that it was a problem, which the most retarded thing ever.
the college is a fail safe for multiple things, one of them being a few major population centers dominating the country. With the college you need a minimum of 11 states to win. pure democracy requires only 8 and one half of north carolina. The system is set up so that all the states are important, not just a major few. Basic fucking civics, and disagreeing with it because your candidate didn't win is idiotic.
>Why are you trumpfags so incapable of reading?
I'm an aussie m8, I give no fucks about which of the two cunts you mutts had to choose from. I'm just not a retard who doesn't understand the importance of the system like you do

>> No.56869643

>cheesy lists
U wot mate?

>> No.56869648

Dead Men Walking is better.

>> No.56869654

You too.

What don't you like.

>> No.56869663

then I don't have 3 troops to get a battalion, and have to have a character hold still.

Or I can just take pox walkers.
At T4, with rerolling 1's for DR, they're real annoying to shoot off with anti-infantry weapons. I don't expect them to be immortal, just last a couple of turns.

>> No.56869666

None. More Tzaangors for thousand sons so no one will take any marines ever

>> No.56869683

A whole additional movement phase and psychic phase for 1CP.

>> No.56869691

But I want beastmen for a chaos army that isn't Thousand Sons.

>> No.56869710

An entire army of Interceptors armed with Hammers is a fucking menace. That kind of cheese.

>> No.56869712

They will last one turn typically, they are retardly squishy, and taking a typhus for them is kind of waste.

>> No.56869715

>The candidate I didn't like won so the whole system is bad

>> No.56869720

so what we're saying is that it's possible that Luther just nipped out to get a pint of milk but then a keeper of secrets hijacked his body to go visit the local Dark Angels "gym"

>> No.56869731

If you don't go first? Sounds incredibly balanced.

>> No.56869738

I don't really care either way, as long as they make enjoyable content. I'll buy a full blown Social Justice: The Game from a patreon begging whore, if it's a good game. The moment you have to moralize your likes and dislikes, is when you lose the plot. That's what the extremes are going.

>> No.56869739

Beasts of Nurgle don't work in a Death Guard detachment because of keyword fuckery, and a Lord of Contagion is bad, and then double bad because he's redundant with Typhus who is a LoC+++.

Replace LoC with either a Chaos Lord or Daemon Prince, and replace the Beasts so they don't make you lose out on your legion bonus. Other than that it's ok.

Oh and if you found space for another HQ you could make an Outrider detachment out of all those fast attack choices for a bonus CP.

>> No.56869740

Given what he has done and is working on in the future, it's bad that he got in.

>> No.56869755

When it's this bad? Yeah. It's not good

>> No.56869776

The point of consistency is that sometimes getting results that you don't want, but despite that the stability you create by allowing that to happen creates an environment where good outcomes are more likely in the long-run. Don't let your frustration over a president who probably won't even crack the top-10 worst list break you of your belief in the legitimacy of the system that has, so far, allowed this country to survive longer than any other modern republic/democracy. You can respond to this if you want, but I've said my peace and won't respond back for the sake of the thread.

>> No.56869780


QQ I think there's worse cheese. What do you run?

>> No.56869787

Oh yeah, truly the world has ended because of it. Oh wait, no it hasn't. Most people have gone about there daily lives and been only minorly affected by it, because the president doesn't have nearly as much power as you think he does, because he's not a fucking king you cunt.
But please, do carry on like so many major changes have happened and the world is coming to an end, but please do it some where appropriate, like say

>> No.56869796

What does the movement really change that cant be accomplished by proper deployment?

Why ignore wounds lost?

Should also only be usable at the start of the game if this is the intended usage.

>> No.56869840

>2 psykic powers+lord of contagion
not seeing the waste here.

As for 1 turn, if they are shooting their entire army at it. Doing 30+wounds against t4, with no multiple damage, and hell a 6+ save because cover from the haulers. If they do, mission success.

Or I can give up 2Cp because I don't get the batttalion, have to hold a character back to summon. In return, I get the same unit with a 5+ invuln save but can suffer from moral so if they take 10 wounds still die.

>> No.56869848

There goes the whole not reading thing again.

>> No.56869857

Finished painting? Or started? If its what I started, than I'm a Skitarii Ranger. If I stay out of range, I might be able to take my Dominus down, due to my WL having lower range than my rifle. If its what I finished, than its another Dominus who has longer ranged weapons.

>> No.56869862

I'm the Ork Freeboota whose dudes looted ALL of the booze from the Konor system during the fate of the Konor campaign.

Haven't gotten a chance to face either army yet, though I did fight the Custodes plus Bobby G army of one of the GK player's friends. I lost, but it was entertaining all the same. Just watched what they've done to other players.

Doesn't help that there's a large chunk of Chaos players in the store.

>> No.56869895


That's fucking slaw. It's cheese if you play the fucking bads.

>> No.56869921

This thread is such a disappointment.
I'll see you all when the yanks go back to sleep.

>> No.56869934

Ignores so you can't use smite and similar abilities.
Move just so you can get back in better cover or better positioning.

Generally this is so first turn is treated more like this is a typical turn after another turn. You can bypas a shit ton of stuff that an army might normally setup with first turn advantage.

And yeah it was intended to be before first turn and before battle but I was focused on lawyering the rest that I forgot.

>> No.56869945

on that we can agree, I just get a bit miffed when we have people doomsaying about the hobby going in whatever direction because of left wingers. It's bollocks, the game we love has been developed bunch of red-flag waving feminists from the very beginning so I doubt the existence of a few rainbow haired queers in the community is going to radically affect the opinions of the developers

>> No.56869957

Euro buddy don't be so down all the time.

>> No.56869981

I think it's bullshit too, but it happened before with everything else. Like you give an inch and they just keeeeeep fucking taking.

>> No.56870015


>okay we rolled off and I won, you deployed pretty out in the open man you hoping for the big seize?
>haha yeah hope I get it!
*Rolls a 3*
>aww thats a shame buddy, you gonna CP reroll?
>Okay my turn 1 then...
>Wait! 1cp I get to move everything
*Hides Everything out of line of sight*
>okay now I'm gonna cast all my defensive spells like conceal and fortune

How would you feel?

>> No.56870016

>the sky sure fell...liberal hysterics
lol, you got that from "trump sucks" ?
go back to /pol with your tin cap and budweiser

>> No.56870028

It's either this or 1post/3minutes like it is at 3-4am EST. I'd prefer the shitshow to noshow.

>> No.56870029

>has been developed bunch of red-flag waving feminists from the very beginning

Has it? It never really came across like that. They weren't afraid to do "male only" factions or put boobs on things.

I wouldn't worry about it, if they didn't do things like switch Vossies from male only to gender neutral. It might be nothing, but these days you really don't know.

>> No.56870055

Fine because I get an entire turn before he does?

>haha okay I put all my stuff in a pretty safe position
>okay I just deepstriked half my army ontop of your dudes and wiped out all the priority targets
>o-oh well I guess I'll go then.

>> No.56870059

do you know screening ?
if you fail your alpha strike, its gg

>> No.56870062

>5 Interceptors+Hammers cost 190 points
>add on a couple GM dreadknights
>2000 point list consists of 30 Interceptors and 3 Dreadknights
Ummm...how the hell is that cheese? I mean, yeah its in your face on T1, but thats literally just 3 Vehicles and 30 MEQs. What the hell are you playing that cant deal with 30 MEQ bodies and a mere 3 Vehicles at 2000 points?

On top of that, a couple well placed chaff units will win you the game every time. If he cant get his Storm Bolters and Hammers to hit your dangerous shit, he pretty much loses every time.

>> No.56870069

Peter fehevari not in top spot, trash

>> No.56870086

Well they're Brits. Even their right wingers are a bunch of socialist squishes by American standards. I wouldn't really worry about it, they have too much money tied up in the IP. We always joke about how GW does shit to milk the cashcow, but that's exactly what will save the game if extremists ever come for it.

>> No.56870101

What am screening?

>> No.56870115

What are some really fun things I can do with Orks this edition?

I have plenty of boyz and can scratchbuild stuff but I want fun(!) units to goof around with, honestly winning is a bonus since I usually get shitstomped by much more experienced players, I mostly want to have a nice, enjoyabe WAAAGH on the table, maybe some laughs

Help me out here warbosses, I'm not a smart nob

>> No.56870139

Anyone have 'the last hunt' by rob mac?

Or fabius bile ' colnelord'?

>> No.56870145

>I put all my stuff In a defensive position while deploying
>but I also put them a position where theyre out of cover or Los

>> No.56870148

If I'm honest with you I'm more concerned about the lobotomising of the franchise to appeal the American market, trying to make the Imperium the "good guys" is getting all a bit screwy. I don't mid if they want to go Nobledark or Grimbright or whatever you call it with the franchise but I don't like the lack of nuance

If you can find me a Developer with a public profile who isn't a guardian reading red-flagger I'll be genuinely surprised

>> No.56870160

>it happened before.
Some really isolated cases, mostly resulting in noting.
>with everything else

I see just as much complaining from the 'how dare the SJW change..." as I do from the SJW, and in both cases it's tiny minorities shouting really loud so they seem like the majority of their side.
The majority meanwhile just keeps going, tries not to be assholes, and don't raise a stink. It only gets to be a problem when the majority on one side gets convinced that the loud minority on the other side actually represent a large amount of the opinion, rather than just a large amount of the noise.

>> No.56870164

I thought assassination happened after devastation?

>> No.56870180

>being fucking retarded
If all your stuff is in a "defensive position" and still getting alpha'd off the field by deep strikes then guess what numbnuts?
They're not in a defensive position.


>> No.56870181

I just think that it's likely not all of them were full on progressives from the start. There has been plenty of edgy fucks who've changed their ways and pandered to the virtue signaling crowd for a reason or another. You don't even have to be a leftie to hate Thatcher, plenty of right wing republicans hate Trump just as well.

>> No.56870196

Neither is fire caste

>> No.56870198

The very earth beneath your feet. You win by not falling down.

>> No.56870203


>> No.56870207

>Some really isolated cases, mostly resulting in noting.

What? Have you not seen the shit show that is comics right now?
Or video games or movies or television.

>> No.56870211

nope, it's even referenced in Devastation
>After the betrayal on Nekkaris, and the attempt on his life from within the Flesh Tearers’ own ranks, some of his warriors still needed watching.

>> No.56870216

I honestly dont know which one of you is which, but here's my opinion.

>1 CP "Rites of War": Take a psychic phase before your opponents first movement phase. Any powers manifested my only affect friendly units.

IMO, you have your deployment to prepare for the inevitable first turn alphastrike. I think a movement phase for just 1 CP is pretty bullshit. I'm cool with letting your opponent get a psychic phase to get his buffs off, makes the game more fair.

>> No.56870238

> lack of nuance

I would agree but I think it rally comes down more to bad/lazy writing over anything else. 2nd ed. codex's had a wealth of random info plus short stories. Everything in the dex's now seem just dialed in slop.

>> No.56870242

Is this a different anon? are you just unable to read the original posts? Like do you not know how 4chan works.

Originally you were in a bad position.
If you setup defensively the ONLY thing you'd get out of this is the extra pyschic phase for buffs.

>> No.56870256

Huh, not yet read devastation but in assassination he mentions, bitterly, how baal will live a bit longer, thought that was reference to the defeated nid attack and the casualties they sustained

>> No.56870258

Or people getting lifetime, unappealable MTG bans for mild twitter shitposting.

>> No.56870269

Yeah Im fine with that. I just wouldn't mind my opponent setting his stuff properly who was confident hed get first turn but lost to the initiative roll.

>> No.56870271

dark eldar is pretty solid but mono build, you spam venoms and dark lances and thats about it

deathwatch suffers from the same problem all expensive elite armies do, not enough shots or survivability to outweigh the lack of models

>> No.56870274

Dubs picks which Craftworld I paint my Eldar

>> No.56870283

>mild twitter shitposting

Think you mean years of harassment.

>> No.56870290

Marvel tried for a remake and fucked up 80% of it.
It happens every decade. It's barely news.

>video games.
Yeah, you don't see any video games about big burly men going out and killing shit anymore.
>CoD, Gears, Wolfenstein, etc, etc etc.


Sorry, but it's not hard to find any of the shit that you think is so threatened. There is just a few shows you don't like for that particular reason, just like there have been shows you don't like, or bad seasons of shows you do like, literally forever.

The trick is to realize there was always shit, there was no golden age. Everything isn't ruined forever, because it was never that great and it's been ruined many many times in the past.

>> No.56870302

No dubs, but pick for self like a grown man. You should want to paint that color. Otherwise why paint.
Like just go grey Jesus.

>> No.56870311

That depends on your point of view, we live in an era fact-fluidity after all.

>> No.56870320


>> No.56870322

Nice list.

>> No.56870325

but remember, they changed magic card art because people complained.
That's never happened before. It's only because the liberals SJWs have ceased control.

>> No.56870326

Make a Slaaneshi TRAP Craftworld

>> No.56870343

thinking 40k has anywhere near the audience as comics/video games/ movies or tv and thus is comparable/relatable

society don't give a fuck about 40k, relax their is no liberal war on your tiny toy soldiers

>> No.56870347

Are you implying Wolfenstein isn't a big burly dude going out and killing shit?

>> No.56870352


>> No.56870360

>it's ok to burn everything, because nothing really mattered anyway

>> No.56870384

His name is B. J. Blaszkowitz. And yes, he's good at killing Nazis.

>> No.56870389

>Yeah, you don't see any video games about big burly men going out and killing shit anymore

Yeah now they're all emotional and old dudes, or black, or women.

I don't think you remember what it was like, masculinity is toxic now.

>> No.56870391

So what's the general view on blue stuff molding things if you play in an official GW store? My store is generally pretty relaxed, but don't wanna push my luck.

I'm only planning on doing weapons that the sprue doesn't have enough of and maybe one set of Scourge wings, but don't wanna run afoul of things.

>> No.56870403

Is including women in a Guard regiment really a more drastic departure from established lore than resurrected primarchs and primarises? Except among '-4 strength' retards, sending everyone into the meatgrinder is perfectly grimdark-sensible.

>> No.56870408

Not him but commies all eat soy and an intellectual (like myself) YouTuber told me that eating soy means you get more estrogen and makes you gay. Then he told me to take his manpills that have soy in them.

>> No.56870411

Neon purple with bold pink highlights

>> No.56870422

Yeah, I meant about, instead of just a.
Fun fact, he's also Commander Keens grandfather.

>> No.56870429

Is the fabius bile series post gathering storm?

>> No.56870434

If you can get really good quality nobody will notice once it's painted
If there are bubbles or deformities you can also just say "it's finecast"

>> No.56870436

>my super niche hobby will never attract the wrong crowd

>> No.56870439


>> No.56870443

Apogee did make hilariously absurd characters/storylines.

>> No.56870445

Just don't tell anyone

>> No.56870447

>"Would you marry me, Yvraine?"

>> No.56870464

New DOOM is an emotionless automaton/Khornate Berserker

>> No.56870494

Well his character model is't really that burly but that's a million miles from the point. The latest Wolfenstein game was in pretty hot water over a marketing campaign that was essentially "fuck blumpf" and characters who lloked liked they walked out a blm rally, as well as being a poor game in literally every other respect. You couldn't even make a list of 3 fucking games without including an example that really undermines your point.

>> No.56870496

I appreciate that them being black is the problem instead of them being emotional, really activates my almonds.

>> No.56870509

>Is including women in a Guard regiment really a more drastic departure from established lore than resurrected primarchs and primarises?

Vossies were established from the beginning to be male only. It's really no different than making Sisters be 50-50 male-female.

>resurrected primarchs and primarises

You do realize that only ones that were seen the body confirmed dead were Horus, Ferrus and Sanguinius, right? Everyone else was either missing or in stasis. Daemon primarchs had models in Epic and have made appearance in the fluff.

>> No.56870516

Outlier case to be honest.
Like it's considered new and fresh.
Kind of like how darksoul is hard.

he was also treated like a parody.

>> No.56870526

>make the Imperium the "good guys"
This makes me want to peel my damn face off. Originally the Imperium was a brutal, illogical regime ruled by bureaucracy and the worship of dead brutes. That it was also the player's POV was an absurd joke.

It was a pretty good joke! There was potential with the tau, who repudiated basically everything Imperials stupid for, being treated as an implacable enemy while they tried to do decent, sensible stuff.

But now it's comic books, so fuck it.

>> No.56870559

>being triggered this quickly

The problem is both.
Or more specifically they're pulling tokenism and changing race and gender for brownie points.

>> No.56870572

Purple base, pink highlights. Gayman is way too monochromatic for Slannesh's taste. 7/10 for flamboyance.

>> No.56870573

It's the Dark Souls of DOOM games though

>> No.56870583

video games, movies, and tv are mainstream shit, comics only fall up there now because their tied to (guess what) video games, movies, and tv, products consumed by the masses

40k is a niche product, any SJW who thinks they are going to create social change by attacking 40k is as retarded as right wing nuts thinking SJWs are after their toy soldiers

>attract the wrong crowd
and 40k is already the wrong crowd bucko

>> No.56870587

>game has one (literally one) poorly thought out commercial
this is a great example of you blowing things out of proportion to whine.
It wasn't the marketing campaign, it was a commercial.

You are still playing a manly man go goes around solving problems by shooting things.
You are proving the point about people overreacting to change.

>> No.56870595

Yeah basically this

>> No.56870605

Closest thing to Kharn in a video game we will get.

>> No.56870609

If you wanted to have something to say and actually be taken seriously, you probably shouldn't dismiss a racist comment callout as someone getting triggered

>> No.56870631

eh in 2nd ed the loyalist ones were all dead c'ept Russ and Johnson. Various has their bodies in stasis bu they were very much corpses. I don't overly mind bringing them back though so long as it's done tastefully and doesn't become a cliche plot hook. One Messiah is enough, but quite happy for them to do what they please with the Chaos ones, 40k scale Angron and Fulgrim minis would be awesome but I doubt we'll see anything from the Chaos Undecided Primarchs

>> No.56870642


>> No.56870699

>Hating Gav Thorpe

Well I am on 4chan.

>> No.56870738

> ANY non-white male use is tokenism
"we stuck with a white male protagonist, because using anyone else would be tokenism, and that's super bad"
did you even think about that response before posting it?

>> No.56870766

Gav burned a lot of people with his 4e CSM codex and "it's not my job to write good rules" attitude, as well as continuing to push ancient Eldar fluff in his novels when GW lore had move beyond it.

>> No.56870777

Which is more in-character for 40k: a world sending ALL their firstborn children to die, or the Imperium having a strong, moral leader willing to make common cause with xenos?

One of those is a demographic footnote; one of them is a complete reorientation of the setting. A lot of people are pissed about Vostroyans because they imagine some tumblr girl being happy about it and OHNO SLIPPERY SLOPE, but it's not what's making 40k unrecognizable.

>> No.56870781

Their social media presence is a part of their marketing campaign you simpleton. And can you stop fixating on being a man who goes around shooting things as the core gameplay as though that is even slightly relevant, as I said, that's a million miles away from anything resembling the point in contention. You're trying to move the goalposts from "SJWs are having a negative impact on the gaming industry" to "fps still get made". Hell the people who are sick of the American/Western European video game industry go to Eastern Europe, who's more recent, and possibly biggest success has been an rpg (although granted you play a man who kills things), or to Japan, where "big burly men shooting things" is not exactly a large genre.

>> No.56870803

Or when he made the shit-show that was The End Times.

>> No.56871287

>What are some really fun things I can do with Orks this edition

DESU. Not much. Kitbashing and converting is basically actively frowned upon by GW.

>> No.56871316

to be fair Ynnari and Deathwatch are both based on his lore, so his stuff isn't completely aweful

>> No.56871360

To be safe I wouldn't go much further than a head and weapon or arm swap on each model since every GW is different.

>> No.56871387

christ I cringe whenever I hear cucks call them space puppies and every variant. Just be a big boy and call them space faggots or something, then I actually might consider being offended you stupid niggers.

>> No.56871522

as a tau player im ass blasted with eldar right now and dont understnad how to counter being on perma overwatch with anything outside of 12" (rangers/wave serpents advancing /strategems/fliers/conceal)

and taking mortal wounds up the ass during psychic phase

codex when pls

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