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How do I build my first campaign /tg/?
If anyone's got screencaps of advice relevant, I'd appreciate you posting it.

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bumping because interested

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Thanks fren. I myself have saved some advice so I'll post to get started; just wanted to acquire more.

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And this is all I got; alas why I made the thread.

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Alright since no one's posting, I'll just post what I've got the campaign.

I enjoy Matt Colville so I started with the Central Tension. I decided on Republic vs Kingdom. The setting background is the Nation the PCs starts in recently lost a war to another one and ceded land and was transplanted a Council as Republic with some nobles from the other Nation. Some political bullshit later I don't want to get into; a bit into the campaign the current King will die and the Queen's Side will go against the Republic's side in a civil war using FF:T's plot for ideas.

The problem I'm having is putting distinct missions in the world. I know I want them to go against a bandit group, but other than that I'm not sure how to play into theme. For the first part I want the party to be doing missions for the Council to rise in nobility but I'm not sure what those should be; I'd like it to be open world but they know what fun is already out there before heading out. It's a lot to do and I'm not sure where to start.

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figure out what your players like and put that in

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No campaign plan survives impact with the players.

Learn to improvise. You learn to improvise by doing it, failing, and then improvising harder until it suddenly clicks and you manage to dig your way out of your mess. Play pic related with your group in session zero -- you don't even need to be the GM. It's the perfect game to get the GM used to improvising and the players used to ACTUAL FREEDOM, which is something that is sorely needed if they're used to video games.

Also play pic related regularly otherwise because it's hilarious.

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Also, protips for playing EiJ because I really do recommend it.

If you're physically with your players, set it in your local vicinity. It means you won't need to keep checking Google Maps or whatever, and it stops the players from constantly asking you if they can find something.

Make John someone relatable (someone in the same occupation as you, for example), but add a twist. When I played it with my uni group I spawned John as a student in a formal graduation gown but nothing else. Made the players weigh up whether wasting time to get clothes was worth the easier social interactions. You can also give John peculiar starting items (a screwdriver has many uses!) to force the players to be creative; avoid plain money or things like mobile phones.

Make NPCs react confusedly, but realistically. Most people will, in fact, just freeze if something weird happens. If John punches someone in the street, you might get a couple of people intervening, but give John a chance to do something before they get involved. Also remember that, because we're living in a (vaguely) civilised world, most people aren't prepared for the impulsive Chaotic Randumb that encapsulates John!

This extends to normal campaigns too. If the players are struggling to do something, give them a convenient leg-up. This doesn't mean you should deus ex machina it, but if John wants to get into a locked building, perhaps have someone nearby that he can mug, tailgate in, bribe, persuade, etc. For more serious campaigns, this would mean LETTING THE PLAYERS BE RIGHT! If they figure out something that seems vaguely logical, consider just making it canon there and then. If you can improvise well enough, you've now kept the pace going, engaged with the players in a positive manner, and made the players feel good about their actions. Happy players are good for GMs!

Finally, set a time limit (in the real world) and end the game there. EiJ can take ages if the players are both smart and competitive.

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For long time DMs, how long after starting the game did you DM your first campaign?

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