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Still think there is no problem in the horizon?

the dude got banned from Magic FOR LIFE for having the wrong thoughs and trying to meme in an innocent manner? Do you really think this shit couldn't happen to 40k? You're delusional


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>Memes are a crime to these people and 40k isn't safe

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By the time the first signs arrive, which they did, it might bet too late

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What can GW do? Ban people from their stories and their tournaments?
Not like they have digital stuff like magic has, or it stops people from going to other LGS and so.

Not to mention that GW are too much of jews to ban paying customers.

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whine some more and go back to /pol/ while you do

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>Posters: 1

OP if you're going to attempt to samefag, you should use a phone.

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It's called adding to the point...

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wow this is my first time on /tg/ in months and it has only gotten more /pol/

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I'm just used to mobiles and multiple comments to illustrate one point, so maybe you shouldn't assume...

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Didn't he get banned from very specific wotc shit, because he agreed to their user agreement and then disregarded said user agreement?

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Is being concerned for the hobby bad now?

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Which memes was he banned for ?

I don't have the time to watch that video.

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Pepe and all that basic shit

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except that the loss of hit mtgo account includes the loss of digital property, combined with the vagueness of basically any EULA to enable anyone's digital collection to be taken at any time for basically any reason...

essentially unfair contract terms. i hope he sues these fuckers.

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Be careful when you are walking outside. After all the /pol/ boogeyman is around every corner.

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the containment board is leaking again

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t. transracial genderqueer otherkin.

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op btfo.

20 years ago no-one gave a fuck about girls or whatever.

now we have autistic fuckwits who spend too much time on /pol/ acting like having any women at all doing anything for the company or in the lore or shock horror, actually playing the game, will destroy everything.

if you're scared of women joining the hobby then you have problems. hit the gym, have a shower, get a clue.

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>the Jason Blaha of MTG gets banned
Oh no what a terrible loss.

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You could always get banned from FLGS for various reasons, some total reasonable (you always show up with BO), some utterly ridiculous (you calmy explained to the store owner why his interpretation of certain rules was wrong and he sperged out).

But you can't get banned from 40K. Worst case scenario you will just have to host games at your house.

What I find more concerning than the feminist shit is the corporatist shit I see happening with the newest generation of players. They want to ostracized you for using third party bits, they lose their minds if you have a scan of a book on your phone, etc...

I get it if they think you should support the FLGS, but this blind allegiance to GW makes nonsense to me.

I've been playing GW games for over 2 decades and I don't owe them shit. I've bought tens of thousands of dollars worth of models, paints and books over the years. If they STILL refuse to release a sprue of combi plamsa, fuck 'em I'm ordering them from Kromlech. And if they want to release half a game like Necromunda and then release the other half at the same time to try to fuck players into buying two books, I'm not playing ball on that either.

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I really wish companies like WotC and whatnot took the Harley Davidson approach to including women.

They look at it as purely expanding their customer base, and do it in the most encouraging and positive way possible.

"Hey! You can ride a motorcycle too! C'mon it's fun! We'll help you get started with free intro workshops!"

No SJW bullshit, no political bullshit, no nothing. Just encouraging a group a people to ride motorcycles that might not consider doing it otherwise, and they always end up loving it.

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You cant really be so deluded as to think women are what people are upset about.

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It's not about who get's banned it's about the why, read the thing first...

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You are actually retarded

We dont give a damn about girls in the hobby. We care about them ruining thr established lore that we all love to push some retarded agenda. If more "gender diversity" means plastic sisters of battle, female guardsmen, etc, thats fine.

If it means female space marines thats retarded because the idea of a women surviving the process of becoming a space marine is flat unscientific.

>inb4 it's fantasy you can do whatever you want

The lore has established rules. The lore means nothing of it doesn't stick by them

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>shit I see happening with the newest generation of players. They want to ostracized you for using third party bits, they lose their minds if you have a scan of a book on your phone, etc...

That sounds terrible, I'm glad my FLGS isn't like that. We're super chill.

In fact we have a store Stompa for free use that's mostly a Mr. Potato Head with some ork bits.

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You have to go back.

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>Thinks this is about women
>is a retard

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That is pretty good looking art to be honest. I can't wait for all the female space marine porn.

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i'd be so down for the adventures of Betty and her Butchers

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I mean why not XD

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Is this fucking Fulgrim?

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Anon, please be bait.

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>The lore has established rules. The lore means nothing of it doesn't stick by them
>Being this new

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>pushing the "women will push GW to make female space marines and ruin 40k" meme.
If GW ever thought "female marines" would make them money, they already have a faction that are already practically female marines, they would just update & expand the SOB range to do it.

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I wonder who's behind this post

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Women ruin everything.
What else is new?
There is a reason why you don't let them in charge even when there are a few exceptions.

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OP, are you sure that neckbeard guy got banned for having the wrong thoughts and trying to meme, and not for hounding a woman who gave WotC free publicity out of the fandom?

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If you can't handle some mean online words you can always find a new site.
Not saying that people should post off topic but if you can't handle some banter I don't know what to say.

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>beautiful viking longhaired "STRONK WOMYIN"

once they start portraying bald and scarred fem marines I might give them a better rep. Right now they are only another cyst of the shit that affects D&D 5e and vidya in search of a power fantasy

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I actually don't want female astartes either, but...

> unscientific
Dude, what? No part of any 40k stuff makes sense. It has no basis in science at all, anywhere. Are you suggesting that women are less likely to survive invasive surgeries? That's fuckin' stupid.

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I'd play female Emperor's Children.

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Well, it's about more than just publicity, my dear anon. Magic is a whole different thing by now, it's becoming a fenced sort of
>safe space
... The community did nothing to stop it...

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Imagine that, out of all the planets of the Imperium, there is a Femnazi planet. Imagine they raise some guard regiments.

Imagine a Space Marine squad trying to work with them, all while not letting on that they are male, because the femnazis think the Emperor, Primarchs and Space Marines are all female..

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Well, they're nowhere near as bad as /pol/ pretends, but it doesn't mean they're not out there, and it doesn't mean I haven't had their message shoved down my throat. Honestly, about equal with how often /pol/ shoves their message down my throat.
Both are real, believe it or not. And neither is as big a problem as the other thinks, believe it or not.
/tg/ just likes its trolls, so they seem a little larger here.
(Normally, I wouldn't be so childish as to not (you) a post, but your pic was very specific.)

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Did he actually 'hound' her?
Or did a (theoretically existing) anonymous horde of followers hound her?
Because the theory that there are masterminds on the internet, who sometimes talk badly about a person, thereby sending a secret code to tell their hordes of rabid crazy followers to give someone hell, is basically bullshit. Most of the time, no proof ever gets offered that anything happened.
Though, if he was being an autistic asshole, I can believe it.

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Oh, it's not just about women, fag, they won't stop until there are pink haired black tranny tyranids, you're just an out of touch shut in are ya?

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>literally herrassing women
>gets banned
>starts whining


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I hope everything you think the SJE boogieman is gonna do happens. Then, while your crying over the the badwrong people, i'll be enjoying my cozy garagehammer and rpgs with friends. Stay mad, autist

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Uh.....are you sure that you meant to reply to me? Cause, I mean, if so....yes, you found one of them. Never said they weren't real, just said you exaggerate their reach.
And, in fact, to find them, you often have to spend a lot of time rooting around online (only a few of them really go on the offensive, and except when there's an outrage waaaagh going on, they're easy to miss). Which makes it seem like being a shut-in makes you more likely to find them, whereas those of us who actually deal with real people in the real world can sometimes forget that they, and you, exist. Just saying.

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Please stop equating Nids with feminazis. Nids are cool and don't deserve this.

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Is that so? Ever heard of feminist 40k?

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>It's called adding to the point...
Pretty adorable tee bee aych

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A single facebook group?

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>Didn't he get banned from very specific wotc shit, because he agreed to their user agreement and then disregarded said user agreement?


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Stop being a hysterical pussy and man up.

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It's a start.

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>Being this scared that Games Workshop stops pandering to nazis

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Nice bait

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The proper term is "Badong", get it right.

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shhh, you will trigger the /pol/tard!

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A single facebook group that one has to go out of their way to find?
.....is the guy we're talking to still pretending that *we* are the out-of-touch shut-in?

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well, being autistic has it's benefits...

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>i kindly disagree

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40k sucks and GW is tabletop EA, so who the fuck cares.

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They've always sucked

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The hat should be red desu

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I put myself down as a grot.

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The banning came from MTG's resident white knight brigade when he refused to roll over and be a good boy.

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There's already a thread on this.

Best thing to do with the femenids is to just ignore them.

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>pushing the "women will push GW to make female space marines and ruin 40k" meme
I mean, they already are. Well, (((feminists))) are. Either way it's kinda difficult to argue against objective, present reality.

>> No.56833085

>and not for hounding a woman who gave WotC free publicity out of the fandom?
You do realize that was all made up by the girl to boost her patreon bucks, right? Also,
>linking to polygon
>believing polygon's lies

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You will get the oven too, fuckface.

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I can't wait to gas all of you bitches. The day of slaughter will come. Count on it, mouthbreathers.

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Make Autism Great Again.

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This. There is nothing GW can do to punish customers who shit talk them or their community leaders.

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See everyone? More leftypol fag false flags like I was bitching about in the last thread. You know, it's fucking sad we can't just get along and stop trying to force society to bend to our views. Fuck utopia, I'm fine with my compound in the woods.

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>the femnazis think the Emperor, Primarchs and Space Marines are all female..


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Because I think it's fucking hilarious.

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MtG is fucking stupid anyway.

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I'm not a leftypol, you troglodyte. I just fucking hate leftists, faggots, niggers, Jews and women. Is it really that hard to believe?

You beta cucks deserve to get screwed over by both kikes and women. Fuck you and fuck your hobby. 40K went to shit after Rick Priestley left, so fuck that too.

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>except that the loss of hit mtgo account includes the loss of digital property
He probably never owned it in the first time. Own games via such digital services and you only have yourself to blame.

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So when someone says they don't like /pol/ spam on /tg/, they're lefties...

But when someone says they like /pol/ spam on /tg/, they're lefties?

I feel like you haven't thought this through completely.

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Not when they can ban your ass for shitposting. Not when 40k becomes a
>"safe space"

>> No.56835045

Give an inch, they WILL have a mile

>> No.56835117

We gave YOU an inch and you took our whole site

>> No.56835163


But those are clearly space wolves who are kind of known for their hair...

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Oh forgive me for being concerned for the hobby... Not everything have to be "oh i don't care" and all that edgy shit... I'm not having that

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I can guarantee you that that group contains a grand total of zero women. It's 100% fat, submissive neckbeards who jack off to the idea of stronk ,powerfyl wymyn.

>> No.56836500


I post on /pol/ daily and I'm a proud national socialist, but dipshit, there's no need to antagonize an entire community, that isn't how you keep """their""" useful idiots from taking over, and more than that, it drives anyone left of center straight into Marx's arms. It's just fucking retarded, and it's fucked up to celebrate the tortured end of a fifty-year old hobby due to things beyond the fanbase's control. Go back to /pol/, start a thread there, and we can talk. Assuming you're not horse-shitting, because I've never heard a /pol/tard call someone a troglodyte when they could drop a specific racial slur instead.

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> libs don't like /pol/tards, this is known
> t_d redditors immigrate to /pol/ en-masse after the election, because le dank memes
> redditors ruin /pol/ and spread like the cancer they are
> redditors, being redditors, immediately adopt the most extreme ideologies once they find a sliver of the truth and insist on shitposting outside of /pol/
> over the course of months, this slowly calms down as redditors go back or assimilate to board culture, leaving fringe idiots in the minority
> naturally /pol/ shitposting decreases and anons stop bashing /pol/ every third post
> most libs see this, shrug, and continue, happy the roleplaying board isn't full of /pol/shit anymore, like any sane anon should
> a few libs see this, and believe /pol/ is "winning," whatever the fuck that means on an anonymous online whittling enthusiast's circle
> they think they need to make anons hate /pol/, or the second holocaust will happen in their lifetimes
> these libs aren't braindead, they know telling anons /pol/ is bad will lead nowhere

> (1/2)

>> No.56836651


> luckily, board is anonymous and it's impossible to tell who's posting
> libs post extremely controversial opinions held by fringe minority of /pol/ and act as strawmen, /pol/posting outside /pol/, insulting anons, and derailing threads, to the detriment of the board
> this doesn't change the opinion of anons that already hated /pol/, i.e, most anons, causes /pol/tards to entrench themselves, and encourages leftover t_d redditors to shitpost under the mistaken belief they aren't the minority
> the rest of anons don't care about /pol/itics one way or another, but just want an end to the constant off-topic shitposting
> libs don't like it any better than anyone else, but they continue under the mistaken belief they're "turning the tide" against /pol/, when in reality, they're not changing board opinion one way or another, and are only driving the board down the shitter
> lib has the audacity to accuse me of committing a logical fallacy, when I'm only calling out the horse-shit on both sides of the aisle
> tfw I just want /tg/ back, like it used to be, but libs and /pol/tards can't stay in their containment board
> (2/2)

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I love how you can't get any (you)s for your pitiful cause, questcuck

>> No.56836800

I'd wear that hat

>> No.56836861

Well then

>> No.56836955

Break terms and conditions, get banned. Seems pretty straighforward. They were entirely within their rights to ban him.

>> No.56837025

When your "concern" involve stupid shit? Yeah

>> No.56837070

>Arguing for science in 40k

>> No.56837090

This isn't banter. It's just plain shitposting.

>> No.56837114


Those in the know should follow suit.

>> No.56837135

i like how you think you shouldn't have been aborted

>> No.56837150

Done already. Just annoyed that I'm gonna have to do it for a week straight

>> No.56837168

I think that's his point - that there is an uptick in regressives concerned about their safe spaces, displaying their bellies an an abject spectacle of whining and weakness

>> No.56837176


Yes please

>> No.56837185

You mean like quests were from /tg/

>> No.56837290

I mean....yes

>> No.56837360


Fuck off back to /pol/, faggot.

inb4 "iomplying le /pol/ bogey man", a fucking third-rate meme invented by /pol/ to try and stop people from noticing what a dumpster fire of a human being literally every single person on /pol/ is.

He got banned for being a piece of human shit. Like you.

>> No.56837388

>Some disphit gets banned
>/tg/ literally implodes

>> No.56837512

S-Stop it, Fulgrim

>> No.56837516

>He got banned for being a piece of human shit.
He literally did nothing.

>> No.56837524

I... it is that just a fold of fabric, right?

>> No.56837525

It's not that they're masterminds it's that if any even vaguely famous person shit talks someone else a legion of their fans will 100% of the time harass the person shit talked. If you're supposed to be a respectable representative of a company you need to be aware of this. This guy accepted becoming a marketing mouthpiece of WotC by accepting their free shit and as a result was held to that standard. He failed.

Sorry but them's the breaks. Blame capitalism for companies treating you like a contractor.

>> No.56837685

all things considered as a woman I have to inform you there is a real danger here. I dont think pol is always right but they have a serious pull for a reason and acting like a tramendous holier than thou faggot isn't doing women any favors, its just going to accelerate the situation until enough violence breaks out that whatever your opinions on pol are wont matter because they will have guns and organization and you will be a salty fa/tg/uy.

you cannot make pol sentiments go away by trying to demasculinize them.

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>> No.56837721

>Some disphit gets banned
>/pol/tards seize the opportunity for shitposting on /tg/

>> No.56837744

>implying we dont have tons of memes that replace the emperor with say Celestia, or madokami.

>> No.56837868 [DELETED] 

>> libs post extremely controversial opinions held by fringe minority of /pol/ and act as strawmen, /pol/posting outside /pol/, insulting anons, and derailing threads, to the detriment of the board
dog, I hate to break it to you, but if you think pol has non extreme views on women and race then you are a fucking idiot. Go on pol and lurk more. type in women in the cataglogue and see their own opinions. It's allmost all universally regardless of political leaning homogenous; Women need to be removed from politics and removed from being financially independant. they need to marry young, and do what their husband tells them to. And you can cry and contort if you wish about how I'm misinterpreting it, but I'm not. these are their words, non cherry picked, rephrased and remolded again and again, and voices against it just do not exist outside of trolling copypasta.

the shit i'm posting now isnt even that bad among the common beliefs there.

>> No.56837873 [SPOILER] 

So you're telling me he got banned for being a retard? Wow.

>> No.56838221


What's sad is that that's the last century's normal. Our great-grandparents probably would've been /pol/tards, I'm just glad we've moved past that as a species.

>> No.56838254

/pol/ and /tg/ are basically joined at the hip these days.

>> No.56838270

Oh god yes please take them away. It never ends.

>> No.56838273

that's scary to think the majority of people here want me to shut up and obey them.

>> No.56838281

> I'm just glad we've moved past that as a species.
We really haven't.

>> No.56838282

No one fucking cares, Jeremy. You got banned for being a shithead and that's no one's problem but yours.

>> No.56838289


>> No.56838292

We haven't. and your attitude that we have moved pas sexism is ignoring the sexism against men and are only encouraging more people to have buyers remorse in giving women freedom. Please stop that.

>> No.56838302


>> No.56838446


>> No.56838471

Call me Zeon because I'm about to drop a truth bomb on your federated asses. You see how broader society is already starting to lash back toward the right after a decade of far left domination, while this hyper leftist shit is only starting to stick into tabletop games? The tabletop game industry/community always finds some way to be incredibly out of touch, because it's an insular niche hobby. 10 years from now society at large will be overwhelmingly right-leaning and tabletop games will be dominated by the same unironic anarcho-communist retards that are screaming bloody murder today, because tabletop games are always 10 or so years behind the rest of society's cultural trends.

My advice? Wait it out.

>> No.56838563

>Quotes Polygon...
>is a retard.

>> No.56838601

if the right in pol ever takes over there will be no waiting it out. I'll either be hanged or enslaved. Hard to enjoy table top games from the grave

>> No.56838642

>far left domination
>in a post Reagan America

Kid maybe you're just retarded but the US has been far right capitalist since at least 1986 and has not dropped left even once. That was Clinton, Obama, and Hillary's whole platform "we like weed and whatever civil rights buzzword is of the day but don't worry we won't try to help the poor". Every US President since Reagan has been a different flavor of capitalist oligarch. The Democrats just pretend to like whiny landwhale types and Republicans pretend to like the sisterfucker types like you.

>> No.56838647

Well... Not being ironic, I don't know how to reply to that.

>> No.56838690

Bitch do even look around you? The far left has taken over and colleges are basically training and recruitment grounds for them

>> No.56838696

Nice fanfic senpai.

>> No.56838717

Politically, you're absolutely right. Culturally? I think you couldn't be further from the mark. American culture has shifted dramatically left since the 1950s.

>> No.56838737

nice try /pol/
but I still don't care

>> No.56838738

>only /po/ cares about SJWs
This is how everyone knows you're new.

>> No.56838749

>if the left in pol ever takes over there will be no waiting it out. I'll either be killed off or enslaved. Hard to enjoy table top games from the grave

>> No.56838766

you see...

>> No.56838779

>the left in pol
what am I reading?

>> No.56838788

Leave my beautiful papercrafting boys out of this.

>> No.56838799

It's a culture domination. That's why they're trying to enforce their values on popular parts of culture.

As far as the politics goes, though, these guys are literally gearing up right now to make a push for control of the democratic party, using HC's loss as justification.

>> No.56838804


>> No.56838814

let me rephrase that:
> the left

>> No.56838822


>> No.56838845

Well it's not women who are at fault here. Wotc is a bunch of hairy, kiddy fiddling fucktards.

Women are the beneficiaries of this systemic problem. But the problem is fucking Kevin Spaceys who think they can do whatever they want and they're all little turd faced white collar felons running the internet.

>> No.56838858

Literally have never been pestered by a SJW in the wild, but have definitely seen spergs spewing verbal memes into the open

>> No.56838883

the left is trying to(and is successful at) taking over all sorts of media, you can tell from the black female nazis in cod ww2 to the Marvel Comics shit and Magic's whole shtick

>> No.56838897

It's kind of funny that just twenty years ago being gay was illegal in a lot of the United States. A lot has changed in just a few decades.

>> No.56838941

>why can't we all be centrists?

>> No.56838948

>you get to die no matter what
Not sure why this should make me endeared to either side to be quite honest familia.

>> No.56838969


> I'll either be hanged or enslaved

Afrobro, we don't hate you, the Hotep movement and the coli are nigh-universally supported, Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, and, though this has little to do with race, Michael Jackson, are nigh-universally respected. We just hate the inner-city crime, but that's the fault of (((media))) and flawed education system more than race. We're ethno-nationalist, not white nationalist.

>> No.56838970

These days being a centrist just means being a corporate stooge who does whatever he's paid to do.

>> No.56839001

actually just a tremendous fag and a girl.

>> No.56839026

You can be both?

>> No.56839040


>> No.56839062


Oh, well shit bro/sis, I don't know what to tell you. If it's any consolation, most /pol/tards don't really give a shit about lesbianism. Wish you the best in the coming years, hopefully there's not as much ultra-violence as everyone's expecting.

>> No.56839083


Why are you cowards so afraid of simple debate? Especially a debate on a pure /tg/ topic. What the fuck are you even doing here?

>> No.56839086

I felt really bad for this guy and still kind of do even though hes not really making a great case for himself but that tweet
>I wouldn't even rape you
That's going to fuck him over more than anything else.

>> No.56839091

the former is the reason i might be hanged, the latter is the reason i might not have any rights outside "do what your husband or father says"

>> No.56839109

>dont give a shit about lesbians
no they really rather do give a shit about any woman not being obedient to men unfortunately, and its not like i'd be able to get a job and fly under the radar when its no longer possible to get one.

Really the only thing I have going for me is race mixing isn't on my list of shit done and I have no social media.

>> No.56839139

You know, you guys don't even have to stop playing Magic right? And no I don't mean gay ass boycotting or whatever.

Buy Chinese Magic cards. How the fuck are they gonna know? No judge should have his grubby Cheetoh fingers on your cards anyway.

Wotc never sees a dime.
You're helping some poor little Chinese girl go to college.

You'd be a Trump neo-Nazi NOT to do it.

>> No.56839177

> Really the only thing I have going for me is race mixing isn't on my list of shit done
I wouldn't be so sure if I were you. Supremacists of all stripes tend to get really picky over what constitutes being a pure enough whatever. One-drop-rule type stuff means you might be fucked without realizing it.

>> No.56839183

That's a good stance to have. Maybe speak to those in your movement about how they should focus on "upper class citizens control our access to information and use it to condemn minority/marginalised groups (such as jews, muslims, & the disabled) while supporting unethical behaviors (such as bombing MSF hospitals, & basically everything Israel does).'

Most of the ethno-nationalist crap I hear is a mix between "the holocaust never happened," "the holocaust never happened but it should have," and "displacing millions of people from a country they've lived in for generations definitely won't be a violent process."

>'captain america was always a fascist'
>black female nazis are unrealistic but it's cool that i can heal bullet wounds with my mind and put weed stickers all over my guns

Despite all the 'sjws want to kill games' shit i see all over this site, my group of gay disabled trans nonbinary polyamorous socialist mixed-race gaming group(s) play TTRPGs all the fucking time.

I think the 'no girls in the astartes' shit is dumb as hell, but you bet your ass I bought the Space Marine video game. And some of the Space Hulk games. And played the Chapter Master indie. Because criticising something doesn't mean you want to destroy it.

Maybe people just want to play fucking games without y'all getting political at us.

>> No.56839193

if theyre employinga 1 drop rule culling then I'm already dead for being a fag anyway.

>> No.56839227

Don't worry fampai, at this rate the right wing death squads will take eachother out through a series of comic misunderstandings.

>> No.56839245 [SPOILER] 

>Most of the ethno-nationalist crap I hear is a mix between "the holocaust never happened," "the holocaust never happened but it should have," and "displacing millions of people from a country they've lived in for generations definitely won't be a violent process."
I can tell you about 90% of pol believes that, and they dont have a bad reason to, you probably never looked into the issue yourself and neither did I growing up. I dont know myself if it was real or not, but I will say that all holocaust camps where part of the soviet side of things and they have a long history of doctoring evidence.

>> No.56839255

This kind of overdramatic reaction is why people are losing their taste for the left.

>> No.56839265


Have you read their demands to Games Workshop?

Feminist 40k FAQ


>> No.56839269


>> No.56839272

People tend to react when they're scared.

>> No.56839287

lol ikr

>> No.56839290


"guys I'm not saying the holocaust never happened, but I'm saying the holocaust never happened because commies. some dude on youtube told me."

>> No.56839301

Unfortunately telling people "but I'm scared" is no longer considered convincing. It had a solid run of about 40 years but the novelty has worn off.

>> No.56839310

Yes. From now on I am standing for the opposite of Badong. I stand... for Gnodab.

Seriously, OP is 100% a sad fat bastard who cries because the last woman to see him naked was a health care professional.

>> No.56839321


Oh for fucks sake. You might as well quote Anita Sarkeesian.

>> No.56839323

Its not an overdramatic reaction. you cannot claim that generalizations and stereotypes are meaningful and have value but cry fowl when a stereotype develops about pol. pol has those beliefs, not all of them want to hang fags to be fair, but a large ammount of them do, maybe even a majority, but even before that, they are united against womens rights as I've already explained, and if you don't think so you are welcome to go there and ask them for their opinions on what womens place in society should be yourself. I've lurked there long enough to know my inference of their views is not in error. it is the overwealming majority of every every subgroup on the board together.

>> No.56839326


>> No.56839337

That's not how it works.
Bad things don't just stop happening because you're tired of them, sadly.

>> No.56839346


>Any questions, those who think this isn't a problem?

>> No.56839352

MTG is now normalfag tier. 40k is still heavily autistic and basement dwelling.

>> No.56839366

sounds like the devils deal
/pol/ quest when

>> No.56839369

Who cares? You sound like a bunch of Victorian Upper Society Sodomites complaining about giving women the fucking vote. Welcome to 2017, you stupid cuck, have a coke and a smile and shut the fuck up.

>> No.56839389

Great, we have a feminist on board, ladies and gents...

>> No.56839399

>and they dont have a bad reason to
If you step outside of the echochamber actual academic sources blow out of the water some pseudointellectuals on Youtube.

>> No.56839410 [SPOILER] 

I'm not saying that at all actually, what I'm saying is that the people in control of the media, educational institutions and in control of the most wealth and have a supermajority in the elite of society, is not, in any way, a minority. And they have every reason to have bias in regards to the holocaust. If you don't accept that, that's fine, It's your own choice. All I'm doing is encouraging you to look at the facts and judge for yourself.

I'm not a feminist, and I dont see why you are trying to deny this, a casual visit to pol and the words women in the catalogue search bar is all you need to get an idea, and I've been going there for months.

>> No.56839424

Because it doesn't matter to you. That's cool, I guess, but the fact it doesn't matter to you doesn't mean it shouldn't matter to other people.

As it is, I'm probably 2nd or 3rd in the oven if /pol/ gets their way, so I'm pretty invested in shutting them up. They're not GOING to get their way so I guess me complaining is slightly pointless, but whatever.

What, a qualified professional who has a full-time career discussing these sorts of issues? ...yeah, should we be quoting fucking Aristotle instead?

Christ, this is what happens when you try to copy a link on mobile lads.

Because there's very little point building half a bridge, anon.

>> No.56839429

I don't see why you are already invested in the evidence being some youtuber, it makes it seem like you're uncomfortable with the idea that they could have actual sources. All you have to do is look at the data pol has and look at the data those academies have and decide for yourself.

>> No.56839432


That'd be kinda neat actually, the protagonist is a radical /pol/tard, given supernatural powers by Kek according to their ideology, whose goal is to destroy society and rebuild a new, "better" one from the ashes. And a bonus, all the conspiracies and pseudoscience is actually real, and there is actually a grand moloch-worshipping Jewish pedophile conspiracy to cover it up.

>> No.56839455

I dont want to be overrun by muslim immigrants and thrown off a building for being gay either to be honest senpai.

>> No.56839499

Best post. Quoted for truth.

>> No.56839511

I find it spectacular anyone gets affected by X/Y/Z "trying to ruin our hobby" on a board dedicated to hobbies that rely on the imagination.

Like, just imagine it your own way friend.
There's no need to be mad :)

>> No.56839515


>> No.56839523

>2nd or 3rd
dunno what you are but don't ignore daggers to your back in echange for daggers from the front.

>> No.56839529

I've read firsthand accounts and also seen actual documentation of Jewish populations in the years after WW2 in Eastern Europe in comparison to the Jewish population of Israel conducted not by some "Almanac" but by the governments of said countries. The opposition either nitpicks some propaganda that most acknowledge to begin with as well as bullshit holocaust stories. I've also read a lot on the bureaucracy of Nazi Germany. The philosophy of the Nazi Party was that the most ambitious plans would please Hitler the most. Bullets are cheaper than plane tickets to Madagascar and non SS units have plenty of stories about SS brutality towards Jews and Slavs. Millions of civilians died in WW2 with the overwhelming majority being Christian, yet I don't hear /pol/ debating how we can't find all the corpses of those people.

>> No.56839533

>Who cares?

I care. Does that answer your stupid question? You care. That's what you're here for. Stop pretending to be above it all. You aren't.


Keep using that word. You're doing our job for us.

>> No.56839535

So, is OP warning us about SJW coming into pur houses and ripping up all our cards...?

>> No.56839545

indeed, which is why /pol/ losing is just as bad as them winning.

>> No.56839551

That's not how that works...

>> No.56839567

I agree entirely, this in particular.
>No SJW bullshit, no political bullshit, no nothing. Just encouraging a group a people to ride motorcycles that might not consider doing it otherwise, and they always end up loving it.

I honestly don't give a shit either way whether or not women enjoy my hobbies, as long as my hobbies aren't changed solely to pander.

>> No.56839573

i see your point, anon.

>> No.56839597

You're acting like the population of a 4chan board is going to seize control of the world - and what's worse, you're posting about that delusion publicly. Either realize /pol/ is maybe a few thousand individuals at most or keep your overreactions to yourself, because nobody cares anymore.

>> No.56839602

>millions of christians died
thats because they died as soldiers and collateral
>I've readfirsthand accounts.
I hope you know at the very least that the anne frank account is fabricated.
>bug muh corpses we cant find
thats nice, Like I said, I dont have a position. I am encouraging you to actually look into the issue because the people in control of academic sources and have the overwealming ammount of money and influence have every reason to lie.

The opposition isnt psuedoscience and crazy ranting youtubers.

>> No.56839606

>a qualified professional who has a full-time career

You are now defending the con artist Anita Sarkeesian. Congratulations. I can no longer tell if you are serious or doing a parody.

>> No.56839628


"I'm not saying that the Jews control the media. But the Jews control the media. Just look into the facts. Specifically, the facts you can find from people who don't believe in the holocaust, who are completely truthful and would never lie unlike those filthy nasty Allies who liberated Dachau. Their first hand accounts mean nothing, since we can't trust them. Because they're all dead. So how do we KNOW they were actually there? Like, it's entirely possible that they used a Jewish Time Traveling Machine to stage photos. Did I mention that Jews control the media? Just look into it. It's your own choice. Look at the facts. Specifically the ones from Holocaust deniers. Rather than actual facts. But seriously. The Holocaust never happened."

>> No.56839634

>preface statement if pol wins x happens
>comment on the comment about pol and /tg/ being joined at the hip implies /tg/ shares most of pols views on women in theory.
what exactly where you hoping to get out of this conversation about pol's beliefs and how it relates to /tg/ and sjws infringing on childrens card games?
It sounds like you where proven wrong, so you had to go the route of "well your concerns are stupid because pol will never win" to save face.

>> No.56839636

But what if they pander to you?

>> No.56839644

Daggers from the back such as what, people wanting female guardsmen in 40k?

Neither do the Muslims. That's why they're migrating.

Yeah, but anon your hobby doesn't have women in it. I mean sure, it's not quite Lisa levels, but "hey can we have some more women that don't look like fetish models" isn't that weird a request. Especially not when I see people on here complaining about 40k models all the fucking time.

>> No.56839665

nice strawman, I'm picking up on the fact that you are not welcoming any honest discourse or reflection on the matter. have fun working for the 1%

>> No.56839684

Are Jews not collateral as well, or are they not people in your eyes? The opposition doesn't have nearly as much of an argument, and now you're invalidating German sources by German soldiers by comparing their stories to Anne Frank. I like how you actually ignore the elephant in the room being that we can't find millions of corpses from that war in order to convince me to read more arguments on the other side. I have, and they're not as compelling. You say you don't have a position, but I can tell you are a serpent trying to play the neutral "open minded" individual when actually you have an agenda. You are incredibly dishonest as well as a weasel and that is poor form if you're trying to convince me of anything. Also save your exasperated response to me saying I'm hopeless or some garbage in order to lowkey insult me because I disagree with you and see your underhanded approach.

>> No.56839688


"Why won't you take my barely concealed holocaust denial seriously? Are you a secret Jew Mind Control Slave?"

>> No.56839694

Please have meltdowns like this in public so more people realize what a joke you are.

>> No.56839728

Ignoring what elephant senpai?
all I did was openly and honestly tell you that i dont think its a cut and dry case, and all you've done is disparage any evidence you don't agree with as disperious. I have told you nothing but the truth of the matter; the so called persecuted people are now one of the most wealthy and influencial groups of people in the world. that is a fact. all I did was encourage you to look into it yourself. Instead, you've decided to make this into a huge debate. I'm not here to convince you of anything, all I'm doing is rebuffing you when you say the evidence is psuedoscientific when you've clearly never looked at it.

>> No.56839732

If you want there to be no female Space Marines, just play without them.
If you want there to be female Space Marines, kitbash your own.

It's your imagination, your choice! The possibilities are endless.

>> No.56839742

not seeing how this is a melt down. feel free to elaborate?

>> No.56839745


you haven't even presented any evidence.

>> No.56839755

I've acknowledged both sides as having evidence and all you've done is condemn one side and promote another. You're the worst kind of liar when you say you're neutral. Thinly veil your denialism somewhere else.

>> No.56839756

They came for our video games, and have won
Now they are coming for our card and board games, and they are winning.

What is next?

>> No.56839763

What the hell has happened to rational and moderate policies?

It seems so many countries are going to one extreme or the other. Or some populations in the same country are just becoming even more polarized.

I don't mind immigration, as long as its strictly controlled, with attempted illegal immigrants removed unconditionally (anyone who breaks the law to get into their country for their own benefit, will break the law within the country, for their own benefit). I don't want to go the /pol/ route and sink all the boat people, or the other extreme of letting anyone enter.

I like my countries health care system (essentially there is a bare-bones public health care system, non-essential surgery waiting times are drastically higher though, and you have no choice of doctor, hospital, etc), its a good compromise. No public health care is a great way to ruin lives, and anymore than what is already provided would drive taxes even higher.

The list goes on. I love my (most of) countries policies, but people are becoming more and more polarized.

>> No.56839772

>This entire thread
Fuck this what has happened to /tg/
I'd take "Elf Slave Wat Do" and "Stat Me" filling the catalog over high-school edgelord debate club

>> No.56839776

because I am encouraging you to look into the evidence. I'm not going to hold your hand and guide you over to pol yourself. This is not a debate, I offered my opinion and gave the reason why I have it and suggested that anyone interested decide for themselves by researching both sides. It's not my job to attack your position.

>> No.56839788

The fuck are you talking about?

Do you even Traveller? Or GURPS? Or any White Wolf?

TTRPGs have been ultra-leftist for decades. They will remain ultra-leftist for decades. Why? Because conservatives suck at being creative. That's why they're conservative.

>> No.56839792

...Because video games are so drastically different now.
I mean, CoD when back to WW2, can you believe that?

>> No.56839795

your personal hygiene

>> No.56839807

>I've acknowledge both sides have evidence
no you haven't. you've made it very clear you think one persons evidence is not worth a look and every post you've made shows that you regard it with the same contempt as filth. a derranged youtuber, some false almanac not done by a partial source in some government. etc.

>> No.56839816

> CoD when back to WW2, can you believe that?
Very well played anon

>> No.56839839

I think a lot of the players of some games are more right wing, even if the creators aren't.

Though I guess Myfarog and Racial Holy War exists so idk. Those two aren't exactly what you'd consider good or even creative so I guess you are correct.

>> No.56839846

the problem is that pol-tards have infested pretty much every other board (take a look at /tv/ and even /g/, half the threads are about "BAD SJW!!!"-shit) since the election.

4chan is dying

>> No.56839855

I've looked at those sources you cited and they are in poor form. Circulated .pngs on 4chan aren't credible. Neither are sourceless Youtube videos. The credible sources merely point out doubt but with minimal evidence to support a complete overthrowing of the argument for the holocaust.

>> No.56839858

a not inconsiquential ammount of people on this board probably wouldnt allow a woman to even play at their table. that could hardly be described as leftist in this political climate.

>> No.56839868

No it's not. Is shitposting, this exist since 4chan's inception back in 2006, back then this already existed.
And after all this years is no less annoying.

>> No.56839873


if you want people to take you seriously, ya gotta present evidence rather than going "HURRGHGHHHH GO TO POL, POL KNOWS EVERYTHING" like some spastic bleach drinker with a RaHoWa tattoo.

>> No.56839878

The difference is that the shitposters are validated by the government itself.

>> No.56839880


Good for them for calling a spade a spade and Weinstein a jew. Mel Gibson was right. He tried to warn us about Hollywood. But you didn't listen.

>> No.56839888

I wonder. It used to be mostly jokes but now people seem to be seriously trying to argue politics every other fucking thread. I'm so sick of it. /tg/ is pretty much the only board I visit these days and I'm visiting less and less because of the constant politics.

>> No.56839892

And governments change, and people grow and get bored.
Nothing lasts forever.

>> No.56839893


4chan has always had cancer.

>> No.56839908

Speaking as someone from outside America, I have noticed that for a tiny minority the Jews really do control a lot of media outlets. Just saying.

>> No.56839910

>calling things into question
theyre enough to give you doubt, but you take the time to mock and condemn anyone who takes a glance at them and considers some of this suspicious. but theyre just pngs and sourcless youtubers of course. gotta downplay it somehow. Its your choice what you believe anon. I am not here to tell you you made the wrong call. I do think its very strange you seem obsessed with where the data came from and what format it was delivered in. but if you had doubt, but it wasn't enough to convince you, the evidence was obviously enough to do its job, despite being from crazy channers and youtubers.

>> No.56839915

Yeah but that's Players, not Creators or whatever we want to call them.

>> No.56839920

So long as it stays firmly in the realm of satire/parody I'm in

>> No.56839922

I kinda hope it would die.
I have such fond memories of this place over the years (I remember back in 2008/9 when there would just be wholesale porn dumps in threads following a really interesting discussion on a certain lore element), and there's been so much good creative content that's come out of here, both collectively and individually via inspiration threads.
I would not have had half as an enriched time playing tabletop games if it wasn't for /tg/'s brand of "we don't even need the other boards anymore" gusto.

Hell, I hadn't been on any other board in about a decade, even within 4chan. But now, not I feel I need to find somewhere else that isn't just vapid shitposting and pseudo-intellectuals debating politics.

Remember when there would be threads and some fuck would try and start this shit and people would respond with "My RP group consists of a Jew, a Mormon, a hardline republican, and a MtF trans but it's not a problem because we just fucking game and don't bring up boring shit"?
Yeah, what happened to that?

>> No.56839928

>you gotta defend a position that's not your own if you want to be taken seriously.
no actually i don't. all I have to do is tell you its not cut and try and if you want to know more you can go look at it in pol. if thats a problem for you I'm sorry you feel that way.

>> No.56839939

What I remember from 2008 was gore trolling.
and CP being posted on threads to sage them to death.

>> No.56839949

dms generally decide who gets to play, so it is the creators

>> No.56839962


Of course, but it's necessary it's narrated from the /pol/tard's point of view. Then again, we don't want it to veer past parody, so it might be a good idea to occasionally swap the narrative POV from /pol/'s "prophet" to random bystanders, or similarly empowered leftist/liberal extremists.

>> No.56839965

Not if safe space tournaments where the word tranny and meme will get you banned become a thing...

>> No.56839968

>What the hell has happened to rational and moderate policies?

They never actually existed, you just were never aware how things really are.

>> No.56839980

>space marines
well I never...

>> No.56839981

i'm not that anon but if you're trying to argue for holocaust denial you're not an enlightened skeptic you're just an edgy little shit

>> No.56839987

Honestly as online becomes more and more accessible its a given that there would be more leaks like this. And I really dont think that spirit has gone anywhere. its just burried under a very real struggle.

>> No.56840003


you're really bad at this anon.

>> No.56840008

If you think having a neutral position on the matter makes me edge you are welcome to believe that. I've already said enough on the issue as it is.

>> No.56840011

Why would you say tranny? Why would you say memes out loud in public? That's cringe worthy

>> No.56840012

In what context would you use the word "tranny" in a 40k tournament? Or a MtG tournament?
Like, no human with any modicum of manners or respect would start mouthing off about trannies in the middle of organised play.
If you are doing that, consider playing only privately or just don't be a weirdo in public?

>> No.56840015

>you just were never aware how things really are.
Except there clearly has been.

Its just that they don't last, which is the problem my country is beginning to have.

>> No.56840023

You're swinging at a bystander.

>> No.56840028


>> No.56840036


anon you gotta like... actually attempt to properly greentext. you straight up inserted words that weren't even in it

>> No.56840037

The struggle is real anon :'(
Someone roll up a Space Marine chapter or something.
And/or Mods, please just delete polbait threads.

>tfw you'd prefer Desuposting to this

>> No.56840048


100% this.

>> No.56840051

I lost track of which anon was arguing which side.
Point remains regardless. If you weren't arguing pro-denial, I apologise.

>> No.56840052

I inserted those words because it makes it more clear what the implications of your statement actually are and prevents you from strawmaning my position

>> No.56840057

One or two of the mods might be women, it seems like there are a lot of non 40k playing women in there just for the feminism, the person who created the page and most of their likes are in fact men.

>> No.56840072

Now here's one I haven't had to dust off for a while:
Not your personal army.

>> No.56840079

As I said, I do not have a position on the matter. if you think being open to the evidence of both sides makes me "Pro-denial" that is your own choice to make.

>> No.56840091


> In what context would you use the word "tranny" in a 40k tournament?

You're fielding puritan guardsmen, your opponent is fielding mono-god Slaaneshi CSM, and you both feel like bantering back and forth in-character?

>> No.56840107

Most of the tabletop community has been "conservative by default" apolitical (or at least politically apathetic) insofar as mainstream leftism was not a part of everyday gaming, the same way it wasn't necessarily a part of everyday life until very recently. Now that the obsession with pervasive leftist critical theory is cycling out of the mainstream it is beginning to cycle into tabletop. That's it.

The existence of niche games of a certain political alignment does not indicate a particular alignment in the community at large. Have vaguely left-leaning games existed for decades? Did one lonesome French murderer publish a bizarre, vaguely racist RPG? Yes on both counts. Does that mean frequent discussion of transphobia/white genocide was a regular part of the hobby? No, not at all.

>> No.56840109

You have to go back.

>> No.56840115


I wasn't implying you were a Devil's Advocate. I'm saying you're an outright Holocaust Denier. It's weird that you felt the need to insert some words into it to misrepresent my position.

>> No.56840121

Dude, we have more evidence for the Holocaust that we have for the murder of Julius Caeser, c'mon

>> No.56840127

>> No.56840128

>Why would you say tranny?

Why wouldn't you? Are you a coward that's afraid to speak the truth?

>Why would you say memes

It's not a "meme", it's the truth. You can call Bruce Jenner either a tranny, a man or a murderer. But not a woman.

>> No.56840131

the impact on women however has always been a key discussion, at least here. otherwise I think you are on the nose

>> No.56840133



>> No.56840148

>It has no basis in science at all, anywhere. >Are you suggesting that women are less likely to survive invasive surgeries? That's fuckin' stupid.

99% of the men who take the surgery to become a space marine die midway.

You really expect a woman to survive getting organs that aren't of the same XY chromosome to become a space marine, unless she's zapped to shit with Slaanesh magic?

>> No.56840150

Don't you know that existing somewhere in the world is literally harassing if a woman says she's uncomfortable?

>> No.56840151

>> No.56840154

Ok I can 100% see that happening playing with friends in private, but the cringe factor of doing that in public is just so painful that surely anyone with half an ounce of self-awareness would not even consider it?

If you shout "die trannies!" at a complete stranger then you have severe social issues that need addressing.

>> No.56840158


What's the purpose of saying tranny when you're getting curbstomped by a Deldar army. Why can't you just mutter 'fuck' and shake the hand of the winner like a normal person?

>> No.56840164

That's inquisitor not femMarine.

>> No.56840165

I understand that you attempted to twist the narrative in that way. I do not answer loaded questions like that for that very reason. I made my response clear by taking your position and actually contrasting it to my actual position. You are welcome to cry about it all you like.

Quantity does not negate quality. I have not run through every single piece of evidence myself either, thats why I don't have a position. All I am telling you is that there is reason to be suspicious and that the evidence against it is not bigfoot tier.

>> No.56840172

>> No.56840174


I think there's some lore about some Khorne followers using living women as gestating tanks using similar surgeries. But I couldn't read the entire thing. I'm not into Fab Bill's lore all that much.

>> No.56840183

But why would you be talking about that during 40K
There's other, proper places to have whatever conversation you seem to want to have here where you won't be banned for bothering other people with it.

>> No.56840184

Why the fuck would Bruce Jenner be at a 40k tournament? This is all so fucking baffling.

>> No.56840191

Jeremy is right but he's purposefully overreacting for clicks and e-fame. A DCI ban means nothing and MTGO has the same rules as every other online game so he has no recourse. You pay for temporary, revocable access to their servers and nothing more.

>> No.56840199

>My advice? Wait it out.

Sounds like a plan to me.

>> No.56840201

You look back on the past and ignore the bad things in favor of the good things.

For example, this site back then was fucking INFESTED with >tfw no gf. It was so fucking obnoxious. Of course, you don't talk about that, because it would interfere with your memories. Fuck man, there was actual legitimate not-tumblr, non-sjw actual factual misogyny all over the place. As in "man I fucking hate women. How come I don't have a gf?" levels of legit misogyny. People ignore that, I guess. Or the endless alpha/beta shitposting. I'm fairly sure you're in flat fucking denial about how bad /r9k/ ruined the board. /tg/ got a lot of that brunt, thanks to the friendly "hey everything is kinda /tg/ related/"

Do you remember all those "/tg/ how do I approach a girl in muh flgs?" threads? Or the endless porn threads with a smidgen of actual discussion in them? Or how fucking everyone used tripcodes? Can't forget Jim Profit. Oh man, lets keep posting CREEEEEEED threads like they didn't wear out their welcome in 2010. 08-09 era 4chan was not a golden era.

And honestly, with the way you guys talk about /pol/ and /tg/ and everything, it seems like you guys are way way way way out of touch with how things are. It's like it's easier to just strawman about /pol/, whine about both sides and wax nostalgia about how great things really are, instead of actually doing shit about it.

You want to know why centrists are called cowards? Because you're too chickenshit to enact your own policies. I thought /tg/ was a board that got shit done.

>> No.56840207

>> No.56840208


"I don't actually have anything to say besides the fact you're all being very mean to me when I have been nothing but Rational(TM) by twisting other people's words and expecting them not to notice and avoiding supplying any evidence for my beliefs besides whining about how you need to go to pol."

>> No.56840216

What other historical events are you suspicious off, just for the record.

>> No.56840224

Nevermind tranny, just trying to meme and say any non pc shit is now a crime, anon. Not just the hobby is fucked but basically all entertainment. COD WW2 Black NAZIS FOR FUCK'S SAKE, and trying to point out any of their shit will lable you as a racist

>> No.56840233

You are right actually, /tg/ has always had cancer.

We'll battle through it, because we GET SHIT DONE.



>> No.56840235


stop trying to catch hammers with your head, anon

>> No.56840246


What's baffling is being such a coward that you are afraid to have simple conversations in public. That is why feminists are so hated. Because they turned otherwise brave and normal men into such sniveling cowards like you and your ilk. That the real bullying.

>> No.56840248

Those were the Iron Warriors. And those were to use the kids being spawned out of the gestation tanks as spawn-o-chaos-marine. Khorne flake bezerkers wouldn't give two shits for that kinda crap.

>> No.56840253

see >>56839511

>> No.56840257


>> No.56840263

it would be a far cry to say we didn't have misogyny threads, but as a woman I can tell you I and others felt the threads to be kind of quaint at worst and cute at best, at least the ones that spent any ammount of time on /a/, the ribbing and hostile attitudes towards women 5 years ago in this board where basically cuddlebear versions of the vitriol and hatred /a/ has for women. It just doesn't compare in any way to our -4 str threads and rocklobster island survival rape, nor xombargs storyteller. I would welcome it easily once more if it did not mean an intense stand off we have now between women sjw influence on the hobby and the old gaurd.

>> No.56840270

I have literally no idea what the shit your point is.
I'm not mad, just really confused.
Whatever you are, godspeed anon.

>> No.56840275

You won't get banned if you are having a conversation, you will get banned if you are bothering other people by sperging memes and yelling tranny

>> No.56840297

>Liking cancertale
>Liking the second worst character in cancertale
You deserve a hanging desu

>> No.56840306

>> No.56840315

>as a woman
Why did you feel the need to post this?

>> No.56840326

>implying CoD at any point has been remotely realistic
>implying Black Females Nazis in CoD WW2 weren't deliberate pure fetish fuel
>implying you haven't been ripping your dick off

And if you claim you haven't then well you're either lying or... anon it looks like we finally found the eponymous tranny this thread has been discussing.

it was (You)

>> No.56840335

i love how lazy and/or autistic alot of the people here on /tg/ are, ignoring the shitstorms and
>waiting it out
that's not how that works... When did waiting shit out really work?

>> No.56840340

not the anon you're replying to but it was obviously to provide female perspective when so many people in the thread are trying to speak on behalf of a female

you dumb fucking idiot

>> No.56840353

So attention whoring, like you? Gotcha

>> No.56840354


What's baffling is that you somehow think using the word 'tranny' in conversation means you're having a 'simple conversation'. What sort of place do you live in? Do you all have severe Tourette's Syndrome and does the word 'tranny' make up a substantial part of your daily conversation?

>> No.56840362

>When did waiting shit out really work
Every single time anything happened in any tabletop hobby

>> No.56840363

>You want to know why centrists are called cowards?
Only wacko radicals think like that. Normal people do not think like that. Don't be a loony like this person.

>> No.56840366


This. He got banned for harassment and generally being an asshole. And of course he knew he was doing it because he deleted tweets and texts and vids when he knew he was gonna get caught, Fuck him.




>> No.56840373

>I cant handle rational discourse so I'm going to go back to trying to insinuate a bunch of stuff because I don't have an arguement unless I make others believe your position is something other than what it is.
have at it all you like.

Historically speaking there are a lot of things I took for granted and learned better than to assume. I'm not sure if you would count any of them because they are far less contraversial. I dont really measure this kind of discussion based on how contraversial something is though, but I understand it may be important in how you decide the validity of something.

The burning of the great library being because a pegan woman was in charge and we cant have that,
Witch burnings did not happen during the middle ages at all and only during the period after,
the original pilgrims to america might have actually been reletively gender role lite until the puritans got shipped over.
civilization style socieites don't happen except by necessity/force, not a willful discovery.

>> No.56840389

putting an opinion forward in what is transparently an opinion thread is attention whoring

also putting broken glass into your asshole is brushing your teeth

you dumb fucking idiot

>> No.56840402

I always harbor the suspicion that there's more femmanons than it looks

>> No.56840404

While your numbers show the total Jews in Europe to be roughly the same in 1933 and 1948, it also says that the total European population grew by 75 million people in the same period. Additionally, by 1970 the Jewish population in Europe was around 3 Million, and while that could be be due to the Jews of Europe leaving for Israel, Israel's actual population in 1970 was only 3 million.

>> No.56840413

>dumb idiot
Why does the left keep trying to assert intellectual dominance? Why through such rough language? If you are so intellectually superior, then such language doesn't need to be used.

>> No.56840414


Personally I don't believe anything happened beyond this morning because how can I be certain The Jews didn't mindwipe me when I went to sleep last night? You really got to look into this anon, you're clearly just sucking 1% cock if you actually believe that you can be certain anything happened beyond what happened this morning. I bet you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste and that you think Pearl Harbor actually existed.

>> No.56840429

>What sort of place do you live in?

The real world.

>Do you all have severe Tourette's Syndrome and does the word 'tranny' make up a substantial part of your daily conversation?

No. Just the conversations about men that cut their dicks off. Like democrats trying to force trannies into the military. It's called current events. Does that answer your question?

>> No.56840433

let me guess, the worst one is my favorite huh?>>56840335
it works a lot for the swiss
its nice to know you already decided the answer before you even asked me. thanks for sparing me the trouble.

>> No.56840443


women are a Slaaneshi conspiracy.

>> No.56840444

i'm not intellectually superior or left
it was just common sense and im drunk

you dumb fucking idiot

>> No.56840457

Fuck the guy, i don't care. this is about what's on the horizon for 40k

>> No.56840468

>"Don't bring politics into my games, don't you see I'm too busy discussing politics during them."

>> No.56840469

real ass niggas KNOW that even their toothpaste wasn't real
I'm a post-lemurian 17th dimensional hypercube

>> No.56840481

>Not time cube
Pleb detected

>> No.56840486


Sounds like you've got a fetish there, anon.

>> No.56840494


Stop lying using green text.

>> No.56840501

>still can only think in past, present and future
This is why centrists are fucking weaklings. Even the average sjw can pause time. Is this the power of the centrist? To abandon your understanding of the reality of the universe above you, to forsake your powers for false intellectual pride? Pathetic. This is why the centrists lost and will always lose.

>> No.56840517


It sounds like you are retarded.

>> No.56840519

>"If I call it a liar I don't actually have to defend my hypocrisy"

>> No.56840524


You post-lemurian 17th dimensional hypercubes have kept the Mu-aligned 34th euclidean side dimensional deltoidal icositetrahedrons subjugated for too long!

>> No.56840525

Fuck off

>> No.56840526

You just don't get it do you.

>> No.56840527

>in addition around 1970
this doesnt seem relevant when we know the previous population after the war was 9 mil. The rest of your statement is insightful however. I'm sure someone could adjust the growth ratios of each category to get the expected gain based on population. not a precise method but not worthless either.

>> No.56840535


>be in a 40k tournament at flgs
>excited to try out a new army list
>get paired with a random dude
>first round, you lose to roll-off so he goes first
>seems alright, he plays guard
>makes a few in-character statements, you chuckle
>he begins to move his squads
>as he does so, he looks up at you and starts to talk news
>you go along, he seems friendly
>"I can't believe they let men who cut their dick off in our military!"
>you are unsure if he's in character or not and he's a total fucking stranger so you don't probe
>"don't get me started on Bruce Jenner! Fucking trannys!"
>You look down at your 2000pt army
>You have the full game ahead of you
>Every phase this guy will bitch about trannies
>End of turn one and he's moved onto memes
>This guy will not shut up and just play
>>>All you wanted to do was just play some fucking wargames

>> No.56840545

Did GW pass a law or something saying that every fucking inquisitor has to be female now?

>> No.56840553

my chakra vibrations are more indigo than theirs!
I AM a hypercube sephiroth, but live IN the time cube!

>> No.56840560

You'd be surprised, my dude.
My friend's family used to have a small janitorial service for small office spaces in Dallas. Once I ended up overhearing a business call my friend's dad had to take where he, to a client, described his newly divorced ex-wife as "acting like a total nigger about all of it."

Apparently she had handled that stuff before the split, and now the cleaning company is dead as a doornail.

>> No.56840575


I knew it! You're a hueist too! I bet you even deny the 3rd Daemonic Massacre of Istavan-Delta III!!

>> No.56840584


It's pathetic how the only debates you people can win exist only in your own minds.

>> No.56840608

Rolled 3 (1d20)


on it, rollan for parent chapter

>> No.56840610

Indeed you have won the debate with your insightful arguments, get your free internet points and (you)'s at the reception

>> No.56840613


I just want to play the game man. Stop complaining about trannies stealing your dick and just roll already. It's your turn.

>> No.56840627

This isn't debating, this is insulting you being a shitheel, you shitheel.

>> No.56840633


honestly.....really honestly....nothing is on the horizon for 40k. 40k is hopelessly niche in a way that comics, DnD/PenandPaper, vidya, and board games aren't. The reason why mainstream or "SJW" people are attracted to those things is because they allow for creativity and reinterpretation. Comics are art and are constantly changing. Pen and Paper games let you express however you want creating both characters and worlds collaboratively, Board games are going through a renissance of new themes and inventive mechanics, and vidya is undergoing a indie golden age ( despite it's AAA problems) that allows all sorts or voices to come into the market and make something cool.

wargaming on the other hand is expensive, creatively rigid, entirely dominated by one company, and most importantly dying. It's a weird rotting corpse that's been strapped onto the back of pen and paper since DnD transcended it in it's inception. Everything that 40k does, is done better elsewhere. Is 40k accessible? Not really, it's lore is bloated and dull. Is 40k doing something really cool and innovative right now? HAHAHAHA no they aren't. Does 40k offer the eas of play and customization that magic does? No. It requires lots of table space and big up front investments. Magic is more customizable and is initially far more customizable for less money. In the end there's nothing that's gonna draw new people to 40k.

So nothing is gonna happen to 40k. It's just going to continue to be the terrible inbred thing it's been for decades.

>> No.56840664

Rolled 8 (1d100)

ok reason of founding, its late and stuff

Strategic Prognostication - "Our tarot cards say there's going to be a threat here, maybe. Found a Chapter!"

next for when

>> No.56840675

If I wasn't being clear, I'm saying your 1948 numbers are bullshit.

Additionally, even if the 1948 numbers are accurate, then where did 6 Million Jews go in the span of about 20 years?
>Europe: 9 Million to 3 Million
>North America: 5 Million to 5 Million
>South America: 200 Thousand to 500 Thousand
>Asia: 600 Thousand to 350 Thousand
>Africa: 600 Thousand to 300 Thousand
>Israel: 800 Thousand to 2.5 Million

>> No.56840679

Rolled 20 (1d100)

33rd Millennium

rollan for Progenitor

>> No.56840690

It's shit like this that makes me glad I only ever browse /tg/ and never actually invest time or money into these games.

>> No.56840694


I kind of wonder what the likelihood of a total reset or them creating different divergent lines would be. Like spin offs but following two completely separate timelines (such as the God-Emperor finally dying in one or the Emperor awakening but being little more than a barely verbal vegetable of himself or the 'God-Emperor' isn't really the God-Emperor or whatever).

Actually never mind that'd mean they'd have to actually think of new stuff so of course it wouldn't happen.

>> No.56840700

Rolled 1 (1d10)

ultrasmurfs succsesor it is

rolling for geneseeds

>> No.56840705

I disagree

/tg/ is really good about calling /pol/ out on its bullshit, and is really smart about not feeding the trolls

>> No.56840706


Basically, it's like David Irving said: historians are not, as a class, courageous people.

>> No.56840720

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Pure - Same as progenitor in terms of purity, and will maintain close links with it

lame, but ok

next for Chapter Demeanour

>> No.56840721


Why are you so upset over a word? Are you a tranny or a SJW? Or both.

>> No.56840733

Worst is either alphys or sans, still can't decide which is more fucking annoying and unlikeable

>> No.56840744

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

Either stop supporting MtG and play something else, and shut the fuck up about it; or continue to support MtG to play with your cards, and shut the fuck up about it.

>> No.56840746

>honestly.....really honestly....nothing is on the horizon for 40k

Famous last words. Nobody ever thinks that it can happen to them, until it does.

>> No.56840748

>Especially a debate on a pure /tg/ topic

Stop faking

>> No.56840751

If 3D printing actually becomes an accessible commodity they could sell the 3D model at an reasonable price, and deluxe casting for collectionist/purist/money whales

>> No.56840753

>your numbers are bullshit
your welcome to take that up with someone else then. I believe theyre valid. no one has any reason to lie in them. if you want to argue the matter, I'm sure you'd be better off doing it to someone who has a firm position to argue against. The only position I actually have is free inquiry.

>> No.56840754

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Suffer Not the Work of Heretics

related to this thread i guess, go all BLAM yourselfs

there ar eno geneseed mutations, so moving on to Chapter's Flaw

>> No.56840761

Yes I have in fact been to college and graduated three years ago. I have never observed what you are talking about. There are a bunch of obnoxious student groups for dumb causes but most of those were either Christian evangelical groups or petitions that claim to be working to end FGM in Africa or some similar "yeah that sucks but how is your petition going to do anything" cause in the third world. I went to a Midwest Liberal Arts school and then transferred to a Midwest Engineering school. There was no noticeable change in the the obnoxious student groups except the engineering school had a free condom bowl in front of the student store and an angry towny guy waiving a bible around telling everyone who grabbed a condom that they were going to hell.
Most of these changes have had nothing to do with actual laws or who is "in power" and everything to do with proper political alignment. We have had far right wing gay nations in the past. Liking gay people doesn't make you left wing, fucking government policies do. Fags can love slavery just as much as straights do.
What the fuck are you talking about? What values are you talking about?

As for politics it's good that the far left is trying to push out the Clinton corporate stooges. We need a proper anti-corporate left wing in America again. Fuck Nixon was more left wing than any of the last five US presidents. We have had capitalist monsters dismantling everything that the truly great presidents (Teddy, Truman, Eisenhower) built. Trump is easily the worst but everything wrong with him is just an exaggeration of things already wrong with Obama and Bush because America has been a right wing oligarchy for ages.

Every right wing whiner complaining about how they're "oppressed" is living in the same fantasy land as r/atheism exists. Y'all should really just kill yourselves.

>> No.56840771

Even while it is happening. Normies can't seem to spot the most obvious patterns and trends. They're basically subhuman.

>> No.56840773


>The only position I actually have is free inquiry.

and holocaust denial.

>> No.56840781

Rolled 95 (1d100)

Pride in the Colour it is, sounds kinda racist to me but ok

rolling next for chapter legendary figure

>> No.56840796

I kinda agree but i'm too sleepy to type a review of all of your points...

>> No.56840801

you sound like you don't like fun, but at least you don't hate best chara.

I think you'll find more than historians are cowards, most of human behavior, myself no exception, is loaded with fear.

>> No.56840802

You have no right to call him normie, you don't even play this game

>> No.56840806

Rolled 6 (1d10)

a normal battle brother has done great deeds of legend

lets find out wich company and sqaud he belongs to

>> No.56840814


Stop being a coward. If you don't want to talk about the future of 40k, then get the fuck out.

>> No.56840817

Ahh, I see. You got me.
8/10, good trolling. Keep up the good work.

>> No.56840830

Rolled 6 (1d10)

6th company

>> No.56840838


what's 'Pride in the Colour'?

>> No.56840839

>I cant handle your position so i'll decide what it is for you
I dont think its working for anyone but you.

>> No.56840843

Rolled 29 (1d100)

6th company 6th squad

but what did he do to make him a legend?

>> No.56840852

40k has been unmitigated garbage for years. How would this be a change? Give up and play a better game.

>> No.56840868

I'm not

The 40k thing is just pretense

The real reason this thread exists is so retards like you can try and recruit people to your cause

Also, >>56840852

>> No.56840877

Rolled 74 (1d100)

The Chapter hates doing anything that covers their livery, including wearing Deathwatch black.

he hates chaos end slew a demon prince, that will make you a legend indeed

so lets find out where our chapter our chapter came from

>> No.56840892


>Nobody ever thinks that it can happen to them, until it does.

you seem to have missed my take on the subject

>It's just going to continue to be the terrible inbred thing it's been for decades.

40k isn't worth saving in it's current state.

Even if SJWs "destroy" 40k ( which they won't, board games, comics, vidya and table top are all either doing fine or better than they ever have been in the past) who cares? It's already nearly dead and is terrible. This isn't the story of self-righteous SJWs taking away the thing that's yours and yours alone it's story of a fucking terrible 107 year old man who everyone, including his own children hate whos connected to a million different machines in the hospital who keeps hanging on for years until he farts too hard one night and gives himself a brain hemorrhage.

Games workshop will either die, turn into a IP factory with the sole purpose of pumping out more terrible 40k iphone games, or turn into something completely different. So either rejoice in it's death or hope it becomes something better. Don't cling to this terrible game/company

Change is inevitable, and SJWs don't have anything to do with it.

>> No.56840911

Rolled 36 (1d100)

a civilised world no less, lets see what kind of terrain there is

also, i only have the faintest clue what i'm doing anon, but this fills up the trhead nicely

>> No.56840935

>Normies can't seem to spot the most obvious patterns and trends

Pattern recognition is racist, sexist, etc, etc. Vengeance for Tay!

>> No.56840946

Rolled 1 (1d10)

its a dessert world

rollan for how they are involved in their worlds politics

>> No.56840956

You can't see through the great bugaboo/ big wrongthink of the time you've been born into, which basically means you're a stupid herd animal.

>> No.56840971

Rolled 8 (1d10)

we are spesh murreens and we control your world now!

lets see how they think about think about girlymans codex

>> No.56840974


>> No.56840981

Yea if that’s what that nigga says I’d ban him too

>> No.56840989

Rolled 1 (1d10)

sure we're ultra's but fuck girlyman

let's decide our own combat doctrines

>> No.56841007

I hope they ban you all, I can finally play magic at the shop again without puking from your autistic neet smell

>> No.56841048

What I don't get is if you don't have an opinion why do you keep weighing in?

>> No.56841049

close combat monsters it is

and now i'm tired and going to bed. next time just ignore these threads. there are people in africa who go without internet because we're using it all for this kindoff bullshit

sleepwell anons and stop cancerous threads please #safebandwithforafrica

>> No.56841067

I only subscribe the 1st and 2nd daemonic massacre.
The 3rd was staged by the Atlanteans shortly before the arrival of the Nibirans (but before the arrival of Thoth and the Tezcal)

>> No.56841084


>> No.56841109

>comics and vidya doing fine
That's a damn fucking lie and you know it.

>> No.56841123 [SPOILER] 

You seem heavily invested in believing that despite there being obvious evidence to the contrary
there are three posts replying to this post, this one. the first one, and the one you replied to just now.
Which of the first two do you think are me? if you guessed all three, please click the spoilered image

>> No.56841152

>SJWs don't have anything to do with it
Words of a pleb, even though i agree with 70% of your points, SJWs don't have to completely shut down a hobby or video game, just render it a controlled concentration camp to push their agenda down anyone trying to have fun freely, you're suggesting to abandon ship, but 40k isn't just a hobby, it's more of a haven for those who want to escape the shitty state of real life... Ironically through enjoying a grimdark univers, but hey...
Also, similar shit was happening in a little war called GamerGate... The feminists were pushed back from the gaming industry but their tendrils went into the comic industry and basically everything else... And now here we are...

>> No.56841156

Historians in particular. Actually it seems to be a feature of middle class White men of a conservative temperament: they're capable of heroism during war time but are social cowards of the most contemptible sort. Tolkien's a good example. When he realized that his participation in the National Front was going to bring some heat his way i.e.loss of social standing, he promptly bailed and disavowed. Guys like Irving, Rockwell, Duke, Zundell et al are rare.

>> No.56841185


>> No.56841192

sounds about right. but i'd extend it to just about everyone. Politicians flip on issues and topics for the same reason, the poor dont have time for that shit, and accounting for race and gender, the same thing seems to happen among colored and women.

>> No.56841196

i really appreciate other people knowing kung pow. im gonna go watch it

>> No.56841199

>we have more evidence for the Holocaust

Then why do governments throw people in prison just for asking questions about it? Why is the holohoax the only thing in history that you cannot debate? Is it a huge cohencidence?

Jews debating the holohoax are more afraid than /tg/ debating feminism.

>> No.56841261

Please kill yourself and make the world a better place.

>> No.56841270

tg is not afraid to debate feminism, so its not really a fair comparison

even -4 str threads now extend to many of pols beliefs that women are mentally inferior, assigning penalties to int and wisdom in the shit storm of arguements of what would be apt or not. though most posters resoundingly post "it doesnt matter its a fantasy"

Basically if you where trying to make that a strong comparison I'd consider it a little flat

>> No.56841284


Thank you for proving my point.

>> No.56841311

the fuck? I understand the physically weaker aspect and agree with it, but who the fuck thinks women are mentally weaker?

>> No.56841329


Checked my brother from another mother.


More violence, more hatred. It gets old. What next, you'll insult his virginity and rant on the virtues of the sexual enlightment your next post?

>> No.56841332

Same thing with the existance of Fredrick the Great or really any of the nation founding kings. All we have are a few pieces of paper and stone. All the German national heroes were probably made up to give the barbarians something to believe in.

Same thing with France and claiming royal descent. They'll jail you for announcing a rightful claim to the throne of France.

>> No.56841350

Some people seem really sensitive to normal insults. Might I suggest tumblr for a safe space. If you're going to be an insufferable cunt expect people to punch you in real life and tell you to kill yourself online.

>> No.56841355


Not weaker, just more inclined toward emotional logic, as opposed to rational logic, there's nothing wrong with that, and the whole doesn't make the individual.

>> No.56841360

I already posted all about their opinions, and many tried to tell me I was memeing, but then people got distracted by reeing and calling me a holocaust denier.

Its hardly a surprise that some of those people play traditional games and think if they where to model stats they';d give penalties to womens mental scores.

>> No.56841403

And sometimes you have idiots like this that rationalize away their sexist views as saying "well women cant make rational decisions and just obey their emotions, that means theyre low IQ but high EQ" even though EQ is literally your ability to stay in control of your emotions and not be ruled by them. Pol believes those things about women but they are not always willing to admit they do, especially to outsiders. often you will see crossboard posters make posts like this, but this attitude is nearly non extant when on pol and they make very definitive statments on womens mental factulties.

>> No.56841411


How is he a cunt for pointing out it's illegal to deny the Holocaust in much of Europe? That's a quantifiable and undeniable fact, I don't understand why you resort to suicide memes when confronted with it.

>> No.56841429

Huh...Well, i'm not that experienced with pol, so i guess i'll take your word for it gurl...

>> No.56841449

given female voting patterns and the problems they face as a political group and their goals, its hardly surprising that they want to subjugate us, its a rather definitive win for them, regardless of the romantics having little ground to stand on to say women are still equal just different in /pol/s opinions.

>> No.56841461

That's not wholely true. Men are far far more likely to employ emotional logic when it comes to anything regarding their own self worth and women are more likely to employ emotional logic with regards to the group. So a man will refuse to escalate an issue to a higher level worker when it is clearly out of his league, because that would make him less of a man. A woman in the same situation will escalate but is also more likely to blame someone else for being able to handle the situation.

The man is more damaging to keeping up SLA response time for clients. The woman is more damaging for team cohesion. In either case both of those are bad and should be beaten out of the worker through process improvement and/or training sessions. Acting like on uniquely male or female intelligence is equally bad for organizations. You are a worker or soldier first and a man or woman second.

This has been well documented in Byzantine training manuals on how often men would attempt battlefield heroics and how often this fucked over everyone. Hence why acting as anything but a part of the group eventually came to have the death penalty. Removing the masculine individual thinking from their soldiers was able to turn the cataphract into the most powerful unit of the entire era. Too bad the Russians and Italians had to come and fuck up everything, letting the Muslims win.

>> No.56841505


>it's more of a haven for those who want to escape the shitty state of real life...

if you really feel this way then you need to give up 40k right now because you've turned a shitty wargame into a lifestyle choice and attached your ego to it. Your problem isn't 40k or sjws or even other people it's that you ultimately hate yourself. You can't ever expect a product to become an reliable way to find solace or a "haven" or self acceptance. it will never be good at that. No product could ever fulfill that need. The only way to do that is self improvement, forming meaningful bonds with other people, and finding purpose in life


>> No.56841514


You're acting like two-thirds of the human population doesn't share their views on women. Ask any native African, Asian, or Arabian what their opinion on women is, and they'll tell you the same. I don't see why it's so controversial to say most women would be happier at home, raising children and living their lives, than they are wage-slaving five days a week to some corporation. It baffles me, honestly, if I could change sexes, I would in a heartbeat, because women have it so much easier.

>> No.56841515

To claim that this is somehow evidence that the Holocaust is fake. It's also illegal to get your nutrietional information wrong on American food products. Does that mean that nutrients are somehow a conspiracy? It's illegal to claim royal descent. Does that mean that France believes the Republic is in opposition to the divine right of kings and only holding on by a thread? It's illegal to say that "you should kill <insert political figure>" in america. Does that mean that the US government thinks the citizens are right for trying to assassinate them?

>> No.56841540


Fascinating, I've never heard of this. Do you know of any studies on the subject I could look at?

>> No.56841543


Also this


>> No.56841557

nice narrative senpai
but its just not true for many on pol.
their problem is not in finding women or even in getting laid. they fear getting a marriage with a woman and having her dirvorce them for half their lifes work. They want women to be subserviant and I dont want that, but even i think this law is bullshit. prenups or the arrangement of financial divisions in the marriage unit should exist if women are supposed to be free and equal to men. we should not be getting half of the things we don't earn in a no fault divorce. that's bullshit.

>> No.56841604

>self acceptance
>alt right
>thinks 40k players are autistic weebs
>is a retard

I never said any of that faggoty kind of shit, you completely misunderstood my point...
I said it's something people can gather around for a good time with their friends and shit like that, it being ruined and a commissar giving mansplaining lessons to her soldiers during a gunfight is something that shouldn't happen in any setting not just 40k...

>> No.56841621


If incorrect opinions are reason to imprison idiots, we should start locking flat-earthers, chem-trailers, and anti-vaxxers in mental institutions. You misunderstand, I do not care whether or not the Holocaust happened, it's irrelevant to the fact that 1% of the population makes up 4.4% of the US Congress.

>> No.56841627

because that would make me your dependant, I support that choice for those whow ant it, but I'd rather not be subject to my husbands wishes because he does all the work and I'm just pretty(snrk if only) fluff. I want to be financially independant, make my own career choices, and as much as that infuriates pol and makes my friend worry for my happiness its just who I am. if that gets taken away from me by you and the very large number of people I very well know agree with you, theres probably little I can do to stop it or convince you women don't want to be chattel.

>> No.56841665



>this is the real revelation I had about this, it's that so you're a young subject of late capitalism, it doesn't work for you in any meaningful way you have three or four awful part time jobs, you have no insurance, you have half a million in unsecured student debt. you have no future in any sense. all the avenues you've been lead to beleive that were going to lead to prosperity and stability in your life gone. but the one thing that capitalism promised is that every stupid shitty nerdy indulgence (read 40k) you can have is yours for the taking....

your life is hell but you're falling into the trap of bonding to products and by your own admission thats to your detriment

>> No.56841680

not sure why you're pointing this projection at me.

>> No.56841684


>I never said any of that faggoty kind of shit

k but ya did.

> but 40k isn't just a hobby, it's more of a haven for those who want to escape the shitty state of real life

>> No.56841740


Also, being in the majority doesn't make you right. While it is true that women are mostly happier at home(Hell, i'd be happier at home while my wife slaves away at some company), that doesn't mean being under a man's dominance is mandatory...

>> No.56841749

I'll have to look up the overall study regarding gendered intelligence because I haven't been in business psych classes for a bit.

As for the byzantine example though you should try to find a good translation of the Praecepta Militaria by Nikephoros II Phokas. He was the man who turned the Byzantine Empire around from the brink of destruction in the 900s, reconquered most of Anatolia, and was known as the White* Death of the Saracens. People consistently complained that his tactics took the masculinity and heroism out of warfare, but it's exactly that neutering of self destructive impulses like lone charges that got results. It's a shame that the Italians, Russians, and Muslims all buttfucked the Byzantines at once eventually causing the empire to collapse 400 years later.

*White in this context meant holy or pure not white as in "white race", given that he was Cappadocian. I only felt the need to clarify this due to the number of pol/tards in the room.

>> No.56841783

Hmm I don't think it has imprisonment anywhere just a fine. Even so it's not just an opinion it's a lie used to instigate violence. It's the same as a false rape allegation. Which again false rape claims carry heavy legal repercussions if brought to court. Why shouldn't denying the Holocaust with the implicit "millions of jews are lying about this" be met with the same level of punishment.

>> No.56841791

My dear senpai, you kinda misread me there,
i ain't saying be an autistic weeb, but at the same time that doen't mean drop your hobbies after you've taken your fill of them like it was nothing of meaning... read this:
>it's something people can gather around for a good time with their friends and shit like that, it being ruined and a commissar giving mansplaining lessons to her soldiers during a gunfight is something that shouldn't happen in any setting not just 40k...

>> No.56841798

if you want info on sex and intelligence you can look up sex differences in intelligence on wikipedia. it will give you the primer of the basic 3 way. some studies show women are mentally inferior to men, others show equal, other show a slight lead. no matter the 3, every study shows more variance on men. Regardless, pol is firmly in the first camp, taking up the evidence related to Richard Lynn. So while I would say their evidence is cherry picked and needs work, I wouldnt say they have no leg to stand on. It's a 3 way contested territory.

>> No.56841811

>false rape allegations
aren't often punished actually.

>> No.56841812



>> No.56841815


I don't have a problem with women pursuing their own careers, and I damned sure don't think of you as cattle. You're as human as anyone, and you've got a right to do whatever the hell you please. I just want a return of the traditional family unit, because people were happier under it and children were raised better. You're fine the way you are, there's no need to change to satisfy some virgin /pol/fag on the internet, just, keep in mind how things could be. I'm sorry if I've offended you, I wish you the best drudging in the work force


It wouldn't be universal across continents and cultures if it weren't hardwired in our species' genes, but, you're exactly right.

>> No.56841837


> I just want a return of the traditional family unit, because people were happier under it and children were raised better.

They really weren't.

>> No.56841852

Yes they are. You can easily sue for defamation if they are actually false. Your only problem is well the law only works for the rich in America. So that sucks but it's the same for any slander case..

If someone actually tries to press rape charges against you that are found to be false they will be charged for wasting the court's time and inappropriate use of police resources. This is a felony and gets you prison time. Hence why the number of false rape accusations that are taken to court by the accuser are near 0.

>> No.56841868

Well well... This thread is taking a civilised discussion kind of route without anyone flailing cunt, nigger and kill yourelf...

>How uncommon

>> No.56841885


> because people were happier under it and children were raised better.

Define raised better? the young being perceived to be shitty is as old as civilization.

“The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.”

― Socrates

is raised better mean better educational attainment? because it's higher now across all groups. is it less teen births? because it's lower now that it was in the 50's. is it less drug use? cause thats down too.

or is it some bullshit warm and fuzzy feeling in you gut when you romanticize the past you were never a part of.

>I just want a return of the traditional family unit,

explain how you would get that to return without revoking people's autonomy in some way.

>> No.56841889


> posts homicide chart to disprove claim people were happier and children were raised better in the past

The same trend can be seen globally, it's due to the rise of effective law enforcement.

>> No.56841898

a few posts ago, this wasn't the case...

>> No.56841903

> I just want a return of the traditional family unit, because people were happier under it and children were raised better.
I'd agree with you if you were actually asking for a return to actually traditional family units, that being the proper extended clan. A family comprised of three or four generations of people connected by a common ancestor providing support to eachother .

If you're talking about the nuclear family you're absolutely wrong. The nuclear family is an artificial creation of the capitalists to create more compliant workers dependent on their employers in the 1800s. It was created by purposely breaking apart and destroying large family units. The lopsided power dynamics and overall lack of safety resulted in several generations of miserable abused children growing up into miserable adults.

>> No.56841925


>The nuclear family is an artificial creation of the capitalists to create more compliant workers dependent on their employers in the 1800s. It was created by purposely breaking apart and destroying large family units. The lopsided power dynamics and overall lack of safety resulted in several generations of miserable abused children growing up into miserable adults.

good take

>> No.56841934


There's hardly a connection between parents and their children anymore, it's all artificial.


That's what I'm advocating for, but we've got to take small steps if we're ever going to reach it.

>> No.56841957


>There's hardly a connection between parents and their children anymore, it's all artificial.

what an amazing nonspecific meaningless empty answer. Either define what you're talking about in real terms or go away.

>> No.56841988

Actually, being happy has more to do with family solidarity and unity, and the right wing being dominant, suicide rates are going up because people forget how to have a loving life and instead try to empathise with some muslim fuck who want to rape them and throw them away like a tissue paper, that means the left-dominated life of ours is not working very well, as a result, general unhappiness is rising in these places...

>> No.56842007

Chattle, CHA ttle.
>You're as human as anyone, and you've got a right to do whatever the hell you please
this is not a popular opinion, as we just went over.
>I just want a return of the traditional family unit, because people were happier under it
pols evidence on this only goes back to the 70s and 60s, a time when women could both work and vote. their proposal is to remove both of these rights, and restrict us, I dont think its going to result in the same quality of life as you are suggesting existed.
>children were raised better.
all things considered I'm not sure this is true, while they got more parental attention from their mothers, and thats a good thing, real raising of kids with valuable skills hasnt happened since the industiral revolution.

you haven't offended me, but I dont see pol as weak, and the enemies theyre fighting want the same for me anyway, it just doesn't leave me very optimistic about the future if I cant find a way to compromise with them.

>> No.56842008

Also, i think islam-related memes are hilarious in an autistic way cus the're retarded in all the right ways

>> No.56842025

Well there are still plenty of places where parents and children connect. It's just not really in the bigger cities because big cities are cancer to human development. Specifically apartments should be abolished entirely. Smaller cities like say Omaha or Fargo are just fine for raising a family.

Well thank you for advocating for a return to family clans. I just think that the solution here is not to prevent women from entering the work force as every family will have a few old maids and life long bachelors, but to make sure those women are more firmly attached to the rest of the family. Her income and prosperity should contribute to the well being of her nieces and nephews. This should allow the children's actual mother to avoid working a full-time job or at least find one that still allows for an active home life. So if you have a sister who doesn't want to marry stay on good terms and make sure your kids grow up in a close relationship with her.

Same thing with gay folks. It's fine if they don't have kids, but they should either be adopting and properly integrating those adoptees into your family unit or if they don't adopt they should be contributing to well being of their relatives children.

Obviously this applies to men who remain bachelors as well. A deadbeat man who refuses to contribute to any family is the worst sort of scum.

>> No.56842029


In all honesty, it's nostalgic. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all followed the traditional model, and they were always happier than our modern neighbors, even though they were wealthier. That's fading, there's no genuine love, the divorce rate's at a record high, children are being raised by television and internet, and there's more stress than ever. 90% of the time, the modern family only gets together at the dinner table, and that shit's processed and fake like the rest of society.

>> No.56842053

>There's hardly a connection between parents and their children anymore, it's all artificial.

You've hit just the right point there, anon. That's a major problem in many countries.

>> No.56842071

*many western countries

>> No.56842104

There's nothing wrong with TV(if you're an autistic fuck) or the internet(if you're a chad), the problem is the lack of direction, people think they can educate kids on the "right" path this last generation, look how well that went you leftist fuckwits...

>> No.56842112

It's also a problem in most of the far east. Japan and Korea have some of the highest suicide rates in the world outside of the far north suicide zones. The far north being a suicide attractor just due to lack of sun light screwing with human thought, but japan and Korea have no such issue.

>> No.56842133

Distant shitty parents isn't a problem of the left. It is a problem of both sides. I mean the stereotype of distant conservative father is a stereotype for a legitimate reason. It happens all the fucking time. Same with hippy leftist parents refusing to actually parent.

>> No.56842157

gotta admit my father is the same way and it really drove me down. of course I'm a thin skinned dyke in terms of how i react to people i actually care about so it really made me stiff emotionally. in this kind of environment, theres no win condition.

>> No.56842174

Japan and Korea's work life, barely socialising and the fact that girls are something of a dream to catch for young men, you say?

>> No.56842205

Yeah sorry about that bud, but I only know this shit second hand. I have a sorta conservative sorta liberal (would have voted for 1940s/1950s Republicans but not modern day) father who was genuinely a good day. I still live in the same town and visit regularly. The shitty conservative dad I know was one of my uncles who was garbage and ended up fucking up my cousins pretty bad through neglect. My dad was more of a father to them than there actual one.

>> No.56842206

I agree, this needs to stop, to be honest... This is one of the kinda good things about arabic countries, the family stays together.

>> No.56842215


>In all honesty, it's nostalgic. My parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents all followed the traditional model, and they were always happier than our modern neighbors

Survivorship bias. You're interpreting their happiness as they relay it to you now. you're not seeing it as it happened. By doing ti this way you're excluding everyone who didn't make it this far or was just miserable during the time period in question. My great aunt was born in 1924 and she was one of seven kids. I can't ask the others how their life was because half of em died in either "the factory", "the wars", or violence. Most of em died young too. Talking to my great aunt only gives us part of the story ( although my great aunt would actually agree with me, she taught history and never married and was a feminazi).

better explanation here

>the divorce rate's at a record high,

It's not and is in fact declining. Moreover, it was never as high as it was reported to be to begin with

>In 2003...there were 7.5 marriages per 1,000 people and 3.8 divorces

>But researchers say that this is misleading because the people who are divorcing in any given year are not the same as those who are marrying, and that the statistic is virtually useless in understanding divorce rates. In fact, they say, studies find that the divorce rate in the United States has never reached one in every two marriages...new research suggests that, with rates now declining, it probably never will.

>The method preferred by social scientists in determining the divorce rate is to calculate how many people who have ever married subsequently divorced. Counted that way, the rate has never exceeded about 41 percent, researchers say... sharply rising rates in the 1970's led some to project that the number would keep increasing, the rate has instead begun to inch downward.

> fake like the rest of society.

Please refrain from being Holden Caufield in this thread.

>> No.56842219

Yup that is the exact issue im talking about. Capitalism kills kids.

>> No.56842224

I wouldnt be surprised if this post got ignored but just checking.

>> No.56842267

Well, there is such a problem in the west and the middle east too, to be honest... Companies ruin everything which is why many of the 90s generation are heading towards good o'l communisim, yayyyyyy....................................

good points, i'd say my dude.

>> No.56842272

Wow, and I thought something like this wouldn't get off the ground... but well, could be worse.

>> No.56842299

I think we're reaching a civilised intellectual type of thread, a space marine chapter was created, islamic memes... WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???

>> No.56842318


The problem is not women, sjws, or /pol/ but in how the capitalists have undermined set us against each other by making us fight over useless detritus and panic about the financial and societal instability they caused.

>> No.56842322

>good points
yay? I more meant for the person I replied to.

>> No.56842329

*they themselves

>> No.56842364

Without capitalism destroying their minds and happiness I'm fairly convinced nationalists would calm down and turn into normal patriots. You know the healthy not shitty version of that.
I mean I'd like Market Capitalism ro Social Democracy but the corporations aren't willing to tel go of power. So we're going to have to bring out the gulags and guillotines. I hope we can pull back from full communism, but if we can't just know that it was the corporations that drove us to this.

>> No.56842366

oh... Sorry my dude

>> No.56842398


Capitalism is shitty and communism is shitty, both for whole list of reasons, what do we do at this point?

>> No.56842411

Honestly WotC likely wanted to get rid of Jeremy for awhile based on their unjust bannings of Jeremy from various MtG related streams in the past, the whole Sprankly matter is just smokescreen and is the perfect shitstorm so people forget about the whole fiasco going on with card stock, general card quality, and quality control at Wizards HQ/ and Hasbro. Travis was also another person WotC didn't like, so he got his in crossfire but they got next to no backlash because the Jeremy situation overshadowing everything.

Both guys were bad for Wizards' PR, even if not on their official dollar, too. It's a win-win for them even if morally unjust.

>> No.56842428

Can't argue with that.

>> No.56842429


>So we're going to have to bring out the gulags and guillotines. I hope we can pull back from full communism, but if we can't just know that it was the corporations that drove us to this.

While I don't think we will actually do that, i can't think of a solution that doesn't involve some kind of force being employed in some way.

the alternative being continued insecurity, inequality, social and ethnic oppression, and environmental collapse.

I dunno. Ramble over.

>> No.56842440

Mid point socialism like what Spain had before the fascists committed treason and killed them all. Similar communities existed in the early Quaker communities in the US or the Levelers during the English Revolution. Usually this would be termed Christian Socialism but it need not be Christian specifically just a government bound by moral principles detailing individual rights and a government that uses its resources to help the people directly.

>> No.56842455

>nationalism will calm down
unfrotunately not true, the only reason things even seem remotely calm now is because sports has supplanted nationalistic and tribal feelings. This tribe mentality is inate in human beings and is being channeled by corporations to use bombastically high production advertising to create profit out of ones natural desire to improve and be invested in their countries greatness or struggle. Theres a reason superbowl advertisements are so high budget. they work, they target us while we are in the throws of being unrepressedly rooting for abject teams. teams that have no real existance other than a flag and the people who pay them, whos existance is artificial. Just look at mlp's victories in dive grass on 4chan for a cheap example of this instinct at work.

>> No.56842477

>No third option between communism and wallstreet
They're the two sides of one (((coin))). The only option is to stand the coin on its side.

>> No.56842485

I don't mean the tribal feeling but rather the particular philosophies that govern nationalism as an ideology. As I said patriotism is not to be removed as it is actually good.

>> No.56842489

That's quite pilled to be honest

>> No.56842491

those things you consider an ideology are underpinned by natural propensities in our biology, you cant just say "they'll stop existing when everyone is fat an happy"

>> No.56842513

Then we do that if we want to advance as a species and not be stuck in this loop

>> No.56842524

But talking is all well and good, how can we do such a thing?

>> No.56842528

that's a turn of phrase not an actual proposal.

>> No.56842534

i know, but some form of balance has to be found in society

>> No.56842564

I dont think humanity is ready to do it given some of the responses in this thread, but ultimately to stand the coin involves dealing with both capitalism and socialism.

The hard reality is having no socialism and welfare is terrible, people dont realize how many institutions like plumbing are socialized in the beginning. Otoh, pure socialism is also just as terrible as capitalism. The trick is to allow some socialism but qualify it. Unfortunately much of the left that is for socialism refuses to acknowledge border control. you cannot stand a coin on its side when immigration and free hand outs gives increasing power and demand in the hands of the socialist side, we must keep that socialist side small. but to keep it small we have to limit the birth rate of the poor. this hurts the economy some might say, and it will be a sucky period for sure but with less population and less labor wages increase and housing prices decrease allowing for more quality of life. In addition with the poor having far less children, a larger proportion of the rich will have children and inheretence. of course this inheretence may be completely lopsided if we consider some of the tribes the very top are involved with, but it is a step in the right direction, welfare to allow people to spring back, but incentive of lineage to improve standing and seek your own income, and an open arena not flooded with migrants and high birthrates to avoid stressing the socialist system and prevent the capitalists from driving demand up and labor down. What to do is obvious, how to do it, less so.

>> No.56842616

Wow... I don't think this can be implemented in our lifetime...But i sure would love to be apart of building such a utopia no matter how imaginary it might seem

>> No.56842639

>if any even vaguely famous person shit talks someone else a legion of their fans will 100% of the time harass the person shit talked
Nah, that's pretend internet lore - a way to claim that somebody's guilty of harassing you without ever having to give any sort of proof.
Admittedly, you're 100% correct about the rest of it. Youtubers trying to keep up bullshit shock jock schticks when they've become part of an official marketing machine deserve what's coming to them when they bring too much heat on themselves.

>> No.56842659

Because i already don't have a propose in life(i don't even think there is such a thing) and i think it's kinda pointless but i would love to be a part of a good thing and advancing humanity instead of living like an animal eating/sleeping and then working just to eat and sleep some more, waiting to die someday... That's a no no for me.

>> No.56842675

It's kind of a silly life, even though most people live it... like 90%

>> No.56842677

Personally given who and what resources they have will try to oppose this plan I'm not betting on it at all, I'm hoping we'll instead develop artificial wombs, master the creation of spare bodies, and brain transplant ourselves to immortality.

>> No.56842737

or be like Ghost in The Shell and have our bodies become robo-hot chicks while our brains remain as powerful

>> No.56842753

It doesn't need to last forever to be important and impactful.

In fact many things are defined by how short and sudden it was

>> No.56842756

I already have a girl brain so if you're right that we're inferior i wont get an upgrade. but robot bodies would do a lot to help btfo strenght disparity so I'm game.

>> No.56842790

i'm not the one who said that, it's another anon :)
But if what i said becomes real i would get me a nice shiny female robot body because why the fuck not?

>> No.56842813

Actually i said weaker physically, another retarded dude said mentally.

>> No.56842817

>I'm not the one who said that,
theres not a lot of interpretations to a statment like
>be a hot girl but with a brain that remains powerful.
I'm sure your 'superior' mind would have picked up on such implications yes?

>> No.56842824

sorry for multiple postings, just thought i'd clear it up for ya cus i'm kinda sleepy

>> No.56842843

XD you kinda misread my point, minds as powerful means for both the boiz and gurlz

>> No.56842864

also, sorry for not typing very clearly, i'm just sleepy at the moment

>> No.56842871


Holy shit the guys in the video are 100% cringe

Good riddance

>> No.56842881

But yeah, happy to talk to a girl that has a THINKING BRAIN-just kidding XD

>> No.56842922

You know what, i'm too sleepy to make shitty jokes, i should fuck off to bed.

But yeah, it's been nice talking to you and the other anons, glad we steered off of calling everyone a cunt in this thread and talked about something interesting and productive

>> No.56842942

>i have no hard feelings over it, mocking as it was its rather mild than pol and doesnt even approach /a/

>> No.56843061


You completely failed to refute one word of the entire video. Typical.

>> No.56843125

I hope you're also boycotting, this is great

>> No.56843358

this thread is pretty tl;dr, but it does paint 40k in a better light than magic. the mtg thread on this stupid irrelevant bullshit was like 90% shrieking /pol/tards, the 40k community managed a much higher %age of "we don't care, fuck off back to your containment board." well done guys.

>> No.56843629

Nobody really got told to fuck off though. Most of us just calmed down and had a civilized discussion.

>> No.56844041


The fuck is this pseudo-intellectual-Marxist shit?

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