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Peak shitposting hours/MOST PLAYTESTED EDITION EVER?!?, Edition.

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for a good Ork codex for once

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3J7B3r1ZDvA [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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All the Deathwatch talk last thread made me wonder why there's no good Co-op Deathwatch vidya yet.

>> No.56815282

toxicrene is really good at killing vehicles, big brain bug is shit.

>> No.56815284

> Grabbed Dark Crusade on sale
> Never played a DoW game or Strategy game before
> Decide I should do some learnin before I jump in
> This tutorial might just be the most boring thing I've ever seen

How fucked am I if I just skip it?

>> No.56815289

>creating a new thread when we're on page 6
Oh well, nth for da boyz(female)

>> No.56815298

>no XCOM style Deathwatch game where you customize and advance your squad

>> No.56815299

Its a generic RTS, just skip it you dolt.

>> No.56815301

Exodites when?

>> No.56815305

Made a Land Raider Ares for open play. Thoughts?

Skip it, its easy as fuck anyway, just click who you want to move then click where you want them to go/shoot.

>> No.56815309

wrong Board go to >>vg or >>V for those questions

>> No.56815311

This really activates my Almonds. Why would Corbulo still be looking for a cure to the Flaw if they wont be making any more of the tainted marinelets?

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>> No.56815319

I just want Space Marine 2 with dungeon crawling.

>> No.56815323

Thats a sexy fuckin land raider bruh

>> No.56815327

9/10 would loot

>> No.56815332

To cure the special characters before they get turned into chad marines

>> No.56815339

What’s a fluffy Iron Warriors army look like?

>> No.56815345

That would probably compete for the same niche as Space Hulk.

>> No.56815350

Gaunt's Ghosts Warmaster anyone?

>> No.56815355

a pile of corpses who killed themselves in a fit of autism

>> No.56815358

Let’s build a Christmas list! What do we put in it and what do we paint them as?

>Vostroyan Nutcrackers

>> No.56815359

Chaos Lord, renegade basilisks, and hoards of cultists.

>> No.56815368

Das cool mane
How'd you do it?

>> No.56815369

What's the best bit of "good" grimdark in 40k? As in, not pointless "blood and gore and dead babies" for the hell of it, but "makes sense in the context of the fucked up universe" way.

>> No.56815377

wouldn't it be Da Goylz?

>> No.56815392

but the ones going ballistic are primaries isn't it?
that just means the whole "free of RT" was bullcrap and something inherent of the BA geneseed as Cawl predicted

>> No.56815394

Because why have one batch of marines from one source like cloning pods or conventional recruitment, when you can have marines from both conventional recruitment AND cloning pods? Double the marines!

>> No.56815396

Well, if you've never played an RTS game before...

ZOG IT! Just go in blind and play it by ear. Tell us how you did when you're done too!

>> No.56815403

Oh god yes.

>> No.56815405

Any vindicators? Or any Obliterators?

>> No.56815408

I keep my eye on Space Hulk but currently the gameplay just seems so slow. And I don't like Dark Angels or the fact that hacking is a skill either.

I just want to run around committing extreme guerrilla warfare against various Xenos Races.

>> No.56815413

Pretty much anything in Guy Haley’s Baneblade series. But that’s my opinion.

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>> No.56815418

the black rage

>> No.56815420

Do we know if another company has the rights to Space Marine?

>> No.56815430

If i do remember correctly during the Blood Angels stream. The Lore guy mentioned that Dante is increasing production of Scouts and that scouts are going towards both Manlets and Chads.

>> No.56815435

Orks aren't jews so no.

>> No.56815437

Who do you think produced DoW3?

>> No.56815454

Okay guys, I need some ideas for acolytes. If you have them post them?

>> No.56815455

Has it gotten any better with the modding community starting to come in or not?

>> No.56815459

Hordes of infantry and cultists backed up vindicators, daemon engines and obliterators.

A slow, grinding advance up the table leade by infantry, followed by seige guns.

>> No.56815468

I understood it so, that any enemy character with 10 or more wounds by default (aka, at the beginning of the game) can be targeted, it doesn't change it, if he is hurt or not

the whole shit about being visible or not, that should be scrapped tough

>> No.56815475

I played like 15 minutes and hated it. I dunno.

>> No.56815487

the ending of Death of Integrity felt to me as the type of grimdark that the franchise is always advocating

The Novamarines/Blood drinkers manage to escape alongside 2 magi that were with them, but several honor guard guys from both chapters die, the DAoT ship they find escapes and laughs at them for being impotent against chaos, the chapter master of the BD goes black rage and mutates as he denies Kairos' offer, finally the MC's teacher/parental figure dies starting the engines thus allowing the ship to escape, then when he finds out the magos knew of the AI he tries to kill him but it's stopped because they manage to get a ton of STCs and are hailed heroes, so gets so depressed for his failure that he goes on a penitent crusade and is never seen again despite being the primary candidate for next chapter master

the entire thing felt so bittersweet that it truly felt like the grimdarkness

>> No.56815507

DoW 3 is also total abandonware.

>> No.56815510

Am I fluff enough lads?

>> No.56815512

I think it’s suppose to be charactistic. It’s too scary to have a Hive tyrant or some other massive creature get so close.

>> No.56815519

I bought it on sale recently, played through the whole campaign and some vs AI matches.
It feels... bad but i cant really say why. I just get this empty feeling when playing it, its got so soul.

>> No.56815534

It's decent, but the multiplayer still needs a lot more work from the game dev end (the fact they're letting the modding community tinker with it instead of being assholes about mods is a good sign).

>> No.56815548

Get some Plasma, Melta, and Fists in those Crusader squads. You’re hamstringing yourself otherwise.

>> No.56815550

We're assuming its full of typos/mistakes and are not going to play with it until the FAQ but yes, it no longer says wounds characteristics, just wounds.
Other rules that just say "wounds" refers to wounds remaining but I cant believe this isn't an error.

>> No.56815566

Noted - thanks

>> No.56815603

Small question, can apothecaries revive characters?

>> No.56815607

I kitbashed mine from the DV cultists, spare SM weapon bits, and lots of filing and greenstuff. They work pretty well for acolytes.

>> No.56815609

The res thirst/black rage

The Lamenters at Slaughterhouse 3 (I think is the name of the planet). Orks have taken over the planet and the Lamenters must exterminate the xenos. In doing so they desperately try to save the human populace. Eventually the civilians realize none of them will escape if the space marines keep trying to save them, so the humans will fly stay behind while the lamenters retreat to orbit and exterminate the planet.

The orks are repelled and the Lamenters are lauded as heroes, until Malakim Phoros rejects the accolades, citing the mission as a fail and almost being branded heretics

>> No.56815621

If you have to cut down some squads by 5 that’s fine, as you’ll want to buff everyone else with weapons. Plenty of special weapons and the like. Make sure those Lieutenants gets fists or swords and that you sprinkle fists and Melta/plasma into the Crusader Squads. Maybe see about another apothecary too.

>> No.56815642

Is the character's squad targetable?fucking hell, Celestine can.

>> No.56815646

What are you gonna ask ABD /tg/?

>> No.56815647

How the imperium treats psykers. It's grimdark as fuck, but when they could become a portal for daemons at any moment it's the only reasonable way to treat them.

>> No.56815663

I'm trying to build something choppy enough to be fluffy that doesn't involve using a bloody stormraven/land raider to get into charge range. Thought a big pile of troops would give units enough chaff to close the distance. Helpful feedback, thanks again.

>> No.56815664

What's he getting his parents for Christmas.

>> No.56815680


>> No.56815697

It's a Landraider Redeemer with an extra heavy flamer on each side, and the front end of a Vindicator (gun and shield) in place of the normal assault ramp. It's a nice, fairly simple conversion.

>> No.56815705

Perfect. There’s nothing wrong with an LRC as the Templars were the ones to design it, but going with chunky squads is always good. If you have to, cut some squads down by 2-3 all around then and have the characters run with them. Load up on fists and special weapons and call it a day as you wreck face.

>> No.56815718

If the characters are in a squad with no other wounded models, then yes. But they come back with just one wound.

Apothecaries only heal Chapter infantry.

>> No.56815727

Would this be an alright list in a 2k point casual game? I fucking suck at writing lists

>> No.56815728

Considering the unit cost, which is better at 1500 points:
>a battalion detachment in which you take all your units
>a battalion detachment where you take your soldiers, flyer detachment for flyer and vanguard detachment for your elites plus HQ officers in all the detachments

Unless I'm missing something there's no drawback to taking multiple detachments other than the buy in costs for all the mandatory slots ? All you get from this is more slots and command points.

>> No.56815734

>0 Sword Brothers

>> No.56815735

OMG Anon used my shitty image for OP i am honored.

>> No.56815746

Thats why 8th edition FoC is fucking dumb, you spam as many detachments as possible for maximum cp

>> No.56815756

If it's a casual game then diversify your units a bit.

>> No.56815758

Does creating Poxwalkers with pic-related above the squad limit cost reinforcement points?

>> No.56815767


>> No.56815769


>> No.56815770

Already got enough of them in my other list which has a (FUCKING) Stormraven in. Trying something different and gotta save points somewhere old chap.

>> No.56815771

What do you mean?

>> No.56815772

I'm pretty sure templars are pretty much a normal chapter now they got almost wiped out and replaced after the storm of chaos thing with guilliman.

Cant they use librarians now?

>> No.56815779

I hope not.

>> No.56815784

All those HQs aren't cheap.

>> No.56815785

What the fuck are you smoking anon?

>> No.56815792

BT Librarians? No such thing.
>Abhor the Witch, motherfucker

>> No.56815801

what if i tell you its intentional?

>> No.56815804

Fucking yes. I hope people are ready for a fucking Poxman Apocalypse.

>> No.56815813

Shadow of War crossed with Space Hulk Deathwing

>> No.56815814

It's not an ability they lost, its a choice they stand by.

>> No.56815818

That was a single Crusade; meaning not even 1/10th of the Chapter.

>> No.56815831

Does anybody have any good sources or books that reference the Craftworld: Il-Kaithe?

>> No.56815864

No, but here's Rise of the Ynnari!

>> No.56815868

That’s only if everyone around your poxwalkers die first. Anyone smart enough would shoot them before they got too close and to make sure the units around them don’t add to their numbers.

>> No.56815894

as a question how does the grey knight codex hold up against chaos anything armies?
I see alot of people say their bad without proper reasons but how do they fair against what they were made to deal with?

>> No.56815905

As a BT player I'm totally cool with never having access to librarians.

I just wish we got something in their place. Currently BT is just a normal chapter minus Librarians.

>> No.56815908

What if I told you there is a stratagem to help with that also? The Poxman Apocalypse is happening and you can't stop it now.

>> No.56815910

>Hips for days
Pretty sure thats a female space marine

>> No.56815931

Beside your characters is a 2 unit spam list with no AA unless the Knights get into combat with the vehicles. Also your scouts have no transports or long range weapons so they're mostly stuck after they infiltrate. Take some rhinos or wait for the codex to get land speeders storm.

>> No.56815932

I have met some guys who have some nice hips anon.

>> No.56815940

Please tell me how the dead plan to march.

>> No.56815952

Thoughts on GSC? They’re by no means anywhere near top tier, but their models are Chad AF. Patriarch is probably my favourite model around.

>> No.56815954

It's just some heretically good fan art.

>> No.56815960

>I just wish we got something in their place.
It's called Crusader Squads.

>> No.56815965

in epub

>> No.56815967

So what does a good BA list look like?

Just spam Librarian dreads and Death Company?

>> No.56815973

In the old thread.

>> No.56815977

They're just Tac Squads that can take Neophytes.

>> No.56815990

Here's what I inteded with this list.
>deepstrike all my death wing
>throw the scouts on the table
>they sit in cover and shoot heavy bolters at whatever enemy has
>my knights come in and smash the shit out of anything t8 or lower and hunt characters with belial

It was meant to be a deathwing list but I needed some filler to be able to deepstrike the deathwing

>> No.56815994

Nigga do you appreciate how much firepower you can pack into a 5 model crusader squad?

>> No.56815995

I prefer the pouncing one from the space hulk game, but yeah, they have cool sculpts.

>> No.56816006

Are necrons HQs overpriced?
Lord don't have many uses as it's support abilities aren't that good as necrons are already ld 10, so only large squads of warriors actually enjoy the bonus but it's a waste to bring a lord along.
And the O-lord feels like a expensive SM Captain.

>> No.56816016

Not shooting your Poxwalkers or guys around them.

>spends 2cp to do nothing

>> No.56816017

Gonna suck if they have fliers.

>> No.56816026

No one local runs fliers

>> No.56816030

How many models would have to be in a unit to completely surrounded a Vehicle?

>> No.56816053

Can you link it? I went through the archive but still couldn't find it.

>> No.56816054

Can GSC take a titan? If so that’s cool as fuck

>> No.56816056

>implying that devotion to the Emperor and purging xenos doesn't give you great birthing hips

>> No.56816059

Throw in some Sanguinary Guard

>> No.56816076

Sanguinary. Axes wound T8 on a 4+, Banner boy gives them a 5+++ and rerolling 1's to wound. Pretty nasty

>> No.56816091

Just a sarge, special weapon, and heavy weapon.

Heavy weapon slows the rest of the unit down because all the choices are heavy.

Trooper getting a melee weapon option isn't really that great. Oh boy, a power weapon on a 1-attack model.

>> No.56816093

>1 special weapon
>1 heavy weapon
Different from tac squad how?

>> No.56816110

No, there are no Titans with Astra Militarum, they're a completely different branch of military. The biggest thing they can take is Baneblades.

>> No.56816116

You need to hit 10 in a tac squad to get both heavy and special weapons.

>> No.56816122

>implying there is anything else in range for you to shoot
>implying your options are not either to get fucked and waste your turn or to get fucked for the remainder of the game

>> No.56816127

Still pretty cool

>> No.56816134

One big mob of sang, one big mob of dc. Warlord with jump pack relic and immunity to morale trait. Beyond that, get whatever you need to do to clear screens as efficiently as possible.

>> No.56816143

As a BT player, I had no idea. Thanks anon

>> No.56816146

Forgot to add that you should bring the Sanguinor. +1A for units in range matters a lot. He could make his points back on that aura alone.

>> No.56816165

Nigger all anyone has to do to counter that is shoot the poxwalkers directly after you activate the strat.

>> No.56816200

Give me one good reason that Cawl shouldn't be Fabricator General of mars. He is a friend to children, promotes progress and ressurected the Primarch SINGLE HANDEDLY (excluding false xeno-witch powers).

He is the hero the Imperium needs!

>> No.56816203

I kinda dig the Admech and how their "radical/puritan" spectrum actually makes sense. If you're too puritan you get nothing done and drive away allies, if you're too radical you might fuck yourself royally overreaching your abilities in the face of Chaos or Necrons or whatever. It's why I get a bit annoyed when people say they're all complete idiots who don't know how anything works, because that's like saying all Guard officers are Chenkov.

>> No.56816222

because he's a xeno worshipping heretek
we're all thinking it we're just too polite to say it

>> No.56816234 [DELETED] 

Sorry, i misled you.
Mixed up with

>> No.56816248

He’s also a radical and seen as a borderline heretech by others in the Mechanicus. His promotion would cause a civil war.

>> No.56816264

Sorry, i misled you.
Mixed up with this one.

>> No.56816266

But you can't do that, anon! They just keep multiplying and coming over to grab your ass!

>> No.56816269

>add one model to the unit
>doesn't specify what kind of model
>mfw turning dead gaunts into baneblades by the power of nurgle

>> No.56816270

It's "heretek"

>> No.56816276

Haven't been involved in 40k for about ten years here, just picked up a squad of Death Korps Grenadiers and thinking of getting into small scale games... like 250-500pts, iirc I used to play under "skirmish" rules but it's been a long time.

Does anyone do that anymore? From a brief perusal of the GW website, Bell of Lost Souls, etc, it seems like the hobby has largely moved into large-scale 2000+pt games with Baneblades and titans etc.

Is inquisitor something that's still played?

Picture semi-related but not mine.

>> No.56816284

Cawl for General?

>> No.56816290

Seeing as how the guard offensive on the tau was just drive forward, they might as well be.

>> No.56816293

>Iron Warriors warband stranded in bitter chaos vs chaos battle
>fall to nurgle to survive
>use lots of nurgle daemon vehicles

Sounds cool?

>> No.56816295

They can't multiply if you shoot poxwalkers

>> No.56816297

His only feat is how we managed to not be purged and turned into servitor for being a heretek.

>> No.56816311

It does say on the poxman profile, but I like the way you think.

>> No.56816324

I like it. They have bare minimum worshiping to take full advantage of nurgle's sturdiness.

>> No.56816331

No problem bro, it happens. It was out (Warmaster) since 2014, but besides bl it's not available anywhere which is really strange.

>> No.56816345

Sure am whats the point

>> No.56816364

poxman profile rule is replaced though! The power of Nurgle has no limits!!!!!!!

>> No.56816372

>or guys around them.
20 pox walkers can cover a lot of ground.

That said, that strat is a lot better using the walkers as the unit in front of 20 plague marines with full upgrades.

>> No.56816380

There'd be a schism almost instantly, and then Titans walk and worlds burn, so can't vote for that. I do like him, though.

On a side note, I would watch and/or read the fuck out of a West Wing/House of Cards style 40k politics series if they kept it to one season or a couple books to stop it getting boring. Might just be me being weird, but I actually really liked the High Lord maneuvering sections of The Emperor's Legion and the Martian politics in Mechanicum, and there's your A and B plots with frequent interconnection right there.

>> No.56816383

So you use Cloud of Flies so they can't be shot, surround them with Cultists, and hide the Poxies on turn 1. Holy fuck I forgot how bad /tg/ is at 40k

>> No.56816403

>this guy doesn't know 100% of things about every codex



>t. you

>> No.56816404


>> No.56816409

He's not worshiping anything; he's simply observing how xeno-tech functions and than replicating that for Imperial use.

The only "hereteks" I know are those who deny the truth and obstruct the Quest for Knowledge. They will be the first to go on the day of the data-rope.

And building Primaris Marines.
And building Hover Tanks.
And saving Robby G's life
And saving Celestine and Greyfax

>> No.56816410

Then your opponent ignores your two units of useless chaff and shoots all your actual threatening shit off the board.

>> No.56816419

Can't stall the Cawl. Somehow one of his many many copies has found a way to make his chassis cheaper according to Chapter Approved.

Do you think there's multiple "Main Cawl" bodies in his gestalt? Would go a little way towards justifying why he shows up so often in Admech armies.

>> No.56816421

Because he is actually a xenos (specifically an ancient Ork Oddboy) behind all those cybernetics. His voice modulator's just tuned so it sounds like he's speaking like a normal human!

...Oh my Emperor, Guilliman's working with a xeno-witch AND a xenos-scientist.


>> No.56816422

look at the last two sentences, Corbulo discoverd some dark shot about our beloved Chadmarines

>> No.56816426

>Retard who criticizes strategy without knowing the rules

The saga continues.

>> No.56816434 [SPOILER] 

You are bad and shout feel bad, retarded scrub.

>> No.56816448

Post perfect models.

>> No.56816453

Then your massive blob of shit secures objectives, clogs the board, and eventually has to be dealt with as you can add Typhus to the mix with Blades of Putrefaction and Putrescent Vitality.

You really seem to not want this anon to use the Poxblob strat, did you get btfo by it last week?

>> No.56816456

You know, I don't think humans could ever get as tall as A primarch.. Maybe HE'S a Xeno as well!

>> No.56816463

What's everyone working on tonight? My Oyumaru arrived so I'm practicing making moulds for my next project.

>> No.56816465

Also Iron Warriors are retards for having


As two important and central figures in their leadership hierarchy. I can imagine a simple typo or glitch in some crappy vox machine would lead to a lot of crap.

>> No.56816472

Best modell coming though ( if it werent resin )

>> No.56816473

Yea but this shows more just Red Thirst level of things. uncontrolled levels of Red Thirst.

>> No.56816474

>20 models
>massive blob of shit

Anon 20 models can be wiped off the board in one round of shooting or close combat from one of my units.

>> No.56816495

Doesn't matter! None of you can stop the Poxman Apocalypse anymore!

>> No.56816498


>> No.56816510


>> No.56816514

They can't be shot at from Cloud of Flies and are surrounded by two squads of 25+ man Cultist squads. The Cultists are from a CSM Patrol for Tide of Traitors. The Pox have The Dead Walk Again on them.

Go ahead, shoot the Cultists.

>> No.56816517

gods that looks bad wtf even is that

>> No.56816519

>the Apoxalypse

>> No.56816524

Who buys this crap?

>> No.56816527

Man the old Blood Angels models are really tiny compared to the new Primaris stuff.

>> No.56816529

the wings look like shit, she should wear armor, its resin and her sword doesnt match her outfit

great bait, i almost belived that you honestly think that this model is the best

>> No.56816530

Literal Perfection.

>> No.56816535

And what is the only Xenos humanity knows of that gets grows anywhere near Primarch size?


[Seriously, go ask Commissar Yarrick what it was like meeting Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka face-to-face. An Ork growing that to Cawl's size isn't that unusual at all]

>> No.56816539

lmao make him smaller like the primaris was a knight or something

>> No.56816540

>I don't

Wow you wasted 2cp and did nothing.

>> No.56816544

Made a 2,000 point Imperial Fist list to use this Friday against some new Nids. Thoughts?

>> No.56816545

yeah, but that makes him even better, everyone knows that dwarfs are fierce fighters

>> No.56816552

I should know the local Sisters player has one and oggles it every chance he can

>> No.56816559

looks good to me, but do you really want to use FW against a new tyranid player ?

>> No.56816564

Don't post as pdf. Save it as an image.

>> No.56816568

He's been playing Nids for five years, only he's using the new Nid codex.

>> No.56816570


Sorry, fixed that.

>> No.56816571

I wait until turn 3 when you're out of CP from spending 2 every turn and then murder them all in one round.

>> No.56816576

>the Pox-Eclipse

>> No.56816580


>> No.56816582


>> No.56816584

oh, okay my bad, go on then
I hope you two have a lot of fun and dont forget make some pictures for us

>> No.56816585

So a Stormraven is basically a flying Land Raider. How would it be painted when transporting Terminators: black or white ?

>> No.56816598

Depends on chapter you tit.

>> No.56816602

I dont know about this idea Anon. You are going to be spending at the minimum 914 points on this configuration. If you fill the rest with stuff to kill chaff it will probably be more effective to just replace those 2 squads with more guns. since they will most likely wont make your points back on them as assault units.

>> No.56816603

That's an ugly paintjob anon

>> No.56816609

Chadmarines now count as dedicated transports

>> No.56816612


>> No.56816615

Your list sounds boring AF, not to mention mobility being a glaring weakness. Plus I'm pretty sure you don't even get any command points at all

>> No.56816617

Shut up Ben, you absolute fucking fedora

>> No.56816622

You're telling me your lists don't have at least 9CP?

>> No.56816626

I've always liked this model despite it's age.

>> No.56816630

depends, if it just transports them occasionally , then is would be black, but if it is their dedicated stormraven then i would paint it white

>> No.56816634

Mine do, yours won't because you're running a fucking Patrol detachment lol

>> No.56816638

>dark angels in the photo
>durrr, depends on what chapter

>> No.56816642


>> No.56816644

I was torn between BT or DA, mainly because of this absolute fantastical model.
I might still get one to paint it purely for pleasure, but I would love to find some use for this bad boy on the tabletop.

>> No.56816646

Cloud of Flies stratagem. No bully Poxwalkers for a phase.

>> No.56816647

>le tittays xD XDDDDDDDDDDD

>> No.56816652


>> No.56816662


>> No.56816663

I play Thousand Sons, and I tend to only have 7 CP (usually a Battalion and a Vanguard).

>> No.56816669

>not green
>not mentioning DW in the fucking text

durrr you retard. Also give some highlights and shades to that shit.

>> No.56816670

I use mine as a generic Captain for MyDudes^tm

>> No.56816671

Is there any real use of Baal predaror?

>> No.56816678

>Doesn't run 2 Batallions
Holy fuck do you actually think you need a Brigade for 9+CP?
Or are you an autist who can only use one big detachment because it's "fair"?

>> No.56816681

go fast with stratagem

>> No.56816689

Flamestorm cannon and 2 flamers.

>> No.56816690

It can be converted into Hellforged Predator.

>> No.56816693

>And building Primaris Marines.
Abominations no better that Fabilous Bill's creations

>And building Hover Tanks.
Doesn't count as "building" when he stole all the Grav Land Raiders to refurbish into Repulsors

>And saving Robby G's life
Guilliman was healing on his own

>And saving Celestine and Greyfax
Saving a Daemon and a Mutant

>> No.56816707

>open play

>> No.56816709

tripple flamer is fun
dakka predator is fun, too, even if there are cheaper options for the same fire output

>> No.56816710

>Because he is actually a xenos (specifically an ancient Ork Oddboy)

Cawl is Orkimedes.

>> No.56816724

>dark angels are only green
>not black for ravenwing or white for deathwing as well

Also, it's not mine.

>> No.56816745


>> No.56816754

You might like Shadow War or Necromunda.

>> No.56816755

Add a Batallion of Tzeench Daemons or just Chaos Marines. They're cheap to fill out and give you screens and buffs plus access to Codex strats

>> No.56816760

Love it, wish they didn't half ass the actual LR creation rules and made them available for all types of play. Sadly since almost nobody plays open play the vehicle creation rules won't get much traction and won't get expanded.

>> No.56816789


>> No.56816796

So how much do y'all think the Ravenwing Talonmasters are gonna cost? Seems like an ungodly amount of dakka. Plus Grim Resolve kind of invalidates footslog Company Masters.

Anyway I knew I'd regret buying those models before the codex came out.

>> No.56816800

He's right you know.

>> No.56816802

when GW released Primaris marines they also released squats

>> No.56816813

I need something to read. Any suggestions on Admech books?

>> No.56816818

A true American hero

>> No.56816820

It's usually a mixed battalion of Tzeentch Daemons/Thousand Sons and then a Vanguard of Chaos Space Marines.

>> No.56816827

Got a list?

>> No.56816877

Skitarii and Tech-Priest are good, Stroika is badass and Torquora is everything an Archmagos should be and lays some serious burns on Iron Warriors. Momentary idiocy when he destroys that STC at the end,
could have been useful even with the feedback problem
but otherwise cool.

Mechanicum is sweet if you just want to see Darkmech demolishing everything in fine style, Titanicus is GOAT Admech book.

>> No.56816878

I actually think the High Lord part, especially that of the Fabricator General, hasn't been explored enough in books

>> No.56816886

The greatest.

>> No.56816901

Ironic that Tau auxiliaries are the best thing about the faction.

>> No.56816925

Do you eat fast food and greasy snacks and play and touch your minis?

>> No.56816927

Trust me... I know.

>> No.56816928

Makes sense, they're a bunch of blind communist weaklings afterall.

>> No.56816949

WHY DID THEY REMOVE THIS MODEL FROM THE FACTION. I did ask them for more Auxiliary support on the survey. I hope you did.

>> No.56816950

You have my pity Gue'la.

>> No.56816956


>> No.56816958

Yes but all the greasy food touches my left hand and my right hand only touches my models and dice.

>> No.56816964

For the Greater Good!

>> No.56816965

Huh. Since my good ol Company Master got recently promoted to Chapter Master I could give the vacant to an Unforgiven Emperors Champion (tm)

>> No.56816968

I don't even play Tau and I love the idea of some klingon/turian hybrids riding around on an Allosaurus

>> No.56816978

How the fuck is geedubs going to make daemons playable? With the current state of the game, I just don't see it happening. Especially for shit like Nettes.

>> No.56816979

No, the only way to do that is open play or playing a "Genestealer Cult" that uses the rules for regular guard (which would disqualify you from allying tyranids)

>> No.56816989

Fuck... You are right, she looks like a girl.

>> No.56816996

Did anyone ever try to make space marine chapter based on each country? I'm thinking of something like angry marines.

>> No.56817006

Femarines confirmed.

>> No.56817008

Sports teams make better badges.

>> No.56817023

Does each Chapter have a designated trap marine to keep morale high?

>> No.56817033


>> No.56817038

It's usually something like:
1x5 Scarab Occult
3x10 Pink Horrors
1x Vindicator

Terminator Sorcerer
2x Helbrute
1x10 Rubric Marines
1x10 Cultists
1x Forgefiend

Sometimes more, sometimes less. Lately I've been throwing in a Chaos Lord to baby-sit my shooty stuff; reroll 1's is just too good to pass up on, and I'm not buying a Daemon Prince for twice the price. Sometimes Magnus comes in, replacing the Rubric Marines or the Scarab Occult.

>> No.56817046

I miss them.

>> No.56817047

and also this too bad it's resin

>> No.56817051


>> No.56817055

Pick one and only one. A pair of infantry units does not an entire faction make.

>> No.56817064

So DA are getting Stormraven - But I have a question, can it carry a redemptor dreadnought?

>> No.56817079

GW already showed they were getting an HQ on their page my guy

>> No.56817081 [DELETED] 

Can you believe that some people here don't have designated trap players at their stores? I feel bad for them. Ours is highly fuckable.

>> No.56817090

>SoS get grenade launchers in 30k
>you will never Deepstrike your dildo tank next to Magnus and shoot 10 psych-out grenades up his asshole
Why live

>> No.56817096

He riveted the hand plates to his fucking fingerbones?

>> No.56817097

Nah, just a FW model. Though Grimgor is another perfect Ork model.

>> No.56817100

Female primarch confirmed!

>> No.56817106


Holy shit, thanks for the laugh, anon.

>> No.56817107


>> No.56817109

Is this guy an “exalted Champion” now? I can’t find a model that matches the exalted champion rules

>> No.56817111

One HQ and two infantry units does not a faction make.

You'll probably be part of a big Imperial Agents books alongside Inquisition and Assassins. Maybe Sisters and Knights too.

>> No.56817113

nah, they're on top of gloves

>> No.56817117

More like a wasted single space mom.

>> No.56817119

The rules aren't out but I can almost guarantee that it won't.
You'll have to wait a while for the Primaris Meteoric Drop Pod which can either be built to carry 10 Primaris Marines (or 5 in gravis armour) or 1 Primaris Redemptor Dreadnought.
60 bucks.

>> No.56817123

everything here just screams NO

>> No.56817125

Come to think of it, we do have exactly one (((girl))) at our LGS...

>> No.56817128





>> No.56817131

I'm not sure what's so humorous about that list. It's got some Thousand Sons infantry supported by daemons and tanks.

>> No.56817132

you can run them as their own army with that HQ, wouldn't be surprised if they had more up their sleeves

>> No.56817133

I count 25 terminators here. How many is there usually in Deathwing?

>> No.56817136

Fuck man have you ever looked at the number of races the T'au empire apparently have in their army? Aside from kroot and Vespid they have Psychic Bears,Dwarves, Humanoid frogs, and Dog like reptiloids. I'd love to see these get models and rules.

>> No.56817141

hello waac eldar

>> No.56817146

Just make one out of an Aspiring Champion or Chaos Lord.

>> No.56817153

Standard Marines can do so since it has the Dreadnought keyword.

>> No.56817155

>named character only

>> No.56817157

Yes, that's the exalted champ now.

>> No.56817160

How viable are Deathwatch?
All the options and character looks fun, but I can't really tell how they'd play on the table.

>> No.56817166

Just make a shield captain and run him with those rules

>> No.56817172

Instead GW are going to produce another ludicrously named, ludicrously overpointed mess of a battlesuit.

>> No.56817173


>> No.56817176

I love them lots but currently they are very overpriced and heavily underperofrm because of it.

I go into most games expecting to lose or tie, but have a shit ton of fun anyway because they're the most customizable and very space marine army around with fun rules.

>> No.56817177

Sisters'll get their own codex, they have their own Adepta Sororitas entry in CA instead of just being a part of Ministorum
They won't get it for a while though since, y'know, they were included in CA

>> No.56817185

Lastly, the Paunch himself. My favorite fantasy model as a kid.

>> No.56817187

Oh indeed.
What is she like?

>> No.56817191 [DELETED] 

I just realised i have "sloppy dressed girl" fetish...

>> No.56817193

Nah, just sad Deldar. My last open play game was against IG that included 120 conscripts, a vulture, and 3 special characters.

>> No.56817195

>GW still use the same wolf sculpts

>> No.56817198

They also have Khajite

>> No.56817204

If paired with stormtroopers or the like, would they become more competitive?

>> No.56817207

that must be a pretty damned important landing to be able to muster and fully dedicate 25% of your total elite terminator force there.

Alternatively this makes me think, rotation within deathwing must be pretty quick considering in each space hulk mission they get into at least one will get torn to shreds

>> No.56817210

oh sorry

>> No.56817211

How many points do you usually play? Magnus is auto include at even 1500 or less

>> No.56817213

Dow3 was the biggest rts disaster of the year.

>> No.56817221

Overpriced and could do with the elite characters of the SM codex, and some options are held back for no reason, but when you can get them into the right place they're lethal to the right kind of enemy.

>> No.56817229

GW really needs to get new sculpts for everything that hasn't been updated since before 2000. Going 20 years without new models is pretty inexcusable.

>> No.56817233

With the points changes and old relic return, the Cannoness is actually really solid now. For a measly 57pts, you get 4 WS2+ rerolling 1s S5 Ap-3 D3 attacks and a melta pistol sporting a 3+/4++ save.

>> No.56817238


I loaded up the Space Marine codex of using the index.

Says Redemptor cannot be carried.
However if we are given access to the contemtpor? Perhaps.

>> No.56817239

She runs the events at the store and refuses to play with an unpainted army.

>> No.56817240

Yup. There was literally nothing I could do.
>but it's fluffy!

>> No.56817248

I know, I dont like Battle suits anymore. I want a cool moving T'au army supported by Lizardmen

>> No.56817255

Their release schedule is abysmal. You get maybe one box release a week if you're lucky but the majority of releases are books. They need to start pumping stuff out faster, especially since they've apparently upgraded their infrastructure.

>> No.56817256

>be technically designated trap player in store
>just get called fag and bullied for refusing to play my Chaos Marines as anything but Emperor's Children
>everyone else switches subfaction traits between tournaments
I'm jealous of your stores designated trap anon

>> No.56817260

You still like them. That's why they keep making them.

>> No.56817261

love you, anon!

>> No.56817263

Based Juan Diaz

>> No.56817275

40k lizardmen army when?

>> No.56817276

have you tried opening your butt to them?

>> No.56817278

>especially since they've apparently upgraded their infrastructure.
Yeah, it's powered by all of Britain.

>> No.56817281

Maybe choose a csm faction that doesn't make you seem like a faggot. I've not met one EC player that wasn't an uncle touchy or some magical realm sperg

>> No.56817297

You let them do that to you? Meet them outside, beat the shit out of them, and grind their nuts with your heel. Make sure you light their minis on fire for good

>> No.56817300

So long as these guys never get changed

>> No.56817304

I wont bully you anon much ~<3

>> No.56817306

Might honestly have been the biggest RTS one ever. Built off a fairly loved and established series, advertised nice enough for a game...and then ded.

The only other thing I can remember that is similarish is Act of Aggression recently. RIP CnC.

>> No.56817311

I really hope they clarify that character targeting thing. I really like 8th, but those little bits really ruin it

>> No.56817312

Absolutely. FW units and Storm Troopers are the perfect additions.

>> No.56817313

Is the WH community Facebook picture lewd or is it just me?

>> No.56817316

just you

>> No.56817339

Work them into an Exodite codex maybe?

>> No.56817342

Stone trolls as a sculpt have aged really well. And so did the river trolls, I'm not sure why GW decided they needed a new model.

>> No.56817346

>refuses to play with an unpainted army.
excellent taste.

>> No.56817355

how us that indecent ?

>> No.56817365

>be my stores designated trap
>only play subtly converted Aelves (tm) as Adepta Sororitas (tm)
>forced to carry the Citadel Buttplug (tm) holding a Guilliman miniature up in my butt all the time
>If I win games they punch me in the belly
>If I lose they get "premium time" with me in the store owners' dungeon

>> No.56817372

I like my Noise Marines and purple, pink, black, and gold colour scheme though.
Also Lucius is fun when I run him.
Okay I say bullying but it's more good natured ribbing, everyone cops it, fat guy gets called fatass, store owner gets called Jew, store owner had bone cancer when he was younger and after he said a particularly bad pun someone said "god damn it I hope your cancer just relapses"
Besides even if they were singling me out and only calling me a fag, which I really don't care about, and I wanted to do something, everyone is bigger than me.

>> No.56817377

I'm trying to see the lewd and I can't

>> No.56817402


>> No.56817404

So when is AI Aun'va going crazy with disgust over meatbags and kicking off the next big civil war?

>> No.56817405

has a boob

>> No.56817411

>didn't (tm) Guilliman
Now you've done it, strait to the dungeon with you!

>> No.56817419

the ramblings of a madman

>> No.56817422


looks like a lionwing thing licking a dick

>> No.56817435


>> No.56817437

fuck off traps and trap enabling faggots, go hang in pfg or something fuk of

>> No.56817441

They are only good for being mobile anti-tank really. They are too expensive to be used as anything else. Just wish that a mobile gun line with Breachers and pathfinders was viable

>> No.56817443


Tfw this cover was what made me realised I loved space lizards

>> No.56817459

>doesn't have a store designated trap

>> No.56817471

what a weird thing I'm doing

>> No.56817481

Cultists or marines?

>> No.56817484

it's too late anon
>not proving your dominance by fucking anything that's feminine
what are you, gay?

>> No.56817491

I dunno, look how suggestively the eagle is spreading it's... *wings*.

>> No.56817493

Usually 1500, sometimes 1000 or 2000. I try to avoid Magnus because he generates a ton of salt regardless of how hard the list actually is or whether I win or not. The FLGS is pretty all over in terms of competitiveness, so I usually just bring two copies of every point bracket and pick one based on my opponent.

>> No.56817495

get a life

>> No.56817509

I would honestly be uncomfortable around a crossdressing man or a transvestite in small space like a store. Must be really award for the people that have those at their clubs/LGS.
I'm married and have children so it isn't just because it's a woman nearby.

>> No.56817514

Don't get bullied! Our designated trap trans takes no shit. She's become the bully. She's started wearing heels so she's towering above all the manlets and telling them the army they play is for punks. You're not a punk anon so stop acting like it!

>> No.56817525

Are you mental?

>> No.56817527

Cultists for troops. Marines for HQ/Elites.

>> No.56817532

Truly shameful display from that Anon.

>> No.56817535

>Must be really award for the people that have those at their clubs/LGS.
Man you said it!

>> No.56817541

Cultists. Marines are just too mediocre. If you really want power-armoured bodies, either paint them up as Plague Marines/Noise Marines/Berzerkers, or just run them as Havocs.

>> No.56817546

fugg :DDD

>> No.56817550

I want to see a T'au vs Exodite fight. Since it would be great seeing them getting their ass kicked by primative back water Eldar. Aren't the planets alive with like the souls of the dead exodites? The fucking planet starts kicking the T'au's ass.

>> No.56817551

No, he's a Dark Angels player. Isn't it obvious?

>> No.56817561

I mean I bully back, like I told other anon it is really just good natured ribbing.
We swear and call each other the worst insults, helps that there's no kids who play in our store I guess.
also getting bullied for looking like a girl is kind of hot
like when someone said the girls should leave and said "you too" when I didn't get up

>> No.56817562

Plus they ride dinosaurs. Battlesuit vs T Rex when?

>> No.56817567

They can be their own faction but still be part of a larger "Imperium Potpourri" Codex. They did it in 7E, and it's not like they've increased the Sisters line significantly since then.

>> No.56817570

You cant tell with many of us, we pass pretty well.

I mean aside from playing 40k.

>> No.56817580

how is that a bad thing if you consider yourself a girl anyway?

>> No.56817591

I don't know how you delude yourself but, all the traps I've seen IRL have manhands, a deep voice, adams apple or other dead giveaways.

>> No.56817592

>You cant tell with many of us, we pass pretty well.
It's only weird if they make it weird. Maybe I'm just slightly autistic, but I care far more about whether my opponent has a solid grasp of the rules and a painted army than if they're a degenerate.

>> No.56817612

Sounds a lot like my bulgarian friend who would feel uncomfortable watching two guys kissing.

I don't get it, it's not like you have to do it yourself if you don't want to. Do you?

>> No.56817614

>tfw our designated store trap flirts with everyone but me

>> No.56817615

I acted indignant but I kind of liked it.
I don't crossdress in public and I'm not a tranny though, so it caught me off guard.

>> No.56817617

I think one of the problems is that their self-image actualizes when they're still teens, so they never really realize just how much testosterone has ravaged their bodies. Plus, they wildly underestimate how much attention men pay to a woman's body.

>> No.56817627

They really shouldnt rely on their playerbase not being rules-lawyering power-gaming pricks

>> No.56817637

>tfw my store doesn't have a designated trap

>> No.56817640

Can confirm this, but can also add hair type and certain facial features. /v/ taught me how tell things apart pretty well.

> I care far more about whether my opponent has a solid grasp of the rules and a painted army
This is fair to say and really all that matters with warhammer40k.

>> No.56817643

Fulgrim is kinda fucking gay to be honest

>> No.56817646

Not even if I just run them as a sneaky squad of 5 with two plasmas?

>> No.56817651

Nurglized baneblade from the looks of it, best nurgle baneblade I saw was a guy who put three barrels on it so everything he shot would have the mark of nurgle in it.

>> No.56817657

Rail Rifle option for Fire Warrior squads when?

>> No.56817661

>tfw my store doesn't have a designated trap

>> No.56817666

>he thinks Fulgrim restricts himself to have sex with only his own gender
>or species for that matter
top kek

>> No.56817667

Even the clothed version is shit. I cant stress how I hate those cheesy female models with huge boobs and weirdly thin waists in power armour.

>> No.56817669


>> No.56817673

hol up hol up hol up.

If we're going maximum rules lawyer... Where in the rule book does it say the baneblade is a 'model'?

>> No.56817677

Technically, it is the natural reaction. Thankfully I don't see it very often while playing 40k.

>> No.56817678

Shit anon, that sucks, sorry.

>> No.56817680

a good idea for a nids 1000k army against demons od nurgle and deathguard

>> No.56817686

>"Gee Shas'la B'il, how come the Shas'O lets you have two bonding knives?"

>> No.56817687

That's the least terrible way to run them, but you might as well paint them green and throw a third Plasma Gun in there then.

>> No.56817705

Pic related is a shit list I'm using on Saturday to fight some nerd at my FLGS.

It'll be my first game since 5th edition.

What Hive Fleet should I use?

I'm thinking Leviathan, since pretty much everything in my army should be in Synapse most of the time.

Either that or Kraken.

What do you think /40kg/?

>> No.56817708

Genestealers and Biovores.

>> No.56817709

>>tfw my store doesn't have a designated trap

>> No.56817719

what show is this?

>> No.56817721

this is beautiful

>> No.56817738

I like what happened with this thread.

>> No.56817745

Makes me wonder how many know at my store. I just assume they all know. Either way they treat me really nice and roast me like every one else and seem to like having me around so I can't be that bad, I hope.

>> No.56817748

What did you use to make this?

>> No.56817750

>Space Communists
>Literally For the Greater Good: The Faction
>Chaotic Neutral

>spooky bad guys: the faction
>Chaotic Good

>> No.56817755

Seems accurate to me.

>> No.56817760

>no bulge

>> No.56817767

That's not an alignment chart.

>> No.56817774

I thought the point was to match them with the statements, not the usual alignments.

>> No.56817775

>If you kill the chaos marines, they win
Who is writing this shite? Like half the fucking chapters are renowned for tearing apart the enemy

>> No.56817778

>at all

>> No.56817780

>for the greater good
>chaotic neutral

>> No.56817785

tis battlescribe

>> No.56817786

>Rigid caste system : the species
>'Space communists'

This meme is never gonna die is it
Why do burgers call everything that isn't capitalism or democracy 'communism'

>> No.56817789


>> No.56817794

That wasn't what I was >implying.

More, I was >implying that a society with a caste system and state-licensed childbirth is nowhere near Chaotic

They knew exactly what they were doing when they made that image.

>> No.56817796

>a pseudo communist caste based society that is built on basically slave labor

>> No.56817801

Its not an alignment chart nigger.

>> No.56817806

>"Dis iz well known. If you wazzn't part o' da WAAAGH!!! ya dun get any o' da loot."

So simple even a humie can understand!

>> No.56817814

As a dude from iraq, i approve of this image

>> No.56817815

It's mostly the whole greater good thing it seems very communist in idea.

>> No.56817819

It's not slave labor when it's all robots.

>> No.56817820

All Tau work equally towards a greater whole. The Ethereals are just more equal.

Do Tau even have currency?

>> No.56817822

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky

>> No.56817824

More BS

>> No.56817832


>> No.56817834

>all of you are gonna go out and die for the glory of the etherials... I mean the greater good yeah.
>not slave labor

>> No.56817838

Closest thing I’ve been able to identify it is as a Utilitarian Dictatorship.

>> No.56817842

You messed up the name Shas'la It would be Shas'ui T'au B'il.

>> No.56817851

Strapping a jump pack onto a dreadnought sounds like an awesome idea.

>> No.56817853

>Utilitarian Dictorship

Nigga do your ears not work? That's what he just said.

>> No.56817858


>> No.56817866

You read comments with your ears?

>> No.56817870


>> No.56817875

>Utilitarian dictatorship strongly based on meritocracy
Now this is the real dream right here

>> No.56817878

>he doesn't read with his ears

>> No.56817884

It's dificult at first but after a while the brail is soothing to my lobes.

>> No.56817894

How the fuck do the fucking Blood Angels not have a Dreadnought in Gold plates that has wings and a Jump Pack for the Sanguinary Guard who are too fucked up.

>> No.56817899

What sponson weapons should I take on this beast ?
Heavy Bolters or Heavy Flamers ?

>> No.56817901

These discussions are really making me curious, is sexual acts happening in stores a fairly common occurrence? Is this only in certain areas or is it widespread? Does this happen in GW stores or just independent stores? How can I get in on this?

>> No.56817906

The overwatch one is wrong at least.
You don't target during Overwatch, you just make attacks.

>> No.56817907

Could you imagine not having to worry about what the fuck your purpose is in society? Just “fuck yeah, I’ma grow up to be an engineer.”

>> No.56817914

This post is making me curious, are you actually retarded?

>> No.56817930

Mine did, but he was a real fucking moron.

You know, looking back at what he did now after like 15 years and as an adult, I think he might've been actually mentally/emotionally unstable and transsexual and all the stupid thing he did was calls for attention. I feel bad now.

>> No.56817938

/40kg/ pls

>> No.56817939

People claim that since Overwatch says you follow all the rules for shooting, the includes picking a target. Of course, if that were the case then you could just pick a different target and flip the guy the bird.

>> No.56817949

I can imagine the giant gold pecks they'd have to craft for it.


>> No.56817952

Horny LGS traps are more of an urban legend than a reality.

>> No.56817953

Probably because if any Space Marine Chapter is going to have something like that, it's going to be the Special Snowflake Marines the Grey Knights.

Because no way in hell are any of the real Space Marines allowed to have super cool shit that the Grey Knights don't already have (except the Space Corgis, but we don't talk about the Space Corgis).

>> No.56817959

>He doesn't get bend over the table for the purpose of casual intercourse before, during and after each game of warhammer

>> No.56817960

>actually mentally/emotionally unstable and transsexual and all the stupid thing he did was calls for attention.
Sounds like an accurate description.

>> No.56817973

People are wrong. Rules as written, you select a Target during the Shooting Phase, but you don't during Overwatch, you skip straight to making attacks against the unit that declared a charge against your unit.

>> No.56817975

>basket of nids

>> No.56817984

Heavy Bolters

>> No.56817985

did you fuck him(her) at least?

>> No.56817987

I feel like all that will come up would be some teleporting Dreadnought.

>> No.56817992

Yes, that's what I'll do. Target the guys NOT charging at me and have a chance to hit them on a 6! Not like a lucky shot could cause them to lose inches and fail the charge.

>> No.56818004

Kraken is the objective best, who can resist that beautiful red?

It also has strong rules and its melee monsters can’t be tarpitted.

>> No.56818018

I play Grey Knights, what are you talking about?

>> No.56818021

So this... is why... this time slot is called peak shitposting hours.

Iraq has 40k?

>> No.56818030

Except in this example you are being charged by the character but cant target it because another unit is closer.

>> No.56818036

He was like a 4/10 trap and annoying as fuck, so no.

>> No.56818050

So you're bent over all game then

>> No.56818054

>implying Cawl wouldn't INSIST on replacing the Dreadnought's feet with anti-gravitic generators

>> No.56818055

Boy the T'au surely are lucky guys, I imagine them going like "for the greater good, am I right?! :^)"

>> No.56818064

More like the instant you set foot in the LGS

>> No.56818065 [DELETED] 

As a Bi man, I’ve fucked the local trap in the bathroom of the LGS during closing time. They worked there.

I also fucked the female Nid player in the same bathroom a month later after our game. Both were very thin, large hips, and smooth but angular features.

>> No.56818069 [DELETED] 

I blew one of the guys at the store a few times, but his trans fetishes got obnoxious with time. "Breed me with your girl cock" was not something I enjoyed hearing.

>> No.56818070

>Iraq has 40k?
I believe over there it's called 'real life' [/sarc]

>> No.56818077

>Dreadnought on anti-grav rollerskates

We need a drawfag on this! NOW!

>> No.56818079

Give your local trap two thin coats of semen on their face rather than one thick one

>> No.56818080

Hey /tg/, quick question here.
Would you let me use a Leviathan Dreadnought as a "Counts As" Grandmaster Dreadknight for my Grey Knights?
I really hate the Dreadknights look, but I need a GM-Knight (Equipped with Hammer and Incinerator) for my army. The Leviathan is a similiar size, so it shouldnt cause any accusations of "modelling for advantadge".

If the Leviathan doesnt work, would a Ferrum Class Battle Automata be acceptable instead?

Obviously I'd paint the model up in the GK scheme, and paste some books and shit over it to make it look more "GK-esque", but what else can/should I do to make the "counts as" acceptable?

>> No.56818086

Do knights have a locked in legal base size? I have a huge round base from a glottkin model that I want to use for my knight this weekend since all of the local shops are sold out of the normal knight bases and I want to run him on Saturday

>> No.56818102

>Next time the T'au ask for help the trading partners tell them to go and get fucked
Doesn't seem like a particularly good long term strategy to be honest. You only get to pull a backstab like that once

>> No.56818104

More like the instant I chose them as my first army.

>> No.56818111

I believe vehicles don't even need bases to be played if you can balance him on his feet.

>> No.56818113

To be fair, ISIS is the closest thing to a Chaos cult in the real world.

>> No.56818121

No, in both cases. You will play your fucking babbycarriers and you will like it. This is the faction you chose.

>> No.56818141

You can tell the story as you want if you are the only survivor. Fill them with honours, create tighter bonds in the name of sacrifice and common survival, gift them with honourable gestures.

>> No.56818143

They probably thought they were going to legit win. The diplomats can probably cover it up and keep relations with the other races.

>> No.56818150

Nope, but i managed to get into it through Dawn of War and the internet and got 3 other people into it

>> No.56818172

What if 40k was an anime?

>> No.56818178

I would go for the automata if is not a problem.
Just convert the hammer into a blade, sclupt GK-ish stuff etc.

>> No.56818188

It already is :^ )

>> No.56818191

In this day and age? It would be shit but worth watching for the fans.

>> No.56818193

Which means i'm a HERO mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.56818202

Poor little Krieger.

>> No.56818220

Hey, no matter how shit it might be, i'd watch it

>> No.56818222

Depends. Do want Orks to be going around 'taking advantage of' captured Female Eldar?

Because that's probably what'll happen in a 40k anime.

>> No.56818230

This is beautiful, it even has the baby hands!

Would invest precious biomass/10

>> No.56818233

Your finecast medal is in the mail, anon.

>> No.56818234

99% memes m8 but you can bet your socks that you could convince a tranny to be your bitch easily because if they're preop they'll seek validation through dick and if they're postop they need to keep their open wound of a "vagina" stretched or they'll be forced to dilate

>> No.56818235


>> No.56818237

So would you say there is a demand out there that is not currently being fulfilled?

>Breed me with your girl cock
That would kill my mood as well.

>> No.56818244

>Major 1488, get the Vanq.

>> No.56818247

Could actually be really good. Japs are great at over-the-top shit like that.
It'll probably never happen, though, since gw doesn't have much of fanbase over there.

>> No.56818256

Nice barrel manlet

>> No.56818262

>Option to pick between many new artworks of anime 40k, picks one of the oldest

>> No.56818268

I can confirm all of this. It's very true for me and doesn't take much, but no one I want wants me so that's it really.

>> No.56818269

A series about dark eldar hunting Lictors in Commorragh for sport would be pretty ace

In the end everyone dies except for that one wych that says fuck it and takes the ranger path

>> No.56818276

>shadowsword except with big veiny dick on it.

honestly, why?

>> No.56818279

How many kastelan bots do i need?

>> No.56818284

>no bayonets
they're both shit

>> No.56818288

All of them

>> No.56818294

>I can't believe I'm going on a Crusade and my childhood friend is a Living Saint?!?!!

It follows the misadventures of Claudius Terentius Cirsus, just your regular Ultramarine tactical that is trying not to fucking die during a Crusade, altogether with his best friend, a Salamander called Mandingo McFlamer, and his childhood friend, Sister Tsuntsun from the Sisterhood of the Holy Bakas. But things go to worse as the Demon Primarchs returns, Celestine oneechan seems to take an interest on our protagonist, a yandere Eldar Farseer starts stalking him, and he discovers a dark secret from Azezezkiel, a Dark Angel who is destined to his same detachment, which causes a secret organization to start chasing him down. Hilarious hijinks ensue and Claudius discovers that a SECRET HIDDEN POWER resided inside him since the beginning, and that it's the only way to save the Imperium from the Dark Overlords.
>Slaneesh demons get swapped with trap lolis
>Khorne demons are just big STRONK red onis
>Nurgles are neet shut ins shy girls
>Tzeentch are nerdy megane wizards

>> No.56818302

That's kind of Nurgles thing

>> No.56818311

>he doesn't greenstuff big veiny dicks on his shadowswords
Step it up, senpai

>> No.56818312

You misunderstand anon, I am the pre-op tranny seeking validation

>> No.56818317

I dunno, an anime where a normal guy is reborn in 40k universe would make much more sense.

>> No.56818320


>> No.56818321

>Sister Tsuntsun from the Sisterhood of the Holy Bakas

>> No.56818343

No axe-wound, no dickings.

>> No.56818346

>The entire design process of the new Dreadnought is effectively Orkimedes challenging Cawl to 'build dis with more dakka... bigger repulsors... more melee...' all the quietly looting the design schematics of every Imperial vehicle and dreadnought ever built for later use
>Result is so ridiculously huge, unwieldly and awkward it's the size of a medium-sized Titan
>Orkimedes takes one look at the thing and goes: "Oi cogboy, we're building a Dread, not a Stompa!"
>Cawl Rage.exe
Let's be honest, this is probably what would happen.

>> No.56818377

That would make a funny sitcom. All they need is a whacky harlequin side character.

>> No.56818380

i love how the design of the 40k tanks implies that the creators took one glance at a ww2/ww1 tank and that's all the research they did, i mean the turret would fly off with one shot from the main cannon, not to mention how it says the turret houses 4 crew members, was it? Two loaders? like WTF, how do they fit, how do they not get their faces crushed when the cannon fires? HOW!? awifhaworf8awegr7qgf28rgfqw8aqs.bfcoyjd

>> No.56818394

Then your salvation lies not through the urethra of neckbeards but through self improvement, if it is a worthy life partner you seek then take a few cooking classes and volunteer with the elderly or sick, you'll end up more motherly than most modern women

>> No.56818403

oh yeah I forgot how often you see Bentham, Mill and Sidgewick in communist propaganda

>> No.56818424

So I have standard cultist, FW cultist, GSC cultists, and beastmen should I add anything else to the cultist blob?

>> No.56818442

They are all manned by squats you silly

>> No.56818448



>> No.56818452

>Breed me with your girl cock
did it make you laugh at least?

>> No.56818456

The hero Baghdad needs

>> No.56818513

These look pretty badass and have some pretty excellent crunch.

>> No.56818530

That's good life advice, anon, but I'm a chaos player, I've already chosen the path of degeneracy and self-indulgent gratification

>> No.56818601

I wish. It was more sad when it was said. A romantic I'm opening myself up to you moment.

>> No.56818937

What do you guys use for bases?

Also should I base before spray painting?

>> No.56819216

I could totally see orks as being like a team rocket type of villian.

>look loik team mork n' gork blastin' off agaaaaaaain! ya giiiiiiiiiiiiits!

>> No.56820002

Burger here. It's because the average American is fucking retarded when it comes to anything involving politics, philosophy, or history. Expect maybe 1 out of 10 to have anything remotely resembling an educated opinion on any of the above.

>> No.56821344

Think it might be time to start a new threat!

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