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Anyone know where I can get Dorn's hat in the UK? edition

Iron Warrior Plague Marines Edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for Plastic Biovores

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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I platonically love Dorn.

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For the future of the Imperium!

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how different would things be if Perturabo got the respect he deserved and Dorn got all the thankless bullshit that Pert ended up with?

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Blessed be the Mathhammer.

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A guy in my lgs has one of these he carries in his backpack. He gave it to one of the tournament fags when they went on a rant, he almost shit himself.

The guy that carries the hat is an ass, but the best kind of ass(dad jokes, sarcasm, takes literally nothing seriously)

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Best Regiment

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Vior'la is pretty dope, anon, ill give you that.

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how do you make one of those hats? i want to get on with the imperial fist logo on it and the words "WEAPONISED AUTISM"

it would be yellow

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>Decimations shall continue until morale improves

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Tell me about your Homebrew Septs anon. Why do they fight? Do they Follow the Greater Good? What is their main tactics?

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>not Jihad Joe Tallarn

Pic related, Tallarn Ratling.

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Perturabo did nothing wrong

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Besides everything

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That’s not N’dras, D’yanoi or Sa’cea.

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Pert strikes me as the kind of guy who would train soldiers from childhood
Part of that training is to kill the dog you were given as a child

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Tyranids is WIP, I dread coming up to Carnifexes and their billion options.

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>be Imperial Fist
>have piss-colored armor
>be covered in dirt from digging ditches
>be covered in blood of your fallen brothers
>have the trifecta of shit piss and blood on your armor
It wouldn't be looking good for them.

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Easy, We would have the "bitter and jaded Imperial Fists" traitors fighting the gallant Iron Warriors of the Imperium right now.

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>implying I'm some weebfag T'au-player who sleeps with his bodypillow

If I had to homebrew a Sept I'd have them join sides with the imperium for voluntary extermination. So yeah I guess they follow the Greater Good.

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What do you drink when you've utterly lots the enthusiasm to 40k but don't want to give it up?

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FAQ update when?

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Sa'Cea a best
the rest are litteraly who-tier

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Missed some of the replies in the last thread. What traitor legion can I make these guys look good as? Wanted to do Iron Warriors but too many spikes and horns.

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Fuck me, 27 squid for a hat.

I just want a hat.

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Paint water?
Is this a meme I’ve missed?

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You now have Rise of the Ynnari!

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You know, his sword looks pretty much exactly like Nyancat.

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This meme has evolved beyond my understanding.

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This man is still alive

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Is anyone having issues ordering from Forgeworld?

I am just trying to order one of those Character Conversion Kits and a MKIV Assault kit but my payment is not going through, According to my Paypal, the site thinks I am trying to order in pounds instead of the dollar.

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What black library books would you reccomend to my elderly mother?

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Don't get meme'd by neckbeards that haven't opened a book for over a decade. IW are full on chaos in 40k so you can easily paint and run that guy as them.

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taht's the price of autism

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>If I had to homebrew a Sept I'd have them join sides with the imperium for voluntary extermination.

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Tau are best painted red

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>Pert strikes me as the kind of guy who would train soldiers from childhood
That's what he and the other primarchs did.

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Didn't Sanguinius shove this guy out into space?

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Whatever weed you're smoking right now, smoke less of it.

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I beg to differ.

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Perturabo would still be a bitter autist. He grew up in very good circumstances and still spent his childhood locked in his room refusing to come out or connect with anyone for more or less no reason.

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what does he like ?
i hav

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Why are IW players so butthurt?

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You are trying to order in pounds, dumbass. Forge World only give prices in pounds.

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I run Enclaves

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>*teleports behind you*
Nothing personal... kid.

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Mine is not a full-fledged Sept, but a Colony World. I didn't go full autist on the fluff, but here's the basics

>near the edge of Damocles Gulf
>large Kroot Auxiliary units, settled and bred to bolster ranks further
>good numbers of Vespid, as requested by the Shas'o for the maneuverability
>underfunded, and lack of new ethereal support
>after AdMech firebombed and left behind Guard regiments, streams of new Gue'vesa
>other aliens picked up along the way
Haven't decided when they were settled or if I'm going to have them be Fourth/Fifth Sphere septs. Like I said, didn't go full blast on the fluff yet

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I have not created a Sept but a Vior'la Cadre based on snow warfare
i still hesitate on how do i name my commander
i think Snowblade can work
what do you think ?

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Well, the problem is that the site is giving estimates in dollars but my Paypal thinks the Dollar Estimates is the actual price in pounds.

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Yay! Not gonna read it, but happy for those who want it.

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It's pretty much identical bro.

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my homebrew sept is one that attempted to colonise a water world and live in underwater cities, periodically giant nightmarish abominations from the depths try and eat everything. There may or may not be a group that's gone native and are living in the tropical jungles on the land

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Like "Farsight Enclaves" red or like "what the Black Templars do with their entrails" red?

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Not until the Lion comes back and breaks his back again.

Wonder if that will happen? How do you think the Lion will come back

no gay jokes, traitor jokes allowed

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PayPal or your card should both be able to handle currency conversion. Your bank probably has an anti-fraud hold on any foreign transactions, call them.

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Do it man.

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What the fuck does Alpha Legion actually do besides fucking around in secrecy?

Are they just lazy renegades or what?

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Do I need a physical copy of the FW book to use FW units in events (like tournaments) or is a digital version on a phone/tablet fine? What about a print out of the page with rules of the unit I want to use?

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Who the fuck knows?
certainly not the alpha legion themselves

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Fuck. This is what I get for phone posting

>What do you do when you've utterly lost the enthusiasm to do 40k but don't want to give it up?

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that's for us to know and you to find out haha you will not

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Think it'll be interesting to take a psyker with interrogator-chaplains? I can see some nasty psychic combos with the new powers

>> No.56802983

something something ADB on the reddits on Friday blah blah blah

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So, thinking of going Dark Angels. My first time playing the game - been a fan of the books and video games for a while but never been involved with the models (despite some chaos models when I was like 12).

How are they? I know the codex is not out yet but judging trends and leaks are they any good? How are they to paint? Seem fairly easy since they are just green with a light green highlight or bone with a white highlight.

Also any news on the Lion or current theories? Only going Dark Angels since he is my favourite Primarch so would be nice to have him to build my army around.

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Chaos stuff. They just didn't flee to the Eye of Terror after the Heresy so they are just doing subverting and infiltraitoring on a wide scale.

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Please tell me you've deleted the last paragraph just to fuck with that guy?

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Black Library books are terrible and even the supposed best writer (Abnett) is extremely mediocre.

t. /lit/

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A clone would never understand what it means to be a Firstborn

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BTs are a meme chapter

>> No.56803015


Absolutely. If I wanted Vonnegut, I'd read Vonnegut, though.

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He's the most handsome man in the burns ward.

>> No.56803027

Decent shoot army with "unit delete" elite melee. Painting them is pretty simple but you can get crazy with the details of you want. The upcoming codex seems to add a decent amount of tactical flexibility so you can run more units for comp/fun

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Take a break lad. Do something else. Or start a new army or something. Change what you're doing.

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What would be a good substitute for Obliterators since their model is straight garbage?

>> No.56803055

Perturabo would be furious at how well Dorn and the fists are taking it, and how they seemingly do not care at all.

Do you guys really think the Fists are the way they are because they were daddies favourite?
Their loyalty and stoicism would probably make them start to enjoy all the bullshit, and Perturabo would still end up turning traitor and becoming the Daemon Prince of Chaos Unwanted.

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Damnit now I can't keep posting pretending to be beggar anon. Thanks, asshole.

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Wait, the Lion broke Curze's back? What is it with loyalist primarchs and breaking traitor losers' backs?

>> No.56803086

AMA? Oh wow, that'll be spicy. I got a Reddit account, anyone want me to relay a question?

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We know, trust me, we know

>> No.56803107

You got a lot of (You)s from idiots who couldn't recognize bait if it was sold at the tackle shop, though.

>> No.56803119

>BTs are a meme chapter

>> No.56803137

That's not a proper answer, anon.

>> No.56803145

I want to do a black and white chapter scheme, do I go iron hands, raven futas or black templars?

>> No.56803155

So all the Iron Warriors are eunuchs too? That would explain their cold bitterness.

>> No.56803157

raven futas

>> No.56803167

sons of malice, or if not them then a homebrew chapter with the same quatered scheme

>> No.56803170

What do you think of this BA list? Mostly face marines and necrons but still wanted to bring a good amount of assault

2000/2000 points, 8CP

Battalion detachment
Captain 95 pts
>Jump pack, chainsword, stormbolter

>chainsword , stormbolter
>Warlord Trait: FNP
>relic: Veritas Vitae

3x5 Scouts 65 pts each
>heavy bolter, boltguns

5x Assault Marines 106 pts
>2x plasma, 3x bolt pistol and chainsword

10 Death Company 264 pts
>8x power Sword and bolter, 2x Thunder hammer, Jump packs

Baal Predator 171 pts
>Twin Assault Cannon, 2 Heavy Bolters

Relic Leviathan Dreadnought 339 pts
>2x Grav flux, 2x heavy flamer

Outrider detachment

Sanguinary priest
>bolter, chainsword, Jump pack
>Rwlic: Angel's Wing

3x5 Assault Marines (114 pts for melta, 106 for plasma)
>4x melta, 2x plasma, 11 bolt pistol and chainsword

Supreme command
Chaplain 90 pts
>bolter, crozius, Jump pack

Librarian 96 pts
>Force Stave, Bolter
>Smite, Shield of Sanguinius, Wings of Sanguinius

Techmarine 62 pts
>Boltgun, power axw, servo arm

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Are you implying that C.S. Goto is not the greatest writer of the modern age?

>> No.56803181

I'll give you a run down.
>Dark Angels are gay and that is their big secret
>Lion is sucking dicks at the Rock
>Heroes are on gay parades across the galaxy

>> No.56803192

>being proud of your birth when, to serve the emperor, all you need is a good death

>> No.56803203

If only I could find that your army is a meme picture

>> No.56803207

I actually just shifted armies. I had to put my CSM away because they're just so disappointing, and I can't pretend anymore. I shifted to my Deldar, and CA didn't help at all. My last game was against my friend's tryanids and it wasn't even a game. I managed to bring down a carnifex and wound another, but what wasn't charged by deepstriking units had to choose between getting one shot by monsters I can't kill in melee or get swarmed by chaff I literally can't kill enough to matter. Most of my recent deldar games have been similar with the exception of like space marines and admech.

>> No.56803218

what are good dkok units?

>> No.56803219

Hopefully a crusade-era primaris will start slapping the gay out of the current Dangles until they stop their undercover Mary-Kate and Ashley bullshit.

Then just sort of find Lion-O in the basement and tell the NEET piece of shit to take a shower and put on his big boy pants before Guilliman accidentallies Imperium Trifectus.

>> No.56803223

I want to do a proper CSM army doing Sons because goddamn they look fucking awesome despite their meme God.

>> No.56803224

any warmaster epubs yet? :3

>> No.56803234

Death Ponies.

>> No.56803237

>bolter porn isn't the most thought provoking literary work
no shit
typical i/llit/erate

>> No.56803244

This is not the face of the winner of the Battle for Terra.

>> No.56803250

Why he is fat?

Also, wood is one of the most expensive materials in the Imperium depending on location.

>> No.56803261

>mfw I STILL haven't found this hat for sale anywhere

>> No.56803263

I don't think I like Yvraine very much
Nothing about her seems interesting at all

>> No.56803264

What the fuck is going on over here anon?

>> No.56803267

From what I've read in HH books, there was really not much difference between IW and IF. Just one of them got shit on constantly and the other not. I'm sure if they both got positive reinforcement, they'd remain loyal. In fact, I think they would be great at working together if that happened.

>> No.56803274

Anyone think Fabulous Bill is gonna whip us up some chaos primaris soon? I'd love to take some chad hellblasters and intercessors instead of the basic bitch chaos marines.

>> No.56803276

Her feet are very interesting, anon.

>> No.56803277

What's the techmarine doing? Get yourself another sanguinary priest.

>> No.56803279

every thread until you try it

>> No.56803281

>Why he is fat?
the torso armour plate is just weird looking and juts out massively

>> No.56803282

Is this supposed to be news, or something?

>> No.56803284


nothing about the sisters of battle is interesting either

just the shitty feminist-pandering faction

>> No.56803285

I've seen both Centurions and Bullgryn turned into good Obliterators.

>> No.56803288

Centurions or Aggressors with lots of greenstuff. Centurions come with more weapons if you don't have bits.

>> No.56803290

centurions as a base, just cover them in chaos shit

>> No.56803292


>tfw i absolutely hate the idea of horses in any war post-muskets and i want to play krieggers


>> No.56803300

Love the way you randomly added dolphin porn throughout the book.
>6/10 would give Flipper the knot again

>> No.56803301

So is this doable with any wood glue or not? You didn't answer last time.

>> No.56803302

Its worth it my fellow malite.

>> No.56803303


>> No.56803306

There's another priest in the main detachment with the same loadout as the other, I realize I forgot to include him

I figured the techmarine could help keep the leviathan alive, since it will have a huge target on its back

>> No.56803307

They're solid so far, bikes aren't so spectacularly broken as they were the last two editions so Ravenwing aren't going to win you any games on their own but yeah solid.
They have a nice colour palette or at least I think so and from a lore perspective they have their own coded heraldry using divided and variegated fields which can be fun to play with if you like fiddly bits.

Big thing to remember is that Deathwing want to be in CC, even with the new stormbolters they are always going to be out gunned so get them into CC and put those specialist CC weapon to good use.

>Also any news on the Lion or current theories?
Nope, still snoozing in the Rock unlikely to change any time soon.

>> No.56803313


Want to know a secret? I work for GW believe it or not.

Primaris marines are not replacing "manlet" marines, like some people seem to think. In fact, they are not a supplement either. They are entirely a temporary thing made for story purposes and to generate sales of a new thing.

Guilliman is being set up to die in the near future, and the Primaris project with him. GW will plan on releasing truescale versions of regular marines soon afterward.

>> No.56803315

Then, go for this beautiful tank.
It has a very long barrel.

>> No.56803319

I'm sorry, but that still looks like shit.

>> No.56803326

>really want to only have foot soldiers along the ground along with artillery support in my dkok army
>might have to include some ponies as well


>> No.56803329

Ask him why he insists on injecting his daddy issues and chaos wank into the setting.

>> No.56803330

Damn. For a moment there I thought you had discovered putting your minis in the microwave to be even better than the fridge as a lightbox. Got all excited then.

>> No.56803333 [SPOILER] 

>commie font

>> No.56803336

>Guilliman is being set up to die in the near future, and the Primaris project with him.

That is extremely stupid. At least try to be believable when feigning to be in the know

>> No.56803337


non-meme question, is the vanq good on alpha-mars due to:

>Co-axial weapon: If during the same Shooting phase this model fires its Conqueror battle cannon at the same
target as its co-axial storm bolter, it may re-roll any hit rolls with its Conqueror battle cannon. >The same rule
applies if the model has a Vanquisher battle cannon and co-axial heavy stubber.

>> No.56803338

I'm not a fan of the more waifufag bits like the massive stilettos and the UHHHHH STEP ON ME attitude some people have when writing them
I like them in stories like the Yarrick one's where they're aloof nuns that are absolutely disgusted by everyone who isn't as evangelical

>> No.56803343

Good thing Deathriders are pretty much the worst option you can take, then.

>> No.56803347

>any amount of women at all
>feminist pandering

At least your bedroom isn't pandering to feminists right anon?

>> No.56803353

Vanquishers were a mistake

>> No.56803355

what are the good options anon?

>> No.56803356


t. retard who has sunk hundreds of $$$ into primaris minis

>> No.56803358

Is that the new SW book preview? OwO

>> No.56803362

I don't think it would give you the same effect
And it might end up melting in a way that kills you with the fumes instead of just turning into a splodge

>> No.56803365

If you're going to just make shit up, at least make it something believable.

>> No.56803371

Is there anything important I miss out on by taking blood Angels with no primaris? I don't really want to do a mixed army.

>> No.56803373

Is there any way to make an Ultramarine successor interesting?

>> No.56803377

Those guys would look neat as Word Bearers or Iron Warriors

>> No.56803378

Looks like gender issues.

>> No.56803383

>absolutely disgusted by everyone who isn't as evangelical

can't compare to the level of disgust the emperor himself holds for them for being absolute fucking retards

>> No.56803386

I don't own primaris, I'm just able to rub enough brain cells together to tell that GW won't squat their new model line

>> No.56803388

Fugggg :DDD
I was actually going to do it too.

>> No.56803391

Not really. Primaris are almost entirely shooty, and Blangels prefer to be melee marines

Focus on the Greco-Roman angle. Maybe make them Space Athenians, a chapter that does a lot of art, politicking, and loves their navy.

>> No.56803393

Just the primaris units. It's not really a mixed army though since they still benefit from BA shit.

>> No.56803395

It's superior to the ordinary Vanq, for the same point cost. It's cool choice.

>Death Riders
They have some nice survivability against small arms fire, can chew through MEQ squads when charging, have 4 attacks each, and can kinda deep strike if you take 4 of them to form a cavalry command squad. They're a solid unit. Each rider only costs 3pts more than a Tac Marine.

>> No.56803398

>micowaving glue

Jesus. Look, if you're a poorfage who can't afford greenstuff, there's an easier way than this bullshit.

>apply pva to desired area
>sand and allow to dry
>apply subsequent layers of pva until desired texture is achieved

>> No.56803402

Are you really so retarded that you don't know why anyone with half a brain could tell that doing what you said would the most retarded thing GW has ever done? And that's saying something.

>> No.56803403

>commie font
They're from the commie faction. Don't worry, they have Nazi girls for you.

>> No.56803405


>> No.56803406

>Killing off their golden boy Primarch and the whole Chad Marine line
I'll take "shit that won't happen" for $100.

>> No.56803407


The two scales make both types of marine look worse standing next to one another than they do standing alone.

>> No.56803414


>> No.56803417

Furries are scum

>> No.56803420

Overpriced models that are difficult to fit in cover and are barely worth their points cost.
So not much really, it's like playing Chaos and choosing not to field Mutilators, you don't get Mutilators but it's not a big deal.

>> No.56803424

Use regular IG strategy. Spam armor and expendable bodies.

>Terrible advice

>Good advice

>> No.56803425

Need help building a Tyranid army. All comments welcome.



Hive Tyrant with Wings 170
Rending Claws 0
Heavy Venom Cannon 25

Hive Tyrant with Wings 170
Rending Claws 0
Heavy Venom Cannon 25

Hive Tyrant with Wings 170
Rending Claws 0
Heavy Venom Cannon 25


Haruspex 198
Haruspex 198
Haruspex 198


Mucolid Spore 20
Mucolid Spore 20
Mucolid Spore 20


Carnifex 67
Heavy Venom Cannon 25
Stranglethorn Cannon 25
Enhanced Senses 10

Carnifex 67
Heavy Venom Cannon 25
Stranglethorn Cannon 25
Enhanced Senses 10

Carnifex 67
Heavy Venom Cannon 25
Stranglethorn Cannon 25
Enhanced Senses 10


Ripper Swarms (3 models) 33
Ripper Swarms (3 models) 33
Ripper Swarms (3 models) 33

Tyranid Warriors (3 models) 60
3 Bone Swords 6pts
3 Deathspitters 15pts

Tyranid Warriors (3 models) 60
3 Bone Swords 6pts
3 Deathspitters 15pts

Tyranid Warriors (3 models) 60
3 Bone Swords 6pts
3 Deathspitters 15pts


Help me figure out what to do with the remaining 98 points to bring the total to 2000

>> No.56803428

Nurgle terminators, green stuff and gun bits.

>> No.56803429

Anyone have experience with this?

>> No.56803431

It's kind of cheating when you include the emperor
And I mean, it's not as if they don't have evidence to support their ideas, they DO have a lot of miracles that are demonstrably impossible without the emperor or someone else meddling with things through the warp
They're wrong about why it happens and shit but they still manage to get shit done

>> No.56803433

Well yea if you are running in insanely into a middle of a shooting army then you should be punished. The problem with the way things currently works is that even if you do pick prime targets and have multiple assault units. For those units to do any any damage your going to need to spend tons of points which limits the amount of units you have in general and most of the time those targets you chose wont die in that first round of combat and will just fall back and your CC unit is destroyed. So even will careful planning most of the time if you are an assault heavy army you still lose to shooting.

>> No.56803436

>What the fuck does Alpha Legion actually do besides fucking around in secrecy?

Depending on who you ask, either nothing or everything.

Honestly they were the sole reason there was any chaos influence outside of the immediate area of the eye of terror and a canon reason to encounter CSMs or massive Chaos cults literally fucking anywhere.

I'd argue they are the most successful traitor legion simply because the keep the fire kindled without the need for support or recognition.

>> No.56803437

>Guilliman is being set up to die in the near future,
feasible but not till until we have a good guy Imperium
>and the Primaris project with him.

>> No.56803438

Celestine is the Emperor's favorite gal tho.

>> No.56803442

So what are Thousand Sons supposed to do against Culexus Assassins? About half the Imperial players at the LGS have started packing one, and it's ridiculously debilitating.

>> No.56803445


>> No.56803449

I wanted to spam bodies with some artillery, have the table fill up with the dead kriegers and the ones alive climbing over them to achieve victory, no armour allowed.

>> No.56803454

Threadly Reminder that Celestine and Greyfax are in lesbians together

>> No.56803455

Is there ANY REASON AT ALL I wouldn't go Stygies chicken admech instead of something else
Every other list seems to rely on either C*wl cheese or the fucking awful electrofags

>> No.56803459

Your brothers are too busy touching each other's butts, you double heretic.

>> No.56803461


To be fair, if he meant "and the secrets of the primaris project with him" that would be more plausible, where the Primarines exist but are doomed to die out over time.

>> No.56803466

Aside from that not really. BA intercessors are good and better than than tacticals or sniper scouts IMO, but you can do fine with mainly CC scouts and a few tacs or snipers for troops.

>> No.56803470

So I assume you're more or less trying to lose?

>> No.56803472

Do what brings you the most enjoyment beep booper.

>> No.56803474

I own mostly HH dudes, which is the problem. Like, I literally own a single box of chaos space marines. I don't feel like I'm saying chaos, just bad space Marines, but then I see shit like pic related and unf

>> No.56803477

>unnested spoilers

>> No.56803483

Why the Death Rider hate ? I've never actually played them myself, but on paper they look pretty cost effective. Also, in the only 8thEd batrep I've seen featuring a squad of these, they more than made up their point cost by charging CSMs.

>> No.56803488

Centurions with Helbrute bits and other assorted CSM bits works, apply greenstuff and paint as desired.

>> No.56803496

Would anyone give a shit if I converted a Lieutenant out of the easy to build Reivers? Same armor stats as normal power armor.

>> No.56803498

This is acceptable

>> No.56803501


Secondaris Liutenants exist.

And nah, Intercessors lack either the cheapness of scouts or the two squads of special and combi-special in a rhino utility of Tacs.

>> No.56803509

Literally no one

>> No.56803511

Why not convert one out of actual normal power armour if you don't want him in mkX

>> No.56803520

What kit(s) would I need to get if I wanted to make great sword wielding space marines? I want a squad of space marines that are not holding a gun at all, and are holding a sword in both hands

>> No.56803522

>since their model is straight garbage?
Shit taste. Oblits look fucking dope

>> No.56803524

Bolt Rifle Intercessors cost the same as sniper scouts. They're a better option for backline objective campers.

>> No.56803529

You would need to be a fucking pro at green stuff to pull something like this off.

>> No.56803532

Grey Knights have a two handed sword, shouldn't be too hard to remove the storm bolter on the wrist and use them

>> No.56803533

Flamers if you have access. Otherwise I'm not sure, that does sound really annoying.

>> No.56803540

>Baal Predator surviving that long
Now i know this is a shit meme.

>> No.56803542


>> No.56803550


I wouldn't mind but be aware that if an opponent tries to field a conversion I don't like, I eat their model in front of them.

>> No.56803558

No shit. Abnett's writing is still better than a lot of the Mil Sci-Fi trash out there though, not the best, but still a lot better.

>> No.56803560

They're jungle fighters and have been trained in fieldcraft by their Kroot allies extensively. Thus they rely on foot mobility and cover, have a modular forest camo depending on the role and favour small agile battlesuits like stealthsuits as opposed to vehicles or monstrous big waac-y shit. Also sniper pathfinders, lotsa grunts and some local lizardman allies (counts-as Kroot)

Also drop-flamer crisis suits, because they're basically Vietnam T'au. Thinking of adding a Sunshark bomber for dat Napalm drop.

>> No.56803571

This is what I aspire to and I will achieve it, you can too and so can anyone else with enough time and effort.

>> No.56803578


Well, you can also use the spare space in those Razorbacks you've been spamming to disgorge some dual combi Tacs.

>> No.56803579

>deepstrike into cover for +1 to save
>12 shots base
>be slaanesh so shoot again
>24" guns
>-1 to be hit because you're AL

>> No.56803590

I think I'll just run Centurions painted as Iron Warriors then. Not a fan of all the spikey stuff.

>> No.56803594


>All that greenstuff work
>not even making them look interesting or doing anything with the pose
>Those two helmet guys just staring mindlessly into nothing

I want to like these but they just look so lame and yet so well done all at once. Centurions really are hot garbage even a greenstuff master couldn't save them

>> No.56803595

Just do what every other csm does, make sacrifices to the dark gods. Instead of striving for becoming a daemon prince, just ask them for better greenstuff skills.

>> No.56803599

How big is the Orruk Megaboss to say the Blackreach Warboss? Or to Ghazghkull?

>> No.56803602

Have the datasheets for Blood Angels dreads leaked yet

>> No.56803605

um die? I mean the whole point of them is to hard counter psykers. Your best bet is to wait it out until some other unit becomes flavour of the month. Once people stop spamming psykers culexus becomes quite inefficient so you'll see fewer of them

>> No.56803611

>CSM player
>not a fan of spiky stuff
Get Out.

>> No.56803614

A good deal bigger. Ghazzy is on the same base size as an Orruk brute, that bastard's on the same size as a dreadnaught I think

>> No.56803623

Not sure that's automatically the way to go now that twin asscans are criminally undercosted.

>> No.56803633


I haven't fleshed out all the details, so maybe you guys could help me out connecting the dots and tying in my ideas to the bigger picture. My Sept was started as a colony on a lush marshy planet, but due to logistical problems they began with a pretty wonky caste distribution. While there were plenty of able hands to work, there were not nearly enough ethereals to keep them in line and run the planet. Now you might think that this would lead to some farsight revolution bullshit, but I prefer keeping with the grimdark of the setting so I want the few ethereals on the planet to have doubled down on their mind control, pheromones in the tap, and propaganda tactics to keep the population in line. To the point where genetic tampering, hypnotic suggestion, and cybernetic implants have created a nearly hive minded population that is highly regulated by A.I. (not quite tynanid levels, but basically everything terrible anyone ever claimed the tau did come true).

I also enjoy the trope of tau naivety, so I wanted to play with that a little as well. I was thinking these guys really started organizing their military in response to whatever swamp monsters or aliens originally occupied the planet (maybe tyranids, it doesn't much matter). Being practitioners of kauyon ambush fighting they adopted a green color scheme with some camo to blend in. Here's the kicker - they use safety orange to identify each other in the brush because their normal prey can't easily distinguish between green and orange (like a lot of earth animals), but the tau have no idea that humans/orks/eldar can tell these colors apart so they just think all the other factions have really amazing senses.

I also need a name...

>> No.56803636


>> No.56803639


Very rushed pic on the way to the bathroom, but he big.

>> No.56803644


That sounds dope! did you see those tigerstripe stealthsuits on WIP a while back?

>> No.56803647

You takin' a big ol' shit anon?

>> No.56803648

I'm more of a fan of the "run down make-do-with-what-you-have" style of Chaos. Not the "throw spikes and skulls on everything" type of Chaos.

>> No.56803649

Legit hurt myself on a pointy. It's like they sharpen them.

>> No.56803652



>> No.56803659

Im using aos blood warriors as khorne berserkers, but I dont have backpacks to put on them (and kinda dont want to). Would you sperg out seeing my backpackless 'berserkers' against you? Or would you put it down to put their power armour not needing a supply and being powered by rage?

>> No.56803665


snowblade seems a bit on the nose, which may be just what you're looking for if you really like the poorly translated vibe

>> No.56803669

Tulodin Reed

>> No.56803676

christ, this is the worst bait I've seen in a while

>> No.56803679

Thank you! And no I haven't, got a pic?

Hoping our codex gives us some stealthy rules desu so I can run that true "from the walls" feel

>> No.56803681

Are Luscious Drop Pods good again? If so, what dreads are good to shove in them?

>> No.56803682

Is it possible to get anything but grunts as Tallarn?
I feel like having all these desert guys beside a commisar in a trench coat, and a Cadian heavy weapons, would look a bit wonky.

>> No.56803685

There's something really satisfying about weighted model bases.

>> No.56803692

That's not the point of Obliterators, it's a daemon virus you can't just not be spiky, at least imply in the design that they shave down and hammer the spikes in themselves if you absolutely need to be like that.
You can see that they're looking where their guns are pointing, they're aiming.
>he doesn't burn incense and take drugs while modelling, greenstuffing, and painting
>he doesn't induce himself into a pleasurable haze while listening to obscure music that only a Noise Marine could appreciate with all the discordant melody and bass that rattles his ribcage
>he doesn't flagellate himself over any minor mistake
modelling is an art hobby anon, and Slaanesh is the patron god of art, go mad for your art

>> No.56803698


Hah that feels a bit silly, I'll keep it in mind if I need a backup. maybe it will grow on me.

>> No.56803699

there isnt nearly enough fap bait in this game

>> No.56803704

See >>56803454

>> No.56803712

If you make some lazy convertions then I will let you know that your army looks like shit. It isn't much different from unpainted armies.

>> No.56803714

To be honest he's not wrong it was basically 2nd wave feminism wank.

>> No.56803717

It's probably fine, but I think they look a lot more fitting when converted.

>> No.56803729


My Raveners have shit balance, what should I do with them?

>> No.56803732

Which book has Cawl, Celestine, and Greyfax on their road trip across the galaxy? They got a mention in Devastation of Baal and now I'm curious

>> No.56803734

They did but gw took it out.

>> No.56803740

We're not. We're just baiting the fists

>> No.56803745

Hey, second-wave feminism was pretty good. Don't knock it.

>> No.56803746

Yvraine suffers from being in the worst GS book, as do the Visarch and the Yncarne. I think the author just turned in his rough first draft and called it a day.

>> No.56803760

I dunno but my dudes got rocks on their base. Can drop them onto the table (from like an inch or so) and they land on their bases. Feels amazing.

You could probably use washers and attach then to the bottom underneath the base.

>> No.56803761

>6 titties

>> No.56803763

Just make it T'lod'n R'ed

>> No.56803768

>Blocks your path

>> No.56803773


>> No.56803776

Eh 1st wave was better.

>> No.56803779

I'd probably fap to those models tbqh

>> No.56803780

They're the religious Imperial faction. They represent the church in the game. Black Templars share that somewhat now, but even after their full introduction in C:A it took a while for that flavor for BTs to make it to the tabletop.

>> No.56803781

I've always thought Lion and Curze had a lot in common, though I can't really say what

>> No.56803782

>3 titjobs

>> No.56803787


It's a bit clumsy, but you get the idea.

>> No.56803788

okay thanks Grimsby

>> No.56803795

Not too bad, but the stripes look a bit too garish in my opinion. It feels like it's half finished.

>> No.56803806

Are they gonna fix vindicators guys?
Or at least give them rules for the siege shields.

>> No.56803807


>> No.56803813

>mfw i ordered 5 of them for 20 usd

I dont even play chaos and hate chaos with passion but those are damn good models that aged like a fine wine.

>> No.56803814


It is from WIP

>> No.56803815


You know people shitpost about Yvraine's crappily sculpted feet like they're anything worth looking at, but these gals have the only good looking feet I've ever seen on a female GW model.

>> No.56803816


>> No.56803819

The idea that a single 80 point model can fuck over entire armies is stupid.

>> No.56803827


>As if your microdick is long enough to go between three rows of tits

>> No.56803830

why is that retarded child so smug about breaking the cup?

>> No.56803833

They're free, and can't you get one even without an email?
I don't think not having a reddit account would be anyones issue.

>> No.56803838

And even with the mediocre paint job they've got actually passable feminine faces. If Diaz had done the SoB not nearly so many people would be calling for plastics.

>> No.56803843

Why aren't you smug anon?

>> No.56803845


>> No.56803854

Gathering Storm 1 and 3 both focus on those three.

>> No.56803869


>want to buy Death Guard to make a DG army
>want to buy Dark Vengeance to make a Crimson Slaughter army
>want to buy Orruks to make an Ironjawz army

deciding is painful

>> No.56803870

Thanks anon.

>> No.56803876

Why do you think she is retarded?
I assume it is because she is expecting punishment of lewd nature by her master

>> No.56803885

I'm counting 7

>> No.56803889

Yeah I get it. I just don't like this stage of it. Maybe it'll be better when it's done, but the colours, while good together, clash when done like THAT.

Real camo uses colours and patterns that occur in nature to break up a silhouette. This is just "here's a colour scheme slapped together". Not every colour scheme is conducive to camo. Still, I commend the guy for trying, just needs to work hard.

>> No.56803890

She's definitely retarded in a literal sense.

>> No.56803894

Thinking of kitting a 5 man death company squad for dealing with hordes with 3 hand flamers. Are they worth it with the price reduction, or is S3 still too weak to be useful?

>> No.56803897

I love their models. I want to bring them both in games, but people get butthurt because I want to use them by 2 big Bullgryn squads.

>> No.56803898

Just buy yourself a Dragon Dildo instead. That seems more your speed.

>> No.56803903

Please; you aren't a roadblock, you're like a snack.

>> No.56803905

eh you're in GKs should be a competitive army territory here. The problem isn't the assassin, the problem is that your army is ultra reliant on psykers. If you were playing a more conventional army you'd find the assassin to be a minor embuggerance

>> No.56803907

I already own six Inquisitors, including Coteaz, so what's another gonna do?

As for Celestine, I plan on starting Sisters soon as I can find a good deal on some.

>> No.56803908

>eyes 10 miles apart
>no noticeable nose
>eyebrows literally clipping through her hair

defiantly got some deformities going on there boyo

>> No.56803918


fucking tactical

>> No.56803920

You're welcome anon.

>> No.56803939

Her denies are comfy that's about it for what it will do. Also dem heels. I'd combine Sisters with my Guard, but I'm not going to do metal models again.

>> No.56803945


I don't know what the is, but you're the irl faggot here, so do tell us

>> No.56803947

each faction should have its own individual custom detachments as a way to keep command points from being grossly in favour of horde armies

>> No.56803953

Make them fall to Slaanesh for wanting to be more perfect than their predecessors.

>> No.56803957

It'd be cool.

>> No.56803959


how tf do you balance that

>> No.56803965

Kills 2 guardsmen or gaunts, or 1 boy.

Storm bolters are far better.

>> No.56803966


>> No.56803969

So ive been a long time Dark Angels player but I did not own any Primaris Marines up until now. Would this be ok building off of the Dark Imperium book with what we know from the spoilers for the new dex?

>> No.56803972

No. If you set the site to US it still shows prices in pounds.

>> No.56803973

Typically I'd think you could probably kill more with 3 guns over the multiple turns it takes to get to them.

Unless you really need to kill like 3 dudes that are charging in a horde of 30.

>> No.56803974

about as well as GW balances everything else

>> No.56803986


what about the 4 boobgina

>> No.56803988

>GKs should be a competitive army territory here.
They should be. Any faction that gets its own standalone books should be a functional standalone faction.

>The problem isn't the assassin, the problem is that your army is ultra reliant on psykers
No, the problem is that it's an 80 model that's not only extremely difficult to kill and quite lethal and that it also has a massive penalty to psykers in a massive radius. If they're going to make multiple armies that are heavily reliant on X, then they shouldn't make a single cheap model that lets you completely fuck over X.

>> No.56803998

bring em back

>> No.56804001

Same as it was done in 5th, gate it behind an HQ choice that provides you with the FoC. For instance, Robert Gorilla let's you take a 6 CP detatchment of Primaris only marines, requires 3 troops and one of each other slot. Boom.

>> No.56804002

Got this model a little while ago, really decent quality cast with pretty much zero casting issues.

>> No.56804007

So they don't have a billion fucking command points?

E.g. you have dudes that cost 3-4 they need twice as many units to get the 3 cp.

>> No.56804009

I’d be fine with them if the only bonus they had was 2-3CP.

>> No.56804010

>maybe more...

After all, as you got titties on top of titties, you can put stuff between them as well in a grid pattern. Though you probably need non-euclidian geometry to pull such a feat, which shouldn't bee too hard for a daemon.

>> No.56804014

will I get bitch-slapped if I convert Orruks and claim they are Feral Orks?

>> No.56804021

>Hello, Haemonculus RUs? I need a new... yeah. That. 4 this time. By Thursday? Deal.

>> No.56804022


>> No.56804023

Butthurt Marine player tears will never stop tasting amazing.

>> No.56804033

That image is so crap it transcends the concept of art

>> No.56804038

>MFW my fiirst, second, and third color scheme all look like crap.

Welp, looks like it's silver necrons for me.

>> No.56804043

That guy is large. Use him as your warboss and the normal warboss models as nobs for your units for maximum waaaaagh!

>> No.56804062

either this or an all Primaris list

>> No.56804070

>tfw my first 2nd and third color scheme look like crap but my 3 hours of sleep and crummy mood 4th paint job that looked like shit woke up to be really good

>> No.56804076

No, that's the coolest and most obvious idea ever

Why has fucking nobody used ironjawz to make ard boys and meganobs and shit? when Orks get a codex I'll be tempted to do it myself.

>> No.56804084

>Only going Dark Angels since he is my favourite Primarch
Serious question. Why on Earth?

>> No.56804092

Posting mine because why not

>> No.56804097

>Why has fucking nobody used ironjawz to make ard boys and meganobs and shit?
I'm pretty sure that was GWs entire reasoning for releasing Ironjawz, they figured with all the metal plate they looked more like 40k Space Orks so people who didn't play AoS would buy them for conversions.

The fact that not enough people are doing that is probably why Orks will get jack shit for good updates in the future, GW will take it to mean no one cares about Orks

>> No.56804102

I really like getting big army dudes but i hate the idea of having an army of them or having shit like knight big.

>> No.56804116

Like the color scheme.

>> No.56804128

This is 4chan, I'm assuming most neckbeards here couldn't be arsed either out of laziness or ew Reddit cooties

>> No.56804132

>Literally no one ever cared the primarch
Might as well remain dead

>> No.56804136

I like big army dudes too. I've been considering a mostly Custodes army or a mostly Wraith construct army.

>> No.56804138


>> No.56804139

He looks stupid for an aos model.

>> No.56804140

because you're using graia horde or mass lucius deepstrike?

>> No.56804146

Oh my Lord

>> No.56804164

Fuck man I wish I had some.
>tfw can't find them anywhere
>tempted to buy off Chinaman but never done it before and nervous about fielding recasts in store
>already went to a bit of effort to kitbash Daemonettes with Witch Aelves to achieve this aesthetic

>> No.56804171

I'd cum on those models.

>> No.56804221

You must be new

>> No.56804223

>we will never get a Khorne Lord model that looks this glorious

>> No.56804239

Make one.

>> No.56804240

People do

>> No.56804241

>tfw furries will get rights before were space fairing

>> No.56804247

Reddit's for fags

>> No.56804248

But if you were playing a more conventional army it wouldn't be a problem is my point.

>> No.56804270

Why are DE special characters so shit? Lelith hits like a wet noodle. Urien is hard to kill and that's it. Drazhar would be decent if his weapons weren't fucking D1. Vect is kill.

>> No.56804279

Love these.

Action poses are fucking overrated

>> No.56804297

That's a funny way to spell "fat and derpy looking with pathetic stubs for arms".

>> No.56804329

I took a minute of autismo to calculate the expected mortal wounds caused from 'Eadwoppa's Killchoppa on a charge. It's not terrible, but if Orks ever get access to a +1 to wound aura/power/ability/whatever it could be quite good.

>> No.56804336

I did the opposite and used Intercessor models with chainswords and pistols as Reivers.

>> No.56804356

Gun line is one of my favorites personally.

>> No.56804358

that looks hideous

>> No.56804385

Angry Ron is coming for you!

>> No.56804389

With the new WL trait, Lelith will kill 5 Marines. She is also the only one who can use it, so there's that.

>> No.56804393

>we will never get an appropriate model for the Beast

>> No.56804394

So it's okay to have an 80 point model that fucks over multiple other armies, as long as you could just play a different army? The Culexus is wildly underpriced for how effective and durable it is.

Let's see them add an assassin that has an 18" bubble of -1 to hit with shooting attacks. See how many people respond with "just don't try to shoot people."

>> No.56804405

I just like it when squads are in same positions. It bugs the fuck out of me when a 10 man squads has 1 guy in running pose while the rest are shooting/reloading.


>> No.56804409

Hey, Anon, if you're just going to spread disinformation, don't bother posting. We're a GW-positive forum.

Wych Cult Warlord Trait is amazing on regular Succubi. Once you hit turn 3, they get to inflict 3 hits for every To Hit roll of a 6.

>> No.56804446

okay reece

>> No.56804447

I have one guy in my dudes doing a "cmon" pose with his hand.

>> No.56804481

>multiple other armies
No, it fucks over players who over-rely on psykers. It's a hard counter to your build, you don't have to organise a 1ksons army that way. You are choosing to

>> No.56804482

Who's Reece? I'm just an Anon who's tired of people being so ungrateful for the gifts that GW has slaved to provide for us. I see people complaining about the Ork stratagem, and I'm like "Hey, haven't you guys noticed that it could potentially DOUBLE your firepower!" And, jeez, have you seen that new Thousand Sons power? It can up to nine (9!) Mortal Wounds with a single casting.

>> No.56804497

>you don't have to organize a Thousand Sons or Grey Knight army with lots of psykers
Are you retarded or a shill?

>> No.56804503

Literally no one cares as long as you have SOMETHING that's the rules

>> No.56804539


>> No.56804550

Before I started reading the fluff, my idea of space marines was uncaring warriors who's role was to kill xenos and chaos, and fuck the innocent casualities in the process. The Lion personifies that conception for me. Plus he's mysterious.

>> No.56804564

I'm thinking I might print off the new points cost for my army in the Chapter Approved and sticking it in my codex as a bookmark.
Because I don't want to pay 55$ for a points FAQ and some rules I'm never going to use.

>> No.56804593

Has Necromunda been DoA everywhere else or is just a local thing? The FLGS ordered ~20 copies (which is about normal for these big box games, he sells online too in order to keep the store afloat), and they've only sold like four. They've been having the same issue with Chapter Approved.

>> No.56804626

True, but I don’t have that many Storm Bolter bits
Should I just stick to bolters? Or is anti horde just not the best choice for death company?

>> No.56804650

>I don’t have that many Storm Bolter bits
You realize a Storm Bolter is just two regular Bolters glued together, right?

>> No.56804652

Tau minis would be cooler if they had a button to line up their guns or open up things like hidden shoulder mounted rocket launchers or guns.

That and karate chop action

>> No.56804660

You have access to Tzaangors, Chaos Cultists, Helbrutes, Heldrakes Chaos Spawn, Defilers, Vindicators, Predators, Land Raiders, Forgefiends and Maulerfiends. Surely theres something in there or some comination you could use to deal with anassassin, how about I dunno mobbing the fucker with cultists how about that?

>> No.56804663

>That and karate chop action
How about donkey punch?

>> No.56804666


>> No.56804680

Or launchers that shoot out rockets or a detachable rocket fist!

>> No.56804687

Sorry, please refer to pic

>> No.56804691

I'm buying physical copies of both just to prevent uncomfortable situations. Especially since this edition is likely to last at least a few years.

>> No.56804696

Don't listen to this.

>> No.56804701

>recommending a bunch of low-volume-of-fire ranged vehicles as a solution to a below 10 wound Character that can only be hit on 6's
I ask again, retarded or shill?

>> No.56804726

>t Games Workshop Employee

>> No.56804728

no I told you what units you had access to I recommended mobbing with cultist you disingenuous prick. How about you address that point

>> No.56804733

Holy shit, you can do 362880 mortal wounds with a single cast? Why the fuck hasn't this been nerfed yet?

>> No.56804743

You're telling anon to do what will end up being a really shitty conversion. Use Ebay.

>> No.56804755

Yeah, I'm sure it'll be easy to magically phase a bunch of Cultists into base contact with him, then have all of my psykers wait a couple turns for them to chew through him. The Culexus Assassin isn't even remotely close to balanced, and your ridiculous shilling isn't going to convince anyone otherwise.

>> No.56804762

I refuse to because there will probably be a yearly Chapter Approved every December and if this one had been worth it I might have bought it, but after looking at a pdf I'm not interested.
I've bought some silly shit over the years from GW, paying more than I need to for luxuries that don't do much simply because it's my hobby and I like it, but I'm not buying this one.
It doesn't help that it's full of problems, like the new roll off rule only applies to the new missions presented in it, the custom Land Raider rules are shit AND restricted AND limited to Open Play. The only good thing about it is that it's started balancing Forge World stuff which caused my LGS to lift the Forge World ban they had in place for tourneys.

>> No.56804765

I shouldn't have to go out of my way to buy other minis just to deal with one unit, I ask again, retarded or shill?

>> No.56804788

>, I ask again
Wait, you aren't me!

>> No.56804801

>tfw autistic and can't stand not having perfectly symmetrical crisis suits

>> No.56804806

oh noes! having to modify your army list or change tactics to deal with a threat

>> No.56804809

>And, jeez, have you seen that new Thousand Sons power? It can up to nine (9!) Mortal Wounds with a single casting.

You have a better chance of being struck by lightning TWICE than dealing 9 mortal wounds.

>> No.56804822

Not him, but it is pretty bullshit. 85 points that is notably hard to remove that hardcore shuts down an armies main strength.

>> No.56804853

Symmetry for the sake of aesthetics is inefficient. As someone who is actually autistic, you're a dumbfuck.

>> No.56804862

no no you're right, we can't have a specialised psyker killer who can actually fuck psykers, that might interfere with players who use psykers

eh last time I had to fight one, he lasted one turn against 80 points of berzerkers, although granted they did get the charge

>> No.56804912

Fucking autist. I can get anyone liking any other Primarch, but Lion is just no. I wish these kind of people would just fuck off out the hobby, you are killing it. And to come here to beg for advice too, just open a codex, watch a batrep. Its infuriating!

>> No.56804915


I love shitting on them with my army.

>> No.56804932

>no no you're right, we can't have a specialised psyker killer who can actually fuck psykers, that might interfere with players who use psykers
That's not even close to what I said, shillposter. I'm saying that the Culexus is way too good for 85 points. Even if he didn't have a massive aura of "all your psykers are 50% effective", he'd still be a great unit. He's stupid hard to kill, and he's decent in melee, and decent at shooting, and has his own deployment method.
>eh last time I had to fight one, he lasted one turn against 80 points of berzerkers, although granted they did get the charge
So the Culexus is balanced because your opponents are retarded AND you got lucky.

>> No.56804944

>powered by rage
Stuff a honking bouquet of guitar wire from their skulls to their armour and I'd buy it.

>> No.56804984

This guy again, I'm sure it was another Dark Angel player you were mad at last time too

>> No.56804986

even better, have a big vat filled with blood tied to their backs.

>> No.56805010

>Symmetry for the sake of aesthetics is inefficient.
How is it inefficient. You realize they're toys and don't actually do anything but look good right

>> No.56805012

yeah I mean if only you had a melee unit that puts out a decent number of attacks, isn't affected by his ability to ignore armour saves and and has the speed to catch up with. maybe some kind of bonus against characters, maybe for something like I dunno 7pts per model that you could use to bubble wrap your characters

>> No.56805020

There's this guy as well.

>> No.56805024

Considering the Vindicare does like 2 wounds to a single model each turn for 90 points, you might be right.

>> No.56805029

Modifying your army in any way is a violation of Stillmania

>> No.56805051

Leave the board mr no-fun-allowed

>> No.56805098

>another covert to Stillmania

>> No.56805107

Is he or Bjorn the better Dread HQ?

>> No.56805114

>can be targeted
>can't take twin lascannon
Bjorn's better, desu

>> No.56805133

>three coats of gloss varnish
I was okay with the rest of it, but that's inexcusable.
Thin pains to a matte finish. Fuck off with your gloss.

>> No.56805218

Is the GSC insurrection box worth the dough?
Or should I say fuck it and just start a guard army?

>> No.56805221

They should bring back the Khorne Daemonkin.

>> No.56805415


I agree with some of them but some of the others are just written as if troll posting.

>write down the roster and never amend
Why? What is the point of this? Sure the guy is talking about warhammer fantasy but even fantasy armies with strick organisation charts would have different units from time to time. At the very least due to attrition suffered in campaing. Not only does it make sense logically it doesnt make sense lore wise.

>Make sure it fits the background
Agreed, lots of people focus on making OP toruney armies while forgetting the reason why we are playing in the first place.
If i wanted respectable battle of wits i would have played chess.
Without lore Fantasy/40k etc. is nothing.

>Give every Char and regiment a name
Regimental history and naming special characters is ok. Naming every guys is not.
It is retarded . You are using teh same army in every battle and you are using the same max hellaborg in every battle?
Are you playing with an army of immortals or clones?

>Model every magic item oc char..
A purist WYSIWYG opinion. While i dont agree with it it is not complete bonkers. I draw the line at equipments and i expect my opponents to have WYSIWYG weapons.

>Who cares if all your opponents know your army composition.
I do. And to some extent my opponents also.
After a few games my opponents will bring a unit composition specificly made to counter it.
And it is no fun for anyone involved.

>> No.56805471

Oh boy, that's nothing. Did you know that the Harlequin power Mirror of Minds can ONE SHOT A WARLORD TITAN? I knew GW were bad at balancing, but WOW.

>> No.56805511

Bryarth Ashmantle is harder to kill

>> No.56805690


>> No.56805880


>> No.56806192

>ripper swarms

Annon why are you doing this?

>> No.56806329

The last time I saw someone play harlies he was up against our local WAAC fag.
Not only did mirror of minds hurt him, but a vehicle explosion at the end of turn 5 lost him the game.
I honestly thought he was gonna cry, but he wound up looking at his rhino for a bit, before packing up and going home. The entire time he was bitching about Mirror of Minds.

>> No.56806387

>Get free Contemptor
>Do best to make it look decent for Deathwatch
>Still need to clean and drill it

How’d I do?

>> No.56806420

Being moody weirdo's

t. Dark Angels player

>> No.56806755

I'd say a new Sisters of Battle and a new Guards codex/models will be out it force before this edition is over, we're living in an exciting time as 40k players/fans, maybe not great(not even good), but you can't deny that it's exciting

>> No.56806858

At best good, i'd say.

>> No.56806921

I'd be happy if they left the Cadian box as it is but released new Catachans and either Valhallans or Vostroyans.

Sisters would be nice too. I really want to start them.

>> No.56806951

Did the last guy like use his teeth to remove the parts from the sprue?

Fucking hell I do not envy the filling and sanding infront of you.

>> No.56807141


>> No.56807531

>deepstrike into cover for +1 to save
<Against ignore cover
>12 shots base
<That might as well do shit
>be slaanesh so shoot again
<Alpha legion
>24" guns
<With weapons that can't scratch the paint
>-1 to be hit because you're AL
<Against a short range weapon

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