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Last thread: >>56773777
Resources: https://pastebin.com/vrqYhnpu

What, in all your earthly longings and desires, do you truly wish you could be/do? Say you get 1 wish, and only 1 without any loopholes whatsoever--what would you wish for?

I'm curious. I want the real answer, too. Not the edgy "I'd wish for everything to cease to exist" answer that some of you would come up with. What is it that you want most of all, anon?

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happiness (via waifu)

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PPP+ when?

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I don't care, as long as it's posted in .pdf form

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Does ''Becoming a cute magical girl and going on lighthearted adventures with your squad of cute magical girls forever'' count?

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Better question.

Traveller 2.0 when?

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So I finally got around to updating Obscura.
Not much to say outside of feel free to leave any feedback.

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Assuming that omnipotence is too tall an order, I'd like to retroactively convert one CYOA into reality. Which one specifically I'm not sure, as I've many favorites. Something universal with potential for conflict, like Traveller or Universal War, maybe.

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Let me know what you'd like to see in an update

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Changlog and is it still possible to be in a relationship with Ruka?

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I’m glad items are no longer split between pages

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Actually, never fucking mind. I fucked up again and posted the wrong image. This is the actual P1. Fully updated P1. Not half-assed shitty P1.

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Something detailing spells would be nice as the trait is "Choose a spell" but there is no spells. And maybe tuning down the "You can't kill shit" i understand that you are not supposed to be an adventurer capable of killing a thousand goblins using only your teeth but right here it kinda makes you feel like a complete spineless weakling at least in my opinion.

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That's wrong since PPP>traveler tho.

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Answer my question about Ruka nerd. >>56786814

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Well, it's a single basic spell. Any starter spell you might get in an RPG.

Just take Lore and job change to Blue Mage.

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Imma say what I answered when folks asked that last time:
"If you can write it and have it make sense in the setting, go for it."
The changelog, or a TL;DR version of it, would be:
-Changed up some of the stuff in the "Past" section.
-Added the "Industrial" and "DYI" flat styles
-Added "Old Station" and "Roch's Hill" as new locations.
-Removed some extras that I though were useless tat, leaving all extras in the 1st page only.
-Flat styles now come with an added extra.
-Added Lilly, Pietro, William, Timothy, Jon, Frankie, Keith and Marcie as neighbors.
-Placed Landlords above Locations.

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Forget PPP+. When is the New World remake?

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If I expand on the spell Trait, it would only be in its description. A new section would feel unnecessary and redundant since it's basically just letting you repurpose Traits as spells in that section. Adding them to the Traits list, on the other hand, would make the Spells list too small and the Traits list too diluted. As it is, and as >>56787120 said, it allows players to think back on what they believe to be an appropriate spell (although maybe not Blue Magic).

I'm starting to agree with you on your second point, though, and I'll consider how I can tweak the intro and other related sections to change that. You're right in that it does tend to railroad you into "spinelessness", and railroading in general is something I tried to stay away from.

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It's an attractive companions page; you chose lively-looking characters with complementary and contrasting color schemes. It's a rare enough thing to be noticeable. I will play through it tomorrow, but I'm dead-tired right now and can't afford thoughts that are longer than "I chose these options because they make sense."

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When my finals are over.

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I chose the best set of 12 from 36 I had written, so I sure hope so.

I do not intend to release the other 24 at this time. They would make the CYOA much too imbalanced in favor of companions. However, I may repurpose them for other works.

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Godspeed man looking forward to the update.

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What is ppp+?

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is an update for the Pokemon Personified CYOA by Italics

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The old version can be found in the pastebin via OP. Recommend using the mega file. It is a neat, organized archive of cyoas.

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Do you guys think this world map for Fantasy Nation Builder is alright?

This is just a barebones, I'll pretty it up at another time.

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>Say you get 1 wish, and only 1 without any loopholes whatsoever--what would you wish for?
I get a CYOA to be real for me. I could choose Stardust or Traveller or Monster Hunter or Urban Unease or a Generic Waifu builder, etc.

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Think you'll be done in time for Christmas? I know finals week can be a bitch and a half. Alsom thank for being a content creator on this shithole. Appreciate it.

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MissingNo. (Ghost)
>TBS of 0, ∞ purchased = 0P
MissingNo. (Kabutops Fossil)
>TBS of 0, ∞ purchased = 0P
MissingNo. (Aerodactyl Fossil)
>TBS of 0, ∞ purchased = 0P
p PkMnp' '
>TBS of 113, 1 purchased = 1P
>TBS of 0, ∞ purchased = 0P

>TBS of 710, 1 purchased = 7P
3TrainerPoké $
>TBS of 961, 1 purchased = 9P
'M (FF)
>TBS of 510, 1 purchased = 5P
'M (00)
>TBS of 234, 1 purchased = 2P

Food = 3P
Carnivore = 3P
Free Lunch = 3P
Psychic Gift = 6P
Skilled (Psychic) = 3P
Savant = 1P
Interpreter = 3P
Pokeglot = 2P

2P left over, that's fine

Time to sow some havoc with my perfectly stable glitches and our psychic link. With the exception of 'M (FF) which I'll have to take special precautions with, lest I end up unleashing the reality breaking effects... 'M (00) can multiply any items, p PkMnp' ' can transmutate any items, while the rest have their own unique fun to add to the mix.

>pic related, official art of four of my choices

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If you choose Stardust or Monster Hunter, would you bring us with you? I actually think I would, even knowing it would probably be an awful idea.

That said, I’d get a Time Stop Chill Zone for myself

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Is it just me or is this map deliberately trying to make funny faces? The nose bleed dragon is the most notable.

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>Think you'll be done in time for Christmas. High chance of yes.

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I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be a distorted Eurasia, with the upper half of Africa.

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Here's something I made a while back

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Hey man, its your world.

I must ask though, with a world map, what would happen if we were to pick a land with no rivers/coasts in the middle of the ocean?

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It seems very- basic.

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Are the colors the same number for how many nations you're putting?
The warped Eurasia seems a little on the nose. Add maybe add some islands and new shapes.

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Walk Through Book
Oh boy! Time to get the truly best ending of breaking down the barriers of reality and unleashing the horrors of the cosmos upon us all!

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See this is why you guys should stop trying to take away my dick.
There wasn't a name on the Husbando one, so I added it for clarity.

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Where are you people getting these statsheets?

>> No.56789377

Just google waifu stats.
It's the first result.
Second result is the one for Husbandos.

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>cyoa has an interesting premise, a good hook to it, the first options are interesting
>scroll down
>anime waifus

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I'm jerk, so I take Shapeshifting Companion and ask her/him/it to transform into an "anything," which happens to be something that grants me omnipotence. Which is cheating, so I don't actually do that, but still, I'd rather a friend that the limited use codes or a book I might not have the motivation to actually follow.

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cunt is best waifu

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>implying anime waifus are a bad thing
>implying they don't improve most CYOAs tenfold
Get out of here and take your shit taste with you.

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Not deliberate, but I never noticed.

>I must ask though, with a world map, what would happen if we were to pick a land with no rivers/coasts in the middle of the ocean?
I don't know.

Needs more complicated coasts? More islands?

What does, "on the nose" mean?

More island and shapes? Do you have any good maps based off our world for some ideas?

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It means that it's too obvious.

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If that just fullstop ruins things for you, no exceptions, then you're gonna miss out on some fun stuff.

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posting worst waifu.

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I want to not be a mentally ill physically crippled loser anymore.

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Cheat codes, assuming that any codes entered grant any abilities required for them to work. So...
>Konami Code (Contra) - I now respawn nearby my place of death up to 30 times
>Get all 7 Chaos Emeralds (Sonic 2) - I can gain Super Sonic's powers by collecting 50 golden rings and jumping. Still not immune to drowning.
>All skill cards (Sonic Battle) - can switch out my "moveset" with that of the characters in the game, moves function as they would in the original game. Fun things include: Creating tornadoes just by kicking, flying by flapping my arms real hard, turning my knees into drivable wheels, and exploding whenever I'm knocked unconscious.
Time to go fast and kick ass

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Why does it look like a retarded Europe/Africa/Asia

>> No.56789881

Whats in the box

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3 cheatcodes

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Have some reddit OC! It was 35 pages long originally but I compressed it into 7 pages and censored it for /tg/. Best girl Zynthia is even in it!

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Post a map that doesn't look like a retarded Europe/Africa/Asia.

You can't.

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Nobody reply

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You know it’s never that easy

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You're very good at this.

I should have said "fantasy map".

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Oh forgot to answer first question.

No, each colour will be about 2-4 nations. Larger nations (like Russia) will have more, smaller ones (like Korea) less.

The grey is a surprise.

>> No.56790210

>They sunk the best parts of the east coast

>> No.56790261

If there's enough work put into it to make it look all topographic and realistic and shit then I actually really like maps like this. I think they look nice and it's a self-contained challenge of "spot the difference" if you're bored.

>> No.56790283

Forgot to include the angel faction, now fixed.

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I mean all they really was cut of Oregon, Washington, California and Baja California, nuke the Carolinas and half of Virginia (like a bunch of faggots) and then break off a chunk of the mountains to be some pissant island, and then finally swole Florida up some.

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this map looks like shit, apply yourself

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>not taking the pillow

Every 24 hours you get to live a lifetime, live in a fantasy world or do whatever the fucking hell you want. you control how time passes in your 8 hour dream.

shits like inception yo.

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I'd never wake up.

>> No.56790506

So basically sweet death?

>> No.56790581

I pray for it daily.

>> No.56790685


Do multiple stat-granting clothings stack or is it purely 'Pick one' in that case? As modern clothing seems kinda weak by default.

Thick Robe is also rather underpowered, since it it's a net 0 when all the others are net +1.

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I have no image on my hard drive nor words in my memory that could express the level of disgust I feel for you.

>> No.56790874

>do you truly wish you could be/do

If keeping things simple? Eternal Youth/Functional Immortality. Gives me infinite time at peak functionality.

If more ambitious, assuming we exist in a multiverse, being able to spectate or participate in tales from any possible universe. and being returned to spectating after any death during participation. This would also encompass the functional immortality of the first option.

I blame the late hour for my honesty here.

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Absolutely disgusting

>> No.56791061

Devide this into two continents, this way it will be much harder to notice for Eurasia

>> No.56791067

Some comfy mysteries to solve would be nice, ranging from "help figure out what happened to this noble's daughter" to "figure out why people keep disappearing.

Might but a bit out of your theme of not being an adventurer but just a thought.

>> No.56791158

Is the uncensored in you google drive? Can't find it.

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>> No.56791682

I was going to play this, until I read all of the anti-NAZI stuff.

/pol/ was right

>> No.56791698

Nothing stopping you from spiting the CYOA and joining them. The CYOA can't stop you.

>> No.56791716

>a CYOA spends 60% or more of its pages on companions
When did CYOAs stop being about YOUR adventure? When will they go bad to not being shit?

>> No.56791732

CYOAs have never exclusively been about 'adventures'. The first CYOAs were press buttons, which had no adventure, then they were pick ones about random items or waifus and such, also generally no adventure, then there were prison CYOAs, which weren't adventure, and only with the Island CYOAs did anything resembling an 'adventure' manifest, and they were never the only thing being produced. So again, this shitpost you keep making is STILL unsupported nonsense.

>> No.56791805

More like when will this cyoa ever be finished?

>> No.56791817

>CYOAs have never exclusively been about 'adventures'.
What are you even saying, man?

>> No.56791837

Probably to live in an Isekai world.
I've always liked that theme.

>> No.56791839

He meant as they are apart of chan culture starting out on /b/, before eventually settling here.

>> No.56791843

The name is a stupid label carelessly applied in a long-gone era when we didn't have to deal with autists like you. No, it's not always accurate. That's how it's always been, that's why in the old days some people preferred terms like "Choice Images", but CYOA stuck and here we are. Go take it up to the people who came up with it back in the choose one waifu/item/whatever days who came up with it, travel back in time 5-6 years.

>> No.56791893

I thought they started out as books.
I always thought they were named CYOA because they let the player/reader, "choose your own adventure".

>> No.56791903

They let you choose, that's all. 'Adventure' can be applied vaguely if you squint, to almost anything, but the main thing is that you choose something. And no, our CYOAs are unrelated to the CYOA books.

>> No.56791964

This isn't a shitpost nimrod. Gilfriend/friendship simulators are not CYOAs. I expected more from the Scientist at least...

>> No.56791980

Gives me option to pick Capture styler, but no Pokemon Ranger Regions?
Manectric (or just electrike instead and evolve him later on) (475 base stat +1 for being stage one)
Capture styler
Free Lunch
Camping Supplies
Fiore region (but if you're forcing me to pick between the six I guess Sinnoh. seeing how fiore is closest to Sinnoh)

>> No.56792000

Then you're going to have to travel back in time to the founding of the /tg/ thread and tell them to stop making/posting waifu pick ones. And you'll get laughed at then too, because they've always been a thing and have always been our kind of CYOAs. Being a newfag and screaming over and over isn't going to change history and it won't make people bend over for you.

>> No.56792014

Shapeshifter, so I could look like Astolfo.

>> No.56792026

What the fuck went on with Mexico?

>> No.56792038

I guess i'm in the red then.

>> No.56792039

It shrunk in size to reflect its geo-political importance.

>> No.56792227

ill take the mirror.
though i would like to note that a cigarette case's volume of pure LSD is a lovely thing to add to a water supply.

>> No.56792293

The loli nazi faction is so goddamn fascinating to me because their morality sits in a really weird spot, like an amalgamation. They don't seem to put much stock in human rights by their treatment of "mongoloids", but they're driven to make life very good for their citizens. They're an openly fascist state, but they seem to allow or even prize individuality if their Minister of Justice is anything to go by. They've united their world as one whole with no second class areas, but they seem to lack respect for others and want to enslave the aliens.

They're by far the most interesting faction here, and they have the most to offer to your Earth. If you take the Minister of Propoganda's offer and become your worlds leader, you can even guide your own world and maybe try to temper some of the nazi's conquering lust.

>> No.56792379

IIRC the author dropped that CYOA, posting the latest WIPs of the first two pages for anyone who might want to continue.

>> No.56792466


>> No.56792491

Owning the mirror would basically grant my one wish

>> No.56792565

What existing franchises would you like to see CYOAs for that don't have one already?

>> No.56792574 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56792584

The magical girls and the loli nazis are really asking for an alliance

>> No.56792637

I should probably separate Africa from the rest too. Except for the land bridge with France that I've added in.

>> No.56792663


>> No.56792752

>ppp [pronounced pepapu] is a pop group in the Japari Safari universe, where the main race is animals anthropomorphizisied into qt anime girls. It first appeared as a phone game
>ppp is a cyoa about pokemans anthropomorphizisied into qt an ime girls. Pokemon first appeared as a handheld game
wait a minute...

>> No.56792794


>> No.56793068

Italics was playing 4d chess all along.

>> No.56793333

Hotline Miami

>> No.56793338

I'd make a build for this tomorrow. I'm definitely going to conquer the world and purge the degenerates though. I'm leaning towards the NAZIs or the Eldritch Horrors.

>> No.56793341

There would be a mandatory drawback where every person you meet is either a piece of shit, has some weird fetish that that invades every aspect of interaction with them or they are just plain useless.

>> No.56793374

what did you do to that poor mosin?

>> No.56793490

Fuck it. I'm making this.

>> No.56793619

Does using Bethesda Console Commands count as cheats?

>> No.56793651

A solid purpose, and the willpower to see it through. I mean this sounds pretty dramatic, but I think if I could motivate myself with some sort of significant goal I'd feel a lot better about myself.

>> No.56793669

I hope Incest is a part of dragon culture cus I wanna fuck a few of those half-dragon waifus.

>> No.56793856

>> No.56793862

>Do multiple stat-granting clothings stack or is it purely 'Pick one' in that case?
its not exactly clarified, but I would assume they do not for balance/logic purposes

so picking multiple is just for multiple outfits

>> No.56793873

A Certain Magical Index/A Certain Scientific Railgun

>> No.56793879

>> No.56793880


>> No.56793884

Just started reading this one, but I already have questions. Why does the military guy make the Demons out as the worst faction when they're the only ones who respect our developments enough to cooperate with us and intend to boost humans with their racial superpowers by turning us into demons while the two of us collab magitech?

>> No.56793886


>> No.56793951

Neither. I'd rather not get aids

>> No.56793965

>file name

low standards

>> No.56793996

its appeals to my fetishes, what can I say?

>> No.56794132

So, any suggestions for mission plots and layouts?
Or enemies you want to see?

>> No.56794306

My actual one wish would be Time Stop Chill Zone.

This isn’t just a meme, it’s legit just the thing I want most. A fucking break. Time to sleep. An avenue to live out a few passing fantasies. Freedom to pursue interests I simply don’t have the time or energy for in real life. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life, but it is a goddamn slog some days and when you set a certain standard for yourself you no longer get to rest

>> No.56794572

Nariko, she's nearly my ideal waifu. I'd like to visit their world briefly to encourage the other 3 as well, but leaving probably wouldn't sit well with them...

Also nice work Tok, I enjoyed this one.You may want to tone down the stuttering, though. It's over-exaggerated.

>> No.56794598

>I'd like to visit their world briefly to encourage the other 3 as well
this could go rather badly if you say the wrong thing

"oh and by the way, I picked someone else over you so I cant stay with you"

>> No.56794633

I'd wish for the power to manipulate the probability of any situation I choose to influence. This covers every single power imaginable, allows for me to become insanely wealthy, allows for any research I want to occur (or even to ensure specific situations, such as the creation of perpetual motion), and doesn't allow for any manipulation through wish-twisting or through forcing me to choose the probability of *every* event (because I only manipulate what I specifically want to manipulate). Basically, I'm God.

>> No.56794646

Unironically becoming the waifu

>> No.56794657

>Tok doesn't make lewd

>> No.56794702


even tok has some realisation of this deep down

>> No.56794818

>What, in all your earthly longings and desires, do you truly wish you could be/do? Say you get 1 wish, and only 1 without any loopholes whatsoever--what would you wish for?

>> No.56794828

Oh, forgot to mention the name, since wips are not renamed. Its kancolle cyoa.

>> No.56794903


>> No.56795020 [DELETED] 

hot off the presses

>> No.56795056

hot off the presses

>> No.56795074

Big huge stronk

>> No.56795207

An adventure .Something like a typicl action movie.

>> No.56795240

>Pick abandon humanity as free power
>Get whatever the fuck I want

>> No.56795242

Stop posting fucking reddit oc holy shit you faggot.

>> No.56795263

does anyone have that fire emblem cyoa?

>> No.56795268

the fe7 one?

>> No.56795277

>Even Tok knows wholesome>lewd
Pic related

>Zynthia stutters too much
Best girl stutters, get used to it.

>Tok doesn't make lewd
I don't always make lewd, but when I do, it's the best, HeinekenGuy.jpg

>> No.56795293

villains > heroes

so my point still stands

>> No.56795296

Hey tok have a daily dose of kill yourself my man.

>> No.56795330


>> No.56795396

I don t have it

>> No.56795686

So, I made a rough example.

>> No.56795699

Is he touching her dick? I hope he is, everything else would just be too degenerate to bear.

>> No.56795713

hand holding

>> No.56795882


>> No.56795959

>what can I say?


>> No.56795967

can someone post time stop chill zone

>> No.56795970

apology accepted

>> No.56796026

Forgive the filename, at work

>> No.56796033

thanks lad

>> No.56796034

It's between the lucky coin and the gloves, probably the coin since its side-effects are basically nonexistent.

>> No.56796047

One Piece. Chose your skills, build your crew, potentially even chose *THEIR* skills.

>> No.56796095

Pillow, I think. Haven’t slept well in months.

The 24 hours thing is kind of a pain in the ass, as it prevents you from doing it every night. Unless that 24 hour countdown starts as soon as it’s used and not after the 8 hours are up

>> No.56796110

The cheat codes are probably the best but since I'm not a gamer and I don't know to what extent I can control the companion, I'll just go with the book. Becoming the first 'God-Emperor of Mankind' should be fun.

>> No.56796133

Both of them would probably give me AIDS.

>> No.56796202

I'd swap the colors around. Black are normal, red are fortified, green are supply, and orange is bad terrain.

>> No.56796253

Shocked tok did not shoehorn in Zynthia as a choice

>> No.56796310

I’d recommend looking up some Grand Theft Auto cheat codes, I seem to recall being able to give yourself cars, money, women, or guns. There’s also the classic God Mode from Doom and other games.

Cheat codes is probably the best, but as they’ve been phased out of games for so long it’s hard to remember the best ones

>> No.56796325

>Eldritch Horror
>Thousand Loves
>Goblin Harem+Smart Goblins [3/Beastman], Corrupt Seed [2/Eldritch], Power Armor [Free]
>Regenerate [3/Beastman], Bullet Proof [3/Nightmare]. Body Horror Body Upgrade [4/Nightmare], Man of Steel [6/Nazi], Soul Eating [4/Demon]
>Hell Hath No Fury [+3], Taboo [+1], God Damn It, Humans [+2]

Considering my eldritch waifu and I are potential universal threats, humanity's betrayal is understandable. A faction or two probably worked out a bargain in exchange for our deaths.

Humans have the high technology. But goblin children are smarter. How fast do you think one male could breed given regeneration and strong shapeshifting; perhaps becoming a writhing mass of insemination tentacles above a conveyor belt of goblin women? How many genius scientists and engineers does Nazi Earth have... compared to how many one could breed? Thousand Loves even grabbed a Power Armor for the goblin children to reverse engineer.

I guess I'm basically unkillable, but even Superman+ would lose to a sufficient armada of spaceships the goblins will build.

>> No.56796338

The other day I saw a slave adventure CYOA that had events where you took decicions (some where locked if you didn't have a certain skill) and went down a decicion tree that rewarded you with points and shit. Are there any other CYOA out there with a similar mechanic? where after I make the character I get to "play" some kind of outcome with it?

>> No.56796342

she cant compete anyways

>> No.56796345

>Artist's Wrists, Performance, Education, Charm, Home.
Actually, I don't really adventure that much. I just mostly stay at home, and write about adventurers. I'm the guy who chronicles the heroes; when they and I are long dead, it's my books that will keep their tales alive. My eloquence is not only in the written word, but the spoken one as well.
>Charms and Wards
It always pays to be prepared. You never do quite know when someone--or something--with ill intent is going to take slight with my writings.

An old war veteran? Definitely need to write his biography.
The lad has clearly seen much, and if he's cataloguing things, then he's good with quill and ink. I could take him on as a protege. Besides that, his family history must be quite fascinating, and what he has seen could easily be edited; perhaps we'll even find some others to contribute to the work on his behalf, and turn it into a magnum opus he can one day publish.
>Catherine Cartwright
Well, either she and Steiner can get along, and the man can talk her up, or they're gonna butcher each other. Either way, there's a story there, and there's a story in her, too. If I can just help give her a push in the right direction; maybe Vernon can inspire some confidence in her, too? Her heroism and bravery in the face of the undead is bound to make for a few good books... as long as she lives, at any rate.

>> No.56796370

But it looks alright otherwise? The layout and number of nodes?

>> No.56796444

Please post my cyoa. Or good OC. Or even an okay WIP.

>> No.56796456

Yeah. At least, it flows somewhat like a level design map for a shooter. The tricky part will be balancing the risk vs reward on the off-paths, but I don't know enough about the mechanics of your project to speculate how that might be done.

Keep in mind how much bookkeeping you're asking you players to do. This is a CYOA thread, after all, we tend toward light mechanics here. If it gets too complicated, come up with a bookeeping scheme that takes the load off the player if they follow it.

It's easy to tell the player to keep track of stuff. If you ask too much of them, though, players will simply drop your game half-way through.

>> No.56796526

Yeah, unfortunately its kinda complex and fits an actual game more. That's the reason the gameplay is relegated to DLC only and the main cyoa is basically character creation and simple mission points system.

>> No.56796636

2 of each, pls

>> No.56796792

This. Very this.

>> No.56797231

>> No.56797321

so since you can't move the empty within possibilities kills you unless someone helps you?

>> No.56797331

We need a christmas cyoa for christmas happy times

>> No.56797339

>Someone goes to help
>Hears the song

>> No.56797576

obvious op choice pics?

>> No.56797673

v28 Changelog
- Added nullus archetype for leaving you the same
- Added Nei Fei Tai Gao Wushu, a Martial Arts Option
- Adjusted Ship Slots
- Tweaked Star Galleon bonus
- Added Bridge Crew Section, Replaced Bridge Crew Option with Additional Bridge Crew
- Added Security Crew
- Added Selective Declination to Crew enhancement
- Added Processing Platform to personal purchases
- Tweaked Voucher sub-option to support Multiforking.
- Added new planet Katakhan
- Page Breaks for ‘diamond’ section headers
- Corrected various errors, tweaked descriptions, special thanks to ATLAS
- Almost forgot to update version number

>> No.56797751

3 wish pills
1 wish away the combustion
2 wish for all those pills
3 get however many wish pills you want

>> No.56797752

Bless you, EDG. Your lewds give my life meaning.

>> No.56797754

>Users: limitless

Empty Within Possibilities is a way to create a very fancy booby trap. What you need is a good idea of where your mark(s) will be when and a way to make pushing 'play' on the walkman remote triggerable or time-delayed without exposing yourself to the play. This sacrifices your walkman (and thus, in effect, all your tapes) to create a bubble of shut-down. I guess someone totally deaf might be able to venture into the stop-zone and turn it off, but that likely wouldn't be in time to save whoever you trap first, and if you give it enough amp to be felt then possibly even deafness won't escape?

Alternativley, you could use it to assassinate people with headphones. It doesn't say it removes earthly needs so you just have to be able to turn the damn thing off without hearing it when they dehydrate. Lot riskier, but you get to keep your magic walkman.

All in all, it doesn't seem to be a very good choice

>> No.56797777

>Future Pill
>Win some minor lotto game to not gain much attention
>Invest in the next big company all your money
>Invest in new technologies
>Now you have ensured a life on luxuries for you and your generations to come
But even all this money can't bring my waifu to life ;_;

>> No.56797786

Nice update, but does it seem to anyone else like most of the female bridge crew are retards?

>> No.56797796

er, scratch the multiforking thing. I undid my changes because trying to get everything logically consice tied my brain in knots

>> No.56797808

>post about rigging a lotto
>4 7's
top tier mate

>> No.56797816

Like Kiera the security guard, or Xora, the owner of a cross-Ecumene brokerage firm?

>> No.56797819

Can't you just plug your walkman to a speaker so you don't have to leave it there?

>> No.56797839

Bodyguards aren't intelligent people, generally. Xora is the only one that's noted to be generally intelligent.

>> No.56797856

If your wishes can hit pills/facts of pills you still need only one wish pill to do that, just over three weeks.

Wish Pill
Painproof Pill
Disease Immune Pill

I may not be able to wish for the true effects of the Money Pill but if I need Material Wealth I'm sure I can wish up some liquid or liquidatable assets.

I really want that Future Pill but Wishes seem more useful for making it through what is, essentially, an immortality build. (Which I assume Painproof gives a form of seeing as Wolverine is often depicted as ageless thanks to his regen. Probably need Disease Immune to get around Cancer, though)

>> No.56797886

Got a long enough cord to both have it plugged into a speaker and not suffer exposure to Stop?

You might be able to retrieve it with some sort of drone, though. Just make sure it doesn't have audio pickup.

>> No.56797907

I can't say I like the crew desu. Just from reading I can point out my problems with 'em.

Dominant and a rapist. Not fond of that.
Bimbo, has nigger lips which is a massive turn off.
Hermaphrodite, which is an even bigger turn off.
Bimbo and a hermaphrodite.

I mean there's no straight up non-retarded actually female individual other than Xora, and I don't bottom. I get the vibe that you really don't like submissive women or non-futa women in general.

Can I just not have any of these people at all?

>> No.56797909

>That spoiler
That's why you use one of your other two pills on Wish.

>> No.56797953

>"Choose up to 2 options"

Yeah, you don't have to take them. The lack of submissive non-futa women is probably because my personal build fills that niche, and I subconsciously didn't want to double up.

>> No.56797976

Well I'm not your build and I can't companion your build, so. I mean who is manning the bridge if I don't have someone around?

>> No.56797991

Either AIs or Bridge Crew of own design.

>> No.56798030

I don't see a generic bridge crew option.

>> No.56798042

This CYOA isn't as mechanically stringent as my others. Go nuts, man.

>> No.56798052

Trails/Kiseki series

Orbments are a really cool concept, and the factions in the games are pretty great, too, not to mention the legendary individual warriors throughout the games like my man Cassius who'll literally shred mechs in half with a fucking bo staff.

For the untrained, it's like this:

Imagine England, the United States(+ a little bit of Japan), Russia, and Switzerland were all right next to each other and had a culture composed of smatterings of the 1800's and early 1900's, but had some modern technology based upon energetic crystals that can be refined and processed into magic-generating circuitry.

So, in other words, some tech is easier for them to make and other tech is harder. For example, they have modern Stryker-like APCs, airships comparable to our modern Ospreys, giant Nazi-tier railway guns, tanks and subs, assault rifles, "magical" pocketwatches that are used to cast spells, telephones, radios, computers, the very rudimentary beginnings of the Internet (comparable at this stage to DARPAnet), but they don't have television, cell phones, air conditioners, or cheap cars (only rich people can afford them).

Then there's:
>The Bracer Guild
Which is like an international Boy Scouts but armed and dangerous and a vanguard of the people
>The Septian Church
Which is the greatest JRPG church ever, with sensible and pragmatic priests and a bunch of badass knights with airships and guns tasked with claiming dangerous artifacts.

Damn post limit.

>> No.56798054

I can't pick things that aren't in the CYOA.

>> No.56798064

Well shit, I thought that I read 1 pill.
I'll get the Wish Pill along the Disease Immune Pill.
Now she and I will truly be together forever and ever.

>> No.56798070

I want to throw the scythe loli overboard.

>> No.56798090

This is a really cool looking design.

>Void Walker
>Life's True Companion
>Limiting Bliss

>> No.56798106

>Ruined the AI by giving her a penis

>> No.56798144

The dick is optional, you can just forbid her from using it.

>> No.56798162

Where's the OC

>> No.56798188

It doesn't matter if she hides it, if she has a penis she's a futa.

>> No.56798203

Read "use" as "install".

Or not. Go nuts.

>> No.56798234

continuing on, there's also:
The evil organization directing the events behind all the bad shit in the games, but they're surprisingly liberal about allegiances. It's really only a collection of villains who want to consolidate power and ruthlessly collect talent and research military tech to improve their standing and power.
>Jaeger Corps
Which are basically just a loose category of various mercenary groups used by both state actors and Ouroboros. Some have ethics, but most don't. Only the best merc outfits get the title of "Jaeger," so it's a designation you get once becoming strong enough.

Something I also forgot to mention is that I enjoy the elemental system that the Trails series has. It's got the classic 4: Water, Fire, Earth, and Air, but it's also got three "higher elements:" Time, Space, and Mirage, which usually come into play whenever shit involving ancient societies or really esoteric Septian Church shit crops up.

Renne is cute. Tita is a better loli but Renne is still cute. 3rd really brought her around for me.

>> No.56798246

The option she has explicitly says its a physical implant in her body doing it, so she's always a futa no matter what.

>> No.56798253

Renne isn't cute, she's raped goods scum and should be thrown overboard.

>> No.56798269

so is she the rapist or?

>> No.56798281

>Rune Factory
>Re: Zero
>Dragon Quest
>The Librarians
>Etrian Odyssey
>Radiant Historia
>Senran Kagura
>Plastic Memories
>Zatch Bell
>My Hero Academia

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, though I don't know how I'd turn them all into cyoas.

>> No.56798284

Renne had a hard life. She needs to be protected and treated right by a loving family (aka Joshua and Estelle)

>> No.56798312

She needs to fall into the sky and die.

No, she gets raped.

>> No.56798330

>No, she gets raped.
then I fail to see the issue

>> No.56798341

Raped goods are like milk someone has pissed in. They're tainted people unworthy of existence.

>> No.56798372


>> No.56798379


>> No.56798388

>Trails/Kiseki series
I wish they'd increase the sale discount so I can play 2+ without feeling like I'm overpaying...

>> No.56798403

>> No.56798419


>> No.56798421

You certainly seem to be very emotional about this. Were you or someone close to you ever raped?
Don't throw your life away, you can still have a happy future!

>> No.56798505

Seriously though that was a girl..

>> No.56798518

Always look for a bulge first.

>> No.56798648

What if they're tucking?

>> No.56798669

I don't like this one very much

>> No.56798789

I'll take 10 of each.

>> No.56798812

Which author would make the best husbando

>> No.56798836


>> No.56798841

is this one of those places with soylent green

>> No.56799161

got any pics of comfy-looking beachside hotels or tropical island resorts? He's gonna live there

>> No.56799191

I'm looking at this question, and I can't wrap my head around it. Can you expound on why you would even ask this?

>> No.56799374

Just wondering what they do with all the bodies that'd pile up from the really risk taking individuals.

>> No.56799400

Paracelsus a SHIT

>> No.56799431

He who?

>> No.56799542

Paracelsus Van Hohenheim

a shit

>> No.56799547

yeah someone do this

>> No.56799552

They're recycled or converted to energy to power the AEHRS.

The increased durability of posthumanity prevents many injuries. It can still be pushed of course, but too much risky behavior will see the AIs taking steps to protect you from yourself.

>> No.56799615

It sounds really unnerving.

>> No.56799777

So's locking dead bodies in a box forever, or burning them to ash and tossing them in a significant area. It's all in how you present it.

In this case, since a significant fraction of the posthuman body consists of nanites, when the AEHRS is triggered and matter conversion proved unnecessary the body simply dissolves into grey goo and can be collected for reprocessing.

Still unnerving? Corpses always are.

>> No.56799818

No, but everyone has a refractory period.
You have to do something besides lewd or lewd will no longer feel like anything.
Also, you can have wholesome lewd, it's just a lot harder to pull off than inserting every fetish at maximum intensity.

>> No.56799843

Preliminary Build


Structural Reinforcement
Variance Compressor

I do not intend on having breasts. These are emergency airbags.

No thank you

Embellished Shaft
Enhanced Gonads

“But, anon,” you may ask, “if you’re so dead set on being a mostly normal man, why is your penis toggleable?”

For my protection, friend. It’s a scary universe out there. They can’t hurt my penis if I don’t have one.

Void Adaptation
Kustom Mod

Cool tattoos and a hot bod. Maintenance free, I hope.

If possible in such a short time frame, I’d like to utilize my AI’s informational capability to research any Chimeric or Xeno traits that could enhance my senses, stamina, regeneration, and such.

>Advanced Augmentation
Supplemented Musculature
Robust Cybercolony
Sublinguistics Package

>Training Courses
Naval Operations Training
Neokama Tantrism
Nei Fai Tai Gao Wushu
Occupational Training- Life Sciences
Command Academy

>Ship Class
Tramp Hauler, Converted

>Design Elements
Gravity Settings
Specialty Cargo- Flora and Fauna

Commandants x2
Engineers x5
Horologists x1
Researchers x5
Arcanists x1
Bioreactors x5
Crucibles x1
Negotiators x2
Siren x1
Security Crew x8
Voidsmen x10

>Bridge Crew
Darcy Kawayu

>Crew Uniform
Dress Code, mixing mandatory Functional elements and promoting individual Daring/Elaborate Customization

>Ship Modules
Luxury Features (3 Internal, 13 Asset)
Laboratory (2 Internal, 12 Asset)
Hydroponics Bay(1 Internal, 11 Asset)
Engineering Deck (0 Internal, 10 Asset)
Survey Array (1 External, 9 Asset)
Cartographer Suite (0 External, 8 Asset)

>Crew Enhancement
Selective Declination
Additional Bridge Member (7 Asset)
Supplementary Training (6 Asset)
4x Conclave (2 Asset)
Familiar Personality- Basic (1 Asset)
Tuition (0 Asset)

Explorer! Science!

Once I get a feel for things in this new universe, I’m going to Katakhan.

>> No.56799949

Simple, clean, efficient. And you're one of the few to correctly identify that you need multiple conclave picks for multiple psion types.

>> No.56800006

Are women extinct in this universe or something? Jeez.

>> No.56800032

I caught that early on. It’s kind of a bummer to lose that many Assets, but it’s absolutely worth it for a specialized crew. I’ll likely change around the crew demographics in future builds, as I think through how I want my ship to function. For the moment, versatility is the plan. Explorers and scientists must be prepared for anything.

Might have to add in a toggleable anus. Seems like that might be helpful in a decidedly rape-y universe

>> No.56800115

I just realized you installed emergency air bags. Excuse me while I attempt to locate my sides.

>> No.56800180

>emergency airbags

>> No.56800390

>These are emergency airbags.
More like emergency funbags; they won't protect your head or spine.

>> No.56800415

Can someone post the Pick Up a Goddess?

>> No.56800431


I guess I could suddenly deploy them to break grapples or bondage.

>> No.56800499

but that would be great if you want to have fun in an emergency

>> No.56800554

Or a suprise punch, though that would require quite massive assets for good range.
You'd also ruin all your shirts.

>> No.56800557

Did you mean "Picking A Goddess"?

>> No.56800566

>deploy them
How, anime zippers?

>> No.56800604

We're getting up there in posts and this thread won't live much longer than a few hours, if I hazard a guess.
So here I go being an attention whore with a sneak peak of my next project! And by that, I mean I finally got to development stage and I want some (You)s to fuel my work.
Any questions?

>> No.56800611

nodachi, pistol, and health pot

>> No.56800621

I was thinking a code word, via AI Familiar. However, an emergency pull cord is not out of the question.

>> No.56800634

>it opens zoomed in by 120%
Fuck, I'll have to change that value so it opens at 80% and you don't have to deal with annoying scrolling.

>> No.56800638

First thing that comes to mind: It's really damn annoying having to sidescroll, period. Especially since with your layout you could just display one page per, well, page.

>> No.56800654

Datapad idea is cool, but the top portion needs some spicing up. The grey area, which would presumably be made of metal or plastic, is very flat and dull looking right now.

Hard to judge content without more context. But it looks good and has a solid foundation. Really glad to see you’re improving.

>> No.56800698

>spend days agonizing over capstone skill of a section
>shit out new section with enough leftover choices to fill the first one in 30 minutes
>spend two hours looking for new art

It's never getting done.

>> No.56800722

I concur >>56800634

>Really glad to see you’re improving
Well, i can't be a useless cunt all my life. The funny thing is I convinced my Design prof to let me use the suit builder section for my final project.
As for the grey area you bring up, it is meant to be metal. My skill in Illustrator are sub-par so I'm afraid that's the best I can do as of now.

>> No.56800773

You could stand to have your intro's noun genders agree. You state something and nothing are brothers, but on at least one occasion, you use 'their' instead of 'his'.

I know there's not much there yet, but I'm also a little confused by the into as a whole. Why are we told about these brothers? Why do we have two sets of memories? Are the answers related?

Still, I'm pumped for another power suit CYOA.

>> No.56800790

I'm sorry anon 100% off pizza is cheating.

>> No.56800857

>A dude just gives you 1.2M to buy a motherfucking top tier power armour
But why though?

>> No.56800907

>You could stand to have your intro's noun genders agree
Oops. Must have slipped my eye. Even so, they're technically genderless as divine beings. He is just a placeholder and it could just as easily be it or even she.
You are told of the brothers since throughout the whole cyoa you are told the rough history of the world leading up to the present day.
As for the memories, it's just how I handle the Isekai aspect of waking up in a new world. You just wake up as an insert into a life that was already happening in such a way that you remain who you are, but aren't alienated to the world.

>> No.56800930

Well the fact that it isn't a dude could be part of it.
Beep boop, Knight. Beep boop.

>> No.56801088

>The funny thing is I convinced my Design prof to let me use the suit builder section for my final project.

I find it incredibly bizarre to think that a form of escapism that originated on a Tongan paint-huffing forum is entering the academic realm. Eventually someone's going to make a CYOA for their doctoral thesis. Some of you could probably do that already, desu.

>Highlander: PhD in creative historiography
>Tok: PhD in kink studies
>Beri: PhD in rheology
>SDA: PhD in smug Japanese animation studies

>> No.56801106

>Achieving anything

>> No.56801128

Didn't AliceAnon already do that years ago?

>> No.56801268

Have you achieved anything, anon?

>> No.56801278


>> No.56801291


>> No.56801311


>> No.56801432

>weeb shit responses
fags everywhere

>> No.56801462

Where do you think you are?

>> No.56801466

Yes, unlike the cool guy me, who pretends to be an elf on his free time

>> No.56801484

obligatory OP time-control book
no choices in this one, go home boys

>> No.56801564

that is actually pretty cool, you seem like a chill guy

>> No.56801576

Hooray, I get to bring on the fourth Reich! but wait...

>"I understand that Germany went down a much darker path in your lifetime."
We're not off to a good start.

>The Third Reich was defeated from within
Why would you do that?

>Single world government
So you're not nationalists. You're globalists.

>The German government dropped the racial purity ideology
So you've cucked out.

>"we followed a much more restrained and ethical approach when we unified our Earth, more similar to your Germany of today than that of the 1930s."
"Like our Germany of today" is the opposite of what I want. These aren't NAZIs at all. It looks like I need to join the eldritch horrors to get what I want. They'll let me directly control the governments of the world.

>> No.56801582

A puerto rican burger architect site

>> No.56801630

Yeah, if they're like our Germany of today then they're importing foreigners as slaves and oppressing their own people, so they're ironically way worse than the Nazis.

>> No.56801660

I choose to believe that they were told a horribly inaccurate report about how the nazis turned people into soap and modern Germany saved the European economy and derailed the race war.

>> No.56801673

>> No.56801715

>The loli nazis are not nazis
>There is no point in making a magical girl/nazi alliance
>The forth reich is not getting made
Fucking reddit ruining my fantasies

>> No.56801746

Just make your own Nazis, with no blackjack, and no hookers, as gambling and prostitution hurt the moral fiber of the nation.

>> No.56801780

Some of the drawbacks to lead in very neatly to that, though. Take the one that turns the nazis on Earth, the one that turns Earth on your faction, and the one that insta-gibs one faction with cosmic space horrors, and probably the protagonist drawback too.

>> No.56801781

It still leaves a sour aftertaste in my mouth though.

>> No.56801818

That's kind of what I'm going to do. With the Eldritch Power "take over parliament" I can make all of our leaders NAZIs.

>> No.56801824

Oh wait, I misread it. Well, in that case, you're still part of a treacherous, genocidal empire of aryan supermen, so it really doesn't matter what the PR department says.

>> No.56802120

>reddit OC

Zynthia has spread even to non-Tok CYOA?

>> No.56802164

Tok is commonly considered the greatest and most skilled CYOA producer on Reddit.

>> No.56802184

>Zynthia has spread even to non-Tok CYOA?
Hopefully she will continue to spread until she's in every CYOA.

>> No.56802191

Well fuck my ass, that didn't work.

>> No.56802289

can you post or link it?

>> No.56802366

That's sad.

>> No.56802400

Oi Tok!
Where's the version with the nipples and dicks intact?

>> No.56802425

I have to agree that I liked it better when the bridge crew let you "create your own," and it doesn't help that they all sound pretty unappealing to have around. It also makes the AI's judgement seem questionable if these are the cream of the crop of people they thought you'd click with.

>> No.56802431

See: >>56790025
She's in the Eldritch Horror camp

>> No.56802449

I too wish to be desired as a Waifu.

>> No.56802479

Yeah, I kinda wonder how the AI figured the dominant straight guy who hates bimbos and would purge hermaphrodites if he could would enjoy that companion set.

>> No.56802488

But what did you make?

>> No.56802494

It's not looking too good for Zynthia

>> No.56802528

At least she's loyal.

>> No.56802532

Uncensored version here:

Best girl in best camp.

>> No.56802555

Who is Zynthia

>> No.56802571

>10 cute and loyalty
>Unlike me it also has great charm and bedroom skills
At this point i think i will have to be demoted to daughteru

>> No.56802581


Well, I can simply revert that change, or add an additional option to let you effectively create your own without making it seem like you're creating your own. "Advanced search" as it were.

>> No.56802587

Tok's waifu.

>> No.56802601

I'd vote do the later. I don't like the options that are present, but I'm not petty enough to say they should be erased when some people might like them. Just having a more free form option would be enough for me.

>> No.56802635

Thanks, man.
Your deviance and notoriety notwithstanding, I respect you for delving into that cesspool to at least find us some passable OC.
Also, is Sad Zynthia seeing anyone?
After reading Fulfilling a Wish, I want to hold her and tell her everything's going to be okay...
>Who is Zynthia
Tok if you do not make a parody of pic related, I'm going to be very sad!

>> No.56802662

You could change all their names so that they start with like "Aaaa," and it turns out these are the first couple of results on a multi-thousand or million entry alphabetized list. Then "advanced search" is just using tags or qualifiers or something to pare it down.

>> No.56802818

>Eldritch Horrors
>Yandere Harem

>> No.56802912

v42 Changelog
- Added Advanced Search to Bridge Crew
- Narrowly avoided adding Jean-Paul Satre to Bridge Crew

>> No.56803023


So where are we going from here? What lewdness do you wish to visit on us next?

>> No.56803040

>if your chapter finds out they will laugh at you and paint hearts and teardrops on your armor.

>> No.56803056

First, I'll change my name to Enriched Dairy Gatherer and finish up Stock Show.

Then, I suppose I'll change my name to Erotic Descent Guy, and see where that takes me.

>> No.56803074

Gosh dang it why am I such a poor quality waifu!?

>> No.56803089

You're a daughterfu

>> No.56803105

Eh, I guess I can accept that.

>> No.56803118

I know right? My stats, if I could set them, would be:

Cuteness: 10
Bedroom Skills: 10
Charm: 8
Loyalty: 6
Housewife Capabilities: 0

>> No.56803127

Is that you ZBG?

>> No.56803136

You forgot to add the angel companions

>> No.56803210

>You forgot to add the angel companions
See this >>56790283

>> No.56803243

Nah, I'm his ex-husband.
And I think you're a faggot.

>> No.56803440

Poor Celt still hung up over the divorce?

>> No.56803559

Yes dammit. He got the better lawyer and now I have no clothes.

>> No.56803862

To have my body and mind set straight, including the brain problems.

>> No.56803954

>> No.56804006

Umm, new thread when, sweeties?

>> No.56804095


Nothing. And It'll probably stay that way because I'm trash at game design.

You guys just use PS for your designs? And what are good sources for art?

>> No.56804106

I use booru sites.

>> No.56804177

Is this world map better?

Added in fantasy Poland.

>> No.56804227

Yes. Good job.

>> No.56804229

Korea still feels too obvious. The rest is a lot better, though.

>> No.56804233

to have fun forever

>> No.56804264

The only landmass that feels realistic from a plate tectonics perspective is the blue region in the upper-left portion.

>> No.56804282

No, but
were me
>Nah, I'm his ex-husband.
I'm still trying to figure out how I lost all memories of ever marrying.
>He got the better lawyer and now I have no clothes.
We went to court and everything?!
Do I just keep blacking out and doing gay shit?
I was wondering where all these cloths came from...
They were too big for me, so I donated them to Savers.

>> No.56804287

Hol da fuk up. What does Zynthia does to protect earth? She seems like the most wholesome choice, but I need someone to look out from my backyard, yo!

>> No.56804304

You should have seen Laurasia and Gondwana.

>> No.56804323

the western hemisphere looks bad and blob-like, but the eastern hemisphere looks ok
i don't really understand why people had an issue with the previous map looking like bootleg eurasia/north africa - after all, the CYOA takes place in that exact setting, fantasy bootleg eurasia/northa africa

>> No.56804348

You blocked your gayness and somehow forced yourself straight again.

>> No.56804355

>so I donated them to Savers
Not my polos!

>> No.56804387

It's not that. It's that all the landmasses have too many jagged edges while, in real life, the continents mostly have pretty smooth coastlines and stuff with a few *noteworthy* exceptions where major geological events happened or there's a natural archipelago or something.
Laurasia and Gondwana are fine-looking.

On the other hand, Earth's kind of topography is not the only rocky-planet setup you can have. If you took Venus and dumped a decent amount of water onto it, it'd look like a bunch of islands everywhere (pic related, though it doesn't take into account erosion and stuff), BUT, if you're going for a relatively Earth-like planet, the coastlines should be smooth as the rule and jagged as an exception.

>> No.56804417

i wish for a
time stop timestop chillzone to unfuck my life away
i want an escapist fantasy to replace my shitty current life

>> No.56804421

Is there no fantasy equivalent of nations like Monaco, and Luxembourg?

>> No.56804433

Thank you!

Is it the fact that it's a peninsula?

So you feel the coastlines are too jagged for the most part? I wonder if I can waive it as a fantasy element.

What does blob-like mean?

>> No.56804448

new thread?

>> No.56804455

And here I was worried that the internet learned how useless I am in a kitchen... I suppose I should count my blessings. At least I'm not catching cereal on fire like you.

Also, I just finished a whole lot of work that had me bogged down for months, so I might make something soon.

>> No.56804463

>What does blob-like mean?
He thinks it's too big, but Earth has been like that in the past.

>> No.56804471

I think its the C around the peninsula that seems like it there just so you can have a peninsula

>> No.56804473

Nice. This chart gets you wrong though, you should have max cuteness and loyalty.

>> No.56804493

You know beri, if I could have anyone put pictures in my CYOAs it would be you.

>> No.56804511

>No, but
>were me
I see, I guess ill respond to them then.

>Who is Atlas?
Who is Atlas?
>Is Sad Zynthia seeing anyone?
Nope, Zynthia Prime is working her to death and making her do all her chorus and job as a love goddess.
>After reading Fulfilling a Wish, I want to hold her and tell her everything's going to be okay...
Everything will not be okey, she has become unhinged and she has snapped. She has ran way and is now on a killing spree to try and find someone to love. I'm gonna use her as one of the monster options in the lewd horror CYOA I plan to make.

>Is this map better?
I like this map much better than your first, no funny faces and it looks more realistic. Like the small islands looks really nice.

>> No.56804551

>He thinks it's too big, but Earth has been like that in the past.
Yes I made Europe much bigger than it is in real life, though Asia will have other things to keep parity.

What C? The one with the open area facing to the right?

There is a deliberate face in there, see if you can find it.

>> No.56804670

>There is a deliberate face in there, see if you can find it.

>> No.56804679

Is this a myfarog 3e preview?

>> No.56804685

>Who is Atlas?
>Tok's never played Bioshock
>Tok's never read Ayn Rand's shitty books

>> No.56804708


You need pictures?

>> No.56804713


>> No.56804717

Sorry I didn't respond to you earlier.

These are meant to be regions, you the player make the nations. I get kind of confused with English and called the Poland region (which I guess would be non-Russian Slavs) the Poland nation.

Look to the west, and look at the borders.

>> No.56804787

>Is it the fact that it's a peninsula?
No, I'm pretty sure it's just the specific shape, the direction it's pointing, and the location on the continent. Flip the peninsula so it's pointing up, change the shape around, or move it down a bit and it would probably become pretty non-obvious.

>> No.56804894

>Also, I just finished a whole lot of work that had me bogged down for months, so I might make something soon
Glad to hear that i always look forward to one of your works

>> No.56804939

Wat are you,fucking gay?

>> No.56804948

Nah, I'm just complimenting you on your excellent design work and top-notch ability to choose pictures that both fit your themes and work well together.

>> No.56804962


>> No.56805030

>people are this obsessed with waifus
i've never really understood obsessing over waifushit and sexuality - why focus so much on carnal desire when the only limit on what you can create in these is your own creativity
the es2 cyoa isn't scrapped, but don't expect it for a long time
it's hard to get the motivation to work on it when i do have the free time, and it's hard to work on it for a long while at a time

>> No.56805047

>2 cute

>es2 cyoa is not dead

>> No.56805201


>> No.56805353

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