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Who would teach these things to my beautiful son edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for better Trygons

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HI47d9KDifs [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

Chapter Approved 2017 PDF Link expires 11th Dec

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First for Sisters a QT !

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First for left-handed mutants must be purged.

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Where's the latest fiction trove and does is have Warmaster (latest Gaunt's Ghosts novel)?

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>Blonde women are cute
I never expected that

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White =/= blonde

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Back in my day that was called platinum blonde and that's what I'm going to refer it as.

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Does the model's size - height and/or bulk - matters in competitive play, when it's mounted on appropriately sized base?

I want to convert Slaughterpriest into a warlord model for my army, but that thing is quite huge compared to normal marine. So I'm wondering if I'm violating any rule when I use that big model.

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My opponent yesterday brought 27 Raveners in a casual, friendly game. Fucking cheesemonger.

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Platinum blonde is still not white hair.

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>Tournament game
>Emperor's Children vs Blood Angels
>The missions were you get more objective cards the more objective you have
>He puts his battered Rhino controlling one, because it's his objective
>I'm struggling with some Death Company+Lemartes+Priest attacking my Noise Marines
>Kill a few of them
>I sacrifice my Blastmasters to attack his Rhino
>4 attacks, roll to hit a 3, 6, 6, 6. 3 extra attacks for the Death to the False Emperor because FAQ say so
>Rhino sent through outer space
>He can't make the objective and had one card less next turn
>That makes me win the game

Why are Noise Marines made of trolling?
Holy shit I love them.

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Is this the new pasta

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Well it might affect deciding line of sight, so you'd be putting yourself at a disadvantage by making the guy FUKHUEG but thats just my two cents

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Yeah. It's pretty rough when you need 80 multimelta to kill one.

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See? It lacks the yellow tint.

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As a Dark Angel Player. Should I just kit everything in plasma? Honestly the manly choice is just to overcharge it everytime and remember the Emperor protects.

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Sister hair is just straight up white, though

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I can do that too.

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That's black and gold.

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Well if you stay still you re roll the 1s anyway. So go crazy

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If we stand stil we reroll anyways as Chapter Tactics. + One of new strats is we increase the damage of Plasma weps by 1

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So what exactly is the Marine ladder for promotion? I know scouts go to devastator squads and then to assault, but beyond that I'm lost. Especially now that lieutenants are a thing.

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Those are just thots with dyed hair.

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Well if the Emperor demands it.

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Lieutenants are guys who would be 2nd or 3rd in line for a Captaincy but it's filled currently. And it's Scouts, Dev, Assault, Tactical, 1st Company Vet. With various command positions opening up in the other Companies that you can move to depending on losses and stuff.

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Sisters dye their hair too. Though it's not mandatory, and most don't do it regardless.

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I find it kinda ironic how the second highest rank'n'file position is the most used, most normal pleb position

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Scout > Devastator > Assault > Tactical > Sergeant > Veteran > Veteran Sergeant > Lieutenant > Captain > Chapter Master. With a branching out somewhere after Tactical for Ancients, Librarians, Chaplains and Techmarines.

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1st Company
Veteran Sergeant

Probably splits from there based off what Chapter Leadership thinks of you. So Champion/Honorguard/etc.

Lieutenants and Captains are probably hand picked. Chaplains/Librarians/etc have their own path.

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>Sisters dye their hair too
You shut your lying heretical fucking mouth.

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Mine do tumblr hair.
Strong women that only need the Emperor

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It's because the others all have a single defined role, whereas Tacticals are expected to be able to everything if asked.

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You think all those women have white hair naturally?

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>Orde of Our Martyr Lady
>all have naturally white hair
Anon not even marines are this stupid

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Old fluff had Tacticals just after scouts, as it was considered a scouting ground for specialist units.

Recent fluff considers that Tactical is the hardest "regular" role, requiring extensive experience in all aspects of warfare, and that it can't be trusted to greenies.

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Only the Order of Our Martyred Lady dyes their hair white

They're just the only bitches anybody draws or models

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>Had a game recently, playing my 2k points of Necrons against Imperial Guard.
>Hammer and Anvil.
>I brought my warrior blobs, Immortals, 3 heavy destroyers, deathmarks, triarch stalker, my scarabs and wraiths... Usual stuff.
>He puts a unit in deep strike every time for the first 4 drops, then starts dropping down infantry
>I had 12 drops so I finish first. He has twice as many so he places all his mass of tanks.
>His side of the board is completely filled to the brim. Mine is barely occupied.
>He has 12 CP and has a chance to regain them when he uses them and to gain one when I use mine with two different rules.
>roll off, I roll 1 and he rolls 5 so he has first turn.
>Blows up half of my stuff from across the table. No fucks given about cover, LoS or anything. The sheer amount of shots is incredible.
>My turn. I move forward trying to get in range. 3 Heavy destroyers shave off 7 wounds from a lemann russ. I grab a couple points in objectives, still trying to make use of cover and line of sight.
>his second turn consists in spamming ridiculous Psyker powers that just annihilate my deathmarks and the wraiths behind. (I tried to kill the psyker but he survived with one wound and I had witch hunter)
>halfway through his turn I have only the command barge and cryptek left on the table.
>Never had a chance to roll reanimation through the whole game

What am I supposed to do? I was also eager to try the new relic but he has a wall of conscript in front of the line of tanks preventing me from even reaching them.

p.s. How the heck is his stuff so cheap? just compare my annihilation barge with his lemann russ. both 153 points but I shoot 8 S7 AP0 D1 shots while he can fire a whole bunch of high strength high AP shots and he can shoot twice with better range. Sure we have quantuum shielding, but the barge is T6 W8 4+ while the LS is T8 W12 and 3+ and is able to shoot from twice my range.
I am aware I am not the first to complain about IG or how bad Necrons are but damn

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Ok. I was wondering because i was planning to promote a sergeant for a good fight over the weekend. I guess I'll either make him a vet or a lieutenant then.

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>The worst army in the game currently getting assrammed by a top tier one
I know that feel. Just try to keep a smile on your lips and hope he uses lube.

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>What am I supposed to do?
Play a GW-endorsed faction. Or play against other NPC armies.

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What Chapter? That's just for Codex compliant ones.

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>>3 six man Inceptor squads
>>combat squad them into 3 man's with plasma
>>advance up a flank
>>unload 36d3 plasma rounds into targets of opportunity.
>>Use Azrael and good positioning to keep your dudes alive
>>You can crush any screen.
>>all transports are your bitch

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What non-codex chapter follows a different path, beside wolf wolves?

>> No.56775842

IIRC Ragnar went Blood Claw (Scout) -> jumped into Wolf Guard (Veteran/Honour Guard) -> Captain straight.

>> No.56775843

Fucking SoB nuke them too. They are so unsupported that even fucking GSC got models before them

>> No.56775844

Nothing to say a Sergeant couldn't jump a few steps if they really showed their potential.

Being a major hero of a battle could do it. The Chapter Master probably has that authority

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Forget double tapping max Hive Guard coming out of a tunnel in a Jorm list. Forget Deep Strike Alpha Behemoth lists.
Forget Kraken 'Stealers.

27. Fucking. RAVENERS.

>> No.56775854

What would be the best LoW choice for a non-Ultramarines Marine army?

> And why the hell only Ultras get 2 unique LoWs?

>> No.56775859

I'm pretty sure librarians start training as soon as the psykerness manifests, and if I recall correctly techmarines go straight to mars after scout

>> No.56775860

Warlord Titan.

>> No.56775871


Blood Angels go straight from scouts into Assault.

>> No.56775873

knights, or vulcan-mega-bolter-bane-blade

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I am not mad about the fact that I lost. We play for fun and he just brought a standard IG list.
But since I never played against guard I was expecting an uphill battle, not just waiting for one hour that he is done with his turn, play for 10 minutes and then back to removing stuff for another hour before conceding.
How it is possible that it is allowed to have two factions be so far apart in terms of power and options that one of the two basically deploys ad packs up?
Surely it must be that I should have done something differently because for how bad a game can be balanced I cannot understand how a long running company as GW could have created such incredible balancing issues.
I really don't know

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Mantis Warriors so they're compliant.
Yeah i think I'll do a lieutenant since he punched a dreadknight for several turns and lived.

>> No.56775896

Black Templars, Blood Angels.

>> No.56775918

>how bad a game can be balanced I cannot understand how a long running company as GW could have created such incredible balancing issues
You don't have a book. Your faction is not supposed to be balanced for 8th just yet.
But since chapter approved gave you nothing there's a distinct possibility you will get a codex mid january - february.

>> No.56775935

Welcome to 8th edition.
And bitches will now lie that 7th was as bad or worse balanced, lol. Tools.

>> No.56775947

You may have a point, never thought about that. It would be nice to have a codex just in time for my birthday. IG was already strong before codex I heard, but maybe the book will actually be trasformative :)

>> No.56775950

It was.

>> No.56775953

What's the point of the relic combi plasma for dark angels?

>> No.56775955

And earth is flat.

>> No.56775964


It really was.

>> No.56775966

please someone remind me why Ryza, the plasma forgeworld, didn't get a similar traits instead of shitty reroll 1 to wound in CC ?

>> No.56775971

Are the forgeworld Eldar Corsair rules worth it or should I just run them as 'counts as' Craftworlders?

>> No.56775972

An odious lie. 8th has a long way to go before it can reach the bottom of the abyssal pit of abject design where 7th lies.
It's certainly trying to get there though.

>> No.56775973

Lie more GW shill.

>> No.56775975

Giv new GUO model

>> No.56775978

are you retarded
necron have no codex

>> No.56775982

[riptides intensify]

>> No.56775988

Corsairs are no more. Its just like 3 units with poorly written rules.

>> No.56775992

It is.

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>> No.56776001

Ooo, itsnt that a shame? They have codex, its just not compatible with this shitty edition.
Riptide is ugly as fuck and should be a vehicle not monstrous creature. Or should not BE in the first place.

>> No.56776012

You are perfect example of people who play 8th edition.

>> No.56776020

>the slavposter is back

>> No.56776023

Or an asspained deathstar player that can't deal with the psychological trauma of having to remove models again.

>> No.56776024 [DELETED] 

Bluepill cuck. Stop listening to jewish NASA

>> No.56776034

Not him (unless i got a monicker? gratz me) and i write however i want.

>> No.56776043

>Gets his space information from NASA sources
lel normie

>> No.56776044

Sounds like 0 fun. Everyone at my store complains about Guard, so I try to play mine in a more fun way. All the other Guardfags complain about the way I'm playing and it's like, I'm trying to make friends, not table people every game.

I always have good games against Necrons. My last game was a lot of fun as he desperately tried to stop my bum rush of Bullgryns, Psykers and Characters with Relic Blades. Ended as a tie with my Ogryn Bodyguard and Inquisitor going ham on a Warrior blob, then my Inquisitor got Ghost Arc'd. He rolled like fire to hit and wounded on 2s and my save is only 4+ so she died horribly. As was tradition against him, he deleted my Conscripts turn 1 and I kept bringing his Immortal squads down to 1 left and couldn't finish the job.

>> No.56776054

So I'm getting back into this shitty game.

I currently have two small armies assembled- Admech and Tyranids.

Which would be better to start painting first? Haven't painted since probably 2012 at least, so I'm gonna be really rusty. And I was never very good to begin with.

>> No.56776056

On the topic of editions
>new to 40k
>people I know want to play 7th
>read up on some tactics while picking army
>riptide, wraithknights, "deathstar" cheese
>what the fuck is this?
>some armies are basically useless
>big "monstrous creature" and vehicle disparity
>look into 8th instead
>bland but cheese is pretty much gone
>end up playing 8th instead

I might be a scrub but I've seen battle reports and I've read up on cheesy tactics. There's some cool rules in 7th edition, but fuck that.

>> No.56776060

This is right.

>> No.56776063

GW tried to sell it as a character sniping tool with the warlord trait that lets you target characters

>> No.56776067

I can respect that, but that will not stop me from sperging and calling 8th ed shit.
Also, i want to know people you know.

>> No.56776074

7th edition did have some interesting rules.

But if those didn't involve Eldar, Tau, Daemon summoning or Imperial superfriends, it didn't do anything realistically.

>> No.56776075


GK has a book and is as bad as the worst index armies. Almost no change from index > codex.

>> No.56776078

Except a few vocal shitposter who probably played top tier bullshit, basically everybody agree with this.

>> No.56776082

They only got into it recently themselves, and mostly wanted to play 7th because what little they had in the way of lists were for it. All updated for 8th now.

>> No.56776085

Well, complaining about the current rules is a time-honoured tradition with GW games.

>> No.56776088


>> No.56776095

I miss the the interesting rules but overall 7th was pretty shit.

>> No.56776096

Everybody who did not had their army squatted (both fucking parts).

>> No.56776102

what army got squatted?

>> No.56776104

Traitors and Heretics.

>> No.56776105


>> No.56776111

You dont care about my army, and you will just tell me i got what i deserve.

>> No.56776114

You wish they were actually squatted, did you? :P

>> No.56776120

>cheese gone
Anon what game are you playing
The cheese never left just transform

>> No.56776121

Well, yeah, the only things that got "squatted" in 8th were ultrashit like riptidewing or taudar. Everything else is as good or better than it was in 7th.

>> No.56776124

>riptide and wraithknights now expensive
>infantry-based armies are better
>deathstars can be dropped with mortal wounds

>> No.56776127


>> No.56776128

>CA has rules for terrain like the haemotrope reactor or the deathworld forest
>none of it is interesting
>no more flamer shenanigans around promethium pipes
>no more crate rules for my munitorum crates
>no more fun plasma rules for the plasma thingies

>> No.56776130

Via CA did Librarians go down 10pts?

>> No.56776131

7th was the worst dumpster fire in all of 40k.

>> No.56776140

5th edition was the best ruleset. It only needed a better wound allocation system and maybe a hull points-lite system to make destroying vehicles less RNG.

8th edition could be a great ruleset if blast/template weapons return. Currently the ruleset is too horde-friendly and codex creep has made that flaw all the more obvious.

6th and 7th were pants-on-head retarded from the get-go.

>> No.56776145

They use too much eyeballing and fluff instead of strict crunch when designing stats.

Necrons were hit hard because most armies have universal weapons that their units share across the army. Necrons units are mostly single option loadouts so they can't spam the strong option like lascannons or plasma or bright lances etc.

>> No.56776147

No, only 5 points. 88 instead of 93

>> No.56776155

make up your own rules you fucking degen

>> No.56776161

That's weird. Did Force Weapons get cheaper?

>> No.56776165

Just ignore it, it sucks.

>> No.56776174

Well, i had eldar Corsairs (who cant take wraithknights btw) and they got squatted, i tried to play him as Ynnari autarch, but then FAQ said i cant have Ynnari without one of 3 GW donut steel characters, so fuck me again. I dont care a bit for their triumvirate, i guess i can convert dire avenger exarch into Visarch but then i will have 1 footslogging fuck in the army of bikers + hovertanks (which is their fluff). And that is only half ofthe story.

>> No.56776178

What she means to say is that it is less common.

>> No.56776179


FW Corsairs

>> No.56776181

>needing to house rule the wargame to fix basic shit
No fuck you.
That is how we got Pathfinder retards trying to fix a horrible system

>> No.56776187

Yes, force axe is now 10, both other options 8

>> No.56776188

Going to try getting some advice today, my first attempt at a Thousand Sons army, it says 2007 but Icon of Flame went down from 10 to 5 points so it should actually be at 1997. Can any one offer advice on where I could improve?

>> No.56776191

I think rule-wise 8th is better than 7th, but I absolutely prefer 7th (or pre-8th) Codice entries and format.

> I fucking hate points values that do not end with 0 or 5 and points values list on the back

Am I the only one miss 7th format?

>> No.56776194


>MFW I had exactly the same experience

The worst was how dismissive they were in the FAQ.

>Will my Corsair Prince be getting rules later?
>No use him as a felarch lol

>> No.56776200

Of course not. There are even people who miss the holocaust

>> No.56776212

which chapter was it again that had no penalties to firing into their own men? i cant find them

>> No.56776225

Astral Claws (Tyrant's Legion)? Or Kamarazov but he's the church guy.

>> No.56776235

"blast" weapons need to carry wounds into other models.

shit like lascannons, melta and plasma are fine the way they are but explosive weapons like the battle cannon for example should have carried through. (d3 damage = d3 wounds to the squad)

unfortunately with the way saves work this would only piss people off.

also flamers should just get double the fucking shots they have now. d6 on a heavy flamer is a fucking joke.

>> No.56776237

The biggest thing(s) I miss are the slight creativity and fun in some of the rules which probably won't come back since now we have more boring, cookie cutter bonuses and debuffs n stuff.
Terrain especially, things like opening up the munitorum crates or goofing around with plasma effects at certain places, things like that.

>> No.56776239 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56776243

Thats what we get for trying to make fun list with Eldar.

>> No.56776246

3rd edition army rules that came with the rule books are more interesting than codex

>> No.56776248

Is the Valhallan regiment worth it? I was looking at what it would do for vehicles and it seems decent. For Chimeras and artillery, it makes it so from 3 wounds and up you're at full BS. For Lemans it's 4 wounds and up for full BS. That seems pretty nice for Tank Commanders, but I'm not sure how much of a difference it really makes when the other doctrines give you bonuses to your offensive capabilities.

Also their order for shooting at people in close combat seems cool, but I feel like that will almost never come up since you'll want to pull that squad out anyway most of the time. The 45 pistol is great for Conscripts, but they just went up in price so you're better off with infantry squads now for more CP.

>> No.56776252

/40kg/ pls

>> No.56776253

Karamazov lost that sadly. One of my favorite rules for him. I would call it down on Yarrick when Yarrick was in close combat.

>> No.56776258

I'm sorry eldar was even bigger cancer than tau in 7th. there's practically no pity for eldar players who lost units to 8th. you guys at least owned up to how broken your shit was, unlike tau players and to an extent marine players.

>> No.56776261

Currently building my Inqusition/ Talons of the Emperor armies and I got two questions. Firstly anyone got any ideas for good objective markers for an Inqusition/ Custodes kind of army, for custom objectives kind of deal/

Also, Can anyone think of kits like the dark angels/ devestator kits that come with strange things like watchers in the dark, cherubs and other stuff that can be used to represent acolytes and so on as familiars, looking for stuff like pic related. Anything from 40k, fantasy or whatever is a good idea.

>> No.56776263

They can just nerf guardsman and remove the bullshit changling instead. You don't see people complaing about Gaunts or Eldar Guardians. The game isn't even that broken outside of that, just get rid stacking -hit and nerf primarchs.

>> No.56776266

I don't know much about either, but look at what you've got, check the codexes (Nids and AdMech both have theirs out) and see what you wanna paint up first.

>> No.56776282

I saw no reason to discontinue the format of every unit entry being with a photo of its models.
At first I thought they were just doing away with it to cram the Indexes in tight, but was surprised when even the Codexes were the same.

>> No.56776283

Dark angels: "I would rather kill myself in nuclear fire than let a single heretic live"

>> No.56776284

>Remembers all the "Eldar is just an army that is played by more experienced people that are good at the game, it has nothing to do with the codex" posts during 7th on Whineseer

No they didn't

>> No.56776295

More like just "Burn the heretic" :^)

>> No.56776298


>> No.56776299

Well, fucking wraithknights and scatterbikes are still there, so jokes on you. What got squatted is subpar units that was used for fun gimmicks.

>> No.56776301

Every Dark Angel who doesn’t kill himself is letting a heretic live.

>> No.56776303

That or they should scale way harder with unit size than they currently do. A small blast should be D3 per 5 models, max 5D3. Large blast replace it by D6. Flamers should increase in 3 models step.

>> No.56776305

the people I played with did. we had an eldar player start a different army at the start of 7th cause he refused to make others deal with eldar's criminally undercosted bullshit.

>> No.56776309

The deathwatch 10 man squad comes with the servo-skull/teleporter. Not exactly what you're looking for but close

>> No.56776312

>And all the things of beauty burn
>With flames of evil ecstasy.

Light em up Anon.

>> No.56776315

I'd be on board with that

>> No.56776318

should be the regiment tactic for R&H.
ability to fire into combat, but any 1's to hit are applied to your own force or something

>> No.56776321

So...For Destroyers I'm getting a few Ogryns, because I hate half of the Mechanicus models. What can I use for Robots to keep in line with this style?

>> No.56776326

Did his wife’s son help him pick the new army?

>> No.56776327

also bring back some variant of the wall of death rule so flamers overwatch no matter what.

>> No.56776333

I was thinking of grabbing a Stormfiend box. It fits the style, if I add some cyborgy bits, it's cheaper-per-model than actual robots.

>> No.56776334

Nids, you have more minis that are "safe" to mess up moneywise

>> No.56776335

>eldar was even bigger cancer
>in 7th
Eldar were always cancer. Even outside of 7th. Even outside of the Warhammer 40.000 ruleset. If there's ever a system or moment where eldars aren't cancer, the studio will step in to fix that in no time.

>> No.56776344

>decides to play a new army so he and his friends can have fun
>this makes him a cuck.

fuck of waacfag

>> No.56776345

Bump for any advice or just general insults sent my way, since I haven't played a game yet I'm just wondering if the direction I'm going for this army is just going to end up with me tabled on turn 1.

>> No.56776350


>> No.56776371

>you can re-roll any hit rolls
>miss 10 shots
>reroll them all
>miss 6
>reroll them
>miss 2
>reroll them
>hit with every shot

>> No.56776377

What reason/justification can you give, for a marine (non-Primaris) to be especially larger than his fellow marines?

>> No.56776379

how far back are you going? Cos it's been scout, dev, assault, tactical since 2nd ed

>> No.56776380

That 320 point Rubric unit isn't going to work.

>> No.56776386

He is a big guy.
It would be harder to explain why does he wear a mask.

>> No.56776390

Is this going to be the new "summon after disembarking"
I hope not

>> No.56776391


>> No.56776400

That's not how it works.

The point is though, that Cawl allows you to reroll after modifiers effectively.

For example: If you are a hellblaster and you fire at some raven guard, Girlyman allows you to reroll 1s and 2s. You don't reroll 3s though because that is a 'hit' and modifiers make it miss.

Cawl lets you reroll that anyway.

>> No.56776404

I was hoping on hiding the rhino filled with them behind the predator along with pushing tzaangors up far enough to keep people engaged getting close enough to unleash them, should I just scrap that idea then? Is there anything you'd recommend instead?

>> No.56776408

Play at lower point values, crons don't have the ability to use their ace in the hole due to an atrocious mismanagement of pricing in comparison to the other races. There is however a few neat tricks you can do, however, they rely solely on winning that initiative, so the less units, the better.

>> No.56776409

though you can't re-roll a re-roll.

>> No.56776410


You OK with third-party? Scibor and Hi-tech Miniatures do some weird little servant dudes.

>> No.56776412

He just have a big bone.

>> No.56776413

>For you

>> No.56776420

>> No.56776421

the rule says you can re-roll any hit rolls

>> No.56776425

Cant complain about them, could make for decent objectives at worst.

Never heard of them, but willing to check them out.

I know Huron blackheart comes with something, but getting the little creature from a bits seller is borderline impossible, so gonna have to shell out for that one.

>> No.56776429

It also doesn't override the general rule that you can't re-roll a re-rolled die.

>> No.56776431


>> No.56776433

You must be new

>> No.56776438

hope putin posts it soon

>> No.56776440

Don't fall for the b8 again bois

>> No.56776442

Amazing work

>> No.56776447

Fuck that and fuck you. Your units don't get to be immune to Assault just for having a bunch of flamers. They're already taking a gamble by getting closer and going for a long charge.

>> No.56776449

eh marines have a pretty compressed structure. A chapter is really just an over sized battalion with Chapter masters being somewhere between Colonels and Majors in terms of command responsibility. The legions in 30k are closer to contemporary military structures

>> No.56776452

Is that Peter Hitchens?

>> No.56776456

If you're not playing death guard like mold you're doing it wrong

>> No.56776466

Why can't you summon after disembarking? You never moved in the movement phase?

>> No.56776471


Trade your scarabs, deathmarks, and wraiths for more destroyers and warrior blobs. If you want to stand a chance then forget about the fun little units and focus on your main army

>> No.56776473


I'd be cool with that.

>> No.56776477

>immune to assault
check yourself m8

>> No.56776482

What happened to the grey night that went inside s;aneshs palace to kill him/her?
I want the long answer.

>> No.56776485

They already auto-hit on overwatch, what more do you want?

>> No.56776486

20 Tzaangors isn't tieing anything up and those flamers will either never shoot at all or never come close to making their points back. You can take more Terminators if you aren't going to use Magnus.

>> No.56776487

He just saw one of his guardsmen imbibing wicked poisons.

>> No.56776488

Noob question. Suppose my Venerable Dreadnought got hit by a lascannon, and suffered 4 wounds.
He has "Unyielding Ancient: Roll a D6 each time this model loses a wound; on a 6 the damage is ignored and that wound is not lost" rule.

So when suffered 4 damage, how many times can he attempt to use his rule? 1, or 4?

>> No.56776493

fuck off

>> No.56776496


>> No.56776497

Thanks I'll go back to my list and try to change things up.

>> No.56776499


One for each lost wound, so 4.

>> No.56776500

>little loyalist thinks he can kill a god
>lol, nope... get CORRUPTED, son!
>you`re my bitch now, gomake my bidding fag
Reminder that chaos has already won

>> No.56776502

You roll 4 dice for the 4 damage that got through. Each 6 will mitigate 1 point of that damage.

>> No.56776503

>"You never moved"
>Models somehow magically left their transport up to 3" out without moving
Gee I wonder why.

>> No.56776508

>Spend 4 cp for 3 extra mortal wounds

I can do that for free.

>> No.56776509

>quickly hides the evidence and claims Grey Knights cant be corrupted

>> No.56776510

He hesistated to stike trap/otokonoko (I'm not joking) for a second. And that split second was all Slaneesh needed to make him his/her slave. He kneeled to his/her and became the god's own.

>> No.56776512

>Implying Slaanesh isn't getting squatted

>> No.56776515

>oh, I guess they are standing too far away for my flame thrower to hit. too bad I can't wait until they get closer to use it.

>> No.56776519

But anon, thats not strictly movement :^)

>> No.56776520

>8th edition could be a great ruleset if blast/template weapons return.
Or even a special rule for blast weapons. That if there are 10 or more models in the target squad, thing, just on every weapon that used to be a blast.

Bumping up spammy infantry costs across the board, and matching everything else to fit would probably be good too. Or just making heavy stuff deal with massed infantry without any of their own heavies easier (like tank shock or something?).

>> No.56776529

The way my club plays is that all weapons were assumed to be in range for purposes of overwatch, is that not how it works?

>> No.56776534

>Codex says they're incorruptible and not one has ever fallen
>Chaoscucks try to weasel around a clear and direct statement

>> No.56776540

Blast and flamer buffs just so happen to massively help Guard vs Orks and Nids, purely a coincidence surely.

>> No.56776542

But it's not moving it's saying you chose not to move in the movement phase. Like fuck disembark is at the start of the move phase and I can still move like it was my normal movement phase.

>> No.56776548

>not using that on 6 robots
>kills Magnus/Mortarion in 1 shooting phase

>> No.56776551


RAW range still matters, so you better hope they are charging you from the range of your flamer or less if you want to use it. As we all know, having a longer run up means that the enemy has less time to line up a shot.

>> No.56776556

nope. range is a factor in overwatch as its resolved like a regular shooting attack that only hits on a 6.

>> No.56776558

>chaosfags in general trying to break the setting
>makes it so the hivemind somehow dies temporarily
>corrupts the incorruptible
>possesses necrons
I regret starting Thousand Sons after working on Necrons since I have to be associated with these massive fags who ruin settings.

>> No.56776559

what a bitch. Chaos wouldnt have hesitated. Look at Abaddon, for instance.

>> No.56776561

If swooping Hawks disembark over a unit do they use grenade packs on that unit? It is movement right?

>> No.56776563

Thousand sons are fine, the rest of chaos... not so much.

>> No.56776567

Even EC?

>> No.56776571

>codex says Grey Knights bathed in sister's blood to protected themselves
Decide on your god grey fucks, slaanesh and knorne do not like each other much.

>> No.56776577

Actually, Abaddon got a hold of one of the founding members of Grey Knights. He said that he won't hand him over to Fulgrim until he breaks him.

Lo and behold, The Grey Knight was handed to Fulgrim to act as the vessel of Slaanesh's avatar.

>> No.56776578

especially with a weapon that creates a literal wall of flame. those are REALLY hard to use.

>> No.56776584

with max robots you're getting 36 on average
see that [insert unit not from FW]? It's now gone

>> No.56776588

Ah yeah, I guess I'm partially okay. I still have to be slightly associated with the fag ADB's Khayon OC, or Magnus starting the whole domino of shit like the great rift. And Magnus abusing fags on tabletop
What do you mean by Chaos wouldn't have hesitated? Like the time when Abaddon ran away from the 10th Black Crusade and gave the excuse of "simply testing the Iron Hands" and stuff, or what?

>> No.56776589

No it does not. Retconned.

>> No.56776600

Eldar transports can't carry jump pack units so you don't have to worry about it.

>> No.56776603

I'm looking for a quad-Lascannon platform, and Mortis Dread and Predator got my eyes.

Is +6" movement (when more than half wounds), +3 wounds worth +15 points and Chapter Tactics?

>> No.56776604

so that is what its called when grey knight "does not fall", i see
the most secretive chapter indeed...

>> No.56776611

>Not taking scarabs
>Not taking Wraiths
>Taking destroyers
really precludes my pondering

Wraiths and scarabs are our best units right now

>> No.56776617

Huh guess that's alright.

That's like 12 mortal wounds for 4 cp.
It's not broken, it's just the mortal wounds are fucking absurd.

>> No.56776620

>what do you mean
As reads, abbodon was testing them for the future, he is playing the long game of having already won. Know thy enemy

>> No.56776630

It depends on the Tactic. Raven Guard or Salamander Mortis Contemptors are vastly superior to Predators.

>> No.56776631

You're also getting 108 str 6, Ap-2 D1 ignore cover shots at Bs3, rerolling everything.

>> No.56776632

dont force it

>> No.56776637 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56776642

Are Tank Commanders worth it? And is it worth giving them Sponsons? It just seems to really add up when you include everything it's almost 100 points more than a normal Russ with just a turret and secondary gun.

>> No.56776645

don't forget the overcharged plasma shots

>> No.56776646

>Like the time when Abaddon ran away from the 10th Black Crusade and gave the excuse of "simply testing the Iron Hands" and stuff, or what?

Abaddon attacked the capital world of the Medusa system while the Iron Warriors besieged the Iron Hands homeworld. After looting and ravaging the planets of the system, Abaddon left before tons of Imperial reinforcements drowned the place.

All in all, Abaddon gained from the whole thing. Why are you so butthurt about it?

>> No.56776661

GW said you can't summon.

>> No.56776666

Nice image tell me how I'm wrong though, is this faqued?

If I don't move after disembarking I chose not to move for the movement phase.

>> No.56776667

That was a bog standard psyker you idiot.

>> No.56776672

By playing the long game he's hesitating, silly. Also how is the "Grey Knights" thing related?
>abaddon's so courageous and strong that he won't even fight the Imperium's reinforcements
Sounds like hesitation to me, why are you trying to change what I'm arguing? I'm not trying to argue benefits or anything.
Where at all in there did you get the idea that I was butthurt?

>> No.56776674

No, it's not. The Pandorax novel shows that it was a Grey Knight.

>> No.56776675


>> No.56776678

Does this teleportation count as moving if the unit teleported didn't take a move action in the phase?

>> No.56776684

Its role based. Cadian Punisher Russ should be min loadout, Catachan Plasma Russ can be TC with sponsons.

>> No.56776686

Is it worth starting a non-Primaris marine army nowadays?

>> No.56776697

More so than starting a chad marines army, if you want to win games anyway

>> No.56776703

>Sounds like hesitation to me, why are you trying to change what I'm arguing? I'm not trying to argue benefits or anything.

Actually, you were trying to change the subject into something that was not related. That's butthurt talking through you. Abaddon retreating before the Imperium crushes him under its endless numbers is wisdom. He quit while he was ahead.

The Silver Knight falling to Slaanesh is weakness of resolve.

>> No.56776705

i know quad las is tempting, but don't put all your eggs in one basket. a quad las Pred or dread is easily killed in one turn.

personally I run 2 venerable dreads with twin Las + ml. as long as you have other scary shit on the board they will get ignored and get their points back every game.

>> No.56776706

nah, they gonna get squatted in next ed probably

>> No.56776711

Yes it is. The Pandorax novel never shows Abaddon with a Grey Knight and the codex repeatedly refers to it as an unblemished psyker.

>> No.56776712

Shhh anons. He comes.

>> No.56776717

How many points is all this?

Feels strong but counterable.

>> No.56776724

>bullshit offensive psychic powers
what ?
if you're not casting -1 to hit or +1 on saves then you're probably just casting smite

>> No.56776729

Why is/LGBT/ there

>> No.56776738

>The Pandorax novel never shows Abaddon with a Grey Knight

Don't lie, anon. The final chapters of the novel HAS ABADDON TORTURING THE CAPTURED GREY KNIGHT before handing him for Fulgrim. He came to Pandorax for this powerful ancient Grey Knight.

>> No.56776741

/t(rans)g(ender)/ and lgbt go toe in toe, no?

>> No.56776742


>> No.56776744

Can't remember off the top of my head but probably near 1k, possibly less with CA
I'll battlescribe it to get a rough estimate now

>> No.56776746

I like Psychic Maelstrom on my Astropath. It's nice to be able to target whoever not just nearest.

>> No.56776748

ill take boards carnac frequents for 200, Alex.

>> No.56776751

Then post proof Carnac

>> No.56776753

>implying /tg/ and /40kg/ specifically arent filled to the brim with faggots

>> No.56776754

So I'm building Iron Warriors, and wondering how good a hellforged Deredeo is. Those autocannons would look amazing firing over my footsloggers.

>> No.56776755

Oh wow that doesn't seem worth it unless some dude has some stupid expensive crap.

>> No.56776756

Who is Carnac?

>> No.56776758

X3 penitent engines or Exorcists in a 2k list?
Rest of the army is mechanised Immolators.

>> No.56776760

oh, no, all the "unbreakable" lies are falling apart!
quickly kill everyone who is involved!

>> No.56776762

There are a lot of trans traps and gays in this hobby.

>> No.56776768

Literally how new to /40kg/

>> No.56776771

Chaos God of Autism

>> No.56776772

no one important.

>> No.56776774

ADB's cocksleeve

>> No.56776777

>Chaos wouldnt have hesitated. Look at Abaddon, for instance.
is all I'm going off of and arguing against. And how is that butthurt? Why are you trying to use shitty argument tactics and stuff in order to win, Carnac? Is it because you have no good arguments or something?
By the way, didn't Abaddon himself not even fight in the 10th because he was hesitating?
Also playing the long game is hesitation. Anyways, outta here Carnac.

>> No.56776778

Each time a charge is declared against a unit, the target unit can immediately fire Overwatch at the would-be attacker. A target unit can potentially fire Overwatch several times a turn, though it cannot fire if there are any enemy models within 1" of it.

Overwatch is resolved like a normal shooting attack (albeit one resolved in the enemy’s Charge phase) and uses all the normal rules except that a 6 is always required for a successful hit roll, irrespective of the firing model’s Ballistic Skill or any modifiers.

>> No.56776780

Carnac got thrown out of /lgbt/ for an argument about traps.

>> No.56776781 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Probably all the animeposters and mentally ill faggots who want to be little girls, that assume everyone else is also a faggot and post "Where do you think you are?"

>> No.56776798

>not being gay and playing 40k with your bf

baka desu senpai

>> No.56776799

To be fair any Mars army probably has Cawl and at least 2-3 robots anyway making the opportunity cost more like 330-440.

>> No.56776815

Thats how it worked in 6th and how it should work, but they changed it in 7th because they want to make this game worse.

>> No.56776817

That pic is no less disturbing than the burger custom of kissing their mothers on the lips
Over all americans are disgusting

>> No.56776818

I dunno man, I'm openly trans at my store and I've blown 3 of them already with more making advances on me. 40k is pretty fucking gay. Look at how many people play Marines here.

>> No.56776826

Wonder if anyone ever gets the succ in my store

>> No.56776828

I added the phosphor blasters to the destroyers because they're cheaper and have range
without CA it's 1750 with maxed destroyers and 1120 without, in a 3k or higher game it could be viable but in a 2k game no way in hell

>> No.56776830

valhallan player here
i love my dudes
the doctrine for infantry is kinda meh since on 10 man squads you'll rarely see more then 3 guys run away meaning it usually only saves 1
but boy oh boy is that vehicle doctrine great , combine it with a tech priest and the jury rigging strategem and your tanks will never stop firing at full BS unless your opponent finishes them off

probably the best armoured regiment tied with tallarn depending on if you prefer the tallarn flexibility or the valhallan grit

>> No.56776834

>Tfw the relief worker for your lgs was an American fiscal conservative who spoke against trannies, Obama and mass migration into the UK.
>he also had recast FW stuff and third party heads for his guys


>> No.56776836

Dye job: pubes confirmed.

>> No.56776838

not an AM player, but isn't catachan best option for tanks?

>> No.56776839

He still jerks it to shemale porn

>> No.56776848

And then that's only 6-9 likely mortal wounds for 4 cp.

And imo reasonable use of cp is 2 mortal wounds per use. So that's pretty mid road.

Still funny as fuck though, if I played admech I'd do that all the time.

>> No.56776849

Why did your LGS need a relief worker?

Bonus question: Did you ask him to explain in more detail his position as an anti-migration migrant?

>> No.56776850

Absolutely disgusting.

>> No.56776852

Congratulations, you still moved to leave your vehicle just as you have moved when entering via Deepstrike. You have moved but haven't used your movement action for the phase.

>> No.56776858

Catachan is best for any D6 weapon tanks.

>> No.56776859

Ryza has stratagem for plasma.

>> No.56776862

Total damage output for the usual build is 16 Mortal Wounds, 96 S6 AP-2 D1 hits that Ignore Cover and 9 S8 AP-3 D2 plasma hits. Total cost is
240 for Cawl
660 robots
195 or 201 for Plasmaphrons

Total is 1095 or 1101 points and 4CP depending on whether you want Phosphor Blasters or Cognis Flamers as sidearms.

Still plenty lethal without Command Points and pretty good with no Kataphrons or Elimination Volley at all for less cost, but the full formation can barbecue both Daemon Primarchs and their entourages happily. And will need to, because it costs as much as an Apocalypse formation and only fits in a Patrol without spending a bunch more. It's not my favourite method for normal games whatsoever, but it could be fun to try in something like a 6k Apoc with the full 12 Destroyers and screens for around 2k points. Basically you deploy it in a place and forget about any enemy unit within 30" of that point, because it is now Defended.

>> No.56776863

I'm sorry anon we don't do that.

>> No.56776888

He didnt think he was a migrant cause he's probably white

>> No.56776890 [DELETED] 

It's a 1 man GW store, if 1 man manager needs a break they get relief workers in.

Also he wasn't against migration period, he was against it from countries with awful cultures.

Also he hated on the Democrats as racist eugenicists and on movements like BLM


>> No.56776899

Is he against migration from the US then?

>> No.56776900

Sounds like a huge retard, sorry he's in your store anon

>> No.56776904

Does the roll-off winner choose the deployment map or roll for it? Seems some older players at my FLGS think you choose the map when you "determine" it...

>> No.56776905

well that's probably also helped by the fact that an astropath can't cast smite effectively

that said with their recent point increase are astropaths even worth it ?
went from 21 points vs 40 for the primaris to 36 points vs the 44 of the primaris , and the primaris fills up an hq slot as an added bonus

>> No.56776907

still fun to delete most units in the game with a few units though. The mortal wound count should be 32(ish) because mortal wounds will pop on a 5+

>> No.56776911

>its another, thread turns into a discussion that belongs on /pol/ episode
the writers are getting lazy

>> No.56776914

Can command squad take jumpacks?

>> No.56776915

Well, the full six robots + Cawl score 16 MWs, but the problem is you can't just drop all those on one unit and all the S6 on another. It comes in 16 hit/2.66 MW chunks, so you need 5 of the 6 bots to down a Magnus reliably. Basically one dead DP and two horribly mauled other units per nova turn.

>> No.56776916

To be honest it doesn't say moving, otherwise rules that rely on movement would get triggered if you moved out of phase. Like if summoning was in shooting phase and you moved with a pyschic power, that movement wouldn't count against summoning.

Still wrong but it's dumb how they don't specify all movement.

>> No.56776918

You choose your side, the map is randomly determined.
Source: the fucking rulebook on every single Eternal War mission.

>> No.56776923

It's a Mortal on a 6+ To Wound, not 6+ To Hit, so it's not boosted by the +1 from Elimination Volley. Sadly, because otherwise yeah, I'll take two dead Primarchs per turn.

>> No.56776931

Well it did turn to Carnacland for half a second, but he seems to have given up
with no more answers because he's wrong and can't win anymore.

>> No.56776932

yep, was just about to reply to my own post saying ignore it

still pretty strong though

>> No.56776933

What country was he suggesting has a worse culture than the US, but has people who want to migrate to the UK? I ask this as an American struggling to imagine why any sane person would move from here to there on purpose, as the UK doesn't protect your right to be racist nearly as much, and that is a right which is very precious to me. Your example of BLM is actually a very good one.

However, your worker is docked 100 points if he did not also complain about Republicans. You can always tell when an American is lying about politics, they pretend one of our two parties isn't absolute shit.

>> No.56776935

Story time?

>> No.56776948

The digits confirmed that a long time ago, anon.

>> No.56776949

I'm asking he said they were gay or something and then all the gays in denial got enraged.

>> No.56776950 [DELETED] 

Shut up lefty pol it's one thread in like 50 posts.

>> No.56776954

Fucking gays ruined rainbows and parades for everyone!

>> No.56776960


>> No.56776962

Guessing, not asking obviously.

>> No.56776968

Point of the Ad Mech arrr is that it's too good.

Make it Stygies 8 and a dominos. You're getting 108 str 6, ap-2 shots which ignore cover at bs3 rerolling 1 for 2cp. oh and those beep boops have -1 to hit so are sturdy as fuck

>> No.56776971

>just mentioning the summoning after disembarking debacle is enough to drive the thread into shit
Boy oh boy. Also I want /pol/ to stay in its containment board.

>> No.56776984

And quires, and blood drinking and hugs and butt fucking and pink shirts

>> No.56776989

He didn't like Trump too much and would have preferred Cruz.

>> No.56776996

Yes but can you deep strike after moving out of phase?

>> No.56777004

I'm very much regretting choosing yellow.

>> No.56777007

sure rerolling the random shots is great but as guard you usually have the numbers to offset any wiffed rolls , or you can use the strategem
the extra shots you get out of it on average are compensated by the shots you miss because you're on bs5+ in my opinion
as soon as you drop a BS you're losing 33% effectiveness, whereas rolling 2d6 and choosing the highest (technically better then being able to reroll but that's to hard to mathhammer since it involves a lot of player agency) is only +/- a 20% increase in the amount of hits you get

>> No.56777009

it's done. finished.

>> No.56777017


>> No.56777018

Mortal wounds shouldn't ignore invulns.

>> No.56777021

You make it sound very appealing, I might consider running that doctrine then. The way my army plays and looks fits that more than Catachan.

Infantry squads always let me down despite everyone telling me they are good. I was just going to use 2 squads of Conscripts again but with the 45 relic. Mostly intended to use Basilisks, Lemans and Bullgryn as my offensive force.

>> No.56777024

But, oh? What's that? They do ignore invulnerable saves.

>> No.56777025

I come from a third world country. We where visiting Disney because America fuck yeah
We got a warning to not use red shirts that day. Since gays where using them on Disney.

Like why the fuck do you need a uniform to fuck your same sex. Is your life so empty that your only worthy thing is who you fuck?

>> No.56777026

Do I roll for each shot or for one shot and they get hit multiple times?

>> No.56777036

Is your store gay or do you have women/traps/trans?

>> No.56777037

That defeats the point of having them, since they're for beating to death nonsense like Guilliman, 3++R1 Magnus, theoretical future screamerstars or even the rare 2++ 20 Fulgurite blob on a Relic.

>> No.56777038

Yeah but it says "determine" not "roll for map" or so the old timers say.

>> No.56777046

but they should like not.

>> No.56777050

because sexual identity is only identity, apparently.

>> No.56777053

>homosexuals being obnoxious, knowing it triggers disgust in many people
>people react in disgust

Who could have foreseen this!?

>> No.56777059

It's so they can openly rape without consent them and be cheered. Some dudes get off to that and we're supposed to openly applaud their weird fantasies.

>> No.56777062

why the fuck i should not use one of my shirts cos those idiots decided to take one of the most popular colors as some kind of signal thing?

>> No.56777066

Sh-shut up pol

>> No.56777076

Well the old timers are morons, not terribly surprising. They're also blatantly trying to give themselves a massive advantage.

Look up ITC and Nova mission play. That shit is always random for deployment zones and the map should always be symmetrical.

>> No.56777080

Because if you or your kid wears it you're fair game.

>> No.56777087

They don't care about ITC and Nova. They haven't played a single game in those formats.

>> No.56777106

Well it sounds like you have two options.

1. If you play with them, abuse the ability to choose zones and roll for it. Tailor your list to absolutely crush on particular types.
2. Don't play with them

>> No.56777109

thanks Emperor i am not in murica

>> No.56777115 [DELETED] 

Because if you wore one it meant you are into that sort of stuff.

In my third world country only now we are having issue with this retards. Till then gay didn’t parade their sex life. You know like sane and normal people.

>> No.56777125

Don't you mean choose maps? Zones *are* player choice in the BRB.

Though choosing the map still depends on winning the roll-off.

>> No.56777147

Faggot psyops to make you think the two things share commonality and belong together.

>> No.56777177

None of the marine LOWs. Theyre hundreds of points overcosted.

Unlike baneblades.

Take a baneblade

>> No.56777186

Why, he doesn't even look bad? If you are having issues with it Duncan even has an Imperial Fists Armor tutorial that is easy and gets good results.

>> No.56777199

Specifically, either the one with the volcano cannon or the one with 20 firing ports, depending on your needs.

Bonus points if it's the latter with 15 Inquisitors inside, rolling around and rooting out heresy.

>> No.56777217

Stormlord and Acolytes with Storm Bolter

Those units alone would be more shooting than Necrons

>> No.56777238

Has Duncan done any White armour tutorial?

>> No.56777247


he did this

>> No.56777255

Presumably it's: white spray, celestra grey, recess shade of nuln oil or some shit, layer of ulthuan grey and white scar highlight.

>> No.56777276



>> No.56777325

Ok, how 'white' is Ulthuan Grey when compared to actual white like White Scar?

>> No.56777331

Less white.

>> No.56777334

my warmaster came in
it's so nice

>> No.56777419

Need to make a map for my 40k campaign. What could I use?

>> No.56777427

make it a big willy

>> No.56777429

What kind of map? Starchart or battlefield?

>> No.56777446

Why are Iron Warriors the best Legion?

>> No.56777459

>being baited by the ruinous powers

>> No.56777463

They're pretty alright. I like their hazard stripes.

>> No.56777470


May as well have said “just sell your army and quit the game because we are fun-hating condescending cunts.” I can’t believe I still play after how pissed I was at that shit. They’ll never admit it, but it had to be goddamn Cruddace that ruined Orks and the Space Odin codex just dragged out the army’s agonizing death.

>> No.56777480

>not the 7th
Objectively shit opinion detected

>> No.56777491

New Rumour Engine

>> No.56777503

It's pretty fucking White it is.

>> No.56777508

Oh look, it's nothing

>> No.56777511

It's fulgrim's loin cloth, but it dips down at the top so you can see the girth of his penis. Nice

>> No.56777514

TSons Psyker Dreadnought

le shitpost

>> No.56777530

plastic sisters confirmed.

>> No.56777531

>Any of the Loyalist legions

>> No.56777542

God busy will post it in a minute.

Dude, you went off the rails and imploded.

>> No.56777552

>baited by ruinous powers
>not knowing that IW only use Chaos as a tool, and are so cold and efficient that they don’t even worship Chaos

>> No.56777556

Battlefield. Ideally would be a city map with walls and a little town outside of it.

>> No.56777572

>His Chapter is now guided by Guilliman

>> No.56777577

>??????.M?? / Somewhere in the Eye of Terror

>The heavy door to the cell creaked open slowly, sending two of its occupants scurrying to the corners. If they could, the other two beings in the cell might have done likewise but, fused together and suspended from chains made from an unbreakable warpforged metal, that was beyond their current abilities.

>Abaddon stepped into the darkened prison, the amber eyes of one of the xenos blanks regarding him with fear. On the other side of the cell, the female human blank, naked and caked in filth, snarled like a cornered beast. The Warmaster ignored them both, focused solely on who – or, more accurately – what was hanging in the centre of the cell.

>His powerful arms bound at the wrists, Epimetheus’s similarly shackled feet hung a metre above the cold stone floor of the dungeon. His skin was a ruin of scar tissue, his black carapace having been removed early in his captivity, and his eyes and mouth had been sewn shut with fibre hewn from the sinew of daemons. Behind his sealed lips sat the void where his tongue used to be, Abaddon making good on his promise at the time of capture, and a clean surgical wound ran along the side of his throat where the progenoids had been extracted.

>The price in oaths and fealty that the Warmaster had received from Fabius Bile and his ilk in exchange for this particular genetic material was immeasurable. When next he launched a Black Crusade upon the Imperium Abaddon would not only reap the benefits of that loyalty but, with the blessing of the Four, have new and more powerful troops at his disposal.

>And, if his ultimate plan should come to fruition… No, similar ventures had been attempted in the past and come to naught. The Warmaster dealt in practicalities and actualities, not what ifs.

>> No.56777578

I want to play some brand of marines, but I can't even decide between loyalist or chaos, let alone which chapter/legion. I know I want to homebrew them, though.

>> No.56777583

Not as white. white scar is a decent highlight for Ulthuan grey

>> No.56777584

>use Chaos as a tool

>> No.56777598

>His limbs removed, the third blank was grafted to Epimetheus’s back, one last failsafe should the emasculated Grey Knight slip his bonds and attempt to escape. The man was barely alive, the dull eyes set below a heavy brow barely open, and tubes protruded from holes bored in his torso through which flowed dark liquids, sustaining his hellish existence.

>Abaddon drew close to his captive, causing both Epimetheus and the symbiotic blank to flinch. The Grey Knight’s nostrils flared. Despite being deprived of most of his senses, he could tell that the Warmaster was near.

>Leaning in close to his prisoner’s ear, Abaddon whispered, ‘Soon, Epimetheus. Soon.’

>The breath being forced from Epimetheus’s nose became grunts, and he pulled and twisted more forcefully at his bonds causing the blank joined to him to murmur a plaintive wail.

>Exiting the cell, the Warmaster left the Grey Knight to struggle against his restraints, safe in the knowledge that he would never be able to break them no matter how long he hung there.

>Abaddon had waited ten thousand years to depose the Corpse-Emperor and claim the Throne of Terra. To break one of the founding brothers of the Grey Knights, to have him bend his knee in unswerving allegiance, the Warmaster could wait for all eternity.

Why is Abaddon so based? Here is your proof.

>> No.56777610

Be doesn't think based daddy dorn is still around

>> No.56777624

All Guardsmen Party just duct-taped blanks to Psyker enemies. Worked about as well.

>> No.56777652

Implosion or not, Abaddon hesitated somehow, and Chaos has hesitated before.

>> No.56777664

So then it looks white enough to be seen as 'white,' not 'grey' when I use that as a last layer (before highlight) of a white armor?

> I'm not even sure what I'm saying

>> No.56777668

>people actually like the edgy powers of chaos and their pawns

>> No.56777676

They should, but mortal wounds shouldn't be so fucking common.

>Ogryn with a giant fucking shield can't block the bolter shot flying at the commander without getting hurt

Ogryn's aren't smart, sure. But come on, now...

>> No.56777681

Chaos > Terran Marines

>> No.56777685

You don't have to focus it all on one target though, it isn't 3-7e anymore. If he doesn't bring one giant unit you shoot 2 big units or 3 medium units etc.

>> No.56777695

Shit that fights for humanity > Shit enslaved by personified filth and ruin

>> No.56777713

>He thinks doing whatever the fuck you want and climbing to the top of the ladder is “edgy”

>> No.56777727

Ignoring all authority and social norms to be a selfserving dickbag is the definition of edgy

>> No.56777731

>with no more answers because he's wrong and can't win anymore.

>> No.56777739


Play Magnus, win game.
With CA, you'll have +4 to Smite with him, so enjoy 2d6 mortal wounds over 50% of the time.

>> No.56777752

>willing to wait for eternity to corrupt something that's supposed to be incorruptible
Anon what? Are you quoting the wrong person? Are you quoting the wrong thing? Why are you posting unrelated /pol/ stuff out of /pol/?

>> No.56777759

How do you think most regimes and authority starts? By being a self serving dickbag and ignoring all social norms and authorities to make your own

>> No.56777763

>he thinks he's climbing to the top of the ladder while his mind is enslaved to disgusting immaterial powers that corrupt his mind, body and soul
You'd have to be a complete idiot if you're aware of even a sliver of the lore, and consider this a mere act of "climbing to the top of the ladder", if anything you submit yourself to ruin and literal degeneracy while damning everything around you.

You're basically the 40k equivalent of a school shooter who can't cope with life, so yes that's pretty edgy and absolutely detestable.

>> No.56777764

What's the ETA on the Custodes HQ?
I'm assuming the Primaris easy build kits come out on the 23rd?

>> No.56777767

Who needs geedubs Celestine when you have this?

>> No.56777775

Abaddon handed over Epimetheus to Fulgrim and launched the 13th Black Crusade.

So put 1 +1.

>> No.56777779

I have an old pewter Celestine. Don't need any other.

>> No.56777780

Is she standing on a church?

>> No.56777787


>> No.56777793

When did it say Epimetheus got corrupted? I want to see that part, all you had there was that he was broken and junk.

>> No.56777804

>Anon what? Are you quoting the wrong person?
Yep, misquoted, my bad.
>Why are you posting unrelated /pol/ stuff out of /pol/?
Because it was for you, my commie friend!

>> No.56777809

>not using the win button as a tool

>> No.56777812

>Abaddon is said to maintain his freewill and try as they might the Chaos Gods cannot force him to kneel before them
>Abaddon in end of it all, when casts down the Emperor, will have to face down the Chaos Gods themselves for the fate of mankind

Chaos is a tool and nothing more. A tool to enact JUSTICE!

>> No.56777821

Abaddon says he is willing to wait an eternity to break him. He wouldn't give him up to Fulgrim otherwise.

>> No.56777823

Is that what Abbadon actually thinks? What a dumbass.

What did the Emperor even do to him?

>> No.56777832

This. Abbadon (and Everchosen from Fantasy) are proof that true power demands sacrifice, and if you succeed in being strong willed enough, you can rule with an iron fist while maintaining complete control of yourself from the Chaos Gods. That’s the appeal of chaos, to be ruler of your own fate. Even the slightest chance of having this is enough for some people to sacrifice everything for.

>> No.56777842

Call me a commie in front of my face fren, you hecking dummy. Hecking nu/pol/, learn where to and not to /pol/.
What? Repeat that please, I don't see anything saying he was corrupted yet. Actually, I saw no Fulgrim quote in general.
>end one of the things keeping humanity alive to save it
lole what a dummy

>> No.56777846

>What did the Emperor even do to him?

He betrayed the Great Crusade and the legions. Intended for standard humans to rule the Imperium rather than the marines who built it, killed his Primarch, etc.

>> No.56777850

Yes please. I hope we get some new cool shit with the daemons codex

>> No.56777854

>Look of competitive GK video
>"So, you take 5 Grandmaster Dreadknights, then you..!"

>> No.56777860

kitchen scenery (curtains now included)

>> No.56777864

>What? Repeat that please, I don't see anything saying he was corrupted yet.

He was handed over to Fulgrim. Abaddon broke him

And even if he didn't break him, being used as Slaanesh's avatar totally did.

>> No.56777869

But archaon fucked everything up, he was supposed to destroy the world and end everything to spite the dark gods but that just landed him in an even bigger fantasy land where the guys he hates rule everything.

>> No.56777882

Shes a big girl

>> No.56777891

Actually, he realised he was thinking to small and went on to end universes. Archaon goal in AoS is the total dissolution of the Realms.

Archaon remains a rogue figure in Chaos that the Chaos Gods cannot control.

>> No.56777901

I would buy this model if the other models in the range weren't shit.

>> No.56777902

Still not seeing it though. Where's that part, Carnac?

>> No.56777903

What are you guys gonna ask the best Black Library author?

>> No.56777917

They're not the Ultramarines who are objectively the best though.

>> No.56777921

Are you friend with Duncan?

>> No.56777923

Did you lose weight? Be honest, it was soy wasn't it?

>> No.56777924

Ask him why he endorses Chaos so much, and how he's gonna retcon the final fight between Horus and the Emperor.

>> No.56777926

You can act pedantic all you want but at the end of the day you know that it happened.

And you will eat your hat when they release the new Avatar of Slaanesh model.

>> No.56777933

What is the point of "ruling with an iron fist" when you damn everything else, leaving only you, the chaos and its minions? Besides, if in the end they can't corrupt you, why wouldn't they just kill you?

Seems like some brainlet didn't think this through.

They were the only ones doing any betrayal. The marines are tools, taken from human children and augmented to serve a greater purpose. A tool that serves only itself has no use, and they forsake their fathers in this infantile rebellion.

Horus sure as fuck had it coming, and in his last moments even he knew so.

>> No.56777945

>Archaon remains a rogue figure in Chaos that the Chaos Gods cannot control.
And yet hes been dancing to their tune the entire time.

>destroy realms
>accidentally end up in the uber realms and give the dark gods control of them
What then?

>> No.56777955

He does it to drive the narrative and sell models.

>> No.56777980

>They were the only ones doing any betrayal.

The Emperor abandoned the Great Crusade and went back to Terra to ascend to godhood.

>The marines are tools,

They are warriors who bled and died to forge the Imperium. To be cast aside for standard humans who thrive and live in the security and enlightenment that the marines have created is injustice. Marines have the right to rule over what they have created. Say no to communism.

>in his last moments even he knew so.

Horus was weak.

>> No.56777987

True. But Tzeentch is afraid of him now.

>> No.56777999

Abadon <<<< Horus

>> No.56778000

Ironically something about his father

Unironically what he's going to do about Zho Sahaal

>> No.56778005

Show me it then, because I've never seen this part myself, and when hearing of it I'm pretty sure the other people said it was some random psyker boy and not a Grey Knight. Inform me.

>> No.56778015

Whats his next book?
Whats his biggest fuck up?
What retcon he is most proud of?

>> No.56778018

>And yet hes been dancing to their tune the entire time.

No, he isn't. The Chaos Gods warred with Archaon for aeons over his refusal to bow to them.

In fact, Archaon did not lead the invasion of the Mortal Realms until the Chaos Gods came to him and bargained with him that everything he conquered in the realm would belong to him alone.

>What then?

That is phase 1. Phase 2 is blowing up the Mortal Realms resulting end of everything there including the Chaos Gods dominion of Chaos.

>> No.56778038

>to Terra to ascend to godhood.
holy shit how much of the chaos kool-aid have you been drinking ? how are you alive ?
it's canon that this was deceit by the chaos gods and the traitor marines are cucklets that led to the fate which they thought they where going to prevent
> Marines have the right to rule over what they have created.
then why don't chaos cucklets recognize the emperors right to rule over them ?
and i'm pretty sure their rightful ruler (since he created them) wanted them to back down and fuck of

>> No.56778046

The Emperor put the Crusade in the hands of Horus, who he trusted. The "betrayal" was a falsehood created by ruinous powers.

The chapters rule their own homeworlds without even paying taxes, not that it matters. They serve a greater purpose WILLINGLY. Acolytes flock to them for strength, all to fight for a greater cause defending what they recognise to be worth fighting for.

And Horus may have been "weak" enough to fall, but at least he saw the error of his ways. Don't be a dumbass.

>> No.56778056

isn't it heavily hinted that in his final battle with sigmar he will ascend to deamonhood

>> No.56778057

Literally all they have to do is order a squad of Havocs to shoot him with Lascannons the moment he's outlived his usefulness

>> No.56778070

Those are not my views. These are the views of Abaddon and the traitor legions. Anon asked why Abaddon hates the Emperor and I gave him the reasons.

>emperors right to rule over them ?

Because of the said betrayal of the Great Crusade and him valuing humanity over primarchs and the marines. That made him the False Emperor.

>> No.56778078

I don't think so. His lore has him vehemently refusing daemonhood.

>> No.56778086


Because Pert is the most likeable primarch, anyone who disagrees should read Angel exterminatus

>> No.56778096

>seeing the needs of all trillions of humans over the million or few marines as not right

fucking hell i have a renewed hatred towards the chaos legions.

>> No.56778113

Abaddon is such a tool.

>> No.56778120

But marines and Primarchs are tools.
Tools made to be wield by humanity.
Marines willingly acept being turn into a tool.

Chaos marines are teenager that regret their desicions

>> No.56778121

>The chapters rule their own homeworlds without even paying taxes, not that it matters. They serve a greater purpose WILLINGLY. Acolytes flock to them for strength, all to fight for a greater cause defending what they recognise to be worth fighting for.

Actually, traitor marines such as Abaddon as mental midgets who are brainwashed by the now paranoid Imperium. They do not have as much freewill as the HH marines.

And you really going compare ruling a single world to ruling the entire Imperium?

>> No.56778123

yes i know
but the interpretation most people give to it is that he will not be able to defeat sigmar on his own and will thus accept the "blessings" of the chaos gods to defeat him and ascend to daemonhood

which in turns opens up a new way to defeat him by someone else by using his true name

>> No.56778124

>Because of the said betrayal of the Great Crusade and him valuing humanity over primarchs and the marines.
Back in my day, uppity marines knew their place as tools for humaity's use.

>> No.56778130

About to start a small Iron Warriors force but I've never liked Pert. Sell me on that ugly mug.

>> No.56778143

The trillions of humans did not build the Imperium. The marines did. Humanity brought horrors of Old Night. They cannot be trusted to rule themselves.

Vote Emperor Abaddon.

>> No.56778151

>ruling a single world
cough ultramar cough

>> No.56778165

But they sustain the Imperium, Who best to rule the Imperium than those who knows what it need s now, rather than what it needed during its creation?

>> No.56778170

Marines can’t be made without humans.
So Humans have sacrifice everything for humanity even their own humanity to be turn into tools.

Then chaos fags throw a tantrum and fuck everything for everyone

>> No.56778174

They're mentally deficient and abused by chaos. Don't make fun of the disabled.

The Imperium fights for itself, toils for itself, dies for itself. The only rightful ruler of mankind is he who united it from the brink of destruction, and raised it from ruin.

>> No.56778177

An exception and even then after just before Girlyman was KO'ed made most of Ultramar's worlds independent. The Ultramarines before Girlyman woke up, control directy like a system or two.

>> No.56778180

>shock troopers build civilizations
lol ok

>> No.56778185

He's a bitter fuck because his brothers get all the glory while his legion is underappreciated.

Case in point: during the Heresy he purchases every single copy of a piece of art depicting the Imperial fists claiming a fortress that the Iron Warriors had been singing for months. The art depicts the fists triumphantly raising a banner in the sunlight while at the bottom here are Iron Warriors Medicae tending to wounded Iron Warriors, covered in filth. He bought every copy so that no one else can see it. He keeps the original as a reminder of how much the rest of the Imperium views them: fodder, trench diggers, etc.

>> No.56778195

member when the nid codex came out and the space marine shitposting stopped

those were a good couple of weeks

>> No.56778209


If you actually think pawns of chaos are in the right, while being aware of 40k history you will have only pity from me.

>> No.56778212

Where do Primarchs get money???

>> No.56778213

>The trillions of humans did not build the Imperium
The solar auxilia was a thing
the adeptus mechanicus is a thing
the navis nobilite is a thing
chapter serfs are a thing
the imperial navy is a thing
8 out of 9 of the traitor legions did nothing but knock down sandcastles pre heresy. They built jack shit and they wouldn't even be able to scratch their own ass without the admech, and the navigators

>> No.56778222


New thread

>> No.56778223

Ultramarines and Word Bearers would like a word.

>> No.56778252

>marines should be seen
>not listen

Would you ask advice from your chainsaw? No you would not. Same thing happens with marines. Just tools.

They even ride Rhinos for fuck sake

>> No.56778265

The Word Bearers would like a word with everyone, that's their fucking thing, and granting them leave to corrupt your mind is heresy.

>> No.56778270

>mistaking the use of capital afforded by the imperium and HUMANITY as a whole as your innate ability

>> No.56778272


To the guy who asked a couple threads ago, if you're still here.

Yep, the Spiritstone Red is how I do the glossy red. The reason I don't use Tamiya Clear or FW Angron Red is because I don't have access to those paints or to an airbrush. The Spiritstone Red was pretty much the best I had to work with.

I thin it down with water and give the model two coats, then shade them with thinned Carroburg Crimson and then give one final coat of thinned-down Spiritstone Red. If you do a thicc layer of it, the gemstone paints start to distort and split, which looks ugly. And even after those three coats, you still need to seal it in with 'ardcoat, but it looks great imo, so it's all good.

>> No.56778326

They probably borrow the Emperor's unlimited limit visa card.

>> No.56778439

>I'm your new primarch, now beat every tenth one of yourselves to death for literally no reason
>best primarch ever

>> No.56780456

Is Abaddon; The Talon of Horus in any of the megas? I can't find it.

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