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Alpha Legion Edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for Alpharius

>Dark Angels Preview

>Daily Dunked Peaches

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

Chapter Approved 2017 PDF Link expires 11th Dec

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I love all you anons. Even the ones who are rude to me. I hope you have a good week of 40k

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Fucking kill yourself.

Thanks anon, I hope your week goes well.

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xth for pls help me with my Nid list.

Should I replace the Hormagants with Rippers?

I'm not sure what I value more, having a screen for my Genestealers, or being able to fill out my Genestealers and Termagants into full squads.

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No, seriously, what does this banner represent? It's a naked man, reclining with an erupting volcano or lightning bursting a mountain or something?

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Yep looks like tyranids

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dumb fucking alpha legion marine!

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Nth for fuck primaris deathwatch

And fuck eversors

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I think you know damn well what it means.

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Fallen angels at the explosion of caliban

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Learn to share it properly.

Share Roster > Chat (Or Other to customise)

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Why are they naked, though?

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Don't assume anon's gender or race you fucking shitlord reeeeeeeee

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Caught mid fucc with his pal

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>post model you're painting and number of paints your painting it with
Fire-Warrior, [ 20 colors total]:
ceramite white, ulthuan grey, white scar, xv-88, tau light ochre, ungor flesh, abbadon black,eshin grey, dawnstone, administratum grey, the fang, russ grey, fenrisian grey, drakenhoff nightshade, agrax earthshade, screamer pink, pink horror, emperors children, balthasar gold, gold highlight(forgot which color)
obviously not including base

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Any word on a Talons of the Emperor codex? I'm hopeful we'll at least get deep striking back.

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>his renegade space marines don't go into combat fully naked to prove the superiority of the human form

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>building my Admech
>both the Kataphrons AND the Onager have joints that the guns build into
>joints are built separately
>only enough joints in the pack to build 1 gun/joint
>making magnetizing extremely difficult if not literally impossible

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Dark Angels seems to have a strange name since they dont really have angel motifs in their army.

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When I did that, people bitched about my formatting.

>ask specific question
>yeap that looks like a list alright xD


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Are Raven Guard dreads good this edition? I was planning to run a Contemptor and a Venerable buffed by a Librarian, backed up by Devastators Creeding with Lias Issodon. Okay or not okay?

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Gonna post it again, cause last thread instadied after I posted.

If we got so little change in Chapter Approved, does it mean that our codex will be good?

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You vs who she tells you not to worry about.

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They're faggots.

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Those look like Dark Eldar to me

>> No.56765801

it's to represent The Lion bustin a nut

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How do I git gud at greenstuff?

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How do Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar conflicts work? Is it just shoot on sight kind of stuff or are they willing to just ignore each other if they run into each other?
Do they go out of their way to attack each other? I know that Incubi have to fuck up aspect warriors for initiation but is there anything else like that?

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Hot dang those are some nice numbers for admech in CA
Did they really need a buff, even one this cautious?

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you can magnatize dunecrawlers just fine, you just need to accept slightly mismatching fits for some of the guns.

I can't remember which mount I used as the base, but I know it was NOT the neutron laser one.

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Really? Really Anon? These guys have 15 Angels on them.

>> No.56765823

Dual meanings. In-universe, it's probably a mournful reminder of Luther's fall and the destruction of Caliban.

In the real world, I bet you can all guess what it means, given that "Dark Angel" was a poem written by Lionel Johnson about being a closeted gay...

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Fucking hell, you sound like GW's marketing department. 'what do you mean they're called angels, but we haven't stuck wings all over them? Preposterous. And rename everything after things from genesis or paradise lost.'
Wait, they actually did that last bit.

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I ended up just putting on a Neutron Lazer. Figured that that's what I would be running in 90% of games anyways.

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Blood Angels Tactical marine
Mephiston Red,Evil sunz scarlet, Leadbelcher, Abaddon black,Balthasar Gold, Zandri Dust, Ushtabi Bone,Ceramite white, Screamer Pink, Pink Horror, Averland Sunset, Waywatcher Green, Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade.

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>bad warlord trait, decent relic, decent strat, very situational strat, massive decrease on the klaws
>waaa waaa we're ignored

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I just wish there were more robes.

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Dark eldar are like Craftworld Eldar's junkie sibling. They will occasionally fight, and the junkie may enjoy tormenting their sober sibling, but in the end, their still family.

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>Should I replace the Hormagants with Rippers?
You should replace this entire list with a better one.

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>Primaris Alpha Legion marine
U wot?

>> No.56765901

Yeah. I've only ever used the laser in my games.

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>still no Our King to lead his men

>> No.56765909

mk4 armour

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>order $600 of shit from thewarstore
>have question, specifically what the items being listed as "backordered" on my order status means, and how long it usually takes until they go from backordered to on the way
>thewarstore's customer support hasn't answered my email
>it's been a week

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My first attempt at building an army, not going for anything that I'll use in tournaments but I'm hoping not to end up getting tabled on turn 1. It says 2007 points but icons of flame went from 10 points to 5 and battlescribe doesn't account for that yet so it's actually at 1997.

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"he thinks the primaris are not an alpha legion plot

>> No.56765929

>being this fucking dumb

>> No.56765938

These fucking Copyrightable names are getting outta hand

>> No.56765944

Please, elaborate.

>> No.56765955

>God-Emperor of Mankind
>Before the start of the first turn if the opponent does not also have The God-Emperor of Mankind on the battlefield you win the game
>You may only run one of these models

>> No.56765967

>bitching about shows

>> No.56765968

I only just noticed what's wrong with primaris
their stupid ugly mouth bits are just squished mkIV instead of being the proper psuedo beak
they look like pugs

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Why is this video in the original post?

>> No.56765973

Whats the apocalypse rules?

>> No.56765989

Proper tools and planning

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Whole index is still very underwhelming except for boys spam. Also if you think that Dakka-Dakka is a decent stratagem, let me assure you that it is not it gets cancelled by any +1 to hit debuff and in general boosting number of shots by ork infantry shooting by 16% is not great. 30 shoota boys won't even kill an extra 0.8 marine on average from that. I gotta agree on relic and klaw decrease though.

Those changes are nice, but in grand scheme of things were like painting a wall of a house which is in critical condition

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what happens if both parties have him? do they just fight via stats?
do they roll off to see whos winning?
do they burn their models?
also how many skekels would gw want for this?

>> No.56766004

Is a 20% discount on GW prices about the best I'll get non-second hand? That admech box for £40 is tempting me awfully

>> No.56766012

I did a thing

>> No.56766014

Admech pride, forgeworld wide!

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>current year
>being an avatarfagg

>> No.56766029

They give each other a firm handshake and then circle jerk about their fifteen million dollar solid gold model until someone finally puts them down like the dogs they are.

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This is a dumb question but I've never bought anything online. Do you pay taxes on gws webstore?

>> No.56766041

yeah, sounds realistic

>> No.56766046

Shit that might be older than a decent part of the userbase here

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Daily reminder that ADB make blank Grey Knights

>> No.56766074

Anon everyone is an avatarfag now adays

>> No.56766081

I'm going to order this, what quality should I be expecting? Heard bad things about Finecast.

>> No.56766086

That's what you get from turning your back on papa geedubz.

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>> No.56766095

>future year
>doesn't know reaction images

>> No.56766099

yeah -20% is as good as it gets now, theres a legal limit to how much of a discount 3rd partys can give

>> No.56766102

One with the more Emperors win.

>> No.56766108

>one pic
Lad status: wew

>> No.56766110

since it's a newer resin only sculpt theres lesss chance of it being totally awful. it's still going to be covered in mould lines, possibly have terrible mould slips and generally be an absolute nightmare to clean

>> No.56766119

Why is the tech-priest talking to Shadman?

>> No.56766122

Plague Marines:

Around 22-24.

>> No.56766135

>current 40kg
>hasnt memorized every avatarfag's waifu and corresponding 2-5 images they spam over and over

>> No.56766141

bent sword, lots of cleaning to do

>> No.56766143

and the book Enoch

>> No.56766144

Termagants are bad without a tervigion you're better off with more Hormagaunts, and always run them in units of 30.

>> No.56766152

I feel like that url is going to give me cancer
Oh shit it did

>> No.56766157

Fella have you ever seen any DA models. Angel iconography is on every kit I can think of, from storm shields and the bikes to the pauldrons and fiddly decorative bitz.

>> No.56766161 [SPOILER] 

For Advice on his newst E-Comic, Loli Toasters of Stygies VII

>> No.56766163

Depends on when they made it, I'd say if it's after 2014ish it's probably of good quality. SMs probably have a more updated range since theyre popular.

>> No.56766173

Bump for advice that any one can offer.

>> No.56766180

Ill be honest and i had only seen a few specific DA units before this and didn't really see much angelic iconography.

>> No.56766197

I believe I can fly
I believe I can touch the sky

>> No.56766209

lel hes an easy kitbash, just make him

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>> No.56766227

>mfw i don't own one of these.
At least i wont look like a bandwagoner.

>> No.56766231

>implying that I didn't just save the image here
>implying that akko isn't versatile for conveying reactions
>implying that my witch-fu isn't Sucy.

>> No.56766233


This might be a fun idea.

How would you stat Emps, /40kg/?

You could either have him in corpseform, or reborn/magically healed somehow.

Here's mine:

God-Emperor of Mankind
500 points
M5 WS6+ BS6+ S5 T8 I2 W15 A2 SV 2+/3++

Special Rules:
Literally Jesus: When rolling for psychic powers, Emps rolls 5 dice and chooses the highest 3 results. Emps never suffers from Perils of the Warp.

The Golden Throne: Emps gives a bubble of awesome (+1 to hit, +1 to wound, rerolls to hit, rerolls to wound, feel no pain 4+, +1 S, +1 T) to all units within 24 inches.

Basically an Etheral: If the Emps is slain, all units on the field gain the effects of his aura of awesome, plus Rage, Preferred Enemy (Whoever Killed Emps), and +1 Attack

Must be accompanied by at least 2 Custodes Honor Guard (souped up Custodes units, like the difference between GK Terminators and GK Paladins)

Would also have access to an Emps-Specific Psychic Powers list, which would mostly be support abilities.

>> No.56766235

Reminder: Chaos represents true humanity.

After Thousands of years of genetic stunting, chemical contamination and indoctrination the modern human, and especially the modern Space Marine no longer represents humanity.

Chaos and Chaos Space Marines in general are still attached to the long hatred of the Long War. Their fight is a personal one, it is based on emotions, memory and hate. Whereas your average Space Marine is taught things and indoctrinated, the past and the present are still raw to the Chaos Space Marine. Their flaw is that they are too human, given that the Warp and Chaos stuff is made up from the energies of human emotion.

If you want to root for humanity and freedom, you need to root for Chaos.

>> No.56766247

I don't own one either, but I'm buying one tomorrow.

>> No.56766255

Primaris Thousand Sons. Exactly 20.
Chaos Black, Leadbelcher, Stormhost Silver, Spiritstone Red, Carroburg Crimson, Lhamean Medium, Retributor Armour, Reikland Fleshshade Gloss, Liberator Gold, Abaddon Black, Eshin Grey, Nuln Oil, Screamer Pink, Zandri Dust, Lucius Lilac, Ushabti Bone, White Scar, Girlyman Blue, 'ardcoat

>> No.56766258

Good point. Deathwing Knights bits, power sword, storm bolter?

>> No.56766264

>Horrific bloated, twisted,c razed mutants
>True humanity

>> No.56766267

>Gee brother Zadkiel, how come Azrael lets you wear TWO robes?

>> No.56766277

>Emperor wants to imposed the Imperial Truth
>His two sons named their legions after fucking angels
What the hell was he thinking?

>> No.56766283

>implying concepts like order aren't more human than natural, beastial ones of chaos.
>implying that humans acting like ooga booga cavemen is more human than being civilized

>> No.56766286

Post your army's champion and tell me about his exploits.
This GK Brotherhood Champion has slain Ahriman twice in a duel and successfully outmatched a Broodlord in a battle against the Great Devourer. He also once attempted to take down Guilliman following the slaying of the brotherhood' Grand Master at the hands of the Primarch, needless to say it did not end well.

>> No.56766287

>Root for freedom
>Root for humanity
>As a mutated, corrupted slave to alien gods

>> No.56766299

>90 S4 shots popping up anywhere on the board is bad


>> No.56766302

Should I run Elysian platoons or veterans?

>> No.56766305

The Space Marines were his Angels of Death, makes sense to me.

>> No.56766306

The Emperor wasn't very smart.

>> No.56766308

You act like the emperor doesn't use religious terms all the damn time, you know like crusade.

>> No.56766309

Reminder: Black Legionaires are fags who like petting their dick nipples. Please, do yourself a favor and cut them off.

>> No.56766316

>Every army I like the fluff/models of, I don't like the gameplay of, and vice versa

>> No.56766323

That's the Lion at the Fall of Caliban (you can tell it's the Lion because of the broken sword). Why is he naked? Because we wuz biblical imagery n shiet idk.

>> No.56766330

>guys I'm not a God
>ignore my golden armor, literal halo, flaming sword, and ability to kill someone with my mind
>guys why are you worshipping me
>guys stop

>> No.56766331

I dont exactly have space for it in my list anyways. You know bringing 15 Death Company with jump packs and special weapons are 6 of them is really draining. Also Baal Predator with a Flamestorm cannon doesn't help

>> No.56766332

If you go for FW Guard, go for Krieg.

>> No.56766334


Nonsense. Take a closer look at your Onager sprue.

You have the 3 rings that form a cylinder turret mount, the middle one has a raised area about an inch long. There are also 3 unique C shaped pieces that sit on this raised area and have slots in them to fit the different weapon options. These C shaped pieces can have the weapons directly attached to them, magnets added to the back of them (the inside curve of the C) and magnets added to the raised area of the turret cylinder. You'll have magnetized 3/4 weapon options this way: Neutron Laser, Eradication Beamer, and Heavy Phosphor Blaster.

It gets a bit trickier if you include the Icarus Array. The mechanicus cog end cap that can be placed on the turret cylinder needs to have a magnet added, as does that end of the cylinder, so that they can be exchanged for the missile compartment that sits there instead. Finally, the C piece that you fit the Heavy Phosphor Blaster needs to be magnetized on the weapon end. This is a bit annoying because if you were following my instructions there are already magnets on the opposite side trying to force these new magnets away. I honestly don't have a solution here, but the Heavy Phosphor Blaster is kinda lame so I just ignored it when building mine and just assembled for the Icarus Array on that C piece.

>> No.56766344


>> No.56766356

The word "angel" comes from Ancient Greek and means "messenger". In a world purged of Christian imagery, sending out belief-neutral messengers is perfectly fine.

>> No.56766357

What gameplay do you like anon?

>> No.56766360

.... this is why GW should never have expanded into the US

>> No.56766370

I know that feel. I have ten DCs without jump pack, to be transported by air by a Stormraven : the recent cost rise is a bit annoying, but the price drops on primaris units and Sanguinary Guards should help a bit.

>> No.56766376

>Flamers does not ignore cover saves
Explain this

>> No.56766379

So even better Warp Time. RIP the dream.

>> No.56766382


I want tough footsloggers who can function on their own, not needing buffs from other models to function. Also not Imperial.

Which immediately suggests Death Guard, but I really don't like the Nurgle aesthetic.

>> No.56766384

Oh you'll get deep striking back, so long as you pay CP per unit for it at the start of the battle

>> No.56766386

Dear sweet fuck, that image

>> No.56766387

Because GW are brainlets

>> No.56766390

Is there a better combo for an IG warlord than Master Strategist and Kurov's Aquila ?

>> No.56766392

Not alien Gods!

Human Gods.

Embracing Chaos is embracing both humanity and divinity.

>> No.56766394

What a hideous clusterfuck

>> No.56766400

>Icon of Flame and Vengeance get a 5pt drop in price
>now half cost and maybe worth taking
>Icon of Excess remains mostly useless unless you know you'll be fighting Imperium units
>even if you are fighting Imperium units it's barely worth the 10pts
justify this

>> No.56766406

It did during previous editions, I'm actually a bit jarred it doesn't in the current one, givne that many weapons actually do ignore them.

>> No.56766409

>not Imperial
>not Nurgle

Necrons maybe?

inb4 >but I don't like robots

>doesn't like Humanity fuck yeah
>doesn't like Nurgle
>doesn't like robots

So what aesthetic DO you like?

>> No.56766413

Pick one

>> No.56766418

I want them to get enough new models to make a pure Custodes army viable. Just give us all the 30k models.

>> No.56766420

Fake news.

>> No.56766424

Ork boyz. No need for morale rolls with big units, don't really need buffs, but will gladly accept buffs from warlords or nob banners.

>> No.56766425

Yes, Master Strategiest and some other chump carrying Kurov's Aquila so you don't have so many eggs in one basket.

>> No.56766430

>hiding behind a solid wall doesn't help you against a flamethrower
>hiding underwater doesn't stop a flamethrower
>flamethrowers are the perfect weapon against super-fast bikes
It was literally more retarded before. And specifying which terrain flamers ignore the cover save off would have been a clusterfuck.

>> No.56766431

At least one of them is of eldar creation.

>> No.56766443

Read ADB's books. Chaos is the good guy.

>> No.56766445


I actually like the Necron aesthetic, I don't like their fluff.

My ideal aesthetic are Chaos Marines. Like Black Legion or Word Bearers, although I'd homebrew my own.

>> No.56766451

Better question: Why don't grenades? Literal purpose is to get over cover.

>> No.56766452

>Even better Warp Time
>only works on the caster
Yeah, that Librarian hopping around the battlefield sure is better than pushing entire units forward.

There is only one good use to Wings of Sanguinius, and that is to put the Libby in the perfect position for the spear power.

>> No.56766453

I guess it's because burning promethium cannot pass through physical objects

>> No.56766456

>good guy
This doesn't exist.

>> No.56766463


>> No.56766467

yeah, hes basically a glorified deathwing ancient modelwise. The stormbolter/powersword from the DA veterans box are pretty distinct if you want him to stand out

>> No.56766468

Icon of Wrath is the only worthwhile one. The CSM codex is shit and should be redone from the ground up.

>> No.56766473

I really only want to deepstrike the new King Banana and a single squad of regular bananas. The rest can roll in Land Raiders.

>> No.56766476


>> No.56766480

They are even less the good guys than chaos

>> No.56766483

>Guilliman is 15 points more expensive
Oh BABY that's ONE less plasma gun!

>> No.56766487

Until that Dread flies across the board and punches your dudes in the face turn one.

>> No.56766490

Or to give a dreadnought wings and have it smash something in the face.

>> No.56766502

Do that then with lot's of Termis to match the crunch.

>> No.56766505

Reread them, the traitors are the good guys, chaos is bad thing they wield for good, and then all get corrupted and die because the heresy flopped.

>> No.56766514


I don't think I have ever seen someone voluntarily take an Onager with anything other than a Neutron Laser or an Icarus Array.

The one time I saw someone play it with anything else was when they bought one secondhand from someone who was kinda new and put an Eradication Beamer on it. They were waiting for replacement parts to arrive in the mail and in the meantime were just playing it as is.

The Beamer seems like a mediocre midpoint between the good anti-tank option and the good anti-infantry option. The Phosphor Blaster seems like a waste of a good heavy-weapon platform. Even with the point-reduction to the Beamer, I don't think it's worth it at 25 pts. Just my opinion, but The Heavy Phosphor Blaster should be 10 points and the Beamer should be 15 or 20.

I wish Onagers had a plasma option- that shit would be rad as hell.

>> No.56766519

I think it's 25 but still should be like 100.

>> No.56766531

I miss the good drawfags

>> No.56766544


Not worth it, too small and no Tervigon to back them up.
>Hive Tyrant
Taking one pair of Devourers is not worth it. At all. And you shouldn't be using Onslaught, you should be using The Horror or Psychic Scream
Why are you running them instead of more Genestealers? Even as a screening unit, you've already spent more than they're worth. Ever.
>Trygon Prime
Running it as a Prime is not worth it with the Synapse buff.
Acid maws.
You should be running this as Gorgon.

>> No.56766551

Maybe use Death Guard models and rules but fluff them as Iron Warriors or something. Mite b cool.

>> No.56766552

You're on a US board on a US site right now boyo

Or are we .jp now

>> No.56766555

Dire Avenger, 12. I'm going through a phase of trying to make things as minimalist as possible.

>> No.56766558

>Slaanesh is born from Eldar degeneracy
>The others are even older than humanity
>"Human gods"

>> No.56766566

Damn, I use like... 13, tops.

But then I'm lazy.

>> No.56766568

>Magnus point cost stays the same
>new Thousand Sons power is garbage
Oh man, our codex is going to suck.

>> No.56766572

Yeah, seriously. Fuck double-tapping Terminators.
Fuck turn-1-charging Chosen. Fuck -7 Ld combos that can make tanks run away. Fuck the best Daemon Prince rules since 4th edition. Fuck Berzerker rape trains.

Literally the only thing that codex is missing is a generic Daemon Weapon.

>> No.56766573

>That feel when you want to build a Eldar army, but dont want those metal or resin models that look like from the 90's

>> No.56766578

nah, some traitors had legitimate grievances but they ain't the good guys

>> No.56766579

If i had some Sanguinary Guard i would bring them but i dont so i can't

>> No.56766581

>He doesn't realise he's on a Mongolian dog cuisine board

>> No.56766588

This is mad gay

>> No.56766591


Dark Eldar save the Eldar boys from time to time, sometimes Harlequins make them work together. Generally they ignore each other. There's a little group of Eldar that work together from all factions (a Haemonculus, Shadowseer, Farseer and Corsair Prince) from the death watch more, called the Covenant or something.

>> No.56766602

b-b-but they told me I'd be strong if I embraced them! They wouldn't lie just to use my soul as a fleshlight............r-right?

>> No.56766608

Do Dark Eldar, almost all models are new.

>> No.56766617

>Primaris Thousand Sons

Hiw have you still not killed yourself

>> No.56766622

A last bump for tonight for advice.

>> No.56766625

Tyranids are objectively the good guys though. Chaos is just a motley pack of nigger-tier murders, slavers, and rapists working for giga satan.

>> No.56766628

How should I take this to 2k? I've got some more infantry and another battlewagon. I wasn't sure weither I should put big choppa and PK nobz in a goff-klan-party-van or not. Maybe some trukks?

>> No.56766631


It's a step in the right direction, but it's a bandaid for a bullet wound. Gulliman is pretty damn OP (as are the other Primarchs) but the way he is OP is that in addition to being a one-man-army, he is an enormous power-fulcrum that boosts even the shittiest units into deadly threats.

Having some of the best aura buffs (that's 'aura buffs' plural) in all of 40k attached to a monstrous stat profile requires a steeper point cost.

>> No.56766636

>Librarian with wings and quickening, also jump pack relic
>stops overwatch, tons of attacks
>then your sanguinary guard make the charge on 3d6

>> No.56766638

Lord Commissar. Watched as a Daemon Prince Peril'ed himself for max MW, charged a Chimera which then exploded also for max MW, and casually strolled by to deliver silly, silly overkill of an overcharged plasma pistol shot to the Daemon Prince's head, taking his 1 remaining wound.

>> No.56766646

>implying Mongolia isn't a part of America

Bering Strait revisionists get out.

>> No.56766648

>Acid maws.
>You should be running this as Gorgon.

You had me going until this.

>> No.56766668

Literally all competitive lists runs that Tyrant loadout had he put Toxin sacs on it. It's because it's the cheapest.
I give you this one. He should change the horms and devourer gaunts to regular fleshborer ones
What's wrong with free power weapons?
He should take talons on them. It's free.
For 38 points he gets synapse, Sotw and a devourer equivalent. I agree it might be hard to justify
nice bait 10/10 made me reply

>> No.56766673

I tend to use 3-4 per colour.

So your classic base, shade, layer etc

>> No.56766675


Only one thing to do mate, welcome to Commeragh!

>> No.56766685

Oh, for a non-fuckhuge image it's
battalion detatchment
weirdboy (Da jump)
29 boyz, nob with PK
2 10-man grot squads

Outrider detatchment
big mek on bike w/kff
deffkopta w/rokits
2 30-man stormboy squads, with PK nobz

vanguard detatchment
SAG big mek
3 5-man squads of tankbustas
battlewagon w/deffroller

This is for a ITC list, BTW. it's currently at 1788 points, I need to bring it to 2k

>> No.56766697

Why would you overcharge, you're wounding a demon prince on 3 regardless of s7/8 and d2 doesn't matter when it's down to 1w?

>> No.56766707

Because I'm too busy fucking your mom to kill myself.

Fuck off. It's a fun colour scheme, the TS bits make the visually bland Primarines more interesting and I'd rather give the TS a second chance as good guys than play any of the boring codex chapters.

>> No.56766714


Don't forget the 3cp he gives, he's a free battallion

>> No.56766716

>Chosen and Berserkers
Entirely held up by Forward Operatives.
>-7 LD rebuff
Yeah, have fun getting that setup in game.
>Daemon Prince
6th and 7th were better.

We lost uber grit, Marks were reduced to keywords,and Icons are garbage. Bringing back Legions and then just making them spikey Chapter Tactics was a mistake. Our Warlord traits are shit, and our relics are mostly underwhelming.

>> No.56766724

maybe some mek guns?
Or more boyz. More boyz is always good.
Also, no Runtherd for your grots?

>> No.56766725


He needs one more fucking wound. The idea that the guy wearing the gigantic suit of unique power armour can't be picked out is asinine in the first place.

>> No.56766729


>> No.56766741

Christ (You) are that same faggot who use to always post that pic of a bitch eating a cookie. I can fucking tell. I likejoking I hate your fucking guts how now (You) switch it up just a tiny bit. Faggot

>> No.56766744

They're objective bitches.
I think I got some big guns, I don't have mek guns though. Is ~5 pieces of grot artillery ok?

>> No.56766751

>Libby Dread bomb
>Warlord with Artisan, UR, Quickening, Red Rage, Honour the Chapter, 16 attacks at 2+ 2+ -4 3 damage.

Still can't kill Morty

>> No.56766760

Because drama.

>> No.56766771

I think mek guns are typically better because they get 5 grot squads, rather than the 2 grots of big guns, so you can run grot lines between guns, and use one or two crews as Anti-deep strike shields for your guns.
Also, 48 pts for a KMK mek gun is pretty good value.

>> No.56766787

1999. Fucking insane.

I want all my Ravagers to be old ravagers.

>> No.56766797

Give the tyrant adrenal glands and toxin sacs.
Remove hormagants, get genestealers
Remove Devourer gaunts, get more regular gaunts
Remove Screamer killers, get thornbacks or tusked regular fexes
Remove Exocrene, get Hive Guard
For if you have points over get a neurothrope.

Trygon Prime is a kickass model but doesn't do much unless you run behemoth so he can actually get the charge off

>> No.56766805

I ain't got the models, man. And this is for a game on sunday.

>> No.56766808

More than the Fire Angels. They're just silver BTs aesthetically. No fire or angels.

>> No.56766814

Are Knights overcosted ?

>> No.56766817


Nice think I saw this in Wip, I've got 3 of them sat to 1 side ready for Coven-i-fying

>> No.56766818

Is that supposed to mean something? Morty costs twice as much.

>> No.56766819

Gorgon is not a bad Hive Fleet. And my gripe was that he took them with Acid Maws yet forgot to take the Scything Talons as well.

It costs the same with Slimer Maggots. That was my contention.

>> No.56766822

a little

>> No.56766828

Fuck you on the saint duncan vid OP

>> No.56766830

Fair enough. Consider it for the future then, perhaps.

Just grab more boyz if you got em. You should be able to fit a full 30+PK squad in the points you have left.

>> No.56766833

at the moment yes

>> No.56766834

>dread gains fly
>can now assault that unit on the top floor of the building
>does so and is now chillin up high
>squad falls back (or dies)
>Dread casts fly again
>gets denied
>cant move down because it's not infantry

>> No.56766837

Wait im fucking anons mom too.
How many guis here are plowing anon's mom?

>> No.56766846

Not really. They're found as support for other armies, and their issues as a standalone faction can't be fixed by price changes.

>> No.56766850

I didn't actually post in wip. I posted the box here, though.

>> No.56766856

I'ma do a head-count of all my orks and report back.

>> No.56766858

I just thought it was funny when I ran the numbers. He easily overkills Knights and Baneblades btw.

>> No.56766860

Khorne, Nurgle and Tzeentch all coalesced when humanity was in the middle ages though

>> No.56766869

boobs are superior to butts

>> No.56766870

>Hive Guard over an Exocrine

>> No.56766874

So what has been /tg/'s verdict on the new blood angels codex? Is it worth to get back into the spess vampires?

>> No.56766878

That have to hit and then wound and all have to be within 18" there's a lot of conditions to that, and IMHO I don't think they fit well. but if OP has plan for it.

>> No.56766880

Mix and match some Deldar models and make them Corsairs

>> No.56766896

Anyone who's built Scions how easy would swapping just the frontplate on the chest for something a little more tacticool a little less chaos warrior trimmings. Pic related not mine but id like to maybe achieve the thing WITHOUT greenstuff. Also on that note any guard players know good webbing/chest rig bits?

>> No.56766901

1. A bunch of Grot Kannons or
2. More Weirdboyz
Alternatively a Dakkajet and a smaller number of the above.

>> No.56766903


>> No.56766909

> muh realms of KHAOS book!
Holy shit man. Those have not been current lore for a fucking decade now. It's time to move on.
Just because the writers drop you a tiny nod by writing Doombreeds name once with little to no further exposition doesn't still make MAH 80z LORE relevant

>> No.56766914


Grot squads are quite worthless, there's nothing they do that a Kannon or Lobba won't do better. I suppose they unlock more CP but the question is whether that's particularly worthwhile right now, especially when taking more Boyz is always a good idea.

Deffkoptas are massively overpriced. 79 points for two rokkits that on average miss their target is a fucking joke. Stormboyz are good.

SAG Big Mek, do you really, REALLY like the model, and just want to field it for that reason? If the answer is yes, leave him in. You'd otherwise be better off having literally any other HQ choice.

You have a single Battlewagon that is going to get focus fired down turn 1. The hard truth right now with Orks is that our transports are overpriced but our shooting specialists need transports. It's a circle of shit. You'd probably be better off with two Trukks and a small squad in each, but even that isn't a great option.

>> No.56766916

They're one of the worst ways to take a big model for 500 points. Especially compared to Primarchs.

>> No.56766917

>What's the verdict on a book that hasn't released yet?
From what we've seen, they're going to be perfectly viable.

>> No.56766921

Technically true, because you can naturally tone the butt muscles for better shape and size, while there is no natural way to increase boobs size without working on pectorals which will look disgusting

>> No.56766933

> I2
>playing 7th edition

>> No.56766940

Thornbacks are a lot better at killing infantry and deals on average d3 less wounds to a t7+ target than the screamer killer.
Hive guard are about twice as good as the exocrene for killing vehicles when factoring in the cost. They are about the same at killing infantry.

>> No.56766958

Not too hard. If you were to swap out the whole torso I'd say it would be trivial. Though for just the frontplate you'll have to find something that matches well. Especially if you don't want to use greenstuff to fill gaps.

>> No.56766971

Is there a MEGA with Devistation Of Baal in it?

>> No.56766975

Forgot pic

>> No.56766981


Ork trukk

Gory red, flat red, bloody red, night blue, ultramarine blue, magic blue, calgar blue, gunmetal, steel, peacock green, warpstone glow, sick green, black, German grey, wolf grey, ivory, white, rhinox hide, leather brown, bright bronze, polished gold, brass, soulstone blue, nuln oil, agaric earthshade, drakenhof nightshade, rust technical, grime technical, patina technical.

>> No.56766990

It is utterly irrelevant how much better a Thornback is at killing stuff. It can't take Spore Cysts, thus it's worthless.

>> No.56767015


>> No.56767023

He's right though you stupid goy.

>> No.56767029

Is this bait?

>> No.56767031

And the Thornback can't take Spore Cysts. The Hive Guard is gonna cost more than the Exocrine, and without running a Kronos list, you'll be missing out on firepower.

>> No.56767032


We got a good relic and some good points reductions. Live with it, faggo

>> No.56767052

Tanks are physically incapable of being forced to take leadership unless there's something that checks for morale besides a model in the unit being killed since they're 1 model units mostly.
The only armies the leadership debuff combos would hurt are practically immune to morale.
Daemon Princes were much stronger last edition you liar.

>> No.56767074

Has any of the new lore contradicted that old lore?

>> No.56767075

Fuck, Can't decide between base coating my admech in caliban green or incubi darkness.

>> No.56767078

Do I buy the Deathwatch start collecting box from my lgs, or go raw dog and buy the army of the GW site.

>> No.56767080

Its viable in a non-competitive sense. If you want a competitive marines Ultras are still the way to go since melee marines are pretty shitty.

>> No.56767083

Spore Cysts make it so the opponent cannot Overcharge their plasma without enormous risk and also makes all weapons less effective.
The Thornback, in exchange, gets some anti-infantry shooting, which it will never get to use because it's too busy getting killed before getting into range.

>> No.56767084

>mfw I have chapter approved epub that I found on VK, but I'm not going to tell /40kg/ what the link is

>> No.56767089

Why would you ever want talons when claws are basically better against all targets?

>> No.56767095

Nobz with Waaagh banners to give you 2+WS.

Standard nobs with big choppers are amazing as are warbosses

>> No.56767097

It got posted about 2 or 3 threads back by Uncle Vladdy anyway.

>> No.56767104


1. Basecoat eveything
2. Wash with agrax like a motherfucker
3. Highlight with base colour where necessary


>> No.56767110

My impressions from the previews is that the rules are quite strong. But that's good, because Bangles are starting from a baseline archetype that has been proven to be weak in 8th so far. My guess is that they have enough movement shenanigans and raw power to play scenarios well and kill stuff plenty dead. I think they'll do well competitively in the hands of a player who knows what they're doing. However, they're really CP hungry and I suspect a lot of poor players will squander CP and position poorly and get all their elite assault dudes shot to pieces.

>> No.56767115

Yes daemon codex.
Gods are ageless and exist since ever

>> No.56767126

The army box GW is selling isn't discounted, it's just the individual boxes that compose it in one package. Support your LGS first.

>> No.56767133

The talons don't cost you anything to take.

>> No.56767138

I mean the question becomes how the fuck do I model the The Veritas Vitae.

>> No.56767146

>on the internet
Who would do such a thing?

>> No.56767149

The "armies" on GW store aren't at a discount. They're just one click bundles. Buy from your local store.

>> No.56767156

>I give you this one. He should change the horms and devourer gaunts to regular fleshborer ones

OP here. Are Devourer gants not as amazing as 1d4chan is claiming?

>> No.56767169

>decent relic

>> No.56767177

Here's my GK Brotherhood Champion. He hasn't been in games that often, so he isnt quite as accomplished as yours, it seems.
He slaughtered a bunch of Crisis Bodyguard Battlesuits, as well as their commander.
He killed the Ycarne by smiting it to death (poor little demon keyword)
He killed a bunch of Admech Characters in a single game (a Techpriest and a Dominus, plus helping with some others as well)
Sadly he hasn't managed to kill Girlyman yet

My Razorback did, though! Girlyman was on his last wound (and I had already killed him once), so I rammed the Razorback into that sucker, he killed it, and it blew the fuck up in his face.
>tfw your Razorback is a better Champion than your BC

>> No.56767179

>literally a corpse sitting in a chair
>higher initiative than a Necron


>> No.56767182


I'd murder my dog for some incubi darkness spray

>> No.56767191

You don't. WYSIWYG doesn't expect trinkets and grenades to be modeled. If you insist then just use a servo skull of some kind.

>> No.56767196

I can see why Icon of Wrath and Despair stayed the same points, but why the fuck would the most situational, worst Icon that I will only take if I need to fill 10 points on a melee squad and I know I'll be fighting Imperium or there's likely to be Imperium for a tourney, stay at 10pts. It's fucking stupid.
Honestly Icon of Excess should do something else, something better, I understand why it can't be a Feel no Pain equivalent, but at least give it something that isn't "minor buff against a keyword". Don't get me wrong I love when (read; if) a melee squad gets prescience cast on them while they have an Icon and I get into melee with Imperium, and if it's a horde of morale resistant guard (Valhallans or Krieg for example) I can use Excess of Violence stratagem to punish them for using morale resistance, but god forbid I fight anyone else.
It's not worth 10pts, it's overpriced for what it does, and what it does is situational at best and fucking useless at worst.

>> No.56767206

isnt it like Bangels' boombox?

>> No.56767234

noob trap for them will be dumping too much into elites and ending up with a glass cannon army.

>> No.56767236

Precisely. Blight Haulers and Land Speeders and a couple others, however, come in squadrons, so they are totally affected by morale. And considering how ubiquitous the Haulers will be once released, combos that can make them run are by definition fantastic.
>The only armies the leadership debuff combos would hurt are practically immune to morale.
I respectfully disagree. The armies that are most in danger from morale are elite armies, not horde armies. Every Terminator who runs away hurts a lot. And with enough Ld debuff stacking, you can make those guys run away with or without ATSKNF.
>Daemon Princes were much stronger last edition you liar.
Nah. Last edition they were susceptible to ID, especially from S10 weapons. Their psychic powers have changed from 3 random powers to 1 that you can choose yourself. From a reliability standpoint, I'd say the new ones make better psykers. The only thing the old ones had going for them was the flying and if you didn't roll up some great psychic powers, a flying daemon prince was practically worthless. The only reason people spammed them was because of generic daemon bullshit, not because of anything the Princes themselves did.

>> No.56767238

thanks well i guess the trouble will be finding something that lines up right, isnt a little too small. any ideas on any good bits places for something like frontplates because most places sell full torsos.

>> No.56767245

Fine, don't believe me that Chapter Approved was posted.

>> No.56767256

>all the fun stuff is locked in Open and Narrative Play
>Apoc Games are now Open Play
>Planetstrike is Narrative
>Matched Play got points changes and some boring extra missions
>my armies didn't even get anything
I don't even want to buy this glorified FAQ anymore

>> No.56767258

Will DA green wing actually be a thing again, or am I just gimping myself by not being UM?

>> No.56767269

>tfw I have Incubi darkness spray right next to me

>> No.56767274

>being this dense
You’re right, not like you could check the thread chain

>> No.56767279


Additionally, if I don't run Devourergants with my Trygon, what would you recommend? A smaller Genestealer unit?

>> No.56767282

I have some too.

>> No.56767283

Then don’t, I didn’t.

Everyone at my store is too lazy to move beyond power ratings anyway.

>> No.56767293


>MFW the blood Angel player in my group runs pure sanguinary guard and characters out of stormravens
>MFW I run disintegrator ravagers and delete the fuck out of them

>> No.56767310

>Apoc Games are now Open Play
It literally always has been. If you think Apocalypse and Balanced Tournament Play were ever in the same ballpark, you are a fucking retard.

>> No.56767313

>make rules for custom land raiders
>don't actually leave much room for customization
>open play only anyways
Who are the VDR intended for?

>> No.56767316

>Will DA green wing actually be a thing again

Long ranged hellblasters and plasma cannon devastators are looking mean so far, re-rolling 1s and giving each up to 3 dmg each sounds nasty as shit, add a lieutenant and you're going to fuck up most shit.

>> No.56767321

I don't think I know ANYONE who uses Land Speeders but I was under the impression that Blight Haulers were the same deal as those Vehicles that can be fielded as a group of three but then separate into three units after deployment anyway.
I feel like Morale should hurt horde armies more than elite armies but good point.
Daemon Princes were great last edition if they had wings, the Malefic Discipline was awesome for them since they gave CSM a Daemon Psyker that could use the discipline without perils, I don't recall ID ever hitting my Daemon Prince but I tended to either be flying or locked in melee so it's not like he was easy to hit.

>> No.56767325

>Being this fickle.
You're as bad as the Fallen.

>> No.56767334

I actually think you be better off just filing it down to the backpack and gluing it on to a whole third party torso. Assuming the backpack is why you want to keep the back half.

>> No.56767336

What weapon do I give to my Librarian Dreadnought ? I'm torn between a Stormbolter, to cut the costs, and a meltagun, to make full use of the mobility given by the wings.

>> No.56767343


I travelled into Warhammer World just the other day to get some, they told me they'd discontinued it a while back.

I changed my entire fucking paint scheme because I didn't want to hand paint incubi darkness onto all my vehicles

>> No.56767348

ADB, if you don't stop posting here I'll kidnap your son and rape his boypussy.

>> No.56767355

If i dont have to model it then imma take that on my captain who will be hiding around with my Devastator Lascannon squad. Also spend that 1cp on getting the Angels wing relic on the chaplain thats running with the Death Company and then charge it into any unit so that he can wrap said unit up without overwatch and then crash into it with the Death Company unit and shread the bastards.

>> No.56767358

>using power ratings
It's kind of mandatory for the actual game though since I need the updated points values which is infuriating.
>not playing huge points value Apoc Games at multiplayer team levels with 2000 points per player adding up to 4000-6000 points per team
why do you hate fun?
children I think, easily entertained children

>> No.56767370

>>all the fun stuff is locked in Open and Narrative Play
It's almost as if those models are designed to be fun and not tournament faggotry
>>Apoc Games are now Open Play
As they fucking should be. At the level of Apoc, everything is made up and the points don't matter. Just roll a handful of dice and kill that many models with your Titan because anything else at that level is pure masturbation.
>>Planetstrike is Narrative
Why yes it is. Why shouldn't it be? You're fucking playing a narrative
>>Matched Play got points changes and some boring extra missions
Some missions are actually pretty cool, and some are straight from AoS like the 4 objective one where yours is worth 1 pt and theirs 4pts and visa versa and the rest are worth 2.
>>my armies didn't even get anything
I feel you there kind of. My sisters got a classic weapon back with some great strats and weapon point drops, but my deldar got shit on pretty hard.
>I don't even want to buy this glorified FAQ anymore
Then don't?

>> No.56767389

>unironically defending Open and Narrative
neck yourself shill

>> No.56767392

Well yes. But I think that's true of most armies outside of a few like Chaos LoW spam.

>> No.56767393

Dude wut?
I literally ordered it from my LGS last week.

>> No.56767396

But i love running my 15 man Death Company Blobs. You will never be able to stop me and my shitty army comp

>> No.56767402

>I was under the impression that Blight Haulers were the same deal as those Vehicles that can be fielded as a group of three but then separate into three units after deployment anyway.
Nope, unit size 1-3, with bonuses for putting 3 in a squad, so they're the single best target for Ld debuffs
>the Malefic Discipline was awesome for them since they gave CSM a Daemon Psyker that could use the discipline without perils
Okay, there was that, but I've never seen anyone who actually brought enough daemon models along to make that summon spamming happen
>I don't recall ID ever hitting my Daemon Prince but I tended to either be flying or locked in melee so it's not like he was easy to hit.
It all went down in flames when you had todrop down from flying for a turn before you were allowed to charge. That made Princes too vulnerable to even consider for me. But now, where they enjoy character protection, I think they're way less risky to use.

>> No.56767407

Narrative play can be super fun with friends. But only with friends usually.

>> No.56767415

Nah, Lucina cookie gif isn't me.

I do post this bird on occasion

>> No.56767429

>not playing huge points value Apoc Games at multiplayer team levels with 2000 points per player adding up to 4000-6000 points per team
>why do you hate fun?
The opposite, really. I'm just wondering why you would give a damn about points at such game sizes. Where I played, Apoc was "bring every fucking model you own, the only thing we limit is that each side should have roughly the same number of super-heavies". And at that point, points are utterly useless.

>> No.56767431

I'm calling a spade a spade. Apoc is not matched play and was always intended to just be "fuck it here's a bunch of shit" the game. Meanwhile, planetstrike IS A NARRATIVE.

>> No.56767435

Who's gonna stop us?

>> No.56767452

Well now I know more about Blight Haulers I suppose.
I didn't use it for spamming, I'd just get one power and the prime power to summon Daemonettes occasionally to contest an objective and depending on my other power have some battlefield control or more daemons depending.
I did play both Daemons and CSM so I liked being able to summon my allied army, which is why I don't hate the Daemonic Ritual rule, I just wish I didn't need to be Word Bearers to make it useful since I don't want to change my Legion.
Daemon Princes could enter jump monster mode and stop flying in the movement phase and charge that very turn so I'm not sure what you mean, unless one of us was lied to about the rules for that.

>> No.56767457

Good evening, fellow good guy!

>> No.56767466

Its probably worth it, melta range meltas average like 2 damage, but it pushes his points per wound into an unhealthy range.

>> No.56767471

The shattered tower represents traitors. The nonchalant Angel represents the Dark Angels. The lightning bolt is loyalty. The broken sword is the reward, in that the angel now has two swords when before he only had one.

The model is from the Deathwing.

>> No.56767474

My friends and I prefer to play the game and not just put our models on the table and pretend to play.

>> No.56767485

Here's Gerar. His Predator is called Anna.
He killed all primarchs released so far and about seventy greenskins out of which 20 were burned to death.
Gerar does his best so his brothers can have at least a moment of relief.

>> No.56767487

Khorne looks like an ork

>> No.56767490

You sound lazy and boring, I am glad I don't have to put up with your shit in my LGS

>> No.56767496

I am very sure flying monstrous creatures could not charge the turn they switched to gliding in 7th

>> No.56767510

How many points did inferno pistols drop for Blood Angels?

>> No.56767515


Only available in the US now. I live in UK next door to Warhammer World

>> No.56767522

This is my Chaos Lord on a Steed of Slaanesh, armed with a Power Fist and a Combi-melta.
He melted a Sanguinor and then charged into melee with his Assault Marine retinue, there were no survivors.
He is not finished yet.

>> No.56767532

I'm assuming that the jemstone red is how you are doing the red armor. How's the coverage? I'm just using tamiya red for mine.

>> No.56767535

Not that anon but
> making sure everyone has ECACTLY EVEN POINTS in an Apoc game, where the guy who goes first easily kills off 25% of the other team
Is this what autism sounds like?

>> No.56767545

Don't be a twat. Even ITC has house rules.

>> No.56767549

>living in Nottingham
I'm so sorry

>> No.56767561

I recently moved house and I'm not sure where I packed my 7th edition rulebook so I can't check, but my store always had it like that, it wasn't just me making shit up, I asked the store owner and that's what he told me to do so I never really questioned it.

>> No.56767567

Why do they have a farseer teaching divination?

>> No.56767569

If I play BA - what reason do I have to take Tacticals or intercessors when I can just load up on Vanguard and Outrider detachments?

>> No.56767574

Can you just brush on tamiya clear red? Dont have an airbrush

>> No.56767578

Yeah but the over buffed 400 point Death Company with a priest, Astorath, Lemartes, and the Sanguinor eats points faster than anything but GK.

>> No.56767590

Battalions give you more Command Points. But BA do better with the FA and Elites choices, yes.

>> No.56767596

Because it was a dick move.
>we taught him wrong as a joke.jpg

>> No.56767599

Why is Dante so overcosted and shit?

Gabriel Seth is a decent chapter master for his cost and output. But Dante's a faglord.

>> No.56767607

More command points.

>> No.56767611

My next modeling project is some stained glass windows. Post 40k stained glass window designs for inspiration

>> No.56767620

How viable would it be to run a no-Skitarii Admech army?

Just a Tech Priest and his robots.

>> No.56767624

Who was behind that decision, Eldrad?

>> No.56767632

Yes,but it requires speed and the mental ability to let go and not fuck around with it.

Otherwise you get streaks and lumps you can't fix.

They also make the stuff in spray, which is great for tanks.

>> No.56767634

So, you're saying I should buy a case

>> No.56767636

You might have trouble with armies that can put out lots of mortal wounds easily like psyker spam

>> No.56767643

Don't forget that flamethrowers are the ideal anti-air weapon, and also the weapon that can be fired into a melee with zero chance of collateral.

>> No.56767647

Would ppl object if I used the BoP marines as rubrics and tartaros as scarab occult? Ahrimans already there and the 40k model doesnt look as cool as pic related.

>> No.56767662

Odds of anyone being upset are very low

>> No.56767673

So just make sure to do it all in one go? Like with washes sort of? Thanks

>> No.56767684

All I found so far

>> No.56767698

If I have a squad of 20 guys, and a dedicated transport that can only hold 10 of them, can the other 10 walk along with the transport that is carrying 10?

>> No.56767702

dont grenades with D6 hits get 6 hits every time you focus a unit in cover?

>> No.56767712


The Scarab Occult models are Tartaros armor anyway, just with more bling. You'll be fine.

>> No.56767716


>Carved a Land Raider in half
>Destroyed ~5 Rhino chasis vehicles
>Survived getting stomped by a greater brass scorpion, destroyed it and survived the explosion
>Locked in combat Draigo and friends and almost won (game timed out)
>2 Warbosses
>A Farseer
>Solo’d farsight in a single round of combat, when he attacked first
>Took a 7th donkey punch on the 6++ and survived
>Was the last remaining model on the table against a 7th ed Deathstar, einning the game on points

An established reputation, to say the least.

>> No.56767718

So I'd like to pick up a pair of Fire Raptors.

In people's experience, what loadout has worked best for you? I'm eying one with the Autocannons and Lascannons and the other with quad Heavy Bolters and Missiles.


>> No.56767720

Only in cityfight.

>> No.56767726

They would probably murder you

>> No.56767734

>Playing with that unpainted filth
You anger the Dark Prince, anon

>> No.56767735


Grenades should ignore line of sight and cover. It would give them an actual realistic function, rather than just a slightly different weapon profile for 1 model per unit that you forget to use most of the time.

>> No.56767751

No. You can't split up squads

>> No.56767754

They went from 20 to 9.

>> No.56767765

Okay, so if I have 20 Neophyte Hybrids, I can't have them go into the Goliath Truck until 10 of them are dead?

>> No.56767777


>> No.56767788


>Ignore line of sight and cover
That logic could be applied to anything that fires indirectly or has a delayed mechanism.
Maybe re-roll hits against units in cover?

>> No.56767790

>implying unpainted models are worthy of being called champions

>> No.56767791

What does a Mythitic Blight Hauler smell like?

>> No.56767794

How many people here actually use Geedubs Paint Pots?

>> No.56767796

Alright, guess I won't be running as many 20 man squads as I planned.

>> No.56767801

Mortarion's labia

>> No.56767803


>> No.56767809

lascannons and heavy bolters is the optimal loadout but it's expensive and lascannons only come with the storm eagle kit

>> No.56767811

Am I better off with Tacticals in rhinos as BA or intercessors with the assault rifles?
The rhino offers good protection but it’s 70 points and you have to hop out of it anyway before you can do anything.
The intercessors move 6 +d6 inches and still fire assault 2 at 24 inches.

>> No.56767817


>> No.56767819


That leftover pork you left in the fridge when you went away for a week.

>> No.56767821

Me cause im not a brain genious who can transfer them into bottle thingies

>> No.56767823


I'm a good citadel schmuck, it is easier to learn to paint by using them

>> No.56767834

your mum's fanny

>> No.56767835

Are Custodes bigger than Primaris Marines? Is it true that Primaris are part Custode?

>> No.56767843


Intercessors hugging cover and plinking with rifles.
Use Rhinos for close-combat lists.

>> No.56767844

are DE capable right now or am I fucked until their Codex comes out?

>> No.56767846

Yes, no.

>> No.56767849

This is the once living St Agatha of the Martyred Shroud. Her notable feats include dueling the Sanguinor to a stand still, butchering a Hive Tyrant in single combat, leading a crusade into the great Waaagh of Badboss Toofngrabba and personally removing the brute's head from its body, as well as countless others that have met the adamantine teeth of her blessed Evicerator.

I miss the good old days. I still have her in all her mediocre painted glory. Sometimes I use her as one of Celestine's geminae just so I can see her on the table again.

>> No.56767856

I believe the rule is "Vehicles can only end their turn on the bottom floor"


>> No.56767869

>362 Points

Well shit.

I'm in love.

>> No.56767871

>close combat lists
>blood angels


>> No.56767878


>> No.56767887

Make it so the Icon lets DttFE trigger on all enemy, and on a 5+ against IMPERIUM.


>> No.56767888

Stop trying to force this meme

>> No.56767902

If you’re not building a close combat list with BA then wtf are you doing?

>> No.56767910

>Death To The False Emperor works against Orks, Dark Eldar, etc
This is stupid

>> No.56767913

Jesus that makes best chaplain only 102 points that is amazing.

>> No.56767914

Objectively wrong.

>> No.56767916

Oh well, if it works for you then that's okay.

>> No.56767937

You can layer too. Just expect the first pass to be rough and messy so just have faith that it eventually will look good

>> No.56767949


Thank you.


Definitely, though you may be okay as the dudes said it was discontinued a long time ago, you may have more stock. I can't even find a retailer that'll send it to the UK. Such is the fate of my dark Eldar to be sprayed Caliban green

>> No.56767953

Shut up yiffer

>> No.56767960

Daffodils. But everyone's playing a mean joke and pretending he smells bad. Probably out of jealousy of his nice all-round stats.

>> No.56767963


>> No.56767967

I mean, if the Orks and nids are harbouring Fallen, who knows what they're doing with Loyalists!

>> No.56767970

>nice allround stats
>Heavy weapons


>> No.56767987

It doesn't suffer the penalty for moving and firing heavy weapons

>> No.56767988


Gotta play smart and pray for good dark lance rolls. There may be some use for the deepstrike strat (tying things up turn 1) that might really help us out. I'm thinking Hellions or Razorwing flocks.

>> No.56767989

What is their endgame?

>> No.56767990

I can't finish him right now, due to circumstances outside my control I haven't been able to do any painting but I still wanted to play with him, so he melted Sanguinor.

>> No.56767993


>> No.56768003

Why would the orks harbor anyone that's not an ork? In fact, if they needed harboring, Orkz wouldn't do it, since that'd mean they'z a cowardly git who needs a right good smack in da 'ead.

>> No.56768010

To be all around annoying and give DA's rivals a reason to brand them as traitors

>> No.56768021

To be made repentant.

>> No.56768026

A neckbeard's taint

>> No.56768032

Tell me about your chapter Anon

>> No.56768041

That sounds almost too good.
I don't want it to interact with DttFE at all honestly, but that'd be pretty cool. I think it should only extend it to all enemies because if it does that AND makes DttFE trigger on 5+ it'd be too good for only 10pts.
It wouldn't be called that, it'd have the exact same wording as it but without Imperium keyword requirement.

>> No.56768048

>Not wanting Three Orks and a Baby

Just imagine an ork warband learning the joy of fatherhood as they have to endure the whacky hijinks caused by a human baby.

>> No.56768088


>> No.56768105

Should I take a heavy flamer on my Sternguard? They're going to roll up in a Razorback with Heavy Bolters for close support of my tactical squads

>> No.56768108


>> No.56768118

Sorry to bother you guys, but I am working on an art project, and I was wondering if any of y'all could help me with this question:

What does a Krieg steed's head look like under the gas mask? Does it look like a regular horse, or something else?

>> No.56768120

>believing the Fallen are a unified group with a purpose
Most of the Fallen when their own way after Caliban, the few who do form warbands often fall to chaos. oh that reminds me
>tfw no novel about a Fallen soldier and a Sister of Silence finally finding love and peace with each other

>> No.56768122

Can someone help me with an ITC list?
2k points are needed.

I've got 12 lootas, 2 heavy plasma orks that can be rokkit or lootas, 5 rokkit bits, 6 big shoota boys
2 30 boy blob
1 26 boy blob
17 unused jump-packs, can convert above boyz to stormboyz
34 stormboyz, 2 stormnobz with pk's
4 squigs, can use as boyz or grots
50 grots
1 big trak w/ suppa kannon
2 battlewagons, 1 w/deff roller
1 trukk
4 grot kannons (crew counted in grots)
1 mek gun (same as above)
3 killa kans, 2 big shoota, 1 skortcha
2 big choppa nobz
1 ghazghkull
2 waaaagh banner nobz
1 kff big mek
2 doks
2 weirdboyz
2 regular meks with pistols
4 generic kommandos
2 burna kommandos
1 generic warboss

>> No.56768175

you looking for a take all comers or a win at all costs list?

>> No.56768177

Fuck you

"Each time you roll a hit roll of 6+ for a model in a unit with this icon in the fight phase, it can immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. These extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks.

If the model is targetting an IMPERIUM unit, it will instead trigger Death to the False Emperor on a 5+."


inb4 WAACfags argue this would give 2 attackson a 6

>> No.56768180

That's not what Sternguard are good for. You want to maximize the Special Issue Boltguns.

>> No.56768181

Why is her crying :(

>> No.56768188

I made that so long ago, warms my heart to see it.

>> No.56768201

like a normal horse, but representing it as gaunt or almost skeletal would be cool and thematic

>> No.56768213

>500 points, pretty killable
>buffs enemy units too

0/10 stop trying

>> No.56768227

Bruce Fife, is he the one who advocates sticking coconut oil up your childs bum to "reverse" autism?

>> No.56768234

>ignores move and fire penalties
>grants cover to nearby models
>takes 12 BS3+ lascannons to bring it down

Best new unit with best new model

>> No.56768242

I mean, I'd like to win, but a general all-rounder list is good, I guess? I can kitbash shit for the list.

>> No.56768245

>I think it should only extend it to all enemies because if it does that AND makes DttFE trigger on 5+ it'd be too good for only 10pts

And now it's useless against IMPERIUM armies. You haven't solved anything.

>> No.56768278

We all know the elite assault units are the tits in a BA army

What are some good support units?

Im a big fan of hellblasters and the stormtalon now that we can use it and the baal pred is lacklustre

>> No.56768285

It's a weird limbo of if you do both it's too good for 10pts but if you only do one it's not worth it's points.
The solution is clearly to do both and make it 12pts because it goes on Slaanesh models and 12 is a multiple of 6 and numerology gets my dick hard

>> No.56768297

Question of the Day:

Is Chapter Approved worth buying for a Guard Player? Or should I just accidentally download it instead?

>> No.56768298

Sanguinary Priests look good

>> No.56768308

Thanks for the help!

>> No.56768315

There was a download link in the last thread

>> No.56768326

>33 Lascannons

Taking our 3+ a turn!

Eat shit Chaos!

>> No.56768328

It's not worth buying, but because it's a mandatory FAQ for points you're going to need it anyway. Whether your store lets you get away with a pdf is another matter.

>> No.56768330

So do we think the unforgiven no longer auto pass moral checks or is it more likely the writer just didn't know that?

>Grim Resolve is great for units of Terminators in particular – you’ll be free to take 10-man squads without having to worry about the cost of morale.

>> No.56768334


3000 points
M8 WS2+ BS2+ T6 W12
2+ 2++ 2+++

Weapons I'm not sure
God Emperor's Blessing: Your army rerolls 1s to hit and wound
Architect: Double your starting command points count at game set-up
Man's Hope: Your army autopasses morale, the enemy army suffers -2 to LD stat. If this model is slain, instead your army's LD is set to 1 and the enemy army's LD is set to 10.

This is actually fun to think about

>> No.56768353

The writer is just retarded I think

>> No.56768367

What went wrong?

>> No.56768369

So when are the updated points cost from Chapter Approved getting FAQ'd into their actual codices?
Or is GW actually forcing us to pay for FAQ's now?

>> No.56768373

>Your army rerolls 1s to hit and wound
That is terrible for 5k pts. It should be rerolling any hit and wound rolls that you choose.

>> No.56768401

>A corpse in a chair
>being in any way useful in close combat
>doing anything other than being a symbol


>> No.56768402

It ain't a complete ruleset though, still didn't give any weapons or pskering to him. Just some ideas

>> No.56768435


I downloaded it from here and shared it among my friends.

>> No.56768458

New Updated Blood Angels list. How did i do?

>> No.56768467

link? I don't see it in the last thread anywhere.

Would mods/janitor have deleted it?

>> No.56768472

Not very well son, you forgot the list

>> No.56768477

Think you accidentally made an Alpha Legion list...

>> No.56768479

What a CAACfag list

>> No.56768482

Fucking dammit

>> No.56768487


>> No.56768494

I too don't play Blood Angles

>> No.56768509

God dammit

>> No.56768513


Where are your sanguinary guard

>> No.56768515

fingers crossed, I know immunity to psychology hasn't really mant anything these last few editions but the DWing do need something to show them off as stoic motherfuckers

>> No.56768519

Honestly, I was thinking about that anyway. I based my test model with Ancient Oak from Reaper I think. Then I realized that I don't want to hand base kabalites ever again.

>> No.56768521

it sucks retard fuck

>> No.56768523

Wank squad names and pisspoor spelling.


>> No.56768524


>> No.56768528

>28 points short

Not sold on tac squads in rhinos, I'd say keep tac squads but just let them footslog and buy more choppy stuff and more characters.

>> No.56768552


>> No.56768558


I just got one of the last 3 Incubi Darkness sprays in the UK from Wayland, Christmas ain't cancelled after all!!

>> No.56768559

It's quite fun to watch your opponent draw Psychological Warfare when playing Deathwing.

>> No.56768575


Meadows mate, not that close but 10 minutes by car

>> No.56768582

Wow, you're a colossal retard!

12x3 is 36, not 33. And that was BS3+, with the guard's BS4+ it goes up to 16 lascannons.

>> No.56768617


OK, this is fast and dirty. You'll have to convert up a bit but 2k is a stretch

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Orks) [124 PL, 1997pts] ++

+ HQ +

Big Mek [5 PL, 75pts]: Choppa, Kustom Force Field

Warboss [4 PL, 64pts]: Big Choppa, Shoota

Weirdboy [4 PL, 62pts]: 3. Da Jump

+ Troops +

Boyz [13 PL, 205pts]
. Boss Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
. 29x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Boyz [13 PL, 205pts]
. Boss Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
. 29x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Boyz [9 PL, 139pts]
. Boss Nob: Power Klaw, Slugga
. 18x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Gretchin [2 PL, 30pts]: 10x Gretchin

+ Elites +

Kommandos [6 PL, 63pts]
. Boss Nob: Choppa
. 4x Kommando
. Kommando W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Burna
. Kommando W/ 'Eavy Weapon: Burna

Nob w/ Waaagh! Banner [4 PL, 79pts]: Kustom Shoota

Nobz [11 PL, 110pts]
. Boss Nob: Ammo Runt, Big Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Ammo Runt, Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Ammo Runt, Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Ammo Runt, Choppa, Slugga
. Nob: Choppa, Slugga

Painboy [4 PL, 65pts]: Power Klaw

Tankbustas [4 PL, 95pts]: Bomb Squig
. Boss Nob: Rokkit Launcha
. 4x Tankbusta: 4x Rokkit Launcha

+ Fast Attack +

Stormboyz [13 PL, 225pts]
. Boss Nob: Power Klaw
. 24x Stormboy

Stormboyz [13 PL, 225pts]
. Boss Nob: Power Klaw
. 24x Stormboy

+ Heavy Support +

Big Gunz [5 PL, 108pts]
. Gun: 2x Grot Gunner, Kannon
. Gun: 2x Grot Gunner, Kannon
. Gun: 2x Grot Gunner, Kannon
. Gun: 2x Grot Gunner, Kannon

Big Trakk [9 PL, 165pts]: Supa-Kannon

+ Dedicated Transport +

Trukk [5 PL, 82pts]: Big Shoota

++ Total: [124 PL, 1997pts] ++

Created with [url=https://battlescribe.net]BattleScribe[/url]

you could move these around toget some extra CP too.

>> No.56768629

You forgetting Relic of Cadia Chaosnigger?

>> No.56768642

See the worst part is if i go with 4 lascannons on each squad. I end up 2 points over. Was thinking of removing the Relic Blade and make into a power sword for the 4 lascannons and wont footsloggers with flamers probably get destroyed before they even get into Flamer range?
Yea i know i tried to make it all cool but it's probably just awful and retarded names. Ill remove them.

>> No.56768647

Does the Codex entry for Sanguinary Priest override the index entry? No more jump packs?

>> No.56768659

You can use the Index version if no codex version exists with the wargear options you want, but you've got to pay Index points.

>> No.56768686

Maybe drop the flamer.

I'm quite partial to having a few footslogging troop choices for objective secured and just hanging round the back.

Intercessors are quite good at this.

Consider getting some psykers and dropping devestators maybe, merge the assault squads into a bigger one or just upgrade it to sanguinary guard with your points savings elsewhere.

+1 to wound is amazing with power fists and such for example, most vehicles on a 2+ and the toughest wound on a 3+

>> No.56768690


It's alright.

>> No.56768696

Best terminator armor coming through.

>> No.56768706


Live in Clifton currently; Beeston next year.

5 minute tram ride to WhW. I will be more broke than I already am.

>> No.56768721

Truth. Cataphractii and Tartaros fags can get the fuck out of my Deathwing.

>> No.56768746

The assault squads were meant for close range Anti-Tank as they have melta guns. The devastators being the long range anti-tank.

>> No.56768762

Wanna fight 1v1 faggot?

>> No.56768770

Anyone else find it hard to justify putting an expensive weapon on a 1W marine model?

Yeah, I can load up Death Company with weapons but they die like Marines. Doesn’t seem worth the cost. Standard load out with a jump pack seems prudent.

>> No.56768784

I love how everyone lost their mind at Commissars having this rule bc "being immune to morale is OP", bitched until GW nerfed both conscripts and commissars into the ground, then GW immediately turned around and gave nids and now DA the exact same fucking thing. Either blanket morale immunity/near-immunity is a problem, or it isn't. Which is it?

>> No.56768794

Its this shitty photographer idiot again

>> No.56768832

Terminator armour's for insecure tryhards with aggressively receding hairlines who secretly enjoy being pegged.

>> No.56768848

Think of all the other models in the unit as extra wounds

>> No.56768854

Could you erm, tell me the basic strategy here? Sorry, I'm kinda trash at 40k

>> No.56768862


I mentioned this to my friends earlier and the fact that by handing out fearless like candy neutralizes any kind of fear mechanics they could implement, which is what they will 100% give to Deldar.

>> No.56768863

Well, half the time an ork boyz unit is just a delivery package for a PK nob to fuck something up.

>> No.56768867

This - shovel a bunch of boltgun wielding chaff in with the guys actually packing heat

>> No.56768872

Sorry, I can't hear you over my Tactical Dreadnought Armour.

>> No.56768875

what is it was Cataphractii with combi-weapons?

Deathwing have always had immunity to psychology and they have always paid for it. You do get ten conscripts for every powerfist stormbolter DW terminator. Personally I had no problem with the Commissar rule so long as you were able to mitigate it with snipers or simillar

>> No.56768889

Matter of perspective and army relations.
Conscripts had both the ability to take and dish it out.

>> No.56768890

Planning on running a Relic Contemptor w/ a Chainfist and DCCW, Two Plasma Blastguns and a Cyclone Missile Launcher.

Any thoughts?

>> No.56768895

It's broken on hordes that are supposed to be countered by morale.

Losing a 50 point terminator to morale hurts a lot more than losing a 4 point guardsman.

>> No.56768896


Apart from blasters on my kabalites I tend to agree, I don't give syrabites or dracons anything, I don't even take the demi klaive on Incubi Khlaivex.

>> No.56768960

Considering how hard they suck his cock at BL, anything but "Instantly wins you any and all games" would fall short.

>> No.56768991

You talking shit?

>> No.56768992

well he is the god emperor of mankind >.>

>> No.56769008


Don't bother with the missile launcher, you can give him assault weapons in his fists meaning you can advance and still hit at BS3+ whilst closing in.

>> No.56769013

I'm not hearing any denials

>> No.56769015

Give that man a Blood Bowl ball in his hand. It was my first though.

>> No.56769016

>That thin sword

>Weird how people have a high impression of someone literally called the God Emperor of Man
so strange

>> No.56769042

I don't think the relic contemptor can have a cyclone launcher can it? Pretty sure it's mortis only

Not that it matters to ccw and two blast guns will do a lot of wrecking, just remember that S8 weaponry is plentiful so you're rather more fragile than it looks (and also a terrifying distraction carnifex)

>> No.56769047


There is no feasible way to have him on table top, his power level is too high. I can't remember the name of them but him and a bunch of custodes and horus were fighting these weird super orks that were killing custodes, something a warboss of normal orks wouldn't be able to do. Anyway emps calls time out and kills everything except marines on the planet unleashing like 5% of his power. Literally disintegrates these super orks like it's nothing on a planetary scale. When someone is that over inflated in power you can't have him on table top.

>> No.56769049

Fair point. I guess it's just confusing to me bc there's still plenty of that in the game...the nids are hordes, and can get a 12" bubble of fearless. Orks can keep 3x30 boys near each other and be basically immune as they all just keep using the Ld of whichever one has the most models in it. Etc etc. Is it that like >>56768889 says, those units don't put out the hurt Conscripts were doing? Having been on the receiving end of a giant Termagaunt blob I thought they were pretty effective; maybe it was just me.
Also is there a point to taking Conscripts now that they're the same points cost as Infantry? Just the bigger unit size?

Thanks for responses all and being rational in the face of my frustration.

>> No.56769051

Worth it IMO They need jump packs and its fucking stupid to remove the option from the codex when you can just use the fucking index what was the point

>> No.56769060



>> No.56769062

Presumably because they're not currently selling a model with a jump pack.

They did the same thing with the WJG Autarch

>> No.56769072


Index choices phased out with codex 2.0

>> No.56769089

ok, here's my thoughts.

19boys go with the warboss in a 'ard case battle wagon. Nobs race alongside them in the trukk. The ammo runts are there to take wounds when the truck gets blown to fuck.

2 mobs of 30 boys on foot, get teleported by the weirdboy

both squads of stormboys also race up the field, your goal is to hit as manything AT THE SAME time as possible, this will reduce return fire when your opponant needs to pull something out of combat.

Kommandos only show up when you think something else is gonna charge teh same turn, they're garbage in that low number so use them to assist or go after a backline sniper unit.

painboy and waaagh banner just stay near the blob as best they can to assist.

tankbustas ride in the big trakk, target vehicles, duh.

have fun, I did have to stretch a bit to hit 2k. Things I would do:
flesh out the stormboy units, they're cheap and good.
maybe boost the size of the nob unit? a box of nobs would help your army in general just for bits and squad leaders.
maybe duplicate the kommandos? double your chances of them making that charge

don't forget to have fun!

>> No.56769094

HMMMM. This is true.

.....I MIGHT magnetize one...

It can, thankfully. Also you're right. I plan to get stuck in very quickly and pop vehicles as I go.

>> No.56769099

He costs what, 385? That's Dante + the Sanguinor, and those two can't bring nearly the power of Guilliman. GW should just go through all of their other buffing characters, make groupings that come out to approx. the price of Guilliman and ask themselves "would I rather have these or would I rather have Guilliman?" If you'd prefer Guilliman each time then he's undercosted. Simple but effective heuristic.

>> No.56769119

When did this particular piece of heresy happen?

>> No.56769228

ah yes you're right I was looking at an older FAQ

>> No.56769255

>like chaos marines a lot
>love siege defense battles
>will never get the chance as chaos
I hate this feel

>> No.56769361


>> No.56769458

Sounds like the Iron Warriors are calling your name

>> No.56769599

Jesus fuck that is so anime and in a bad way. "Heh... that only took 5% of my full power!"

And those were probably either leftover Krorks or proto-Beast WAAAGH Orks. And fuck off, a Warboss can easily kill Custodes.

>> No.56771559

Isn't that tarot card art? Ask whatever artist drew it all those centuries ago.

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