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>> No.56756342

Guard is for people who want to play historicals but can't find a group

>> No.56756356

>implying that people who play guard want friends

>> No.56756363

Blood Angels finally get their book and I've lost interest in them.

Yeah, you can make marines good at assault but assault still sucks.

Looking at Dark Eldar now.

>> No.56756373

Assault is better than it's been since at least 5th, learn how to use your pile-in and consolidate moves.

>> No.56756375

some of us have been playing guard for years anon. we deserve to have our time in the sun.

>> No.56756379

>assault still sucks
how can assault suck, when it lets you use your powerfists???

>> No.56756385

Why does assault suck?

>> No.56756386

Guardmen are supposed to dies faceless in the rain and mud, eternally overshadowed by glory-boys.

>> No.56756388

Random charge range, overwatch, and the fact that it's fucking predictable and a smart opponent knows to expect it and plan for it. If you're playing against an assault army you know what it's going to do and it's obviously not going to sit back and shoot at you.

>> No.56756389

So, I bought the Tau battleforce for myself, and I happen to have a unit of Pathfinders lying around.

Does a Devilfish make sense to add into the force? I would like to keep the stealthy-mech theme going.

>> No.56756399

Tell me why you chose to play junk humans anon. My brother and I had a discussion over it. I see IG as the human fighter of 40k.

>> No.56756406

>Celestine charges my helpless squad of guardians camping an objective
>one guardian slams the fire button on their support platform's missile launcher in overwatch
>6 to hit
>5 to wound
>6 for damage
>mfw the Living Saint gets blown out of the fucking sky by some elf baker they handed a rifle and told to help out the aspect warriors

>> No.56756413

1" range is shorter than more 1" range.

>> No.56756424


Okay, if I'm dark eldar - I'm going to take lots and lots of cheap 70-90 point units.

You load up on death company or whatever, drop them down - maybe I retreat - maybe I don't but either way you're going to waste an entire turn eating a 90 point unit and then I know where you are and you're basically going to get kited to death.

Assault is bad precisely because you must close the distance.

>> No.56756442

but thats what jump pack and deep striking termies are for. retreat into my meat grinders or my other meat grinders. on top of that i always charge first with my warlord so no overwatch (ravenguard) then charge in with no problem.
ive not had much issue with melee this edition, but you cant just start at your end of the board and run toward them and expect to get into combat efficiently

>> No.56756444

Good luck kiting my Genestealers. There won't be much left of your squad to kite with after the first charge anyway

>> No.56756455

space elf master race

>> No.56756457

But did she stay dead?

>> No.56756462

Latest White Dwarf uploaded.


where can I found Advent Calendar?

>> No.56756464

this is what cheap 5 man units of Vanguard Veterans with twin chainswords are for. 21 attacks, BS 3+, S4, and deep striking, for 90 points.

Two of those to get off early charges against major units, force the enemy to deal with them while the rest of the army rolls up.

>> No.56756465

Making an all dreadnought list

Would a redemptor be a good addition to have at least one of every dreadnought variant in the list or should I just skip it for a venerable castraferrum?

>> No.56756471

Alternative 2k i came up with this morning - I want to play a much more aggressive Tau since my main army in 5-7ed was Dark Eldar.
- 7CP -
Coldstar: HOBC, Missile Pod, ATS and Shield Gen - 150

Ghostkeel: CIR, ATS + TL, 2x Burst, 2x Stealth Drones - 181
3x Stealthsuits: Beacon, Markerlight, Target Lock - 119
3x Stealthsuits: Beacon, Markerlight, Target Lock - 119
--- 569pts

Commander - 4x Fusion, 2x Gun Drones - 176
Commander - 4x Fusion, 2x Gun Drones - 176

5x Breacher Team - 40
5x Breacher Team - 40
Devilfish w/ Burst Cannon, 2x Gun Drones - 127
5x Breacher Team - 40
5x Breacher Team - 40
Devilfish w/ Burst Cannon, 2x Gun Drones - 127

3x XV8: 2x Flamer, ATS, 6 Gun Drones - 252
3x XV8: 2x Flamer, ATS, 6 Gun Drones - 252

>Fast Attack
6x Pathfinders:3x Markerlights, 3x Ion Rifles - 60
6x Pathfinders:3x Markerlights, 3x Ion Rifles - 60
6x Pathfinders:3x Markerlights, 3x Ion Rifles - 60
--- 1430pts
1999/2000 points

>> No.56756472

well the reason im making that specific army is me and my 3 bros play about 9 month long fluffy campaigns, and we pull a army out of the hat and half to have it done by end of march. i got guard, and we are playing outside imperial space, so i decided an inquisitor is traveling there, found a threat and needed some backup, and the local mercenaries were the only thing he could get in any reasonable amount of time

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Why would you deep strike death company now you can give them a pre-battle 12+d6 move?

>> No.56756491

Guilliman should have withheld Primaris reinforcement from any of the Unforgiven chapters, due to their secrecy, regular betrayals of allies and general hoodfaggyness.

“Play nicely and you can have toys.”

>> No.56756493

Because descent of angels is better.

>> No.56756505

Was Saya a Nurgle or Slaanesh Daemon?

>> No.56756506

celestine is T3
how does anyone hurt her on a 5+

>> No.56756509

Guys, it doesn't look like theres any reason to take primaris marines in a BA army.

Maybe the redemptor dread but not the other stuff.

>> No.56756519

Didn't say 5+ just 5, as in that's the roll.

>> No.56756525

Why would you want to play ultramarines painted red anyway?

>> No.56756530

Sadly no, but a pair of Fire Prisms ended her rightly

Honestly that one player's Celestine is comedy gold every time I fight him

I remember her charging Karandras + 10 Striking Scorpions

she respawned as far from Karandras as physically possible, when she got back up

>> No.56756531

The fish is bad.
If you want to keep the stealth theme going maybe add Shadowsun?
She's not super useful but fits the theme.

>> No.56756538

Not even reivers?

>> No.56756547

You guys are masochists that are glutton for punishment, you gobbled this shit edition and now GW will cuck you again, while you scream "give it to me daddy GW".

Enjoy your horseshoied shitmaris marines.

>> No.56756549

Why take reivers when you can take more death company?

>> No.56756557

Did you forget to take your pills today?

>> No.56756559

Assault is good for a limited 90 pt distraction doesn't seem like an argument in favor of assault is good in general. 90 pts for 21 bolter attacks that immediately die is actually pretty awful.

>> No.56756562

What the fuck is the point of Grenade Launchers and the like? They're always worse than other weapons and offer no edge. Am I missing some kind of grenade rule or something?

>pic unrelated

>> No.56756573

Fair enough, I'll look into shadow sun, might wait till the actual codex comes out though.

>> No.56756591

Redemptor is decent small arms fire support, not as efficient as a pair of twin heavy bolter mortis dreads but not an altogether terrible replacement since it has strong melee. Its a little expensive compared to its peers in its price range that are 2+ bs with invuln saves.

>> No.56756600

not that guy but it's basically this feeling that any guardsmen in that army could be you.

You look at Bob in the corner for example, he's just a random guy in a guard army. But he's still a person. That guy holding a lasgun that's basically just a wound for the lascannon still has a family, had dreams, had a shitty breakfast in that morning, etc. He's a regular piece of shit just like you. But one time, Bob decides he's not going to be a statistic. Because fuck you chaos lord, you're not getting this objective. So Bob jams his shitty little bayonet in the one spot of the chaos lord's armor where he had a crack and kills him, winning you the game. That's why you play Imperial Guard.

Yes, most of those people don't matter, most will be chewed up and spit out by the meatgrinder that is war. But every so often one of them either fights hard enough or gets lucky enough that he carries the day, and you remember that even regular human beings can defy the gods when they put their hearts and minds to it.

Over time, your soldiers get stories. That's not lasgunner #123, that's John, the guy who held the objective by himself for three turns, made 20 cover saves, and won you the game. That's not leman russ #4, that's Joker, tank that somehow hit 6 shots on overwatch and shut a beserker squad down in its tracks at the last second. You get a certain pride for your army and see them less as numbers and more as people. They're no ordinary folks either. These poor soldiers have seen things you can't even imagine and won, and by god they earn your respect since they did it in shitty flak armor and what used to be one of the weakest small arms in the game.

They offer literally nothing some other weapon doesn't do better. You only take them if you were unfortunate to build some and don't feel like fixing them. Plasma is better than it in 99% of cases, the sole instance being you need a cheap special weapon for a vet/command squad.

>> No.56756608

people can shoot at them if they're on the board, you will probably not go first at some point if you play long enough.

>> No.56756613

I always wondered what it would be like if we ran with averages instead of dice rolls.

Would miss out on bullshit like this
But would also miss out on bullshit like this.

>> No.56756624

I had an Assassin with one wound left charge 6 heavy flamers and proceed to make all 14 of the resulting 4+ saves, once.

>> No.56756625

Hellblasters, Inceptors, and Intercessors are good enough to be questionable not bad enough to write off altogether.

>> No.56756632

The problem with assault is you gotta get to me asshole.

That gives me all sorts of options as far as baiting you, feeding you a worthless unit, shooting you, kiting you. Or I might just see where you are going and charge you first to deny you.

And believe me, this is coming from a guy who loves his Blood Angels and wants them to be good but at the end of the day - you can buff a marine but it's still a marine and it dies just the same.

People want to talk about how good death company are now. It's so fucking easy to kill 3+ armor and a 6+ FNP ain't doing shit.

>> No.56756636

Now that I'm less stupid I realise that plague spitter are like 3 times as much as flesh mowers

Is there any reason to not take flesh mower Now? It's better in every situation unless the enemy stays in combat and you need to kill something else.

Even then you still naturally charge shit for free plague probe hits.

On top of that why doesn't flesh mower replace plague probe, fucking thing is expensive.

>> No.56756667

>it's basically this feeling that any guardsmen in that army could be you.
this was my theory yes, I think around maybe 60-70% of people have that natural instinct as a first pick and would have to work to get to a point where they reject going with it in a fantasy game. Like it takes some courage to "get into" playing GSC or Harlies or some un popular shit but it helps the health of the game for people to play them.

>> No.56756668

Radical =][= Daemonhost.

>> No.56756673

what army do you play? i play assault heavy ravenguard and win majority of my pick up games

>> No.56756674

Rhinos, worth taking for Blood Angels? 70 points before upgrades is asking a lot in a 2000 point list.

Plus you have to jump out before it moves, not after so it seems less useful except as maybe mobile cover.

>> No.56756675

Kill yourself. Nobody needs you.

>> No.56756680

>made 20 cover saves
Emperor protects!

but really, romanticism of 40k is dead with 8th

>> No.56756693

Rhinos to carry what, if its just tacs to take objs then use scouts.

>> No.56756700


>> No.56756712

You can lick my anus, i allow you.

>> No.56756721

Is this an edit, face looks different.

>> No.56756723

their schtick is supposed to be that they're assault and that they offer versatility (frag and krak)
however the assault is pointless since you get an order to run and shoot (which still gives assault weapons a penalty while your lasguns fire normally), the frag is on average worse than a frsrf lasgun, and a plasma gun is exponentially better at it's job than a krak grenade for a mere 2 points more

>> No.56756727

Reivers can do things that Death Company can’t, and not everyone is autistic.
Some rules changes ruined your imagination?

>> No.56756731

I do both.

While i like netiher primarines nor the current edition i sitll think you are being rude.

>> No.56756734

maybe play a mission that isn't no mercy
if your opponent is turtling you can easily gain map controll

>> No.56756747

She always had gorilla face in the codex, it pissed me off. But maybe its more gorilla here, cant tell.

>> No.56756753

This is a troll-meme'ing
I half expect this to become the new Fabius Bile

>> No.56756754

>this was my theory yes, I think around maybe 60-70% of people have that natural instinct as a first pick and would have to work to get to a point where they reject going with it in a fantasy game. Like it takes some courage to "get into" playing GSC or Harlies or some un popular shit but it helps the health of the game for people to play them.

I highly doubt it's 60-70%, more like 10% at absolute tops. Space Marines are the most popular armies for a reason, and that's because most people can't resist a good power fantasy. That's part of what draws people to 40k after all, if most people were looking for games with regular ass humans they'd be playing Bolt Action or something. Let's be honest here, even most IG players were not drawn to 40k purely because of IG. What happened was they saw this crazy over the top universe, then saw IG and realized "holy shit, these are regular Joes, the fact that they can even surprise is pretty badass in and of itself." That's why most IG players pick the army.

And I actually play guard because I love all the crazy shit in the 40k universe. Playing guard lets me see just how insane everything else in 40k is. If you play marines it really doesn't sink in just how over the top even a basic gaunt is compared to a human being. You feel like you're playing on hard mode, even if GW royally screwed up balancing our 8th ed codex.

It doesn't really take courage to play a "different" army like xenos or chaos. If anything it's the opposite. If someone commits to a full IG army, it is absolutely a passion project or the codex is so OP someone is willing to drop $700 just to win some tournaments. You'll notice most meta tourney lists with IG tend to be something that's either soup or cheaper to build like 5th ed's leafblower. People don't tend to start an IG army unless they REALLY want it.

>> No.56756764

I just keep looking at those hips, it's enough to make me want to play DE.

Probably the sexiest model GW ever produced.

>> No.56756774

Hips look smaller than her shoulders

>> No.56756775

The HBL is pretty good., its basically a ap-2 D2 assult cannon

>> No.56756777

Sounds like you’re too busy sobbing hysterically. I’ll pass.

>> No.56756800

>mfw play exclusively aggressive, mobile armies and win almost every mission through sheer map control

it's a good feeling

a moment of silence for the armored company player who couldnt pick up the Relic.

>> No.56756802

so ive seen people saying that the plaugeburst crawer is great by it just dont see it: its basically an index leman russ with FNP and an invun.Am i missing something?

>> No.56756806

HQ [20 PL, 150pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]HQ [8 PL, 60pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]
Malefic Lord [4 PL, 30pts]

HQ [5 PL, 100pts]
The Changeling [5 PL, 100pts]

Troops [20 PL, 105pts]
Horrors [5 PL, 30pts]
Horrors [5 PL, 30pts]
Horrors [5 PL, 30pts]

Lord of War [21 PL, 415pts]
Magnus the Red [21 PL, 415pts]

Lord of War [35 PL, 700pts]
Aetaos’rau’keres [35 PL, 700pts]

Lord of War [24 PL, 470pts]
Mortarion [24 PL, 470pts]

>reading warzone atlanta
>bullshit list like this are actually real

>> No.56756812

More like laughing at you hysterically.

>> No.56756815

>4+ to hit
>on average half the hits of a plague spitter

Ehhh it's pretty shit, specially when the main purpose of a blight drone is close disruption for death guard armies.

>> No.56756817

>malefic lord, malefic lord, malefic lord, malefic lord, malefic lord, malefic lord

>> No.56756820

No one will shoot at it, so its free damage every turn.

>> No.56756825

Smite should have been limited to 3 per turn...

>> No.56756826

>mfw I play swarm and sometimes field 100 hormagants at 1k point games
Its a special kind of feel

>> No.56756828

Slaanesh. She didn't really cause disease, she just transformed everyone into chaos spawn

>> No.56756835

What Index or Codex is Malefic Lord from? Can't find it. Also, what's the point of it?

>> No.56756837

The true power of a WAAC.

>> No.56756839

>mfw I drop 5 Crisis suits with flamers on it

>> No.56756840

Its a FW renegades psyker that has recently been nerfed,

>> No.56756843

Aren't Malefic Lords more than 30pts now?

>> No.56756844

You're a goddamn monster and I've ALWAYS wanted to play Hormagaunt Swarm, the unit has a special place in my heart since my mother lovingly painted 60 of the gribbly little fuckers in order to screen all her carnifexes

any choice deets like Hive Fleet?

>> No.56756847

The only reason marines are popular is because their are fucking everywhere.
It is easier to name sets that do not have marines than the ones that do.
Even fucking AoS has marines fucking everywhere.

They are mention and shown so much that is no wonder people end buying them. For fuck sake they get updated models and new models almost every fucking year.

t. Marine player

>> No.56756849

yes, that was from last month.

>> No.56756850

its like 160 points, and it hits on 4s so, what 1.75 hits per turn for the main gun, and 1 for the entropy cannons. is it really worth it?

>> No.56756851

smite is fine, it exists to stop shit like the old screamer star, considering how bad they are at not stacking rules accidentally and going OOPS we dun fucked up again NEW EDITION!!!!

the issue is having those guys cost 30 and not restricting the number you could bring in a functional manner.

This shit get's old

>> No.56756855

why didn't magnus get a nerf or point increase in chapter approved

>> No.56756861

Because he's fine at a million points and has no character protections

>> No.56756864

Isn't the alphabet chicken like 9000 points now making the entire thing impossible to use?

>> No.56756865

I name my guard and give them character... prehaps not as much character as my other armies bar
>commander Mindel, generic tactical genius
>Arnold the banewolf officer/ vehicleassault leader
>Affy the field officer, looking for promotion through personal glory
>commander red, leading the close combat unit

Tell me about your dudes /tg/

>> No.56756867

Thats the point. Nobody spends 400 points on flamers at 1000 points unless they know exactly what I'm doing.
And it's still 400 points vs my 500. Those flamer suits cant deal with the tyrant for example

>> No.56756871

But then theyre shit unless you spam them.

>> No.56756872

>all out of range thanks to DS limits

>> No.56756873

Did everyone clap after too?

>> No.56756874

Because 1ks excluding him are so utterly terrible if he got a nerd it would break the faction.

>> No.56756875

146 points, the numbers are comparable per point to the output of a quad las predator, but people will focus and kill your preds fast if you bring them.

>> No.56756880

I always do. I spend to counter swarms and tanks. Thats my go to.

Specifically low points.

>> No.56756882

yeah hes 1500 now.

>> No.56756884

>reduce Magnus to 10 wounds
>no longer can be targeted
>best edition am I right?

>> No.56756890

He should have gotten a nerf 78% invuln save isn't ok.

>> No.56756898

So how does Death Guard beat super heavy tanks?

>> No.56756901

Its disruptive damage, restricting it in any meaningful way takes away the entire point of them. Arguments to the contrary completely miss the point in their design.

>> No.56756903

All the fleets except for kronos are good with swarm gant spam.
I usually run either behemoth or hydra but i have tried them all and they are good in different situations.

Then you are one of the very few.

>> No.56756905

Related to this, how many play with Forgeworld stuff (which is technically third party as far as I know) and how broken is it? Besides this Malefic WAACfag Lord.

>> No.56756907

Is that how that works? Thought it was base woundsm

>> No.56756909

>80 BS3+ S6 shots
>he is going to need that save.

>> No.56756911

>Canoness Aisha, piloting a salvaged tallarn leman russ exterminator re-christened The Scarlet Star, using as as a beacon of the emperor's holy light in the faithless Imperium Nihilus
>Repentia who are given the mercy of flak armor, bearing permanently-overcharged plasma guns and air-dropped into enemy lines, bringing cleansing light to their foes and emperor willing, themselves

>> No.56756915

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU? WAAC-faggot, (useless if unspammed, too strong if spammed)

>> No.56756916

I thought you were going to be full of shit, but running the numbers, its seems you are right. that seems so weird to me.

>> No.56756918

>Then you are one of the very few
Why? What else do I build for?

>> No.56756923

Read the CA it says wounds not wound characteristics, nor explains it means starting wounds.

It is going to need a day one errata for the paid errata, unless it is fucking intentional

>> No.56756924

This fucking meme again, I was wrong, THIS is the new Fabius Bile

>> No.56756926

From what? Only 4 damage gets through btw.

>> No.56756930

No Tau on today?

>> No.56756931

wut are mortal wounds... this whole thread feels like a broken record of idiocy

>> No.56756932

If you balance them around spam you make them shit if you just get one of them. If you spam them they're "balanced"

>> No.56756935

It's base wounds, mate. Don't blame GW for your retardation.

>> No.56756940

This is only slightly on topic, but I'm fucking retarded and this is the best place to ask.
What's the acronym used for players who put winning over anything? WAC something? Like "fuck being a WAC faggot, just do a fluffy army list and have fun with it".

>> No.56756943

he should have a 1++

>> No.56756948


>> No.56756949

... are we just going to pretend they aren't referencing the old rules and are simply updating the line of sight rule?

>> No.56756950

so you're agreeing with my first statement but being retarded about it? What an odd person you are.

>> No.56756953

Name some sorces of mass MW
>psy powers
>18" + DtW. lol good luck

>implying you can get big red into CC

>> No.56756954

Usually people take a couple of squads of tac marines with maybe a flamer but mostly plasma. A tank of some kind, hq thats designed for close combat, a dedicated anti tank unit and a dedicated cc unit that runs with the hq. After spending those points few of the players want to spend points on flamers.
Thats the standard where I play at least

>> No.56756962

win at all costs

>> No.56756963

Are they? Because CA sure as hell does not explain it
Is not like they can't spend extra to fit the line that explains it.

>> No.56756966

>> No.56756976

Yes, thank you anon.
I was going for something like Win against... in my mind and a quick google search yielded nothing with that.

>> No.56756981

Well, looks like I ruined a miniature with my spraycan.

Can anyone tell what went wrong? Some parts are nice and smooth so I'm guessing I put too much spray on.

I wanna learn from this so it doesn't happen again.

>> No.56756988

From Taurox Prime, you can get 4 for like 500~
Is not like you are going to wast special weapons like plasma or meltas in it.
You basically use the Taurox when you shot down the rest of the army with the rest of your army.

>> No.56756989

The fucking rules.

>> No.56756998

did you shake it? spray few bursts onto a paper before actually spraying a thing

>> No.56757000

Le chapter approved face.

>> No.56757001

Too close to the mini when spraying.
Short bursts at 40-60 cm

>> No.56757003


>> No.56757011

New Chapter Aproved does not mention characteristics. Just wounds.

>> No.56757014

Shook it a good deal.

Could be it, I sprayed around 15-20cm away from it.

>> No.56757015

New rules trump the old ones.

>> No.56757018

Things that can cause bubbling include:
* High temperature & Humidity
* Not shaking bottle enough.
* Spraying too close and spraying too much.

Maybe do the next batch with just thinned down regular ceramite white.

>> No.56757023

Did you scrub the model? That looks like you didn't clean the model.

>> No.56757027

>he doesnt have the latest DLC

>> No.56757030

I spray most of mine 15-20 cm, but only in brief pass-overs not using full spray. Many thin layers pretty much.

Also because it's cold as fuck here.

>> No.56757033

Don't see where this contradicts the old one on this. It doesn't say "wounds remaining", meaning that you use the characteristic, not wounds that a model still has.

>> No.56757038


Plague marines with 3 x melta, maybe stick them in rhinos for extra survivability

>> No.56757042

lol , leave it to GW to actually make the wording worse in their 25€ faq book

>> No.56757044

When model gets shot i takes a wound, not wond remaining.

>> No.56757049

>meaning that you use the characteristic

no it doesnt, because it doesnt say wound characteristic

compare it to the webber that wounds against strength instead of toughness, it doesnt say your initial one, it just defaults to what you have right now

>> No.56757050

Bad Moons get +1 to hit with ranged weapons and -1 to hit with melee as their clan tactic

there, I fixed them.

>> No.56757051

>tfw they'll have to dumb down the game even more for 9th edition

>> No.56757060

oh fuck me so this means the closest visible part is also gone

>> No.56757067

Gonna get FAQ'd and I'll be back to say I told you so.

>> No.56757071

No, look at the rulebook and the ca, one says wounds characteristic and the other just wound.

Are we going to dumb down 9th even more due to retards like you?

>> No.56757077

>chaplain dreadnought is the only visible target
>cant shoot cause some scouts are behind a nearby solid goddamn wall

>> No.56757078

yep, culexus spam just got way better

I don't mind if it gets FAQd or not, but at this point in time these are the rules of the game

>> No.56757084

with retarded shit like "reroll misses, but if you have -1 then its not a miss before you reroll but then its a miss so you cant reroll but still miss" telling someone to apply common sense does not really work

>> No.56757086

>paid bug fix
>needing bug fix day one
>I... I- won guys!

Being this retarded should be illegal.

>> No.56757088

It's just people scanning everything for exploits. They will always be there, no matter how straightforward the rules are, if they are not policed or encaged in an impenetrable rule frameset they will try to "bend" the rules so what they do is "legal"

>> No.56757089

All that would do is prove they're right.

>> No.56757091

You’re wrong as the rules are written now. If they change it in FAQ you won’t be any less wrong.

>> No.56757092

Apparently people using their own vehicles to control what enemy units their shooters could see was more egregious than the idea of hiding units behind impassable walls to deny shooting at a character

>> No.56757107

>The errata book needs errata
Just one of the reasons I thought patches that you have to cough up for is daft and goblinish. All the changes and point-adjustments will have to go up online for free if they want it set in stone anyway.

>> No.56757109

Not even bending, it is right there.
Horribly written paid rules.

>> No.56757115

>whether it's visible or not
If this was employed in lore you'd just deploy some DKoK hiding in trenches at the front, so none would be able to fire past them.

>> No.56757117

This isn’t bending the rules. It’s just following the rules. This is GW’s fault not WAACfaggots. This isn’t a loophole.

>> No.56757118

Yeah, why is that shit with rerolls even a thing?

>> No.56757119


Friend you seek to be implying you are trying to make an all-dread list without the use of forge world dreads. Do not do this, your list will be boring and repetitive.

And no, Redemptors are pretty much the weakest dread you could think to add.

>> No.56757120

Did a second attempt from further away and spraying less.

Looks better, shame I still ruined a decent model.

>> No.56757127

Of course it will. The point is, they broke it even more while trying to patch "f̶i̶s̶h̶ rhino of fury" with their new retarded out of LoS closest still counts rule.

And they did not even saw it, was so frothing at mouth to ruin LoS rules. #notmy40k

>> No.56757131

with how easy it is to get rerolls I assume it was them buffing the negative modifier sources because they were so rare

...then they made them not rare at all

>> No.56757132

Don't stress it, just paint him covered in grime and shit.

>> No.56757136

Just chuck it in the old paint stripping bucket

>> No.56757137

You might be able to strip it, depending on the paint. Right one loogs pretty good.

>> No.56757140

Drop it in ethanol or any other stripping solution like Simple Green. Just don't rub it with a brush.

>> No.56757144

>out for 1 day
>already needs an FAQ
Is this, dare I say it, the most playtested edition ever?!?

>> No.56757153

Anon improving one model at all time, failing is all part of the learning experience. As others said you can strip it, personally I've kept all my horrible failures at doing things as reference points that I can look back on.

>> No.56757154

>needs can FAQ

maybe this was intentional tho because they want to sell more >10 wound characters

>> No.56757181

Yeah, the Primarchs really need help selling, right

>> No.56757182

[1 rolling intensifies]

>> No.56757184

Can you even imagine how much upset there would be if they said it was intentional?

>> No.56757191

>Alright guys, Magnus is beat up enough, go bully the other nerds and give him some space.
>But I wanna bully Magnus!

Not a fan of rules on what I can and can't target overall, outside of cover/line of sight.

>> No.56757194

>Oh no, this giant wraithfuck is wounded! Attacking it would be dishonorable, we must shoot something else instead.

>> No.56757196

How can this not be intentional? They would have just copy and pasted if it wasn’t.

>> No.56757206

Well they did change the wording so you can't LoS block other units to fire at a character behind them, but yeah they are either retarded for being intentional or retarded for making an obvious mistake

>> No.56757207

>Executioner Command Tank knocks itself down to 9 wounds turn 1 by overcharging all it's shit

>this turns it invisible

>> No.56757218

Denying shots at characters should have been based on the character's proximity to friendly units instead of the shooter's proximity to either instead. Would actually make sense that the guy has to stay close to minions to enjoy their protection, and it'd allow them to lead from the front instead of skulking behind

Big Wraiths aren't characters

>> No.56757223



are shit

>> No.56757237

Wait, Wraithlord is not character anymore?

>> No.56757242

I dont know?

Increasing the points in response to spam is a bad idea of that's what youre arguing

>> No.56757248

wraithseer is, wraithlord hasnt been a character for years

>> No.56757252

You are correct, there is no bending at all here. I just wanted to point out that people play RAW especially when it's convenient for them, otherwise they do RAI, whereas it should be RAW generally but apply RAI in case the message intended is not exactly written word by word. Such as this example.

>> No.56757257

What the hell are Wraithlords and Wraithseers? All I know are Wraithknights.

Is this FW?

>> No.56757273

Characters shouldn’t have any special rules about denying shots. Let them behave like everyone else. All it does is create retarded things like >>56757194
>>56757207 or Guilliman hiding behind a single guardsman.

>> No.56757285

Mortal wound spam.

>> No.56757294

... What

Other way around.

>> No.56757301


Wraithseers are FW though. https://www.forgeworld.co.uk/en-SE/Eldar-Wraithseer

>> No.56757302

Since they got rid of the Independent Character rules to simply things, costly characters still need SOME way to benefit from the protection of nearby units or they'll just get sniped right away and nobody will ever want to take them.

>> No.56757304

>but apply RAI in case the message intended is not exactly written word by word. Such as this example
It’s impossible to know their intentions here. They changed the wording for a reason when they could have ctrl c + ctrl v

This isn’t just a misspelled word where the intention is clear.

>> No.56757323

While you are right, 7e he is still a
Monstrous Creature (Character)

>> No.56757326

> I just wanted to point out that people play RAW especially when it's convenient for them

only if they are faggot WAACs

go to a tournament and you will notice everyone strictly plays RAW and only differ if the TO/event specifically changes a rule for that event, for example ITC making lost relic of cadia 1 use only

>> No.56757331

Maybe typing it out was quicker than bringing up the original text to copy+paste

>> No.56757358

Noticed gw is saturating a bunch of minis that Are locked in one build but have different weapons. What exactly do they plan to do when no one has the pieces for the guns they want to use?

>> No.56757367


>> No.56757383

Or maybe the writer was re-writing it from the top of his head and just didn't remember including it, and no one proofreads for shit so it went unnoticed.

I really think the intent is to leave it as wound characteristic. Characters are strong enough as they are and GW is aware considering some of the nerfs. They wouldn't buff them stupidly like that for no reason.

>MFW after being shot several times, my hive tyrant adapts by sticking nearby gaunts in his body a la GK with sororitas incident

>> No.56757384

Yeah but it's getting real frikin hard when there are no parts for it.

>> No.56757404

AND PEOPLE keep fucking bidding above the price of a nib version of that fucking bit

Holy fucking shit 3rd time in a row.

>> No.56757410

Remove the options from the codex.

>> No.56757417

are runt herders even worth it? i have 2 10 man squads of gretchins and it would be nice to have a runt hrder to keep them in line but is it worth it?

>> No.56757419

The worst part is i know what you're talking about.

>> No.56757433

What was that image from originally?

>> No.56757434

When will the high lords approve my chapter?

>> No.56757435

this was me with scions

>plasma spam was insane at start of 8th edition for scions

>paid £50 for 40 sets of scion plasma gun arms

>plasma got bumped to 13 points each
>left them in a bag for ages and used a mix of the plasma i already had and a load of melta

melta is now way too expensive and scion plasma is the best in game now, so i'm finally using that bag

>remove options from codex
>make rule in CA saying you can still use all the index options

gg gw, at least i can still use my 2++ stormshield GK librarian

>> No.56757438

Honestly? I don’t think so unless they’re filling out a vanguard detachment on the cheap.

>> No.56757439

Webway Assault question. It says an infantry or biker unit can effectively deep strike. Would that include dedicated transports?

>> No.56757446

You'd only use them to keep a full-sized mob or two in line. 10-Grot units aren't worth supporting.

>> No.56757447

are there dedicated transports with biker or infantry keywords?

closest i can think of is a vyper, but thats not a DT

>> No.56757457

Okay, got it

>> No.56757458

not sure why you are so aroused by the lack of conversion parts...

>> No.56757459

No use cloud strike...

>> No.56757462

Dedicated transports aren't actually attached to units in any way these days, if that's how you're thinking of them.

>> No.56757463

Whats a good army to go full infantry with? I'm tired of having to mutilate the carrying foam to transport vehicles.

>> No.56757468


>> No.56757471

Because the weapon I want to use makes me fucking ROCK HARD

>> No.56757473

/tg/, did you ever lose a nice model that you couldn’t easily replace?

>> No.56757476

>Put down your badass 300 point character
>Immediately gets focus fired in round 1 and dies to concentrated heavy weapons fire before it gets the chance to do anything
Sounds fun

>> No.56757481

Death guard, but you still want vehicles for support.

Or tyranids technically

>> No.56757489

No but I have anxiety over that.

>put down my badass unit of 300 points
>gets immediately focus fired down in round 1

>> No.56757500

Bubble wrap your characters dude

>> No.56757501

must be powerfists. i get a chub whenever i think of them also

>> No.56757508

Primaris + Crusader BT

>> No.56757510

no but 3 matches in a row my celestine has been accidentally knocked across the fucking room by the other player when moving their models

no idea how those fucking purity seal ribbons arent fucking broken yet, my heart stops every time it happens

>> No.56757512

They'll still have more wounds than a similiarly-equipped character will, and ultimately put out more firepower and attacks than him too.

>> No.56757515

Losing a unit doesn't feel as bad as losing one big model.

>> No.56757516

No it's a giant rotating power fist that hits 9 times and has better damage and ap

>> No.56757519

read the reply chain dumbass

which is why they will get focus fired and killed turn 1

>> No.56757536

Then don't run big models and not protect them?

God what do you guys do against snipers.

>> No.56757539

Every time I bring my Gorkanaut that happens.

Every fucking time.

>> No.56757542

Bubble wrapping wouldn't work if you could target characters like other units, which was the topic of discussion.

>> No.56757543

Then reconsider the effectiveness of sinking so many points into expensive units that can be easily killed
Your enemy is playing the same game as you are and has to make the same decisions, you know

>> No.56757548

>place my 100 point transport
>dies to lasguns
Super fun guys!

>> No.56757551

>be me
>last week
>just finished painting a magnetized combi-plasma I need for a game (tonight btw)
>Since it's magnetized I keep it on a file so I can paint it without touching it
>"All done, time to spray some varnish"
>Get up with the file in my hand
>Walk 3 meters
>Grab the spray
>Look at the file
>No CombiPlasma
>my room is barely 10 meter squared
>3 hours looking for it
>I would have paint a bunch of those in 3 hours, but goddamit I now want that one
>Turns out it was BEHIND a closet, between the small gap from the wall to the back of the closet

I don't even fucking know how

>> No.56757553

Have you tried not being such a scrub?

>> No.56757559


>Ynarri is totally dead you guys!!!

>> No.56757562

I agree, however it would just mean all of the solid characters would just never be used anymore, you would just use them as HQ tax

>> No.56757565

How do you "protect" a character if it can be targeted freely? Keep it hiding behind a building the entire game?

>> No.56757568

>focus firing the best unit in the enemies army is a bad thing

are you mentally deficient

>> No.56757579

And the same for characters then.

Why are they such a safe investment in points.

>> No.56757583

It takes an average of 360 lasgun shots to kill a ~70 point Rhino.

540 if fired by conscripts.

>> No.56757585


If you do that, characters are going to need to get a LOT tougher. As otherwise most HQs are not going to last past the first turn of a battle.

>> No.56757586


Best isn't always the most expensive my man

>> No.56757587

Is tyranid monster spam a thing? I heard about it from a couple of buddys but I can’t find any examples of it, would love to play a big monster heavy army

>> No.56757592

>assemble models
>drop a piece
>it lands on the floor
>own a Grey carpet

>> No.56757593

How do you "protect" a unit if it can be targeted freely? Keep it hiding behind a building the entire game?

>> No.56757594

>Bring units
>Put them over the table top all excited
>I have to remove them because reasons

Every tiem guise!!!

>> No.56757603

Hide it in transport hide it behind buildings. Buff it to not die easilly.

What do you do for your expensive units?

>> No.56757610

the only thing better then a power fist would possibly be a powerfist attached to the front of a rocket. in fact, i think i have some unmade devestators somewhere, time to make it

>> No.56757611

What, so everything is burning death themed? No Ryzaphrons as some kind of Lesser Penitent Engine or special Servitor? Those are great fun, and you could always link them with a couple Dakkastelans and unleash all the fire in the universe while cackling maniacally.


Assorted descriptions of the Mechanicum Thallax from HH. Despite having badass models they're pretty much just taxes in game, which is why I'm hoping they're improved in Fires of Cyraxus.

>> No.56757615

At least you found it, but I think we all know that feel.

>> No.56757616


>bring big expensive shiny unit
>enemy so distracted killing it they don't have the shooty to deal with anything else
>grab objectives and kill whatever I want while they waste shooting
>"Man that unit is OP!!!!"

>> No.56757617

>assemble models
>drop one
>floor is cement
At least you don’t have to reglue them like me

>> No.56757624

Well what the fuck did they do before?
To my knowledge characters were actually weaker and had less wounds.

>> No.56757625

>How do you "protect" a unit if it can be targeted freely
You don't

>> No.56757627

Not >>56757548 but he's probably a DE player using raiders

>> No.56757629

Somewhere in my room is an aspiring sorcerer's scroll that I knocked off my desk, I'm sure the warp has it now. Thanks Tzeentch.

>> No.56757631

Because mighty heroes have always been one of the prime centrepieces of the game itself, and it'd be shit if our generals and captains were just never viable and never got the chance to enact some hurt

>> No.56757633


>What do you do for your expensive units?

Use the fact that no single attack non-mortal wound attack can wipe away more than a single one of them and the face there is 10 separate dudes?


Joined units to have them act as ablative meat shields.

>> No.56757634


>> No.56757636

Nidzilla lists have been a thing since you gained the ability to field 3 fexes in one heavy role.

>> No.56757640

Well there’s your answer.

>> No.56757647


So the first casualties in every single battle will be the commanders?

>> No.56757650

Sure, Carnifexes can be kept cheap and still effective, and now all the different force orgs make the troop tax entirely optional, there's nothing stopping you from playing Nidzilla once again

>> No.56757651

Your might hero thing is the reason I snipe characters.

They're just a buff stick, the troops are the cool dudes.

>> No.56757652

>assemble models
>drop a piece
>it lands on the floor
>own a grey carpet
>find it anyway because I know it fell on the floor at my feet

>> No.56757670

Most of the best characters right now are fairly expensive though, they are also lynchpin in some cases

>focus fire gulliman turn 1
>all of his army has lost every reroll

>focus fire celestine turn 1
>no fast moving bitch to deal with

doesnt even need to the best expensive ones

>kill all the primaris psykers

>kill the chapter ancient before killing the devestators near him


>> No.56757673

Exactly why a haruspex (or for almost the same price, two Mawlocs) are actually viable

>> No.56757683

>focus fire can't kill 10 dudes

>> No.56757689

>the only loadout I like on a unit, and the loadout that made me absolutely fell in love with the unit, is Index-Only

>mfw these weapon options won't make it into 9e and when the day comes I'll have to retire them

oh no

>> No.56757697

Do you Think i could get away with spamming the spearhead detachment? I don’t want people to think I’m that guy for trying to cheese in a army style I like

>> No.56757700


Takes a lot more to kill 10 elite dudes than a single character unless it's Rowboat or Celestine.

>> No.56757705

>use superglue so you can disassemble it
>switch out weapons from the sprue you saved

>> No.56757709

Are those single characters worth the same price?

Would assume a 300 point dude is tough

>> No.56757714

>missed the part where the loadout getting squatted in the foreseeable future is the only one I care about, and feel only apathy towards the other weapons the unit can take

anon please

>> No.56757716

Haruspexes seem from a glance at their rules to be the Codex's most brutal combat monster
And you can stick it in a spore-pod too. Sounds like fun to me.

>> No.56757719


Why wouldn't you target the big flying angel or the huge man barking orders? It doesn't affect my army you see as.theyre always in vehicles and are just tax

>> No.56757721

> I don’t want people to think I’m that guy

they wont unless either you, or they, are legitimately a dickhead

>> No.56757725

Character could join a unit. Wounds were removed not from where you want but closest to the shooter.
If character stand at the far end ofthe group he is protected.
If character leads from the front, they can pass "Look out Sir" on 2+ to another model to jump in front of him heroically and take the wound.
Regular sergeant guys could pass on 4+.

>> No.56757727

Can BA vanguard vets grab dual plasma pistols?

>> No.56757730


Not always. A lot of characters are priced on the benefits they provide. Right now a lot of characters would need to get a lot cheaper or be a lot tougher to be worth taking if they could be targeted no matter what.

>> No.56757732

My Celestine loves to die.
The bitches can’t make a 3+ nor can she make her 2+

>> No.56757735

>argument about easily killing characters which buff enemy armies


wow you really showed me

>> No.56757736

Go for it man.
Its far from the best nid list out there.
Go either spore cysts and tusked regular fexes or thornbacks. Screamers arent worth it.

I have a list that fields 11 fexes, old one eye and neuros at 1500 points. Its a really fun playstyle

>> No.56757745

welcome to my world, WORLD OF PAIN

>> No.56757746

What a time to be alive, I don’t have to pay for puny grunts I don’t care for and can use all the big dinosaurs I want, thanks anons!

>> No.56757754

the bitches have 2+ though anon

>> No.56757756

Okay but that's still a thing for a lot of guard units.

>> No.56757763


Only in death does duty end and she's very tired.

>> No.56757765

What unit and weapon are we talking about anyway?

>> No.56757766

Tell me of your pain, anon

what models and gear will you cast into the void

>> No.56757776

I lost my dark vengeance cultist champion and flamer, In going to turn over my room looking for it but if I don’t find it I don’t think it’s possible to get another one...

>> No.56757778

>Space Marines are the most popular armies for a reason
They've been supported more than every other army since before there were other armies?

>> No.56757780

So.... theyr e very useful and powerful and efficient for the point. But you're upset because people would target them?

Whybcant my dudes troops with insanely expensive gear get the same rule then?

>> No.56757783

He has no mouth and he really really must scream.

>> No.56757790

it probably won't sound like a big deal, but I really like my squadron of Land Speeders that all pack a pair of Heavy Flamers each. The 8e codex denies them the second Heavy Flamer, and there's no codex-kosher pair of weapons that particularly appeals. Maybe heavy flamer and multi-melta, but ehn.

>> No.56757792


Having literally more unit options than multiple other armies put together might contribute.

>> No.56757796

Xeno players have to buy more to get more love from GW

>> No.56757798

>Got a job at an lgs
>Owner pushes employees into getting into one of the store sponsored games and offers them 40% off to do so
>Realize this is a good opportunity to try out some 40k
I have three questions for you guys.
>What is best army for a new player who has never touched a tabletop miniatures game before?
>Is it easier to pick up the rules by playing with other people, getting tutored by a veteran, or studying the book inside and out?
>What the fuck am I getting myself into?

>> No.56757809

>Dark Angels aren't ga-

>> No.56757812


>So.... theyr e very useful and powerful and efficient for the point. But you're upset because people would target them?

No, my issue is that they wouldn't be remotely useful for that price if they didn't have the existing protection. Hence 'They'd need to get a lot more survivable or they'd need to get a lot cheaper'.

>> No.56757817

>want a Space Marine detachment
>don't want outdated manletmarines
>don't want generic primarischads

A small problem perhaps, but one that bothers me greatly.

>> No.56757819

That all look the same, just different color?

>> No.56757820

It's a tank, but a quite expensive one at that, it invariably gets focused to death or crippling, so that is kind of how it makes its points back

>> No.56757822

>mfw I play the most popular xeno race

>> No.56757832

People noticed this in the leaks, just like the issue in the main rulebook that caused this kneejerk reaction. It needed an FAQ before release.

>> No.56757838

Personally whenever I drop a piece, it always seems to bounce either something like that, or directly under the ... spokes? of my swivel chair that I sit in to paint. Most often in the tiny gap between the wheels at each end.
Did I also mention that my carpet is well worn, and is the same colour as the plastic sprue? Also the same approximate size in weave.

>> No.56757839

What never had a naked man o your flag before

>> No.56757840

Space Marines or CSM
A little bit of all of those
Fun for neckbeards

>> No.56757849

> your mother plays
Is she hot? Post pics of her and her army.
I might become your new daddy son

>> No.56757857

>>What is best army for a new player who has never touched a tabletop miniatures game before?

>Is it easier to pick up the rules by playing with other people, getting tutored by a veteran, or studying the book inside and out?
I learnt last edition, and it was extremely daunting, I would have ranked it:
>private trial games (lots of silly but funny mistakes were made - eg: a handful of cultists defeating deathwing in melee)
>watching and reading about how others played the game
>reading the rulebook
But now in 8th edition the rules are so easy and explained well that you can get away with just reading the rulebook and watching a game or two, especially since you work in an (F?)LGS.
>What the fuck am I getting myself into?
Autism and hopefully fun

>> No.56757864

>What is best army for a new player who has never touched a tabletop miniatures game before?
Space Marines, but I've heard the new Death Guard is pretty newbie-friendly
>Is it easier to pick up the rules by playing with other people, getting tutored by a veteran, or studying the book inside and out?
A mix of the three, but i'd say playing is the best one.
>What the fuck am I getting myself into?
Fun times with friends, hours looking into paint tecniques and cool conversions, getting too attached to the lore and being butthurt when the black library idiots fuck up everything and break the canon.
At least that's me

>> No.56757867

Pick an army you think is cool.
I learned by studying the book and doing test skirmishes with a buddy until we kinda made everything clear, but being taught also probably helps (I was able to help bring a few friends into the game this way)
A hobby, duh.

>> No.56757870

The best army to play is the one you like the aesthetic, fluff, and aesthetic of the most. It will foster your enthusiasm and enjoyment of the game

personally I picked up the rules through a long history of RTS game tactics combined with rampant autism and mathhammer. But that aside I'd suggest a combination of studying the books, and friendly pickup games. Especially if you can just proxy units you kinda wanna try out, and get a feel for how they feel to use.

You're getting into an opportunity for interesting conversions, naming and getting attached to your toy soldiers, letting RNG and tactics slam into each other to generate memorable moments and heroic exploits for your dudes, and a potential downfall in becoming more attached to tactical viability over what you actually have fun with.

If you've had the chance at the lgs, is there any army that's caught your eye visually?

>> No.56757871

As always
Space fucking marines.
Super versatile and the favorite army that if you enjoy playing them you'll have A LOT of fun

>> No.56757872

Chaosfags, is it worth the trouble to do sub-assemblies on terminators? Seems there are a lot of fiddly bits that might get in the way

>> No.56757879

Get a guard unit to protect them.

Hide them in a transport or behind a wall.

>> No.56757883

I only play Xeno armies
DE, Necrons, Nids and starting Tau when they get a new Dex

I know that feel

>> No.56757885

>floor is cement
Pretty sure you've got bigger problems than miniatures breaking. Buy some linoleum you cheap fuck.

>> No.56757886

Check the quick summary of army lore and look at their aestetic i would say.
Rules in latest edition is extremely simplified so might as well read the rulebook and look at other ppl playing.

>> No.56757894

Probably, yeah. Sub-assemblies in general are good for getting tiny details and stuff, I learned this after I moved from my Necrons to Thousand Sons because Egypt.

>> No.56757897

>Get a guard unit to protect them.

read the reply chain

>Hide them in a transport

now they arnt giving buffs

>behind a wall.

you realise how common people spam LoS ignoring guns right?

>> No.56757901

sorry anon, my daddy plays Dark Angels, the loser.

I'd have to dig around for any pics of her army though. Her models are fucking prehistoric.

Her Carnifexes are all oldschool screamer-killers and her Exocrine is fucking armorcast.

>> No.56757905


>> No.56757908

>new to 40k trying to build an army
>no idea what's worth what pointwise
>decide to lurk and see how it stands
>people claiming things are overpriced and underpriced
>X faction is OP, Y faction is shit now!
>Y faction is OP, Y faction is shit now!
>mfw I'm worse off than I started

>> No.56757911

I have a confession

I honestly dont play space marines because hipster gland in my head. But I think theyre really cool and look fun.
Fucking hate myself.

>> No.56757921

Just take what you like the look of.

>> No.56757924

1. Some flavour of marines definitely, the models are not hard to paint (lots of flat surfaces and such), you don't need a lot of units (unlike guard or nids). In-game they have access to lots of units so you can probably find a playstyle you like
2. the new edition is far easier to get into than 7th. There's only 15 pages of overall rules and the rest is in the army codex, most of it is rather self explanatory though there are loopholes that some people are looking to exploit
3. plastic crack

>> No.56757929

if you are starting out just pick the one you like the lore/look of and get the start collecting box of it

>> No.56757931

Look Anon were just assuming they won't buff the price for characters. I'm just arguing if they did this that it's not impossible to work around.

>> No.56757934

>doing deadlift doubles at 95% 1rm after high rep work
>first two hard as fuck, going up in slow motion
>think of the emperor's sacrifice, mentally fix bayonetts
>third rep felt like pic related, but it went up
basically i'll never get the people who say "why do you play guard when there's cool space aliens you could play instead!". they exemplify the human spirit and represent the average man.

>> No.56757938


Same. I don't wanna play Baby's First Army, but having a unit for every niche seems fun.

>> No.56757944

>plays xenos
>rapes everybody
>noone cant even touch this
>want to add DE jetbikes just for giggles to your army cos they look cool
>GW releases book where you can mix and match elves
>when they kill you they can shoot again
>when you kill them they can shoot again
get on my level Astartes

>> No.56757947

Holy moly never do this. Literally just ask.

>> No.56757949

Keep you waiting, huh?


>> No.56757951

no no no no, thats not how you play. you pick the army that you think looks the coolest, with the units that look the coolest. i rock as many jump packs and powerfists that i can because they are awsome looking. playing the game with a calculator to see who has the best % isnt fun

>> No.56757955

Just pick something you like the look of.
If you don't like how they look you won't enjoy painting them

>> No.56757958

I know about the basic fluff and stuff from being on /tg/ for years. I kinda like the look of necrons though its just the terminator aesthetic mostly.

>> No.56757961

I never stopped believing in you

>> No.56757963

>builds army solely to fly towards the enemy at high speed and punch the shit out of them

I like you.

>> No.56757969

Oh wow

>> No.56757976

Are GSC a viable on foot army?

>> No.56757980

Lads a question about shooting:

1) do Phantasm grenade launchers morale penalties stack? Is a squad get successfuly hit by two PGL, does that squad take a -2 penalty to their morale or -1

2) if a open topped transport (a starweaver carrying hairpins with fusion pistols)is locked in combat, can the occupants of the transport fire their pistols into that combat in the shooting phase?

>> No.56757987

I always prefer playing underdog, and marines are opposite to underdog, glorified everywhere. The only thing i like about any marines is shooting at them. And stabbing them in the face. Expecially their "super awesome" glorified characters.

>> No.56757991

Thanks as always senpai. do you have it in PDF?

>> No.56757994

Thanks poo-tin :3

>> No.56757997

I've got a battalion I like already, but I don't know if it's underpriced or overpriced, nor what's worth getting to reach the point-level where most people play at. (Currently sitting at about 900~ after CA)

People keep claiming assault for example is useless, or that GK/terminators are overpriced, or that X unit isn't worth it anymore because they increased it by 5 points or something.

I'm not WAAC but I'm also hoping not to get crushed immediately.

>> No.56757999

Unless you go DG or Thousand Sons, those are your only two options.

>> No.56758002

Pick a faction based on what models/lore you like.

My personal rule of thumb for collecting the army is the troops choice. You HAVE to like the troops if you start collecting that army, otherwise you're gonna have a bad time. A decent chunk of your force will consist of troops, and if you dont enjoy painting them, you'll be demotivated to keep working on the army.

Me, for example: Termagaunts and GK Terminators are in my Top 3 Favourite models (Hive Tyrant is #1).
Thus, I collect GKs and Tyranids.

As a counter example: I think many of the Ork units like Big Meks, Loota's, Meganobz, Killa Kanz, Deff Dreads and so on look really cool...BUT I absolutely despise the Ork Boy model. As such, I will never start Orks because I cant see myself having a good time painting 50 Ork boys (Even though I really enjoy painting my nid swarms)

>> No.56758007

I like stupid powerful dudes crushing the bones of the inferior under their feet. Huge sweeping strikes that send blood and bodies hurtling into the air.

Basically I get a boner when I kills like 40 guards men with one unit and the rest run away.

>> No.56758013


God-emperor bless you anon, you're doing his work.

>> No.56758015

Thank you.

>> No.56758017

> daddy
That won't stop me anon. Post the pics

>> No.56758018

~t. rejected neophyte

>> No.56758019

You're new. You're going to get crushed immediately regardless of what you take the first few times.

Also what do you mean a battalion you like?

>> No.56758021

>Setting up a heavy bolter sideways in the turret's hatch instead of simply rotating the turret with autocannons 90 degrees.

>> No.56758026

Just read tactics and use math hammer to see how useful something is. Or just play the game.

>> No.56758030

If prices are roughly the same, why would someone want to buy easy-to-build version over normal one?

>> No.56758042

The "easy to build" models are going to be the future

>> No.56758045

>Best army
This depends on yourself. What kind of person are you, and what kind of way do you like to conduct a battle? Also, what kind of aesthetic and narrative do you enjoy? Do you love the idea of tactical mobile squads that gun down their foes, walking tanks that smash their foes into the ground, swarms of soldiers that drown their foes under their numbers, or the total annihilation of hundreds of artillery pieces?
>How to pick up rules?
Basically all three. Have a couple of games with a veteran who knows you are new, so will help you, be patient (hopefully), and can give you advice on strategy, tactics and etiquette, that are quite valuable things to know.
>What am I getting myself into?
A whole new world, of stories, battles, painting and essentially a completely new faucet of life and hobby. It will require dedication and time, and will cause pain at some point, but it is all rewarding, or otherwise no one on this board would be here. And honestly, if you looked in from the relative outside and thought this looked like something for you, just off the metaphorical bat, then you should do fine.
Some people may criticise you for being new, and a few random social implications from that, whilst bragging about their long loyalty to the franchise, and stuff about that. Some people may be social outcasts or simply are near sociopathic in their nature. Some may be autistic, some opinionated, some other things you did not think existed. But each of our passions to the hobby in one way or another binds us all together, and is a feature of our lives that we share, as model makers, and as wargamers.
What are you getting yourself into? A family, with all its trials and tribulations.

>> No.56758047

Because the target audience for those things have never put a model together before and might find a full kit intimidating. Easy to Build sets are not for you.

>> No.56758050

Grab a Mason Jar or glass container on the cheap. Fill with pic related. Soak models for a few hours. Grab some Nitrile gloves, and an old toothbrush. This stuff will slough that paint off like Papa Nurgle's latest concoction.

Rinse with water, maybe some dish soap (not necessary, but I like to make sure all of it is off the model before priming) and let dry.

It works on plastic, resin, and metal with no issues and can even work in the first hour depending on how much you dikute it.


>> No.56758054

It's all mathematical.

What's your faction? It's fairly easy to tell how well priced and versatile a faction's units in general are.

>> No.56758057

>infiltrate 60 genestealers and 2 patriarchs
>back up with tonnes of GSC guard infantry with lascannons and mortars

yeah it works pretty well


>People keep claiming assault for example is useless

they are retarded

>or that GK/terminators are overpriced

they are by a long shot
honestly if you are sub 1000 points you dont really need to concern yourself with optimisation, you are going to lose more matches just because you havnt had many games

>> No.56758066

Because theyre ignorant of the lack of weopon mods and the feeling of getting models to be equipped with what they have.

>> No.56758074

Isopropilic Alchol will also work, but slower.

>> No.56758081

I see but 2 inferior race creatures. Second one is the mutant bigot who screams "kill the mutant", and is a bigger target.

>> No.56758085

Did I miss a FAQ again? Or I’m just been playing a nerfed version since 8th?

>> No.56758093

Because they're easy to build.

~t. gay space elf

>> No.56758098


>> No.56758103

I'm a europoor, completely different brand names here. What active ingredient should I look for when buying a degreaser? Tried a couple of randomly bought, didn't work.
At least my apartment is spotless now

>> No.56758104

I got a battalion of Tempestus Scions, but I can't fill out a brigade if I want to keep the regiment bonus, so I'll probably look to get another battalion of something, or perhaps a vanguard detachment.

See above, but mathhammer seems to mostly be damage calculations and the like. Not a Bang-for-your-Buck spreadsheet.

>> No.56758113

you have been playing a nerfed version by accident, they are 2+ in index 2

dont worry i did the same thing for valkyries with rocket pods, the FW book says they are heavy d6 s4 ap0 but the index and codex actually say they are assault d6, s5 ap-1

i did like 80 matches like this

>> No.56758120

Does anyone know where I can download WH40k audiobooks? I listen to them on youtube but they always upload random ones out of sequence

>> No.56758129


>> No.56758130

Yeah but holy crap does math hammer show you the capabilities of your dudes and their buffs and debuffs immediately.

>> No.56758133

Im not made of money mate

>> No.56758137

we are not gay, we are proud and noble race!

>> No.56758139

It seems some of them are on audiobookbay.

>> No.56758148

Any private torrent tracker. The question is why would you do that to yourself?

>> No.56758153

>Imperial Guard are S-Tier and overpowered
>Tyranids are solidly A-Tier to S-Tier depending on who you ask

>Genestealer Cults can cherrypick units from both codexes
>are considered D-Tier at best

Someone explain this warp fuckery

>> No.56758156

Any must read recommendations?

>> No.56758161


Calm down son I'm just saying from my perspective (that of someone who doesn't have a huge buff character) I keep my units protected in vehicles. Not trying to show you but if you think girlyman wouldn't be prime target #1 and the fact he's taller than everyone else wouldn't make him stand out you're being silly. In the case of these currently untargetable super characters they should give them a little rule like "heroic" that reduces incoming damage to a maximum of 2. That way I can't just dark lance girly off the board or I'm wasting lances but he's not compl3tely impervious til I've killed his fully buffed army 4 turns later, by which point he can just kill me.

>> No.56758164

dont listen to them then

>> No.56758169

Because the buffs suck for allies and the buffs are why those two are S tier and A tier

>> No.56758176

anyone knows where to find a PDF of Dan Abnett's new book "The Warmaster"?

huge ghosts fan here

>> No.56758187

they lose doctrines and good relics/stratagems from guard

they cant use characters from guard

they currently have a badly worded rule so characters basically kill themselves on a 4+ if they take a wound

thier power is based on rolling 6s for cult ambush, if you can get a 5 or 6 on two genestraler units with patriarchs, you have basically won the game, but if you dont you have basically lost the game

>> No.56758205

>need to have named characters in my army to get the buffs

>> No.56758207

Because every point spent a genestealers cult unit is a point not spent on guard/tyranids.

Also, you can’t get regimental tactics or names characters.

>> No.56758208

Not huge enough to buy it though

>> No.56758223

there were easy to build models when i started in 2000 though

>> No.56758243

Is it just me or are daemons more dangerous rather than less when up against dedicated daemon hunters like Grey Knights or Sisters of Silence? In the Skittle codex they happily shoot two Daemon invasions per year to death for data until a couple Legions of Khorne show up to smash them, whereas in Dark Adeptus a couple dozen Lesser Daemons are slicing through power armour and causing decent damage.

>> No.56758247

in the olden days they were a lot cheaper than the other special weapons. No so any more. If they ignored cover and/or counted as grenades in cityfight, they might have some utility situational as it would be.

They are really good in SW:A though

>> No.56758255

I fucking hate named characters

>> No.56758258

>forced to use a named character AND a specific forge world to get a hit reroll aura and less randomness on doctrines, two abilities you can't get elsewhere

>> No.56758272

>no rules for my imperial crates
>reactor and stuff doesn't have the fun rules where you can super upgrade a plasma gun when shooting near it and stuff
>no more fun terrain rules
I wanted just one thing from CA.

>> No.56758275

I don't know the points but grenades are always better than shooting, if it's cheap enough it's extremely viable.

>> No.56758284

I just proxy.
No one i play with cares.

>> No.56758286

There's one thing I don't recognize in the Tau Objective markers. The fucking huge one. The book says they're all drones but I never seen a kit like it, anyone know what it is?

>> No.56758290

its a riptide ion cannon in the ground

>> No.56758298

>they currently have a badly worded rule so characters basically kill themselves on a 4+ if they take a wound

>> No.56758305


>Convert your own character
>Use the rules for the named character


>> No.56758319

>its a riptide ion cannon in the ground
Sweet fuck the cost of that objective marker... Are riptides that bad now? I know they're really close in cost to Stormsurges, but still a little excessive to carve them up for markers.

>> No.56758320

>convert my own character
>still forced to make him come from Mars, as it says in Cawl's entry, even though the rest of my army is painted as Hereteks from Styges VIII

>> No.56758324

pic related, all characters have this rule and all of them are infantry

>if nothing else is within 3" of it and they take a wound, on a 4+ he intercepts his own wound and dies anyway

>if a character is within 3", THEY do the same thing on a 4+

>> No.56758327

>option for running Your Dudes all around with the ability to pick your shit even if you have no ties
>no rules for running named characters as Your Dude

I'm not sure of who I'll be playing with, so I'm sceptical of this.

>> No.56758328

I love fucking killing them.

>> No.56758330

riptides arnt bad, they just arnt

1: as good as they used to be
2: as good as the yvhara/ghostkeel

>> No.56758336


>> No.56758342

Fair enough.

>> No.56758352


>> No.56758353

>take a shot at the Warlord's bodyguard
>do 1 wound
>Warlord forced to throw himself into the path and get instantly slain

>> No.56758376

well i painted a missile crew for one heavy weapons team black for the
"im just a nigga wit a rocket launcher" meme does

>> No.56758377

Any tips on the best bits shop? Need some heads from flagellants and some 40k bits.

>> No.56758379

That's not how it works.

>> No.56758385

Frenchfag here, I never got a definitve answer to that question unfortunately. I use alcohol 90%, works pretty well. Just leave a few miniatures in a jar overnight -
but be sure that the recipient is closed, alcohol evaporates pretty fast

>> No.56758390

I've heard britbongs mention Dettol. There isn't a list of ingredients on the back.

>> No.56758400

Characters are still Infantry though, right? So you'd have to pick one character in that unit?

>> No.56758403

Pretty sure that Dettol is an anti-septic. Expensive as fuck, I'd rather buy isopropyl. But it requires working with a brush, and small details tend to get fucked.

>> No.56758406

you would have to shoot a character that is near the warlord to do it

if you shoot at a non infantry, they dont get intercepted because normal dudes arnt characters

>> No.56758429

Grav Cannon or Plasma Culverin?

>> No.56758437

The only way I could see this happening is if you have two characters right next to each other, and nothing else within 3" of the wounded one.

Plasma without a doubt.

I've used Dettol but I'm not pleased with it. It loosens the paint off but it doesn't wash it off, it just turns it into a gloopy mess, which can end in 85% of the paint coming off, but the remaining 15% sticks troublesomely to the model, along with a dettol-tinged residue and the horrible antiseptic smell which becomes extremely overpowering.
Isopropyl alcohol remains the same wherever you get it, does it solve the problem once and for all?

>> No.56758457

Are harlequins a lot better now with the CA stuff? I have a few of the models from the harly range that I bought to paint so I have a small army already. I have seen ppl use hemlocks to support harly lists and I have 2. They seem really fast and the flip belt thing is cool, but would you guys recommend getting into them properly?

>> No.56758470

pro: Got 2 solid stratagems

Con: didnt get any price reductions aside from some melee weapons

Con: Ynarri has been nerfed into oblivion

>> No.56758472


Why havent you looked at the mega in the thread

>> No.56758477

compared to dettol, isopropyl alchohol:
-smell is just as unpleasant, but doesn't linger
-removes 95% of paint, if you leave the model for a few hours in a warm place in the alcohol, and give it a little going over with a toothbrush.
-can be bought from computer parts stores in large bottles

I've stripped entire armies using iso-hol, very successfully. Would advise against trying it on resin though - the one time I did that it make the resin a bit soft, and I did some damage while I was scrubbing. Having said that, a bit more care and knowing that would happen might have prevented the damage.

>> No.56758485

Yeah, none of my troublesome models are resin, they're all plastic from my earliest days.

>> No.56758489

I dont think I would play them as ynnari to keep rising crescendo

>> No.56758500

What about dark eldar? Did CA do them any good?

>> No.56758508

main thing to remember is warmth and light - I've tried stripping on a cold winter afternoon and the paint has barely moved, but on a warm summer day the stuff practically falls off.

>> No.56758512

how about
>farseer of Biel-Tan. Uses her psychic to "blast vermin that plague the galaxy" rather than farseeing the future and runes
>cos of this holds respect amongs Exarchs
>Bielt-Tan breaks. She blames Yvraine. Maker her own splinter of Ynnari.
>Yells at Eldrad that he didnt told her he gonna summon Ynnead (doesnt matter that he didnt told anyone, he didnt told HER)
>Blames Death Watch for ruining everything, gets mad when they propose working with imperium, claims Yvraine traitor and flies off with her Corsair boyfriend and her splinter elf swordwind to kill mon'keigh
>FAQ 1.1 comes, gets squatted cos cant have Ynnari without named characters who are all Yvraine's posse

>> No.56758516

>urge to buy some new models
>have over a hundred space marines to build, let alone paint

>> No.56758517

then overall you are still ahead from pre-CA, you just suffer from the fact that you are an expensive army to field with low model count

>3 shit warlord traits
>awful relic
>tantalus got more expensive for no reason
>court of archon units got cheaper

Ssltyh spam might actually be viable instead of incubi, but they are basically the same as before, spam kabalites, venoms and ravagers, season with razorwing flyers

>> No.56758527


Don't be a hoarder, anon.

>> No.56758546

Pls dont post this pic of brendan fraser ill cry

>> No.56758548

Its a bit late now, innit

>> No.56758566

>need motivation for models
>need models for motivation
vicious circle

>> No.56758627

so how in blazes do I use a Gorkanaut

it feels like it has so little effective firepower and middling melee presence for it's size and price tag

>> No.56758636

welkum to da orks ya git

>> No.56758637

With some Nobz, obviously.

>> No.56758644

Tyranids FAQ is up!

>> No.56758648

If half my dudes are in cover can the guys in cover roll for saves first?

>> No.56758659

Whoops, wrong version. Blame me for storing them in the same directory.

>> No.56758670

No. A unit cannot claim a cover save unless every mode is in cover.

>> No.56758672

>Buy new models online
>Take about 2-3 weeks to arrive
>After 1 week I think of new units I want as well
>Buy more shit because my hunger to build and paint hasn't be satisfied
>By the time the first package arrives, have three more in the mail


>> No.56758674


Riptide would need to be BS3 with a price drop to even be worth taking, and even then would be a poorly designed mess with utterly disproportionate durability relative to actual firepower.

>> No.56758680

Do we have the Chapter Approved pdf yet?

>> No.56758693

Mathhammer seems to agree that it's in a shitty state at least. That being said though, fuck your anime mechs.

>> No.56758698

Is a Coldstar worth it over a regular commander with dual CiBs? I'm fighting Spess Wulfs on thursday, 1.5K and the guy is very fond of using Wulfen and the Stormwolf flying brick. A coldstar would make great use of the Mont'ka warlord trait since i can move it 40" a turn, nice fast response unit but the weapons kinda blow..

>> No.56758700

I'm converting one now. Might not be a bang up job, but we'll see. Just using a free converter on the epub Putin dropped. ETA: ~5min.

You don't. You've covered the reasons why.

>> No.56758704

>Q: Do you pay reinforcement points in matched play
for units brought back into the game using the Endless
Swarm Stratagem?
>A: Yes.

What's even the point of the stratagem then
Also 8-damage Hive Tyrant crits confirmed

We have an epub.

>> No.56758706

How viable are Tau builds with a more human-like build of kroot, fire warriors, hammerheads, and mechs in support?

>> No.56758715

I'm glad they clarified the Jormungandr charge thing, I was playing it that way anyhow, but its just nice to have confirmation like that.

Also, I like the way its worded "whenever you declare a charge".
>tfw my Genestealers get 3+ armor if they get charged

>> No.56758719


>> No.56758729

I keep hearing space marines are the best choice for beginners.

But what chapter would be a good choice to start with?

I really like salamanders or legion of the damned but i’m not sure if either of those two would be a good idea to start with.

>> No.56758730

Whereabouts? I've totally missed it

>> No.56758748

I'm not familiar with the various T'au buffs, stratagems and tactics that would make an infantry-based army shine.

As far as points-per-wound goes the Fire Warriors, Kroot and Gun Drones seem to be in a decent spot if backed up by anti-armor heavies.

>> No.56758757

You got the same treatment we did lol. Send in the Next Wave got hit with reinforcement points too. Totally useless.

>> No.56758764

Awesome, can you tell me where to get the epub? I'm lost apparently

>> No.56758766


You declare.

>> No.56758770

Its almost as if 7th edition was better, more fluffy and more fun...

>> No.56758777

>I really like salamanders
Start with Salamanders. Always play armies you like aesthetically. Ally in Legion of the Damned later because they are more of a support faction

>> No.56758782

>no rerolling hits with behemoth relic talons
Well shit. Expected but still.
>Hydra confirmed for utterly useless
Why pay cp for a unit you alreafy bought for rp?

>> No.56758784

Black Templars are melee marines, so pretty shit.
White Scars also have melee focus, so also shit.
Ravenguard are the cheddar with -1 to hit, you gotta build around the tactics, though.
Ultramarines are cheddar with Girlyman. Solid all rounder tactic without, since they let your marines do what marines are good at: shooting
IF are very dependant on meta (how much terrain you FLGS plays with, weither or not you have house rules that grant more cover)
Iron Hands isnt bad, but kinda boring and only "meh" IMO competetively.
Salamanders are a great all rounder, the rerolls makes your entire army so much more reliable, plus you dont need to worry about buff bubbles that much anymore.

I'd go for Salamanders or Ultra's tactics if you start out.
Also realize you can either make a sucsessor chapter, or make up one yourself so you can switch and choose tactics between games.

>> No.56758786

used HBL with an arch contaminator DP and they weren't too bad but I definitely like the spitters best

>> No.56758788

What do the values represent? Points per wound?

>> No.56758789

No that's not right. 8th is super fluffy, it's just there are some useless abilities in matched play.

>> No.56758798


>> No.56758801

>7th was better, more fluffy and more fun

>> No.56758802

>Taudar, broken formations, over half the factions being utter shit and unplayable
No. 8th is better than 6th and 7th without a shadow of a doubt.

>> No.56758808

>tfw my models look like the guy on the left

>> No.56758816

>Q: Do you pay reinforcement points in matched play for units brought back into the game using the Endless Swarm Stratagem?
>A: Yes.

This is a mistake, right?

>> No.56758818

>set amount of points aside, can only summon that much

>> No.56758819

>No word on if the ymgarl factor gives access to feeder tendrils stratagem
It's was a long shot but the stratagem is based on Ymgarl stealers.

>> No.56758820

Damn HRR Broadside got completely fucked huh. How likely do you think it is that it'll get a points reduction in the codex?

>> No.56758825

>You declare
Exactly. If somebody charges my Stealers, I didnt declare a charge, so I dont lose the buff. So I still get the perk when in CC.

Speaking of which, nevermind, it doesnt work anyway. I stupidly forgot that you never benefit from cover in CC, so oh well. Wishful thinking on my behalf.

Man. I just wanted 3+ armor Genestealers.

>> No.56758832

Scroll up. Look for Putin.

Odd way to spell 3.5e

Rippers stopping vehicles, skorchas being Ork's 2nd best Anti-Air (after weirdboyz), Hiding conscripts stopping people from shooting Bobby in the open, units forgotten, Primarchs on every battlefield, etc.

>> No.56758833

What, you think some fuckwit sorcerer can summon endless daemons?

>> No.56758842

The nerf to Endless Swarm is completely idiotic.

>> No.56758843

if you are child from kindergarden who needs simplification and cant handle rules like "relentless" or "feel no pain"

its far easier and convenient to say "bla bla bla wound is discarded on 5+" every time you need FNP, or "unit is set up bla bla" instead of Deep Strike

>> No.56758846

Kinda agree. It's more like
>guard is for people who are obsessed by history and feel the need to play historical in a sci-fi game
which is why they're insufferable faggots who can't do shit but talk about historic and military stuff and spew bullshit over le epic manliness which they don't even have anyway.


>> No.56758847

ironically i think the worst and fairest nerf to gorillaman would be giving him 2 more wounds

>> No.56758852

Thank youuuuu

>> No.56758858

Jesus get it together.

>> No.56758864

i dont even, but yes
wait, you think warp can just run out of daemons?

>> No.56758866

I wouldn't know, but keep your hopes up.

>> No.56758875

I would agree with this for most of them, except the one Guard girl I know. I've brought her up a few times, but she just plays things because rule of cute.

>> No.56758878

>gorrillaman takes two wounds
>he's now exactly the same
Thats not a nerf since ca fucked everything regarding 10w characters

>> No.56758879

Just make him have 12 wounds like a Hive Tyrant. Makes him decently durably (especially in combination with his 3++), he can still get back up, plus it would now make sense to buy him some freaking Honor Guards to protect him.

>> No.56758887

Those aren't the reasons why he said 8th is better, anon

>> No.56758889

The models are fucking small man and I've got shaky hands

>> No.56758890

So much for your endless biomass.

>> No.56758895

8th may not be what a i wanted in a new 40K rules set but there is no way any one with a functioning brain can say 7th was good in any way.

>> No.56758896

You sound like a faggot if you hate people for liking history.

>> No.56758898

>‘You cannot use this Stratagem to affect a unit of
reinforcements being set up by the Genestealer’s
Infestation ability, or that are added to your army due to
a unit’s ability

What's even the fucking point then

>> No.56758902

you missed the point that guy was making, dont you?

>> No.56758907

Does the tervegon or whatever thing that replenished dudes need to have points allocated for that too?

>> No.56758911

Still processing. Looks like the ETA was just on the upload, not on the conversion.


There's the link to where I was converting it. No idea when it'll be done. Don't crash it, and whoever gets it done should put it up in the general.

Be excellent to one another.

No wukkas.

I prefer 5e as a ruleset, but the codexes weren't as good.

>> No.56758913

I just want him to be sorely expensive enough that you seriously question wether or not he'll be worth eating such a big portion of your points instead of the auto-take he and the other Primarchs are

>> No.56758923

There pretty much isn't a point. If it makes you feel better they nerfed Commissars and Conscripts to a point where they are useless. Instead of properly balancing rules they decided it was best for people to just not use them.

>> No.56758924

7th edition was the best 40k has ever been
t. Tau player

>> No.56758925

Probably? Is it this weird RAW "Characters that have less than 10 wounds cant be targeted" Bullshit? (i.e. Hive Tyrant has 12, loses 3, has 9 left, ergo cant be shot at)

Do people unironically play this shit?

>> No.56758926

I don't hate people for liking history. I hate people who force it to you even though you said you weren't interested in that stuff in several occasions.
We got various players at our GW store who came from historical war-games or just painting. Some of them are cool and can talk about other stuff when they meet people who don't share their same passions.
Others can't and won't shut the fuck up about them. Coincidentally, these are the same ones who play IG.

>> No.56758932

No, Anon, but I do think some jackass sorcerer can't summon that many daemons without doing a huge sacrifice or big magic ritual.

>> No.56758937

I agree that FNP and Deepstrike and other universal rules should have been kept or at least the names should be consistent.
I don't think 7th was better or more fluffy when lists were broken beyond measure. It wasn't fluffy when the Eldar requisitioned three prototype Riptides.
It wasn't fun when Orks, Nids, and CSM effectively couldn't play the game not was it fun when loyalist marines got 500 points of free Razorbacks in every 2000 point game.

>> No.56758946

It was bad, but 8th is worse! Its like 7th but BLAND.
MORTAL FUCKING WOUNDS??? IGNORE INVULNERABLE? Toughness of fucking vehicles??? (i should of known when they started to make fucking tau robots "monstrous creatures")
You gotta be really conditioned to shit to accept this and think it is better than what we had.

>> No.56758958

I would say my only complaint of 8th is that you still can't make viable melee armies. Screening and shooting just counters it so hard.

>> No.56758961

Is everyone phoneposting or why is nobody making a new thread?

>> No.56758966

Not the anon you're replying to but myself I couldn't stand 7th ed and never got into the game because it was a broken mess of rules everywhere, and after I started playing I realized everyone would just play the same stuff, while other armies would usually auto lose like the orks.
8th ed is fine, everyone can have fun now. Besides you, apparently

>> No.56758968

They sound like cool dudes.

>> No.56758973

8t is nowhere as good as 5th but 7th was garbage
less really the core rulebook but the armies and formations really destroying the game.

My only gripe with 8th is that it's too simple and the CP ruin it

>> No.56758978

Strong invulns, especially on high toughness, having a real counter is a good thing. And the vehicle rules were just trash next to monsters, the gap between their value and survivability just became too enormous.

>> No.56758979

>there's a Strength vs Toughness system beside the Armor vs Penetration
>it has no relation to the actual damage done by the weapon

What does it represent?

>> No.56758980

So this is what advanced autism looks like..

>> No.56758981

Because there's no point making a new thread yet, this one will last another hour

>> No.56758982

I imagine they'll make 9th a more complex and deeper version of 8th while keeping the easy to understand basic mechanics

>> No.56758989

Yep. I can post only from phone.

>> No.56758992

What are you asking?

>> No.56758993

Toughness is better than the 6th and 7th edition "your vehicle dies in 1 shot, no invulnerable. This riptide can tank over a dozen lascannons". Vehicles were far too weak. I do miss being able to immobilize a vehicle though.
I'm happy that mortal Wounds exist because rerolling a 2+ or 3+ invulnerable save was up there with the most bullshit stuff in the last editions.

>> No.56758999

Yep, if you're a sperg. Bet you would get angry at someone coming at your store and talking about race issues or racism in America even though others say they don't give a fuck about it though.
It's cool that you have interests and passions, but you should never force them on others.

>> No.56759001

I like 8th more because it's more streamlined. I'm a casual player so anything that makes games flow better is fine by me.

>> No.56759005

Jackass sorcerer will not get many WC3 powers on malefic with how many WC he generates at his level and how long he can survive with perils on malefic
Lord of Change on the other hand...

>> No.56759009

Imagine a weapon strong enough to easily hurt any organic being but it only inflicts a wound large enough to threaten a regular human's life vs. one that inflicts a wound big enough that even a 10-foot-high monster would be crippled

>> No.56759019

Bolt action is the rule set that 40K should have been

>> No.56759021

>It's cool that you have interests and passions, but you should never force them on others.
Talking about things in your presence isn't "forcing" them on you. If you're annoyed by their chatter try and communicate that to them (good luck not looking like an autistic cunt), or avoid them.

>> No.56759025


I just play my overly decorated company master/Chapter master as Azrael.
I've yet to find anyone who attempted to argue with it.

>> No.56759034


Same. 8th made games faster and less time spent looking up dumb minutae, so it's a net good.

>> No.56759036

Remove formations from 7th and leave only FoC.
Remove all gargantuan creatues and make tau robots vehicle:walker.
Everything is fixed.

>> No.56759041

I do the same with my GK grandmaster.
It also doesnt help that Voldus looks like he's wearing a giant toilet seat

>> No.56759048

you forgot
>D belong to apocalypse

>> No.56759072

but... but i play eldar...
but... you are right...


>> No.56759077

You still don't get the point. I already told you that me and others at the store politely told them to talk about anything other than their own interests and bring them into other arguments which have nothing to do with it.
It's not about being annoyed, I personally enjoy talking about anything from soccer to history, but I understand I'd sound like an ass if I kept getting into other people's conversation and derail them to talk about my favorite team. Or you know, exclusively talk about it.

The fact that you think the autistic cunt would be the people trying to talk about different stuff instead of constantly the same one is ridiculous. Are you by chance that guy? Because that would explain a lot.

>> No.56759088

I would just tell them to stop.

>> No.56759097

Don't know these people or how you actually interact with them but you seem limited in your thinking about this issue.

>> No.56759109

Well, armor penetration is obvious, but if it penetrates the armor (aswell as chitin or black carapace etc) it does X wounds which compared to the models total wounds represents the actual damage.

This is pretty clear.

But at what point does, for example a 1d6 lascannon HIT, PENETRATE but fail to "wound" a guardsman?

What does Strength vs Toughness do, that armor penetration and wounds relative to total wounds not already represent?

I guess wounds in this case is not an abstracted value of their mass or whatever you'd consider health in some other systems, but rather how many wounds (in a concrete sense) you are able to take before giving in.

In that case, I suppose Strength vs Toughness makes some sense, but only really if you'd roll armor penetration first, then after damage check to see if the damage inflicted really caused "wounds", rather than somewhat stagger the guy and let him walk it off in a sense.

>> No.56759114

>about anything other than their own interests
"talk about anything, but things you are interesd in"
wow that seems like top notch passive aggression, gotta write that down

>> No.56759120

>Invisibility still exists
>Orks and Nids are still overcosted shit
>Eldar scatterspam wins everything because they're the only army who's troop choice isnt just tax
>Necrons get fucking shrecked without a 4+++
>D weapons still exist
>Superheavy Walkers still exist
>Stomp still exists

>Psychic phase is still a fucking mess
>Having to look up and keep track of useless rules like soul burn
>Vehicles are still shit compared to MC's
>Melee is literal garbage since there are nearly
no effective delivery systems for T1 (or even T2, for that matter)
>Random deepstriking is "FUN"
>Psychic powers generated randomly
>Warlord Traits generated randomly

I play GKs, ffs. And even though my knights are the shitty "index tier" codex army, the game is still better in 8th than it was in 7th.

>> No.56759124

Is vassal 40k dead? I'm not seeing any active games or even other people in the main room.

>> No.56759133

Who are you a vassal of? The Seleucids?

>> No.56759134

They force them on you absolutely. Every Guard player that is in to history won't shut up about military and military history. Our manager is really good about handling awkward situations like that when they pin down various people.

>Girl and guy playing
>Guy mentions how he likes the mix of old world war stuff and future tech
>Girl agrees that it's neat and she brings up Hugo Boss uniforms
>Guard guy comes up and starts babbling to her about WW1 and WW2 history
>She nods along at first
>Then she keeps trying to play and tell the other guy what she is doing with what
>Guard guy won't stop talking
>She keeps getting cut off or talked over
>She looks at the Guard guy and gestures with her hands towards the game like "hey I'm trying to play a game"
>He doesn't seem to process it
>Girl and guy look at each other uncomfortable and unsure of how to go about shutting him up without telling him to shut up
>Manager comes in and diffuses it instantly, redirecting Guard guy somewhere else

It's hard to get people to go away or to stop talking when you're both store goers. You really need the person of authority to shut it down sometimes.

>> No.56759136

Alright, you're definitely THAT guy. Asking people to not talk EXCLUSIVELY ABOUT THE SAME STUFF over and over again is limited, doesn't matter than more than one person at the store is annoyed by it.

Sorry, wrote that down in the wrong way. It's more like "also talk about something else than what you like", not saying he should keep his mouth shut. My bad.

We already did. Things got better, luckily he understood.

>> No.56759137

Is there an army that has foot soldiers equipped with -1 attacks.

Kind of like how 5 toughness is the tau thing?

>> No.56759145

S is the force of the shot
AP is its ability to pierce armour
Damage is the calibre/blast size

Ultimately a guardsman who is hit by a Lascannon SHOULD be auto-wounded by such things, but the game's basic mechanics are 'theres always the chance of failure'.

>> No.56759151

Dude, people are going to tell you that this are things that didn't happen because they don't like people throwing shades at others who play their army.

Sadly this does happen, luckily our manager has learned how to do this too.

>> No.56759152

Bumparino, faggots.

>> No.56759154

What do you mean -1 attacks?
And how is T5 the Tau thing?

>> No.56759158

The mechanic is mainly an abstraction to cut down dice mass, otherwise things would die even faster than they already do.

>Dice pool
>To hit
>To wound
>Armor save

The game is balanced around needing to get through those 3 "layers" of rolling to actually do damage to your opponents models and start removing them.

>> No.56759160

>We already did. Things got better, luckily he understood.

Seems like you made a huge issue out of nothing then. Guy stopped, don't see why you were complaining about him then. If anything he seems like a reasonable dude.

>> No.56759167

Nope. Take the regular commander.

>> No.56759173

You've got it right, saves are just rolled last to expedite the game. The attacker rolls to hit and to wound. The defender rolls saves. Otherwise it would be attacker rolls then defender then attacker again.

If the shot doesn't wound it was just a graze or not bad enough to take them out of commission. I take damage to mean more of "where did you hit that person and how much damage could it do there". A lascannons doing 1 damage may have just hit he leg of my captain or the skirt of my rhino.6 damage hit him in the face and removed his head or it hit my Rhino in the engine directly.

>> No.56759174

The idea of a guardsmen getting grazed by a lascannon and shaking it off is pretty cool, IMO

>> No.56759175 [SPOILER] 

>there are people passionate about things, and talk about them even when you don't find it relevant

Oh gee, that sounds familiar. Not sure where I've seen this before

Guys talking about military or historical stuff, especially when it relates to the army they're playing, in the game you're playing at the moment is pretty harmless unless of course you're a sperg

>> No.56759178

-1 ap

Tau have str 5 weapons for their foot soldiers.

Anyways doesn't matter, realised it would be eldar.

>> No.56759181

>But at what point does, for example a 1d6 lascannon HIT, PENETRATE but fail to "wound" a guardsman?
It probably just singed his hair or one of his fingers off, it wouldn't have been a square hit.
I didn't get what you were getting at because "penetration" was a different mechanic in 7th edition.

>What does Strength vs Toughness do, that armor penetration and wounds relative to total wounds not already represent?
Good question, but I would imagine it's a thing so that you can more easily and quickly play the game. Without toughness, every troop tougher than a guardsman would have to be multi-wound, and that would add A LOT of wound markers to keep track of, and require all weapons to do varying levels of damage and allow for a lot of gaming the system. It would work if the game was a system like the RPG games, but it's too much to handle for the massed armies of the tabletop game.
To some extent it's also a holdover from the system before weapons had variable damage, but it fits in in the new 8th edition system.

>> No.56759183

buy stupid TTS

>> No.56759188

>Every Guard player that is in to history won't shut up about military and military history
Pretty sweeping statement that one

>> No.56759193

Actually, Necrons.
All they're basic weapons have AP-1

>> No.56759202

>Bet you would get angry at someone coming at your store and talking about race issues or racism in America
just call them a nigger. People who care about race issues just can't even. Like, can you not?

>> No.56759208

Depends on how important mobility is to you. A Coldstar can reach just about anything on the board in a single turn but the question is what does it do when it gets there? With only a Burst Cannon it really can't do much but harass infantry.

>> No.56759209

Personally would think grazing to the point where he's not hurt would fall under 'not hitting'

>> No.56759214

you should think of the strength roll as the effort of the hit. Armor is how much is negated.

Like a 1 roll is someone just straight flinching or a tiny pebble got infront of the bullet.

>> No.56759220

No, it's not a square hit, it's just close enough that it only singes the foe, a true miss would have it hit the ground or sail past the guardsman with distance to spare.
It's an abstraction anyway.

>> No.56759227

Speaking of, anyone play any games with Necrons with the CA alterations? Any good?

>> No.56759237

Anyone else had any luck with the conversion yet?

>> No.56759238

>>Random deepstriking is "FUN"
>>Psychic powers generated randomly
>>Warlord Traits generated randomly

>not liking these

>> No.56759239

It's like the third time I already said I wasn't the only one being annoyed by this but whatever, if you don't wanna read whatever people say before you reply it's ok.
No, we simply pointed out and he said something in the lines of "Yeah sorry I can get carried away when talking", that's fucking it.
I'm not saying I wanted him sent away or dead or whatever, he's a cool dude. Just would constantly, exclusively talk about his interests all of the time.
Which means like hours and hours, you know.

So yeah, you pretty much can't read. Please read again and understand that there's a huge difference between talking about your interests and stuff and talking about it as I said before, for hours without anyone caring.

Or read >>56759134, it's not a strange sight at any LGS, whether you play 40k or anything else. That's the kind of guy I'm talking about, except we had a talk about it and he understood the issue.
The fact that you can't is pretty sad tho

>> No.56759242

I’ve got a decently sized tournament coming up, and I got a peek at some of the lists (one of the restrictions is you have to submit lists a week in advance, so no CA points, but we CAN use new rules).

It’s pretty much all Guard, chaos soup, CWE, and Nis. And I want to beat them with deathwatch.

Help me make a list?

>Watch Master (130)
>lieutenant with jump pack, power weapon (82)

>kill team w/ 10 vets (190)
>kill team w/ 9 vets (171)
>kill team w/ 6 vets (114)
>kill team w/ 6 vets (114)

>storm eagle w/ lascannons (354)

Heavy Support
>leviathan dreadnought w/ 2 grav-flux bombards (309)

>razorback w/ assault cannons (100)
>razorback w/ assault cannons (100)

Total: 1,664 // 2,000

What else should I add?

It seems silly at first, but with those 31 vets I can spray down Magnus in a single turn. Should I add some melee punch? Or maybe sub the leviathan for a relic Contemptor? I have one and it’s pretty good. Should I invest in some frag cannons? Hell, is that 4 eversor meme worth it?

>> No.56759244



>> No.56759248


>> No.56759254

Better random power from many tables than set one from 6 powers. That you will not even use because you will spam smite.

>> No.56759255

A graze is just on the super low-end of the severity of the hit.

What would give a guardsmen a save against lascannons on the tabletop anyway?

>> No.56759260

What the fuck is going on in this picture?

>> No.56759261


What are you giving to those kill teams?

>> No.56759263

I saw a guy play with them the other day and he tabled an AdMech player.

>> No.56759269

Reminder that the tau trading one str for 1 hit roll is garbage because the hit roll is always relevant when str is a modifier depending on a situation.

Kind of like orks.

>> No.56759274

Well the thing is, Commanders don't do much but drop and fuck one target up. I only ever run one cause running multiple is WAAC, gay and un-T'au. A Coldstar would help deal with any infantry threat that bears down on my fragile dudes and fuck with objectives (either thinning enemy ranks on one or taking them entirely).

Loadout would be ATS and Shield Gen.

>> No.56759277

If you already have scions you could get a spearhead detachment with Leman Russ tanks and infantry with lascannons.

>> No.56759282


Primaris incestors are rapid fire 1 s4 -1 1d shooting troops.
Eldar troops get "on a 6+" rending troops

>> No.56759299

>an autist at your local store proves every guardsplayer are "insufferable faggots who can't do shit but talk about historic and military stuff and spew bullshit over le epic manliness which they don't even have anyway"

>> No.56759300

I Honestly don't know.
The more I look the more confused i get

>> No.56759302

censoring. https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=63933979

>> No.56759308

I do miss unreliable DS. It added something, even if it was lolrandum. Though simply picking your powers and warlord trait is an improvement.

The cracking down on "free" points is something I wish they'd ease up on. The new tyranid nerf is silly. I was hoping for something like that for GSC.

>> No.56759313


ooooh boy seems like the guard sperg feels attacked

>> No.56759319

> shaky hands
Git gud scrub

>> No.56759320

It is more like Guard player thought girl was interested with what he was talking about and dropped his spagetthi.

Nothing that is very unusual.

I used to talk about things that are not very interesting to the girls in general for long amounts of time in the past.
I got better at reading people since than and i know when to shut my yap.

>> No.56759325

Any idea what he was running? Did the admech player spam robutts with cawl?

>> No.56759328

Now now, I said every Guard fag into military history is insufferable, not every Guard fag. There are plenty of Guard fags and and Guard trannies that are lovely.

>> No.56759343


>> No.56759356

I'm looking forward to something like the Onager Gauntlet making a comeback. Slap it on a Coldstar and watch this blazing comet cross the table on turn 1 to punch a big fucking hole into the side of a tank.

>> No.56759370

It was risk-reward stuff, you can deepstrike unit amidst the enemy lines to rear-armor tanks or flamer stealth-shrouded unit, but if you scatter you might as well lose the unit.

And set power suck, why play game where you roll thosands of dice rolls if you dont like random outcome?

>> No.56759375

Some just like humans and tanks.

>> No.56759378

I played GKs, man. Fuck that shit. I had such terrible expieriences with DS I actually started playing "MECH-GKs"

Stuff that happened in 7th:
>Keep rolling for reserves, literally only roll 1s and 2s until they Auto-arrive on T4 finally
>Everything scatters in the wrong direction, away from enemy squads I want to shoot, scatter into LOS when I try to DS out of LOS to hide my units

>DS in my 3 Units of Terminators, one with my Librarian Warlord attached to them
>1 squad scatters into dangerous terrain, roll two ones, fail an armor save, kill a Terminator
>second squad scatters behind a building out of LOS, literally sitting around doing jack shit
>third unit with my Librarian scatters into enemy lines, opponent gets to place squad into far corner of the board
>Here comes the psychic phase
>Cast Gate of Infinity to get my Libarian and Termies back into position
>FUCKING scatter AGAIN into the same fucking unit, this time roll a 1, my entire unit and my Warlord die on T1, "nuthin personell, kid"

>Want to DS behind enemy Leman Russ with Paladins so I can finish it off with my Psycannons from behind
>Literally scatter 11 inches forwards right infront of the tank, unable to harm it even though I'm pretty much an inch away from it
>All Paladins die the next turn


>> No.56759385

Boltgun/chainsword like regular.

They’re pretty solid, especially at fighting chaos. Big bird isn’t allowed so that’s a huge relief, but I can smoke a chaos knight (maybe?) and mortarion. Plus horrors are easy to kill and the lists I saw are just a few of them and a bunch of Malefic lords.

Channeling isn’t allowed cause of some big thing with the LGS owner had with some sperg. So that’s a plus

>> No.56759386

Reminder that auras get better the more troop units you have.

Also The reverse for pyschic buffs and debuffs.

>> No.56759398

Because dice rolls are a necessary part of a game system, but making more shit based on randomness removes the possibility of tactics and strategy.

>> No.56759404

I played a mainly Scion force in 7th, I feel you pain brother.

>> No.56759411

>And set power suck, why play game where you roll thosands of dice rolls if you dont like random outcome?
Might as well randomly generate what units you'll take and what weapons they have.

>> No.56759425

>when your commander got his name after blowing up monolith by punching it with Onager gauntlet

>> No.56759430

Play this when it happens

>> No.56759433

>having bad luck
You should've just picked safer spots or not deepstriked, duh.

>> No.56759434

Deepstriking off the table

>> No.56759435

Why dont we roll to see how many points you get, and how many your opponent gets?
Randomness is inherent to the system to keep things "fresh" and changing, but taking away control of the players army in favor of "Muh random outcome" hurts the games viability, and takes away fun for the player.

>> No.56759439

I know what you mean, but risk management is tactical. The entirety of Blood Bowl is risk management although imho, a bit TOO based on dicerolls. For Deepstrikes and the likes I prefer rolling. Probably because I'm something of a gambler and like high risk,
high reward plays.

>> No.56759448


>> No.56759468

Fuck yeah!

Looking forward to the codex for some fun combos like that.

Why sad? That's the stuff of heroes!

>> No.56759471


Random deepstriking made for some amazing times when I'd land a raider or venom in an awkward location preventing enemy movement perfectly and equally amazing times when people would attempt to deepstrike straight into a wall and be killed.

>> No.56759474

What's his name?

>> No.56759476

Not that guy, but random onset is not the same as outset.

As far as rolling for psyker abilities or warlord traits, it's more to mix up your strategy but you should have plans either way. It really shouldn't really dictate your start (onset). Then again, that's mostly a matter of taste I suppose.

>> No.56759480

>terminators get shot, 10 shots
>rolls 5 ones
Why do we roll for armor?? Make it so like you lose 1 for every 6 shots they take. Surely that will be fun!

>> No.56759483

Honestly I almost never suffered mishaps deep striking. Even outside of the flat 1/3 chance of safe landings, it's not that hard to avoid any mishap causing problems within 7 inches in the majority of directions.

And remember, unless impassible, terrain only caused dangerous terrain checks, not mishaps.

>> No.56759496

>having bad luck
Funny thing, I apparently have extraordinary bad luck. I roll an amazing amount of 1s for my armor saves (me and my friends recorded this for a game once, I roll about 2 two 1s per 6 dice), so many that people have told me to stop playing my GKs since I'm so bad with them statistically.

>or not deepstriked, duh.
Which is what I did for the second half of 7th. I played my GKs in Land Raiders, Rhino's and Razorbacks.

>> No.56759501

nigger, there were warlord traits that were literally "these units gain outflank", how is that not 'onset'

>> No.56759505

>Not that guy, but random onset is not the same as outset.
Not really, consider suitability. Also, the issue is that there was random onset AND outset.

>> No.56759507

PS: Fuck rolling for reserves. There's risk management when it comes to deepstrike reserves, but absolutely fuck getting tabled because you couldn't get your units out at all.

>> No.56759530

I don't get this strategem, especially with the FAQ. What units do I use this for that can't already arrive themselves?

>> No.56759533

>statisticly highly unlikey scenario that probably makes for a good laugh more than anything else


>your expensive units won't land where you want them too 2/3s of the time, usually ruining your game plan 2/3s of the time

>> No.56759557

Its a 45pts and 1cp drop pod for your genestealers or termagaunts with devourers.

>> No.56759572

It doesn't allow you to put those units in reserve though.

>> No.56759577

Even in that case it's more a matter of changing up your gameplan, potentially going for a different strategy.

Random units and weapons wouldn't be possible unless it was a video game or something. Not like you've got every model in your army with every combination of weapons.

And you have stories to share, memorable moments caused by chance alone. Not even possible if it wasn't dice involved.

Risk managment is love, risk managment is life. It's why beacons and servoskulls existed.

>> No.56759590

>actually having bad luck
Well shoot anon, it was just a joke. Good luck with that,

>> No.56759608

Have you tried using different dice?

>> No.56759628

Is an Eldar army on foot viable?

>> No.56759649

>tfw most people are adamantly rational with a complete disregard for spirituality except when there's dice involved, in which case all kinds of luck, dicegods and voodoo come up

Most people just do it for fun, but the seemingly natural appeal is interesting.

>> No.56759653

wait, Deathwatch are actually good with just bolters? It seemed like such a waste to have access to all the gear just to give them bolters

>> No.56759678


>> No.56759685

Deathwatch bolt weapons have special issue ammo, making them pretty damn versatile.

Dragonfire bolt
Add 1 to the hit rolls for this weapon when
targeting a unit that is in cover.

Hellfire round
This weapon always wounds on a 2+ (except
against VEHICLES).

Kraken bolt
Add 3" to the range of this weapon if it is a bolt
pistol, or 6" otherwise, and improve the AP of the attack by 1 (e.g. an AP of 0 becomes -1).

Vengeance round
Subtract 3" from the range of this weapon if it is a bolt pistol, or 6" otherwise, and improve the AP of the attack by 2 (e.g. an AP of 0 becomes -2).

>> No.56759719

Can I use the new Thousand Sons WL trait with Magnus or Ahriman? I dont think they can use the relic 'cause they're named characters, right?

>> No.56759722


>> No.56759724

What's the best transport for a unit of Bullgryn?

>> No.56759728

> Coldstar with the Onager
> Things describe as blazing comets

It's everything I've ever wanted AND MORE

>> No.56759732

none, they hate being inside transports you waac faggot

>> No.56759733

I've tried converting the pub Chapter Approved file online (too big) and using Calibre (freezes at 47%)--anyone have any luck?

No BA leak yet eh?

>> No.56759743

>be me
>7th edition
>tournament game for the third place
>Emperor's Children vs Raven Guard
>He have all the Kill Team murder from hell where if he deepstrike Vanguards within 9" he doesn't scatter and he can charge after doing that
>Of course, a lot Vanguard Veterans with power axes (because he knows I have higher initiative)
>He reroll missions and who deploy first and all that stuff
>He gets first turn
>"All set up, anon. Steal the initiative, as your usual"
>I'm famous for rolling that 6 (Praise Slaanesh)
>He throw his arms in the air "Fuck this!"
>I start shooting at his 2+ cover scouts with sonic weapons
>Kill them all
>His turn
>He try to deepstrike his megaunit anyway, but without scouts it scatters
>10" scatter over a rock
>Roll a 1
>He immediately concede

mfw I still have the record for shortest tournament game.

>> No.56759751

You can have up to 20 Guardian Defenders in one unit, and Webway Strike them in for 1 CP.

For 3 CP you can deepstrike two units in.

>> No.56759776

I've tried with a few online and offline programs, nothing yet...

>> No.56759781

I didn't even know that, I just thought they look cool and thought I'd get some but I don't like the idea of running across the field.

So there's no way to get them across the field faster with regards to fluff?

>> No.56759797

This makes me consider bikers, they are slightly cheaper than marines and can get into rapidfire range much more easily. Thanks for the heads up Any other advice for a complete noob?

>> No.56759832

I'm a complete noob in Deathwatch myself, I just copy/pasted the stuff from the index for you. Good luck though.

>> No.56759866


>> No.56759873

So do you have to pay/set aside points to spawn those Spore Mines on misses or no?

>> No.56759874

So Necranons
How fun/good would a unit of 20 flayed ones be?

I'm just theory crafting some things I may try out later

>> No.56759892

in case you want your droppod or tygon tunnel troops to come out near a lictor instead.
(it was FAQ'd to not work with genestealers right?)

>> No.56759910

I've heard FW stuff is powerful but costed accordingly

The only FW stuff I'd consider buying right now would be grot tanks, which hardly seem OP.

>> No.56759918

and depending on the wording, maybe even tervigon new unit spawns?

>> No.56759938

I have. Still roll badly.

Its fun though. Its become a meme at the LGS that I constantly roll 1s.

I personally dont like to attribute winning or losing to the dice. Whenever I've lost a game, its IMO due to bad decisions/mistakes on my parts, or a bad list, rather than my luck.
It is fun though, especially considering I apparently do roll alot of 1s. I assume in the greater whole (comparing all games I've played) that it all averages out, but its fun nonetheless.

>> No.56759944

>i have, still roll badly
Hello my opposite, i knew all my 1s and 2s had to go somewhere

>> No.56759949

Valkyrie is absolutely amazing.

>> No.56760005

It does pretty bad by itself considering its point-cost, but is the transporting worth it considering the risk of death at 6+ from grav-chute drops?

>> No.56760024


So far for my Crons, the winners have been;

My Will Be Done Immortals with Tesla murder any infantry they shoot and can even make vehicles sweat
Wraiths are good as ever, with new Strategem a big unit timed well---with a Cryptek nearby is an awful thing to chew through
Terrasact Arks are fucking...crazy :)

>> No.56760025

New thread when

>> No.56760030



>> No.56760074

Ogryns will get in transports, but they often need gentle persuasion. IIRC it used to be that you had to test leadership for them to get in a transport unless they had a Commisar in attendance, who would be able to encourage them to get in.

>> No.56760091

only at over 20" do you risk death. Just move 20", deploy 3", move 6", you are now within 3" of an enemy unit.

>> No.56760311

>GK force in 7th edition

>4 dreadknights, some libbies and strike squads to season
>also took an aegis line with a comms relay
>nulldeploy aside from 1 dreadknight who is at the comms relay and out of LoS to the enemy
>reroll all reserves, almost never failed reserves
>shunt the deployed DK forward
>alpha strike, abuse misfortune and gatling psilencer spam to wipe wraithknights off the board turn 1

I switched to scions after that and never looked back, but that was such a fucking fun list

I only learned after 8th was out that i didnt need to take the aegis line at all, i could just take the comms relay for 20 points

>> No.56760720

Thank you based vlad

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