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600 Defilers Edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for the Lion

>Stratagems and shit in Blood Angels codex, good shit here

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd5m1dQXjbw [Open] [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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we still posting HQs?

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First for orks should be squatted

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if you stand still with a tyrannofex and then use SINGLE-MINDED ANNIHILATION

can you fire three times?

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First for Death Guard

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Quick Question:

Can you declare a charge against a transport and its occupants?

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It's infantry only stratagem

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No as they are not on the battlefield.

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Better models and rules when?

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>>56736252 #
It’s pretty interesting how people can look at the Iron Cage and honestly believe that Dorn knew it was a trap but believed he and his legion needed to endure the “pain gauntlet” and sacrifice themselves to get down to under 1000 size. That’s such a bullshit explaination and also retarded as fuck. Plus the way Dorns side was written was extremely biased about how noble and smart Dorn was. Perturabos side was actually the more accurate telling given that, when you look at how the even played out and how many Fucking fists died, plus factoring in the fact that Dorn was a well known hot head who didn’t think things through, its impossible to consider the Dorn side as being accurate.

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You can declare a charge against the transport only. Then you just use your pile in to ring the transport for when it dies to kill extra

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>get sold on CSM for their use of older equipment and more fluffy reasons for dedicated human auxiliaries
>loyalists literally have more relic gear than Chaos at this point, all the Dark Mechanicum "innovations" are basically just shoving daemons in things that exist already
>R&H went from "pretty good" in 7th to "shit tier outside Malefic Lord spam" in 8th
>everyone hates you thanks to carnacposting and LMAO DAEMONS WIN EVERYTHING shit from ADB
I just wanted my murderous space pirates goddammit.

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So when are they going to squat all non-chaos/non-marine factions? Since Primarchs are just going to pretty much revolutionize the galazy.

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Soon I hope. Bring on HH2

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What about the non-marine chaos factions?

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Magnus does more damage is not countered, but Mortarian is far more difficult to stop. Magnus tends to generate more salt due to Death Hex plus Warptime making him very, very good at assassinating hard targets and his Smite having the ability to wipe out entire squads.

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Nah fuck'em even the chaos gods take second fiddle to Primarchs.

>> No.56736374

HH has some pretty cool units.

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Don't worry about what people think, they'll realize carnac is right sooner or later

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They'll just squat Daemons as a stand-alone faction (just like Codex: Chaos Space Marines). The Chaos faction in 9E will just be World Eaters, Noise Marines, Death Guard, and Thousand Sons.

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You do know this is GW we're talking about right?

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They aren't on the battlefield and thus can't be the target of a charge. sorry friendo

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Hi carnac

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The fact that 40k has such a variety of factions is honestly the best thing it has going for it.

Everyone other tabletop game either has 20 factions that are all functionally identical,
or like 3-5 factions where its always "the human faction" "the evil human faction" "the alien faction" ect.
Either way, it's boring as fuck.

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Red Butchers in 40k when?

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I feel you Chaos-bro. I play Black Legion for years and some screeching autist accused me of being a Nazi Jew for not thinking they're the end all be all.

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And it'll be even better soon when we get female Space Marine chapters

>> No.56736408

I feel so bad for Renegade players. Their nodels are amazing but GW just nerfed their only good unit without giving proper buffs to anything else.

As for CSM, their rules are fine. (Except Iron Warriors. They got shafted hard by their legion trait.) I just wish GW updated their fucking awful models. Like why can't they just make a decent generic CSM kit?

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>Tau will get a flyer.

I hate it but it's true.

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Mah nigga.

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Orks are the most iconic enemy faction in 40k discuss

>> No.56736417

Play competitive Tau

>> No.56736426

They're only iconic because they're solely played by unwashed spergs who shout 'waagh' every game

>> No.56736428

What's to discuss? It's true.

>> No.56736429

How exactly?
Why not just update sob?

>> No.56736443

are you jelly of my orks?

yeah i know you are

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They look so fucking cool. Dual wielding power axes and all.

>> No.56736456

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, anon. I can reasonably fit in either Mortarion or Magnus in my list after CA point cuts and it is hard to choose one. Magnus does seem more of an attractive choice simply because Dark Hereticus psychic discipline spells are all very good.

>> No.56736466

Just give R&H back their warlord specialisations, some relics, militia training and more gear options. They aren't nearly as customisable now as they were in 7th and that is the main appeal of R&H.

>> No.56736467

Whoa there motherfucker, I'm a kempt and well groomed sperg who shouts 'Waaagh' every game.

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>As for CSM, their rules are fine.
Most of the legion traits are garbage and the entire codex is held up by Endless Cacophony and Forward Operatives. Take those away and we're the second weakest codex in the game.
>Except Iron Warriors. They got shafted hard by their legion trait.
Ignores Cover is one of the better legion traits. Certainly beats out Night Lords, Black Legion, Emperor's Children, and Word Bearer.

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Id rather play with some enthusiastic neckbeard than some tryhard who has to win a game in 45 minutes so he can go back home to his wife and her son

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Sorry i like units other than Commanders and gunline tau doesn't work because bs4

>> No.56736477

Because the whole Adepta Sororitas faction is born of a misogynistic ideology and (and GW know) that we need more good female representation in their game. Through every faction

>> No.56736484

"gunline tau doesn't work because bs4"
So fucking tired of this weak meme

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What part of Chaos is literally just stuffing a daemon in it do you not understand?

>Land Raider, stuff a daemon in it, lol
>Crab Claw Walker Tank, missing something? Stuff a daemon in it!
>A 10,000 year old super soldier? Stuff a daemon it!
>Literally just computer code. STUFF A DAEMON IN IT!

That's your one gimmick. Fuck you, you made your bed now lie in it.

>> No.56736499

Well it's true, we all know gunline guard doesn't work because BS4

>> No.56736505

Be aware that Magnus is almost certainly going to shoot up in point cost within a few months, and will likely lose access to Dark Hereticus (and if Tzeentch's Firestorm is any indication, his new powers are going to be absolutely terrible). I'd probably go with Morty with a support Sorcerer instead of Magnus.

>> No.56736506

Or how about we go full customization and bring back old lost and damned.

>> No.56736508


What exactly is misogynistic, and why is more female representation needed in the product?

>> No.56736511

>literally the same bs as chaos cultists and gretchins
the absolute state of tau

>> No.56736514

Daily Reminder: Seth was right!

>> No.56736515

Because the SoB aren’t buff enough for me.

>> No.56736519

The Dark Mech has so much fucking potential that's just been wasted on dinobots. The insane mad science guys have made LESS progress in the past 10,000 years than the byzantine bureaucracy cargo cult.

>> No.56736524

>What part of Chaos is literally just stuffing a daemon in it do you not understand?
That guy literally listed several other themes they have in that post, you illiterate larp'ing shitposter.
>Fuck you, you made your bed now lie in it.
No, that's GW.

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filled in the survey said I sexually identify as a valkyrie gunship

>> No.56736539

Same as Guard and baseline accuracy. Jesus, you greedy fuckers won't stop bitching about losing triptide bullshit

>> No.56736543

That was something I noticed when I first bought the FW Index. Before R&H's niche was that they were generally weaker/cheaper than their guard counterpart, but MUCH more customizable. With 8th GW/FWripped all of the customization out so they're basically just weaker Guard units. Add in the weakened traits/skills/etc and it's obvious why they're garbage now. They even removed the ability to run a Renegade list that ISN'T a chaos list.

>> No.56736544

The whole legion/chapter trait balance is such fucking garbage. I don't understand how much of a CAACfag these rules writers have to be to think those are anywhere near equal in power and application.

>> No.56736553

If GW brings back the Lost and the Damned with proper support I will suck Kevin Rountree's dick and not even say no homo beforehand.

>> No.56736554

>Chaos grabs random scrubs and press-gangs them into fighting
>as well-trained as Imperial Guardsman
If only Chaos Space Marines got as much out of Chaos.

>> No.56736555

Well unfortunately not every faction can please everyone.
But they could be made more buff with an update.

>> No.56736557

>why is more female representation needed in the product?
Because of the ever growing audience their product has, namely females who don't want to play oppressive male dominated armies.

>> No.56736560

Seriously why is it the only guys researching xeno tech are the ones not aloud too? The dark mechanicum should have necrondermis half reverse engineered by now, and be using deldar tech out the ass, it shouldn't be just one damn marine doing all of that shit.

>> No.56736568

>order from thewarstore
>check status of order
>everything listed as backordered

I'm never getting my minis, am I

>> No.56736573

Stuffing daemons in things is their only UNIQUE gimmick, then. Sorry I triggered you!

I mean, you did stuff a daemon into a planet's molten core one time, so you've got that going for you, I guess.

>> No.56736574

>Valkyrie women that are proud of being women who kill aliens.
No sisters are just fine thanks.

>> No.56736577

Specifically asked what was misogynistic, completely ducks the question because full of shit

>> No.56736578

I fully believe at some point FW is going to release Dark Mechanicus, but it's a long ways off.

>> No.56736581

>okay, so these guys have -1 to hit from 12" away, in a game that's mostly decided by shooting from 12+" away
>well, what if these guys could run and fire their bolters as assault 1 weapons with a -1 to hit
>sounds roughly equivalent

>> No.56736586

This would be the perfect time to do it too with a whole new model line what with the rift and all but now we get super marines.

>> No.56736588

>Because of the ever growing audience their product has, namely females who don't want to play oppressive male dominated armies.
But there are already plenty of armies that aren't male dominated.
And why do females need to play as females? Are they incapable of enjoying anything outside their own experience?

>> No.56736592

Because women and minorities are children who must be pandered to by giving them direct representation of themselves in model form in order to make 40k a safe space for them. They're not sane adults who have their own individual tastes and simply don't have an interest in a game that costs hundreds of dollars and hours to start and is played on a piece of furniture larger than a dining room table.

>> No.56736606

Guard are also half the cost and more easily spammable. So they can put out enough shots that it doesn't really matter.

>> No.56736607

Are you a real person?

>> No.56736611

>hurr women dont like what i like shun them

>> No.56736612

Hell, some of the units were actually just as good if not stronger. Renegade grenadiers from the not!Guard specialty used to be surprisingly nasty to fight at any range, as were FnP hordes from Nurgle or the Dark Mechanicum. Murder cult/heretek marauders were great up close as well.

>> No.56736618

Stop falling for the bait, anon.

>Ordering from a shitty third party site.

>> No.56736620

That is actually a good point. I do always include at least one other sorcerer, so it would work out also.

>> No.56736622

play eldar then. or tyranids. or dark eldar.

>> No.56736627

If they don't like the game that kind of kills your whole argument, doesn't it, retard?

>> No.56736632

>Don't like male armies? Play literal rapists

>> No.56736645


>> No.56736646


Okay, committing to a box of Boyz and the “Start Collecting” box. That’ll get me to:

22 Boyz
5 Nobz
1 Ammo Runt
1 Painboy
1 Deff Dread

What else should I look for to get a decent competitive list for 1000pts & under? Leaning towards Kommandos & a Warboss for a Blood Axes theme.

>> No.56736647

One Sorcerer is really all you need, as Warptime and Death Hex are the only two powers that are really worth splashing for. Prescience and all three of the god-powers are good, but not quite on the same level.

>> No.56736649

but m-muh discount

>> No.56736650

Morty harder than Magnus to kill? Don't make me laugh. I'll take better psychic protection w/ a 3+ reroll 1s invul over 4+ invul w/ 5++ any day. Magnus and Morty are barely even comparable. One of them is across the board t1 for 410 pts while another needs another 130 pt sorc to get them anywhere while costing 470. Morty has been a total joke almost every game I've seen him in.

>> No.56736651

Half the factions don't even have a concept of gender why don't they just play them? Or better yet the other factions that do have female models, it's literally 3 factions without females and only one of those could have them.

>> No.56736664

People shun you because you're annoying, not female. Sculpt women like the rest of us or stop pretending to he part of the hobby that involves sculpting.

>> No.56736667

The females are rapists too there is equality among them.

>> No.56736668

Not at all, I like the game and personally hate the Eldar faction. But the game already has representation that I do like so I can play.
Sounds like you spergs are just mad at progression

>> No.56736670

Order from a third party site with good discounts that isn't mass marketed all over youtube and shit.

>> No.56736672

Honestly i'd either pick up a second start collecting or another box of boys, some second hand nobz, a trukk, and a warboss! Kommandos for blood axe theme is awesome

>> No.56736673

>heretek marauders
>two brutes
>power weapons and shotguns/laspistols
>melta bombs and power weapon on the champ
>in a flamer chimera

>> No.56736681

either trukks or more boyz

>> No.56736689

But anon, women can't rape. That's men only

>> No.56736698

At some point what that deldar is doing to the human is gonna be classified as something illegal.

>> No.56736701

How will inceptors preform for the blood angels? Haven't picked up any but jump packs are the name of the game

>> No.56736705

More Boyz. Then more Boyz. After 60 you can start thinking about Kommandos, Tankbustas and the like.

>> No.56736712

so local GW store is about to ban forgeworld from play in the store.

mainly because some waac faggot keeps spamming op lists with tons of fw stuff in his IG lists. everyone's sick of his crap and pretty much don't play him but few other ppl can't get a game in so it's either play the waac fag with a forgeworld army spam or don't play that night.

i'm kinda pissed that someone like that ruins it for myself (i only use the fire raptor and sometimes a doredo dread (i like the look of it)

some one post some options other than hellbrutes for my CSM army to replace the fire raptor's role. no helldrakes don't cut it really and there is no good infantry killing platform like the fire raptor.

meanwhile space marine armies in the store spam storm ravens (not really spam but 1 or 2) and get to delete units off the table every turn.

>> No.56736714

>better psychic protection w/ a 3+ reroll 1s invul over 4+ invul w/ 5++ any day. Magnus and Morty are barely even comparable. One of them is across the board t1 for 410 pts while another needs another 130 pt sorc to
Magnus (with Weaver) and Mortarion have identical durability against small arms fire and Mortarion isn't that far behind against heavy weapons, and Morty is the clear winner if Magnus flubs Weaver. Mortarion isn't as easily countered by a single anti-psyker unit, and can fight his way out of tarpits better, and in general does better against MSU spam than Magnus.

>> No.56736717

>squatting the Age of Sigmar crossover army

You should think things through a bit more

>> No.56736721

You know now that I think about it Lost and the Damned would basically be the chaos equivalent Ynnari, like a proto soup army it was.

>> No.56736724

probably more boyz. a box maybe. and then maybe two loota boxes so you can get your free burnas for your kommandos and some long range fire power.

maybe you could convert some tank bustas since they are 10/10.

>> No.56736727

>Eldar have genders
>T'au have genders
>Necrons have genders with female characters popping up among the higher Necrons
>humans have genders
>Tyranids, IIRC, are capable of sexual reproduction

That leaves the Orks. However, pre-Damocles T'au research speculated that Ork females live underground where they continuously spawn their kind.

>> No.56736739

>so local GW store is about to ban forgeworld from play in the store.
Corporate will tear them a new asshole if they try.

Chapter Approved just nerfed the hell out of most FW shit anyways.

>> No.56736741

>Take cultist chaff CSM detachement
>Use CSM familiar stratagem at beginning of game
>Give Mortarion warp time

>> No.56736743

Seems like the more logical choice was to ban the faggot or force him to stop being a dick.

>> No.56736750

You'll need a Warboss, or at least another HQ minimum.

Don't bother getting the Kommando box unless you really like the sculpts. Instead kitbash and convert models from boys boxes to Kommandos. ($30 for 10 dudes compared to $45 for 5).

Deff Dreads are pretty mediocre. Don't bother with them unless you really like the models.

If you want to go whole hog into blood axes you'll probably want to pick up a Boss Snikrot. Boss Zagstruck too if you end up getting some Stormboyz.

>> No.56736758

Chaos Daemons are also going to disappear as a standalone army in AoS (just like standalone Warriors of Chaos). Sigmar, like 40k, will just have four god-specific books.

>> No.56736769

Man, the CSM Stratagems are such a shitshow. Daemonforge is restricted for CSM only, and Fire Frenzy works on Helbrutes, not HELBRUTES, and maybe Sonic Dreadnoughts. Chaos Familiar lets any Heretic Astartes Sorcerer dip into Dark Hereticus.

>> No.56736776

Orks are sentient mushrooms, they reproduce by shedding spores and grow out of the ground.

>> No.56736782

I said concept, necrons right now have lttle to no concept of gender and it doesn't matter when the all look alike, Nids have no cencept, and neither do orks, this leaves Eldar and Tau as having a concept and models for both genders, and thus leaving only Marines Evil Marines and Guard as the only factions with no major female representation and guard are the only ones that females could be in.

>> No.56736795

I wouldn't mind them just restricting stratagems to solo armies completely. Would hurt a few soup lists, and then you could always CA or white dwarf patch shit with extra stratagems later.

>> No.56736809

I'm 100% in favor of this. Then, make it so that the Inquisition gets its own Stratagems that come into effect as long as the rest of the detachment is otherwise pure.

>> No.56736814

>necrons right now have lttle to no concept of gender and it doesn't matter when the all look alike,

Actually, Anrakyr and his royal court instantly recognized that the Necron cryptek and lychguard they just met were female. This indicates NECRODERMIS BOOBS.

>> No.56736815

>Chapter Approved just nerfed the hell out of most FW shit anyways.
yea he's dropping the spammed earthshaker platforms and going to manticore platforms now.

>> No.56736820

Zagstruck and 40 Stormboyz are fucking Ace. Trust me

>> No.56736826

Does he actually own the models?
Maybe Necrons have IFF tags.

>> No.56736829

Or indicates they have a way to tell each other apart, tau females don't have tits but they are still distinguishable if you know what to look for.

>> No.56736833

>restricting stratagems to solo armies

why tho?

Almost half the armies in the game, lore wise, use stuff from multiple codexes.

Restricting stratagems like that would completely fuck over things like playing allied GSC/Tyranids, for no reason.

>> No.56736846

Or more likely, their sexual dimorphism is such that a Necron could tell, but a human could not.

>> No.56736847

>Almost half the armies in the game, lore wise, use stuff from multiple codexes.
Not regularly, and being able to mix-and-match from different codexes is its own reward.
>completely fuck over things like playing allied GSC/Tyranids,
GSC get eaten once the Hive Fleets arrive.

>> No.56736849

>Does he actually own the models?
yep. it's all wysiwyg. i have no clue how he managed to get it so easly. (some of it like the hearth shaker cannons. those things are impossible to get just about)

>> No.56736855

I was hoping they'd do that in CA. Anything to stop weapon grade autism like this:


>> No.56736857

Maybe you can access multiple, but you can only use one set per turn.

>> No.56736858

>GSC get eaten once the Hive Fleets arrive.

Except that's wrong, GSC get eaten last.

>> No.56736883

Then either stratagems need to be better worded and more specific on what they target, or the stratagems need to just be put in both codeces, and then restricted to only those codeces.

>> No.56736895

I will never understand how it's remotely possible that this place can be the least autistic place to discuss this game outside of actually speaking to people in real life, with even that being a tossup sometimes.

>> No.56736896

>15 warbosses
>17 Meks
>5 Weirdboyz
>4 painboyz
>3 waaagh banners

somebody help me

>> No.56736901

Well you can't ban someone for being a WAACfag.

>> No.56736905

R8 my pure Kabalite list fellow DE bros. How bad am I gonna get rekt?
Mostly facing Tau if that matters

2k battalion
>Archon 61: PGL, Parasites Kiss, Agonizer
>Archon 71: PGL, Blast Pistol, Agonizer

>236 - 2x 5 Trueborn: PGL, 4x Blaster
>144 - 8 Incubi

>76 - 2x 5 Warriors: PGL
>192: 2x 10 Warriors: PGL, Splinter cannon

>468: 3x Ravager: 3 Dark lances, shock prow

>378: 3x Raider: Disintegrator, Shock Prow
>380: 4x Venom: 2 Splinter Cannons

>> No.56736919

Does anyone with CA have the exact wording on the new rules for first turn? A guy at my lgs is saying it's only going to apply to the new missions

>> No.56736926

you need moar pain boyz

>> No.56736928

>only 5 painboyz
what's it like to be a pleb who thinks he has a problem?

*breaks down sobbing over his 10 painboyz and 3 grotsniks

>> No.56736932

Well not with that attitude.

>> No.56736935

Yea yea Boyz before Toyz

Good advice, I’ll have to keep that in mind.

Yeah the Dread model doesn’t really do it for me, I just thought I’d need something tanky to go up against the big models at my FLGS. Painboys don’t sound too great either. Would it be better to skip the “Start Collecting” box and go straight to the Warboss & mass Boyz?

>> No.56736937

I've played 40 for a little over a year now, but I've come to realize I don't have fun playing the game. It feels like 8th edition was a massive improvement, but actually playing just feels more stressful than fun. Especially watching a good chunk of the army just be removed from the board without really getting to do anything.

Is anyone in a similar situation?

>> No.56736943

We remained moderately crazy while the rest of the world went full tilt.

>> No.56736947

Can you provide a single example of GS cultists active alongside actual Tyranids?

>> No.56736951

new to guard what should i get to take to get this list to 1000

>> No.56736957

Eh, it sounds like the guy did get fucked over. The ITC ruling on how ObSec works for Daemons was retarded, but it was worse for the TO's to change their mind on it midway though the tournament.

>> No.56736973

Correct. RaW it only applies to the first turn. ITC is ruling it into all missions, though, and you should just talk to your group about it.

>> No.56736988

I can't imagine why you'd even want to. WAACfags are the backbone of this hobby. Everyone else just need to stop being shit

>> No.56736999

Get gud

>> No.56737004

>WAACfags are the backbone of this hobby.
No that's the autistic guys who do nothing but model and don't even play the game or read the lore they are what is keeping sales high.

>> No.56737005

So it only applies to the new missions?

>> No.56737006

>WAACfags are the backbone of this hobby.
Lol. Casuals are the ones keeping stores afloat and maintaining the density of players the keep the game alive. WAACfags are pond-scum floating around, making the game miserable for everyone else.

>> No.56737015

since the warp does all kinds of time shenannigans, would it therorhetically be possible that ship of pre-heresey loyal deathguard got caught up and brought to nowadays? i really like the paint scheme, but obviously theyd have to change their chapter name after they found out what happened.
would i get dirty looks if i played them like that?

>> No.56737019

There is also the fact that he went and got a Death Guard Relic/Warlord trait in a soup (non-DG) detachment. The whole deal is super gamey and while it may be allowed by RAW, I think this is bad sportsmanship to try and bend the rules like that.

>> No.56737025

So just like any other game. This games back bones are the whales?

>> No.56737034

change up how you play, change up who you play. try different strategems or deep strike units if you are getting too much shot off at the beginning. are you playing against the same person over and over who is a power player?
is your list fluffy or tournement, compared to who you are playing against?

>> No.56737045

He's 100% in the clear in regards to how Relics/Warlord Traits work based on the wording in the codex. Sure, it looks strange (especially with CA instead granting Stratagems based on Warlord as well), but it's definitely legal.

>> No.56737050

Casuals barely spend anything on the hobby, try to nickel and dime GW and most often buy recasts. Meanwhile WAACfags keep buying new stuff to stay competitive and in the meta. So no, in fact it's the competitive folk that keep this game and hobby afloat.

>> No.56737054

>ITC ruling
There wasn't an ITC ruling, it was all a fucking smokescreen. If that'd happened to me, there'd have been nothing left but smoke and embers

>> No.56737067

>Especially watching a good chunk of the army just be removed from the board without really getting to do anything.
Yeah, as much as people claim 8E was a massive improvement, it's not. List construction is more convoluted than ever (which is pretty amazing after 7E), alpha strikes are an even bigger issue than ever before, and balance is still all over the place (especially in terms of "casual/fluffy" lists versus "competitive" lists).

>> No.56737077

This sounds like you need to scale down and try to start over, or look at the people you are playing with because this feels very much like a bunch of WAACtry hards are ruining it

>> No.56737089

>As the giant brood-sacs of the bio-ships split open to disgorge shrieking, blade-limbed war-beasts, a seed of doubt worms into the minds of the cultists. Still, their belief in the notion of star-borne saviours is so ingrained they keep fighting against the wider populace. The Tyranid invaders mass together into a tide of chitin and fang, surging over the lands to cut down or consume the indigenous populations. With the Hive Mind guiding each brood, the Tyranid hordes do not see the cultists as prey; in fact they are ignored at first by the synapse creatures coordinating the attack. For a short and blissful period, cultist and Tyranid fight on the same side. Once their adversaries have been slain, the cultists become eager to embrace their distant relatives in celebration, jubilant that their star-spanning family is at last complete. They walk forward, arms wide, into the seething avalanche of weapon-forms. They too are torn limb from limb. Only then does the true magnitude of the cult’s folly hit home. The mood of the cult swiftly changes from dogged loyalty to panic.

>> No.56737092

It only applies to the new missions, there is no "New Rule"

>> No.56737101

>implying WAACfags aren't buying recasts

>> No.56737105

>The final revelation comes both from within the cult and without. Those the cultists once adored turn upon them in the worst of all possible betrayals; any who seek succour from the Patriarch instead go to their doom. With its sentience subsumed by the greater Hive Mind, the creature becomes just another Tyranid, another nameless cell in the void-crossing super-organism that wants nothing less than to devour the galaxy. As soon as the planet’s defenders are overcome, the Patriarch and its brood will attack their own, wicked claws punching into close advisors and trusted minions, who die choking on their own disbelief. Those Purestrain Genestealers spawned upon the host planet attack their devoted parents without hesitation, slaughtering them in a flurry of talons and snapping mouths. Those of the cult who somehow survive this grim twist of fate flee as best they can, but they do not get far. The hail of Tyranid spores intensifies, and the planet itself is altered on a molecular level, becoming a noxious hell. Alongside the bodies of the wider populace, the corpses of the cultists are devoured and regurgitated into the acidic digestion pools that bubble upon its surface. There, they are dissolved into a sickening gruel, raw biomass that is sucked up by ribbed capillary towers into the bio-ships above. So it is that the host population and the cult’s parasitic reflection are made whole at last, their bodies mingled in the final act of this apocalyptic tragedy.

From the Genestealer codex. Both of you are idiots for ignoring what the codex says on the matter.

>> No.56737109

Reposting my unfucked HQ after struggle bussing with White Scar

>> No.56737119

>that pic

>> No.56737120

I'm not sure if it's the army I'm playing (Guard) or if the game in general just isn't for me.

Unfortunately, my LGS is made up by a majority of Tyranid players so the games are super samey. Otherwise it's competitive SM players or competitive Necron players.

I've tried changing up my army a ton but it still just doesn't feel fun.

>> No.56737128

This link has Reece specify in the comments that a detachment has ObSec as long as everything has both CHAOS and DAEMONS as faction keywords. I wouldn't even have an issue with the TO's ruling against it before the event began, but doing it mid-event is bullshit.

The whole situation is pretty screwy though. Apparently the guy came into a small event from out of town, brought an entirely bare plastic list, and then proceeded to roll face. While I don't condone it, I see how people got pissed at him.

>> No.56737129

>implying anyone with love for the hobby and/or any self-respect is buying recasts

>> No.56737133

take this for what it's worth, but in my store casuals are probably 70 to 80% of GW sales. that's not to say that WAAC guys (fewer in number) aren't buying large amounts.

>> No.56737148

>implying waacfags love the hobby or have self respect

>> No.56737149

Fuckin hell, i was hoping this league my army wouldn't get trashed all over t1 anymore because my opponent brought a knight, Magnus, and morty.
>inb4 just roll a 6!

>> No.56737152

I am a pretty casual player and i dont buy recasts. Though i have thought about it with how much /tg/ praises recasters and how they are amazing and cheap.

>> No.56737156

>Implying you can't love the hobby a ton and still buy recasts to save money

>> No.56737158

Chinamen are a trade off cheap models for literal cancer.

>> No.56737161

Just roll a 6!

>> No.56737163

Not sure what you expected with playing guard other than losing large chunks of your cheap force.

>> No.56737168

>Apparently the guy came into a small event from out of town, brought an entirely bare plastic list

Absolutely disgusting. He shouldn't have even been able to play.

>> No.56737171

>not painting models and selling as soon as they are useless
>love the hobby/self respect

>> No.56737181

Love for the hobby /self-respect
Choose One

>> No.56737184

Honestly they're more of a hassle than they're worth. Basically the only real reason to buy then is if a model is no longer made by GW/FW, or if you want to practice painting on a copy of an expensive model beforehand.

>> No.56737185

If you got the want and time try a new army that might be the issue.

>> No.56737205

>sorry for incoming blogpost
How are Scions are the main flair of an army? I wanna make an elite force of spec-ops doomguys demolition-experts with some light 3rd party conversions and even alternative models for certain units. They'll run across the field in Taurox's but I want to know what air-support unit and other unit would be good and thematic to the 'Spec-ops big-boom experts' Alongside I'd wanna run a inquisitorial retinue of 9 acolytes in a rhino. Also on that note is there any sort of Ordo that deals with keeping the Mechanicus in heresy check and protect Mechanicus assets?

>> No.56737206

Likelihood of Gorkamorka returning as a box game?

>> No.56737209

God this thread is full of filthy casuals

>> No.56737210

I'd agree, However, if you don't set a painting restriction then you can go fuck yourself if someone shows up in bare grey and you have an issue with it

>> No.56737211

If you're going to run an official ITC event with points going towards their scoreboards, you have to accept that people are going to show up expecting to win.

They definitely should have had some sort of painting requirement.

>> No.56737212


Not having a codex makes it a real kick in the dick

oh, and >>56736484

go try it. have fun with a meta dominated with -1 to hit +

your fucking markerlights start hitting on 6's without moving against eldar.

>what is elite crisis suit teams, which are tau that have shown that they are a cut above starting at guard bs4

its fucking dumb

>> No.56737220

Money is the issue on that one.

I do have some primaris units, but from everything I've heard running Primaris only is COMPLETE garbage.

>> No.56737223

Iron warriors not being designated jobbers to tyranids of all things when

>> No.56737230

But in all seriousness, Just get chaff and spread out. Those lists can do well but suffer against skilled players with diverse lists (cultitsts, conscripts, et al work wonders as speed bumps)

>> No.56737241


>Implying that's a bad thing.

>> No.56737251

Why does gw refuse to paint their miniatures well?

>> No.56737252

>t. triggered waacfag

>> No.56737258

I play mechanicus, and the recent price drops to my troops helps. But the issue becomes that by that time mortarion is -1 to hit, and Magnus is at 3++ rerolling 1s, and without souping I have no real answers there

>> No.56737261

Gotta be simple for the kids.

>> No.56737272


>> No.56737274

they toned down the level of painting to not deter new comers, gw has weird color preferences and they like to highlight like crazy

>> No.56737276

this, orks can be fun but spergs who get too into it are unbearable.

A player needs to be like the universe itself. Take all the orks ridiculousness at face value, don't laugh at it.

>> No.56737284

Have you seen the minis people are posting in these threads? Barely anyone is even bothering to apply a wash and do some highlights after. GW painting is god-tier in comparison.

>> No.56737292

If you're painting to play and not for display, it's better to overhighight.

>> No.56737293

Alright, so dg leviathan with double grav-flux or double butcher array? I know the grav-flux is pretty damn good but the range seems to totally kill it considering you can't just drop-pod it down.

>> No.56737298

graia has the ability to deny...

>> No.56737299

They should do a properly painted picture and a white based sepia washed picture for muh detail.

>> No.56737300

I can never get my highlights to not look horrible after a wash, so I usually just do it before.

>> No.56737302

They aren't amazing and cheap, they're just cheap.
Most of the time you save a chunk of money, but you pay for it by extended waiting times, more model defect fixing and no recourse for garbage casts.
I own a lot of recasts (several hundred dollars worth) and I won't stop any time soon, but you have to be smart about your purchases. Generally speaking if it's in plastic, buy it in plastic.

Also for the love of god don't buy from Z if you're just dipping into recasts, Z's quality control is shit. If you're not buying something new to his catalog you've got a good change that 30% of the kit will be unusable without significant effort. Don't ever buy into his sales either since more often than not they're used to clear away really fucked up stock... learned that one the hard way.
Someone like CCoN or Miranda are better starting options before you move into the gamble that is Z's stock.

I tend to use recasts as a way to get conversion parts with minimal outlay, getting finecast models on the cheap since it's resin anyway, getting OoP models sometimes and just plain ol' being a cheap-ass.

>> No.56737304

I'm a WAACfag, yet love the hobby and respect the shit out of myself.
Come at me CAACfag bros.

>> No.56737310

These are advertising pieces meant to make the models look their best, but the entire gw nurgle line looks like shit to me and I didn't realize the sculpts were actually decent until I saw people who painted them properly nurgle.

>> No.56737315

Post a full painted army that you have had longer than 1 edition and I will be inclined to believe you.

>> No.56737316

Do a drybrush then at least. Otherwise your paintjob looks flat and unfinished.

>> No.56737317

i mean nurgle looks disgusting most of the time anyway, but in a good way

>> No.56737336

List construction is only convoluted if you have to use the index for some options and in that case just print out the fucking Index page. Pete has claimed that they are looking into the Alpha strike issues. The balance will probably improve as more codexes are released and especially after they are all released as they wont be trying their best to shove all the codexes out so some people don't have to wait 3 years for codexes. Pete has also said that they want to make it where each codex is scary to face. So i am just going to wait and if the game doesn't get any better after all the codexes and the annual balancing thing they want to do, Like the balancing patch coming in march, Ill eat my fucking words.

>> No.56737366

Magnus can fly, for him I use Icarus Onagers and just max dakka he's gonna fail saves eventually.
Could also try a martian Kastellan/plasmaphron blob to pile on the saves

>> No.56737370

I think both alpha strike and first turn advantage are both massive problems with the game currently. There really isnt a way to 'counter' them other than wasting points on bodies just to stop one potential strategy.

>> No.56737376

do you waac against new players though? i have nothing against waac players themselves, i bring a competative and a fun list every time i go to the local store if i dont have a set opponent for that day. ive never found it fun to absolutley destroy a guy whose playing his first game

>> No.56737378

Its a fair bet that it could be recast fw stuff if he suddenly turned up with a box of it one day, especially if he doesn't have much money and/or its really rare. Have you guys tried talking to him and asking him to tone it down a bit? Explain the reason he gets less games, he's making it unfun for everyone and himself, eventually no one will play with him. He doesnt have to stop using fw but he could turn it down from full WAAC occasionally.

>> No.56737381

Well thats why they are looking into and trying to fix the problem. I don't know how they are going to do that.

>> No.56737384

Im not clicking that shit. Basic gestalt?

>> No.56737396

As part of my homebrew chapters fluff the original chapter master is interred in a leviathan, now forgeworld have done the whole Chapter master in a leviathan with their pet chapter I'm worried people will say i'm just ripping that off.

>> No.56737407

WAACing against fellow WAACers is fine, the problem comes when you flop your WAAC cock down on the table against someone playing a highly fluffy underoptimized list and destroy them for your own amusement.

>> No.56737412

>but where is the proofs?! lole :DDD
Fuck off

>do you waac against new players though?
Of course not. I always ask people what sort of game they are looking for first and have appropriate lists prepared.

>> No.56737414

Don't care what others think let your dudes be your dudes.

>> No.56737426

>t. unpainted army
Hows it feel knowing the 15 year old that paints all of his ultramarines has put more into the hobby than you ever will?

>> No.56737440

>Would it be better to skip the “Start Collecting” box and go straight to the Warboss & mass Boyz

Probably. The Start Collecting is a good deal, but that deal is wasted if you don't use the Deff Dread.

Kitbash up a Nob with Waaagh banner too. +1 to hit is fucking boss. Boyz hitting on 2s is amazing

>> No.56737455

I have about 5k points painted (all the lists I take to play), but keeping a picture album of your autism is way too gay.

>> No.56737456

I think they need to massively cut the amount of deep striking units, and to make it less reliable.

Currently it's in a weird spot where it's too reliable, but when it does fail it's overly punishing for the player who failed.

IMO another really annoying/unfun mechanic is all the units with the "move again, charge, and advance" shit. Like Rising crescendo and Genestealers. It was better when armies actually had to give something up for getting bonus movement/actions.

>> No.56737461

Wasn't there that old, retconned fluff of the GSC being all happy to be consumed?

Like, the world was taken and they just marched happily to their fate?

I know the shit was retconned, but damn, gotta say I wish it wasn't.

>> No.56737471

>he doesn't photograph every single model individually and write a short synopsis
And you call yourself a WAACfag.

>> No.56737475

Or we could just have alternating activations, like civilized people.

>> No.56737479



>> No.56737481

All things considered, trying hard to win an actual competitive game isn't really waacfaggy. If it's made clear beforehand that it's a serious game...

>> No.56737490

I like the Bolt Action method of randomized activation.

>> No.56737497

Except for the problem that at higher model counts and point costs. Alternating activations can become horrible annoying and tedious. It would be great if this was still a skirmish game though.

>> No.56737509

I am all for lowering the amount of deep striking units but i dont know how you make it less reliable without bringing back scatter or some shit and if you want to bring back the fucking that that can make you lose a unit with a bad roll of the dice then you should die in a fire.

>> No.56737524

I prefer non-random because it's a way of allowing players to prioritize what is really important and what is not. It's a direct tactical decision that can help differentiate good players from bad, and mechanics that separate good from bad players is always good in a game that relies upon built in randomness.

>> No.56737531

I think it's manageable in 2k games. GW can even sell little tokens to put by your units that have acted that turn.

>> No.56737540

>grab a few pennies
>put them next to each unit. heads up = hasnt been activated this turn yet

>> No.56737557

I like random activations, represents the chaos of warfare well but will yet again unfairly favour horde armies vs elites

>> No.56737558

I just liked the idea of the GSC being so zealous and fanatical that they actually were happy to win.

>> No.56737560

It's not the best solution, but you could limit the number of DS drops you can make in a turn

>> No.56737574

I guess it just then becomes a thing where you have to make sure your opponent marks which of his units did what, It would be interesting to see at the very least.

>> No.56737587

Is Lelith Hesperax worth taking over a regular Succubus in 8th?

The new blood dancer trait allows +3 hits on any hit roll of 6. She has 6 attacks normally and +2 from her hair.

>> No.56737591

It should be done like golf, where your opponent keeps track for you and you oversee them doing it.

>> No.56737592

I would be okay with this actually. Make it where you have to peter out the DS so that each would be more vaulable. First turn only allow like 2 and then 4 next turn and so on.

>> No.56737599

Devastator Squad + Armorium Cherub + Hellfire Shells.

Can you shoot twice with Cherub, Signum to hit on 2's for 2d3 mortal wounds?

>> No.56737605


>> No.56737609

I don't think so because hellfire shells specifically says that you make one attack and deal d3 if it hits. Would be great, though, if I were wrong.

>> No.56737610

>Their nodels are amazing
>Better models
surely traitor guardsmen are converted out of loyalist guardsmen and therefore dependent on your own artistic talent rather than what games workshop serves up?

>> No.56737618

>? Explain the reason he gets less games

he doesn't care/listen. he gets games so he doesn't care. he's very much waac and most of the time at the shop he's hounding people for a game. sometimes i go and he's the only one not in a match. he asks me i say no thanks. don't get me wrong i like a good fight. and i will need practice against armies like his for tournaments but still . some times i just want to play a braindead game and i just say no thanks. (esp if 'm just playing my fuck off armies like death guard.) i'd rather just not play him most hte time. but some people come down hoping for a match. if he's the only game they just do it.

it's funny after the matches he's like how can i make this army less cheesy . and he just doesn't listen to feedback. every game it's a outlfankins (deep striking?) shadowsord so it can't get touched turn 1 if he doesn't go first. 3 earth shakers mortars everywher. lascanons in every infantry team. 8 primaris for smite spam and untill the nerf to concscipts/commisars tons of them.

>> No.56737619

I have it if you want to ask a question.

>> No.56737625

What? No, stop. Deep striking is a good thing.
Remember everything prior to 6th when fliers were introduced? How your units would only leave your half of the table if they were driving super fast in a transport, and even then usually got stalled with stuns and immobilizes? Remember when running and advancing wasn't a thing? And when deep strikers came down in a pieplate-shaped circle and could scatter off the table? Remember when rapid fire weapons shot once at 12" if you moved?

Those days fucking sucked. I like playing on the whole table. I like a mobile and exciting wargame instead of "who shoots first and brought more lascannons."
Every edition since 4th has been moving towards units being able to get places faster and more efficiently.

In terms of how to slow down alpha strikes, though, maybe put more LOS blocking terrain in deployment zones?

>> No.56737635

Are Grenades a free shot on guard for anything that gets within 6" of them?

>> No.56737636

>Remember when rapid fire weapons shot once at 12" if you moved?
In my brain they still work that way, and I always make tactical mistakes because of it.

>> No.56737645

Hey guys, new to 40k. I’ve played AOS for a few years now, and while I enjoy my skaven, I really just feel like the the game hasn’t moved much this year. As a result, I’m looking to start a 40k army. Problem is, there’s a bunch of factions I’m interested in.

-dark eldar (space pirates)
-gene stealer Cults (that new box looks like a great start)
-imperial guard (krieg and steel legion are cool, but so are the rest)
-tyranids (the only 7th ed codex I’ve read. Loved it)
-craftworlds (cool tanks and giant robots)
-slaanesh (marines or daemons, he’s my favourite chaos god)

Hoping you guys could help me narrow my list a bit

>> No.56737656

the good old days before 5th ed 40k and before end times fantasy battle when the orks wre the greatest, or at least the most prevalent threat to humanity. Shame they've been neglected so bad.

>> No.56737659

For Guard imo steel legion is fine unless you dont like metal figures and krieg is fine unless you care about other people

>> No.56737660

What will Tzeentch give us in the Daemon Codex?

>> No.56737664

N-No i dont remember any of these things. I didn't start playing till last edition. But Deep striking does seem a bit strong this edition.

>> No.56737666

My funny model is for everyone, except you, you are a faggot.

>> No.56737670

Get a weirdboy too, convert one from a nob preferably by adding tons of bone gobbinz and other trophiez.

>> No.56737671

Ok better models when?

>> No.56737676

I just want plastic Kasrkin models

>> No.56737679

>T'au research speculated that Ork females live underground where they continuously spawn their kind.
this just proves how filled of shit the tau empire is.

>> No.56737682

If you want to play something new avoid GSC, Guard, and Tyranids. If you want more of that Skaven feel play those.

>> No.56737686


Could you post the vehicle designer rules/template pages please?

>> No.56737687

New Deathwatch stuff? New character targeting rules? If you feel like sharing.

>> No.56737697

>3 Runtherds

>> No.56737698

Yeah, after two years of skaven, not a fan of metal. Don’t want to be a dick either.

>> No.56737701

Critique my list please, league starts in a week and ive gotten 1.5 games in with prototypes. I don't have any hive guard sadly, but do have a plethora of warriors and carnifex to try and work around.

Finally got the list to be perfectly symmetrical as well, which helps in deployment spacing and ease of play.

Earlier list had one prime and one Neurothrope with 3 warriors that all wanted to be buddies with the lone prime. Really clogged up the center of the board.

I had to drop a third identical hive tyrant and the Neurothrope to put in the 4th warrior brood, the 2nd prime, and the 2 ripper swarms, but I think deepstriking obsec is worth it, right?

Especially since I now have a massive 9 CP to chew through.

What are your thoughts?

>> No.56737702


>> No.56737704


Well fuck that guy then.

>> No.56737708

git gud

>> No.56737709

let me get my phone to just take pictures for you instead of typing. hang on.

>> No.56737712


Any Inquisition stuff in there?

>> No.56737713

No one has an opinion on the snuff film girl?

>> No.56737714

>I was hoping they'd do that in CA. Anything to stop weapon grade autism like this:
But he's 100% right. The Reecius making a ruling on Daemons with obsec is a bit sketchy but if GW won't consistently update their own errata/FAQ then it has to happen to make games work.

You can't say "We're using ITC rulings for this tournament" and then turn around and say "We're using ITC rulings for this tournament, except stuff we don't like."

>> No.56737716

I say, let trygons be trygons.

>> No.56737720


You're a saint.

>> No.56737722

shes fine

>> No.56737723

nah, its cool, theyre your dudes. only mega autists would throw a fit and you dont want to play with them anyways.

>> No.56737734

eavy metal style is way overrated and shilled by gw.

>> No.56737739

Alright. How about eldar and dark eldar?

>> No.56737745

Kasrkin and stormtroopers got squatted, friend.

>> No.56737762

That's a really well painted model, it's just a different style. In fact I'd argue it would be harder to paint than the model on the right. You're comparing apples and oranges.

>> No.56737767

You could run both in Ynnari, but it was heavily nerfed for using stupidly broken mechanics.

DE are generally considersd to be in a bad spot

>> No.56737769

Nonsense, just play the fuckers as Scions. Kasrkisn without the Cadian orders is a bit weird, I guess, but it's shit on them anyway.

>> No.56737772

Thankfully it doesn't really matter since Daemons Codex is soon. I still think that taking DG relic/trait requires a full DG detachment and same for every other army. TOs made the ruling and to top it off the guy in question was playing unpainted, sketchy army so it isn't really surprising that some small-time event DQ'd him out of personal preference.

>> No.56737777

i dont care anon i just love their look

>> No.56737779

Dark eldar haven't gotten a book yet though. Play what you like, it sounds like the plan is to make every book good eventually.
Plus, if you choose a bad army, victories will be that much better.

>> No.56737782

I just got an early Christmas present, guys. I'm so excited.

>> No.56737783

Not true, Drukhari are actually really good IF the player isn't a dumb ass.

The new power from pain and being able to choose your combat drugs was pretty huge. Our vehicles are more survivable now too. Granted, we'll get much better whenever our book finally gets released.

>> No.56737792

those are 20 year old models.

>> No.56737797

Alright. I guess I’ll act all the hoarded and DE for now. How’s slaanesh doing? Not as big a fan of the “sex god” trope as I am the decadence and perfection side of things.
Craftworlds is also still on the table.

>> No.56737798

Can somebody post or link the rules for 7th ed Lord of Change? I can't find them anywhere. I'm trying to homebrew them for HH.

>> No.56737804

>he doesn't like the oldschool Ravager

>> No.56737806

warlord traits and relics don't require the detachment, read the rules.

>> No.56737809

Why did scions have to replace them? Scions are so bland and unnecessary. They have the exact same options, too, why couldn't they have just been the plastic stormtroopers kit and kept doctrines and orders?

>> No.56737810

Alright faggots with the BA codex around the corner do I focus on my lamenters or continue painting up exorcists?

>> No.56737828

>not Tantalus
Why even bother?

>> No.56737829

Lamenters, son.

>> No.56737830

Can't trademark Stormtroopers, silly goy.

>> No.56737831

Who fucking cares. They won't have different rules.

>> No.56737842


>> No.56737844

Same reason Kasrkins replaced the FAR superior Inquisitorial Stormtroopers, because GW has no real idea what they're doing.

>> No.56737847

So change the name to kasrkin and fluff it as a school of shock troops trained in cadian academies. Jesus, Saul, it isn't that hard.

>> No.56737854

So my question there is if you use the cherub would it just normally shoot the bolter then?

>> No.56737857

I wish the vehicles in 40k were properly scales. The DE ships and SM Rhinos are way too small.

>> No.56737859

is there a good way to mulch hordes?

if i can do a good yellow i say go for it

just coming out of the time portal anon?

>> No.56737860

Dark Eldar still have some of the best looking models even after 7 years. Jes Goodwin knocked it out of the park with them.

They don't have any psykers but I imagine they will have anti-psyker tech in their codex.

They are extremely fast, probably the fastest army as a whole, in the entire game.

No armor, aside from one or two units.

Firepower - most armies are simply not prepared for the firepower the average dark eldar list puts on the table.

It's an extremely difficult army to play but people don't see it very often and so they don't really know what to do. Your wins will be that much sweeter.

>> No.56737868

Yeah, apparently that is how it works by RAW, but I don't like it.
All these "soup" mechanics were a mistake. GW should have just stuck to each detachment only allowing units from the same faction/sub-faction and unlocked their benefits that way.

>> No.56737872

The pre 2010 models look like ass.

I really don't see how anyone could disagree with me on that issue.

>> No.56737875

Get it while it's hot https://imgur.com/a/UmsYU
I'm not sure why some ended up sideways and not others, but you'll deal.

>> No.56737884

old dark eldar is the second worst aesthetic in the game next to oldest school tyranids

>> No.56737888

>Scions are so bland and unnecessary.
Scions are literally Stormtroopers.

If you think scions are bland and unnecessary, you would have the same opinion of the identically fluffed stormtroopers.

>> No.56737891

Sorry, brother, no Inquisition in either the new rules or in the points changes.

>> No.56737901

>just coming out of the time portal anon?
That's what it feels like man. My buddy found a store loaded with 2nd Ed deldar.

>> No.56737910

>tfw I thought Dark Eldar were the coolest 40k faction back in High School
How did I have such shit taste

>> No.56737913

Two lascannons, plasma cannon, and heavy bolter.

Is that a good setup for Devastator squads?

>> No.56737916

why wouldnt a model from the death guard codex be able to take a death guard warlord trait just because he is leading a daemon detachment, that doesn't make any sense. relics i do agree with, i think the detachment should have to be for that army if the character is using one of their relic weapons/armor.

>> No.56737922

Try 1 Lascannon and 3/4 missile launchers. Should work better.

>> No.56737923

ideally they would all be using the same weapon

>> No.56737924

I would say yes.

>> No.56737925

I hate all of the lion stuff, the weird baroque armor and gold trim on guys with night vision goggles, and tauroxes. Proportions are a little space Mariney too.
They don't look like stormtroopers, just overdesigned post-chapterhouse gw trash with a fake Latin name that won't stick.

>> No.56737927

>death to the alien isn't baseline
don't have any disappointed face reaction images on this computer

>> No.56737930

Alright, I’ll think about it. What’s the best way to play space pirates?

>> No.56737937

actually it's pretty common to find old stuff like that at comic book stores. i tried to buy a bunch of plastic dark eldar stuff all at once from a comic book store but they wouldn't go for anything but msrp

>> No.56737940

Why? This is splitfire edition, isn't it?

I want the heavy bolter for the Hellfire Shells stratagem - it helped me kill a fellblade today. Took 11 wounds off it over a few turns.

>> No.56737944

This is a lie. CW Eldar are significantly faster and at worst tied. Wave serpents are faster than raiders, and their planes are tied while also being more maneuverable. (Why the fuck can't deldar planes double pivot?). Nids are also arguably much faster now, too.

>> No.56737945


>> No.56737947

I like Scions, I just wish the codex didn't make them into pretty mucj uncaring robots. (Skitarii suffer from the same issue.) The lack of characters heavily hurt them in this regard as well.

The books portray them in a much more 'human' form at least, and it's much better.

>> No.56737953

grab some start collecting boxes.

>> No.56737957

The Ravager is sweet as fuck, though.

>> No.56737960

because having different ranged weapons in a squad still isnt amazing just because they can all shoot different targets.

>> No.56737963

That does seem like a bit of an oversight. Good thing they'll spend one of your stratagems on it instead, right? I guess that means you just have more subtle bonuses, like Orks.

>> No.56737965

they don't have their fucking codex yet, reserve all your comments until then

>> No.56737966

Skitarii are 90% uncaring robot, though

>> No.56737969

And neither did CWE when their planes were doing sky doughnuts.

>> No.56737978

That's my point. They are interesting until they become uncaring robots.

>> No.56737980

half of the skitarii legions have had their brains scrubbed so that they dont question orders, of course they are uncaring robots.

>> No.56737990

A wave serpent is faster but raiders are open topped so units can shoot out of them and they have a 5++ which the wave serpent does not have.

>> No.56738021

>When even your LGS knows which factions are shit, and don't even bother stocking them

>> No.56738024

Wave serpents are also tougher, reduce damage taken, which can be given up to throw mortal wounds, and have heavier armaments. There's a give and take, but the point is that deldar are hardly the SPEED army anymore. In fact, deldar feel like nothing more than S8 Ap-4: the army, which has its own perks, but honestly, I don't feel that fast anymore.

>> No.56738028

I'd like it so you couldn't deep strike turn 1, but it would probably kill some armies.

>> No.56738031

if you play deathwatch you're used to being "subtle", so it's ok.
if i want to play competitive I just run them as standard SM

>> No.56738034

Can I ask which one is closet to what white primed model should look Like?

>> No.56738046

I'm no pro painter, but I'd imagine the one on the right is easier to paint, especially so because you can make out all the contours.

>> No.56738079

As press-molded schola shock troops, I find the lack of individual character the best part about the actually new parts of the fluff. It's an arbites situation, where the fact that they're hard liners completely separate in mentality from regular people is the point. It gives guardsmen a reason to hate them beyond just the fancy gear.

They're the ideal imperial soldier, with all the inhuman mentality that comes packaged with. It also means the regimental grenadiers (kasrkin, etc) are a little more unique, and not just copycat no-name stormtroopers.

>> No.56738097

What are you working on right now 40kg
im working on the IG battleforce box about to do 20 flavors of lasguns

>> No.56738100

> I always ask people what sort of game they are looking for first and have appropriate lists prepared.
The fact that you do this means you're not WAAC. If you compromise for other people's fun then it's not At All Costs.

>> No.56738118

Here's the thing: many of those rules don't exist anymore. APCs move at least 12 and don't have to worry about stun/immobilizing, so getting across the table isn't nearly as hard anymore. That, however, creates it's own kind of problem when combined with perfect deepstriking on T1 because by the time your opponent has dealt with whatever dropped, your second wave of dudes is there to replace them and that's IF they've even dealt with them. At the very least, I think there should be some kind of risk to deepstriking units and/or penalty to shooting units. If someone drops some warp talons, they have what, a 35% chance to make a charge, but if someone drops some obliterators, they're completely unhindered? That's kind of shitty.

>> No.56738122

Magnetizing 4 carnifex with magnets that may be too strong for the sockets. And then repainting my entire hive fleet.

>> No.56738124

Working on list building and army position. I come up with these lists that feel like they have synergy then something always happens in game that totally throws me and I botch it all.

Model wise I think I'm gonna make an inquisitorial land raider. Might do the Custodes one.

>> No.56738126

Bringing a second detachment isn't souping but i follow what you mean.

>> No.56738127


>What else should I look for to get a decent competitive list for 1000pts & under?

Warboss w/Big Choppa, Headwhoppa's Head Choppa, Attack Squig - 62
Weirdboy - 62
Weirdboy - 62
Weirdboy - 62
30 Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa - 187
30 Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa - 187
30 Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa - 187
30 Slugga Boyz, Nob w/Big Choppa - 187
Total: 996

Now that's your full-on total WAAC build.

If you're after something softer, cut down on the Weirdboyz and take one less squad of Boyz. However you probably want around 90 Boyz at 1000. Nobz with Power Klaws are a little more viable now, and I've actually done well with Meganobz with Killsaws and a Banner Nob nearby. Ignore Transports and Walkers; they're all terrible. Kommandos are decent, just treat them as Boyz that can start next to an enemy. Remember their Burnas are free. Painboy can be useful for Boyz, though to be honest I've never saved very much with him around.

>> No.56738134

Forgot to add. Since the Custodes land raider says it can hold 5 Custodes that means only 5 models can go in it with acolytes and Inquisitors right?

>> No.56738145

>tfw I feel bad whenever I win because I spent years playing with a total spergspazz
I also have pretty severe depression, so I never feel like I should win, but I also feel bad when I lose. Shit sucks, man.

>> No.56738155

Lads - which is better pound for pound, choppy honour guard or choppy company veterans?

>> No.56738165

Don't be a faggot and learn to firebase

>> No.56738171

Christ on a bike mate 4chan is not your therapist. Are you playing with friends? You should play with friends. I started 8e playing points with randoms at the FLGS, now I play with friends, and converted to power.

Turns out it's easier to have fun when you it doesn't matter who won or lost, who'd have thought?

>> No.56738175

Which battleforces are the most worth it?

>> No.56738207

Tau, Guard, GSC, Orks in that order

>> No.56738222

I thought they all saved a fairly comparable amount of money.

>> No.56738228

>Christ on a bike mate 4chan is not your therapist.
I know.
>Are you playing with friends? You should play with friends.
Yes, actually. The club I play with is pretty cool guys, anyway.
>I started 8e playing points with randoms at the FLGS, now I play with friends, and converted to power.
Funny, we actually started with power and moved to points because PL is too easy to cheese. Plus, its too restricting in that if someone runs a squad of 6 instead of 5, the squad has doubled in PL
>Turns out it's easier to have fun when you it doesn't matter who won or lost, who'd have thought?
It's still hard either way.

>> No.56738230

All the ones I don't care about, oh well.

Yeah but if they bring units you're not gonna use it's not that good anyway

>> No.56738233

>not Dark Eldar

They do, but that doesn't mean the models inside are worth using.

>> No.56738243

thats... all that their are... as this is 40kg, i'm assuming you didn't want the sigmar ones in there as well.

you don't care about the question you asked?

>> No.56738250

crunching numbers, rolling dice and thinking of scenarios. i might get around to painting something eldar later in the day

>> No.56738251

Did you fuckers mean Start collecting!s or did you mean what you asked for, as in, The Battleforces that just came out today?! wtf

>> No.56738277

ForgeWorld does more for CSM than GW does. Sure, it's mainly just giving them rules for Space Marine units, but that's far beyond GW's care.

>> No.56738286

>A nigger starts going to my LFGS
>Need to find a new LFGS

>> No.56738289

Need some thoughts on a list:

Malakim Phoros

relic contemptor with chainfist and kheres

2 ironclads with chainfist and meltas

termie captain and librarian

6 man termie squad with cyclone launcher

6 man assault termie squad with claws

10 man termie squad with heavy flamer and assault cannon

R8 pls

>> No.56738297

You guys waiting on anything in the mail?

>> No.56738302

I was told multiple times that missile launchers on Devastators were shit at the beginning of this edition. Did I get meme'd?

>> No.56738303

what is that Top Left, it looks hawt

>> No.56738309

yes, Missiles are solid variability, they are useful as fuck

>> No.56738310

If I'm facing Leman Russ spam, and Tau, should I Take a Maulerfeind with magma cutters or a ForgeFeind with Plasma guns?

>> No.56738327

I have 3 boxes to arrive at my LGS

>> No.56738350

How does one run Traitor Guard in a legitimate way that would be legal in matched play?

>> No.56738355

How are craftworlds as an army? I like about half the models. Not a fan of shit like swooping hawks, Dark reapers, or striking scorpions, but the farseers, wraith Stuff, tanks, and infantry are sweet looking

>> No.56738365

waiting on the primaris half of dark imperium
wonder if its a good gift for a starting player.

>> No.56738381

>the whole Adepta Sororitas faction is born of a misogynistic ideology

I'm sorry what ? Sisters of battle are literally the best humans troops you can field on the tabletop, and you call that misogynistic ?

The fluff is generally all about them burning heretics, being far efficient than IG/SM at fighting even stuff like Orks and overall showing to the space marines what "NOT BEING A GOD DAMN TRAITOR" means.

Sister of battle are about as misogynistic as space marines are misandric.

Honestly, the real reason people ask for female spess marine is because dumb feminists that don't play the game or buys minis don't even know sisters of battle exists. They are just salty that the poster-boys are made to appeal to the 14-yo power trip fantasy (which is the majority of GW new clients) instead of their roasted mid-20's ass. At mid 20 you are spending your own money and are supposed to learn into shit you're gonna spend a lot of money on. -Unless your parent really failed your education which is the case of a lot of feminist retards-

>> No.56738417

Pretty good. Tanks are great, wraithguard are great, fire dragons eat vehicles alive and the psykers are good for buffs and smiting. There's no real poor choices in the dex.

>> No.56738419

If the game's no fun then why do you play? There must be something you enjoy about it that keeps you coming back. If it's not the thrill of winning then focus on whatever it is.

If, like me, it is winning that you want and your group can't give you a reasonable challenge then do what I did and convince yourself to try something else. I swapped from "WIN" to "Take and hold center-field", then "Assasinate warlord with minimal losses". Did wonders and actually improved my game a fair bit. Plus I've made a bit of a high-score board for it, some of my mates have joined in.

Obviously don't make it seem like you think you're too good for them. I swapped to my Dark Eldar, power points, and went full hammy villain to enforce the casual facade. Once I swapped back to my more powerful armies I was already in full casual mode and barely got any complaints.

>> No.56738428

They're ok, but I still wouldn't take them over lascannons unless I already had plenty of them.

>> No.56738429

Helbrutes with lascannons and missile launchers.

>> No.56738433

Seconded, where's the Megaboss from?

>> No.56738438

Ok. Might grab them as a main to start. What’s a good start for them? Also, how are tau this edition? Battleforce is tempting.

>> No.56738468

Craftworlds are very adaptable to any playstyle, so you can have fun with them however you choose. Everyone knows their competitive reputation, and as a casual army they're also great. Unfortunately that same reputation will pull in more than a little salt if you get too good.

You will however need to learn to play, and I don't mean that in a raw stats and value kind of way. Craftworlds are at their best when you put some brainpower in and pull the win with a cunning plan (rather than just the cheapest guns).

>> No.56738474

>Tyranids, IIRC, are capable of sexual reproduction
I'm sorry, what bullshit are you spewing ?

>Eldar have genders
And female models

>Necrons have genders with female characters popping up among the higher Necrons
Beep-bop. Necron gender is just as made up as intersectional feminist genders.

>humans have genders
And female models

Literally there is one faction that can't have female in it's rank, it's loyalist space marine. And it's due to lore.

It's a game about grimdark warfare in the far distant future where there is only war. Females, being able to produce babies, are far more precious for a species than males, as one male can impregnate several female and hence most males are biologically disposable. This is why in social species males are generally stronger and the fighters/hunters while female are generally stronger in solitary species (Spiders, fishes, etc...) the female are the big badass and the males barely a penis and gnads with a body only used to carry them around before dying.

So in the history of mankind, the females have been only sent to war in desperate time and with scrapping the barrel conscription, along with the kids and the elderly (Russia, China, etc...).
Mixed warfare units are only of thing of insurgent groups lacking manpower or post berlin wall fall industrial western countries that don't even have wars anymore, just police operations against some goat herders.

Females in war makes no fucking sense. GW is actually pretty inclusive compared to a "realistic" setting, and so far is one of the only company selling stuff to teenagers that don't have oversexualized females as a major selling point... (Compare to Blizzard, LoL, etc...)

>> No.56738487

Found it. Kiborc

>> No.56738491

>Beep-bop. Necron gender is just as made up as intersectional feminist genders.

Except that's wrong you fucking retard, Necron Overlord retain some of the echoes of their mortal life.

So, female Necrons exist. They're just sexually amorphic after the Great Robotening

>> No.56738492

I got this box for a friend as a Christmas present
and was wondering if it is a good value at 70$ as a hook for a starting player to get invested.

>> No.56738495

>T'au research speculated that Ork females live underground where they continuously spawn their kind.
h-how do they get fertilized?

>> No.56738503

If you like wraiths or guardians go with the new start collecting (personally I think wraiths are the most boring part of the list, but you do you). It's a great start to either army archetype (although obviously you'll also need a guardians box if that's your dig).

Aspect warriors are my personal favorite, and I would recommend starting from scratch with a farseer, dire avengers, a wave serpent, and then any aspect squads of your choice (they're all great).

>> No.56738505

So if I don’t like stuff that’s name like it’s out of an 80s Kung foo movie (there than fire dragons. I don’t mind their models), the meta won’t force me?

>> No.56738515


Show me their boobs and vagina.

Necrons are robots. Machine. Genderless. Just persona that may fit your stereotype of a gender. But it's made up.

Next time you are gonna tell me my processor identify as female and hence is a female ?

>> No.56738518

>Enjoy watching batreps while doing stuff
>Can't sleep
>Decide to find some I haven't seen
>Click vid without paying attention
>Spanish speakers
>Can understand enough Spanish to get a vague idea of what is happening
>Low quality, bad lighting, both armies are mostly primed models, phone nearby is playing generic battle music

It's kind of cute. It's like if some 10 year olds watched bat reps, thought they were cool, and decided to make their own.

>> No.56738531

I mean, I wouldn’t want to run nothing but tanks and wraiths. I like dire avengers and fire dragons. And if it’s fluffy, I’d be happy to have other aspects if I could paint them my way.

>> No.56738537

I watch batreps at 2x speed

>> No.56738556

I should try 1.5x speed when I'm actually watching. I love Lawrence, but he takes his time to make sure the audience fully understands what is happening. I still prefer it to Frontline's shortform batreps. I want to see what happens, not just sort of see and listen to them sort of recap what happened.

>> No.56738563

Hey were there any chapter approved leaks for inquisition? Just wondering if they got a relic, warlord thingy or strategems...

Or maybe fixed daemonhosts somehow?

>> No.56738568

Looks a little flat and thicc, ufnortunately. Not unimprovable though. Some washes and keeping your paints thinner from now on into the highlight layers will work wonders.

>> No.56738573

Is it considered worth it to run a Plasma Blastgun instead of a Storm Bolter on a Contemptor Dreadnought? It already has a Kheres Assault Cannon, if that helps.

>> No.56738582

I was super hyped for that too, but no they got nothing. Either we're not getting things for a while or surprisingly we're coming up soon. I really want some fun relics for Inquisition to make them interesting.

>> No.56738584

I assume you mean aspect warriors? While you'd be missing out on (in my opinion) the most unique and fun part of the eldar it's quite possible to play without.

You can essentially split the eldar into three different armies:
- Aspect Warriors (get up close, hit hard, need a plan)
- Wraithhosts (tough, hit hard, short ranged and lots of hard counters)
- Guardian Hosts (strike from far away and minimise damage while a guardian screen provides board control)

While each is a functioning army in its own right together they're absolutely ludicrous, not to mention exceedingly satisfying (for example, using fire dragons and wraithguard together to wreck a knight, then fire fading the dragons safely behind the wraithguard to avoid retaliation).

>> No.56738602

I really hope they're coming out soon or that is massively disappointing. Thank you for the news Anon.

>> No.56738605

Yes, it's very fluffy. Each craftworld has multiple different shrines all with their own colour schemes. While most maintain some nod to the original out of respect there'd be plenty who don't.

>> No.56738608

>4 hours now of dumbasses falling for his bait.

>> No.56738618

If I pick stuff from chaos space marines as death guard am i able to just put them in my list no fuss no muss?

>> No.56738634

In that case it could be fun. So for someone who has no experience with 40k, what’s their best start at a fun eldar army?

>> No.56738647

>If the game's no fun then why do you play?
Because nothing's fun, and unfortunately there's no way to say that without sounding super edgy.
>There must be something you enjoy about it that keeps you coming back. If it's not the thrill of winning then focus on whatever it is.
I think I enjoy the idea more than the execution anymore. I've been playing for what, 10 years give or take? It's been something my friends and I have shared since then, so I suppose I stick with it because I wouldn't/don't enjoy anything else anyway. Honestly, I don't know what else there is, especially with nu40k.

Maybe I'm just old school, but I can't fucking stand ally/soup armies to a point where I have honestly entertained the idea that I might actually be autistic. I'm tired of seeing "Lol these imperial fists are actually raven guard xD" or "Here's my Ynnari with the best units from 3 codexes because it's fluffy :DDd" and I'M the one who's wrong for disliking it.

Despite this, I'm still here, and I don't know why, man. Maybe I'm just too invested to leave, or maybe there's something I actually enjoy.

>> No.56738670

>eBay auction for used shit went past the nib price when it fucking started at 0.99

These people are fucking retarded assholes.

>> No.56738679

You planning on complete casual, semi competitive, or hyper competitive? Also what sort of playstyle do you enjoy in other games? Eldar can provide for all, but it's generally a good idea to know what you're aiming for.

If it's hyper-competitive may I suggest picking a different army? WAAC eldar players are legitimately the worst.

>> No.56738685

I hope so too. Someone hinted that if you didn't get any real changes in CA that it meant your codex was likely coming up soon. We know Daemons is up next, but I have a gut feeling Imperial Agents will be dropping shortly after and basically be a copy paste with some Stratagems and Relics. I doubt they will do much with any of the Inquisition units or wargear as much as I want them to. I never see anyone take any Inquisition stuff outside of maybe 1 Inquisitor/Terminator Inquisitor so I feel like they won't care to change it if they don't see anyone wanting them or using them.

What are some of your dream changes? Mine are mostly more defensive options for Inquisitors like shields and Invulnerable saves and relic armor or relic weapons like daemon blades and such. I also would like 4++ shields as options for Acolytes. I don't think that will happen though.

>> No.56738711

They didn't design every trait purely for WAACfags to jerk off over.

>> No.56738712

"Worth it" is relative to what is going on in the rest of your list or what alternatives there are. Plamsa blasters are better than storm bolters, and for what they are they're good at aiding shooting, but in the old edition two kheres was generally thought to be better than kheres plus melee. Mixed builds are more viable now, and the kheres less overbalanced, but you should consider whether you're going to be hanging around in 18" for long enough for the points the plasma costs to add value beyond what you're missing by not going mortis or getting into melee. Is a turn of plasma fire worth more than a turn of melee?

>> No.56738718

It's reasonable but like it's nothing you should jump on. It's basically you doing them a favor by getting rid of the stuff they don't want for half the price.

Really it's not that great imo.

>> No.56738719

Nah, I’m not really competitive. I just want to play the game casually and have fun. I don’t have an insane amount of time to go to events.

>> No.56738734

You sound like me. Although I have no idea why you've chosen to focus on other people's armies over your own.

In any case, try a few different ways over the next month, and if none of it's fun then move on. There's no point staying in a rut, so go find some other hobby.

Finally, since you mentioned depression and nothing being fun, go get some medical help. Or, if you've already done that invest in someone to help change your life for the better. Again, if you don't like your life right now seek change for change's sake, and something will eventually stick.

>> No.56738765

I consider it like this:

I used to run Ven Dreads with Assault Cannon and DCCW w/ Storm Bolter all the time. Now with a Relic Contemptor, I like the raw output and damage it can do, and usually hose the everloving fuck out of something before bashing it apart or keeping distance. Now that rending is gone, Assault Cannons struggle more, so I was hoping to run a Plasma Blastgun on the Relic Contemptor to even that out AND allow it to pick of TEQ's or injure vehicles and such with greater ability than with just a Storm Bolter. My only concern is cost now as my Contemptor is 227 points with a Kheres, Chainfist, and Plasma Blastgun as opposed to 208 with the Storm Bolter.

>> No.56738777

Well i only use 1 Inquisitor, a squad of flamer acolytes and a daemonhost, the last one is just a joke unit honestly. It has yet to do anying but die, fielded it against a grey knight army and they didn't even bother killing it in melee, just shot it to death with utter disdain.

Hoping they get the character trait, then maybe he can get into combat to at least feel kinda useful.

I would also love to see some rad out of the box Inquisitional gear, just crazy shit no one should have like a dark eldar crucible of malediction or skaven warpstone or some other xenos or heretical artifacts...

>> No.56738779

it gets him some of the must have, but kind of boring units (hq, obsec guys) while letting him pick out the fun tanks or special units himself. its like getting a real nice pair of work jeans, like those carharts, they expensive, and nice, but its like oh ok, but then you realize thats 90 bucks you dont have to spend and you can get something you want

>> No.56738807

Do you think anyone would care if I ran a unit of cultists as a unit of genestealers in a friendly game?

Almost done with my 1.5k Tyranid army... Really want to try it out on the tabletop... But sadly I'm a unit of Genestealers short of my planned list, and I live in the asshole of Japan and the whopping two GW suppliers on-island didn't have any Genestealers, so I gotta wait like a month for them to be mailed to me.

>> No.56738810

thats what i was hoping for

>> No.56738818

You're not alone. People at my store are vocally bothered by my army composition. I pick the units I like most and what ones I want to use, so I end up with soup lists. They want to recreate the army that they like reading about and adhere strictly to lore. I like to create a backstory based on the models I like. I dunno, I can understand why they are bothered. It looks like a mess to them and could easily be seen as taking models for their crunch advantage. There will always be that divide though because of people taking soup lists for advantage.

>> No.56738821

Open play allows you to field anything anon.

>> No.56738844

I only play with points values, I've been using points values since 4th edition and I aint about to change now.

I meant just using the models as count-as Genestealers.

>> No.56738845

Fellow Nidanons, how do you deal with flyers? I'm just starting an army but nothing in the Codex really jumps out as being good at killing planes

>> No.56738850

Post your list, let /tg/ decide whether or not you're a faggot.

>> No.56738867

Maybe the unit who's literal lore purpose is to establish air superiority might be a good place to start.

>> No.56738871

Look at what you could build with 19 points somewhere else in your list. That's all I can say, unless you like the plasma blastgun for modelling or fluff reasons (dreadnoughts are cool).
And do relic contemptors have the option to have flamer secondary weapons? If so, that's a better compromise.

What chapter is your dread from? Did you make him ornate or do you prefer building them plain and sleek looking?

>> No.56738882

anyone familiar with the mkIII armor from gw? my next army is going to be marines, and im thinking all MKIII, but im curious, since they only come with heavy bolter, how much a hassle is it to convert some for missile launcher and lascannon? ive never really converted before and i dont want to start with something terribly difficult

>> No.56738901

OK then, well eldar work best via interconnected support (different squads each helping each other), and by having a good plan, so start by picking your favorite unit from the range. For me it's Dire Avengers and Fire Dragons. Get that unit(s), then bounce off that. For my example DA and Dragons get great use out of a wave serpent to keep them safe and get them to the target.

Now we need an HQ, again you could just pick what you want, though I'd go with a farseer because Doom and Guide are great psychic powers to slap on dragons to turn a probably dead vehicle into a definitely dead vehicle (and for eldar the more certain you can make something the better).

Now you've got yourself the start of an Eldar force that really plays to their uniqueness. To add to that you can either add units that complement what you've already got, or start the process again with a different unit.

As a general guide here are some of the more fluffy (and effective) unit combos that could work as a starter army:
- Wave serpents and Avengers, Dragons or Banshees. Also great to have a jetbike/warp spider/shining spear escort to keep enemies off the transport until you're out.
- Guardians with Wraithguard to hide behind/carry wraith weapons. A tank, wraithlord, or squadron of war walkers laying down heavy fire from behind completes the picture.
- A jetbike force with an Autarch, windriders, a big unit of shining spears, and a grav tank in support.

>> No.56738912

Supersonic genestealers

>> No.56738923


>> No.56738925

>how much a hassle is it to convert some for missile launcher and lascannon
When BaC came out, Forge World made new space marine heavy weapons kits that work with any and all space marine arms, since they're designed to work with the standard bolter-pose arms, just like the BaC/BoP heavy bolters.

>> No.56738953

Oh and another nice thing would be more customizable stats and maybe a reason or two to not always take psyker on your inquisitor. This is very lefypt field and incredibly unlikely but maybe have a few stat chassis. Shooter Inquisitor gets 2+ BS and maybe a reroll misses bubble for shooting, melee inquisitor gets the same but for WS and melee.

Not sure how to balance the psyker part, maybe psyker Inquisitor's don't get stat increases?

>> No.56738971

Tide of cultists

>> No.56738987


>> No.56739004

Wasn't really convinced it was a good choice. Am I wrong?
Just launch them up a ramp you reckon?

>> No.56739012

So i bought a FW Deredo dreadnought at a facebook trading site and it appears that the (unopened) bag containing the model parts had TWO right lower legs instead of a left and a right lower leg.

is this sort of mistake usual and would FW be willing to send me the appropriate missing parts?

Pic related

>> No.56739014

awsome man, thanks. this is exactly what i wanted

>> No.56739044

Painting 30 Scions and 3 Taurox Primes. Mostly being lazy and waiting for a hand drill I ordered from ebay though so I can magnetise my transports.

Thinking about getting infantry squads but I don't like the standard cadian look.

>> No.56739072

>You sound like me. Although I have no idea why you've chosen to focus on other people's armies over your own.
Because I have to play against these armies. I used to play night lords, but I can't even look at them anymore. They're horrible, and while I could make them better by giving them shit like MoS and calling them alpha legion, I can't bring myself to do that. I've moved to my other armies.
>In any case, try a few different ways over the next month
What does that even mean? As for a new hobby, there's nothing else here, and no one else is interested. There's some Sigmar starting up, but I can't settle on a faction anyway.
>Finally, since you mentioned depression and nothing being fun, go get some medical help.
No insurance, which puts it far beyond my price range because 'murica. Yes, 40k is cheaper than mental health. I spend at most $100/mo as opposed to $125+ bi monthly sessions, $100 med sessions, and $300+500 prescriptions.
>Or, if you've already done
I have done that stuff, and it didn't work out. It's been a long fight.

Except 99% of the time the "models I like" turns out to be "whatever is the strongest right now" and not shit like wyches or whatever.

>> No.56739161

I'm not that anon but I don't find 40k very fun, either. Every match tends to play the same, the matches often don't feel balanced, and the people at the local game store aren't the most pleasant to be around. The building and painting side is fun, but I only really play the game because my SO REALLY wants me to 'get into the game'. (Also because I feel bad about painting the Death Korps models he gave me purple before I realized how expensive they are.)

>> No.56739416

They still are, more than any other enemy Orks are the most likely cause of misery and/or death to the majority of individuals and planets.

>> No.56739938

Wow you're a retard.

>> No.56741054


>> No.56741274

Gargs, flyrants

>> No.56741313

Contact FW they should send replacement

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