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Comfy plane crash edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for more Primaris stuff

>Stratagems and shit in Blood Angels codex, good shit here

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pd5m1dQXjbw [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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1st 4 nids

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What are some good Eldar name lists and generators? I've found the one at fantasynamegenerators.com, but I'm not sure how accurate or complete it is.

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Dark Mechanicus when
I want evil robots and small daemon engines

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Had my first game ever today. It was a 2 on 2 and the dude I was teamed up with even goes to /tg/. I lost, but it was definitely fun.

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To paint, or not to paint. That it is the question.

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hey, guys
what with the new eisenhorn novel coming out, do you think they'll rerelease the 58mm eisenhorn?

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Nth for daemons of malal.

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>Dark Mechanicus when
>I want evil robots and small daemon engines
Play. Haps space marines

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Would it be lore friendly to take a detatchment of kroot with my admech with the excuse that they're there so a magos biologis can jerk off to them?

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Excellent post my fellow malice worshipper.

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Paint. Paint will set you free.

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whateverth for best daddy

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yes Now in exclusive Citadel Finecast™

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I just wish my only lGS in the area wasn't a GW so I could use these fellows.

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but it's hard, especially since i'm working with mainly white

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What armies can have viable terminator lists? Excluding Grey Knights, because they are gay.

Death Guard? They have 2 types, might work? They don't seem as tough as you'd think, 4++ doesn't really match the 3++ of a stormshield.

Dark Angels? They seem classic but a lot of their melee shit hits on 4s and that just seems crap.

Generic CSM/SM?

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Never paint straight white. Always paint light grey.

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Did you have a stroke there anon?

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Not really, and illegal within the rules

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>Dark Mechanicus when
>I want evil robots and small daemon engines
Play chaos space marines with Daemon engines and chaos cultists

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Riptides need a 29 point decrease.

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Don't think that's an option ofr tyranids

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Dark Angels Deathwing is the way to go.

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they have T5 and ignore a third of their wounds, they're tough as shit.

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What are you making and what's your method? >>56731933 this too if you aren't. Celeste grey, ulthuan grey, and white scar for the edges always and forever.

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That's like saying admech is the same as space marines

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Why do you think so?

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more like 100.

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They have a problem with Malice? I know he isn't "canon" but really?

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General CSM are pretty dope too, if you count obliterators as termies, and I think mutilators got a point drop recently that make them less shite and gay as well

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>Why can't I have a 3++ rerolling save that hits on 2s and at S10 with 2d3 damage

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Wasn't there a rouge trader story about Sanguinius having a wife ?
Can anyone help me out to find that story again ( if it exists, which i actually doubt )

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Malice is fucking canon.

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No they have a problem with 3rd party models.

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1/3 of wounds is cool... but on a 2 wound model that doesn't mean much.

I mentioned them because they have cool new models but I'm not sold on their viability.

Is 62pts for a combi-melta and a power axe with reroll 1s to wound worth it? GK Paladins with their 3 wounds seem better.

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TBF the boy isn't wrong, cultists, dinobots and FW Hellwrights will do as a counts-as Darkmech army until Geedubs gets off their asses and gives us a right propa R&H army

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just painting ,nids leviathan scheme. I have no method, i'm new at this. Just painting white scar on a primed, black model.

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Hell Blade or Hell Talon?

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that's exactly what a amalal worshiper would say

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Chapter approved leak when

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Dreadnought or Stormtalon?

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Woah thats a bit much. Would make them criminally undercosted again. I am just trying to give them a slight buff.

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>Geedubs gets off their asses and gives us a right propa R&H army
I'll have to play from the hospital then because I would have suffered a heart attack.

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Oh right, well anon here >>56731838 could paint official daemons malice colors. Sons of Malice have done that in the lore.

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4++/5+++ is equivalent mathematically to 3++, which with their T5 means they're harder to kill than a regular TH/SS termie. Here's comparisons on how many shots it takes to kill them and how that matches up to their cost (rows 52-53 and 138-139):

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It's what I already do just sad because these models are great being based off of the original daemons of malal artwork.

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>Daemon engines=evil robots
>Cultists=evil mini robots/chaos servitors
>Chaos tanks= daemonic mechanicum tanks
Death guard would be perfect for dark mechanicum

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>3 heavy weapons per 5 man team
>can take meltaguns with their powerfists
>can teleport back to deployment zone if needed
>ignores morale if you want big squads+buffs
>badass dropship
>more modelling variety due to mix and match nature

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Truly the best ette

Nah I feel ya. They really are good models.

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Holy fuck no. Stop. Prime white or grey at most. Do not use straight white. Start with light grey and work your way up, only use white scar for fine highlights.

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Stop what you're doing immediately. Never paint white onto black and never a layer paint like white scar.

First, undercoat with white. This gives you much less work to do and a better start to work with instead of a thousand layers of ceramite white to cover black before you even start.

Try something like this for speed painting out a jillion gaunts https://youtu.be/SlkeURdZ8D8

Simple wash on white can add great sepia flesh color.

Here's some more help for you in leviathan flavor

If you have any questions ask here or in WIP. being new is hard.

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any place with the pdf of chapter approved? current mega lacks it

>> No.56732229

chapter approooveeeeeeeeed

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>criminally undercosted
Ion+2 Fusion, ATS and Target Lock would even still be 278 at -100 points which is garbage. HBC and Missiles would be 224 which isn't much better when you run its output averages.

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Are they better or worse than other terminators then?

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Chapter Awoooo'd

>> No.56732249


in the past two years we've had true scale space marines, genestealer cults, the storyline progressing and plastic sisters

stranger things have happened

>> No.56732252

worse, too slow.

>> No.56732259


Well thank you. It's been taking me days to paint these fuckers because of the hundreds of white layers I've had to paint.

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We cant have the riptide be good anon. Its just not allowed.

>> No.56732266

ya but chapter awoo when

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>Dark Angels
if you want to go loyalist Deathwatch and Yiffs completely outclass Deathwing

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Right lads, got three carnifexes left to build, and I want all ten in total to be unique.

So far I have:
>Old one eye
>Dakkafex with senses, spines, thresher scythe and four devourers
>Crushing claws, deathspitters, tusks, shrouded, bonemace.
>Screamer Killer, shrouded
>Stonecrusher with dual claws, bonemace
>Stonecrusher with flail, claw, mace
>Four devourers, acid maw, shroud, mace

What should I do with the other three? I know I want one to have a venom cannon and senses, but can't decide whether to have it take a close combat weapon or deathspitters. Gonna run them kraken, so getting caught in melee isn't a concern.

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Well fuck I did not know layer vs undercoat actually mattered. Thanks again.

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Yiffs will probably be the best just because they can make 32ppm squads and actually get some bodies on the field.

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Depends on what you're looking for. Deathshrouds will absolutely murder anything you throw them at and are damned hard to kill, but they're only M4 and advance half so you really want some Warp Time on your side to get them moving after deep strike. Blightlords are less powerful but more versatile and usually cheaper, you can kit them out for shooting or melee with a lot of variety and they have access to the Flail of Corruption which is possibly the single most busted weapon in the game. I mean, you're asking for a full terminator list, which is always gonna be hard to make work, but these two can put in some serious work with the proper support if you're willing to try it.

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I got a $2,000 new computer

how do I /40k/ with it?

>> No.56732399

TTS? Dark Crusade?

>> No.56732401

So what will we do once Finecast is retired completely?

>> No.56732404


Play arma with a 40k mod.

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Gitkrumpa waited. The loity gubbins above 'im blinked 'n sparked outta da air. Dere wuz humies in da rok. He didn’t see dem, but 'ad expected dem for...for...lotz of time. 'is warnins to Warboss Gobsmasha were not listenend to and now it was too late. Far too late for now, anyway.
Gitkrumpa was a dead 'ard git fer a buncha time. When 'e were a weedy yoof 'e watched da kill kroozers and 'e said t' da boss “'ERE WE GO 'ERE WE GO 'ERE WE GO!”
Dere wuz a time when 'e believeded 'im. Den as 'e got oldered he stopped. But now in da zoggin big rok of da big boss Gobsmasha 'e knew dere wuz humies.
"Dis is Gobsmasha” da talky-squig crackered. “Quit muckin about and krump da humies!”
So Gitkrumpa gotted 'is flash and blew up da wall.
“HE GOING TO KILL US” said the weedy humies
“GLORY FOR THE FIRST MAN TO DIE! CHARGE!” said 'da Kommizzar 'n 'e fired the rokkit bullets. Gitkrumpa dakkaed at 'im and tried to krumped 'im good. But den da ceiling fell and dey wuz trapped 'n not able t'krump.
“No! I must krump the humies” he shouted
The talky-squig said “STUFF IT, YA GIT! YOU IZ DA HUMIES!”
And den Gitkrumpa wuz in a penal legion

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you can get DoWIII for $12 now on humble

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>> No.56732419

Screamer Killers are nuts

>> No.56732422

Layer paints contain less pigment.

>> No.56732423

Thats still too much.

>> No.56732429

>retiring the best line


>> No.56732433

Armored or scout sentinels? which weapon is the best for them?

>> No.56732455

>Play chaos space marines with Daemon engines and chaos cultists
You mean 7th edition CSM?

>> No.56732456

>Flail of Corruption which is possibly the single most busted weapon in the game
>S6, Ap-2, 2D


>> No.56732457

List your build fucboi.

>> No.56732462

I'm gonna do what I did 2 computers ago probably, play ultimate apocalypse mod on DOW soulstorm with the tyranids/GK/daemons mod attached

still best 40k experience imo

>> No.56732478


I'm not taking more screamer killers though: The plasma is garbage and they cost more than another 'fex with the same setup otherwise.

Only reason I have -one- is because it's iconic, and the morale debuff might be handy.

>> No.56732479

Hellblade is an awesome model but absolutely one of the worst units in the game.

>> No.56732484

i mena you do get like 5 other games with it

>> No.56732489


>> No.56732492

You know, minus actually building, painting and playing actual 40k.

>> No.56732500

>tfw greenwing from successor DA chapter
>tfw denied of special characters
>tfw my infantry doesn't even has any special CHAPTER hability, months after the release of the fucking indexes

I am going to get royally buttfucked with DA codex rite? Just some stupid Primaris shit I don't want and that's it.
God I hate myself but luckily I hate GW more.

>> No.56732524

No problem. You're in the hands of Duncan now. Excellent video tutorials for beginning.
Absolutely. Gotta be selective with how you decide to undercoat based on what you want to paint. You can immediately see the difference in trying to paint a light color on white instead of black. Keep in mind too that on a black undercoated model that's mostly dark but has some bright bits, like the shoulder of a black templar for example, you want to put down a cost of ceramite white, a base paint white, before adding your light colours on top. Base paints have better coverage than layers, which are designed to be partially translucent and show the colour beneath them. https://youtu.be/hRR7W5-F15c

>> No.56732526


Kamikaze scout with Flamer.

Armoured with Autocannon/Missile launcher.
Put in cover so it becomes a nuisance with a 2+ save.

>> No.56732544

Any Dark Angel leaks yet beside the useless Grim Resolve?

>> No.56732549

>The Plasma is garbage
Have you considered running OOE with them?

>> No.56732558


>> No.56732569

He adds 1 in the fight phase only.

>> No.56732584

wha that?

>> No.56732595

>Andy Chambers' ama on reddit
>"Ay yes. An idea that wad dead and buried by the time I got there in 1990."

Malal hasn't been canon for almost 3 decades

>> No.56732605

While we're going on about not having a Chapter Approved PDF, has anyone even uploaded the EPUB of it yet? Kinda need that before a PDF can be made.

If it gets uploaded by anyone today, a PDF will be made of it. I know I'm not the only person here who can make PDFs from GWs garbage EPUBS.

>> No.56732611

I want to believe

>> No.56732621

Table Top Simulator on Steam

>> No.56732626

There's no rule saying you can't just use keyword dark angels. It isn't like there are specific successor traits or relics or characters you could cheat by mixing. You're just playing alternate color scheme dark angels and calling them a different name.

Like, flesh tearers, black Templars, and crimson fists have their own unique shit compared to their parent, but not you.

>> No.56732634

Oh heck, I've gotta let that guy know

>> No.56732635

maybe nobody is bothering to buy it

>> No.56732643

only online?

>> No.56732657

The "1d3 rolls for every attack you have" and "damage spill over" are a pretty important part of being busted you know.

Flails are not overpowered only because you can't take more than one or two of them in each unit. If you could make an entire unit of them they would be absolute murder.

>> No.56732691

Look at the abilities my dude. D3 hits per attack and the incredibly rare damage spillover. If you take a look at the sheets up there (Heavy Infantry tab), you'll see that not it has excellent damage values against everything, and it's on the relatively middling offensive stats (Ws3+ S4 A2) of a Blightlord. Point for point it outperforms dedicated melee units in almost all factions. And they're 10 points. If you gave those to something like Bullgryns or Custodes they'd be retarded OP.

>> No.56732697

Probably, I think the DW/RW synergy thing is what GW want the DA to be about now rather than the termies and bikers being excellent in their own right. If you want to play old-school Deathwing you basically have to play Deathwatch

>> No.56732698

They're attached to mediocre melee units though. A 1 point Chainaxe on an 8 attack s5 berzerker with votlw is op.

>> No.56732700

what do you mean? It's real 40k

You could use vassal too

>> No.56732732

I want to play against myself

>> No.56732735

Post your HQs

Im working on 3 more warbosses

>> No.56732747

Same thing I did when metal models were discontinued. Huff paint.

>> No.56732751

Yeah. And they still have one of the most efficient damage output in the game on a mediocre melee unit. See >>56732691

The weapon itself is fucking nuts. If you could give it to a melee specialist they'll be broken as hell.

>> No.56732762

You can do that for sure, but its like playing chess against yourself

>> No.56732781

If I'm using Vallejo, how do I tell what's a base vs a layer?

>> No.56732782

I'm too scared to play with others so I'd like to finally try playing 40K for once after collecting all these years

>> No.56732794

You don't play checkers against yourself?
ALMOST as much fun as monopoly, the funny thing is you are the monopoly

>> No.56732799

>Post your HQs

>> No.56732812

Hoping to break into the game with a Taktikul Blood Axes army. What’re the must-buys after grabbing the starter kit? My FLGS is mostly playing sub-600pt games

>> No.56732827

Oh, bro I have no idea. I've only ever used horrible craft store trash and citadel paints. Perhaps another anon can guide you

>> No.56732829


>> No.56732832

I'm not saying I havn't played 40k against myself in TTS, I have. Mostly to learn rules, and get used to other factions I don't collect

>> No.56732849

I generally just don't like the color pink, but that's pretty good.

>> No.56732858

>Post your HQs

>> No.56732870

Damn. Because I might be in the same boat as the other Nidanon. I used a black primer, as their skin will be black, but I'm using a few layers of white on where I'm going to paint yellow. Make kind of a wasp/bee pattern.

>> No.56732882

Yeah you're probably going to be in for a bitch of a time but I don't know my Vallejo

>> No.56732903

Theres no distinction with Vallejo. Its all down to how and how much you thin it.

>> No.56732938

Why the fuck do you have so many warbosses you absolute madman

>> No.56732958

The plot twist is they are all his nobz, the warboss was too big for the photo.

>> No.56732979

BEGFAGS stop for Chapter Approved...go buy it you poorfags...such assfags....what a bunch of dipfags.....

There did I do it right for yelling at people begging for stuff?
Seems thats all people do when someone asks for the Ynnari books......

>> No.56732980

If the green fade was just a bit more subtle I'd cream my pants for your scheme.

>> No.56733015


>> No.56733052

Oh yeah, yell at us since we spew that shit just about every thread. The Ynnari begfags are just baiting at this point though since it triggers a few people every time.

I wasn't joking when I said I'd convert the CA EPUB to a PDF earlier, I just have no interest in buying the digital copy first because I'm getting the physical book next week.

>> No.56733115

Malal =/= Malice. They lost the rights to Malal so he's no longer canon. Malice was his replacement that came way later and who is still canon.

>> No.56733122


>> No.56733133

Anyone happen to know if this is an older 40k model? Bit on the base says HHG 96. Thought it might be an old space wolf, but the pauldrons are different and that is no spot for the power pack. Sorry for the mediocre photo

>> No.56733142

Malice is literally just non copyright infringing Malal that GW either doesn't want to do anything for or doesn't know how to do anything for.

>> No.56733149

No one gives a fuck about some Black Library garbage that's going to be rendered non-canon in a year you absolute child.

>> No.56733160

Props on how gross this looks. You can almost see the pink bits squirming.

>> No.56733162

Malice is not Malal. Same concept, minor warp being, Chaos vs Chaos, but not Malal. Check out the Sons of Malice, they were in a short story called Labyrinth, from 2009.

>> No.56733174

Thank you for making the tits symmetrical. That was always the worst design feature, you can make them demony without making them gross

>> No.56733189

sure it's citadel?

>> No.56733191

No. Paint Light Grey, heavy drybrush white!

>> No.56733222

>you can make them demony without making them gross
no you can't

your dick is not in charge of aesthetics you fucking porn addict

>> No.56733242

This was already painted at https://www.creaturecaster.com/collections/full-collection/products/lady-of-corruption I was just memeing.

>> No.56733266


Just my Colonel, I have some junior officers, Yarrick and 3 other Commisars around.

>> No.56733277

Open play

>> No.56733278

>sub 600 games
goddamn, you lucked out man. All I have around here is 2000+ WAAC ONLY, we had like 8 people running Malific Lords and those who weren't were running SoS or Bobby G's impound lot for our last event

>> No.56733287

According to WIP, it's from some game called warzone. So my bad for thinking it was a 40k model

>> No.56733304

check the mega for the old collectors catalog

>> No.56733335


I'll just draw attention to this once and see if anyone feels like giving me advice.

>> No.56733398

Base and Layers are just about brightness of the color and thin-ness as far as I'm aware.

>> No.56733420

>dondo knocked out of dream league today

>> No.56733431

>hey man do you want to play a 500 point game today
why is this so fucking hard

>> No.56733466

Why did the Disc of Tzeentch go from being a super jetbike to being a Jump Pack duct-taped to a chainsword?

>> No.56733472

Its not and I've asked every single time, the mindset around here is 100% competitive or bust.

>> No.56733537

So doing some snooping, looks like I could get a nice set with the Starter Kit, then snagging a Warboss and a couple boxes of Boyz to get the 30-model units.

>> No.56733561

What CT best suits red scorpions given their HQs this edition?

>> No.56733647

gorkanaut or morkanaut?

im thinking gorkanaut because its much choppier but the massive kustom force field bubble would be good. but then again i already have a big mek that does that so im not sure.

which is best.

>> No.56733654

Is Gulliman and 3 Libbies in a Supreme Command with a Batt of Space Sharks using Black Templar CT and a Militarum Tempestus Van be too cheesy?

No Razorbacks with Twin Assault Cannons. Just Crusader Squads, Intercessors, Inceptors, Hellblasters.

>> No.56733671

If you already have kff coverage, Gorka. If you need kff coverage, Morka. The Gorkanaut really is much better in close combat.

>> No.56733690


General CSM have the VotLW + Endless Cacophony + reroll aura + prescience + slaanesh FnP + mass supercharged plasma/melta psychic power ALPHA STRIKE ANNIHILATION combo

>> No.56733695

>Mixing Chapter Tactics
>spamming psykers alongside Black Templars
>Storm Trooper vanguard

>> No.56733761

that was what I was thinking. and its not like i could just have a morkanaut and skip the big meks since it will get sniped turn 1 if i do that.

but then again my big meks might get sniped by actual snipers. ratlings are common where i play...

>> No.56733770


>> No.56733774

>Alright lads let's have at it.

>> No.56733814

Are our HQ's related?

>> No.56733847

Those are fucking 10/10 anon, love the cane dude

>> No.56733872

Like worse than Chaos Soup or DG with Morty and Scabby or just disgusting?

Opponents are Magnus with Vanilla, Pure DG with Scabby and some Plague Heralds, and mechanized Tallarn IG.

>> No.56733873

Anyone have any suggestions for a 1000 point guard list? Me and a buddy are having a quick pick up game tonight

>> No.56733884


Knight titan + mass rough rider(Bretonnian models)

>> No.56733889

dear /40kg/ i made a thing for you.

>> No.56733895

You look mighty heretical, Mr.Primaris.

>> No.56733910

i once didnt eat for 3 days because i had spent all my money on orks

i should be ashamed but im not

>> No.56733911

DIY Savlar Chemdogs with Penal Regiments and all the Abhumans.

>> No.56733913


>> No.56733914

The more lore you destroy the more faithful to the new lore you get

>> No.56733918

Equivalent. Soup, unless it's themed, is soup.

>> No.56733920

>1000 point guard list?

How about 200 conscripts, and a couple of commisars for maximum faggery? Oh wait!!!

>> No.56733929

cutedar > cutnid

>> No.56733944

So no Libbies, but Gulliman in a Auxiliary Super Heavy?

>> No.56733945

You should see how many meks I have

>> No.56733949

Sorry bro, you've gone full-on autismo.
like another anon said, they are Dark Angels, just a different paint scheme. Just like if I played with a bunch of blue marines with jump packs and prong-dongs, they'd be played as Blood Angels and use that keyword. No big deal.
If you find someone who wont let you do that, then its easy. Dont play with them.

>> No.56733957

Remember that the naut is big enough to hide a mek standing next to it. If you set up your mek after they set up their snipers you can use it to block los.

>> No.56733968

what mod is that? All the ones I've used have been shit.

>> No.56733969


>> No.56733975

I'm actually surprised how long it's taken to get the CA on the mega. Not sweating it though, I can be patient.

>> No.56733979

What color scheme should I do for The Dongcron? I spent all day thinking about it but couldnt decide.

>> No.56733980

I might actually do this, he has a bunch of empire stuff kicking around.

>> No.56733994

this is not GW legal

>> No.56734000

Sphess Dinobugs A BEST

>> No.56734005


>> No.56734014

boy I never thought I'd see someone mention this movie again

>> No.56734017

bugs can't compete with the cute levels of cutedar

>> No.56734018

Still soup without a theme.

>> No.56734023

SS best S

>> No.56734024

is this shota?

>> No.56734027

>hey monkeigh, wanna ss?

>> No.56734034

Is the gorkanaut/morkanaut kits kustom force field on one of the meks? i was thinking about doing that and wondering if that bit is too big for a mek.

>> No.56734037

It should be pretty obvious by his pose.
Get him a cape too.

>> No.56734042

You are too kind anon. I just wish the commander was as good on the tabletop. :(

>> No.56734053

Well fuck. The original theme was Space Sharks and Elysians. Though everyone and their mum is bringing a Primarch, LoW, or some bullshit. Was just trying to even the playing field.

>> No.56734060

keep the plebbit tier crap out of the chon and trim the mouldlines

>> No.56734062


>> No.56734066

Pretty gross, desu.
Really gross, desu.

>> No.56734067

Eldar are like Waifu's
>unrealistic personality traits, doesnt actually love you, isnt real
Nids are like cute Puppies
>Unconditional love and loyalty, can cuddle with, is real

>> No.56734078

How's this?

>> No.56734089

That's not a theme, that's just you mixing two armies together.

>> No.56734093

Only pic I have right now

>> No.56734094


>> No.56734106 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56734153

I really like that show, I hate the fanbase

>> No.56734156

Oh, Lofn. You don't deserve to be from such a shitty fic.

>yfw LCB is canon

>> No.56734158

My only one currently, since I just started with the orks getting started box. want a warboss and a wierdboy or two next.

>> No.56734173

Commanders are pretty solid in my experiance. 5++ and 4 wounds may not save you from everything, but at least you can order yourself with a power sword to make 6 attacks. Enough to play a game of rocket-tag with enemy melee units.

>> No.56734174

Gotta repaint that carapace to look neater.

Too dark desu.
Carapace needs some more highlights, just like the skin. I'd also recommend differentiating the colors more (instead of Blu skin/Blu carapace), otherwise the model doesnt really pop.
Also, make the brain a really weird, glowing color that completely sticks out from the model.

Other than that, I salute your Brainbug. Have a good one, fellow nidfag!

>> No.56734176

Y'know what'd be cool? If there was some kind of table for adding custom traits to homebrew chapters/septs/cabals etc. Since homebrews can't take characters from regular lists.

Something like a list of buffs or conditions that can help armies be a little more unique. E.g. I have a homebrew Dangles successor that kinda suffers from my inability to take Sammael or Azrael, which you oculd say is the price of a custom paint scheme, but being able to take a special rule to make up the difference would be awesome.

Like say:
>The Birthright of Man
>Natural cover also adds to your invulnerable save

>Defenders of the Imperium
>Imperial or Sector Mechanicus cover adds one to your invulnerable save

>Lords of Battle
>Captains are +30pts and +3 PWR but can grant re-roll 1's to hits and wounds.

>> No.56734187

read Rites of Battle

>> No.56734190

Saw this in /wip/
Any updates on your Captain with Terminator Honors?

>> No.56734203

The Deathwatch RPG book? That doesn't really help the tabletop.

>> No.56734232

Is that a fucking smiley face?

>> No.56734234

Not yet no, sadly. The seller only dispatched it today -__-

>> No.56734250

What is your favorite model in 40k and why?

Dark Eldar Incubi for me, just love the horns and the klaives. They look like demonic aspect warriors.

>> No.56734251

pretty sure the DG are on good terms with the dark mech. atleast dark mechanicum bois are pretty friendly towrds the dg and sometimes work with eachother/share workspace.

>> No.56734257

>yfw someone thinks FFG is canon

>> No.56734258

Or, you could stop being a tard and just use the Dark Angels SC's.

>> No.56734286


...anyone? *Are* there any?

>> No.56734289

Do a Crushing Claws, Scything Talons, Tusks, and Spines Carnifex. Very versatile assault unit.

>> No.56734290

no you dense cunt the perk

>> No.56734301

They should be they can actually write well.

>> No.56734302

Dont let him talk to you that way. Stand up for yourself, fuck-face.

>> No.56734303

>he doesn't know

>> No.56734308

Asterion Moloc

>> No.56734313


I've just come out of 4th edition with a few mates, so it's a bit of a learning curve. 8th seems decent enough so far though I miss my templates and varied tank armor. :(

>> No.56734327


your vostroyans always make me wanna start collecting them dude.

Really nice as always.

>> No.56734349

>but can grant re-roll 1's to hits AND wounds.
Reading comprehension is hard.

The Index explicitly states that it's against the rules to bring <DARK ANGELS> characters as part of you <SUCCESSOR CHAPTER> detachment. And taking a Dangles detachment defeats the point of playing not Dangles.

>> No.56734357

These guys. They are awesome.

>> No.56734366

I picked up the ork battlefield today and want to play red suns/ kult of speed - did I fuck up ? If not where do I go from here more bikes?

>> No.56734372

Posting superior Daemonettes

>> No.56734379

I'm telling you since there's a perk allowing rerolls to hit, wound rerolls in a perk that allows hit rerolls will not come about

>> No.56734407

Based Juan Diaz

>> No.56734414

I know it won't actually happen, I just think it would be cool.

>> No.56734416

I prefer the older Incubi with the Punisher helmets myself. Makes them look more unnerving with the old 3e white helmet paint scheme.

My fave kit though are Primaris reivers with a Deathwatch shoulder pad because I’m an edge lord.

>> No.56734421

They aren't a successor chapter, you just painted your Dark Angels differently.

>> No.56734422

It's literally a sex demon dude

>> No.56734461

Some of them need some finishing touches, like drilling barrels, basing, washing and eyes. The Bullgryn aren't HQs, but they are bodyguards for the HQs. This is the best I can do at the moment.

Psyker, Commissar Lord, Yarrick, Bodyguard, Celestine, Inquisitor, Bodyguard, Commander, Psyker, Tank Commander.

>> No.56734468

I mean warbikers are ass right now but the codex will show up soon enough. maybe they will be good then. maybe not.

play the army you want to play. not the strongest one.

>> No.56734478

In what sense is that not cheating?

>> No.56734491

i like how you included your tank hq

>> No.56734494

Rules never say your Dork Angels have to be green.

>> No.56734500


>God of excess and depravity
>All of it's daemons are hermaphrodites
>Symbol is literally a combination of the male and female symbols

LOL Slaanesh is just the god of tiddiesXD! Can't have anything that might make my penor slightly confused!

>> No.56734513


he uses Vallegjo

>> No.56734514

>On missing Templates and Tank Armor Values
I miss Varied Armor values more than you can imagine. But I'm happy with how the random explosion damage turned out; Its turned my battle tanks into genuine all-rounders instead of merely Space Marine Hunters.

One thing I really miss is Platoons. They were the reason Conscripts weren't OP last addition, and they gave us a unique alternative to other horde factions' "Take 2-3 units of 30-40 low-toughness units" listbuilding method.

>> No.56734518

Lets just compromise and give them awkwardly huge bulges, too.

>> No.56734519

You are technically correct.

The best kind of correct.

>> No.56734526

Thanks. He walks the turret around Fred Flintstone style.

>> No.56734530

>> No.56734534


>> No.56734536

Your paint doesn't fucking matter until they come out with even one extra rule or character that is limited to your successor chapter. You can counts as whoever as your special characters. Don't be silly.

>> No.56734546

Judge me.

>> No.56734560


>> No.56734561

They know. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2017/07/17/warhammer-40000-doubles-event-report-magnus-did-nothing-wrong/

>> No.56734568


Still leaves the problem of Slaanesh being reduced to the god/dess of tits and boners. Where are my daemons of gluttony? My daemons of avarice?

>> No.56734581

Is this a viable unit in the guard? This package costs 334 points:

PRIMARIS PSYKER - 28, Force Stave + 12 - 40
CRUSADER (x10) - 110, Power Sword (x10) + 40 = 150
CHIMERA - 75, Heavy Flamer (x2) + 34 = 109

Priest gives +1 attacks to the Crusaders, Psyker gives them 2++ and has good melee himself.

The Chimera should get them to the target and can soften things up pretty well with the flamers, particularly if Catachan doctrine and can re-roll the shots dice.

>> No.56734589

Nah, its a bit too large. I was gonna use it for a Meka dread conversion tho

>> No.56734599

I bought a pile of recast sister so I could thicc 'em up and throw them on the table for friendlies, but this icon chick looks pretty good

>> No.56734600

If I saw that, I wouldn't play it.

It'll be ded 'ard and and ded killy, but no one likes deathstars.

>> No.56734610

Alright, quick question. If I put a wreckin ball and a grabbin claw on a battlewagon, how many attacks can I make? Do I have to break them up, or do I only get to make the number of attacks of the weapon I choose?

>> No.56734624

Lets punch each other in the face.


Priest, Eviserator, Bolt Pistol
Ogryn Bodyguard, Brute Shield, Maul
3 Bullgryn, Mauls, Bruteshields
3 Bullgryn, Mauls, Bruteshields
3 Bullgryn, Mauls, Bruteshields
3 Bullgryn, Mauls, Bruteshields

It is viable. I've used it many times to great effect. Dual Heavy Flamer Chimeras are a staple in my army and do great work at softening targets, taking overwatch and being a huge pain in the ass. Crusaders with a 2++ are just mean unless the opponent has a lot of Smite spam, but I play against really mean players, so I bring it anyway. I also like to walk 10 across the field since you can use Take Cover too. Greyfax is also sometimes there to shut down Smite spam.

>> No.56734634

>opponent fields Crusader star
>rage quits when Magnus Death Hexes them
>demands rematch next week
>rage-quits when Magnus and Ahriman tag-team Smite them to death in a single round

>> No.56734651

Be creative and come up with Eldar names yourself.

>> No.56734655

What a silly goose. Also he should be happy that they took all that mortal wound aggro. And why is he not taking 2 Crusader squads of 10 when you can Barrier 1 and Take Cover the other?

>> No.56734666

>> No.56734681

Looks too small.

>> No.56734695

Theres literally no point of reference, it could be 3 feet long for all we know

>> No.56734700

Well there's the reflection.

>> No.56734707

The updated models have white helmets too.

>> No.56734708

>Theres literally no point of reference
You can see the reflection of the dude taking the picture, he's pretty close.

>> No.56734713

So how many White Scar players do we have here /tg/?

>> No.56734722

>daemons of gluttony
Would they crush poor guardsmen and space marines by rolling down a psychic ramp?

>> No.56734731


>> No.56734742

I have others, but the Hive Tyrant will always be my favorite.

>> No.56734751

It's the human sized bolter, not the space marine one.

>> No.56734754


>> No.56734760

I had a couple years gap between painting some o these but here are the death guard ones.

>> No.56734766

Your perception. No empirical evidence

>> No.56734774

And the daemons ones.

>> No.56734776

> daemons of avarice?
I now want a daemon or psyker special character named Midas.

>> No.56734778

>o empirical evidence
No shit, that's why I said it looks small, not it is small.

>> No.56734793

>Human sized bolter
>Not lasgun

>> No.56734794

Your penis IS small.

>> No.56734803

Can confirm, sucked his dick, was small

>> No.56734839

No need to shame me lads

>> No.56734855

Here's who I have with me

>> No.56734869

Limited edition selling at the same cost as a warlord titan I presume?

>> No.56734877

Hey go fuck yourself. Every time I see nicely painted primaris I want to go get some for myself.

>> No.56734883

I like the one guy

>> No.56734893

I wish there were more shooty captains aside from that one Raptor guy

>> No.56734904

Serious question: has anyone tried this? The rules seem totally fine and playable unlike last edition.

>> No.56734908

Does the Gravis Captains re-roll ability count for shooting or melee?

>> No.56734915

Imagine how pitiful that little marinelet with the banner must feel.

>> No.56734935

How effective are Honor Guard for Imperial Fists?

I'd want to run 2 to 4 of just them with either of my Captains. Their loadouts are as follows:

Captain w/ Cataphractii Armor, Relic Blade and Storm Shield
Captain w/ Teeth of Terra and Master Crafted Boltgun


>> No.56734943

Honor Guard are fucking baller and underrated at all times.

>> No.56734950

what is the cheapest army in 40k? for like 2000pts?

>> No.56734959

What do huskblades do? Are they poisonous or something?

>> No.56734965

possibly custodes.
primaris. get a DM set and a few other boxes.

>> No.56734976

Deathwatch or Grey Knights I imagine, what with the high points cost of units.

>> No.56734993

Evaporates the moisture from anything it touches, turning it to dust. So like, evil elf magic.

>> No.56734994

They suck the moisture out.

>> No.56735000

You can't tell me that's not a theme... The hell you want? Some long ass back story as to why they are working together that you don't give a shit about and won't read anyways?

Picky ass.

>> No.56735002

Higher damage and +1S iirc. Considering Archons are S3 that'll basically be your only option for CC.

>> No.56735013


>> No.56735015

anyone have the chapter approved changes for CSM?

>> No.56735019

That mini should be the plastic Archon, not the derp-faced retard we have now.

It's not fair.

>> No.56735035

>derp-faced retard
Its now called facially-askew and mentally challenged.
Please, nigga

>> No.56735074

Are AutoHavocs ever worth it? I've got a squad and a half from prior editions, but it seems like I'm always better off with Lascannons.

>> No.56735078

It's called racially-challenged
Please friend

>> No.56735089


>> No.56735102

Am I missing something here? Where the rules for specific buildings in 8th? Currently I can't find anything able to be targeted with the Iron Warrior's legion trait.

>> No.56735105

What army should I start to distract myself from not being able to get it up during what was going to be my first time

>> No.56735108

You're fucking welcome. Dumb lore aside they're really really pleasant to paint compared to their short brothers.
I like that one too
Me too. At least you can go cheap and hang out with the shooting homies for buffs this edition. I did the same thing last edition, but now... buffs! Would kinda like a stalker bolter primaris captain but 35 bucks is gross for one character.
He's got a big heart though. I really want to rebase him on something beefier and... platform.

I need a chaplain...

>> No.56735124

What are some decent csm forgeworld stuff that aren't a dread? Every non-superheavy kinda looks like complete shit compared to the new 160 pt butcher contemptors.

>> No.56735132

jesus fucking christ anon

>> No.56735140

I just like the idea of power armoured superhumans lugging around semi automatic anti-tank guns. They are pretty good against monsters, light armour and monstrous infantry though (ogryns, nid warriors, crisis suits and carnifexes to an extent). If you want to crack open tin cans just take a lascannon though.

>> No.56735143

Based on your post,

>> No.56735149

>still haven't painted my terminator chaos lord because I can't decide on what weapons to give him
>can't just magnetize the arms because I only have 2 pauldrons
>can't buy more pauldrons because every bits store either overprices them or is sold out

>> No.56735151

Aw you poor thing. I know it's hard. I would have made you feel a lot better.

>> No.56735159

or tyranids.. the bitch may have had crabs.
or nurgle.. the bitch may have had AIDS

>> No.56735169

I thought that was Text To Speech, from the YouTube series if the emperor had a text to speech device lol

>> No.56735171

>i know its hard
It apparently wasn't.

>> No.56735174

>>still haven't painted my terminator chaos lord because I can't decide on what weapons to give him
twin claws.

>> No.56735182

Don't bully my boyfriend.

>> No.56735194

Currently working on a scions/gsc Primus, have a wing bug

>> No.56735200

Space Marine, it's old but it is really fun 3rd person fps

>> No.56735201

>tfw all my army lists went down 50-100 points with CA
More bodies for the meat grinder.

>> No.56735205


>> No.56735212

nice buge, I like the color choice

>> No.56735217

Nier: Automata is a must play

>> No.56735221

brb buying rope

>> No.56735250


Just to remind you that you should've knuckled down and either ate muff until you relaxed some or kept that shit to yourself and pushed rope.

>> No.56735253

>A pair of Auto Boltstorm Gauntlets - 12pts
>A single Boltstorm Gauntlet - 22pts

What the ever loving fuck, they're cheaper now which is great but this makes no sense.

>> No.56735262

Livestream please

And I know this is a really specific request, but do you have a NIKE shirt with the "JUST DO IT" logo on it?
If you could do me a huge favor and wear it while killing yourself, I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks! (*^_^)

>> No.56735269

Don't feel too bad about it anon, what were the circumstances?
Hey, what kind of armies interest you?

>> No.56735271

Cringed so hard I cracked a tooth

>> No.56735272

I really wish I could find some bits for Honour Guard because the shoulders and heads are fucking baller.

>> No.56735287

What's wrong with the word muff? Apart from being a bit old-fashioned.

>> No.56735305

Heard the BA codex leaked online, anyone?

>> No.56735312

It sounds like something an edgy 8 year old would say because he found out what it means

>> No.56735313

>either ate muff until you relaxed some or kept that shit to yourself and pushed rope.
veteran advice. That comes in time.

>> No.56735338

Really? To me it sounds almost Mother Goose-ish, like nookie.

>> No.56735349

didnt a guy do just that

>> No.56735362

muff is something an old fag like myself would say. 10/10 noun

>> No.56735369

Will I be tabled by a Deathguard force that has an ungodly amount of cultists blobbing forwards? 800 pointer

++ HQ

- Primaris Captain with Power Sword & Master Crafted Auto Bolt Rifle and Storm of Fire 95pts
- Primaris Lieutenant with Power Sword and Bolt Pistol 74pts

++ Troop

- 10 Intercessors with Auto Bolt Rifles & 2 Auxillary Grenade Launchers 182 pts
- 5 Intercessors with Auto Bolt Rifles & 1 Auxillary Grenade Launcher 91 pts

++ Fast Attack

- 3 Inceptors with Plasma Executioners 163pts

++ Elite

- Primaris Ancient with The Banner of the Emperor Ascendant 69pts
- 3 Aggressors with Flamestorm Gauntlets 117pts

>> No.56735385

Yeah, it was my personal favorite.
Seeing someone with the phrase "just do it" on his shirt killing himself was some great black humor.

>> No.56735389

*Snap* Nigga stop

>muff is something an old fag like myself would say.
>an old fag like myself
Stop trying to fit in so hard, it's sad.

Sauce me?

>> No.56735400

Any of you guys got any pointers for a 750pt craftworlds list? need some help

>> No.56735406

Do I have too much anti-vehicle/monster for a 2k list?

>> No.56735408

How far can Your Dudes go before you bend the lore too much? For example I've been calling the leader of my Custodes a Tribune since there were ten back during the HH and many died and were replaced. However after reading the Emperor's Legion it's stated that there are now only three Tribunes, all of which are named. Do I have to call my Custode a Prefect now?

>> No.56735412


>> No.56735426


>> No.56735429

Bro, 99.9% of 40k players don't even know what a Tribune is. You're fine.

>> No.56735437

>Stop trying to fit in so hard, it's sad.
I tried fitting in your mom once. It was sad.

>> No.56735438

Thin your paints more, no meme

>> No.56735441

Here's sauce

I think there's better quality video out there, but this was what I could find.

>> No.56735442

The Adeptus Administratum is fucked, remember that.

>> No.56735456


>> No.56735472

Guy Haley, Dark Imperium writer, created this new faction called the Hatareon Guards. They're the custodes that guard Girlyman. Maybe call your dude the The Tesserarius of the Hatareon Guards? Sounds pretty fire to me.

Yeah corpses get like that I've been told.

Love you anon

>> No.56735486

Another Wraithknight.

Do you see where this is going? List of Wraithknights, crackfill with Fire Dragons and go fuck yourself.

>> No.56735492

>The Tesserarius of the Hatareon Guards
>The Watchman of the Hatareon Guards
>The Watchers of Guilliman
I see what you did there you sly dog

>> No.56735498

>Orks are barely played by anyone

Gee, you don't think it has something to do with their mini quality being fucking dogshit?

>> No.56735515

I try

>> No.56735517

>mini quality being fucking dogshit?

>> No.56735522

>Orks are barely played by anyone

i really dont think thats true

>> No.56735527

>Orks are barely played by anyone
>What is local meta
Anon you're wrong.

>> No.56735533

Around here it's considered more of an old person slang.

>> No.56735537

Found the grot

>> No.56735539

>Primaris Ancient with The Banner of the Emperor Ascendant
But why?

>> No.56735561

What's with all the troll answers?

>> No.56735569

He gives my dudes another chance to shoot on a 3+ which is pretty good when you combo it with flamestorm gauntlet aggressors.

>> No.56735582

I thought the new dark eldar looked a bit chaosy for my tastes

>> No.56735583

Heavy Walker

I don't see the problem here.

>> No.56735595

I love the boyz sculpts

That said, if they redid them to look like this, I would buy and paint 120 all over again

>> No.56735604

Oh and I forgot this bit, Friendly units within 6" auto-pass morale tests, and enemies in the same range get -1 leadership.

>> No.56735610

i know they could do such a good job with them too. just look at the nobz or the stormboyz.

such a huge improvement and they are like 10 years old!

>> No.56735617

>Same statline as a boy but t5 and a 4+
>10 ppm

This would sell a few kits

>> No.56735643

>Book Hammer

>> No.56735677

Can anyone tell me how to fucking use white scar? I can never get the right ratio between THICC and uncontrollable runny mess.

Nearly lost my shit painting details on an HQ

>> No.56735693

Watch Duncan.
Consistency should be like skim milk.

>> No.56735702

Eat box get pox

>> No.56735704

if its that runny, get it in your brush but wipe some out on a paper towel.

>> No.56735708

>All the ones I've used have been shit.
I don't mean to be insulting, but are you a braindead idiot? To play 40k on TTS you use several mods.
1) model mods
2) map mods
3) rules and datacards mods

The ones in the picture are ancient and garbage models from way way back. The game has become much easier to play on TTS because of datacards for units now, and the removal of "special rules", so you don't need to have loads of random pdfs open when you play, you can just use the datacards

One of the hangovers from 7th edition was that map makers towards the end of 7th went nuts in terms of map detail, because 7th was much more capable of handling different terrains, whereas 8th seems to much prefer terrain pieces, as opposed to the more granular approach that map makers on TTS got into.

>> No.56735723

you shouldnt be using white scar except for highlights.

use ulthuan grey, or ceramite white, in two thin coats.

then white scar for final highlights. for what its worth, the Army Painter Pure White is just as bad as White Scar, if not worse.

>> No.56735727

Im not but thank you for the concern.

thank you for the advice though!

>> No.56735744

>Army Painter Pure White is just as bad as White Scar

I actually find it much better for thinning.

>> No.56735780

It's the head feathers that got me fucked up. It kept running off where I was painting so I decided to coat the whole of it before I snapped a brush.

Don't think I've ever been that frustrated, gonna use Vallejo electric blue to make a cheap blue hue effect

>> No.56735787

Man what a beautiful piece of art

>> No.56735804

what's the deal with spooky floating speaker man?

>> No.56735805

Wow, I got a fleck of white on the backpack, fuck me silly

>> No.56735825

> Sanguinor and Sanguinary Guards from afar.

Did not notice that the fist time I see it.

>> No.56735836

Which model has higher damage output on the table: Mortarion or Magnus?

>> No.56735842

in my experience Morty

>> No.56735877

I guess that makes sense since he costs a bit more.

>> No.56735894

>Tfw Perty never
>if we do get him, he’ll have stupid looking ornate baroque armor and demon cancer tumors everywhere instead of looking jagged, riveted, and filled with tubes and bullets and guns and more tubes

It hurts

>> No.56735922

My Bjorn.... all the gold was a bitch to paint but i think I did ok seeing as I started painting in July.

>> No.56735928

Yo. 5th legion represent.

>> No.56735936

He would probably look like an obliterator on steroids. Problem is GW thinks chaos undivided is too confusing so very unlikely we'll get him any time soon.

>> No.56735937

Anyone know any good bitz sites? I haven't had any luck with them.

>> No.56735945

>tfw no rules to use HH models in 40k e.g. Daemon Primarchs assuming a "human" form, or otherwise
>tfw no rules for Iron Circle beepboops with Iron Warriors CSM

>> No.56735948

Over half of the players in my area are Tyranid players. Obviously that means Tyranids are the most popular army!

Also, kill me.

>> No.56735953

Hi Tom

>> No.56735954

>tfw all I care about is more Primaris and Primarch releases now

feels comfy

>> No.56735965

Not bad at all


>barrels on cannon not drilled/marked
At least paint a black circle on the ends or something.

>> No.56735977

I want Dorn soooo badly.

>> No.56735987


>> No.56735994

>More primaris and Primarchs
more primaris for my bros DA as a christmas gift and Fuck all mad angron for me is all i want in life
and DKOK to be able to be shipped to my local gw so i dont have to pay shipping

>> No.56736002

>Something like a list of buffs or conditions that can help armies be a little more unique. E.g. I have a homebrew Dangles successor that kinda suffers from my inability to take Sammael or Azrael, which you oculd say is the price of a custom paint scheme

You can run named characters as count-as. If you're running a DA successor surely your chapter tactics would be Dark Angels (when they come out) therefore you can take Sammael or Azrael as your own chapter master with a sufficiently epic kitbashed/converted model.

>Y'know what'd be cool? If there was some kind of table for adding custom traits to homebrew chapters/septs/cabals etc. Since homebrews can't take characters from regular lists.

This is why HQ's often come with many wargear options, as well as relics, warlord traits, and pregame strategems like chapter master, to yourdudes things up.

Your suggestion fucken sucks and is redundant.

>> No.56736005

Say I have ten tactical dudes and I want to break them into combat squads, can I put both of the special weapons in one squad?

>> No.56736011

>Liking Angry Ron

>> No.56736012

I just want more primarchs, more primaris might be cool.

>> No.56736013

Yeah you can split them up however you like.

>> No.56736022

Noice. Mini Devestators in Razorbacks for DAYS

>> No.56736024

>I just want more primarchs
you are everything that is wrong with the direction this game is going

>> No.56736025

>No Iron Circle beep boops

This is the biggest Fucking crime and someone needs to legitimately get an ass kicking for us still not having rules for them

>> No.56736026

i havent seen his rules but last i remember he has a body guard, anyone who goes near him is weakened and takes damage and his sycthe is op af so hes a bitch to kill for WE that is

>> No.56736037


All ork guns should cost 0 points as they dont hit anything anyway

Especially when -2 to hit crops up so frequently in games now. Ork shooting is literally turned off by a -2 to hit

>> No.56736042

might just be better to run them as two separate squads so you can get another sergeant with his own special weapon

>> No.56736048

Super unlikely.
>among the least popular, doesn't even have a HH model
>massive dissonance between fan fiction and actual lore, especially among TTSfags
>return/reason for absence is guaranteed to be a massive asspull
Even if GW does it, no one will be happy with the result.

>> No.56736050

will do! still have some cleaning up to do. Kind of want to make the highlights a little more solid and straighter haha.

>> No.56736051


Orks should be squatted because they're a shit faction who bring nothing of value to the setting

>> No.56736053

Why do these exist?

>> No.56736054

> REEEEE stop liking what I don't like.

Sure buddy.

>> No.56736070

For Guard and because that was the original infantry stand for all army for a while

>> No.56736071


>> No.56736077

I'd like some more of both, please.

>> No.56736080



>> No.56736090

Your army is shit and should be squatted

I bed you dont even paint your minisif you even own any

>> No.56736097

>who bring nothing of value to the setting
They bring heart.

>> No.56736104

To be fair, I feel like part of the reason why IF are less popular is that GW doesnt properly support them. Two of their successor chapters get more support than they do. It also doesn't help that GW gives them shitty rules.

>> No.56736111

Opinion orks should have a special rule that goes
Dakka Dakka Dakka: all Shootas are 3+ to hit regardless of modifiers

>> No.56736123

*5+ to hit

>> No.56736125


>> No.56736133

If we do get more Primarchs what will the factions other than Marines and Chaos get ass-pulled so that they can try to keep up?

>> No.56736136

god I'm glad that guy grew out of his edgy neonazi phase, he absolutely nails the ridiculous chaos aesthetic

>> No.56736140

Ork shooting should never be affected by any modifiers as they dont aim anyway

>> No.56736141

4+ to hit, and extra shots on 6s, and on 6s so do those and so on.

>> No.56736142

People who take what's shown in 'If the Emperor had a text to speech device' as fact.

>> No.56736144

If the emperor had a Text To Speech device
its a youtube series that from what i can gather half of 40kg hates and half likes

>> No.56736150

People who like If the Emperor Had a Text to Speech Device, it portrays Dorn as being so honest to a massive fault that it is comical.

>> No.56736177

What is the best Lemon rust variant

>> No.56736187

Due to warp rift fuckery I am expecting Puretide and Vect to show up at some point

>> No.56736192

Pask punisher.

>> No.56736193

Oh. Well Dornfags annoy me simply because they actually believe that Dorn knew the Iron Cage was a trap and he willingly went straight into it and got the shit kicked out of him but somehow this was a “victory”

Like god damn it’s so painfully obvious when you read both sides of the story (that were released one month of each other) that the Dorn half is Imperial Propaganda

>> No.56736204


>> No.56736214

You might like TTSfags then it has Dorn not knowing it was a trap he just did the iron cage because spectral ghost emperor told him to do it.

>> No.56736215

Orks will atleast have Prime Ghazghkull. Others are destined to squatted when Primarchs walk the earth again.

>> No.56736217

Same goes for Guard. We have fuck all that could be considered equal to a primarch, unless they bring back Solar Macharius as like a demi-god or something.

>> No.56736220

I 100%agree

>> No.56736223

Eldar will get wraithguard heroes.
Dark eldar will get haemonculus heroes.
Orks will get some kind of ork war engine.
Demons will get a demon engine.
Tyranids will probably get a tyranid.
Necrons will get a laser necron.
Tau will get a flyer.

>> No.56736224

Of course it's imperial propaganda. It's war everything is propaganda, much like all of the lies the Allies put out about what the Third Reich allegedly did in WW2

>> No.56736227


>> No.56736232

I keep reading this complaint:
>x is not popular because GW doesn't properly support it
This simply isn't true. If people really wanted something, they would be inspired to model/write about it themselves. This is a creative hobby after all.

>> No.56736242

More expensive, less special rules, not a character. Not comparable.

>> No.56736246

is battle force lemon so i dont think i can
fuck you that thing is lie a 100 bucks im not willing to spend for a thing im probably not gonna use besides id probably turn it into a RvB reference and then never let it die

>> No.56736248

Not really. It's a game, and getting shafted all the time because your rules are weaker doesn't support players taking the time to stick with the army.

>> No.56736252

Only a small percentage of educated people can tell if something is propaganda or not. That's why it works in real life. Not to mention GW/BL writes their pro-imperial and pro-tau propaganda very well.

>> No.56736254

And the game will be forever better for that.

>> No.56736256

>If people really wanted something, they would be inspired to model/write about it themselves.
Can you provide some examples of what you're talking about where that complaint is raised and people aren't doing that?

>> No.56736269

That I can agree with. Rules writing is really hit or miss with some things being obviously better than others.

>> No.56736271


>> No.56736278

You won't get shit. The idea that every faction needs to have some overpriced giant figurehead model is retarded. CWE and IG do just fine without them.

>> No.56736281

Can you declare a charge against a transport and its occupants?

>> No.56736311

It’s pretty interesting how people can look at the Iron Cage and honestly believe that Dorn knew it was a trap but believed he and his legion needed to endure the “pain gauntlet” and sacrifice themselves to get down to under 1000 size. That’s such a bullshit explaination and also retarded as fuck. Plus the way Dorns side was written was extremely biased about how noble and smart Dorn was. Perturabos side was actually the more accurate telling given that, when you look at how the even played out and how many Fucking fists died, plus factoring in the fact that Dorn was a well known hot head who didn’t think things through, its impossible to consider the Dorn side as being accurate

>> No.56736321

>Daemons will get a Daemon Engine
No fuck you. Give me Ka'Bandha you whores.

>> No.56736326

Amen to that. God bless autistic 40k nerds, obscure PDFs, and green stuff.

>> No.56736341

yes you can charge a transport, and no you can't legally target occupants as they aren't on the table

>> No.56736435

Men of War Assault Squad 2 with UWM 40K mod

>> No.56736584

Because flying chainsaws are cool you mong.

>> No.56736610

Me again, what do you guys think of the results? I'm happy it doesn't look as janky as it was. Ready to call it done

>> No.56736636

looks better, nice clean up on the splotch

>> No.56736734

What's the best shooty SM chapter?

>> No.56736778

Ultras because of Guilliman with Raven Guard being distant second.

>> No.56737001

This. Additionally, if you're willing to take a kill team which is not pure terminators (5 veterans and a vanguard) they can fall back and shoot again.)

>> No.56737177

So if I don't have rowboat, it'd be RG?

I'm playing red scorpions, so I don't really have access to UM characters

>> No.56737195

That made me smile

>> No.56737263

Is Lelith Hesperax worth taking over a regular Succubus in 8th?

The new blood dancer trait allows +3 hits on any hit roll of 6. She has 6 attacks normally +2 from her hair.

>> No.56737595

roughly equal in power

>> No.56737649

Just stick your unpainted spamlist on ebay with the rest of them

>> No.56737692

She is 50% more expensive than a succubus, but decidedly more killy. With the new trait, she does a little over 5 wounds with +1S drugs and +1 hit from PfP.

>> No.56737721

Very rarely are named characters worth taking over generic versions in 8th.
Especially since you can't modify the weapon/armor loadout of named characters.
Always doublecheck the wargear available to you. Armybook and Core rulebook to see if you can't make something comparable for fewer points.

>> No.56737756

Also, she absolutely murders characters because rerolling wounds. Since many if not most characters have a 4+ invul(at least HQs), the -1AP on the Impaler isn't a hindrence, and the D2 will effectively keep her damage the same.

>no one takes special characters in 8th
What the fuck are you smoking? Unless you're specifically calling out dark eldar, fucking everyone takes Super Heroes because they're strictly better.

>> No.56738226

If I'm facing Leman Russ spam, and Tau, should I Take a Maulerfeind with magma cutters or a ForgeFeind with Plasma guns?

>> No.56738661

Those must have been a soul-crushing amount of effort to make and they look fantastic for it.

>> No.56738808

Forge fiends are shit and magma cutters are shit, sorry anon.

>> No.56738947

So i bought a FW Deredo dreadnought at a facebook trading site and it appears that the (unopened) bag containing the model parts had TWO right lower legs instead of a left and a right lower leg.

is this sort of mistake usual and would FW be willing to send me the appropriate missing parts?

Pic related

>> No.56739156

I make the PDFs too. Looking for the epub

>> No.56739171

>including the thank HQ but place him like they cannot see him

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