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Blood Angles Edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for more Primaris stuff

>Stratagems and shit in Blood Angels codex, good shit here

>Daily Dunked Peaches

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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Should I play a homebrew all-Primaris Blood Angels successor or a homebrew renegade Iron Hands successor who fell to Nurgle using the DG codex?

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1st for AdMech transports when

>> No.56728338

First for The Dongcron

>> No.56728342

Home brew genestealer working with kronos, crushing against heretics for the 4 armed emperor

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Both sound fun.

I'd say the Iron Hands thing because it sounds more interesting, but you can't go wrong with either.

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Is miasma cannon worth taking for a kraken tyrant with wings?

>> No.56728358

Is there a pdf of the chapter approved yet?

>> No.56728370

Rise of the Ynnari Ghost Warrior share anyone?

>> No.56728373

Nth for staying stationary the entire game

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Has anyone else read in the grim darkness by guy haley? Came across it today, features cawl, and quite enjoyed it althoug there seems to be no mention of it on the black library site or google in general

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>new Blood Angle Primaris character is £15.
>the other Primaris characters were £22.50

What gives? Why isn't he as expensive as them?

>> No.56728388

I've got mine in hand, what do you want specifically? I'll see about doing scans.

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Shut the fuck up. Just be patient for it to be uploaded or spend the few bucks to buy it if you want it so much.

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Wouldn't traitor marines use the CSM codex with the mark of Nurgle?

>> No.56728410

Was the commissar nerf reverted? I heard rumors that it had been.

Also was there any changes to custodes or inquisition?

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First for competitive Tau. Join the greater good, Anon.

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He's a tactical marine with a sword

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if you can do a scan of the Deathwatch stuff it would be greatly appreciated

>> No.56728432

Incoming soon. Will check and post pics.

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Awesome dude! I'll be waiting

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Blood Angels have some great psychic powers for their heroes.

>Give a unit +1 attack
Good for your death company or whatever.

>give your psyker d3 extra attacks and +3 to their advances and charges
Great for getting in combat and killing shit.

>give your psyker 12" move and fly, reroll charges
Again, great for getting charges

People like Mephiston and psychic dreads will eat face.

Also the stratagems and relics are all great... man this codex looks so good. Compare it to shite like Grey Knights and its amazing.

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>only space marines are getting dice with their releases
>no nid dice
I'm not salty but what the fuck

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How important are psykers?

>> No.56728474

Also, Blood Boil got changed to be more of a character sniper type thing.

>Pick a unit within 6" (So its short range), roll 2d6 and if you get more than their toughness deal D3 MW. If you get double or more of their toughness (6 or 8 seems easy enough), deal 3 MW.

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I'm salty also. Guard didn't get dice.

>> No.56728477

>Stratagems and shit in Blood Angels codex, good shit here

That fucking writer is cringe incarnate.

>> No.56728479

What up with Baal Preds, and assault marines? Anything good?
SG improvements?
Are vehicles fast again?

>> No.56728493

I forgot guard existed for a month.
Why did you do this to me?
But yeah guard should have gotten dice too.

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>CA only has rules for LAND RAIDERS and no other custom vehicles.


>> No.56728504

Didnt eldar get dice?
I'm salty af about the nid dice though. I was ready to buy like 50 of them but apparently GW hates my money

>> No.56728514

>get to move twice and use the engine boost both times
Bangels gotta go fast

>> No.56728522

Quite important I'd say. You get some good powers and smite is always good.

Marines get buffed indirectly from Red Thirst, some really solid stratagems and so on.

Baal Predator might actually go up in points, at least if you use twin assault cannon. There is a stratagem where you can advance a baal predator 2d6 and an extra 6 to your normal movement. So very fast in a pinch. Mite b cool with the flamer variant.

>> No.56728530

Has Chapter Approved dropped yet so that I can be disappointed

>> No.56728532

I want to build an entire army around Storm Guardians. The idea of a bunch of former warriors turned farmers picking up the blade again to charge into certain death is too fun to pass up. What's the best way of doing this? Big blocks supported by Warlocks on foot? As many Wave Serpent squads as possible? Something else entirely?

I'm aware that dedicated melee aspects are better but I don't care

>> No.56728535

Just order some custom ones from chessex

>> No.56728540

Depends on your army.
Take Orkz for example.
If you're running stompy orkz loaded with deff dreads, Killa cans and such, you "might" take one to counter psycher powers.
If you're running green tide with all the boyz, you'd be stupid not to take at least 2, as comboing Da jump and Warpath lets a unit of 30 boyz deepstrike, charge(with re-rolls), and then make 4-5 attacks each + slugga shot, more than enough to crush or cripple most infatry units.

>> No.56728541

Hes a Lieutenant, the other characters were a librarian a captain a chaplain and a apothecary.

>> No.56728564 [DELETED] 

Death guard characters are $25 too, they heard the complaints about $35 tactical marines

>> No.56728583

>no point change for Magnus or Morty
>Gman only 25pts more
>Cawl is 10pts cheaper

>> No.56728588

We already got dice. I have some.

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Why are they releasing Dark Angels 1 week after Blood Angels?

>> No.56728606

AM don't even have a section in here.

DW Warlord Trait:
Bane of Monstrosities - Warlord may re-roll failed wounds vs vehicles/monsters.

DW Relic:
The Beacon Angelis - Once per battle at the end of your movement phase, the bearer can use it to teleport a unit to his position. When he does so, select a friendly DW Infantry or Biker unit that is on the field or in the teleportarium. Remove the unit and set it up wholly within 6" of the bearer, and more than 9" away from any enemy model (any model that cannon be set up is slain).

DW Stratagems
Clavis - 1 CP
Use this stratagem in your fight phase. Select an enemy Vehicle within 1" of a Watch Master from your army and roll a d5. On 2+ the vehicle suffers d3 mortal wounds.

Death to the Alien! - 1CP
Use this stratagem before a DW unit from your army is chosen to attack in any fight phase. Each time you make a hit of 6+ for a model in this unit during this fight phase, it can, if it is target a unit that does not have the IMPERIUM, CHAOS or UNALIGNED keyword, immediately make an extra attack against the same unit using the same weapon. These extra attacks cannot themselves generate any further attacks.

I'll try and do a scan later but that's what's there.

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dont need them. bring a lucius detachment to replace your mars one.

>> No.56728615

I've got mine in hand, what do you want to know, Anon? I'll be doing scans later if I can get my printer/scanner to quit being a jew cause it doesnt have toner.

>> No.56728622

Thanks man

>> No.56728626

>I'm not salty but what the fuck
You certainly are. I cold give you my Death Guard dice if you'd like to play that blessed Leviathan tendril?

>> No.56728628

Because they want there to always be something new for sale.

Patience, Brother.

>> No.56728629

Because Dark Angels are useless.

>> No.56728634

Pics? If it's just the nid symbol on 6 then I'm not interested. Death guard got cool custom dice, why can't they out effort into some xeno dice like that?

>> No.56728641

Can you post a print of the VDR?

>> No.56728656

>the state of NPCs

>> No.56728657

What's the difference between the Eternal war and Maelstrom of War missions?

>> No.56728666

Anything for Imperial Knights or Custodes?

>> No.56728667

Anons of the word, how is this list?

Word bears, 2000 pts, 10cp

SupCom Detachment
Dark Apostle - cursed crozius
Exalted Champion with power axe
Exalted Champion with power maul


10x cultists with choppas
10x cultists with choppas
10x cultists with choppas

4x Fallen wth plasma guns, combi plasma champion wth power sword
5x possessed marines

D Thirster
Original recipe Thirster

10x blood letters
10x blood letters
10x blood letters

3x Blood Crushers
3x Blood Crushers

I'm hoping for point drops and buffs for daemons. I just want a small group of badass chaos marines leading cultist hordes and summoning some daemons. I know word bearers are... only slightly better than black legion, but 10cp has to count for something right?

>> No.56728670

the retards who are taking cawl would probably still take him if he was 325 points. He's still not worth it at 240.

>> No.56728671

They were purple and clear plastic.

>> No.56728672

I might just prime some of the death guard and paint behemoth colors on them

>> No.56728678

if the Orks are as a big of a let down as the leaks suggested

>Kill Tank got a 120 point increase

>> No.56728679

During deployment, can you deploy transports with units in them, or do you have to occupy the transports on the first turn?

>> No.56728686


Overestimated legion

They are not the best at melee,at siege,at stealth,at armored warfare

But they are the best at betraying their own legion brothers

>> No.56728688

>eating salt free chips

>> No.56728690

Those are GSC dice, but they might do.

>> No.56728695

Yeah, but they are still Tyranid symbol branded.

>> No.56728697 [DELETED] 

enjoy your ban dude this is a blue board

>> No.56728698

Those are GSC

>> No.56728700

You don't really need exalted champions in your list by the looks of it.

Dark Apostle might be nice though.

Consider dropping supreme command stuff for more boots on the ground.

>> No.56728712

eternal war missions are scored at the end and most involve holding objectives at the end of the game.
maelstrom missions you randomly generate a couple of objectives out of 40 every turn and try to score them during your turn.

>> No.56728718

Well, if they were gonna release Ork dice, it'd have to be a bucket of like, 60-80 for all the boyz.

>> No.56728723


>> No.56728724

I assume they're going 1 Imperium, then one xenos/chaos, then 1 imperium, 1 chaos/xenos. Blood Angels came out so now it's Dark Angels turn.

>> No.56728750

not sure, but Ulthwe is known for using lots of storm guardians (black guardians only exist in the fluff now) while Iyaden works better do to only losing 1 model to morale. if you're going the guardian route wave serpents and warwalkers are also fluffy

i would do at least 1 block of 20 deepstriking in near or with a warlock while warwalkers play havoc on the sides

>> No.56728757

>tfw Watchers are in the codex meaning that GW does a chaos+xenos release at once so we can get TWO weeks of imperial releases
yes please

>> No.56728782

>OOP since forever
>one box on ebay for 70€

>> No.56728785

Ork warlord trait: Might is Right
Warlord gets +1 Strength

Ork Relic: Headwoppa's Killchoppa
Ork Character with Big Choppa only.
+2S, -2AP, d3 Damage
Special: Wound rolls of 6+ made for this weapon inflict D3 mortal wounds instead of normal damage.

Ork Stratagems:

Mob Up - 1CP
Select two ORK INFANTRY units within 2" of each other that has the same datasheet. If one has 10 or more models and the other has 10 or fewer models, the two units merge and for the all intents and purposes are considered one unit for the rest of the battle.

Use before an ORK INFANTRY or BIKER unit shoots in your shooting phase. Each roll of 6+ for a model in that unit, immediately make an extra attack against the same target unit using the same weapon. These attacks cannot generate further attacks.

I won't bother posting a phonepic of the table for points since that's been leaked and is not changed.

>> No.56728805

Is something wrong with my primer?

I asked for advice in an earlier thread and I made sure to spray from 1-2cm, I did it outside and I did it in one long take.

>> No.56728807

Hmm. Okay. I kinda had this idea about using the loud voice trait to get several cultist squads with re rolling hits and exalted re rolling wounds then spamming the votlw and tide of traitors stratagems.

Should I bother with cypher and friends? I just realized they probably can't even infiltrate. Could ditch them for 80 million more scrub cultists.

I just think he looks cool and haven't used him yet

>> No.56728815

What are the differences between the loyalist and chaos rhino models? Are they just aesthetic? I'm building a chaos army but with primarily loyalist models; so they're like a 30k legion transported into 40k. I want to get a loyalist rhino model, but if the kits and weapons are really different, I don't want to waste $40.

>> No.56728817

Yeah I'm gonna make my own. Hopefully 2 thin layers of paint with ard coat on death guard dice doesn't dq them from playing

>> No.56728822

>1-2CM away

nigga what, you're supposed to be like a foot away. And shake the fuck out of your can.

Enjoy stripping your boogercoat off.

>> No.56728827

you did everything wrong
do short burst at 20cm

>> No.56728830

Yeah man, he's cool. Go for cool.

>> No.56728831

Ya dun got goof'd on son

>> No.56728834

Im not sure what to think of these, it's pretty bad

>> No.56728839

How cold was it outside?

>> No.56728845


Good point, I forgot about the deep strike rule. That could be fun. I was planning on using a bunch of War Walkers anyway as they're my favourite CWE model desu.

Probably just going to go with Ulthwé for fluff reasons but their black guardians are different than everyone else's guardians


I'm aware of that anon, that's literally my point. Storm Guardians often walked an Aspect path in the past. Now they're potters or whatever.

>> No.56728851


>> No.56728868

There are slight weapon differences I believe, but I'm pretty sure you can at least proxy across pretty easily.

>> No.56728879

Sorry. :P

I also have Black Templar to go with my Armageddon Steel Legion and they sure as hell aren't getting dice.

>> No.56728890

Chaos Rhino has a Havoc Launcher option.

That's about it. If you want value, get a predator kit. That way you can have a Rhino that can be a tank when you want one.

>> No.56728895

I am running EC and want to use some possessed for CC.

What's the best/most efficient CP way to get an AL/renegade detachment of them into my army? Patrol? Vanguard? Auxilliary?

Alternatively convince me to take them as EC, it just doesn't seem good enough.

>> No.56728897

If I want to go for a Dreadnought-centric army as Ultramarines, how many Dreadnoughts should I bring for a 2000-2500 point game? Should I bother getting them Stormravens or would footslogging suffice?

>> No.56728903

Was planning some hive fleet kronos nids as my army, what would be some fun fluffy conversions to make them more then just a paint job?

>> No.56728939

Lets you run a 40 blob if you -really- need to stretch your FOC chart (10+30).

DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA! is fucking good though, use that shit with lootas. Hose fuckers down.

>> No.56728941

Havok launcher vs hunter killer missiles

>> No.56728943


>> No.56728949

Go for renegades. 1/2 possessed and 1/2 hellbrutes in a vanguard detachment.

>> No.56728965

Get the chaos one anyway because it'd literally the same with an extra sprue for the chaos bits. If you go predator like the other Anon said, get the chaos predator for the same reason. Otherwise, the only difference is chaos gets a frag missile and combi weapons

>> No.56728968

Anyone have any games today?

I played a horrible one. Open War twist that totally fucked me up. 1 3rd of your army gets deployed at a time and the other 2 3rds come in basically like deepstrike but not actually deepstrike. Failed every single useful charge I attempted. Shooting mostly missed with nice rolls like 3+ to hit with 12 shots and making 3. Psychic Powers were mostly stopped. I killed 5 Plague Marines, almost killed 1 Rhino and brought Mortarian down to 8 wounds. He killed like 70% of my army. At least the guy and everyone else hanging around us made it fun.

>> No.56728980

I think it'll look really cool to have like, this guy and some of the chosen crew from dark vengeance leading a big cultist mobs.

I only wish they had like a stratagem to suicide bomb people like in dawn of war 2.

>> No.56729002

I played a ladder match against a friend and managed to roll three 1s when I needed four 2+ hit rolls, and the single hit I managed was also a 2+ wound and it also rolled a 1.

HQs that don't re-roll 1s are fucking bad and I hope GW shoots whoever made GSC so fucking terrible.

>> No.56729035

That's so sad. I feel for you.

>> No.56729055


>> No.56729063

What would be the actual difference between those and Tyranid dice Anon?

>> No.56729075

It doesn't have to be kronos man, you can use the same premise and make it your own, it's not like the nids are goin to put all their chaos killing eggs in one basket

>> No.56729100

Sort those mould-lines you lazy fuck.

>> No.56729106

The only reason I hesitate to do that is I wouldn't have access to the sonic dreadnought version of the hellbrute.

>> No.56729137

Don't for for that, go for stabby hellbrutes.

Twin fist ones are really cheap with CA and power scourge + ranged weapons ones are good in themselves.

>> No.56729147

chaos daemons here, i feel your pain

>greater daemons allow you to use their leadership
>heralds give +1 strength

>> No.56729148

I think my Tyrant tanked roughly 700 points of orks and taking only 3 wounds, killing maybe 300 points worth of meganobz and warbosses over 2 turns.
Then disengaging and taking the last wounds on a group of 2 killakans, securing an objective marker, getting a point for killing something with a monster, and another point for because I held 3 objective at the end of turn.

He was even alive at the end of the game.

10/10 HQ

>> No.56729153

Yeah but 10pts on top of that for a doom siren.

the big reason is that the 3 contemptor models I have are all EC painted with doom sirens

I do see your point though

>> No.56729156

I showed up late for a game so we played an open war mission. It was pretty good in the end, tyranids vs imperial guard infantry spam.
I jumped on him turn 1 and started chomping as many infantry men as I could but there were just too many and he had too many heavy weapons teams.

The funny thing is, turned out no one else showed up that day for tables so we could have just played a full game.

>> No.56729158


where do you live? Weather can do crazy shit to primer.

Also the hell is wrong with you don't prime in white you mong

>> No.56729168


>> No.56729176

Reroll all failed hits, and survivability is bad?

>> No.56729185

Yeah not to mention my opponent drew literally every card he scored off perfectly, and rolled his saves on roughly 2/3s of the wounds I made.

And my Harpy trio with their 2d3 Lascannon shots threw a total of 8 shots between them before dying horribly after failing charges and getting blown out of the sky by his units.

There is no cure for bad rolling. Granted, I was playing GSC so I was already going to lose before my dice decided to be moody pieces of shit in need of mydol and ice cream, but whatever.

>> No.56729189

I played against him yesterday, it was pretty one sided but I think that his aura was pretty good.

Had no idea he was so expensive though.

>> No.56729205

I was playing EC, 4 NM squads, a 10 man plasma terminator bomb with a lord/sorc, an obliterator squad, and a DP w/ wings.

He got first turn and blew up my rhinos, but I dropped in the terminators, did the 3CP combo and chewed up his castellans, got the knight to 1W

>> No.56729212

>240pts for re-rolling missed shots in a 9" bubble
>nigh immortal
>big ass fuck-you zap gun
>choppy as fuck too
Are you high or retarded?

>> No.56729214

Embrace it and go for a cracked marble statue look.

>> No.56729226

>dont prime in white

Unless you know, you're doing colors that need a light base to show up. Like, maybe yellow?

>> No.56729229

What did you faggots do?


>> No.56729254


>> No.56729277

DAKKA! DAKKA! DAKKA! stratagem is shit, with a full 15 looters you get 1, maybe 2 more hits, not to mention that you have to kick it in before you see how many shots you get.
You are better off spending the 1 CP to reroll the number of hits on the Lootas.

>> No.56729279

It turns out every Primarch was in stasis! (Except Ferrus. RIP)

>> No.56729297

>implying you can't do both
You can re-roll the dice for the shots AND use the stratagem, idiot. Have you not used a horde of Lootas before? They're a fucking monstrous force to be reckoned with.

>> No.56729299

anyone got that new white scars book last hunt?

>> No.56729304

Ferrus is coming back as ghostrider at the head (hue) of the legion of the damned.

>> No.56729308


Ferrus's head was in stasis!

>> No.56729323

>this Primaris shill is actually not keen on Sanguinius coming back


>> No.56729330

Im tempted to get the Myphitic hauler when it comes out on Dec.
Anyone proxied it yet? How do they fare in the battlefield?
Im uncertain between getting 3 of em or one or tww more blightdrones(currently i have only the one from the DG set)
Thanks in advance mates

>> No.56729331

Those aren't chips, they're crisps

>> No.56729338

>Defiantly pillaging

>> No.56729344

You know it's true.

>> No.56729351

Hello fellow kids! Have you preordered your Blood Angels™ Primaris™ Intercessors™ yet?

>> No.56729365

>Reroll isnt that great an army that already mostly hits on 3s and rerolls 1s.
>t6, 5+ invuln, 8w... not very tough. I dont know what to say except that hes really not hard to kill.
>10" melta pistol is the only ranged weapon for your 240 pt unit thats babysitting all your 36"+ range guns
>very good in cc but his aura discourages allowing him to get in cc

he is 120 points more than a dominus which does pretty much all of that, slightly worse, and can be kitted out to, say, buff cc units or teleport.
By taking him you are forced to take Mars, which is really not a good forgeworld. other, better forgeworlds have ways of keeping shroudpsalm on every turn too, and give other defensive buffs. The stratagem is overrated.

Not worth it.

People who take cawl are typically new to admech or bad, or both.

>> No.56729378

No, I'm waiting on the Dark Angels version.

>> No.56729392

Speaking of this, why would you realistically run something like Intercessors or Tacticals in a Blood Angels list?

95% of your psychic bonuses, warlord traits, stratagems, relics and so on support jump pack fight phase stuff. Why do you need these guys?

>> No.56729394


Red Ultramarines - Batallion Detachment

>> No.56729397

>People who take cawl are typically new to admech
Or just like him. You are not forced to min-max everything, you know.
you have to admit the model looks great.

>> No.56729406

Go to bed seth

>> No.56729412

Wasting 2 CP and 255points on a unit of 15 Lootas and hope you roll well.
What are they suppose to kill? I does like 6 wounds with all that to a Razorback.
It's shit, stop believing the hype and actually use it.

>> No.56729423

I love that goofy-ass face

>> No.56729427

Melta or plasma for death guard that lack anti armor.

Gonna run in a group of ten with five of the guns and have them in a rhino. Or I might foot slog if I run plasma only.

>> No.56729443

renegade mutilators, yea or nay?

>> No.56729444

Primaris Marines would fit the shooty Dark Angels style better wouldn't they? Lorewise we have to wait for the upcoming novel.

>> No.56729446

What about necrons?

>> No.56729453

Thats true. I actually own a cawl that I'm scared to paint, because I dont want to fuck up such an awesome model.

For casual/narrative/open play theres no reason not to take him. But thats not what we were talking about.

>> No.56729456

To fill out a vanguard, possessed, fisty-brute, mutilators, and some HQ

>> No.56729467

>>on wings of fire
>>No wings
Really gets the noggin joggin

>> No.56729471

Blight drones are always fun.

>> No.56729475

>GW replaces all of the BA flavor with more Primaris marines
>people will act surprised
In 5-7 years, the Primaris line will be the only marine line you can buy from GW. The manlets will still be legal but the support will disappear and all those Space Marine players will have to pony up more case for THE NEW GAMES WORKSHOP that they've praised for the past year, or find something else to play.

>> No.56729481

I do use it you fucking mong, why do you think I'm pushing it?

>> No.56729497

There's nothing awesome about an unpainted model.

>> No.56729507

>armies getting updates
>no new models
>anything wearing a fucking power armour gets an update
>3+ new kits

Fuck this retarded company.

>> No.56729508

Something's gotta sit on backfield objectives. a 5 man squad is fine.

>> No.56729512

They're shit. And it will only get worse. During 8th playtesting, there was concern that the Necrons were OP. Since the Codex has been built (structurally) for many months now, you can expect things the fluff to get even dumber, and for the army to perform even more poorly. Enjoy getting tabled.

>> No.56729516

You can always strip him.

>> No.56729518


You could say fire support... But you'd want -heavy- fire support. Like predators, shooty dreads and so on.

The only objectively useful to the core play style primaris units I can see are Inceptors really. Heavy Bolter spam on a relatively durable platform that can duck in and out of assault to shield itself.

>> No.56729524

If people have a legal Manlet army and are comfortable playing them, why will they need to spend more money?

>> No.56729534


>> No.56729535

Answer the first question tard, what are you capable of killing that is worth 2 CPs and 255 points?

>> No.56729550

The same reason there's not a lot of people playing with 2nd Ed. models.

>> No.56729552


I said "no because they squatted corsairs. I was waiting to see how they were in the new edition and buy 2k points of em at once too" which is true. Fuck FW. Now I know how Lost and the Damned players must have felt, except at least I didn't buy anything

>> No.56729553

Fuck off. if I want to leave my centerpieces primed until i'm sure I can do them justice I damn well will.

Nah. No rush to finish him. I never use him anymore. When I paint him it will be to get him perfect.

>> No.56729555

plasma is usually better, even if you don't supercharge you still have more hits and better range.
Agree, but he's not "that" bad as "im just wasted points". Its a bit overcosted but he does his job and is always a menace on the battlefield.

>> No.56729558

Well if you upgrade marines you can release 5 kits and sell them for about 5 armies.
Guard/xeno kit can only be sold to that only faction.
Besides Sisters also wear power armour

>> No.56729561

I thought world eaters were Russians not iron warriors?

>> No.56729563

Not everyone with power armour

>> No.56729592

Upcoming novel?

>> No.56729594

Over half of /tg/ are greytide fags, you waste your breath man.

>> No.56729595

He's not that bad but the robot/kataphron spam that he encourages is.

>> No.56729605


Yeah, but 2nd edition models look shit compared to modern models.

>> No.56729606

You guys didn't even get a new upgrade kit yet. I am sure new Sisters will be Primaris with just sister heads swapped in.

>> No.56729615

Hobby side is for cucks.

>> No.56729618

>Just bought Cawl, but don't like how mamy fiddly bits he has on him.
>Tell another guy at the LGS that there are some bits that i'll probably leave off when I build him, like the belly tentacle.
>>"But anon, Thats a weapon."
>>"Well, it wouldn't be WYSWYG!'

Are you kidding me? On a model like a captain or Chaos Lord, sure, you should put what you plan to run him with. But for a named character, why in the world would any one get pissy about that?

>> No.56729626

With 45 shots:
15 hits, 7 of those being 6s, giving us 2 more hits

17 hits, vs oh, say, Primaris Marines? They wound with 12-14 of them and lose 6-7 marines in the open or 3-5 marines in cover. This also kills any/all special Primaris marines not wearing Gravis, which would be lower in the casualty count but also far more points killed (since people don't tend to bring more than 3-5 special marines).

>> No.56729627

Might simply replace the Cannoness power sword (relic) with an evicerator and give the Relic to a geminae
One of the fat cows rides with the Battle Sisters squads for those 1's while the melee one with the Arco-fags

I could simply replace the BSS with Taurox Prime and Heavy Flamer retribution inside a Repressor to get about the same thing.

>> No.56729631

Left-handed nonsense.

>> No.56729645

Covering his armor and bits in leadbelcher and his cloak red and washing/ highlighting is like 80% of this guy. Just fill in the details and trimmings as you gain confidence. Any monkey with a brush can do the big steps and it'll look much better than a chaos black pile. Thin coats never hurt anything. Quit being scared.

>> No.56729656


Cawl is, for the most part, a pretty well balanced mess of cluttered admech asthetic, but I'd agree his belly goes too far. Needs some negative space there to balance out the detail elsewhere.

>> No.56729658

You could do that, but if you're going mono-Nurgle, you might as well use the book dedicated to Nurgle marines.

>> No.56729667

Hey, another big centerpiece model that everyone will field because their rules are overpowered so kids will spend the $100 for it, making it even harder to go anywhere with non meta lists.

Fuck this shit, GW should have made Primarch models exclusively for narrative play and kept them out of matched. And it wouldn't even have impacted their sales much, seeing that everyone who constantly brings their faggy primaris always assured me theur were a long time fan of that model.

>> No.56729714

I mean we left handed people are just superior to all you righties.

>> No.56729731

The big issue with Morty and Magnus is how easy it is to throw them into soup lists.

>> No.56729736

Can I put Tempistus Scions in a Stormlord?

>> No.56729759

this is from reddit

>> No.56729770

Custom dice where all the faces are fucked up suck balls. Dice should have at most one weird face.

>> No.56729771

how the fuck do you know, interloper?

>> No.56729775


Left hand rule, Jack.

>> No.56729782

Sounds like something someone from reddit would say.

>> No.56729790

I always assumed that manlet marines were lefties, because it's harder to aim a gun with your offhand than swing a sword. I, for one, am glad that GW has switched to making models for us, the right-handed majority.

>> No.56729795

im a proud redditor! xd! i relate to many here as i am a le memer as well. much wow!

>> No.56729805

So you have a 5/9 chance to roll 3 shots each, ok lets assume that happens.

You shoot at Primaris Marines, lets assume that someone actually fields these overpriced mongs outside of Open Play, wow you just killed 90 points, less if they are in cover, and none at all if they are Raven Guard.

Fuck off and take your shit opinions to DakkaDakka mate.

>> No.56729819

Such a waste of money. Like why even buy a product you aren't even gonna finish? It's not like the game is spectacular on its own.

>> No.56729822

Anyone got a scan of the VDR pages?

>> No.56729839

I dunno man pyskers in any Ork list is sort of a must; boy spam or no. Warpath applies to ANY ork unit and fairly cheap psykers makes for a good source of smite. I generally always bring atleast 1; preferably 2.

>> No.56729860

Riptides should get a 29 point drop

>> No.56729872

They're dog shit. Anyone that says DakkaDakka is good is a shill or a retard.

>> No.56729880

You've got it all wrong, Mob Up is the good stratagem while Dakka! is the utterly shit one, I'd rather reroll a failed wound that waste any CP on that stratagem.

>> No.56729883

Do you have other units to shift into that detachment?

>> No.56729897


>> No.56729898

I suppose even on a Morkanaught (Or possibly Gorkanaut) or Stompa warpath could mean a few more kills.
I do think 'eadbanger isn't bad for an alternate smite either.

>> No.56729911

I can only see using dakka on tank bustas because of their reroll against vehicles and the increased value of landing an additional hit compared to other weapons.

>> No.56729924

Why do these Chapters need a Codex? Why can't they just share a Codex with the Ultramarines? They're all going to be Ultramarine-Lite anyways due to the Primaris.

>> No.56729926


My EC army looks like this

4 NM
2 Cultists

10m plasma terminator bomb

I want a dedicated CC units, so I'd like the possessed but EC tactics aren't good for them.

Models I have are:
Hellbrutes ([email protected] contemptors with chaos bits) x3
Mutilators (Converted centurions, I use these for obliterators/mutilators) x6
Possessed x 20
Chosen x10
Fallen x10 (DV dark angels)
Cultists for days
Fabulous Bill

>> No.56729928

So it turns out Codex CSM Rubric sorcerers deal bonus damage on smite on an 11+, but index version (and by extension Scarab Occult sorcerers, which aren't in the codex) deal bonus damage on a 10+. Huh.

>> No.56729937

That's also incorrect, the current symbol GW seems to use is the double ripper, not the warrior head.

>> No.56729954

Warboss with the new trait and the Big Choppa relic look pretty decent (4 S9 attacks hitting on 2s). And Mob Up can be pretty good if not a bit situational. Dakka! is completely and utter shite though 99% of the time.

>> No.56729961

Even with a full size Loota mob AND 3 shots, DakkaDakka only need an additional 2.5 hits. It's garbage; they should have just given them Endless Cacophony.

>> No.56729965

cause we need different flavors of vanilla apparently

>> No.56729971

>Some 30% stratagems are extremely niche or useless
This is true for every codex so far.

>> No.56729974

Kill yourself, I'll play my Orks the way I want to and you can sit and spin on your fat ass.

>> No.56729975

BA need a huge amount of command points. Intercessors are decently efficient if they shoot+charge with red thrist and are obsec and decently hard to remove. Two Tac squads with HB and a Missile Launcher can be alright with Flak Missile and Hellfire rounds to put wounds on Primarchs/Hive Tyrants, sitting them back with a lascannon each is alright as well since BA can't take the efficient FW vehicles.

>> No.56729987

>1-2 cm
I hope you mean 10-20cms.

>> No.56729994

What's the most punishing WAAC army list I can go for with a heavy infantry SM army?

I ask because I run red scorpions in a, laughably bad, fluffy way. I have about a 45% WR with them but it's a blast for me.

If someone wants to say no FW rules, I want something I can use these guys as and crush him to bits.

I probably don't have access to girlyman, as I feel proxying him would be really gay

>> No.56730017

Why is Russ so powerful on table top? He literally gets rekt by abbadon in the fluff

>> No.56730025

No what he did was hold it directly under his left nostril.

That's step 1.

Then he put the primer can's nozzle FAR up his right nostril.

That's step 2.

I'm going to let you guess what step 3 was.

>> No.56730026

>stupid opinions get btfo with actual math
>k-kill yourself!

>> No.56730033

Yeah knights got new stuff
A relic
S:+6 AP:-3 D:6
Warlord trait:+1 attack
A stratagem: +1 to your invul for the phase 1CP
A point change for a FW knight Porphryrion:600
As for golden boys nothing

>> No.56730034

Dudes, still at the beginning of collecting admech and I really dig the heavy supports and the robo-chickens.
Any ideas for a cool list to have the best synergy among them?

>> No.56730039

When do they ever interact?

>> No.56730052

So are Chaos Gods gonna do anything now that their manlet Chaos marines are outmatched by the new Chad Astrartes?

>> No.56730053

Anything for inquisition?

>> No.56730061

Ya warpath could potentially be 3 more kills if you use the other profile. Never really used 'eadbanger myself since the other two powers are generally much better and the weirdboy is only a level 1 pysker.

>> No.56730064

>tfw will never decide on an army

>> No.56730068

WAAC list abuse broken cheese more than being collections of above average units. Azrael's helmet giving vehicles 4++ for instance, or Eldar -hit stacking. Red Scorpions can't do anything exceptionally broken, especially with infantry builds.

>> No.56730073

He took it out of his nose and then sprayed an even coat on the mini from 1-2 feet away during good weather?

>> No.56730086

You are too pure a soul for this toilet of a site

>> No.56730089

this is he reaction of man whos lost.

>> No.56730109

Who are the equivalent primarchs to all the characters in Always Sunny?

>> No.56730114

I just hate that one stupid tentacle that juts out. What In the name of the Omnissiah could be the use of such an appendage.

>> No.56730133

No faction rules.
Unless you count grey knights or sisters, inquisition received no non forge world changes.
vortimer pattern razorback has went to 70pts
thunderhawk assault gunship is now 1130.

>> No.56730135

Cool Story Reece

>> No.56730162

I don't really like Magnus, but I got one to handle enemy big shit.

>> No.56730187

Could you post what dark eldar got?

>> No.56730200

>not a disciple of tzeentch

>> No.56730203


>> No.56730205

The other two are absolutely better, but it's still funny to see a wierd boy get in next to their HQ, roll a six and insta-kill him from full wounds. You know, assuming they're not a T6+ HQ, of course. It's also decent against high wound, low(relatively speaking) toughness units. like, T4 W3 tyranid warriors and such. 33% odds to instantly kill one straight off, which is admittedly a little worse than smite, but still not bad.

>> No.56730207

How should I go about turning some Killa Kanz into Proper Admech units? I'm thinking either Kastellans or Kataphrons.

>> No.56730219

Find some manlets small enough to fit in the grot slot.

>> No.56730224

Do bate in mind that the 3 snowflake novels take place before Dark Imperium

>> No.56730230

>laughably bad, fluffy way.
>45% win rate

>> No.56730254

Mob Up
>Okay nice name, decent cost.
Select two Ork Infantry units
> Oooo this could be fun.
...that has the same datasheet

>> No.56730265

Inceptors and Aggressors should really switch weapons.

>> No.56730271

>Finding Manlets
>Not just cutting normal people in half and chucking them in after a quick servitorization
Your not thinking the Admech way.

>> No.56730275

I know. Stuffing a unit of Nobs into a Boyz shield would be amazing.

>> No.56730277

There's over 50k plague marines for that issue. And growing.

>> No.56730280

Replace both arms with servitor arms, they look too distinctly orky worthwise.

>> No.56730301

>Sanguinary Priests can't get Jump Packs or bikes

Welp. What do I lose if I run the index version?

>> No.56730322

If they have wargear options not availible in the codex you use the codex version but the index for points and rules for the jump pack.

>> No.56730329


>> No.56730330

Deldar got three warlord traits good stuff

First for wych cults
On a roll of a 6 to hit in the fight phase that attack hits three times instead of once
Haemonculus covens
Master regenesist: At the start of each of your turns your warlord recovers D3 wounds
General warlord trait
Hatred eternal:
Re-roll hit and wound rolls of 11 for this warlord in the fight phase.

Webway portal (I will give you the short)
Deepstrike one or two units by placing them into the webway before the game. This unit must be a biker,infantry or beast. 1/3CP
And some point changes to the court of the archon models

>> No.56730335

anyone know much about the storm lords chapter? ive decided on them for my next army, but im having trouble with the helmets, some pictures they have all yellow helmets, some have the white/red helmet, and other times i see red helmets. is there no standard to which color they normally use?

>> No.56730336

Is that not really bad?

I've heard you want to win 2/3 of your games with a competitive list

>> No.56730343

It’s a fucking man robot. You can say his eye sockets are munition js hardpoints for all I care

>> No.56730345

>What did you faggots do?
What needed to be done!
Only ONE primarch can truly save us!
Make haste son of Baal, make haste!

>> No.56730370

Best brushes for painting? Someone told me Winsor and Newton brushes are the best but all the comments on them on other websites say they are awful.

>> No.56730376

So a Libby Dread is 182 min loadout now. With Warlord and Artisan of War on his Halberd. He can cast Wings and Quickining and use Red Rampage for 1 cp. This gets him 18" move +3 charge, reroll charge, 3+D3+D3 attacks at 2+ to hit 2+ to wound -4ap 4 damage, dealing 19.4 avg damage and 36 max damage vs T7 3+. For 3 more CP he can attack again with his full 3+D3+D3 attacks.

>> No.56730378

I can see myself using it once per game, first turn, Mob 30 Boyz with 10 Boyz, then DaJump them.

>> No.56730393

You realize that not everyone can win the majority of their games, right?

>> No.56730404

I forgot the relic
Pistol 2
S:1 AP-2 D:2
Always wounds on 2+ except against vehicles which it wounds on a 6+ against. If your warlord kills a model with this weapon he regains a wound,
lhamaean is now 18 points
medusae are now 21points
sslyth are now 31 points
and urghul are 20 points
The tantulus is 400 points

>> No.56730409

I was actually considering getting some Kastellan Arm bits, but man, they are pricey.

>> No.56730415

I think if you bring a competitive list to a LGS where not everyone is, you will win most

>> No.56730436

Windsor and Newton are indeed the best. The 7 series is top of the line stuff that is entirely too expensive for you if you're just starting. Even after 18 years of hobbying, I struggle to justify spending that much. Their cheaper red and green brushes are good.

>> No.56730445

Sure, until people avoid you for being a try-hard dickhead.

>> No.56730486

More Volkite when?

>> No.56730489

Yeah which is why I want a list designed to compete at that level in case I come across a tourny level list

>> No.56730494


I was thinking this with a 00 or a 000 thrown in too.

>> No.56730496

Correction 172 points.

>> No.56730522

But i guess from your response, it seems mine is good enough?

>> No.56730545

caledor sky or sotek green

>> No.56730546


>Lion'El Jonson

>> No.56730578

how is dennis not fulgrim

>> No.56730598

00 and 000 are definitely good calls. Once you get to size 2 and 3, you'll probably want wedge or flat brushes, though. My recommendation is to buy single brushes, but that set seems like a decent deal if you want those sizes and shapes.

>> No.56730604


>> No.56730609

Not to sound like a dick, but if you want Volkite, play 30k. In proper 40k they're treated as incredibly rare relics, whereas in 30k you can have squads of them. And unless FW completely drop the ball and make the entirety of their 30k stuff available for 8th Ed 40k, you'll never see those Volkite support squads on an actual 40k table.

>> No.56730611

So fuck chaos amirite?

Rock of Cadia to fuck em up first, now arch angel sword and vengeance for sangy. Why even play chaos ?! Not to mention that arch angel sword will DELETE the Yncarne as if he wasn't already dead as fuck

>> No.56730617

>not a golden god

>> No.56730619

The new BA Codex is exactly what I wanted. Sanguinius be praised.

>> No.56730620

What does it do ?

>> No.56730630

Lets be serious; we can make a custom vehicle of any type thanks to everything having a points cost.

Open play is already so unrestricted; what's to really stop us from customizing anything?

That's matched play, take it there.

Follow the VDR rules, round up the power level of the vehicle to the next multiple of 10 and add 10. Like how a LR is 16 PL, round to 20 and add 10 so it's 30 in line with the other custom land raiders. And then take it into Open play only. If you have normal humans for friends it'd be fine.

>> No.56730636

>Volkite get released
>Loyalists only

>> No.56730644

>my favorite I have not seen revealed by GW is Descent of Angels. 2Cp. A unit with jump packs that deep struck that turn charges with 3d6. Not 3d6 drop the lowest. 3d6.
I was watching the tabletop tactics battle report yesterday and was thinking that's pretty wild, >=9 on 3d6 is roughly a 75% chance, throw in a reroll on top of that and it's pretty much a guaranteed charge from deep strike.
You'll want to be screening key units vs blood angels, boys & girls

>> No.56730650

What will you run?

>> No.56730654

do any of the megas keep up tp date white dwarf magazines? I'm thinking of subscribing with my new interest in shadespire and necromunda. Want to see what kind of content they have before I commit to some new toilet time reading.

>> No.56730665

>inb4 cawl just finds a way to make them again and primaris marines get full volkite support squads in the next release

>> No.56730676


Replace a power sword or master crafted power sword. Against Monsters your attacks do d3 damage, against Daemon Monsters your attacks do d6 damage. With all the ways your characters can get extra attacks, rerolls and +1 to wound you're easily going to delete the Yncarne, Mortarion and Magnus with a basic power sword guy and some spells/stratagems.

>> No.56730688

Mac: Khorne (karate bodyguard obsessed with huge muscles )
Frank: Nurgle (the trash man)
Dennis: Slaanesh (A golden god)
Dee: Tzeentch (a giant bird scheming to kill her relatives for money)
Charlie: Great Horned Rat

>> No.56730692


Already bought a bunch of razorwing flock screens for my army, suck on my bird cocks vampire fags.

>> No.56730701

Tacticals, Intercessors, or Scouts for BA troops? I kind of want to go full retard and put CC scouts in a Land Speeder Storm.

>> No.56730707

Exactly. Open Play already, by definition, allows you to toss homebrew stuff onto the table, so why let the CA vehicle customization rules screw you over?

I sure haven't given up on my Predator with Heavy Blight Launcher turret, just because there's no rules for that in the book.

>> No.56730708

true, it sounds mighty against the right enemies

>> No.56730725

Will i be able to run a good flesh tearer army with Seth at the helm?

>> No.56730732

They'd sure be effective, but I don't think that'll happen. If they pull something like this, it'll be an entirely new kind of weapon

>> No.56730746


Especially when you add d3 attacks with 1 spell, more with another strat, character buffs. Characters throwing out loads of attacks with d3/d6 damage

>> No.56730753


Yes. BA rules look solid. I'm seriously considering buying an army of them but I don't want to be that faggot who is swayed by a BL novel to give GW more money.

>> No.56730763

How horrible of an idea is it to just buy a few basic paints to blend all the colors you need instead of dropping $100 on citadel paints?

>> No.56730769

It fucking fits.

>> No.56730779

a) Why even bother with Troops? Take a Fast Attack detachment and play nothing but Assault Squads
b) I'm partial to a mix of Intercessors and Scouts in Land Speeders. The former hold backfield objectives, the latter grab objectives late-game and until then they make nuisances out of themselves.

>> No.56730793

generally your army will only need a few basic paints and then you can blend highlights or shades from those basic paints.

it's hard to get away with what you're suggesting if you're painting armies with a uniform colour scheme.

>> No.56730797

>the rat
how dare you be so correct

>> No.56730798

I already play BAs. My army is a mix of Chads and manlets, with a heavy dose of Death Company dudes.
I'll probably add a Librarian Dread in the near future. However, I'm not going to buy much stuff in a near future, because I'm out of money from starting a comfy DKoK army.

>> No.56730800


Could always try and find one of the pigment kits they released, but yeah you'll be able to make plenty of colours with a basic few and some empty pots/thinner And a pipette

>> No.56730809

somewhat a bad idea if you don't know how to miX paint correctly

>> No.56730812

The problem with mixing the colours yourself is that you'll never get the same exact colour twice, which is fine on a single model, but absolutely awful when you're painting an entire army.

>> No.56730821

Aside from the range issue blood boil seems like a decent spell now.

>> No.56730827

yeah, Daemon monsters are basicly fucked now

imagine a Death Company captain stabbing Magnus to death while calling Magnus " Horus ".
Magnus would be to confused to what is even going on to defend himself

>> No.56730837

>3 squads of 10 intercessors
>3x3 agressors
>3x10 reivers
>a whole bunch of primaris characters

paint seth with a big frown on his face and the ultramarines symbol grafiti'd on the primaris marines

>> No.56730842

Well ideally I would mix fairly large batches at once and put them in a dropper to make sure it's all uniform.

>> No.56730843


He will if he uses a dropper and writes it down. 4 drops X 2 drops Y 1 drop Z and 5 drops of thinner

>> No.56730844

Mate if you're still around could you please post the ladder campaign stuff?

>> No.56730849


>> No.56730866

It's already the case with tartaros

>> No.56730886

Have the new point costs for BA units already leaked ?

>> No.56730888

but Volkite is to weak for Primaris™.

>> No.56730911

Hell no. One, I would never mix primaris with normal marines, that shit looks stupid. Two, even if I was starting my blood angels all over again, non of the primaris crap is choppy enough. Even their jump unit is shooty.

And let's not forget the points costs, almost 200 points for 3 models with 2 wounds apiece. Have fun trying to make a 3+ save after rending when your opponent even sneezes in their direction.

>> No.56730918

Remember when the Tau were practical and thought the idea of titans was insane?

>> No.56730927



>> No.56730930

>light sprinkling of support characters
>horde of Death Company and supporting armor

>> No.56730933


It's an awesome thought but also ridiculous how much GW is flippantly dicking on Chaos.

>> No.56730940

No this is super cawl pattern volkite it makes the 30k volkite look like a snub pistol because primaris are just that good.

>> No.56730975

So I can still cheese the board with retinue plasma spam from drop pods? Awsome

>> No.56730983

McPoyle Twins - Alpharius/Omegon

>> No.56730994

Build a Space Marine chapter around this album.

>> No.56730995

Sure chaos got " death to the fals emperor" but thats nothing compared to all the anti chaos stuff we have

>> No.56730997

>>sometimes I wonder if like, our lives are more valuable than theirs

>> No.56731003

Well, real world militaries may have rejected super heavy tanks, and don't have much interest for giant robots, but they still field huge planes, like strategic bombers and transport aircraft, because these actually make sense.

>> No.56731004

They get blown in the lore. They dont need good treatment in crunch

>> No.56731005

This has made me totally re-evaluate both Chaos and Always Sunny.

>> No.56731011

They still do, the one dude who made the new suits used stolen funds and kept it a secret personal project and they only reason they exist and he isnt dead is because the suits actually worked well enough to earn him forgiveness

>loves mecha enough to steal from ethereals to build them himself
>the absolute madman

>> No.56731023

well that's not a Titan
just a big plane that's all
but i do recognise that the Tau'nar is pretty good

>> No.56731024


Fair point.

>> No.56731035

Oh, boo hoo. Chaos Soup is the strongest list right now either way, and the Primarchs didn't so much as get touched in CA. Also this >>56731004

>> No.56731041

Rickety Cricket - Abaddon

>> No.56731055

Dark Angels

the Lion is classic Schitzoid

>> No.56731056


>> No.56731063


Oh don't get me wrong I'm not showing sympathy, I'm a dirty Xenos player so I don't care. Just noticing the dicking they're getting.

>> No.56731100

Speaking of which, why the fuck didn't magnus get a points increase in Chapter Approved? Unless I'm missing it somewhere

>> No.56731104

That only moves the problem into the future.

For example, my Tyranids have their chitin painted in a 50/50 mix of Leadbelcher and Caliban Green. I mixed an entire pot of the stuff so I always had the same mixture across the army. But once it ran out, I had to mix a new batch, but it took me a whole box of Termagants worth of experimentation to get the mixture exactly right again and those Termagants then had to be salvaged with 1 to 3 layers of Waywatcher Green.

>> No.56731111


That mean I can take pair of maxed out nobz or meganobz unit and use Mob Up on them.

>> No.56731115

Post models no one ever talks about.

>> No.56731116

Because TSons are going up in price across the board in their 'dex

>> No.56731121


Not it down and use a dropper to measure it out, then stick to it.

>> No.56731125

But Dennis is not a Golden God, his excessive vanity & Narcism leads him to believe he is when infact he is deeply insecure and self-loathing. He is Fulgrim to a T.

>> No.56731130

Yeah, GW really screwed me over with those dropping Plasma Terminators who can double-tap twice. Curse them!

>> No.56731137

ha! does that make Russ his Narcissist sibling?

>> No.56731148


>> No.56731153

>Tfw only Khorne gets the cool looking Daemon forge shit

God I hate that shit

>> No.56731154

Yeah, an extremely powerful and valuable heavy ground vehicle is only useful if it can either outrange nearly everything or somehow defend itself against strategic bombing and missile strikes.

>> No.56731155

What about CP though?

>> No.56731163

They just work

>> No.56731168


Glad you're happy with you're army mate!

>> No.56731176

Daemon Engines always get the short end of the stick.

>> No.56731178

I'd be interested in hearing more about the scenarios

>> No.56731180

Gotta compensate for no psykers somewhere

>> No.56731186

>No Fire Lords, Mirror Fiends or Aether Rays
>Had Silver Towers kind of for a few months
I just want cool shit that isn't spam little flaming turds

>> No.56731191

We will rise again with 10e.

>> No.56731200


>> No.56731209

WhatÄs there to talk about the Brass Scorpion? It's a FW superheavy, so it's basically Bigfoot. I remember when Brass Scorpions were made by cobbling 1 1/2 Defilers together. This shiny abomination is not my idea of a Brass Scorpion.

>> No.56731212

>When your combat drugs kick in right when the traitors break the line

>> No.56731224

You can't really stop them from getting there. Sang Guard can DS then 3d6 charge, JP Death Company can deploy on board and move before the game begins for about a 35" threat range. Libby Dread buffed up will have about a 30" threat range. Lemartes will give rerollable charge. Jump pack relic Captain will have rerollable and ignore overwatch. IF you screen poorly and they burn through 8 or so cp BA can chop down half an army in CC in a turn.

>> No.56731226

Wish there was an alternative to a Runtherd to make grotz somewhat useful.

>> No.56731258

Command Points don't mean anything if you have nothing to use them on. If your army is speed-oriented, it's better to only get the +1 from the Fast Attack detachment than a +3 but a bunch of units that don't help you.

>> No.56731260

Guilliman - Jew Lawyer
vulkan - Ben the soldier

>> No.56731269

at which point you may as well put it in the sea where weight and propulsion is less of an issue

>> No.56731283

>uses an Axe and a Fist
Does he have a sharpened todger or what?

>> No.56731293

They could expand the line a bit they mention there are smaller ones around leman russ sized so maybe bank on that. Lord knows some nice daemon engines would be nice.

>> No.56731312

>Lord knows some nice daemon engines would be nice.
Ain't that god's own truth. If they ever release a plastic kit for the Blood Slaughterer, I'd be all over those. Well, Nurgle gets the cute Hauler at least, so that's a start.

>> No.56731336

Other than extra cheap objective holders, detachment filler and spare wounds for passengers of transport vehicles?

>> No.56731348

Because GW management positions come with complimentary Primarch body pillows. Sucking their cock is company policy.

>> No.56731351


>> No.56731352

Most of them are in the MWG video. Librarian Dread is 130, DC Dread is 90, Furioso Dread is 80, Angelus Bolters are 3, Sang Guard are 20. If any of the characters wen't down he didn't mention it.

>> No.56731356

Probably because he impaled the defeated, wounded etc like the guy he's wearing as a hat.

>> No.56731370


>> No.56731382

I just wish we'd get some Daemon engines that don't look like shit. Look at the Chaos Dwarfs from WHFB that Forge World sells. I want some Daemon Engines like THAT. Stuff that's crude, edgy, and practical looking, but still very much evil looking and has runes carved into it. I hate the whole "Grotesque monster hybrid with cancer flesh everywhere and uneven baroque armor on" thing the current Daemon engines have. Its annoying as fuck.

>> No.56731386

If you pile into an enemy that you didn't charge can you attack them?

>> No.56731390

Who cares about tsons, I'd put Magnus in any list.

>> No.56731406

You know i dont know but for 140 points hes not that bad of a model.

>> No.56731411


>> No.56731421

no, but they can attack you

>> No.56731431

What would be a decent sized ork starting army? What kind of units would I need? I'd prefer to avoid vehicles if I can as well.

>> No.56731438

It was a cool model with insane damage potential with daemonforge at the cost of only being 20 wounds for 600+ points. I don't understand why they nerfed it.

>> No.56731450


I fucking love this model. If it wasn't more expensive than an entire army I'd buy one to start Khorne.

Speaking of which I would buy some old scorpion Talos models. Anyone still run them in their DE?

>> No.56731488

Thanks. That's what I thought, but everyone kept saying I was wrong. I thought I misunderstood.

>> No.56731497

Tell me how to improve this list, It's a 45 PL max and I'm playing 1ksons
++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Chaos - Thousand Sons) [45 PL, 886pts] ++

+ HQ +

Sorcerer on Disc of Tzeentch [8 PL, 141pts]: Blades on Disc of Tzeentch, Bolt pistol, Force stave, Warptime, Weaver of Fates

+ Troops +

Tzaangors [4 PL, 80pts]: Icon of Flame, 9x Tzaangor w/ Tzaangor Blades
. Twistbray: Tzaangor blades

Tzaangors [4 PL, 80pts]: Icon of Flame, 9x Tzaangor w/ Tzaangor Blades
. Twistbray: Tzaangor blades

+ Heavy Support +

Forgefiend [10 PL, 193pts]: 2x Hades autocannons, Daemon jaws

Forgefiend [10 PL, 211pts]: 2x Hades autocannons, Ectoplasma cannon

Maulerfiend [9 PL, 181pts]: 2x Magma cutter

++ Total: [45 PL, 886pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

>> No.56731531

Which one is the better LoW for Admech? One of the Knight Titans or one of the Space Marine/Guard tanks?

>> No.56731541


Run one as a Cronos some times

>> No.56731551

>Using Death Cuck dice for Nids

>> No.56731563


How's the scale? I figure it'll be better than mixing old and new infantry (im doing that too as well though for nostalgia, a bunch of old DE are coming in the mail).

>> No.56731568

a baneblade or one of its siblings

>> No.56731598


Now don't get me wrong I hate dinobots and the dumb shit daemon engines there are in 40K as much as the next guy but you're a fucking faggot if you think rickety old bullshit on wheels is better than a dragon. they just need to start that whole design process from the start

soul grinder is a shit version of a cool concept

>> No.56731614




Why even fucking bother?

>> No.56731642

>no rubrics

>> No.56731645


Not bad, lower and slightly smaller I think than a new talos kit but I've always seen Cronos as smaller harvester type units than the talos torture machines so I'm okay with it. I use old DE heads and kits through my army, planning on using the heads of old metal incubi for some Dark aspect shrine Striking Scorpions

>> No.56731661

>tfw one of the reasons I don't have a massive ass queue of models is that I don't buy shit if I have unpainted stuff
I have like 20 special weapon guard infantry to paint and I need to finish my magnus still.

>> No.56731668

Where...where are your 1ksons? I can only see demons.

>> No.56731681

Well the Heldrade is fin probably the only dinobot I enjoy.

>> No.56731698

Today, I fought 9 Carnifexes with Spores, and OOE in a 1250

>> No.56731701

There are some Tzaangors and those are basically the same as rubrics right?

>> No.56731704

I don't see any daemons. Just beastmen.

>> No.56731725

Normally I'd agree that's scum but those screamer-killers make me too hard.

>> No.56731736


i'm pretty ashamed of how cool i think they are and its the sole reason i haven't got one for my bitter boys

shit even as a modelling project it would be fun. gonna look into getting one when work/uni/family relents enough to let me make a dent in the backlog

>> No.56731740

Sounds like a good time.
I'm waiting for my fexes to FINALLY arrive next week so I can play OOE and a Wrecker brood

>> No.56731744

>highest bidder on an auction of a Kabalite Skysplinter at £24 & £4 postage.
>Contents are worth £35 from an independent retailer
>Someone outbids me up to £31

Why do this

>> No.56731745

Wait doesn't a Nid player with that scheme post here?

>> No.56731747

So? Tsons are bad, it's Magnus (and guilliman) that's the game breaker

>> No.56731755

I was thinking MANZ with Kombi Skorchas and Boyz.

No Tankbustas hiding behind MANZ?

>> No.56731770

At least your opponent has some good taste.

>> No.56731774

Mine are leviathan, close enough?

>> No.56731776

Ork comfyness

>> No.56731781

pick one

>> No.56731782

fleshy daemon engines are fucking stupid
They are supposed to be daemons crammed into a mechanical shell, not a cyberdemon

>> No.56731800

Oh nah, it was a tournament. My round one was Maggy, a fire raptor, brimstones, a DP, and Brimstones
He's got like 40 total, and 20 Screamer Killers, he's been playing since RT

>> No.56731876


>playing thousand sons
>playing narrative
>not using rubrics because they're not "good"
>playing narrative


>> No.56731898


>> No.56731927

not using rubrics is fluffy af, there's less than 1000 of the fuckers left

>> No.56731978

God Damn i fucking love the Tauros

>> No.56731979


>not using space marines in a <chapter> army is fluffy as fuck, there's less than 1000 of the fuckers left

>> No.56732048

Why are they so perfect /tg/

>> No.56732052

It's either one squad of five rubrics or two ten man squads of tzaniggers, those are my choices, and rubrics are fucking slow.
Pardon me for playing the shittiest army In the game.

>> No.56732055

no arguement made :(

>> No.56732100

>6 Wheels
>open cab
>Invuln from going nyoom
>ignores the heavy weapon move penalty
>That Hunter-Killer

>> No.56732144


A sorceror, a couple of blue beastmen and 3 dinobots do not a thousand son army make.

My point literally couldn't be any clearer - saying a thousand son army not using rubrics is fluffy because there are only 1000 is the same as saying playing a, say, imperial fists chapter space marine army not using any space marine models or vehicles is fluffy because there are only 1000 space marines. its a valid army, but it's hardly thousand sons or fluffy, which if you're playing narrative is what it should be about

>> No.56732222

I never said I was playing narrative

>> No.56732283


you're using power levels but not for narrative play? im speechless

>> No.56732298

Are there more of these pictures

>> No.56732328

You can use PL for matched play

>> No.56732375


it's not a matter of can or can't, it's a matter of why

>> No.56732413

If you're already holding a gun one-handed, you might as well learn to do it with your left hand because no matter how good you get with your non-dominant hand at swordfighting, you're going to be better with your dominant hand, whereas with a gun, so long as you can get it on target you're doing as much damage as if you were using your other hand.

>> No.56732480

Because that's what the guy asked for.

>> No.56732496


Neat, thanks anon. Old Incubi = best incubi

>> No.56732540


eh fair enough, 45 pl matched play game screams stupid to me tho

your list is still spammy and boring. wouldn't play against it myself, but i run vanilla csm squads so what the fuck do i know

>> No.56732610

Took a look at the book. Chaos bikers dropped a few points, I believe, and Autocannons dropped to 15 points. Very nice!

>> No.56732641

Spell Battalion right you fucking retard it's literally in the picture

>> No.56732730

Das it mane

>> No.56732754

Iron warriors got the stripes though

>> No.56732818

death guard dice also suck balls as dice.

>> No.56732971

There's a perfectly good place to play primarchs in 30k and they should have stayed there.

>> No.56733043

A reverse image search turned up a bunch of them.

>> No.56733230

why the fuck is he so large? He should be about half that size or less.

>> No.56733255

Why use intercessors to hold back field when regular tacticals are more points efficient?

>> No.56733346

What CT would go best with red scorpions?

Fluff wise I think BT, UM, or IH would be the only ones that make sense.

>> No.56733353

To be more clear, crunchwise what would be best of the three.

Or if a different CT, how can I justify it fluff wise

>> No.56733448

>> 1-2cm

>> No.56733585

>Had Silver Towers kind of for a few months
Wait what?

>> No.56733956

It is mine still

>> No.56734242

ruin it's resale value, fuck it. chop it into tiny bits

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