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Hammers Of Dorn Didn't Fuck Up edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for Formations

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved full Strats, Traits, Relics, Powers, and Reece Spin lmao

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5LlRisUdtA [Embed] [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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Rise of the Ynnari Ghost Warrior share anyoe?

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first for squats

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you fail at memes you fail at life

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Oh, you know me anon. Let's ask for it together so it keeps going further into the future.

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Nth for the Greater Good

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Good Gue'la

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Are Tau players still assblasted about playing a fair and balanced army now

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Anyone know what time they will allow us to preorder the blood angels codex?

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>This guy comes and slaps your hammerhead

what do?

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Quarter past 4

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Pity him for having shit tier taste in vehicles.

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Anyone can share?

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Gav Thorpe writes about something other than Eldar? News to me.

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Anyone got some games lined up today? I'm hoping to get in a game at my league today. I've made sure to bring a power gaming list and a casual list so I can change it on the fly depending on who I see. The problem with our store is that we have nothing but power gamers and laid back casual players, no one inbetween. If you bring 1 list, you either end up stomping or you end up getting stomped.

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I see Cawl has appropriated more Tau culture.

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This will be available next year.

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What are all Gay Angels books?

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>The problem with our store is that we have nothing but power gamers and laid back casual players, no one inbetween.

There is an inbetween?

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I think it is the dark angels one that is coming next year.

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Better stop doing that or that anon who supposedly has the book will add anotther 3 days before he decides to post it here.

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People who have a strong understanding of synergy and strategy, but aren't really interested in competetive games.

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Nope. This together with Carharodons novel will come out next year.

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I want to make a list with 10 Blightlord Terminators and 3 Death Shroud terminators.

What should my troops be? What should I include for daemon vehicles? Cralwers? Haulers? Drones?

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Could someone share Stone and Iron?

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Book will never be posted here. We all know that.

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A healthy mix of strong units and for fun units. By casual I mean people who bring a smattering of units they have built and painted with little thought to army composition. The kind of lists that are like 2000 points with 1 lascannon and 1 multimelta as anti-tank.

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If he wished to post it and end all this begging spam he would have posted it already.

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They will make him meet Shadowsun just for the memes

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I wanna see how many years before he actually gets the book.
So please giv book lole

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Actually the turret is identical to the Custodes tank turret in 30k and the hover bits are also just flat-out the same.

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those are the best players

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I can. But I'll do it if someone share Rise of the Ynnari novel first.

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I'm pretty sure Kitten is meant to be Valdor.

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Yeah some people build reasonably strong lists that aren't just completely min/maxed obscure jumbles of units they saw some WAACfag talking about. It is a lot of fun to play with/against such lists.

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Valdor is dead.

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And the Earth-Caste appropiated the Eldar

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You still have tricolor, spray painted riptides all over ebay.

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Kitten's full name is Kitonius.

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Are you sure?

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This model alone is making me want to start a small Custodes army. I love the head the most.

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Never been confirmed dead, just that he stepped down

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TTS works off of like, 6th ed lore at the latest. The canon ended up diverging from it.

It's literally only since 7th came out with a new captain general we've known he's gone, his time and situation of death are still a mystery.

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In a scale of Hetek to Super Heretek where would we fit Cawl?

>> No.56723876

Really now? I thought that and the feathers are the worst parts

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Different horses different courses

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I'm not a big fan of models without helmets unless it's to show battle damage

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Hello autism

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"Heretek but can't-be-thrifled-with", but the Anon who's making the gigantic mechanicus walker with hugefuck cannon is full ultra-heretek-to-the-max and the paperwork to having him hunted down is being held back only because the head of the mechanicum liked it.

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How big was the eagle he pluck those from?

>> No.56723900

He is dead, only way to made him alive in 40k is "i was just pretending and I was hiding in the palace", but for now Custodes call him dead.

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It's ok if they have an Iron Halo.

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You've to learn how to live with it anon

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>pay 12 dollars for humble monthly subscription
>get dawn of war 3
>adjust resolution settings
>the developers were so fucking bad they didn't even think that players might want to play at non-native resolutions for the screen
>mouse is always at a different location from the pointer if you play in full screen non-native resolution.

well okay. At least I got 2 other games for the 12 bucks. And I'll always have retribution.

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True haven't thought about that.

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Why did sega made thq create this abortion.

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They wanted the Esports bucks. Greed is always ruining things. See; AoS, Sanguinius coming back, Primaris marines, etc etc

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>playing at non-native reso while fullscreen

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Adeptus Custodes Captain-General Trajann Valoris release when?

>> No.56723951

I don't have that, sorry. Thanks anyways.

>> No.56723953

Probably a part of a Triumvirate box.

>> No.56723962

Fabricator General Oud Oudia Raskian is evidently a man of taste, because that thing makes my conversions feel downright inadequate. Stealing the Admech Goliath idea to make a command bridge for my own Lord of War, though.

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Sanguinius did not come back. yet

>> No.56723967

>fair and balanced

>> No.56723969

But when

>> No.56723970

So there is yet hope.

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it's relic who did DoW 3 not THQ
THQ is dead and well burried

>> No.56723977

Who else will be in the box? Maybe a Sisters of Silence HQ and another inquisitor.

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Sister of Silence HQ
Sanguinius Warp-ghost

>> No.56723994

Aleya and Valerian

>> No.56723996

Canadians. Montreal is where games go to die.

>> No.56724007

Before the end of Q1 2018 I guess. Just like with Gathering Storm.

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true Montreal is the place where high bugdet shit games are made

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So, any of you whom remember I ordered a fuckload of admech stuff last week.

Here's what I've decided to run as 2000 points. Please inform me of my shitty build ideas/utilization.

>tfw you have to cut some points back because you forget the Datasmith doesn't come with the Robots
That's annoying af, GW.

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What inquisitor type is Nobody?

>> No.56724048

Ordo Xenos

>> No.56724051

quebec is in cancada in last news right ?

>> No.56724058

What's the best antihorde option for chaos armies?

>> No.56724067

I would love to give you advice but you need to post the list in a slightly smaller format or paste it or something pic is taking forever to load

>> No.56724070

Demon prince

>> No.56724071

I'd say it more probable that he's just a thing that comes out along with the Imperial Agents codex equivalent
Sauce? Custodes are biologically immortal and Valdor is capable of beating some primarchs 1v1, so I doubt he was downed by some chump

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>> No.56724076

2000pt - Tau Blitz

- Outrider Detachment -



Pathfinder Team
/w 3x Rail Rifle

Pathfinder Team
/w 3x Rail Rifle

Tactical Drones
/w 11x Gun Drone

Tactical Drones
/w 11x Gun Drone

Tactical Drones
/w 11x Gun Drone

/w Stim. and Target Lock




- Outrider Detachment -


Kroot Shaper

9x Koot Hounds

9x Koot Hounds

9x Koot Hounds

9x Koot Hounds

8x Koot Hounds

- Supreme Command Detachment -

w/ 3x Cyclic Ion Blaster and ATS

w/ 3x Cyclic Ion Blaster and ATS

w/ 3x Cyclic Ion Blaster and ATS

Thinking about doing this.
What (other than everything) would you change?

>> No.56724085

Pastebin here: https://pastebin.com/u7tFjjpr

>> No.56724089

https://pastebin.com/u7tFjjpr I should link to myself too just in case.

>> No.56724097

Just bring hordes of your own bro.

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>> No.56724101

We know what the Necron Warlod trait is in CA?

>> No.56724112

Whenever you take damage reduce the amount by 1, minimum 1 damage. So a 2 damage weapon will only hit you for 1 damage.

>> No.56724118

>9x Koot Hounds
>9x Koot Hounds
>9x Koot Hounds
>9x Koot Hounds
>8x Koot Hounds

>> No.56724121

Ah thanks. I'm including points just for a ref. though so people can make recommendations.

>> No.56724129

Nice, thank you!

>> No.56724135

Hold up, where can I buy your picture related?

>> No.56724141

Considering bananas are big guys themselves, it would need to be properly large, bigger than a Haast's Eagle

>> No.56724144

I wish that most of these kind of traits/rules had specifics that negated everything down to 1 damage, but was only on models with 2-3 wounds max. GSC Aberrants would be worth it then :c

Then again they do laugh off overcharged plasma...

>> No.56724157

You can't unless you find recasts on ebay or something at some point.

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>> No.56724176

Custodes and SoS novel, Watchers of the throne.
Valdor is dead for a long time.

>> No.56724179

Stone and Iron audiodrama.

>> No.56724193

So, you're setting up for a strategy called the cawl castle. You're gonna have robots and destroyers all wrapped around him to get a delicious amount of high strength dakka.
the problem is that you don't really have any screens and nothing to accompany the dragoons up the field. This makes it very hard to actually win. I would urge you to take like 20 vanguard, which you could afford if you dropped some destoyers and/or robots. You really need those boots on the ground and they're good at clearing away t3 hordes.

What models do you actually have?

>> No.56724214

With the Daemons codex in the new year, do we expect daemons to be given their own faction keywords? Or will shit like Magnus and Obliterators be possible in daemon armies? They already have good synergies.

>> No.56724218

My build list for today from what I bought:

2 Start Collecting Skitarii
4 Ironstriders
2 Robots
2 Kataphrons
2 Skitarri Vanguard

>> No.56724220

>Using Kroot Hounds

>> No.56724235

Wonder how he got got

>> No.56724238

Err, Skitarri rangers, not vanguard. But I guess I can build vanguards from that box either way.

>> No.56724244

Thank you

>> No.56724250

Zealot Minis did a limited run or two.

>> No.56724263

Vangaurd are shit, use rangers.

>> No.56724264

Thank you anon, you're the best!

>> No.56724278

When are the easy-build aggressors coming out?

>> No.56724291

rangers have no mobility, vanguard can advance every turn and are decent in cc

>> No.56724302

>Sanguinius coming back
When was this become a thing ?

>> No.56724313


Rangers are cheaper with a 30" range gun.

>> No.56724316

>decent in CC
>11 str 3 attacks at Ws4

Pick 1.

The point of a screening unit is to guard your lines, if you are using vanguard to go up the board I might get that, maybe add in some plasma in their... but for a screen Rangers have more range, a weapon profile and are cheaper.

>> No.56724322

Try and rewrite it for the extra infantry and see how you like it. just keep them nekkid, I'd say.

>> No.56724336

Some shitty rumour on a blog site, nothing actually noteworthy

>> No.56724353

Pity that noone can share Rise of the Ynnari in response.

>> No.56724365

Yeah I'm not liking the extra points for an assault 3 18" lasgun. That's pretty shit. They also don't seem worth it since they're not going to be doing much without arc rifles for T3 or the plasma for T3/T4 duty.

Well you can't advance and charge so they'd not be doing a whole lot with those shitty lasguns. They're just guardsmen in carapace at that point.

>> No.56724368

you're not wrong. I'm using my terms wrong.
I definitely think they're better than you're giving them credit for because of the -1t, but they are largely a supporting unit in melee. still, they'll put up a respectable showing against non cc oriented units like tacticals.

>> No.56724374

>1 point less than a Gaunt with better movement, weapon skill, and AP

I fail to see the problem here.

>> No.56724377

Oh right, is it about a guy slipped about Sangy is in stasis or some shit like that ?

>> No.56724384

Pretty much, no basis on it

>> No.56724389

Where are their legs?

>> No.56724391

-1t is only for melee though... so maybe if you have a situation where they tie up a unit and then your electropriests join in and rape... but those guys tend to rape without needing shitty vanguard.

>> No.56724394

Gaunts aren't good either but they suit the Tyranids as cheap expendable units you can swarm the enemy with. Why would you want to use that strategy with the Tau who have so many better options

>> No.56724405

should I start raven guard, blood angels or space wolves for 8th?

>> No.56724413

Yeah I thought it was a common knownledge ? Of course BAs would put him in stasis after retrieving his body.

>> No.56724418


>a supporting unit in melee
>for an army with all of 1 melee-heavy walkers
>that already wound virtually anything on 2+
>and can eat tanks with volume of dice

I mean, sure, I guess you could use them to make sure that 2+ goes for anything that has T5 but I'm not sure charging in Vanguards to Primaris Marines is a good idea.

>> No.56724420

Rolled 1 (1d3)

Raven Guard, 1.

Blood Angels, 2.

Space Wolves, 3.

>> No.56724433

As far as rules, we have no idea about Space Wolves but both Raven Guard and Blood Angels (as far as we can tell) are good.

Really though, you should do the one you like aesthetically the most

>> No.56724435

>kroot hounds

Woof woof

>> No.56724442


Damn it, meant to say:
I have the 4 Trarq rifles mostly for dealing with special characters that could be a pain, or something like psykers.

Once those are are dealt with I could easily just run the squads up and cry about the 100 points I wasted on heavy ass super sniper autocannons.

>> No.56724443

Isn't THQ dead?

>> No.56724444

>Local Casual League for new folks bans FW


>> No.56724450

Raven Guard are pretty much the cheddar right now besides Papa Smurf and his daycare center.

>> No.56724452

Tbe guy said that he's dead but his body is preserved in stasis.

The whole not dead rumour is clickbait BS.

>> No.56724455

The streaming fucker had a slip-up and confused some names then corrected himself by saying he was in bad shape, kind of like how you'd describe a kid in a meat grinder in bad shape. I love how these idiots take the word of shitty PR people as law,
>marinelets squatted!
>no options unless it was on sprue!
>GW hates converting!
>red ultramarines!

>> No.56724458

>Not trusting a slip of paper / plastic backed by your nation.

Komrade, why don't you trust the motherland?

>> No.56724460

Maybe the guy just wants to have fun with an unorthodox unit?

>> No.56724471

fun ?

>> No.56724476

>new folks
Might be fine then if you've just entered the game with a small initial deposit. You wouldn't want to feel like you were at odds with someone paying thousands for FW stuff (even if the FW stuff is ok or bad) and might feel that the game is more pay-to-win than it really is.

>> No.56724478 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56724482

did you really go back and dig up old stale bait?

>> No.56724491

I heard the girl on stream mentioned something something angelic in xmas though ?

>> No.56724492

Relic did all the DoW games and expansions save for the soulstorm expansion. Under the guidance of THQ.

Sega was the one who pushed Relic into DoW 3.

>> No.56724496

>FW is pay to win
It was until CA doubled Malefic Lords.

Now if only CA didn't also fuck up a bunch of guard stuff that didn't need to get stupid high point costs because everything on this is a knee jerk late reaction to NOVA champ winning both tournaments.

>> No.56724499

dark angels are coming after blood angles and are releasing much closer to Christmas

>> No.56724506

If they bring him back the fan backlash will be volcanic

>> No.56724510

>Sega fucks up whatever IP it touches

Seems about right.

>> No.56724512


Also Relic Leviathan Dreadnoughts can be scary to new players.

>> No.56724516

That's the specific reason why they banned it from this specific league/tourney

It's to get new folks in/adapted to the game because showing up with this new army you have only to have the other dude start dropping Leviathan Dreds on you isn't exactly a welcoming experience for a new guy.

It looks like it'll be fun but, as always, theres a few folks complaining about not being able to bring their FW stuff.

I've got my own hangups about Fore World but that's another thing entirely.

>> No.56724520

Uh no, not in my FLGS buddy

>> No.56724527

Leviathan's are the real issue I see.

Being introduced to a Dreadnought that has all that hard hitting shit on it can be a kick to the balls for a new guy.

>> No.56724540

Does anyone even has this book?

>> No.56724546

Sega was the ones that didn't want to join Sony into making a CD based console, because "it was stupid", just to be forced out of the entire market when the Playstation arrived.

Sega fucks up everything, not only IPs.
I'm surprised they are still a thing at all.

>> No.56724549

DAs codex will be release on Dec 16 though. Would be good if they actually announce Lion.
No doubt, and no doubt it will still sell like hot cakes.

>> No.56724553

Relic made all the good DoW games under the guidance of THQ

Relic made League of Warhams under the guidance of Sega.

Think on that

>> No.56724608

Volleyguns and meltaguns going up has singlehandedly fucked my funlist. Now I have to pick between my cav charge and my air cav.

Clearly they don't actually give a fuck about balance with the diddly fuck increase gull man got.

>> No.56724610

Only DoW 1 was good.

>> No.56724623

Both the Blood Angels and Dark Angels Codex being released seems to qualify to me

>> No.56724647

My two different schemes for Deff Dreads. Looking to get some C + C and to have some people say which one they like best. Going to be painting some Kans after this so I'm trying to lock down which scheme I'm going to use. The one on the right has not been shaded yet so he's a little bright.

>> No.56724648

DoW 2 was fun in campaign. The multiplayer was a shitshow. Last Stand gets a pass for being a good standalone.

>> No.56724660

Not orky enough. Put some checkers or stripes or just some odd bits on them and give them some more flash. Dem gitz inside ain't s'possed ta be all borin' lookin' Splat some blood on them choppas.

>> No.56724667

So where is that guy who was harping on about Celestine and Bobby G going up by 100+ points, he was shitposting in a number of threads.

As much as I disagree with the didly fuck nerf they got, its amusing that his smug shitposting led to nothing.

>> No.56724689

Shut up
DoW2 is the best one

>> No.56724699


>> No.56724754


>> No.56724776

Hot-Shot Volley Guns only went up cause of the Taurox Prime. Which is retarded, cause they clearly are differentiating models in those sections (based on BS but they can easily just dictate 'vehicle' weapons).

Meltaguns jumping in cost was retarded, but again it was NOT because of Scion drops, it was Elysians. Again, GW fucks the whole Guard codex because their Forge World shit isn't balanced.

Elysians were running at 8 points cheaper for a Command Squad with 4 melta. They run 32 points cheaper for 4 plasma.

Elysian plasma vets? 96 pts.
Scion TROOPS? 152 pts.

Elysian Melta? 106 pts.
Scion Melta? 144 pts.

The only thing the changes do is cripple Scion lists, which aren't good already. They should have bumped ppm up by another 1 or 2 points for Elysians cause Deep Strike: The Army is busted af.

>> No.56724799

How do you build Kult of Speed now? All nob bikers? Is the battleforce a good starting point

>> No.56724809

Making Forge World official was a mistake.

Their balancing is even more than a shitshow than regular GW.
And holy shit, some folks got real salty about that FW ban I talked about earlier.

I know for a fact that a fair chunk of them are China Forge and are just satly they can't bring OP shit.

>> No.56724821

Weren't we supposed to see a Nids FAQ this weekend?

>> No.56724822

I am getting an urge to get a Hierophant.
Should I?

>> No.56724824

>would be good
No, no it won't be. Da are in a good and potentially interesting place fluff wise, don't beed some hack shitting it up trying to out cool the Guilliman.

(That said hopefully they friction between primaris and Astartes remains unresolved at the end of the new book, the whole appeal of the DA is unfinished stories and what we DON'T know)

>> No.56724826

fookin guardsmen and scions should not cost the same

>> No.56724836

Seems like you're just salty about forge world...get dunked

>> No.56724857


>> No.56724861

Are they good?
I just think they look amazing.

>> No.56724863

No, its fucking ugly.
Wait for GW to release a plastic Biotitan.

>> No.56724881

And when is that gonna happen?
Also, they aren't ugly, they look great.
The other Forgeworld Biotitans look ugly.

>> No.56724892

If you are a nid player sure

>> No.56724897

That's all the reason you need, Anon. They are decent though.

>> No.56724902

I'd have no issue if someone had a full Kriege themed list.

The issue is that I only see a few specific units, the Leviathan being the most common

>> No.56724912

Questions exist to be answered anon, debates exist to one day be settled

>> No.56724920

Fluff question, does hive fleet kronos make use of genestealer cults?

>> No.56724930

>I heard the girl on stream mentioned something something angelic in xmas though ?
Well proof positive that they're bringing sangy back from dead.

Couldn't possibly be related to the next codex which happens to have angels in the name.

>> No.56724938

What weapon should I run on my Tyranid Warrior squads? Venom Cannons or Barbed Stranglers?

>> No.56724955

Thinking of using eschers as proxies for guard/cultists of sorts. The paint schemes on the gw site look shite tho, are they cooler looking painted other ways?

>> No.56724958

Doubtful, Dubs are not ready to bring Sangy back yet. They'd want to go with more safe options.

>> No.56724976

>a guy on the internet says he heard a girl say that someone told her that something angelic is coming for christmas
>sangy's back
you are making a fool of yourself in front of everyone anon.

>> No.56724979

Are you that oblivious to sarcasm?

>> No.56724980

Given that it seems to hunt Chaos, I doubt Genestealer cults are it's prime method of attacking it's prey.

All Hive fleets to my knowledge use Genesteler cults if the opportunity presents itself. Genestealer cults aren't really specificially tied to specific hive fleets after all.

>> No.56724985

Stormhawk vs stormtalon

I'm leaning towards the flying Baal predator

>> No.56724992

Especially since we already know that C:DA is coming for xmas.

>> No.56724995

Duh, you sound pretty serious to me.

>> No.56724997

That is fair, if nothing else they'd be handy for bringing more ranged weaponry to bear, they may hold off on eating the cults and have them crusade against chaos instead given that kronos is not about food first

>> No.56725008

>big units can be scary to new players

If by 'scary' you mean "These new players don't quite understand the value of having 4-8 Lascannons" then I guess you have a point.

>> No.56725034

Yeah. Kronos is basically Hive Mind's giant "FUCK YOU CHAOS FUCKING SHITS STOP SPOILING MY FUCKING FOOD" - the Hive Fleet.

>> No.56725042

As someone who liked both 1 and 2, we can agree 3 is shit, right?

>> No.56725060

You're goddamned right.

>> No.56725061

Yeah, 2 as well.

>> No.56725076

>Dow 1 is better than Dow2
>Dow 2 is better than Dow1
>Dow 3 is shit

>> No.56725106

Tank bustas in battlewagons
Burnas in battlewagons
Meganobz/nobz in trukks
Lots of bikes
Rokkit/scorcha buggies
And a huge mob of shoota boyz on foot

>> No.56725120

Anyone have 'The Warmaster' mp3 yet?

>> No.56725162

It is.
It talks folks a while to adjust to what an appropriate level of Las cannons is, or they’re playing a low point game and didn’t expect/have the models for it

>> No.56725172

Is there a downloadable version of chapter approved yet? Unless I am blind, which is entirely possibe, there is none in the megas linked here. I've seen videos of people showing most of the pages like this one
But I'd rather have actual scans if there are available.

>> No.56725242

I'm bringing 2 squads of Raveners for a Jormungandr list and have 75 points spare, is it worth bringing another min squad of Raveners with rending claws or The Red Terror as they are both 75 points

>> No.56725276

>rangers now better than vanguard
what a time to be fucking alive

>> No.56725291

Mate, Ad Mech have been a faction for 5 minutes.

>> No.56725330

You can buy a digital copy on GWs website

>> No.56725345

Why don't you buy it and share it?

>> No.56725350

And those 5 minutes vanguard were always better than rangers
Now lets flip this shit so mans with hordes o vanguard can eat a fat dick

>> No.56725367

Why didn't you magnetize your vanguard?

>> No.56725380

>magnetizing basic infantry
I will never be at that level

>> No.56725447

I think that's a good example of why so many starter kits come with a heavy hitting unit.

Look at the generic marine box. It's featured with a Missile Launcher. That's 20? 25? points well spent to give you some horde control and valuable AT power. If I was to give someone new to the game a starting army, I'd probably give them 1000 points of marines.

Captain and Lieutenant, MC boltguns and power sword.
Two tact squads, 10 bodies, ML and Plasma, Sgt has Plasma Pistol and power sword.
Scout squad with camo/sniper
3 Land Speeders with double heavy flamer.

>> No.56725515

What are the requirements for using faction stratagems and relics?

I’m lost in the clusterfuck of rules, errratas and FAQs.

>> No.56725538

You need to use whatever faction keyword has the stratagem available to it and it has to meet the prerequisites for that. Relics likewise, and you do have limits to how many you can take. If I am correct you can only take one from your main detachment, and any additional relics from CP use also have to be associated with it.

>> No.56725545

>3 Land Speeders with double heavy flamer.
I like you, anon.
>cap and leftenant
Primaris? Why MC the bolters?

>> No.56725546


My understanding is that at least one detachment in your army to use faction stuff.

>> No.56725605

So if I have a pure SoB detachment let’s say Outrider. Another one is battalion that is full of scion and a third is a king by in a super heavy.

How would the stratagem and relics work here?

>> No.56725627

You have access to all Stratagems that you have matching detachments for.
Your free Relic always comes from the same faction as your Warlord.

>> No.56725636

The two are in a lovers embrace

>> No.56725637


Relics have to be same detachment as warlord, faction strategems can be used for all factions keeping in mind their requirements.

>> No.56725638

Sweet. Guess my Storm troopers will never have a relic, since Celestine is almost mandatory for SoB.

>> No.56725640 [DELETED] 

Guys I just realized I have no cute pictures of Kotoko.
Could you post your cutest Kotoko for me?

>> No.56725643

Pretty much, although I’d argue a missile launcher is more light AT than dedicated AT.

>> No.56725672

Is there some reason you must have her as the Warlord? Any Character can be the warlord, does she get some big benefit from being it?

>> No.56725686

>robot spam


>> No.56725687

Are you lost?

>> No.56725698

Yes, apologies. Wrong thread.

>> No.56725707

What CP amount to aim for as 2500 point ultramarines?

>> No.56725718

I know this is bait but how are tau fair and balanced? other factions get most of your weapon choices for cheaper and some of your weapons like plasma are just inferior to their counterparts. Most of the suits went up in price drastically(which most also deserved a price hike,) but most of these price hikes dont help since your weapons got increased in points also. Its pretty much forced tau into playing suit spam with commanders to be viable. Classic gunline tau can work but with bs4 and barely any way to raise it since Markerlights are hard to put on enemies because again bs4+.

>> No.56725725

Could you even imagine people talking about ork units being OP like people talk about mechanicus or etc being OP

>> No.56725726


>> No.56725728

She does seem cute so chase your dreams anon.

>> No.56725743


>> No.56725768

What should I pick up for my guard? I want some more baneblades, but right now I have:

>1 company commander
>1 astropath
>1 commissar(I run him as a lord commissar because of how I painted him)
>1 knight commander pask(I run him as a tank commander because I run Armageddon)
>1 master of ordnance
>1 fleet commander(I use him as a platoon commander)
>1 colour sergeant kell(don't use him because armageddon)
>1 lord castellan creed(don't use him because armageddon)
>about 25 conscripts
>about 25 infantry with a few special weapons thrown in
>3 lascannon heavy infantry
>3 heavy bolter heavy infantry
>3 leman russ battle tanks
>1 chimaera
>1 wyvern
>1 baneblade
>1 vindicare assassin
>1 callidus assassin
>1 enginseer

I run steel legion right now, with a mix of infantrymen and armored squads. 'pask' goes in one of my leman russ battle tanks. Ideally, I'd like more artillery, some more infantry, and maybe some of the leman russ variants, as well as more chimaeras. What do you all think?

pic related, my most recent game against my admech buddy

>> No.56725798

Just get another

>> No.56725800

I'd pick up a dakka flyer and some chimeras.
Neer underestimate the ability to get somewhere in a hurry.

>> No.56725801

im bored. post your minis, /40kg/

>> No.56725808


>> No.56725812


>> No.56725830

The other option is the scion HQ, the knight and maybe if the game is big enough one of the dominus/Engineseer.

I mean I mostly use the scion for the Taurox prime and Deepstriking plasma with re-rolls

>> No.56725831

3 from battleforge
3 from batallion
3 from girlyman
1 from elites/fast/heavy, whatever you like

>> No.56725841

>3 from battleforge
I didn't realize this was a thing, thanks.

>> No.56725848


>> No.56725869

If an Iron Halo alone was adequate protection he wouldn’t bother wearing armour.

>> No.56725890

What are some good units for my Word Bearers to use when the local meta is all vehicles? Deimos Vindicator Laser Destroyer? Terminators with combi-meltas?

>> No.56725894

how the hell would you power the iron halo, my dude?

>> No.56725904

Faith in the Emperor Anon.

>> No.56725907

It's true in part.

his CORPSE is in a stasis field, which has been part of the canon for some time now if my memory isn't too foggy.

>> No.56725920

>Having better options.
>Index: Tau
Wew lad

>> No.56725921

Bump to this and wondering whether or not anyone has the weekender's anthology.

>> No.56725963

>his perfectly preserved corpse is in a stasis field
Wow, it would be totally unprecedented to bring him back. It’s not like advanced medical technology exists in 40k or another Primarch recovered from the exact same thing.

>> No.56725970

>gun drones
2 better options, checks out

>> No.56725994

Girlyman wasnt dead though. He was in stasis so the poison wouldnt end him.

>> No.56726000

>another Primarch recovered from the exact same thing.
Sangy was dead dead by the time Emps showed up.

>> No.56726003

The difference is Guilliman was put into stasis while still alive.

>> No.56726009

>perfectly preserved
>after horus went full torture time on him
if you don't know the lore you should shut the fuck up or apply to the black library writers.

>> No.56726032

Fusion Blades rules when?

>> No.56726043

He's dead dead, soul has left the body dead. Guilliman was almost dead.

>> No.56726052

>if you don't know the lore you should shut the fuck up or apply to the black library writers.

My fucking sides.

>> No.56726061

Is the mega armour warboss not going to be in the ork codex since theres no model?

>> No.56726079

Speaking of which, with Primarchs back they should bring mega heavies or mega badguys to all armies.

>> No.56726098

most factions don't get the option to run an army of characters that can't be shot at, pop up with a surprise attack, delete entire slots

>> No.56726137

This t b h

>> No.56726179


>> No.56726186

It's an absolute pain in the ass to build, and doesn't fit into the modern Tyranid anatomy.

>> No.56726191

Are Psykers as mandatory here as mages are in WFB?

>> No.56726196

Okay so what would you suggest?

The other guy said rewrite with more infantry but I don't see how I may do it better, without some direct advice as to what makes things better.

I can assume the best bet would be add culverns or arc rifles to some forward troops, or make the destroyers into breachers?

>> No.56726205

Orks are OP anon. No other faction gets 20d3 autocannon shots per round.

>> No.56726206


>> No.56726223

I want to put my chosen into AL stratagem and deploy them on my opponent's blind areas. Predator, Helbrute and Havocs deep into some cover so fuck shit from the distance, sorcerer has prescience and sits right next to them.

Two units of cultists block deep strikes on my deployement zone while the third one follows two chosen squads, demon prince, lord and bikers.
Finally, Heldrake and Terminators are there to quickly get VIP targets.

Anything I could change?

>> No.56726224

Can we get a batrep? Judging purely from the number of tanks vs. the rather sparse Admech heavy guns I can guess how it went, but both of those armies look pretty sexy.

>> No.56726253

Is there any reason to take a Sicarian, even with the points drop?

I’m considering adding one to my marine or deathwatch army (have an old one from HH days lol) and think it could jive with the DW need for firepower. Could it work?

More importantly, is that autocannon good for anything? Fucker’s just sitting on my shelf

>> No.56726273

Solid anti-air if nothing else.

>> No.56726283

Not sure why those 3 Lascannons aren't on your Havocs and instead replacing your Chosen weapons all with Plasma or Combi-plasmas. If you're footslogging cultists, don't take a stubber, use a flamer. Anyone who is just a meatshield for screening deep strike, don't bother giving them a gun when you can give them an extra body for cheaper. Add some extra bodies into your Havocs for ablative wounds.

>> No.56726289

Fantasy Battles.

>> No.56726291

it makes me extremely upset that you dont order your detachments properly.

>> No.56726310

The fuck are these?

>> No.56726314

260 pts for a potent anti-infantry, anti-air, and light anti-tank duty on a solid body is pretty worth it, imho.

>> No.56726329

Smart nids.

>> No.56726333

Some old bugs from Black Library.
Nothing important

>> No.56726337


>> No.56726351


Looks like the middle ground between Tau and Nids to me.

>> No.56726357

So basically unimportant shit.
I hate how 1d4chan masturbates to minor races like these.

>> No.56726372

educate yourself, pleb

>> No.56726374

> stop having fun you filthy fluff-loving casuals

>> No.56726382

I see them being made from a set of well synergized allies, kit bashed from goblin spiders mostly

>> No.56726389

>I dislike how we grasp at straws when we're starved for original content

>> No.56726393

Why share sadpanda? I can't be arsed to get past it.

>> No.56726394

205 now with point drop, and that’s with the two lascannons! Only 155 for the thing and basic guns. I think if it take that, a storm eagle, a dreadnought (not sure which type), and two assault cannon razorbacks, I’ll be good on shooting. Then I just need to muster the mythic 4x eversor wombo-combo

>> No.56726397

>race has more worlds and potential relevance then the Tau

>> No.56726403

>on sad panda
the Forbidden Lore jokes have officially gone too far

>> No.56726404

According to fucking BL, so who gives a shit? Only races with models matter.

>> No.56726413

I can think of at least 3 characters that come back from the dead, and one of them is an Imperial with wings.

If the Emperor can make his own Daemon Princess, why can't he make his own Blood Thurster?

>> No.56726424

I guess you are Sister-fag

>> No.56726431

>the Tau have modles
Clearly not always the case

>> No.56726442

because I don't have it on mega and I don't want to share it with plebs who can't into panda

>> No.56726443

Call me when these crappy not nids get models then.

>> No.56726445

Not him but I feel like if the Tau have modles then these guys should be getting attention too, it just feels shitty

>> No.56726459

I think that GSC and Nids are enough coverage for hentai demographic

>> No.56726462

Honestly they are better written then the nids and would make a much more interesting faction, especially as they don't threaten to break the setting over their knees by entering it

>> No.56726463

They have only been mentioned once, in a book thats probably not even canon anymore.

>> No.56726473

Hey 40kg, after orbiting the warhammer community for years, a friend and I are both jumping in the hobby this Christmas. We have the pdf files we need, and now we're planning on getting some miniatures.

I was thinking of getting the Start Collecting Militarum Tempestus, and he plans on going Start Collecting Tyranids to begin.

Once we're done assembling, painting, and giving the rules a few try, should we go for Power Level or just points ? We mostly want to play for fun, but we'd rather not have terribly unbalanced things.

This post is no bait, even though it may osund like it.

>> No.56726481

Does it look like it's going to be possible to make a shooty Blood Angels army?

I long for the days when BA were red space marines not retarded vampires in spess with long golden locks.

>> No.56726496

Points. Fuck power level, shit's broken.
Plus, with both start collecting you will be close in points anyway.

Also don't start painting without watching all Duncan's videos on warhammer tv at least twice. god-speed.

>> No.56726501

Ravenguard and you should paint and model them on Alpha Legion because Raven gaurd are actually boring as fuck.

>> No.56726506

Then run them with the marine codex you retard

>> No.56726518

Power level is balanced around using all your slots for special weapons. So if you take as many plasma guns/meltas/volley guns as you should be able to have a decently balanced game either on power level or points.

Points are obviously better if you want to spend the time doing a list.

>> No.56726522

Points are more balanced. Power is pretty much only a good choice if you play a pickup game and even then you I think it's better to get your phone and spend 10 minutes on some fun list.

It's fun to see two people starting the game and neither is marines, thanks.

>> No.56726533


You're probably the same faggot that would complain if I did that aren't you?

>> No.56726540

Don't fall for the PL meme.

>> No.56726541

This anon gets it, nids are jobbers because their victories destroy worlds and most enemies completely, which obviously limits narrative options.

>> No.56726556


>> No.56726558

Red Terror for the lulz when you gulp a character (read cheesy Psyker) and burn a CP to reroll if you fail.

I've juggled the thought of bringing it to see if I can snipe Warlocks/Spiritseers/Primaris Psykers/Astropath/Inquisitor.

>> No.56726560

Thanks for the quick answer dear anon. We don't plan on having well optimized lists anyway, but power level did seem wonky when I first looked at it (especially the fact that most options are free).

Thankfully it's not gonna be our first time painting models, and we both know abou thin coats and drinking paint water.

>> No.56726570

PL is gine for quick games

Ive run a lot of PL and a lot of points games and therea no real difference. Theoreticall unit minmaxing does not apply to real life games

>> No.56726591

We thought about picking up the starter set seeing how the marines and DG miniatures are quite cool, but we feared they might be too common a sight.

>> No.56726595

Pox walkers

>> No.56726597

Just checked my emails

BA are getting their own dices and Tyranids don't? What the fuck?

>> No.56726609

>too common a sight

>> No.56726612

is there anything you nidfags WON'T complain about?

>> No.56726618

If that gives you any perspective, I was the only chaos player on 8 man tournament. The only non marine dude was a nid player.

>> No.56726631

>Only two non forgeworld units.

>> No.56726654

Rolled 5, 3, 5, 1, 6, 4, 4 = 28 (7d6)

Think of your armies main infantry force.

A Death Guard caster just cast Curse of the leper on them. For each dice over their toughness, they suffer s mortal wound.

>> No.56726665

Can't say I'm surprised, the marines seem to have been GW's main focus for quite some time. I suppose they're much more "40k-iconic" than an Eldar guardian, and some people might enjoy playing the "main characters".

I hope Scions aren't too bad as a low model army, I don't feel like fielding huge blobs of 50+ conscripts. It should be fine as long as I don't take part in big tournaments with people playing fine-tuned lists tho, right ?

>> No.56726670

>T3 on my Avengers
welp. 1 Unit wiped.

>> No.56726674

Value for money, yes. The commissar is dead weight so if you can find someone who wants to trade you some models for it, do it.

Buy two of those start boxes if you can, or buy two boxes of basic scions. You'll have enough to kit out some troops and a Tempestor Prime.

>> No.56726676

Slightly off topic by guy who is thinking about the starter/s. Which one of these nurgle warbands would look better as new plaguemarines.


>> No.56726679

there was a tournament in my area recently. this was the top 10 out of like 100.

1 Alpha Legion
2 Imperium
3 Death Guard
4 Imperium
5 Astra Militarum
6 Ultramarines
7 Ynnari
8 Raven Guard
9 Death Guard
10 Chaos Space Marines

So yeah. This tourney was in october i believe.

>> No.56726683

Forlorn Fury: 2 CP, used before the first Battle Round but before the game begins, a unit of Death Company Infantry may move and advance as if it were the Movement phase.

Would this allow death company to move and 'advance' before the game even starts, allowing them to charge that same turn?

Would that work since technically the match hasn't even started yet?

>> No.56726687

Or the Cleaved? Both have pretty awesome scheme and fluff.

>> No.56726700

yes. that is how it works.

>> No.56726703

I figured as much reading the rules. I plan on getting more Scions, some Bullgryns to handle melee. After that, I don't know, I like the look of Sentinels (the heavy ones). I suppose the Start Collecting set is gonna last me a long time anyway.

I'm just fearing the plastic crack kick, man

>> No.56726705

What makes death guard so good?

>> No.56726718

Scions do the surgical removal better than most Marine units. I'll be using a Van or Batt detachment to give my Primaris Space Sharks some more oomph.

>> No.56726722

How well have Dark Angels done in the past editions? Does /tg/ think 8E will be good to them?
I'm thinking of having them as allies (or vice versa) for my Scions, because I like the Dark Angels overall, these guys have cool models and fluff in my opinion.

>> No.56726728

Cleaved. It's easier to paint, looks better, making rust on vehicles is fun and i've never been a fan of arms and legs being different colour.
This is an opinion.

>> No.56726730

Is the Imperium vs Chaos focus caused by GW's communication strategy, or are they better faction on a gameplay standpoint ?

>> No.56726742

They are just popular and forced by GW

I am glad I joined Chaos instead of Xenos. Fuck being a Deathfag in AoS.

>> No.56726754

Did you not see the new updates in CA? Primaris Inceptors got a huge price drop. They're busted af now.

>> No.56726768

If I have an auxiliary detachment with a dude from a different chapter, can he take relics from said chapter?

>> No.56726771

Not sure honestly.

Mortarion? He's worst of the 3 Primarch's.

Tough? Spam easy str 6 and you win.

>> No.56726773

>1 lord castellan creed(don't use him because armageddon)
This is the saddest thing. I have Armageddon but I'd always used a stand in "Creed" that was a 28mm Erwin Rommel so I could have my Afrika Korps but that is no more.

>> No.56726774

Nice. I plan on putting some anti-horde on the Taurox truck, and putting as much plasma as I can on the Scions themselves.

I'm still wondering about what might be a good color scheme for them tho. Thought about pic related for their clothes, but I'm afraid it might look too colorful in the end.

>> No.56726778

It's not a real book; that's the joke.

>> No.56726779

Not unless he's your warlord.

>> No.56726805

My buddy and I thought about getting into AoS, but the steam dorfs had no Start Collecting set. So we picked 40k in the end.

He wanted to go Skeleton army, he's going Tyranids. I suppose he just likes hordes...

>> No.56726811

7th ed Ravenwing were pretty powerful but aside from that they've been in the not great side of middle of the road since 2nd edition. With the probability that their chapter tactic is going to be re-roll 1s to hit when stationary they'll probably be pretty good plasma spammers. Expect deathwing and non bike ravenwing to be dissapointing though

>> No.56726822

Taurox Prime is getting a big price hike. Especially the dakka model.

Plasma is nice, but make sure you have some AT punch. You'll need melta for that.

>> No.56726823

I have seen some variants of Purge with dark green torsos and I like that colour scheme, plus they are rocking rather hardcore backround snippets.

And you basically listed the reasons why I like Cleaved (and their name, it is a shit CHSM warband if it couldnt pass for a metal band)

>> No.56726826

Yep, for the same reason that Stygies Electros get free Storm Shields half the time at the very start of the game. Move + D6 + Move and then charge.

>> No.56726831

Disappointing in comparison to 'my whole army is gravwing bikers tabling you in one turn' maybe.

>> No.56726832

Here's some changes.
I fixed it.

>> No.56726908

Awesome, cheers anon

>> No.56726919

Are krak missiles sufficient anti-tank measures if I have many of them (around 8)?

>> No.56726941

The issue will be if you run into serious T8 things.
4s to wound with a few weapons isn't the greatest.

>> No.56726945


>> No.56726974

I think those are meant to supplement traditional AT like meltaguns and lascannons, being kind of like a panic button the Sentinel pilot pushes when the Leman Russ failed to blow up that grav tank.

>> No.56726976


Thank you for the clarification!

>> No.56726987

Nah they'll just be be boggo marines with every one of there supposed specialisms being outclassed by someone else. Wolf guard have been better at being deathwing than deathwing since 3rd

>> No.56727004

>spam Str6 and you win
Not without good AP. They'll just save it and those failing can pass a 5+ FnP.
He's pretty damn good. Again, Disgustingly Resilient does a lot of work.

>> No.56727008

Straight up don't take either kind of kataphron unless you have points left over. Skitarii are just way more versatile.

>> No.56727013

How are GSC as a main force if I include a guard detachment? I love the models from both lines.

>> No.56727020

Not sure if you meant to have 11 cultists in your screen unit

Bikers should just have the regular plasma gun so as to save points. You'll never fire both modes.

Sorcerer doesn't hit on 2s so the combi-melta is a waste.

155pts for 5 Chosen with Combi-plasma

165 for 5 havoc with 4 lascannons

122 for 3 bikers with plasma, plasma, combi-plasma.

LasC Pred should not have twin heavy bolters.
190 for a proper killy pred.

>> No.56727024


>> No.56727027

you should ask yourself if you want to be a pale emo child, a vampire, or a furry

>> No.56727030

I roll with anywhere between 3 to 6 Leman Russes. I would have no feat against krak missiles.

>> No.56727058

nice waacing there homo

>> No.56727073

I can't decide either.
Thinking of doing like the old stormtrooper scheme like pic related or Orange, Black, and White.

>> No.56727078

Best weapon to equip tacticals with?

>> No.56727101

Anyone else read in the grim darkness? Good cawl stuff in it

>> No.56727103


How is that WAACing? Not trolling I'm serious. Last time my guard saw the table was sometime during 6th.

>> No.56727108

I'm not homo. I'm tank-sexual.

>> No.56727121

leman russ are hilariously stronk in 8th after the codex came out.

>> No.56727128

>Primaris have no reliable long-range anti-tank

I don't wanna have to mix in marinelets.

>> No.56727140

3 ork boyz. no need to even bother with morale.

>> No.56727144

heavy hellblaster is pretty fucking reliable, m8.

>> No.56727149

Different anon, but are they good in a GSC force?

>> No.56727150

GSC are complete shit. They suffered the worst from the migration to 8th ed since the reserve rules castrated their ambush. Particularly bad was how the Primus is the best HQ for ambushing (giving a re-roll) and the Patriarch is now complete shit (overcosted, no re-roll on the ambush without burning a dice, old rule was he could CHOOSE which result you got IIRC).

HQs also ambush separately so whatever unit you want to have a tag-along, you need to put 2 into reserve so 2 on the table.

Their powers suck for the most part and they get nothing good in the index, the Tyranid book gives them access to stratagems at least.

For an army based around sneaking up and going 'SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER' it's pretty lacking in the punch, unless you roll a 5 and get a 20 man squad with 2 mining lasers and 2 webbers/grenade launchers popping up in range to snipe a character or hose a squad with enough shots to blow them off of an objective with 2 volleys of fire.

There's no way to fix their shit morale without bringing a 53 pt HQ (gives re-roll and 6+ FNP) unit or the 150pt Patriarch (immune to morale).

Hybrid models still cost 5pts each rather than the 4 they should cost to be in line with GEQs.

No special bonuses for going over 10 models in squads of Neophytes.

Anemic, expensive transports.

Cult Russ still inferior to the Guard Russ (no options beyond 4 turret types).

Rockgrinder is fucking overcosted and useless, doesn't do jack on a charge like it used to, weapons all heavy with no assault flamer or special rule to fire after advancing or ignore heavy penalties

Familiars are 12 pts to give a single bonus power per game, in the event you succeed on a psychic test. Taking 2 familiars doesn't give you extra powers twice.

They're garbage.

>> No.56727154

Isn't your transport just guns, Guns!, GUNS!! ohyeahanditcarriesdudestoo

Isn't your dread the same thing? ohanditkillsthepilot

>> No.56727166

I hope Tzeentch or Thousand Sons get a spell that lets them teleport an enemy model, so I can teleport my friend's gulliman out of his ultramarine daycare centre and 60 conscipt bubblewrap and cockslap his head off

>> No.56727167

You're taking a Repulsor with the lascannons.

Heavy plasma hellblasters are trash. They should be doing d3 damage and d6 on overcharge, imho.

>> No.56727169

Yes, they are.


>> No.56727188

>3 russes
I'm sorry your collection of random models you call an army isn't working out for you.

>> No.56727191

Oh :(

But I love the models. And isn’t the patriarch just a better broodlord?

>> No.56727200

If you're not able to eat up his retinue then you're doing something wrong.

>> No.56727221

Give pity on him for having something that costs about 100~ too many points

>> No.56727222

Patriarch is a WORSE broodlord. He doesn't get any powers from the new nid book, and he only buffs stealers.

Please post a 1500 point list that isn't completely useless in a competent varied meta.

>> No.56727224

Yeah I do that, I'd just love a direct approach

>> No.56727231



30"/Heavy 12/5/-1/1


36"/Heavy D6/8/-4/1

All for 201/207. I'm sure Land Raiders are pissing themselves over that.

>> No.56727234

Hey, FLG is doing a preview of the BA Code for those who haven't seen it. WTs, strats, powers and relics are up:


>> No.56727238


>> No.56727249

Okay so
I'm extremely dumb, but is there any way to take rhinos for skitarii? Would taking a detachment of space marines let them use theirs? Would I be allowed to paint the rhinos in skitarii colours instead of muhreen ones?

>> No.56727269

Rhinos probably specify only marine models can be transported

>> No.56727277

Can't you infernal gaze him? Selecting a model gets around the character rule doesn't it?

Even still you could hilariously tarpit his daycare center and just deep strike melta gorillaman in the ass. Since models will have to move and he's gonna have Bobby G moving up to take a swing, he's gonna open a pocket -somewhere- to do it.

>> No.56727280

This would be correct if GSC were stand alone.

But the entire point of them is to take a Guard and Nid detachment with them so you have carnifexes screening baneblades.

>> No.56727285

makes me less inclined to take death company in my storm raven when I can either DS them and charge 3d6 or start them on the board and get a huge move up

>> No.56727294

Well thanks I guess. I was going to grab their battleforce box as a change from dark eldar Kabals. I’ll just buy some more scourges I guess.

>> No.56727296

Why have an army thats exists solely for memes? Fucking Gays Whoreshit

>> No.56727310

Wait for the codex
And pray to the Great Devourer they get unfucked

>> No.56727313

Scourges are also trash.

>> No.56727314

literally all the fucking books including skitarii have them in lovely deep red rhinos and I can't fucking have them
what a ballache

>> No.56727322

Stormravens looking more like a flying gunship (as it is named) or at most a dreadnought delivery system

>> No.56727327

No transports for AM yet anon.

It's awful.

>> No.56727335

GW cant into Admech
Fucking dipshits christ

>> No.56727342

>solely for memes
You say it like it's a bad thing.

>> No.56727344

Should I play a homebrew all-Primaris Blood Angels successor or a homebrew renegade Iron Hands successor who fell to Nurgle using the DG codex?

>> No.56727346

You can use 103 points to glue Nids and Guard together, so that's fun.

I do play them but they are pretty shit unless you're using Guard or Nids to fill the gaps. They're a shining example of something they forgot to address when the changeover happened and they fit better as a secondary force to give your Guard army ambush assault troops.

As above, 103 points (patrol) to give you a guard+nids.

Any army that can't make a reasonable stand alone via tactics or raw loadout is a shit army that needs fixing.

>> No.56727358

people who play cannonical formations? that way they allow for good shit, but have to drag around some shit units too.

>> No.56727372

>Nids don't get their own dices


>> No.56727374

They even had a bitching Command Rhino with a quad-Hbolter turret that had improved comms that would translate to an Aura and could carry a Skitarii leader like a Secutor. That would be pretty sweet.

>> No.56727384

>Any army that can't make a reasonable stand alone via tactics or raw loadout is a shit army that needs fixing.
Cults aren't a stand alone army to begin with. They are just hybrids that take over a local PDF or Guard Regiment and call down the Star Gods.

That is their entire purpose. A bunch of dues with mining lasers aren't going to do shit. That's the points.

>> No.56727388

Bad memes
Unless youve seen guard and nid combined army sweeping tournaments

>> No.56727391

>Complete shit
>Patriarch is shit
Wrong. Massive rending claws are fucking deadly with its strength, it cannot be shot at while amongst regular genestealers, which it will be, because it buffs them. It is also a psyker, but more on that later
>Separate ambushes
This sucks ass yeah.
>The powers suck
Completely wrong. Might from beyond and mass hypnosis are amazing, mass hypnosis is the best debuff power in the game.
>Anemic, expensive transports
Their Rugged Construction rule makes them statistically as durable as Chimeras. They are overpriced, though, yeah.
>Cult russ is inferior to guard russ

>> No.56727400

To be fair there isn't really much they need for transporting Skitarii.

I'd wager they'd probably get Chimeras, though.

>> No.56727402

Thats fucking stupid
Like saying guard and marines have to be in the same army cause that's what happens in fluff
Fucking retarded

>> No.56727415

First I thought about giving them some kind of camo scheme, and then I realized it was gonna be quite hard, time-consuming, and would result in the miniature looking too "crowded".

Not sure how I'd paint the armor if I go dark yellow for their clothing. Black maybe ?

>> No.56727419

>suffered the worse in transition to 8th

>> No.56727430

Hopefully with the codex.

>> No.56727437

Wait until Fires of Cyraxis

>> No.56727440

So, apparently BA get a Primaris-Librarian in gravis armor.

>> No.56727451

>Two armies designed to be standalone from a fluff and table top perspective
>comparing it to cultist uprisings that infiltrate and control planets via hypnosis and subterfuge because they are explicitly not a stand alone army
>Fucking retarded
One of our points is but its not mine.

>> No.56727457

>Fires of Cyraxis
>ever being released

>> No.56727484

>"My opinion is righter than yours"
Fuck, you sound just like GW trying to justify their shit rules and balance

>> No.56727485

>implying that anything that isn't a bestseller kit won't get jacked up in point to unplayability after what CA did to FW units.

>> No.56727498

Check it on math hammer

>> No.56727506

pictured, me when that piece of shit book releases 020.M22

>> No.56727510


>> No.56727513


>> No.56727518

Actually it's fact. An army of dues and mining lasers is only going to get so far. That's the entire reason Brood Brothers exist. So they can actually succeed on Advent Day rather than a Guard regiments just squashing them.

Because why fight them when you can make then join you.

>> No.56727521

Isn't that just the normal librarian cowl?

>> No.56727547

He has a point. Genestealer cults isn't a standalone army, never was. Fluff and crunch wise they should be allied with guard.

>> No.56727550


Yeah, you go ahead and wake up to a clerk saying "our entire industrial sector is in revolt" and say that a bunch of dudes with mining equipment won't matter. Oh, what's that? You're sending in the PDF? Surprise! They're turncoats as well. Only for some odd reason they lost the ability to carry and kind of special weapons they previously had access to and now have obscure xenotech while they ride the tanks out of the armory.

Fuck off. the only reason the mining laser is even a mediocre weapon now is cause it gives you 2 shots for 4 more points at half damage potential so your odds go up. Doesn't make it less shitty that it costs 14pts and has 24" range.

Correct me, then.

>Patriarch is good
Your single buff spell or no-overwatch spell is not worth it. Adding +1 to hit rolls is shit. Re-rolling 1s to hit is good. That would make him far more valuable since he could buff himself. Oh wait hes not a purestrain so lol he can't! But the Primus buffs EVERYTHING.

>Wrong on powers
No I'm not, you're bullshitting yourself. Mind Control is the only good power. That's where my 2 compulsory HQs go. One magus per turn and pull it in to take control of an enemy Manticore for example.

Go ahead and try and tell me where I'm wrong and give a good reason why. Crunch numbers of a 150pt melee HQ from any other faction against the patriarch in a fight and tell me who wins (protip: it isn't the bug).

>> No.56727562

"I have been catching some flack lately for not being “real” enough, lol"

>> No.56727587

>GSC was never a standalone army
>that's why they counted as allies of convenience with nids and actually had huge drawbacks for allied lists due to the Return to the Shadows rule being disabled while within range of Nids

>that's why they had their own book with their own formations that had special rules and great fluff

>that's why their entire design philosophy was operating as a sole, coherent faction of it's own volition rather than the bullshit Taudar lists or any kind of allied basis

nigga please share whatever the fuck you are on cause that must be some dank ass shit

>> No.56727590

People finally got tired of Reece's shilling of "everything is totally super duper awesome guys!" so he forced himself to actually have to say halfway negative stuff about some things. The CA article was full of (correct) complaints about him talking up that dumpster fire.

Reece was saying 4ppm Conscripts were just fine, for fuck's sake.

>> No.56727595

I love how this guy does amazing face painting, but then completely falls on his ass when doing weathering/highlighting.

>> No.56727602

To be fair that's why they didn't have an army for 5 editions

People really need to get idea that every faction needs to be stand alone out of their heads. Thats what killed GKs and DW

>> No.56727606

Actually it seems more like that is from a bad clearcoat. I've had that happen to my minis and I cried.

>> No.56727614

Eh, could be either, I guess.
It certainly looks a lot more like the gravis cowl, but the rest of the model looks like the base model, so it's probably best to assume it's shitty art.

>> No.56727628

You successfully killed 5 Hormagaunts in Synapse. Good job.

>> No.56727629

He does head commissions. Tempted.

>> No.56727642

Then you're suggesting the ideal GSC list would be 60 acolyte hybrids and 3 Primus models in a battalion ambushing 3 targets to chop it the fuck up...

While you're just playing Guard or Nids.

When you could just use all those points instead to buy more Guard or Nids.

>> No.56727645

Cruddace seized control of the dice machine when he realized that he wasn't allowed to write the Codex. Even in defeat he must take something away from Tyranids.

>> No.56727659

GeeDubya needs to man the fuck up and properly ALL their fucking armies. Just cause they're autistic enough to release whatever subfaction they shit out of the fluff doesnt mean they can give them shit rules and screw over people who are actually intrigued and want to play those factions.

>> No.56727669

4ppm conscripts would need to lose the order rule and go back to 40 or 50 models to be fair.

Otherwise they stay 3 points. The limit of 30 bodies seems good, the orders shit you'd just ignore cause you just want 30 men standing on a point all game.

>> No.56727679

>GeeDubya needs to man the fuck up and properly ALL their fucking armies.

This. If you can't properly ALL then maybe you shouldn't EVEN.

>> No.56727697

If this was reddit I’d downvote you

>> No.56727703

Oh, well that makes sense. Was thinking the quality was way to stark a contrast to be the same painter.

>> No.56727707

Yeah my ynarri only list sucks.

>> No.56727708


Perhaps our irate friend meant 'support'? People get far too invested in expensive figurines...

>> No.56727723

Is ynarri getting their own codex?

>> No.56727738

He meant ALL.

>> No.56727742

'Now' it does, cause they got nerfed into the fucking toilet. Guard player here, pull up a chair and pour a drink.

>> No.56727745

Yes. A d unique units.

>> No.56727753

>he went first, annihilated most of my tanks(there was actually 2 onagers and the knight)
>baneblade reduced to worthlessness
>tank commander stuck into combat with knight
>his snipers wiped out my company commander, rendering my infantry squads hurt
>made a lot of saves
>his deployment made it hard to deepstrike the callidus in to fuck with his canticles

He's a fantastic player, made some smart moves turn 1, and as a result, I was crippled after that, losing by the end of turn 2.

>> No.56727760

No I'm play them however you like, just don't expect them to be a balanced faction on their own because they're not meant to be. Not every army is meant to be self contained or competative.

>> No.56727770

>not every faction is meant to be self contained or competitive

what are you, necrons?

>> No.56727778

Nono pretty sure the body is his doing too just thought Id mention cause I want heads like these

>> No.56727799

Support ALL?
>Not every army is meant to be self contained or competative
It should be that way
You know so its FUN for everyone?

>> No.56727838

Gravis armour was such a fucking mistake
The cowl is the one(1) thing that all librarians have, not all have robes, staffs, glowing hands, whatever
it's like giving reivers crozius' as well as the skull masks

>> No.56727932

so i've read the collection of novel Shas'O to begin the story of Farsight what should i read next before i begin Crisis of Faith ?

>> No.56727974

Im painting my hellbrute and it sucks.

>> No.56728006


Reivers are a mistake regardless, we really didn't need Juggalo marines

>> No.56728035

How come?

>> No.56728036

>Skull faces

>> No.56728051

Well, that was kinda unexpected. I guess Cawl helps a bunch there. I've found Onagers will either do basically nothing or critical hit anything unshielded into glowing smoke with 12 damage after rolling six 3+.

>> No.56728063


>> No.56728083

he's one of my favourite people to face. He's damn good, and we've had some awesome games together.

>> No.56728087

Apparently the price of the easy build Redemptor is in WD. Any word on that?

>> No.56728103


>> No.56728129


Juggalo facepaint usually evokes skulls, yes.

It's the combo of the skull face, the mismatched armour, the weird leg gaps that make it look like they're wearing sneakers and all the random accessories that give them the white trash marine look though.

White trash + skull face = juggalo.

>> No.56728190

>because the nids want to eat them. It's fluffy.

>so did harlequins

>flat out wrong

>> No.56728227

New Thread?

>> No.56728261

No this thread is fairly old.

>> No.56728300



>> No.56728363

What is going on with his right fist? It's clenched upside down right? So in natural position the cables actually go around and over it? FFS

>> No.56728399

Alright I am retarded and autistic I saw how this was possible without the inconvenience

>> No.56728613

They also mention in that book that its super rare and customized. Not a standard skitarii addition.

>> No.56729272

Or charcoal gray. Gold+charcoal works on everything.

>> No.56729290

The extra layer of armor in the pauldrons indicates Gravis; as well as the beer gut.

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