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Lament Of Relevance edition

>Fill in the survey, ask GW for Space Skaven

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved full Strats, Traits, Relics, Powers, and Reece Spin lmao

>Daily Dunked Peaches, he thinks tan people look like they've been flayed.

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>Math-hammer (thank Autism!)

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Black Templars are the largest single chapter.

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Weren't they all just slain to a man failing to protect Cadia?

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That was just the local Black Templar Crusade. Helbrecht wasn't even at Cadia

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Most up to date lore has them at codex compliant with 1000 marines

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Why are the Night Lords so much better than other legions?

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then most up to date lore is HERESY

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Suspension of disbelief is strained with some of the 8th edition rules.

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Stand back, brother, best legion coming through.

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I like these. What bodies are those?

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They look like regular guardsmen.

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I knew those vampire sissy faggots couldn't stay uncorrupted!

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Well the green is only on the Shas'ui
I was told the Black would be the best colour for the soft armour. I did Yellow because i didn't know what to paint the decorations to make them pop out. The Teal is just the colour of the hooves. I didn't know what to paint the hands so i went with a neutral grey.

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>Night lords better than other legions
>When salamanders live
enjoy your booping heretic

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The bottom portion was meant for >>56700850

Looks like the special 'no-glue' cadians

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Yeah, like >>56701088 said. They were the monopose Cadians, I just sliced the heads off and used a dremel with the plastic/wood grinding bits. It's the perfect size for GW's heads to fit into

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Where are his sponsons?

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Is it possible to do a mech spam list with tau? And if so is it any good? I don’t have the models/time to test it right now

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Anon, you don't understand. Rhino sniping was theoretically possible, so we had to buff Assassin spam despite Rhino-sniping being trivially easy to block and a maneuver never actually performed in-game.

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is it possible? of course. Or do you mean is it viable? To which I reply
>how's riptide spam in 8th?
I actually don't know since I haven't played 8th yet

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guy who's saying you can block a tank in with 2 models, diagram it for me in ms paint please

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If anyone is looking to add cheap Gue'vesa to their list, the Monopose Cadians are 20$ for 10.

A fire warrior box is 36$, but comes with options for 10 Breachers and 10 Fire Warriors, take the head and shoulder pad, sand down one of the cadian's shoulders so it will fit, and do the heads like I described above.
Bam. Two full squads of infantry, and you have a fluffy addition to your dudes that looks pretty neat.

Scions also work for this. My Gue'vesa'ui is made from one

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I posted that and now I want to go do models with the old BA color themes

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I asked this last night and got no response, anyone know how to fix the links in the EPUB3s when converting with Prince? The clickable boxes are far larger than the text they are supposed to contain.

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But then what do you do with the fire warrior bodies?

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Gonna tag along on this and recommend these as possible Kroot Hound substitutes.

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It's referring to the fact that you can't target characters if there is a unit between your shooting unit and said character, even if the enemy unit that is preventing you from targeting a character is fully obscured.
A character standing out in the open cannot be targeted, even if, optically, there is nothing else to shoot at.

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You make Breachers or Fire Warriors.

You'll have 30 weapon sets (10 rifles, 10 carbine, 10 shotguns) and 20 heads+shoulderpads, but only 10 bodies+legs. You'll always have extra
I like Kroot too much to use those. Wish they'd expand on them

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rules abstraction

>> No.56701268

Mech spam, particularly Riptides, was such an annoyance in 7th that said mechs were nerfed 6 feet under. I haven't seen a single unpainted Tau army in my Store for months and it is G L O R I O U S !

Mechtau are the new thing. Hammerheads, fire warriors/breachers in devilfish, and Kroot for board control.

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Venerable Dreadterminaut

>> No.56701274

Wait what? I cant seem to find 36$ fire warriors. and the ones i see are only 10 men

>> No.56701279

Might wanna do somethin bout the tits on that former seeker

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>"Fuck, I dropped my Storm Bolter! Brother Virgil, could you pick it up for me?"

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Post your favorite work of 40k art.

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They did touch the main rules. In fact, they fucked up the character targeting rules EVEN MORE! Yay!

>> No.56701298

what model is that? I might need to pick one up

>> No.56701299

Holy fuck they're 50$ now. Even more reason to use the extra bits. And yes. 10 men, with options to build them 3 ways. Don't know how to explain it better.

>> No.56701302

Its defined in the "Chapter Approved" book, explicitly stating that even if the unit 'blocking' the character is fully obscured, the character can still not be targeted.
It's just getting to the "too fucking stupid" range of suspension of disbelief for me.

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The sucker punch gets me every time.

>> No.56701306

What're the new rules?

>> No.56701315

The way you explained it is you said it makes 10 Fire warriors and 10 breachers. which would be 20 bodies.

>> No.56701317

Google chapter approved review, there've been a few people who went through advanced copies.

>> No.56701325

If you want, you can try and find the old 16 man boxes on eBay, they just have less poses.

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Orks are great,I dont get what all the bitching is about

I almost win every game I play with them

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What's your list? Matched or Open play?

>> No.56701346

You can no longer target characters if ANY enemy model is closer. Giant enemy character is in the middle of the open? Fuck you, they have one guardsman sitting completely out of vision one mm closer.

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No that was retconned back in 8th.

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Yeah, I guess so. Didn't even notice that before, thanks. It's a Knarloc Rider, since GW won't make them anymore

>> No.56701351

problem is anything besides boyz is weak

>> No.56701365

And using 2 rhinos to block line of sight so you can snipe a character is less immersion breaking?

>> No.56701367

How do Terminators reload their bolters with powerfists?

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>Matched Play games get a lot of attention, too. There are some fairly large shake-ups. For one, the Character targeting rule changed, disallowing you from targeting them if any enemy models are closer, whether they are visible or not. This is both good and bad, as for one, a hidden unit closer to you stops you form shooting a character in the wide open which is annoying, but it also prevents “Rhino-scoping” which is intentionally moving models to block your line of sight to anything but a character, thereby getting around the old Character protection rules, which was also mega annoying. -Reecius

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Why? It looks like mustard is your sept color, and rank is usually denoted by sept color.

I mean, they're your dudes, though.

>> No.56701373

>open play
why would you

>> No.56701379

he doesn't use them

>> No.56701381

>almost win
i see what you did there

>> No.56701389

The problem is that they're fairly monobuild, even though that one happens to be just fine.

>> No.56701394

Hyper Adaptive biology.
Does it only happen once (ie. The first phase during the game in which it takes damage) or does it happen each turn (ie. the first phase of each turn in which it takes damage)?

>> No.56701395

Where can I find color meanings for tau?

>> No.56701398

I play open play all the time, things like planetfall, stronghold assault and apocalypse games are super fun

my favourite scenario is the spacestation low-grav mission from crusade of fire

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If by Mech spam you mean Commander Suit spam and or Y'varha spam, it's great.
If you mean standard Crisis, Hazards, Broadsides, Riptides, Stealth Suits, Storm Surges, Supremacy Armors, or R'varnas...
Not so much. I guess stealth suits are ok.

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I saw the thumbnail and got really excited for a second.

>> No.56701413

from what i am seeing the Shas'ui usually has a different shoulder than the rest of the squad to denote that. Also i dont know what colour to paint the decorations to make them stand out.

>> No.56701415

Because Matched Plays rules on psykers is a straight up gimping for GK.

>> No.56701418

The last stand of crimson fists also impresses me every time I see it
But this here is a great portrayal of the Tau, hard to make choices for favorites

>> No.56701419

>Does it only happen once
Yes, but the only reason I'm sure about that is that is how GW described it working in their hive fleet preview.

>> No.56701421


>> No.56701422

Makes more sense than not shooting during your shooting phase at all because the unit of space marines behind a wall is closer to you than a character that's in the middle of a fuckin field.
Rhino scoping made more sense than just NOT shooting at all because hidden units in the shadows.

>> No.56701434

Has their been any major tourneys since the release of the Tyranid codex? If so, how did they do?

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>> No.56701439

I did it - I gave up Space Marines for Drukhari.

Someone pointed out to me that even if Blood Angels get a bonus to wound, they're still space marines.

It's like putting a V8 on a ford fiesta.

I wanted a real assault army - but not Nids.

Maybe I've made a big mistake, maybe not. But I do know that even after 7 years - the Dark Eldar line still holds up. Damn, those are some sexy models.
And the other thing that is nice is they aren't a bandwagon army.

>> No.56701442

Armor color doesn't matter to tau, only the sept marking color. Their sept marking color is basically their version of chapter emblems.

>> No.56701451

You can't pivot, having two of them on the opposite faces means you can't rotate.

>> No.56701455

Forge world give me Culln in the morning plz

>> No.56701461

Rhino scoping can be narratively explained (loosely) whereas a lone target not being able to be fired at can't.

>> No.56701463

Gosh Dorn it.

>> No.56701465

My bad I guess.
Those sculpts are horrid. Over half of them have their left thigh armor fucked beyond repair. The grooves where the armor segments is literally inside out, and most are also slipped and not symmetrical. But the old Bonding Knives are dope, and the shoulder pads actually have more detail than the new ones. Might grab one for conversion bits, thanks for the reminder

>> No.56701467

I get what the comic represents, I'm saying the rule change was stupid.
So make it so that you can't target characters if there are closer enemy units obstructed visually only by friendly models.

>> No.56701468

You might be able to get the Zealot Miniatures Kroot Hounds. They were a limited run, but they did them at least twice and you might be able to inquire about them.

>> No.56701472

If you think those circles on the corner prevent it from moving diagonally you don't understand how tangencies work.

>> No.56701474


Best edition right here.

>> No.56701475

Thought so.
Watching a battle report and the nid player is going to add 1 toughness each turn his guy takes damage.

>> No.56701476

Why did they need to change the plague burst crawler in chapter approved if they never even released it?

>> No.56701480

counterclockwise you could. try it out rotate the rectangle in paint it won't clip the circles.

>> No.56701481

Please yes.

>> No.56701484

Don't be stupid. It happens at the end of the FIRST phase in which you suffer any wounds. Not the second phase, not the third phase. The FIRST.

>> No.56701492

It's not at all clear to me from the wording of the text, but GW described some T7 bug being T8 for the rest of the battle. So, in my mind, that means it only works once. Needs an faq.

>> No.56701493

trust me if its mirrored properly you can't rotate clock wise or counter clockwise.

>> No.56701501

Ah a fisting fan i see

>> No.56701506

they did anon. I have one on my desk.

>> No.56701508


>> No.56701513

If this is real I hope it's 40k and not just a shitty 30k model that no one cares about. It does look resin, though.

>> No.56701516

>Needs an faq.

>wording says it happens at the end of the first phase

>wording never implies it triggers again

>"does this happen multiple times? needs an faq!"

it amazes me how a hobby like wargaming which requires literacy supports so many illiterate wargamers

>> No.56701522

> 3rd party.

>> No.56701530

Looks plastic to me, but lighting is pretty bad

>> No.56701532

oh my mistake I thought it meant hauler

>> No.56701537

The circle can't be on both sides of the right angle, plus you can't stop it from just moving diagonally anyway.

>> No.56701543

I like these, but I'm not sure if I like them better than GW's. Plus I plan to take my Auxiliaries to tournaments one day, so I try to stick to their shit with my conversions.

>> No.56701557

IF are my favorite Space Marine army, and the only ones I would play. However, their awful rules/support are what's keeping me from playing them.

>> No.56701560

My bad, I missed the "first" bit. I'm not a nids player, forgive me for not knowing their rules.

>> No.56701561


unless you have crescent moon bases you can't lock a vehicle in with two circles

>> No.56701564

Way to ableist, Anon. GW needs to provide for the mentally handicapable in their audience.

>> No.56701565

The new rule is meant to eliminate confusion/cheese about whether you can target characters who are the closest visible unit, as long as other closer units are not visible.

It did that fine, but changed 10 Wounds Characteristic to 10 Wounds, meaning that grognards will argue that because you shot his Hive Tyrant down to 9 wounds, he's immune from further shooting until he's on top of you.

It also removes the limitation "shooting phase" and replaces it with "firer." So it now works during overwatch, and potentially during psychic or even fight depending on how autistic an asshole tries to get.

They could have reprinted and changed half a phrase, but instead they rewrote it and made it look like they were trying hard not to copy from the 8th rulebook.

>> No.56701573

Shit I don't know their rules but I took a couple moments to read the picture the anons posted that they were arguing about

>> No.56701580

>The circle can't be on both sides of the right angle

it can't that why its more on the long side for both of them, then juts out on the short side to prevent it from moving that way.

I dunno I tried it, primarilly with bigger bases to make it easier and it couldn't move.

>> No.56701589

And this one of been the only acceptable time to copy the 8th rulebook. Is very silly

>> No.56701591

it's just a 3rd party model, the full model was posted several times already
no official dorn yet I'm afraid

>> No.56701592

coming soon, the $200 audio-drama rulebook from GW

>> No.56701597

>potentially during psychic
There are no psychic powers that "target." Unlike fighting and shooting, which do use "target" when describing your target, psychic powers use "select" for target selection.

>> No.56701605

>its more on the long side for both of them
then it can pivot.

>> No.56701606

Bought a shitload of Death Guard from the owner of my FLGS for $150.

>DG DIce
>Plague Surgeon
>2x Plaguecasters
>3x Bloat Drones
>3x Blightbringers
>3x Deathshroud Termies
>3x Lord of contagion
>22x Plague Marines
>56x poxwalkers

How'd I do?

>> No.56701614

That's dissapointing. Happen to have a picture of the full model?

The next primarch is probably going to be Russ or Lion, both of which I'm not looking forward to.

>> No.56701618

you fuckin' robbed him

>> No.56701619

>I took a couple moments to read
don't do that, you'll ruin our shitposting.

>> No.56701634

actually now that I think about it it might be able to. okay whatever I was wrong.

>> No.56701636

Is there any excuse for not painting your army in the year of our Lord Duncan, 02017?

>> No.56701638

Is he still alive or do I need to call the police?

>> No.56701650

I walked in looking for AdMech

I left a fucking heretic

>> No.56701655

fuck I thought my deal of half that for 60 was good.

>> No.56701663

>one of the most popular new armies
>sells all that for 150

I hope he was a friend.

>> No.56701666


>> No.56701667

He's fine. I think.

He sold it all except for Morty.

>He bought 2 tau bombers with the money i gave him

>> No.56701678

What's the better color scheme? I just got my 3rd box for cheap, so now I can start assembling each loadout.

>> No.56701689

Why the FUCK did forgeworld stop making the kill krusha tank? I wanted one so bad.

>> No.56701699

He bought two out-of-stock models from himself for significantly higher than his cost? Your story is pretty far-fetched.

>> No.56701705

>Is there any excuse for not painting your army
never has been, never will be

>> No.56701709

look i didn't say it was the best store, i said it was my favorite store

>> No.56701712

Do you know nothing of the stubbornness of Dorn?! Bad rules shouldn't keep you from your favorite army, embrace what you love and find what works. You might not crush your enemies every match but if you invest yourself into the creation of your dudes you will find happiness in them.

>> No.56701725

The sept color is the little pinstripes, and it marks all units from a particular sept or colony as belonging to that force. Usually it's just on the guns/helmet, and maybe shoulder pad as the markings. The actual armor/theatre/parade colors past that are (supposed to be) unique to the theatre.

The shape of each marking is also largely unimportant, and they can be unified or depict different teams.

the short hand is if it takes up half a helmet, it's a rank higher, and a whole helmet without the vein, another rank higher. And if it takes up the entire helmet and has the sept markings in the default army color, it's a shas'o.

Rank is usually designated by helmet and/or shoulder pads being filled with sept-color.

You can also make the sept color very prominate, and nearly invert the armor/sept colors to signify an elite/specialist unit (See Infiltration Cadre Burning Dawn as an example of T'au specialists.)

You can go higher than that, combining both rank and elites, and make the entire armor in the sept color, with basic armor/theatre/parade color as the sept marking. And that's how you get the big shas'o heroes like Farsight, Shadowsun, and the DoW champions.

>> No.56701733

>Why the FUCK did f
it didn't sell
>I wanted one so bad.

>> No.56701748

Hey, that's ableist too! Do you think it's safe for >>56701492 or >>56701394 to to use paint or glue?

>> No.56701752

If, instead of the >>56701725 rank style you wanted to have a certain color shoulder pad represent shas'la, another represent shas'vres, and another shas'saals or shas'o, or even fuck the tau ranks, again they're your dudes.

>> No.56701753

unless it did sell in which case the mold was damaged from overuse

>> No.56701754

>>Codex- $40
>>DG DIce- $20
>>Datacards- $15
>>Typhus- $40
>>Tallyman- $25
>>Plague Surgeon- $25
>>Blightspawn- $25
>>3x Deathshroud Termies- $60
>>2x Plaguecasters
>>3x Bloat Drones
>>3x Blightbringers
>>3x Lord of contagion
>>22x Plague Marines
>>56x poxwalkers
The rest is from two Dark Imperium boxes and a Know No Fear, so another $200.

You saved $300.

>> No.56701760

Wheres this store at? Does he over these prices to anyone or did you have to "sweeten the pot?"

>> No.56701768

Perspective with the stairs and the Emperor's right leg seem a bit fucked, mind

>> No.56701775

The thing is my LGS (a GW) has pretty much no terrain available, so their rules are less than useless.

Sure they would look pretty but I would be at a complete disadvantage every game.

>> No.56701776

Hey guys, I'm rebasing some of my old marines from 4th and I found out that bikes have bases now but I cant seem to find a solid answer about the size, anyone know? oh and marines are now 32mm right?

>> No.56701786

Greater Atlanta area, usually he sells 40k product at GW MSRP, but it was his personal army and he knows me relatively well

>> No.56701789

Huh, that is confusing. Since that shoulder pad is obviously a different colour on the Squad leader as the pictures shows. I wonder why that is. Either way i could totally change the sensor to be green also. Though i think i should rethink the yellow sept markings I just dont know what colour would contrast well to the magenta

>> No.56701793

75X42mm oval bases or the shitty pill bases

>> No.56701796

60mm by 35 mm oval bases IIRC

>> No.56701800

tfw they will never redo the ork boyz kit to look like this

>> No.56701815


That's an argument you are free to have with your opponent, now.

>> No.56701819

I think a non-transport generic tank for Orks would be nice. Like the looted tank from DoW. I know the looted wagons existed at one point, but if they "compromise" by just releasing an orky looking Leman Russ set I'd be fine with that.

>> No.56701832

nope https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/deathwatch-kill-team-cassius-2016

it's 75mm if you want to future proof your bikes


>> No.56701833

The tiny-ness of the boltgun in that pic annoys me
Some artists seem to draw them small, others draw them fucken huge

>> No.56701842

Can your Orkify Imperium vehicles?

>> No.56701844

That hair is GLORIOUS

>> No.56701846

Shoulder pads, and sensors, and helmets/heads.

Even on the Crisis, Team leaders are denoted by a shoulder pad. Basic rank is by helmet/sensor, and rank+team leader often go together.

>> No.56701854

is a blight drone a nurgle daemon?

>> No.56701855 [SPOILER] 

Welcome, brother.

>> No.56701857

>~$720 of death guard for $150

>> No.56701867

I could, but they're technically not "official." By that I don't mean that I'm against conversions and such, but that there is no rules for a generic tank for Orks.

>> No.56701868

I hope he wasn't. Taking advantage of a friend like that is pure evil.

>> No.56701879

nevermind >>56701857, I forgot to factor in the Dark Imperium discount.

>> No.56701884

Still need a better colour than Yellow for my sept if i am going to be painting that colour as the rank colour. Maybe just the green for the sept colour. It contrasts enough to the magenta

>> No.56701888

Ah, ok, because I'm pretty new to this and I was also thinking of the looted tanks from DoW. Seems pretty in the vien of Orkz to just steal shit and cover it in guns.

>> No.56701892


None of my T'au have any such markings.
Thankfully, no one cares about wizzy wig T'au, that and being new also helps.

>> No.56701907

I double checked with him before buying, he was seriously alright with it. he set the price and im not a haggler.

>> No.56701918

do you choose pyscher powers during list building or before battle?

>> No.56701926

You always have a choice.
GW's Dudes
Your Dudes via GW template
Your Dudes are off the edge of the map, here there be monsters.

>> No.56701935

Looted vehicles for orks will never come back because "forcing new players to kitbash and convert is NOT COOL"

>> No.56701944

List building to be polite
Before battle to be a tailor.
During casting to be a fag.

>> No.56701950

Non official but /comfy/ asf anyways.

>> No.56701957

Per the rules, before battle. In practice you're generally going to know what you want to do during list building regardless.

>> No.56701962

/m/ here, did anyone else take that Warhammer Community survey? I did. At the end I asked if they could get a Keeper of Secrets hero similar to Skarbrand, Kairos, and Ku'gath and wondered why the Tau had no titans.

>> No.56701972

I roll dice

>> No.56701974

Fuck you for asking for more Tau suits

>> No.56701977

So does this mean you can pick powers after seeing your opponents list, and then picking powers that counter their stuff? Kind of like list tailoring but not cheating.

>> No.56701995

Can someone explain to me why anyone would play anything other than Tyranids?

>> No.56701997

Good stuff, anon.

Welcome to the XIVth!

>> No.56702003

Pretty much, yeah.

>> No.56702017

nonofficial is totally fine. I just want to see everyone's favorite.

>> No.56702025

I just want a nice contrast in my Sept colour and my main armour colour. But that yellow is not the colour i want all over my leaders helmets and all over the Shas'ui's uniform.

>> No.56702027


>> No.56702028

I just asked why no titans when they are the far eastern influenced faction at the very end, I'm way more interested in getting Slaanesh a heroic KoS on par with the other greater daemon characters.

>> No.56702035

Its hard to say as I like both, but if you are also running Custodes, then right may be better because of the contrast, even if left gives a uniform colour.

>> No.56702041


>> No.56702047

We don't deserve such good art for such a shit army on the table.

>> No.56702055

I can understand that but your chapter tactics aren't everything. I play Black Templars and Imperial Fists and the number of times either chapter tactic has made a meaningful difference is pretty low. That doesn't stop me from getting new models and expanding my crusade, I even put together 4 devastator squads of heavy bolters for my Fists just because they look awesome aesthetically. I also am never adding a psyker to my collection because I want to stay true to my Black Templars in abhoring the witch. Does that put me at a disadvantage? Of course, but that doesn't mean I'll abandon my armies or how I want to play them. I'm still including an Emperor's Champion every game no matter how many times he is killed before hitting first or giving up my warlord. I'm still going to run choppy crusader squads across the board at my feeble opponent despite their pitiful damage and I'm going to add even moar dakka to my Imperial Fists with customized and converted centurions because it'll be awesome!
If you truly love your army, you'll never worry about disadvantages or challenging matchups because you'll want to see it on the board kicking ass without a care to the outcome. The VII legion calls to you brother, will you honor us?

>> No.56702068


>> No.56702074

See how much cooler and heroic GKs are when you don't have fucking retardo dreadknights around

>> No.56702086

I enjoy that too, but there is literally no way, save Draigo, that any non Dreadknight GK would last over more than 2 turns in combat with a Bloodthirster.

>> No.56702091


>> No.56702095

Tau originally looked at Titans and said "how impractical, any weapon you could put on a titan, you could put a better one on a tank or flyer" or alternatively "why make a titan when you could make flyers that can outmaneuver it, with titan killing weapons

Then everything changed when the Riptides attacked. (They also forgot the "coalition of aliens all rallying behind the Greater Good" which is what you SHOULD'VE asked about)

>> No.56702101

it's terrible, this guy just takes real life photos and draws spess marines and eldar over them

>> No.56702113


>> No.56702126

>Tau originally looked at Titans and said "how impractical, any weapon you could put on a titan, you could put a better one on a tank or flyer" or alternatively "why make a titan when you could make flyers that can outmaneuver it, with titan killing weapons

That's false. There is not a single line of fluff that says this. In fact, the lore has the T'au struggling to come up with solution against titans.

>> No.56702131

Because playing xenos is filthy heresy.

>> No.56702132

I'm a chaos daemon guy, specifically the one that kept calling for an all soul grinder battalion during the Fate of Konor.

>> No.56702143


>awesome gif
>no chimera


>> No.56702150

>punisher gatling rotates, but shoots out of all barrel

>> No.56702157

Have another cool gif
I know, it bothers my inner /k/ too.

>> No.56702165


>> No.56702170

Have another, more heretical one

>> No.56702184

God dammit i love the way Broadsides look. Too bad they are too expensive to bring. I guess ill just go with the Hammerhead then.

>> No.56702185

>vehicle mounted, tripod mounted heavy bolter

>> No.56702188

This one's a webm for some reason

>> No.56702189

The Tigershark was the response. Titans weren't to be outgunned, they were moved around. The AX-1 specifically, in the Taros campaign

>> No.56702201

Somehow I never noticed the scouts before.

>> No.56702207

Just as intended

>> No.56702213


>"This will allow them to fire the great gun!"


>> No.56702215

here's an extra heretical one

>> No.56702219

You know Taros still pisses me off because all the T'au did to turn it to a sept name was remove the fucking A

>> No.56702221

Weren't we supposed to get blood angels information today? Or was the article referring to the live stream twice in the same sentence?

I'm assuming the 5pm time is in bong land so what does that mean for us west coast burgers?

>> No.56702223

my current desktop

>> No.56702227

>almost win

>> No.56702228

I am thinking about getting some Tauroxen to supplement my steel legion chimeras, but I hate the official GW model. I ran across this picture, though, and it's making me reconsider. Does anyone have any other ideas for converting a better looking taurox that looks more chimera-like but is smaller?

>> No.56702230

Here's the least heretical one

>> No.56702238

This >>56701591 while a lot of rumor engine posts are obvious they would never be this blatant without GoodSmile Company-tier blurring.

>> No.56702244

Yeah, meanwhile, at Mu'gulath Bay..

>> No.56702248

GW just needs to release a "looted wagon conversion kit" so that they technically have something to sell and can implement looted wagons back into the rules.
Also ork players would eat that shit up.

>> No.56702259

Who is the artist ?

>> No.56702270

How are Dark Eldar in 8th? That new pistol relic looks pretty useful.

12 inch range, 2 shots, AP -2, D2 wounds on a 2+ - if a model dies, the wielder gains a wound back.

>> No.56702277 [DELETED] 

>After slaying Sanguinius, Horus is possessed by a full fledged chaos god in order to stand toe to toe with the Emperor. After he is interred upon the throne, propaganda is distributed claiming that he held back out of love for his son.
In reality, he was fighting desperately for his own life and the life of his Imperium, and succeeded by the narrowest margin imaginable.

This is now my headcanon. Hope ADB/whoever does not disappoint. Old lore blows ass.

>> No.56702287

Did I do good or ill?

>> No.56702288


>> No.56702292

SteelJoe on deviantart

>> No.56702300

If that's OC, that's pretty fucking nifty, dude.

>> No.56702305


>> No.56702306

>After slaying Sanguinius, Horus is possessed by a full fledged chaos god in order to stand toe to toe with the Emperor. After he is interred upon the throne, propaganda is distributed claiming that he held back out of love for his son.
>In reality, he was fighting desperately for his own life and the life of his Imperium, and succeeded by the narrowest margin imaginable.

This is now my headcanon. Hope ADB/whoever does not disappoint. Old lore blows ass.

>> No.56702308

Fuck off

>> No.56702330

The problem is the players in my LGS are pretty much all WAAC, so taking things for fun is generally not a good time at all.

>> No.56702343

>possessed by a chaos god
>hoping ADB doesn't disappoint
>old lore blows ass

This post blows ass, you're possessed by the god of shitheadcanon, and I'm disappointed in you.

>> No.56702357

that artist does the best traps and futa

>> No.56702361

that's because you're either using bad chapter tactics or chapter tactics that don't fit your list

>> No.56702369


>muh emperor actually cares about his "sons"

lol you are beyond childlike with that kind of preference

face it - Emps is a stone cold muthafucka and ADB has written him to perfection

>> No.56702371

Damn that almost makes the Dark Eldar seem cool

>> No.56702382

To the arena with you, worm.

>> No.56702392


>> No.56702403

>That's false. There is not a single line of fluff that says this.

Before damocles they thought that titans were imperial propaganda because "no one is stupid enough to do that" (paraphrased.) Then damocles happened and they got their shit kicked in by them, the only thing they had capable of dealing with them was manta missile destroyers so they panic refitted tigersharks and went from there. That's fluff.

>> No.56702427

Followed the fluff for years but never actually pulled my finger out and started collecting miniatures.

Will I get laughed at if I start collecting Grey Knights?

>> No.56702429


It looks cool but it triggers me because anyone standing that close to it would be killed instantly.
In one of the books there's a scene where titans are defending a hive city and they have to evacuate the walls for hundreds of metres around them so they can fire without wiping out the garrison which personally I think is cool as fuck.

>> No.56702455

why would you get laughed at anon
you have some serious anxiety issues

>> No.56702457

And Mantas and Tigersharks were deemed not enough to handle the titans. There is nothing in the lore that the T'au saw them as impractical.

>> No.56702458

Only if you field a baby-carrier.

>> No.56702471

>Will I get laughed at if I start collecting Grey Knights?
Only when they laugh at you for losing so much. They're tragically bad right now.

>> No.56702476

Taunar is a thing, but yeah
Screw the haters, mechas are noice

>> No.56702479

They seem like a Mary Sue faction on/tg/

>> No.56702485

Just pitied.

Godspeed, anon. May you walk unflinching into the maw of death. You were too good for us.

>> No.56702495


that's Tau, anon

>> No.56702507

Tragically bad and people have a problem accepting it because "LOL REMEMBER 5TH!?" or "you just need to work on your list". Nigga, I didn't play in 5th, don't judge me.

>> No.56702526

/tg/ is worthless and constantly self-contradictary, collect whatever you think looks cool
they only hate the matt ward GK lore, they were popular here before that

>> No.56702539

That's T'au to you, Gue'la.

>> No.56702558


>> No.56702559

They got flak over two things. First, when they came out as part of Demonhunters, people didn't like them because marines are supposed to be supersoldiers, and GK were like super-ier psyker soldiers. Once people got over the initial hate, Matt Ward came around and gave them preposterous fluff, which people were willing to ignore except that they were also that good on the tabletop. Some people still get ptsd flashbacks over getting raped in 5th and will take it out on you, even though they shouldn't.

>> No.56702568

Spam dark lances. There are a couple deldar anons who I think have mixed opinions on them. One who thinks they're okay, and one who thinks they're terrible.

>> No.56702572

i think the Vaads is great and i want to know how they did it.
also the Goliath is great option.
I'd dress them up as LRDGs

>> No.56702577

Fuck you, love his paintings.

>> No.56702582

What part of their fluff if preposterous?

Other than Draigo of course.

>> No.56702596


>> No.56702597

Meh, it's better than Greg Land's comic books.

>> No.56702614

Executing an entire regiment of Guardsmen just for knowing the GK exist. Same with some purge of an entire chapter of Sisters of Battle for no good reason.

>> No.56702630

The second one has been retconned.

>> No.56702631

What’s the best way to take advantage of this?
You can no longer target a character unless he’s the closest so you can’t charge him unless he’s closest either.

You could do something crazy like taking advantage of a character becoming untargetabpe when brought down to below 10 wounds.

>> No.56702632

This weekend's preorders are CA, BA, and easy-fit, right?

>> No.56702635

i think it's more to do with knowing demons are real and having seen them first hand.
because that's only when a guardsman gets to see it
and it's more inquisition anyway.

>> No.56702644

Do you think looted wagons will come back? Battlewagons are garbage tanks, and I pray that ork tanks receive the "Stay still fire twice" ability to improve dakka and compensate for their garbage BS5+.

Currently orkish artillery that isn't big/mek gunz is garbage

>> No.56702661

CA is in store, BA is pre-order, easy-build is NOT pre-order, Today, Friday (EST) is White Dwarf

>> No.56702662

I never got why the GKs are so obsessed with secrecy. The forces of chaos know they exist already, and it's not like the "average" person could tell the difference between them and any other chapter of space marines.

>> No.56702670

>Currently orkish artillery that isn't big/mek gunz is garbage
And those are $46 each.

>> No.56702671

>Do you think looted wagons will come back?
Probably not, since GW has stated directly that they want to give you rules for things they have in a box already. They seem to be directly against kitbashing, which is how we get looted wagons.
>Stay still fire twice
Still wouldn't even be worth it. BS5+ is so bad.

>> No.56702672

If GW can get their head out of their ass on whether or not they want to let people convert (Dreadknight Grandmaster vs SM Characters on Bike/Rough Riders), then maybe.

>> No.56702677

No. Codexes don't have ANY rules for things that don't have current GW models.

Primaris aren't even allowed to take weapon options

>> No.56702690

GK are obsessed with secrecy so chaos can't use normal humans to scheme against them

>> No.56702698

I think they'll come back, but as a matched-play only thing in the next chapter approved, where you can design your own ala the landraider.

>> No.56702702

>What is a Grand Master in Dreadknight, GK Chaplain(still a conversion), and Brotherhood Champion?
They are all conversions or "just say they're X unit".

>> No.56702703

It bothers me that it's rifled.
It bothers me that the rifling rotates.
It bothers me that the rifling rotates, but never comes back around to that "front" window.

But that melta is how I imagine all meltas, now.

>> No.56702708

>matched-play only
If you mean open play only, then yes I agree.

>> No.56702710

Allies can't be used against you if they don't know you exist.

>> No.56702714

>Still wouldn't even be worth it. BS5+ is so bad.
a cheap rokkit spamm trukk even would be fine.
if dakka jets can over it would be okay
and having like 5 welded big shootas isn't bad.
all depends on the price

>> No.56702719

so the other day i found a metal figure with a chaplain mace thing a hammer and a salamander cloak what model am i looking at

>> No.56702723

Would it be wrong to proxy pic related as thunder hammers with my minotaur termies? I'm using some other types of shield for stormshield variants

>> No.56702731

Very nice. The steel legion guy looks tiny though, I have to wonder what scale the base model was. They don't tend to make modern historicals in 1/56.

>> No.56702733

>I think they'll come back, but as an open-play only thing in the next chapter approved, where you can design your own ala the landraider.

you don't need fucking rules given to you by gw

open play is literally "agree to have fun with someone else"

if you want a looted wagon take a predator or a leman russ, kit bash it and make it orky, and pay the power

>> No.56702738

fix the pic you phoneposting pleb

>> No.56702743

Salamanders Chaplain Xavier.

>> No.56702752

i posted it from PC tho

>> No.56702754


anyone bothered by that is a person you shouldn't play with, anyway

>> No.56702757


>> No.56702764

so im guessing hes gone now?

>> No.56702767

preview and rotate to the right

>> No.56702770

You are correct. I typed the wrong thing.

>> No.56702786

>There is nothing in the lore that the T'au saw them as impractical.

Last chancers trilogy. The tau don't believe titans are a thing, laughing them off as impractical and inefficient.

>> No.56702808

He's long since dead, both on the tabletop and in the lore.

>> No.56702828

>that face
Is this a Kroot chaplain?

>> No.56702834

Anon, I don't play orks. I was just posting the way I think that they will return, if they do.

>> No.56702889

Weird way to spell Iron Warriors, anon

>> No.56702906

>The Ork bonuses are a bit more subtle than some of the others.

>> No.56702916

>Instead of Waagh it's the REEEEEEE

>> No.56702922


He's not wrong you know, blink and you'll miss it

>> No.56702924


>> No.56702942

stop being an entitled little shit. Youre gonna pay 1cp for 5% increased firepower and you are going to like it

>> No.56702960

I heard Black Templars are good again, should I try getting into 8th edition again?
And if so, any ideas for decent lists?

>> No.56702979

So Blood Angels are still shit right? I mean +1 to wound on the charge is pretty shit since Melee is still pretty awful this edition.

>> No.56702980

Guys, I don't know how to say it.

I'm a total nerd that has wanted to get into this for a very long time. I'm a 6'2, 175 lbs guy that has WANTED to get into tabletop games since I was seven years old. I went buy the windows seeing it and my mom rushed my past it.

Man, I want this so bad. Where do I go and how do I start? I'm nearing 30 and I want whatever this was man.

>> No.56702993

>This bait tho

>> No.56703002

Google maps for a Games Workshop or "Warhammer" store, if there's none within a reasonable distance, look around on Facebook for 40k Meet up groups, or even just locate a game store on Google Maps and go there, ask if they run 40k nights and attend, or if they don't ask if someone else does. I wish you the best of luck anon, drugs are a cheaper alternative. But nothing beats the satisfaction of laying out a fully painted army.

>> No.56703007

>I'm a 6'2, 175 lbs guy
Why on earth are you telling us this

>Where do I start
What is your favourite faction?

>Sure it isn't a game winning stratagem, but it is Orky and fun

>> No.56703017

>gk chaptermaster dreadknight

apparently they didn't sell enough dreads


paint a model silver

>brotherhood champion
build a model according to instructions

>> No.56703019

you are a very confusing person

what the fuck does your height and weight have to do with things
why the fuck are you telling us this? to get started just pick an army you like and buy a squad you like and paint it.

there's enough factions/background lore that there WILL be an army you like, you just have to find it.

>> No.56703030

Falling for the bait.

>> No.56703034


Not bait, I was a jock in high school.


Imperium of man if that makes any sense. My parents were both artists. So am I.

>> No.56703044

no you fell for my bait you silly pringle

>> No.56703052

thats not true at all

>> No.56703054

Why does he keep a lamp and candles on his backpack

>> No.56703055

There's a shit ton of factions within it. You want techboys? Giant Fucking Robots? Tall Superhuman Soldiers in Spehs? Trillions of disposable soldiers? noble knight houses? METAL BAWKSES?

>> No.56703056

>Imperium of man

Even more vague than
>power armour is kewl

>My parents were both artists. So am I.
Am I getting bamboozled by some transcendent 2deep4u bait?

>> No.56703062


Still are, they're not dead. That would be weird as hell if I wasn't older.

>> No.56703067

if you think about it, not targeting characters until they're the closest is the most gentlemanly english way of waging war.

>> No.56703071

I hate that this is what I'm up reading at 2:15 in the morning.

>> No.56703079

Sniping characters is anti fun

You're supposed to go over there and beat their face in

>> No.56703089


>> No.56703090


How about the notfuckingwithme tabletop class?

I don't even want to go down to those guys on 1st street after this. They'd be huge fuckwits judging from you.

>> No.56703095


>> No.56703100

Why don't you?

>> No.56703108


Is that a weed whacker? Seems kindle of impractical, the whizzy bit doesn't lookk long enough by far.

>> No.56703109

>I heard Black Templars are good again, should I try getting into 8th edition again?
They aren't good. They aren't bad though either. Their characters are amazing though.

>> No.56703117

>Not bait, I was a jock in high school.
So? I'm a 6'2 200lb who held a state record for the Clean & Jerk and I play DnD and 40k with my rugby club. Nobody really cares who you are or what you do with your free time outside of high school, it looks like you're clinging on to your "jockness" from high school and feel the need to validate everything you do to stay true to some arbitrary vision of the "jock" identity.
80kg at 6'2 is fuck all by the way unless you're training for a weight bracket or a sport that requires low weight, do you even lift?

Just browse the games workshop store until you find an army you like and dive in. I'd advice buying from ebay or games stores though because games workshop are a bunch of voracious jews.

>> No.56703119

What’s the math of using it on 10 tank bustas shooting a vehicle? 5+ to hit rerolling all misses is just a little bit better than 50%.

Melee is strong as fuck if you’re playing the right factions but not usually on marines and I don’t think BA have the ability to pull off turn 1 charges.
+1 to wound means a strength 4 BA wounds marines on 3+ and up to toughness 7 on 4+, they’re tearing tanks apart with their bare hands.

I’m going to guess that this will be a huge buff to tactical marines who want to get in close, double melta or heavy flamer and chain/power sword would be my first thoughts.

>> No.56703136

that anon speaks the truth. One should never feel envy of those who make ill gotten gain, nor should one ever forsake those who have fallen while adhering to the path of righteousness.

>> No.56703149

Who Adepticon here?

>> No.56703169

Blood angel just need some way to get charges out of deepstrike more reliably

I'd even settle for something like

2 CP "Descent of Angels"
Use at the start of your movement phase, this turn any friendly BLOOD ANGELS units with the JUMP PACK keyword that arrived on the battlefield this turn may move D3 inches.

It doesn't guarantee mass first turn chargws, but it certainly makes jump pack assault units more likely to get into the fray like they want to be

>> No.56703172

Wounds stat, not wounds remaining ya goof

>> No.56703181

I would love to, but fuck going anywhere near Chicago.

>> No.56703183

So, I want to build a Genstealer tyrannid list. Not sure where to start though. I have the Space Hulk box, so I have 22 genestealers and a Brood Lord. Then I'm going to get the Tyrannid start collecting so I'll have a trygon, and then 8 more genestealers and a broodlord.

Where should I go from there?

>> No.56703191

What's the better termie unit?

Indomitus (I think is the name) , tartaros or cataphractii?

>> No.56703201

Nuh uh, they changed it from “wounds characteristic” to “wounds”

Surely based GW wouldn’t be so incompetent to accidentally change and break a rule so it must be deliberate, right bros? :^)

>> No.56703209

Tartaros b/c changeable loudout

>> No.56703212

Buy SC! boxes until you have 3 or so brood lords

>> No.56703213

I live in champaign urbana, so only 2.5 hrs

>> No.56703221

Or they could have easily put a caveat like "Your own units do not counts against vision" to stop the abuse.

>> No.56703222

it doesn't say remaining wounds :thinkingemoji:

>> No.56703226

Making marines good at melee is kind of dumb.

You can do it but you're certainly not playing to their strengths.

YES BA can wound on a 3+ BUT, you've got to deliver them there in one piece and 3+ just ain't what it used to be.

And this is coming from a lifelong BA fan who recently switched to Dark Eldar. They might not have a codex yet but at THE FUCKING LEAST they play like their fluff and actually do what you want them to do.

>> No.56703230

How do DG players feel about Deathshroud now that they're 60 points a piece?

>> No.56703240

Which will likely result in people trying to argue they can shoot trough their own units.

>> No.56703242

if your own units don't count against vision then you hide units behind baneblades and shoot through them

just accept that you're shit at writing rules and GW has written good rules which people abused so now the rules don't make sense in most situations

>> No.56703246

And they could add another rules elsewhere that says you can't. Both problems fixed ez pz.

>> No.56703248

Thats why you use Lightning Claw Vanguard Vets and a Sang Priest. Hitting on 3's, Wounding on 2s rerolling wounds -2 AP. Give the Sang Priest a Thunder Hammer and the +1 damage warlord trait for 3a hitting on 3s, 4 Damage.

>> No.56703249

I'll take Terminators for $500 Alex

>> No.56703256

Maybe unrelated, but which factions are the most and least likely to fire upon their own troops?

>> No.56703258

Or just take pic related and be the absolutely rape everyone that has more than 1 character

>> No.56703263

he knows, rhino sniping was the act of blocking your own line of sight with a rhino so you could shoot a character.
honestly I'd be impressed if anyone managed to pull something like that off, no idea why they changed this shit, hiding a single model to prevent a character from being shot seems way more abusive.

>> No.56703264

Lightning claws are shit

>> No.56703270

Orks and Eldar.

>> No.56703271

>A character standing out in the open cannot be targeted, even if, optically, there is nothing else to shoot at.
heh....nothin personel...kid

>> No.56703274

Guard (Specifically DKK)
Dark Eldar
Anything relating to Slaanesh
All vehicles
Tactical Marines

>> No.56703275

Orks are the most likely to fire on their own troops because they don't care

Tyranids are most likely to fire on their own troops because they can recycle the biomass so it doesn't matter

Tau will fire on their "troops" as in mercenaries like Kroot/Vespid/Sterilized Humans because they're "not tau" so they're literal trash beasts not worth protecting

Least likely to fire on their own troops is probably nobody, it's a grimdark world

>> No.56703286

Most necrons wouldn't care as they don't have personality, and even kings will sacrifice their pawns

Eldar would be the most reluctant but if they could save a craftworld by killing off a reasonable number of eldar they totally would

>> No.56703292

Where on paper are they shit?

A 10 man Vanguard Vet squad in a Stormraven.
>8x Lightning Claws
>2x Stormshield / Thunderhammers

>A Sang Priest w/ Plasma Pistol + Thunder Hammer
>A Captain w/ Stormshield Thunderhammer

>24 Lightning Claw attacks hitting on 3's rerolling 1's wounding on 2's rerolling wounds -2 AP.

>Thunder Hammer on the Captain, 4 attacks hitting on 3s rerolling 1s, wounding everything on 2s, -3 AP and 4 damage from the warlord trait.

>Give him the Black Rage stratagem to make him fight twice and ignore wounds on 5+ with a 3++.

>> No.56703293

It's funny because you think you'll actually make it into combat.

Also, 30 points for a 1W model isn't a wise investment.

>> No.56703301

Logically speaking it would make no sense for a necron to shoot at his own kind when they're fighting someone else, so that's why I say that
>Craftworld at risk
well maybe, but they're all narcissistic to the point where they suck their own species dick

>> No.56703314

can someone explain the ++? does it mean you get an invulnerable save if you roll that?

>> No.56703318

>lightning claws are THE shit


>> No.56703324

How's this look for 2k?

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Daemon Prince with Wings:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter, Warptime
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour:
>Chainfist, Combi-melta, Mark of Slaanesh
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour:
>Combi-Melta, Delightful Agonies, Death Hex, Force Axe, Mark of Slaanesh
Sorcer with Jump Pack:
>Combi-Flamer, Prescience, Warp Time, Force Axe, Mark of Slaanesh

+ Troops +
--- 4 squads of ---
Noise Marines:
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster
--- 2 squads of ---
Chaos Cultists:
>9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Autogun

+ Elites +
Chaos Terminators:
>Mark of Slaanesh
>Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-plasma, Power axe
>9x Terminator: Combi-plasma, Power axe
Sonic Dreadnought:
>Missile Launcher
>Two Blastmasters

+ Heavy Support +
>Mark of Slaanesh, 3x Obliterator

+ Dedicated Transport +
--- 2 of ---
Chaos Rhino:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

>> No.56703327

Yeah a ++ means invuln save.

>> No.56703331

False. Even the latest SM Codex says otherwise. They have up to 5000 Marines iirc

>> No.56703338

Well over 600 points for 1 unit.

Putting an awful lot of eggs in that basket my dude.

>> No.56703342

>3+ means armor (tac marine)
>3++ means invuln (stormshield)
>3+++ means Feel no pain equivalent (disgustingly resilient, black rage, etc.)

>> No.56703350

Thanks. Also I have a question. Say I'm in cover and someone fires a plasma shot with 2 AP. Would I be able to take a cover bonus plus my invulnerable save? Or am I only allowed to roll the dice and whatever I get it what I get?

>> No.56703356

you're only 2+ to wound shit which doesn't matter

>> No.56703363

No drtachments?

>> No.56703368

The other shit gets hit by the thunder hammers, which will also be wounding on 2s.

>> No.56703369

oh shit son, Imma write that down tfw Know No Fear rulebook doesn't explain that even though it comes with fucking Death Guards and Primaris Mehrens

>> No.56703370

cover only applies to armour saves

>> No.56703371

so now getting cold feet a bit about DEldar, id like to know about making a ADmech/Inquisition/ one Knight soup army at 1500 points? I wanna know if this is kinda WAAC or overkill. I was planning to pickup the Admech SC alongside some Skitarii vanguard and Robots, make a 15 acolyte vanguard, and have one Imperial Knight warden or Errant. I really like the look of some of the Knights and would think having one both as a statue and something for "my dudes" would be sick.
pic unrelated

>> No.56703375

Buddy, getting wound numbers is the hard part of killing stuff in 8E. Wound bonuses are great.

3++ and such is fan shorthand, GW doesn't use it.

>> No.56703376

I see no text.

And taking what a random WATER CASTE civilian dude is saying as representative of what the what the T'au military thinking is dumb. At the point of the timeline the T'au fought against Titans numrous times.

>> No.56703382

2 batallions

>> No.56703383

Which unit? The 10 man vanguard vets without jumppacks comes out to 298pts with the 8x claws 2x thunder hammers / storm shields.

>> No.56703386

I don't know man, I play DE - let's assume you drop down 9 inches from me. You really think I'm going to let you get close to me? Alternatively, I just let you eat a squad of wyches or kabalite warriors. What am I out? 70 points? 90 if I gave them a dark lance.

What are you out? A whole fucking turn with your death star unit.

It doesn't seem like a sound tactic.

>> No.56703398

It's p good.

>> No.56703400

It's one blob all standing together, even if they aren't a full unit anymore. Still basically fighting as one. The problem is you're devoting about a third of your army to killing one thing.

>> No.56703401

He also mentioned a stormraven + guns + a captain + a sang priest, so all of that combined

>> No.56703402

>Buddy, getting wound numbers is the hard part of killing stuff in 8E. Wound bonuses are great.

yeah but you're not actually 2+ to wound, you're 2+ to wound against T3 and down

>> No.56703411

Prove it.

>> No.56703418

It's easy for BA to get +1 strength and go to S5, so 2+ on anything not T5.

>> No.56703419

Their new rules favour weight of attacks over quality, I think masses of tacticals in rhinos and assault marines with meltas would be best with the occasional power sword on Sargents.

>> No.56703423

Can anyone spot the differences?

>> No.56703425

Feel like sharing some of the Apocalypse stuff?

>> No.56703426

Oh alright. Also while we're on the subject, do you think guys at my lgs would be mad if I put some old GK halberds on some of my termies and some Spartan shields and use the same stats as thunderhammer/stormshield combo? Or should it be powersword/stormshield?

>> No.56703432

I'm honestly quite new at list building but I was just coming up with some tactics that I thought might work. Throw them in a stormraven with the two characters and a dread should have decent impact. 6" consolidate on the death co dread with their alleged attacking twice.

>> No.56703433

Yes, no more rhino screens - WAAC fags BTFO.

>> No.56703439

I really doubt anyone would mind. I have some Assault Marines with GK halberds which I run as twin chainswords power swords or power axes

>> No.56703446

yeah which is shit that doesn't matter

you know what kills t4?

bolters, shit loads of bolters

bolters are cheap, you have access to lots and lots of bolters, and you can even get bolters with -1 ap

dropping 300 on 10W with 3+ (and a couple 3++) isn't how you win

>> No.56703450

Sanguinary Priests give a cheap 6" +1str bubble in addition to being able to heal / revive characters.

>> No.56703458

In any game where there are scenario or objective rules - you simply will not have enough turns for a big expensive unit like that to matter much, especially with an enemy that can move quickly.

sure, you might be able to come down and annihilate one unit but then you're basically going to get kited to death as my reaver jetbikes and scourges pick you off from a distance you'll never be able to close.

>> No.56703460

some places might be butthurt if you're doing it for the sole reason that you're cheap/lazy

you did mention you wanted to be minotaurs though so your reasoning is "they're GREEK bro" and that should be fine with most people

>> No.56703465

a-a-are you a minotaurfag too, anon

>> No.56703473

Is good melee an illusion?

Genestealers still look scary as fuck.

>> No.56703480

I'm not that anon but I use halberds with my emperor's children's chosen because the pheonix guard

>> No.56703481

I make an offhand comment/joke about how Blood Angels are still shit and i come back to you bastards actually arguing about that fact. This is hilarious.

>> No.56703483

Plague drones, blight drones, and bloat drones are all flavors Daemonic with the 5+ and stuff. And they have the nurgle keyword too. So yes?
Don't know if they'll show up in the future daemons codex though

>> No.56703486

You want to have a lot of units at once so you can threaten a large portion of the board. Invest in some relatively cheap Assault Squads if you're going Blood Angels - they play to your strengths

Nope. I was running these guys as a custom chapter back in 6th, but when I came back to the game for 8th I switched to Black Templars. No reason halberds would be exclusive to Grey Knights. And they look cool.

8th Edition has the potential for good melee and a few armies can manage it. Marines generally aren't one of them - take it from someone who tries. I'm glad my club is so casual.

>> No.56703489

>tfw every guard regiment is specifically known for their determination and unwillingness to retreat

>> No.56703497

cheap? You bet your ass I'm cheap. I don't see how greenstuffing and carving shit is lazy though. I mean if they need me to they can just be proxied as combi/powerfist but I like the idea, especially since they're Tartaros pattern, so the whole loudout assemblything is actually real
>tfw the legion of traps impales you with their spears
I thought the whole Nemesis and muh secrit chaptah memes n shit precluded the others from having that kinda gear

>> No.56703500

Thanks for the insight honestly. I mostly play in a small friend group with Necrons / Admech and GK but i definitely didn't consider going against a fast-paced army like DE. I'll have to keep that in mind though going forward.

What would you rather put in the raven? Maybe 2x assault squad or tac squad with melta guns might be a cheaper alternative.

>> No.56703501

Most of the Apoc section is dedicated to planning and structuring the game, making sure you actually get to play and have enough stuff.
A Cat Herding manual

>> No.56703504

Everyone is an unreliable narrator

>> No.56703514

Every time I see this image, I can't help but think she has a beard

>> No.56703528

>every death guard vectorium is specifically known for their seeping armor, inhuman resiliance, and clouds of black flies
One of them even favors the use of blight grenades!

>> No.56703535

Eh, don't worry about it - no one thinks about playing against Dark Eldar. It's always a little bit of a shock for the other player because everyone prepares for Marines or Necrons or Guard.

>> No.56703537

That's cool.

Could you post a picture of the Land Raider design rules? I've heard some conflicting rumors.

They're not force halberds, just regular ones I used the parts for.

>> No.56703549

Also, no overwatching characters, as it's no longer restricted to the shooting phase, and larger monsters/vehicle commanders that drop to 9 wounds now qualify for the character protection program.

>> No.56703550

>298 points for a unit that dies to a single round of anti-MEQ shooting
they better be fucking gold plated

>> No.56703554

oh awright. Pic related is what I'm using for the heads. Probably gonna cutoff the top parts except for my sgt's and other guys

>> No.56703563

I'm gonna make the other heads dedad Lamenters for stand decorations

>> No.56703571

Remember kids, boys before toys.

>> No.56703573

>I didn't read the codex but wanted to feel included

>> No.56703574

How do you faggots approach writing lists? I have such a shit time writing lists and get smashed every time.

>> No.56703577

All those units together.

>One 60 point cyclops comes in and kills the majority.

>> No.56703579

Is there an optimal point per unit cost I should keep in mind when making lists?

>> No.56703581

I think about what I'm going to face and make sure I have units that can offer a counter.

>> No.56703595

I think about what my opponent wants to do and then hard counter that.
>gunline guard guy
>some terminators and a crap load of lascannons with a good screen to keep his scions out

>guy who uses SM in cover a lot
>iron warriors legion trait and some heavy bolter spam

>guy who deepstrikes a ton of stormshields
>heavy flamers and screening units

give me some examples of people you play and your faction and I could probably throw out some more stuff like that

>> No.56703597

Do I have points for more dark lances?

>> No.56703602

It really varies on what the unit is. Just remember boys before toys, and HQ units are usually a tax, not an asset.

>> No.56703606

Been playing an ork green tide army and it is working great, but I could use some help with how I should deal with high armor units and vehicles. What boyz unit would help with that?

>> No.56703608

not really. a better way to think about it is "will this unit get at least it's points back?". A lot of people do mathhammer in terms of "points per wound" for example.

5 squishy veterans loaded out to the teeth probably won't get their points back in most situations - if everything goes perfectly they'll kill quite a lot of shit, but otherwise they'll probably get wiped out after a turn of shooting. This is why deathwatch suck.

The same amount of points spent on Terminators will do a lot better, however, as they might last a few more turns.

of course it's not really that simple because you have things like opportunity cost, objectives, counters etc to consider but it's a good rule of thumb.

>> No.56703609

List tailoring is bullshit - take all comers list building is the way to do it.

>> No.56703613

Here's my process
>start with HQ
>find HQ that gives a buff to my guys or buffs units I like
>I try to bring only that unit
>get fucked on each time
Its usually the anti tank I think thats killing me every time, but thats just because I hate building and painting tanks. I also just have a hard time figuring out what units and weapons are actually worth it. Starting to think my IQ isn't high enough for this game and I need to net list to get anywhere :^(

>> No.56703615

think about the combat role they're performing

think about what units they're strong against

think about what they add to the army

>> No.56703620

I'm not list tailoring, but there's no point in preparing for something you'll never face.

>> No.56703623

also what the other anon means by "boys before toys" kind of stems from that concept in that you could squeeze a few tac squads into, for example, 298 points which would do roughly comparable damage to certain targets with the added utility of smaller units.

>> No.56703624

I drive around tank bustas, you can fit two ten-busta squads in a battlewagon or one ten man in a trukk

they're not amazing, you might be better off with nobz

>> No.56703627

It's also important to think about what it would cost your opponent to deal with it. If he has to throw a bunch of resources at a unit to stop it that's also a good thing.

>> No.56703632

Nobs with Power Claws and Killsaws.

>> No.56703633

>This plastic kit contains 295 components (no, that isn’t a typo) to make an Imperial Guard Baneblade. Alternatively, you can also make a Banehammer, Banesword, Doom Hammer, Hellhammer, Shadowsword, Stormlord or Stormsword super-heavy tank using this kit.

Can I magnetise these parts and have all 8 variants at hand?

>> No.56703635

Even better, buy another 7 so you don't have to magnetize!

>> No.56703636

Thanks, i'll check them out!

>> No.56703639

I'd suggest going and looking at some battle reports and seeing what other people are doing. A netlist won't help if you don't know the intent behind it.

>> No.56703640


>> No.56703651

I guess thats a better idea, who would you recommend? I don't wanna watch someone hyper competitive. Also maybe someone who likes to play Wolves?

>> No.56703653

Melee has problems this edition because he has the paralyzing fear of t1 charges that don't require a 40% charge chance. It also struggles because any unit can just leave combat while you stand with your thumb up your ass and do nothing

I'm not sure why gw fears melee so much, when they seem perfectly content to make rules that enable static gunlines with 500 shots and re rolls for every army

>> No.56703654

I would try to avoid extreme optimization because if you do that your Blood Angels list is going to turn to a Ultramarine list real quick as you find out the only reliable way to play marines is to play shooty since 90% of the units for marines are costed according to their ability to take any weapon to preform any role.

>> No.56703658

This. Its gotten really hard to do, though.
>tfw back in 7th built my Hive Tyrant as a dedicated warlord killer
>Through equipement and loadouts, managed to get him 6 S8 AP2 Instant Death at Iniative 9 attacks for fucking over everything
>Tfw even oneshotted my opponents bloodthrister once so devastatingly that he gave up
>Tfw in 8th Hive Tyrant only have 4 attacks at S6
How do I make a Hive Tyrant that murders Characters, /tg/?

>> No.56703662


Here's a guide.

>> No.56703675

Absolutely fucking beautiful. Thank you anons.

>> No.56703676

Give it the relic monstrous rending talons so it does a bunch of damage a hit.

>> No.56703690

A buddy of mine just bought one and he's doing it, so it was fresh in my mind.

Related, I need to figure out how to kill it with my Black Templars.

>> No.56703699

devastators with lascannons are the efficient way

assault centurions are the templars way

>> No.56703704

Tabletoptactics are pretty decent as far as that goes. They don't play hypercompetive lists but good enough to at least learn something from them.

>> No.56703707

Aren't predators more efficient than devastators?

>> No.56703720

if I know I am playing a one trick pony then I will hard counter them and it serves them right for being boring

>> No.56703721

Preciate it, will give them a check.

>> No.56703727

Not for raw firepower, but a pred is tougher. Preds do win out if you have enough to killshot though.

>> No.56703733

I think what he means is less list tailoring and more
>I know what people at my LGS like to bring
>I know what their armies usually look like
>I design my army to be a TAC list capable of taking on any of those armies

>> No.56703738

Very carefuly

>> No.56703743


>> No.56703752

Because turn 1 alpha strikes would become too strong if melee was stronger. So it has to be weak so peoples gun lines aren't destroyed fast and i know that reasoning is bullshit but there's no other thing i can think of why they wouldn't want melee to be stronger.

>> No.56703753

I'll probably go for a Predator so I can skip the hassle of "need to buy 4 kits to have 4 lascannons"

>> No.56703756

tfw no lawrence gf

>> No.56703769

You would only need to buy 2 kits if you play
loyalist marines.

>> No.56703774

Overwatch doesn't target, so you can still shoot at characters with it

>> No.56703779

It is a genuine concern to be worried about snowballing, but they messed it up quite handily.

>> No.56703794

I think the original concept was that you would be able to wrap up multiple units with one charge but in a way charging is silly in the far future of 40k. Dont know why its even a thing.

>> No.56703808

>he doesnt always give his devastator squads at least one heavy bolter to use the hellfire rounds stratagem+seargent auspex combo on for D3 mortal wounds per turn on a 2+, usually rerollig 1s thanks to characters
What a fucking pleb

>> No.56703811

The problem is that it's too easy to fall back and leave the melee unit sitting there with its thumb up its arse. Being able to at least consolidate after would be something, so they actually have to run away and not just step back and shoot the crap out of you.

>> No.56703818

I'd rather cave the command points and just smite.

>> No.56703821

That really wouldn't do anything other than make people have their screen units a little further out so they can fall back their full movement and everyone else shoots you.

>> No.56703831

I know. Falling back is just too strong even if it cancels your ability to do anything else. It pretty much is a free movement that lets you kill one unit. I know it takes the shooting of other units but if its requiring enough units where that may seem hefty price its probably worth it.

>> No.56703833

It doesn't fix the problem, but it helps at least. Without a way to shove past screen units melee will be forever gimped.

>> No.56703852

It'd be pretty easy to fix with a common ability.

TRAMPLE: When this unit charges, it may move through enemy units as if they weren't there.

>> No.56703854

overwatch follows the normal rules for shooting.

>> No.56703858

>have to buy overcosted SM librarian to smite
>Smite and nullzone are the only good powers for SMs anyway (and nullzone is situational and hard to cast anyway)
>smite only has feeble 18" range instead of a HBs manly 36"
>cant even choose what he wants to target
Hellfire a best
And its cool as fuck

>> No.56703862

uh so what's the point of conscripts now
did nobody point out that guardsmen also cost 4 points and are objectively better

>> No.56703863

I am both extremely excited and awfully disappointed by the announcement of the new Custodes HQ.

I'm excited because the army can finally be properly run alone.

I'm disappointed because it is Captain-General Valoris and not Navradaran, and that this also means GW has no real plans to properly fix the glaring issues the army has for a long time.

>> No.56703869

Why should melee units commonly be able to ignore their counter? At most it should be a semi-uncommon ability like how some shooting units can ignore LoS.

>> No.56703876

Then we need to increase the point cost of Guardsmen

>> No.56703877


>> No.56703882

They need a way to mitigate it as the counter is too strong. Being forced to spend all game grinding chaff while being shot at isn't good.

>> No.56703887

How can you be disappointed that its not some random loser instead of the head fucking bananaboy himself? And how the hell do you come to the conclusion that they have no plans to "fix the glaring issues" from seeing them release an HQ
Tone down the mental gymnastics wise guy

>> No.56703888

>says he doesn't care that his chapter tactics are bad but that he plays IF because he wants to
>"Your chapter tactics are bad"
no shit

>> No.56703891

Then just position your units better. gotta find those weaknesses in the screen and exploit them

>> No.56703898

Might give it a shot. I don't want to waste a captain to babysit devastators though. Is it worth it without one?

Fair point. One or two units per codex - like Carnifexes for nids.

Of course units with FLY accomplish the same thing.

>> No.56703910

Because there are very few weaknesses to a screen. It's pretty easy for an opponent to manipulate melee units around due to their restrictions.

>> No.56703911

>How can you be disappointed that its not some random loser instead of the head fucking bananaboy himself?
Because I would prefer to have the character that actually does shit in the books, instead of the ass who fucked over the Imperium.

>And how the hell do you come to the conclusion that they have no plans to "fix the glaring issues" from seeing them release an HQ

Throwing the army a bone after fucking us completely this edition, and then announcing they have no plans for months to fix anything.

>> No.56703915

To hold the line against you filthy xenos

>> No.56703918

I mean choose some FLY units. I am sure Assault marines aren't that bad right?

>> No.56703931

Need this for my Hetaeron guards.

>> No.56703934

Assault marines aren't good. It's also pretty easy to stop even those with a decent screen

>> No.56703941

Because nids are jobbers

>> No.56703951

If you can already easily stop a unit that can ignore enemy units when charging then how does giving that rule to everyone change anything?

>> No.56703952

Wait for your codex, shitstain. There are way worse off armies out there so you can sit tight and wait for a couple of months.
>character that actually does shit in the books, instead of the ass who fucked over the Imperium
Yeah the fucking rando who only exists in two whole books, and only as a minor side character in one of them, a much better pick for an HQ than the boss of the Custodian Guard. Mhm.

>> No.56703954

You aren't even an army. Literally 1 unit, plus a contemptor and raider painted GOLD. SoS not included.

>> No.56703959

So we continue the stupidity of when there's a non-character that is closest but not visible (or in combat) and a character that's further but visible, then you can't shoot either of them.

This still feels so broken and unintentional

>> No.56703964

It's 9AM right now in bong land, It'll take a few more hours

>> No.56703968

Well, my list has 2 Captains in it to cover both my Bike squads and my Plasma Tacticals/Razorbacks/Devastator gunline, plus roll with salamanders tactics, so I'm currently considering to drop that captain alltogether

It really depends on how big your gunline is. Put the heavy bolter where your Captain is, but IMO its best on devastators due to usually not moving and the auspex making sure that CP isnt wasted.

General question though (cause I'm not sure if this works, but would love to try if it does):

Can I use the Devastators Armorium Cherub when I activate Hellfire shells to let the devastator shoot hellfire shells twice for 2D3 mortal wounds? :D

>> No.56703976

It wouldn't on its own. There are few FLY units already that are good, but they don't help footsloggers and units with low offensive output like assault marines.

It makes assassins even more obnoxious.

>> No.56703983

Much better to pick the character who actually has...character. The one who actually worked to get the SoS together and stop a Dark Eldar after they reached the throne room.

While the other sat on his ass and fucked the imperium, and then has a single line of him attacking demons that he pretty much caused in the first place.

>> No.56703996

"this phase" implies to me that the effect lasts a whole phase, so I'd say so.

>> No.56704003

All they'd have to do is allow even half of the Custodes 30k-only models to be used in 40k and I'd be selling all of my non-vital organs to forgeworld.

>> No.56704009

Just stop already, you're making Custodes players look bad.

>> No.56704012

But custodes are even mor eugly than normal space marines.

>> No.56704019

I can understand why though. They're an endless horde of mindless bugs. They make a good antagonist because there isn't any grey area with them, they want to eat you, end of story. No room for diplomacy, or nuance, it's pure survival, other races against Tyranids so of course they're going to fulfil the role of the enemy who the heroic Imperium/Eldar/Tau triumph over a lot.

>> No.56704022

What do you wanna buy?
I'd wanna get the non shit Custodes Contemptors

>> No.56704024

That would require FW to get off their fucking asses and actually do something. Instead they've been sitting there with their collective dicks in their hands for months.

>> No.56704026

Maybe, but their contemptors are some of the coolest looking models in the entire game.

>> No.56704028


What if

Alright I know this is kind of a long shot here

Alright so you know how they changed the character targeting rules to be like >>56700967?

Ok so what if

Alright now stay with me here, this might be kind of difficult to wrap your head around

What if instead of being rules-lawyering faggots, we be civil and fair with one another and let people bend the rules in certain situations where it would be obvious that a unit would have LOS?

>> No.56704033

>gibbb me my OC donutsteel black library character GW pleeeeeeeazze
>I dun wanna play the literal leader of da Cushtodes Bananas, cuz hes stupid and not OC enough
>reeeeeeee muh "character"
This is what you sound like.
Be satisfied with getting an actual HQ to run your army with.
If the guy triggers you so much, just glue on a different face or a helmet and run him as a "counts as" version of your character.
I do the same thing, I run my custom GK GM as a "counts as Voldus"

>> No.56704049

>How dare a player want a fully developed character instead of 'Mr. Bossman the useless'?

Also bring back deep-strike, or something to make them better than glorified termies.

>> No.56704052

>5+ to hit rerolling all misses is just a little bit better than 50%
Yes, here's why
First they roll to hit, hitting 1/3 shot.
They miss 2/3, but they get to reroll those.
They hit 1/3 out of those 2/3, that's 2/9 of their total.
Then you add that to the 1/3 that already hit, 1/3 + 2/9 = 3/9 + 2/9 = 5/9.

>> No.56704054

>tfw just dropped almost $1,000 on shoring up my Tyranids army, then also buying a complete Admech army
>The 1k point of Tyranids I already have assembled haven't even been primed
>still have some Venomthropes, Termagants, and a shitton of GSC that haven't even been assembled

Please send help

>> No.56704057

>Neckbeards letting people bend the rules

>> No.56704065

>tfw can do up to 6 MW turn hitting on a 2+

>> No.56704075

>Make fun of Star Citizen faggots for wasting thousands of dollars on a game that will never see the light of day
>Realize I'm essentially the same as them as I spend hundreds of dollars on models to build armies I dream of fielding one day in an actual game but probably never will

>> No.56704086

That is a very nice plasma gun you painted. Shame it will never get use because it's fucking awful.

>> No.56704088

>unbuilt wraithknight, plagueburst crawler, SC! eldar box, custodes contemptors
>just ordered a typhon siege tank and 15 breachers for my 30k army

recasters make it way too easy to splurge

>> No.56704089

Take solace in the fact that you can actually touch your purchase.

>> No.56704096


>Cold feet about the best faction

Fucking wuss.

It doesn't matter in all honesty play your game the only people who will bitch at you are on here, and you shouldn't care what these plebs say they don't even play the game.

>> No.56704105

Your models are cool anon. Their virtual ships can't compare.

Plus, you actually get hundreds of hours with putting it together, gluing etc and the achievement that comes with it.

>> No.56704106

>Its another "anon is to autistic to run /hisdudes/" episode because glueing a different head onto an existing model is too hard
ffs anon, just convert and counts as.
As long as the model looks similar and uses the correct rules nobody is gonna give a shit about wheither its "Mr Character" or "Mr Bossman"

>> No.56704115

Guy's autistic as fuck so its kind of a waste even trying to reason with it

>> No.56704125

>Not drilling the barrels of the guns

>> No.56704158

Why haven't these literal hereteks been purged for consorting with xenos?

>> No.56704172

Why would anyone ever puta Plasma Cannon on their dreadnought rather than Twin Lascannons? A Plasma cannon can overheat, killing your expensive, multi-wound model instantly, has less range, less strength, statistically the same number of hits (D3 rather than the Lascannons 2) and statistically less damage (2 rather than D6)
Why is it even an option?

>> No.56704197

>Get hundreds of hours of entertainment painting and building your models
>actual physical possesion you can look at, hold in your hand and admire
>takes time and effort to paint and build good looking models, so you can actually be proud of what you've created instead of "muh virtual sphessship"
>painting teaches you patience, diligence, focussing on the task at hand as well as working on improving your skills
>Putting effort into /yourdudes/ through conversions and customization and having the satisfaction of creating something that is not only meaningfull for you, but also shows off your individuality and personal ideas
>can actually impress other people and normies with your dedication, talent and hard work unlike "U-uh, I spent thousands on an imaginary spaceship that I dont even use..."
Its all gonna be alright, anon

>> No.56704201


>> No.56704214

Awwww yiss. Patrician taste.

>> No.56704235

Or you could do 2/3 times by 2/3 to get that they miss 4/9 times so must hit 5/9 times.

I was wondering about how much the 6+ to hit would do. 10/6 tines by 5/9 is about 0.875 extra hits... but the reroll makes them more likely to get 6s giving them about 0.61 extra rokkit hits.
So 10 tank bustas, using the stratagem would hit about 7 times?

>> No.56704243

Eldar and Guilliman are teaming up to give Chaos a beat down and kill Slaanesh. Believe it

>> No.56704248

Might of Heroes and (Ultramarines) Psychic Scourge are also great.

>> No.56704249

Kill yourself

>> No.56704251

>being reasonable
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>bending the rules

>> No.56704257


If they kill Slaanesh then Dark Eldar cease to have a reason to torture.

>> No.56704291

>itt: people who don't understand the concept of abstraction

>> No.56704302

Except the fact they're degenerates who enjoy it

>> No.56704313

Psychic scourge is a gimped version of smite. So no, its not good.
Might of heroes is almost never worth it IMO. The only Units worth casting it on (Captain Beatsticks or Venerable/Ironclad Dreadnoughts) dont really ever need the buff, since they usually are already killy enough to smash whatever they're fighting

>> No.56704342


Nope. It's like a drug addiction, slaanesh is eating their souls causing them to wither away, torturing and murdering is their fix to relieve the withdrawal. Take away the addiction and it loses its High.

Some might but there's no reason for them to continue, the currency of Commeragh will collapse, haemonculi will be out of work and the regeneration VATs won't work anymore.

>> No.56704350

Can someone explain to me a lore reason why custodes should be fielded in games of 40k, because last I knew they were supposed to be guarding the golden throne.

>> No.56704358

drug addicts often enjoy drugs, too

>> No.56704366

Girlyman told them to get off their asses and go crusading

>> No.56704375


Agreed, but without the 'fix' of relieving slaanesh draining them, all they're getting is the thrill of torturing. Without the fix side of it the torturing doesn't have the same appeal to dudes who've been doing it for thousands of years.

>> No.56704404

Why not? Custodes are some of the most powerful warriors in the Imperium, it's kind of a waste having 10,000 of them sitting on their asses. Even 100 of them could turn the tide of a battle so why not send a few off to actually get some shit done?

>> No.56704410

They do invent new torture devices quite often to make it thrilling again, but the "fun " of torturing people is just a nice extra to them, not a must have.
Not loosing their soul to Slaanesh is definitly their must have

>> No.56704422


>> No.56704429

How do you guys run your Scions? I'm having trouble thinking of how to kit mine out.

>> No.56704465

It's almost like there's been a major lore update or something
They revoked the Lex Imperialis and are now actively doing shit

>> No.56704496

i prefer playing them as MSU, each equipped with eithet two plasma guns or two volley guns
I play them as auxillary for my cadians, not as my mainforce though

>> No.56704596

Enjoy your faggot edition, it is getting worse and worse bit by bit. They already shown that they will sacrifice every bit of flavor this game had left to make patches and crutches to counter way in which people break their already full of holes sysem.

>> No.56704615

Deepstriking melta, but with the cost increase of that plasma might be more worth it

>> No.56704703

Not being able to fire at character if somone is closer is already immersion breaking. It is necessary rule from mechanic point of view only.

>> No.56704795

Not since the commissar nerf.

>> No.56704808

> This is why deathwatch suck.
The problem is with people that try buying them a shitton of special weapons like they're normal vets forgetting their main strength is special ammo. You keep them relatively naked, maybe with some stalkers to enhance their power and that's it.

>> No.56705075

May I ask, what model is that in the middle? The one with the chaingun, It's sweet as hell.

>> No.56705524

The stormraven is more than just a transport, it's still worth its points as a gunboat even if it wasn't dropping off the vangaurd.

>> No.56705549

>an enemy character with less than 10 wounds
Pask and primarchs just became stupidly OP.

>> No.56705673

Never play 2nd (The Best) edition anon?
3rd ed is what truly fucked this game. Taking hobby company's public Is a bad business decision, share holders only care of projected sales.
But that said the original rule is closest unit or vehicle. Think about the tactical headache that would of gave the WAAC players today.

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