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Lord Felthius General

>Fill in the survey, don't forget to ask for plastic noise marines

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved full Strats, Traits, Relics, Powers, and Reece Spin lmao

>Daily Dunked Peaches

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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1st for Sisters a QT !

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First for purging the unclean

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Fourth for these awesome sanguinary guard cavalry.

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All the bird themed Stormcasts look fucking cool to me, it’s the plane “totally not space marines” ones I don’t like.

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Instead of being cunts, paint at least 1 marine.

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>I missed the word primaris

Yay there goes the entire joke

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Why do we have 3 threads?

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>GW stock down 5%


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As I was saying, paint a marine.

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Because the last one was made when the previous one was only on page 5.

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I wish thousand sons got these as Cav

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>just kicked in today?

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Are you saying you want more primaris models, anon?

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Primaris taking a toll on space marine sales.

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Found this on tumblr, pretty neato. Khornate Sister of Battle.

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No plastic sisters

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>more space marines harming geedubya space marine sales

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This is no place for a horse.

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Why is Sigmar stealing Tzeentch's shtick?

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Yeah I was really baffled by the decision to bring out blue bird themed Sigmarines at the same time as a Tzeentch release.

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I fucking knew that scythe design was familiar.

God-tier taste, buddy.

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Dunno, it's still higher than it was in October, might be a blip might be a trend, keep an eye. A fair few negative Brexit news stories this week might be responisble

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i dont know AOS fluff, but i was browsing the tzeent tab there for units to convert for my tzeenth marines, and for some reason there is a big box of stormcast eternals under disciples of tzeenth.

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Sigmar's fucking lost it and no longer respects anyone's gimmick. Next he's going to do Sanguinary Guard with crab claws.

Absolute maniac.

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>People stop buying space marines because double space marines exist
>People who don't like double space marines don't buy double space marines

Yeah couldn't possibly lead to a net loss.

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Soooooo......nigras, eh?

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Been working on converting Cadians into Cultists, but I was thinking about starting Minotaurs eventually. Lets see what the chart says.

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what a waste

what's the point of having a female in your design if you're not going to use and twist the feminine concepts around it?

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I'd fuck it.

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>I have an offer in mind...

3rd one is in production, take a look if you haven't yet.

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It's a mistake, happens all the time.

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>finally try out POWER RANGERS list
>opponent has no goddamn idea what he's doing so I bully him without actually getting a good feel for my list


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His voice actor was so damn good! Kinda hyped for the next one with Fury, although the gameplay preview left a lot to be desired on the impacts during combat.

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In the last part of the GW survey, they ask if there is anything else you would like to add. I mentioned that Slaanesh players are very vocal to people who don't play 40k, and turn off potential new customers who might have otherwise enjoyd the game. I hear people who don't play talk at parties or bbqs about the weird guy at work talking about the sex demon and how dumb it sounds.

Anyone else encounter these situations, or is it just me?

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How best is a sorcerer used?

By this I mean, for say a lord, I want his bubble aura to effect a lot of units but he is also a CC monster so he needs to try and to both.

It seems that for the sorcerer, he is only good to use his powers. So are you supposed to keep them away from the fighting and cast stuff?

If that's the case should you always take the squishy jump pack sorcerers? What's the point of a terminator sorcerer?

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Next hes gonna steal Nagash's thunder by making warriors that can be redirected from the dead.

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Autism never changes.

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>and a vastly lower IQ
>and higher rates of obesity
>and ruin every country they control
>and represent 50% of the murderers

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Sigmar can't live the button-down life like you. He wants it all: the terrifying lows, the dizzying highs, the creamy middles. Sure, he might offend a few of the bluenoses with his cocky stride and musky odors - oh, he'll never be the darling of the so-called "City Fathers" who cluck their tongues, stroke their beards, and talk about "What's to be done with this Sigmar Simpson?"

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Gib back muh crows you washed up fake sitter

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Seriously, this.
>geedubs makes Primaris
>people love them and sales boom
>some people don't like them
>people infer that short Marines are going out the door because they are
>normal Marine sales drop
>primaris units aren't actually that great
>especially not stand alone
>people slow down on Primaris
>those people still don't want to buy normal Marines
>biggest seller dips on 2 fronts
>net loss
Makes sense

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it's just you

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Legitimately not bait. I put that down for real. Don't know what can be done on GW's part. But Slaanesh players must have cost them some sales, at least in my area

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this needs to be edited to be a sister

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lel was this the eldar one? Remind me again what you had

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Like pottery

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A good chapter! Interesting background and featured in Devastation of Baal for a few paragraphs, pictured as being quite tribal-like in their language at least, but not without honour or control. It was interesting after the noble idea of the BA or the completely savage aspect of some of their successors.
Made me think of the Mortifactors, in that they're a more "primitive" version of a ast Founding usually noble chapter.

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People are waiting for Christmas sales and bundles.

>> No.56696068

I'm sure those statistics really matter in the fantasy world of AoS, especially for an immortal supersoldier

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That's not how stocks work, m8.

>> No.56696075

For reasons unknown, stock markets generally do poorly this time of year.

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Sure it is. Now go away.

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Either a deepstrike deathhex or a support deathhex.

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why does representation matter in a fantasy world?

>> No.56696109

Fear. Stocks tend to overreact
Peace trucks and mass shooting do not help

>> No.56696122

liquidating assets to pay for christmas excess perhaps

>> No.56696125

ah, that makes more sense. on a side note, anyone familiar with these models? im making a tzeentch themed army, and with some converting i think theyd make a cool demon prince, im just not sure if they are the right size

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I already play Dark Angels but Consecrators have always interested me, so I'm thinking of starting a small kill team. Anyone have any advice regarding any aspect of the chapter?

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But that doesn't explain why it's been happening since we started recording it in 1927.

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Oh shut it. All you're doing is triggering the /pol/ sleeper agents on this board and yet another thread will go to shit.

>What's the point of a terminator sorcerer?
He can survive more punishment, has another wound to lose to Perils and can teleport into the fray, especially useful when you're dropping the "10 Slaanesh-Terminators with all-Combi Plasma" deathstar.

Your Sorcerer's use comes from the powers you give him. Give the guy Prescience and maybe Warp Time and he becomes a supporter. Give him two damage powers and he becomes a mortal wound-dispenser.
Also, his melee isn't that bad, especially with the force weapons taking a nice drop in points. Sure his WS is only 3+, but so is a Power Fist Chaos Lord's.

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Thanks for the nice overview, anon! I'll read up on their history and consider them as the next project.

>> No.56696154

>whats the point of a terminator sorcerer
It's the only way to give him an invulnerable save because GW is fucking retarded.

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Why? Because X race or Y sex do not have empathy and they can only related and buy stuff that look exactly like them.

Unlike Z master race that does not need represention because they know they are superior

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I have a 10 man termy blob, I like the terminator model. Just feel like it's wasted points.

The jump pack can deep strike in also.

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>> No.56696173

>"10 Slaanesh-Terminators with all-Combi Plasma" deathstar.
Yeah that's me

>> No.56696185

I just said that there weren't many women playing the game and maybe GW could do something about that.

>> No.56696188

Slightly smaller than a Daemon Prince, so they work fine if you aren't planning on joining any tournaments.

>> No.56696189

... wait didn’t the first modern terrorist attack was during that year...

>> No.56696195

Of you're going full slanneshi death star, go with prescience and delightful agonies

>> No.56696208

long run blip

>> No.56696218

Is 10 plasma-terminators + lord enough to say "full slaaneshi death star"?

>> No.56696229

How do I kit out a biker captain?

This is my first bike ever because my LGS had a single FW outrider in their resell shelf

>> No.56696234

I went up against something like that, except it was 1 squad of 5 with Plasma and 1 squad of 5 with Melta. We just kept counter deepstriking each other.

>5 Melta Termies come down and blow their load
>10 Plasma Scions come down and blow their load all over the Terminators
>5 Plasma Termiantors come down and blow their load all over the Scions
>10 Melta Scions come down and blow their load on the Terminators

>> No.56696236

>implying your smelly chaos terminators deserve a crux terminatus

>> No.56696246

>I heard /tg/ got read by GW
>I don´t like mean fuckygod because I feel awkward when my pee-pee moves
>I write totally not obvious bullshit to influence GW strategy
>Damn, ain´t I a clever virgin?

>> No.56696255

Damn, is that the highest its ever been for GW?

>> No.56696266

While too valuable to waste in a fight, a sorcerer is no push over in melee and force weapons hit like a truck damage wise.
Terminator armour makes him tough enough to risk in a fight.

>> No.56696267

Everything I wrote is true. It won't influence GW if I was the only person to put it down, anyway.

>> No.56696269

The ten 'nators and literally any supporter that helps with the hitting is a finished death star. The lord is imo better for it than the Sorcerer because his buff to hit, while weaker, can't fail or be denied (except for Zahndrekh, but who plays that guy?)

>> No.56696271

The sad thing is that it might actually be fun if girls played this game more, but what keeps them out isn't anything that GW has control over. They can make all the female models they want, but if pic related greets them at the door and mouthbreaths behind them the whole time they won't be coming back.

>> No.56696281

>not using 2nd ed stuff to abuse the 'official gw model' shenanigans
My hive tyrant is smaller than the modern zoanthrope and my Neurothropes are same size as modern gants.

>> No.56696291

yes, and overwhelmingly so

>> No.56696292

Threadly reminder that GW will never make a Custodes HQ because they're a meme army nobody cares about.

>> No.56696306

Grey Knights got a whole codex and they're also a meme sub faction

>> No.56696307

Girls should be less judgemental, it's not like they're going to fuck the neckbeards.

>> No.56696312

>reading comprehension

>> No.56696313

new Primaris Lamenters pattern fresh out of december's white dwarf

>> No.56696315

If only the neckbeards would realize that...

>> No.56696317

>mfw people can't even say that GW is dying

And nothing of value was lost.

>> No.56696321

I need the sorcerer for DA, it's too good not to use.

I figure I may as well try for prescience also. So the only question is what kind of sorcerer.

I am thinking terminator.

>> No.56696326

pls respond

>> No.56696330

This is a joke right or are we just retarded?

>> No.56696334

Except thats wrong, and they are getting one.

>> No.56696335


Works perfectly my man

>> No.56696336

Really? Good for the fans I guess.

The lack of self awareness is suh a disaster

>> No.56696337

I mean, sure, you could do that, the same way you can use the old-as-balls Verminlord to represent the new xboxhueg Verminlords in AoS, but since I'm not a tourney player, I prefer to use the nicer-looking model over the one with the smaller hitbox.

>> No.56696357

You need to write more often, that A LOT of people think like you and that GW loses A LOT of money because of Slaanesh.

You only did it 3 times now, maybe it gets overseen.

The best will be, if you spam every thread from now on with your observation. Just to be sure, you know? Better: Multiple threads, even the DnD ones! Yay!

>> No.56696360

Bullshit but I'll bite. Do you have proof.

>> No.56696371


Unfortunately the neckbeards don't leave the girls alone. I can completely understand, given the kind of people I've run into over the years, why girls would feel uncomfortable.

That being said, I am seeing more girls in Magic and 40K over the past few years, as the ratio of normal people engaging in the hobbies rises.

>> No.56696375

>Tfw you some how recieve NOTHING but point drops
God dam, it feels good to be a servant of the omnissiah

Where are my robo-bros at?

>> No.56696379

Lucky for me that many of the old nids have a more alien look to them than the new. I like the old gw aestetics for their bugs.

>> No.56696381

Ok so with the terminator sorcerer, this is what I am looking at.

Keep in mind that point values are changing a little bit for sorcerers and doom sirens for this list.

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Daemon Prince with Wings:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter, Warptime
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour:
>Chainfist, Combi-melta, Mark of Slaanesh
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour:
>Combi-bolter, Delightful Agonies, Force sword, Mark of Slaanesh, Prescience

+ Troops +
--- 4 squads of ---
Noise Marines [6 PL, 113pts]
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster
--- 2 squads of ---
Chaos Cultists [3 PL, 40pts]:
>9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Autogun

+ Elites +
Chaos Terminators [28 PL, 510pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh
>Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-plasma, Power axe
>9x Terminator: Combi-plasma, Power axe

+ Heavy Support +
Obliterators [10 PL, 195pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, 3x Obliterator

+ Dedicated Transport +
--- 2 of ---
Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 72pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

What 4th HQ should I fill out the 2nd battalion with? A jump pack sorcerer? Biker lord? Exalted Champion?

>> No.56696383

>The keywords are matching
No, they aren't. Daemonforge specifies a "Chaos Space Marine" DAEMON VEHICLE, and page 156 tells us that "Chaos Space Marine" is shorthand for <LEGION> and all the other Codex: Chaos Space Marine specific Legion tags.

>> No.56696388

Combi-melta for driving through gaps in infantry lines to get killshots on characters.
Then a thunder hammer or relic blade.

>> No.56696390

It would be fun. We have a few girls at the store and I really enjoy having them around. Everyone tends to perk up and our conversation usually has more topics. One of them is a nerdy girl who decided to turn her looks around. She does her hair, nails, wears nice and cute outfits and jewelry. She's borderline normie until she opens her mouth and then she vomits spaghetti all over you. Point is, she's done a lot of good for women who wander in or girlfriends/wives/moms of guys who wander in. She explains it to them in a way that seems more appealing. All the women have that same sort of disgusted look when they walk in until they see her all smiles and having a good time and then they relax and seem more willing to understand the hobby. She's gotten a couple of girls to come in more to play and paint and what not. One girl just read the books at first and the other had an army from when she used to date a 40k player.
It's the same for any type of person. You have enough encounters with a certain type of person, you're going to assume they will act a certain way. In this case, neckbeards like that tend to act in a certain uncomfortable way and they don't like it.

>> No.56696391

Cawl hacked GW.

>> No.56696393


>Ruststalkers are still irredeemable shit

I'm feeling pretty shitty about it desu

>> No.56696394

You're correct.
Do it.

>> No.56696395

I am here, painting an army for the first time in nearly a decade.

Feels good to be a robot.

>> No.56696406

Basically anything you like except a pistol (you do not want to give up your bike's bolters for the pistol shot). Pretty much everything else, including the default setup, is viable.

Go for what will look good and not be too difficult to model.

>> No.56696407

Either another Sorcerer or another Lord for the Noise Marines. Probably the Sorcerer.

>> No.56696414

Such a disaster for these people*
I went to my uni's RPG club once in 4 years, willing to see if some people played 40k and were cool to hang out with.

I saw 1 brony, several neckbeards, a fair amount of fedora and I know for a fact that some of the chucklefucks browse 4chan. And good Lord the stench.

I swear, how is it even possible to become so deluded you think it's the girls fault for not being attracted to a some of those traits, let alone a mix of all these.

It's like the people on fb pages with an audience drawn mainly from 4chan. The people using cuck or any meme words unironically are either ceinge or just plain pitiful, with anime pictures, or plain terrible handling of their fb profile.

>> No.56696420


>> No.56696422

>Girls should be less judgemental
You're the sort of person who complains about water being wet, aren't you?

>> No.56696423

Did you miss the part where I was talking about moutbreathing behind them?
Just a few days ago I was in my GW store watching a game when some high school girl came in. I knew she was in hs because she was still in her track outfit and probably came from practice. She comes inside looking genuinely interested in what's in the store, but within a couple minutes some greasy-ass guys were trying to talk her up. She was in and out of the store in under 10 minutes. The blackshirt tried to offer her a card with info about painting tutorials or something. She took the card, but the look on her face told me she wasn't ever coming back. It's shit like that that keeps girls from wanting to come back to the store again, and there's no change to the product that GW can make that'll make the situation any better.
See this is why having women around is actually nice.

>> No.56696425

>Tfw GW tries to nerf you, so you hack them and LOWER your cost
Can't Stall the Cawl

>> No.56696434

The noise marines have no dedicated lord for rerolls atm.

My options seem to be

>Lord for NM aura

>JP sorcerer for powers

>Exalted Champion for murder sword hunting

I'm leaning toward 2

>> No.56696435


>AoS models are much higher quality than your average piece of shit from 40k


>> No.56696443


>> No.56696445

Eh; Rust Stalkers wont be good until they actually get a unique gimmick. Right now they are slightly different Fulgurites

>> No.56696448


>> No.56696452

Whats the worst faction rn so that I can grab em up off sad people on ebay?

>> No.56696458


>> No.56696459

It's always Orks.

>> No.56696464

Deathwatch, but necrons are still probably selling cheap

>> No.56696465


guardians of the covenant look dank

>> No.56696483

My army lists went down 5-10%. I'm glad I went ahead and ordered those resin alt-destroyers. Might run the Infiltrators I own a bit more now.

>> No.56696490


>> No.56696495

There's relatively little on them desu senpai, other model than using 30k stuff I'm not sure what you want us to say

Wait for the new DA codex, if they get access to heresy era termies they'd be great for Consecrator Deathwing

>> No.56696497

time to buy 10000 ugly green men

>> No.56696500

>worst faction
necrons, probably, maybe deathwatch
>most likely to be butthurt and sell models faction
tau, maybe necrons

>> No.56696509

Compare the Glottkin to the Toxicrene and then remember they came out a week apart.
The designers desperately tried to make End Times successful and handed every 40k release in that timeframe to the freaking interns. The result are some of the finest kits GW ever produced

>> No.56696512

>Our troops got a point cut A G A I N
I wasn't even expecting that; 8 point Vanguard and 7 point rangers? They do remember thats a Storm Troopers stat line, right?

Also, are Breachers now viable as cheap meatshields/Walls?

>> No.56696513

Meant to link:

>> No.56696522

Thanks M8. Is there any fiction about them?

>> No.56696532

agree with this anon

>> No.56696543

Nah, they still suck. But I am excited to run my Ryza Destroyers.

>> No.56696545

Rangers or Vanguard?

>> No.56696556

I hate that picture so much.

>> No.56696563

Quite a weekend planned I see.

>> No.56696568

Rangers are ok as 5-man teams with 2x Transuranic Arquebus', but only if you need them.

>> No.56696573

Known to have old stuff from the Legion days, they are featured in the 3rd book of the Legacy of Caliban serie. Chapter Master used to be an interrogator Chaplain, hence he's viewed as being a tad too inquisitive by the Dark Angels, but overall a great justification to have a DA successors with older marks of arms and armours.

>> No.56696574

>be GW
>we're gonna try and rebalance this game
>proceeds to break it more

>> No.56696576

Vanguard are just better really, rangers are a method of taking Arquibuses and not much else.

>> No.56696583

End Times so you're not far off

>> No.56696588

> They do remember thats a Storm Troopers stat line, right?
Sure, but with much less impressive guns.

>> No.56696592

then have a .png too

>> No.56696602

I disagree.

>> No.56696608


>assault 18, str 3

Mehhh. Also point more expensive.

Meanwhile rangers get rapid for 1, 30" range and its str 4 with a better proc.

What's the love on Vanguard about?

>> No.56696611

None that I can think of, other than being mentioned as being present at during the Fall of Cadia and the small fluff sections in the codices I'm not sure, try Gav Thorpe's DA novels, the BL usually rope the successor chapters on for an honourable mention even if they're only bit parts

>> No.56696613

Didn't know about the books, knew about the old gear. Thanks

>> No.56696614

>8th more broken than 7th

>> No.56696624

How so? By making AdMech, literally one of the worst armies right now, a bit more playable? By making Intercessors and Plague Marines less overpriced garbage?

Sure the Girlyman points increase was too little, but increasing his points too little isn't breaking the game more, it's just not fixing it enough.

>> No.56696625

Fucking Pat Sharp. Now there is a blast from the past.

>> No.56696628

Ok Thanks. Do the Deathwatch books have anything new on the chapter?

>> No.56696632

I think the special rule they have just makes them better overall.

>> No.56696634

Fucking hated fun house

>> No.56696635

when they started adding superheavies in regular 40k (tervigons, wraithknights, grey knight baby carriers, etc) was when they fukt up

>> No.56696642

I REALLY like this picture, because it exemplifies everything I hated about 7th.

>> No.56696645

JP meaning jump pack in case it wasn't obvious

>> No.56696648

Featured in Devastation of Baal. Interestingly, they weren't invited to the party, and had to come and beg, bloodied and wounded, to be allowed to help defend the planet, after Dante saw what they did to hold the Thirst at bay.
Accepted to change their ways for a more "imperial citizens-friendly" approach.

Interesting chapter for being very monastic. Their proportion for writing and their names including "Covenant" has led me to call them the lawyer marines.

Welcome home Void Brother.

>> No.56696650

What armies did they play in the pic related report?

>> No.56696651

But you have to be in melee? If they are in melee, you can't shoot into the thing you're debuffing, so what's the point?

>> No.56696656

>>never have to hear the word "taudar" again

>> No.56696661

>Tervigon is a Superheavy
Yeah, and get out with those broken as fuck Land Raiders, too, you fucking powergamer.

>> No.56696666

All I remember was bronyboy played necrons

>> No.56696676

-1 T aura and better volume of fire while moving across the field makes them better plasma runners and better at bayonet charges.

>> No.56696681

Trying to learn the game.

What's the deal with Forge World? Are they allowed in tourney/most games? They seem ridiculously strong. Why don't they have them as slightly modded generic models or something?

>> No.56696687

And, what do you know, there just happens to be a trait that lets AdMech fire in melee.

>> No.56696690

the rpg? Don't know, maybe try in the 40krpg mega. I don't have any of the DW sourcebooks

>> No.56696692


>> No.56696696

Thanks anyway.

>> No.56696699

Yeah, nah. I'd rather have socially awkward bronies than retards like you that make ridiculous strawmen.
>She was in and out of the store in under 10 minutes
Wait, she stayed in the store for nearly ten minutes? Clearly she wasn't that creeped out, even in your likely fictional strawman account.

>> No.56696704

I really don't know.

All I've read is that vanguard are just better because of that, and the fact that they're great to equip with short range weapons that compliment them like the plasma calvier, whereas shorter ranged weapons don't work for rangers as much.

I would probably take more vanguard than rangers overall, but I'm not going to discard rangers entirely, they're great at staying away from things and they look aesthetic as heck.

>> No.56696707

>loss of loved one

>> No.56696708

But anon, it was a whole lot of fun with prizes to be won.

>> No.56696714

Fuck it, lets roll.

>> No.56696719


let's go!

>> No.56696726

>people pretending that high level 8E isn't roughly as bad as high level 7E
>don't even talk about the clear champion of 7E bullshit- Daemons

>> No.56696729

>volume of fire

They have 12" less shooting range, and when rangers are within 15" rapidfire at higher str and with a more useful proc.

The -1t aura is for melee... if you are in melee you get what, 11 str 3 attacks at WS4? Wow.

Is it Mars or Stygies 8?

If I'm going Plasma, I'd take a few vanguard sure. But why not take Plasmathrons in that case?

>> No.56696735

What did I get?

>> No.56696740

>vastly lower IQ
40% of blacks score higher than your 90 IQ, dumbass.

>> No.56696742

Rolled 81 (1d100)

Use the roll feature you faggots, this is a slow board. Your roll isn't truly random.

>> No.56696743

Is a renegades outrider detachment of melee bikers + biker lord "worth it"?

>> No.56696745

you bastard I have that bloody song in my head now

>> No.56696747

i'm not saying those things are broken i'm saying power creep became a problem. maybe bugs are a bad example because tough high wound nerds fits the theme and the biggest thing before that was a carnifex (which they also managed to ruin)

>> No.56696753

What did you paint today /tg/? I painted woodwork

>> No.56696758

I'm sure someone loved it. Someone awful.

>> No.56696759

Do you think women just walk away the moment someone talks to them? She obviously tried to stomach it for a few minutes and then left. If this kind if shit doesn't happen in your store that's great, I wish it didn't happen in any of them.

>> No.56696772

>"We've looked into giving Dark Angels and Blood angels units from the general Space Marine codex."

I wish GW would stop doing stuff like this. Like, why play a codex compliant chapter that isn't Ultras when the other chapters can take everything you can AND MORE. Chapter Tactics/Strategems are nice, but not enough to make up for it.

>> No.56696773

>Is it Mars or Stygies 8?
Graia Warlord Trait.

>> No.56696774

Ah yes, proud sons of the Khan!
Destroyers stand out for being one of the few Scars chapter to have his geneseed purity called in question, even more so because of their savagery. Implies a rather feral behaviour in battle, almost tribal like when you know how aggressive the Scars can be.

>> No.56696775

I may be misunderstanding you but i used the fuck out of tervigons before i quit, but games were won and lost on their survival. their potential value through a full game is insane

>> No.56696776

What special rules would you give to sisters of battle on bikes with power lances? What would they cost?

>> No.56696778

So why is it relevant to our discussion then?

>> No.56696783

Swap the heads. Anything goes in Age of Sigmar right?

>> No.56696792

Rolled 45 (1d100)

Here we go!

>> No.56696795

Nothing because I was an idiot and lent my Lhamian Medium and 'ardcoat out to a friend and those are literally the paints I need the most right now.

>> No.56696802

Right here. Got to love the free loot, even if they didn't quite go far enough on the Kataphron drops and Rusties/Regular Servitors could use some real work.
Wasn't expecting much, wound up with enough free points to buy another Dragoon. Love those things even if they should probably be about two-thirds their current cost in moneys.

>> No.56696805

kek, sorry anon. If it is any consolation I have got it stuck in my head now as well.

>> No.56696806

Roll this bad boy

>> No.56696809

Yeah, nah, ignore the idiots in /40kg/

They know fuck all about Admech. They say Vanguard are superior, but fail realize that their range means they are almost guranteed to get charged. They are also incredibly useless in the back field. Rangers are nice, because they can actually help zone out deep strikers, and contribute to the fight.

>> No.56696815

what is high level 8th like?

>> No.56696821

The descendants of Seneschal Rann. Noted for their savagery ans their tendency to take heads. Of note is their battle against the Carcharodons during the Badab War, where both sides killed each other to a man and left a battlefield with corpses still standing in deadly embraces.
Got pardonned after a penitence Crusade, had their stuff kept safely by the Salamanders as thankq for protecting their geneseed from the Astral Claws when they realised those dudes were becoming wayyyy too heretical for their liking.

>> No.56696831

People were asking in what way Vanguard's buff is good if they can't shoot in melee. Turns out, they CAN shoot in melee, if they're hugging a Graia Warlord. Do try to keep up, kid.

>> No.56696842

But anon, you can take any of the many ultramarine characters! You do play ultramarines, right?

I do think there's no reason that first foundings like the angels shouldn't have stuff like cataphractii armor etc itd be nice if we in the peanut gallery got some attention eventually. Sentinels of terra and clan raukan were nice. Iron fathers would be fun to have

>> No.56696844

BA just look like superior BT at this point.

>> No.56696850

>need to take worst forgeworld bonus to make unit not shitty

Go play in traffic kid, big guys are talking tactics here.

>> No.56696851


>> No.56696854

Aren't you also the type of person who's first trait is your non binary gender on dating websites? Kinda hypothetical when you are fine with yourself being that way and you diss the first tans fluid diety of the setting.

>> No.56696858

just for you anon

>> No.56696865

Wow, either you fell for a meme, or you're damn salty, son.

>> No.56696872

If I have a DA/Death Hex Sorcerer already in my army, what should I put on a 2nd?


>> No.56696877

Flesh tearers are the best chapter

>> No.56696878

Personally I find neither kind do much without special weapons anyway, so I take Vanguard because those sallet helms are sexy as hell and there's a negligible difference in performance. Whenever I get around to converting a specific Biologis Variant they'll probably be all Rangers.

>> No.56696880

180 Ork boyz with 8 weirdboyz
Guilliman and celestine with their 15 pet celuxus assassins

>> No.56696887

they're ravens, not crows.

>> No.56696888

I haven't out of weed can't paint unless I'm stoned

>> No.56696890

>king _of_manlets.jpg

>> No.56696898

Did you retard-boy literally just confuse Forge Worlds, as in, the planets that AdMech uses as their faction keyword, with Forge World, the company people shit over? You are one fucking retarded son of a bitch. Graia is part of the codex the same as Stygies and Mars.

>> No.56696905

Prescience and warptime for buffbot

>> No.56696911

forgeworld makes specialized models, and they are GW approved, however some tourneys have them banned, and some players wont play against them. they are strong, but they just got a huge point increase in the recent rules.
they are to add a nice little flavor to an existing army, or in some cases like the krieg, an entire army on their own.

>> No.56696925

Sounds chill as fuck.

>> No.56696937

Nigger let me spell it out.

There are 2 viable Forgeworld factions in the codex. Stygies 8 and Mars.

If a unit only works if you take a detachment from the worst Forgeworld while having your Warlord get into melee range alongside some shitty Vanguard, then you are talking utter crap.

>> No.56696976

I’m curious how it went. Share pics and recipe

>> No.56696977

If the behavior is actually that objectionable? Yes. Someone walking around the store and talking to people for nearly ten minutes is not someone that was immediately driven off in terror.
>If this kind if shit doesn't happen in your store that's great, I wish it didn't happen in any of them.
I don't think it really happens at all, or at least not with a frequency high enough to matter. Hell, even your story (or the retard whose story you agree with) has absolutely nothing objectionable. Oh no, a couple less-than-attractive dudes talked to a girl. How dare they? Why don't they realize they should just neck themselves preemptively instead of trying to live like human beings?

Yeah, probably the Sorcerer. You can always drop the lord in so that he meets up with wherever the Noise Marines drive to, or have the Prince stick near them.

>> No.56697002

And BT are just better IF.

Really the original founding's are fucked at this point. Iron Hands and Imperial Fists have pretty much 0 support from GW, despite being featured in the art all the time.

>> No.56697005

Was learning how to make metal look worn

>> No.56697007

Yeah I think that's a good idea. A JP sorc with pres/warp time will do fine

>> No.56697024

I really like the dead eye.

>> No.56697025

Gotta love my fat fingers accidentally uploading wrong picture

>> No.56697027

Here anon, a (very) good IH novel.

>> No.56697037

Try being a Black Templars player.

>No librarians
>but here's a slightly different Tactical Squad

BTs lose out on a ton of utility by not getting Librarians.

Land Raider Crusaders aren't even ours anymore.

>> No.56697038

>not space wolves
>not iron hands
>not salamanders

>> No.56697049

Worst forge world bonus is agrippinaa no question. 6+ fnp is excellent for your light infantry and priests.

I assume by the way you're fanboying Mars that you're one of the retards who plays cawl castle and then complains that admech isn't competitive? Yes? Mars blows.

I do agree with you that 4chan doesn't know anything about admech.

>> No.56697054

No chapter gets any substantial support outside of Ultramarines.

>> No.56697074

My main army is Fists. Your words hurt. They have some perks. The ignoring cover helps me deep strike my interceptors into cover when my opponent doesn't care to stand in it. A lot of IF exclusives are total trash though. After they finish all the codex's I'm really hoping for a sentinels of tera supplement

>> No.56697086

>>5 vets with combi melta is 175 pts without a transport
>>single leman Russ with battle cannon and heavy bolters is 168 pts
>>vets can barely kill one russ, can in no way survive the return fire of a second Russ.
Why are the tank hunter units more expensive than their targets and are marine vets over costed/bad or are leman russes undercosted/over good

>> No.56697095

By request.

Sorry, I went to sleep for four hours.

>> No.56697111

There's a grey area in behavior between outright objectionable and not, and that's largely where rudeness lies. Some girl, probably barely old enough to drive, comes into the store to see what's inside, just to get creep on by some adult neckbeards. She put up with it so she could see the store, but got fed up and left.
> Why don't they realize they should just neck themselves preemptively instead of trying to live like human beings?
You're being hyperbolic. The correct behavior towards someone who shows disinterest is not to follow them around like a puppy.

>> No.56697114

>GW ends up listening to the fan base based on the survey and begins production/process of enacting the single most popular request

What would you hope for, what would it end up being?

>> No.56697116

dont give me something retarded

>> No.56697119

I actually play Plasma Spam Ryza.

>> No.56697122

Because those Vets aren't a dedicated anti-tank unit? They had additional attacks for melee as well as weapons that incorporate anti-infantry firepower.

The real issue there is that MEQ's are still overvalued for their efficacy on the table. It's not some specific issue with Veterans specifically.

>> No.56697138



>4chan is generally bad at 40k

>> No.56697147

Who said anything about TAKING into melee, genius?
First of all, they're going to end up in melee one way or another, because, shockingly, opponents tend to not oblige you when you ask them nicely to please not charge your gunline.

Second of all, the question was never about being competitive. The question was simply about whether or not Vanguard guns can or cannot take advantage of the debuff Vanguards cause. The answer to that question is, yes, they can, when hugging a Graia Warlord. Whether this is worth picking Graia as a Forge World is a different question entirely and one that was never on the table.

So kindly take your WAACery somewhere else while the grown-ups talk about gameplay mechanics.

>> No.56697149

>what does everyone want most
>well, we wo-
>More space Marines? Is that what we heard?
>what? No. We-
>More space Marines it is!

>> No.56697173


>> No.56697179

From what we've seen, it will likely be plastic sisters and lowering their prices.

>> No.56697180

>if I jump through 50 hoops in under 3 seconds under a full moon in Peru, then this unit is good

Nice discussion faggot.

>> No.56697184

We couldn't trademark jetbike so enjoy your Primaris Zoomceptors™.

>> No.56697185

Ryza was here, vaporized the opposition with massed plasma.

>> No.56697202


It doesn't, but the models do not exist in the fantasy world, they exist in our world.

>> No.56697211


>> No.56697227

Any idea how to start a good genestealer cults army? Thinking of getting that battleforce box. What else should I buy for a 1000-1500pts army?

>> No.56697228

I have to remember it's our job to enjoy being boring. Did you like in the marine codex where they tried to sell fists as the centurion warsuit army 5 times?

Honestly my biggest let downs were a combination of realizing the warlord trait is pointlessly specific and bolter drill is just two extra shots per squad. Underwhelming, unfortunately.

>> No.56697235

>hope for
bringing back bit sales
>end up being
bullshit formations

>> No.56697243

Just a tip: Charge after firing. If you can kill one tank and tie up another in combat (or if he's really packed, consolidate to tie up TWO tanks) then his firepower for next turn will be heavily diminished.

Did something like this with my Guard Veterans to an enemy's artillery squadron and while they died next turn that was still 3D6 S9 Dd3 shots that would NOT be hitting me in return. And of course all the other firepower he devoted to killing the veterans meant 50% of his army was firing in the wrong direction.

>> No.56697244

An excellent chapter. Here's their novel, absolute must read. Really interesting fluff about them, good personality, and interesting to see how a small chapter rebuilds when it's not 1st or 2nd founding.

>> No.56697245


>> No.56697255

Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Space Wolves all get a fair amount of support.

I like the ignore cover, but it's so situational that it might as well not exist. Even Black Templars have more support. The exclusives for IF aren't worth taking, and their bonuses aren't anything special. It feels like GW spent all their time working on Ultras for the SM codex and all the others were a last minute rush.

>> No.56697262


Selling bits was never profitable and would be even worse in the predominately PIM space they occupy now.

>> No.56697269

>got a bunch of people to suggest tau auxiliaries
>all put slaanesh as favorite chaos god
>all put lack of conversion support as what they can do better

You guys are doing it wrong

>> No.56697284

>just to get creep on by some adult neckbeards.
High schoolers can be adults too, and just talking to someone is not being "creeped" on.
>She put up with it so she could see the store, but got fed up and left.
Or maybe she saw enough to sate her curiosity and left. Ten minutes is plenty long enough to see whatever she wanted to see.

You're being hyperbolic. The correct behavior towards someone who shows disinterest is not to follow them around like a puppy.
You realize she would have had to talk to those "greasy, adult neckbeards" if she had continued with the hobby right? Either she puts up with them or she leaves. I fail to see why she should be prioritized over the dudes that are already there and part of the hobby.

>> No.56697289

Games Workshop is condoning Slaaneshi mutants, guys

>> No.56697302

That's a lot more respectable. I've looked into it myself but I can't justify taking destroyers because they die, like, right away, and I don't own enough plasma calivers to field lots of units with them.

Look, you're underrating vanguard. I charge mine into cc all the time. Why? because the -1T makes your infiltrators wound space marines on a 2 and ruststalkers wound normal infantry on a 2. Priests are all wounding on a 2 or 3 as well. And, if you have the +1 str on, the vanguards wound marines on a 3 and light infantry on a 2. Plus, they're obsec and they are small so you can easily wrap around and tarpit most things for a turn or 2 until they die. I don't really care if they can shoot or not because s3 ap0 guns are not effective against most targets.

This is in addition to their massively superior mobility over rangers.
I think both have their place, but I use like 40 vanguard and 15 rangers.

>> No.56697307

I'm curious about the actual real results of the survey.

>> No.56697312

Have you not heard from everyone that we need more Slaanesh support?

>> No.56697313

>4chan is bad
>not being a bunch of WAAC faggots makes us bad

I'm happy to be to bad if thats the case.

>> No.56697321

also, forget Noise Marines, THIS is what we need

>> No.56697327

Astorath or Lemartes?

>> No.56697328

sell fucking bits separately

>> No.56697349

While other legacy relics would have been better, I do kinda like that you can still use the Spartan to make Tor Garadon.

What would be an efficient use of the shield eternal? I kinda like the idea of using it on a company champion's combat shield. Too bad lieutenants can't take storm shields.

Claiming this thread as a fortress for Dorn and the Emperor, by the way.

>> No.56697358


No, its not being WAAC. /tg/ often lacks a functional understanding of the rules themselves, and even when they do understand them they don't know how to functionally apply them to be good. I'm not talking about actually optimizing lists or being efficient I'm talking about being able to even look at an army book and determine what is good and what is bad.

>> No.56697360

This is probably correct, but I dont know a lot about other armies so im not well qualified to say if there's a lot of shitty advice here for them. I just know that I die a little inside anytime I see somebody call Cawl an auto-include or post a 6 robot list or say that ruststalkers are terrible.

>> No.56697374

out of curiosity senpai, how many non staffers approach you when you and try to strike up a conversation when you walk into a an unfamiliar game store? How often do they ask you if you're in a relationship?

not speaking about this particular scenario, just curious

>> No.56697377

Got a baller idea for a chaos spawn for my TS.

I noticed the thigh armour plates for Magnus look like one-half of a helm, with spiky ridges and an eyeball. So I thought, seeing as I'm magnetising the armour anyway, why not sculpt some rough shape of a monstrosity that is made of magnus' armour? It's like an avatar of Magnus, the armour posessing this sorry mass of shit. Might even be cool as Ahriman's bodyguard.

>> No.56697378


>> No.56697385

>just talking to someone is not being "creeped" on.
Even if you're right, women largely don't see it that way. If you continue to bother someone after they've clearly shown their disinterest then you're being rude. Maybe I shouldn't have called it "creeping," but I will still call it rude.
>You realize she would have had to talk to those "greasy, adult neckbeards" if she had continued with the hobby right? Either she puts up with them or she leaves.
That's been my entire argument about why GW will never get girls to play. There's no way to get the neckbeards to act like proper adults.

>> No.56697390


Best AdMech is a combo of Mars and Stygies - I think we'll see an effective combination of those 2 lists start to synthesize going forward.

>> No.56697416

I still don't get their obsession with space marine veterans having +1A instead of increased skill with their weaponry. +1bs sternguard would make more sense and be much more efficient.
Agree, but last I did that I ate 5+ to hit overwatch from a catachan russ and it was a bad, bad time. Just one of his like 23 command points from getting his back and stealing mine. Yuck.

I'm just not sure what the efficient counter is for the russ.

>> No.56697421

remember kids, if you take multiple detachments with the same army but different doctrines/chapter tactics/dogmas etc you deserve nothing but suffering

>> No.56697422

Lemartes would be very cool without his silly crown above his helmet. His Annandale novella is really good.

Astorath has an unhelmeted face so it's an automatic no from me.

>> No.56697446

Aww what happen? you get beat by a fluffy nids list? Get over it faggot

>> No.56697456

>I'm just not sure what the efficient counter is for the russ.
The Predator

>> No.56697471

So what do you think they meant by new units /tg/?

>> No.56697474

Feminist40k please go

>> No.56697482

Well, by that definition, I'm a guy, and I get creeped on by other guys at the FLGS. There's something about these places that draws the guy who can't pick up on social cues.

But i have been in plenty of "boys clubs" that are toxic, so I completely understand your point.

>> No.56697485

My idea for buffing IF would be to allow them to run a sort of "Last Wall Protocol" list that could be made up of IF, BT, etc together. It would be fluffy, look nice, and not be complete shit when it came to overall support/rules.

On a side note, does anyone know how to paint more of a yellow-gold like this image? I prefer the metallic yellow/gold over the flat yellow. GW's paint line doesn't really seem to have it.

>> No.56697486

Robot gunline Ryza seems pretty good too, why not that?

>> No.56697503

Yellow wash over a metallic base.

>> No.56697505

Not at 190 points to the russ' 170 for less toughness and wounds, no tactics, and unreliable damage output it isn't.

>> No.56697506

SMcodex units added to the BA one.

>> No.56697513

Over a gold or silver?

>> No.56697515


Why Ryza, it doesn't impact your shooting at all.

>> No.56697517

>Change game to suit women
>Neckbeards are still there
>Women don't play
>Change game even more to attract women
>Neckbeards still there
>Women don't play
>Game is unrecognizable
>Keep changing it to suit women anyways

The lesson here is that GW shouldn't bother trying to pander to women because it'll just ruin things for the average fan of the game and won't do anything to actually get them to play the damn thing in the first place.

>> No.56697519

Mars isnt very good. You need to step out of that thinking. Mars allows you to shoot more effectively- great. When is the last time admech had trouble shooting anything off the board? Killing your opponents units doesnt win you the game unless its KP or you table them.

Graia and Stygies shore up your durability and which one is better depends on whether you're light infantry heavy or not.
Lucius helps with mobility a lot and I think everyone should be deepstriking 10 vanguard onto objectives with their infiltrators.

Metalica and Agrippina seem mostly useless. One gives you more firepower from your least effective guns and the other one might kill an extra genestealer or something before they wipe the squad.
Ryza is schizo in the benefitting plasma and cc... I bet it could be very useful though.

the best lists are either graia/lucius or stygies/lucius or just stygies.

and why would you take ryza phosphor bots? how exactly do they benefit from ryza stratagem or dogma?

>> No.56697526


>If the behavior is actually that objectionable? Yes. Someone walking around the store and talking to people for nearly ten minutes is not someone that was immediately driven off in terror.

>I dont know what social etiquette is
> if someone says something that I do not like or that makes me feel uncomfortable, I will immediately stop the conversation and let them know that they're making me feel uncomfortable, or I will immediately turn around and leave in the middle of the conversation
> if I do not instantly turn around and walk away in the middle of conversation with a stranger, that means that I enjoyed the conversation


>> No.56697528

Plasma specialists strategy. +1 to wound rolls and +1 damage.

>> No.56697529

I'd do it over a silver.

>> No.56697531


I do this very often, I even do it with Ynnari and Alatioc.

>> No.56697534

Should i buy real poxwalkers they are so fucking ugly

>> No.56697536

Trying to appeal to women in general is sexist. I understand the need to make that dollar, but it's still a sexist practice.

>> No.56697541

When running space wolves, do people bother with Primaris or agressor/inteccessor, or do you stick to grey hunters / blood claws?

>> No.56697546

You take Plasguard and Plasmaphrons to go with the bots.

>> No.56697550


A Mars detachment with Cawl gives you an efficient baseline that can bolster your AA/Generally speaking Onagers are solid. I wouldn't over invest but his bubble for Onagers is worth including a HS detachment to start with.

>> No.56697553

Those aren't new units tho anon.

>> No.56697556

or leave the game as it is and get rid of the neckbeards

>> No.56697563

I just want to have a mob from every clan because that's how orks used to be when I first got into them...

>> No.56697565

I would love to integrate the Templars to my force. I'll take any excuse.

You could experiment with those metallic pigment things in that set citadel put out, but this looks pretty straight up goldd with some brighter gold like fulgurite? Or whatever or auric gold over retributor to me and using a reddish wash like reikland . Unless my screen is retarded, which it might be.

>> No.56697567


So you get to do that once per turn on one unit?

>> No.56697570

Nah, poxwalkers technically existed in 7th as plague zombies made by Typhus, so just find a nice set of zombie minis you like and give them a nice paintjob.

Anyone who complains is not someone you should play with in the first place.

>> No.56697582

Just run an Imperial Fists detachment and a black Templars detachment

>> No.56697584

>Mars isnt very good. You need to step out of that thinking. Mars allows you to shoot more effectively- great. When is the last time admech had trouble shooting anything off the board? Killing your opponents units doesnt win you the game unless its KP or you table them.
Dead units can't contest objectives.

Still, I agree that Mars isn't all that great. Only reason I play them is so I can take Cawl.

>> No.56697589

Is there any chance of plasma cannon options in the upcoming custom land raider rules?

>> No.56697595

>we need objectively worst primarch
The only thing anyone needs from lorgar is for him to kill himself

>> No.56697596

so why talk about the bots at all? I dont have an opinion on the plasma strat other than that destroyers suck. But i think it could be viable. I intend to try some things out with a ryza plasma patrol after the new year.

I don't use any onagers anymore and in a year or two I dont think any other tournament admech players will either. Bring a unit of 4-6 las ironstriders, pop doctrines on them, and thats all the AT you need. It's way tougher than an onager and way more destructive than 3 neutronagers. If you do this, you dont need a cawl to get 12 las hits, you only need a techpriest or the canticle.

>> No.56697605

Yup. Use it on Plasmaphrons to delete anything from Heavy infantry to medium tanks. It'll cripple superheavies too.

>> No.56697610

Isn't the main thing with mars-caws getting shroudpsalm every turn?

>> No.56697612

Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Daemon Prince with Wings:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter, Warptime
Chaos Lord in Terminator Armour:
>Chainfist, Combi-melta, Mark of Slaanesh
Sorcerer in Terminator Armour:
>Combi-Melta, Delightful Agonies, Death Hex, Force Axe, Mark of Slaanesh
Sorcer with Jump Pack:
>Combi-Flamer, Prescience, Warp Time, Force Axe, Mark of Slaanesh

+ Troops +
--- 4 squads of ---
Noise Marines:
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster
--- 2 squads of ---
Chaos Cultists:
>9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Autogun

+ Elites +
Chaos Terminators:
>Mark of Slaanesh
>Chaos Terminator Champion: Combi-plasma, Power axe
>9x Terminator: Combi-plasma, Power axe

+ Heavy Support +
>Mark of Slaanesh, 3x Obliterator

+ Dedicated Transport +
--- 2 of ---
Chaos Rhino:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

I have about 80 points left here, what should I do with them?

>> No.56697615

But he's the king of middle of the road chaos. The guilliman of heresy. He's something for everyone.

>> No.56697616

Ryza is pretty intensive on stratagems, you need 3 for a good shooting phase... but it is a good shooting phase.

If you have say... 6 Plasma Kataphrons, you're gonna use the +1 to hit stratagem and the ryza stratagem and you're gonna get:

27 or so damage against T8 Leman Russ equivalents, more against anything else. You also get +1 to hit on your beep boops.

Its a good thing.

>> No.56697623


how's the weather in Calth, Roboute?

>> No.56697624

They will be new units for the codex nonetheless, and GW won't be considered as having lied. But they would have succeeded in getting you hyped.

>> No.56697625


I don't know that I agree with that assessment. We'll see. I think the solid fire base gives you a good place to start from but I agree otherwise that you shouldn't over invest in mars. You should never have 2 mars detachments because it effectively is designed around Cawl's existence.

>> No.56697626

You want the bots for the other stratagy that gives them and the Plasmaphrons a +1 to hit.

>> No.56697634

At least Lorgar could inspire his legion and not order them to bludgeon each other to death like PureTurbo.

>> No.56697648

XV109 Y’vahra Battlesuit Or KX139 Ta’unar
Supremacy Armour?

>> No.56697658

Stock Rangers without upgrades are good enough to spam now. Infiltrators with Taser Goads using conquerer imperative are much better as well.

>> No.56697683

you missed his point completely.

I do that already. Costs 2cp every turn after the first, unless I happen to roll it, except by turn 3 it probably doesn't matter anymore one way or the other. its expensive, but i like having an extra hundred points for not taking cawl.

Give it a try. It will change your game.

Gotcha. I just think bots are overrated. two is good, 4 is stupid.

>> No.56697694


> Kataphron Servitors and Kastelans, which are not Skitarii models.

>the +1 to hit stratagem specifies Skitarii models

I wish you were right, anon. 4+ shooting is for chumps.

>> No.56697695

honestly i don't see the need to change the game to suit women more.

The game basically boils down to different races murderfucking each other to death. Its pretty much the core concept here.

>> No.56697699

>No chaos
chart for babies

>> No.56697704

whats the dragon that looks like them called? was thinking about using it's legs for something....I can't find it

>> No.56697705

aos zombies com in boxesof 20, kit bash them with guardsmen

>> No.56697712

>>No chaos

But dark angels are right there!

>> No.56697714

>can't even form a counter arguement so he has to resort to "muh calth"

no, he's just shit. As a character he is the epitome of black library's shitty writing. He's a little bitch that couldn't do anything and was so weak willed that the moment something of his got destroyed he want from "I love the emperor" to "wtf I love chaos now"
What's more, he has no excuse for his actions. Angron has his nails, morty has his hate of tyrants, curze has his visions, fulgrim his fear of being imperfect, magnus his """"""doing nothing wrong""""""", pert his autism.
What does lorgar have? Nothing except the fact that he's a little bitch with a chronic need to worship something (which makes no sense in the first place, why would the emperor, who's fedora supreme, make someone with such needs)
And even then, he requires others, like kor phaeron and erebus to actually make him do anything. They're the real masterminds behind the heresy, Lorgar was just a puppet who thinks he got something done because he's a guillble fool who thought himself better than his brothers for being unable to do what he was made for but passing it off as "being above war" or some shit despite everyone telling him he was an idiot for it.
Lorgar is, in short, a shit. A SHIT!

>> No.56697715

>> No.56697718


I've got my AdMech on the shelf right now anyway - next time I bring them down I'll try.

>> No.56697722

Really gets the old noggin joggin.

>> No.56697725

The guy on the right, he has 2 legs

>> No.56697729

I tried to do the exact same chart with chaos, but I'm afraid there just isn't enough chaos warbands with a colour scheme for that.

>> No.56697735

Gun guy, two heads are better than none!

>> No.56697741


For one it's sexy as fuck, with a design that makes sense.
>chestpiece has flat vents instead of box tits
>legs reinforced, look like can actually carry the weight
>Back thrusters aren't just an off-balance piece off shit, but an armoured turtle shell dotted with enough thrusters in enough directions to allow realistic movement of it's massive bulk

Plus the guns are sexy as fuck.

>> No.56697749

That's not what the feminists think.
and you can bet they'll be flooding the survey with their demands for female space marines, diversity and the removal of "offensive" content.

>> No.56697758

I while ago I stopped by the petrol station on my way home from work, and grabbed a bag of wotsits. I got home and started snacking while watching a little YouTube. Turns out I was way more tired than I thought, since I fell asleep on the couch, only to wake up around 3am just to crawl in bed.
The next day I had forgotten all about my wotsits, and for about a week after that. One day I'm cleaningthe living room and what do I find under my couch but those damn wotsits, bag left wide open and kicked under the couch to be forgotten.
Now I'm not a brave man, but that day some unholy spirit possessed me to actually tastes one these wotsits. But these were no wotsits, no. These were fossils, an ancient whisper of what once might have been a delicious, cheesy snack. I've bitten rocks with more crunch and flavor than these sad little corn sticks.

And those wotsits were still less stale than this meme.

>> No.56697760


>> No.56697763

hopefully GW takes what happened to Warmachine into account before they court the SJW beast.

>> No.56697766

Thanks, Was trying to decide a center piece if i ever decide to create a more suit based armour compared to a Fire warrior based army.

>> No.56697767

Tervigons and Dreadknights aren't superheavy. Wraithknights melt to half their points in gravguns.

>> No.56697769

Filing them helps.

>> No.56697771

what in the emperors name is a wotsit

>> No.56697772

>close combat marine
left, every time

>> No.56697775


fuck, right. I forgot about that stratagem. I don't get to use that one often enough- I only started taking Kataphron Servitors pretty recently.

>> No.56697779

>court the SJW beast.

>> No.56697783


man, i feel bad for your dad.

>> No.56697784

What happened to warmachine?

>> No.56697787

You should stop taking them again, they're bad.

>> No.56697799

Is eye of medusa post gathering storm?

>> No.56697800

Are you thinking about the dread abyssals from the motarch box?

>> No.56697802

>black library is shit in all things
Anon, please try and show us something original next time.

>> No.56697805

how are they bad?

>> No.56697806

Edassade seems to have some mean firepower. I bet he could shoot Cru°urc before he gets to him with his swords.

>> No.56697810

Sort of British cheetos

>> No.56697811

GW has always been lefty, especially by American standards.

>> No.56697816

But anon, if we judge characters based on how they appear in black library novels, we'd hate -everyone-


For the record I hope they bring in fulgrim most. Best narrative with guilliman. Lion can get lost. There's no room for a second big sword guy who's a tactical genius with Roboute already on the scene.

>> No.56697819

I walk in feminist circles a lot, and even among the ones who are really into tabletops, 40k has never come up. For the most part I don't think they know about it, and the few that do probably just have it classed as "old as fuck and not worth saving" so I don't really buy into the SJW boogeyman.

The average "SJW" who likes tabletop games is somewhere between 16 and 25, and mostly into D&D and its variants. Once in a while they like magic, but for them, the important part of tabletops is the storytelling aspect, so they're naturally drawn to RPGs.

>> No.56697822

>Real werewolves for wulfen
>New Army that's not an offshoot of any other army
>Make Nids something with STR 8 that isn't forgeworld
>Release new units for all the xenos
>Xeno need a nice three new super commanders in a box, box
>lower prices

>> No.56697833

You're right, I was wrong. Slaanesh makes all the cute weird things and it's unfair to compare them to each other.

>> No.56697838


I want to give each unit in the book an honest try. Within reason, of course. the regular Servitors might be one of the worst units in all of 40k right now.

Kataphron Breachers seem pretty terrible, but with the points-reduction, they mediocre instead of just bad.

>> No.56697846

>Spess Mehreens struggle against Chaos and IG unless Rowboat Girlyman is involved
>Let's nerf their best units, the Stormravens and the Razorbacks !

Bravo, GW.

>> No.56697848

Too fragile despite what you would think, and expensive. destroyers get wiped turn 1 for first blood or as soon as the opponent realizes they're dangerous, breachers arent as much of a priority but theyre not as resilient as people think. Oblits, autocannons, exorcists, blasters, and most cc units will just slaughter them.

>> No.56697853

I've yet to find a GW founder, developer or writer that has a public profile and isn't a guardian reading labour supporting dyed in the wool SJW socialist thundercuck

>> No.56697855

This guy have any more like this? Been contemplating for years whether or not to make a sisters/csm force from this.

>> No.56697864

>dread abyssal
very possibly!

>> No.56697869

No problem. I personally think the T'aunar is very un-T'au, like the Stormsurge. The Y'vahra skirts the philosophy but still are ok. If the T'au need to destroy something a Broadside or Hammerhead can't, they'd just call it Barracudas and Tiger Sharks IMO. More efficient platforms for the big guns.

>> No.56697898

I want one of the following to be a thing:

1. Good/mid-tier dark eldar
2. Gene stealer Cults to be more than just a tyranid supplement

>> No.56697900


Lorgar is in a way the ultimate evil of the Imperium's doctrine. He wrote the religious teachings that built Imperial culture(or at least the parts of it that survived the Horus Heresy), but he himself decided that Chaos was better for humanity than the Emperor and withdrew.

If he were to return to the galaxy(as he is doing), he will be a unique foe for Guilliman. He can recount firsthand how Guilliman blew up a shrine world, and expose Guilliman's secular worldview to the Imperium at large. Abaddon wants to steal the Emperor's throne and rule the Imperium under Chaos- Lorgar is the perfect candidate for ecclesiarch after Abaddon takes over.

He is a weak fighter for a Primarch, but has literal godlike charisma, and is favored by all the Chaos Gods. He is also the second-strongest psyker of the Primarchs.

>> No.56697901

something about that tickles me to the core

>> No.56697912

Yes, but there's no mandate from the suits to cram their ideology into the game yet.
If the suits take the SJW and feminist whining seriously and give the greenlight to having Rogal Dorn be a bi-gender transromantic Eldar-kin then we'll have trouble.

>> No.56697925

Preds suck, Mortis Contemptor Dreads with 4 lascannons are the best AT marines have. Salamander tactics especially.

>> No.56697926

what else could you possibly want for genestealers? they already have all the different types of genestealers and civvy stuff like Goliaths, as well as whatever they want from AM and nids.

>> No.56697928

>thinking about BA successor chapter
>want to play up the vampire aspects
>go look for good vampire counts models to convert
>remember that Age of Sigmar is a thing

>> No.56697929

Eh i dont like what flyers look like. But i can see what you mean by that.

>> No.56697943

No. It explores Kardan Stronos' past and has a sequel being written already.

>> No.56697961

I guess. I just keep hearing people say to not use them as a main force

>> No.56697962

I like the fact that you used the exact same insults last thread. Really shows how opiniated you are. You're just as bad as them. Even more so for putting so many meme words in one sentence.

>> No.56697965

there can be other types of gene-stealers. Like Shaos gene stealers

>> No.56697969

I only like the Fw flyers cause they look sleek like what hi-tech aircraft/spacecraft would be. I absolute hate the look of the regular codex flyers.

>> No.56697973

People who whine about SJWs are always 6x worse than the SJWs themselves

>> No.56697977

The ideology is already in the game <pic related> the thing is they've realised that yanks cannot into satire so they're having to use Guilliman as a vehicle to push for a more progressive Imperium lest they get associated with the fasc

>> No.56697996

People who whine about people who whine SJWs are always 6x worse than the SJWs themselves

>> No.56698002

I think you posted the wrong pic anon

>> No.56698006

>Rogal Dorn be a bi-gender transromantic Eldar-kin then we'll have trouble.
That won't happen. What might happen is he ends up being black, or some other non-white.

>> No.56698007

That's because you haven't really been exposed to sjw lunacy

>> No.56698009

Whats the opinion on GW spray paints? Needing to base Zandri Dust on my custom bases and would rather not paint it all on...

>> No.56698014

>implying I didn't just copy and paste the comment
>implying it makes it less true
>implying I meant those words as insults apart from thundercuck, it just has a nice mouth feel. Honestly say it out loud it's good

>> No.56698017

I'm a regular tumblr user who lives in California.

>> No.56698030

Fucking. Retarded.

>> No.56698035

Just go to wal mart and find something close enough. It'll work as well and be a third the cost

>> No.56698042

What animoo is this? Reverse image search isn't showing up anything

>> No.56698060

Yeah that sounds accurate.

>>Space marines must utilize a specialist forge world unit to match the capability of the most basic imperial guard tank
Remind me what the purpose of space marines is when the imperial guard is more tactically flexible, has superior leadership and morale, and cheaper, more powerful equipment?

>> No.56698067

People who whine about SJWs and People who whine about people who whine SJWs make me want to touch myself

>> No.56698070

Is that real? I always thought Gav was a bit of a spaz but I never thought he was that bad. Please don't tell me anything like this has happened to based Andy Chambers.

>> No.56698071

>Hellhammer 479
>Baneblade 459
>Doomhammer 434
>Doomhammer full of 9 lascannons 668

>Fellblade 717
Fellblade post Chapter Approved 917


>> No.56698075

good admech discussion this thread boys. It's something you never really see talked about.

>> No.56698080

Half of that is wrong. The guard is known for poor morale and tactical inflexibility(Regiments which can only do tanks or only light infantry, etc)

But the point of Marines is special forces.

>> No.56698081

fuck admech

>> No.56698085

Rolled 46 (1d100)

Rollan. Thread is autosaging anyway.

>> No.56698094

I hope your army never gets updated again, anon. End up like the whiny sisters players. You deserve it.

>> No.56698095

Sonic dread

>> No.56698112

>Already hits on a 2+ against FLY
>If not, just spend a command point
>Regular HQ already re-rolls 1's.
>B-But m-muh cawl
If you look at Cawls actual stat line, it is incredibly evident that he is a melee character. Your spending 240 points on re-rolling. To put it bluntly, you could bring a entire battalion of Troops and Engiseers for that price and get 3 more CP.

>> No.56698113

yes it's real, what do you mean by "happened" to Andy Chambers

>> No.56698126

GW is missing Renegades & Heretics from the "choose which army you collect" area. Any idea the best way to contact them about fixing it?

>> No.56698128 [SPOILER] 

>Claiming this thread as a fortress for Dorn and the Emperor, by the way.
Oh shit, that means the place is rigged to blow up!

>> No.56698139

The forgeworld ones do look pretty nice. Though i think it would become a transportation issue with those. They seem rather large and flimsy but i guess you could say that about the suits also.

>> No.56698141

Not on the table they aren't. Catachan are ld9 near an officer, otherwise guard are their equal to marines aside from atsknf. And orders are so much more flexible than 6" of rerolls to apparently showcase how marines have poor individual initiative and love to crowd around their bosses for emotional support.

>> No.56698152

If we did that we might as well just run all BT since they're flat out better.

>> No.56698177

>Space Marines lack the power and cohesion to be a viable military force
Exactly as Guilliman intended. Now if you're asking about the Guard versus the original Legions that something else entirely.

>> No.56698186


Is this base cost or with all toys?

>> No.56698202

This is...not reflective of real life?

>> No.56698205

Striking Scorpion pointed out in his CA review that they only updated the points values for FW, not the power level. He thinks it's an intentional push to make FW be for narrative games only, which would be a very interesting direction for GW to take.

>> No.56698215 [DELETED] 

>Pink Horrors now roll 2d6 for casting smite

Guys I fixed them.

>> No.56698216

You do realise that not everyone thay votes Labour is a SJW right? Some people want to try something new for the economy, after seeing a system make the rich richer and the poor poorer. You and I may not like it, but I respect the fact that some people want change, especially when the actual system has not benefited them at all.

All the people I know that vote Labour either vote for economic reasons, tired of Tory policies or as a vote AGAINST Tories.

Not because they believe in 69 genders or whatever.

>> No.56698221

You'll never blow me up fast enough, Perturabo.

I wish I knew an iron warriors player I could have fort fights with

>> No.56698228

Voting Labour (especially as long ago as this pic must have been taken based on how young he is) is a world away from describing yourself as whitecishet. I'm not going to start a /pol/ argument though so I'll stop posting now.

>> No.56698237

SJWs murdered it to death just like they killed Marvel and they're going to kill everything you love AND WHY AREN'T YOU FREAKING OUT ANON FREAK OUT WITH ME WE'RE ALL FUCKED

>> No.56698244




>> No.56698266

that was his profile picture on the 7th of June this year (yes obviously it's an old photograph)

they enable it, they're just a guilty

>> No.56698267

>He thinks it's an intentional push to make FW be for narrative games only, which would be a very interesting direction for GW to take.

That kinda sounds like a load of shit when the Sicaran dropped 75 points and the Chinork is now cheaper than a Trukk. It was only the Super Heavy units that got nerfed hard in CA.

>> No.56698271

That’s some horseshit. Loyalist can have Mortis lascannons, but heretic can’t.

>> No.56698278

Responding to them gives them the attention and exposure they crave. Just like the left does each time a right wing speaker goes to a burger university.

>> No.56698290

do they also try to share guardian articles and Stephen Colbert clips with you? Because that is how Andy Chambers do

>> No.56698325

See. this is the right way to do shitposty strawmen. Make it so absurd that no one can possibly argue against it.
> how many non staffers approach you when you and try to strike up a conversation when you walk into a an unfamiliar game store?
It happens, especially if they seem lost and somebody's just hanging out looking for a game.
>women largely don't see it that way
Sounds like their problem.
> If you continue to bother someone after they've clearly shown their disinterest then you're being rude
So the socially awkward should be ostracized from their own communities to benefit women that may or may not join the hobby?
>There's no way to get the neckbeards to act like proper adults.
Nice. Now anyone that has trouble picking up on nonverbal social cues isn't a proper adult.

>> No.56698330

After so many years of seeing this picture I only just noticed the guardsman is desperately trying not to stare directly into the eyes of the Emperor's codpiece.

>> No.56698360

yes. nobody realizes this. Thanks.

>> No.56698375

>forgeworld army

>> No.56698398

Stock loadout, so all the base guns

Makes zero sense. Why only FW? They are worse rules wise.

>> No.56698556


>> No.56698740

>>Fill in the survey, don't forget to ask for plastic noise marines

>Im-fucking-plying I didn't ask for plastic sisters

>> No.56698778

His Slaanesh redesign project: http://androidarts.com/40k/gw.htm

I especially like his color scheme of black and pastels. I think I'll be stealing it.

>> No.56698888

Nope. 40k used to make fun of how its 'good guys' were hypermasculine fascists; the Imperium is "the cruellest and most bloody regime imaginable." Now it plays them straight as heroes doing what needs to be done in a dangerous world, and the Imperium is something worth defending against, say, the Tau, for some reason. The old fluff, that the Tau saw titans and shit as the macho idiocy they were and would continue producing practical machinery instead, changed to have the Tau acknowledge that the Imperium was smarter than them and start making Riptides etc.

Since they can't say anymore that the Imperium does hideously insane stuff BECAUSE IT'S BAD, it needs an actual good guy like Guilliman to try and reform/redeem it.

Otherwise they're just uncritically defending a story where literal genocidal fundamentalists are passively accepted as being on the right side, and normal people don't want to be associated with that.

>> No.56699001

What units for AdMech are even viable?

>> No.56699048

Need to start thinking of my own Slaanesh warband before the update drops. Something very similar to this since its sooo good.

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