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for the swarm! edition.

>Current Reviews: Blood Angels

>Current Leaks:
>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved full Strats, Traits, Relics, Powers, and Reece Spin lmao

>Daily Dunked Peaches
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJQLyBpT4n8&t= [Embed] [Open]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas

>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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First for procrasination

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Third for Genestealer Cults

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>Posting that attention thirsty whore
Get out with thoses poor tastes

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What are your thoughts on Harlequins /40kg/?

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Kinda cool, better than any of the other flavours of space elf

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Annoying. The weird -1 w aura can get fucked.

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But where is the ass

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Like many things clearly a relic of old lore. That being said, kinda neat in a cheesy way.

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oh fuck off you thirsty soy boy beta

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troupes are expensive as shit but incredibly powerful if used right

ynarri nerf fucked them harder than any other eldar faction though

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Your reading comprehension is 0

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>playing Orks
>need 6s to hit their vehicles
>need 4s to wound their infantry with big shootas

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How would you imagine they would work if introduced in 8th, lore wise?

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>GSCB critics turn out to be raging /pol/tards that are angry people aren’t talking about ess jay dubbyas instead
Loving the laughs.

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Maybe the Blood Ravens have it

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>needing some faggoty half-slaanesh god when you could have the Laughing God
Serves you all right, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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>dat mortarion
All you need to do is know what you're gonna do ad plan out all your paints before you ever start

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Big Boy.

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why do necrons not have the cool green plastic anymore?

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My warriors all do. Allthough, they are about a year old.

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You what?

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White girls naturally/genetically don't have asses. That's what makes them, imo, the least attractive.

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Tell me everything you know about the "Hekaten".

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Just because you learned a new word, that doesn't mean you have to use it all the time and out of context

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>Anon is an assman
>not thighs
Not disgusting, but clearly the plebian choice.

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Immortals never had them anon. Only Warriors do.

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Not sure if transgender or just really unfortunate female?

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Huh, okay. I stand corrected.

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Immortals have been that way since 5th edition.
Only the 2004 vintage ones had green rods.

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Custodes HQ out when

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>Ork unit most able to actually benefit from the dakka dakka stratagem is barred from using it


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Sauce? for uhm reasons...

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why does GW hate Orks so?

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Orks in their mind literally exist to be a whipping boy.

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>Finished putting my Shadowsword together
>Don't have a shelf big enough for it

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I'm about 65% sure that's a cis male.

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They're wearing male underwear, it's a twink.

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Well usually about 1/3 of the strats suck in any given codex.

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You need to be 18+ to post

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Still, why would they get rid of it

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Unfortunate and pose.
Also most likely USAfag.

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>someone says Skions instead of Szions
>someones says Cusstoads instead of Cus-toh-days

Why does this trigger me so much?

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Because you are a cuck

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>someone at my LGS calls scions the militarum tornado, because he thinks it sounds cooler

>never won a match with them

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Because they are filth that butcher the language they use.

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Because you have a brain and it offends your basic grasp of pronunciation

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He is a retard

At least say tempest or storm

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>Someone says Acoylts instead of Ac-o-lytes

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Had an idea to do something like pic related for my chaplain
Anyone know a good technique for doing face paint on a model?

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Because GW operates off of "What's the highest potential of this unit" as opposed to "What's the average of this unit". They do this for all factions but Orks are the ones with the most random stuff, so it hits them the hardest.

I mean, take Kustom Mega Kannons. They're universally regarded as the best of the Mek Gunz. D6 shots on a BS4+ platform at Str 8 AP-3 and D3 damage. They're genuinely a good unit whereas all the other Gunz you can stick on Mek Gunz are bad.

So what do they do in CA? Give it a price drop from 23 points to 17. But I digress. You can also take a Bubblechucka. Stand aside Obliterators because this thing redefines random. When you go to fire it, roll 4 D6. Then select one of those die, and assign it to the gun'z Strength, Number of Shots, AP or Damage. Then your opponent selects a die and does the same. Then you select another, then they select the last one.

You could roll 4 6's and end up with a 6 shot, Str 6, AP-6 Dmg 6 gun. I mean, if you roll even a single 1 the gun is all but useless because there's pretty much nowhere good to put it (you roll after selecting targets of course, because fuck the idea of being able to use TACTICS with this thing). But GW don't think about that. They think "Holy shit, this thing could be a monster! Better price it accordingly!" Which is why this hunk of shit costs 32 fucking points, nearly double what the Kustom Mega Kannon does which 98% of the time will be straight up better.

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paint the face normally
then paint the face paint over the top

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XS brush
brace firmly
good luck

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I use a toothpick when trying to do thin lines on models, either that or one of those "psycho-detail" brushes.

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It's arbeetays though, if we are going full latin.

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I was considering taking a white/bone base coat and thinning it down a little more than normal so you could see a little bit of skin under the layer
Would that work or look like shit?

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Thought it was arr-bai-teez

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he's upset about the CA changes because the only special weapon he ever took was the volley gun and it increased by 1 point

>mfw I dropped all 10 melta guns from CA and went back to plasma spam, he refuses to even consider using them because they might kill his t3 4+ guys

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if he has a sex drive, he's not a soyboy

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Either christmas time or next year along with whatever this edition's equivalent for the Imperial Agents codex is
I say next year with the codex because he isn't in any WD leaks

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>I use a toothpick when trying to do thin lines on models

thats actually a really cool idea, thanks anon i'm going to try this for my psian jackals

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There is no one at the studio that loves them. It's simple as that, traditionally the books that are labors of love are better, more thought out and more fun to play. The only exception here were Jervis' books, because he always tried to adhere to some higher standard of consistency and balance that no other writer did, completely fucking the factions he werote in the process.
For Orks, this guy was Andy Chambers. He did the 3rd Edition pamphlet and you can feel that he got how they worked. He was also one of the three writers for Armageddon and I strongly suspect he did the Kult of Speed list there.
Come 4th Edition and it's Phil Kelly's turn and you can feel that Orks are just not one of the factions he cares about. Add in that the new edition was less than four months out and a retarded design directive that was dropped two books into the new edition and presto.
Then nothing for 5th and 6th and we all know how 7th Edition went. They also stopped giving names, so we don't know who was responsible.

In short, if you don't have a writer that loves you, you are shafted. Happened to the nids too, for a while. Hell, if you want the most egregious example of this, look towards the 7th Edition Armybook for Orcs and Goblins in WHFB. The 6th Edition book wasn't stellar, but the 7th Edition book was so bland, so terrible and so ridiculously weak, it completely killed any interest in Orcs and Goblins practically everywhere. The only thing that got played were Night Goblins and only because they were whacky, in the starter box and you fully expected to lose anyway. Ward was the author on that and he actually went on record saying that he didn't care for Orcs and Goblins.

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Two thin base coats with the tiny brush
Then a highlight on ridges with the toothpick

>> No.56670376

Those brushes would work better if they actually had room for paint on them

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Fucking caacfags are the worst

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Just bought some Carnifexes for my Nid army - what's the best melee combo?

Is it 2x Scything Talons and Tusks? Or a Screamer Killer?

>> No.56670422

Then we have SoB, the only reason why they haven’t nuke the army is due to IP.

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I'm not sure how to feel about them. I do have the Army Painter psycho detail brush, but I don't quite get it to work. Either the paint dries too fast on it, or I thin it down to a point where the paint breaks and just flows away.

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To be fair, Matt Ward's books always showed who he likes and who he doesn't, one other example is with the 8th ed fantasy books. Oh he likes High Elves? Give them the most ridiculously OP and undercosted item in the game because lol why not. Then after he ran out of enthusiasm he just shat out the Wood elf book near the end of fantasy, and its pretty bad. All the items are overcosted and underperforming dogshit
So yeah GW codices perform just as much as the writer likes them, and how enthusiastic they happen to be feeling around the time of writing

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He isnt even CAAC, he makes well rounded lists and knows to spam tauroxes to be strong, but for some reason he cannot fathom taking plasma at all even though scion plasma is the best plasma in the game right now

>> No.56670435

Tusked crabclaw if you're running an OOE, Tusked talons if it's without

>> No.56670444

They are played more than you give them credit for, tournaments have a good amount of Sisters usually

>> No.56670465

I meant support wise. I know they are super good all things consider.

I won’t the local tournament with mine. Poor bastards never stood a chance

>> No.56670471

What are some of the more infamous writers up to these days?
What’s Ward doing? Is Goto still a cunt?

>> No.56670480

Ahh the lazy killer.

>> No.56670482

Goto's a cunt now, and he's always been a cunt. And the only thing that's going to change is that he's going to be an even bigger cunt

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Do not use a toothpick it won't work. You will keep a fine detail brush like 00 size.

First completely paint and highlight the skin to completion.

Then you want probably a little more paint on your brush than you think. But it has to be thin.

The transparency will also help make it look like facepaint or tattoo let the skin colour through.

Get the model in a position where you can move your hands easily to finish at the end point you want your line

Steady your arms. Breathe as if you are rifle shooting. Paint in one smooth motion. Do it quickly and confidently not going too slowly or it will get shaky.

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The 2004 sculpts were metal, and expensive as fuck to get a full squad's worth iirc.
The newer plastic ones were new sculpts, and they didn't include the green rods, probably both for cost, and because the deathmarks didn't use them, so it'd be a waste if that's what you were building.

>> No.56670524


I half think they're simply trying to coax out arguments from the people who think it sounds retarded.

>> No.56670529

Knew a guy who pronounced it lassgun
He was a fun one

>> No.56670533

Fucking damn it!
Why did you post those?! Now I’m trigger as fuck regarding Necromunda fat acceptance!

>> No.56670537

>he refuses to even consider using them because they might kill his t3 4+ guys
He knows he can just not overcharge them right?

>> No.56670563

the new escher aren't fat, they're what it looks like when a woman takes juice that isn't anavar and lifts for strength, like this crossfit golem.

you know, like how gangs in real life take a whole bunch of steroids.

>> No.56670571

>Well, Demons are supposed to be strong!
Remember that one?

In any case, it's a new edition. Here's hoping that a saviour for the Orks shows up in the next few months.

>> No.56670572

yeah but then its half the potential damage of the volley gun and you pay more points for it

he is a picnic short of a picnic when it comes to weapon choice

>> No.56670575

Given that inquisition are'nt in the best of spots this edition, what's the most viable way to run Acolytes with an inquisitor atm?

>> No.56670591

I don't know about most viable.. I just use five of them with an inquisitor in a immolator... giving all the dudes flamers. It's pretty rad when they actually get to light em up.

>> No.56670595

> not using new words constantly in casual conversation to keep evolving your vocational range
That's not very cromulent of you

>> No.56670600

The main problem with the new Eschers is the entire composition. I took a look at the models in real life yesterday and most of them aren't even that wide. Big, muscular but not even wide shoulders or buff arms.
No, the problem is the fucked composition. Their shoes make them look awkward, their weird-ass thick rimmed tanktops give them more mass than they have and all the random gubbins and shit that hangs off their hips makes them look fat because it widens their silhouette so much. It's just a classic example of GW sculptors being technically proficient but having no fucking idea about how to properly compose a miniature.
I might get them now though and try to unfuck them by cutting off the random gribbles and sanding down the rims a bit.

>> No.56670615

For some reason every time I see Immortals with Gauss Blasters I have to restrain myself from starting Necrons again. I had a small army of then during 5th without any of the units that were OP at that time, and still nobody wanted to play against it after a few games so I sold them

>> No.56670627

modern GW definitely has a problem with overdesigning. I think Guilliman is the primary example of this, not a plain spot on the entire fucking model for the eye to rest.

>> No.56670628

> can actually scuplt
> able to ape around on a CAD program
There is a slight difference I would hope

>> No.56670643

Anyone GW hires for that job has to be able to sculpt in clay too. It was on one of their streams.

>> No.56670646

>> No.56670653

> Not using his much nicer model with a near identical loadout

>> No.56670665

That's what I would do, if I played smurfs.

>> No.56670704

Elysians are better. Same statline and you can take command squads without an HQ.

>> No.56670717

Even FW is leaving hand scuplts behind. I severely doubt it's a super necessary skill nowadays.

>> No.56670724

Fucking noob tier...
The gap is where its at.

>> No.56670735

They literally said that last year Anon. Do you think they lied? Pretty sure it was Jes Goodwin, btw.

>> No.56670745

>you can take command squads without an HQ.

not since the last FAQ

also CA has now bumped up thier melta and plasma prices to 17 and 13, same as scions

basically elysians are 2 points cheaper per model and you dont pay the 1 point for the HS lasgun, but you get a 5+ save instead

works well combining them with DKOK engineers inside elysian valks to deepstrike them though

>> No.56670752

The old fantasy giant was a mix of those skills CADfagging and Sculpfagging
Resulting in a pretty good model

>> No.56670753

> Elysians teaming up with Kriegers
Can you imagine the arguments

>> No.56670757

> but you get a 5+ save instead

forgot to add this: not to mention you cant use the reroll all wound orders and make use of the laurels of command relic as elysians arnt a codex unit

>> No.56670783

Im two fexes short of my 2k list, and I'm sick of waiting.
Also, hows this list?

2000 points Tyranids, Jormungandr, 9 CP

+ Battalion +
>Hive Tyrant with Rending claws, Ymgarl factor and Devourers, Warlord Trait: Units within 3" ignore cover
>Old one eye

>10 Gaunts
>10 Gaunts
>10 Gaunts

>3 Carnifexes with Quad Devourers acid maws and spore cysts

+ Battalion +

>10 Gaunts
>3 Rippers
>14 Genestealers with extended carapace

>3 Hive guards with Impaler cannons

>Tyrannofex with Rupture cannon

I know its not the most competetive or optimzed list, but how is this?

>> No.56670792

Reminder that the Eldar are not for lewd

>> No.56670800

fuck them, I had immense fun against a guy fielding terminator spam chaos

>he deepstruck his plasma spam unit and killed a few of my tauroxes

>I deepstrike 2 valks with 22 engineers, a marshal and yarrick, disembarked them with gravchute

> 44 shots hitting on 3+ rerolling 1s, wounding on 2+ rerolling 1s, ap0 but 2 damage each

>30 odd successful wounds, rolled slightly below average on his saves and lost 7 of his 10 terminators

>> No.56670824

To quote the Daleks:
>You are only superior at DYING!

>> No.56670837

Didn’t mean arguments with other players
Meant arguments between the two factions in the fluff

> Noblebright, volunteer force of paratroopers
> Fucking Kriegers

>> No.56670838

Only a chump scared of Slaanesh thinks that

>> No.56670852

I know, but I meant to say fuck people who are mad at fluff abuse, I like my fun shockdrop kriegers

>> No.56670858

it's amazing how much better than one is. it's one of the best models they've ever done.

>> No.56670859

I'm worried about your lack of synapse.
I know it's not as crippling as it once were but still

>Carnifex out of stock since forever
I ordered a box like 3 weeks ago and still not a word

>> No.56670875

>Meant arguments between the two factions in the fluff
>We've all been ordered to air assault the enemy position, so we're jumping out of the Valkries to get the job done. You think you can handle it?
>Cool, we'll help set you guys up with the grav chutes so don't worry about it.
>We get grave chutes?

>> No.56670893

I assumed the Neurothropes would suffice desu, since
A. They're characters
B. They're easy to hide
C. I technically only need one synapse creature for my backfield artillery and one synapse creature for the front

>> No.56670908

I'm not sure how I want to equip my for my nids.

I have 3 in a HVC heavy list, and my first impression is to just take 3 HVC as well, to bump it up to 9. But the missing gap in my list is massed anti-infantry. Do i double down on my heavy weapons and hope for the best? Do I meet it midway with one pair of Devourers and rending claws, or should I forgo the melee potential entirely and go double double Devourers?

Current list:
2k kronos
3x tyrant: wings, AG, TS, RC, HVC
3x3 warriors: Scytal, 2 DS, VC
Prime: swords, AG, TS, DS
2x2 fex: cysts, senses, HVC, 2 DS
2x2 fex: cysts, senses, HVC, 2 DS

>> No.56670911

I literally got an email this morning saying they're back in stock

>> No.56670915

Wait for Crone World Eldar.

>> No.56670916

I don't get why GW doesn't support them more. The guy that introduced me to the game started me with them because it's a straightforward army with limited options that you can build however you want and still expect to do relatively well. I think he made the right call and that GW should push them as the training wheels army. Fundamentals are important and SoB are the absolute best at fundamentals.

>> No.56670918

No ideas why it cut it, but I'm asking about my 3 hive tyrants

>> No.56670936

When people start talking about AoF like they are the next coming of Jesus. I know they do not play SoB

AoF are a bonus, not something you depend on. Like you said, SoB are basically playing the game by understanding it, not by doing gimmicks

>> No.56670971

Synapse is <hivefleet>, 2 neuros might be enough for your artillery but a Tyrant is not enough for 3 shooty fexes, OOE and 3x10 gaunts imo.

Tyrants are usually fun like yours but with devourers and not HVC.
Also boneswords are well worth the points for warriors. +1A 2D -2AP for 2 points vs rerolling ones for 0.


>> No.56670981

> Drop a Korpsman from orbit
> Str 8 AP -4 D3

>> No.56670986

In fairness, AoF are pretty fucking great when your only experience with SoB is allies. Two rounds of combat per turn for Celestine and 24 heavy bolter shots per turn from a single retri squad are amazing. You're literally doubling the effectiveness of all of the SoB models in your army. It's just that they don't actually do a whole lot overall when you have to spread one or two AoFs out across 12+ units.

>> No.56671027

>synapse is hivefleet
Yeah, I know? Thats why I'm running two Jormungandr detatchements. I dont mix hive fleets, thats pure faggotry.
The plan is to leave one neuro with the artillery and some screening gaunts against Deepstrikers, while the rest of the army moved forward guided by the tyrant and the second Neurothrope

>> No.56671036

Korp-bital bombardment

cost: 1CP + 1 Grenadier storm squad

Roll a dice for each model in the sacrificed unit, for each roll of a 4+, the target enemy unit suffers 1 mortal wound

>> No.56671047

Sorry, I'm just so used with waac fags here to even realize you didn't mix fleets.

Carry on as you were

>> No.56671058


Freaking GW squatted my chaos eldar army...

>> No.56671060

>two jormungander
You should consider putting some of your shooting units in a Kronos detachment, they get to reroll 1s and it allows you to use their stratagem.

>> No.56671068

If IG, marines, Admech can run two different detachments for their armies with different colour coded rules I do not see a problem with Nids doing it.

>> No.56671084

This is why I never realized you weren't mixing fleets>>56671027

>> No.56671100

Please let Tau get BS3+ army wide or unfuck markerlights. I want to play my Vior'la again.

>> No.56671110

how many wythces were in a standard shadow wars armageddon killteam?

>> No.56671112

It just doesn't seem like there's much point in them. DE fill the 'evil elves' niche now.

I mean I guess they could go with a sort of evil version of Ynnari, letting you take units from Craftworld and Dark Eldar lists.

>> No.56671114

>army wide bs3
lol no

>> No.56671117

It is game. I expect people to do competent things even when running models they enjoy regardless of efficiency

>> No.56671118

I miss force organisation chart...

>> No.56671123

I do kinda feel like I'm low on synapse, though.
Maybe I'll get myself another walkrant, I love that fucking model....
>mixing Hive fleets
No thanks, man. Also, Jormungandr is great for shooty nids too, since it makes all your stuff tougher, and the warlord trait is great for shooting as well (I hope my opponents enjoy the 78 S6 ignores cover devourer shots from my fexes and tyrant
I have never seen a marine/IG/admech/CSM player mix detatchements.

>> No.56671125

Markerlights will probably get changes of some kind, but you ain't getting 3+ standard

Maybe for the Battlesuits, but such a big change is still doubtful

>> No.56671131

They should be army wide BS5+
Shitty depth perception really screws your shooting

>> No.56671134

>BS3+ army wide
Know your place blue skinned mon'keigh.

>> No.56671137

Give Pulse Rifles their 48" range back

>> No.56671138

What do you mean you miss it? It's still there as the standard, there's just different alternatives now.

>> No.56671149

I think I started with about 7 or 8, a single unit box is normally enough to make a 1000pt kill team bar maybe guard due to lack of special weapons.

>> No.56671155

No, its shit detachment now.
Force Organisation Chart Forced everyone to Organise with the Chart!

>> No.56671166

Hello there friend it seems a new army is in order!

>> No.56671168

Were they not 36" always?

>> No.56671172

Just make the BS+1 the effect for one markerlight on a target and I'll be happy. I can't even field Broadsides anymore because I'm paying 180pts for a model that misses literally half its shots. I should not be able to field four times as much laser- accurate dakka with Space Marines than Tau. Fuck it, just give Commanders a re-roll aura to match Chapter Masters and I'll shut up.

>> No.56671185

> BS +1
> Markerlights make Tau LESS accurate

>> No.56671192

Maybe he finally understood that extermination of his own race is the only way to achieve Greater Good.

>> No.56671210

Why don't soldiers ever turn around and pop the commissar in the head before he can do it to them?

>> No.56671224

They usually get popped in the head because they're fleeing the battlefield

>> No.56671233

>DE fill the 'evil elves' niche now.
Now we need 'good Eldar'.

Chaos Eldar.

>> No.56671235

Great post dude. It’s a big shame that GW ignores community feedback despite promising to be more listening. For example, on Facebook discussion someone pointed out that a single -1 to hit essentially makes dakka stratagem to stop working whatsoever. (And it’s shit to begin with, +16% shots is good for units with decent BS, which orks are not) GW literally said “if only there was a way to jump 30 boys within 10” of opponent”. Cunty.

>> No.56671238

Because commissars have a lifetime of training to avoid exactly that.

>> No.56671247

weren't they 30"?

>> No.56671255

thats one of the thing that i hate about the imperial guard lore.

you are in a fucking firefight, getting shelled by enemy mortar and the like, and then a mumbling retard comes over and starts shooting your men because muh emperor and they just take it instead of killing him and say he got shot by the enemy later.

>> No.56671264

The smug response from GW are infuriating.

The one about conversions really piss me off. To the point of reporting it as hate speech

>> No.56671269

fuck, you are right

>> No.56671270

Why would a chapter fall to Nurgle? I understand why they'd go to the other 3, but I dunno why they'd willingly choose to worship Nurgle.

>> No.56671277

What did they say?

>> No.56671280

They are based on Soviet Commissars anon. Meme on a meme

>> No.56671285

it's fucking garbage.
I run Space Marines with five twin assualt cannon razorbacks, three whirlwinds, ten terminators, two relic contemptors and a chapter master in vengeance for GW completely fucking my dakka army. For fuck's sake all I ever used was fire warriors, pathfinders, broadsides and hammerheads. The Vior'la didn't deserve this, they just wanted to camp behind their Aegis line and blow away anything that got too close
and lose games because camping objectives limits you to only half the board but I didn't give a fuck about objectives when I played Tau anyway, I just wanted to murder things with accurate masses of dakka

>> No.56671289

Are there any women in militarum tempestus organization?

>> No.56671290

I wouldn't blame GW as a company for that. Just their community fuckknuckle interns.

>> No.56671294

>killing him and say he got shot by the enemy later
They actually do that, if they decide to surrender (to Tau for example. Not much point to surrendering to chaos or DE, might as well save yourself a trouble and get shot by commisar).

>> No.56671307

You know, most commissars don't do that. Meme Commissars do exist, but they don't tend to live long. Because they shoot him. Most Commissars tend to do most of their work with words or clever actions, only occasionally shooting people who run, usually after the fighting is done.

>> No.56671309

I bet some anon has the screen cap.

Basically they said it was wrong that little Timmy had to do conversions in order to play.

>> No.56671317

They do more than shoot cowards
They give orders, shout inspiring litanies and challenge the biggest enemy to honourable duels

>> No.56671318

>tfw Kronos Nids with Hive Guards, Exocrines and Dakkafexes are better at shooting than tau
What does it feel like to be at the bottom of the food chain, sushi?

>> No.56671326

Yes, they are called Thunderthighs. badum-pshht.

>> No.56671330

So who's hyped for these new sculpts?

>> No.56671331

Ive been saying Ar-bit-eez

>> No.56671335

The Orks are a meme race. GW can't do much with them because they're just green retards who speak in cockney accents. Anything that might give them some kind of interesting features or depth is thrown away so you get "Lol Orks are fungus XD", "Hehe Orks warp reality so whatever they think is true becomes true, isn't that zany!? LOL"

Accept them for what they are, they won't get any fluff because they're written to be the comedic relief of the setting, nothing more.

>> No.56671347

Is it possible to play pure scions?

>> No.56671351

I hope someone got fired for that blunder.

>> No.56671357

I am.

>> No.56671359

Fucking terrible. My mate who plays DE started calling my army 'fish fingers' as he killed them. The depression set in and I swapped back to SM. We now have a pretty even win/loss ratio between us and it either ends in a tabling turn 3 or a draw on turn 7 because he can't kill all my TH/SS termies and I make him either play the whole game or concede. To be fair, 7e Tau vs DE was a giant clusterfuck of negated saves on everything.

>> No.56671362

Read War of the Beast, Anon.

>> No.56671367

>Regularly enslave humans or use them as food
>Will kill anything not green (including green) in sight just because they enjoy fighting
>'comedic relief'

>> No.56671401

Dont worry too much about it, i' m sure your fishfingers will be fine once their codex dropped.
Just hope you dont get shafted like my GKs
>It still hurts

>> No.56671403

Playing against crons today. Any advice?

>> No.56671421

Tau are not even related to fish, they are ungulates if anything.

>> No.56671423

They are cow fishes

>> No.56671432

Your positive energy is appreciated mang
Have a cute Pathfinder

>> No.56671441

Tau players know this
But when everything is ocean-themed and blue skin is abundant, comparisons are to be expected

>> No.56671447

How do I start Astra Militarium right now? Can someone just show me a starter list I can build toward while still being reasonably competitive?

>> No.56671495

Is Tau really that bad at the moment? Will the codex fix them?

>> No.56671498

Dark Eldar are clearly the most 40k knife ears. Completely Inhuman. Brutal. Cunning. Fast. 80s to the core.

>> No.56671500

Just build a Brigade. 6 Infantry Squads, 3 Sentinels with your flavor of weapon, x2 Heavy Weapon teams and a Leman Russ. Sprinkle in Company Commanders, Command Squads, and your flavor of auxillary and you are set. I posted a list of mine for example.

>> No.56671504

+1A -2AP 1D per. With toxin sacs they get +1 damage on 6's to wound, but that's it.

Is the 12 S6 shots useful? I dont have much horde clearing, but that's talking about dropping 3 of my anti-tank rifles.

>> No.56671509

Kill their squads the whole way. Destroying 1 squad > 75% on two

>> No.56671512

30 guardsmen
3 lascannons
1 hellhound
1 leman russ

>> No.56671518

>Implying professional target shooters don't compete with one eye completely covered
Shitty depth perception fucks with your situational awareness, not your aim.

>> No.56671526

>my heretical xeno's cant be this cute!?!
I'm a loyal subject of the Emperor anon, stop baiting me like this

>> No.56671530

No, because women go to Adepta Sororitas

>> No.56671531

yeah I totally miss the days of being forced to take shitty troops as a tax while the eldar player got scatter bikes. it felt so cool and fluffy to have to spend 200 points on garbage just to have a legal list.

>> No.56671532

I'll sell you my new on sprue carnifex for 60 dollars

>> No.56671533

Come over to the winning side anon

>> No.56671537

I've come to the future from 5th edition to ask, why are markerlights shit now?

muh laser pointers

>> No.56671538

>Tau are now competitive shooters
Anon please

>> No.56671541

What would happen if pic related arrived and saw the Tyranids?
Also what would a possible force comp. look like?
Asking for a friend.

>> No.56671543

He is as much the god of entropy as he is decay, why not spend these fleeting moments surrounded by a very large and welcoming family?

>> No.56671544

Pretty sure Humans created Khorne and Nurgal

>> No.56671551

Pic didn't load for some reason...

>> No.56671553

I think its implying the human chaos god is Emps

>> No.56671554

Do you think they have ANY obligation to tell you the truth?
Do you think Jes really has any huge oversite in the operations anymore? Holy shit you have never had a job.
It's probably something were higher goes " OH they should still use that old shit i had to do!" And hiring nods like gud bois, then does their own thing based on what a senior manager says in actually important

>> No.56671563

Even the current model is old as fuck anon.
It's in the past. Not saying it didn't produce some good work, but it's just not the hotness anymore

>> No.56671569

Just look how the Death Guard fell. Shit like this can happen to any chapter.
Others renegades choose to worship him so they can use his destructive plagues as bio-weapons.

>> No.56671592


>> No.56671597

Our base transport is about 127pts and it's worse than a rhino
Braodsides cost as much as tanks and they're T6 or something with 6 wounds and 2+ saves, infantry movement but no infantry keyword so they don't benefit from cover
We have nothing capable of granting re-roll auras, except Commanders which get one use of it per game.
Morale is shit, you need Ethereals everywhere which means bringing a Brigade detachment almost every time because you need like 5 HQs minimum if you're trying to play infantry.
Hammerheads cost 180pts and can only do D6 damage (+D3 mortal wounds if you roll 6 to wound, wowitsfuckingnothing.jpg) For comparison, a Dark Eldar Ravager can do 3xD6 damage and has no movement penalties for shooting, more movement, has a 5++ and costs 15pts less.
Smart Missile Systems are overpriced garbage. 20pts per system for a Heavy 4 S5 D1 weapon is obscene when space marines get the Twin Assault Cannon for 35pts and it has 12 shots, -1 AP, S6 and a higher base BS.
Markerlights have been nerfed to the point of being shit on a stick, you need five markers on a unit to give a maximum of +1 to hit.

The only decent things are Crisis Suits and Commanders, because you can load them with guns and alpha strike them. I don't want to play pure suits, so I must suffer.

>> No.56671605 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56671610

Jes is in charge of design so yes, he has oversight.

>> No.56671619

You need five markers on a target to increase your hit roll by +1. At the maximum.

>> No.56671632

>they won't get any fluff because they're written to be the comedic relief of the setting, nothing more
Never mind the fucking fluff, anything from 2nd and 3rd Edition still stands the test of time. I don't need an 47 novel (((epic))) like the Horus Heresy, I'm perfectly fine with short stories, shit like Deff Skwadron and Orks being credible threats in the books they show up.
They keep fucking this up in the absolute worst ways possible and it betrays their utter and complete lack of interest in them. They are a fucking legacy faction at his point, don't want to support them but can't cut them either. The studio has become so incestous that it has lost any interest in anything that's not Space Marines, Khorne or Nurgle. And the one chucklefuck that likes Guard and Tzeentch, I guess. Because fuck everyone else. Not even Chaos or Imperium as a whole, as evidenced by GK getting thrown under the bus, AdMech being as bland as oatmeal and Tzeentch only getting limpdicked support with Slaanesh being MIA for what, at least five years now? (Considering how he did absolutely fucking zilch for End Times)

>> No.56671635

> a S 5 gun, has fly, has either drones or another S 5 gun.
That's better than a rhino man.

>> No.56671645

Not when it costs almost twice as much. You take transports for cheap protection, not to be expensive liabilities.

>> No.56671647


>> No.56671649

Just remind yourself that this is what they actually look like.
tfw like Mechas, Hovertanks, Alien Alliances and the general Tau aesthetic but absolutely cannot abide their faces
tfw kept a loyal subject of the Emprah by pure A E S T H E T I C S

>> No.56671652

Could easily make a Helghast themed force given the theme of the army.

>> No.56671656

Why have Broadsides gotten worse in three straight editions?

>> No.56671664


Speaking of which, how is this as a chapter idea:

>Iron Hands successor who took "Flesh is weak" way too far, and end up worshipping Nurgle as means of a bio-weapon to leave nothing organic alive.

>> No.56671670

Are rhinos a must for zerkers? Not gonna play AL so infiltrating them isn't an option.

>> No.56671686

Because they are Tau Heavy Artillery. But so are Riptides and Stormsurges. And those are bigger, more expensive kits.
Are you catching my drift?

>> No.56671693

I dunno. GW are fucking up because they're clearly the coolest unit Tau have. Mecha suits with Railguns are the coolest Mecha.

>> No.56671694

/tg/ how about we organise a strike on the new 40k lore and the direction GW is heading towards.
Lets say everyone not satisfied with their practices would refuse a game with people playing

>Primaris Marines
>Bobby G

When your opponent asks why you are refusing him a game you calmly explain the reasons you dont like the new lore and therefore take no enjoyment from participating in a game that affirms it. Than ask him to either remove those models or bring another army.

If this grows GW would hear of this and would realize that they cant just fuck with stuff in whatever way they like. Therefore in the future we can preserve what is left of the 40k universe.

>> No.56671697


>> No.56671705

It fucking sucks, they were at least useful in 7e because you could make them characters and LoS onto drones. They were good at wrecking light vehicles and not much else, but they were still relatively fun to play because they could hit on 2+ and spam like motherfuckers. Now they're fucking useless. Railguns need to do like 2d6 damage to be worth their current point cost.

>> No.56671711

Sum of sales

>> No.56671713

I refuse games with bobby g because his rules are fucking broken for his points cost and even as an SM player I refuse to field him.

>> No.56671719

Not defending those units as I am not such a fan this being an orks player but if you did that then you would probably just get a reputation as someone who only fights armies they are good against, even if not true.

>> No.56671720

By doing this you will only fuck over those players and nobody else.

>> No.56671723

Tau were best with the old (superior) Broadside sculpt one-shotting Landraiders, even with the entire rest of the Codex being shit.

>> No.56671727

Cus toh deez sounds so fucking retarded. I refuse to say it. Custoads is much better.

>> No.56671730


>> No.56671731

>But the missing gap in my list is massed anti-infantry.

Cheap bonesword/deathspitter warriors are surprisingly good at cleaning up chump infantry GEQs

Flyrant doesn't really need the HVC, performance is still amazing with the classic all devourer spam and you can do deepstrike to always have smite+scream in range for tougher targets.

>> No.56671736

It's a Latin word so pronounce it like one

>> No.56671751

Most with Storm Bolters. Maybe some Plasma or Melta here and there. Land Raiders and Tauroxs are good transports that double as gunboats.

>> No.56671754


>> No.56671755

exorcists btw
Been painting this force since Dark Imperium, got to here
What should I paint next?

>> No.56671757

Latin is a dead language and nobody knows how it was pronounced anyways

>> No.56671762

But primarines are not that good of an army?

By that logic lets say a strike of workers in public transport sector only fucks over the people.

>> No.56671767


>> No.56671776

except your clearly wrong, custoads sounds utterly retarded, cus toh deez sounds refined

>> No.56671790

Pretty much anything that that doesn't include conscripts or commissars is really good.
The battleforce is good, the start collecting is good minus the commissar.

Only problem with buying those two is not enough heavy weapon squads and if you want the rarer russes (plasma, dakka or demolisher) it's a seperate kit from the regular russ and the only good option on the regular russ is the battlecannon.

Three command squad kits for officers, veterans, and special weapons.
Three infantry boxes for your troop choices.
Chimeras are good, transports and can act like mini hellhounds if you put two flamers on them.
Bullgryns are really good and ogryns are a solid choice if not as good as the former.
Sentinals can be run as scouts with heavy flamers or cadian armoured with plasma cannons, they cant take orders unlike regular squads so I dont think they're worth it otherwise.

>> No.56671791


And every time we roman languages speakers hear one of you english speaker try to pronounce latin, we die a little inside

>> No.56671795

How about no.

>> No.56671796


>people actually pronounce it lazegun or lazecannon

Never met one and I'm starting to doubt they really exist like Dornfags. Nobody can be so wrong as to pronounce words so badly or have such awful taste in primarchs.

>> No.56671801

Not comparable. New players will still come and buy what is most heavily advertized and what they think looks cool.
In the end you will be alone and nobody wants to play you because they think you are a douchebag.

>> No.56671811

Except in various audio books it is pronounced as cus-toh-deez
Scion is english=low gothic
Custodes is Latin=high gothic

And therefore pronounced in the structre of thier respective languages.
How hard it is to figure out?

>> No.56671818

It's correct though. Laser Gun. Las-gun. Are you saying Lasgun as Laz Gun?

>> No.56671825


>> No.56671831

Where's the 'e' in lasgun? Did you never learn the basic rules of english?

>> No.56671835

meant to

>> No.56671838

Irrelevant. It sounds like shit. You can keep saying it in a way that makes you look uglier.

>> No.56671840

Daddy Dorn is the best tho

>> No.56671842

the facebook PR people are retarded not actual GW

>> No.56671843

You don't need it. It's a shortening, not annew word.

>> No.56671848


I would pronounce it cus-toh-d' [the "es" of espionage)

no latin language pronouces "e" as in "deez"

>> No.56671851

>sitting here secretly wishing the term Autarch would be used to describe a supreme autist

>> No.56671853


Oh wait you're actually serious.

>> No.56671855

is only game why you heff to be mad?

>> No.56671856

Scion is pronounced like szion. Also do you seriously want to tell me that English pronounciations have any kind of consistency?

>> No.56671866

This. Fucking Anglo plebs everywhere

>> No.56671876

>Is the 12 S6 shots useful?
If you are worried about hordes take devourers on some of your tyrants or fexes.

>> No.56671877

Spanish is my mother tongue and I'd pronounce it as you say it first among pretty much everyone but the second way to english and maybe french people because native speakers of those languages struggle a ton to understand different pronunciations so you end up saying something in between, cus-to-deez in this example.

>> No.56671878

The stuff on their hips are optional

>> No.56671879

Bobby G and Chad Marines

>> No.56671880

Need some help here lads before I fuck up my models, when it says this model may take 2 from the equipment list but the equipment list has a subcategory where it limits one item does that mean I can take one from the first list and one from the second or just one total if its from the second?

>> No.56671881

That sounds even worse. Why are foreigners so awful?

>> No.56671892

Thanks anon
"It's not cool to make people who want to join a model hobby do modelling" is this the depths we've sunk

>> No.56671894

Fuck off americlap

>> No.56671897

My store already does this. We also did it for meta cheese armies in 7th, too.

>> No.56671902

>gonna fly out to my hometown for christmas this year
>have specially padded custom-cut trays in locked luggage trunks to transport my models
>seriously these could stand up to a car crash
>haven't painted all my models
>haven't even assembled all of them
>nowhere near enough time to assemble and paint everything
>MAYBE could build it all in time but it's already too cold to prime it
>MFW my opponent wants to run a series of holiday batreps
>MFW I play guard
>MFW I'm going to be the grey tide waacfag and there's nothing I can do about it

Mea culpa. Please forgive me, /40kg/.

>> No.56671904

This >>56671881 is what I am talking about.

>> No.56671907

Sorry for having fun. Unlike your shit hole, we enjoy our lives.

>> No.56671912


it only sounds awful in an English sentence. Switching language mid sentence never sounds good.

>> No.56671918

Then yes. Berserker are useless if they don't get to melee. If they footslog, they will not reach melee without taking heavy loses which will make them ineffective if they do reacheck melee

>> No.56671923

>Lets say everyone not satisfied with their practices would refuse a game with people playing
>I don't like some changes to the lore so that means everyone or even a sizable majority of everyone, doesn't either
Cry more bitch nigger

>> No.56671934

>tfw Black Templar are your favorite Chapter but have a garbage tier primarch

>> No.56671936

You wish you could escape us.

>> No.56671943

>in any way shape or form
Nigger what?

>> No.56671945


>> No.56671947

shut your whore mouth and crusade some more

>> No.56671961

>garbage tier
Not even close. That's reserved for folks like Lorgar, Curze, Magnus, Russ, Angry ron and morty

>> No.56671963

Always crusading to escape the legacy of our awful primarch

>> No.56671974

That's true, anon. Bad tier, then. I can't say I really disagree with that selection for garbage tier.

>but he's close

>> No.56671976

Fuck off dorn

>> No.56671977


>> No.56671983

>Angry ron

>> No.56671995

To me it always felt like old school Bettie Page style abdomen. The style you see on pinups and such.

>> No.56671996


When English isn't the de-facto language of the planet Earth, then you can complain about the anglosphere.

If you're about to say "but Chinese", fuck off, Mandarin only has over a billion speakers if you lump together people that can't actually understand one another.

>> No.56672001

>everyone not satisfied with their practices would refuse a game
>everyone not satisfied

I know reading comprehension is a hard skill for the likes of you but atleast try to put some effort.

>posting cancer

Why am i not suprised?

I dont think a store-wide ban would be good for this case. Store manager might get in trouble with GW if that is the case. And i dont think forcing people to abide by your set of rules is not good for a hobby enviorement. You need to convince them by arguing your reasons behind it and by refusing games. You shouldnt just say bobby g is banned here and you cant play with anyone in this store with him because i said so.

>> No.56672010

>>everyone not satisfied
You're implication is that there are enough people who feel the way you do to make a difference to the point GW would notice. That is a stupid, and I would assert wrong, implication

>> No.56672012

>i dont think forcing people to abide by your set of rules is good* for a hobby environment

Sorry, correction.

>> No.56672025

>You're implication

No i am not

>> No.56672028

Pin up is the best taste.

>> No.56672029

>You're implication

>> No.56672038


>> No.56672047


>> No.56672056

My god, I remember when this gif was made as if it were yesterday

>> No.56672058

Bad tier is for folks like Pert, Fulgrim, Alpharius and horus.
Dorn is at worst solid meh tier. He has no outright bad parts, but doesn't have anything that makes him rise above the rest like Sangy, the lion or Guillman do

>> No.56672079

>Implying you aren't your implication.

>> No.56672081

>bad tier
plz go

>> No.56672083

>their fake "we're a chill and welcoming hobby!" is clashing with their jewish schemes

who would've thought.

>> No.56672089

What can I counts as the escher stuff as for kill team? IG? I play 250 points.

>> No.56672101 [SPOILER] 


>> No.56672102

>not bad tier
Alpahrius has litterally nothing going for him. The whole "oh, I'm so secretive nobody knows about me or my loyalties, and you can't even kill me and if you do then it wasn't me it was acctuallhy a body double" is childish. That plus him being a traitor (and dead) puts him in bad tier. Not as terrible as garbage tier primarchs, but not much better

>> No.56672109

Get one of those female Inquisitor minis and run them as Inquisitorial acolytes.

>> No.56672114


>You need to convince them by arguing your reasons behind it and by refusing games.
>And i dont think forcing people to abide by your set of rules is not good for a hobby enviorement

So you don't want to force people to abide your rules...but refuse to interact until they abide your rules.

this is some pure fuckin autism

>> No.56672129

2 in totalbut only one from the second

>> No.56672132

do people this retarded actually exist or is this just a meme

>> No.56672139

Hmm. Maybe I'll just buy the necromunda shit. The Goliath could be a cool SM kill team.

>> No.56672146

Yes, what was clearly needed was more "charge in and bash face" primarchs

>> No.56672149

>Anything other than Perfect Tier
An artist, expert swordsman, so beautiful people cry around him, and actually gets shit done. He's what Roboute wishes he could be.
The only primarch better is probably Sanguinius.

>> No.56672154

>You need to convince them by arguing your reasons behind it and by refusing games.
Except there is no good reason for it besides "I don't like it" and maybe "that's too OP" but that only applies to bobby G.
>don't force people to use your rules
>but don't interact with them until they do
Lol what?

>> No.56672156

Can I get one of these that doesn't have retarded steel high heels?

My current plan is just going to be 'carefully cut down a Deathwatch Watch master and put a female head on it'.

>> No.56672165

Most likely a usafag.

>> No.56672166

>he doesn't like the heels
but that's the best part?????

>> No.56672179

>don’t like librarians
>hobbyist within me keeps buying cool models, now have five different librarians
How do I stop myself

>> No.56672183

Oh I'm sure from a style perspective it's the top tier of pinup pastry.

Unfortunately I'm trying to make a conversion for Inquisitor Amberly Vail, and practical woman that she is she wouldn't be caught DEAD in high heeled power armor.

High heeled dresses are another story.

>> No.56672193

>goes to Battle in fucking Golden Power armour
Anon are you high?

>> No.56672199

Became a Back Templar.
Or SoS.

>> No.56672207

Have you actually read the damn books?

When Cain first sees it he can't even figure out if it's a woman in there.

>> No.56672214

Have you painted them all?
They are pretty cool models. If you have each different model for a librarian then your collection is complete.

>> No.56672219

I have nothing against the covert ops of the alpha legion, it makes them unique compared to other legions. The issue is alpharius, like many primarchs, is that taken to a retarded extreme and that extreme comes to completely define him

You wish slanneshfag
>An artist,
Maybe at one point, but fallen fulgrim's """""""""""""""""""""art"""""""""""""""""""" is anything but
>expert swordsman
I'll give you that one
>so beautiful people cry around him,
A) That fluff is retarded and is a perfect example of the problem with the HH novels, taking the embellishment of the HH from thousands of years later (and I mean "sangy went full bane on a bloodthirster" or "primarchs were so perfect that just being around them made you feel good" embellishment, not that they were Gods of war far more powerful than marines, because that's always been canon)
B) also, not after falling. Only thing that giant snake man makes normal people cry for is tears of their impending doom
>and actually gets shit done.
Oh yeah, because it's such an accomplishment to beat 2 primarchs in moments where they act way out of character, one of whom came back. He's as accomplished as dorn when it comes to getting shit done, and that is not something to be proud of

>> No.56672221

>Inquisitor Amberly Vail
Patrician taste.

>> No.56672227

Hmm... I guess those old ones aren't sold anymore.

Fill in the gap between the heel and the rest of the boot and make them into platform shoes.

>> No.56672235

>He has no sense of humour or sense of fun
Who hurt you?

>> No.56672236


>> No.56672238

>that hair
I don't have an image of someone throwing up on my phone.

>> No.56672252

when was this made to order and why haven't I bought any feels bad man

>> No.56672256

Use this experience to shame you into working harder. I've done it many times.

>> No.56672265

>Fill in the gap between the heel and the rest of the boot and make them into platform shoes.

Clever, but the only real option is going to be Greyfax, and look at the damn height on those. She's gonna have more platform than Disco Dan.

>> No.56672277

Working on some, others already done. I have:
>regular SM librarian with jump pack
>the resin power axe/plasma pistol one (suuuuch a cooo model)
>converted red scorpions guy
>deathwatch blood ravens librarian
>dark vengeance librarian converted to deathwatch
>kinda wanna convert a biker librarian

That doesn’t include a bunch of grey knights, too. Lmao

>> No.56672295

>Golden Power armor

>> No.56672297

Tell me of personal goals that Fulgrim has failed to achieve. He ascended to daemonhiid, turned most of Terra into drugs, and now lives on a pleasure planet in the warp. Better than being in a coma, self-induced exile without any known impact, moping, or dead.
Also Art is subjective, it's still art if it's painted with seminal fluid.
Snake boy emits lovely smells.

>> No.56672298

You can probably model that as a heavy boot if you make the transition smoothly desu

>> No.56672318

Anon why do you have such shit tastes?

Also cosplay

>> No.56672340

>Tell me of personal goals that Fulgrim has failed to achieve. He ascended to daemonhiid, turned most of Terra into drugs, and now lives on a pleasure planet in the warp. Better than being in a coma, self-induced exile without any known impact, moping, or dead.
Not better than being lord commander of the imperium.
>leaving out him bending the knee to armless the harmless because he gave you a psyker
>Also Art is subjective, it's still art if it's painted with seminal fluid.
>le art is subjective meme
no. Me drawing a single line on some paper will never be better art than the Sistine chapel, no matter what anyone's opinion is.

>> No.56672357

I could probably make it work, but then I saw the model for the watch master.

It's plastic, so what I'm gonna do is separate and dremel out bits in the legs to make it noticeably shorter than a standard space marine, then make a nice pretty head for it.

Will also require a power fist and heavy bolter, but that's easy.

>> No.56672358

Do we have a list of what weapons are available to land raiders in the chapter approved VDR?

Just curious.

>> No.56672366


>> No.56672367

Probably just memeing, considering actual latin is the easiest language ever conceived to speak. It's literally just reading the letters, no inflections, no Trigraphs, no Digraphs, no letters that sound exactly like another letter but slightly different, what you see is what you get. Any other bullshit was shoveled on top hundreds of years after the fact.

>> No.56672372

>Art is subjective
What kind of regressive thinking is this?!
There you can even do a basic formulas regarding composition in order to make proper art for fuck sake

>> No.56672391

Are you insulting or agreeing?

>> No.56672396

Have you ever heard about suspension of disbelief?
Magical Golden Power Armor that runs on makebelive isn't the same thing as shoes that literally prohibit you from walking at a brisk pace, or walking at all on any surface that isn't robuts asphalt.
Sitting in Rome and watching women get their heels stuck in the cobblestone roads is the funniest shit in the world.

>> No.56672400

Art is completely subjective, Anon. You can't bring art down to formulas.

>> No.56672413

Pour some ketchup on them

>> No.56672423

>Art is completely subjective
No it's not. Taste is subjective, but not art.
To make it subjective is to remove all meaning to it, as it becomes whatever one wishes it to be

>> No.56672427

That hurt to read. How can you be so dumb?

>> No.56672439

Thank you for articulating my thoughts.

I can easily picture a giant goddamn suit of golden power armor. I cannot picture said suit, with heels on it lifting and throwing cars.

>> No.56672453

What kind of shitty women can not run in high heels?

Also 40k, if someone wants to run in high heel with no problem in a battlefield in 40k they have the technology to do so.

>> No.56672455

That's a complete asspull.

>> No.56672456

The value in art is the emotion it illicits. If art was based solely on technicality we would only have photo-realistic paintings and music that would adhere to very strict frameworks that would all sound similar. Art is the expression of emotions and therefore cannot and should not be bound by such rules.

Your line won't illicit an emotional response in anyone the same way the Sistine Chapel will.

Just because (you) don't think Jackson Pollock's splatter paintings are "art" doesn't mean they aren't art.

>> No.56672460

So Deathwatch are awful right? I was kinda hoping to maybe get some (nominally the SC! box) but they might just not be worth the trouble.
I just like the idea of having a small force of elite dudes, probably why I have Custards and stuff

>> No.56672462

That her head looks like a muffin? yeah I agree.

>> No.56672480

>I just like the idea of having a small force of elite dudes
Give Grey Knights a go. They are in an all right spot

>> No.56672484

Oh I'm sure the tech exists. It's just out of character for an Inquisitor who thinks the suit is stupidly ostentatious and unsubtle to BEGIN WITH bothering to put heels on it.

Amberly spends an entire paragraph complaining about how the armor is silly and she prefers subterfuge. I cannot see the line of logic that then says 'yeah, that thing totally has Saturday night spike heels on it'.

>> No.56672494

>Your line won't illicit an emotional response in anyone the same way the Sistine Chapel will.
Proofs? Who are you to say that it won't? That's a major assumption, and frankly quite insulting. You're taking you're own experiences and thoughts and assuming everyone shares them, which is a baseless assumption.

Just because (You) don't think my line is "art" doesn't mean it isn't art

>> No.56672495

>It's not cool to make people who want to join a model hobby do modelling
They're right though. If someone just wants to play the game they shouldn't be forced to kitbash models to play something that is in the codex.

>> No.56672498

I just don't like the snowflake chapter thing, one that just spams smite at that
I like the stormbolters though, probably my favorite gun in 8th ed

>> No.56672500

How can someone be so wrong?

>> No.56672529

>What kind of shitty women can not run in high heels?
Who can, at a useful speed on a battlefield?

>they have the technology to do so.
Unless she's strapping antigrav generators to her ass and prancing around the battlefield like Baron Harkonnen, there's no technology to be utilized here

>> No.56672531

Tumblr, the post.

>> No.56672538

You don't need to kitbash, you can play with model you bought.
But if you kitbashed Autarch and then GW tell you "LOL fuck u" it's not a nice feeling.

>> No.56672545

I didn't say it wasn't art but it won't be valued the same way as the Sistine Chapel. They are both art in their own ways but your line may just be "art" to you and a few others.

Im glad you're realizing you don't know anything about art in general. I hope this has opened your eyes.

>> No.56672555

Isn't that the purpose of Chapter Approved and White Dwarf? To provide rules for special characters/models the players can make themselves?

>> No.56672556

>I didn't say it wasn't art but it won't be valued the same way as the Sistine Chapel.
Once again, proofs? You're still assuming that because you don't think it's art that means most people won't.

>the point

>your head

>ferrus manus' head

>> No.56672557

Grav plates can be made for that this is for 40k for fuck sake.

>> No.56672561

so I was kinda excited to run my single knight as my warlord, have a trait, a relic and stratagems, but they are all kinda weak. the knight strats that admech give are better and more useful, and the relic and trait hardly seem worth it.

kinda bummed.

>> No.56672575

Is this art?

>> No.56672577

Why are you asking for a proof for a point that is tautologically obvious?

>> No.56672580

Anon please stop being stupid. There are entire line of studies regarding the mathematics of art. Hell there universal art compositions that are liked across cultures.

Stop talking about things you do not understand shit, not even the basics

>> No.56672584

>1. the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Don't worry anon, I appreciate your line for its beauty and emotional power. I know it was the expression of the sum total of all your creativity :^)

>> No.56672586

If I diarrhea fart on a sheet of paper and call it are it won't make it so. Art has to be aesthetically pleasing. And there are certain concepts that humans generally find aesthetically pleasing.

>> No.56672593

No, it is the one of the first example of trolling thou

>> No.56672594

>Inquisitor Greyfax charging the forces of Chaos on Cadia, ca. M41

>> No.56672599

Yes. Brainlets won't get it though

>> No.56672602

Yes in that it expresses the frustration of the modern art movement being pretentious as fuck.

>> No.56672608

>Who can, at a useful speed on a battlefield?
I can do that in heels, and I can carry heavy amounts of equipment at the same time. Get good you fucking weak excuse for a man.

>> No.56672611

Autarch always had fuckton of options.
Then suddenly in 8th ed codex he have almost nothing, after some time FAQed so you can use index verion with codex points.
Forcing player to buy another book so he can use model he played last 3 editions is fucked up.

>> No.56672613

Depends. Did your diarhea make a shape that vaguely looks like Jesus or did it follow the golden ratio?

>> No.56672621

>If I diarrhea fart on a sheet of paper and call it art it won't make it so
What is modern art?

>> No.56672640

Prove it. Hell, what do we mean by valued?
It costs 14 euros to see the sistene chapel. but a blank canvas sold as "art" for 15 million burger bucks. Is the blank canvas worth more than the chapel? money wise it seems so.
And once again, your assertion is that it's subjective. If so, then how can you say that my line won't be valued more than the chapel?
Someone might value my line SO much that their value of it outweighs how much everyone else values all other art in the world. Therefore, it is possible that my line is the greatest work of art in all of history.

>> No.56672643

And that art was mostly political rather than art.

It was basically shitposting/trolling and out right cry of “god fucking damn it! Stop being retarded!”

>> No.56672646

>Art has to be aesthetically pleasing
No it doesn't. Stop pulling things out of your ass. There is a lot of art that makes an attempt to be an aesthetically UNappealing as possible. It's still art.

>> No.56672650

Art is subjective so that means your objective definition can't apply. I subjectively define it as anything ever, so that's what it is :^)

>> No.56672656


>> No.56672658

Not really, it is just a line.
For fuck sake Britney shitty painteds sold. Just because something solds means it is worth a damn outside of the fucker that bought it.

>> No.56672659

It's supposed to be the Buddha you idiot

>> No.56672661

there top tier in PL games, and alot of fun, just dont try to take them to a tourney. ive had 50/50 winrates with them, but everyone at my LGS is retarted (including me) so take that as you will. Also a joy to paint, why play one chapter when you can play them all. also once they do get a codex this ed, they will be top tier, as they wlil most likley be able to take primaris within kill teams, which would make them pretty stronk

>> No.56672663

>> No.56672671

Deathwatch are not shit, it's just that they're Inferior Marines at the moment. Anything they can do, other marine chapters can do better or cheaper. Deathwatch has no access to chapter rules, and their range of units is pitifully small (about a third of Vanilla Marines, not counting forgeworld)

The units they do have come with odd limitations. Their Chaplains can't take Jump packs or Power fists. For no reason.

All of this said, they do have some nice gimmiks (a 7 man kill team consisting of four Vets, a Sergeant, a Vanguard Vet and a Terminator armed with frag-cannons and various flavours of flamers is going to hold any objective you can think of.) Specific units
(the corvus blackstar is my favourite flyer out of all flyers in the game.)
And their models are really good. All four of their unique models.

>> No.56672676

>it is just a line.
All art is just lines
>For fuck sake Britney shitty painteds sold. Just because something solds means it is worth a damn outside of the fucker that bought it.
How can you say that?!? They bought it for millions, they have to appreciate it! Just because YOU don't get it doesn't mean it isn't high art, stop being so assuming you bigot

>> No.56672690

Art is going on this thread

>> No.56672693

Made me replay/10

>> No.56672699

>All art is just lines
How can YOU say that

>> No.56672708

The sculpture is way more entertaining then some lame wooden dragon

>> No.56672710

Failing like a boss.

>> No.56672715

People are quick to shit on MUH MODERN ART with the toilet, even when they have no fucking idea that this was an artist calling out all the shitheads

>> No.56672717

Liberal art degrees student trying to justify their shitty no artistic career choice.

>> No.56672718


>> No.56672722

It is. Everything is just lines anon, just lines of different colors and curvatures which our brain, evolved to discern patterns for our survival, perceives as something more than lines

>> No.56672724

They are definitely shit. I table them every game.

>> No.56672729

That is what those guys are saying.
The toilet was shitposting of the time. A critic of the horrible and retarded practices of the time.

The fucker did not expect a movement out of his trolling

>> No.56672734

>(a 7 man kill team consisting of four Vets, a Sergeant, a Vanguard Vet and a Terminator armed with frag-cannons and various flavours of flamers is going to hold any objective you can think of.)
can you elaborate on this?

>> No.56672738

This makes me think in the future that once the moon is properly colonized for all that delicious helium-3 there will be a return in breakdancing, because that shit in 1/6ths gravity would look amazing.

>> No.56672750

>Emotions are just chemicals!
All you need is a fedora.

>> No.56672764

>missing the point this hard

>> No.56672777

I quoted for emphasis.
Anyway, there's a lot of shit modern art that's just random splotches or other shit, but there's also splotches, squares and shit with a lot of thought behind the composition. It's just that 99% of everything is shit and with such a minimalized art form, it's easy to throw shit at the wall and call yourself an artist. Critics aren't helping either.

>> No.56672798

If you can say this is art and this is not art, but another person disagrees then art is subjective.

>> No.56672809

Math is subjective!

This is how stupid you sound.

>> No.56672812


>> No.56672815

>this mathematical formula solves Fermat's Last Theorem!

Having an opinion does not make that opinion valuable.

>> No.56672826

how can lines be real if our brains aren't real?

>> No.56672832

Not him but I knew somebody would say this but that's not how it works. You can disagree but those are still facts.

>> No.56672842

>Why not both?

>> No.56672846

Art is not maths. Art is what you think has artistic value, there is no such thing as fact in art.

>> No.56672847

How can facts be real if art isn't real?

>> No.56672852

This thread is just Perturabo vs Fulgrim

>> No.56672854

The new T'au battleforce is making me considering starting an army of them to be fair.


>> No.56672863

Is it real to play pure militarum tempestus?

>> No.56672867


facts can be proven/observed/quantified, art cannot

>> No.56672868

But you are wrong.
Art in the broadest a simplistic way to explain it would be basically math porn. If the artist did intentionally or not is another subject

>> No.56672882

Please don't, we don't need more tau fags

>> No.56672883

Art is subjective though. There are many different types and qualities of art. If you try to make a fresco and it ends up looking like shit, it's still art. It's a bad piece, but it's art. A child scribbling on a piece of paper with no other intention but creating the scribble is making art. Art is a quality attached by Intentionality, both of the creator and the artist. You can have a gunsmith that makes good guns, but he'd never ever call one of his guns a piece of art unless he put some additional work into it to make engravings and fancy it out otherweise. On the other hand, somebody that really likes guns could call them art regardless.
Everything can be art to someone. Calling something Art by itself is meaningless, which is why all the ART FOR ART'S SAKE HURR fuckers are idiots.

>> No.56672893

What do you mean real? You can play it yes, and it's solid. Taurox Primes are good gunboats and Valkyries are solid now that they can move and shoot at BS4+.

My personal aim is to play Bullgryn with Scions and some Inquisition.

>> No.56672906

If Facts Could Be Proven/Observed/Quantified, They Would Be The Most Intelligent Beings On Earth

>> No.56672907

>Not him but I knew somebody would say this but that's not how it works.
By who's word?
>You can disagree but those are still facts.

>> No.56672912

Is porn an art? If yes give me some good examples.

>> No.56672919


>> No.56672922

>Those squigglylines on the eagle
Man, I just do not like those. GW is putting them everywhere now, but they just look like crap and space filler to me. The eagle would look fine with a simple engraving that indicated feathers, those soft lines just look out of place.

>> No.56672930

>It's a bad piece, but it's art.
Who are you to say it's bad. Why is art subjective but taste not?

>> No.56672934

I think it would prove the point more to give bad ones.

And either way, blue board.

>> No.56672939

Yes. Ahegao JAVs, Doujins, and the ones on Brazzers with the guy who spouts /tv/ memes are all art.

>> No.56672942

I am arguing that art is subjective. There are people arguing that art is objective. That you can quantify art down to formulas and if you follow them then you would make good art.

>> No.56672949


>> No.56672951

Who, the Cook?

>> No.56672955

>Be talented artist
>Love drawing sexy, tanned chicks with 80s haircuts and boobs
>Also like drawing technical stuff
>Make a bunch of manga and become so successful that I never ever have to draw anything again
>Can just draw what I love forever now as a hobby
He really made it.

>> No.56672962


Take a math class

>> No.56672965

but it is laz-gun and laz-cannon

>> No.56672969

Frag Cannons are very versatile. Dealing with shooty opponents? Shoot back at bolter range. Dealing with tough opponents? Their strength goes up once they come close. Swarms? They magically turn into heavy flamers.
The issue is price. They go for a hefty 30 points each.
The main Gimmiks of Deathwatch are the Corvus Blackstar which can transport Jetpack units, Terminators and even Bikers, and the Kill team, which initially consists of regular veterans and a sergeant, but has perhaps the craziest customizability out of any unit in the entire game. They can add a vanguard veteran, and the entire unit gains the ability to shoot after falling back. They can add a Biker, and the entire unit gains the ability to charge after falling back. They can add a Terminator and the entire unit becomes immune to morale tests and becomes able to use Teleporter Homers. And they can take any combination of these three. They also have a few Gimmik weapons such as the Terminator Meltafist, which is a power fist with a meltagun strapped on, or the Necron Xenophase Blade which forces opponents which got hit to reroll successful save rolls.

>> No.56672970

Art is math. Simple as that. No idea why people have a hard time understanding that

>> No.56672976

it's not just about understanding stuff
Art requires the artist to suffer for it, that's why it's called PAINting

>> No.56672983

it all got leaked by gw in the community post

>> No.56672988

A good example of this is Music to be honest. All music follows objectively set rules and facts (melody, harmony and whatnot) but there is many types out there and not everyone likes the same. Objectively based, subjectively assessed

>> No.56672989

>Learn the perfect art formula
>Make magnum opus using my feelings of sadness to make the most sad painting of all time
>Because art is objective every single person who views it feels the same thing and is wracked with sorrow such that they are driven to depression regardless of the painting's context

Thanks Math!

>> No.56672993

If you set out to do a fresco painting in the style of italian painters of the renaissance and it looks like this, you fucked up. It's bad according to the standards of this particular craft.

>> No.56672995

>Take a math class
All math is based upon assumptions, for instance that the symbol 2 represents the value we call two. But if a I disagree with that, who is to say I'm wrong? Why is it wrong to say that the symbol 2 represents the value we commonly know as two and one half, and thus that 2+2=5?

>> No.56673002

But he no longer draws those things.
He's been killed in the Kobe earthquake and replaced by an AI who uses maths to draw porn. That's why it sucks now.

>> No.56673013

Now you are being retarded
Look at >>56672988

>> No.56673016

Failure is not the same thing as bad though. What makes my art bad? Because YOU say so? If so, who made you the arbitrator of what is and what is not good?

>> No.56673022

What, really? I haven't seen his new new stuff

>> No.56673035

Because I’m mother fucking Angelo Armani. The fashion dictator of Thae!

God I miss playing 7th sea

>> No.56673041

>add random notes to a classic heptatonic scale
>detune your guitar for atonal dissonance
>create SICK RIFFS
whoops there goes music theory

>> No.56673044

no because what you're talking about is iconography/language, not math

>> No.56673045

I'm saying it's bad as a piece of that particular artstyle. If you make a chear that falls apart when you sit on it and pierces your ass with a piece of wood, it's shitty as a chair, because the core point of a chair is to sit off the ground and somewhat comfortably.

>> No.56673053

you've never seen his porn?
All the chicks are spindly with no hips and they've got pointy hair and they're covered in jelly, and their eyes are too far apart, it's weird.

>> No.56673054

I just wanted to get involved in the purely objective vs. purely subjective argument with a silly concept.

Also, where does Noise and Industrial "music" come into this (Merzbow,Throbbing agristle, etc.)
Is it art because it defies all the conventions and intentionally avoids them as much as possible or is it not art due to that?

>> No.56673062

>They go for a hefty 30 points each.
This is absurd. Is like 10 points over, the weapon has max 24" range, goddammit

>> No.56673071

>I'm saying it's bad as a piece of that particular artstyle.
And who are you to decide what is and is not in that style? Are styles not made by men, defined by men, and observed by men? therefore being a construct of man, it can be amended by man, and I say it is the perfect representation of the style/
Who are you to declare me wrong?

>> No.56673077

Is there a way to combine Sisters, GK and DW for a full inquisition army?
I suspect just going full sister is strornger...

>> No.56673078

It still follows the math.

God damn you are retarded.

>> No.56673082

Retrospectively, early industrial music exists solely to come up with fun sound textures that industrial rockers and aggrotech producers can use as kickass beatz.

>> No.56673085

Deathwatch has this problem all throughout the army. I'm hoping that they'll get some juicy point reductions in their codex, or they'll stay shelf-sitters for this edition.

>> No.56673086

To do wrong you must first know how to do right.

Can't dump music theory and make something new if you don't know what music theory IS first.

>> No.56673097

Just file off the heel, it'll look like she's on tippy toes, mid-run.

>> No.56673098

Thread is getting gay, new one when

>> No.56673101

it doesn't, it follows the psychic influence of the stellar master elite.

>> No.56673106

>But if a I disagree with that, who is to say I'm wrong?
Humanities "humans", ladies and gents

>> No.56673107

the fact that they pay character prices for their storm shields on basic 1w mooks is another problem

>> No.56673109

>disscusion about what is and what isn't art

>> No.56673116

Of course you can combine them, since they're all imperium units.
You're also correct about pure sisters being more powerful, though. Acts of faith and Celestine just can't be beat by overpriced specialist marines.

>> No.56673123

helo were is the proofs?

>> No.56673128

We are humans, the science behind what makes as tick is not really that explore and explained.

But we know that our brains love music, plastic arts, etc etc. And you can reduce most of it to math. The ones that we haven’t done it yet is more due to a lack of studies than anything else.

Just because we can reduce something to numbers does not makes it less enjoyable or valuable to our own experiences

>> No.56673137

> this entire topic about art and whatnot.

>> No.56673159

>that guy who broke one of your minis

>> No.56673162

Observation of commonalities, tradition and scientific analysis of existing pieces. You know, things that can be quantified, as opposed to the nebulous, poorly defined quality of """Art"""

>> No.56673169

Those have been OOP for many a year.

>> No.56673176

>honestly believing in reductionism

>> No.56673192

>not believing in reductionism

keep denying reality m8

>> No.56673195

How do my fellow nid players find the motivation to paint their horde troops? There is a good share of bits and bops in a basic gargoyle from the old SC box and I don't want to leave it half painted with a couple base layers and a single wash.

>> No.56673196

This is weird, 8th moved in the right direction in diversifying the prices

>> No.56673198


>> No.56673202

Hey when we are talking about art and science feelings are left at the door.

When we are talking about how art and science make us feel. Well in welcome those feelings

Give me a hug anon!

>> No.56673206

I have no fucking clue what everyone's tits are in a twist about but it sure beats the average /pol/bait or various flavours of Carnac.

>> No.56673210

>implying maths are reality
computor man pls go

>> No.56673217

It doesn't though. It's boring and all the people talking about it are unlikeable faggots.

>> No.56673236

Burger /tg/ is utterly cancerous. I cant wait until Asian /tg/ starts.

>> No.56673240

>Give me a hug anon!
I can't, because to move my arms around you I'd have to move my arms to half way around you and to do that I'd have to move my arms to half way of half way around you and so on.
Unfortunately, hugging you is impossible

>> No.56673243

It’s a tool, last time I check tools are real. Regardless if you can understand them or use them

>> No.56673250

>discussing art and math
sorry you're not refined and cultured enough to participate in such discussions Chang

>> No.56673252

Burgers are at work, it's the morning/noon. This is evening Europoor hours after everyone is home from work and school.

>> No.56673254

neuroscientists trying to "explain" art are making a piss-poor job of it. Their tests usually involve hooking people to captors and showing them random paintings or colors and expecting something significant to happen on its own. And some of them explicitly take pleasure in antagonizing artists.

The whole thing is pretty ridiculous.

>> No.56673256

That hurt to read

>> No.56673264

>discussing deep topics like art, math, and reality

lmao no, this is the work of sophisticated europoors

>> No.56673269

>Math and art debate worse than Carnac

Only Carnac would say this.

>> No.56673275

culture is basically garbage though. Valuing it is engaging in trash economy.

>> No.56673291

>burgers discussing DEEP topics
Its eurofag hours

>> No.56673292

Fuck off commie

>> No.56673296

Are my painted miniatures art?

>> No.56673299

Yeah, anything based off of Zeno tends to be retarded.

Not our fault that you all threw away your own culture in the """""great leap forward"""""
Next time maybe you shouldn't listen to a guy who get's BTFO by fucking sparrows

>> No.56673307

No, because you didnt watch your daily duncan.
Git gud, faggit.

>> No.56673308


If you consider painting by numbers as art.

>> No.56673312

>falling for the culture meme AND the politics meme

>> No.56673321

Only if they're FW doors

>> No.56673322

>We're just so deep and intellectual
>Women would never understand this, we're just too smart
>Haha, other countries right?
Thank God Europe is being taken over by brown people.

>> No.56673327

Hold on, I got this!

>Implying communism doesn't offer the biggest chance for cultural expression
>Implying Chaos is not objectively superior to everything else because it doesn't have to bend to the Universe laws.

>> No.56673332

For certain things i can understand, but tripling the price of the storm shield because the marines painted their armour black is questionable.

especially on things like vanguard veterans or terminators, who are essentially identical to their codex counterparts (arguably worse, since they lack chapter tactics)

>> No.56673354

>>Women would never understand this, we're just too smart
Lol what?
Nobody said that, stop trying to inject national division and /pol/shit to our discussion of art.

>> No.56673355

There was one study that had two paintings
One was a landscape with trees, river and lake, berries and other stuff I do not remember.
While other was the same landscape but without the berries and trees that are hard to climb.
I’m almost sure everyone pick the first one across the world. But the fuck if I remember the study.

The entire point was to see if there was a preference to landscapes regarding certain features of said landscape.

But yeah proper science done with humans almost always requiere super double blind test boardering the illegal

>> No.56673359

Zeno was just shitposting, though, and he knew it

>> No.56673360

Ok good, I have them on my Landraider so at least my Landraider are art.

I freehand my banners though. Is that art? Also my dudes don't follow a normal scheme.

But I did!

>> No.56673361

It's art, it's just shitty art

>> No.56673378

>implying i use Official™ Games Workshop™ Schemes™

>> No.56673383

Don't think you're not next chinaman. The brown hordes cannot be stopped

>> No.56673385

>Our "discussion" of "art"
Maybe if you smashed your head on your desk a few times you would create some nice art.

>> No.56673388

Truly /our guy/
Well, him and Diogenes.

>> No.56673399

you're even worse if you don't. I have yet to see a non-GW scheme that looks good.

>> No.56673405

You realize that Guard get storm shields for free, right?

>> No.56673411

So the conclusion is that big trees and berries are more artistic?
Good thing we figured it out. Now we can add berries in all landscape paintings to increase their artfulness.

>> No.56673425

On S3, T3 models. Yes they have Zealot and Acts of Faith, but they still suck at killing things. They are a mild distraction that you can tie up with a chaff marine unit.

>> No.56673433

That is interesting though. I wonder what makes it so commonly considered better.
Perhaps something to do with instinctive desires for food and shelter?

>> No.56673445

Make sure it's a tranny escort.

>> No.56673449


>> No.56673453

Make sure you film it and then sell it as art.

>> No.56673458

No. They then started removing things like the trees. Or the lake but kept the river. Etc etc etc
There is something about lake, river, green grass, easy to access food and tree that anyone can climb that is attractive to the general population to the near 100% certainty.

But then again that was one study done ages ago.

>> No.56673459

Me too

>> No.56673462

>eats half a marine squad a turn
>yeah I'll just tarpit them with meq

>> No.56673464

yeah or maybe it created a nice color balance in the pictures by introducing small touches of contrasting color.
But oh wait that's color theory, it's not objective and stuff.

>> No.56673474

That explains the berries, but what about the trees

>> No.56673479

it's not

Colour isn't even universal, every culture sees colour differently.

>> No.56673483

Ah, my bad, so the tree in my backyard that I can climb is artistic but the one I can't climb isn't artistic.

Now I get it.

>> No.56673486


I'm talking about [vanguard veterans A] and [vanguard veterans B] having discordant wargear costs for as far as I can tell no reason at all. It feels like an oversight.

>> No.56673491

It's not a leak if it's from an official source you dingdong

>> No.56673496

it taps into our ancient monkey brains, reminds us of our origins in the trees

>> No.56673517


Well then it's gotta be the small trees.

fuck John Avon and his big-ass berryless trees desu. What a hack.

>> No.56673525

>In the Year of Our Emperor 0.914.017M3

>> No.56673535

Are there any 40k minis with berry trees on their bases?

>> No.56673536

Leman Russes:
Sponsons or not? Heavy bolters?

>> No.56673537

See, while you're point is fair, I do think that the other anon's point also raises and interesting quandary.
Is their a certain point where the increased size overcomes the supposed inability to be climbed? Like how redwoods instill wonder due to their great size?

>> No.56673539

So does taking a shit from ten feet above the ground.
Is taking a shit from a balcony as artistic as small trees with berries?

>> No.56673544

Now you are just being dense intentionally

>> No.56673548

>this looks pretty bad up close
>on table it looks fine
>far away it looks pretty good


>> No.56673554

Nope. That's why painting miniatures isn't art.

>> No.56673567

Fuck that looks good.

>> No.56673587

>Melee unit doesn't do a lot of damage
>Leave a sort of durable unit for it to flop around at while the rest of your army does something else
Tarpitting still works.

>> No.56673588

Silly me, it's almost like I forgot the difference between representations of things and real things in my attempt to analyze art.

>> No.56673600

Would these heads work well with Cadian bodies?

I dont want to greenstuff them or whatever. Just glue the heads and go on from there. Im just worried the heads will be out of porportion.


Also, the artillery batteries they have for sale are sex as fuck.


>> No.56673605

Sponsons are only worth it on Tank Commanders or if you're doing Power. Thanks to Grinding Advance, the turret weapon alone is worth it.

>> No.56673606

You do know the original post was just trying to explain the shitty work done regarding the study of humans

>> No.56673618

I was playing off of it you dummy.

>> No.56673619

That's a little too primal and overt. Needs to be more subtle

>> No.56673629

>European "Humor"

>> No.56673637

stop posting this weird anime girl

>> No.56673643

Is Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child subtle enough?

>> No.56673649

It's humour, you fucking knob

>> No.56673658

she ain't anime yet


>> No.56673659

You stop

>> No.56673663

Being this much of an amerilard

>> No.56673667


The heads are smaller than Cadians, but shouldn't look entirely out of place.

>> No.56673684

>le 56% spelling

>> No.56673685

>being this desperate for a meaningless (u)
Why are brits so autistic about spelling?

>> No.56673690

>Europeans can't handle bants, the thread
You sound so angry. Meanwhile I'm having a great laugh at your floundering.

>> No.56673696

What the fuck is going on in this thread.

>> No.56673712


>> No.56673719


>> No.56673723


>> No.56673730

Ebu Gogo is gutting the child

>> No.56673734

What does a beep boop army fear lads?

>> No.56673738

Untermensch butthurt

>> No.56673748

>>Europeans can't handle bants
boy this is a big one

>> No.56673750


>> No.56673751

Fleshy ones

>> No.56673754


>> No.56673757

space samurais

>> No.56673759

Cat hair

>> No.56673770


>> No.56673783

>contemplates in binary

>> No.56673785

Should I play Blood Ravens, Imperial Fists, or Minotaurs?

Blood Ravens have decent rules (since the player picks them) but their color scheme is meh at best.

Imperial Fists have an amazing color scheme but garbage rules/support from GW.

Minotaurs have an awesome aesthetic, but I have no idea about their rules. I kind of feel like they're the FW's less-favored/supported chapter. (Red Scorpians are their favorite. RS look interesting but someone at my store already plays them.)

>> No.56673798

salt water

>> No.56673799

slightly smaller? Barely noticeable?

Good to hear. I didnt want "shoulders a mile wide" syndrome.

My idea was to buy a bucket tonne of those heads(mostly men, some women because why not. Also, the officers will have those nice peaked caps), along with a variety of the packs and bags the site has.

Also, the general rule of thumb is that a model is legal if 75 percent is GW stuff, right? Does that mean if I do grab the artillery wagons they have(which are like what, four or five pieces at most?), and have two cadians as the crew, but load the base down with random scenic gubbins, I'd technically have the majority of the pieces be GW, right?

Or are people not actually that anal about it. It's not like I'm into the whole tourny scene or anything.

>> No.56673803


Syntax errors.

>> No.56673814


>> No.56673836

A 2.

>> No.56673852

Arrays starting at 1

>> No.56673854

You got it the wrong way around you dumb shit

>> No.56673855

>Syntax error
i would love to see the mechanicums computers with all black monitors and green text.

>> No.56673872

The rule is the model is legal if nobody complains.

Make it good enough and nobody will.

>> No.56673887

What should I give my Lieutenant? A storm bolter or a master crafted boltgun?

My meta is mostly primaris ultramarines and Death Guard.

>> No.56673896

If I was making 1000pts of Stormtroopers, should I build them as 5 man squads or 10 man? I just want to have a small force to aid my Tank guard/Templars/whatever else.

>> No.56673919

MC Boltgun.
You can get stormbolters elsewhere.

>> No.56673924

you can fit more special weapons in if you take groups of 5, right?

>> No.56673927


>> No.56673948

My whole Lascannon teams are FW Elysians + 3rd party shoulder mounted guns and heads, I don't think anyone will care.

>> No.56673954

Blood ravens

>> No.56673962

i havent played since 2000, i have a fairly large chaos army but i have a few units of plague marines, berserkers, thousand sons and noise marines. my buddys who are getting me back in say i may not be able to use them in the same army anymore, is that true? i dont have a gamestore near me so i had to order the rulebook and codex online, but im just trying to figure out a general army list right now

>> No.56673990

Your friends are bullshitting you, you can still use those units in a CSM force, also the basic rules are free if you didnt know so you can read up on it as well as the codex which is in the OP.

>> No.56673994

No, you can use them fine. You'd just have to use them as Black Legion or run them as separate legion detachments.

>> No.56673998

Completely untrue, except for the cult legions any legion can take any unit in the codex. And even then you could still do it by taking multiple detachments from different legions.

>> No.56674010

Or Alpha Legion, Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, and Renegades.

>> No.56674017

ok cool thanks, i might have misunderstood what they meant, he did mention something about detachments. ill go check out those rules too in the op, didnt know you guys had them there thanks. good to know i dont have to buy half a new army off the bat at least. cheers anons

>> No.56674026

>Thousand son Renegades.
really made me think

>> No.56674112

What is the likelihood of sharks and SoS working together? Just curious because I like the idea of the silent MURDER task force

>> No.56674137

Well, sharks struggle on the land but I'm certain that sisters would enjoy having underwater assistance.

>> No.56674141

right so on the off chance there are any other NY fags here, does anyone have any experince with Undiscovered Realms in White Plains?

>> No.56674163

new thread boyz

>> No.56674225

Macharius Vulcan or Stormlord ?

>> No.56674256

New thread when?

>> No.56674275

I'm making one but with all the memeshit and bad links to clean up i think someone'll beat me to it.

>> No.56674279

>not letting it get to 666 posts first
This displeases slaanesh

>> No.56674320


New thread
Migrate at will

>> No.56674887


You'd think the Vulcan can out out more shots but with 4 sponsons the Stormlord wins vs everything, AND it's a transport with FIRE POINTS.

>> No.56676008


>> No.56676182


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