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Minor Xenos Edition

>Blood Angels Preview.

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao

>Daily Duncan
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJQLyBpT4n8 [Embed]

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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1st for Dark Eldar are just Diet Slaanesh.

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nth for I'm ready to fucking die and am sick of playing a game I don't even enjoy anymore

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>am sick of playing a game I don't even enjoy anymore

So stop.

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I need another HQ for the 2nd battallion, unsure what to go with. I feel an exChampion is good but he has no entourage to roll with. A dark apostle can help the cultists, but is it worth it? Only other thing would be another sorcerer but they are pricy.

+++ New Roster (Warhammer 40,000 8th Edition) [99 PL, 1852pts] +++
Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Daemon Prince with Wings [9 PL, 463 pts]:
>Intoxicating Elixir, Malefic talon, Warp bolter Slaanesh: Warptime
Sorcerer with Jump Pack [7 PL, 126pts]:
>Bolt pistol, Delightful Agonies, Force sword, Mark of Slaanesh, Prescience

+ Troops +
----2 squads of----
Chaos Cultists [3 PL, 40pts]:
>9x Chaos Cultist w/ autopistol and brutal assault weapon, Mark of Slaanesh
>Cultist Champion: Brutal assault weapon and Autopistol
Noise Marines [11 PL, 224pts]
>2x Marine w/ Blastmaster: 2x Blastmaster
>7x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 7x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster

+ Heavy Support +
Chaos Predator [9 PL, 192pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh, Twin lascannon, 2x Lascannon
Obliterators [10 PL, 195pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, 3x Obliterator

+ Dedicated Transport +
Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh
Chaos Rhino [4 PL, 74pts]:
>Combi-bolter, Combi-bolter, Mark of Slaanesh

+ Elites +

Sonic Dreadnought [8 PL, 137pts]:
>Missile launcher, Twin blastmaster
Sonic Dreadnought [8 PL, 137pts]:
>Missile launcher, Twin blastmaster

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Chaos - Chaos Space Marines) [23 PL, 424pts] ++
Legion: Emperor's Children

+ HQ +
Chaos Lord [5 PL, 85pts]:
>Mark of Slaanesh, Plasma pistol, Power sword
---Need another one---

+ Troops +
----3 squads of----
Noise Marines [6 PL, 113pts]
>Marine w/ Blastmaster: Blastmaster
>3x Marine w/ Sonic blaster: 3x Sonic Blaster
>Noise Champion: Combi-bolter, Sonic blaster

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Looking to start up a brand new army and taking a serious look at a Nidzilla list. I find it pretty cool that almost every category has at least one monstrous creature in it (HQ, Elite, Heavy, etc).

But are Nidzilla lists any fun to play? How about play AGAINST - will people refuse to play against me?

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Newish mega folder that is trying to be more up to date and combine both fluff and rules

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I mean, i guess it's better than outright worshiping slaanesh like they Ynnari do

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nth for Nurgle

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well you got the get you needed

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Nurgle has blessed me

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Based pappa is best pappa

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I added your folder to my OP, it's just this guy missed it, somehow. The thread isn't even at 300. So now I gotta stay up and make sure the pasta survives past when I'm awake by making the new thread after both sage.

As for completeness: you are missing dual formats for rulebooks. I checked the Damocles section and noted that while you had Montka and Kauyon, you were missing the scan from Burning Dawn/Shadowforce Solaq, which is part of the Damocles series.

And in the black library bit, I think you are doing good, but I've come across The greater Evil in both PDF and Epub, but couldn't find it in your mega.

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Is this viable as a death guard list? I just started collecting them (got dark imperium, then another set of it and the blightlords & 1 crawler so far) and I've never really played much before. I've got another variant of the list where the crawlers and poxwalkers are replaced with two bloat drones.
>I'm trying to go for low model count as I am an extremely slow painter and would like to actually play more, not a fan of using unpainted minis - doesn't bother me if someone else does but not mine

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Meant cultists sorry

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2000 point excuse to port my Horus Heresy stuff into 40k

Salamanders Battalion

Captain in Terminator Armour
Relic Blade, Storm Shield
141 pts

Force Sword
105 pts

Tactical Squad x10
Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
105 pts

Tactical Squad x10
Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
105 pts

Tactical Squad x10
Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
105 pts

55 pts

Contemptor Dreadnought
167 pts

Terminator Assault Squad x5
x5 TH/SS
280 pts

Heavy Support
Land Raider Redeemer
Multi-Melta, Stormbolter
368 pts

Twin Lascannon, Stormbolter
141 pts

140 pts

140 pts

Total: 1999 pts

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>mfw khorne's a kardashian

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I want a plastic Great Unclean One. Can someone sneak in the GW factory and take pictures of the January new Daemon Codex please ?

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Be patient, Nurgle will gift you when it is time

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Grandfather is most generous.

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But I'd prefer those

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So stop playing it, stop reading/posting about it and go rub your genitals against those of another.

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>that giant fly demon in the background to the left

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Why would they refuse to play you? Yes, you can do some fun shenanigans.

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Will we be seeing the rest of these guys, eventually?

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There's something wrong with your points on the DP. Not a chance it's 463. Should be around 189 without checking my books. Unless I'm reading it wrong.

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>all primaris are at least remotely drawn
>majority of DG is just a green smear

DG squatted soon.

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>Friend is losing his shit over 4 point conscrits after buying 90 of them.

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KoS fucking WHEN

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Anyone got the DA leaks from other day? Think it was just the faction trait as far as I know

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Tell him I'm laughing at him

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One mighty kek

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Posted this in the last thread but got no replies.

Haven't played a game since the end of 4th ed/start of 5th but lately have been getting into modelling and my heretic chaos cult are starting to come together.

Taken me ages on and off to start to get close to a 600 point list using GSC index. Just want to know if this army can be competitive at all in friendly games. Don't really care about winning but would be nice if the list is fun or will be competitive against casual gamers.

Also what should I look out for when playing 8th? Any huge changes since 4th besides vehicles obviously?


10x Neophytes w/ shotguns. 2x uprgaded to have flamers.
In Chimera w/ 2x heavy flamers

10x Neophytes w/ shotguns. 2x uprgaded to have flamers.
In Chimera w/ 2x heavy flamers


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The +1 to wound on the charge is pretty glorious.
Deepstrike the priest with the sanguinary guard to give them a rerollable 3+ to hit, S5 treated as one bracket higher (that means wounding T4 on a 2+).

There's probably a more efficient way to abuse this awesome chapter tactic, but this was just a quick test.

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It's an awful colour scheme but it does seem well painted from a technical standpoint. Kind of hard to tell because of the blurry images though.

>> No.56652176

It looks like it's all done with an airbrush though, zero detail work. The blending might look impressive, but with an airbrush even my pet dog could do it exactly like that.

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Making my Archon now and I've just got this feeling of dread that the weapons I've picked out for him will be useless once the Dark Eldar codex drops.

Is there a way to get over this? I could try magnetizing but it seems stupid for such a small model.

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It's also easy and quick to do, you just put all the models on the table and 2 hours later you are done for a 2k army. The painting after the airbrush is what makes airbrush paintjobs pop, and that's the time-consuming part (that this taufaggot didn't do)

>> No.56652219

As an avid airbrush fan it's ass hats like this that make people think using an air brush requires no skill and is lazy.

Spraying a lighter shade in areas (whether it would be highlighted or not IRL) to make contrast so the model stands out and calling Pro painted is absolute shite.

Don't even get me started on the guys who blast white/very light blue over a light source and calls it OSL.

I guarantee if you took away the airbrush from the guy who painted these his models would look like shit.

A airbrush is a tool in a painters kits, it shouldn't be a crutch.

Rant over

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mmmh what is this lovecraftian horror?

>> No.56652256

Also, drink those salty tears.

>> No.56652257

Whats the big deal couldn't he just repurpose them as guardsmen

>> No.56652262


My local club was taking inventory recently; discovered a whole 7th ed Tau meta army that some WAAC fag had "donated" after 8th came out.

No one wanted to touch it, i'm almost proud.

>> No.56652274

Any admech veterans:

Yesterday I put my order in. Two of the following:
Start Collecting Skitarii
Skitarii Rangers
Kastelan Robots
Kataphron Battle Servitors

I also ordered the codex+cards, and 4 Ironstriders.

For a Mars list, what would be the best list for 2000? I’ve got Cawl from the box set.

>> No.56652282

I hope we get the Embo looking dude, at least

>> No.56652286

What’s in it? Tau are pretty good now without being autistic (provided no spamming of commander squads).

>> No.56652289

I wonder, are there any Death Company Librarians in the Blood Angel lore? I have a death company army already and was considering painting a librarian black but I like to be fluffy

>> No.56652298

Stick a Librarianought with them.

>> No.56652306

My friend is offering to sell me his spartan for £80, it's fantastically well painted though I might end up stripping it as it doesn't match my scheme, depends on whether I can reconcile the difference (it helps that its heavily weathered.) I do need a decent transport / more firepower for my new army and buying a legit new one would be £43 more.

Do you think it's worth it?

>> No.56652313

6 dakka kastelans
2 onagers with magnetised icarus/laser destroyer
2 units of 5 rangers with 2 transuranic arquebuses to camp on objectives in cover
rest of the skitarii vanguards
Plasma kataphron destroyers
secondary HQ should be an enginseer (cheaper) but a TPD will work until you can get one

>> No.56652319

Make sure you build dragoons as the ranged variant is doodoo. You'll need the melee support anyway.

TArqs are nice but a bit point heavy. Only bring them if the enemy is relying on character buffs.

Plasma Vanguards are my personal favourite. Arc rifle rangers are also nice.

Neutron laser is great. Eradication thingy is too random.

>> No.56652322

just get a new one from HERRO and save a gorillion moneys if you really need it
I'd only buy it from him if I intended to keep the paintjob

>> No.56652352


If I was going to make a big china order I would but I'm not currently and china wouldn't turn up for quite a while and it's also the convenience of having a fully painted one ready to go right away, hence the dilemma.

>> No.56652355

Leaked point changes from CA 2017

>> No.56652407

I’m only getting 4 robots because price. I could add another box to the order though. Is 6 dakkabots necessary?

>> No.56652422

Conscripts bumped to 4 pts was retarded. They could have just had a tag “Conscripts RFG” and it would be the same thing. If conscripts could have something other than just a big 30 man blob and no rules about orders failing half the time, you could make an argument to justify the cost, but this change was just cementing the GW sales pitch of “Your infantry suck again, but hey, look how great your tanks are! Go buy 12 of them.”

>> No.56652467

>t. salty guard WAACfag

>> No.56652471

Next summer.

>> No.56652481

>we need him to look cool
>have him kill a guardsmen


>> No.56652484

He is not wrong thou. Why would you ever take Conscripts when they do not bring anything outside of big blobs?

Now the tank comment is retarded. Since we all know GW only cares about Primaris sales

>> No.56652486

I think I will paint my Librarianought black with red stripes...

>> No.56652488

I'd try to see if I could come up with a satisfying explanation for leaving it as is, still if you really want one soon I guess you can go for it

>> No.56652489

Can't believe we get more death guard stuff, fricking excited

>> No.56652492

Also what’s the points/wargear

Someone had said the vanguard were not as cost effective and the arc rangers would be a better investment. Also I’m getting 4 TArqs for two 5 man squads and fielding the other 30 as forward troops. I should have 4 arc rifles and two plasma culverns.

Problem is my list is 150 ish over so how do I fix it?

>> No.56652495

Its more annoying from an internal balance issue than an external one. Why would anyone buy a conscript blob when MSU, Ld7/8 infantry are available for the same price?

And why would anyone buy an Atlas when you can get two techpriests instead?

And why is it so hard for GW to make a vanquisher cannon better at Anti-tank than the battle cannon?

>> No.56652500

Ironstriders aren't that bad. Also there is a ranged variant of Dragoons so saying "build dragoons" might be confusing for someone new.

>> No.56652509

If you're bringing destroyers then cost efficiency is the last thing you're worrying about.

>> No.56652510

GW is incompetent.
They are riding on the shoulders of giants.

For fuck sake I’m almost sure the rules bloat is bigger than 7th right now, percentage wise. Since 8th rulebook is like 2 pages and one of it is for colouring

>> No.56652511

>saying conscripts are dead makes a 3E player a WAACfag

Boy I sure love when the power wheel spins everyone points the finger.

Most I’ve ever used for conscripts was just a some long lines pushed up along the front of my table edge to fuck with the alpha strike cheddar. Use what tools you have, faggot. Cheap bubble wrap counters you? Bitch to GW maybe they’ll nerf guard again instead of fixing their stupid rules.

>> No.56652519

I’m playing Mars so I need them. I figured 6 Destroyers and 4 Kastelans was a healthy number for 2k

>> No.56652525

>trading armies

>> No.56652530

>mars needs destroyers
For the stratagem? Inflitrators with flechette will do you better senpai

>> No.56652534

I figured he meant the Taser Lance.

Is the serpenta worth it or should I save the 36pts

>> No.56652536

>percentage wise
and what's the significance of this?

>> No.56652541

>I need them
You don't need them. The +1 to hit stratagem is nice but it's by no means needed on Mars, Cawl already means you're hitting quite a bit.

Destroyers are widely considered over priced and inefficient, 6 of them are going to eat a shitload of points. They're by no means a bad unit but if you're really that worried about cost efficiency then leave them at home.

>> No.56652544

But muh 52 mortal wounds!

>> No.56652552


Been playing since 2nd and I do not recall this level of FAQ/Erratas so fast and for so many things

>> No.56652558

percentages mean nothing

>> No.56652569

They could have just had another page or two and we probably would have avoided at least half of the entries on the faq.

But then again knowing the 40k playerbase, maybe there was no avoiding it.

>> No.56652571

90% of all percentages used in conversation are made up on the spot anyway

>> No.56652583

CA buffs them hard.

35->30 base cost, phosphor blaster 8->6

Net gain of 7 points dropping the plasma destroyer to 63 points per model. Drops my 6 from 420 to 378.

>> No.56652585

It means something when most of the rules aren't even in your rulebook and you have to cart around 4 books and a stack of dataslates just to play a casual game with friends.

>> No.56652603

You mean like in 7th edition, where over half of the special rules in your codex were only explained in the rulebook, and the rest in supplements and campaign books?

>> No.56652616

>buffs them hard
It's not that much of a buff. It's certainly an improvement but that's still almost a quarter of your points into 6 models that die a lot faster than you'd expect. You'd still get more mileage out of two more bots than 6 kastelans.

>> No.56652624

>> No.56652632

>Tau hoofies on gunslinger grill
Oh nooo shes half tau because she has a nose

>> No.56652634

not like rules made after a book can magically be included in the base rules. i still don't get why percentages matter here. if you lack even 1 rule from your book, you need to get it from somewhere else and you've "needed" at least 2 books and FAQ to play since the beginning of 40k pretty much

>> No.56652640

Yes, just like that. So then they tried to simplify everything in 8th before realizing that there was a reason all of that bloat was there in the first place and then desperately trying to shoehorn it all back in and making the problem even worse than before.

>> No.56652641

I use my Codex and everything else is on my phone in PDF form.

>> No.56652646

this cracks me up every time but then I notice the shopped in mouth and the laughter stops

>> No.56652650

What do you guys do with all your spare Datasmiths?

>> No.56652652

>where over half of the special rules in your codex were only explained in the rulebook
If you played an army for any period of time you generally started to just memorize all of the relevant rules anyways, and rules like Relentless and shit were easy as hell to remember.

IMO the systems biggest fault was the book's formatting.

>> No.56652656

AoS player here. Plan on including some 40k elements to my daemon army, so i can do AoS and 40k. But just curious, is there any particular reason why AoS isn't popular as 40k? Seems like everybody just wants to play 40k at my local gaming group.

>> No.56652659

well for the most part I just don't own any

>> No.56652663

You could always use them to make custom Enginseers.

>> No.56652664

guaranteed replies

>> No.56652675

Because 40k is an interesting setting and fantasy is just a d&d knockoff.

>> No.56652678

AoS is a piece of shit babby's first wargame that killed a much more interesting setting in order to be shoehorned in for moar spess mehreens as if we didn't have enough of those already in 40K alone
At least 40K is recognizable after all these years, not to mention a better game altogehter

>> No.56652681

AoS is the reanimated rotting corpse of WHFB. Also the lore is garbage

>> No.56652698

Anon, the commissar nerf didn't stop Conscript shit because you could just buff them with psykers to do the same thing. The points increase remedied that.

>> No.56652702

>muh dead fantasy
It died for a reason, groggy.

>> No.56652708

>You'd still get more mileage out of two more bots than 6 kastelans.

I’m gonna guess you meant two more Kastelans than 6 Kataphrons

>> No.56652709

The lazy yellow ruins it. I know I know airbrush REEE but it's not too bad. There have been a shit ton WORSE pro painted models on this site

>> No.56652711


In all seriousness, because the last CEO of the company destroyed both the setting and gameplay (AoS isn't a rank and file mass battle game) of a 30 year old property after running it into the ground for a decade through rampant mismanagement.

And then replaced it with a 4 page pamphlet.

>> No.56652713

10/10 bait would (You) again, I've never seen this before

>> No.56652716

That I did.

>> No.56652717

Yeah, Vanquisher is very lack luster. Idk why they couldn't just make it a more expensive battle cannon with higher ap and strength, and maybe d3 shots. It would balance out about the same.

>> No.56652728

I currently own a squad of 6 Intercessors, with Bolt Rifles.
I'm planning on assembling a second squad of 6, but I don't know if I should give them Bolt Rifles too, or if I should go for Auto Bolt Rifles.
What should I do ?

>> No.56652736

the auto bolt rifle is the best looking gun in the box but its dogshit in-game

>> No.56652741

100 A, 1 does something
10 B, 1 does something

>> No.56652752

From older lore, it was clear that there definitely have been librarians that fell (see Mephiston), but they are kept under closer eye than most, given the devastation a Black Rage induced Librarian would be.

>> No.56652768

The FW Vanquishers tend to mitigate that fact.
You have the Stygies pattern which gives you +1 to hit if you stand still, and a coaxial stormbolter allowing you to reroll failed hits for the main gun if it targets the same unit as the stormbolter.

Then you have the Mars Alpha pattern. It's a normal Vanquisher, but it has a coaxial heavy stubber, so that reroll effect can be used on a target up to 36" away instead of only 24" for the Stygies Pattern's stormbolter.

They're still average weapons, but much better than the GW basic Vanquisher. Also, the minis sport actually huge cannons, making them awesome.

>> No.56652803


>Expecting sense from death company lore

This is the faction that has death company executed if they win on one hand, and a tower full of death company on the other. That expects you to have enough Angels go Berzerk before a single battle to form entire units, then be killed off before the next.

>> No.56652808

The BR's greatest strength is its armor piercing value. But in the end, a squad of 6 can only shoot 6 dice if the target is more than 15" away. That's why I'm tempted to have my second squad armed with ABRs, because it would allow them to get some more firepower in the early game, with their 24" range, assault 2. Also, the ability to advance and still be able to fire can be nice for footsloggers.

>> No.56652814

Mephiston was in the Death Company before his incident.

>> No.56652832

What says they have to be alive to fill up a tower

>> No.56652837

Look at this big gun.
Just look at it.

>> No.56652841

Oh right, the jezzail. Who the fuck builds dragoons for those?

>> No.56652844

no thanks

>> No.56652845


>> No.56652849

I have two of them since they were pretty good in 7th

>> No.56652851

If I ever get my hands on one of those Im naming it "Pride of Krieg"

>> No.56652875

>Also what’s the points/wargear

As of CA, rangers are 7 and vanguards 8, if I didn't list a weapon specifically it's the basic build. Dakka kastelans is 3x phosphor on each. Plasma kataphron is self explanatory
The TPD, make him cheap, he isn't going to be attacking most of the time, just behind robots/onagers repairing them with something like autocduceus + necromechanic (1d3 + 1 per turn rerolling), and after you get Cawl and an enginseer the TPD will become a great paperweight

>> No.56652876

Warhammer Fantasy was never as popular as 40k
And then they pissed off the few people who actually liked Fantasy

>> No.56652878


I'm just saying, unless death company greatly outstrip recruitment, or blood Angels are made on an assembly line and have a thousand scout recruiting pool, Death Company only really make sense as a Lone Wolf style unit, not as some guy fielding 15 of the fuckers.

>> No.56652912

I thought the tower was mostly for ones who'd fallen to the thirst, not black rage.

>> No.56652931

Well in canon, Blood Angels does a somewhat quicker turn over time. After selection, discounting trials, it's only takes a year to go from baseline Human to full Astartes, minus black carapace.
So they could recruit faster.
But the lore also places emphasis that there are more cases of the black rage before battles of great doom and important, which would suggest a greater deployment of marines

>> No.56652934

Actually that is wrong.
WHF basically kept GW alive.
Then the fuckers tried to milk the consumer super hard and it turn to shit.
Then 40k came along and save GW from their own stupidity

>> No.56652941

You are correct

>> No.56652944

Just don't try to make sense out of 40k lore. That way lies only madness and ruin!

>> No.56652950

I always understood this point the following way : when a brother falls to the black rage, he's sent to the tower. Once in a while, Death Company squads are formed from the dudes that are in the tower, and sent to the battlefield. Then, the survivors from this squad, if there's any, are executed.

>> No.56652957

40-50 man units killed WHF. Most of them were only glorified wound counters that you paid money for. 6th was much better at the 20-man units

>> No.56652960


Just drop the "put down like a dog after battle" angle and make it more of a dwarven slayer thing then. Get tossed into battle until they die.

>> No.56652975

What are Broadsides good for in 8th?

>> No.56652977

There are two things I love most about Tyranids.

1. Sneaky gits jumping out of nowhere and fucking up your day
2. Massive gunbeasts shooting caustic jizz that melts buildings and eats you from inside out

That being said, how bad is the following list? Literally my first pass at a list since getting my hands on the codex.

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Tyranids) [39 PL, 762pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Hive Fleet: Kronos

+ HQ +

Hive Tyrant [11 PL, 193pts]: Adrenal Glands, Monstrous Rending Claws, Power: Catalyst, Power: Psychic Scream, Toxin Sacs, Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Wings

+ Heavy Support +

Carnifexes [6 PL, 115pts]
. Carnifex: Enhanced Senses, Spore Cysts, 2x Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms

Exocrine [11 PL, 216pts]

Tyrannofex [11 PL, 238pts]: Rupture Cannon, Stinger Salvo

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Tyranids) [65 PL, 1088pts] ++

+ No Force Org Slot +

Hive Fleet: Kraken

+ HQ +

Broodlord [8 PL, 162pts]: Monstrous Rending Claws, Power: Catalyst, Warlord Trait: One Step Ahead

Neurothrope [4 PL, 70pts]: Chameleonic Mutation, Power: Onslaught

+ Troops +

Genestealers [16 PL, 240pts]: 5x Acid Maw
. 20x Genestealer: 20x Rending Claws

Genestealers [16 PL, 204pts]: 4x Acid Maw
. 17x Genestealer: 17x Rending Claws

Termagants [9 PL, 164pts]
. 20x Termagant (Devourer): 20x Devourer
. Termagant (Fleshborer)

+ Elites +

Lictor [2 PL, 45pts]: Flesh Hooks, Rending Claws

+ Heavy Support +

Trygon Prime [10 PL, 203pts]: Adrenal Glands, Biostatic Rattle, 3x Massive Scything Talons

++ Total: [104 PL, 1850pts] ++

>> No.56652978

Well lads, Nurgle has blessed me, time to die.

>> No.56652979

I think Astorath executes you when you are gone beyond reason. The black rage is portrayed more like a growing madness and rage than a snapping point were a brother becomes a mindless berserker

>> No.56652993

So it goes...

>> No.56652996

>Hive Fleet: Kronos
>Hive Fleet: Kraken
netlisting waacfag

>> No.56652998

well you got close to theme appropriate digits at least

>> No.56653001

>Mixing fleets like a powergaming Guardfag

>> No.56653002

>Hive Tyrant [11 PL, 193pts]: Adrenal Glands, Monstrous Rending Claws, Power: Catalyst, Power: Psychic Scream, Toxin Sacs, Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Wings
What the fuck is with this retarded order of listing wargear? Just do something reasonable like Wings first (since it changes base cost), then weapons, then biomorphs, then Psychic powers, instead of jumbling it all together and splitting things like that.

I'm not commenting on the list itself until you fix this retarded formatting.

>> No.56653004


Yeah, having an extra rank of guys out of melee range to cycle forwards works, having a giant block of troops with only two rows fighting makes them wound counters you need to buy, build and paint.

The crazy thing is, they haven't learned shit. I tried to look into AoS after the general's handbook, and pretty much every faction I had any interest in outside of narrowly defined gimmick lists required huge blocks of core troops to function, sometimes more than the same faction woulda needed me to buy for 8th!

>> No.56653015

>mfw I wound MEQs on a 2+ with my axe encarmine during the first turn of combat.
Being a Sanguinary Guard feels good.

>> No.56653020

I don't think the model has hooves.

>> No.56653025

Get well soon anon

>> No.56653026

It makes them sell more core shit. I enjoyed my 20-man dark elf spearmen and 5-man cold ones facing off against units of 25! goblins and stuff

>> No.56653033


>What are Broadsides good for in 8th?

With more wounds, double the shots and costing out the ass, they're kinda filling the role Riptides used to, but nowhere near as effectively.

>> No.56653035

>Playing more than one fleet
This will look like shit on the field

>> No.56653036 [DELETED] 

>people still crying about Tyranids mixing fleets when they have the most drawbacks to do so out of every Faction with a Codex and yet it's still the most fluffy for them out of any Faction
Kill yourselves salty niggers

>> No.56653041

Noted. Maybe I'll add some more chaff and just make them all Kraken.

Blame battlescribe.

>> No.56653049

No I'm blaming you for using battlescribe, write the list yourself.

>> No.56653057

>muh excuses
>muh fluff
>still mixes fleets like a dakkafag

>> No.56653058

>muh drawbacks
>still proceeds to minmax and reap all the benefits possible
why don't you relax once in a while

>> No.56653060

No it won't, all my nids are going to be painted in my own colors, if I wanted to copy a paint scheme I would be playing mahreens.

But judging by the feedback, I think I'll just stick to one fleet at a time.

New list already in the works.

>> No.56653074

>not minmaxing to reap all the benefits possible

>> No.56653075


>> No.56653080

its not 1995 any more

>> No.56653087

Isn’t min maxing the fluff of Nids? Isn’t the entire concept of nid fluff be intergalactic waac?

>> No.56653091

I know, it's a shame, the game and hobby were far better back then.

>> No.56653106

What's the deal with the Primaris marines not having the gene-flaws of the legion bloodlines? Are they going phase the genetically deviant chapters from the game at some point, or are they gonna pull some sorta of hope crushing reveal when the Primaris marines also get down with the sickness when their bloodlines curses/gifts kick in?

>> No.56653125


Each Hive Fleet is unique. When hive fleets encounter each other, they fight it out. There shouldn't be a mixed army of hive fleets.

>> No.56653126


>> No.56653140

they can have whatever flaws their gene-sire has/had but geneseed flaws, not yet

>> No.56653147

>Hey HiveMind, you know how that other Hive Fleet has guys that run super fast?
>Well yes my Hive Tyrant, I do
>You know how our guys don't run as fast, but if we stand still we can shoot
>Yes, that's how I make you.
>Well...what if we made our killy guys fast, and our shooty guys better at shooting?
>no, that's fucking stupid
>but I just thought it would make it easier to eat wor-
>no, shut up, go jump into the digestion pool. You're getting harvested for biomass for being such an idiot.

>> No.56653156

I thought hive fleets were just tentacles of a big tyranid galaxy

>> No.56653158


>> No.56653171

It's not about wounding MEQ better.
It's about wounding Land Raiders and big monsters on 4+.

>> No.56653179

>Two hive splinters encounter one another
>battle it out
>each constantly evolving, fine tuning their Fleet-Specific strategy
>Hive Minds learn from each other
>Biomass absorbed
>in the end, one Hive Fleet absorbs the other
>can't figure out how to make Carnifexes who can shoot better while standing still, or Raveners who can dig a tunnel for other Tyranids


>> No.56653194

And this prevents absorbing adaptations because?

>> No.56653196

they don't "make" their guys faster or shootier. it's just whatever tactics your hive fleet prefers. one hive fleet has learned that even its shooty units need to be able to get quickly into combat and that's how the hive fleet works on the field

>> No.56653197


>> No.56653204

Hydra's whole shtick is eating the older hive fleets. Do you see that being represented in its rules? Do you see it having the rules of other hive fleets? No, because GW knew that would be scummy.

Fucking WAACfags.

>> No.56653207

>muh excuses
>muh fluff
>still mixes fleets like a dakkafag

When the fleets contact each other they attempt to assimilate all the genetic knowledge of the other and in the end one eats the other and pools both fleets' knowledge

>> No.56653208


>> No.56653211

Guard-cucks pretending to be Nidbros need to leave.

>> No.56653219

The inferior adaptations lost and so they get discarded.

>> No.56653220


I was asking for source on the gif

>> No.56653222

>in the end one eats the other and pools both fleets' knowledge

>but mixing fleets is a bad thing


>> No.56653234

>fluff justification to waac and pretend it's a fluffy army

What did he mean by this?

>> No.56653241

Isn’t the entire point of Nids to adapt to the current situation?

>> No.56653247

only if they're losing or not getting shit done

>> No.56653249

Is there a known new place for all the new BL book uploads? Kickass was the spot for a while but once that died its been hit and miss in megas.

>> No.56653250

The krieg Quartermaster looks awesome.
However, does it have any interest rules-wise ?

>> No.56653251

This is a great point. I'll stick to one Hive Fleet unless I'm waacfagging in a tournament.

Th-thanks for showing me that I was being a faggot.

I've been trolling for the last 5 posts desu, I would go longer but it's 2300 where I live so I'm about to hit the hay.

>> No.56653254

Sooo min maxing to win in case the general strategy does not work

>> No.56653255

>the "I was merely pretending/just a prank bro" retort before running away to fap to Kerrigan porn

>> No.56653258

Your head cannon isnt.

The hive fleets are distinct because they havent mixed and assimilated. Mixing them is low class.

>> No.56653264

Is it unfair to kind of prefer when lore *isn't* fleshed out?
I was reading about a bit and I got to thinking on how the thunder warriors are in this perfect space where you know just enough, but there's still enough unanswered and vague to where it really makes you wonder.
A lot of people seem to prefer hard canon but I kind of like that sort of more legendary-ish lore, where there's a lot of maybes and possiblies.

>> No.56653277

I thought the only reason colour coded rules exist was to add variety to your dudes.

>> No.56653292

>SoB only has like 5 models and they're all fucking great
>It's nearly impossible to build a list that can't table a guard army in a normal length game
>No strategy required other than "move forward, shoot things"
Is this what it was like playing Tau in 6th/7th?

>> No.56653296

>implying I don't exclusively fap to tyranid-on-sob porn

>> No.56653313

No, because you can actually buy Tau plastic models.

>> No.56653320

post the shopped version, for the lulz

>> No.56653331

sob have quite a few models but many of them are not available anymore

>> No.56653333

Brigade Detachment +9CP

Legion: World Eaters

+ HQ +

Dark Apostle: Brass Collar of Borghaster, Mark of Khorne, Plasma pistol, Power maul

Exalted Champion: Mark of Khorne, Plasma pistol, Power maul, The Black Mace

Warpsmith: Bolt pistol, Flamer, Mark of Khorne, Meltagun, Power axe

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists: 10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Chaos Cultists: 10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Chaos Cultists: 9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

+ Elites +

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

+ Heavy Support +

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

>> No.56653335

>Implying I didn't just glue Immolator heads onto my Space Marines so I can waac without having to bother with synergy and shit

>> No.56653355

Thoughts on my 2000pt list? Sorry for shit format

>> No.56653356

Brigade Detachment +9CP

Legion: World Eaters

+ HQ +

Dark Apostle: Brass Collar of Borghaster, Mark of Khorne, Plasma pistol, Power maul

Exalted Champion: Mark of Khorne, Plasma pistol, Power maul, The Black Mace

Warpsmith: Bolt pistol, Flamer, Mark of Khorne, Meltagun, Power axe

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists: 10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Chaos Cultists: 10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Chaos Cultists: 9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun, Mark of Khorne
. Cultist Champion: Autogun

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

Khorne Berzerkers: Icon of Wrath
. Berzerker Champion: Chainaxe, Plasma pistol
. 7x Chainaxe and bolt pistol: 7x Chainaxe

+ Elites +

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

Helbrute: Mark of Khorne, Missile launcher, Twin lascannon

+ Fast Attack +

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Spawn: Chaos Spawn, Mark of Khorne

+ Heavy Support +

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

Havocs: Mark of Khorne
. Aspiring Champion: Boltgun, Chainsword
. 3x Havoc w/ boltgun
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher
. Havoc w/ heavy weapon: Missile launcher

+ Dedicated Transport +

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

Chaos Rhino: Combi-bolter, Combi-flamer, Mark of Khorne

>> No.56653361

Deathwatch codex when?

>> No.56653370

You disgust me even more than the ponyfags.
Wait... how many Immolator did you buy? Or recast for that matter

>> No.56653397

wonder if they will have a lot of loyalty...

>> No.56653405

>75 fenrisiasn wolves
nigger what

>> No.56653410

>not just buying one immolator and then cloning as many heads as you need from your newly made moulds of said heads
wasn't the dogfest a thing at one point in 7th

>> No.56653420

Well, he'd just be a normal medic, wouldn't he?

>> No.56653432

There should be a Sisters order where its just a bunch of cloned Sucys with modified flamers that spew acid or something.

>> No.56653434


>> No.56653452

>the bayonet

>> No.56653453


>> No.56653460

Using marine bodies.
At least use SoS have some dignity

>> No.56653465

>three identical units and three identical units and three identical units and three identical units and three identical units...
>not even a lord to act as a center piece
Considering your cultists would be strength 4 with 3 attacks on the charge and you most likely want to tie ranged units up in combat to stop them shooting you, why not close combat weapons?

>> No.56653468



>> No.56653475

thank you anon.

>> No.56653481

One Helbrute for Fire Frenzy is enough.
3 Helbrutes are a waste for a bloodfag, you want to get into melee.

>> No.56653497

Cultists are to hold objectives

>> No.56653499

That's not really that lovecraftian. The entire point of his works was that the monsters put humanity into a context in which absolutely nothing they did ever mattered, or that they only mattered as pawns of even greater uncaring creatures which saw them as too low to even give conscious thought to

>> No.56653503 [SPOILER] 

New Sister unit sighted, they are really going with the 'Every army needs a big model' thing.

>> No.56653511

>Not making your army to have equally sized units that are identical in every way
I can't stand armies that are a hodge podge of shit. If your 5 man squad of Terminators has a specific gear layout ALL your Terminators should have it, it's gross otherwise.

>> No.56653524

Isn’t Celestine the center piece model?

>> No.56653531

>tfw type 1 diabetic diagnosed about 7 months ago
>tfw might be developing celiac as well
t-thanks papa

>> No.56653534

Not a fan of missile launchers on your Havocs. Lascannons pls.

Please GW release plastic Havocs ffs.

>> No.56653535


>> No.56653537


>> No.56653543

>an insertion unit of elite warriors cannot fulfill different roles
That makes no sense in game or real life.
Do you think modern armies churn out identical soldiers as well? No they don't they all have specialized gear within units to deal with different threats.

>> No.56653552


>> No.56653553

>7 months ago
You're already dead anon

>> No.56653592

Kraken Battalion


Hive Tyrant w/ Wings, Relic Monstrous Rending Claws, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, 2x Devourers
193 pts



20x Genestealers

20x Genestealers

30x Termagants, 10 Devourers, 20 Fleshborers

5x Warriors, Bone Swords, Deathspitters

1130 pts

Kronos Spearhead




6x Hive Guard, Impaler Cannon

-Heavy Support-

Thornback, 2x Deathspitters, Monstrous Scything Talons, Enhanced Senses, Chitin Thorns

Thornback, 2x Deathspitters, Monstrous Scything Talons, Enhanced Senses, Chitin Thorns

Exocrene, Bioplasmic Cannon


Total 2000pts
Keep in mind only WAAC fags mix fleets and I intend to win this tournament

>> No.56653593

>Ranged Bloodfag Army

>> No.56653594


>> No.56653610

Where the fuck do you put toxin sacs and adrenal glands?

>> No.56653613

Are the any AdMech players who aren't riding the MarsCawl or Stygies train? If so, what is your list like? Your focus?

>> No.56653617

I'll put deez sacs on u

>> No.56653626

memes aside, the doctor told me i was probably diabetic for almost a year, but a combination of my shitty diet, and preparing for the army (which i didnt get to do, because i got diagnosed with fucking diabetes during my physical) kept me from noticing, when i got diagnosed i had a blood sugar of 650, for reference a healthy blood sugar is 90, and a really high blood sugar is 250.

>> No.56653628

So the C'tan and Chaos Gods count as lovercraftian?

>> No.56653639

Chaos gods are too definite imo, with lovecraft its all about the fear of the unknown

>> No.56653643

For extra charge range and more damage?

>> No.56653667

C'tan are absolutely lovecraftian. Chaos Gods are kind of lovecraftian, but only from an in universe standpoint. We know too much about them as outside observers

>> No.56653677

where not why, doofus

>> No.56653690

I understand why and what they do, I'm saying where do your normally actually place them on the model? Specifically the toxin sacs.

>> No.56653701

Usually on the chest, or on the head, or neck.

/tg/ Imperial Fists or Black Templars?

>> No.56653703

I need ranged anti tank since my friend is a guardfag

>> No.56653705

Oh wow, Jesus. Hope things go better for you.

>> No.56653709

Celestial Lions

>> No.56653719


Sacs goes on the front part of the limb. Just under the hand if it were a human arm.
Adrenal gland goes on the back on some models (like the carnifex, they have a slot for it on the exchangeable part of the carapace) or on the chest area. I usually put them on the lower part of the shoulder on the monsters, using slightly smaller ones but two instead

>> No.56653727

Fires of Cyraxus coming soonTM


>> No.56653728

IG, Admech or SoB
Trust me. As an old marinefag I regret spending time and money on marines.

>> No.56653746

>Advising someone to start an SoB army with plastic minis just over the horizon

>> No.56653747

>lower part of the shoulder
The upper part of the uppest part of the talons for example. English is hard.
Where all the male sluts put their tattoos.

>> No.56653751

dont get my hopes up anon.

>> No.56653753

Why lie?
My children will be die of old age before SoB get a proper plastic release

>> No.56653761


Post the picture, Warhammer community doesn't load pictures for me anymore as of about two weeks ago for some reason.

>> No.56653763

Ah, I see.

I could work, but playing the ranged game against a player that excel in ranged, I don't think it's a great idea.

I would personally go all in in melee and force him to play on your conditions, not viceversa.

>> No.56653767

How would a mixed nurgle and tzeentch list turn out?

>> No.56653772

I feel like we're not that far away from getting some plastic for them, considering how nu!GW is doing things and how its expanding
Not necessarily over the horizon but not decades away either

>> No.56653777

Whats wrong with Marines? They're the best supported faction, never weak, plenty of variety in units.

>> No.56653787

I don’t like the shining gold armor. Metallics are hard. I hadn’t considered other successors though.

I would play SoB in an instant if they got a full plastic line. But, I decided on Marines over Nids. Was going to play them, and then I heard about 8th edition’s launch in a few months, so I held off buying anything. Now that it’s dropped I’m backing away from Nids to try and avoid bandwagoning.

>> No.56653789

Do astropath dudes get pyschic maelstorm?

seems pretty frikin strong, its not even nearest.

>> No.56653790


We should have, in the age of admech, Harlies and Genecults, but honestly the window might have passed. We're already back to normie armies like ultramarines and deathguard.

>> No.56653795

I recently purchased a Leviathan Dreadnought before reading the rules for it.

Am I missing something, or is this thing hideously undercosted? Will running this thing make me a WAAC fag?

I'm almost thinking about painting some normal units for gaming, and paint the Leviathan later, for a painting competition instead.

>> No.56653797

Gotcha, thank you. And do you put a sac on each limb or just one to signify it has toxin?

>> No.56653816

They got boring super fast.
Even with new stuff almost every year. They are bland.

This comes from a guy that has been playing since 2nd. With multiple armies.

>> No.56653818

They'll cycle back around though. I think most if not all armies have gotten new units in either model or rules form if they have suitable models already. seeing as both Angel codices are coming out with their own lieutenants and the Talons/Imperial Agents codex will probably be released alongside the new Captain-General Custard mini tells me that the other factions should get new stuff too, in the form of at least one unit
I imagine that GSC for example will get Aberrants in their own separate box, etc

>> No.56653830

The grav gun got its price tripled or some shit in CA. It's probably still worth it to use, though. Or one and the melta lance, maybe?

>> No.56653831

I put them on two. On the ones closest to the head (the upper ones on Tyrant, front ones on Carnifex)
After a while you'll have dozens of them so I see no real reason to just use one.

>> No.56653834

Up to you.

>> No.56653836

After the point drops, are the Harliqeun Carass and Kiss viable options now?

>> No.56653842

At least guardfags cried about it being WAAC since the Gravflux gun fucks infantry hordes in the bumbum
Its getting point increases in CA I think, so it should at least be less WAAC after that

>> No.56653865

I have a can of macragge blue spray.
What scheme could I paint with it other than Smurfs?

>> No.56653866


Fists or Templars anon here. Ive been playing since early days of 3rd. Started at Catachans, then moved to Eldar when 4th dropped. Didn’t stay with them long though, and I switched to Orks. The last two and a half years or so I’ve been playing Nurgle Renegades and Heretics with daemons, and I was super hyped for all the new DG stuff, but I’m just not feeling chaotic anymore.

Thought I would try going back to my roots as a loyalist. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

>> No.56653876

I've never played a xenos faction before but I want to pick up eldar for aesthetic reasons. After some very light reading I'm thinking something like
Farseer w/Mind War+Executioner
Wraithguard (Scythes)
Wraithguard (Cannons)
Wraithblades (Swords)
Spiritseer w/Embolden
Wraithlord x3 (dunno what weapons)
[Air Wing]
Hemlock x3 (1 Horrify 1 Jinx 1 Reveal)

I'm just kinda making a wraith soup, because those are the models that appeal to me. I'm sure some transports wouldn't hurt but this is the earliest possible stage of planning what I want.

I really like the idea of fucking up characters with morale bombs (-2 Mindshock Pods, -1 Horrify, Embolden'd Farseer uses mind war for a fun game of Ld 12 vs Ld~6 with mortal wounds on the line) Could even get a wraithseer involved for another -1 to the enemy morale using Foreboding.

Any thoughts or advice?

>> No.56653879

Only 15pt increase

>> No.56653885

Storm Wardens

>> No.56653893

>for aesthetic reasons
uh huh.

>> No.56653895

You're going to be bombarded by people shitting on Wraithlords the second they notice this post so prepare for that, I guess

>> No.56653899

Nidzilla is fun to play, but prepare for a crowded Heavy Support slot. Carnifexes, Trygons, Tyrannofexes, Exocrines...if you're willing to dip into medium size nids, Biovores. All of these are heavy support, and good choices too.

>> No.56653902

Unless you really enjoy painting yellow or black. Try something else

T3 master race is thing

>> No.56653920

>Crowded heavy
It only costs you 70 points to gain 3 extra heavy slots anon.
Carnifexes goes in groups of 3. You can comfortably field 1300-1500 points in one spearhead.

>> No.56653922

Blood Angels Primaris have the Red Thirst and SW have the Canis Helix. They're still there because Cawl didn't mess with the Emp's design.

>> No.56653935

I think it was only a couple of White Dwarfs back that GW said they were getting flak for lack of female characters, and they said they have stuff planned but it was a long way off.

I mean they were probably talking about House Escher or just trying to placate feminists with empty promises... but new sisters aren't out of the question.

>> No.56653938


>> No.56653939


>Leviathan undercosted

The frame? God no. It's pretty much right on point for such a heavy model: Expensive enough to make you a little hesitant to take one, but still at a point where you can get good return if you do. It'll either last most of the game or tank the entire opposing army's shooting for a turn and earn it's pay as a distraction.

Was the Grav-flux bombard undercosted? Hell yes, I ripped a Wraithknight to it's knees with one flux the first time I fielded it, left it easy pickings.

>> No.56653942

Looks great. Thanks anon.

>> No.56653951

new battlesuit but for the imperium

>> No.56653954

I'm getting fucking pissed off with pinterest always popping up when I'm looking for conversion ideas.

>> No.56653956

3 years at least, anon. They said they want to do plastic sisters but didnt mention if it was in the current production cycle ( Games Workshop's cycle is 3 years starting from design and ending in production)

>> No.56653960


Dunno what to think about this. I want to get my hopes up for admech support, but it looks like part of a terrain piece.

>> No.56654006


New rubit for Ad Mech? They have a lot of cool shit as it is but that's fine with me.

>> No.56654011

Scenery or more marine related crap

>> No.56654014

Look man, I've painted a lot of orks and chaos. I just wanna paint something clean and shiny and those smooth-ass constructs are just what I need.
Are wraithlords that bad? Or are they overpowered?

>> No.56654018

I wonder what Tau model THIS ONE will be ripping off.

>> No.56654019

Plastic Sisters next year. I'm actually believing it this time.

>> No.56654024

Probably some new scenery to go with Necromunda

>> No.56654027

Those people on here figure they're bad, usually. From the looks of your list it includes a few of the SC! boxes so if you're getting those for the Wraithguard etc. I'd say give it a shot

>> No.56654030

This group certainly is interesting.

>> No.56654035

>$40 for Easy Build trio of terminators

Oh no I hope this means the easy build aggressors aren’t $40 too

>> No.56654040

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using this model for Celestine?

>> No.56654041

yawn, uninteresting and tldr; stop trying to incite shitposting because thats all this will cause

>> No.56654045


>> No.56654046

>Dominion melta death squad + Repressor
249 points
5 melta attacks
Heavy Flamer
4 boltgun attacks
46+2d6" threat range
>Seraphim squad
103 points
4 melta attacks
16 boltgun attacks
30" threat range

Why does anyone use Dominions? For more than double the points you're trading 12 S4 AP0 attacks for 3.5 S5 AP-1 attacks and one extra melta shot. Plus, the Seraphim are probably more survivable since they can charge something after shooting, while the Dominions have to sit there and get their shit wrecked.

>> No.56654051

It's a fucking dude

>> No.56654057


Lol no, average is 5 mortal wounds with protector protocols dakkastelans + wrath of Mars

>> No.56654058

Would being a servant of Nurgle be so bad? You get to chill with the chillest Chaos god, feel no pain, live forever and all you have to do is put up with a few rashes. Seems like a good deal.

>> No.56654059


No one gives a shit.

>> No.56654060

>using celestine

>> No.56654066

If you dont think it's relevant I'd point you to the video game industry circa "gamergate" and the current Hollywood goings on. Wasn't there also something about MTG recently as well?

>> No.56654068

I can greenstuff some boobs onto it

>> No.56654071


>> No.56654073

Oh no a niche group on facebook, whatever will we do? Please save us /r/the_donald

>> No.56654079

trio of terminators and a lord
Aggressors were shown to be 25 eurobucks I think, so whatever that is in burgers. I think a normal box of aggressors is 40 europoors

>> No.56654080

>His Chapter Master isn't even 1500 years old

>> No.56654102

Atlas doesn't conflict with the tech priest heal. So 2d3 healing per turn if you want to keep a baneblade or bigmach alive

>> No.56654114

I don't think I have that much faith in your Greenstuff-fu
Are Space Marines functionally immortal due to not aging like Custodes or nah
I think Space Marines age

>> No.56654116

Space Marines living for hundreds of years is some dumb as fuck lore. Doubly so when for a large portion of that time they're throwing themselves into incredibly risky battles. How the fuck does someone survive over 1000 years in those circumstances?

>> No.56654117

Lean on me

>> No.56654122

24” movement with AoF 30” with Inferno Pistols
24”+2D6” movement without AoF and 36”+2D6” range on top of being inside a Lamen Russ with shooting and anti infantry. Along with always being avail to shoot regardless of what happens to the vehicle
Tank dies and you still have 18”+D6” range

>> No.56654124


>fat nerds try to cause shit for other fat nerds
>other fat nerds retaliate by doing a bit of the same thing back
>fat nerds blown the fuck out, start crying and raging on shitty facebook group nobody cares about
>other fat nerds declare glorious victory on shitty youtube channel

Same old usual drama shit.

>> No.56654131

it's just another marines die to a lasgun vs. marines literally can't die argument

>> No.56654133

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654146

1500 years is an incredibly old age for a Marine. Dante is a living legend for this feat.

>> No.56654153


I'd certainly like to think that the case but I'm mildly concerned as recent history has shown it isn't. No one really cared then either until various issues gained traction and that's where the actual shitstorm started, especially in the modern "being offended and ruining lives" culture. I just want to play with my plastic dudes but I think it'd be remis to not be aware.

>> No.56654154


>> No.56654160

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654162

I'll give you a peck on the cheek if you're not careful, snookums

>> No.56654165


>> No.56654166

I wouldn't. Looks cool as hell

>> No.56654180


>> No.56654192

Space Marines can become centuries old without issue, but I think it does eventually affect their physical prowess. Don't think that any SM has survived long enough to die from natural causes though.

>> No.56654197

>implying Celestine is not
Have you seen that face?

>> No.56654211


I'd have a problem with you using that model as the Celestant Prime, it's a fucking ridiculous overpriced clampack on a swirly energy scenic base.

>> No.56654214

Celestine's sculpt is 10/10 my dudess

>> No.56654222

>being this fragile

>> No.56654223

Yeah it's a good sculpt.
It's just not of a woman

>> No.56654228

I have some great friends /tg/. They got me this to counts-as a Knight for my AdMech. Gonna get some different arms for it since they are interchangeable and I want to run it as a Cerastus Lancer.

>> No.56654231

yeah real hilarious

>> No.56654233

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654235

stop insulting my (future) wife

>> No.56654237

3 foot range vs 6 foot range is pointless, both can hit the entire table. Besides, it's a lot easier to defeat the Dominions' gimmick since they can't end their redeploy move within 9" of an enemy model. And Seraphim are actually pretty okay in a fight, while the Dominions are going to get stomped in the assault right after their transport gets nuked.

>> No.56654239

For the Wraith theme, drop a Wraithlord for a Wraithseer. The Spiritseer is better with +1/-1 saves or just Smiting stuff

>> No.56654243

>I just want to play with my plastic dudes
Then play with them. That facebook group and all the crazies on tumblr and twitter aren't going to stop you from playing with them.

>> No.56654245


A staff member at my local GW was trying to turn the Celestant prime into Lorgar because he didn't like the official model.

I didn't see his end result, but I can't imagine it turned out great given the base model.

>> No.56654248


>> No.56654259

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654276

Has he only got rear legs?
How he hell does he achieve anything

>> No.56654278


You know I never really paid much attention to the Harridan model until I saw it at Warhammer world.

It's fucking awesome, shame about the low powered rules for it.

>> No.56654290

>tfw I want to glue this guy's wings and a shortened bobby boy's sword to Celestine
I should probably just kill myself before I ruin three models.

>> No.56654291

by shooting and transporting gargoyles?

>> No.56654296

it transports gargoyles

>> No.56654300

Still waiting for an errata for the Vanquisher Cannon.

>YWN wound vehicles on 2s

>> No.56654301

Melta range rule is the difference. With Dominions you can reliably get withing 6”
While with Seraphims getting within 3” is harder.

Also 12”+D6” before first turn. Will get you close enough without needing AoF witch you can only get for 1 units, 2 with Celestine. Any other Seraphim squad will need 4+ lucky roll.
While Dominions will get their alpha strike every game.

I use both, Seraphims is the clean up crew for Dominions. Hence why every decent SoB player runs 3 Dominions and 1-2 Seraphims

>> No.56654302

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654307

>literal fucking city bus

>> No.56654310


Well he has to land at some point doesn't he?
All I can see is him trying to land, stumbling forward a few steps and eating the deck

>> No.56654311

>that kid who ripped a fucking loud fart at the table

>> No.56654320

Give it a shot, could work out nice.

>> No.56654323

I have to run 3 arc destroyers. People in my meta are Waac faggots and hide changing behind terrain meaning if I actually want to do mortal wounds to magus I need that plus one to cancel out minus one bullshit.

>> No.56654324

nah, I guess it just flies around then dive bombs into the biomass pools to be reabsorbed once it's job is done

>> No.56654332

>tfw yawn and accidentally let out a loud guttural burp at the same time
feels bad man

>> No.56654343

So who's ready for flying dreadnoughts?

>> No.56654344

>not being a girl, so you can get away this this kind of shit, passing it off as 'cute'
get on my level sempai

>> No.56654346

Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654353


Found the virgin

>> No.56654354

fuck you faggot I'm cute as fuck, meet me outside

>> No.56654357

>what was 5th?
come on newfags, get gud

>> No.56654359

i've been ready for years, newbro

>> No.56654378

so are you going to go through every model with wings on it or what

>> No.56654379

I would.

Even though using a larger-than-normal model is the way to go for a proxy, Magnus is HUGE compared to Celestine. You're literally running a LoW model as an HQ.

>> No.56654385

maybe even some without wings

>> No.56654387

>he thinks fembums dont pass gas
u wot m8, ill fite u

Only if you have a feminin penis

>> No.56654389

>Sperging out this hard
Calm your autism

>> No.56654392

alright well I look forward to it

>> No.56654403

>Not taking 12 Seraphim squads and 10 Imagifiers
It's like you don't even want to WAAC.

>> No.56654420


>t. sperg triggered by conversions

>> No.56654427

you aint seen one this feminine in your life, shitstain. After school at Ralph's parking lot, you're dead you little shit

>> No.56654434

Considering you can see clear through it, it's probably terrain. That or GW has some really weird AdMech models lined up.

>> No.56654435

Starting a new army for 8E. Which is better this edition: Drew Carey (possibly with Harlies but no Craftworlders) or Mono-Khorne (daemon and CSM)?

>> No.56654441

Deldar. Go fast, my kin

>> No.56654452

DE are shit

>> No.56654457

>rolls nothing but 1s, 2s and 3s
>Repressors Dominion master race getting Alpha Strike every game

Virgin Seraphims vs Chad Dominions

>> No.56654460

If you are doing that at least go fem magnus

>> No.56654462

>he doesnt play the game

>> No.56654463

Making Hammerheads look less mediocre by comparison.

>> No.56654464

We know for pretty certain it affects their mental state. Even Dante only keeps going because of a prophecy he believes he's a part of. Then there's dreads like Bjorn who are varying levels of senile depending on who's writting at the time.

>> No.56654476

Playing against admech tomorrow, feat. a knight. What do you think?

Emperor's COBRAs
104 PL, 1995pts
Battalion Detachment
Company Commander
>KUROV’S AQUILA, Plasma pistol, Power sword
Tank Commander
>Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, Lascannon
Command Battle Tank
Battle Cannon, Hunter-Killer Missile

Infantry Squad
>6x Guardsman
>Guardsman W/ Flamer
>Heavy Weapon Team / Heavy bolter
>Sergeant / Boltgun

Infantry Squad
>6x Guardsman
>Guardsman W/ Flamer
>Heavy Weapon Team / Heavy bolter
>Sergeant / Boltgun

Infantry Squad
>8x Guardsman
Guardsman W/ Meltagun
Sergeant / Boltgun

Command Squad
4x Veteran w/ Plasma gun

Heavy Support
Heavy Weapons Squad
>Heavy Weapon Teamx3 / Lascannon

Leman Russ Battle Tanks
>Leman Russ Battle Tankx2
>Battle Cannon, Heavy Bolters, Heavy Stubber, Hunter-Killer Missile, Lascannon

>Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber

Dedicated Transport
>Dozer blade, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Flamer, Heavy Stubber, Hunter-Killer Missile

Vanguard Detachment +1CP (Imperium)
Astra Millitarum/Imperium
Lord Commissar
>Plasma pistol, Power sword

>Night Shroud, Telepathica Stave

Master of Ordnance

Platoon Commander
>Boltgun, Power sword
Tech-Priest Enginseer

Callidus Assassin

Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment (Imperium - Astra Militarum)

>Autocannon, Demolisher cannon, Hunter-killer missile, Storm Bolter, Twin heavy bolter
>2 Lascannon & Twin Heavy Bolter Sponsons

>General strategy: keep the baneblade back at range with the russes and enginseer. Melta guard squad goes with platoon commander in chimera. Flamer squads get consolidated into one, stay with commissar and company commander. Wyvern gets tucked in a corner with as much cover as possible

>> No.56654477

He uses the claws as landing skids, like a small helicopter or a GW Tau flyer.

>> No.56654484

>Rolls nothing but 1s, 2s, and 3s
>It doesn't matter which unit he chose because Dominions would have missed every shot after advancing anyway

>> No.56654497

>jerking lotion next to the model table

>> No.56654504

Baneblade won't benefit from regimental doctrine (in fact it won't get a regiment at all). Don't see any way around that save shilling out the points to upgrade all three tanks to Commanders and making an armored SupCom detachment.

Otherwise looks pretty good.

>> No.56654509 [SPOILER] 

The Codex will fix Tau and make us good again. Right? Right?

>> No.56654515

4+ to maybe move 24” is not something you can relay on. Specially vs always getting your 24”
Since you with SoB after turn 1 the game will last till turn 3 at most

>> No.56654524

yeah, I'm aware. Right now I'm lacking the models for some more company commanders(I think my next ones will be Tomax and Xamot), and it feels kinda WAAC to run 3 tank commanders with no actual other tanks other than the baneblade.

I'm happy to bite the bullet and just not have the ignoring -1 ap on the baneblade for now.

>> No.56654537

Why not? it's on its own detachment

>> No.56654538

I want to into airbrush, and found it I have an Iwata Neo coming for Xmas, any good sources for learning? Also, how is the Vallejo game air line?

>> No.56654550

Would rape

>> No.56654554

Super heavy auxiliary is explicitly excluded from getting doctrines.

>> No.56654566

7 Seraphim squads on average will be able to shoot things up to 30" away, the other 5 can hit things up to 18" away. Even if he backfields his entire army, 7 units melta-fucked and 7 units assaulted means he's not going to be hitting back very hard at all.

>> No.56654580

Is it? damn, I thought it was only the auxiliary detachment with the -1cp

>> No.56654584


Do you guys think the neckbeards would have a problem with me using a model of this for Celestine?

>> No.56654590

Yeah, this is probably because they realized that Catachan doctrine on a Baneblade is MEAN.

Of course you can just take 3 primaris Psykers and call it a day. Stack nightshroud and psychic barrier on your Baneblade while it rerolls shot dice all day.

>> No.56654594

Okay so I wanna do me a SW dreadnought list please give the help.

I definitely wanna get Bjorn but here's what I got so far:
>axe and shield dread
>old metal dread with las/missile launcher
>2 shitty BaC contemptors
>dual grav leviathan dread

What next?

>> No.56654596

fuck you. Don't be a waac faggot trying to counts-as that model.

>> No.56654601

Yes. She needs a shower curtain.

>> No.56654608

0/10 worst suggestion yet

>> No.56654610

Or you could have Dominions in Repressor and for your opponent to waste shooting from the survivors to take down T8 W12 Sv3+6++ and then shoot down the candy.

Again spamming a single unit is stupid. You need 2:1 ratio of Dominions and Seraphims. To cover up the holes the other fuck up

>> No.56654613


First post takes it. I always liked the chapter about them in Tactica Imperialis. Cheers!

>> No.56654618

>being this much of a model for advantage WAACfag
>not using the proper model

>> No.56654631

>and then shoot down the candy.
He doesn't need to shoot them, though. He can just assault them; they'll die to grots.

>> No.56654645

Regular space marines with pure geneseeds live to be centuries old, but not millenia. They tend to either die or go insane before old age begins to hinder them, though. There's also the state of suspended animations most space marines can enter which allows a space marine to let time pass without aging, essentially, though they're obviously in a comatose state the entire time.
Blood angels appear to be especially long-lived due to their mutated geneseed, but due to their black rage, the insanity rule applies doubly. Finally, once a space marine is interred in a dreadnought, his lifespan is as long as his mechanical sarcophagus is maintained. Bjorn is insanely old, and while some writers depict him as senile, he's still competent enough a lot of the time.

>> No.56654651

Haven't played since 5th, I think, maybe I'll try and get back into 8th
I dont have the dosh to buy new stuff though, but I've got
>40+ chaos marines
>1 land raider
>fuckload of sorcerers
>1 termie lord
>5-10 termies
>1 vindicator
>1 defiler
>2 rhinos/razorback
>possibly bikes / jetpack marines that I can repaint as traitors
>1 Khorne blood slaughterer (counts as dreadnought or defiler, I suppose) if I ever manage to finish painting it
Would this be enough to build a good list ? What are the pitfalls and advantages of Chaos in 8e ? Any and all advice welcome
I used to play Iron warriors with 4 squads of 10, each with the mark of a different god, but I don't know how valid that is now.

>> No.56654652

>implying there would be grots left after a Repressor charge

>> No.56654660

also imperial fists CAN'T get put into suspended animation.

>> No.56654676

Get the CSM codex from the mega and the rules
You can use the blood slaughterer, FW is fine outside of a few units (and most of those are getting hit by a big nerf in 4 days). You will need to buy a few cultists to have cheap shit sitting on objectives, but that's it, most of your stuff is decent

>> No.56654681

Implying the Dominions will be able to kill anything of value when the table is screened with grots

>> No.56654682

>storing brushes standing up

>> No.56654688


>Okay so I wanna do me a SW dreadnought list please give the help.

>I definitely wanna get Bjorn but here's what I got so far:
>axe and shield dread
>old metal dread with las/missile launcher
>2 shitty BaC contemptors
>dual grav leviathan dread

>What next?

You're uh, not off to a great start there mate.

>> No.56654691

>implying Seraphims could

>> No.56654693

honestly i like this much more.

>> No.56654702

What's the alternative

>> No.56654724


>> No.56654729


>> No.56654739


>> No.56654741


>> No.56654749


Upside down, bristles pressed against the bottom of the jar.

>> No.56654757


>> No.56654761

this. the pressure exerted on the bristles casues them to become stronger leading to a everlasting point

>> No.56654764



>> No.56654776


Personally, I prefer to keep them in my shield with my guns.

>> No.56654783

no machine god?

>> No.56654790

Slaanesh is cute! Cute!

>> No.56654797

Thanks dude
Know of any miniature brands that make good cultists for cheap ?

>> No.56654818

>dont stop me
Building libby dreads for this exact purpose

>> No.56654859

Why is their geneseed so shit?
They also have crazy high rejection rates during implantation.

>> No.56654955

He's already on there.

>> No.56655083

There are old as fuck marines and dreads. They key is suspended animation

Some space sharks are old as fuck because traveling tovthe outer dark takes a loooong time. Easy to live long when youre basically in cryo moat of the time. Same reason why they have heresy era dudes in dreads and old volkite. Its old to us but not to them.

>> No.56655085

I don't think you have enough shooty in the Kronos detachment to make it worth anything. Throw in some hive guard or take two Exocrines or Two TFex. Or at least a 3x unit of Biovores. Also lack of bodies to absorb hits. You're gunna get shot up by other stuff very quickly.

>> No.56655329

If you can get the points back their worth it. That's my opinion

>> No.56655406

Te Kahurangi has not used his tank for centuries though. But the author doesn't seem to be very keen to emphasis on his ahe who's potentially older than Dante anyway.

As you said, unlike Dante, the vast majority of his tile is probably spent wandering in the ship, waiting for stuff to happen.

I do wonder if "Void Sickness" is a real thing though, sounds interesting.

>> No.56655919

Is there a better combo for an IG warlord than Master Strategist and Kurov's Aquila ?

>> No.56656011

>doxed me by posting a private image that was on my public profile

>> No.56656039

have you never seen a bird in your life

>> No.56656282

WHERE CAN I GET IT? (heavy breathing)

>> No.56657510

>battle brother, there's a giant Great Unclean One right behind us, perhaps we should turn around?
>Nonsense brother, keep advancing!

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