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Order Of Operations edition

>Chapter Approved Points Leaks, the tears lmao
>Chapter Approved Strats, Traits, Relics, and Reece Spin

>Daily Duncan

>FAQs, Errata, and Designer Commentary (up to 1.3):

>Rules and such. Use Readium on pc/iphone, lithium/kobo on android:
>Everything 8th edition in properly converted pdf & epub, fully bookmarked and linked with in-line errata annotations

>Other Megas
>Old Black Library Mega

>WIP Math-hammer doc (Thanks Chart-Anon!) recently updated

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Fuck, painting yellow makes me want to kill myself. Thinking about just going hammers of dorn, black templars or homebrewn instead of imperial fists.

Anyone have advice for painting fists?

>> No.56635071

prime yellow

>> No.56635202

Use yellow spray to prime them yellow.

>> No.56635219

Use your tears to thin the paints.

>> No.56635224

So did the Chapter Approved Character Targeting rule update get leaked? I was hoping someone could tell me what exactly changed.

>> No.56635226

Sorry for being a retard, do you spray the minis with gray or black first and then the averland yellow spray?

>> No.56635244

Prime white idjit

I had a stupidly easy time painting yellow last night and I mostly just want to brag about my stupid luck.

>> No.56635248

No, if you're priming them yellow you don't really need a first primer of white, black or grey.

You prime them yellow to fill out all the yellow armour bits, then highlight/wash to taste.

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Does any one do cyber Monday for minis?

>> No.56635274

100 power is roughly 2000 points, isn't it?

>> No.56635296

ROUGHLY. For different armies it can vary massively.

A Gulliman Predator Spam list is 123PL and 1997 pts, while my Scion Spam list is 102PL for 2000 points.

In short, don't use power level like a retarded mongoloid, just use points like a normal person.

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Varies wildly depends on what units you use, its not even roughly

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Sometimes i wish i owned a codex.

>> No.56635310

There is a handy link to download them all in the OP

>> No.56635332

Yeah but I wanna just sit down with the book occasionally.

>> No.56635337

Give or take 250 points.

>> No.56635339

Git gud and print it out?

>> No.56635357

Crimson Fists sounds like what you're looking for. They're almost a palette swap of Imperial Fists with a much easier colour scheme and a cool detail to denote rank.

>> No.56635360

Would PL be too rough for a map campaign?

>> No.56635371

its super bad

>> No.56635372

>go to /v/ and /co/ 40K threads
>people are very hateful towards Abaddon to the point it seems that they are bitter

I have no idea what's their problem with the character. It doesn't help that they can't get his fluff straight too.

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If you're completely fine with armies with access to expensive but powerful wargear optional wargear, like special or heavy weapon upgrades having a dramatic advantage over those that don't.

>> No.56635437

Although you can off-set this if you're just playing among friends and use strict WYSIWYG.

>> No.56635561

What armies would gain benefits or suffer the most?

>> No.56635580

abaddon is very handsome without his giant topknot

>> No.56635602

What do Blood Angels need in their codex to best Black Templars and White Scars as an assault based army?

>> No.56635621

So, I've recently assembled a small army of primaris hellblasters with a pair of leviathans and now all I need to do is paint them. The problem is, which chapter should I go with? I'm even fine with smurfs but I want someone's else opinion on which chapter will be more suitable lore-wise? It seems like even Dark Angels could be a good idea, considering that they're possesing the oldest stuff across all the chapters and yet there are Iron Hands, Salamanders, Blood Angels with their own army of dreadnoughts, almost everyone, maybe with an exception for White Scars.

>> No.56635651

Minotaurs. They're known for rocking sick-as-fuck archeotech.

>> No.56635673

Im thinking of making a guard themed army thats kinda based off the allies im ww2. I got some death korps painted in french guard colors as theyre my frenchies and some anvil industries brodie gladiators painted as british troops influenced a little by the romans for banter. Any recommendations what i should do next

>> No.56635726

got mine on black Friday for 17eurodollars, its not that expensive

>> No.56635996

According to the deal,nobody has asked about it since two days , so I would like to request Rise of the Ynnari Ghost Warrior in pdf form and any of the recently published books if they are available.

>> No.56636095

I hope the BA codex will have some Lamenters fluff
I wish it will
I know it won't

>> No.56636098


Layer up to ushabti bone, glaze with lamenters yellow, highlight with dorn yellow

>> No.56636288

Now that the Fire Raptor dropped by 60 points, is it a good efficient flyer that is worth bringing?

Also concerning it's loadouts: Assuming you don't want to spend 100points on quad lascannons on it, which missiles are better now? Both of the missles are now 30 points. Balefire is 2D3 shots Str5/-1/D3dmg and Hellfire 2 shots Str8/-3/3dmg.
I feel like the weight of fire would be better, but what is your opinion?

>> No.56636418

Custodes HQ incoming

>> No.56636492

So anyone got the devastation of Baal pdf?

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>> No.56636496

Too bad FW won't be porting their custodes stuff to make them a fully fleshed army
I guess they hate money

>> No.56636549

Damn that looks good.

>> No.56636574

I can finally have Captain General Kitten?

>> No.56636580

>people are sick of Sigmarines
>I know, we'll just add a few imperial eagles and call it a "Custodes" ;^)

>> No.56636588

No ba preview?

>> No.56636619

>people are sick of Sigmarines
muh projection, can't imagine being triggered by gold armor

>> No.56636672

this website is for people above the age of 18 bud

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>> No.56636712

That actually sounds like a cool idea. Not sure how hard their chapter will be fucked up by GW in the future, but still.

>> No.56636721

Fire Prism, or Nightspinner?
Vypers with missile launchers, or bright lances?

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>> No.56636759

Play Alpha Legion and paint them as every legion

>> No.56636764

If you can't- just make up your own. Maybe choose a God and go from there.

>> No.56636843

Go with whichever has the best looking models.
Pro tip: It's not World Eaters, Emperor's Children, or Undivided.

>> No.56636900

What do you guys think about these tournament results?


6 of the top 10 are eldar with all of them having 9 shining spears and 9 dark reapers.

>> No.56636945

>Mfw shining Spears are my favorite aspect

>> No.56636976


>What do you guys think about these tournament results?
I think we need an Eldar purge.

>> No.56636978

What CSM units are particularly good in new edition? Particularly for an alpha legion army. Haven't played before and wanted to try them.

Semi related, what's a good color scheme for post heresy alpha legion?

>> No.56636988

if those header pictures are of the actual models those armies must have looked killer

>> No.56637007

>every single list is Alaitoc

>> No.56637026

I don't like the look of spears, any idea of conversions?

>> No.56637042

Where is the purported Chapter Approved Smite nerf?

>M-m-m-muh Frontline Gaming guys are n-never wrong!

>> No.56637044


>> No.56637050

Alaitoc with ynnari for the spears and reapers.

>> No.56637064

Rise of Ynnari ghost warrior share anyone?

>> No.56637073

Blame 1d4chan. Everyone not on /tg/ goes there and assumes what's up there is representative of /tg/ when it's all just memes. And the memes hate Abbadon.

Not to say Abbadon is a good character, he is shit, but he's shit for reasons different from what the memes make of him.

>> No.56637075

Was this before or after the Ynnari nerf?

>> No.56637079

>>M-m-m-muh Frontline Gaming guys are n-never wrong!
Did FLG ever say it was coming? AFAIK, it was always just a rumor coming from unreputable sources.
Also, speaking of FLG, whoever is using the name carnac right now, you're outright wrong about Dakka Dakka Dakka being mathematically worse than a single command reroll to wound. As in, so wrong that there's no way in hell you mathed that out, and you are most definitely talking out of you're ass

>> No.56637086

Disregard i am fucking blind.
Huh i thought that Ynnari were overnerfed and useless now

>> No.56637087

Make your own Warband.
Or choose between the hundreds that already exist.

>> No.56637095

What kind of hateful?
"Fuck ADB and his muh brotherhood" or "armless failed 13 times".

>> No.56637097

To be fair to them, abbadon is a shit charecter and he's only been made worse by ADB's wanking over him with shit like
>muh super special first murder sword that even the emperor can't beat
But to be fair to armless, all of chaos has suffered from ADB wanking them, not just abby.

>> No.56637115

>That nid player
>Kraken, Leviathan, Kronos, Genestealer Cult
He should be shot

>> No.56637132

Necrons are at a huge disadvantage. Armies that are based around expensive unique characters aren't great either.

The things that benefit are things like predators, leman russes, baneblades and similar vehicles, which suddenly can max out their upgrades for free. Likewise, although many tyranid units have either bad or no wargear options, basically everything now has +1 charge range and +1 damage in the fight phase on rolls of 6+ because toxin sacs and adrenal glands are free.

>> No.56637137

Dude mix fleets are totally fluffy and play against.

>> No.56637152

Characters used to have to be the closest enemy unit within LOS, now they just have to be the closest enemy unit.
So like, a squad of guardsmen hidden behind a wall stop you from shooting a commissar out in the open if he's an inch farther away than them.

>> No.56637157

I see the Dreadclaw had a point reduction.
Do you people think they are worthy now?
I was thinking to a quick assault DG list with DP + drones, termy and melee plagues in dreadclaw.
Playing against the type, if you wish.

>> No.56637165

And they are immune to psychic targeting

>> No.56637168

>mixed fleets are fluffy
Fleets literally eat each other on sight. Anyone who racemixes is a traitor.

>> No.56637178

So what do you think?

>> No.56637204

With a small ynarri detachment you are only soulbursting to double shoot with reapers (which is crazy, especially if you have already buffed them with fortune) and then you quicken your 9 spears to get a turn 1 assault (assuming something is within 32"+2d6" of them) You can multi assault two units, kill the first and then use the soulburst to kill the second or you can assault one unit and then GTFO with a 22" move to safety.

I have been playing ynnari harlequins and soulburst on my turn has always been the most important as it is something I can control. I have always been against the msu let your opponent kill your stuff ynnari list. So the nerf hurts but is really not that bad. I am more upset that I can't use the same soulburst mode more than one a turn.

>> No.56637205

Leviathan leaves weak worlds for Kronos but that's an exemption to the rule.

>> No.56637207

How does something like Khorne Berzerkers Blood for the Blood God ability work?

Say a group of Khorne Berzerkers successfully charged a foe and killed it, then consolidated into another enemy unit. Would they then be able to attack the second enemy unit in their second 'fight phase', even though they only charged the first unit?

>> No.56637208

Scans of Gang war when?

>> No.56637209

You get more poxwalkers than you started with.
As in over the limit of units

>> No.56637213

They finally sculpted a decent female face!

And a female model that isnt unbearably THICC either, though that may be an illusion.

>> No.56637214

Kitten gon fuck shit up

>> No.56637221


>> No.56637227

You will find that every list is going to be mixing the best units with the best traits that unit can get. It is so easy to add a detachment for very little cost and I would gladly trade a CP or two for a better trait on some of my units.

>> No.56637230

Yeah they do.
But they never actually occupy the same space at the same time. Kronos arrives after Leviathan has gone away.

>> No.56637241

No. They have to declare the charge against both, even if they did not reach the second unit.

That's the trick here. Therefore, you should think carefully about what you declare about - overwatch isn't too big of an issue so you should be a little bit liberal about declarations.

>> No.56637243

Cant say ive heard pf anyonw using vibrators specifically, but any agitator would work, placing it below the vat of resin and letting it sit for a minute before pouring will help to break down the bubbles, the same goes for the silicon while its curing

>> No.56637257


>> No.56637260

you can only target units in close combat that you charged

same thing if in your situation an enemy character intervened from 3" away into the zerkers. can't hit him

>> No.56637272

That's what I figured, thanks a lot for the clarification!

>> No.56637285

Every time you ask I add 3 days to the time I'm going to share it.

>> No.56637299

How are you guys building your Blightlords?

I have 1 set of 5 with 4 axes and combi bolters, and 1 flail. Its quite cheap.

If I were to get a second set, anything to look out for?

>> No.56637307


before beginning your Journey watch this like a million times:

Once you've acheived a hardon, that would make slaaneshs panties wet, from duncans gloriousness continue as follows:

1.prime corax white THIN


3. once dried drybrush with Hexos palesun

4. Wash with Cassandora Yellow, have it settle in the recesses

5. Paint other colours, details, whatever

6.Highlight the edges with dorn yellow or ushabti bone

7. Fix your mistakes with averland sunset

8. Put a coat of lamenters yellow glaze over everything except metallic & black and white parts.

bask in the glory of what you've acheived while you decorate the basing.

Godspeed Brother!

>> No.56637319

Spray white, casandora yellow all over.

Piece of piss.

>> No.56637323

So who's the next primarch? Russ? The Lion? Resurrected Sanguinius so I can quit this game forever?

>> No.56637327

9 Company Veterans with Plasma Guns and a Lieutenant in a Drop Pod, yay or nay?

>> No.56637339

Prime white.
2 coats vallejo yellow ink.
Highlight dorn yellow.
Dont fuck up on the trim
Shade and weather to taste

>> No.56637348

I think a captain would be better for rerolling 1s on your to hit rolls, otherwise you'll blow yourself up when you overcharge

>> No.56637354

Plasma gets way more mileage out of a Captain than it does an LT. Just bite the bullet and upgrade him if you're going to pull that shit.

>> No.56637361

Brother what are you doing. We do not worship khorne

>> No.56637371

How the fucking fuck do I order Recasts? I've been at this for over 2 hours and I still can't track down a single pissing email address, just some elitist cunts insisting I work for it. This Z guy is apparently good but he's harder to track down than a non-furry Space Wolves player.

>> No.56637379

The Dark Angels are known as for having some pretty old tech. Do you like the rest of the fluff around them?

>> No.56637390

>> No.56637393

Wave serpent with Shuriken cannons, move 16", advance 2d6" with star engines, enemies get -1 to hit now with vectored engines, fire shuriken weapons because they're assault, play fire and fade for another 7" movement after you shoot. Don't die because -1 to hit and serpent shield, next turn drop off 5 wraithblades and a spiritseer into assault range.
Use webway strike to drop a full squad of banshees, re roll the charge because Siam Hann. Infiltrate a squad of scorpions and charge, re rolling because of Siam Hann

>> No.56637394

Replace that Lieutenant with a Capain, try give them stormshield and maybe an Ancient, give the Ancient a banner relic. Shit is just fucking crazy.

>> No.56637397

GW pls go

>> No.56637402

Looks like a man hiding his face with hijab.

>> No.56637408

Source of the image?

>> No.56637412

>Armies that are based around expensive unique characters aren't great either
I ban uniques anyway, instead you have a generic HQ that evolves according to the Horus Heresy character rules.

>> No.56637424

Not that guy, but Dakka is still a trash stratagem in an army where your shooting units often can't even shoot the enemy at all because of the abundance of -X to hit modifiers

>> No.56637443

Now I understand the problem I have with these models.
Is the skin tone. They are livid, like undeads.

>> No.56637451

racist much

>> No.56637454

Add combi-weapons this time for higher point games but the flail is just too useful IMHO, unless you have a plan with sorcerers from CSM.
As John Lennon said, Flail is the answer.

>> No.56637475

Hmm maybe 4 combi-melta with swords this time, and flail?

>> No.56637478

o seriously. And black skin too has something "off". They botched it, along with some weird proportion.
I do wonder if is the computer sculpting in the latter case, or they re chasing Raging Heroes.

>> No.56637479

They live in the underhive. They get no sun.

>> No.56637483

Where the fuck my ba preview

>> No.56637490

It makes sense that one fleet noms another fleet and keeps its useful adaptations.

>> No.56637491

>caring about shitty sparkle marines
Pleb tier taste detected

>> No.56637493

I used swords with mine but they count as "broadsword" (aka Axes).
Axes are just superior most of times. >>56637479
This does not mean that they have to look like they have circulatory system problems

>> No.56637494

4 melee units?

>> No.56637504

They probably do.

>> No.56637508

Has the necromunda rules and fluff been leaked yet?

>> No.56637527

What's the advantage to axes in your mind?

I don't have enough axes to go unfortunately I don't think.

>> No.56637529


Before it seems.

>> No.56637531

Don't bother with shurri cannons just hide behind a building and save the cp

>> No.56637532

Hush you don't even play the game

>> No.56637539

Unit of seven with blight launcher, flail, 5 combi-bolters, 3 axes, and 3 swords. 329 points.

I'm not sure about the effectiveness of these guys but they look cool.


>> No.56637559

Plan on doing this conversion sometime down the road, but first thing first, can anybody tell me what this model is supposed to represent in game? Daemon Prince, Greater Daemon, Helbrute?

>> No.56637565

>329 points
I don't know, 329 pts seem overcost as fuck.

>> No.56637569

whatever you like BUDDY!

>> No.56637572

You dont know me!
i really dont play enough though. Too many life obligations, and all i wanna do is pew pew with plastic spacemen

>> No.56637574

The Frontline Gaming guys ARE never wrong, they're literally the ones who put together the matched play rules changes that went into this book along with the GW team. They never said anything about a Smite nerf, though, that was unsourced rumours from anons.

>> No.56637580

It's clearly a DP. Too organic to be a Contemptor, whose basic proportions it otherwise shares, and too short to be any GD.

>> No.56637583

Dude stop being a total cunt. It exactly because people like you that others think this board is full of spergs. You don't have anything to lose.

>> No.56637606

Stop whining for people to share some shitty pirated book.

>> No.56637607

What is their endgame?

>> No.56637615

Better yet:
1)put shining spears on table
2)move 16" with shining spears
3)cast quicken on shining spears
4)move 16" with shining spears.

1) have second unit of shining spears
2) move 16" with shining spears.
3) cast words of the phoenix on shining spears.
4) move 16" with shining spears.

Shining spears will out damage wraithblades, banshees and scorpions.

>> No.56637622


>> No.56637624

To get back into 40k.

>> No.56637633

i'm turning them into squats counts as imperial fists.

>> No.56637637

Having their corpses eaten by sky skaven.

>> No.56637640

Combi-plas on everyone, every time. Except flail guy.

>> No.56637642

>playing Ynnari

>> No.56637657

>flail being so recommended

Is it that good?

I tried it in a unit in 3 games. First 2 games they mostly just stood back and shot... though I did deploy them badly.

In my third game the flail alone wiped 15 Guardsmen... which isn't that much all things considered, points for points.

>> No.56637660

Why would they nerf Smite anyway? It's a core mechanic that has defined 8th since it came out.

>> No.56637667

So is Sly Marbo plastic or resin? I thought GW was phasing out resin but someone here on /tg/ said he's going to be resin.

>> No.56637669

>how do we get the steampunk soyboys

>> No.56637675

Is GW really expecting me to pay for a single page of relevant content for my army?

>> No.56637678

Read it and weep, soyboy.

>> No.56637680

>playing anything but Ynnari

>> No.56637682

He is made of superior resin

>> No.56637684

>""Brothers, loyalist leader if over there! With all your might, kill the Son of the Emperor!"
>"L-lord, we can't target him!"
>"What? How!? He is right in front of you! Shoot at him!"
>"But there are two guardsmans hiding behind that rock, Lord. We can't shoot at him."
>"By the Dark gods ..."

>> No.56637687

Don't be a smartass. It will come to bite you one day if you keep that up and then you'll be the one to ask for something only to be refused just because.Some of us can't for various reasons, not necessarily economical, acquire various 40k books.

>> No.56637690

I know, I could get two spitter drones or two entropy crawlers for that price.

>> No.56637696

Why? Why would they do this?

>> No.56637701

How good/bad of an idea is it to run 30 SoS, 10 bolters, flamers, and swords? I ultimately want to do the same with the FW units as well (which means 10 grenade launchers GW fucking hell pls I need that bad), but I figured I'd start with the plastic for now.

>> No.56637705

Because it was never intended to be spammed to the level that it is in competitive. It's quite possible that the source who rumoured the Smite nerf is telling the truth, it just wasn't implemented in time for Chapter Approved which was off to the printers months ago. We might see it show up instead in the March FAQ Balance update.

>> No.56637709

To make plebs like (you) who cant work with resin salty

>> No.56637711

>superior resin

>> No.56637712

Statistically, a single command reroll to wound is better if the shooting unit with the dakkadakka stratagem is shooting less than 18 shots, the same if it's shooting exactly 18 and worse if it's shooting more than 18. Things like BS 4+ or reroll to hit can change this number.

If we compare the CP cost and 2 reroll with a single dakkadakka (even if it's not really true, as you can't use two command reroll in the same phase) the cutoff number becomes 36.

This is because dakkadakka grant you an additional roll to wound for every 18 shots (18 that need to hit on a 6+ followed by three that need to hit on a 5+)

So it's not always true, but in a lot of cases the command reroll its better.

>> No.56637715

Hey it's just like that funny youtube show! I love it!

>> No.56637716


>> No.56637722

Pros: the mold was made for resin
Cons: it is GW, they can’t resin

Also the marine stuff is plastic.

>> No.56637729

>not preferring resin
>being this pleb
Dorn is disappointed

>> No.56637733

Resin is just for recasting.

>> No.56637735

You sound like a little bitch. Just buy the fucking ebook if you want it that desperately. You have an internet connection obviously to be able to post on 4chan, there is no possible reason you can't do this unless you're just a fucking poorfag who can't afford a cheap fucking book.

>> No.56637740

>the Custodes Captain-General only exists in a shitty fan series

>> No.56637746

I am fucking the king of the faggots, I thought I made that clear when I said I was playing eldar.

>> No.56637750

Think about the enemies you will normally find and the table for the to-wound.
Also if you go for 2 boxes, you can have 1 unit with axes and 1 with swords no problem. Did I misunderstand that you were getting a second unit?

>> No.56637752

Is this book worth 25$?

>> No.56637754

Less investment on a mold that they can reuse but are not expecting to sell a ton of.

>> No.56637765

Oh I am fine with resin when it's done by FW.

>> No.56637768

Yeah second unit.

My first unit I used bits from a Great Plague Cleaver to create an axe.

>> No.56637771

Yes that's a fuckton of content. 20 would have been better and any more would have been questionable but 25 is acceptable.

>> No.56637773

Ynnari are gay even by Eldar standards.
t. Eldar player

>> No.56637795

Soul Grinder :^)
Yeah, I have to agree.

>> No.56637796


>> No.56637799

Recasters are good with doing resin GW products.
GW and FW don't know how to do good things from resin.

>> No.56637819

Yeah, I do like their fluff. The only off-putting thing for me is their main green colour scheme.
Anyway I've made a poll while I'm still thinking which paints I'm going to order: http://www.strawpoll.me/14493949

>> No.56637828

Zeppelin customized to store and launch aircraft?

>> No.56637865

But any interesting content Papa Nurgle?

>> No.56637869


No. Downlaod the PDF.

>> No.56637877

Their 2 wings alone can make for a pretty good army.

>> No.56637880

It must be really hard to lack enough knowledge to comprehend what you just read in my previous post. I feel sorry for your parents that they have such conceited son.

>> No.56637891

No. With how much people pay for the models it should be free, like any errata or FAQ.
They are trying to sell you the complete game by parts.

It is disgusting to see this conduct

>> No.56637892

That's up to you to decide.

I think it's worth the 5 bucks or so I would have to throw in for my playgroup to pick up a single shared copy.

>> No.56637907

Ow the edge. Now go cry for your free shit elsewhere.

>> No.56637928

Go for DA 30k scheme.

>> No.56637946

>Paint them like the Fallen

>> No.56637947

Newsflash GW is price gouging and people are still buying it, more at 11.

>> No.56637950


>> No.56637957

I'm slowly starting to think of you as a basement dweller. Nobody with that attitude can efficiently and normally live in society. It must be really hard not to have any friends.

>> No.56637962

I bet idiots will receive with open arms random hero boxes.

>> No.56637974

Use dunc newest fist power armor tutorial. Averland, hexos, cassadora, Ashanti.

>> No.56637979

B-but they are ancient relics. Surely the Fallen can't posses any of those.

>> No.56637984

Talons of the Emprah book soon because none of the Imperium stragglers have entries and the new HQ that got shown

>> No.56637985

>They won't pay for errata if we don't MAKE errata, Solomon

>> No.56637986

After seeing some of the leaks from Chapter Approved, would you consider this an accurate statement?

>> No.56637989

i wonder if there's going to be some nice made to order rarities in december

>> No.56637997

Maybe but GW still sells enough for these business practices to be viable so don't expect change.

>> No.56637998

Sure im interested in those new LR but that's it.

>> No.56638003

You sound like one of those fags who says they are straight but thinks traps are hot. No, you like dick, just admit you are a total faggot and let a real man pound your ass.

>> No.56638004

just like there's gonna be a new guard book because marbo got shown

>> No.56638008

Are there old models that you've seen and want? That's the best case scenario. They're not making anything new.

>> No.56638009

Unless a single page is worth the price.

I can understand everything but the faction section. Those are just errata and faq at most

>> No.56638016

I'm just going to stick a crouching company commander in the corner of this building here and... boom! Invincible Guillaman!

>> No.56638018

Kek, no. The only shit 90% of players will care about is the changes to points costs, and all they did was reduce variety by singlehandedly killing off any interest anyone might have had in the FW superheavies.

Matched play changes are a wash and time will tell if anyone uses the new missions at all. Everything else is dead in the water because spergs won't allow them due to much points.

>> No.56638023

do you know what made to order models are?

>> No.56638024


>> No.56638028

It's crazy how in other games, core rules aren't published until everything has been significantly play tested and beta tested with the community. Anything that is released with significant testing is released as a free supplement.
How a game maker can release a brand new product only to then have to go back and revise it 3 months later and charge for it, and people will buy it, is remarkable

>> No.56638033

The book is basically filled with useless shit and 10 pages that should have been an online update.

>> No.56638044

But traps are not gay.

>> No.56638047

I think it will be Imperial Agents Codex aka Imperial Superfriends. Inquisition, Assassinorum, Custodes, SoS in one book.

>> No.56638048

>been painting for a month straight 8-10 hours a day

Just waiting for the burn out. But God damn I want to paint more.

>> No.56638049

That's the power of brand recognition and market control.

>> No.56638050

Those recasts of discontinued models, right? Like all those eldar warlocks and farseers and whatnot?

>> No.56638051

At least he's not a faggot who asks for the same thing every single day.

What is this non-financial problem anyway? Because I'm sure you didn't list them due to how pathetic they were.

>> No.56638054

Stop being a little bitch. The book has been out for more than a month, if you wanted it THAT badly you'd pony up the $16 to get it. Instead you beg for it every chance you get, and when you're told to stop begging and you'd get it, you didn't stop. So you can fuck off, I don't feel like rewarding you being a little bitch

>> No.56638056

>being this smug while literally begging for anons to share a pirated ebook

Unironically neck yourself

>> No.56638059

There are changes to core rules too, like how characters work in the shooting phase.

>> No.56638062


I know that I sure do.....

>> No.56638069

if they didn't have one yet, it would bode well

>> No.56638071

Because people will pay for buffs instead of waiting until 9th edition.

>> No.56638073

Go ahead, do tell what possible non-economic reason you have for not being able to spend 16 dollars on a shitty e-book.

>> No.56638075

yeah. maybe i didn't understand your post or something but yes i'm always hyped for some OOP models

>> No.56638082

This is some HOT projection

>> No.56638084

>Conscripts and Guardsmen are both 4 PPM.

Merging is one thing, but making them pointless was just stupid. I suppose I should be happy my infantry squad-centric lost is unchanged but goddammit at least ensure the internal balancing is consistent!

>> No.56638085

Denying a sperglord like Ynarri Ghost BegFag is what leads to a Mall Shooting.

>> No.56638099

Let him do it see if he gets the book then.

>> No.56638112

>Overhyped book that was supposed to be the second coming of Jesus for this game
>leaves out a few factions in desperate need of attention

Seems like great value to me!

>> No.56638114

yeah, I'd say so.

>> No.56638115


It'll be his one request on death row hopefully, that'd be some poetic shit.

>> No.56638120

Si errata
Greedy bastards

>> No.56638121

I mean.... Is that a bad thing?
Not like any of us fa/tg/guys would be affected

>> No.56638123

Let him get shot by the police then. Good fucking riddance. Also he's going to be begging for guns and bullets anyway

>> No.56638125

Nice try beggarfag, if you can't afford a 16$ book I doubt you can afford a gun.

>> No.56638126

Play any fun games recently? I won a hard fought game against Death Guard yesterday. If it wasn't for my Russ charging a Lord of a contagion to content an objective I would have lost.

>> No.56638135

the conscript meme was fast on its way out but yeah me too should be happy for infantry squad cheapness even so

>> No.56638141

I've never had a lot of trouble finding oop models, so I don't get why MTO is such a big deal. Different strokes, though.

Most older models are pretty bad anyway, and strictly appealing to the nostalgiafag. Who should already own them in the first place.

>> No.56638147

I'm actually hyped for the missions and the campaign.
The necron stuff was jnice too tho.

>> No.56638153

>>leaves out a few factions in desperate need of attention
There are no real factions left out of CA, only hipster armies that consist of 1 unit which are never getting updated past the Imperium 2 index.

>> No.56638155

it's... it's only a book. why do you heff to be mad?

>> No.56638161


I'm not beggy boy, just hope to See him on the news soon.

>> No.56638166

>>leaves out a few factions in desperate need of attention
Such as? And do keep in mind that some factions didn't get points changes because their codex is coming soon

Good, I hope he gets shot. But let's be realistic here, if he can't afford a 16$ book (because despite what he says, there's no reason he couldn't get it unless he was a poorfag) then he'll probably be forced to beg for the guns and bullets

>> No.56638167

Well, you yourself give the beast example of how big of a bitch one can be, so there's no need for me to be one. If only you just shared at the beginning none of this would've happened. Being a little helpful didn't hurt anyone yet if done right.

>> No.56638184

>146 points
>tougher than a land raider

Shame its pretty much useless. BS4 and crappy weapons means its not really a threat.

>> No.56638191

It's simply not available where I'm from.

>> No.56638200

i was 15 with no money to spend so i didn't get all the models i wanted and i never would have thought i would have wanted certain models i want now over ten years later. most MTO models are useless but being able to buy precious few unmolested by the years and multiple previous owners is a good thing

>> No.56638202

DA have some baller successor chapters. I went with Guardians of the Covenant because of their metallic armor + crimson robes. The tactical Knight-Monk aesthetic is too nice.

>> No.56638210

Digging yourself deeper and deeper into that closet.

>> No.56638212

>still fumbling to sound superior as he literally begs people online for a $16 ebook

>> No.56638214


Literally go suck 1 dick and you can afford the book anon. Its not hard just walk up to someone and say "I'll suck you dick for $16" then go buy your book.

>> No.56638225

>Well, you yourself give the beast example of how big of a bitch one can be, so there's no need for me to be one.
>no u
LMAO, how pathetic can you get
>If only you just shared at the beginning none of this would've happened. Being a little helpful didn't hurt anyone yet if done right.
If only you would stop fucking begging every damn thread then maybe I or someone else would be inclined to help you. But you didn't even when you were told to, and now you're sperging out, so neither I nor anyone else has any incentive to help you.
Also, calling the people who have what you want "cunts" and "bitches" isn't likely to endear you to them, and certainly isn't going to make them give you what you want. Just a helpful little life lesson.

>> No.56638231

>tougher than a land raider
i don't believe it

>> No.56638232

And before I forget don't take out your anger and frustrations because of who you are on any animals and humans. I just suspect you would do that with that kind of personality.

>> No.56638233

I guess, most armies that genuinely need a fix are too fucked to save just by chapter approved. Deathwatch, for example, need a hell of a lot more than a few point drops, but ironically they didn’t even get that.

>no POTMS on blackstars
>veterans aren’t 16/17ppm
>terminators aren’t 26ppm
>vanguard aren’t 18/19ppm
>bikers aren’t 28/30ppm
>bikers can’t get ANY special melee stuff
>or storm shields
>or combi-weapons
>and terminators can’t mix and match TH, LC, SS, etc.
>or take combi-weapons
>and frag cannon didn’t get a point cut
>and heavy TH didn’t get a point cut
>watch master has literallt 0 wargear options
>and captains get fucked on wargear
>no techmarines
>no apothecary
>no access to specific chapter wargear (like frost claws on SW character)
>no cool xeno-hunting rules
>special ammo sucks and can’t go on storm bolters
>no way to access xenos relics
There’s even more, but fuck. Just fuck.

worst part is knowing the codex will be half-assed and fix nothing

>> No.56638237

Here's a helpful advice: buy the fucking book

>> No.56638238

Why does GW hate righ handed people? Is this some kind of lefties propaganda?

>> No.56638239

>It's not available where I'm from
What are you, a fucking gnome?

>> No.56638240


But it's on the internet?

>> No.56638241

guys, my gf is becoming a Sanguinius groupie.
wat do?

>> No.56638245

How could this possibly not have been caught during play testing?
I don't understand the history of the game too well.
Do they not release an early version of the rules to players to test?

>> No.56638246

Why do you even care then? Can't be much of a 40k scene in fucking Somalia.

>> No.56638260

Which is were? Because the e-book is available most everywhere.

>> No.56638265

>the internet isn't available where I'm from

>> No.56638268

Not him but some websites just hate money. As in some type money is not good enough.

>> No.56638270

I shelved my army pending the result of CA. So, no games for the last 2 months...

The good news is, I used that time away from playing to paint and create complete another army just in case I got shat on in CA. Turns out I made a wise choice.

I will be part of a Christmas campaign soon. Really looking forward to it.

>> No.56638271

Calculate how many Lascannons/Dark Lances it takes to kill:

T8, 12W, 3+ 5++ 5+++

and how many it takes to kill

T8, 16w, 2+

>> No.56638275

>give me free stuff reeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fuck off

>> No.56638279

Yes, now kys

>> No.56638282

Wait for 30k or 40k model and buy it.

40k model will be first tho.

>> No.56638299

Deathwatch and Genestealers will be the last codicies.
By GW Powercreep doctrine they will be the most OP factions before 9th.

be patient brother

>> No.56638304

>someone doesn't give me a e-book I begged for
>this logically must mean that they must be animal and child abusers
Good God you are a retard.

>> No.56638314

At this point they should just roll GK and Deathwatch into an Inquisition book and end our suffering.

>> No.56638315

Anyone use plague bearers in death guard? Any experience?

>> No.56638316

Pre-heresy colour scheme might work for dreads, hellblasters on the other hand, ughhh.
I might paint them like Duncan did in one of his videos. The end result looked like something really dark and green instead of that cartoonish look that Dark Angels have in almost all of their photos.

>> No.56638317

anon don't be retarded

>> No.56638321

The asperger's is strong with this one.

>> No.56638326


For PayPal?

>> No.56638328

>implying that will fix anything

>> No.56638329

i could even paint it for her!
Perfect gift idea, thanks man. :)

>> No.56638345

It's pretty decent.

Land Raider is T8, W16, Sv2+
Crawler is T8, W12, Sv3+, 5+ Invuln, ignores wounds on 5+.

>> No.56638350

>And do keep in mind that some factions didn't get points changes because their codex is coming soon

Oh. That's alright then. I guess you can tell me the release date of those Codex books then???

>> No.56638351

Anon, no matter who you're talking about, there is no indication that either party is likely to abuse animals and humans because they are
>a little bitch who won't pay 16$ for a book
>an ass who doesn't feel like rewarding a little bitch

>> No.56638357

You wasn't going to share it anyway lying anon.

>> No.56638358

There are weapons other than lascannons and lances you know. My genestealers will kill a plague crawler more easily than a land raider.

>> No.56638361

Sisters of silence seem kinda entirely geared towards assault going by their base statline and abilities? I'm not sure why you'd want to field the Bolter or flamer variants.

>> No.56638362

what army did you play?

>> No.56638363

Soon did you not read his post?

>> No.56638365


>> No.56638366

>chapter special for the special chapter
It's only a matter of time before they make an assaultcannon that is a flamer.

>> No.56638372

Anon, I never claimed anyone was an animal and/or human abuser
Just buy your shitty book and have fun

>> No.56638373

But really, while we don't know the exact dates, we don know they'll be coming up soon.

>> No.56638375

Jesus christ I'm gonna end this, BegFag do you want it pdf or epub?

>> No.56638377

But the buffs exist regardless if you waste money on a book that'll be obsolete in 3 months

>> No.56638378

I'm not going to buy it. PDF on phone and done.

>> No.56638383

You’re giving me comfort. I’m mostly just assblasted how stupidly expensive yet trash everything is, ans also terrible at working together. Literally the only thing that’s remotely solid is a bunch of vets loaded into a storm eagle on full VRROOOOMM, since we can’t take stormravens either. And terminstor suck too, I converted 10 only to see their loadout is literally unplayable. FML

>implying they won’t just put the same rules in a new book and call it even

>> No.56638393

PayPal, credit, debit, etc. Not all forms of payments are accepted.
Hell fucking VISA is not accepted everywhere

>> No.56638396

>implying 9th will not be as big of a shitshow

>> No.56638397

>rewarding beggars who sperg out when they don't get what they want
No, bad anon. BAD

>> No.56638398

don't, the assburger has to learn

>> No.56638403

We don't even know if it is the case.
THis is speculation at best.
>What if GW assumes Tau, Necron and what have you is fine as is, and thus didn't need a points change at this time?

>> No.56638418

The damage for the cost is not bad. At all.
I actually like how things are.
Predator is more killy (at least unbuffed), but the crawler is resilient.
Hauler is buffing infantry and cheap, but the brute is versatile, possibly longer ranged when full dakka, and can go in a Dreadclaw.

>> No.56638422

Can you even kill one?

You need hundreds of attacks to kill it no?

>wounds on a 6

>> No.56638423

So i've been thinking about getting Thunderfire cannons.

Does anyone have any experience with them?
Are they just a neat looking gimmic in your showcase or are they actually usefull on the tabletop for their price?

>> No.56638425

don't do it he needs to learn the value of money

>> No.56638432

>wiping 15 guardsmen
>not worth it

He paid for himself in points, hard earned points. Very few units are very good at earning their points back against 4 point guardsmen

>> No.56638437

But PayPal allows you to convert native currency to USD, and GW does accept PayPal. The begfag has no excuse

>> No.56638448

They're honestly pretty bad. Use them if you got them, but don't get them just to use them.

>> No.56638449

Because they know they're not and blanket nerfed them to stop them from being op and gave themselves timen to fix them.

>> No.56638465

So when are you going to finally switch over to Primaris anons?

>> No.56638469

>We don't even know if it is the case.
>THis is speculation at best.

That was the point I was trying to make. Regardless of weather the Codex was coming out first thing next year, there should have been something in there.

It just means that armies that already couldn't compete, are now even worse off. It's fucking stupid. This book was meant to fix shit like this.

>> No.56638471

> Filthy nurglites get actual artillery tanks and Iron Warriors don't

>> No.56638476

Idea to fix Ork shooting.

>More Dakka
>While Orks are inaccurate, large mobs of them can fill the air with so many shots, it can be near impossible to dodge.
>For every 10 Orks in a squad past the first 10, add +1 to all rolls to-hit with ranged weaponry. This does not apply to Overwatch.

>> No.56638486

Not all currency are accepted in PayPal.

Hell currency from not shitty countries require third party to get into PayPal

>> No.56638487

>nids, dangles, bangles and daemons all have codexes coming up soon or just released
>all of them have minor to no points cost changes, and almost entirely for FW units
But surely the other armies which are treated likewise must be different because reasons, right?
For all we know GW is planning to squat them, so that must be what is happening

>> No.56638488

I'm not calling them but the behaviour they are exhibiting. How else would you call someone that has something you are asking for nicely an normally nut he doesn't want to share because he wants to feel more important because of that?

>> No.56638498

Huh would you look at that PL is more accurate than points on how strong those two armies are, pfft.

>> No.56638499

Never because I don't play Marines.

>> No.56638502

Why don't the sisters of silence have a Melta unit? I mean, if Ferik Jurgen proves one thing, it's the value of a blank with a meltagun.

>> No.56638503


>> No.56638515

Take a detachment, brother.
I do for warptime, obliterators and chosen (the latter just because the models).

>> No.56638516

Looks like a fun game. Glad to see Sentinels, I love them, they are cute out of cute. Were you running the Cadian doctrine? I usually prefer Catachan for punching and re-rolling vehicle flamers and battle cannon shots. However, I've been very tempted to go Cadian for shooting since my infantry mostly stays still while other things venture out.

I played a game against Necrons yesterday while playing Guard. He gunned down most of my infantry and Conscripts right away and crippled my Punisher at 2 wounds, so most of the game shooting wise was ineffective Leman Russ shooting and ineffective Missile Launcher shooting. Quantum shields and reanimations saw to that. However, what did very well were my 2 Primaris Psykers, my Inquisitor, my Ogryn Bodyguard, my 2 squads of 3 Bullgryn and the 2 Chimeras with dual Heavy Flamers. Gay mind powers and smashing things with mauls was a fun and effective strategy.

I could have won if I could have killed this one squad of Immortals, but I just could not do it. I brought them down to 1 model like 3-4 times. We kept laughing because it was so close and basically a repeat of our previous game where the same thing happened over and over. We ended up drawing on points and the game didn't continue past turn 5.

>> No.56638517

>b-b-but i asked nicely!
>please enable my poorfag begging!
Holy shit kill yourself senpai

>> No.56638521

What ?

>> No.56638522

>How else would you call someone that has something you are asking for nicely an normally nut he doesn't want to share because he wants to feel more important because of that?
Yes, because that's the only reason someone wouldn't give a beggar who spergs out what they want. When a child throws a fit over a toy they want and the parent says no because of that, surely they're only doing such to make themselves feel important and not to teach the child a lesson.
And once again, you are a retard if you think there exists ANY correlation between not giving you what you want and MOTHER FUCKING ANIMAL ABUSE.

>> No.56638527

Call me when they release plastic SoB or officially squat them. Now that would be something new and surprising

>> No.56638528

>horus heresy
>relevant any more
No one cares about updates to a dead game.

>> No.56638532

about time for 30k dorn

>> No.56638534

What's wrong with being a gnome mate? You a gnomephobic?

>> No.56638535

Oh, they did playtest. They said so, repeatedly, whiling trying to push 8e on everyone. Hence, it is "the game you all wanted" as they put it on their social media.

It's playtested. Honest. Extensively too, by top players from the tournament scene. Honest.

>> No.56638548

Given that begfag hasn't clarified anything beyond "not available " we don't even know if PayPal is being referred to.

Even if that's the case.
Fuck him

>> No.56638549

It's kind of a shame because I was about to do a Valhallan Conscript list, but now that they are going to be 4ppm there's not much reason to. It's basically just asking for less CP and worse shooting. But hey, maybe people won't be so butthurt at me now that they've been hit with the nerf bat so many times.

>> No.56638553

>taking Chosen for their models

>> No.56638554

They are effective with a lord to buff them. I run 2 of them with heavy stubber and entropy cannons + a ranged Helbrute with Twin LC/ML

>> No.56638555

Anybody want a copy of The Greater Evil pdf?

>> No.56638563

>How else would you call someone that has something you are asking for nicely an normally nut he doesn't want to share because he wants to feel more important because of that?
No, because he fucking pays for it.

>> No.56638566

Then I guess the whole universe is conspiring against begfag to prevent him from getting his book. He might as well just kill himself.

>> No.56638572

>Death Guard:
>have artillery tank
>have updated models
>play the resilient footslogger better than Iron Warriors
>crush Iron Warriors and Pure-Turbo in fluff
Without Iron...

>> No.56638575

Shiiit, I appreciate it. Nice trips.

>> No.56638582

Ah you're right, my mistake, T8 changes things significantly, in that case the Crawler IS tougher than the Raider.

That said 20 stealers will still body one on the charge.

>> No.56638590

What's it about

>> No.56638594

Sauce ?

>> No.56638601

>> No.56638607


>continuing to marginalize trukk mobs

It's ok.

We're used to it.

>> No.56638610

I see your point, I too am able to connect the dots and believe the crons and tau codice will come early next year.
>But I'm far to jaded to take this shit for granted.
>Inb4 the next codex after demons is SoB followed by Orks.

>> No.56638613

Why thank you senator

>> No.56638615

Great, more stormcast shit.

>> No.56638618

Not true.

Land raider has 16 wounds, plaguecrawler has 12 with a 5+++ which means the equivalent of 16 wounds, so they are the same from that point of view. You wound only on a 6, with a -4 ap. land raider saves on a 6+, plague crawler on a 5+ because of invulnerable.

The plaguecrawler is more durable.

>> No.56638619


Go on.

>> No.56638621

Just a shittier assault cannon razorback.

>> No.56638625


Looks too big, probably 3rd party,

>> No.56638628

Then how could they not know how badly Smite would get abused

>> No.56638629

New pedro kantor model

>> No.56638641

didn't stop to think that maybe they're just close-ups, Einstein

>> No.56638645

Math-hammer tells me you need 195, 2+ hits to kill a PBC.

You'd need 139 to kill a Land Raider.

>> No.56638647

You have my attention, please continue

>> No.56638650

just turn them back into witch hunters and be done with it

>> No.56638656


Nah, the level of detailing and general look of it makes the model seem about riptide sized.

>> No.56638659

>BS4 and crappy weapons means its not really a threat.

The damage over points ratio for the plaguecrawler is bretty good. Assuming you are taking the bright lance sponsons.

>> No.56638660

>And once again, you are a retard if you think there exists ANY correlation between not giving you what you want and MOTHER FUCKING ANIMAL ABUSE.

Are your eyes or brain covered in shit? You see what I wrote and still you don't get it's meaning or who it is targeted at. I don't really want to think in stereotypes about you guys but you are starting to leave me no choice.

>> No.56638662


12W 5+++ = 18W.

Land raider is 16W.

>> No.56638668

3rd party shit.

Stop falling for it you weebs.

>> No.56638672


>Witch Hunters

>> No.56638676


Its almost as if it was a huge problem in AoS and they just said fuck it and ported it right over!

>> No.56638684

Will this custodes hq come out before the years end

>> No.56638714

>You see what I wrote and still you don't get it's meaning or who it is targeted at.
Perhaps that's because your command of the English language is terrible at best?
> I don't really want to think in stereotypes about you guys but you are starting to leave me no choice.
Oh no, some random begfag thinks bad things about us. No, stop, please don't. However will I live knowing that someone who spergs out when denied a book after begging for it on a Micronesian free diving chat room thinks bad things about me? Truly this is the worst thing to ever happen in human history

>> No.56638723

They are bad for damage output but good for the stratagem and for the techmarine that can repair other vehicles.

Tremor shells are a godsend against armies like Tyranids.

>> No.56638744

The Dark Vengeance, you dumbfuck
and not, the chosen are less optimal than you think.

>> No.56638753

Probably not. I imagine it'll come out alongside the Imperial Agents codex some time early next year

>> No.56638758

Watch them be updated just following a paradigm shift and get even worse than before.

>> No.56638764

Why is there a Sucyposter now? Or is this the Akkoposter as well?

>> No.56638766

How did my request for ynnari book share became animal abuse?

>> No.56638775

This looks plastic.

??? What is this then if not fw dorn?

>> No.56638783


>> No.56638784

Nigga you dumb? Who says its GW?

Probably some shill shilling his 3rd party stuff.

You're probably a shill yourself actually. Fuck off shill.

>> No.56638786

When you did it in every single thread.

>> No.56638792


3rd party Dorn model, lurk moar you gullible faggots

>> No.56638793

>Perhaps that's because your command of the English language is terrible at best?

In that case please kind anon, do educate me on proper command of the english language as you have so elegantly said.

>> No.56638797

There's multiple of both, except I feel like the Akko posters are more obnoxious ironically
Then there's one person who posts Constanze because idk why

>> No.56638800

>Heavy 30 S6 AP-2 D2
*laughs in 377 pts*

>> No.56638811

feel free to link us to said 3rd party model, shitstain

>> No.56638816

Well last time I requested it was week ago.
So it wasn't me.

>> No.56638819

Then why soon? Unless it implies official release, there is no need for soon as nothing has been anticipated.

Why are you so bitchy?

>> No.56638821

*laughs in gw*

>> No.56638827

And there is the problem you caused all this shit.

>> No.56638829

Nice try GW.

>> No.56638830

Well, stop it

>> No.56638835

I went looking for it, no dice. But I did find Bill Clinton.

>> No.56638841

FW is the land of aesthetics.

>> No.56638842

>tfw chapter approved diet bullshit upgrade makes your index army better than 3 codices.
Get fukt admech, Grey knights and Death Guard.

>> No.56638855

shit tastes detected

>> No.56638856

PayPal hates my bank so I need to pay an extra fee to a third party in order to add funds to my PayPal.
So if I can do it from my third world country this fucker is either retarded or from a country so shit that 40k should not be of his concern.
That said fuck the begger.

>> No.56638862


And discontinued kits.

>> No.56638863

we already know that Dorn is getting a model next numbnuts
>After a great chat to Simon Egan regarding Magnus the Red, he told me when asked that Rogal Dorn is his current Sculpting project. He has promised that the eagle framing his head will not be obscenely big too!
its HH but its still something Dorny

>> No.56638865

What are you on about you rotund retard

>> No.56638867

What you on about?

>> No.56638871

>Death Guard
it got better from the CA

>> No.56638872

So stop it. And more importantly, when someone doesn't give you what you want, don't insult them and also try and take the moral highground and act superior to them while you're sperging out over not getting a book

>> No.56638884

Poor Shrikes and tyranid terrain.

>> No.56638902

I haven't insulted anyone.
I just asked about the book.

>> No.56638904


thanks for the input, guess i'll get a whirlwind instead

>> No.56638905

Wasn't Valdor sculpt going through finalization?

I was under the impression they were working to complete Inferno

>> No.56638924


>> No.56638936

Different guy/same guy with multiple projects

>> No.56638939

Do i drill the barrels on my pulse weapons?

>> No.56638948

They have more than 1 sculptor and Dorn got rules 3 years go. So it's about fucking time to give him model.
also model for Alpharius

>> No.56638969

Stop it. Get some help

>> No.56638980


Yeeeeeaaaaah boooooiiiiii

>> No.56638994

Am I gonna be disappointed in waiting for Veridyan to come back in the codex? It feels so bad to just do nothing with her except take her as a tax.

>> No.56638997 [SPOILER] 

>also model for Alpharius
We already have a model for him.

>> No.56639005

I assume the missiles are heavy? Generally volume of fire wins this edition.

>> No.56639008


>> No.56639013

Someone asked for rules for her on the normiebook page and they said they'd pass it on to the design team
So, y'know, some day.

>> No.56639016

Can you point where I insulted anyone?

>> No.56639027

much appreciated, thank you

>> No.56639035


>> No.56639040

>CT is just 1+ to wound on the charge/being charged.
Its fucking nothing.

>> No.56639043


But anon, Alpha Russ already has a model.

Why the fuck is he clean shaven what moron hears Viking Primarch and thinks clean shaven

>> No.56639050

It's good to know she's not getting left behind. Thank you.

>> No.56639051

>implying sisters will get a codex
Come on anon, you should know not to expect anything from gw

>> No.56639053

So when is GW releasing the Errata/FAQ for their paid Errata/FAQ?

>> No.56639067

>Primaris Marines don't get the Red Thirst in Devastation of Baal
>Primaris Marines get the Red Thirst on TT

Maybe Primaris Marines should just not get chapter tactics at all to show their superior/inferior genemods.

>> No.56639071

but we know for a fact that everyone is getting codices within next year

>> No.56639073

>Sounds reasonable combined with equipment that does additional mortal wounds on woundrolls of 6+

>> No.56639075

Anyone with a Devastation of Baal epub they wanna share?

>> No.56639076

He is biggest jobber amongst Primarchs.

>> No.56639078

They won't get a codex, but they'll be in a codex and that's all I really want.

>> No.56639079


>> No.56639082

>This is absolutely going to happen
FUCK. I can't wait for the utter clusterfuck the rules will be by the end of 2018

>> No.56639086

That's fucken ducken Omegon ya silly willy Frenchman

>> No.56639093

Just have them all use ultramarine tactics that would be the most fluffy.

>> No.56639097

>Intercessor points per model drops from 20 to 18 in chapter approved

Does this make them good?

>> No.56639100

Link up earlier in the thread.

>> No.56639104

Flail is legit the most OP melee weapon ever

>> No.56639107

DE > DG, GK and admek with the new CA things. Index army + CA > codex armies

>> No.56639109

He's Beowulf

>> No.56639113 [SPOILER] 

Sorry my mistake, here is the real model.

>> No.56639119

We'll probably be dead last but we WILL get a codex soon.

>> No.56639123


>Leader of wolves

Anon what the fuck do you think an Alpha is? Have you been spending time on pol again?

>> No.56639126

But I was talking about 30k Alpharius not 40k.

>> No.56639127

They still don't have special weapons so no

>> No.56639130 [SPOILER] 

This is what you meant to post.

>> No.56639133

is.. is it out yet?

>> No.56639143

Yeah, since really that is all they are.

>> No.56639148

You know that was the only reason I bought the index.
Knew I was going to use the same rules for a long time

>> No.56639151

>> No.56639153

How do you find time? Between work, university and gym I can do like 3-5 hours a month at the minute. As a result only 6 terminators, 3 ravenwing bikes and 35 greenwing (and Azarael/ Belial) are painted out of 7000 points.

>> No.56639166

It's the same for the models too.

>> No.56639171


>> No.56639172

>Devastation of Baal epub

Rise of the Ynnari Ghost Warrior epub share anyone?

>> No.56639175

post some of your work knucklehead

>> No.56639181

>wings of sanguinius on librarian dreadnaught


>> No.56639187

DG, GK and "admek" are not even on the same level in any meaningful way for the discussion.

>> No.56639193

>make a strategically sound army with lots of all kinds of support and you're prepared for anything the enemy can muster

>> No.56639201


God I'll be glad to be able to take Blood Angels dreads in my dread army without the Libby being useless.

>> No.56639204

>what the fuck do you think an Alpha is?
A letter in the Greek alphabet

>> No.56639207

Cut the gay shit like gym and socializing and you will have time for your hobby

>> No.56639211

Trying to make a gunline list with mostly just spiky marines and stuff. How good would something like this be?

>> No.56639212

do you even forge a narrative?

>> No.56639215

Stay salty power armor fag

>> No.56639231

There was one uploaded in a thread on the 18th or something I believe, if you care to dig around

>> No.56639244

They say the easiest way is cassandora over white primer. Would be hard to touch up though...

Personally I think the Averland (plus yriel and possibly the stronger one depending on what you want) followed by a dorn yellow edge highlight, a lamenter's glaze x2, and then extreme dorn highlighting can work, it's just you have to be extremely patient (inhumanly so) with the thinness of each layer of paint. Consider getting the GW averland spray, put that over white primer. Army Painter do a brighter yellow spray if you prefer yellow that's bright. Do that then cassandora all over, then touch up the panels and raised area with AP yellow, and that should be easier than the progression upwards along four or five different shades that GW's scheme allows for.

Or just get an airbrush and get absurdly thin coats with excellent gradiation every time ;_;

>> No.56639248


This'll be the opinion til they get a 6+ on wound special effect on a bunch of shit.

>> No.56639249

Well, you combine it with Gift of Foresight to give him a 5+ FNP, that seems decent.

>> No.56639253

not like this

>> No.56639255

Fluff and I assume they'll update the black rage to actually be interesting again like letting you reroll wounds along with the 6+ FNP or something

>> No.56639258


Yes. There’s still a metal slug being fired.

>> No.56639264

Some people are too autistic to actually enjoy 40k beyond the numbers and thirst for victory, pity them not for they are the mutant. Purge them.

>> No.56639277

Mine their way back to the 40k universe where they belong.

>> No.56639280

How do resin sales compare to plastic historically though? Isn't that something of a self-fulfilling prophecy given GW's reputation with resin?
>oh we don't expect to sell much of this niche model
>let's guarantee we don't sell much by casting it in resin

It's as if they're just waving a white flag on the model. Personally I don't care either way. I play Guard but not Catachan. It might be something I'd get eventually to tinker around with but not a priority - though being resin doesn't help motivate me to run out and buy it.

>> No.56639282


Check rows 167 and 490.

>> No.56639298


What's Black Rage

>> No.56639305

Distinctly underwhelming.

>> No.56639308

you become so retarded you're assigned to a special squad with your special buddies who are afflicted by the same illness and other chapter members hope you die asap. that's black rage

>> No.56639311

That's a lot of green.

So its good?

>> No.56639313


Her 7th edition special rules were near useless. I wouldn’t expect so much as a fluff mention in the future.
Just take her as a Canoness with the Blade of Absolution.

>> No.56639316

Bikes feel counter-intuitive to the rest of list. Replace them with Spawns for the tax / deep strike denial and spend the points elsewhere maybe?

>> No.56639322

They said they're taking a look at Smite in the March FAQ. If it were up to me, I'd make it so every psychic power had a stacking penalty (and couldn't be attempted further that phase if failed), but going by GW's balance changes so far, they'll just make Smite WC8, deal 1MW and cause Perils on a failed cast.

>> No.56639329

Nope. That's what happens to Imperial Fists when they are first given the gene seed.

>> No.56639332


I meant the rule

>> No.56639335

Don't even joke about that.

>> No.56639340

that's not called black rage. your memeing is weak

>> No.56639347

A legal defense that centers on playing the race card.

>> No.56639352

I need pictures of nids. All nid pictures are appreciated.

>> No.56639353

I was thinking bikes would grab far objectives and try to flank since they get -1 to hit also, but I see your point.

>> No.56639357

?? I am happy with the DG.
Is almost you want to convince yourself of something.

>> No.56639365


>> No.56639369


>> No.56639370

You got it boss

>> No.56639371

>narrative play takes up nearly as many pages as matched play and faction rules combined
Kek. Who the fuck do they think their audience is?

>> No.56639379

>what is filler

>> No.56639389

Ay thanks man

>> No.56639394

Most people aren't competitive players.

>> No.56639401


new thread

>> No.56639406

The rule currently its 6+ FNP and +1 to attacks on the charge. Could change tho

>> No.56639417

But all people that play the game, play to win.

Fucking CAAfags are worst than waacfags

>> No.56639418

Some anon said Death Company would gain the same rule as Berzekers to attack twice, that may be Black Rage, though its from anon without a source so dont trust it too much.

>> No.56639427

>Matched play is only for competitive players
Did you start in 8th ed?

>> No.56639432

The fact there was nothing and when chapter approved was shown off last week they made no open comment on Smite not being changed (and the character rule being not a major thing shown off either) makes me lean toward shit ain't changing. I mean you say "They said" and that's nice but I' skeptical given before it was "they said CA" now it is random FAQ in March. There isn't anything concrete which without that it will be forever "Press X to Doubt."

Thankfully I don't smite spam, at most 2 psykers in a list, though potential eldar list has more, but, that is for buffing shit than slinging smite, and they are for after my nids are done. By then 9th will likely be here so whatever.

>> No.56639444


The fuck is a caacfag

>> No.56639458


>> No.56639474

Thank you.

>> No.56639478

It's fine

>> No.56639498

Am a big fan of vypers with missile launchers myself but it's a toss up, i appreciate their variability. But between fire prisms and night spinners, HANDS DOWN Fire Prisms

>> No.56639510

+1 to wound as opposed to +1S. That's actually pretty nice.

Primaris get the Red Thirst but not the Black Rage. Huh. Wonder if that's canon.

>Wings of Sanguinius
Holy shit, anyone remember a while back people were speculating on BA powers and came up with one that was almost exactly like this? Name's a bit different and only affects the caster, but it's still great. Mephiston is gonna love this. And the Librarian Dreadnought, that's a hilarious mental image.

>> No.56639520

CAAC is like LAAC
Casual At All Cost
Lose At All Cost

Basically people so bad at the game that defend their incompetence with “muh casual” “muh fluff” missing the entire point of a game.
Play to win is mandatory for a game other wise you end looking like the fags that let other people win because reasons.
This does not mean waac or cheating. But actually trying to win the game by playing the game.

>> No.56639597

And then there's those "I had fun anyway" faggots. Who're they kidding?

>> No.56639602

>Play to win is mandatory
No it's not. I'm having a laugh with my mates pushing soldiers around and seeing what happens. Why take that seriously?

>> No.56639622

Yeah, very much so. It's a shame it's only available to two units, because if it was more widespread it'd kick ass. A squad of Deathshrouds with Flails would obliterate anything.

The good shit comes from its abilities to spill over wounds (almost nothing gets this) and getting d3 attacks per attack. So it's good against everything and it's one of the very very few things that can cost-effectively kill infantry in 8th.

>> No.56639647

If the game doesn't have a wincon then it's not a game

>> No.56639664

Usually it's whoever has the last model on the board.

>> No.56639688

if you're acting like you don't know what he's talking about make sure not to unconsciously correct his spelling mistake of the exact word you pretend not to know

>> No.56639797

A game needs a win condition.

Hell you can dick around with Twilight Imperium, but the game needs to be play to win other wise the entire thing is pointless

>> No.56639798


>> No.56639951

one of those lists is illegal as fuck, Both Ynnari and Alaitoc? wtf ?!
Ynnari Alaitoc Supreme Command Detachment
Hq1: Autarch 77<Ynnari><alaitoc>
Hq2: Farseer 100 (doom, fortune)<Ynnari><alaitoc>
Hq3: Spiritseer 45 (protect)<Ynnari><alaitoc>
Hq4: Spiritseer 45 (quickening)<Ynnari><alaitoc>

>> No.56640046

>Runs off into the warp for no reason when the Imperium desperately needs him

>> No.56640200

My friend is raging about conscripts going up to 4 points.

Is he right that the internal Guard balance is off now? Says there is no point in not taking normal dudes instead now.

>> No.56640271

It's 40k, balance is always off.

>> No.56640363

Black Legion for Abaddon, Anon

>> No.56640399

How can the IG player have mordians and valhallans in the same detachment???

>> No.56640423

>All eldar are painted as saim-hann
>all used as alaitoc

>> No.56640727

no matter what i wont touch primaris marines
#notmychaptermaster #sethisright

>> No.56641245

Having just checked, that's legal because Ynnari doesn't replace <Craftworld>, it only negates Battlefocus/PfP/Crescendo and adds <Ynnari>. Basically, there is literally no reason not to be <Alaitoc><Ynnari>.

>> No.56641286

So anons,

There's a 'slow grow' league starting up in my area and I've decided on Necrons after it was pointed out that GSC would pretty much be me doing guard+nids.

From what I can see, you either do 20man Warrior Units or run Immortals with the Jury being out on Gauss vs Tesla (I'm leanding towards the latter for bonus hits AND you can fire it while advancing due to it being assault with My Will Be Done allowing 1 unit to still snag extra hits on an advance, along with regular shots generating extra hits on 5+)

Looking at an overlord, is it worth throwing a Warscyth on him for S7 but no shooting?

I'm also fiddling with a 500pt Patrol list I'll need to use for the first 2 weeks that is basically a Command Barge w/ War Scythe and ressurection orb and two Squads of immortals (8man and 9man)

Are there any pitfalls or things I need to keep in mind when doing this?

>> No.56641500

I mean sure, but he won't gain the Craftworld abilities, it's very clear that " If a detachment includes any YNNARI units, it is no longer a Craftworlds Detachment and Will not gain either of the Abilities listed below: The Path of War, Craftworld Attributes

>> No.56641554

Packed? A handful of pick me up rules and a few point corrections isn't exactly what I call packed, no.

>> No.56641590

Hrm. That's a thing in craftworlds book. Huh. Technically, he's didn't do anything wrong in the list because it has both the <Ynnari> and <Alaitoc> keywords. However, you are correct in that he wouldn't get the -1 to hit.

>> No.56641663

right. Though $10 says he "forgot" that rule existed for his games

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